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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            In the back of the darkened van, Chunji yawned, rubbing his knee.  “Maknae.”

            On either side of him, C.A.P. and L.Joe dozed.  They’d finally finished their schedules for the night and were heading back to Seoul.  As soon as he got to the dorm, Chunji intended to crash land on his bed, get off in the nearest available mouth, and pass out.

            In the front passenger seat, Changjo didn’t respond or move.

            Ricky was slumped against the window; Niel was playing a handheld game.  “Maknae,” Chunji repeated, more firmly this time.  Then he kicked the back of Ricky’s seat.  “Get him.”

            Ricky kicked the back of Changjo’s seat.

            There was a pause; Chunji narrowed his eyes, silently daring Changjo not to respond.  Finally, Changjo stirred, turning to look over one shoulder, popping out an earbud.

            “Suck my cock when we get back,” Chunji said.

            Changjo nodded and turned back again.

            “We should do that line-up thing the EXO kids do,” C.A.P. said.

            First Chunji had to jump, startled, because what?!  Since when was C.A.P. awake?  Then he smiled to himself, because he liked the sound of C.A.P.’s deep, growly, just-been-sleeping voice.  Then he tried to figure out what C.A.P. was talking about.  “When the dongsaengs take care of their hyungs?”

            “Don’t we do that every day, anyway?” Ricky asked.

            Grinning ferally, Chunji kicked the back of Ricky’s seat.  “What, Ricky-goon?  Something to say?”

            Ricky kept his head down.

            C.A.P. chuckled lazily and rubbed between his thighs in the slow, meditative way he did when he was thinking about sex.  “Let’s do the line-up tonight.  It’s good when we’re tired, right?”

            “That’s what EXO uses it for,” Chunji said.  “How should we do it, the maknaes take two apiece?”

            “Why do the maknaes have to do it?” Niel asked.  “Why can’t I do it?”

            “You can take my spot, Niel hyung,” Ricky said quickly.  “It’s okay, I don’t mind.  If that’s what you want.”

            “Okay, Niel and Changjo can do it,” C.A.P. said.

            “Why Changjo?” Niel asked.  “Why do I have to share?”

            “Isn’t that the point?” Chunji asked.  “The maknaes handle two apiece, everybody finishes up and goes to sleep, it’s all done.  The five of us ganging up on your mouth is the same as any other night, it doesn’t solve the problem.”

            “It doesn’t have to be maknaes,” Ricky said.

            “Yeah, let’s have Niel and Chunji do it,” C.A.P. suggested.

            “Or Niel hyung and L.Joe hyung,” Ricky suggested.

            L.Joe kicked the back of Ricky’s seat, hard.

            Chunji laughed.  “Awake?”

            “Not awake,” L.Joe mumbled, huddling more tightly into himself in his corner.  “And not sucking cock.”

            “That’s not what Oh Sehun says,” Ricky muttered.

            L.Joe’s eyes opened a dangerous slit.

            “You might want to take that back,” Chunji advised.  Changjo turned around in the front seat to watch.

            “Take it back,” Niel whispered, nudging Ricky with his foot.

            “Why, is it embarrassing?” Ricky asked.  “It’s true, isn’t it?  He does it.”

            Chunji leaned to one side, against C.A.P.’s shoulder, getting out of the way.  In a flash, like he’d been ejected from a cannon, L.Joe flew forward, landing on Ricky.

            It wasn’t the most violent thing that had happened all day, but it made their manager decide that they needed a break, so he pulled over and dumped them out at a rest stop.  They peed and got drinks.  Some of the members had the sense to bundle up for the cold winds, but Chunji hadn’t, and L.Joe looked tiny and miserable, hugging himself and wincing as the wind tugged at his clothes and tousled his hair.

            Back in the van, Chunji snuggled in beside L.Joe for warmth, and L.Joe relaxed against him, head tucked on his shoulder.  “What should we do about the line-up?” Chunji asked as the van started toward Seoul again.  “Should we keep it traditional, or let Niel do it?”

            “That’s the point of a line-up, isn’t it?” C.A.P. asked.  “Simple, traditional, shove your cock in the maknae’s mouth, get off, and go to sleep.”

            “I like it,” L.Joe said.

