The Phone

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This story is the fourth in a series.
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Daeryoung sat comfortably in the grass under the shade of a large umbrella.  To his right was Henry Lau; to his left was a pile of orange jackets.

            He saw L come by and dig through the pile.  He meant to say hello, but L looked too distracted for conversation.

            Not long after, Kris pawed through the jackets.  “Looking for something?” Henry asked.

            “Ah, there was a bigger jacket,” Kris said.  “My size.”

            “What are you trying to say?” Henry asked, laughing.  “Are you calling me little?”

            Kris looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded.  “Yep.”

            Not long after that, Chen stopped by and searched the jackets.  When Daeryoung said hi, Chen replied brightly but seemed preoccupied.

            Daeryoung shared a look with Henry.  “Are we missing out on a treasure hunt?  What’s everyone searching for?”

            “These guys?” Henry asked, leaning back in the shade.  “Probably lube.”

            As Kris walked away with the blowjob note, Tao muttered, “Ice cube, my ass.  That was about.”  He gave Sehun a look.  “You know what it was about.”

            “Not an ice cube,” Sehun agreed.  He felt kind of sorry for whoever had lost that note.  No, not really sorry, more like amused at their expense and grateful that he wasn’t involved.  Glad that it wasn’t happening to him.  With that in mind, he tucked his hands into his pockets, seeking the reassurance that his own note was there.

            Chunji knew that he shouldn’t do anything incriminating on his phone.  It was just that sometimes the temptation proved irresistible.  So he had an agreement with himself.  He tried to keep his phone as clean as he could, and every night before he went to sleep, he purged his phone of whatever inappropriate material he’d gathered over the course of the day.  Usually it wasn’t much - - flirty text messages, maybe, that could be “misconstrued” if his phone fell into the wrong hands.

            The ISAC was proving to be fertile ground for temptation.  Hot guys everywhere he looked, all of them good-looking and athletic, all of them bored and seeking diversion.  He wasn’t actually going to do anything on the grounds, but there was no problem in making a few connections, right?

            He flirted with Mir, to warm up and get in the mood.  As he was walking away, feeling very good about his prospects, Ricky texted him.  “I think I’m becoming a Kiss Me.”

            Grinning, he texted back: “Yes!”  The U-Kiss members looked incredible.  Buff, adult, and on the prowl.  Chunji always had fun with young, pretty guys, but mature and sexy pushed all of his buttons.  He drifted in their direction and spent some time talking with Kevin and Eli, imagining himself in the middle of a U-Kiss sandwich.  Then Kiseop walked over, looking so good that Chunji took a photo of the three of them together, then the three of them with him.

            As they parted ways, Eli drifting off with his arm around Kiseop, Chunji got Kevin’s number.  Kevin’s smile was a little too meaningful, lingered a little too long, so Chunji tested his interest.

            “Ugh, this wind.”  Chunji patted ineffectually at his hair.  “Is it a mess?”

            With a smile, Kevin stroked his bangs, smoothing his hair for him, thumb skimming his cheek.  “You look great,” Kevin murmured, gazing right into his eyes.

            Bingo.  Chunji smiled back at him.  “Maybe we could go out for coffee sometime.”

            Still gazing meaningfully into Chunji’s eyes, Kevin finally lowered his hand.  “I’d like that.”

            Licking his lips, Chunji shifted closer, dropping his voice.  “Do you and Eli hyung ever get coffee together?”

            Kevin laughed, a bright and happy sound.  His smile practically sparkled as he said, “Yeah.  Yeah, we do.”  He squeezed Chunji’s hand.  “Give me a call later this week.  I’ll take care of it.”

            Sehun was standing with Kai, disinterestedly watching idols wander around the field, when he noticed Woohyun heading in his direction.  For a moment, he felt a surprising rush of energy - - and then he realized that Woohyun wasn’t walking toward him after all, but toward Xiumin and Dongwoo, who were seated nearby, talking with U-Kiss.

            It embarrassed him to have perked up so immediately.  It embarrassed him to have felt so happy and even turned on - - yes, aroused - - at the prospect of Woohyun coming over to speak with him.  Now Woohyun was talking with Xiumin and Dongwoo, and smiling at them, and it embarrassed him further to realize how much he liked that smile, how much he wanted to be the one Woohyun smiled at, how much he wanted to slide his palm down Woohyun’s sun-warmed, bare, muscular arm.

            Shit.  What was wrong with him?  That flirtation earlier had been fun, but it hadn’t meant anything.  It had turned him on.  A lot.  By the end, he’d been ready to stop teasing and get right to it.  Was that the problem?  He’d gotten too worked up, but hadn’t been able to do anything about it?

            He’d expected to walk away and not really care anymore.  That was usually how it went.  When he had sex with strangers, they were no more than strangers to him afterward; when he had sex with acquaintances, he felt no sudden interest in getting to know them better afterward; when he had sex with friends, they remained friends.  But now Woohyun was merely in the vicinity and he was flustered, of all things.  It was disturbing.

            Had he really thought that he was unaffected?  He still had that paper in his pocket, didn’t he?

            Irritated with himself, he deliberately looked away from Woohyun, looking at Kai, at the grass, at the track.  Then, trying not to scowl, he let himself look at Woohyun again.

            Shit.  He was attracted to Woohyun.  He probably even wanted Woohyun to like him.

            He hadn’t expected any of this, and it made him uneasy.  The best thing to do would be to act on it, to resolve things.

            He didn’t want to drag it out.  Considering how quickly their earlier flirtation had escalated, it would be simple enough to seduce Woohyun, get what he wanted, and end it.  He could probably even make it happen this afternoon.

