Suho’s Not Home

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Baekhyun was on the couch, doing nothing, when the maknae came over.  Leaning over the armrest, Sehun said, “Hey, uh.”

            The maknae’s expression was self-conscious and kind of cute.  “What?” Baekhyun asked, tugging on the hem of his T-shirt, fingers twisting in the cotton.

            Sehun glanced away, then grinned at him.  “Suho hyung’s not home.  Do you want to, uh, do something in my room?”

            Do something like what?”  Immediately suspicious, he was also immediately interested.  It wasn’t like they had to take advantage of Suho’s absence to sneak away and get laid; they could boink right there on the couch in front of Suho any time they wanted.  So if Sehun wanted to sneak away to do something in private, it had to be more than just sex.

            For a second, Baekhyun was super turned on at the idea of having hot, forbidden sex.

            Then he realized that this was Sehun, and he was terrified.  Shivering from a sudden chill, he shook his head.  “Whoa, no, maknae, what kind of kinky shit are you trying to get me into?”

            “It’ll be good,” Sehun promised.  “I want to try something.  I’ll make it really good for you.”

            “I’m not getting off of this couch unless you tell me what it is.”  Forbidden, kinky sex sounded fantastic.  But, like, with Xiumin, who would just slap his ass and call him names.  He had no idea what Sehun actually got into behind closed doors, and did he really want to find out?  Yes, he did, but also, no, he really, really did not.  “Let’s just wait until Suho hyung’s home.  I think that you need adult supervision.”

            “I really need to try something,” Sehun said.  “It won’t hurt, I won’t do anything you don’t want.”  Sehun glanced around, then leaned in, one hand braced behind Baekhyun on the couch.  He smelled like Chen’s cologne and his long neck looked deliciously smooth.  “I want to put something inside you.  But you can’t look at it, okay?  I’ll make it feel good, I’ll stop if you aren’t comfortable, I swear it.”

            Put something inside of him?  Oh, god, “Yes,” was already coming out of him.  Breathless, he shuddered, his body already hot.  Then he was off of the couch, grabbing at Sehun’s hand.  “Yeah, yeah, okay, we can do that, I’ll try it.  Your room, you said?”

            Baekhyun kind of loved it when his members did that to him.  It had happened a couple of times really early on, just after debut, when they’d all been super horny and still figuring out how their new, busy sex lives worked.  Then Suho had put it off-limits, because Suho was a killjoy who was only happy when Baekhyun was miserable.  But it was still incredibly hot, and he stole Lay’s laptop to re-watch certain porn videos way more often than he probably should.  If they got caught tonight, they were going to be in so much trouble, and it was going to be so worth it.

            They fell across Sehun’s bed quick, kissing fast and pulling each other’s clothes off.  Sehun was handsy and assertive, and he loved that.  “What are you going to put in me?” he whispered, panting, kicking his underwear off.  God, he couldn’t wait.

            “I can’t tell you, okay?” Sehun asked, kissing him, rubbing his inner thigh.  He squirmed, turned on, wanting Sehun’s hand on his cock, stroking his hard-on; wanting Sehun’s hand on his ass, fingering him open.  “You can’t look at it, you can’t see it, okay?  But it’ll be good, I’ll make it good for you.”

            Why couldn’t he see it?  What weird stuff was Sehun trying to fuck him with?  “If I have to go to the hospital, I’m taking your kinky ass down with me,” he warned, but he was so turned on, he was kissing Sehun between words.  “Yeah, do it, let’s do it.”

            It started off like they were about to get into regular sex, just kissing and lubing like normal, but they were both so worked up, Sehun was kissing him passionately and whispering this constant stream of promises, and he was writhing all over and moaning loud.  Then Sehun’s fingers slipped out of him and Sehun’s other hand was on his chin, tipping his head back.  “Don’t look, hyung, don’t look, just tell me how it feels, tell me what you like.”

            He felt excited, suddenly, eager for it, a little scared.  Thrilled, a little scandalized, like, whoa, shit, he had no idea what Sehun was about to put in his ass and he couldn’t wait for it.  Panting, he tilted his head back and looked up at the ceiling, trying to focus his gaze up there, all of his concentration between his legs, on the way Sehun was pushing his knee up.

