The Delivery

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            It was just another night at the dorm.  After a light day, Teen Top had finished practice early, and now they were piled together in the front room.  L.Joe was on the floor, using Ricky’s stomach as a pillow.  The other four were on the sofa, C.A.P.’s eyes closed.

            “You know what we should do?” Niel asked.  “We should role play.  Lay hyung likes role play.”

            “Yeah, let’s role play,” Ricky said.  “Do you want to?  It’s easy, I do it for Chanyeol hyung all of the time.”

            “I’m in,” Changjo said, sitting up straighter.

            “What kind of role play?” Chunji asked.

            “Rock star space cadets and their intergalactic prisoners,” Niel suggested.

            “What’s that thing EXO does with the pig farmer?” Ricky asked.

            “Oooh!  I’ll be U-Know Yunho and you can all be my adoring EXO hoobaes,” Changjo suggested.

            “Are these the weird things you all fantasize about?” L.Joe asked.

            Changjo laughed.  Niel said, “No,” much too vehemently and a beat too late.

            C.A.P. knocked at the door impatiently.  Switching the plastic bags from one hand to another, he scowled.  What was taking so long?

            Niel opened the door.  “The food’s here!” he called over his shoulder.  Then he took a good look at C.A.P.  “Oh.  Oh, my,” he said like he was having trouble catching his breath.  He stared at C.A.P., his eyes widening and narrowing and widening again.

            The way Niel stared was so distracting that C.A.P. couldn’t remember the opening line he’d practiced.  “Delivery,” he said instead, carrying the bags into the dorm.  “Got a big order here,” he added.  “Real big.”

            “I’ll bet that it’s huge,” Niel said.  “And meaty.  So meaty.”

            “Real big order,” C.A.P. repeated.  “Full of meat.”  And then he looked away, because if he held Niel’s gaze for another instant, he’d crack up laughing.  God, this was so awkward.

            The other members were coming forward and gathering around.  L.Joe and Ricky, like Niel, were in tank tops and their underwear.  Changjo and Chunji were shirtless in jeans.  Chunji had a spray bottle in one hand and kept spritzing the other members with mist.  “Sorry about the heat,” he said.  “The air conditioning is broken, so we’re trying to cool off.”

            “Yeah,” Niel said.  “It’s hot in here.”  Slowly, lasciviously licking his lips, he eyed C.A.P.  “So hot.”

            Laughing, L.Joe turned away, coughing into his fist.

            “I brought the meat,” C.A.P. said, setting down his bags.

            “Oh, I love meat,” Ricky said, diving for the bags.

            “I can never get enough meat,” Niel agreed.  Dragging the bags away from him, they bent over to investigate the contents.  Eyeing their asses, C.A.P. rubbed himself through his shorts, ready to get started.  He’d changed into a pair of old, tight shorts to do this, and they were stretched uncomfortably over the tent of his hard-on.  Staring at his members’ perky asses, knowing that he was welcome to dive in there any time he wanted, he grunted, turned on, wanting to rub his cock against the soft skin of Ricky’s inner thigh.

            “Looks like you deliver the best meat.”  Eyes sparkling, Changjo stepped so close to C.A.P. that it seemed impossible they weren’t touching.  With a mischievous smile almost breaking into laughter, he pretended to hand over something.  “We’ll go ahead and take your meat now.”

            “Great.”  C.A.P. pretended to take a credit card from Changjo and then swipe it on his hand.  “Uh, sorry.  Your card’s been, um, declined.”  He tried to hand the imaginary card back.

            “What?”  Changjo gave him an over-the-top incredulous look, eyes wide and round.  “That’s impossible!  Swipe it again.  Swipe it ten times!”

            “Uh.”  C.A.P. pretended to swipe it twice more, then shrugged at him.  “Sorry.”

            Chunji strolled up on C.A.P.’s other side, moving in so close that C.A.P. backed up a little, trying not to laugh.  He leaned right in, bracing one hand behind C.A.P.’s shoulder on the doorframe.  Giving C.A.P. a slow onceover with a sweep of his eyelashes, he inhaled, his playful “I know you want this” smirk doing predictable things to C.A.P.’s body.  “You look like you deliver a lot of meat.”

            God, these lines.  C.A.P. snickered, and a smile tugged at the corners of Chunji’s lips.  “Yeah, lots of meat,” he agreed, rubbing his hard-on.  “You like meat?”

            Licking his teeth, Chunji shifted sinuously, his gaze dropping to C.A.P.’s cock.  “I need it.  Constantly.”

            Hell, yeah.  “Yeah, you do,” C.A.P. growled, wrapping an arm around his waist and kissing his neck.

            Bursting into laughter, Chunji twisted away, pushing at his chest.  “Hyung!  Not like this!  Stay in character!”

            Ugh, shit.  “Hurry up, then,” he muttered, scratching the back of his head.

            “Oh, no!” Changjo exclaimed with comic dismay.  “If the card doesn’t work, that’s all the money we have!  What will we do?”

            “What?” L.Joe asked.  Spluttering when Chunji spritzed him in the face, he laughed, pushing Chunji away.

            Ricky turned away from the bags on the floor.  “How can we pay, if we don’t have money?”

            “Is there some in your pockets?” Niel asked, reaching for Changjo.  “Oh, there’s a lot in here!” he exclaimed, groping into Changjo’s pockets.

            “Ah!  Ah, no, that’s not money,” Changjo said, shuddering as he laughed.

            “What about your pockets?” L.Joe asked Ricky.

            “I, what?” Ricky asked.  “Hyung!” he exclaimed as L.Joe squeezed his ass and ran a hand right down the front of his boxer-briefs.  “Oh!  Not a pocket, that’s not a pocket,” he insisted, laughing, dancing in place as L.Joe investigated.

            “I have to, uh, get paid.  I can’t leave,” C.A.P. said.  “I mean, I can’t leave until you pay me.”