            Oh, god.  Fumbling his phone out of his pocket, Chunji wished he were pulling out his cock, instead.  Trying to be discreet and not sure how well he was managing it, he took as many photos as he could, then just switched to video and went with it.  Swallowing drool, he tried to keep his hand steady.

            Those thighs.  Those arms.  Those thighs.  That chest.  Those thighs.  That jaw.  Those thighs.  “Hoya hyung,” he murmured to himself, staring as Hoya stretched, muscles flexing.  “You are my destiny.”

            Woohyun approached Hoya.  Chunji recorded them together for a moment, then sent the video to L.Joe and the photos to Ricky along with: “Look.  Then delete.”

            L.Joe texted back, “Ah, it feels good.”

            Ricky texted back, “I think I’m becoming an Inspirit.”

            Chunji texted back, “Hoji couple forever.  Did you see his thighs?  I’m already coming.”

            Ricky texted back, “Yes, me too.”  L.Joe texted back, “C.A.P. hyung says have fun and stop putting nasty crap on your phone.”

            Maybe he should delete the video.  No, he at least had to watch it a few more times first.  Oh, yes, Woohyun was massaging Hoya’s thighs.  “I like it, I like it,” Chunji said, starting to record again.

            It had started simply.  Woohyun and Sehun had been waiting for a race to begin.  The announcers had been taking forever, chatting about this and that, interviewing everyone, and then there had been some hold-up with the officials.  Finding a clipboard some staff member had abandoned, Woohyun had sat on the track.  The paperwork was boring, but at least he had some blank paper and a pen, so he’d doodled, drawing the latest incarnation of Infinite’s symbol.

            He’d rather interact with someone else than draw on his own, so he struck up a conversation with Sehun, partly because it was always good to foster goodwill with other idols and partly because Sehun was so good-looking.

            They started a word game.  Passing the pen back and forth, he wrote one character, Sehun writing the second, creating words and sentences little by little.  They started off with the basics: This is boring.  Let’s start already.  Then it became more personal: I’m going to win.  I’m going to kick your ass.  Then it got interesting: You’re so handsome.  I like you.

            After that, they grew more and more bold, more daring, until they were writing things like: I love Nam Woohyun’s cock.  I think Oh Sehun gives fantastic blowjobs.  I wish we were fucking right now.  My cock is so hard.  Yes, I want to suck it for you.

            Then another idol had loomed over them, intruding.  While Sehun stuffed the paper into his pocket, Woohyun hopped up, striking up a conversation.  Moments later, as they did some last-minute stretching, Woohyun had caught Sehun’s eye and said, “Tear that up and throw it away.”  At the time, it had seemed too obvious, but he’d said it anyway, just to be on the safe side.  Then the race had begun.

            Woohyun wasn’t used to innocent flirtation turning raunchy that fast.  Sehun either had a wicked, audacious sense of humor or was too sex-hungry to be discreet.  Either way, Woohyun wanted him.  That good-looking, that straightforward, and eager for cock?  Woohyun couldn’t have constructed a better fantasy.

            Chunji tried to flirt with Hongbin, but he didn’t get anywhere.  It was disappointing, but he tried not to take it too personally; Xiumin had already warned him that Hongbin didn’t respond to anyone but Ravi.

            He tried L, but L seemed preoccupied.  Sungyeol was much more receptive, until Niel came along and stole all of the attention.  Then Sungjong sashayed past, flashing him a look of warning.  The two of them had never been able to share hunting ground; annoyed, accepting that Infinite was off-limits, Chunji moved on.

            While he was wondering if Sungjong was staking a claim on Infinite only or the orange team as a whole, he bumped into Soohyun and Hoon.  He asked about Dongho - - he’d been knocking on that door for years - - and then he asked about his hair.  Soohyun fixed his bangs for him, and Hoon smiled at him, resting a hand on his waist.

            He wondered how often Soohyun and Hoon went out for coffee together.

            Reaching for his phone, he asked for Hoon’s number.  Hunh, his phone wasn’t in his jacket pockets.

            Or in his pants.

            Or anywhere in sight fuck he’d lost his phone oh god.  “My phone,” he said, turning panicked, beseeching eyes on Soohyun and Hoon, patting his pockets again in hopeless desperation.  “I don’t have my phone.”

            Looking for a convenient, safe place to take Woohyun, Sehun scouted out the offices.  While all of the idols sweated and burned on the field, managers and staff members were inside, conferring.  Sehun found an empty room at the end of a hallway.  He checked it out thoroughly, investigating the corners for surveillance equipment, but didn’t find even a hint of a camera.  Satisfied with the room, he stood in the hallway for a little while to check on traffic patterns.  Most of the activity was happening at the other end of the hallway; no one even came down as far as that room.

            On his way out, he stopped by the bathroom.  At first, he ignored the pink jacket hanging over the edge of the sink, but then he thought about the blowjob note, and the paper in his own pocket, and the phone number Chen was looking for.  Just for the hell of it, he checked the jacket’s pockets.

            And pulled out a phone.

            Hunh.  Looking down at it, he smirked.  Wasn’t this interesting?

            Even better: it wasn’t locked.

            Pocketing it, he strolled away.  Back on the field, sitting under an umbrella and letting it shield him from the general view, he poked around in the phone.  Judging by what he found, it belonged to Chunji from Teen Top.  Also, Chunji was gay, and perpetually horny, and definitely involved with C.A.P., and, hmm.  Baekhyun was going to want to see this.

            Staring raptly at the video, Baekhyun couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Shit, Hoya had nice thighs.  So muscular, so butch.  Baekhyun wanted to slide his hands over them and kneel down between them and rub his face against that strong, hard, muscular thigh.  Wanted to peel down Hoya’s shorts and rub his face-

            “Hoya hyung.”  There was a purring sound.  “You are my destiny.”

