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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            C.A.P. was horny.

            Reaching out from the couch, he wrapped his arm around the nearest member.  Chunji, perfect, it was always great with Chunji.  Grinning, he tried to pull Chunji into his lap.

            Laughing, Chunji twisted nimbly away.  “Hyung!  Not now.”

            Disappointed, he let Chunji go.  His gaze scanning the dorm, he saw Changjo walk out of the kitchen.  “Maknae, c’mere.”

            Looking distracted, texting, Changjo drifted slowly in his direction.

            When the maknae was close enough, C.A.P. grabbed a handful of his pants and reeled him in.  He kept texting while C.A.P. pulled him down and flopped him on his back across the couch.  Grinning, he pretended to be absorbed in his phone, but he lifted his hips cooperatively while C.A.P. stripped off his pants and underwear.  Pushing his shirt up, C.A.P. kissed his abs and nipped at his pecs, then reached for the lube.

            With the maknae splayed in front of him, he pulled his cock out, and then he took the phone out of Changjo’s hands, dropping it among the cushions.

            Blinking up at him innocently, hands empty now, Changjo smiled.  “Oh, hyung.  Did you want something?”

            “No,” he said, pushing Changjo’s knee up.  “Not much.”

            Niel was horny.

            He didn’t feel like going around asking his members one by one if they wanted sex.  If he asked them for it, they just started playing games, trying to see how much he wanted it, bargaining over what he’d do to get some cock.  Not worth it.

            Instead, he just went over to the couch and undressed.  He had his shirt off and was halfway out of his pants when L.Joe said, “Hey,” and ran a hand over his bare side.  A minute later, he was on his back, being kissed and felt up.  So convenient, having such easy members.  He fondled L.Joe’s cock, and L.Joe groaned, kissing him more aggressively.  Oh, this was going to be good.

            Chunji was horny.  Sitting up in bed, he rubbed himself.  “Maknae!”  No one answered.  “Maknae!”

            “What are you yelling about?” L.Joe asked, sprawled on the other bed.

            “You aren’t doing anything,” Chunji said.  “C’mere and blow me.”

            “What?  No,” L.Joe said, looking disgusted.

            Chunji shrugged, taking his shirt off.  “Maknae!”

            Ricky sighed, walking into the room, running his hand through his hair.  “You mean me, don’t you?”

            “Is Changjo here?  Then I mean you.  C’mere for a minute and blow me.”

            Ricky thought it over for a second, then crawled onto the bed.

            “Hey,” L.Joe said, getting up.  “I want some, too.”

            “Too bad, I already asked,” Chunji said.  Ricky was already reaching down the front of his pants.  When L.Joe knelt on the edge of his bed, he said, “Ya, he’s busy!” and pushed L.Joe away.

            “He can do two at once,” L.Joe insisted, pulling his cock out.

            “Nobody wants that!  Get away,” Chunji complained, shoving him.

            “Hyungs,” Ricky said firmly, lifting his head.  He gave them a disapproving look.  “I have two holes, don’t I?  L.Joe hyung can start in the back.”

            “No, wait,” Chunji said as L.Joe picked up the lube.  “I want your ass, too.”

            “You can have it after I’ve done some of this,” Ricky said, and kissed his cock.

            Well, okay.  Liking that plan, Chunji ran his fingers around the shell of Ricky’s ear while Ricky got him good and hard.  His gaze drifted down Ricky’s back to where L.Joe was tugging Ricky’s pants down.  “Come all over his hole, okay?  I like my dongsaengs nice and messy.”

            Changjo was horny.

            He took off his shirt.  He rubbed his cock until it perked up, showing through his track pants.  Then he strolled around the dorm, in and out of rooms, wandering, circling.  He fiddled with stuff in Chunji’s room, he checked out what was in the fridge, he bothered Ricky.  He was on his second pass through the front room when Niel got off of the couch and said, “Maknae, I need to see you in my room, please.”

            “For what?” he asked innocently, flexing.

            “Very important business, I need your help in applying for a bank loan,” he said.  “Sex, maknae, what do you think, I want your cock.  Now get in there and get on my bed.”

