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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Being the maknae had its perks, but there were a few downsides, too.  “Fetch this, maknae.”  “Do that, maknae.”  “Come here, bring me that, go over there, clean that up, handle this for me.”  Having six hyungs constantly order him around like a servant became overwhelming, sometimes.

            As a result, Sungjong had been very quick to set sexual boundaries.  He established from the outset that he was not going to be at the entire group’s sexual beck and call.  It would happen when he wanted it, not whenever they wanted it.  Sometimes he was in the mood; sometimes he wasn’t.  He expected them to get him off, not to use him to get themselves off and then leave him hanging.  He was doing them a favor by having sex with them at all, and they’d better appreciate it.

            It worked really well.  He had them trained.  They weren’t overly aggressive, they respected his boundaries, and when they did have sex with him they were very courteous about getting him off.  The fact that they were so civilized and respectful about sex made the way they treated him the rest of the time more bearable.  In retrospect, he didn’t know if he’d been trying to prove something to himself or send a message to them, but he’d gotten a reputation for being picky and standoffish, sexually.

            He’d liked that.  The idea that he was selective, that he was hard to get, appealed to him.  He’d been happy to go along with it.  When his hyungs had asked if he wanted to get laid, he’d pretend to have to weigh his options before giving in.  He’d make them ask for it, then make them wait for an answer.  It was like role-playing, at first, and then it became habit.

            And there was always that element of self-preservation to it.  If he gave in too easily too often, the other members would take sex for granted like it was one of his maknae duties.  This was the one area of life where he had the upper hand, and he intended to keep it.  He didn’t want to be one of those maknaes who spent all of his free time rolling out of one hyung’s bed only to climb into another’s.

            The truth was that some of his hesitation and reluctance and pickiness was a front.  He loved having sex with his members.  They were fantastic and they got him off so, so well.  The way they went down on him was amazing.  The way they fucked him lit him up like a rocket.  And if they ever figured out how much he enjoyed giving them head, he’d be in serious trouble, because, damn, he loved it.

            L nuzzled under the maknae’s jaw, kissing his skin.  So soft.  “Mmm.”  L licked just behind his ear.  Light flicks of tongue at his earlobe.  He made a faint, gasping sound and wrapped his arm around L’s neck, so L licked harder, sucking a little.  “Want me to go down on you?”

            “Yeah.”  Sungjong stroked L’s hair, breathing kind of hard.  “Yeah, if you want.”

            “I want.”  He’d wanted to suck cock all day, and Sungjong’s long, smooth cock was exactly what he was in the mood for.  Sliding down from the couch, he landed on his knees.  He pulled Sungjong’s pants down, and Sungjong lifted up, wriggling out of them.  When they were out of the way, L moved in, comfortable between Sungjong’s legs.

            He was already half hard, and it only took a moment of stroking to get him all the way up.  He always took great care of himself, shaving and powdering and grooming, so visiting his crotch was like being ushered into a newly tidied parlor.  It was fresh and polite down there, his hairless balls smelling like flowers.

            While L sucked his cock, he put his hands on L’s shoulders.  He just breathed and made quiet, gasping sounds at first, and when L’s head started bobbing up and down more steadily, his hands slid to the back of L’s neck, petting.  It felt good, like approval, encouragement, and L got more into it, picking up speed.  “Ah, uhh, hyung.”  With a soft moan, he curled his fingers in the hair at L’s nape.  “Hh-aa-aah-ahh, oh, L hyung, yes.”

            Hearing Sungjong enjoy it, knowing that he was turning Sungjong on and having the proof of it hard in his mouth, heated up L’s blood.  Groaning as he went, liking the sound of their pleasure mingling in the air, he sucked rhythmically, slowly replacing the scent of flowers and powder with musk.  “Taste so good,” he mumbled, pushing Sungjong’s taut thighs farther apart, burrowing in closer, his chin against Sungjong’s pretty pink balls.

            “Feels, ah, so nice.”  Sungjong gasped, hips rolling forward.  “Yes, ah, ah, hyung, I’m ready, I’m ready.”

            “Ahh, mmm.”  Caught up in Sungjong’s pleasure, looking forward to getting Sungjong off, he sped up, sucking faster.  Sungjong gasped excitedly, and he brought his hand in, stroking up from the bottom, milking soft pulses of cum into his mouth.  Yes, that was it, that was nice, that was just what he’d wanted.

            “Oh, oh, hyung, ooohhh.”  Slumping, Sungjong caressed L’s neck.  He made a satisfied sound, and then he laughed lightly.

