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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Infinite returned to the dorm exhausted but buzzed.  They’d worked too hard for too long; their minds wouldn’t turn off long enough to let them sleep.  After showering and eating, they wandered around mindlessly, fiddling with this, picking at that.  One by one, they settled in the living room, L slumped over the arm of the couch, Sunggyu with his head in Hoya’s lap, the other four sprawled limply on the floor.

            If they weren’t going to sleep, they might as well do something.  “Let’s play a game,” Woohyun suggested.

            “Let’s cosplay sex,” Sungyeol said too hastily, sitting up too quickly.  He was too alert; he’d been planning this, waiting for his moment.  Woohyun laughed; that was kind of creepy.

            “No,” Hoya said.  “That’s stupid.”

            “I’ll be Sunggyu hyung,” Sungyeol said.

            “I’ll be Sungjong,” Hoya said quickly.

            “Can I be Sungyeol hyung?” L asked.

            “I’ll be Hoya hyung,” Sungjong said.

            “Who am I?” Dongwoo asked, laughing.  “Who’s left?”

            “What is this?” Sunggyu asked, wrinkling his nose.  “Is this that stupid thing where we pretend to be each other and then have sex?  That’s weird.  Let’s not do something so weird.”

            “It’s fun,” Sungyeol said.  “You can be Dongwoo hyung.”

            “I’ll be Woohyun,” Sunggyu said.

            “No, ew,” Hoya said, his lip curling in mock disgust.  “I don’t want to hear you saying ‘Love you, I love you’ over and over.  How can I keep it up if you do that?”

            “If you’re Sungjong, you don’t have to keep it up,” Sungyeol said.  “Just wave your ass around and look pretty.”

            “I’ll be Dongwoo hyung,” Woohyun said.  “Dongwoo hyung, you can be L.”

            “Okay,” Dongwoo said, and slid across the floor toward him, wrapping around him like cling wrap.  “Is this right?”  Dongwoo lowered his face and rubbed his nose against Woohyun’s arm.

            “That looks right, yeah,” Hoya said.  “But be cuddlier.”  L burst into laughter.

            Sungyeol got to his feet.  “Woohyun-ah, I have something for you.”  Pushing his shorts down, he stood over the couch and pulled his cock out.

            Wrapping his arm around Dongwoo, Woohyun leaned in to watch.

            Sunggyu looked up at Sungyeol with a disbelieving, baffled expression.  “What is this?”

            “I’m you, you’re Woohyun,” Sungyeol explained, waggling his cock around.  “I have something for you.”

            Sunggyu recoiled, laughing, leaning back against Hoya’s chest.  “Is this a joke?  What am I supposed to do with that?”

            “What do we always do with yours?” Sungyeol demanded.  “Suck it.  Suck it, suck my cock.”

            “I do blow you whenever you shove that thing in my face,” Woohyun admitted.  “Suck it for him like I always suck it for you.”

            Sighing, Sunggyu eyed it as if he weren’t sure where it had come from.  Then, smoothing down his hair, he sat up.  “I’m supposed to be Woohyun?”

            “Yeah, so act like you know what you’re doing,” Hoya said.

            “I-”  Laughing, Sunggyu elbowed Hoya.  “I know what I’m doing!”  Wrapping his hand around Sungyeol’s cock, he rubbed his thumb along the underside.  “Wow, hyung.”  Widening his eyes, he fluttered his lashes up at Sungyeol.  “I love your cock so much, it’s the best I’ve ever had, I can’t get enough of it.  So sexy.”

            Horrified, Woohyun burst into laughter, kicking at Sunggyu’s ankle.  “Don’t!  Stop it!  I’ve never said that to you in my life!”

            “Sure you have,” Dongwoo said, clinging to him.  “You say it all of the time.”

            “Ya, Myungsoo,” he said curtly, pinching Dongwoo’s ass.  “Shut up.”

            Laughing, Dongwoo nuzzled his shoulder.  “Okay, hyung.”

            “Wait, I can’t do this,” Sunggyu said, sitting back.  “If you’re me, aren’t I sucking my own cock?  That’s too gross, I can’t-”

            “Ya, you sexy tree,” Woohyun said.  “Suck Gyu hyung’s cock, now.  Do it!”

            Dongwoo snorted.  “Is that how I talk?  I don’t think that’s how I talk.”

            “Do you think I like waiting?” Sungyeol asked.  “Do you think that I have all of the time in the world?”

            Sunggyu gave him a narrow, suspicious look, then kissed the head of his cock.