            Grinning, he danced his way to Niel’s room.

            L.Joe was horny.  Horny and skittish.  God, he needed it.  He’d spent all evening relacing all of Ricky’s sneakers for Sehun, and he was still turned on.  He’d sent Sehun photos of every pair as he’d finished, and he’d tried really, really earnestly to do a good job, but Sehun had made him redo some of them, and he’d been so worried that he was displeasing his owner, that he was a disappointment, and he’d been so desperate, so worked up, he’d been rock-hard the whole time, tucked up in the bottom of Ricky’s closet and whimpering, trying to make his clumsy fingers quick and deft, his cock aching, and then Sehun had told him that he’d done well, that he was a very good hyung to take care of Ricky’s things so well, and Sehun’s praise had saturated him with pleasure, bathing him in happiness.

            He’d masturbated, but need was still in him, making him restless.  He needed to be fucked, but he felt too shy to ask for it, too embarrassed.  Being rejected would shame him so badly, he couldn’t risk it.

            He went into the bathroom and took a shower.  He washed up.  His cock was too responsive, too eager, and he whimpered, wanting to masturbate again, knowing that he needed more than that.  Fondling his balls, he moaned, bracing one hand against the wall and pushing his ass out, posing the way that his owner liked him.

            He wanted someone to walk up and put him on his knees.  Grab his hair and force a cock down his throat whether he wanted it there or not.  Ram a cock in his tight, dry hole and forbid him to come no matter how good it felt.  Groaning, he rubbed his balls, deliberately neglecting his throbbing cock, taunting himself.

            The bathroom door opened and C.A.P. walked in.

            Hot, ashamed, L.Joe turned away, breaking his pose.  Humiliated at having been caught like this, he ran his hands through his wet hair and pretended that he’d just been washing normally, that nothing was going on.

            Afraid to look, wondering what C.A.P. was doing, he fumbled with the body wash, spilling some, wishing that C.A.P. would leave, wishing that C.A.P. would grab him by the throat and fuck him.

            “Been in here for a while.”  C.A.P.’s voice sounded deep in his ear.  He shuddered when C.A.P.’s arm wrapped around his waist.  Pulled back against C.A.P.’s naked body, he loved the sensation of bare skin against his, and he moaned, grinding his ass against C.A.P. enthusiastically for a second before shame hit him and he whimpered, trying to pull away.  C.A.P. stroked his chest, rubbed firm circles over his stomach, soothing him, in calm command of him, and he whimpered gratefully.  Still holding him, C.A.P. reached for the lube.  Feeling like a freakish slut, getting off on feeling like a freakish slut, he bent forward, holding himself open with both hands.

            “Yeah,” C.A.P. said, voice low and approving.  He turned the water off, and then he fingered L.Joe’s asshole, slick fingertip pushing in.  “Yeah, that’s nice.”

            The familiar sensation of penetration sent pleasure crackling through L.Joe, and he groaned, writhing against C.A.P.’s hand.  C.A.P. would give him what he needed, C.A.P. would give his body the hard, deep fucking it craved.  Desperation turned to deep, humming pleasure as C.A.P. slid a second finger into him, and he moaned, ecstasy running through him.  “Yes,” he panted, arching, “yes.”

            Ricky was horny.  He could use a blowjob and a good screw.

            He put on a clean undershirt, tousled his hair a little, and crawled into Chunji’s bed.

            Chunji, still awake and texting, ignored him.

            He ran his hand over Chunji’s back.  Stroked up beneath Chunji’s tank top to caress bare skin.  His fingers drifted lightly across Chunji’s lower back a few times, a subtle tease.

            Chunji glanced at him.  “What do you want?”

            “Nothing, hyung.”  He licked his lips, gazing wide-eyed at the side of Chunji’s face.  “You’re so handsome, hyung.”

            “I know.”

            His touch traveled south, over Chunji’s sweatpants.  He lightly ran his hand all over Chunji’s ass, making sure to run his fingers up and down the cleft.

            Chunji glanced at him again.  “Trying to start something?”

            “No.  I’m just bored, there’s nothing to do.  And you’re so pretty, at least I can look at something nice.”