            Hearing Sungjong’s happiness, L smiled.  Raising his head, he ran his hand over his mouth, gazing up at Sungjong.  When their eyes met and he saw Sungjong’s lazy, blissful smile, he winked.

            “Oh, aauhm, ooh, come on, hyung, that’s it.”  Grimacing, Sungjong bit into his lower lip.  Uhhnnn, so close, he was close, he just couldn’t get past the almost-almost-there to that final place.  He felt like he was right at the gate, revved up, spinning his wheels; he needed one last burst and he’d get in.

            On top of him, humping into him with deep, uneven strokes, Sungyeol grunted against his neck.

            His arms around Sungyeol’s shoulders, he rubbed Sungyeol’s back.  “Come on, hyung, so good, it’s so good.”  Usually at this stage of the game, a little encouragement got him what he needed.  “Feels so good, make me come, you’re going to make me come.”

            “Yeah,” Sungyeol panted, shifting over him, sliding to a new angle inside him.

            Uncomfortable now, feeling the glimmer of orgasm receding, he squirmed, trying to get that other angle back.

            “God, yeah, unh.”  Sungyeol groaned, hips jerking, thrusting hard into him.  “Yeah, get off on it.”

            Wincing, Sungjong gave up.  “I’m going on top,” he decided, pushing at Sungyeol’s chest.

            “What?”  Sungyeol blinked at him.  “Aw, come on!  I almost had it!”

            “You almost had it, yes.  I didn’t.”  Pushing Sungyeol over, he climbed on top, straddling Sungyeol’s cock, easing onto it.  “Oh, ah, ye-e-e-essss,” he moaned, undulating as Sungyeol filled him.  “Ahhh, god, that’s it, yes.”

            “Okay, ah, okay.”  Gasping, Sungyeol rubbed his thighs as he rode.  “Good?”

            “Feels, ah, ah, ooooohhh, so good.”  As pleasure hit him over and over again in hot jolts, he rocked on Sungyeol’s erection.  He loved sex with Sungyeol, their bodies fit together well, “Auuuhhh, aauuuhh,” so well, “that’s it, that’s it, ah!”  Already feeling that close-to-coming sensation, feeling pleasure mount right up to the edge, he moved faster, rubbing his hands over Sungyeol’s stomach.

            “Yeah, yeah, do it,” Sungyeol urged him.  When Sungyeol touched his cock, jacking it, pleasure spiked inside of him, and he cried out, nails digging into Sungyeol’s skin as he started to lose control.  “You look so great on my cock like this.”

            Gasping, he shuddered as ecstasy tore into him.  He was gone, this was it, orgasm was exploding through him in wild shocks.  Hips still rising and falling, he fucked himself through it, riding Sungyeol’s hard cock as Sungyeol jerked him off.  “Ahh, auuh, yes, hyung, ooohh, oh.”  Sex with Sungyeol was like a drawn-out tease, turning him on and then backing off, revving him up and then slowing down again, the erratic pace and shifting angles providing a carnival ride of pleasure.  After the ups and downs, finally coming was a huge release, a triumphant reward.  The payoff was so incredible, Sungjong enjoyed the ride, had fun relishing the unsteady highs along the way.

            The payoff tonight was such a strong orgasm, he felt giddy from it.  Laughing, he wriggled on top of Sungyeol, rubbing his own chest, enjoying the lingering pleasure.  “Ooo.”

            “Okay, my turn,” Sungyeol said, pulling him down.  Feeling agreeable, he settled onto his stomach.  As Sungyeol filled him, he sighed happily, closing his eyes.  “Yeah, unh.”  Sungyeol rutted on him for a little while longer, drilling him into the mattress with short, hard thrusts.  He murmured encouragement and flattery, and then Sungyeol was coming, groaning, cursing breathlessly.

            Relaxed, drowsy, feeling great, Sungjong yawned.  “That was so nice.  I feel terrific right now.”

            “You came hard, right?  It was great.”

            “I did,” he murmured, smiling at the memory, his eyes drifting shut.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            Hoya usually bottomed.  It was what he liked.  Sungjong bottomed, too.  They’d stuck to rubbing against each other and jerking each other off and going down on each other at first, until Hoya had realized two things.  First, that Sungjong was never going to put more than a couple of fingers in him.  Second, that Sungjong was never going to stop trying to climb onto his cock.  Seriously, every time they started making out, when they got worked up to a certain point, Sungjong started grabbing at it and trying to get on it.  He was either going to have to nail Sungjong’s ass, or go platonic.  So he went ahead and tried it, and he liked it, so he kept doing it.