            “It’s too bad,” Chunji said.  His index finger drew a slow, meandering trail down C.A.P.’s chest, lighting C.A.P. up from nipples to cock.  “I can’t do a thing about it.  I’m just the maknae, they don’t even let me have any money.”

            L.Joe laughed.  “You’re what?”

            “That’s right!” Niel said abruptly.  “Ya, maknae,” he snapped, grabbing Chunji by the shoulder.  “Back up, you can’t do anything here.”

            “But, hyung, he has the meat.”  Chunji pouted, fluttering his lashes at Niel.  “I need it so badly, I can almost feel it in my mouth.”

            “Let your hyungs handle this,” Niel said sternly, shoving him aside.  He flailed, tripping over his feet, arms pin-wheeling before he righted himself.  “Now, you,” Niel said to C.A.P.  “Do you have sauces?  I like sauce on my meat.”

            “Hey, I just want my money,” C.A.P. said.

            “But I need sauce,” Niel insisted.  “I like it sloppy and wet.  Lots of sauce, all over my lips.”  He licked his lips, puckering and licking them again, wet and exaggerated.  The other members cringed, turning away and laughing, but C.A.P. grunted, ready to thrust right between those cushy, pink lips.

            “Pay me and I’ll give you all the cream I have,” C.A.P. promised.  Damn, these shorts were tight.

            “We’re broke,” Ricky said.  “What can we do?”

            “Look, you gotta handle it somehow,” C.A.P. said.  What was the arrangement, again?  “You have to, I mean, uh.  If you don’t pay for this, I have to pay for it myself.  This is a lot, you ordered too much, it’s going to be expensive.  You have to make it up to me.”

            “How can we make it up to you?” L.Joe asked.

            “We’ll do anything,” Niel vowed.  “Anything.”

            “I’m so hungry,” Ricky mumbled, eyeing C.A.P.’s cock.  “I haven’t put it in my mouth in so long.”

            “Well, we can’t pay, so you’ll have to take the food back,” Changjo said, crossing his arms over his chest.

            “No, hyung, that’s not right,” L.Joe said.  “We have to give him what we owe him.”

            Changjo blinked, then rubbed his nose to cover laughter.  “Ah, dongsaeng-ah, don’t talk about things you don’t understand,” he scolded, pushing L.Joe aside.

            “That’s right,” Niel said, shoving L.Joe in the other direction.  “Hyungs are handling business.  Don’t interfere.”

            Chunji spritzed the front of L.Joe’s shorts before he batted Chunji away, laughing.  The damp cotton showed off his hard-on, clinging to the head.

            “Uh, look, if you don’t have any money, you’ll have to work for it,” C.A.P. said.  “I’ll, uh, give each one of you three minutes to suck my cock.  If you get me off, I’ll pay for the delivery myself.”

            “Three minutes!” Ricky exclaimed.  “I can get five guys off in three minutes.”

            “I’d suck your cock for free,” Chunji said.

            “Suck what?” Niel asked, looking flustered, one hand patting nervously over his neck and chest.  “I can’t have a cock in my mouth!  I’m a virgin!  I won’t even know what to do!”

            “You, what about this dongsaeng?” Changjo asked, elbowing L.Joe hard enough to make him stumble.  “He’s straight!”

            Chunji snorted.  “He’s what?”

            “That’s right,” L.Joe said, tossing his head to get his bangs out of his eyes.  “I only like guys.  I mean,” he said, quickly correcting himself, laughing, “I only like women.”

            “God, you can’t even pretend to be straight right,” Chunji said, laughing.

            “Ya, shut up, maknae,” L.Joe said.

            “That’s right, maknae, shut up,” Ricky agreed.  “Don’t interrupt when hyungs are handling important business.”

            “Do you want your meat or not?” C.A.P. demanded, beyond impatient now.  He took off his shirt.

            Niel gasped, covering his own eyes with one hand.  “I can’t see a strange man naked!”

            “I don’t see what the big deal is,” L.Joe said, crossing his arms over his chest.  “Nothing interesting to me.”

            “Then what’s this about?” Changjo asked, tapping at his hard-on.

            Squirming away, he smacked at Changjo’s hand.  “I’m thinking about women.”

            “Think about this,” C.A.P. said, shoving his shorts down.  “Get me off or I’m calling the restaurant and the cops.”

            “Oh, well, if we have to do it, I guess I don’t have any choice,” Niel said, dropping to his knees.  He was already masturbating, pulling his own cock out of his underwear.  “This is my first time seeing someone else’s thick, hard dick up close, and mmmff.”  He swallowed C.A.P.’s hard-on in one slide.  Groaning ecstatically, he closed his eyes, sucking hard.

            “Unh, fuck.”  It felt so good to be in Niel’s mouth, so good to have attention on his cock, that C.A.P. thrust a little, working his hips to bury his cock down Niel’s throat.

            With an encouraging moan, Niel sped up.  His full lips were the perfect frame for C.A.P.’s cock, forming a puffy, pink circle around the shaft.  He was sucking hard, on the hunt for cum, and the steady tug of suction felt great.  C.A.P. grunted, staring down at his bobbing head, soaking up the pleasure.

            “Are you sure that you’re a virgin?” Changjo asked.

            “Yeah, it seems like you know a lot about this,” Ricky said.

            “Really?”  Chunji sniffed.  “Seems like his technique’s pretty bad.”

            “Ya!  Maknae!” Changjo objected.  “Shut up, hyungs are too busy to listen to your nonsense.”

            “Okay, time,” L.Joe said.

            C.A.P. wasn’t nearly finished, so when Niel kept going, he didn’t complain.  The other members, though, dragged Niel away.

            “No, I need my sauce,” Niel argued, trying to shake them off.  “Where’s my sauce!”

            “Well, that didn’t do it,” Chunji said, eyeing C.A.P.’s erection.  “Who’s next?”