            Chunji sniffed and went back to texting.  “Well, if you’re looking for something to do, you can get me off.”

            He slid his hand down the back of Chunji’s pants.  Squeezing gently, fingering Chunji’s cleft, he murmured, “Chunji hyung.”

            “I’m not blowing you,” Chunji said.

            He laughed, squeezing again.  “But you’re so good at it.  And I’m really horny.  Please?”

            Chunji rolled onto his side.  Making an exasperated sound, he fixed Ricky’s hair.  “Why can’t you just blow me?”

            “We could sixty-nine,” Ricky suggested.

            “Ugh, I don’t feel like it.”  Chunji pushed Ricky’s pants down, exposing him and then groping him.

            Moaning, he squirmed as Chunji fondled his cock.  “Oh, oh, hyung.  Oh, god.”  He kissed Chunji, making soft, eager noises when Chunji’s tongue slid into his mouth.

            “If I blow you, you have to let me fuck you,” Chunji said.

            “Okay, okay,” he gasped, pretending to agree just to get what he wanted.  “Oh, please, hyung, I’m so hard.”

            “Come quick, I don’t feel like being down there all night,” Chunji said, pushing him onto his back.

            As Chunji’s head lowered to his lap, he moaned, rubbing Chunji’s earlobe between his fingers.  God, Chunji looked good down there.  “Oh, oh, hyung,” he gasped as his cockhead was surrounded in wet, sucking heat.  “Oh, god, yes.”  Damn, he lived well.

            L.Joe felt terrific.  When Sehun texted, “It was really good to see you yesterday, sunbae,” he laughed out loud.  He texted back, “That wasn’t yesterday, it was the day before that.  You think that I don’t remember when I saw you last?”

            Sehun texted, “Are you sure?  You looked so good, I still remember everything about it like it was this morning.”

            Flattered, he hummed to himself, checking himself out and taking a selca.  He was fixing his hair again when Changjo came into the dorm.

            Licking his lips, L.Joe eyed him.  He was always in a great mood when he got back after a date with L.  Easygoing and sexy.

            When he went to his room, L.Joe followed him.

            Turning around, he laughed.  “Do you want something?”

            “No,” L.Joe said, pushing him down on the bed.  He went easily, laughing, and L.Joe crawled on top of him.  His kisses were easy and friendly, and he cupped L.Joe’s ass in both hands.  Nibbling lightly on his lower lip, L.Joe wanted him.  Wanted to lick all over his big, silky cock.  Mmm, he smelled like L, like L’s cologne.

            “Ricky,” Changjo said.  “Mmm, oh.  Ricky!”

            God, he was delicious.  L.Joe moaned, kissing him again and again, groping him through his pants.

            “What, I’m busy,” Ricky said.

            “Get - - ah, oh - - get this hyung off of me.”

            “I think he likes it where he is,” Ricky said.

            “He, ah, oh, oh, god, hyung,” Changjo moaned.  “He wants relationship sex.  I just did that, I can’t do it again so soon.”

            “So tell him no.”

            “I can’t turn down sex!”

            “God, you’re stupid,” Ricky said.

            Ignoring them, L.Joe kept kissing Changjo’s neck, inhaling the faint, intoxicating scent L had left behind.  So sexy, licking another man’s cologne off of his maknae.  Ricky was behind him, pulling up his shirt, kissing his back.  The slow, seductive kisses, Ricky’s mouth on his skin, turned him on, and he arched his back, offering his ass.

            “So sexy,” Ricky breathed, kissing across his spine, stroking his side.

            Yeah, this was good, he liked this.  He stayed in the moment, soaking up Ricky’s attention, kissing Changjo’s neck, letting Changjo knead his ass.  Then he pushed Changjo aside.  “Go away, I want Ricky now.”

            “Wait, but I’m hard now,” Changjo said.

            “Too bad.”  He got up and went to Ricky’s bed, pulling Ricky down with him.

            “Can I at least get sloppy seconds?” Changjo asked.

            “No, get out,” Ricky said, taking his shirt off.  “And close the door when you go, I need privacy so I can do this right.”

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time