            He fucked better when he was also being fucked, and tonight was one of those nights.  Dongwoo was behind him on the bed, doing him in long, energetic strokes, and Sungjong was under him, pulling on his thighs and crying out and writhing around like it couldn’t get any better.  The pleasure pumping through him made him aggressive, and he fucked Sungjong hard, pounding it in there, groaning noisily.

            “Oooohhh, yeah, unnff, love your ass,” Dongwoo said.  His hands were on Hoya’s nipples, thumbs flicking upward, fingers tugging down, just the way Hoya liked, making Hoya writhe back against his cock.  “Sexy, sexy ass.  Tell the maknae how much you like his ass, and put your fingers in his mouth.”

            He tried to play it cool, but he was so turned on, it came out like a groan, breathy and heartfelt.  “Ohh, I love your ass.”  Sungjong moaned, face flushed, hands pulling greedily at his thighs, trying to get him deeper.  When he shifted his weight, Sungjong whimpered, and he slid his fingers into Sungjong’s mouth, stroking over the softness of Sungjong’s red lower lip.

            The wetness of Sungjong’s mouth lured him deeper, and as he pushed in, Sungjong’s lips closed around his fingers.  Suction enveloped his fingers, soft and steady, and he grunted, turned on, pulling out a little bit, sliding back in, mimicking the fucking of their bodies.  Sinuous and caressing, Sungjong’s tongue licked his fingers apart, snaking between them, and he pushed in knuckle-deep, making Sungjong groan.

            “Yeah, unh, love that sound,” Dongwoo said.  Crowding in tight behind him, fucking him in deep, vigorous thrusts, Dongwoo wrapped a hand around Sungjong’s erection.  Long and red, Sungjong’s cock looked angry in Dongwoo’s fist.  While he jacked it, grip tight, motions quick and efficient, pre-cum made the head glisten, and Sungjong tried to swallow Hoya’s fingers.

            Sungjong’s cries were muffled, his nails sharp as he clutched at Hoya’s thighs, his cheeks full of color.  His head was back, his chin up, a sheen of sweat on his neck, his hair wild.  When Hoya’s hand lifted, his head came off of the pillow, and he sucked hard, not letting go.  His thighs were smooth, his skin soft as his legs closed in on Hoya’s hips.

            “Want to see you get off, come on, show us some cum.”  While the words were meant for Sungjong, Dongwoo’s lusty, encouraging tone worked on Hoya, too, and he thrust in vigorously, trying to get Sungjong off, pushing for a finish.

            “Ahhh, ohhhh, ooooohh, oouh!”  His body shaking and jerking, Sungjong came, spasms wracking him as he cried out around Hoya’s fingers.  Turned on, Hoya watched Dongwoo jack him off, cum forming a puddle on his stomach.  As his back arched, he made grateful, muffled sounds, running his hands up Hoya’s sides.  “Oohh, oh, hhhmmm.”  As Hoya’s hand left his mouth, he licked his red lips, his expression dreamily contented.  Panting, eyes bright, he brushed his hair from his face and smiled at Hoya.  “Going to come?”

            Dongwoo chuckled wickedly in Hoya’s ear.  “Oh, yeah, he is.  Kiss him and tell him how sexy he is, I’ve got this.”

            Rolling his eyes, Hoya gave Sungjong a “can you believe this hyung?” look, and Sungjong smiled, tugging him down.  Dongwoo picked up a new rhythm, deep and fast, and lust hit him hard, pleasure streaking through him like wildfire.  Groaning, he kissed Sungjong, and Sungjong was ready for it, kissing him back like desire was fresh, stroking up his back and into his hair.  His body eager for it, he rocked back against Dongwoo’s thrusts, demanding more, feverish with the need to come.  His cock popped out of Sungjong but that was okay, he just wanted to get fucked.  Panting, grunting, pouring all of his passion into his kiss, he cupped Sungjong’s face, glad to have somewhere to send all of this fervor and sexual impulse.

            As Dongwoo fucked him, heat shuddered through him, and he moaned, his knees sliding on the sheet as he rocked and writhed.  No hands, no help, just this, yes, yes, just the way he liked it.  Just penetration, just this perfect fullness, just the hot, hard slide of Dongwoo’s cock in and out, in and out, thrusting into him, long and slick, setting off quick, bright sparks with every push.  He loved this, this was all his body needed, just this.