            “Me, I’m next, out of the way,” Ricky said, going down on his knees.  Widening his eyes, he gasped dramatically, his hand over his mouth.  “Omo!  It’s so big!  What will I do?”

            “You’ll suck it,” C.A.P. instructed, putting a hand on top of his head.

            “Okay,” Ricky said, and dove on.

            “Mmm.”  Rubbing his thumb back and forth in a light caress over Ricky’s soft, black hair, C.A.P. watched his cock disappear into Ricky’s mouth.  Yeah, “Oh, unh,” that was it.  Ricky’s red lips tightened snugly around his shaft.  After Niel’s blowjob, C.A.P. was ready for more action, cock aching for more attention, and it felt so good to slide down Ricky’s throat, felt so good to be back somewhere warm and wet.

            Chunji and Changjo were marking the time every thirty seconds.  Ricky was jacking off with his typical quick, sharp tugs, and his eyebrows drew together as he focused on C.A.P.’s erection.  When C.A.P. rubbed his left ear, he moaned, his expression relaxing again, and he started sucking harder, like he really wanted it.  The sweet, wet pull of his mouth felt so good, C.A.P. rubbed both ears, massaging and then pinching a little, and he moaned happily, his cheeks turning pink and then red with pleasure.  Most of the members usually bobbed their heads steadily, evenly, but Ricky always pulled back a little more slowly and moved forward a little quicker, two beats back and one forward, and it always looked like he was diving on hungrily, made it seem like he really wanted it, like he couldn’t wait to get more cock.  That quick, eager movement turned C.A.P. on, and Ricky’s excited little groans had C.A.P.’s blood pumping.

            “Thirty seconds left,” Changjo said.

            “Faster, go faster,” L.Joe urged, and Ricky sped up with a hungry, muffled moan that made C.A.P.’s pleasure spike.

            “Fifteen,” Chunji said.

            Ricky was sucking excitedly, really into it, red-eared and moaning, his hand flailing away on his cock.

            “Ten!” Changjo said.

            C.A.P. stroked behind Ricky’s ears, firmly and slowly, just to make him squirm.


            “Unh, Ricky-ah, it’s good,” C.A.P. grunted.

            “Time!  Time!”

            “Waahhh!”  With an explosive, breathless cry, Ricky came, squirting onto the floor.  As C.A.P. let go of his ears, he moaned like he was exhausted, sinking back onto his heels.  Red-faced and sweaty, he smiled, eyes closing blissfully.

            Chuckling, C.A.P. ruffled his hair.  “You’ve worked hard, Ricky-goon.”

            “You were supposed to get C.A.P. hyung off!  Not get yourself off!” Niel protested.  “Greedy!”

            “Niel hyung,” Chunji said, pouting.  “Is it okay for you to criticize?  You didn’t make it happen, either.”

            “Ya!  I’m a virgin!  What do you expect?” Niel demanded.

            “Shut up, maknae,” Changjo snapped.  “Since when it is okay for you to criticize your hyungs like that?”

            While Chunji pretended to sulk behind L.Joe, Ricky smiled up at C.A.P.  He looked so cute and so happy that C.A.P. stroked under his chin, caressing his warm, smooth skin.  “Should I try again?” he asked, reaching for C.A.P.’s erection.

            C.A.P. was about to agree, but Niel said, “No!  Follow the rules!”

            “I think it’s the straight hyung’s turn next,” Chunji said.

            “Aw.”  Ricky made a face and got up, tucking his cock back into his drawers.

            Everyone waited for a moment, and then L.Joe looked around.  “Oh, that’s me?”

            “Don’t worry, hyung, we won’t expect much,” Chunji said.

            “Hey, no, we have food to pay for,” Changjo argued.  “You’d better get this right, dongsaeng-ah.”  He scowled at L.Joe.  “I’d better see that strange man’s cum all over your mouth.”  C.A.P had to laugh.

            “Do your best,” Ricky encouraged.  “Fighting!”

            Adjusting himself in his underwear, L.Joe got onto his knees in front of C.A.P.  When he looked up, he laughed self-consciously.  The sight of his face down there turned C.A.P. on, and when he ran his hands over C.A.P.’s bare thighs, C.A.P. shifted, liking the touch.

            “Remember, you’re straight,” Niel said in a stage whisper.

            “How do straight guys do this?” L.Joe asked.

            “Um, usually, they don’t,” Changjo said.

            “That’s part of being straight, hyung,” Ricky said.

            “You do realize that not everybody is in love with cock, right?” Chunji asked.  “Some people are okay not getting a mouthful of it every single day.”

            “Really?” C.A.P. asked him.  “Anybody you know?”

            Clearing his throat, Chunji turned aside, rubbing his nose.

            “Shut up, maknae,” Niel said.  “So stupid.  Why do we have such a stupid maknae?”

            “Worst,” Changjo said.  “He’s the worst maknae ever.”

            C.A.P. wanted to get his cock in somebody’s mouth again; his erection was aching for attention.  Fortunately, L.Joe was right in position in front of him, rubbing his thighs and gazing at his cock like it looked mouth-wateringly delicious.  He took it in his own hand, giving it a few light, pumping squeezes, and L.Joe made a soft, humming sound, leaning in and licking the head.  “Yeah, you want it,” C.A.P. breathed, gazing downward in fascination as pleasure throbbed between his legs and L.Joe’s tongue bathed his round, shiny cockhead.

            As C.A.P.’s hand fell aside, L.Joe’s hand took over, fingers curling around the shaft in a familiar grip.  L.Joe’s tongue caressed the base, flicking upward.  He was moaning softly, humming to himself like he loved it too much to hold back.  His knees were spreading, and his back was arching, pushing his ass out.

