The Agreement

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Monday night, Xiumin rolled over in bed and checked the time.

            “What?” Luhan asked, his eyes opening at the movement.

            “Suho.”  Peeling himself from Luhan’s body, Xiumin got up, yawning, and scratched his head as he surveyed his clothes scattered across the floor.  Shit, he was going to have to shower.  Even if Suho just sent him out again, it was rude to show up with Luhan’s cum on his thighs.

            After a shower, in a T-shirt and underwear, he padded across the dorm and stopped at Suho’s door.

            Still dressed, Suho was seated on the floor.  He was writing in a notebook and his Chinese textbook was open beside him.

            “Hey.”  Xiumin rubbed his hand over his damp, spiky hair.  “I’m about to go to bed.  You need anything?”

            “Hmm?”  Suho shot him a distracted glance, then smiled.  “No, I’m fine.”

            It was always disappointing when Suho said that.  “You sure?”

            Suho nodded.  “Sleep well, hyung.”

            Internally, he sighed.  “Sleep well.”

            “Oh.  Oppa,” Sehun said listlessly.  Kissing his way toward Chanyeol’s ear, he glanced over Chanyeol’s shoulder at the TV screen, where Baekhyun and Luhan were playing video games.

            Pushing him away, Chanyeol looked disappointed.  “I thought that you wanted to do this.  You agreed to it, right?”

            Sehun inhaled and nodded.  “You’re right.”  Lowering his gaze, he focused, putting himself into character.  Then, smiling coyly, he coiled his arms around Chanyeol’s shoulders, blowing a light puff of air against Chanyeol’s ear.  “I’m sorry, Chanyeol oppa,” he murmured in a soft, cute voice.  “Don’t be mad at me.”  He nuzzled Chanyeol’s sideburn, deliberately panting a little to sound turned on.  “I want to be good to oppa.  Oppa’s always so good to me.”

            Luhan made quiet gagging noises from the floor.  Beside them on the couch, Xiumin laughed and said, “This is so great.”

            “I would be glad if some hyungs could be quiet,” Chanyeol said.  Sehun stroked his neck to keep him in the moment, and he made a happy sound as he wrapped his arm around Sehun’s waist.  “Do you want to do this in the bedroom?”

            Sehun brushed tender kisses on a path toward Chanyeol’s mouth as his hand dropped to Chanyeol’s thigh and squeezed.  “Do me right here, oppa,” he urged, dotting light kisses along Chanyeol’s lower lip.  “I don’t care where we are.  When you touch me like this, nothing else matters.”

            “So cute,” Xiumin said, still laughing, while Luhan groaned in misery.

            “Let them play,” Baekhyun said.  “He does it for you, too.”

            “I think it’s fun,” Xiumin said.

            “He does not!” Luhan protested.

            “What?” Baekhyun asked, laughing.  “When he has sex with you, and you’re going all ‘rawr, take it, you know you want it,’ he’s just playing along and giving you what you want like he does with Chanyeol.”

            “What?” Luhan demanded.  “That’s not the same!”

            “Luhan hyung,” Sehun said, not moving away from Chanyeol.  “Focus on your game, please.”  Then he dropped back across the couch, his head in Xiumin’s lap, and yanked Chanyeol overtop of himself.  While Chanyeol said, “Oh!” and landed on top of him, he slid his hand down the front of Chanyeol’s pants and kissed Chanyeol’s mouth.  “Give your girl what she needs, oppa,” he whispered, sliding his fingers along the shaft of Chanyeol’s cock.  “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

            “This is good,” Xiumin said.  “I like this.”

            Chanyeol grinned in anticipation.  “You’ve been thinking about me?”

            “Mmm, all day,” Sehun agreed, kissing him.  “Thinking about the way it feels when you’re inside me.  Thinking about the way you moan when I touch you.  Yeah,” he whispered, stroking Chanyeol’s cock.  “Like that.  Ahhh, oppa,” he breathed.  “You make me so wet.”

            “Fuck, yeah, okay,” Chanyeol groaned, and he kissed Sehun, and everything was a smooth ride from there.  Sehun was having fun, Chanyeol was completely into it, and their enthusiasm only spurred them on until Sehun was moaning and crying out and coming and scratching the backs of Chanyeol’s thighs while Chanyeol thrust and yelled and came.

            While Chanyeol’s softening cock slipped out of him, Sehun relaxed, draping his arms around Chanyeol’s shoulders, panting.

            “Ugh.  I’m so happy, I’m dead,” Chanyeol mumbled against his shoulder.

            “I’m so turned on right now,” Xiumin said.  “Can I play next time?”

            “You can play right now,” Luhan said.

            “Oh!  Okay,” Xiumin said, laughing, as Luhan dragged him away.

            “I think Luhan oppa likes it after all,” Baekhyun said.  Chanyeol laughed against Sehun’s neck.

            Tuesday night, Luhan was asleep in Xiumin’s bed when he felt someone nudging him.  Irritated, he shoved the hand away.

            “Ya.  Get up,” Xiumin insisted, sounding amused.

            “Didn’t I already fuck you?” Luhan asked, dragging the covers over his head.

            “Yes, but it’s not for me.”  Xiumin snatched the covers back down.  “It’s your turn for Suho.”

            Turn for - - oh.  Sitting up, he rubbed at his face.  He’d forgotten about that.

            Xiumin snickered, pawing at his head.  “Your hair’s ridiculous, sticking up in every direction.”

            It wasn’t his hair Suho was interested in at this time of night.  Getting up, Luhan went into the bathroom to pee.  Smoothing down his T-shirt, he looked into Suho’s room.  “It’s late, you should be asleep.  Do you need anything before I go to bed?”

            Seated on the floor with a notebook and papers, Suho picked up his phone as if checking the time.  “Gah, it is late.  I think I’ll go to bed, too.”

            Luhan’s pulse picked up.  Did that mean…?  “Anything I can do?” he asked, shuffling forward.

            “Oh, no.”  Suho’s smile managed to be friendly and dismissive at the same time.  “I’m just going to climb into bed and pass out.”

            Damn.  “Okay.”  Luhan took a step backward.  “Good night, then.”

            “Good night,” Suho said.

            “Oh,” Chanyeol moaned, thrusting against Sehun’s abs, into the slippery pool of his own pre-cum.  “Oh, god, maknae.”  He was so turned on, so close, so high with need and sensation and the way Sehun was urging him on.

            “Ahhh, oppa, yeah.”  Sehun’s nails scored his ass while Sehun’s teeth caught his ear, and he shouted, pleasure and lust a wild torrent around him.  This was why he kept coming back to Sehun, why he kept asking Sehun for it, because he always got what he needed and more, so much more.  “I want to feel your cock against me, oppa, let me feel it,” Sehun panted, tongue snaking up the curve of his ear, the sting of teeth on his earlobe making him cry out again.

            “Yeah,” he moaned in blissful agreement.  He would do whatever Sehun wanted, agree to whatever Sehun said, as long as he kept feeling like this, as long as Sehun kept turning him on like this.  “Feel it, do you feel it?”

            “Feels so good,” Sehun moaned, squeezing his ass, scratching his thighs.  Sehun was nibbling on his other ear now, and every little pinch of teeth brought a new jolt of pleasure.  “You feel so good against me, so good, I’m so wet, oppa.”

            “I, I, I’m going to come,” Chanyeol confessed, grinding against him, pleasure building with every thrust.  “You’re making me come, I can’t, I can’t, help it.”

            “Oooohh, yeah,” Sehun moaned, arching against him, all long limbs and smooth skin and soft neck and greedy hands.  “That’s it, oppa, I need it, need to feel it, need your cream all over me.  Give me what I need, oppa, let me feel it.”

            “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”  Ecstasy ripped into him and exploded out of him.  Shouting, thrusting, he came, biting down on Sehun’s shoulder and rocking his hips in enthusiastic joy.  While Sehun clung to him and panted, “That’s it, oppa, come for me, come for me,” he shook and gasped and squirted cum all over Sehun’s abs.  When he finally came down from it, he was still moaning helplessly and the backs of his thighs stung from Sehun’s clawing.  Fuck, he felt amazing.

            Clearing his throat, he pushed himself up a little.  Sehun’s smile was so cute and affectionate that he blushed, and Sehun’s erection was so hard and red he felt guilty.  “Do you want me to, ah?”

            “Mmm.”  Immediately, Sehun nodded.

            Okay.  Licking his lips, he crawled down farther between Sehun’s thighs.  As he wrapped his hand around Sehun’s hard cock, he glanced up again.  “Don’t pull my hair or anything.”

            Sehun smiled.  “Can I rub your ears?”

            He loved it.  “You can always rub my ears.”

            Wednesday night before bed, Kris brushed his teeth to prepare for Suho duty.  After rinsing his mouth, he looked down at himself.  His boxers looked okay; his shirt was clean.  Eyeing himself in the mirror, he fixed his hair, winked at himself, and went to Suho’s room.

            When he looked in, he saw that Suho was doing paperwork.  Ugh.  Not a good sign.  “Hey.”  Maybe there was still hope; maybe the paperwork was misleading.  Maybe Suho was just finishing up and looking for a distraction.  “I was about to turn in.  You need anything?”

            “Yeah, come in here for a minute.”

            Kris’ heart leapt-

            “I want to talk about EXO-M’s schedule.”

            -and crashed back down.  Wincing, he walked in.  “Yeah?”

            “They want you and the M members to fly out in the - - sit down,” Suho said, glancing up at him.

            He sat.

            “They want you and the M members to fly out in the afternoon and fly back that night,” Suho explained, showing him the calendar.  “You won’t have any time to practice with us before the next performance.  I need you to make sure that the six of you practice anyway, even if it’s without us.  You’ll have some time before the flight back, I think, after the interview.”

            “We will?” he asked, eyeing the calendar dubiously.

            The meeting was dragging on forever.  While Sehun listened - - and he was listening - - he played with the necklace Kris had taken off earlier.

            They were alone in the dressing room, some of them on the floor, some on the table, some on chairs.  Beside him, D.O. was in a folding chair with arms.  He was intrigued and he knew that D.O. wouldn’t mind, so he played with D.O.

            First he used the necklace’s silver chain to tie D.O.’s wrist to the chair arm.  Then he undid that and tried it a different way.  Then he undid that and left D.O.’s wrist free but trapped D.O.’s fingers.  Then he undid that, and he was wrapping the chain around D.O.’s fingers in a complex, sexy pattern, locking D.O. against the chair, when a hand reached out of nowhere and ripped the chain from him.

            “Ow,” D.O. said, curling his hand to his chest.

            Uh-oh.  Sehun looked up to find Suho’s eyes on him.  He was pretty sure that all of the other members were staring at him, too, but he couldn’t really see anything but the tense, firm, excruciatingly parental look Suho was giving him.

            “What am I talking about?” Suho asked.

            He had no idea.  He couldn’t remember anything but the way D.O.’s hand had looked tied to the chair’s arm, trapped, at his whim, at his mercy, silver chain gleaming against smooth skin.  He looked at the other members for clues; Tao’s expression urged him to get the answer right, and Kai’s expression said, “You’re on your own, this time.”  Shit.  He tried to look calm, not scared but not smiling, when he gazed into Suho’s eyes and said, “Our schedule.”