            “What about us?” Ricky asked.  “Who’s going to get us off?”

            “I’ll do it,” Niel volunteered.

            Ricky made a disgruntled sound, the one he usually made when he was actually coming out of a grumpy mood and starting to feel appeased.

            With that settled, Chunji slept on L.Joe for the rest of the ride.

            Changjo liked the line-up.  He liked how easy and efficient it was.  He generally liked it when his members used him to get off.  He liked the way Niel’s hips rolled, the way Niel moaned, all low and husky, while Niel rocked to the back of his mouth.  He liked the way Ricky squirmed beside him, whimpering enthusiastically around the rough thrust of C.A.P.’s cock.  He liked the way L.Joe breathed hard, head back, hips rocking; he liked the way L.Joe came once and kept going, kept thrusting, making a desperate, whining sound and then quickly coming again, spurting into his mouth all over again.  He liked sitting back, relaxing, his pants open, Niel crouching down between his thighs and slurping happily on his rod.  He came in a hot rush while Ricky sucked Chunji off, Ricky’s head bobbing, Chunji stroking Ricky’s ears red.  Sated, drowsy, he didn’t feel like moving, so he stayed there in a limp sprawl on the couch while Chunji left and Niel moved to Ricky’s cock.  Ricky panted, turned on and red-cheeked, and Niel made ecstatic noises, enjoying the work like Ricky’s cock was the treat of a lifetime.

            “Go to bed,” C.A.P. called from the bedrooms.

            “Almost there,” Changjo called back.  On impulse, he kissed Ricky’s cheek.  Groaning happily, Ricky kissed him, and they made out for a moment, licking at each other, sucking lightly.  The soft, slow thrust of Ricky’s tongue made his toes curl.  And then Ricky shuddered, and Niel moaned gratefully, and Changjo smiled, sitting back and watching them, petting Niel’s tousled hair while Ricky’s eyelashes fluttered.  What an easy, simple way to finish the night.  He felt sleepy and relaxed, felt comfortable now that he’d gotten off and shed some of the day’s stress.  “Ready for bed?” he asked, as Niel nuzzled contentedly against Ricky’s thigh.

            “Mmm.”  Ricky turned toward Changjo, wrapping an arm around him and kissing him again, looking relaxed and heavy-lidded.  “Yes, ready.”

            A few weeks later as Woohyun checked his phone and Hoya mopped up sweat, Sungyeol leaned against the practice room wall.  “Remember that thing EXO was talking about?  That line-up thing they do after long days?”

            “Mmm?”  L glanced at him.  “What?”

            Flipping his hair out of his eyes, Sungjong drifted away from them.

            “After a long day, everybody lines up before bed.  Two rows,” Sungyeol said, gesturing.  “They take turns in front of the maknaes, and the maknaes suck them off.  Then everybody goes to bed satisfied.”

            L laughed.  “And it has to be the two youngest, right?”

            Sungyeol laughed, putting an arm around him.  “That’s not a problem, is it?”

            “No,” L said, smiling.  “It’s okay, I’ll do it.”

            “I’ll do it,” Dongwoo volunteered.  “Can I get two at a time?  Can I get some in the ass, too?”

            “That’s really not the point,” Sungyeol said.

            “We could all line up and take turns in Dongwoo hyung’s ass,” L suggested, laughing.  “That sounds just as fun, anyway.”

            “Dongwoo hyung’s ass and your ass?” Sungyeol suggested.

            “Dongwoo hyung’s ass and Hoya hyung’s ass?” L suggested, smiling at Hoya.

            Hoya smiled, tossing him a towel.  “You wish.”

            “Not the point,” Dongwoo mumbled to himself, squinting at Sungyeol.  “What is the point?”

            “To be efficient,” Sungyeol explained.

            “What’s efficient?” Dongwoo asked.  “Isn’t it the most efficient if we all do it at once?  I blow you, you blow him, you blow him, all at once, all together, and then everybody’s done.”

            “That is the most efficient,” L said.

            “Who wants that?” Woohyun asked, laughing.  “Who says, ‘Whew, that was some great sex!  It was really efficient!’”

            “I’ll do it,” Hoya said.  “Like a daisy chain.  If everybody does it.”