            C.A.P. wasn’t going to come in three minutes from just this, but L.Joe’s licking, stroking tongue felt so good that he groaned, anyway.  Resting his hand on the top of L.Joe’s head, he closed his eyes.  The way pleasure was pulsing through his cock was really getting to him, making him want to do something about it.  Grunting, he reached down, rubbing his balls.  “Unh, suck it,” he instructed.  He felt L.Joe’s lips wrap around his cockhead, felt slow, steady suckling start.  “Unh, rrrnnh, yeah.”  Breathing in, he relaxed into it, letting pleasure buzz through him.  “Fuck, yeah,” he sighed, easing back into that good, electric place where his cock was getting exactly what it needed and pleasure stretched on forever in all directions.

            “Time,” Changjo said.

            What?  “Not finished,” he grumbled, cupping the back of L.Joe’s head.

            “Time’s up,” Niel said.  “Get away from there, straight boy, and leave it to someone who knows what he’s doing.”

            “Your turn, hyung?” Chunji asked Changjo.

            “You sure that was three minutes?” C.A.P. asked.  L.Joe’s hands rubbed over his pelvic bones while L.Joe swallowed him to the base again, and he groaned as heat shot through him.

            “It’s heading towards four,” Changjo said.  “Ya, ya!”  Cupping L.Joe’s chin, he pulled L.Joe’s head back.  “It’s my turn.  Stop being so greedy.”

            “Man, this straight guy sure does like cock,” Niel said.

            Reaching back and slapping at Changjo’s legs, L.Joe licked his lips.  “Ugh, get off.”  Still on his knees, he scratched the back of his head and looked around.  “Virgin boy, c’mere.”

            “For what?” Niel asked.

            “For what do you think?  Come here,” L.Joe insisted, waving him over.

            “Hey, wait,” Ricky protested as Niel stepped closer to L.Joe.  “Is this allowed?”

            “You already got off, what do you care?” Chunji asked as L.Joe pulled Niel’s underwear down, exposing his long, stiff cock.

            “Shut up, maknae!” Changjo exclaimed, laughing.  He was really enjoying this.  “Stay out of hyungs’ business!”

            C.A.P. was starting to get impatient again.  He liked them taking turns; he just wished that they’d be quicker about it.  Taking Changjo by the hand, he pulled Changjo closer.  “Don’t you have work to do?”

            “Oh, ahhhh, oh, god,” Niel moaned, rubbing his hand over his mouth as L.Joe kissed along his shaft.  “I don’t think that you should be so good at this.”

            “I learn fast,” L.Joe said, licking his pink, hairy balls.

            Down on his knees, Changjo rubbed his hands together briskly.  “Okay, all of you inexperienced dongsaengs.  Pay attention, this is how hyung does it.”

            “Hyung fighting!” Ricky cheered.

            “Oh, god, my eyes are crossing,” Niel moaned.  “Don’t suck like that, I’m going to come.”

            “Already?” Chunji asked.  “Ugh, virgins.”

            “Maknae!” Ricky exclaimed, laughing.  “How many times do we have to tell you?”

            His palms warmed up, Changjo took hold of C.A.P.’s erection, jacking it with slow pulls and light squeezes.  Putting his lips right against the head, he spat, his jacking hand smearing his saliva down the shaft.  Liking the look of it, C.A.P. grunted approvingly.

            “Here, shit, here, oh, it’s here,” Niel moaned, grabbing C.A.P.’s arm and digging his fingers in as he trembled.

            While L.Joe swallowed and Niel filled the room with husky, satisfied groans, Changjo licked C.A.P.’s cock with flashy, showy strokes of tongue.  He sucked the head into his mouth and let it go with loud, wet noises, and then he looked up with a smirk, held C.A.P.’s gaze, and did it again.

            C.A.P. was about to ask who Changjo was showing off for, but, shit, it looked great.  He could watch Changjo’s lips slide over his cockhead all day.

            Wrapping his hand around the base, Changjo slid on, sucking, going far enough to kiss his fist before backing off.  Just when he was really getting into that, giving C.A.P. some good, steady suction, he ran both hands up C.A.P.’s thighs and around to hold onto C.A.P.’s ass.  Now, without his hand in the way, he could get into some real deep-throating, and when his lips closed around the base, he made low, guttural sounds, winking up at C.A.P. like a smug brat.

            “Time, time,” Ricky said.

            Changjo swallowed C.A.P.’s erection to the root again, then spat as he slowly backed off of it, leaving it slick and dripping.  Niel made a soft, urgent noise, taking a step closer, knees already buckling, but Ricky grabbed him back.

            “Come on, maknae,” Changjo said, getting to his feet.

            “I think he’s too young for this,” Ricky said.  “Should we help him out?  Give him tips?”

            “Yeah, it’s okay, maknae, we’ll help you,” Niel said, crowding in as Chunji stepped in front of C.A.P.  “Kneel here,” he insisted, pushing Chunji down.

            “You have to get him off or we’re all in trouble,” Changjo said.  “Work hard, maknae.”

            As Chunji reached for C.A.P.’s juicy, glistening cock, Ricky pushed his hand aside.  “No, you can’t just jack him off, that’s not fair.  Use your mouth, maknae.”

            Laughing, Chunji rubbed his face, then glanced at Ricky over his shoulder.  “Do you want to die?”

            “Stop talking back, maknae!” Niel snapped.  “Now suck this strange man’s cock or else!”

            “It’s easy, don’t worry.  We’ll help,” Changjo said.  He took hold of C.A.P.’s erection with one hand, then gripped a fistful of Chunji’s hair and pushed Chunji’s head forward, onto C.A.P.’s cock.  “See, just like this,” he said.

            Black lashes fluttering, lips stretched around C.A.P.’s cock, Chunji moaned like he loved it.  Seeing him play along was such an unexpected turn-on, C.A.P. groaned, pushing deeper into his mouth.

