The Royal Servant

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            When badminton was over, and Hwanhee was allowed to soak up skinship, he burrowed into Sehun’s embrace.  Sehun rubbed his back and pressed soft, comforting kisses into his hair.  He’d served well, he’d served completely, he’d given Sehun everything.  And now he was in his handsome prince’s arms, with all of Sehun’s sexy, wonderful bare skin pressed against him, and Sehun was whispering all kinds of fantastic things in his ears about what a good pet he was and how hard he’d worked, and he started to get that after-badminton feeling.  That floating, giddy, rapturous sensation.  It was amazing, after badminton, how this sense of euphoric peace descended over him.  He felt really, really good, felt like he could handle anything, felt strong and grounded and blissful.  He was going to sleep like a log tonight.

            After Hwanhee was dressed again, he cleaned up Sehun’s room, putting the snacks back in his bag, fishing out an empty water bottle from where it had rolled under the bed.  Sehun was getting dressed really slowly and mostly just standing around lazily watching him.  “I, uh.”  He fiddled with the bag’s zipper, blushing.  “Do you want to see my new outfit?”

            Sehun blinked, suddenly looking way more focused.  “You brought it with you?” he asked, crossing the room.

            Sehun seemed so immediately interested that Hwanhee laughed, liking this reaction.  “Yeah.  I thought, uh, do you want me to wear it for you?”

            “It was here the whole time?” Sehun demanded.  “Why didn’t you put it on?”

            “You started playing badminton right away!” he argued.  “Not that I’m complaining!” he added quickly, wanting to be clear.  “That was great, that was amazing, I loved it!  But we started so fast, I didn’t have time to say anything, and, I don’t know.  You were kind of busy doing things to me, I didn’t want to change the subject.”  He nibbled on his lower lip, watching Sehun’s expression.  “I could put it on for you now, if you want to see it.”  He really wanted to show it off.  He hoped that Sehun would like it!  He was worried that it would seem strange or boring or not sexy enough.  He thought that it was super hot, but he literally got off on dog bowls, so what did he know?

            “Yeah, god, yeah, let me see it,” Sehun said, tugging the backpack open wider.

            Happy, flustered, Hwanhee dug it out from the bottom of the pack.  He’d folded it up really carefully and wrapped it up in a plastic bag to bring it over, and he unwrapped it now, showing Sehun the parts.  The top, and the pristine white gloves, and the little cap.  “I don’t know, uh, I don’t know if you want me to wear the gloves or not?  If you’d like that on your, uh, on your junk?  Or I can do stuff to you without using my hands, anyway, that’s okay.  Or maybe it would feel nice?  I - - I think it might feel nice, but I didn’t masturbate with the gloves on, I wanted to keep them clean for you.  They’re for the royal penis, not for just anybody’s junk.”

            Sehun kissed the top of his head and picked up the jacket, plucking at the buttons.

            He wanted to mention the maid’s outfit, too, but he was keeping that a surprise.  If Sehun liked this uniform, he could suggest that for the next time.  Or, if Sehun didn’t like this uniform, he could bring up the maid’s outfit to make up for it.  It felt weird to keep things from his owner - - he didn’t think that it was right for a servant to be secretive - - but it was exciting to have things to offer.

            He’d expected to have to work hard to hold Sehun’s interest.  So far, that had never really been necessary.  To his surprise, Sehun always seemed interested, always wanted him, made time for him.  It was weird and awesome.  Still, he wanted to put in effort, anyway, and a back-up costume seemed like a nice treat that might come in handy.

            “No pants,” Sehun said, placing the cap on top of Hwanhee’s head.  “You’re going to dress up in all of this and leave your ass and cock and balls and everything out, jiggling around, for anyone to see?”

            “It doesn’t jiggle,” he protested.  He blinked, distracted, glancing down at himself, passing a hand over his junk.  Anyway, “It’s not for everyone to see, just for you.  Should I put it on?” he offered, adjusting the hat on his head.

            Sehun looked at him for a minute, then said, “No.  I won’t be able to let you go, and we don’t have time.  Next time, next time, definitely.”

            Sehun wasn’t going to be able to let him go?  Then he had to do it!  He started to pull his shirt up, to take it off.

            “No, no,” Sehun said, tugging his shirt back down.  “Seriously, I won’t be able to just look, I’m going to need to do things to you, and we don’t have time.”

            That only made him want it even more!  “Do which things to me?” he asked eagerly, trying to wrestle the jacket out of Sehun’s grasp.

            “Fuck your brains out, for one,” Sehun said, smacking at his hands.  “Let go!  Shit, you’re stubborn.  Can’t you listen when a hyung says no?”

            “It’ll be really easy to do me,” he said, hoping to talk Sehun into it.  “No pants, nothing in the way, you can just go in whenever you want.  Or should I wear underwear, do you want that?  So you can take it off of me?  God, I love that,” he confessed, feeling heat surge between his thighs.  “I love it, it makes things seem more rough, when you grab at my clothes.  Or do you want everything naked and, uh, jiggling?”

            Instead of answering, Sehun stared at him intently.  The seething malice in Sehun’s still, barely controlled expression thrilled him.  His brain registered Sehun as a threat, and his body interpreted that as pleasure, and he moaned, clutching at the front of Sehun’s shirt with one hand, trying really hard not to slide down on his knees.

            Sehun cupped his chin, pulling him closer.  “You like it rough,” Sehun said, thumb rubbing over his lower lip.

            “I love it,” he admitted.  Sehun knew that about him already, knew it better than anyone.  The first night they’d had sex in this room, when Sehun had shoved him down onto the bed and snatched at his pants, he’d felt scared.  Genuinely scared.  It had been an incredible experience, the best sex he’d ever had at that point in his life, and how rough Sehun had been with him, yanking down his pants, it had seemed like a clear signal.  Like Sehun was going to keep going whether he liked it or not, like Sehun might really force him if he stopped cooperating.  The erotic rush that gave him never dimmed.

            “It’s a cute outfit, Hwanhee-ah.”  Sehun leaned even closer, lifting Hwanhee’s face, his breath ghosting over Hwanhee’s lips, his nose brushing Hwanhee’s cheek.  “You think it’ll be better without pants?  So I can see your hot little ass when you’re bending over licking my floor clean?  So you can sit on my cock and bounce on it, get me off while you’re folding my socks?  From the waist up, all dressed up and civilized, just a respectable, hard-working servant.  From the waist down, naked, so I can see your gaping, wrecked asshole dripping with my cum after I’ve used you for what you’re really good for?”

            Moaning, he ran his hand over Sehun’s chest, tugged on the front of Sehun’s shirt, trying to pull Sehun against his hot, aching body.  “Yes, god, yes,” he groaned, rubbing his face against Sehun’s neck.  “Yes, please, let me serve you.”

            “Unh, fuck, badminton,” Sehun grunted, and it was the most beautiful, powerful word in the world.  His backpack tumbled onto the floor as Sehun pushed him onto the bed, and he fell back, moaning enthusiastically, as Sehun crawled on top of him.

            Already undoing his own fly, Sehun was hissing all kinds of dirty things at Hwanhee, talking about Hwanhee’s purpose in life and how pretty he was with his ass jammed full of cock.  So turned on he couldn’t help himself, he reached for Sehun’s open fly.

            Sehun slapped him across the face.  “Greedy slut.”

            “Yes, yes, oh, I need it,” he moaned, delirious with lust.  Unashamed, bold, he shoved a hand down the front of Sehun’s underwear.  Sehun’s cock was already stiffening, and as his hand closed around it, the two of them groaned together, writhing.  “Please, give it to me, use me, I want it.”

            A swift slap shocked him, and he gasped, a throb of pleasure following the sting to his cheek.  “Undisciplined,” Sehun growled.  “You’re a selfish, rude pet.”  Sehun grabbed his wrist, forcing his hand off of his prize, and he howled, desperate for cock and anguished at being deprived.  Sehun grabbed something off of the nightstand, and as soon as he recognized his enemy, a black strip of cloth, he howled again, this time in denial.  Panicking, he twisted.  He couldn’t push Sehun away or try to go anywhere, he definitely couldn’t, he wanted to be with Sehun, he’d never tell a prince no.  But the anxiety fluttering in his chest made him squirm restlessly, made him jerk around in Sehun’s hold.

            Unrelenting, in control, Sehun was tying his wrists together.  Whimpering, whining, he bit at the cloth, sucked on the knots, frantically trying to make peace with what was happening to him.  “Hyungnim, please, please.”  He’d do anything for his prince, anything, but did it have to be this?

            “Greedy pet,” Sehun snapped.  “If you can’t control where you put your hands, I’ll do it for you.”  Grabbing him, Sehun rolled him, shoving him onto his stomach.

            Helpless with his hands trapped under him, he tried to push up onto his elbows.  When Sehun yanked his hips up, he yelped, startled, trying to keep up.  Then he felt Sehun’s hands on his fly.  He wriggled, wanting to cooperate, unable to do anything with his wrists tied together.  He whined desperately, frustrated.  How would Sehun ever know how much he wanted this if he couldn’t participate, if he couldn’t show how well he was cooperating?  “Yes, yes,” he said quickly, “okay, hyungnim, okay, whatever you want.”

            His cock was so hard, his pants were tight, his fly stubborn.  Sehun ripped his fly open with a harsh jerk to the zipper that made his breath catch, and then Sehun was yanking at his pants.  “Okay, okay, take it, you can have it,” he insisted, gasping for air, but Sehun wrestled his pants down like he was fighting back.  Leaving everything twisted around his ankles, Sehun smacked his bare ass.  With his hands tied, he couldn’t bear to feel more trapped, so he kicked his feet free, shimmying to get his pants the rest of the way off.  Sehun was spreading his cleft, holding him open, and then he felt lube drizzle over him, cool and slippery.  “Yes, yes, I’m so grateful,” he moaned, and he felt a finger shove into him, crudely invading him.  “I want it, yes, please, I want everything.”

            “It’s not about what you want.”  Sehun’s finger crooked inside of him, and he felt Sehun grinding against his thigh.  The sensation of Sehun’s cock against his skin, Sehun’s balls brushing his leg, made him moan happily.  “It’s about my pleasure, Hwan-ah, you’re here for me.”

            “Yes, yes, everything’s for you,” he panted in complete agreement.  “It’s all yours, I’m yours.”

            “That’s right, pet.  You’re mine, and this hot little ass is mine.”

            “Yours, it’s yours, I’m all yours,” he moaned as Sehun thrust into him.  The forceful rocking shook his body, and he struggled for balance, trying to keep his ass in the air.  Sehun’s rough, plunging thrusts went on and on, driving into him, forcing deep.  He was keenly aware of his helplessness, his hands bound, Sehun hammering into his vulnerable body.  Grateful to Sehun for using him so crudely, he cried out.  Every time another rich spasm of pleasure struck, every time his pleasure was too intense to bear, every time he shuddered with the powerful need to come, he cried out.  His cries were so incessant, he rolled into mooing, letting those deep, round sounds bellow out of him, one after another, as Sehun fucked him with harsh, punishing thrusts.

            The way Sehun fucked him felt so demanding every time.  Demanded so much of him, demanded his body, demanded his submission, demanded the use of him, demanded pleasure and satisfaction.  He gave everything he could, he tried to participate, but it was so intense and Sehun took so much, he couldn’t keep up.  He let go, mooing mindlessly, bound and penetrated, bouncing helplessly on the bed with the force of Sehun’s thrusts.

            Sehun’s teeth scraped over his shoulder blade, painfully sharp, and then Sehun pulled out of him and came on his ass.  The warm splash landed over both cheeks, and he moaned gratefully, feeling the same rich joy he felt whenever Sehun got off.  “Thank you, hyungnim, thank you,” he panted, raising his ass high, showing off the trophy of Sehun’s cum.

            “Whew.”  Sehun shifted off of him, exhaling noisily.  “Good work, pet, your fuckhole was just right.”  Then, without warning, Sehun kicked him right off of the bed.  As he landed on the floor, startled and clumsy without the use of his hands, Sehun said, “Go make your mess in your bowl.  I don’t want pet jizz on my sheets.”

            He got to come?!  “Thank you, I’m so grateful,” he said.  He rolled, squirmed, slithered across the floor, eager to obey.  “You’re so good to me, thank you, Prince Sehun.”

            It was awkward, with his hands tied.  Kneeling over his bowl, whimpering in his excitement, he masturbated quickly, pleasure pulsing through him.  He tried keeping his other hand out of the way, tried using both hands at once, and then it didn’t matter, he was coming, he was doing it, cum streaming out of him and squirting all over the bowl.  He groaned, relieved, tremors of ecstasy zinging through him.  Letting go of himself, he leaned forward, on his elbows, and humped the bowl for a second, rubbing his cock and balls against the plastic, moaning blissfully in his triumph.  “I did it, hyungnim, I came,” he mumbled, slowly working his hips, dragging his genitals up and down the side of the bowl, against the rim, plopping them down inside the bowl and rubbing them through his cum.

            “Yeah, you fucked that dog bowl hard,” Sehun said.  “Show that bowl who’s boss, Hwan-ah, screw it like you mean it.”

            Sehun was laughing at him, but he didn’t mind.  He felt so good, he took Sehun’s words like a command, humping his bowl some more, really lingering over it.  God, he felt so sated, so drunk on pleasure, it was like ecstasy was still rolling through his veins.  “I’m the boss,” he mumbled blissfully, bumping his balls against the side of the bowl again.

            “Shit, pet,” Sehun said, still laughing.  “It’s okay, the bowl’s submitting to you.  It’s grateful, the bowl’s grateful.”

            “So grateful,” he echoed.  Moaning happily, he crawled off of the bowl, and he slowly crossed the floor back towards Sehun.

            “Good pet, c’mere,” Sehun said, swinging his feet over the side of the bed.  He leaned forward, his hand out, and Hwanhee crawled eagerly to him.  He stroked Hwanhee’s face and ruffled Hwanhee’s hair.  “Did it feel good?  You came fast.”

            “So good,” he breathed, tilting his face up for more.  Sehun stroked his cheek, brushing kisses across his forehead, and he moaned, ecstatic.  “You’re so good to me, it felt so good, so good, everything’s so good.”

            “Good pet,” Sehun murmured, kissing his cheeks.  “On your back.”  He flopped down, rolling onto his back.  He didn’t know what Sehun wanted, but it didn’t matter; he would always do whatever Sehun asked of him.  When Sehun planted a foot on his chest, he moaned, arching his back, loving it.  He gazed up the length of Sehun’s leg, wondering.  “Hands up.”

            Oh?  Quickly, he raised his hands, offering them.  He whimpered, hopeful, wishing that Sehun would maybe untie him, maybe?