            Sehun got a shoulder under his thigh and then he felt something poking against him.  Something firm nudging into him.  He bit his lip, wondering what this was going to feel like, and then it was sliding in.

            It was hard, and it felt like it curved, or it angled, or something.  All of a sudden it rubbed him just right and he jumped, gasping, and then it did it again, and he groaned, grabbing his cock.  “Yeah, yeah, oh, god, maknae, that, like that, ah!”  He couldn’t get enough of it and Sehun started fucking him with it, shallow thrusts, that curved hardness sliding in and out.  He was trembling, jacking himself, and Sehun was good at this, oh, god, the maknae was fantastic at this, the smooth slide felt like it’d been designed just for his body’s contours.  “Harder, fuck, harder,” he groaned, but he was already coming, his body seizing up around a hot climax.  He squirted fast, crying out, and then he just lay there, gasping, while Sehun tugged that perfect little thing out of him.  “Don’t go anywhere,” he panted, flailing a hand out and patting at Sehun’s shoulder.  “I need that again.”

            “How was it?” Sehun asked.  “What’s it like, what’s good about it, what should I do differently?”

            He’d come too hard to be able to have a lot of in-depth conversation, so he just spent a minute catching his breath.  Sehun used the time to kiss his chest, and he stroked Sehun’s hair, feeling consoled by the attention.  “God, that was amazing.”  He twined Sehun’s hair around his fingers.  He really needed to know what that thing had been, so that he could buy three and hide them under his bed.  “It’s curved, right?”

            Mmm.”  Sehun stopped licking Baekhyun’s chest and raised his head.  “It felt good?”

            “God, yeah.”  He blushed.  It was kind of embarrassing, now, to have gotten off so fast.  “This is just between us, right?”

            “Yeah.  Yes,” Sehun said.  “I won’t tell anybody anything about this.”

            Okay.  He pulled Sehun down for a kiss, to reassure himself.  It was such a good kiss, such a familiar kiss, that it got him over his uncertainty.  Running his hand over Sehun’s pecs, he grinned.  “It felt great.  It’s so good.  You don’t have to be so gentle with it.”

            “It’s really hard.  I don’t want to hurt you.”

            “Can we do it again?”

            Sehun hesitated, then grinned at him, blushing.  “I have something else.”

            Baekhyun’s heart raced.  “Is it bigger?”

            Sehun laughed, rubbing his side.  “Yeah, actually, it’s bigger.”

            “Yes, yes, do that, I’m ready,” he said, pulling his knee to his chest.

            “God, hyung.”  Sehun kissed him.  “I’m going to go slowly, okay?  I don’t want to rush it.  And don’t look, just, close your eyes.”

            Hugging his knee, he covered his eyes with his free hand.  “I’m ready, let’s get to it.”

            Sehun’s fingers stroked into him, and he wriggled, loving this.  Anticipation was making him horny, and as soon as he felt something brush against his sensitive skin, he moaned enthusiastically, squirming against it.  Whatever it was, it was going to feel terrific, and he wanted it.

            “Tell me if it’s good, tell me if you’re not happy,” Sehun said, pressing it against him.

            Ooohhh.”  He shifted, groaning as his body adjusted.  This new thing was bigger than the other one, and he tried to relax.  Unnnhh, ohh.”  The stretch made him ache, and he dug his fingers into Sehun’s back, moaning ecstatically.  “God, maknae, what the fuck,” he panted.  More.

            “Just a little bit more, almost in,” Sehun said, moving it back and forth, teasing him with it.  It was slow, it was gentle, it was torment, and he writhed, working against it, trying to fuck himself if Sehun wouldn’t give him what he needed.  He rocked upward, groaning, greedy for more.  “Fuck, hyung,” Sehun said, sounding overwhelmed, and then it was in.  Making all kinds of needy, whimpering sounds, he squirmed, adjusting to the feel of it.  It had a thick, knobby head that felt fucking incredible, and then there was a smooth shaft.  Was it some kind of dildo?  He reached a hand down, wanting it, wanting to touch it, and Sehun gently pushed his hand away, guiding it to his cock, instead.

            Yeah, “Ooouuhhh.”  Stroking himself, he couldn’t catch his breath.  “Fuck me, fuck me.”