            “See how easy it is?” Ricky asked as Changjo rocked Chunji’s head back and forth over C.A.P.’s erection.  Chunji moaned enthusiastically, squirming around and wiggling his ass.

            Brushing Changjo aside, Niel took over, gripping Chunji’s hair in both hands.  “Stop moving around, we’re trying to help you!  Someone get his hands out of the way before he hurts himself.”  Changjo knelt down, catching Chunji’s fluttering hands and pinning them behind his back.  “Now, see how simple deep-throating is?”  After guiding Chunji back and forth on C.A.P.’s erection a few times, he let go.  “Just be nice and keep your teeth out of the way.”

            Chunji kept going, sucking hard, his head bobbing.  His pretty face looked so good, his red lips sliding up and down the shaft, his skin pale against C.A.P.’s black pubes, that C.A.P. grunted, turned on, and caressed the side of his face.

            “Don’t get lazy,” Ricky ordered.  “Faster, maknae, faster!”

            “Right, faster,” Niel agreed.  “Suck hard, maknae, suck it like you mean it!”

            “Don’t ignore his balls,” Changjo said.  “Don’t be such a selfish lover, maknae.”

            The wet, sinuous stroking of Chunji’s tongue turned C.A.P. on; no matter what games their dongsaengs were up to, Chunji was still eager for this.  Chunji was still squirming, wiggling his ass around, and he panted, “Oh, yes, it tastes so good,” as he ran his tongue all over C.A.P.’s balls.

            “Is he sucking?” Niel demanded.  “Make him suck!”

            “Stupid maknae, has to get everything all wrong,” Changjo muttered.

            “Here, here,” Ricky said, cupping C.A.P.’s balls in one hand and scooping them into Chunji’s open, drooling mouth.  With eager, desperate sounds that made C.A.P. shudder, Chunji slurped wetly, noisily, on C.A.P.’s balls.  He kept sucking on just one, letting the other plop out between his lips, making Ricky push it back in.

            “Time,” L.Joe said.

            “What?!” Niel demanded.

            “Maknae!” Changjo exclaimed.  “You wasted your time!  Now what are we going to do?”

            “Sitting around drooling on this stranger’s balls when you should’ve been sucking his cock!” Ricky said.  “What were you thinking?”

            Sitting back on his heels, Chunji cleared his throat, coughing and spitting up a wad of pre-cum.  He was flushed, his eyes sparkling as he looked up at C.A.P.  “Sorry, mister.”  He fluttered his lashes, looking innocent and worried.  “You won’t be too hard on us, will you?”

            “All five of us can’t get one guy off?” L.Joe asked.  “What are we, incompetent?”

            Time to stop playing around and give C.A.P.’s cock some of what it really craved.  “I’ll give you one more chance,” C.A.P. said.

            “Oh, thank you!” Niel exclaimed, clasping his hands together in gratitude.

            “Let me fuck you,” C.A.P. said.  “If that gets me off, I’ll pay for your food, no problem.”

            “Fuck us?” L.Joe asked.

            “In my pure, virginal ass?” Niel asked.

            “God, yes, okay,” Ricky said.  “Right here on the floor, or what?”

            “Line up against the couch,” C.A.P. instructed.

            As the others moved toward the couch, Changjo didn’t budge.  Still kneeling between Changjo and C.A.P., hands behind his back, Chunji glanced back over his shoulder.  “Going to let me up?”

            Changjo laughed nervously.  “I’m afraid to let go.”

            Chunji grinned.  “Should have thought of that earlier, hunh?”

            “I don’t have all day,” C.A.P. reminded them.

            “That virgin was really rude to you,” Changjo told Chunji.  “You should go talk to him about that.”

            “Oh, I know exactly who’s done what to me,” Chunji said, laughing.  “I’ll let you all know how I feel about it.”

            Releasing his wrists, Changjo ducked swiftly, cringing.

            Tossing his head, Chunji got up.  Ignoring Changjo, he smirked at C.A.P., lightly running his fingers along the length of C.A.P.’s erection.  “You’ll be gentle, won’t you, mister?”

            C.A.P. grinned at him.  “Not with you.”

            Heat sizzled in Chunji’s gaze, and for a moment, the urge to kiss Chunji’s mouth and slide inside Chunji and just fuck Chunji until they were both satisfied gripped C.A.P. so tenaciously that he couldn’t breathe.  And then Chunji grinned at him and turned away, going to join the others by the couch.

            Taking a deep breath, C.A.P. had to rub at his face to get his brain back in order.

            The sight of his dongsaengs lined up along the couch helped.  Niel, Changjo, and Chunji were kneeling on the seat; Ricky and L.Joe were each by an armrest.  They were all naked and bent over, and the sight of those bare asses lined up for his cock turned him on.  He knew every inch of these naked bodies, knew them by sight and by touch.  He could identify every plane and curve in the dark, could tell who was who by the firmness or softness or resiliency of the ass he squeezed, by the way their assholes relaxed and tightened around his fingers, by the sound of the moan as he thrust inside.  They were all built differently, all felt different, all took his cock in their own way.

            Lube and a washcloth waited for him on the armrest.  Chunji and L.Joe were whispering to each other; Niel was shifting in place, impatient for it.  Picking up the lube, he smacked Ricky’s ass just to make Ricky jump.  Ricky’s body was very obedient, very easy to train, and with that one smack, Ricky relaxed, thighs spreading, ass rocking back toward C.A.P.’s cock.  It was always so easy, so simple with Ricky, quick and straightforward, just how he liked it.  He lubed Ricky right up and thrust in, and Ricky relaxed around him with a moan, wriggling a little and taking it.

            Ricky had a sturdy build and liked it fast, so C.A.P. hammered in quickly, wasting no time.  C.A.P.’s body was glad to be at this stage of the game, glad to be getting down to the real work, and after the first few thrusts, he got right into his rhythm, holding onto Ricky’s hips.  His body was in that hot, perfect plane of pure pleasure, and his brain was in that clean, clear plane of mindless fucking, and he just stayed there, not strategizing, not even thinking, just enjoying the feel of Ricky on his cock, just fucking.