            Sungyeol wondered why he was emphasizing “everybody” like that.  And then he got it.  “Uh, everybody isn’t going to agree to it.”

            “Why not?” Dongwoo asked.  “Who doesn’t like blowjobs?”

            “I don’t know,” L said.  “Let’s find out.  It doesn’t hurt to ask him, right?”

            Hoya winced, looking doubtful.  “Sometimes it does.”

            “No,” Sunggyu said, crossing his arms over his chest and scowling.  “No, whose idea was this?  It’s a terrible idea, no.  Just go to bed on your own, you don’t need to play sex games first.”

            “It’s not really a game,” Woohyun said.

            “Right, it’s just a quick way to get off,” Sungyeol said.

            “Should we go in age order?” Dongwoo asked.  “I’ll blow Gyu-nim, and Namu can blow me, like that.”

            “Sure,” Hoya said.  He glanced at Sungyeol, then at L.  “Did I mention that my birthday’s in December?”

            “Age order,” Sunggyu repeated.  “I’m at the top of the ladder?”

            “It’s not a ladder, it’s a closed circle,” Dongwoo said.  “It goes around and around.”

            Sunggyu scowled again, shaking his head.  “Where do you get these bad ideas?”

            “What do you have against blowjobs?” L asked, laughing.

            “Should we choose partners?” Dongwoo asked.  “Gyu hyung chooses who he wants to blow, and then that person chooses who he wants to blow, like that.”

            “Yes,” Sunggyu said immediately.  “Yes, we’ll start from the top and choose.  I’ll blow L.”

            “Okay, I’ll play along,” Hoya said.  “But that’s a funny way to pronounce ‘Hoya.’”

            “L, L, L, I said, ‘L,’” Sunggyu said, dragging L to his side.

            “I get to choose who I want to blow?” L asked, looking them over.

            “It’s just naming who has your favorite cock, no pressure,” Sungyeol said, edging towards him.

            He laughed.  “Don’t be upset, I have to choose Woohyun hyung, I don’t want him to hold a grudge about not being picked first.”

            “I won’t hold a grudge, I don’t care,” Woohyun said.  “I didn’t even notice, did someone choose you over me?”

            “Who do you want to blow?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Not any of you,” he said, laughing, looking them over.  Sungyeol flipped him off.  “Sungjong, I’ll take the maknae,” he decided, holding out his hand.

            “Good choice,” Sungjong said, taking his hand and moving to his side.  “Okay, um.”  Sungjong studied the remaining members.  “Sungyeol hyung.”

            “We’re going in a circle,” Sunggyu said.  “Whoever’s chosen last is going to blow me?”

            “Do we need to draw a circle for you to understand?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Shut up.  Okay, Sungyeol chooses Dongwoo, Dongwoo chooses Hoya, let’s go,” Sunggyu said.  “Wait, do we have to do this on the floor?  I don’t want to roll around on the floor.”

            “Hold on, why am I last?” Hoya asked.

            “Because Gyu hyung wants you to blow him,” Dongwoo explained.

            “If it’s blowjobs, it’s Hoya hyung,” Sungjong agreed, nodding.

            “Hey, what about me?” L asked.

            “If it’s blowjobs, it’s L,” Hoya told him.  He smiled.

            “I’m somebody’s favorite, right?” Sunggyu asked.  “If it’s blowjobs, it’s hyung?”

            “You have to give more of them if you want that to happen,” Woohyun told him.

            “I give plenty!  I do it all of the time!”

            “Here, we’ll start,” Dongwoo said, pushing his pants and underwear down.  He sat down on the floor and reached for Hoya.

            “Wait, take your shirt off, too,” Sungyeol said as everyone started to undress.  “It looks weird if we’re all in shirts and no pants.”

            “Looks weird to who, who’s watching?” Woohyun asked, laughing.

            “I have to look at everybody.  Maybe I want to see some skin,” Sungyeol said, grinning and slapping at Woohyun’s side.

            “Rolling around naked on the floor,” Sunggyu grumbled, undressing more slowly than everyone else.  “This had better be a fantastic blowjob.”

            “Then you’d better bring a fantastic cock,” Hoya said.  “I’m only as good as what I have to work with.”