            “You’re too greedy, Hwan-ah,” Sehun said.  He hooked his fingers in the cloth, holding onto it.  Not untying it.  Distracted by that, Hwanhee blinked, trying to focus, trying to listen.  Sehun was talking to him, and that was really important, but he was tied up and it was hard to get past that to give his full attention to other things.  “You can’t grab anything you want.  A good servant isn’t so selfish.  A good servant is focused on what his prince wants, not on what he wants.”

            Realizing that he was being scolded, he cringed, guilty.  “I’m sorry, hyungnim.  I’m really sorry, I won’t be so selfish anymore.  I was bad, I shouldn’t be so greedy.”  Breathing fast, his heart fluttering, he asked, “Are you going to punish me?”

            Sehun’s foot pressed down on his sternum.  “You aren’t thinking of punishments, Hwan-ah.  You’re thinking of rewards.  Do you think that I don’t know what a kinky little slut you are?  If I spanked your hot ass red, you’d jizz yourself dry getting off on it.”

            “Spanked me,” he repeated breathlessly, his thoughts spinning off in all directions.  In amazing, fantastic directions.  Oh god, what, “Spank me?”

            “Selfish,” Sehun snapped, and he gave a guilty start, but he kept thinking about spanking and he wasn’t really sorry at all.  “The next time I see you, you’re going to focus on serving me.  Not on your pleasure, Hwan-ah, on your prince.  You think too much about yourself and what you want, Hwan-ah, and you’re forgetting to serve me.”

            No!  “I won’t forget, I’d never forget.”  Sehun was untying his wrists, but he was so appalled, that barely meant anything to him.  “Prince Sehun, I only think about you, I only care about you.  I’m nothing, I’m only a servant, I don’t matter at all.  It’s only you.”

            “Then think about that,” Sehun ordered him, yanking the cloth away, “and maybe the next time we’re together, you’ll remember to act like it.”

            “Prince, you’re my prince.”  As soon as Sehun’s foot was off of him, he rolled over, onto his stomach.  Not daring to make unwanted contact, he kissed the floor around Sehun’s feet, lavished it with kisses, moaning miserably.  “Everything’s for you, I’m only here to serve you.  I’m yours, I’m totally yours.  Use me, it’s my purpose, I’m only here to be useful to you.”

            He felt Sehun’s foot on the back of his neck, pressing him down.  Whimpering, he submitted, face to the floor, ass in the air.  “What are you here for?”

            “You, Prince Sehun, only you,” he said fast, heartfelt.

            “Who do you serve?”

            “You, Prince Sehun, it’s always you.”

            “Who do you belong to?”

            “You, Prince Sehun.”  Just saying the words put him in a state of bliss.  “I’m yours, I belong to you.”  He whimpered joyfully, his forehead pressed to the floor, his ass as high up as he could thrust it, his back aching.  It was his pleasure to serve.  His true and genuine pleasure.  His true and genuine purpose.  “Yours, I’m yours.”

            Gradually, Sehun’s foot lifted.  “Good pet.”

            He hummed with contentment, staying put.

            Sehun’s foot rubbed over his shoulder, a fond little caress.  Then, “Badminton.”

            He didn’t move for a minute.  He just basked in his lingering sense of fulfillment.  Basked in being dominated.  Being owned.  Being used.  Finally, sighing, he relaxed.  He rolled onto his back, letting everything else sink in.  He shivered, thinking about being tied up.  He pinched his nipples a little, thinking about the dog bowl.  Humiliating himself for his prince got him off super hard when he was in the scene, but afterward it was a little weird.

            He rolled over again, looking around.  Checking.  The black cloth was beside him on the floor, looking pretty harmless.  He grimaced and brushed it farther away, not liking it too close.  The dog bowl was still in the corner, messy with his jizz.  He nibbled on his lower lip, eyeing it.  It was definitely hard to be okay with being sexually attracted to a dog bowl.  Having rape fantasies was, like, a problem, sure, but that was at least something he could talk to other people about if he had to.  This, he was not okay talking about.

            Except with Sehun.  Sehun knew all about it, already, and he could trust Sehun with anything.  “I, can I,” he said, and then he just did it.  He crawled across the floor again, crawled over to the bowl.  It was so big, so still.  Fascinated, he ran his fingers over the rim of it.  And then he kissed it.  Just one kiss, delicate, against the rim.

            “It helps me,” he realized as he stroked the rim.  “That’s why I like it so much.  It helps me to humiliate myself for you.  It’s like my partner.  I really want to humiliate myself for you, over and over, it feels so good, and this helps me.  It gives me a way to prove myself.”

            “It’s important to you,” Sehun said.  “For you to be humiliated in front of me.”

            He moaned, feeling it in his gut.  “Yes.  Yes, I love it.  It feels so good.  I want you to see how far I’ll go for you.”  He tapped at the bowl, getting comfortable with it.  “When you do things to me, I love that, but that’s still you doing something to me.  It’s like I’m just letting you, maybe, so you can’t tell how much I want it or not.  But if I do something to myself, it’s another step, it proves that I really want it, that I’m really into it.”

            Sehun smiled.  “Good.  I know some nice new ways you can humiliate yourself.  It’ll be fun.”

            Gazing up at Sehun, Hwanhee shuddered.  He couldn’t wait.

            Sehun waited a couple of days, hoping that Suho would be distracted enough by the rest of life to forget that he’d let his time with Hwanhee run long.  Then he snuck into Suho’s room one evening and crawled onto Suho’s bed and tried to look like a beloved, well-behaved maknae.

            Suho glanced at him to see if he wanted anything, then went back to reading.

            “Hyung.”  He stretched out on his side, tucking his arm under his head, angled so that Suho, who was sitting up, would have to look down at him.  No height advantage.  So innocent, just Suho’s favorite dongsaeng.  “I-”

            “No,” Suho said.

            “Hyung, I-”

            “No,” Suho repeated.

            “But you-”

            “I’m not doing you any special favors, maknae.  We already do a lot for you as it is, and you still take advantage.  That’s enough.”

            Annoyed, he sat up, glaring.  “I don’t take advantage!”

            “Do you know how late you were the other night?” Suho demanded.  “Do you know all of the things I had to say to Jinhoo, all of the excuses I had to make for you?  I’m tired of apologizing for you to him.  How hard have I worked to get a good reputation in this industry and you constantly show our hoobaes the worst side of yourself!”

            He flinched, guilty.  He wanted to argue that it wasn’t that serious, but he knew that would only make things worse, and he didn’t want to aggravate Suho.  “I’m sorry.  It’s my fault.  I’ll apologize to him again.  I’ll apologize to him and Hwanhee and Kuhn, if you want.  I’ll call up Andy sunbaenim and tell him how sorry I am.”

            “Don’t mock me,” Suho muttered.

            “Should I apologize to you, too?”

            “Get out of my room,” Suho grumbled, shoving him away.

            He smiled, loving Suho.  “I’ll go, I’m almost gone.  But can I ask for something first?”

            “Why should I do something special for you?” Suho demanded.  “Don’t I already do enough for you?  Can’t you do something for me for once, first?  When is that going to happen, maknae, when are you going to start giving instead of always taking?”

            He pressed his lips together to keep the wrong thing from slipping out.  He really wanted to make a joke, to tease Suho about exactly how much he did for Suho, but sexual innuendo would just make Suho flustered and annoyed.  Thinking about it, though, he smiled again.  He was so fond of this hyung.  So cute and so easy to mess with.

            “And why are you in such a good mood?” Suho complained.  “You’re in a good mood all of the time, lately.  What’s going so well in your life that you’re always smiling and getting along with everybody?”

            He laughed.  Suho was being so unreasonable!  “Maybe I’m just happy because of you.”

            “It’s because of that Lee Hwanhee,” Suho grumbled.

            Yeah.  It was.  Sehun stretched out his legs comfortably, humming to himself.  Thinking of his pet.

            “He’s been good for you,” Suho acknowledged, less irritable now.  He sighed, looking resigned.  “All right, maknae, what do you want to ask me for?”

            “I’ll apologize to Jinhoo again,” he offered up front.  “There’s, uh.  You know about Hwanhee’s servant thing.”

            “I don’t want to hear about this.”

            “No, no.  I don’t want to tell you about it, either,” he said frankly, and Suho calmed down again.  He tried to protect his pet’s privacy, even when his pet didn’t.  If Hwanhee wanted to go around telling everyone everything, that was up to Hwanhee, but no one was going to hear it from Sehun.  “We need space.  Around the dorm.  Not all of the time!  Just, for a night.  I know that you don’t want to leave us alone, and we’re never going to get Jinhoo to leave us alone, either, so I know we can’t have the dorm all to ourselves.  But,” he added quickly, rushing on while Suho frowned at him.  “Maybe, for one night, you and Jinhoo could hang out in here while Hwanhee and I get the rest of the dorm.  Instead of us in one room and you out there, we could do it backwards, for a night.”

            Suho was still frowning.

            “It would mean a lot to Hwanhee.  And to me,” he admitted.  Suho didn’t look convinced, and Sehun wondered if part of it was simple resistance to being trapped in a room with Jinhoo.  Things were strained between Suho and Jinhoo, and Suho was frustrated.  Sehun didn’t have any answers; Jinhoo liked him even less.

            “Jinhoo’s not going to leave Hwanhee here without him,” Suho mumbled, like he was thinking it over.  That immediately gave Sehun hope.  If Suho was willing to consider it, maybe he could be talked into it.  “What do you need the whole dorm for?” he asked, and then he shook his head.  “That’s private, I won’t ask.  But you can’t need that much space!  I don’t know.”  He pouted.  “I want to support you, maknae, but why do you keep asking for so much!  You’re an adult, though, and this is your home, you should be comfortable here.  Everybody else gets to have special friends all over the dorm, even when I wish they wouldn’t.  The things I walk in on around here!”  He looked around his room, looking irritated again.  “And what are we going to do alone in here?  I always run out of things to talk about, there’s no TV in here.  And I’m going to have to clean up!”

            “I’ll clean up,” Sehun volunteered.  “I’ll put everything away, I’ll do your laundry, you don’t have to do a thing.”

            Suho pouted again.

            Sehun held his breath.

            “Well, all right,” Suho finally said.  “This can’t be a regular thing, I’m too old to hide in my room while someone has friends over, that’s just ridiculous.  But for a special night, all right.  Is there anything else you need, anything else to prepare?”

            “I’ll handle it,” Sehun said.  “Thank you.”  He hugged Suho, touched, wearing a foolish grin.  He was going to get the dorm!  So much space, so many possibilities.

            “All right.”  Suho patted his back.  “But you know what you can do for me, maknae?”  Suho looked him in the eye.  “Make sure that when Hwanhee comes over, Jinhoo isn’t with him this time.  If I have to be locked in here making small talk with some strange hoobae, at least it could be Kuhn or Wei.”

            Okay.  Sehun nodded.  If it meant that he could have his pet in his kitchen, he’d do anything.  “I’ll arrange it.”

            One problem, though.  How?

            Niel’s phone was ringing.  He flicked his thumb over the screen, sitting back in his chair and swinging his feet up, crossing his ankles on C.A.P.’s thigh.  “Hello, yes?”

            C.A.P. shoved his feet aside.

            Undeterred, he swung around and rested his feet on Ricky’s lap, instead.

            “Hey, it’s Sehun.”


            Ricky said, “No,” and pushed his feet down.

            He looked at Chunji.

            Chunji just laughed at him.

            “You know Up10tion’s Jinhoo,” Sehun was saying.

            “Probably, I think I’ve heard of him.”  He got up and walked across the room.  Plopped his ass down beside Changjo on the dressing room couch.  Shoved his feet into Changjo’s lap.

            “Do you ever see him?  Like, for fun?  Take him out to dinner or anything?”

            “Sure.  Changjo does.  C.A.P. does, sometimes.”  Changjo was ignoring him.  That wasn’t any fun.  He kicked Changjo’s thigh.

            “Could somebody invite him out for something on Wednesday night?  Like at nine o’clock?  Something he can’t say no to?”

            “Hold on.”  Niel lowered the phone.  “C.A.P. hyung.”

            C.A.P. grunted, glancing up.

            “You’re going to stay at the dorm on Wednesday night.  Some hoobae’s coming over to do a thing.”

            “Do what thing?”

            He stared.

            “Oh.”  C.A.P. grinned.  “Sure, whatever.”

            Good.  Oh, wait.  “Are you starting shenanigans?” he asked Sehun.  “I don’t tolerate shenanigans.  If this gets weird and dramatic and causes problems, I’m going to have to get upset.”

            “No shenanigans,” Sehun said.  “I just need Jinhoo to be busy.”

            “All right.  I’ve got it.”  He hung up and gestured to C.A.P.  “Give me your phone, I have to text Jinhoo.”

            Hwanhee wanted his uniform to look nice.  He ironed it and hung it up and checked on it twice a day.  He tried the cap on a lot, trying to decide which angle looked best.

            Sehun couldn’t believe this.  “Who did the dishes?” he demanded.

            “Xiumin hyung,” Chanyeol said, digging through the fridge.

            “You’re welcome!” Xiumin shouted from another room.

            No!  Shit.  “What are you eating?” Sehun asked Chanyeol.

            “I don’t know, nothing looks good.”

            “I’ll order something,” he said.  “I’ll pay.”

            “I’ll just grab something when - - you’ll pay?” Chanyeol asked, interrupting himself, looking surprised.

            He ordered a lot of food, and then he dumped it all out of the delivery containers and into plates and bowls before he gave it to his members.  He poured everybody drinks.  Soon the sink was full of dirty dishes again.  He couldn’t have been happier.

            He gathered up his dirty underwear.  He complained and hurried his hyungs through their showers so they’d feel rushed and not clean up after themselves.  He jumbled up all of the videogames on the shelves, carelessly dropping some on the floor.

            As soon as the doorbell rang, he sprinted over to the door.  Opening it, he took one quick look: Hwanhee, Kuhn, Wei, no Jinhoo, good.  After that, he couldn’t see anyone but Hwanhee.  “Hi.  Come in.”  Hwanhee entered, and the other two shuffled in, too, and Sehun closed the door.

            Hwanhee hugged him.

            It was a shock to his system.  He hadn’t had his pet yet, hadn’t had his pet in too long, and now he could feel his pet right against his body, could smell his pet’s shampoo.  The need to claim his pet rose up in him so strongly that he couldn’t let go.  He just stood there, his arms locked around his pet.

            Suho showed up, making conversation.  At that interruption, he summoned up his willpower and backed off.  He separated himself from Hwanhee, stepping aside, and focused all of his self-discipline on controlling his hands.  On not reaching for Hwanhee again.

            Blithe, carefree, like nothing was going on, Hwanhee took off his shoes and greeted Suho cheerfully.  He seemed totally whole and independent, as normal and healthy as if he’d never heard of such a thing as an owner.  Sehun loved seeing him like this.  It was a strange kind of torment, being so proud of him for not seeming to need Sehun at all, while also being consumed by the urge to claim him.  The urge to own him.  Sehun wanted to dominate him completely.

            Suho left with the other two.