            “That’s it,” Sungyeol said, shifting his weight from foot to foot and resting his hand on the top of Sunggyu’s head.  “That’s it, suck it for hyung.”

            Closing his eyes and relaxing his jaw, Sunggyu swallowed Sungyeol’s cock, lips closing around the base.  Watching, Woohyun rubbed against Dongwoo, and Sungyeol made a high-pitched, breathy, “Hh-ahh-uuh-hhh,” sound as Sunggyu sucked.  His head bobbed slowly over the shaft, his thumb rubbing around the base, and L leaned across Hoya’s lap to get a better view.

            “God, yeah.”  Sungyeol’s voice was shaky.  “Ooouunhh, yes.”

            “It doesn’t look that good,” L said petulantly, wrinkling his nose.  “I can’t stand your big, gorgeous cock and I don’t want to be fucked over and over and over again by any of you.  Really.  Honest.  Just try it and see.  I dare you.  I won’t like it at all.”

            Hoya sniffed and dramatically tossed his head.  “I don’t like it, either.  None of you are good enough for me.  My ass is too precious for you jerks.”

            “Ah, ahhhh, ooooh, oh!”  Sungyeol bucked, his hips popping forward.  Sunggyu sucked steadily, lips sliding up and down the stiffening shaft.  “Ahhh, fuck, yes, suck it hard, uuhh, yes.”

            “Maknae,” Woohyun said.  “Go get me lube and a can of beer.”

            Hoya pouted, hesitated, then crawled out from under L and left the room.

            “This doesn’t turn me on at all,” L said, rubbing himself through his pants as he stared, wide-eyed, at Sungyeol’s cock disappearing into Sunggyu’s sucking mouth.

            “Yeolie, c’mere, I want to fuck you,” Woohyun said.  As he rose to his knees, Dongwoo shifted around him, clinging to his back now.

            “Aw, come on, do I have to?” L whined, sliding down from the couch and pulling off his clothes.

            As L stripped, Hoya walked back in.  Taking the can of beer from him, Woohyun handed it to L.  “Drink this and get on your back.”

            “Aw, come on, do I have to?” L whined again.  “Can’t I top for once?  I’m a great top!  Really!”

            “So whiny,” Sungjong muttered.  “Just bend over and take it.”

            “Ah!  Ah!”  Sungyeol clawed at the air and clutched at Sunggyu’s shoulders.  “Ah, fuck, I, I, ah!  Ah!  Ah!”

            “Already?” Sungjong asked.  “Seriously?”

            “Sunggyu hyung, that doesn’t seem like you at all,” Dongwoo said.

            “Oh, god, sh-sh-shut up,” Sungyeol moaned, staggering back.

            Wiping his mouth with his hand, Sunggyu sat back and looked up at him.  “Love you, hyung.”  He winked and fluttered a heart up at Sungyeol.  “Your cock is my favorite.”

            “That’s really gross,” Sungjong muttered, curling his lip and eyeing Sunggyu askance.

            Naked, L finished his beer and dropped onto his back, shoving a throw pillow under his hips.  “I’m a top, seriously, I don’t want you to fuck me,” he insisted, pulling his knees in.

            “Maknae, sit on his face,” Woohyun said, uncapping the lube.  “I know that he won’t satisfy you as well as sexy, handsome Woohyun does, but give him a chance.”

            “Who wants me to love them to orgasm?” Sunggyu asked, standing up and looking around, rubbing his hands together.

            “Me, me!” Dongwoo volunteered, abandoning Woohyun and wrapping his arms around Sunggyu’s thigh.  “Let’s kiss a lot first.”

            “Okay,” Sunggyu said, fluttering a heart down to him, “but only if I can tell you how much I love you while we do it.”

            While Hoya knelt over L’s head, Woohyun treated L the same way they always treated Sungyeol.  Relaxing Sungyeol was a long, slow process, and he started off by massaging the pucker of L’s asshole, reminding it that it liked being touched and that all of this attention was a good thing.  Since he was supposed to be Dongwoo, he crooned to it the way Dongwoo usually did.  “Yeah, that’s it, open up nice and wide for hyung, it’s gonna be so good, I’m gonna fuck you so deep, you’re gonna love it so much.”