            Startled, Baekhyun looked more closely at the phone, then at Sehun.  “Who was that?”

            Sehun shrugged, putting the phone in his pocket.  “Nobody.”

            “Whose phone is that?  Where did you get it?”

            “Aren’t you embarrassed to have a hard-on in front of fans?” Sehun asked, backing away.

            “Give me that phone,” Baekhyun ordered, reaching for him.

            “Sorry, hyung.  I have to give it back.”

            Baekhyun caught his sleeve and dragged him close again.  “Just let me watch it once more.”

            “I don’t know.  I don’t know!”  Rubbing at his forehead, Chunji paced back and forth before dropping onto the grass and slumping over, his head in C.A.P.’s lap.  “My life is over.”

            “Yeah.  It is.”  C.A.P. pushed him away.

            With a burst of aggravated energy, he writhed in the grass, kicking his feet.  Feeling better, he sat up.  “We have to find it.”

            “You didn’t delete that video, did you?”

            He wished that C.A.P.’s eyes weren’t hidden behind shades.  Then he thought about the way C.A.P. was probably looking at him, and decided to be grateful for the barrier.  “I was going to.”

            “And the texts?  About Hoji and your jizz?”

            Licking his teeth, he looked down at the grass.

            C.A.P.’s deep voice held no emotion whatsoever.  “Find that phone.”

            Woohyun was talking to Sungyeol and Daeryoung when Sehun strolled by, cool and self-possessed.  Catching his eye, Woohyun grinned.  Eyebrows faintly raised, Sehun smiled back at him, and heat crackled in the air between them as they shared the moment, shared their own private, sexual secret.

            Then, with a start, Woohyun noticed that Sehun’s hands were in the pockets of his pants, and that a white corner poked out of one pocket.  A white corner of paper?  Walking over, Woohyun closed the gap between them.  “Enjoying the events?”

            He loved Sehun’s chic expression.  It was adorable to see someone so young trying to look so cool.  “They’re not bad.”  Sehun held his gaze, unblinking.  “There should be more word games.”

            He smiled at that; he was flattered that Sehun had liked their little game.  It had been a stupid thing to do, a risk.  If he’d been thinking, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.  But Sehun was so handsome, he’d started listening to the urgings of his cock and not the cautions from his brain.  “You threw it away?”

            Calmly, Sehun shook his head.  “No.”

            The longer that paper existed, the more of a risk they took.  “Why not?”

            “I liked it,” Sehun said bluntly.  “I wanted to keep it.”

            That was even more flattering, but, “You can’t.”

            Without responding to that, Sehun glanced around.  “I want to show you something.”  A step back, then another.  “Not here.”

            Wondering what he was up to, Woohyun went with him.

            “Lost his phone?” L.Joe repeated.  “Oh, shit.”

            Changjo was never going to understand how hyungs who were always lecturing him and Ricky on behaving like idols could do such stupid, reckless things.

            C.A.P. told them to help Chunji find the phone.  When he’d walked away, Changjo looked at L.Joe, wondering.  “You don’t have anything weird on your phone, do you?”

            “Nope.”  L.Joe looked around the field, then scanned the bleachers.  “He could have left it anywhere.”

            “Let me see your phone.”

            A teasing, wary glance.  L.Joe leaned away from him, a protective hand in one pocket.  “Why?”

            “I want to see what’s on it!  You’re always taking pictures.”

            “There’s nothing!”

            He smiled.  “If there’s nothing, then let me look at it.”

            “There’s nothing!” L.Joe repeated.

            Laughing, he asked, “You have photos of your junk, don’t you?”

            “No!”  L.Joe pushed him.  Then, with a hint of a smirk: “Why mine?  Why not yours?”

            Wait, was he joking?  “Hyung!  You-”

            “No!  No,” L.Joe insisted, laughing.  “Here, look.”  Thumbing the screen, he handed the phone over.  “See?  Nothing dirty.”

            Taking the phone, Changjo flipped through L.Joe’s photos.  It was all basic, all stuff he recognized: himself, the other members, the field.  Himself, fans, himself, L.Joe, himself, more fans, the river at night, L.Joe and Chunji dancing, Niel and Ricky eating, himself again.  The more he scrolled, the more variety he saw, but he kept staring at his own face.  Some of the photos, he remembered posing for, remembered L.Joe instructing him on how to stand.  Some of them he didn’t recall at all, but there he was, dancing, practicing, sweating, laughing, eating, in the salon, at the dorm, asleep.  The sleeping pictures weren’t even naughty.  It was just him, his eyes closed, his face relaxed, his lips parted like he was waiting for L.Joe to kiss him.

            “See?”  L.Joe took the phone from him.  “It’s not even interesting.”

            Actually, Changjo found it fascinating.  He knew that L.Joe liked him, but they didn’t discuss how much.  He knew that L.Joe was attracted to him - - their enthusiastic sex life testified to that - - but this made it seem like L.Joe liked simply looking at him.  Wasn’t that weird?  It didn’t feel weird.  It just made him wish that he had a stash of photos of L.Joe.  Pulling his phone out, he shot a picture, then another.

            “Ya!”  L.Joe shoved him.  “Warn me next time!”

            Changjo smiled at the photos.  There was his happy, indignant hyung, eyes crinkled up cheerfully here, then wide with mock outrage.  Pink lips curving in a smile in one photo; jaw dropping in protest in another.  “You’re cute.”

            “Ya.  Sexy,” L.Joe insisted.  “I’m sexy.”

            “Hyung.”  His hand sliding over L.Joe’s nape, he leaned in, brushing L.Joe’s ear with the tip of his nose, lowering his voice.  “You think I don’t know you’re sexy?  After last night?”