            “Is it good?” Sehun asked, moving it slowly.  “Is it too much?”

            Sehun’s thrusts were steady, but he needed it faster.  “Stop teasing me,” he complained breathlessly, masturbating.  “I love it, stop talking about it and fuck me.”

            The knob was so thick and lumpy, funny-shaped, that it felt incredible inside him.  Sehun kept tormenting him with it, pulling it out just far enough to make his hole spread wide, then popping it back inside.  The stretch brought a sweet, addicting burn, and the sliding-pushing as Sehun rubbed it rhythmically inside him set off hot shocks of pleasure.  Ecstasy flashed through him, intense, repetitive, and he kicked out, writhing in all directions at once, trying to figure out which way to turn his hips to get Sehun to fuck him deeper.

            The penetration felt fantastic, but he missed the other intimate sensations of fucking, missed having a hot, male body against him.  Running his hand over Sehun’s side, up and down Sehun’s back, he pulled Sehun closer.  The press of skin against skin was its own pleasure, and he moaned as his squirming made their bodies rub and slide.  He dragged Sehun to his mouth for hot, messy kisses.

            “You’re so, unnh, fuck,” Sehun panted, kissing him hard, shoving the thing in deep.  Bucking, Baekhyun cried out, a sharp spasm of pleasure almost sending him over the edge.  “Yeah, louder, I want to hear it,” Sehun urged, mouth hungry on his.

            He groaned, jacking himself faster, faster, teeth catching on Sehun’s lower lip, crying out around the thrust of Sehun’s tongue.  He could feel orgasm close, so close, and he wanted it, god, he needed it, “More,” his fist tightened around his cock, “ah, maknae, oohhh, more!”  Sehun popped the whole thing out and then pushed it in fast, deep, the thick knob rubbing him so right that he squealed.  In sudden orgasmic shock, gasping helplessly, he spurted onto his chest, a messy squirt leaving a stripe on Sehun.

            Oh, wow.  “What the hell is that thing?” he asked, boneless now.  His own cock was rubbed raw, so he let go of it and curled his hand around Sehun’s, instead, jacking lightly.  “God, I love it.  Fuck, nnn, it still feels so good,” he groaned, squirming, his asshole trying to clench greedily around it.

            “Oh, god, oh, wait, oh,” Sehun said, and came in a rush.

            Surprised, Baekhyun blinked up at him, then burst into laughter.  “Was it good for you?” he chortled, playing with Sehun’s balls and kissing him.

            “God.”  Sehun rested his forehead against Baekhyun’s shoulder.  “God,” he mumbled again.

            Baekhyun ruffled his hair.  “You have to let me see it so I know what to buy next time I’m out shopping.”

            Sehun’s laughter was weak.  “God, no.”  He tugged it out, then shook himself and found his strength, levering himself up and putting a hand over Baekhyun’s eyes.

            Baekhyun turned his head aside, pushing Sehun’s hand off, tangling their fingers.  “Maknae, what, why can’t I look at it?  If I can’t look, you at least have to tell me why I can’t look, or-”

            “It’s private.”

            Where’d he put it, at the foot of the bed?  Under the bed, in the dresser, where?  How had it disappeared already?  Baekhyun yanked him close again.  “What’s private isn’t private, what’s private was up my ass.”

            Sehun closed his eyes, burying his face in the crook of Baekhyun’s neck again.  The intimate contact felt great; Baekhyun loved snuggling after sex.  He made an unintelligible, overwhelmed sound, and his hand slipped down Baekhyun’s side, his touch hot and familiar.

            Baekhyun wrapped him up in arms and legs, too sated to be annoyed that he wasn’t explaining anything.  Since when did the maknae need sexual privacy?  Okay, so half of the maknae’s sex life was almost totally private, but that was the kinky side.  Was he putting kinky things up Baekhyun’s ass?  Did he put kinky things up his sex slave’s ass?  “Was that thing up Lee Hwanhee’s ass?” Baekhyun demanded.

            “No!”  Sehun’s head popped up and he looked startled.  “No, hyung.”

            He narrowed his eyes, suspicious now.  “Then-”

            “No.”  Sehun looked like he didn’t know what to say.  “No.  Just - - don’t ask me about it, okay?  It’s private.”