            L groaned, the sound muffled against Hoya’s ass.  With both hands spreading the muscular globes of Hoya’s ass, he licked fervently, pink tongue snaking up into Hoya’s body.  Woohyun slid a finger into him, starting to slick him up, and his legs twitched, knees jerking upward, feet kicking.  With a deep moan, Hoya writhed on top of him, squirming against his hands, and he licked harder, his tongue probing.  “Pretty little hole, let hyung in,” Woohyun cajoled, rubbing in and out of L.  “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

            “I love you, I love you so much,” Sunggyu said, dragging Dongwoo’s clothes off as they fell across the couch together.

            “Nnn, fuck,” Hoya grunted, completely out of character, his hips rolling.  He reached back with one hand, his fingers delving in.  It was one of Woohyun’s favorite things about Hoya, how quick he was to finger himself.  When he wanted to be fucked, he didn’t wait around for someone else to get to it.  The way he squirmed around on his own fingers always turned Woohyun on.

            “Hhuh, yeah,” L panted.  “Let me fuck you, let me do it.”

            Watching the two of them get worked up had Woohyun impatient to join in.  Sliding a second finger inside L, he asked, “Do I have to keep doing this for another half an hour, or can I fuck you?”

            “Unnh, do it,” L said, raising his knees.  Hoya slid down his body, straddling his cock, and Woohyun moved in, kissing Hoya’s shoulder and pushing inside L.  As their three bodies joined, L cursed, clutching at Hoya’s thighs.  “Fuck, ah, fuck.”

            Fucking L in quick, shallow strokes, Woohyun moaned, kissing the back of Hoya’s neck.  “That’s it, babe.”  Wrapping his arm around Hoya’s waist, he rubbed his hand up Hoya’s muscular chest.  “Let your hyungs take care of it.  Just sit back and get off.”

            “Are we even playing anymore?” Sunggyu asked.  “No?  Good.  Roll over and show me your ass.”

            “Yeah, fuck me,” Dongwoo said immediately, back to himself again, twisting around under Sunggyu, leaning over the armrest.  “Drill me with your hot cock.”

            “No, we’re not finished,” Sungyeol protested.  “I’m not done!”

            “Fuck,” Hoya groaned, his hips rocking as Woohyun caressed his abs.

            “Here, here,” Dongwoo said, reaching for Sungyeol.  “I’ll give you head.  Oh god, oh god, oh god!”  With a yelp, he shuddered, clutching at the armrest as Sunggyu thrust into him.  “Oh, oh.”  His head rolled back and his back arched, his hips pushing backward as Sunggyu filled him.  “Yeah,” he moaned, his voice deep and breathy.  “Oh, yeah.”  He melted over the armrest, hips hitching.  “Unnnhhh, that’s the magic.”

            “That’s right,” Sunggyu said, squeezing his ass, bracing one foot on the floor.  “Get comfortable, you’re going to be here for a while.”

            “Ooohhh.”  L clutched at Hoya’s hips, biting his lip and digging his fingers into Hoya’s ass.  “Hyung, oh, like that, ah, just like that.”

            “Yeah, give me some cock,” Dongwoo said, reaching for Sungyeol.  “Maknae, c’mere, let’s play some two on one.”

            “Three on one,” Sunggyu said, thrusting into him again.  “Forgot about me?”

            “Ah, ah, never,” Dongwoo said, his laughter falling off into a deep, lusting moan.  He sucked on Sungyeol’s cock, then switched to Sungjong’s, alternating between them, popping off of one with a wet slurp only to swallow the other.

            Hoya arched his back, groaning.  Pushing at Woohyun’s thighs, he muttered, “Back, back, I gotta roll over.”

            Tugging his erection out of L, Woohyun shifted out of the way as Hoya dropped onto his back and pulled at L.  Immediately, L rolled on top of Hoya, sinking inside with a needy, aching moan.  “Yeah, oh, god,” L panted, rocking into Hoya.  “Unh, hyung, yes.”

            Desire gripped Woohyun as he drank in the sight before him.  The fleshy roundness of L’s ass, the wetness of lube glistening in the cleft, the way L’s balls bounced with each thrust, made him moan with lusting appreciation.  Taking his erection in hand, he rubbed it against L’s hole, and L made a needy, purring, happy sound, shooting him an inviting look over one shoulder.  Smiling right back, he thrust in, driving in nice and deep.

            The heat of L’s body and the rhythm of sex combined with the familiar sounds of dorm sex.  Sungyeol’s excited moans mingled with L’s breathless sounds of pleasure and Dongwoo’s encouraging mutters of, “Yeah, give it to me, unh.”  In this position, Hoya’s tense grunting turned to soft, ecstatic moaning, and Woohyun shared L’s rhythm, their bodies rocking together, thrusting deep in powerful, driving strokes.