            Shying away, L.Joe punched him in the shoulder, laughing.  “Shut up!  Don’t tease!”

            While Changjo was smiling, enjoying the way L.Joe blushed, Chunji ran up, sagging against him and gripping the front of his shirt.  “You two have to help me.  I’m so screwed.”

            Having locked the door, Sehun was scanning the ceiling, looking intently around the room.

            Woohyun followed his gaze but didn’t see anything.  “What are you doing?”

            “Looking for cameras.”  He studied the ceiling again.  “I don’t think this room is monitored.”

            He was so good-looking, Woohyun enjoyed just standing there watching him, studying his face, his lean, smooth cheek, his small, soft mouth.  Now that they were alone, Woohyun couldn’t help but wonder if that brash sexuality was all talk or not.  With the slightest provocation, he talked like he wanted to light up Woohyun’s world, but if Woohyun really made a move, how would he respond?

            “While I was looking around, I found this.  There’s some interesting stuff on it.”  He took a phone from his pocket.

            He had someone’s phone?  And he’d gone through it?  The conniving little brat.  Woohyun was more attracted to him than ever.


            Leaning in, he saw what looked like a video taken that very afternoon.  It was simple footage of Hoya stretching.  For a moment, Woohyun waited for something to happen, for the video to get to the point.  And then he realized that Hoya was the point.  It took him an extra beat to go from seeing Hoya, his member, to seeing Hoya, a hot guy, but once he made the switch, he appreciated the video much, much more.  Wearing shorts, Hoya was stretching, shaking out his legs.  His strong, muscular thighs looked great - - and having spent a considerable amount of time locked between those thighs, Woohyun could testify that they felt even better than they looked.  He looked fit, athletic, ready to fight or fuck, and when he rolled his head to loosen his neck and shoulders, whoever was recording moaned out loud.

            “Hoya hyung.”  A soft, sexy purr.  “You are my destiny.”

            Woohyun stared at Sehun.

            Laughing, Sehun played it for him again.

            “Hoya hyung.”  Purr.  “You are my destiny.”

            He knew that voice.  That was Chunji.  Woohyun would bet on it: that was Chunji.  “Have you shown this to anyone?”

            “Just you.  You’re here, too,” Sehun added, and played him another video.

            There he was, onscreen, massaging Hoya’s thighs.  “I like it, I like it,” Chunji said.  “Mmm, that’s nice.  Higher, hyung, higher.”  As his hands rubbed higher, fingers slipping under the hem of Hoya’s shorts, Chunji said, breathlessly, “Oh, yes, that’s nice.”

            Sehun laughed.  “I think he likes you.”

            Flashing him a smile, Woohyun said, “I’m very likable.”

            Sehun smiled at him in return, an appreciative smile, flirtatious.  “I know.”

            This kid.  Woohyun barely knew him and already felt all kinds of urges to indulge him, to fuck him, to spoil him.  Taking the phone from his hand, Woohyun said, “I’ll put this where it belongs.  You don’t know anything about it.”

            “I don’t know a thing,” he agreed, nodding solemnly.  His eye smiles were adorable.  “I don’t know anything about the text messages, either.”

            Immediately, Woohyun itched to read them.  “Naughty boy.”  His hand on Sehun’s shoulder, he stroked Sehun’s neck with his thumb.  “Try to stay out of trouble.”

            “Yes, hyung.”  And then, like there was nothing to it, Sehun kissed him.

            “Lost your phone?”  Seungho looked concerned.  “When did you have it last?”

            “It was in my pocket,” Chunji explained.  “That was…  I don’t know how long ago,” he confessed.  “Does time move out here?  We wait three hours to run for thirty seconds.  It’s hard to know what time it is.”

            “It wouldn’t be anywhere the fans can get to it,” Thunder said.  “Would it?”

            “If it was in your pocket, maybe someone from your team has it,” Seungho said.  “Maybe someone on the staff picked it up.”

            “Do they have a lost and found?” Thunder asked.

            “I’ll check,” Chunji said.  “I’ll ask.”

            “We’ll let you know if we see it,” Seungho said.

            “Yeah, we’ll look around,” Thunder promised.  Reaching out, he adjusted the straps holding up Chunji’s nametag.  “When you find it, give me a call.  Let’s meet somewhere.”

            A sweet tingle of heat crept through Chunji, and he smiled.  “It’s been a while since we met, hyung.  Do you still like the same things?”

            “It’s been too long,” Thunder murmured.  As he shifted his weight, his knee brushed Chunji’s thigh.  “But I can show my dongsaeng a good time.”

            This wasn’t going at all the way that Sehun had planned it.

            It was going so, so, so much better.

            He’d expected that it would go as most of his sexual encounters went.  Woohyun would kiss him first.  He’d enjoy the attention, encourage it, and get what he wanted - - which in this case, meant a blowjob.  Then, finished, satisfied, he’d go on about his day.

            He’d started things off on the wrong foot by being the one to initiate the kiss.  He’d completely lost control of the situation from there.

            Woohyun kissed well.  Well enough to seize all of Sehun’s attention, so that there was no room to plot out the next step or be impressed with his own technique.  Woohyun’s kisses were deep, confident, and experienced.  They’d barely started before Sehun felt as turned on and ready to go as if they’d been making out for an hour.  He could feel sexual craving intensify with every beat of his pulse, and when Woohyun leaned back against the wall and tugged him closer, the pressure and friction of their bodies against each other, the hardness and power of Woohyun’s body, felt so good he started moaning in a ragged, demanding voice he’d never heard before.  How the hell did Woohyun know exactly where to touch him, exactly how he liked it?  It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair, “Ah, aahhh, hyung,” why was it like this?

