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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Sehun was so turned on, he felt ecstatic and violent.  The thud when he slammed L.Joe back against his bedroom wall made him feel orgasmic.  Groaning, he grabbed L.Joe by the throat, forcing their mouths together in a hard, biting kiss.

            Arms bound behind his back, L.Joe was helpless to defend himself.  He twisted against the wall, his desperate, agitated squeals smothered in Sehun’s rough kiss.  He sounded thrilled and encouraging to Sehun’s ears, but they could have been cries of protest.  It didn’t make a difference what he wanted; Sehun was in complete control.

            Turned on by the sense of power, erection throbbing, Sehun grabbed a handful of L.Joe’s hair and yanked hard, forcing his face up and biting at his jaw, teeth dragging harshly over his skin.  The desire to mark him was so intense, Sehun was furious at not being able to, and wanted to hurt him, to punish him for being unmarkable.

            On fire with lust, taking rich, carnal pleasure in every second of it, Sehun snatched him away from the wall and dragged him to the bed by his hair.  When Sehun threw him down, he couldn’t catch himself on his hands, and he tumbled onto the mattress awkwardly, landing on his shoulder with a shocked cry.  Sehun gave his raised, bare ass a swift smack, and he cried out again.  One knee on the bed, Sehun grabbed hold of his skinny hips, grinding against his ass, moaning and loving the feel of his eager writhing.  Squirming, whimpering against the sheets, he panted, “Please, Sehun-ah, please.”

            “Please what?” he demanded.  Covering L.Joe’s naked body with his own, he yanked L.Joe’s head back.  “Begging for what you want?”  Crudely, he jammed two fingers into L.Joe’s lubed ass, and L.Joe cried out again, eyes squeezing shut, mouth falling open, hips jerking spasmodically.  “Selfish, worthless trash,” he accused, finger-fucking L.Joe in quick, forceful jabs.  Writhing with sudden vigor, L.Joe made a confused, eager sound, moaning, “Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah.”

            “Self-centered piece of shit,” Sehun snarled.  He was seconds away from getting his cock in there and giving his pet what they were both itching for.  L.Joe was so worked up, so sensitive and demanding, he wanted to give his pet everything that he had.  “Greedy garbage, you only care about what you want, how hard your cock is, what you can get out of this.”  Whimpering, sounding distressed, L.Joe buried his face in Sehun’s sheets.  “You don’t give a fuck about what I want, what I need, you greedy, self-centered, worthless, cock-hungry, cum-gobbling-”


            It was like a switch had been flipped.  A horrible switch.  A chill in his veins, Sehun immediately lifted both hands.  “Sunbae?” he asked, moving off of L.Joe.  What had he done?  Had he hurt his pet?  Had he been too rough?  Gone too far?  Shoving his confusion, panic, and guilt aside, Sehun stayed in control.  He had to put his pet first.  “Are you okay?”

            “Yeah.”  His voice was muffled by the sheets and it sounded like he was crying.  “No.”

            Sehun felt horrible, but he kept his voice calm and natural.  The last thing he wanted to do was add to his pet’s stress.  “I’m going to untie you.”

            Sounding embarrassed and miserable, L.Joe mumbled, “Okay.”

            Sehun undid the makeshift rope, unknotting ties from each other until L.Joe’s arms were free.  Setting the ties aside, he sat beside L.Joe on the bed.  “Sunbae, are you hurt?”

            “No.”  Sitting up, his cheeks flushed and wet, L.Joe wiped at his tears.  Not meeting Sehun’s eyes, he mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

            “Don’t be sorry.  You can say that word whenever you want.”  He meant it.  He’d rather not have a pet at all if L.Joe didn’t feel safe saying “television” at any time for any reason.  “Do you need anything?  Can I help you?”

            “No, I just, it’s so stupid.”  Sniffing, he ran his hand through his hair.  “I’m going through some things with my family, it’s not very good right now, so being told how worthless and selfish I am is a little uncomfortable.”

            Sehun wished that he’d known.  Had there been cues he’d overlooked?  He had to be sensitive to his pet’s signals.  “I’m sorry, sunbae.  Do you want me not to say those things at all, anymore?”

            “Normally it’s okay.  Today it’s a little sensitive, but any other time, it’s okay.  Don’t stop forever!”

            “Okay.”  He wanted to hug his pet, but he didn’t want to rush physical contact.  Even outside of scenes, they still saw each other as owner and pet, and he didn’t want to be too dominant in a sensitive moment.  “Is there anything else?”

            “No.”  L.Joe winced, finally meeting his eyes.  “I killed the mood?”

            “No.  You did what you were supposed to do.  I’m glad that you said it.  What do you want to do?  Stop for today, or take a little break, or start again?”