            Why was he being so strange and secretive about this?  The only thing he was ever so shy about was Hwanhee, but he’d just said that he wasn’t doing this to Hwanhee, so what else could be going on?  Wait, or - - he’d said, “No,” but had he meant, “No,” or had he meant, “No, not yet?”  Baekhyun eyed him.  “Am I your guinea pig?  Are you testing your kinky shit out on me?”

            “Not in a weird way,” Sehun promised.  “I swear, I’m not thinking of you that way.  We’re not in a scene, I wouldn’t do that to you.”

            In a scene?  “You’re not perving on me?” he demanded, scrutinizing Sehun’s expression.

            “I’ll tell you, first, or I’ll leave,” Sehun said.  “I have a lot of experience in turning that off, I know how to control it.”

            Okay.  A little weird, but okay.  Baekhyun toyed with Sehun’s nipples while he thought about all of that.  He nibbled on his lower lip, and then he met Sehun’s eyes.  “The first one was good.  The second one was even better.  It’s bigger, and that thing on the end, it’s so thick and lumpy, I could use a lot more of that.”

            “Thank you, hyung.  A lot, really,” Sehun said, and he was so sincere that Baekhyun was embarrassed.  “You’re really good to do this with.”

            “Because I’m the sluttiest of our members?” he asked.

            “Because you respond to what you’re feeling and let me know what I’m getting right, so I can tell how it’s going,” Sehun said.  Then he grinned.  “And because you’re the slutti-”

            Baekhyun twisted his nipple and pulled, hard.

            Baekhyun was in the kitchen, puttering around, when the maknae came up behind him and stood way too close.  Kind of ignoring that, he opened another cabinet and peered up into it, feeling hungry but not hungry enough to want to eat anything in there.

            Sehun’s hand slid over his waist, splaying over his stomach, and Sehun’s nose brushed the shell of his ear, making him shiver.  “Hyung.  Suho hyung’s not home.”

            Suho wasn’t home.

            “Can we-”

            “Yeah, yeah, your room,” he said, pivoting, grabbing Sehun’s hand and hustling out of the kitchen.

            They locked the door and he hopped onto Sehun’s bed.  Sehun crawled on top of him and kissed him, pulled his clothes off of him while he fondled himself and sucked Sehun’s tongue and burned with anticipation.  God, this was going to be so good.  He’d been thinking about that thick, knobby dildo since last time.

            Dildos.  They were just funny-shaped dildos, right?  The maknae wasn’t really putting anything freaky up his ass.

            He was on his stomach, a pillow under his hips, when Sehun slid the first one into him.  It was the same slimmer, smoother, angled one from before, and he clutched at the bed, squirming, rocking his hips to try to get it deeper.  Sehun fucked him with it forever, slow and tender, just rubbing it in and out of him like some slow-motion dream.  When he finally got a hand on himself and came, the explosion of it shattered him, and he collapsed, gasping, quivering.

            Sehun leaned over him, gently stroking his shivering sides, kissing his back.  “You okay?” Sehun asked.  He’d come so hard that he felt sensitive all over, and Sehun’s caressing hands and soft kisses were really soothing, making little delicate waves of residual pleasure tingle over his skin.  “Do you want to stop?”

            “More,” was all that he was capable of saying for a minute.  Then he pulled himself together enough to say, “The other one, the bigger one, give me that.”

            Sehun rubbed his back and kissed his shoulders until he was a melted puddle of easy pleasure.  Then Sehun thumbed him open and licked into him, and that had him moaning and heated up, squirming and rubbing his ass against Sehun’s face.  It felt amazing but it wasn’t enough to get off to, but then Sehun was nudging that thick, knobby dildo against him and he was groaning ecstatically.  This, yes, this was what he needed, this was exactly what he was here for.

            Sehun worked it into him slowly, plugging him nice and full.  He just took it, savoring its thickness, moaning appreciatively as Sehun fucked him with slow, deep thrusts.  Just when the fucking was getting so good that he was trembling, overwhelmed with pleasure and need, Sehun popped it out of him and rolled him over.  Gasping, grateful, he shuddered eagerly as Sehun pushed it back into him, and then Sehun was kissing him.  Long, deep kisses and long, deep thrusts and he was squirming greedily, clutching at Sehun, why the hell was Sehun still dressed?  He yanked at Sehun’s clothes, impatient to get to skin, and Sehun’s cock was rock-hard in his hand, the dildo sinking deep, and they came together, groaning into their kiss.