            He didn’t need any other response but the look on Suho’s face to know that he was wrong.

            “We’ll talk later,” Suho said quietly, firmly.  “Let’s finish the meeting first.”

            In the end, he got a lecture and extra time in rehearsal.  It was the usual scolding; if something was too distracting and he couldn’t focus because of it, it would be taken away.  If that was a toy or a game or a hobby or sex with the members, the rules were still the same: if it was a problem, it would be taken away.  He promised that it wasn’t a problem.

            Later that night he practiced until he could chain Tao’s ankles just right.

            Lay spent most of Thursday night hovering around the couch, watching Xiumin, Luhan, and Tao team up on Chanyeol and Baekhyun.  He loved it, how well Xiumin coordinated moves with Luhan and Tao, how excited Baekhyun got, how noisily Chanyeol came.  Kris and Kai joined in, and Lay stared, masturbating, enjoying the show, laughing at the members’ antics and moaning and getting off nice and hard.

            When things were dying down, and some of the members left for their own bedrooms, Tao asleep against the armrest, Kai and Chanyeol making out, Lay checked the time.  Getting up, he went to the bathroom to wash up, then knocked on Suho’s open door.  “Hi,” he said, poking his head in.  Suho was sprawled across the bed, on top of the covers, doing something on the phone.  Lay smiled.  “You missed a fun time.”

            Suho chuckled.  “Yeah, I saw.”  Looking up from his phone, he smiled.  “What’s up?”

            Lay felt hopeful.  “Want to mess around?”

            With a shake of his head, Suho rubbed his thumb across his screen.  “No, that’s okay.”

            “Aw.”  Disappointed, Lay frowned at Suho.  “You have to say yes sometime.  Do you want somebody else?”  Lay jerked a thumb over his shoulder, gesturing to unseen other members.  “Kris hyung?  Tao?”

            “No, no.”  Sitting up, Suho smiled.  “Okay, come here.  Just for a little while.”

            With a small, happy cheer, Lay hopped in, pulling the door shut.  As he crawled onto the bed, Suho leaned back, tugging him close.  He settled on top of Suho with a moan, already turned on by the way Suho’s hands slid over the backs of his thighs, urging him closer.

            They made out comfortably for a while, kissing in the deep, unhurried way Lay liked.  When Suho started squirming against him, making panting noises and soft, aching sounds into his mouth, he moaned back.  He loved turning guys on, loved watching guys get off, loved watching horny guys going at it.  Reaching down the front of Suho’s shorts, he wrapped his hand around the stiff shaft of Suho’s cock.  It felt so good, so warm and smooth, that he broke away from Suho’s kiss to look down at it.

            “Uh, uh, yeah,” he moaned, incoherent with lust.  Amazing, Suho’s cock looked amazing, felt amazing.  He jacked it with long, slow strokes, his fist pumping the bloated, silky shaft.

            “Ahhh, ah.”  With a gasp, Suho twisted under him, hips shoving against his hand.  He felt Suho’s fingers dig into his back, felt Suho kiss his cheek and his ear, but he couldn’t drag his gaze away from the lengthy, smooth shaft or the round, red head.  Fat drops of pre-cum made the head slick, and Lay’s pulling, pumping fist smeared it down the shaft until Suho’s cock started to glisten.  “Aahhh, aahhh, please, please,” Suho moaned, his back arching, his hips stuttering.

            “Incredible,” Lay said, partly to Suho, partly to himself.  His avid gaze drank in the rocking of Suho’s slim hips, the stark contrast of the black hair at Suho’s groin against such pale-pale skin, the swing of Suho’s plump pink balls.  He watched a generous bead of pre-cum ooze out, clear and slippery, and he breathed through parted lips as his own thumb swiped across the head of Suho’s erection, spreading the slickness.  The needful, aching sounds Suho made were better than any porn soundtrack, and Lay moaned helplessly every time Suho said “please.”  Getting Suho off was the best, the absolute best, and it always came to this point, when Suho’s expression was all clenched teeth and tight lips, when Suho was right on the edge, groaning and begging and making hurt, desperate noises, clinging and then pulling away and then writhing in the private agony of need.  Lay thought that it was fascinating, sexy, enthralling.  Guys who got off fast and easy were a lot of fun, because the payoff was so immediate, but with Suho, Lay could enjoy the build-up to his heart’s content, could linger over the way Suho’s hips rocked and the way the muscles in Suho’s abs and thighs flexed and the way Suho’s wet, oozing cockhead gleamed.

            “Ooooohh, uuunhh, please, please, Lay, oooohh.”  Shuddering, Suho dragged a pillow over his face, trying to smother his own desperate cries.  Wanting to hear, Lay pulled the pillow away, tossing it aside.  With a desperate groan, Suho arched again, hips popping off of the bed in crude, energetic thrusts.

            Panting with him, eager for the final explosion of orgasm, Lay jacked his cock with a tighter grip now.  “Come on, come on, give it to me,” Lay urged, staring in lusting anticipation.  “Show it to me, I want it.”

            “Oh, oooohh, oh, Lay,” he moaned, and he came, his head back, eyes squeezed shut, lips pulled back, his voice rising into an ecstatic wail.  Thick cream erupted in long spurts, the repetitive blasts landing in white, frothy puddles up the length of his torso.  Getting Suho off was a lot of work with a lot of reward; he had some of the most spectacular cum shots Lay had ever seen.  Tonight, the third shot hit his chin, and Lay moaned in hearty appreciation.  Coming was one of the most joyous, erotic, happy things in the world, and there was something intense and celebratory about the way Suho came, something incredibly satisfying about the sense of release and relief as Suho’s body finally succumbed and relaxed, something exciting and sensual about the abundance of Suho’s cum.

            “Unh.”  Pressing his thighs together, undulating, spreading his thighs again, arching his back, Suho shuddered.  His hands were over his eyes, rubbing.  Worried that he’d smear the cum on his chin, Lay licked his chin, sucking at his jaw, lapping up the thick, sticky cream.

            As Lay licked, he felt Suho’s hand settle in his hair.  Humming cheerfully, he licked downward, his tongue snaking through the dense splattering of cum on Suho’s chest.  In Lay’s opinion, too much porn stopped on the cum shot and missed the sensual fun of the aftermath, the lazy exploration of the sated body.  As he licked between Suho’s taut pecs, his tongue scrubbing softly over Suho’s silky skin, he tasted the salt of sweat under the faint bitterness of cum.

            Suho’s fingertips skimmed across his nape, and he shivered.  “Thank you,” Suho murmured.

            “You shouldn’t go so long without it,” Lay scolded, raising his head.  “You should let us take care of you.”

            Blushing, Suho averted his gaze.  “It’s not like that.”

            “Yes, it is.”  He ran his fingers along the crease of Suho’s pelvis, and Suho shuddered involuntarily, gasping, hips jerking.  “You can’t keep on being like this.”

            “I’m fine,” Suho argued.  His expression softened and he swiped his thumb under Lay’s mouth.  “You shouldn’t worry so much.  I’m okay.”  He glanced at Lay’s crotch, quickly looked away again, and blushed.  “Do you want to…”  He gestured subtly to himself.

            What?  Oh.  “Yeah!”  Rising up onto his knees, he shoved his underpants down, taking himself in hand.  “Can I-”

            “Not the face,” Suho said quickly.

            Aw.  That was okay, though.  He was just happy to get off on Suho at all.  He loved coming on the other members.  Working his cock with quick, stripping strokes, he canted his hips, licking his lips, eyeing Suho’s groin.

            Looking handsome and satisfied and sexy and debauched, Suho leaned back, muscular thighs spread, one hand tucked behind his head.  His black hair was tousled, his expression interested, and as Lay watched, he moved like a dream, a slow undulation rolling down his body, his hips shifting in a sinuous wave.

            His fist pumping his cock, Lay groaned, loving the sight of Suho in front of him, the pleasure mounting inside him, the urgency of need, the anticipation.  He couldn’t wait to come, and he jacked himself quickly, eager for it, rushing toward the eruption.

            With an explosive moan, he came, climax hitting with a solid, satisfying punch.  Groaning, he milked himself dry, his cum landing in wet stripes across the black hair at Suho’s groin, drops splattering Suho’s taut, pale thigh.  Yes, yes, it felt as fantastic as it looked, and Lay moaned, sitting back on his heels, hand sliding forward over Suho’s thigh, smearing the cum.

            He wasn’t going to be with Suho like this for another eleven days, but the wait was always worth it.

            Hearing a moan and seeing the light come on, Sehun opened his eyes.  Kris and Baekhyun had come into the room, and Baekhyun was laughing and pulling Kris toward the bed while Kris tried to yank down Baekhyun’s pants.

            Stretching out a hand, he checked Chanyeol’s phone.  It was late, and judging by the way Chanyeol was plastered heavily against his back and breathing noisily in his ear, they were finished for the night.

            Squirming his way out of Chanyeol’s hold, he got out of bed.  Getting dressed didn’t seem worth it, so he walked naked to his own bedroom.  Both Kai and D.O. were in Kai’s bed, kissing and smiling at each other.

            Stretching across his own bed, he found his phone.  Opening the chart he’d made, he added another mark to the row.

            One more down.  One more night of begging for oppa finished.  Almost there.

            Sehun smiled.

            Because they shared a room, Baekhyun’s bedtime and his nighttime schedule hinged on Suho’s.  For ten nights in any eleven-day cycle, when Suho decided to go to bed, Baekhyun and Chen suddenly had to make themselves scarce and avoid their room, to give the other members a chance alone with Suho.  That usually wasn’t a problem; it had been easy to develop the habit of hanging out in other rooms instead.  Although occasionally Baekhyun lost track of time or accidentally fell asleep and ended up with someone pissed off at him.

            The first rule of sex with Suho was acting like there was no such thing as sex with Suho; unless they were currently naked on top of Suho, it was wisest to pretend that they had no idea that Suho had ever had sex.  If they were too obvious about arranging their nightly visits, Suho got spooked and turned down all offers for a while.  So, for example, when Kris came in to ask if Suho “needed anything,” and Baekhyun was still there, Kris couldn’t ask in front of Baekhyun, and Baekhyun had to find a subtle way to leave, and if Baekhyun wasn’t suave enough about it and did something stupid like wink and crack a joke on his way out of the room, Suho would suddenly become completely celibate and every single member of EXO would blame Baekhyun.

            Just for example.

            On the eleventh night in the eleven-day cycle, Baekhyun’s nighttime schedule still revolved around Suho’s bedtime, because it was his turn to do the nightly check-in.  So while he was plotting pranks on Chanyeol and going down on Luhan and making up new card games with Lay, he kept an eye out for Suho.  Well, not specifically while he had his nose buried in Luhan’s lap, but the rest of the time.