            Straightening, Sunggyu pinned Hoya with a long, hard look.  When everyone else started laughing, he pointed down at his own crotch and said, “This, I’m bringing you this, this is what I have for you.  I don’t want to hear a lot of complaints, this is all I have.  What do you want me to do, grow a different one in the next thirty seconds?  Don’t get all demanding and choosy.  I didn’t get to pick my main dancer, you don’t get to pick my cock, we all deal with what we end up with, all right?”

            “I wasn’t complaining,” Hoya insisted, laughing.  “I wasn’t!”

            “Damned selfish kids,” Sunggyu muttered, sitting down on the floor.  “L, come here, let’s get this over with.”

            They all sat in a circle, but no one moved into position.  Pulling L down, Sunggyu started to stretch out, and then he froze, staring around the circle.  “What?” he demanded, sitting up again, blushing.  “Don’t stare!”

            “I’m just, uh, getting in the mood,” Sungyeol said.  “Go ahead, you’re the leader, you can start.”

            “Yeah, you start,” Sungjong said.  “Set a good example for us.”

            “Not while you’re all watching!” Sunggyu exclaimed.  “Blindfolds, don’t we have blindfolds?”

            “Okay, you know we have blindfolds,” Sungyeol said.  “Who in this dorm doesn’t know that we have blindfolds?”

            “Don’t know anything about it,” Hoya mumbled, looking away and rubbing his jaw.

            “We don’t need blindfolds,” Woohyun said.  “We’ve all seen each other do this, I know what you look like with a cock in your mouth.”

            “Why is it embarrassing?” Dongwoo asked.  “It’s just sex, it’s fun.”

            “We’ll do the circle without you,” L told Sunggyu.

            “Well, don’t leave me out of it,” Sunggyu grumbled, scratching behind his ear.

            Sungyeol rolled his eyes.  Woohyun said, “We’ll do most of the circle, from L blowing me to Hoya blowing you.  And then you can blow L later.”

            “Okay, good,” Sunggyu agreed, nodding, looking relieved.  “That’s good.”

            L studied him.  “Why are you reminding me of Suho hyung?”

            Sunggyu stared at him, jaw dropping.  “Take it back!”

            L shrugged.

            Appalled, Sunggyu turned to Woohyun.  “He called me a frigid prude who can’t take care of my own members!”

            “No!” Woohyun exclaimed, pretending to be shocked.

            “He did!”

            “L-ah!” Woohyun scolded.  To Sunggyu, he said, “You should fuck all of us really well, to prove him wrong.  Really give it to us, over and over, all week.”

            “All month,” Hoya said.

            “All month would be good,” Sungyeol agreed.

            “Not that I care,” Hoya added quickly.

            “No, not that I’m interested,” Sungyeol said.

            “Just, if you wanted to prove L wrong,” Hoya said.

            “Yeah, that’s just a good way to do it,” Sungyeol said.

            “Naked cocks everywhere I look,” Dongwoo said, tapping at Sungyeol’s.  “Can we start?”

            “Yes, start,” Sunggyu said.  He scowled at Hoya.  “If it’s good enough for you.”

            “Eh,” Hoya said, trying to feign indifference but already eyeing it, licking his lips.  “Yeah, it’ll do.”

            The seven of them curled up in a circle, from Hoya’s head in Sunggyu’s lap to L’s nose buried in Woohyun’s pubes.  Resting his hand on Hoya’s hair, Sunggyu watched.  Everyone had a different rhythm, different technique.  Dongwoo was playful and messy; Hoya was neat and dedicated.  Sungjong started off licking the head, teasing it; L started off on Woohyun’s balls, nuzzling, mouthing them.  Sungyeol was stroking Dongwoo’s thighs, petting his stomach, caressing his ass, feeling him up and soothing his undulating body.  Woohyun was running his fingers up and down Sungjong’s cleft, teasing, riling him up, making him buck and shake.

            Sungyeol and Sungjong came first.  Dongwoo came carelessly, messily, groaning.  When Hoya came, Dongwoo dragged his hips over and spat his load out onto his cleft.  Woohyun came, and L moaned, crawling up his body, kissing his chest.  Woohyun and L rolled over, making out, while Dongwoo started fingering Hoya’s asshole, making horny, curious sounds.  Sungjong pulled Sungyeol away, disappearing together down the darkened hallway.  Hoya was still working on Sunggyu’s cock, sucking steadily, swallowing pre-cum, groaning when Dongwoo’s fingers curled inside him.

