The Lineup

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            It had been an exhausting day.  Too much travel, too many schedules, too many cameras, too many PD’s.  Too many mistakes by the end.  All of the hyungs were wrung out, and some of them were starting to get irritable.

            As the van came to a stop, Sehun nudged Kai.  “Lineup tonight?”

            Kai yawned and nodded.

            “Lineup?” Chanyeol asked.  “Yes,” he moaned, sounding relieved.  Kai chuckled.

            As long as the maknae line was happy to volunteer for it, Suho was glad they were doing a lineup tonight.  It was a quick, easy way to get everyone satisfied and into bed.  Kai, Tao, and Sehun had come up with the idea themselves: they sat in a row on the couch, and the other members sleepily lined up for blowjobs.  The lineup was perfect for nights like tonight, when everyone was tired and kind of grumpy and just wanted to get off fast and go to sleep.  Sharing the work, they only had to get off two or three members apiece.

            Suho hopped into the shower first.  Soon after, Lay joined him, and then Baekhyun stumbled in, smiling dreamily.  Seemed like they were already making progress.

            It was like a race, a competition: whoever got off the most hyungs won.

            Sehun’s first blowjob was Baekhyun.  That was a simple one.  All he had to do was suck hard and press upward right behind Baekhyun’s balls.  Immediately, Baekhyun started wriggling around, squirming in place.  He rolled his thumb in a circular motion, and it worked like magic.  Hooting like an owl, Baekhyun came, and Sehun smiled as he swallowed.  One hyung down.

            Tao had already finished Lay, but Lay was so easy to get off, he hardly counted.  Kai was sucking Xiumin; Tao was on Chanyeol, sucking hard and juggling Chanyeol’s hairy balls.  Sehun looked up and groaned at the sight of Luhan.  Aw, really?  This was going to slow him down.

            “Not happy to see me?” Luhan asked, sliding his fingers into Sehun’s mouth.  “Come on, maknae, do your job with a smile.”

             Rolling his eyes, he sucked on Luhan’s fingers while he tugged Luhan’s underpants down.  “Not my job, or are you paying?”

            Luhan winked.  “You know you’d do it for free.”

            Was that supposed to be some kind of point?  He was doing it for free right now, wasn’t he?  He got Luhan’s fingers out of his mouth.  “Yes, I love your cock, it’s the best,” he said, jacking it in one hand.  “Now get off fast and go to bed like a good boy before Suho hyung has to scold you.”  With that, he sucked Luhan’s cock into his mouth.

            The trick to getting Luhan off fastest was to be Xiumin.  Sehun couldn’t manage that without a miracle, but he pulled out his other Luhan-specific tricks.  He sucked in long, three-stage pulls, intensifying the suction every third of the way up from the base.  He worked from different angles, turning his head this way and that, twisting rhythmically.  He moaned like he was having an ecstatic experience, and he jacked himself, like sucking Luhan was such a treat it turned him on.

            Okay, it did turn him on, and he really was getting off on it, but it helped to play it up.  Luhan was getting into it, moaning and murmuring encouragement and instructions, nothing too demanding.  Sucking all the way to the base, Sehun moaned around a mouthful of cock like he couldn’t get enough.  Judging by Luhan’s repetitive, “Yeah, like that, you love it,” Luhan was almost there.

            “Come on,” Xiumin said, and he slapped Luhan’s bare ass on his way past.  “You can wash my balls.”

            “Fuck, yeah,” Luhan said, and he started coming, his cum spitting into Sehun’s mouth.  “Ah, uuuhhh, oh.”

            Ding!  Two down.  Milking out the last of it, Sehun opened his mouth, letting Luhan watch the final drops land on his tongue.

            “Oh, that’s it, oh, oh, god,” Chanyeol moaned.

            Smiling, Luhan cupped Sehun’s chin and kissed his mouth.  “Thanks.”

            While Luhan and Chanyeol left, Kai started on Kris.  Chen, the last one in line, stepped in front of Tao and Sehun, looking from one face to the other.  “Do I just choose?”