            “Ooo, hyung,” Sungjong breathed, stroking his hair as they kissed.  “Come, come, you fucked me so well, you deserve it, I want you to come hard.”

            He felt it, it was here, and he braced himself but it slammed into him like a runaway train, exploding him into a thousand aspects of ecstasy.  With soft, fast cries into Sungjong’s mouth, he came, ejaculating in quick spurts, adding to the mess on Sungjong’s stomach.  Dizzy with pleasure, he reached back, grabbing at Dongwoo’s thigh.  Having Dongwoo buried inside him felt so good, he wasn’t ready for it to stop yet.

            “Aw, I can’t go?”  Dongwoo slipped out a few inches, then nudged back in, backed out again, nudged in, humping him in teasing little thrusts that sent a last whisper of pleasure shivering through him.  As he groaned, Sungjong kissed him slowly, softly, fingers stroking along his jaw.  “Yeah, love your ass.”  While the two of them traded, light, lazy kisses, enjoying each other, coming down from the high, Dongwoo kept humping and drummed his fingers on Hoya’s ass.  “Want me to fuck you some more?”

            “Yeah,” Hoya said between kisses.  Sungjong was comfortable and sated beneath him, he felt good all over, and he was loving all of the energy Dongwoo was directing at his ass.  “Keep going.”

            It was personal pride which inspired Sungjong to keep himself so clean and well-groomed.

            It was his sex life which inspired him to do it so consistently.  It meant putting in effort and sacrificing a little sleep, but it was worth it.  He loved being rimmed, and he wanted everything to look pretty and inviting up close.

            When it came to rimming, he and Woohyun were a perfect match.  He loved being licked, and Woohyun loved licking, and when the two of them got together, it was paradise.  Sometimes it was fast and aggressive, until he was face down on the floor jacking off and squealing with excitement.  Sometimes he was on top, riding Woohyun’s tongue, squirming and gasping, struggling to maintain self-control and not grind his ass down against Woohyun’s face.  Sometimes it was slow and dreamy, and he’d just sprawl out bonelessly and float on pleasure while Woohyun made his body sing.

            By now, they’d done it so often that Woohyun knew exactly what he responded to.  Woohyun was so good at it that anticipation alone turned him on.  When he felt Woohyun tug his underwear down and caress the cleft of his ass, he was hard before the first lick.

            Sungjong had been horny all evening.  Watching Sungyeol and L make out had turned him on, and now he was restless with sexual urges.  After dinner, he padded around the dorm, letting his hormones build up, turning himself on by considering each of his hyungs in turn and fantasizing about what he’d do with each one of them.

            When his sexual appetite was at its peak, he went to Dongwoo’s room.  Standing by the closet, hanging up clothes, Dongwoo said, “Oh, hey.”

            Tossing his hair, he crawled onto Dongwoo’s bed and sat, leaning back on his hands and giving his best sultry stare.  “Come here and fuck me.”

            Immediately, a broad smile transformed Dongwoo’s face.  “Really?”  His expression became knowing, his eyebrows rising.  “Really.”

            Oh, this was going to be good.  While anticipation grew, Sungjong nodded.  “Let’s do it.”

            Dongwoo dropped the shirt in his hand, abandoning his chores.  As he walked toward the bed, his expression was focused, and he was already unbuttoning his pants.

            Excitement rising, heart pounding, Sungjong reached for him.  He pulled his shirt off as he knelt on the bed, and then he was on top of Sungjong, and they were kissing, and the fire in Sungjong’s veins promised that this was going to be a hot, fantastic fuck.

            Sungjong’s sex drive didn’t run as high as some of the other members’.  When he was ready to get laid, he really wanted it, but there were plenty of times when he wasn’t that interested.

            When his interest rose, though, he liked the feeling.  He liked the sensation of being horny, of being distracted by the easy, sensual roll of Dongwoo’s hips, of wishing that L’s touches would linger longer.  He’d stare at the lanky sprawl of Sungyeol’s legs and think about crawling in between those long thighs and fondling Sungyeol’s cock.  Hoya would pass the mic during an interview and memory would strike him: he’d felt those fingers inside of him, working him open and stroking heat right into him.  He’d had it before; he wanted it again.