            The point of all of this was supposed to be to get off fast, but Sunggyu didn’t want to come yet.  The wet, sexy things Hoya was doing to his cock felt fantastic; why would he want to rush this?  “Don’t distract him,” he told Dongwoo.  He liked Hoya’s single-minded focus.  “Go take Woohyun to your room.  And leave L here, I want him for later.”

            Dongwoo pried Woohyun off of L, and the two of them left.  L rested his head on Sunggyu’s thigh and watched right up close, stroking Hoya’s hair.

            When Sunggyu finally came, it was a rough, fiery explosion, and it was such a huge release, such a relief, that he sank back and just breathed for a while, exhausted.

            “Good?” L asked.

            “Eh,” Hoya said, sounding breathless.  “No complaints.”

            When Sunggyu was finished resting, he sat up.  He was alone with L, who was curled up beside him and completely passed out.  Feeling sorry, feeling fond, he stroked L’s cheek, then rubbed the side of L’s neck.  “Dongsaeng-ah.  L-ah.  Come to bed, you can’t sleep here.”

            He finally coaxed L up and into his bed, but L was too sleepy, so he tucked L in for the night.  At this rate, it would be hours until he did what he was supposed to do.  This quick line-up stuff wasn’t nearly as helpful as he’d been told it would be.

            In the morning, they slept too late and didn’t have time for sex.  Over the course of the day, he sort of convinced himself to forget all about it.  Probably if he didn’t bring it up, L wouldn’t ask for it, and they could all move on.  It was a silly game, anyway, it didn’t mean anything.

            But he didn’t like to dodge his responsibilities.  And he didn’t like being compared to Young Money.  He took care of his members, damn it.

            So that night, he told Woohyun to play with L in the shower, and while they were in there, he changed his sheets.  He pulled L into his room and they started off nicely, just kissing, just touching, until L was moaning and relaxed and wanting him.

            He licked L open, taking his time with it, and then he used his fingers, to get everything nice and slick, and then he slid in a plug, because he was going to want to get in there later.  Groaning, L writhed, asking him for it, pulling on him.  He fucked L gently with the plug, moving it just enough to make L shudder and beg for his cock.  Then he went down on L, and he made it good.  He made it so good that L came twice, squirming all over his bed, coming apart in his hands, making desperate, anguished sounds and moaning in ecstasy.  After he’d swallowed for the second time, he tugged the plug out.  He crawled up L’s body and slid in, and L welcomed him like it had never been so good, groaning blissfully and clinging to him, eating him up with those gorgeous, soulful eyes.

            He made love to L all night.  The more L soaked up his affection, the more he gave, and the more lewd L wanted it, the raunchier he got.  He made sure that every desire L had was sated, that there was nothing left that L could want.  Then he got a couple of his own needs taken care of, and, god, it was always just right with L.  When they were finished, and L was cuddled up in his arms, boneless and smiling dreamily, he said, “I love you,” and kissed the side of L’s head.  L just hummed blissfully and snuggled closer, eyes closed.  “Was it good?”

            “Mmm.”  L’s arm tightened around him.  “It was the best.”

            “I blew you all right, you aren’t going to complain?”

            Eyes opening, L smiled at him.  “It was good, hyung.”  L kissed his mouth.  “It was perfect.”

            “Good.”  He pulled the sheet up, solicitously tucking L in.  “Are you going to stop comparing me to Young Money?”

            L chuckled a little, stroking his side.  “I’m not thinking about anybody else, anybody else in the world, besides you.”

            Okay.  Good answer.  He was okay with that answer.  “I’m glad you’re happy,” he confessed, gazing into L’s beautiful eyes.  So close like this, he could see all of the shades of brown, all of the emotion.  “You made hyung really happy tonight, too.”

            L slept cuddled against him, tucked under his chin, close and safe.  Intimate.  Trusting.

            Doing it this way, this line-up, or circle, or whatever it was called, had definitely not been an efficient solution.  But Sunggyu thought that they should do it again soon.

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