            It had been a long day, and he was about to drop.  He hauled his butt around the dorm for a while longer, but all he wanted to do was have sex with Suho and go to sleep, and the “sex with Suho” part was starting to seem more and more optional.  He was wandering around, not really sure that his eyes were open anymore, when D.O. said, “Suho hyung.”  He opened his eyes - - hunh, they’d been shut - - and saw Suho and D.O. go into D.O.’s room and close the door.

            That was when he decided to take a nap.  He’d take a nap - - just a quick one - - and then he’d wake up and be all refreshed and ready to suck Suho’s cock or do whatever else Suho felt like doing.  A nap.  Great.  He dragged himself to his room.

            He was about to collapse onto his bed when he decided to be honest with himself.  If he got into bed, he wasn’t going to get up for another couple of days, at least.  There was no way that he’d wake up in time to talk to Suho.

            So he collapsed onto Suho’s bed, instead.  That way, he’d be in the way when Suho tried to sleep, and Suho would wake him up, and he could offer blowjobs.

            Congratulating himself on being a genius, he passed out.

            Things were sort of blurry, later.  He remembered Suho’s hand on his back, and he remembered Suho’s handsome, smiling face, and he remembered drawing Suho into his embrace like a toddler clutching a stuffed animal.  When he woke up, the sun was up and he and Suho were still wrapped all around each other and Suho was completely dressed.  Whether or not he’d actually been coherent enough to offer sex, he couldn’t remember.

            At least he’d slept really well.

            Suho tried to be aware of what all of the members were up to at any given moment - - especially in public - - but occasionally one of them escaped his notice for an instant or two.  In those cases, it helped when the other members policed each other or brought something to his attention.

            So when he heard Tao’s, “Uh, hyung,” he knew that quick action was needed.

            Looking up, he scanned the set.  Kris and Lay were in front of the photographer, Luhan and Chen were in the make-up chairs, and most of the other members were grouped together eating.

            Except for Sehun, who had wandered over to the props scattered over a table.

            On his feet, Suho sauntered over as calmly as possible.  Laughing, he took the handcuffs right out of Sehun’s hands.  “What are you going to do with this?” he asked teasingly, and behind his smile he shot Sehun a, “Don’t you fucking even think about it,” look.

            “Oh, nothing,” Sehun said immediately with a self-conscious laugh.  Under his public face, he was hurt and frustrated, and Suho saw it, but he wasn’t going to cause a scene.

            “I think you have enough toys,” Suho said with an easy smile.

            Sehun smiled tightly and walked away.

            Chanyeol came over and poked at the props, toying with a plastic fish.  “Lots of toys,” he said.  “I guess it’s not as fun if you don’t have anyone to play with, though.”

            No one to play with?  “How many members do we have in EXO?” Suho asked incredulously.

            “Yeah, but, hyung.  You know that we don’t all like the same games,” Chanyeol said.

            He couldn’t argue with that.  “I thought that the rest of the members played with him sometimes.  I’ve seen it.”

            But he knew that wasn’t really fair.  And when Chanyeol said, “I think that he plays our games a lot more often than we play his,” he could only nod.

            Sehun was very generous about accommodating his hyungs.  He played along with their ideas and whims, and he always seemed to have fun.  But Chanyeol was right, it wasn’t an even balance.  They didn’t play with him in return.  Not as often and not as wholeheartedly.

            The more Suho thought about it, the more it irked him.

            Chen was on the couch, his head on D.O.’s shoulder, watching Kai and Chanyeol play videogames, when Baekhyun walked up and flicked his knee.

            “Ya.”  Frowning, he moved his leg aside.

            “How’s Suho hyung?” Baekhyun asked.

            Suho hyung?  “Why?”  He looked up at Baekhyun in confusion.  “Why are you asking me?  Shouldn’t I ask you?”

            “Ask me what?  Why?”

            “How’s Suho hyung?”

            “Chen hyung,” D.O. said, prodding his side.  “It’s your night.”

            He looked at Baekhyun, then at D.O., then at Baekhyun again.  “Mine?  It’s not my night, it’s your night.”

            “I was last night,” Baekhyun said.

            “Lay hyung was last night!”

            “I was last night!  I know!  I was there!”

            “Tomorrow’s my night,” Chanyeol said.

            What?  “Oh, shit.”  Pushing himself up to his feet, Chen checked the time.  “Why didn’t you tell me?” he demanded, turning to D.O.

            “I thought that you knew.  I thought that you already did it,” D.O. said.

            “You’d better hurry,” Kai advised.

            Scurrying across the dorm, Chen went to his room.  The door was closed.  When he knocked, there was no answer.  “Suho hyung?”  He nudged the door open.

            The room was dark.

            Maybe Suho was in another room.  He pushed the door wider until enough light spilled in for him to see Suho’s bed.  Suho was there, under the covers.  Asleep?  “Suho hyung,” he whispered, feeling guilty.  He felt like he’d let down his leader, like he’d been neglectful.

            Would it be worse to let Suho think that he’d forgotten entirely, that he wasn’t interested?  Or would it be worse to wake Suho up?  He really didn’t want to disturb Suho’s sleep.

            He couldn’t neglect his hyung, though.  Letting the door fall shut behind himself, he felt through the darkness until he turned on the lamp in the corner.  In the dim light, he crouched beside Suho’s bed.  “Hyung.”  Suho’s handsome face was still.  One hand rested on top of the covers.  Chen took it, squeezing lightly.  “Hyung.”

            “Hmm?”  Suho’s eyes opened and found Chen’s face.  “What is it?” he asked sleepily, starting to sit up.

            “No, sshhh,” Chen said soothingly, pushing him back down.  “It’s nothing, hyung.  I’m sorry that I’m late.  I came to ask if you need anything.”

            “Oh.”  With a sleepy yawn, Suho said, “I guess not.”  Then his teeth caught at his lower lip and he added, “I did want to talk to you.”

            “I want to talk to you” was usually a stalling tactic, a way to get him to stay for sex.  Chen tried to tone his smile down from gleeful anticipatory celebration to something more casual, and got up, sitting on the edge of the bed.  “Okay.”

            Suho scooted to one side, giving him more space.  He moved right in, facing Suho, sitting against Suho’s hip, his hand on Suho’s thigh through the covers.  “Your, uh, solo for the special stage.”  Suho shifted under his hand.  “Do you think that you’ll be ready?”

            “I’m looking forward to it,” he said honestly.

            “You’ve practiced a lot,” Suho told him with a warm, approving smile.  “You’ve worked hard.”

            “I won’t let you down,” he promised.

            Suho rolled onto one side, propping his head on one hand.  “Will you sing it for me?”

            He laughed, and then he hummed a couple of notes, finding his key.  He loved to sing, and Suho was an interested, appreciative audience.  As he went through the first verse, he lightly rubbed his hand up and down Suho’s thigh.  Moving into the chorus, he drew the sheet down, exposing Suho’s black boxer-briefs and the burgeoning tent of Suho’s arousal.

            With an embarrassed squirm, Suho tugged his T-shirt down over his hard-on.

            Laughing again, Chen abandoned the song and pushed Suho’s hand away.  “Don’t cover it up.  I like it.”

            “You were singing,” Suho protested.

            “I’d rather kiss you.”  He’d used to feel more awkward saying things like that, but it was easier, now.  It was comfortable between the members.

            With an embarrassed smile, Suho ran his hand over Chen’s thigh.  “You want to?”

            “Yeah.”  Leaning in, he watched Suho’s eyes close.  With a pleased hum, he eyed Suho’s relaxed, pink mouth, and then he pressed his lips to Suho’s in a kiss.

            It had used to surprise him, how well Suho kissed.  Even when he’d been fumbling and shy and still getting used to the idea that he basically lived inside an orgy with eleven really good-looking other guys, Suho had struck him as nervous and awkward, sexually, and he’d had no clue why kissing Suho was always so amazing.  Since then, he’d figured out that kissing was something Suho wasn’t as uptight about, something Suho could relax into, so it was somewhere Suho’s natural affection flourished.  Suho’s kisses were coaxing and encouraging, sensual and nurturing.  Chen felt sexy and pampered and wanted, felt like a great, masterful lover when Suho kissed him.

            As Chen ran a hand down Suho’s chest and over his side, he twitched a little like a startled animal.  Chen just did it again, letting him get used to it, then slid a hand under his shirt, caressing the taut, silken skin of his abdomen.  He made a breathless sound, and his hand landed on Chen’s thigh, squeezing lightly, sliding back to cup Chen’s ass.

            “Ahhhmm, yeah,” Chen murmured, rolling on top of Suho.  The slow, massaging way Suho felt up his ass turned him on, and he kissed harder, moaning against Suho’s mouth.  As his tongue licked and stroked, his hand tugged Suho’s shirt upward, exposing more taut, smooth skin.

            “Mmmm, our Chen,” Suho breathed.  When he settled his hips against Suho’s hard-on, rocking and grinding, he groaned into Suho’s kiss, and Suho gasped, clutching at his ass and trying to drag him closer for more.  Even though Suho was sometimes skittish, Suho’s body was always receptive to pleasure, and while he thrust, Suho’s legs rose around him, thighs hugging him close.

            Eventually, Chen’s hand slid downward, fingers stroking over the shape of Suho’s hard-on.  With a hurt, desperate noise, Suho shuddered, thighs tightening and then relaxing and then tightening again like his body wasn’t sure what to do about how good he felt.  “Ah, that’s nice,” Chen murmured, fondling him through his underwear, cupping his balls.  “Now that I’ve gotten you so hard, what should I do?  Should I suck your dick?”

            Suho was panting a little, his face flushed.  While Chen cupped and rubbed and squeezed, his eyes were wide and round one moment, and then he grimaced, gasping, biting into his lip.  “You - - uhhhhuhhh - - don’t have to.”

            Chen laughed.  “But I want to.  That’s why I’m offering it.  I’m asking what you want.  Do you want me to blow you?”

            Suho’s hands slid up his back, and Suho kissed him, whimpering a little as he kept stroking Suho’s cock.  “Yes.  Yes, ooooohhh, thank you.”

            The way Suho needed it, the intense, hungry way Suho responded to sex, only made Chen want him more.  It made Chen want to soothe and satisfy him, turned Chen on, made Chen want to get him off.

            Sliding down his body, Chen peeled his black boxer-briefs down, kissing the soft, smooth skin at his hip.  His breath was coming quick and shallow, and when Chen’s lips brushed the shaft of his cock, he groaned, fingers digging into Chen’s shoulder.

            “Ahh, you’re so hard,” Chen said with relish.  A sexy, erect cock was a huge turn-on, and he took a moment just to admire Suho’s, eyeing it in anticipation.  It was thick, an angry shade of red-pink, with a perfectly proportioned mushroom head, and when he stroked it, Suho moaned.

            Ducking his head, Chen licked the base, his mouth happy to return to the familiar playground of Suho’s groin.  As his tongue traveled up the shaft with light flicks and slow drags, he soaked up the sound of Suho’s desperate, panting breaths.  Mouthing the head, he hummed, pleased, looking forward to making the most of this erotic feast.

            “Ohh, ooohhh, oohhh, Chen.”  Suho’s hand was in his hair, clutching at his shoulder, on the back of his neck, pawing at him.  “Ah, ah, please.”