            Hwanhee gave Sehun a hopeful look, then tugged on Sehun’s fingers.  He touched Sehun easily, naturally, like that was okay, like it was totally permissible for him to grab at Sehun however and whenever he wanted.  This pet was too innocent, too bold, too undisciplined.  Sehun loved it.  “Aren’t we going to your room?  I’ll go set up.”

            Sehun shook his head, squeezing Hwanhee’s hand.  “They’re going to be in Suho hyung’s room, the dorm is mine tonight.  Did you bring your uniform?”  Music started in Suho’s room.

            He nodded eagerly, blushing.  “I wanted to wear it, I almost wore it here, but I thought I shouldn’t do that.  But it’s here, I brought it with me.  Can I put it on?”

            Sehun looked right into Hwanhee’s eyes.  “Badminton.”  Hwanhee was surprised, blinking rapidly.  He tried to go down on his knees, but Sehun held onto his hand and tugged him back up.  When Sehun saw that he was in the scene and not objecting, Sehun added, “Go in my room and put your uniform on, and then get out here.  This place is a mess and you have a lot of work to do.”

            Smile wide, Hwanhee nodded, breathless.  “Yes, Prince Sehun, yes, thank you, I’ll clean everything.”

            “Move,” Sehun ordered, letting go.

            He bounced up onto his toes, expression bright, and then rushed away, sprinting for Sehun’s room.

            Anticipation crackling through him, Sehun watched Hwanhee go.  Damn, this was going to be fucking fantastic.

            Quickly, Sehun turned to the door.  He changed the code on the alarm to make sure that no one could get in, just in case one of his hyungs tried to come back early.

            Then he went to go make sure that the dorm was more of a mess.  He wanted to give his favorite servant a lot to clean up.

            Hwanhee rushed into Sehun’s room and closed the door.  He moved quickly; it was a crime to waste his prince’s time.

            He took his uniform out of his bag.  As he stripped, he found himself breathing hard, his heart racing.  Sehun wanted him to clean up.  Clean the dorm.  Like a servant.  He was going to get to be a real servant, tonight.

            God, was it possible?  He fantasized about it every day, it was one of his favorite daydreams, thinking about tidying up Sehun’s room, cleaning EXO’s dorm.  Was he really going to get to do it?  It was a miracle.  A dream come true.  His prince gave him everything.

            He shoved his clothes into his backpack, not wanting to leave them out all over Sehun’s room.  Then, naked, he turned to the uniform on the bed.

            There weren’t any pants.

            He didn’t even have underwear on, and there were no pants.

            Starting to get anxious about that, he focused on other things first.  He put the jacket on and buttoned it up.  He tried it on all of the time, for fun, to try it out, and it felt good to have it on again.  Comfortable and really sexy at the same time.  He put on a pair of black dress socks that went up to mid-calf.  He shook his hair into place and put on the hat.  He couldn’t take a long time setting it just right; he couldn’t keep his prince waiting.  He pulled on his pristine white gloves.

            Then he was finished.  There was nothing else to put on.

            His balls were dangling out in the open air and he was completely dressed.

            It was such a bizarre feeling, it was really disorienting.  Getting dressed and forgetting to wear pants was what happened in nightmares.  He forced himself to move toward the door, but he couldn’t bring himself to open it.

            This was taboo.  He couldn’t just walk around a sunbae’s dorm with his ass bare.  His junk was out!  He had to cover up.

            His prince was waiting for him, he had to go.

            Conflicted, Hwanhee shuffled his feet, whining.  “Hyungnim, what,” he whispered, patting at his hat, turning around, needing help.  But Sehun wasn’t there to tell him what to do.

            No, Sehun had already told him what to do.  His prince had given him very clear instructions.  “Go in my room and put your uniform on, and then get out here.  This place is a mess and you have a lot of work to do.”

            Go in my room.  Okay, right, done, he’d done that.

            Put your uniform on.  Yes, yes, it was on, he’d finished that step, his uniform was on.

            Get out here.

            He swallowed.  “Get out there,” he said to himself, and he opened the door.  He was a loyal servant, he obeyed without question, he wouldn’t second-guess clear instructions.

            He was walking around EXO’s dorm with his junk out.  In a bellhop’s uniform.  A wave of confusion, of shame, washed over him, but he shook it off, pushed through it.  And then he saw Sehun, and he was so happy to be in front of his prince, he smiled, feeling nothing but joy.

            Sehun was standing by the front door, arms crossed over his chest, an empty laundry basket beside him on the floor.  When he saw Hwanhee, he smiled, and he looked so handsome and confident and happy, he was the perfect prince.

            Hwanhee hurried right up to his prince and knelt down, hands behind his back, face raised eagerly.  “I’m ready to begin, please, Prince Sehun, what can I clean for you, where can I start, please, I want to serve you.”

            “This is cute,” Sehun said, still smiling at him, looking really tickled.  “This is really cute, Hwan-ah, I like you like this.”  Sehun caressed under his chin, where the strap to his hat was.  The way Sehun’s eyes crinkled at the corners was the most attractive thing ever.  “Where are your pants?”

            “I don’t have any.”  It seemed like the most natural thing in the world, now that he was in front of his prince.  “You might want to use my fuckhole, nothing should be in the way.”

            “That’s right,” Sehun said, rubbing his cheek, looking proud of him.  “You have a lot of work to do today, pet.  The kitchen, the bathroom, vacuuming, you’ll be busy.  Give me your gloves, I don’t want you to get them dirty, you’ll have to handle my cock later.”

            “Yes, Prince Sehun.”  He took them off and held them up.

            Sehun took them from him.  “Start with laundry, take the basket, there are dirty clothes on the floor in the hallway.”

            Excited to have a task, eager to begin, he said, “Yes, Prince Sehun, thank you, I’ll start right away, I’ll do it now.”  Quick to his feet, he grabbed the laundry basket on the way up and hurried in the direction Sehun had gestured.  He couldn’t wait to get started!  He was going to be the best servant possible, he was going to outdo every housekeeper EXO had ever had.  Sehun’s members were going to think that a whole army of cleaners had been here.

            The laundry Sehun had mentioned was impossible to miss.  There was underwear on the floor.  A whole scattered pile of it.

            Hwanhee knelt down eagerly, thrilled.  Was this all Sehun’s underwear?  Did all of this belong to his prince?  His eyes flashing from one pair to another, he imagined it on Sehun, soft against his prince’s ass, hugging his prince’s fat balls.  Moaning, he put a hand down, stroking the cotton.  It was all boxer-briefs, not the skimpy stuff that Sehun liked to see on him, just the regular cut.  Solid colors, black, white, red, blue, gray.  Daring, fascinated, feeling compelled, he raised a pair to his face and took a deep sniff.

            Oh, god, the scent went straight to his brain.  It was definitely Sehun’s musk, the same scent he knew so well from those precious, magnificent moments he was allowed to bury his nose in Sehun’s pubes.  The scent he liked to imagine he carried away with him, on his skin, when they parted ways.  Moaning, he leaned down, burying his face in the pile, breathing in deeply.

            As he filled his lungs with Sehun’s musk, he arched his back, pushing his ass out like he’d been trained, like Sehun liked.  He was so turned on, his cock was hardening, begging for attention, but he wasn’t allowed to touch himself without permission.  Rubbing his face against Sehun’s underwear, snorting greedily, he couldn’t hold still, his knees spreading, his hips rocking.

            He couldn’t touch his hard-on, but he had to touch something!  Reaching back, he grabbed his own ass with one hand.  Yes, unh, that was better, that helped.  Breathing Sehun in, he cupped his ass in both hands.  Squeezed himself, massaged himself.  Spreading his cheeks apart, he groaned, thrusting his ass up high.  Exposing his asshole, he wished that Sehun were watching, wished that Sehun would fuck him.  Shuddering at the thought of being used, he felt such a deep throb of desire, he felt delirious.

            Drool fell from his mouth, wetting Sehun’s underwear.  Hurriedly, he swallowed, letting go of himself, raising his head.  He couldn’t make a mess of his prince’s things!  He was supposed to be cleaning up, not dirtying anything.  He had to focus, he had to be a good servant.  Ashamed of himself, he whimpered, tormented by the throbbing of his cock.

            Pushing away his sexual confusion, he concentrated on the task in front of him.  Laundry.  He reached for a handful of underwear.

            Then he hesitated.

            He leaned down, instead, and gently picked up a pair in his mouth.  He leaned over, letting it fall from his mouth and into the laundry basket.  Then he repeated the action, lowering his face to the pile, taking Sehun’s underwear in his mouth, dropping it into the basket.  He moved the whole pile that way, one at a time at first, then two and three, mouthing up clumps.  The cotton was soft, and he felt like he was being trusted with some sacred task, being allowed to tend to such a private part of Sehun’s life.  Sehun’s sacred cock nestled against this cotton all day long!

            When all of the underwear was in the basket, he hummed happily, admiring his work.  He got up, ignoring the ache of his persistent hard-on, and carried the basket into the laundry room.  The washing machine was kind of fancy, but it wasn’t hard to figure out.  Once the machine was humming and filling with water, he closed the lid and stroked it for a moment, pleased.

            He wanted to go down on his hands and knees again.  He wanted to crawl to his next task.  He’d feel so much better down on the floor.  He was a pet, and pets crawled, and he ached with the desire to be a good pet.

            His wants were shameful, though, and he whimpered, confused.  His knees wanted to bend but he resisted the urge, gripping the washing machine for a minute, fighting with himself.  Forcing himself to stay on his feet.  He was a person, not an animal.  He was a servant, not a dog, he should walk.

            But he was a slut.  A freaky, shameless slut.  Nothing was too degrading for him.  If anything, crawling around on the floor would show his true state.

            Whining, confused, he felt shame take hold of him, felt it blanket him in its horrible heat.  “Not a dog,” he whispered to himself, struggling with it.  He wished that Sehun would tell him to get on his knees.  It was okay it if was for Sehun.  Anything was okay if it was what his prince wanted.  It was a privilege, he was grateful to serve.

            Serve.  He shook his head, trying to clear it.  He was a servant.  He had to be a good servant.  He had to focus on serving, focus on his prince.  What he wanted was meaningless, that had nothing to do with anything.  He had to serve Sehun, he had to complete his tasks, he had to do his best.

            He hurried away, rushing to his next job.  Seeing him crawl might please Sehun, but he’d already wasted time.  The faster he moved, the more he could get done, and crawling would slow him down.

            Sehun was in the living room.  He was stretched out on the couch, watching TV, toying with his phone.  He looked bored.  He was so chic, Hwanhee moaned at the sight of him.  It was impossible to walk past him like he wasn’t there; Hwanhee had to go to him.  “Hyungnim,” Hwanhee said, aching with need for him.  “Can I do anything for you?  Do you want a drink, do you want something to eat, do you want to use my fuckhole?”

            Sehun grunted, not looking up from his phone.  “Yeah, there’s some juice in the fridge.  Apple juice.”

            Thrilled to be able to serve, he quickly said, “Yes, hyungnim, I’ll bring it to you,” and scurried away.  He raced to the kitchen.  He found the juice, and then he had a dilemma.  Which size cup would Sehun want?  He’d never seen someone drink a ton of apple juice in one sitting, so he figured a medium-sized cup would be okay, right?  He found a pretty glass with pink and yellow hearts on it, and he poured the juice.  Then he carried it eagerly back to Sehun.

            Sehun didn’t look up at his face, just noticed the glass and took it from him.

            Then Sehun spat in it and handed it back carelessly.  “Drink all of it.”

            He couldn’t believe it.  He was so turned on, he whimpered excitedly, shivering.  Sehun was being rude to him.  Ordering him around, making him fetch a drink, just to spit in it?  Telling him to drink it?  It was so degrading, it seemed wonderfully humiliating.  Moaning eagerly, he raised the glass to his lips.  He drank the juice, drank Sehun’s spit.  It was a sweet, delicious drink, so smooth and cool going down his throat.  He finished it all at once, and when the glass was empty, he gasped for air.  “Thank you, hyungnim, thank you for letting me, it’s so good, I’m always grateful to you.”

            A dismissive look.  “Go.”

            “Yes, hyungnim, thank you.”  He hurried back to the kitchen, giddy and energized.  He had work to do!

            Sehun held it in until Hwanhee was out of the room, and then he broke his cool pose.  Smiling widely, moaning in disbelief, he buried his face in the crook of his arm.  He laughed helplessly, amazed.  God, his pet was perfect.

            He tried to hold back, but he needed to see.  He wasn’t a hands-off owner; he wanted to watch his pet, to relish his pet’s servitude.  He got off of the couch and prowled over to the kitchen.

            His pet was washing the dishes.  By the sink.  Singing to himself under his breath.  Working hard, sweat trickling down from his temple, but working cheerfully, energetically, scrubbing and rinsing.  Such a diligent pet.  Ass bare, thighs bare, skin so smooth and unmarked Sehun ached to hurt him.

            Sehun stayed by the doorway, willing himself under control, exercising self-discipline.  “You know there’s a dishwasher.”

            Hwanhee jumped, then turned with a breathless laugh, bowing.  His cheeks were flushed and he had a hard-on.  He was washing dishes and his cock was stiff.  “Hyungnim!”

            Sehun eyed his cock.

            He squirmed shyly, putting a wet hand down like he wanted to cover himself.  But there was nothing he could do about it, so he squirmed for another second and then just went back to doing the dishes, embarrassed and self-conscious.  Sehun eyed his perky, bare ass.  “I, um, I know about the dishwasher, but I want to do it myself.  I want to make sure it’s all clean, I can do a better job if I do it myself.  You’re going to eat off of this later, it has to be done right.”

            God, he was devoted.  “Does doing the dishes always turn you on?  You always get a hard-on like that when you’re washing cups and plates?  Or is it just because of the bowls, you have a thing for bowls?  They remind you of your secret lover?”

            “No, it’s for you, hyungnim, I,” and then he exclaimed, “My lover!” like he’d just gotten it.  “It’s not my lover!” he protested, shooting Sehun a scandalized look.  He stared down into the sink, scrubbing at the plate in his hands more determinedly.  “It’s just a bowl.  It’s just for you, I do those things for you.”

            “The way you hump that bowl doesn’t get me off, Hwan-ah.  You’re the one jizzing all over it.”

            “For you,” he mumbled, scrubbing.  “I do it for you.”

            “Sure.”  Strolling over, he liked the way Hwanhee shivered at his approach.  Hwanhee darted quick glances at him, tracking his movements around the kitchen, weight shifting from foot to foot.  “Don’t mind me,” he said, stopping just behind, and Hwanhee kept washing and rinsing.  “You look cute in this hat, Hwan-ah.”  He loved that Hwanhee had the cap on.  Like an authentic, respectable servant.  The short jacket gave him a perfect view of Hwanhee’s firm, round ass.