            It wasn’t long before Ricky started squirming around, masturbating, and then Ricky wriggled against him, moaning and coming.  Smiling, proud of Ricky, C.A.P. rubbed his back a little.

            It had been a good ride, and he could stay for a while longer, but he had four more asses to fill.  “You’re welcome,” he said, tugging his cock out, and Ricky moaned happily, leaning heavily against the armrest.  He moved on, ready for more, wiping himself off while he lubed Niel.

            Niel was impatient for him, moaning huskily and rocking back onto his fingers.  Niel always opened up easily, relaxing into it like being fucked was Niel’s natural state and not being penetrated was a strain.  Tonight, all of this weird roleplaying had him turned on, and he fucked Niel hard, rubbing his hands over Niel’s hips and taking his sexual aggression out on Niel’s eager body.

            Loud and enthusiastic, Niel’s moans turned into ecstatic wails.  He bucked as he masturbated, rocking back onto C.A.P.’s erection, getting the most out of it that he could.  Sprawled lazily over the armrest, Ricky reached over, and when Ricky started jacking him off, he moaned like he was hurt.  Knowing that meant he’d be finished soon, C.A.P. sped up, fucking him vigorously, pounding his easy, rocking body.  When he finally reached his messy, noisy climax, C.A.P. slowed down, fucking him until he fell into a sated slump.

            Two down, three to go.  “You’re welcome,” C.A.P. said, tousling his hair and getting off of him.

            Changjo grinned at C.A.P. over his shoulder, shaking his ass.  “Next?”

            “I’m not a virgin anymore,” Niel mumbled.

            “Congratulations,” Chunji said.

            “Shut up, maknae,” Niel said, too exhausted to sound annoyed, making them all laugh.

            C.A.P. ran a hand over Changjo’s firm, muscular ass as he wiped up.  “Think you can get me off?”

            Changjo arched his back, rubbing himself against C.A.P.’s palm.  “Think I want to try.”

            C.A.P. used more lube with Changjo than with the first two.  Changjo was always overconfident, rushing it, and whenever he lubed himself, he was too quick, not stretching himself enough, not using enough lube.  He thought that because Niel could take it like a pro with minimal prep, he could, too.  But C.A.P. knew that all five dongsaengs were as different in this way as in everything else, and Changjo’s tight, tender asshole needed more pampering than Niel’s.

            He slid in more slowly than he had with Niel or Ricky, burying himself in three, lazy thrusts.  “Unnh, fuck,” he was really starting to feel it, starting to ache from the intensifying throb of pleasure.  He might, “Unnnh, yeah,” have to come soon.

            Changjo was breathing hard, groaning a little, tightening around him in spasmodic tics.  He rubbed Changjo’s back, stroking between Changjo’s shoulder blades, until he felt Changjo’s body start to relax.  Then he rubbed Changjo’s cock, fondling it, flopping it around until Changjo moaned and rocked back against him, hips jerking eagerly.  “Yeah, you like that?” he murmured, pinching Changjo’s ass, and Changjo groaned in whole-hearted appreciation, squirming cheerfully.

            “Oh,” Niel said.  “Oh, can I just,” and he crawled under Changjo, mouth opening.  Changjo moaned lustily, and Niel’s left hand slid around to Changjo’s back, holding on.  Noisy slurping and Niel’s happy moans mingled with Changjo’s groans and the rhythmic slap of skin against skin.

            “Yeah, yeah,” Changjo panted, shuddering.  “Suck hyung’s cock, you love it.”  C.A.P. grinned.

            Niel worked fast, and Changjo came with an awed moan.  He relaxed with a giddy laugh, going boneless.  Chunji reached over, stroking Changjo’s side, petting him, and new fire lit in C.A.P.’s gut.  Yeah, there were two more dongsaengs to screw, and there was just enough energy left to get them both done.

            Leaving Changjo, C.A.P. moved on to Chunji.  But Chunji was shifting left, stroking Changjo’s sated body, and Changjo was rolling onto his back.  Chunji grunted, and Changjo groaned, knees rising, lashes fluttering, and hell, Chunji was in.

            Needing to get in on this, C.A.P. slicked up his fingers fast.

            Chunji was fucking Changjo in long, slow thrusts, nice and easy, just kind of rocking into him.  Sated and lazy, Changjo moaned contentedly, wrapping a muscular arm around Chunji.  When C.A.P.’s fingers slid in, Chunji tightened up quick, then opened up welcomingly.

            Chunji’s body was perfectly familiar to him.  Even now, after all of the sex they’d had and all of the other partners they’d known, thrusting inside Chunji gave C.A.P. the same quick, hot thrill of “oh my god, finally, this incredible thing is finally happening” from the very first time.  He groaned, feeling a feverish flash of pleasure as he buried himself in Chunji.  “Unnh, fuck,” he’d needed this.

            “What kind of maknae is this, anyway?” Niel demanded.

            “A smart one,” C.A.P. said.  He set the pace, fucking Chunji in quick, long thrusts, and Chunji’s hips obeyed, picking up his rhythm.  The two of them rocked together, and the fire intensified in him, the throbbing pulse of pleasure spreading.  The long, pale expanse of Chunji’s back, the silkiness of Chunji’s taut skin, beckoned him, and he leaned in, kissing Chunji’s shoulder, pressing deeper.  He was so turned on now, so into it, so caught up in need, that he started to get aggressive, driving in hard, trying to force Chunji deeper and deeper into Changjo.  The fierce, musical sounds Chunji made urged him on, and he put more muscle into it, slamming in hard, “Ahhh, unnnggh, fuck,” he couldn’t get enough.