            Please, already?  Suho was getting ahead of him.  Getting right down to it, he filled his mouth with Suho’s cock, swallowing to the base before lifting his head, coming off of it before sucking it back down.  With a happy groan, he did it again, again, sucking rhythmically.  The thick slide of Suho’s cock between his lips turned him on, and he sucked harder.  With one hand splayed at the base of Suho’s erection, his other hand stroked Suho’s pelvis, rubbed up over Suho’s abs, caressed down over Suho’s thigh.

            Suho responded by twitching, arching, and pulling Chen’s hair.  “Ahh, Chen-goon, uuunnnhh, please.”  His hips kept lifting, trying to rock upward, bucking helplessly.  “Oooohh, I, I, ahhhh, ahhhh!”

            Listening to Suho’s pleading moans, Chen maintained his rhythm, sucking, head bobbing.  As Suho jerked and writhed, he flicked a glance upward every few strokes, taking in the sight of Suho’s desperate grimaces and twisting body and arching spine.  Suho was so receptive to pleasure and so tormented by it, Chen loved pushing more and more of it onto him, into him, flooding him with it, overwhelming him with it until he just couldn’t take it anymore.  It was a turn-on, an erotic challenge, a fantasy he replayed often in his mind.

            “Ahh, I, ahh, ooooohhh!  Chen-ah, Chen-ah, please.”  Suho’s thighs were tense under his hands, muscles straining as Suho twisted and bucked.  The erratic movement made Suho’s erection plunge and thrust in his mouth, down his throat, and he moaned appreciatively, sucking harder.  “You, it’s so, so, oh, oh-h.”  With a broken gasp, Suho yanked the pillow over his own face, muffling his needy, aching moans.

            Every time!  Breaking his own rhythm, Chen lifted his head and snatched at the pillow, tugging it from Suho’s grasp and tossing it.  “Ya!  I’m working hard down here.  Let me listen.”

            With an embarrassed laugh, Suho put his hands over his face.  “It feels so good, I might scream.”

            “Good!  I want you to scream.  Scream as much as you want.”

            “But I - - oh, god,” Suho moaned as Chen slurped the length of Suho’s erection down his throat again.  “Ooooohhh, oh, ahh-ahh-ahhhhh.  How, how, ah, why are you like this?”

            “So good,” Chen moaned around Suho’s cock.  “So good, ahhh, hyung.”  Gripping the base, he sucked the puffy mushroom head, swallowing the slick juice of pre-cum.

            “Oh, please, Chen-ah, please, oooooohh, please!”  Suho’s voice rose, shaky and craving, as Chen sucked harder and Suho’s hand squeezed the back of his neck.  “Ah!  Aaahh, aaahh, here, it’s here, yaaah!”  With a shout, he came, his fingers digging in.  As his hips jerked in arrhythmic thrusts, his cum shot to the back of Chen’s throat in thick, frothy blasts.  Swallowing hastily, Chen still couldn’t catch it all, and slippery cum spilled over his lips, dripping from the corner of his mouth.

            Gasping, swallowing, Chen curled forward with a moan, his forehead on Suho’s hip.  Making breathless, panting sounds, Suho rubbed the back of his neck and said, “Ah.  Wow.”  Moaning in agreement, Chen closed his eyes, nuzzling against the silky skin of Suho’s abdomen and just breathing for a moment.  He’d sucked so hard, he’d wanted Suho to come so badly, now that it was over, he needed a moment to let go.

            The way Suho was petting his hair, so fond and soothing, relaxed him a little.  He was still turned on, still looking for his own orgasm, but he’d get that from the other members.  Raising his head, he crawled up Suho’s sated body.  With sparkling eyes and a warm smile, Suho welcomed him, pulled him in, and they kissed.  Long, lingering kisses, Suho relaxed and happy and encouraging, stroking his back with loving hands, coaxing loud, lusting moans out of him, surrounding him with so much fond, accepting affection that before he knew it he was humping Suho’s thigh and groaning and shuddering and coming in hot, relentless spasms.  The ecstasy, the release, was intense, and as the last spurts dribbled onto his shorts, he cursed and buried his face against the junction of Suho’s firm shoulder and smooth neck.

            Suho hugged him and kissed his ear and stroked his hair and patted his ass until he felt like moving again.  Which wasn’t for a while.

            Chanyeol was in the kitchen, eating cereal and joking with Baekhyun and watching Luhan fuck Chen against the wall, when Suho walked in.

            Flushed, eyes closed, mouth open, Chen was moaning and clawing at the wall.  Fucking him from behind with hard, hammering strokes, Luhan was forcing him against the wall, grunting and looking determined, lips curled in a soft snarl.  “Ah, hyung, yes,” Chen moaned, and Luhan yanked his hips back, driving in harder.

            Suho did what he usually did when he walked in while the members were having sex.  He gave them an assessing glance, like he wanted to make sure that they were playing nicely with each other, and then he acted like nothing was going on.  Sex was a constant, ongoing thing in their dorm; at any given moment, at least two of the members were climbing all over each other, kissing and screwing and not caring who saw it.  For his own health and peace of mind, Chanyeol had learned how to be around it without enthusiastically joining in every time, but he still found it incredibly distracting.  Even if he wasn’t involved in it, he still had to watch it, especially when it was happening right in the same room.  But Suho had the weird ability to act completely serene and natural, like a parent calmly ignoring a kid throwing a screaming tantrum two feet away.

            Walking right past Luhan and Chen, Suho put a glass in the sink.  Then, like he was making some mild general announcement, he said, “Don’t stay up too late.”

            Chanyeol licked his lips.  “Going to bed, hyung?”

            Suho gave him a brief, polite smile, like it had been an unexpected question but it was nice of him to ask.  “Mm-hmm.”

            He had to know why Chanyeol was asking, why Chanyeol cared, but it really, really seemed like he didn’t, and that was just strange enough to turn Chanyeol on.  The weird little sexual vibes between the members was one of Chanyeol’s favorite things about living in the dorm.  It was always interesting, the twelve-person sexual dynamic, the way they dealt with each other’s horniness and their own needs, who meshed well sexually and who had to negotiate to make it work, and at the center of it was their sexy as hell, awkward as hell leader.

            It was Chanyeol’s night to fuck him, and he had to know it, but he just smiled affectionately and said good night and left.

            Hands curling over the edge of the counter, Chanyeol wondered how long it would take Suho to get undressed and into bed.  Wondered if he was in his room yet.  Wondered if he was horny tonight; wondered if he was thinking about Chanyeol.  Wondered if he was looking forward to it.  Watched Luhan’s fingers slide, smoothly and confidently, into Chen’s mouth; listened to Chen moan fervently around them.

            “What are you going to do when he turns you down?” Baekhyun asked.

            “What?” Chanyeol asked, laughing.  “What do you mean, ‘when?’  It’s not ‘when!’  It’s ‘if,’ and he won’t.”

            Baekhyun grinned at him and asked, again, “What are you going to do when he turns you down?”

            “He won’t!” Chanyeol protested, pushing at Baekhyun.  Then he gave Baekhyun his sexy, “come and get it” look, waggling his eyebrows.  “You want some of this tonight?”

            “Ah!  Ya!  Ugh!”  Laughing, Baekhyun recoiled.  “What is that?”

            Giving Baekhyun the look again, he came forward, backing Baekhyun against the fridge.  “You want it, don’t you?  You’re hot for it.”

            “Your face!  Why is your expression like that?” Baekhyun wailed, laughing, hugging the fridge.  “I’m not hot for that!  No one’s hot for that!”

            Running his hands down Baekhyun’s ribcage, he chuckled into Baekhyun’s ear.  “Want to meet me in my bed when I’m finished with Suho hyung?”

            Baekhyun rested his forehead against the fridge.  “Yeah.  Okay.”  He peeked at Chanyeol over his shoulder.  “Just don’t look at me like that again.  Boner killer.”

            “That’s my best look!” he protested.  He squeezed Baekhyun’s ass and turned to go.  Passing Luhan and Chen on his way out, he lingered to watch the play of Luhan’s fingers in Chen’s mouth, the way Luhan’s other hand gripped Chen’s hip, the way Luhan’s cock thrust and slid between the globes of Chen’s ass.

            He slid his hand over Luhan’s pert, smooth ass, and Luhan flashed him a knowing smile.  Turned on, he wished that he were sexually sophisticated enough to shoot people looks like that during sex.  He was usually having such a fantastic time that he just looked flustered and high and goofily happy.  According to Lay’s impersonations of him, anyway.

            He passed Tao and Xiumin and Kai going at it in the front room.  D.O., seated on the sofa watching, gave him a little wave as he passed.

            Suho’s door was open.  “Hyung?” he asked, peering into the room.

            Still dressed, Suho turned and gave him a smile.  “Ah, Park Chanyeol!”

            He remembered the feel of Baekhyun’s body under his hands, the arching of Chen’s back, the thrust of Kai’s hips, the spread of Xiumin’s thighs.  Hot, turned on, he moaned a little when he inhaled.  “Do you need anything?  Before you go to bed?”  He could hear Tao’s high-pitched whimpering.  It sounded so needy that his cock twitched insistently, wanting to satisfy it.

            Suho had to be able to hear it - - hell, Suho had to be able to see the bulge of Chanyeol’s hard-on - - but he just kept smiling like nothing was going on.  “No, I’m fine.  It’s late, I’m just going to sleep.”  He took a step closer to his bed.  “Don’t let the other kids stay up too late.”

            “Yeah.”  Chanyeol smiled back at him.  “I’ll make sure that they all get to bed.”

            And he would start with Baekhyun.

            D.O. brushed his teeth and went to Suho’s room.  Suho wasn’t there, so he sat on Suho’s bed and zapped aliens on his phone while he waited.  He was finishing up a particularly satisfying round of zapping when he heard Suho say, “Oh, D.O.  Do you need something?”

            Closing the game, he looked up.  “No.”  He got up, tucking his phone into his pocket.  “I just wanted to say good night.”

            “Oh.”  Suho’s smile crinkled the corners of his eyes.  “Okay.  Good night.”

            He hugged Suho, and Suho hugged him back.  It felt good, so he stayed there.  When he didn’t move away, Suho relaxed into it, one hand rubbing up and down his spine.  That felt good, too, made him feel warm, made him want more intimacy.  When he touched his mouth to Suho’s, Suho kissed him back, lightly at first, hesitantly; Suho never rushed him.  He wanted this tonight, and he parted his lips, licking at Suho’s tongue until it came out to play.

            Moaning, he raised his hand to the side of Suho’s face, stroking Suho’s cheek.  He loved the way Suho kissed him, loved how intimate and sensual it was.  The stroke of Suho’s tongue made him feel warm, turned him on in a steady, simmering way, turning up the heat just a little bit with each lick.  The way Suho’s hands slid just under the hem of his T-shirt, hot against his skin, made him keenly aware of the sexual possibilities of the situation, of how far this might go, of the dizzyingly erotic potential between them.  He moaned again, and Suho’s hands slid incrementally higher, moving just far enough to make his back arch as a fresh wave of heat shuddered through him.