            L.Joe blushed.  “I’d like to start, if that’s okay.”

            Sehun smiled at him until he blushed again.  Such a sexy, adorable pet.  “That’s always okay with me.  How do you want it to go?”

            L.Joe nibbled lightly on his lower lip.  “Can I - - oh, it’s embarrassing,” he moaned, pulling his legs in like he was trying to hide his nudity.  “Can I be a good pet?  It would be good if I could make you happy with me.”

            Sehun loved that L.Joe had asked for that.  He liked knowing what his pet wanted, so he could make their time together satisfying and rewarding for both of them.  “Sure, sunbae, we’ll play nicely together.  You can start whenever you’re ready.”

            L.Joe wiped at his face one last time, then let out a breath and dragged both hands through his hair.  “Okay,” he said to himself, and then he said, “Television.”

            Sehun smiled, eyeing him.  The sense of power and possession were intoxicating.  He snapped his fingers and patted his thigh, and L.Joe shifted onto all fours, edging closer with a hopeful, uncertain look.  Murmuring, “Such a good pet,” he pulled L.Joe onto his lap, and L.Joe blushed, whimpering.  Kissing L.Joe’s neck, he nibbled a little.  “Such a good, pretty pet.”  In EXO’s dorm, L.Joe didn’t have a collar, and that long, bare neck fascinated him.  “Let’s play a game.”  Still kissing L.Joe’s neck, still using his teeth, he pulled on L.Joe’s thigh, drawing L.Joe closer so that he could feel L.Joe’s excited, stiffening cock against himself.  L.Joe moaned ecstatically, a long, drawn out sound of bliss, and squirmed eagerly, uncertainly, shy in his lap.  With a hand in L.Joe’s hair, he drew L.Joe’s head back, licking up the front of L.Joe’s pretty neck and under L.Joe’s jaw.  Having his pet naked and squirming in his lap was the fulfillment of a fantasy, one that never got old.  He bit hard enough to make L.Joe whine, and then he said, “Tonight, whenever I say ‘good boy,’ you stop whatever you’re doing and kiss my feet.”

            Immediately, L.Joe said, “Yes, Sehun-ah.”

            He bit L.Joe’s neck again.  “Good boy.”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  Moving fast, L.Joe was off of Sehun’s lap and on the floor.  He peppered Sehun’s right foot with a dozen quick kisses, and then he moaned and slowed down, kissing more appreciatively, humming blissfully to himself and taking his time.

            Leaning back on his hands, Sehun enjoyed his pet’s devotion for a few minutes.  He decided to give his pet some simple tasks to do to earn praise.  “This room’s a mess.  Go match up all of the shoes on the closet floor and put them on the racks.”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  Given a command, his pet was quick to demonstrate obedience, and crawled across the room, ass in the air the way Sehun liked it.

            “Take your time,” Sehun said.  He didn’t want his pet to feel rushed or stressed.  Lazily fondling his cock, he watched his pet work.  There were a lot of shoes scattered in front of the closet, and L.Joe sorted them, putting them in pairs and setting them on the racks, even trying to place all of Sehun’s together, D.O.’s together, and Kai’s.  When his pet was finished and putting away the last shoe, he said, “Good boy.”

            “Sehun-ah,” L.Joe said with breathless eagerness.  He crawled back toward the bed immediately and lowered his face to Sehun’s feet.  He kissed all over the top of each foot, and then he started moaning, licking, his tongue stroking wetly over Sehun’s ankle and snaking between Sehun’s toes.

            “Hyung.”  Gripping a handful of silky hair, he pulled L.Joe’s head up.  Whimpering, L.Joe stared at his hard-on, looking at it with lusting obsession, tongue licking busily over wet, parted lips.  It took a lot of self-control not to let L.Joe have his cock right then and there, but he disciplined himself.  He’d indulge himself soon enough.  “Go to my dresser.  The top drawer has my underwear, and it’s a mess.  Kiss every pair and fold it up.”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  He tore his gaze away from Sehun’s crotch and crawled away.  At the dresser, he stood up and followed instructions.

            It felt great to have his pet here in his room.  He especially liked seeing his pet touch his belongings and become familiar with his day-to-day life.  And the careful, obsessive way L.Joe planted a soft, lingering kiss to the crotch of every single pair of underwear was charming.

            As soon as the task was complete, Sehun said, “Good boy,” and L.Joe came right back to him, kissing his feet with adoration and fervent desire.  Damn, L.Joe was the perfect pet.  Always fully committed, always so eager for him.