            He was so turned on, so flustered, that when he tried to take off his jacket, he got all tangled up in his own nametag.  Woohyun slipped it off of him like it was no problem, stripping him naked to the waist.  The feel of Woohyun’s strong, sure hands on his bare torso, stroking his body, heated him up until he was sure that tongues of flame were licking his skin.

            Woohyun turned with him, placing his back against the wall.  For a moment, his confidence was restored.  This was more like what he was used to; this was what he was comfortable with.  According to the typical script, he would relax back against the wall now, and Woohyun would kneel down and suck his cock.

            Woohyun’s firm, confident hand was dipping down the front of his pants and pulling out his cock.  Unable to believe how spine-meltingly good that felt, he moaned raggedly, tipping his head back against the wall and rocking his hips, shoving rhythmically into Woohyun’s grip.  Clutching at Woohyun’s back, Woohyun’s waist, Woohyun’s shirt - - why the hell were they both still wearing so many clothes? - - he panted, groaning in disbelieving pleasure, as Woohyun steadily caressed his cock, pumping it with a long, even stroke that sent his pulse racing like a strobe light.

            Soft, sucking kisses, Woohyun’s mouth hot against his neck.  “Come on, sweet Sehun-ah.  It’s almost over.  Let hyung take you there.”

            Over, no, he didn’t want it to be over.  Gasping, thrusting into Woohyun’s fist, he dug his fingers into Woohyun’s muscular back.  It felt so good, it couldn’t ever end; he wanted this mounting, dizzying pleasure to go on forever.  But already, it was too great to handle; already, this excitement was too great for him to absorb.  In a burst of ecstasy, the end came, and he cried out, in joy and disbelief, feeling the splatter of his cum hit his own chest as climax shook him.

            Limp against the wall, feeling like pleasure was still singing through his body, he just breathed for a moment.  He wasn’t used to getting off so fast, wasn’t used to being turned on and finished off so efficiently, and there was something exhilarating about it, something exciting about having his buttons pushed so easily.

            “Mmm, so handsome,” Woohyun murmured.  Raising his hand to his mouth, holding Sehun’s gaze, he licked his palm.  Sexual intent glittered in his dark eyes, and Sehun stared at him, breathing hard.  He was licking Sehun’s cum, Sehun’s taste, from his own skin.  Boldly.  Shamelessly.

            Now that Sehun had gotten off, he should feel satisfied, calm, relaxed.  He felt good, very good, but there was nothing calm about the desire still burning in his veins.  He wanted Woohyun, and with every passing heartbeat, every flick of Woohyun’s tongue, every moment that Woohyun gazed at him with that challenging, erotic look, he only felt more and more sure that he had to put this fire out.

            He’d get Woohyun off.  That would do it.  Then they’d be even, and he could walk away.  Ripping his gaze from Woohyun’s face, he looked down, flipping down Woohyun’s waistband and baring a long, stiff erection.  It was red and veiny and leaning toward the left, and when his hand curled around it, giving it a light, testing stroke, Woohyun wasn’t the one who moaned.  He was.

            “Beautiful and horny.”  Woohyun’s gaze was hot, intense, and pleased.  He liked Sehun, liked what Sehun was doing, and immediately Sehun wanted to please him even more, wanted to satisfy him, impress him.  His smile was flirtatious, knowing, as he leaned in close and brushed a light, teasing kiss across Sehun’s lips.  Panting for more, Sehun groaned, kissing him again, and he licked at Sehun’s mouth, murmuring, “Let hyung see you on your knees.”

            He was down on the floor so fast it was like he’d fallen.  Even as he was telling himself to play it cool, to make Woohyun work for it, to stick with a handjob and not escalate, he was already opening his mouth, sucking Woohyun’s cock with an ecstatic moan.

            He hadn’t had a new cock in a while, and he suddenly felt like he’d been starved for it.  Unable to control himself enough to stay cool and composed, unable to school his expression enough to remain chic, he just went for it, lips wrapped tightly around Woohyun’s erection, head bobbing up and down.  Stuck between Woohyun and the wall, he barely had any room to maneuver, Woohyun’s body blocking out the light, but he didn’t care.  Their position only made the act more secretive, more intimate, his world narrowed down to this private corner and the thickness of Woohyun’s cock in his mouth.

            He was good at this, he knew that he was, and he took pleasure in Woohyun’s soft, musical moans, the slick leak of pre-cum, the way Woohyun’s hand cupped the back of his head.  He was so enthusiastic about the slide of Woohyun’s erection between his lips and the erotic challenge of trying to get Woohyun off that his energy turned to fierce intensity, and he sucked harder, eager to make Woohyun come.  No fancy tricks, just lust and suction and his own need for the taste of Woohyun’s cum, the reward of Woohyun’s pleasure.

            “Yes, ah, Sehun-ah.”  Woohyun’s voice was vibrant with sex and approval.  “You work so well.”  Woohyun’s hand was sliding through his hair, and he moaned with pleasure at the caress, at Woohyun’s appreciative moan, as drool trickled from the corner of his mouth.  “Mmm, sweet Sehun-ah.  Swallow all of it.”

            Greedily, triumphantly, he suckled noisily as Woohyun came.  The rich spurts of cum came quickly, thickly, and he swallowed hungrily, his hands on Woohyun’s ass clutching Woohyun’s groin to his face.  Panting, he was reluctant to let go, but Woohyun was stroking his wrist, nudging his hand away.  Sagging back against the wall, he licked at his lips, tasting Woohyun anew.

            “Full of surprises,” Woohyun said.  Tugging his pants back up, he crouched down, smiling as if the two of them shared some happy secret.  It was such a joyfully conspiratorial smile that Sehun smiled back, glad to be in on the secret with him.  “Should we meet again sometime?”