            Making out with Suho was always so good.  No rushing, no holding back; he felt like he and Suho were just enjoying each other, enjoying the moment, enjoying this sweet, humming pleasure.  He stayed there, sexual energy coursing through him, slipping his hand under Suho’s shirt to touch his fingertips to the smooth small of Suho’s back.

            When the stiff jut of Suho’s hard-on nudged him, he felt an answering throb between his legs.  It hit him, all over, all of a sudden, how turned on he was, how hot with pleasure and desire.  Gasping, he turned his head, squeezing his eyes shut more tightly.  This amazing intensity of erotic pleasure was a sweet shock to his system, and he just stood there for a moment, absorbing it, gasping and shivering as Suho rubbed his sides.

            The soft kiss of skin on skin contact was, after a moment, more than he could bear, and he twisted away, opening his eyes.  Suho gave him a mild, questioning, concerned look - - an “Are you okay?” look - - but didn’t touch him again.

            The way need pulsed between his thighs made him want to masturbate.  He nodded in answer to Suho’s unspoken question, and then he said, “Good night, hyung.”

            Suho’s smile was fond and reassuring.  “Good night.”

            Leaving Suho, he went straight to his room.  He was barely on the bed before his hand was between his thighs, and he groaned, rolling onto his back.  So good, it had all felt so good, the way Suho stroked his skin, the way Suho kissed him, and he groaned again, turning over and pressing his face into his pillow, feeling explosions like sexual fireballs shooting through him as he fondled his cock.  Squeezing his eyes shut, gasping into the pillow, he tensed up as he came, his muscles locking, ecstasy finally bringing release.

            Unmoving, still too close to the edge to relax, he caught his breath.

            Finally, opening his eyes, he smiled, feeling good, feeling glad.  Pulling his hand out of his shorts, he rolled over and sat up.  He hadn’t masturbated much lately, and he spent a moment staring at the gunk on his hand, simultaneously fascinated and repulsed.

            “That was hot as hell,” Kai said, sitting beside him and handing him a tissue.

            He carefully wiped his hand clean.  When he grimaced, Kai took the tissue from him and threw it away.  “Thanks.”  He met Kai’s eyes.

            Eyes shining, Kai smiled at him with interest, with lust.  “I wanted to go down on you so badly.  I love watching you touch yourself.  Did you put your hands on him?”

            D.O. nodded.  “On his back.  And,” he brushed his fingers over Kai’s cheek, “here.”

            Kai gave him a cute little grin and squeezed his knee.  Any other time, Kai’s hand might have landed farther up on his thigh, but he was too sensitive tonight, this soon after coming, and Kai knew that, and Kai respected that, and that was one of the reasons he loved Kai so much.  “Can I come back and sleep with you after I fuck Baekhyun hyung?”

            He nodded.  The warm solidity of Kai’s body was a real pleasure.  But, “Can you shower first?”  Sometimes he didn’t care either way, and sometimes he loved the sweat and sex of Kai’s post-fuck body, but not tonight.

            Kai nodded.  “Sure.”

            After Kai left, D.O. undressed and got into bed.  Rolling onto his side, he closed his eyes.  His mind went back to Suho, back to those slow, sexy kisses, and as he smiled, his hand stole over his side, stroking the spots Suho had touched.

            “Chanyeol’s not playing?” Chen asked, seated in front of the TV, sorting through game discs.

            “Nah.”  Baekhyun sprawled beside him.  “He’s busy.  Fucking the maknae.”

            Again?  “Are the two of them up to something?” Chen asked.  “He’s always with the maknae lately.”

            Baekhyun grinned at him, prodding him in the side with a bony finger.  “Jealous?”

            “No!” he insisted, squirming and smacking at Baekhyun’s hand.  It was true that the more Chanyeol was occupied with other members, the less of him Chen got, but there were plenty of other members to turn to.  “It just seems like the two of them are always on top of each other, these days.”

            “They have an agreement,” Baekhyun said.  “If Sehun does it the way Chanyeol wants it so many times, Chanyeol will do it Sehun’s way.”

            “That’s why he says, ‘Oppa, oppa,’” Chen realized.  Now it made sense.

            “He’s chewing on his ears, too.  They’re all red.  The make-up artist was asking about it and he got so embarrassed.”  Baekhyun picked up a disc, examining it.  “This one?”

            “Is it an equal number of times?” Chen asked.  “The maknae does it his way so many times, he does it the maknae’s way the same number?”  He couldn’t imagine making a deal like that, but he got sex just the way he liked it easily and often.  Maybe it helped that he wasn’t very picky.

            “Oh, no,” Baekhyun said, laughing.  “No, Chanyeol only has to do it once.”  He laughed again.  “Can you imagine giving the maknae that kind of authority over you?  I wouldn’t even agree to that.”

            Kris sat on Chen’s bed while Suho closed the door.  “What’s up?”

            “I’ve been thinking about the maknae.”  Suho sat gingerly on the edge of his bed and rubbed his hands over his thighs.  “When it comes to sex, he’s a little…”

            Kris didn’t know what Sehun was like with Suho, but he had a few words to describe how Sehun was with everyone else.  “Kinky.  Freaky.  Sadistic.”

            Suho laughed, covering his mouth with one hand.  “You think so?”

            “He bites, he scratches, he gets off on holding people down, he has that weird thing about tying us up.  What else would you call it?”

            “Maybe he’s kinky, but.  What do you think about it?  How do the members feel about it?”

            “I don’t know.”  Kris leaned forward, his elbows on his knees.  Rubbing his hands together, he thought about it.  “It used to come up more, before.  He’d do something, the other kids would complain about it, I’d tell him to knock it off.  None of us, we’re not into any of that stuff.  Tao plays along sometimes.”

            “It doesn’t come up as often because he doesn’t like it as much anymore?  Or because he knows no one likes it?”

            “Oh, he’s still into it.  I woke up with my hands tied up last week.  He’s a little freak.”

            “Playing with Tao, do you think that’s enough for him?”

            Kris rubbed his chin.  He didn’t want to admit it, but, “No, not really.  I think he’s frustrated.  It would be great if any of the members wanted to play his kinky little games, but if they’re not into it, I can’t do anything about it.”

            Suho nodded.

            “Maybe he’ll grow out of it.”

            “Maybe.”  Suho shifted, looking uncomfortable.  “If he’s frustrated, what do you think we can do?”

            “I don’t know.  I’m not volunteering to let him tie me up and fuck me.”

            “No, no,” Suho said quickly, chuckling.  “I didn’t mean that.”  His cheeks were pink.  “What if we found someone else?  A partner for him.”

            “Okay, great idea.”  Kris looked around the room.  “Now where do we find someone?  Does the company train for that?  Is that one of the new divisions?  Singing, acting, getting tied up?”

            Suho laughed.  “New division!  No, it’s not like that.  But if I did find someone, do you think that would be a good solution?  Do you think that he needs that?  Is it that serious?”

            Kris didn’t know.  “That’s kind of a drastic solution, isn’t it?  Considering our situation?  Even if it’s the best person under the best circumstances, it opens up the whole team to a lot of risks.  Is that worth it?”

            “That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” Suho said.  “That’s why I want your opinion.”

            It was a tough call to make.  “He’s unhappy,” he finally said.  “He’s frustrated.  He gets in fights with Xiumin and Kai over it, Chen and Baekhyun are always warning him not to bite, D.O. won’t make out with him unless he cuts his nails, even Lay gets pissed off at him.  Right now he has some agreement with Chanyeol that he’ll have kinky ‘oppa’ sex if Chanyeol promises to have sex his way, and I don’t know how that’s going to go, but he really has to want it pretty badly if he’s willing to beg Chanyeol oppa this much.  It’s getting weird between them.”

            Suho frowned at the floor thoughtfully, his lower lip pushed out into a pout.

            “Honestly, he’s miserable,” Kris said.  “He’s desperate.  But we can’t make the kids play his games, it’s not fair.  So he deals with it.”  He shrugged.  It was a crappy situation, but, “We all have to deal with something.”

            Suho nodded, but he didn’t look convinced.

            Moaning, “Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah,” Chanyeol managed to coordinate his movements enough to cup Sehun’s chin in his hand and draw Sehun away from his cock.

            Hair tousled, lips red and wet, Sehun gave him an annoyed pout.  “Oppa!”

            “Come here,” Chanyeol moaned, pulling Sehun up onto the couch, into his lap.  “Here, here.”  Ah, he was so hard, he couldn’t take any more of this sucking and teasing.  “Have to get inside you,” he explained, urging Sehun’s hips forward.  Spilling lube across his hand, he pressed his fingers up along the cleft of Sehun’s ass, up against that little pucker, inside.  “Oh, you,” he groaned, stretching Sehun around his fingers.

            “Oppa,” Sehun whined, moaning, hips rocking, riding his fingers.  “Ahhhh, uhhhh, more, more, uhhhh, oppa, I need it.”

            Sehun’s hands were on his shoulders, on his neck, rubbing, squeezing.  “There’s more,” he promised, “oppa has more for you.”  Slipping his fingers out, he guided Sehun against his cock.  “Hop on, get on, let oppa fill you up.”

            “Hop on?” Baekhyun asked.  “Hop?”

            “God, unnnn, ride it,” Tao urged.  “Get on that stick, Sehun-ah, get it in you.”

            Chanyeol was too turned on to take the lead anymore.  Groaning, he slumped back against the couch cushions, staring in lusting fascination as Sehun sank down onto his erection.  “Ahh, oppa,” Sehun moaned, hips twitching, eyes closing.  “Yeah, that’s it.  Ahhhh…”

            “Fuck, yeah,” Tao said, grunting.  “I know it feels good.”

            “So, uhhhh, good,” Sehun moaned, his hands on Chanyeol’s shoulders, his head dropping forward and then falling back as he undulated and swayed.  “Ah, deeper, fuck me deeper, oppa, give me all of your cock, I want it all.”

            “Yeah,” Lay urged breathlessly.  “Give it to him, he wants it.”

            “Shit, you’re making me want it,” Baekhyun said.

            “Fuck that, I’m next,” Tao said.  “Ride it, Sehun, bounce on it.”

            “Oppa,” Sehun cried, and then he was bouncing in Chanyeol’s lap, hips rising and falling, strong thighs flexing as he pumped up and down on Chanyeol’s cock.

            It looked amazing, it felt incredible, and Chanyeol moaned, “That’s it, that’s it,” while Tao said, “Yeah, fuck yourself on that cock, fuck yourself on your oppa’s dick,” and Sehun arched, masturbating, calling out.  Chanyeol’s hands slid over his thighs, feeling the smooth skin, the solid strength, and he tightened his grip on the back of Chanyeol’s neck, pulling Chanyeol’s face against his chest.

            Tasting the salt of his sweat, Chanyeol moaned, breathing him in, nuzzling against his warm skin.  “Fuck me, fuck me, oppa, please,” Sehun begged, and Chanyeol bucked up into him, rocking upward, kissing his chest.  “Yes, that’s it, ahhh!”  Sehun was writhing, shuddering, and Chanyeol groaned, arms wrapping around his arching body, thrusting into him with erratic jerks.  “Ch-ch-chanyeol oppa, uuuuhh!  Hold me, I’m coming, I’m coming, it’s too much, you’re too much, ah!”