            “I’ll do it,” Sehun said.  This was fun; he’d like to do another.

            “Oh, you want more cock?” Tao asked him, grinning.  “Great.  Get down here while I suck Chen hyung.”

            He sighed for effect, then licked his lips and slid down from the couch, crawling in between Tao’s legs.  Beside him, Kris was jacking from the base while Kai sucked from the head, the two of them meeting midway along the shaft.

            “Hey, no comparing,” Tao said, jostling his shoulder.

            “I’ll say,” Chen mumbled, covering himself modestly with both hands, and Kris laughed.

            Like anyone and everyone in the dorm hadn’t been naked beside Kris a thousand times.  Sehun wet his lips and lowered his head toward Tao’s groin, bracing one hand on Kai’s thigh, his other hand guiding Tao’s erection between his lips.  There was movement around him, over him; a happy grunt from Tao, Chen’s hum of pleasure.  It turned Sehun on to be surrounded by his hyungs’ sexual activity, and as he sucked Tao’s cock, his hand slipped away from Kai’s leg, dropping to his own erection.

            A wet sound.  Kai’s voice.  “Hyung, are you even trying?”

            “Ya, keep going,” Kris said.  “I’m almost there.”

            “Oh,” Chen said unsteadily.  “Oh, oh, Tao-ah.”

            The best way to get Tao off was to do to him what he did to everyone else: suck like a runaway vacuum cleaner.  Sehun’s lips were sealed tightly around his cock, and Sehun sucked hard, bobbing fast.  Nothing fancy, no subtleties, no nuances, just hard suction, now.

            “Oh, oh!  Oh!  Oooohhhh!”  Chen held the last one like a long note, his pleasure vibrating in the air.  Turned on, Sehun sucked faster.

            “Whoa, oh, okay,” Kris gasped.  “There it is.”

            Kai coughed, coughed again, and spat.  Chen was laughing; Tao was moaning, humping upward, coming in Sehun’s mouth, delivering thick spurts of cum.

            While Chen and Kris left, Sehun sat back on his heels, wiping his mouth.  Tao was slumped against Kai, half-asleep already.

            Kai was eyeing Sehun’s mouth and fondling his erection.

            Sehun finished jacking off and came on Tao’s leg, then gave Kai a “not going to happen” look.  He was already tired, and he wasn’t finished for the night.

            D.O. unstealthed or something, showing up like he’d been lurking over Sehun’s shoulder the whole time.  “Ready for a shower?”

            “Yes,” Tao moaned, flailing a hand in D.O.’s direction.

            Laughing, D.O. pulled Sehun up first, then Tao, then Kai, and herded them toward the shower.  By the time they stumbled in, Kris was already leaving.  Chen helped D.O. to shove them under the water, laughing and kissing Tao before disappearing.

            Sehun kind of washed up and kind of let D.O. handle it.  He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes for a while.  When he opened them, Tao was drying off and Kai wasn’t hard anymore, so apparently he’d slept through something.  D.O. handed him a towel, and he dried off while everyone else left.

            He went to his room long enough to put on clean underwear.  Chen and Baekhyun were asleep on his bed, which he figured was fair.  He went to Suho’s room.  It was dark but the door was open, and he entered quietly.  “Suho hyung?”

            Suho was already asleep.  Aw, he looked so cute, curled up on his side, his lips parted.  Sehun rubbed his back and whispered, “Suho hyung.  Suho hyung, it’s Sehun.”

            Suho touched Sehun’s chest as if trying to orient himself in the dark room.  “Maknae.  What do you need?”

            “I’m horny,” he whispered.  “Can I suck your cock?”

            “No, you’ve had enough.”  Like he was a toddler asking for more candy.  “Just lay down and go to sleep,” Suho mumbled drowsily, scooting back.  He crawled onto the bed and was welcomed into Suho’s embrace.  Snuggling in, he closed his eyes.  “Sleep well,” Suho mumbled, stroking his hair, and he fell asleep.

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time