            Moving as one, their bodies synchronized, was an everyday thing for them.  Woohyun loved matching L’s pace, thrusting steadily together, sharing the pleasure.  On the couch, Sunggyu fucked Dongwoo to the same beat, the slap of skin against skin right in time with them.  It felt good to do even this in unison, and Woohyun groaned against L’s shoulder, licking the smooth skin of his back.  “Love you, love you, love fucking you.’

            Sungyeol was making the high-pitched, excited, out-of-control sounds he made when he was about to get off.  Sungjong’s loud cries rose and fell as Dongwoo switched messily from one erection to the other.  While Sunggyu fucked him with hard, forceful thrusts, Dongwoo took turns with Sungyeol and Sungjong’s erections, sucking enthusiastically, his fingers rubbing in and out of Sungjong’s ass.  “Shit, ah, coming, I’m coming,” Sungyeol gasped, and Dongwoo swallowed his cock with a happy growl, sucking so hard that Woohyun ached just watching it.

            With a helpless cry, Sungyeol came.  Dongwoo was still swallowing when Hoya moaned, “Fuck, now, now, ah,” and came, his fingers digging into L’s thighs.

            Watching, hearing the other members get off turned Woohyun on and poured new urgency into him.  There was more energy in the room now, and as Sungyeol sat down with an exhausted, satisfied groan, Sungjong buried both hands in Dongwoo’s hair, holding on while Dongwoo sucked.  With three fingers buried in Sungjong’s ass, he sucked hard, his head bobbing quickly.  Sungjong’s moans were incessant now, rising, cresting.  The excitement, the sexual intensity, was infectious, and Woohyun fucked faster now, L and Sunggyu catching up, the three of them thrusting energetically as Sungjong cried out in ecstasy.

            When Sungjong staggered away, panting, the third man down, Sunggyu chuckled and kissed Dongwoo’s neck.  “You’re a machine,” he said proudly.

            Dongwoo laughed, masturbating, his face flushed.  “I ran out of cocks.”

            Over L’s shoulder, Woohyun smiled at Hoya.  “Had enough?”

            Hoya shook his head, closing his thighs on either side of L’s waist.  “No.”

            “Greedy,” Woohyun said, laughing.  “Let him go, I want to fuck him face-to-face.  I want to get off staring at his handsome face.”

            “Don’t go,” Hoya ordered L, wrapping his arms around L protectively.  “It still feels good.”

            “This is going to take forever,” Sungjong told Sungyeol.  “I’m going to bed.”

            “We didn’t even play the game right,” Sungyeol complained, getting up and following Sungjong from the room.  “I didn’t even get to fuck anybody.”

            “Unh, oh,” Dongwoo moaned, twisting against Sunggyu, gripping the armrest, baring his teeth as he jerked hard on his cock.  “I want to come.”

            “Ah, unnh, me, too,” L panted, rubbing Hoya’s muscular thigh.

            “Quitter,” Hoya said, stroking his hair.  “Get off in me and get out of the way so Woohyun can fuck me.”

            L laughed and then he was moaning, coming, his hips jerking off-beat.  “Ahh, ah, ya, oh!”  His body tensed, muscles locking, and Woohyun caressed his sides, kissing his back, fucking him as he panted and shook.  “I, oh, oh, god.”

            “Kids these days,” Sunggyu said, steadily pounding into Dongwoo.  “Can’t keep up.”

            “Ahh.”  L crawled away, squirming out from between their bodies, rolling across the floor with a breathless laugh.  “Fuck, that was awesome.”

            Hoya raised his eyebrows, giving Woohyun an assessing look.

            Woohyun grinned at him.  “Come on, sweetheart, you know you want it.”

            “Okay, nope,” Hoya said, and started to roll away.

            “Ya, don’t tease,” Woohyun protested with a laugh, dragging him back.  He relented with a sigh, wrapping his legs around Woohyun’s ribcage as Woohyun slid into him.  “Ah, yeah, oh.”  Woohyun pushed in deep, loving the feel of him, hot and slick.

            L rolled onto his side, watching them with an interested expression, smiling and propping his head on his hand.

            “Yes, ah.”  It wouldn’t be long now.  Pleasure streaked through Woohyun faster and faster, flames licking higher and higher.  The sound of Dongwoo’s noisy, urgent cries and Sunggyu’s rhythmic groaning compounded the sexual intensity of the moment until the air itself seemed saturated with pleasure and lust.