            With a wild cry, Sehun twisted against him, the spurting spray of Sehun’s cum landing on him, the inside of his arm.  Caught up in Sehun’s wild, demanding ride, he charged right into his own ecstatic climax, moaning in happy abandon and thrusting upward one last time.  As Sehun, whimpering, curled around him, clinging to him, panting, he held Sehun’s warm, sated body close, stroking Sehun’s back and mumbling inane things like, “That’s it, that’s my honey.”

            “God, I need a good fuck like that,” Tao said.

            “Can I watch?” Lay asked.

            “What are you talking about?” Tao asked.  “You can always watch.”

            Exhaling, Chanyeol slumped back against the cushions again, eyes closing.  Sehun was warm in his lap, resting heavily against him.  He was so happy, so content, that he stayed put, just breathing and enjoying the moment, listening to the other members talk and laugh and make out with each other.

            Eventually, Sehun stirred, making a low, “Unnh,” sound.  Chanyeol wrapped his arms around Sehun, and Sehun became still again, all satin skin and long limbs tucked against his chest.

            D.O. leaned in, putting a knee on the couch and looking at the side of Sehun’s face.  “Are you going to take a shower?”

            Sehun opened his eyes and nodded.  “Yeah, why?”

            D.O.’s voice was calm and polite, his stare a little too intense.  “Can I wash you?”

            Sehun chuckled.  “Sure.”  Unwrapping an arm from around Chanyeol, he extended his hand to D.O.  As D.O. helped him up, Chanyeol let him go with reluctance.  It had been nice to hold onto him for a little while.

            While the kids left the room, Baekhyun sat beside him on the couch.  “So.  How many times is it now?”

            “Hmm?”  Chanyeol flexed his legs and took a deep breath and thought about maybe getting dressed again.

            “How many times has the maknae played ‘oh oppa, oh oppa’ with you?  How many times are left before you have to let him tie you up?”

            “Oh.  I don’t know,” he admitted.  “I wasn’t counting.”  Um.  Hunh.  Chanyeol tried not to sound nervous.  “Do you think that he’s counting?”

            Tao loved sex.  The more, the merrier.  The messier, the better.  With his hyungs, with his dongsaengs, any time, any position, it was always great.

            He didn’t get enough sex with Suho - - he could only ask for it once every eleven days! - - so he made up for it by having sex as much as possible with Suho in the room.  The thing about them all living on top of each other was that they were always walking in on each other having sex, so it was easy to get something going while Suho was around.  It turned him on to watch Suho while he was with the other members, to hear Suho’s voice while he was sucking cock, to think that maybe, this time, Suho might join in.  And when Suho glanced over at him, when they made eye contact, fuck, it was the best.

            Tonight, the EXO-K members were out making an appearance.  He and the other EXO-M members practiced and then went back to the dorm.  Xiumin and Luhan went to their room together, and Kris and Lay went out to get something to eat, so Tao was left alone with Chen.  After they foraged in the kitchen together, they sat on the couch to watch TV, but they ended up doing more fooling around than anything else.

            His clothes were half-off and he was sprawled on the couch and Chen was sucking his cock when the EXO-K members came back to the dorm.  Suho was the first one through the door, and for one perfect, intense moment, he looked over and Suho looked right across the room at him and his dick throbbed in Chen’s wet, sucking mouth and Suho’s eyes were so attentive and round and focused right on him and Suho and ecstasy was racing through him, vibrating between his thighs, and the word, “Hyung,” broke from his throat in a fragile, needy whimper.

            Suho blushed red and smiled right at him with that happy, doting expression he loved so much, and looked away.  The other EXO-K members started coming in behind Suho, and Chen realized that they were there and stopped sucking his cock to talk to them, and Sehun came over and sat beside him on the couch and started fondling his cock since Chen had abandoned it.  Chen was still between his thighs, and Sehun’s fingers were stroking his cock in a rippling, tugging motion, and Suho was standing by the other end of the couch talking with Kai.  He was still rock-hard from Chen’s blowjob, and the way Sehun was jacking his cock made his hips thrust and grind, and he could see Suho, could hear the smoothness of Suho’s voice, could imagine that Suho was about to look at him, about to turn toward him, about to reach for his cock.  Yeah, he could almost see it, Suho’s hand reaching for him, Suho’s hand sliding over Sehun’s hand, wrapping around his erection, sliding down to the base, giving him a nice slow twist on the way up, “Ahhhh,” like that, “hyung,” oh, “ooohhhhhh, unh, unh, yeah, oh!”  Coming, he collapsed for a second, panting, feeling his heart pound in his chest.  Suho’s ears were red, and Sehun was wiping his cum on his thigh.

            “Hyung?” Baekhyun asked.  “Since when is Sehun-goon your hyung?”

            He wished that Suho would look at him.  “Since shut up,” he told Baekhyun.  Slinging an arm around Sehun’s shoulders, he kissed Sehun’s mouth.  “Come to the shower, let’s get off together.”

            “Ah, un-unh, Sehun’s mine tonight,” Chanyeol said.  He grinned at Sehun.  “Isn’t that right?”

            Sehun rolled his eyes but then smiled.  “Yes, oppa, that’s right.”

            “I’ll come to the shower with you,” Kai said, pulling off his shirt.

            Tao smiled, eyeing Kai’s toned physique.  That was one of the great things about the dorm; there was always someone to mess around with.

            After his shower, he put on his blue-striped boxer-briefs and went to Suho’s room.  The room was already dark; Suho was already in bed.  Feeling little happy, jittery pulses of hope and anticipation bounce back and forth in his gut, Tao smiled to himself as he stepped inside and closed the door.  Wordlessly, he crawled into bed.

            Suho came awake with an inhalation.  “Who,” he said, and his hand passed over the back of Tao’s head, over Tao’s shoulder.  “Tao-goon, are you okay?  What do you need?”

            “I need you.”  He pressed close against the warmth of Suho’s body, sliding his hand over Suho’s waist.  So much bare skin, so smooth; he tucked his face against Suho’s bare shoulder and inhaled Suho’s clean scent.

            Suho relaxed and sighed.  “You woke me up for this?”

            “I woke you up so we can be together.”  He lifted his face to kiss Suho’s neck.  “Just us, just the two of us, nobody else.”

            Suho made a patient, comforting sound and hugged him.  When he twisted closer, snuggling in tight and hugging Suho back, his hard-on dragged right across Suho’s hip.  With a surprised, embarrassed, “Ah,” Suho sort of froze for a second, then relaxed against him again, stroking his back.  “Should we spend more time together?  Should we go to lunch together, go shopping?”

            “Yes.”  He hadn’t intended that, but it sounded great.  “Yes, but, hyung.”  He rolled forward, pushing Suho back, and nuzzled against the corner of Suho’s jaw, right under the ear.  “Let’s do something fun together tonight, too.”

            Suho made a nervous, breathy sound, like embarrassed laughter, and touched the side of his face, caressing his cheekbone.  “What do you want to do?”

            Oh, yeah.  He smiled, nuzzling Suho’s neck, kissing it.  “Can I ask for anything I want?”

            “Why do I think this is a trap?”  Suho’s fingers were stroking through his hair, light on the back of his neck.  “Okay.  Okay, what do you want?”

            He slid up Suho’s body, deliberately nudging his hard-on against Suho, and this time Suho moaned like it felt good, shivering a little against him.  Liking that, hot from that, he kissed Suho’s mouth, flicking his tongue against the corners of Suho’s lips.  With a light gasp into his mouth, Suho kissed him back, hands sliding over his sides, urging him close.  “Let’s do that thing I like,” he whispered.  He was kissing Suho, he loved kissing Suho, and he was so turned on, he couldn’t stand the way his underwear was squeezing him.  Shoving the waistband down, he let his hard-on pop up over the top, and Suho’s nails dug into his back.  “Come on, let’s have some fun,” he whispered.  “Let’s do that thing you’re so good at.  That thing you only do under the covers in the dark.  That thing where you make me come so hard I scream.”

            Suho’s laughter was breathless, embarrassed.  “Why can’t you just say ‘blowjob?’”

            Fuck, Tao was turned on.  “You know you’re good at it,” he said, his hand on the back of Suho’s thigh drawing Suho’s leg up.  Moaning, Suho rocked up against him, right against his cock, and heat flashed through him so fast it hurt.  “You know I want it, you know how much I love it.”

            “Oh, god,” Suho panted, kissing him.

            He couldn’t get enough of the deep, lingering, soulful way Suho kissed him, or the needy jerks of Suho’s hips against his cock, or the way Suho’s hands slid over his ass, kneading and cupping.  It was always so good with Suho, so sexy, so rewarding.  Sex with the other members was bold and assertive and right out in the open, and he loved that, loved how fun and shameless it was, but there was something really intense about this, in contrast, something so intimate about it being just the two of them, behind a closed door, private and personal.

            Waiting for Suho to make the first move would mean waiting forever, and Tao’s cock was too eager for it.  To move things along, he rolled them both over, spreading his thighs as he landed on his back.  “Hyung, I’m so hard.”  He squeezed Suho’s hip, pushing Suho downward.  “I need it, please take care of me.”

            There was a half-second where nothing happened but the slow trail of Suho’s hand over his thigh.  And then Suho slid down his body, reaching back with one hand to pull up the covers.

            God, this was it.

            Closing his eyes, Tao raised his knees and tilted his head back, waiting, swallowing.  His whole body was tense with anticipation.  The covers were around his waist, Suho under them between his thighs.  His cock was rigid; he felt like a ticking time bomb, like he’d explode if Suho didn’t touch him.

            And then he felt smooth, warm fingers glide along his shaft.  It felt so good that he moaned, his breath getting caught in his throat.  He felt a faint puff of air against his cockhead, and then it was a wet slide into the hot suction of Suho’s mouth.  He was in, in, his erection throbbing, and he bucked his hips, wanting to go in farther, wanting to bury himself in that amazing, sucking heat.  Suho moaned, hand sliding up his thigh, and when his hips jerked again, Suho sucked harder, pulling another moan right out of him, his back arching.  “Ah, ah, hyung.”

            Wrapping an arm around his raised thigh, Suho gripped his cock with one hand.  Suho always knew what he needed, always took care of him, so tonight, when he was so hard he was on edge with need, Suho got right to work.  As Suho started sucking, really sucking in long, swallowing pulls that made him whimper in needy, grateful fits, he felt pleasure zip through him in hot, sparkling flashes.  He couldn’t see Suho, but he could hear Suho’s earnest, panting moans and wet slurping.  Needing to touch, he slid his hands under the covers.  He found the soft thickness of Suho’s hair first, stroked over Suho’s ears, fingers seeking out the sharpness of cheekbone, the indention of hollowing cheek, the line of Suho’s jaw.  His fingertips skidded in the wetness of pre-cum leaking from the corner of Suho’s mouth, traced the tight ring of Suho’s lips around his cock.