            “Yeah, fuck me, pound my ass,” Chunji panted.  Changjo was curling around him, gasping, rubbing his ass, gripping his thighs, kissing his neck.  “God, uh, ram it in me, hit it hard, come on, make me feel it.”

            Hearing Chunji talk like that did dangerous, predictable things to C.A.P.’s body.  Fuck, he couldn’t come now, he still had to get to L.Joe.  He had to end this, he had to shut Chunji up, he had to get Chunji off.  Grunting, trying to ignore the ecstasy singing along his spine and the flames licking between his thighs, he obeyed Chunji’s voice, fucking hard.  Sliding his hand in between Chunji and Changjo’s hot, rocking bodies, he pinched Chunji’s nipples.  Immediately, Chunji gasped, hips jerking off-beat, so C.A.P. kept going, tweaking and tugging, getting rougher until Chunji’s voice broke off into a happy cry.

            “Do it, fuck me, yes, yes!”  Chunji kept up, matching thrust for thrust, moaning energetically.  “Pound my ass, yes, bang the fuck out of me, do it, god!”  C.A.P. did exactly that, and a moment later, Chunji was shuddering, coming, moaning, “Get me off, yes, yes, make me come.”

            It took self-control not to follow Chunji over the edge.  Damn, it would have felt good to get off just then, to come in Chunji’s hot, shuddering body.  But C.A.P. held on, swallowing it down, groaning through clenched teeth.  Soon, it would happen soon.

            “Ooohh, so good,” Chunji said, draping himself over Changjo.  “Okay, you can go now.”

            “Right, thanks,” C.A.P. said, easing out of him.  Changjo’s hands stroked over his ass again, spreading him open, giving C.A.P. a great look at his glistening hole.  It looked reddened and well-used, and it was one of the most gorgeous things C.A.P. had ever seen.  Unable to resist, C.A.P. slid a couple of fingers into him, just to feel how slick and warm he was.

            Niel and L.Joe would have squirmed and asked for more.  Chunji just sighed contentedly and shot him a knowing smile.

            Slipping his fingers out, he pinched Chunji’s ass.  Reaching around, he wrapped his arm around L.Joe, pulling L.Joe around the armrest and unceremoniously pushing L.Joe onto the pile of sated bodies he’d left on the couch.  Niel crawled up onto Ricky against the other armrest, and L.Joe landed facedown sort of on top of, sort of between Changjo and Chunji.  Ready to fuck, ready to finish this, he lubed L.Joe up.  L.Joe always stayed tighter than the other members, and when he thrust in, L.Joe cried out excitedly and clamped down on him, trying to close around him, muscles twitching and fluttering.

            It felt incredible, god, it was just a matter of time now.  Gritting his teeth, C.A.P. yanked on L.Joe’s hips, sinking deep, and L.Joe moaned like someone seeing paradise.  A few more thrusts, a little too rough but C.A.P. wasn’t in the mood to play nice, and L.Joe, loving when he got impatient, was squirming around on top of Chunji, masturbating and licking Changjo’s chest and making the tense, needy noises that made C.A.P.’s cock ache with wanting to satisfy him.

            “Do something!” Niel urged.  “We can’t afford to pay for this food, and we don’t have any more orifices for him to screw!”

            “Don’t worry,” Chunji said, stroking L.Joe’s hair and smiling up at C.A.P.  “We won’t have to pay for a thing.”

            “Shut up, maknae,” Niel snapped, knuckles rapping the crown of his head.

            Chunji froze, eyes closing, and when they opened again, his smile was murderous.

            “Move around, be sexier,” Ricky told L.Joe.  “Make it interesting, get him off.”

            “Unh, oooooh.”  L.Joe rubbed his face against Changjo’s chest, panting.  “So deep, oh, it’s so deep, please.”

            “That’s it, beg him for it!  Beg him more,” Ricky said.

            “Be sexy,” Niel ordered.  “Roll over so he can see your, your, uh.  No, stay where you are, it’s better this way.”

            Head snapping up, L.Joe lunged, punching at Niel.  Shrieking, Niel huddled against Ricky, and C.A.P. dragged L.Joe back.  The feel of his strong, wiry body turned C.A.P. on, and he moaned breathlessly as C.A.P. drove into him hard.  “Hhhhuummm, mmm, oh, please,” he panted, arching his back.

            Filled with lust, gripped by the urge to keep rutting, C.A.P. liked Niel’s idea.  He flipped L.Joe over, pushing L.Joe’s knees up and thrusting back in.  L.Joe made a quick, desperate sound of denial, then groaned in anguished pleasure, shuddering against him, nails scraping down his arms.

            “Unh, oh, god.”  Biting into his lip, L.Joe shook his head, his bangs falling across his forehead.  He panted up at C.A.P, his expression pleading for more.  He looked so goddamned sexy, C.A.P. felt like a runaway train, felt compelled to drive into him over and over.  As Changjo’s arms surrounded him, Chunji whispered his name and nibbled at the side of his neck, and he practically vibrated with excitement, masturbating almost as fast as C.A.P. was fucking him.

            “Here, let me,” Chunji said, pushing L.Joe’s hand away.

            “I’ll do it,” Changjo offered.

            “You can have the second one,” Chunji said, wrapping a hand around L.Joe’s erection.  Changjo rubbed his balls, fondling them and stroking his inner thighs, and he moaned, making tense, pleading sounds as he writhed.  “Going to come soon?” Chunji asked casually, teasing L.Joe’s cock with light, irregular tugs, thumb flicking at the head in a way that made L.Joe yelp.

            C.A.P.’s body couldn’t take much more of this.  All of the sucking, the fucking, the constant stimulation, it was finally catching up to him, digging its heels and in and riding him hard.  He had to come soon, he had to let it out.  But he wasn’t going to come before L.Joe did; he had his pride.  “God damn it, come already,” he ordered.