            He had L.Joe organize his clothes in the closet, massage his feet, fold his socks into matching pairs, and suck his heavy balls.  After each task, he let L.Joe kiss his feet.  L.Joe only grew more and more eager for the reward, rushing to his feet and lavishing them with enthusiastic kisses.  There was nothing rote or dutiful about his pet’s behavior.  L.Joe approached each task with an obvious, hopeful desire to please him and was desperately grateful for any small praise.

            Finally, handing him the bottle, Sehun told him to lube himself again.  When he finished, Sehun said, “Good boy, but don’t kiss my feet, kiss my cock.  Just the shaft, not the head, just kiss the shaft.  Gently, gently,” he moaned as L.Joe’s head lowered to his lap.  “Ooo-unnungh.  Good pet, oooh, such a good pet.”

            Moaning blissfully, L.Joe brushed light, soft kisses up and down the shaft of his erection.  The sensuous softness of L.Joe’s lips and the grateful sound of L.Joe’s moans turned him on so much that he hit his limit too son and had to say, “Off,” before he knew he wanted to.  “On the bed, on your back, knees up.”

            “Oh, mmm, yes, Sehun-ah.”  L.Joe was in position in an instant, a hand in the bend of each knee, holding himself open.

            “Such a good pet, such an obedient pet.”  He moved on top of L.Joe and thrust in, just like that.  “Unh, yeah, fuck, hyung, such a, unhh, such a good pet.”  His cock throbbing, L.Joe squealing excitedly, he thrust in again, deeper, burying himself over and over again.  Damn, “Unh,” he’d wanted this for weeks.  “Such a good pet, take my cock, take it.”

            “Ah, ah, Sehun-ah, yes, please, yes, yes, thank you,” L.Joe moaned.

            Panting, he fucked L.Joe in long, forceful thrusts, wanting his pet to feel every inch of his cock.  “Come whenever you want.”  He closed his hand over L.Joe’s neck again, just firmly enough to make L.Joe’s eyes widen and L.Joe’s back arch.  “Tell me you love it.”

            “I love it, Sehun-ah, I love it, please,” L.Joe moaned, breath hitching on every thrust.

            He snarled, fucking harder, wanting L.Joe to feel it, remember it, never forget it.  “Tell me you need this, you need it.  Beg me to give it to you.”

            L.Joe was gasping, coming, body shuddering in tense spasms, cum arcing onto his own chest.  “I need it, please, Sehun-ah, please, give it to me, I need it so bad, I need it all of the time, please, Sehun-ah, please.”

            “Fuck,” Sehun groaned, picking up speed.  “Unh, pet, you’re perfect, that’s perfect.”  Digging his nails into L.Joe’s side, he scraped downward, making L.Joe writhe and cry out.  “Gonna plow your sexy ass, hyung, gonna take what I want, however I want it.”  Crudely jerking out, he rolled L.Joe over, then thrust back in roughly, driving his cock deep.  “Unh, yeah, pet, that’s how I like it,” he said, grunting, turned on, when L.Joe squirmed underneath him.  “Keep moving like that, it feels good.”

            “Yes, yes, please, Sehun-ah, please, please.”

            L.Joe’s familiar, needy tone pushed all of Sehun’s buttons.  On fire with lust, he wrapped his arm around L.Joe, holding L.Joe close against himself so that he could feel their bodies rub together and feel L.Joe’s hot skin against his own, feel L.Joe’s desperate writhing.  “Yeah, gonna take what I want,” he repeated, licking L.Joe’s ear and making his pet moan.  “You’re what I want, hyung, you’re mine.  My pet, my perfect, sexy pet.  Mine, mine, mine.”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah, yes, Sehun-ah,” L.Joe chanted.  “Yours, please, Sehun-ah, I’m yours, I’m yours.”  He was coming again in a sudden sloppy squirt, and he said it again, crying out, “Yours, Sehun-ah, I’m yours!”

            “Mine.”  He punctuated his words with forceful thrusts, fucking L.Joe aggressively, drilling L.Joe’s hot, shuddering body, his own pleasure intensifying with every second of L.Joe’s eager submission.  “My pet, my pet.  My favorite pet, my only pet.”  His ecstasy spiked and he came.  Shoving deep, he spurted heavily inside L.Joe, groaning shamelessly as he emptied his balls, holding nothing back.  Spent, he dropped right on top of L.Joe, glorying in his right to be as inconsiderate and selfish as he wanted.  His pet’s firm body and hot skin felt great under him, and he nuzzled against L.Joe’s shoulder, nibbling.

            “Thank you, Sehun-ah, thank you.”  Satisfaction was thick in L.Joe’s voice.

            He squeezed L.Joe’s ass in one hand, digging his fingers hard into L.Joe’s flesh.  “Good pet.”

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Copyright September 24, 2015
by Matthew Haldeman-Time