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[Series, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Myname, Teen Top
This series is based around the Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) from September 9, 2013. If you don’t know what the ISAC is or aren’t familiar with that day in particular, don’t worry about it; you’ll be able to follow the plot just fine anyway. It’s a big crossover with a lot of pairings and a lot of cameos, but the main stars are Infinite, Teen Top, EXO, and MyName’s Insoo.

The stories are meant to be read in the order they appear on this page, top to bottom.  They skip around in time but the chronology is simple to understand.

This series is set in a time warp where Changjo's 18.

At the ISAC
[4,700 words, NC-17] Infinite, EXO - Dongwoo/L, Kris/Suho

“Did you hear about that note? The one with the jacket?”

Who Wrote It
Begins the day after the ISAC.
[10,400 words, NC-17] Infinite, EXO, Teen Top, MBLAQ - L.Joe/Changjo, Seungho/Joon, Dongwoo/L

What was it like, though, to feel strongly enough about someone to write that stuff so shamelessly?

Orange Jackets
Set in time during the ISAC.
[12,600 words, NC-17] Infinite, EXO, Teen Top, MyName - Kris/Suho, Insoo/Chen, L.Joe/Changjo

“Did you see anyone pick up a jacket? See anyone put on a jacket?”
“So many orange jackets,” Kris said, getting up and staring out across the field.

The Phone
Set in time during the ISAC.
[7,900 words, NC-17] Infinite, EXO, Teen Top - Woohyun/Sehun, Sunggyu/Woohyun, L.Joe/Changjo

On his way out, he stopped by the bathroom. At first, he ignored the pink jacket hanging over the edge of the sink, but then he thought about the blowjob note, and the paper in his own pocket, and the phone number Baekhyun was looking for. Just for the hell of it, he checked the jacket’s pockets.
And pulled out a phone.

Begins immediately after the ISAC.
[33,900 words, NC-17] Infinite, EXO, Teen Top, MyName - Hoya/Baekhyun, Insoo/Chen, Woohyun/Sehun, Sunggyu/Tao, Chunji/Ricky, Dongwoo/L

It was like a mystery he had to solve. Tao didn’t understand why it was so difficult to figure out. One stupid note. In movies, there were always people willing to say too much and someone full of cryptic comments which put all of the clues in a new light. In reality, however, everyone was frustratingly quiet and no one would tell him anything. The Infinite members only said things like, “What are you talking about?” and, “I’m not going to talk about that over the phone,” and, “Are you still talking about this?” His own members said, “Tao, shut up,” and, “Aren’t you getting a little obsessed?”

Just for a Month
Takes place before the ISAC.
[31,300 words, NC-17] Teen Top - C.A.P./Chunji, L.Joe/Changjo

“Ricky and Niel? You and me, boyfriends?” L.Joe rolled his eyes. “What are we supposed to do, hold hands and go on dates?”

What I Want
Takes place after "Just for a Month."
[2,300 words, NC-17] Teen Top - C.A.P./Chunji

No matter how many other men there were, no matter how much Chunji liked them, Chunji always came back to him, home to him, his bed, his body. He was the one Chunji stayed with, the one Chunji committed to.

They Want You
Takes place after "Just for a Month."
[1,900 words, NC-17] Teen Top - C.A.P./Chunji, L.Joe/Changjo

“Every time I see him,” C.A.P. began, and Chunji knew what he was going to say next enough to mouth it along with him, “I remember what you said about him.”



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