            His pet had put on a costume for him.  He loved dressing his pet up, but this had been his pet’s idea.  Hwanhee kept coming up with actions to take, new ways to show devotion.  Getting his pet to do things for him was a huge turn-on; it was a new level of sexual intensity for him to have a pet who self-subjugated.  It should’ve been a challenge to his control to have a pet who was so independent and active and so full of ideas and initiative, but instead of using that energy to buck his authority, Hwanhee used it to worship him.

            “My pet,” he whispered, moving in closer.  Undoing his fly, he kissed Hwanhee’s ear.  Hwanhee shuddered, and then he breathed, “My perfect pet,” and Hwanhee made a blissful moaning sound, swaying back against him.  Pushing his naked hard-on against Hwanhee’s ass, he groaned.  Fuck, it felt so good, Hwanhee’s skin was so soft.  His pet was so needy, so responsive, every second they were together was rewarding.  Grinding his cock against his pet, he grunted, nuzzling Hwanhee’s hair, his nose brushing against Hwanhee’s cap.  Hwanhee was moaning and pressing back against him, squirming.  “Do you like wearing it, Hwan-ah, do you like putting on pretty things to wear for me?”

            “Yes,” Hwanhee moaned.  He was undulating between Sehun and the sink, trying valiantly to wash dishes while also rubbing himself all over Sehun’s cock.  “Yes, I love wearing things for you, I love it when you dress me up.  It feels so good, hyungnim, thank you for letting me dress up for you.”

            “Dishes, Hwan-ah,” he whispered, nuzzling Hwanhee’s ear.  It was a simple direction, but Hwanhee obeyed him immediately, prioritizing the dishes.  There was less squirming now, but he was proud of his pet for being so well-disciplined.  “Good pet,” he murmured, to reinforce this good behavior, and Hwanhee whimpered happily, scrubbing faster, back arching.  “Such a good pet.”  He licked the back of Hwanhee’s neck, painting wet stripes, dragging the tip of his tongue up into Hwanhee’s hair.  Making needy little sounds, Hwanhee kept washing, rinsing, working steadily through Sehun’s distraction.  “How do you feel in your uniform, pet, what do you like about it?”

            “I like wearing it for you,” Hwanhee said.  “I like that it’s for you, just for you.  I hope that you’ll like to see me in it.”  His voice trembled.  “I, I, I feel sexy in it, it turns me on, it’s a way to prove myself to you.”

            A way to prove himself.  That meant that it shamed him, that it was humiliating, that he got off on how degrading it was.  He was taking pride and pleasure in debasing himself in front of Sehun, and this had all been his idea.  He was a fucking treasure.  Aroused, wanting him, Sehun hissed, nibbling on his nape.  He shivered, whining the way he did when it didn’t hurt enough, when he wanted more.  “Greedy slut,” Sehun whispered, and nipped at him.

            “Yes, yes, I’m such a greedy slut,” he moaned.  “It feels so good to prove myself to you.”

            Hot for his pet, Sehun couldn’t stay away.  He lingered there, nibbling, licking, while Hwanhee worked.  He toyed with the gold buttons on the uniform jacket and caressed the cleft of Hwanhee’s ass.  He could do anything he wanted, put his hands anywhere on Hwanhee that he liked, kiss his pet’s nape tenderly, bite his pet’s ears cruelly, and his pet was happy with all of it, any kind of attention.  Every part, every inch of his pet was available to him, for whatever he wanted to do to it.

            Hwanhee rinsed off the last dish and scrubbed the sink sparkling clean.  He was working really carefully; it was obvious that he wanted to do a thorough job.

            Sehun wrapped his arms around his pet, closing his eyes.  Holding his pet close, his pet’s young, strong body protected in the shelter of his arms, he cherished his treasure.

            Hwanhee was drying the dishes.  Sehun picked up the rack of clean, wet dishes and set it on the floor.  “On your knees, facing me.”

            Immediately, his pet turned around and knelt down, gazing up at him.

            “Keep drying, you have a lot of work to do,” Sehun instructed, and cupped the back of Hwanhee’s head, forcing Hwanhee’s face into his groin.

            Hwanhee moaned blissfully, mouth opening.

            “No licking, no sucking,” Sehun ordered.  “Pay attention to your work, pet, don’t waste time.”

            Whimpering, Hwanhee picked up a bowl.  He tried drying the dishes by reaching between Sehun’s legs, and by hugging Sehun’s leg, and none of it seemed very comfortable for him, and he had to go by feel since his face was buried in Sehun’s crotch, but he worked steadily.  He was breathing in nothing but Sehun’s musk, and he was making a lot of noise, moaning and whimpering, but he was making every effort to obey.

            “Good pet.”  Relishing his complete subservience, Sehun stroked his bellhop’s cap, caressed the chin strap.  “Take my balls in your mouth but just hold them there, don’t suck.”

            Groaning, he mouthed Sehun’s balls.  He tried to keep his mouth relaxed, but he was whining, his throat working helplessly.  His hands fumbled over cups and plates, and he dried the same bowl twice.

            “So pretty on your knees,” Sehun murmured.  His pet’s obedience, his pet’s unquestioning embrace of degradation, his pet’s enthusiasm for subservience, were incredibly fulfilling.  “Crawl over to the laundry room and start the dryer, and then crawl over to the bathroom, you have more work to do.”

            Eyes wide and beseeching, Hwanhee gazed up at him around a mouthful of his balls.  Hwanhee’s knees were slowly, slowly easing backward, trying to obey the instructions, but Hwanhee was having real trouble leaving contact with his crotch.

            “Off,” he ordered, pushing Hwanhee’s face away.  He tipped up Hwanhee’s chin, then slapped Hwanhee across the face just hard enough to shock.  “When I tell you what to do, you do it.  Are you a good pet or are you disobedient?”

            “Good pet, please, I want to be a good pet,” Hwanhee panted, looking up at him desperately.

            “Then crawl,” he commanded, pointing away.

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, yes, please, yes, thank you, I’m going now,” Hwanhee said quickly, meekly, putting his head down.  Back arched, bare ass in the air, he crawled away.

            Savoring the sight, Sehun felt pure power course through his veins.

            Hwanhee was used to crawling around Sehun’s bedroom, but the whole dorm?  It gave him a real thrill.  He felt like a real pet, crawling around on his hands and knees out in the open.  This wasn’t just some secretive little thing he did occasionally when he got a chance; this was the big time now, the real thing, all over EXO’s dorm.  It was really exciting.  He had to get up on his feet to switch Sehun’s clean panties out of the washing machine and start the dryer, but as soon as that was over, he was down on his knees again, and it felt fantastic.

            “Grateful, I’m so grateful,” he mumbled happily, crawling across the wide expanse of EXO’s front room, past the couch.

            The bathroom was a mess, bottles of product scattered around, wet towels all over.  Glad to have so much to do, he crawled around gathering up towels and underwear and any other clothes he could find, piling everything into the hamper.  He had to get up on his feet again to carry that, and he took it to the laundry room, starting a new load.  That done, he crawled back eagerly, savoring the tasks ahead.

            There was a bucket on the floor with some cleaning supplies in it.  He cleaned the sink first, and then he did the mirror, wanting not a single spot on it.  He was used to sharing his dorm with his members, and to cleaning up after them for royal visits, and he’d seen worse.  It was good that EXO wasn’t spectacularly disgusting - - he didn’t want to have to think that his sunbaes were gross - - but he was disappointed that there wasn’t more work for him to do.  He really wanted to make a big difference, to prove that he was a good servant who would tackle any job.

            He was on his knees in front of the toilet when Sehun showed up in the doorway to watch him.  Suddenly fire-hot, he whimpered, squirming, thrusting his ass out.  “Work to do, work to do,” he mumbled to himself, reminding himself of his prince’s commands.  He was a good servant; good servants didn’t get distracted.

            But the work he had to do was cleaning a bathroom.  Scrubbing a toilet.  In a weird, kinky costume with his bare ass showing and his hard-on out.  He had a hard-on.  He was cleaning a bathroom and he had a hard-on.  He tried not to let that get to him, tried to stay focused, but his hands were shaking and he almost dropped the toilet brush.  “I have work to do,” he insisted desperately, but he was burning up with overwhelming shame, and he was trembling and whimpering, feeling damned by his own aching erection.

            Sehun’s voice was calm and smooth and bored.  “Do you need to make a mess?”

            Make a mess.  He remembered Sehun saying that before.  “Go make your mess in your bowl.  I don’t want pet jizz on my sheets.”  Sehun was asking him if he needed to get off.  “No, no, please.”  He was pleading, desperate, struggling to ignore his throbbing cock.  No, he didn’t want to get off over this, he couldn’t, he wasn’t some freaky slut who got off on cleaning a bathroom, he couldn’t let himself become that person.

            “Hwan-ah,” Sehun said firmly.  “Scrub the toilet.”

            Yes.  Yes, okay, that was a good command, that was easy, he could do that.  “Yes, please, thank you,” he said, immediately hard at work.  Sexual need was still churning through him, making him whimper, and his hard-on was being really demanding, begging for attention, just a touch, just a little touch.  But he wasn’t going to touch it, he wasn’t, he wasn’t masturbating in a bathroom.  He was cleaning the bathroom.  That was good, that was normal, that was something everybody did.  Bathrooms needed to be cleaned, he was cleaning his prince’s bathroom, he was a good servant.  “Thank you, I’m so grateful.”

            “Clean enough to lick it,” Sehun ordered.

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, yes, I’ll get it clean for you.”  He really did, too.  He was all over that toilet, inside and out, scrubbing and wiping and spritzing.  He wanted it perfectly clean, wanted it as pure as clean snow, wanted it immaculate for his prince.  He went over it again and again, until he was just polishing it lovingly, humming with satisfaction.  It was beautiful.  It was the cleanest toilet that had ever existed, it had to be.  He’d just go over it again.

            “Wash your hands,” Sehun ordered him.

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, yes, I’ll do it now, thank you.”  He hated to leave the toilet; he felt like he’d really had a success, here, and he was proud of his work.  But he was immediately up and at the sink, washing his hands.

            Sehun walked over to the toilet, standing beside it, looking down at it.  “Here,” he ordered, snapping his fingers and pointing to the floor.

            “Yes, hyungnim, I’m coming,” he said, and in another second he was kneeling at Sehun’s feet.

            “Come on it.”

            On - - on the toilet?  Come on it?  He - - what?  “Hyungnim?” he asked, his face burning.  No, no, but, no, Sehun had already asked him about this, and he’d said, he - - “Hyungnim?” he asked, even more desperately.

            Sehun slapped him across the face.  Whimpering helplessly, he wished that Sehun would do it again, because being slapped felt a million times better than this chaotic distress.  “Are you hesitating?”

            “C-c-come on it?”  On the toilet?  He couldn’t get off on a toilet, he couldn’t, he just couldn’t.

            He wanted to.  Oh, god, he wanted to.  He was trembling with sexual excitement, pleasure pulsing through him, desire creating a fever in his body.  He wanted to hump this gleaming white toilet, he lusted after it, he was dying to clamp the cool porcelain bowl between his bare thighs.

            But he couldn’t, god, he couldn’t!

            Displeasure, disapproval, scorn dripped from Sehun’s voice.  “Are you disobeying me?”

            The question made his decision for him.

            He couldn’t disobey his prince.

            The toilet seemed bigger, suddenly.  He felt so small, on his knees.  So ludicrous and exposed, naked from the waist down.  Desperation overwhelmed him, and he felt miserable, felt sick with shame.  “I’ll do it,” he said, his voice a trembling whisper, and he shuddered, choking back a sob.  “I’m doing it,” he admitted, damning himself.

            Anything for his prince, he’d do anything for his prince.  Sniffling, hot tears spilling down his cheeks, he wrapped his hand around his cock.

            It was rock-hard.

            Humiliated, he started to masturbate.

            “Rub your cock against it, Hwan-ah, get up and hump it,” Sehun ordered.

            “Yes, hyungnim.”  Whimpering, weeping, tormented, he got up, crouching over the bowl.  He hunched over it awkwardly, trying to find his balance.  “Thank you, Prince Sehun.”  He angled his hips, bumping his hard-on against the bowl, trying to hump up against the underside of it.  The toilet was cold and hard against his sensitive skin, and he whined miserably.  He shifted, pushing the seat up, and straddled the bowl, letting his balls hang inside, bumping the base of his cock lightly just inside the rim.  Oh, god, that felt good.  Moaning, he rocked a little, rubbing himself tenderly against his new lover.

            Shuddering, aching, he was tormented.  He was mortified.  He was a dirty, freaky slut.  He was fucking a toilet.  He was grinding his erection against a toilet and he was loving it, he was getting off on it.  Horrified, ashamed of his own wretched debasement, he moaned helplessly.  “Hyungnim?”  Crying, sniffling, he wished that his prince would tell him to stop.  He needed his prince to tell him to stop.  He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t.  “Please?”

            Sehun’s voice was cold and unforgiving.  “Thank me for letting you.”

            Sobbing, he clutched at the tank for support.  “Thank you, Prince Sehun,” he said miserably, feeling doomed.  “Grateful,” he choked out, “I’m so grateful.”  The words circled in his mind, swirling, and he slumped there, straddling the seat.  He fondled himself lightly, unwilling to disobey, needing to keep going, but not ready to get off yet, his body eager for it, his mind rebelling.  “Grateful,” he said again, “I’m so grateful.”

            Grateful.  Grateful to his prince.  He looked down at Sehun’s bare feet, his thoughts clearer now.  He was grateful to his prince.  For letting him serve.  For letting him be a good, dedicated, loyal servant.  For giving him so many opportunities.

            Opportunities to serve.  Opportunities to prove himself.

            No, no, this was too far, this was too much, this had to be a huge taboo, this-

            Nothing was too far.  Nothing was too much, if it was for his prince.  “I’m so grateful,” he said in a wondering tone, his hand moving more rhythmically now.  Nothing was off-limits if he was doing it for his prince.  His handsome, regal Prince Sehun.  “You’re so good to me.”  He said that to Sehun all of the time, but he meant it, and it had new significance, tonight.

            This was taboo.  And that was what made it so perfect, so exciting.  It was a new extreme.  The more extreme, the better; the more forbidden, the better.  This was incredibly degrading, of course it was; that was what made it so powerful.

            Energized, inspired, Hwanhee moaned enthusiastically.  Squatting in front of the toilet, one hand braced on the tank, he masturbated, his hips moving rhythmically, humping up against the edge of the bowl, his balls swinging against the cool porcelain outside.  “Yes, thank you, I’m so grateful.”  Moaning rapturously, hips rocking in a frenzy of lust, he shuddered.  “You’re so good to me, I’m so lucky, please, please, yes, thank you.”