            Striped with his cum and Sehun’s, Baekhyun moaned, loving it.  Damn, how did the maknae keep doing this to him?

            They stayed like that for a minute, Sehun still slumped over him, still in kissing distance, the two of them just panting on each other.  Then Baekhyun groaned, shuddering, his body trying to close up around the dildo.

            Sehun pushed himself up a little, dropped a few distracted kisses on Baekhyun’s shoulder, tugged the dildo out of him.  He groaned again, arching, stretching, shivering.  “God, maknae.”  He squirmed, rolling onto his side, tenderly cupping his balls.  “How the hell are you so good at this?”

            “We should probably stop,” Sehun said, rubbing his lower back, kissing his upper arm.  “Suho hyung would kill us.”

            “Yeah, yeah.”  Hell, no.

            Baekhyun was freaking jonesing for it.  As soon as the door closed behind Suho, he landed on the couch, half on Sehun’s lap.  “Suho hyung’s not home.”

            Sehun fucking hesitated.  “God, hyung,” he said, and his arms were already wrapping around Baekhyun, pulling him closer, yes, good sign.  “We can’t, we shouldn’t.”

            Maybe he hadn’t been clear enough.  Had he said it wrong?  It always worked like a freaking charm when Sehun said it to him.  He cupped Sehun’s face in both hands, making direct eye contact, and pronounced every syllable precisely.  “Suho hyung’s not home.”

            Sehun was turning pink.  “Okay, yeah,” he said, suddenly sounding breathless, already nudging Baekhyun upward.  “I got a thing, a new thing.”

            Baekhyun couldn’t get on Sehun’s bed fast enough.

            The new thing was smooth and long.  Like, really long, it went deep, it went on forever.  On his hands and knees, rocking, panting, Baekhyun slid back and forth on it.  It got him worked up, until he was moaning and jacking himself and telling Sehun to give him more, give all of it to him, he could take it.  When Sehun pulled it out of him, he rolled over furious, ready to fight, but Sehun cupped his chin back and tilted his face up, and he felt the curved one, his old best friend, pressing into him.  Ecstasy jolted him and he bucked on the bed, knees coming up quick.  He was gasping raggedly and Sehun was working serious magic on him and his cock was throbbing in his hand and oh god pleasure was hitting him from every angle, repetitive bursts of it shaking him as Sehun fucked him just right.  He came fast, hard, out of control, crying out.

            “That’s it, that’s it,” Sehun said, still fucking him through it, the slide and press of the dildo making him shudder, his cock dribbling in his hand.  He reached up weakly, pulling Sehun close, and Sehun kissed him until he recovered enough to kiss back.  “God, hyung,” Sehun whispered, and their tongues stroked slickly together.

            “Where are you getting this stuff?” Baekhyun asked, kissing him again.

            “I buy it.”  Sehun tipped his chin up, and he cooperatively looked away.  He got the idea that if he actually saw whatever Sehun was fucking him with, Sehun wouldn’t do it anymore, and he’d rather keep getting great sex than sneak a peek.

            He was mostly convinced that Sehun was just a harmless maknae and was fucking him with super mundane stuff.

            But a tiny part of him wondered if Sehun was super freaky and into really kinky shit and was ramming super inappropriate, bizarre stuff up his ass.  And if that was the case, then he really didn’t want to know about it.

            When Sehun came back into his arms and kissed him, he plucked at Sehun’s shirt.  “You could get naked and fuck me yourself,” he pointed out.  “It’s not one or the other, it’s not like I don’t take cock anymore.”

            Sehun shook his head and kissed Baekhyun again.  “My head’s not in the right place, I don’t want to risk it.”

            “Risk?  Are you risky?”  He grinned, running his fingertips down Sehun’s nose.  “Are you dangerous?”

            Sehun grinned and kissed him again.  “Not to you.”

            He wriggled, wanting to play some more.  “Where’s the other one, give me the other one.”