            “Hyung, ah, ahh-ahhh, yeah, that’s it, Suho hyung.”  He was still whimpering, making desperate little whining noises every time Suho slid off the head of his cock.  The way Suho was working his erection felt so good, it was like he was going to explode right out of his body.  “Ahh, nnnnnhh, Suho hyung, fuck, ahhh…”

            Suho’s mouth left him for a second, just for a second, and then it was back, and as his cock slid to the back of Suho’s throat, he felt a smooth, wet finger snaking along the cleft of his ass.  His breath caught and his hips rose and need was crackling through him like fire, and then Suho’s finger slid right into him, probing right inside, penetrating him.  His whole body lit up with pleasure, and for an instant, he realized that this was it, that he was about to come.  Suho was sucking him, jacking his cock, mouth and hand pairing up to pump the cum right out of him, and then Suho’s finger hit that spot inside of him, and he was coming so hard, the room was spinning around him.  Ecstasy was zinging through him from all directions, popping and crashing, and Suho was still sucking, and Suho’s finger was pinging his prostate like there was no tomorrow.  Overloaded on pleasure, he wailed his way into a scream, letting it all out, letting climax echo through him with full force, welcoming everything, every feeling, every sensation, the solidity of Suho’s finger wedged in his ass, the strength of Suho’s shoulder under his thigh, the swirl of Suho’s tongue over his sensitive cockhead.  Shuddering, gasping, he pushed at Suho’s shoulder, pulled at Suho’s hair.  He didn’t know what he wanted, didn’t know what he was asking for, didn’t know anything but pleasure, so much of it, too much of it, god, how did breathing even work?

            For a moment, Tao just blinked, panting in disbelief.  Sex.  Wow.  Suho.  Damn.  And then Suho was pushing the covers away, letting cool air in, crawling back up beside him.  He didn’t want Suho beside him, he wanted Suho on top of him, so he reached out and pulled Suho over his body.

            When they kissed, he licked up traces of cum from Suho’s mouth and ran his hands over Suho’s ass.  There was no hard knot of need in Suho’s underwear, but there was a massive wet spot farther down the bed.  Laughing, he squeezed Suho’s ass, loving the idea that sucking him off got Suho hot enough to jack off.

            “What?” Suho asked, and then, “Was it okay?”  The way Suho’s hand stroked across his abs made his toes curl.

            “God, hyung.  Yes, it was perfect.  Perfect,” he repeated, saying it in Korean first, Mandarin second.  He loved the way Suho got him off.  It was always just what he wanted, just what he needed, and then more.  He ran his hands over Suho’s ass again, fingers flirting with the hem of Suho’s underwear.  “Do you want anything?”

            “No.  I.”  Suho coughed.  “It’s fine.”

            He rolled onto his side, hugging Suho tight against his body, closing his eyes as Suho hugged back.  Rubbing his cheek against Suho’s shoulder, he felt good, really good.  Good, and content, and relaxed.  “Can I stay for a little while?”

            “Mm-hmm.”  Suho caressed his back in slow, soothing strokes.

            He felt every muscle in his back loosen.  “I love you.”

            Suho kissed his cheek.  “I love you, too.”

            The door was locked.  No one ever locked bedroom doors in their dorm.  They weren’t even that consistent about locking bathroom doors.  But Sehun had locked the door.

            Chanyeol’s gaze kept flashing to the door.  He couldn’t help it.  It wasn’t like he wanted to escape, really.  He was okay where he was.  He was okay.  It was just that it would have been reassuring, maybe, to know that the other members could get in to help him if anything, uh, happened.

            “They won’t let me have rope.”  Sehun said it conversationally, like it was an interesting tidbit of information, the kind of thing they’d mention to each other as they relaxed in the van on a long trip.

            Chanyeol tried to look interested.  He still wasn’t one hundred percent sure what his role here was, but he suspected that looking bored wouldn’t go over well.  So far, he’d been told to undress and sit on the chair beside Sehun’s bed, and that seemed safe enough.  He could guess what Sehun wanted the rope for, and he wasn’t that upset about it being banned.

            Standing beside the closet, dressed in black boxer-briefs, Sehun turned to Chanyeol with a smile.  “But they’ve given us all of these school uniform ties.”  Holding one up, black and red striped, he ran it through his fingers as if enjoying the fabric.  His smile invited Chanyeol to appreciate the irony.  “Isn’t that interesting?”

            “Interesting,” Chanyeol agreed.  He tried to sound encouraging, not nervous.  Did he sound nervous?  Sehun was still speaking politely, not informally; that had to be a good sign.

            Slowly, necktie in hand, Sehun advanced.  “I think that this one would look good against your skin.  Don’t you?”

            “Mmm.  Yeah,” Chanyeol said, like it was an opinion he took seriously.

            The tie brushed his skin as Sehun held it against his bare shoulder.  He was turned on and scared at the same time, which was a really strange, thrilling feeling.  “Oh,” Sehun said, looking him over like it was the first time.  “Look at how red you are.”  Sehun’s gaze rose from his body to his face, curious.  “Why is that?”

            He really needed to know what he was in for.  He’d been horny when he’d agreed to this, and he’d kind of thrown caution to the wind.  “Sehun,” he began.

            Sehun raised a finger, and something in Sehun’s expression made him shut up.  Surprised at himself, he closed his mouth.  Patiently, like an instructor, Sehun corrected him.  “Sehun-ah.”

            “S-sehun-ah,” he repeated.  It seemed way too intimate, all of a sudden.  “Um, what are you going to do to me?”

            Sehun raised his eyebrows.  “I thought that you wanted to do this.  You agreed to it, right?”

            He had the very uncomfortable feeling that Sehun was quoting him back to himself.  “Right.  Right, it’s okay.  It’s fine.  Go ahead.”

            Gripping one end of the tie in each fist, Sehun twisted it, eyeing him and smiling again.  “Look at the door again.”

            What?  Chanyeol didn’t dare; he kept his gaze focused - - it might have been fair to say desperately focused - - on Sehun’s face.

            “It’s okay,” Sehun said kindly, and then he commanded, sharply, “Look at it.”

            If Sehun had spoken to him like that under ordinary circumstances, he would have laughed or told Sehun to get a grip.  But these weren’t ordinary circumstances, and he was seeing whole new sides of Sehun, and he had no idea what might come next.  The situation was totally out of control but at the same time completely under his control, and that was kind of wild and perfectly safe, and in the midst of all of it he found himself seriously turned on.  He didn’t know what Sehun might do to him, but he knew that Sehun wanted this, that Sehun got off on this, and that pushed his buttons in ways he hadn’t expected.  It was all for fun, for play, but Sehun was playing the role so well, a part of him was convinced and eager to follow along.  Heart racing, he stared at the door, wondering what Sehun wanted him to see there, wanting to see the right thing.

            “That door,” Sehun said, “leads nowhere.”

            Surprised, Chanyeol looked up at him-

            -and Sehun snapped his fingers right between Chanyeol’s eyes and ordered, “Look at it!”

            Startled into obedience, Chanyeol found himself staring at the door again.  Wow, had the maknae just snapped at him?  This was great.  It was like yaja time with a big dose of sexual domination.  He wished that Baekhyun were there to share this experience with him.

            “That door,” Sehun repeated, “leads nowhere.  There’s no one on the other side.  There’s nothing outside of this room.  No world out there.  Nothing but these walls,” his hand lifted Chanyeol’s chin, and Chanyeol looked up into his pretty face, into his calm, knowing eyes, “and the two of us.  No pressures, no responsibilities.  Just you.”  He smiled, and he looked so beautiful and so kind and so pleased that Chanyeol smiled up at him.  “And me.”

            “You and me,” Chanyeol repeated, loving it.  What was this weird, sexy maknae up to?

            “You and me,” Sehun whispered approvingly, the backs of Sehun’s fingers stroking his chin.  He got a quick thrill from having pleased Sehun, from having given the right response.  “Now.  Hyung.”  Sehun said it with relish, teeth bared slightly at the end of the word, like it was a sexual endearment, both romantic and obscene.  The red-and-black tie hung from Sehun’s fist in his peripheral vision.  “Let’s have some fun together.”

            Chanyeol staggered out of Sehun’s room on unsteady legs.  He’d been bound up for so long that his muscles hadn’t figured out how to coordinate or cooperate yet.

            Lay was in front of him, gazing at him with fascinated, questioning eyes.  He took the opportunity to lean on Lay’s shoulder for balance.  He wasn’t sure whether to head to the shower or just go to bed.  He felt like he’d just stumbled off of a gravity-defying carnival ride, and he needed time to recover before he faced the world again.

            “How was it?” Lay asked.

            He had no idea what to say.  “The maknae fucked me.”  That barely conveyed anything about it.  “I want to go back, but I don’t think that I could go through that again.  He got me off like he was in charge of my body.  I was begging him for things I didn’t want, and when he did them, it was so incredible I asked for more.”  He blinked and refocused his gaze on Lay’s face.  “Our maknae’s scary.”  He looked at the door to Sehun’s room.  “Just ten more minutes,” he said, and staggered back for more.

            Kai stayed behind and practiced for a couple more hours on his own.  When he got back to the dorm, he took a shower and looked around for D.O.

            He found D.O. on Xiumin’s bed.  Xiumin was with Kris and Luhan on Luhan’s bed; on Xiumin’s bed, Tao was fucking Baekhyun while D.O. and Lay sat right on the edge of the bed and watched.  The room was kind of noisy and busy, with Xiumin’s shouting and Kris’ moaning and all of those awesome, needy, high-pitched sounds Tao made, but as soon as Kai walked in, D.O. glanced over at him and smiled.

            “Hey.”  He ran his hand through D.O.’s hair and watched Baekhyun squirm around under Tao.  “I’m going to go check on Suho hyung.  Need anything?”

            D.O. shook his head.  “I’m going to go to sleep in your bed.”

            “Okay.”  He kissed D.O. and smacked Tao’s sexy, bare ass and left.

            Suho’s room was empty, so he sat on the bed to wait.  Leaning back against the headboard, he loosely hugged one knee to his chest.  He was thinking about choreography and about fucking Baekhyun and about the way Baekhyun squirmed, when Suho walked in.

            Suho pulled off his shirt, baring his pale, toned torso, all smooth skin and tight muscles.  Tossing his shirt over the foot of his bed, he yawned and ran a hand across his chest, then thumbed open his fly.  It was all so natural, so casual, that it seemed unbearably sexy, and Kai grunted in pleasure, loving it, turned on.

            Startled, Suho looked at him with surprised eyes.  “Ya!  You’re here?”  Suho gave the rest of the room a quick glance as if expecting more people to jump out.  “Don’t be like that!”

            “Sorry,” he said, chuckling.  “I’m not hiding.  You didn’t see me?  What were you thinking about?”

            “Ah.”  With a good-natured grimace, Suho waved the question away.  “Leader thoughts.”  He sat on the bed, facing Kai, and patted Kai’s foot.  “You’ve practiced a lot.”

            “Yeah.”  Letting himself feel his body’s exhaustion, he felt his shoulders slump as he smiled at Suho.  “All I want to do is get laid and sleep.”  Running his tongue over his upper lip, he eyed Suho.  “Want to close the door?”