            “Oh, oh, oh.”  Just like that, moaning and writhing and completely obedient, L.Joe came.  “Oooohh, yes.”  He panted, squeezing his eyes shut, spurting all over Chunji’s hand.  Whimpering, he wrapped his legs around C.A.P.’s hips, like he wanted to be sure that C.A.P. didn’t abandon him before he could come again.

            There was no way C.A.P. would leave him now.  They were locked together until this was finished.  Watching him lick his lips, C.A.P. grunted, determined to hold on, determined to see this through.  It was getting harder and harder to breathe, harder and harder not to explode.

            Changjo’s hand surrounded L.Joe’s erection, fisting it with a tight grip, smearing cum down the shaft.  Chunji raised his own hand, reaching overhead, and Niel took hold of his wrist, licking cum from his palm, sucking at his fingers.

            Changjo turned his head, grinning and nuzzling into Chunji’s exposed underarm.  With a sudden laugh, Chunji slapped at his cheek.  “It tickles!”  Making a faint growling sound, Changjo nipped at his upper arm, biting lightly here and there.

            Rolling his eyes, Chunji stroked L.Joe’s hair, drawing L.Joe’s face around.  “Straight boy, show this experienced hyung how it’s done,” he said, nudging L.Joe’s face into his armpit.

            Eyes opening, L.Joe made a curious, aroused sound, and then his eyes closed again and his mouth opened.  Nuzzling in, he started licking, his tongue stroking Chunji’s sensitive skin, and then he was sucking, moaning, his upper body twisting as he settled in.  Petting his hair, Chunji echoed his moans, shivering a little, lips parting.

            “Nnnn, you taste so good,” L.Joe panted, dragging his nails down Chunji’s bare side.  Changjo tugged too hard on his cock and he moaned, thighs tightening around C.A.P.’s ribcage.  “Now, now, please, oooouhh.”

            “Want to come?” C.A.P. guessed.  Thrusting into him felt so intensely, richly pleasurable that withdrawing was more and more of a challenge.  C.A.P. just wanted to drive into L.Joe and come.  The urge to unload his balls felt like some primal compulsion to plant his seed.  God, he just wanted to come; the need for it was like a beast, heavy on his back, tormenting him, setting fires between his legs.

            “Now, now, yes, like this, uuunnnnhh.”  Biting at Chunji’s bicep, L.Joe rubbed feverishly at Changjo’s hand, making hurt, demanding sounds.  Changjo was toying with him, teasing his cock, going too fast and then too slow, squeezing too roughly and then fondling him with a too-light touch.  As Changjo’s thumb flicked back and forth over the thick vein running up the underside, L.Joe cursed, nails digging in around Changjo’s knuckles.  “K-k-k-keep it up if-f-f-f you want t-t-t-to die,” he gasped, knees clamping around C.A.P.’s waist.

            Changjo grinned and adjusted his grip, rubbing his thumb just under the head.

            L.Joe shuddered like he was possessed and made fervent, joyful sounds.  “Ooohh, aahhh, aauuuhhm, oh, oh, yes, yes, uuuuooohh!”  Shaking, he came again, biting into his lower lip and sounding hurt.  “Fuck, oh, oh, yes.”

            Feeling L.Joe tighten around him with hot, pulsing squeezes, C.A.P. groaned.  There was no way to stop it now, and C.A.P. forgot how to breathe as the bomb hit.  The shockwaves were intense, and as he watched L.Joe’s cum squirt and spill over Changjo’s fingers, he felt pleasure echo in successive bursts down to his toes.  “Gauugh.”  Choking as ecstasy took over, C.A.P. felt his muscles lock up.  He’d put his orgasm off for too long, and now that it was here, it was merciless, every squirt of cum wrenched out of his body explosively.  All on their own, his hips bucked, thrusting forward again, and he dribbled the last of his cum as bliss radiated through him.  “Shit,” he gasped, struggling to keep his balance.  He felt weak all of a sudden; he felt like if he pitched over, he’d never get up again.

            L.Joe made a soft, rich purring sound, his tongue slipping lazily over his lips.  He looked so satisfied that pride rippled through C.A.P.  All right.  Job well done.

            “He came!” Ricky exclaimed.

            “This random delivery man came!” Niel cheered.  “Now we can eat!”

            “Go ahead,” C.A.P. said.  The bags he’d “delivered” were full of empty bowls from the kitchen and a couple of half-full water bottles.  Mustering his strength, pleased with his own coordination, he climbed off of L.Joe, backing away from the couch and stretching.  Yeah, that had been a good fuck.  He had to do this more often.

            As his gaze ran over the couch, he smiled.  Ricky and Niel sat naked together, crowded against the armrest.  Chunji and Changjo were tangled together, Changjo’s arm around L.Joe’s waist, L.Joe’s head on Chunji’s shoulder.

            L.Joe’s half-shut eyes and dreamy smile told as much about his satisfaction as the still-welcoming sprawl of his legs and the streaks of cum on his softening cock.

            “Not bad,” C.A.P. decided.  “I’m going to shower.  You order some real food.”

            “Oh, are we finished roleplaying?” Chunji asked, lifting his head.

            Niel and Ricky shared a terrified look, and Changjo pulled away, starting to roll off of the couch.

            “Who’s a stupid maknae?” Chunji demanded.  He kicked Changjo hard enough to make C.A.P. wince.  While Changjo landed painfully hard, Chunji turned with a sinuous twist, grabbing at Niel and Ricky.

            Ricky scrambled away quickly enough, leaving Niel to beg for mercy.  Laughing, L.Joe got up, rubbing his thighs and looking cheerful.

            When Ricky tried to run past, C.A.P. shoved him right into Chunji, then ambled off to take a shower.  It had been a good night.  They might have to try this roleplaying thing more often.

            “Ow!  Ow!  Sorry, I’m sorry!” Ricky cried.  “I’m the stupid maknae, it was me, I was talking to myself!”

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