            Sehun kissed him, nuzzled his cheek, sweet and sexy.  He hummed, feeling great, running his fingers through Sehun’s hair.  “I got something else.”

            Immediately, Baekhyun perked up.  Something new?

            “It’s kind of big-”

            “Okay.  Yes, okay.”  Baekhyun started pulling his knees up.  “Yeah, let’s do that.”

            Sehun laughed at him and kissed him again, pushing his legs back down.  “I don’t want to hurt you.”  Sehun studied him, smiling but serious.  “I need you to tell me what’s going on, okay?  Tell me if it’s too much, if I need to go slower, if anything’s uncomfortable.”

            “Sure, yeah.”  What was it, was it, like, really big or just-

            “I mean it,” Sehun said, getting a little impatient with him.  “Hyung, if I can’t trust you, we can’t do it.  I’m never going to forgive myself if I hurt you.  And if you don’t tell me everything, I might hurt somebody else, later.”

            Shit, oh.  Yeah, okay.  “I’ll tell you if it’s too much.”  He might wait to say that afterward, once he’d gotten off, but he’d be honest, eventually.  “Do you try this stuff on yourself, first?”


            Hunh.  “So these are sex toys just for sex slaves?  Not for doms?”  He snickered.  Like Sehun was a dom.

            Sehun gave him a bored, annoyed look.  “Don’t talk like that.”

            “Wait, is that a yes?” he asked, totally entertained now.  “What, do they have ‘Daddy’s Nasty Sub’ written on them, or something?”

            “What - - what the hell,” Sehun said, laughing.  “Nothing’s ever had that written on it, ever.”

            “I don’t know what you’re into!”

            Sehun got a thoughtful look.  “I wonder if I could write on it.  With something safe that wouldn’t come off.”

            Had he just given Sehun an idea?  “Like permanent marker?”

            “But non-toxic, or…”  Sehun made a soft, intrigued sound.

            “How did I come up with a new idea that easily?” Baekhyun asked.  “Either you’re a terrible dom, or I’m a great one.”

            Sehun smiled at him and kissed him super patronizingly.  “You’re a great dom, hyung.”

            “Got that right,” he said, satisfied with himself.

            Sehun fucked him with the knobby dildo, first, to get him opened up.  Then Sehun rolled him onto his stomach, a pillow under his hips, and tried the new one.

            Immediately, he knew that this one was different.  It started spreading his hole, but it kept coming.  It felt like there was so much more of it, he whimpered, totally thrilled about this.

            “Talk to me, tell me how it feels,” Sehun said.

            “Big,” he blurted out.  That was the only thing on his mind, how big it felt, pushing into him.  He groaned, his body stretching to accommodate it.  He tried to shift, tried to nudge it deeper, and he felt it slip a little farther into him.  Sehun was twisting it back and forth a little, angling it, and it felt lumpy, like the other one, thick and uneven.  His body was straining so much, he was panting, sweating.  He’d gone soft, but electric pleasure was thrumming through him, making him cry out.  “God, more, I want all of it, fuck my ass.”

            “Keep talking, what’s it like?” Sehun asked, sounding way too calm considering how Baekhyun was moaning and sweating.

            “Amazing, it’s amazing, god, it’s so fucking big,” he groaned.  He buried his face in his arms, spreading his thighs.  “It’s, like, it’s lumpy, it’s got bumps on it.  It’s hard, it feels so wide, god, can you just get it inside me?  What are you waiting for?”

            “I’ve got it, almost there,” Sehun said, rubbing his thigh.  “When it’s in, I’m going to stop so you can get used to it, okay?”

            “Stop playing around, I’m trying to get fucked, here,” he complained, and then he groaned as his hole stretched that much wider.  Sehun was using so much lube that he was a slick mess back there, but his body was still straining, struggling around the fat knobs.  “Fuck, maknae,” he gasped, clutching at the bed.  “I hope that you bought this tonight, because if you had this before and you’ve been keeping this from me, I - - ah!  Ah!  Ooohhh, oh, oh, ouuh!”  It was in, the head was in, he was groaning and trembling, the knobs buried inside of him, his asshole desperately trying to close around the wide shaft.  Oh, god, the shaft itself was huge, Sehun was fucking him with some monster dildo.  “Don’t stop, don’t stop, deeper, more, I can take more.”