            “Hyung, Gyu hyung, please,” Dongwoo moaned, rocking against Sunggyu, tugging on his cock, his lean, wiry body twisting and twitching.  “I want to come.”

            “No!”  Sunggyu smacked his hand away from his erection, leaving it to bob heavily, rigid and red and wet with pre-cum, as Dongwoo gyrated.  “I’m not finished.”

            “Oh, ooh, I am,” Woohyun confessed.  Hoya smirked at him, stroking his nipple, and he cursed.  He kept thrusting for as long as he could, kept his hips pumping, but he could already feel ecstasy building toward an explosion.  “Ahh,” Hoya caressed his chest, “oohhh,” L smiled at him, “yes,” Sunggyu thrust into Dongwoo’s writhing body, “I love you, I love you,” and the cataclysm hit, sending shockwaves of pleasure straight to his brain.  With a shout, he came, spurting deep inside Hoya’s sated body.  “Love you, oh.”

            “Nice,” Sunggyu said.

            “Yeah, not bad,” Hoya agreed, lacing his fingers behind his head and lowering his legs from around Woohyun.

            L lifted his face, and Woohyun leaned over and kissed him.

            “Oh, it feels so good, Gyu hyung, hell, yeah, fuck my ass, ah, I love it, ah, ah!”

            When Woohyun pulled out, Hoya got up and walked away, unconcerned about the others.  L gazed deeply into Woohyun’s eyes, and Woohyun kissed him again, feeling good, feeling content, enjoying the softness of his lips.

            Sunggyu fucked Dongwoo for a while longer, enjoying him in long, deep thrusts that jolted his body, rubbing his pecs and caressing his abs, fondling his balls while he moaned ecstatically.  Woohyun sat on the floor with L in his lap and watched, an audience of two.

            Eventually, while Dongwoo clung to the armrest and rocked against Sunggyu, bouncing his ass against Sunggyu’s thrusts, Sunggyu patted his back and said, “Okay, I’m finished for now, you can come.”  And then Sunggyu’s hand slid between his thighs, stroking his hard, slick erection.

            It was over in seconds.  The moment Sunggyu started stroking, Dongwoo began to break.  “Oh, oh, oh!  Oh!  Oh!”  As Sunggyu milked him, he came in a rush, red-faced and wide-eyed, his cum spurting all over the arm of the couch.  That filthy, disgusting couch.  They came on it almost as often as they sat on it.  “Oh, oh,” he panted, rubbing his balls.  “Oh, oh.”

            Sunggyu hugged him and kissed his neck, murmuring something so softly that Woohyun couldn’t hear.  Dongwoo laughed, looking bashful, and then Sunggyu kissed his neck again and thrust into him a few more times.  With forceful, hammering strokes, Sunggyu came, fingers digging into his waist, cock pounding into him hard enough to make him grunt.  He laughed happily, and Sunggyu moaned, a familiar ascending cry that made Woohyun smile and hold onto L a little bit tighter.

            “Ugh.”  Sunggyu pulled out of Dongwoo with a wet pop and sat back.  Flushed and smiling, he closed his eyes, panting softly.

            Moaning happily, Dongwoo was melting against the cushions, smiling blissfully and stroking his own skin.

            L clapped politely.  “You’ve worked hard.”

            Laughing, Woohyun gave him a squeeze and then got up.

            The game had worked; everyone was content and drowsy now.  A check on the other members showed that they were already asleep.  Woohyun went to the shower.  L joined him, and he washed L’s back, L’s ass.  As L dried off, Dongwoo came in, and Woohyun made out with him for a while, stealing kisses and soaping his chest.

            Finished in the shower, Woohyun pulled on a pair of boxer-briefs and went to Sunggyu’s room.  The room was already dark, and Sunggyu was sprawled across the bed, asleep.  “Hyung.”  Woohyun leaned over the bed and squeezed his bare thigh.  “Sunggyu hyung.”

            An arm reached up and Woohyun was tugged down to the bed.  Laughing, he sat beside Sunggyu.  “You can’t sleep yet.  You should wash first.”

            “Tired,” Sunggyu grumbled, wrapping an arm around him.

            He tucked himself against Sunggyu, rubbing his foot over Sunggyu’s calf.  He always felt so comfortable here, in Sunggyu’s bed, in Sunggyu’s embrace.  “Sleep well.”  Snug against Sunggyu’s warm, bare body, he kissed Sunggyu’s mouth.

            With a drowsy, satisfied sound, Sunggyu kissed him back.

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