            Suho laughed, eyes crinkling.  “You want to?”

            Grinning, he raised a hand, crooking his fingers, beckoning, giving Suho his signature stage move.

            For a moment, Suho just looked fond and exasperated.  And then he blushed and said, “Okay.”

            Yes!  While Suho got up to lock the door, Kai laughed and kicked off his shorts.  He slid beneath the covers - - Suho liked doing it under the covers - - and stroked himself while Suho turned off the lights and came back to the bed.

            They made out for a while, for a good long while, kissing each other and touching each other and doing the things they knew they liked.  The only thing between them was Suho’s underwear, and Kai moved against him in slow rhythm, enjoying the sweet friction of their bodies rocking against each other, the press and slide of skin against skin.

            Once lust burned off the skittishness, Suho was an incredibly rewarding partner, responsive, eager for it.  Heating him up turned Kai on, and by the time he was twisting restlessly against Kai’s cock, panting and making soft, hurt noises and needing it, Kai was rock-hard and ready to go.

            “Like this?” Kai asked, sliding a hand between his thighs, spreading his legs.

            With a moan, Suho shuddered, hips jacking upward, nails dragging over Kai’s shoulder.  “Let me roll over.”

            “Okay.”  While Suho moved under him, he felt around under the edge of the mattress, finding the lube.  Hooking his fingers in the waistband, he peeled Suho’s underpants down, exposing the creamy skin of Suho’s ass.

            When he slid his fingers along the cleft, Suho squirmed and moaned, “Please, please,” and his temperature shot up another hundred degrees.

            “I’ve got it,” he promised.  Covering Suho’s back, he left slow, sucking kisses on Suho’s shoulder while he opened Suho up with slick fingers.  “Nnnn, fuck, that’s it,” he said, while Suho made soft, desperate noises.  Under his own lusty panting and Suho’s moans, he heard the faint rip of fabric.  With a breathless laugh, he said, “Let the pillow go, hyung.”  Suho had the bad habit of gripping sheets and pillows in a desperate bid for sexual self-control.

            “I, Kai, please.  Oh god, please.”  Suho shuddered, ass contracting around his fingers.  “Aahhh, oh, Kai.”

            It was incredible, to feel this good, to make someone else feel this good, to do this wild, intense thing with someone he loved.  “It’s okay, I’ve got you,” he said, jacking himself a little, slicking up his cock as he lined himself up with Suho’s asshole.  “Just, ah, it’s, unnnhhh…”  Groaning, he squeezed his eyes shut as he thrust in.  So, “Unnh, ah, hyung,” so, “oh, oh,” good.  His head fell back as he sank in deep, and he moaned, his hips twitching forward, trying to get deeper, needing to bury himself to the hilt.  Suho’s ass felt amazing, gripping him with a perfect squeeze, and for a moment he just rocked his hips in senseless pleasure.

            Suho was making desperate, muffled sounds, a litany of broken moans and choked-off pleas.  With the lights off, Kai couldn’t see it well, but experience said that Suho had his face buried in the pillow, his arms over his head, and was trying to pretend that Kai couldn’t hear his helpless begging.

            Kai could hear it perfectly well, and it was turning him on so much, his hips were already picking up momentum.  With every, “Please, please, oh, god,” and every, “Aaahhh, Kai, oooohh, oh, oh,” the ecstasy and craving in Suho’s voice zinged straight to Kai’s cock.  Leaning closer, resting his forehead against Suho’s shoulder, he rolled his hips, thrusting in and drawing out in steady rhythm, giving them both what they needed.  Closing his eyes, he rubbed his face against Suho’s back, panting against Suho’s skin as he rocked into Suho again, again, driving his cock deep in quick, repetitive strokes.  “You feel so good,” he said, his voice sounding soft and rough.  He winced, biting into his lip, as Suho’s hips jerked against him.  Pleasure and need were spinning around inside him, faster and faster, starting to set a pace he couldn’t control.  “I have to get you off.”

            At that, Suho bucked again.  For a second, it was like fucking a wild animal; as his hand slid over Suho’s hip, Suho twitched and jerked against him, ass bouncing upward with every brush of his fingers over soft skin.  The way Suho rocked against him only sent his cock deeper, only made him want to fuck faster, harder.  It felt incredible, pleasure burning through him with every thrust, with every pop of Suho’s needy ass, and as they moaned together, he finally found Suho’s erection, his fingers curling around the shaft.

            Getting Suho off was work; holding on and not coming before Suho did was ecstatic torment.  Kai was so turned on, he was moaning on every thrust and panting against the back of Suho’s neck and trying not to chew on Suho’s shoulder, and Suho was begging and writhing and making pained, tense sounds.  “Come on, Suho hyung,” Kai breathed, giving his cock a tight, encouraging pull.  “I’m working the faucet.  Where’s the water?”

            With a broken, sobbing laugh, Suho came, shuddering hard in Kai’s arms while thick, heavy pulses spurted through his fingers.  The feel of Suho coming broke the last of Kai’s control, and he came in a fierce burst of radiance, his hips slamming forward to pump Suho full of cum.  The sudden breakthrough of bliss was so explosive, his wildly driving hips miscalculated, and his cock slipped out, spilling short squirts of sticky jism across Suho’s ass.

            “Unh.  Oh.  Mmm.”  With self-conscious, dreamy noises, Suho squirmed under him.

            Floating on ecstasy, Kai smiled.  Pushing himself up, he peeled himself away from Suho’s back.  Intense sex with a good partner always left him feeling good all over, happy, like he’d just taken a two-week vacation.  “Good?”

            Rolling over, Suho hugged him.  Smiling, he hugged back.  “Yes.  Thank you,” Suho murmured.

            “Don’t thank me.”  He kissed Suho’s ear.  “Do you want to shower?”

            “I, uh.  No, that’s okay.”  Suho was usually embarrassed about showering after sex and tried to do it when he thought that no one would notice.  The rest of the members had eventually gotten over their shyness about being seen walking down the hallway while splattered with cum, but Suho still avoided it.

            “Okay.”  He kissed Suho again, and then again, and then some more.  He felt amazing, and he kind of wanted to fuck again, and D.O. was waiting for him.  “Do you want me to stay?”

            “No.  It’s okay.”  Suho touched his face and made an affectionate sound.  “Good night, dongsaeng-ah.”

            He smiled and kissed Suho one last time.  “Good night, Suho hyung.”

            When Suho got up from the couch, Sehun silently tracked his movements.  He went to his bedroom for a while, emerged for a trip to the bathroom, and then went back to his bedroom.

            After counting to one hundred, Sehun followed him.  He was sitting on top of his bed in a T-shirt and shorts, and he smiled when he saw Sehun in the doorway.

            “Going to bed?” Sehun asked.

            “I’m glad that you’re here,” Suho said, and patted his bed.  “I want to talk to you.”

            A lecture?  Maybe not; Suho’s expression was fond and patient.  Wary but curious, Sehun entered the room and sat facing Suho on the bed.  “Am I in trouble?” he asked, wanting to face it directly.

            “No, no.”  Suho smiled at him reassuringly and patted his arm.  “I just want to talk.”

            “Okay.”  Watching Suho carefully, he waited.

            “Ah, this isn’t easy.”  With a self-deprecating grimace, Suho patted his hair.  “You’ve been very good to your hyungs.  In a lot of ways.  You’ve been very patient and generous with us.  There are a lot of us, and we all have different personalities.  Different wants and interests.  And you’ve been very good to us.”

            He wanted to be sure that he understood.  With a laugh, he leaned forward, tilting his head to one side.  “Is this about sex?”

            “Yes,” Suho admitted with a nervous, relieved smile.  “Ah, you understand!  Yes, it’s about that.”

            “The members are good to me, too.”

            “I’ve been troubled, lately.  I don’t think that we’ve been fair to you.  You do the things we like and you give us what we want, but we don’t do things your way.”

            Sehun was surprised.  “You think about that?”

            “I should have thought of it sooner,” Suho said like he was disappointed in himself.  “I’m sorry, maknae.  Your hyungs should be more considerate.”

            “I’m not unhappy,” Sehun said, wanting Suho to understand.  He felt bad that Suho had regrets.  “I have fun.  It’s cute, how happy the hyungs get.  It’s nice, how different all of the hyungs are, how many different things you all like.”

            “But no one does what you like.  What you really want most.  That’s what I want, for us to make more of an effort to do it your way, too.”

            Sehun shook his head.  “You don’t like it my way.  You don’t want that.”

            “You do, so we can, too.”

            “No.”  Sehun was touched by how sweet and earnest Suho was.  “Hyung, that’s not how it works.  I don’t want anyone to want it for my sake.  I don’t want anyone to do it just to please me.  I tried that with Chanyeol hyung and I’ve tried it with Tao hyung and I’ve tried it with Kai, and it doesn’t work for me.  I want someone who wants it on his own, because he likes it, because that’s what he was into before he ever met me.”

            “Chanyeol loved it,” Suho said.

            Unh.  Yes and no.  “Kind of.  Chanyeol hyung liked the way I made him come, but he was just playing.  It was like a game.  I want someone who needs it on the inside.  Someone who lives there all of the time and isn’t just visiting.  It’s not the same.”  He’d never met someone like that, had never shared that experience with someone, but he was sure that it would be different.  He knew it.

            “Okay.”  Suho gazed at him levelly and then, slowly, nodded.  “Okay.  Then we’ll find someone for you.”

            What?  Sehun couldn’t have heard that right.  “What?”

            “I want you to be happy,” Suho said, squeezing his shoulder and giving him a loving, encouraging smile.  “You’re my dongsaeng, my member.  I’m responsible for you.  If you need this, then it’s my duty to make sure that you have it.”

            “Where are you…  How?”

            Suho rubbed the side of his neck and smiled again.  “That’s for hyung to worry about, not you.  I’ll take care of it.”

            He couldn’t quite believe this.  He wanted to say, “You don’t have to,” but he recognized the fierce, burning determination behind Suho’s smile.  Suho wanted it done; it was as good as done.  But that meant that Suho might actually bring him a - - a - - a sub, and that was too wild, too perfect, too strange, to think about.  “Thank you.  Honestly, seriously, Suho hyung, thank you.  And, uh, your intensity is kind of scary.”

            Suho laughed and smoothed his hair, guiding him close.  “What do you want to do tonight?  Let’s do whatever you want.”

            For an instant, he was tempted - - but he couldn’t do that with Suho.  Any of the other members, yes, but not with Suho, not even as a game.  Still, as long as Suho was offering, “Can I fuck you?”

            Suho’s laugh was embarrassed.  “Yeah.  Okay.”  He ran his hand over Sehun’s thigh and met Sehun’s eyes again.  “That’s all?  Are you sure?”

            “What do you mean, ‘That’s all?’” he asked, laughing.  “Is that not enough?  Do you want more?”  When Suho laughed, he hugged Suho, dropping down across the bed, rolling forward until Suho was looking up at him with a fond smile.  “That’s all, hyung,” he promised, and he kissed Suho’s mouth.  “That’s everything I want, tonight.”

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