            “Does anything hurt?” Sehun asked.  “Even a little?”

            He was like dry-coming so steadily he couldn’t even breathe.  “This is the best thing you’ve ever done to me, don’t fucking stop,” he ordered, his voice coming out shaky and hoarse.

            Sehun pushed it deeper.  It was so slow, such a gradual slide into his body, that he groaned, feeling like it was taking over, filling up every part of him.  He was stretched to his limit, he was plugged full, and there was still more of it, somehow.

            “The other end,” Sehun said softly, easing it out and then nudging it deep again, agonizingly slow, his ass straining around the fat shaft.  “Is even bigger.  I gave you the small side.”

            “I can take it,” he moaned, feverish with desire, spasms of pleasure wracking his body.  This thing was so big that he was twitching helplessly around it, aching with fullness, making raw sounds of pure love.  “I’m good, I’m good, give me all of it.”

            He begged the whole time it was in him, desperate for more, wanting Sehun to keep going.  He didn’t get even a little bit hard, but it felt incredible, it wasn’t even about getting off, it was about the thrill of being split open that wide, being stuffed full.

            When Sehun pulled it out of him, he was so weak that he couldn’t even fight about it, he just shivered and tried to process the amazing thing that had just happened to him.  Sehun licked into him, mouth on his quivering, dripping hole, and the sensation of Sehun’s tongue slithering into him made him realize that he wasn’t in love with the dildo, he was in love with Sehun.

            By the time Sehun stopped making beautiful love to his asshole, he was whimpering with pleasure and he had a celebratory hard-on.  Sehun rolled him over and went down on him, sucking him to a whirlwind climax that left him gasping and stunned.  God damn.  Now that was some freaking sex.

            Suho was home, but Baekhyun didn’t care about that.  He climbed into Sehun’s lap and got all of the deep, hungry kisses that he wanted.  While Sehun pressed two fingers up inside him, he moaned and panted, “Big, it was so big,” and Sehun whispered, “It looked so hot, hyung, you were so tight I could barely get it in,” and Sehun fucked him right there on the couch.

            He didn’t ask for the dildos - - toys - - things again.  He was pretty sure that Sehun would tell him no, and he didn’t want to hear that, so he just didn’t ask.  And Sehun didn’t offer.

            But he still thought about it, sometimes, and if he maybe happened to jack off while he was thinking about it, and if he maybe coincidentally gravitated to Sehun more often when he was horny, whatever.

            He bought a fat, black, non-toxic, permanent marker and left it on Sehun’s pillow.  Sehun blew him really well that night.  After, loose-limbed and glowing with satisfaction, he patted the top of Sehun’s head.  “You’re such a good maknae.”

            He hoped that all of his hard work and research had paid off.  He wondered which of the dildos Sehun had decided to use on Hwanhee.  All of them?  None of them?  Someday, he’d have to find out; he really wanted to talk to someone else who’d been through it.

            He tried asking Suho if the members could try toys sometimes.  Just once in a while!  But Suho got all red-faced and flustered and weird about it.  Exasperated, Baekhyun asked, “Have you even tried it?  You can’t rule it out and say no to it forever if you’ve never even done it.  Just do it once, and if you hate it-”

            “Can’t we just have regular sex?” Suho demanded.  “What’s wrong with doing normal things in normal ways, sometimes?  Not everything has to be a circus, Baekhyun-ah.”

            “I’m not asking for a circus,” Baekhyun argued.  “It doesn’t have to be me, you can get somebody else to do it.  Xiumin hyung or the maknae or anybody.  Lay hyung loves that stuff.”

            Suho gave him a prim, disapproving look.  “Our maknae doesn’t want to do those things to his own members, Baekhyun-ah.”

            He laughed so suddenly that he made himself cough.  Recovering, clearing his throat, he started laughing again, just thinking about it.  “Have you asked him about that?”

            Suho’s look was speeding from disapproving to suspicious.

            He coughed again.  “I, uh, I need some water,” he mumbled, and he scurried away.

            “Maknae!” Suho was yelling.  Ya, Sehun-ah!”

            Baekhyun really had to learn to stop when he was ahead.

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