            “Yeah.”  He cleared his throat, blushing.  “I’d like that.”

            “Mmm.”  Woohyun kissed him deeply, skillfully, fingers brushing his chin.  “I think that you’ll look as beautiful on your back as you do on your knees.”  Another kiss, and then, Woohyun said, “I’ll go first.”  A light peck at his cheek.  “Stay out of trouble.”

            He couldn’t think of anything to say, and in another moment, he was alone.

            “You’re kidding me.”  Sungyeol took the phone from Woohyun’s hand.  “What else is he texting about?  Am I in here?”

            “Why would you be in there?” Woohyun asked, laughing and taking the phone back.

            “I have great thighs!  I have a great body!  L, tell him how great my body is.”

            Seated at their feet, L gazed at the bleachers and ruffled his hair, ignoring them.

            “Let me see it again,” Sungjong said, taking the phone.

            “Why, so you can ogle Hoya?” Sungyeol asked.

            “I have reasons,” Sungjong said, restarting the video.  Eyeing Hoya appreciatively, he smiled.

            “We should give that back to Chunji,” Sungyeol said.  “He’s probably losing his shit, not knowing where it is.”

            “I will,” Woohyun said.  “After I show it to Hoya.”

            “Ooohh, hyung,” Sungjong murmured, admiring the video.  “You move so well.”

            “You know that’s just Hoya,” Sungyeol said.  “You see him do that every day.”

            Pressing the phone to his chest, Sungjong smiled.  “It’s so nice to have such handsome hyungs.”

            From their feet, L said, “You’re welcome.”

            On his back in the grass, hands behind his head, Hoya was talking with Feeldog when Sungjong settled cozily at his side and Woohyun sat on top of him.  Grunting, he grimaced at Woohyun’s weight.  “What?”

            “We brought you something entertaining to watch,” Sungjong said, propping an umbrella to shade his face.

            “A home movie,” Woohyun said, holding a phone in front of him.

            Squinting, he watched himself stretch.  Beside him, Feeldog squirmed closer, and Woohyun angled it so they could both see.

            He didn’t really get it at first.  It was just video of himself from earlier that day.  And then the breathless moaning started.

            “What is this?” Feeldog asked.

            “There’s another one,” Woohyun said, and played it for them.

            Hoya was sure that he knew that voice.  It sounded really familiar, he just couldn’t place - - “Is that Chunji?”

            “Teen Top sunbaenim?” Feeldog asked, his eyebrows shooting up to his hairline.

            “The one and only,” Sungjong said.  “Show them the text messages.”

            “There are photos, too,” Woohyun said.

            “Of…me?” Hoya asked.

            Chuckling, Feeldog elbowed him.  “You’re popular.”

            “I am very good-looking,” Hoya admitted.

            “Don’t you know him?” Feeldog asked.  “Why is he taking pictures?  Why not just talk to you?”

            “Maybe he’s shy,” Sungjong suggested.  “Poor guy.  His members must not take very good care of him, if he’s horny like that.”

            Suspicious, Hoya sat up, taking the phone from Woohyun and looking at Sungjong.  “You’re enjoying this a lot.”

            Sungjong’s smile radiated innocence.  “Even other idols think my hyungs are sexy.  Isn’t it flattering?”

            “You do have very sexy hyungs,” Feeldog agreed.

            Woohyun pushed at Feeldog’s shoulder.  “You don’t have to laugh when you say it!”

            Skimming through text messages and photographs, Hoya smiled, chuckling in disbelief.  Chunji had half of Teen Top riled up over photos of him stretching.  Horny kids.  And it sounded like Chunji had C.A.P.’s blessing to do whatever he liked about it.

            Which gave more weight to Feeldog’s question.  Why hadn’t Chunji just come to talk to him?  Despite what Sungjong said, the problem wasn’t shyness; Chunji had always seemed pretty friendly before.  And the fact that Hoya had sex with other members of Infinite was about as well-kept a secret as the fact that Chunji had sex with other members of Teen Top.  Did Chunji think that Hoya wasn’t open to idols outside of Infinite?  Why not just ask?

            “What do you think?” Feeldog asked.  “You think he’s just admiring from a distance, or is he really interested?”

            “He’s good-looking,” Woohyun said.

            Hoya rubbed his chin, considering it.  “I’ve never had a visual before.”

            Woohyun laughed.  “You haven’t?”

            Eh, L didn’t count.  L was one of his own members.  “Besides him.”

            “Chunji seems like a sure thing,” Woohyun said.

            “You don’t want him,” Sungjong said.  “He already has a boyfriend.  It’ll be messy.”

            “It sounds like C.A.P.’s okay with it,” Feeldog said.

            “It sounds like C.A.P.’s encouraging it,” Woohyun said.  “Damn, I need a boyfriend like that.”

            Hoya would have pointed out that Woohyun had a boyfriend like that, but Woohyun would’ve just blushed and tried to explain that he and Sunggyu weren’t boyfriends.  Instead, he settled for sharing a knowing, exasperated look with Sungjong.

            “I’ll take the phone back,” Sungjong said, getting up and picking up his umbrella.  “Chunji’s probably frantic.”

            “Don’t tell him that we looked in it, or anything,” Woohyun said.

            “I won’t,” Sungjong called over his shoulder.

            Frowning, Woohyun watched Sungjong go.  “Is he acting weird?”

            “I don’t think he likes Chunji,” Feeldog said.

            “Can you get off of me?” Hoya asked Woohyun.

            Woohyun grinned down at him.  “Maybe I should stay.  People seem to like watching us together.”

            “I’m enjoying it,” Feeldog said.  “Wriggle around a little.”

            Sehun felt very, very good about what had happened with Woohyun.  It was strange to feel so excited and satisfied and exhilarated about something as simple as sex, about something as mundane as a handjob, but he couldn’t help it.  He felt great.