            Today was one of those days.  One of those long, sultry days where he was turned on by everything his hyungs did.  Woohyun’s firm, toned body looked so delicious that he wanted to lick the lines of muscle across Woohyun’s back, feeling that satin-smooth skin under his tongue.  He couldn’t look at Dongwoo without wanting to kiss those full, soft lips, wanting to caress them, wanting to feel them brush his skin as Dongwoo kissed his stomach and made a beeline for his cock.

            Sunggyu had the uncanny ability to know when Sungjong was horny.  He could always tell.  Sungyeol had accused him of having sex ESP, but he said that it was just about paying attention, that it was a leader’s job to know when his members were horny or tired or hungry and do something about it if he could.  Today, he could definitely tell.  He kept giving Sungjong long, knowing looks and inventing reasons to touch.  He’d insisted on “fixing” Sungjong’s mic pack when there was nothing wrong with it in the first place, he’d invited Sungjong to sit in his lap three separate times, and before practice he’d made Sungjong his stretching partner and then proceeded to put his hands everywhere.

            Sungjong, meanwhile, soaked it up.  He loved the attention.  When Sunggyu was fixing his pack, he pulled his clothes out of the way and arched his back and practically rubbed his ass against Sunggyu’s hands.  When he was in Sunggyu’s lap, he got comfortable, running his hands all over Sunggyu’s sexy thighs and cuddling in like no one was watching.  When Sunggyu stretched him, he used the excuse to wriggle around in Sunggyu’s hold, enjoying the slide and grip of Sunggyu’s hands on his body.  Pretending to object to the strain on his muscles, he moaned and gasped, squirming around and playing it up.  When Sunggyu helped him to his feet, he let the momentum pull him forward against Sunggyu’s chest.  Pouting, he rubbed his thighs.  “Such a bully.  You didn’t have to push so hard and stretch me so much.”

            Sunggyu laughed.  “Look at you, sulking over nothing.”  Wrapping both arms around his waist, Sunggyu smiled at him.  “If you feel sore later, I’ll rub you in all of the right places and make everything better.  Okay?”

            Tossing his hair, he pretended to think about it.  Then he smiled, tugging lightly at Sunggyu’s shirt.  “Okay.”

            At the dorm that night, he waited and took the last shower.  Clean, fresh, and powdered, he put on a T-shirt over his underwear and went to Sunggyu’s room.  Empty.  Kitchen?  Empty.  Woohyun’s room?  Bingo.  They sat on Woohyun’s bed, talking.  Impatient, he walked right up and put his hand on Sunggyu’s shoulder.

            Woohyun glanced at him.  “What do you want?”

            Sunggyu ran a hand over his lower back.  “Go to my room, I’ll be there in a minute.”

            The first time Sunggyu had talked like that to him, he’d felt hurt and dismissed.  But now he took it as a good thing, as a promise.  Sunggyu talked to all of the members that way.  It meant that Sunggyu wanted to finish up whatever he was doing, so that when he went to his room he could close the door and give their lovemaking his complete attention.  Happy with anticipation, Sungjong went to Sunggyu’s room.  He took off his shirt and got comfortable, settling in cozily in the middle of the bed.  Fantasizing about acts and positions, he poked among the bottles of lube on the table beside the bed, selecting the watermelon-scented one.  On his stomach, he crossed his arms over Sunggyu’s pillow and kicked his feet up, smiling.  He liked having sex with all of his hyungs; they were good for different things.  He went to Sungyeol for the carnival ride; he went to Hoya for the direct, nothing-to-everything build-up to orgasm.  He went to L to be cuddled; he went to Dongwoo to have his ass smacked and cum smeared over his face.  With Sunggyu, it was a lasting, intense burn.  Slowly, sizzling, passion mounted, and then it was everything good that sex could be - - carnal, sensuous, romantic, erotic.  For fun, casual sex, Sunggyu was arrogant, giving whatever he felt like giving, taking whatever he wanted.  For private sex, one-on-one, behind closed doors, he was generous, uninhibited, tending to every need, satisfying every urge, until Sungjong felt like a deeply sated, boneless puddle of blissful contentment.

            It was being treated like that whenever he asked for it that made Sungjong love Sunggyu so much.  Sure, when other idols complained about their leaders, he was ready to join in - - ugh, Sunggyu was so arrogant and demanding and annoying - - but he knew that Sunggyu put earnest effort into taking care of him.  And it meant as much to his heart as to his libido when Sunggyu proved it.


            At the sound of Sunggyu’s voice, he rolled over.

            Stepping into the room, Sunggyu smiled at him, pushing the door shut.  “Got something for me?”

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