            But his position was too triumphant.  He had to humiliate himself, he had to look as degraded as possible.  He slid down onto his knees, kneeling in front of the toilet again, letting it dominate him.  “I’m so hard, my cock’s so hard, I’m going to come like this.”  He wanted to say it out loud, to claim it, so that his prince would hear it.  He wanted it to be clear that this was sexual for him, this was a pleasure for him.  He deliberately bumped his slick, sensitive cockhead against the outside of the bowl.  The tap against the cool hardness was part of his humiliation, forcing his cock to interact with the toilet; he wasn’t just masturbating nearby a toilet, he was masturbating with the toilet, like an out-of-control sexual freak.  The cold kiss of it against his erection held orgasm at bay, prolonged the experience, dragged out his humiliation even more.  “Grateful, I’m so grateful.”  Panting, he stared up at Sehun, blissful in his suffering, intoxicated by this beautiful, fabulous shame.  His owner looked so powerful, standing over him, so masterful, so in control.  “Please,” he moaned, tugging eagerly on his cock.  “Please let me humiliate myself for you.  You own me, you own me, I want to be a filthy, freaky, slutty cumhole for you, please.”

            “Keep begging.”

            “Please, please.”  His desires, his sexual need, were driving him now.  “Please, hyungnim, please, humiliate me, use me, yes, please.”  He collapsed on his back, then wriggled forward.  Knees in the air, he clamped the bowl between his legs, his bare ass against the base of the toilet, wrapping his legs around it like it was fucking him raw.  “Please, please, I need it,” he moaned, jacking himself enthusiastically, rocking himself against the cool, unmoving toilet.  “Use me, you own me, you own me, Prince Sehun, yes, oh!”  He hit a wild climax, his ecstasy finally too intense to contain.  He cried out, filling the bathroom with sound, one orgasmic high note after another.  Shuddering, he spurted, cum erupting from him in thick jets.  “Unh!  Ah!  Ah!  Ah!  Yes, yes, please, yes, I’m yours, please!”  Squealing ecstatically, he gave his erection one final stroke.  White globs of cum clung to the underside of the bowl.  Moaning, delirious with pleasure, he squeezed the toilet between his thighs, grinding his bare ass against it.  “God, yes, please, use me.”  Panting, he gazed up at Sehun, drawing the hem of his short jacket up, showing off his body as he squirmed hungrily against the cold toilet, trying futilely, shamelessly, to fuck himself against it.  “I did it, hyungnim, I came for you.  Thank you for letting me, thank you for everything.  You’re so good to me, thank you for letting me be a filthy little freak for you.”

            Sehun smiled down at him.  He’d won a smile.  Joy radiated through him, and he moaned, satisfied.  And then he heard those magical words.  So rewarding, so soothing.  “Good pet.”

            Hwanhee was so blissful, Sehun wanted to let him enjoy his high.  So Sehun hung back, giving him mild direction but mostly just letting him have his fun.

            He cleaned the toilet again, getting his cum off of it, and then he did the rest of the bathroom.  He put the dishes away and mopped the kitchen floor.  He alternated between singing softly to himself and just mumbling, “I’m so grateful, thank you, you’re so good to me,” in a dreamy, completely sincere tone.

            This servitude had always been Hwanhee’s goal, and Sehun felt really proud, really lucky, to be the one to give him this experience.  He was acting out his fantasy to the fullest he ever had.  In his mind, he was cleaning his prince’s palace.

            It was a fantasy for Sehun, too.  Having someone this devoted to him.  Someone this selfless.  Someone who would clean up after him and be grateful for the chance to do it.

            He’d had to give Hwanhee a push, in the bathroom, but he’d never doubted himself while he’d done it.  He knew his pet, knew what Hwanhee wanted from him, knew what his pet responded to.  The breakthrough had come exactly as he’d known it would, and his pet’s enthusiasm immediately after, the way his pet had taken the moment and run with it, the way his pet had fucked that toilet and begged for more, god damn.  His pet was special, and when his pet’s devoted, shameless side came out, no extreme was too far.  He hadn’t set the moment up as a test, because he’d known that his pet would embrace the challenge, but Hwanhee had rocketed right past his expectations.  There was mildly degrading, and then there was Hwanhee’s voracious appetite for debasement.  His pet thrived on humiliation.

            And now any time he wanted to, he could close his eyes and remember Hwanhee joyfully freaking the toilet and begging him for more.  God, this pet was a fucking treasure.

            Sehun lounged on the couch while Hwanhee tidied up the front room.  He put all of the videogames back on the shelves, carefully dusting off each one.  He wasn’t at all self-conscious about being naked from the waist down anymore.  He wasn’t showing off his cock or finding excuses to get Sehun to notice it.  He was arching his back a lot and showing off his ass, but that wasn’t something he did for himself, it was something he did for Sehun.  He took a lot of pride in being a good servant, in being obedient and devoted.  It meant a lot to him to be a good fuckhole.

            “Are you doing your best?” Sehun asked him.

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, thank you.”  He quickly nudged a videogame into place, making sure that it stood up nice and straight.

            “I don’t want to have to go around behind you, double-checking, making sure that everything’s clean.”  Sehun deliberately spoke in a lazy tone, sprawled on the couch, not budging a muscle, doing his best impression of a spoiled, entitled, selfish prince.

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, you won’t have to, I’ll get it right the first time, I’ll get it clean for you.”  Hwanhee spoke with all of the happy energy in the world, working steadily.

            “What are you going to do next?”

            Hwanhee glanced over and bowed to him.  “Whatever you want, Prince Sehun.”

            Cute.  “What were you planning to do next?”

            “Whatever you want, Prince Sehun.”  Then he added, “I was thinking of vacuuming.”

            Sehun grunted.  “When you’re finished with that, before you vacuum, come over here and lick my balls.”

            Hwanhee’s breath caught.  “Yes, Prince Sehun, thank you, I’m so grateful, I’ll be there soon.”

            Sehun watched him, smiling.  He hurried through the rest of the videogames, but he didn’t half-ass it.  He kept doing his best at it, dusting and shelving carefully, making sure that everything was put exactly in its place according to whichever system he was going by.  It was so important to him to be a good servant to his prince, and he was so fully committed to this role, that he wasn’t going to let Sehun have dusty, disorganized shelves.

            Curious, Sehun asked, “Which order are you putting them in?”

            “Alpha-”  Hwanhee whirled around.  “Which order do you want them in?”

            Sehun was so used to them being disorganized, he didn’t care.  Once his pet had them set up, though, he was going to fight his hyungs if they messed them up.  “Alphabetical.”

            Hwanhee showed him a relieved, happy smile and went back to work.

            Then he set his dust cloth aside and hurried over to the couch.  He moved so fast that his junk jiggled, and Sehun smiled, watching.  “I’m here, Your Highness, I’m ready now, thank you,” he said, going down on his knees.

            “What did I tell you to do?” Sehun asked, pushing his pants down.

            “Lick your balls, thank you,” Hwanhee said, watching avidly.

            Spreading his thighs, he took gentle hold of an ear, guiding Hwanhee’s face to his crotch.

            Hwanhee moaned, opening his mouth.  Wet and adoring, his tongue slithered over Sehun’s balls.  It was a tender moment, the sweet intimacy of pet and owner, and Sehun rubbed his ear, pinching lightly, watching as he ran his tongue all over Sehun’s sac.

            He did exactly as he’d been told.  He only licked, not kissing or sucking, and he stayed on Sehun’s balls, not straying anywhere else.  He licked delicately, obsessively, treasuring his contact with Sehun’s balls.  It was so worshipful, Sehun groaned, fueled by it.  This interaction was exactly what their relationship thrived on.  “Good pet,” Sehun said softly, and Hwanhee whimpered excitedly, making grateful, vulnerable noises.

            He was drooling, letting his saliva drip down Sehun’s balls.  There was so much of it, he had to be doing it on purpose, marinating Sehun’s balls in his drool, a puddle of it trickling under Sehun on the leather couch.  “Pretty, slutty pet,” Sehun murmured, proud of him, and he groaned blissfully, thrusting his ass up.

            Being with his pet was so rewarding, Sehun wanted to give him an extra treat.  He snapped the elastic band holding Hwanhee’s hat on, making it pop against his pet’s cheek, and then he rudely pushed Hwanhee’s head aside.  Getting up, he hitched his pants back up, stepping aside.  “Lick it up,” he ordered, snapping his fingers and pointing at the couch.

            “Yes, yes, thank you,” Hwanhee said, lowering his face.  He licked up his drool.  Sehun’s naked ass had just been on that seat, and he licked it ardently, happy moans humming out of him.

            Once the puddle of spit was gone and he was just making out with the couch, Sehun smiled and nudged his bare thigh with a foot.  “Time to vacuum, pet.”

            “Yes, thank you.”  He crawled away on his hands and knees, moaning, “So grateful, yes, I’m so grateful.”

            Sehun was way too turned on to be able to cram his cock back in his pants, so he just stripped.  Naked, he flopped down onto the couch and considered the very many ways he might get off tonight.

            Walking back in with the vacuum cleaner, Hwanhee saw him.  Noticed him and immediately groaned.  Knees bending, Hwanhee clung to the vacuum cleaner like it was a struggle to stay upright.  “Grateful, I’m so grateful.”  Working valiantly to be a good servant, Hwanhee tried to focus on cleaning, but it took three tries to get the vacuum plugged in right.

            Lightly fondling himself, teasing his cock, Sehun leaned back and watched.  Such a pretty little pet.  Working so hard for him.  Hwanhee took cleaning for him very seriously and vacuumed earnestly, going under furniture and into corners, studying the floor intently, not missing a spot.

            Finally, Hwanhee turned the vacuum off.  Then he plugged an attachment into the hose and turned it on again.  While Sehun watched, fascinated, he went down on his hands and knees and started crawling around, searching the floor obsessively, vacuuming up lint that only he could see.  Then, still on his hands and knees, he started vacuuming the furniture, going over the coffee table.  He did the couch, too, getting as close to Sehun as he dared without actually making contact.  He was completely focused on his task, his expression earnest and attentive.

            When he was finally satisfied, he turned off the vacuum again and unplugged it.

            “Leave that,” Sehun said.  “Is my laundry dry?  Bring it in here, I want you to fold it.”

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, yes, thank you, I’ll do it now.”  He hurried away, intent on his new task.

            Sehun set a bottle of lube on the coffee table.

            Hwanhee carried in a basket full of Sehun’s underwear.  “Set it down here,” Sehun said, pointing to the table.  “Lube yourself.”

            “Yes!  Thank you, Prince Sehun, I’m so grateful, yes, I’ll do it now, you’re so good to me.”  He scurried to obey, putting the basket down and then grabbing the lube.  He squirmed as he fingered himself, watching Sehun with a hopeful expression.  “I’m very grateful, I’m a very spoiled pet,” he told Sehun like it was vital information.

            “You are,” Sehun agreed.  Getting comfortable on the couch, he sat in front of the coffee table with his legs spread, and then he lubed up his erection.  Hwanhee watched with hungry fascination, still squirming, making a low, throaty noise.  “Bounce on my cock.  I want to get off in your ass.”

            “Yes,” Hwanhee moaned, lunging towards Sehun’s lap.  Sehun held onto his cock, aiming it right for that sweet target, and Hwanhee eased onto him, hot hole closing around him greedily.  “Yes, yes, oh, hyungnim, yes, thank you, ohh-hh-hh, thank you, oouhh-hh, oh, oh!”  Hwanhee rocked down onto him, swallowing his erection into the depths of that slick tunnel, groaning with shameless exuberance.  “Yes, yes, oh!  Oh, oh, Prince Sehun, you’re inside of me, thank you, I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful for your hard cock, yes, oh!”

            “Start folding,” Sehun ordered.  “And move your ass, Hwan-ah, I want to get off, not go limp.”

            “Now, I’m doing it now,” he panted, grabbing at the laundry basket.  His hands were clumsy, but his hips knew exactly what they were doing.  He was moaning, undulating, fucking himself enthusiastically.  God, Hwanhee loved cock.  “Inside me, oh, so good to me, thank you for letting me.”

            Fuck, he felt good, and his quick, eager rhythm had Sehun moaning.  His bouncing ass slid up and down Sehun’s lubed shaft, making a pretty show, hot and snug.  Sehun cupped his ass, stroked his thighs, needing to touch him, admiring his strong, toned body.  “Such a sexy pet.”

            “I can do it,” Hwanhee was panting to himself.  “Folding, I can, f-f-folding.  Laundry, Prince Sehun’s panties, I can do it.”  Groaning, he clung to the side of the basket, hips working hungrily.  He fumbled a pair of underwear out of the basket.  “The royal panties.”

            It turned Sehun on to see his pet struggling.  He’d expected this task to be easier for his pet than this, and it really aroused him to realize how deeply affected his pet was by sex with him.  Too affected to be able to get any folding done.  Hwanhee was still holding onto the first pair of underwear, moaning ecstatically and bouncing rhythmically.  Knowing what a devoted servant Hwanhee was, how seriously Hwanhee took cleaning for him, he recognized how powerful an experience being fucked by him had to be, for Hwanhee not to be able to complete the task.  “Not folding?  Are you too much of a cockslut, does getting screwed distract you that much?”

            “I’ll do it, I’m doing it, I’m grateful,” Hwanhee insisted breathlessly.  Clumsy, he folded Sehun’s underwear in half one way, then the other way.

            “Having trouble multi-tasking?” Sehun asked, rubbing his waist.  “I didn’t think that you’d be so lazy, Hwan-ah.  You can’t fold the royal panties and polish the royal cock at the same time?”

            “P-p-polish the royal cock,” he moaned.  “I’ll work harder, Prince Sehun, I’ll work so hard for you, I’m so grateful.”  He got the first folded pair onto the table and fumbled a second pair out of the basket.  Seeing that it was inside-out, he whimpered miserably.

            “Keep bouncing, Hwan-ah.”  Sehun’s hands slid up under his bellhop’s jacket, stroking his hot skin.  He was sweating against the satin lining.  “Your fuckhole feels good tonight, I like feeling your slutty ass sliding all over my cock.”

            “Oohhuhhh, oohh-hh, yes, use me, use me, I’ll make it good for you,” Hwanhee moaned.  Bracing one hand against the edge of the table, he rocked back against Sehun, screwing himself on Sehun’s erection with demanding thrusts.  “The royal cock, your royal cock’s inside of me, I’m so grateful.”  He was folding one-handed, finishing one pair, fishing out another, making progress now.  “I’m a grateful fuckhole, you can do anything to me, you own me.”

            Anything.  Anything he wanted, he could do anything to his pet.  “You’re mine,” Sehun groaned, pleasure surging in him, his triumph intoxicating him.  “My filthy little fuckhole.”

            “Yes, yes, ooohh!  Oh!”  Hwanhee yelped ecstatically when Sehun grabbed his hips.  Controlling his movements, yanking him down, Sehun thrust up into him, climaxing in a powerful burst.

            “Fuck, yes, yes,” Sehun panted, jizzing in repetitive spurts, deep inside of his pet.  “Take my load, Hwan-ah, take it.”