            In a way, part of what was so exciting about it was how completely different it had been from his other sexual experiences.  He hadn’t run the show.  He hadn’t kept the upper hand.  He’d let go, completely, and done what his body wanted, what felt good, what his libido craved.  He’d wanted Nam Woohyun sunbaenim’s cock in his mouth, and he’d gotten it, and it had been incredibly gratifying.  He was so glad, he could have danced around the field, laughing.

            Spotting Woohyun, he smiled.  Wanting to share another look, to enjoy another secretive “we’re partners in something no one else knows about” smile, he started in Woohyun’s direction.

            Woohyun was talking with Tao.  Laughing, touching Tao.  Patting Tao’s ass?  Wasn’t that a little too familiar?  He hadn’t thought that they knew each other well.  Maybe they’d bonded over jacket-sharing and note-passing.  Weren’t they acting a little too friendly, though?  Smiling and talking like that; Woohyun hadn’t talked like that with Sehun.

            Come to think of it, they’d barely talked to each other at all.  The word game they’d played had been almost silent.  Sehun had been too turned on to talk, his body hot and keenly aware of Woohyun’s nearness, his attention on Woohyun’s hand, the characters taking shape on the page.  And then, in the room, they’d talked about Chunji’s phone for a moment before Woohyun had been about to leave.

            About to leave.  Woohyun hadn’t even been interested in hanging out with him.  In talking with him.

            Tao, on the other hand, was apparently fascinating and fun.  Woohyun was laughing, smiling, touching his arm.  Enjoying him, listening attentively to whatever he had to say.

            Sehun wondered what kinds of guys Woohyun usually liked.

            Wondered what kind of impression he’d made.  Woohyun had liked him, right?  Thought that he was handsome, wanted to see him again.

            He thought about the last time Woohyun had seen him, the last image Woohyun had of him.  On the floor, naked to the waist, his half-hard cock poking out of his pants, cum smeared on his chest, his hair mussed, his lips bruised and wet.  Hot with shame, he turned away, resisting the urge to cover his mouth with one hand.  What had he been thinking?  He never let anyone see him that way!  Not someone he hardly knew!  Not a sunbae!  Oh, hell.  He could only imagine what Woohyun thought of him.

            He wanted Woohyun to think of him as mature, chic.  Woohyun had called him handsome, beautiful, sweet.  But the way he’d acted, the way he’d looked, there was only one word for that.  Easy.

            Sitting with C.A.P. and Ricky, Chunji was using C.A.P.’s phone to call himself again when he actually heard a ring.  Sitting bolt upright, he looked around in all directions.  Was he hearing things?  Was that his phone?  “Do you hear that?” he demanded.

            “Hear what?” Ricky asked.

            Sashaying up to him, Sungjong stood over him, holding out a phone.  “You have a call.”

            Snatching the phone with both hands, Chunji kissed it.  “Yes!  Thank you!  It’s back.  It’s back!” he told C.A.P.

            C.A.P. was looking up at Sungjong with an approving, appreciative smile.  “Thanks.”

            “You’re welcome,” Sungjong said prettily, smoothing his hair.

            Ya!  Scrambling to his feet, Chunji stood between them.  “Thank you.  I was looking everywhere.”

            “Mmm.”  Sungjong’s smile was empty of emotion.  “It’s a nice phone.”

            Really?  “Thanks.”

            Sungjong’s smile eased into a lovely, hateful smirk.  “It takes really nice video.  The audio’s so clear.”

            Video.  Oh, god.  “That wasn’t-”

            Sweetly, softly, he sang, “You’re my destiny.”

            The video.  Hoya.  Sungjong’s hyung.  He knew.  “Did you show it to him?  You didn’t show it to him, did you?”

            Leaning around Chunji, Sungjong batted his lashes at C.A.P.  “Teen Top fighting!”  Then, with a pretty, evil smile, he sashayed away.

            “Augh!”  In humiliation and frustration, Chunji threw his phone at Ricky.  “Augh!

            Standing at the edge of the field, Sehun ignored the other members, consumed by his own thoughts.

            Fiddling with the paper in his pocket, he wondered if Woohyun had been sincere in wanting to see him again.  They hadn’t exchanged numbers.  He wondered how well Woohyun had liked getting off with him.  Had he made an impression?  Had he performed well?  Was it too obvious that he wanted Woohyun to fuck him until he was raw?

            The word game had been a mistake.  He never should have done it, and if he’d had any sense, none of this would have happened.  Sitting there beside Woohyun on the track, going from hot and bored to hot and horny, he’d gotten carried away.  But it had been exciting, to flirt so lewdly with a sunbae.  Woohyun was older, sexier, more mature, more experienced, than the guys he was used to.  So adult, so confident, but with a friendly, approachable side that made him feel comfortable.  He’d wondered if he could get to know Woohyun better.

            He still wondered.  And he wondered if Woohyun was interested in getting to know him better.  Did Woohyun only think of him sexually?  Would Woohyun want to date?  Would Woohyun remember his name, the next time they met?  Or had “sweet Sehun-ah” ceased to exist the moment the door closed between them?

            Sehun was not used to liking someone who might not like him back.

            He was not enjoying it.

            Seeing Woohyun walking along the track with Sunggyu, he felt alert, attentive.  He felt happy, caught himself smiling; Woohyun was even more handsome than he remembered, and he wanted to run his hands over Woohyun’s chest.  Would it be okay to call Woohyun “hyung?”

            Leaving the members, he followed Woohyun and Sunggyu.  He couldn’t stand feeling like this; he had to exert control again, over himself if nothing else.  He’d give Woohyun his number.  He’d face Woohyun in public, in front of Sunggyu, in a nonsexual situation, and remind himself that there was nothing special there.

            Feeling confident, he moved calmly along the track.  They slowed down to exchange a word with U-Kiss in passing, and he was closing in on them as they entered the offices.  Entering after them, making sure to seem nonchalant, he noticed that they were following a familiar path.

            They went to the end of the hallway.  Into his room.  And closed the door.

            Sehun stared at the door.

            If he could have blown it off of its hinges, he would have.

            Sweet Sehun-ah?  He’d scouted out that room, determined that it was safe, shared it with Woohyun, and now that jackass was in there moaning “sweet Sunggyu hyung.”

            Disgusted, Sehun walked away.

            “Are you out of your mind?” Sunggyu demanded, laughing.

            “Just once!” Woohyun insisted, plucking Sunggyu’s waistband.  “We’ll give it back right away!  I just want to see how it looks.”

            “No!”  After a hasty glance at the walls, Sunggyu lowered his voice.  “I’m not wearing someone else’s cock ring!”

            “It’s clean!”

            Sunggyu laughed, pulling away.  “Is it?”

            “Come on, just once,” Woohyun said.  Winding his arms around Sunggyu’s neck, he tried his most adorable expression.  “I want to see you all decorated and handsome.  Please, hyung?”

            Sunggyu kissed him.  “Ask me some more.”

            Kai eyed Sehun.  Why was he scowling like that?  “What’s wrong with you?”

            Crossing his arms over his chest, Sehun glowered.  He was facing the fans; Kai nudged his elbow until he turned aside.  Sehun curled his lip, looked irritated for a moment, and finally said, “I can have anyone I want.”

            “Yeah, mostly.”  Kai wondered where this was going.  “Why?  You like somebody?”

            “I want him to like me.”  Sehun scowled some more.  “He should like me.”

            Kai shrugged.  “I like you.”

            Sehun raised his eyebrows, his expression going from “I will lay waste to this world” to “excuse me?”  His voice was patient.  “You love me.”

            Okay.  “I love you,” Kai said.  “If you like somebody, go get him.  Why are you wasting your time talking to me about it?”

            Sehun eyed him, then nodded once, decisively, and walked away.

            Kai shrugged and danced over to Suho.

            “I would freak out if I lost my phone,” Tao said.  “They didn’t do anything to it?”

            “No, but I was scared!” Chunji said.  “I’m so glad I got it back.”  He was about to ask what Tao was doing for the holiday when he spotted Sungjong, right over Tao’s shoulder, strolling past.  Hand-in-hand with Hoya.

            Meeting his eyes, Sungjong smirked, leaning intimately against Hoya’s shoulder.  One lithe, long-fingered hand stroked up Hoya’s arm in a lingering caress, pausing for a light squeeze over those iron biceps.

            That little - - auugh!  Oh, shit, they were coming this way!  Chunji couldn’t figure out what to do with his face, which expression to wear, so he just sort of stared with a sick smile as Sungjong and Hoya turned and approached.

            “Hi,” Sungjong said to Chunji in a voice dripping with honey.  Then he ran his hand over Tao’s shoulder.  “I’m so sorry about your injury.  How do you feel?”

            “I’m fine,” Tao said.  “It’s okay.”

            It would be inexcusably rude not to acknowledge Hoya, so Chunji forced himself to make eye contact.  “Hyung.”  Did Hoya know about the video?  Had Hoya seen it, personally, or just heard about it from Sungjong?

            “We haven’t talked lately,” Hoya said, crossing his arms over his chest like he knew his body made Chunji drool and he wanted to show off how handsomely his muscles bunched.  “How are you and C.A.P. doing?”

            “Fine.”  How obvious would it be if he just happened to reach out and rest his hand on Hoya’s bare arm for a while?  What if he just sort of licked Hoya’s face?  That wouldn’t be weird, would it?

            Belatedly, he realized that Sungjong and Tao’s conversation had continued without him.

            Then he realized that Tao was rattling off a phone number.

            Sungjong was getting Tao’s number!

            He’d been trying to get Tao’s number!  He’d practically had it, before Sungjong had interrupted!

            Auugh!  That little-

            “We’ll be going,” Sungjong said sweetly, taking Hoya’s arm.  “Pink team fighting!”

            Chunji glared at Sungjong’s back.  Then he got distracted by Hoya’s shoulders, and Hoya’s ass, and his memories of those strong, muscular thighs.  Then he turned to Tao, and realized that Tao wasn’t there anymore.

            “Augh!” he screamed, stomping his foot.

            The Tasty twins turned, looking amused and slightly alarmed.

            “Vocal exercise,” he explained, touching his throat.  “New technique.”  Hmm.  It was a cliché, but they were twins, and he wondered…  “I’m sorry, it’s been all day and I haven’t greeted you properly,” he said, walking closer.  “I love your new choreography.”

            Woohyun was waving good-bye to the fans again when Sehun approached.  “Hey,” Woohyun said, smiling, glad to see him.

            “It was good to spend time with you today.”  Sehun gazed coolly into his eyes as if, in a dreadfully boring world, he was the only thing worth noticing.  “You should call me.”

            “Should I?” Woohyun asked, laughing at his boldness.  “Maybe I will.”  Not maybe; make that definitely.  He’d done his best all afternoon to stay away from Sehun, not wanting to be too obvious in public.  He was so attracted to Sehun, if they spent too much time together, he’d do something scandalous.

            “Good.”  With a calm smile, Sehun handed him a slip of paper, then sauntered away.

            The nerve of this kid!  Smiling, Woohyun watched him go, then looked at the note.

            On one side, a phone number.

            On the other side, in their combined handwriting: “I wish you had your fingers in my ass right now.”

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