            “Yes, yes, so grateful,” Hwanhee panted, squirming in his hold.  “Inside me, you came inside me, it’s in me now, I can keep it.”

            Awash in rich ecstasy, sated, Sehun sagged backward, hugging his pet to himself, catching his breath.  There was no satisfaction in the world like nailing his perfect little pet.  His pet’s warmth and weight against him were a pleasure.  Where he usually had unfettered access to every part of his pet, tonight the hat and jacket were in the way, but he liked that, too; he liked that his pet dressed up for him.  “Good pet,” he murmured.  Then he pushed his pet off of his lap and onto the floor.  Hwanhee landed with a startled yelp, then said, “I’m so grateful,” to reassure him.  He smiled and nudged Hwanhee with his foot.  “Go in the kitchen and get me something to eat.  There’s pork in the fridge, top shelf, microwave it and bring it to me.”

            Fresh from his cock, still rock-hard, Hwanhee shuddered happily and rolled up onto all fours.  “Yes, Prince Sehun, I’ll bring it to you.”  He kept his well-used ass up in the air as he crawled away.

            Sehun relaxed for a minute, basking in the afterglow.  He admired the tiny stack of folded underpants on the table and smiled at the proof of how intensely he’d distracted his pet.  Then, naked, his cock still slick, he pushed himself to his feet and wandered over to the vacuum cleaner.  He tipped it over, laying it down on the floor.

            Hwanhee was taking too long.  “Are you making me wait?” he demanded.

            “I’m coming!  I’m coming now, here I am, I’m sorry, Prince Sehun, I’m so grateful.”  Hwanhee scurried in.  He’d dumped the pork out of the shoddy old plastic container it had been in and onto one of the gleaming white plates they never used, and he’d found a pair of engraved ebony chopsticks.  He placed it on the table and bowed.

            “Here,” Sehun said.  “You can rest over here while I eat.”

            “Rest?”  He was puzzled but interested, coming over to where Sehun and the vacuum waited for him.  “I’m grateful, Prince Sehun, thank you, I’ll rest if you want me to.”

            “Yes, you will.”  He’d added the “if you want me to” because he was trying to signal that he didn’t want to take a break, that he wanted to keep working and serving, but this wasn’t about what he wanted.  Sehun pushed him down towards the vacuum.  “Get on.”

            He gave Sehun a confused look.  “On?  Yes, Prince Sehun, I’ll do it,” he added quickly, wanting to obey.  Moving uncertainly, he lowered himself.  “Whatever you want, hyungnim.”

            “On, pet, get comfortable.”  Sehun took over, reaching down and nudging him into place, guiding his hips, positioning him until he was on his stomach, straddling the vacuum.  “You can rest right here.”

            “Thank you,” Hwanhee said, confused but trying to take it in stride, wiggling around, trying to get comfortable.

            Sehun gripped the vacuum’s handle, lifting it from the floor a little, and took the long, black cord in his other hand.  He wrapped the cord snugly around the vacuum.  Around his pet.  Lashing his pet to the vacuum.

            “Prince Sehun?” Hwanhee asked, alarm in his voice as Sehun wound the cord around him and the vacuum together, binding them to each other.  He was looking around, anxiously tracking what Sehun was doing to him, but he was staying in place, not fighting it, not even moving to wriggle out of it.  He was such an adorable pet, with his worried eyes and his little red cap.

            The cord was long enough to let Sehun wind it snugly several times, binding Hwanhee nice and tight.  Then Sehun snaked the cord under Hwanhee’s thigh and in between his legs, tucking it deep in the cleft of his bare ass before threading the end through the lines crossing his back and securing it there.

            Stepping back, Sehun admired his handiwork.  His pet was tied up nice and tight, hugging the vacuum, bound securely, the black cord nestled snugly in the crack of his pet’s vulnerable ass.

            Hwanhee licked his lips, miserable, desperate.  “Thank you, Prince Sehun.  I’ll rest here, but I won’t need to rest long, right, I don’t think I need to rest for a long time, I have a lot of work to do, I have to finish the laundry, I’d like to fold your panties, please, could I do some folding soon?”

            “You’re going to rest while I eat.”  Sehun gently squeezed his nape and coaxed his head down until his cheek was against the smooth plastic.  “Quiet, pet.  No talking, no moving, just rest.  I’ll let you up when it’s time to get back to work.  Even the best servants have to rest comfortably.”

            “Comfortably,” he whispered, “I’m resting comfortably.”  Then he pressed his lips together, swallowing, and gave Sehun a pained smile, suffering and worshipful.  He was absolutely tormented, but he trusted that it was okay, because Sehun wanted it.

            “Good pet,” Sehun said, and patted his bare, bound ass.

            Sehun left him there.

            Back on the couch, Sehun ate.  He totally bullshitted around, making one simple bowl take forever to eat.  He chewed slowly, he took a long time between bites, he rolled all over the couch getting super comfortable and showing off how at ease he was.

            Having his pet tied up, right there on the floor beside the couch, was an intensely erotic experience for him.  Rendering his pet helpless, forcing his pet into submission, were constant fantasies of his, and getting to play that out gave him an incredible high.  The vacuum cleaner had given him an irresistible opportunity, and his pet was bound up like a delicious treat.

            It was a huge escalation to bind Hwanhee’s entire body, when Hwanhee was still so anxious and anguished over being handcuffed.  But he was enduring it, obeying perfectly, as silent and still as Sehun had commanded him to be.  He was staying put like a good pet.  It was a complete demonstration of submissive obedience, of Sehun’s hold over him.

            He was still just as Sehun had left him, with his head turned towards the couch.  He watched Sehun with all of his attention, not looking anywhere else.  He looked so pretty bound up, Sehun wanted to keep him there, preserve him in his submissive state.

            After lingering over the last bite, Sehun finally set the bowl down.  He stretched, rubbed his stomach, licked his teeth, in no hurry to get up.  Gradually pushing himself to his feet, he glanced around idly.  He gathered up his clothes, pulled his underwear on.  Then he strolled over to where his pet was suffering for him on the floor.

            “You can talk, now,” he said, crouching down.

            “I’m very grateful,” exploded out of Hwanhee, soft but urgent, his eyes wide and insistent.

            Smiling, Sehun caressed his ass and kissed his cheek.  “Such a pretty pet.  How do you feel?”

            “Comfortable,” he said, staring at Sehun bravely, trying his hardest to convince them both.  “I’m resting comfortably.  Just like you said.  Very comfortably.  I’m very comfortable like this.”

            He was so pretty, tied up, so sexy, Sehun was incredibly attracted to him.  Sehun’s fingers played over the cord, stroking where it wrapped across his back repeatedly.  Stroking where it bisected his ass.  It was buried deep in his cleft, and Sehun gave it a tug, forcing it tighter against him.  He whimpered, grimacing, his hips shifting.  Making him squirm only turned Sehun on more.  “Maybe I should leave you alone here,” Sehun suggested, moving behind him, admiring the view, his spread thighs, his vulnerable ass, his soft balls nestled against the plastic body of the vacuum cleaner.  “Leave you alone with your new lover, so you can have your way with it.  Maybe you can suck on the hose.  Let the hose suck on you, you can give it a good screw.”

            Squirming more now, agitated, Hwanhee whined, resisting.  “It’s not my lover, I don’t have a lover.  Pets don’t have lovers, they only have owners.”

            “What kind of pet are you, Hwan-ah?”  Sehun stood over him, astride him, leaning down, stroking the cord.  “Are you breeding stock, is that why you keep trying to mate with everything you see?  Vacuum cleaners, dog bowls, toilets?”

            “I’m your pet.  That’s the kind of pet I am, that’s the only kind, I’m your pet, I’m yours.”

            His agitated squirming and his wriggling hips were such a turn-on, Sehun crouched over him, wanting to be closer, wanting to be right up against him.  Gripping his taut thighs, Sehun bit his bare ass, right on the round curve of it, teeth dragging over his soft flesh.

            Yelping, Hwanhee jerked in his hold.  “Ah!  Ah, ah!  Ah!”

            “You’re delicious, pet.”  Sehun crawled up over him, pushing up his jacket and nipping at his waist, grinding against his ass, biting his ear.  He was trembling, moaning with desire, the vacuum clamped between his hungry thighs.  “My delicious, sexy pet.  My pretty little fuckhole.”  Sehun nuzzled his ear, licking it, nibbling on it, the shell, the soft lobe.  “My slutty servant.  Do you think that you’ve served me well today, Hwan-ah?”

            “I’ve tried, I’ve really tried,” Hwanhee promised.  “I’ll work harder, Prince Sehun, I’ll do even better next time.”

            So earnest.  So faithful.  “I said that when I was finished eating, you could get up.  So I’ll let you up now.  I’ll keep my word, Hwan-ah.”

            “Yes, you’re a good owner, you’re always so good to me.”

            Sehun plucked the cord from Hwanhee’s cleft.  While he slowly unwound the cord, his pet held still, tense, trembling.  When he dropped it to the floor, finished with it, his pet moaned, sagging with relief, and rolled off of the vacuum.  Scuttling away, his pet crawled around behind him.  Curious, he stepped aside, and his pet moved with him, keeping him in the way, like he’d guard Hwanhee against the vacuum’s next attack.

            He was really charmed by his pet’s faith in him.  He liked that his pet was sticking trustingly close but wasn’t breaking the rules by touching him without permission.  Reaching down, he stroked Hwanhee’s bangs, tugging lightly, brushing his thumb across Hwanhee’s forehead.  “Good pet.”

            “I’m finished resting, now,” Hwanhee informed him.

            He smiled.  His pet was really cute.  “All right, you can get back to work, then.  Finish folding my underwear.”

            Hwanhee’s smile was so bright and genuine, it was obvious that he thought that being allowed to fold Sehun’s underpants was a reward.  “Yes, thank you, I’ll do that, I’ll do it right away.”

            Hwanhee crawled over and knelt by the coffee table, where he immediately got to work.

            Sehun sprawled across the couch, right behind Hwanhee.  “Sing for me.”

            Hwanhee’s head whipped around and he stared at Sehun in open delight.  “Sing for you, hyungnim?  Yes, thank you, yes, okay, what can I sing, what do you want to hear?”

            He really didn’t care, he just wanted to listen to the sound of his pet’s voice.  “Do rock songs.”

            His pet’s smile was so warm and pleased, Sehun wished that he’d asked for this before.  Shit, who was training who, here?  “I’m grateful.”  Hwanhee turned his attention back to the folding.  He wiggled, clearing his throat, and then he started singing.

            Sehun relaxed, going boneless.  He felt like some indolent prince, lazing away the day while his favorite servant kept him entertained.

            Hwanhee had a good voice.  It seemed steady, strong.  Sehun hadn’t actually paid much attention to Up10tion’s performances, because his hyungs had mocked him for jacking off to Teen Top’s fan videos, and he’d been hoping to avoid setting up that situation again.  But he was starting to get suspicious.  After the song ended, he leaned forward.  “Hwan-ah,” he said, reaching around and running his hand under the jacket, stroking Hwanhee’s abs.

            Hwanhee looked over one shoulder at him with a ready, hopeful smile.  “Prince Sehun?”

            He studied Hwanhee’s cute face, curious.  “Are you talented?”

            Hwanhee burst into laughter.  “Hyungnim!”

            “Seriously.  You can sing, can’t you?”

            “Of course I can!”  He seemed tickled that Sehun would ask.  “I’m the main vocal.”

            Hunh.  He patted Hwanhee’s stomach and leaned back again.  “Sing something else.”

            Relaxing while his servant sang to him was a soothing way to spend time.  A private performance from his pet was way better than any streaming service.  Listening to the rise and fall of notes, watching his pet’s hands steadily folding, he felt a deep sense of contentment.  As the song came to an end, he leaned forward again, feeling affectionate.  Pressing lingering, claiming kisses to the side of Hwanhee’s neck, he wrapped his arm around his pet.  Squirming in his hold, his pet tilted back towards him, moaning happily.  Fond of his sweet pet, he nibbled lightly, teasing, and the sound of Hwanhee’s giddy laughter made him smile.  “Good pet.”  He gave Hwanhee’s neck another kiss.  “Go in my room and put this away.”

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, I’ll do it right now,” Hwanhee promised.

            He got up and put his pants and shirt on.  He followed Hwanhee into his room, and then he said, “Stay, pet, I’m going to check on my hyung, I’ll be back.”  He waited until Hwanhee gave him a trusting nod and said, “Yes, Prince Sehun, I won’t go anywhere,” and then he closed the door.

            Alone in the hallway, he took a deep breath, running his hands through his hair.  He took a quick tour through the dorm, making sure that everything looked normal.  He put the vacuum cleaner away, put the other cleaning supplies away, put his bowl and chopsticks in the sink.  Put Hwanhee’s gloves in his pockets.

            Trying to wear a meaningless, harmless expression, he knocked at Suho’s bedroom door and nudged it open.

            The three of them were huddled together on Baekhyun’s bed, looking at something on Suho’s laptop.  It took them a second to notice him.  Immediately, Kuhn looked alarmed, straightening up.  “Is Hwanhee-”

            “Fine, he’s fine,” Sehun said.  “We’re taking a quick break.  If anybody wants to pee or grab a drink or anything, you can do it now.  And then if you could come back in here?”

            “I feel like a grounded school kid in here,” Suho said, setting his laptop aside.  “Five minutes of freedom!”

            Sehun waited in the hallway, guarding his bedroom door but trying to pose like he was just hanging out nonchalantly, so he wouldn’t look like the possessive, territorial guard dog that he felt like.  The three of them wandered around the dorm for a few minutes, and then they tucked themselves back into Suho’s room and closed the door.

            Sehun opened the door to his own room.

            Hwanhee was waiting on the floor, in the starting position, hands behind his back.  As soon as their eyes met, he broke into a rapturous smile.  “How can I serve you now?”

            Sehun gripped the doorframe and just stood there for a minute, soaking Hwanhee in.  He wanted to remember this moment forever.

            Hwanhee organized the racks of shoes by the front door.  Then he folded the clean towels and put them away.  It felt great to be helpful, to be productive.  He was performing a real service for his prince, making a difference he could point to.  One of a servant’s most valuable traits was humility, so he’d never be arrogant, but he felt proud of being able to do good work for his prince.

            When he’d finished with the towels, he fetched Sehun a glass of water.  On his knees in front of the couch, he watched Sehun drink.  “What can I do to serve you, please?”

            “I’m going to fuck you,” Sehun said, and a shock went through him.  Groaning, he dropped onto all fours, arching his back to get his fuckhole in the air.  “I want you to get off first, so I don’t have to worry about that while I’m in you.  Choose one thing in this dorm, Hwan-ah.  Where do you want to make your mess?”

            Anywhere?  It could be anywhere in the entire dorm?  “In front of you, please, can you watch me?”

            Sehun smiled.  “You want me to see it?”

            He nodded.  “Yes, please.”  It was a lot to ask; his orgasm didn’t deserve a prince’s attention.

            “Okay, yeah, I’ll watch you.  Where do you want to do it?”

            Oh.  That was an important question.  If he could do it anywhere and his prince was going to tag along to look, then he had to choose carefully!  If Sehun was going to be watching him, then it had to be really, really degrading.  Where was the most degrading place in the whole dorm?

            It would be really hard to do better than the toilet.  Could he do the toilet again?  But his prince might get bored.

            The dorm was Sehun’s territory, so nothing here was degrading.  It was all special; this was his prince’s home.

            Wicked and taunting, his dog bowl beckoned him.  No, he didn’t want to choose something so obvious!  But it was really shameful, though.  And it was his, sort of, not something Sehun and EXO used every day, so it really was the most degrading thing in the dorm.  And Sehun might like it if he asked for it himself, instead of being told to use it.

            He nibbled on his lower lip uncertainly.  Now he had to ask for it.  Ask, out loud, voluntarily, in his own voice, for the dog bowl.

            “Don’t want to get off?” Sehun asked him.

            “I want to!”  He loved masturbating in front of Sehun.  It brought him an intensity of pleasure that masturbating on his own couldn’t compare to.  And he really wanted to humiliate himself.  This was a perfect opportunity to degrade himself, sexually, right in front of his owner.  He couldn’t pass it up!

            He just had to get the words out, first.  And his shame was holding them back, locking them in.

            He licked his lips.  He whined, just to get some sound started, to get his vocal cords working.  He had to ask!  Groaning, he shifted uneasily.  God, he was already down on all fours, acting like an animal on the floor.  That should’ve made it easier to ask, but it only made it harder.  He was already debasing himself to this extent, how could he bear to make it worse?

            “I’m really ashamed,” he said.  Cringing, he avoided Sehun’s eyes, his voice quiet.  Just admitting to it made him feel a little better, so he swallowed and kept talking.  “I really want to humiliate myself for you, I need it, it’s going to feel so, so good.”  He moaned, turned on just thinking about it, anticipating it.  “It’s hard to ask, it’s hard to be the kind of person who asks for things like this.  But I really want to do it.”

            “You can ask me anything,” Sehun said.  “What do you want, Hwan-ah?  What’s going to feel so bad that it feels good?”

            Pleasure and lust rolled through him, hot and thick.  Moaning, ashamed, desperately eager, he licked his lips and raised his gaze, meeting Sehun’s patient brown eyes.  “Can I have my dog bowl, please?  I can’t come on your things, a prince’s royal possessions are too nice, but the dog bowl’s for me.  It’s humiliating.  I really want to come in it for you.”

            Sehun smiled at him, cupping his chin.  The touch was so affectionate, he moaned, crawling closer, pleasure sparkling up his spine.  “Do you want to get off on a dog bowl for me, Hwan-ah?  Do you want me to see what a nasty, perverted freak you are?”

            “Yes,” he moaned, ecstatic.  Those words rang in his ears, damning and glorious.  “Yes, please, I want you to see it.  I’m a filthy pervert, hyungnim, I’m such a nasty, slutty freak, yes.”

            “You’re right, you are,” Sehun said tenderly.  “All right.  Come, pet.”  He stood up.  “I’ll get your bowl for you.”

            Crawling across the dorm after Sehun, he felt both completely ashamed, and really good about it.  He embraced his shame.  He was crawling around on his hands and knees instead of walking, and he reveled in it.  “Slutty freak, I’m such a nasty, perverted freak,” he mumbled to himself excitedly as he crawled behind Sehun’s feet.  He was going to come in his bowl.  Even actual dogs didn’t come in their bowls; they didn’t make their mess where they ate.  He was worse than a real animal.

            In the bedroom, the prince’s inner sanctum, Sehun pulled a box out from under his bed and took a dog bowl out of it.  He set the bowl on his bed.

            Eager, Hwanhee crawled forward.  Just the sight of that big, plastic bowl had his hormones surging.

            Sehun picked up a bag of cereal.  Cereal, not dog food.  “People food,” Hwanhee said to reassure himself.

            “Pet food,” Sehun said.  “Hwan-ah food.”  He put a couple of pieces into his cupped hand and offered it.

            He got to eat right out of his prince’s hand!  Whimpering gratefully, he ate.

            Sehun poured cereal into the bowl.  Hwanhee really hadn’t expected the cereal.  That was going to make everything even more shameful.  Seeing the cereal in there, his own food, and then getting off on it anyway, that was really nasty.

            While Sehun put the bag of cereal back in the box, Hwanhee looked down at his red bellhop’s jacket, the gleaming gold buttons.  “Prince Sehun?  Should I take this off?”

            “No, it’s cute.”

            “Okay.”  Okay.  He’d wear it, then.  He definitely couldn’t argue or disagree with a prince!  But, um.  “This is a servant’s outfit.  Not a dog collar.”

            “Yes, you’re a very good servant, Hwan-ah.”

            The praise made his head spin.  “Really?  Thank you!  Thank you, I - - I’ve tried to do a good job.  I’m really proud to serve such a special prince, and…”

            “And you like wearing your uniform.”

            “Yes.”  Sehun understood him so well.  His prince really got him.  “But a good servant wouldn’t, I mean, coming in a dog bowl, it’s not respectable.  Somebody who wears a uniform wouldn’t do that.”

            “Then you must be a filthy little freak, to fuck a dog bowl while you’re still in uniform.”

            “But I’m a good servant.  I want to be a good servant.”  Conflicted, he sat back on his heels, tugging on the hem of his jacket, making it neat.  “Maybe I shouldn’t wear this, to do that.”

            “You can’t be a respectable servant when it’s convenient and a good pet when it’s convenient and a dirty slut when it feels good.”  Sehun crouched down right in front of him, and having his prince so close, suddenly, made his heart pound.  With a solemn expression, Sehun cupped his chin, and while part of him was alert, ready to please, eager to do whatever Sehun might want from him, another part of him relaxed, soothed, soaking up the pleasure of Sehun’s touch.  “You’re all three, Hwan-ah.  You’re a good servant, you’re loyal and hardworking, you prove that every time I see you.  You’re a perfect pet, I have to be the luckiest owner in the world to have a pet like you.  And you’re a sex-starved, horny slut.  Don’t fight it.”  Sehun’s smile was teasing and warm.  “I don’t want a servant who’s respectable with his uniform on and a little slutty when it comes off.  I want a servant who wants to hump that dog bowl when he’s naked, when he’s wearing a collar, when he’s in uniform, no matter what.”  Sehun kissed his cheek, a tender kiss, like a blessing, and he was in paradise.  “You’re not sullying the uniform, Hwan-ah.  You’re earning it.”

            Earning it.  “Yes,” he breathed, totally convinced.  “Yes, okay, let me do it, can I start?”

            “Sure.”  Sehun gave him a pleased, approving smile, then got up and picked up the bowl.

            And headed for the door with it.

            What?  “Prince Sehun?”

            Sehun snapped his fingers and kept walking.

            Hwanhee quickly followed.  But he was carrying the dog bowl out of the bedroom!  “Prince Sehun?”  Was this right?  The dog bowl belonged in the bedroom.  In the privacy of the inner sanctum.  In the corner.  The quiet, sheltered corner.

            Sehun walked right into the middle of the front room and set the bowl down.  On the floor, dead center.  Right in the middle of the whole dorm.

            Hwanhee didn’t actually stop moving, but he slowed down a lot.  “There?”

            Sehun strolled away and sat on the couch.  “Make your mess.”

            Alone in the middle of the dorm?

            What if someone saw him?  What if one of his hyungs - - what if Suho saw him?!  What if Park Chanyeol came home all of a sudden and walked in and saw him here?  Dressed up on the floor, jacking off over a dog bowl?

            He stared at the bowl, feeling his internal resistance mount with each passing second.  He’d gone really far for Sehun, before, but hadn’t that been enough?  This was all out in the open, and in a new weird costume, and maybe Sehun thought that this kinky stuff was healthy and natural, but there had to be a limit, right, he couldn’t just give in to every sexual urge.  The fact that he was totally turned on by all of this didn’t mean that he should actually go through with all of it, right?

            “Fuck it with your cock, not with your eyes, Hwan-ah.”

            At the bored, amused sound of Sehun’s voice, he looked up.

            He saw his handsome prince, Sehun’s broad shoulders and tousled hair and lazy smirk, and all of his internal resistance crumbled.  It all vanished, just like that, and desire rushed in.  Lust and anticipation and passion rushed in, overwhelming everything else.  He stared at Sehun in awe, just taking in the sight.  That was his prince.  He had a prince.  A real, live prince, better than any fantasy.  After everything that Sehun had done for him, after how profoundly Sehun had improved his life, he’d do anything for his prince.

            Feeling a deep throb of pleasure, intensely aroused, he straddled his bowl.  He wanted this.  He really, really wanted to do this weird, degrading thing, and he really wanted Sehun to see him doing it, and he really wanted it to be obvious that this was just the tip of the iceberg.  He’d do anything, and he’d do all of it in front of his owner.  “You own me,” he moaned, grasping his hard-on.  “You own me, I belong to you.”

            “Does that turn you on?”  Slouching on the couch, Sehun slowly undid his fly, pulling it open and showing off black boxer-briefs.

            “Yes.  God, yes, I want you to own me.  Oohh-hh, unnh, it feels so good.”  With his bowl underneath him, he masturbated.  His body responded enthusiastically.  This had been a powerfully sexual night for him, an intensely erotic experience, and he was trembling with excitement, eager to get off on his own shameful desires.

            “You make really cute faces when you’re jacking off, Hwan-ah.  You look so serious, sometimes.  ‘Grr, arr.’  You’re so earnest, you’re working so hard.”

            “Do you want to look at my other fuckhole, instead?” he offered, shifting.  “Should I turn around?”

            “Nnn, let me see that pretty little cock you’re wrestling with.”

            Groaning, he rose up, straightening.  Sitting back on his heels, he spread his thighs.  He stroked his erection slowly, going the whole way from base to tip, letting Sehun see all of it.  He didn’t have a thing to hide from his owner.  Not any part of his body, not how turned on he was.  With his other hand, he pulled up his jacket, exposing more of himself, wanting Sehun to see everything.

            “Damn, pet.”  Sehun pushed his hand down into his underwear, squirming on the couch.  “Put your fingers in your mouth.”

            Happy to have instructions to obey, he did it.  He started with his pinky finger, pushing it between his lips, sucking it all the way in.  Groaning, he sucked hard, turned on just by having something to suck on, turned on by the demanding, devouring way Sehun watched him.  He wanted Sehun to like looking at him.  Pulling his finger out slowly, he moaned around it, his hand moving faster on his cock, his hips rocking.  “I want to be pretty for you,” he panted, fucking urgently into his fist.  “I want to be your pretty, pretty pet.”

            “Do you feel pretty right now, pet?” Sehun asked him.  “Do you feel pretty in your uniform, touching yourself?”

            “Yes,” he moaned.  “Earning my uniform, I’m earning it.”  Pleasure shuddered through him and he groaned, pushing the tip of his thumb between his teeth.  He bit down on it, sucking.  The tiny spark of pain made his hips jerk, arousal mounting.  “So good to me, letting me come for you, letting me come in front of you,” he mumbled.  Panting with pleasure, he nibbled on his thumb, sucked on it.  “Letting me be a filthy slut for you.”  Too turned on to hold it in anymore, he groaned, dropping his hand, bracing himself over his bowl.  “All for you, all of it’s for you.”

            “What’s for me, pet?”

            “Me, me, I’m for you, I’m all yours,” he moaned, rubbing himself.  The confession flooded him with pleasure, and then he was coming.  He cried out, trembling, jacking himself through it, thrilled by the explosive high.  He shot his load all over his bowl, jizz landing in sloppy spatters, coating the cereal.

            Relieved, he moaned.  Proud of himself, he gazed down at his messy bowl.  “I earned it,” he mumbled happily.  He let go of himself, his slick, drooling cockhead coming to rest on the bottom of the bowl with the scattered, cum-covered cereal.  Relishing his degradation, he stayed there for a moment, letting it all sink in.  His deep, rich shame felt like triumph.

            Humming with satisfaction, he finally stirred.  Lifting his hips, he nudged his bowl out in front of himself.  Then, lowering his face, he ate up his mess.

            He felt fully immersed in his role.  Servant.  Pet.  Sehun’s.  Completely, fundamentally Sehun’s.  With profound contentment, he enjoyed his cereal snack.  He licked his bowl clean, lingering over it, making love to it with his tongue.  The plastic was smooth, the bowl’s contours familiar to him now.

            With his head down, he was completely absorbed in his bowl, in his profound shame.  When he was finished, he looked up, his heart full of gratitude.

            “Come here,” Sehun said, getting up.  “On the couch.”

            He didn’t waste time thanking Sehun for it, he just went, as fast as he could, making a beeline for the couch.  He crawled right up to it and then up onto it.  Not sure what to do once he was up there, he knelt, assuming the position, hands behind his back.

            “Relax,” Sehun said, planting a hand on his chest and shoving.  He landed sprawled against the cushions, and he stayed there, watching avidly, as Sehun undressed.  The shirt came off first, exposing Sehun’s sexy upper body.  Defined abs, firm pecs, his owner had the best body.  Then Sehun’s pants and underwear came off, and Hwanhee moaned, sinking back, pulling his knees to his chest.  “Okay, no, don’t relax that much,” Sehun said, laughing.  Tugging on the front of his jacket, Sehun pulled him up, off of his back.

            He wished that he could touch.  Staring at Sehun’s body, he yearned for it.  It was only right that he wasn’t allowed to put his hands all over something so beautiful.  But it hurt him only to be able to worship his prince from afar.  He ached to be allowed to touch his prince’s sacred skin, to be allowed to kiss Sehun’s stomach or chest or lean thigh.  Sehun’s long neck.  The hands that slapped and guided and controlled him.  The cock that ruled him.  The handsome face that was always out of reach.

            He couldn’t touch Sehun without permission.  But the flip side of that was that Sehun could touch him anywhere, at any time, and never needed permission.  Reaching right out, Sehun put a hand on his waist.  His breath caught, and then Sehun was putting a knee on the couch, was leaning close.  Kissing his neck, pressing him down, Sehun stretched out overtop of him.

             “Hyungnim?” he asked breathlessly.  He was thrilled.  This was too good, it couldn’t possibly be happening to him.  He’d been mounted by a naked guy on a couch before, but that had been his members on his couch.  This was EXO’s couch.  This was Prince Sehun!  Having serious trouble keeping his hands to himself, he tried clutching at the cushion under him.  “Hyungnim,” he moaned, as Sehun’s weight settled onto him.  Sehun’s skin was smooth and hot; Sehun was grinding against him a little, letting him feel the prodding of Sehun’s hard-on.  Sehun shifted, and their cocks met in a direct slide, and not wearing pants seemed like the best idea he’d ever had, god.  He could feel Sehun’s hard-on right up against his bare cock, stiff and insistent.  Groaning, he squirmed against it, relishing this intimate contact.  “Do it, please,” he breathed.  “Do anything you want to me, you can have anything.”

            “Anything.”  Sehun was kissing his neck, sucking on him, mouth hungry on his skin.  So intimate, so erotic, it felt amazing.  His commanding, powerful prince was right on top of him, and on his back, almost naked, he felt incredibly vulnerable, like a tender lamb with a wolf’s jaws at his neck.  At any second, he might feel the bite of Sehun’s teeth.  There was a deep thrill in that, in putting himself at the mercy of such a dangerous creature.  There were no promises here, no guarantees, other than that Sehun would do whatever Sehun wanted to do.

            “I’ll let you,” Hwanhee whispered, his desire building with every instant that Sehun didn’t hurt him.  “I want you to.”  There was a strange, erotic tension mounting right along with his arousal.  He was turned on, but it was all pleasure.  He was used to the contradiction of pleasure-pain with Sehun, used to suffering for his ecstasy at Sehun’s hands.  This pure pleasure, rich and uncomplicated, was a new experience, and it was so unfamiliar, it felt dangerous in its own way.  What was his prince doing to him?  “I’m yours, oohh-hh, yours,” he said, moaning as Sehun gripped his thigh and sucked at his jaw, grinding against him.  “You own me.”  Sehun could do anything to him, treat him any way at all.  Even this way, even way too well.

            Sehun made a soft hissing sound, right by his ear.  It was menacing, full of threat and dark intent, and hearing it made him undulate, pleasure rolling through him.  The wolf was letting him know that he was in danger, giving him one last chance to get away.  But he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else but clamped between its powerful jaws.  As Sehun’s tongue snaked over his neck, licking where his collar should be, he raised his arms overhead, submitting.  “You own me,” he promised, relishing his complete surrender.  No matter how many times he said it, saying it again always felt even better.  “I want you to take everything.”

            Sehun’s hand cupped his chin, pushing his head back.  Feeling the stretch in his neck, he groaned, and then he heard his prince’s sinister whisper.  “Mine.”  That was the last warning he got before he felt Sehun’s teeth sink into his neck.

            It hurt.  Oh, god, it really hurt.  He cried out, and for a second, he was in such physical distress, he was wriggling in all directions, trying to get away, desperate for more.  Sehun’s head lifted, but he could still feel it, the vicious throbbing in his neck, right where the wolf had savaged him.  He’d known that he’d get hurt, and he’d stayed anyway, and, god, he was so, so glad that he had.  “Yours,” he said breathlessly, confirming it.  Gazing up into Sehun’s challenging, demanding eyes, he felt his body relaxing, his muscles unknotting as he showed Sehun his submission.  “I’m yours, I’m totally yours, I’m only yours.”

            Sehun’s smile was handsome and wicked.  It was so knowing that it made his heart pound.  “You’re a very good pet, Hwan-ah.”

            Was he?  Overjoyed, he writhed against Sehun’s erection, smiling up at Sehun eagerly.  “I’ll do my best for you, I want to be a good pet.”

            “You’ve been doing your best for me all day.”  Sehun caressed his chest, drawing a line down between his gold buttons, down between his pecs.  The line kept going, right down his body.  His back arched, his abs clenching involuntarily as Sehun stroked downward.  “You worked hard for me tonight.”

            “Uh, I-I-I, uh.”  His voice trembled and stuttered.  Sehun was saying such fantastic things to him, he wanted to focus there and reply, tell Sehun how grateful he was.  But all of his attention was consumed by tracking Sehun’s touch.  It was both thrilling and terrifying to have Sehun’s hand so close to his sensitive cock.  When Sehun’s fingers stroked over his pelvic bone, he moaned, spreading his thighs, his hips rocking.  Sehun caressed right along the inner crease of his thigh, skimming past his cock, so close that he whimpered, “Please, please,” and squirmed anxiously, desperate for contact he never got.  Then Sehun’s fingers were behind his balls, flicking lightly at his asshole, and he moaned blissfully at the teasing pressure.  “Grateful, I’m so grateful.”

            “You like that, don’t you?” Sehun murmured, kissing his cheek.  “Feels good?”

            “Yes, so good.”  Sehun was so confident about touching his body, so bold with him.  “I belong to you, all of me, all over, every part of me.  You can do whatever you want.”  He felt like he was bragging.

            “Even here?”  Sehun’s voice was a whisper, private, discreet, and Sehun’s fingertip was nudging into him.  “Is this mine, too, Hwan-ah?”

            “Yes, always.”  He groaned at the shallow penetration, at the teasing promise when he knew there could be so much more.  “Yes, please, it’s all yours.  My ass is yours, my body is yours, I’m yours, all of me.”

            Sehun reached for the lube.

            Immediately, Hwanhee ran his hands up his own thighs, pulling his knees to his shoulders.  He wanted to show how quickly he was cooperating, wanted Sehun to see how badly he wanted this.  “Yes, thank you, y-y-yesss oh!  Ah, yes, unnmmm, yes, hyungnim, oh!”  Sehun’s fingers were stroking into him, and his whole body was lighting up with pleasure.  Pure, undiluted pleasure.  Sehun’s touch was so, so different from the crude, forceful way his prince usually handled him, he didn’t know what to do.  He could only moan, his breath catching over and over again in little hitching gasps as Sehun fingered him.  It was confident, it was sure, but it was tender, too, so tender, treating him like a delicate thing.  Sehun’s fingers delved gently into him, until the way his body stretched open to accommodate the width of Sehun’s fingers felt like something he was doing, welcoming, inviting, not something Sehun was forcing onto him against all resistance.

            “Such a sweet pet,” Sehun murmured, kissing his neck.  He felt a light, promising spark of pain as Sehun’s teeth dragged over his skin, and then another spark, a pinch, as Sehun nibbled on him.  “Such a hot little pet.”

            “Your pet, ouuhhh, I’m yours.”  He turned his head, rubbing his cheek against Sehun’s hair, moaning rapturously.  He was used to the shocking intensity of being taken by storm, used to thrilling to Sehun’s violence.  Sehun wasn’t taking him by force tonight, but it was still intense for him, still thrilling, to be so vulnerable in the hands of someone so powerful.  That edge of danger and his endless gratitude were still there.  And then there was this pleasure, this sexual ecstasy, of feeling his body come to life in his prince’s masterful hands.  Arousal throbbed in him, golden shocks of pleasure shaking him, his desire for more of it leaving him breathless, desperate for more, crying out blissfully as he got it, as his prince kept giving him everything he needed.

            Sehun nipped at his chin, a teasing bite, and then Sehun was shifting over him, looking down at him, arrogant and intent.  Sehun’s fingers were still inside of him, stroking tenderly in and out, and he groaned, squirming, pleasure thrumming through his body as Sehun played with him.  “You look good like this, Hwan-ah.”  The praise made him gasp, his heart skipping a beat.  He felt a tiny kiss of shame, but even that felt good, too, it only added to his pleasure.  “I want one hand down here.”  Sehun reached up and took his hand.  He was touching Sehun, and immediately he wrapped his fingers around Sehun’s, holding on, excited to be permitted the contact.  “Right here, Hwan-ah, don’t let go.”  Sehun put his hand on his crotch, right on his balls.  Making him cup them up, out of the way, so Sehun had better access to him, so Sehun could see his most private place.  Imagining what it looked like now, with Sehun’s fingers gently fucking him, he moaned, cupping his balls higher, wanting Sehun to get a good look.

            “Other hand, on me,” and as soon as he heard it his hand was zooming forward, and Sehun grabbed his wrist, giving him a knowing look.  “Neck to waist.”

            Neck to waist.  No face.  No cock.  “Yes, Prince Sehun.”  He wasn’t disappointed.  There was still a lot of Sehun’s royal body for him to touch.  Eager to get to it, he tried reaching, twisting in Sehun’s hold, fingers curling and uncurling.

            Sehun pulled his hand closer and kissed his wrist.  Surprised, he whimpered, amazed by the sweet intimacy.  That wasn’t one of his fuckholes at all, why would Sehun pay him any attention there?  Sehun kissed across the inside of his wrist, and then Sehun’s tongue was snaking over his skin, tasting him in carnal, wet licks, and then he saw it, he got to watch it, the baring of Sehun’s teeth, soft lips pulling back, sharp white teeth sinking into his flesh.  He gasped, captivated, and then he cried out, shocked by how much it hurt.  Sehun’s fingers curled inside of him, setting off a new spark of pleasure, while Sehun made a snack of his wrist.  Delicate, testing nibbles got him excited, made him breathless, and hungry, sucking bites made him moan passionately, and then Sehun’s teeth would dig in, suddenly cruel, and he’d buck helplessly, panting for air as pain lanced him and his body translated it into raw ecstasy.  Sehun nibbled around his wrist, nipped along his sensitive inner arm, bit at his vulnerable fingertips.  A quick, vicious bite to the base of his thumb made him cry out, and Sehun licked him soothingly, consoling him, before biting the same spot, only harder, making his whole body jump with electric pleasure.

            “Mmm, you taste good,” Sehun murmured, licking his wrist again, nibbling on him.  “Such a delicious pet.”

            The praise meant everything to him, and he moaned, basking in it, so turned on that pleasure and pain were throbbing in him, arguing with each other, a complicated war.  “Just for you, it’s all for you.”

            Guiding Hwanhee’s hand, Sehun placed it on his chest and let go.

            Splaying his hand across Sehun’s pec, Hwanhee just stared at it for a moment, panting.  He was touching.  He was allowed to touch the royal body.  “Grateful,” he breathed.  “You’re so beautiful.  So handsome, all over.”

            Sehun’s fingers slipped out of him, and he had one second of emptiness, his breath catching, his hand tensing against Sehun’s chest; he stared up at Sehun’s face, anticipation seizing him, but Sehun was looking down, between their bodies.

            And then Sehun was pushing into him.  Stretching him wider, filling him up.  It wasn’t fast, he knew that, he knew exactly what it was like when Sehun thrust in fast and rammed into him all at once, and this wasn’t that.  But it felt quick, anyway, it felt like all of a sudden there was a lot of Sehun inside of him, and there was more pushing in, stuffing him full.  Groaning, he clutched at Sehun, pawing at Sehun’s smooth pecs, shuddering.  “Yes, yes, ohh, yes.  Yes, hyungnim, oh.”  Grabbing at one broad shoulder, he writhed, twitching all over as Sehun rocked into him.  God, oh, god, his prince was fucking him.  “Yes, yes!”

            “Good pet.”  Sehun thrust deeper, pressed closer, his body hot against the back of Hwanhee’s hand as Hwanhee held onto a handful of his own balls.  “Good pet, take it, take my cock.”

            “I want it, yes, yes, I want it, ooh!”  As Sehun leaned closer over him, he pulled on Sehun’s shoulder, ran his hand down his prince’s back.  The slow, deep thrust of Sehun’s cock had pleasure blazing through him, their bodies rocking steadily together as Sehun moved in him.  “You’re using me.”  There was rich ecstasy in that alone, in being used by his prince, in serving his purpose.  “My one true purpose,” he moaned, as Sehun’s erection plunged into him again and again.

            Sehun was fucking Hwanhee harder now, faster, passion building between them.  Braced on one hand, Sehun ran his other hand over Hwanhee’s chest, plucked at the gold buttons.  “You’re a good servant, Hwan-ah.”  He undid the buttons, one by one, down Hwanhee’s body.

            As Sehun pulled the jacket open, exposing more and more of him, Hwanhee moaned, uncertain about this, ashamed.  He’d done a lot that day, revealed a lot of himself, but his chest had always been covered up, that one part of him had stayed neat and respectable.  And now even that was gone, even that Sehun was exposing.  But it was okay, it was good, Sehun could see him, Sehun owned all of him.  “Yours, I’m yours,” he chanted, as Sehun bared his chest.

            “Mmm, you have a hot little body, pet.”  Sehun stroked his side, pinched his nipple, gaze raking over him with a smirk.  Excited by Sehun’s attention, he writhed, inviting Sehun’s touch everywhere.  He was moaning a lot, and he was getting really loud, but he was so turned on, he couldn’t hold back.  Those fervent, enthusiastic sounds had to come out, wilder and wilder as Sehun drove into him and his pleasure escalated with every thrust.

            Sehun’s smooth chest and rippling abs and long arms were a sacred playground, and he touched as much as he could, touched everything, Sehun’s satiny lower back and tiny nipples and furry underarms.  It was such a privilege to be permitted to touch, he wanted to make the most of it, and he caressed Sehun adoringly, treasuring every line of muscle.  The rhythmic pounding of Sehun’s cock and the steady rocking of their bodies was forcing a reverberating moan out of him, a primal sound that only seemed to get louder.

            There was a light sheen of sweat on his chest, and Sehun’s hand felt hot against his skin, drawing scorching lines as it traveled his body.  He squirmed, angling to offer himself for more, his undulations following the path of Sehun’s drifting caress.  He really, really needed to come, but he knew that he wasn’t allowed to, and he accepted his suffering, crying out enthusiastically at the rich intensity of pleasure he knew would never find release.

            “Ah, pet.”  Sehun grunted, expression tightening in a spasm of pleasure.  “Ah, I love fucking you.  You take my cock so well.”

            Yes, yes, it was what he was for, to be fucked, to be used for his prince’s pleasure.  He tried to say that, but all that came out was an urgent moan as Sehun thrust into him again.  Oh, god, god, he really needed to come, and he wasn’t so sure that he’d be able to hold it in.  “Ohh, hyu-u-u-ungnim, oh!”

            “Love fucking your hot little ass, Hwan-ah.”

            Staring down at him with smug lust, Sehun was fucking him harder now, thrusting in more forcefully.  The pounding jolts made him quake, and he cried out.  Every thrust brought him closer to the fury and ferocity he was used to.  With Sehun balls-deep in him, he couldn’t have been more vulnerable.  His next cry rang with ecstasy as Sehun shoved his knee up higher and rammed into him at a new angle.  The sudden roughness took him right to the edge, and his body seemed to pulse with the need to come.  “Ooh, hyungnim-m-m-mmm-ooooo!  Mmmooo!  Mmm-mm-mooo!”

            “Fuck, pet.”  Sehun fucked him with rough, hammering thrusts.  Where before there had been gentleness, now he felt raw, and Sehun’s erection pounded into him, taking him by force.  His mooing, bellowing cries rang off of the walls.  Tormented by his own pleasure, in anguish with the need to come, he could do nothing but take it, helpless under Sehun’s brutal thrusts, his fingers digging into Sehun’s back as he begged, pleaded, mooed for more.

            It was too much, he couldn’t endure this, the pleasure being forced onto his body.  Shuddering, he needed it to stop, or he needed to come, and he couldn’t make it stop, he had no control over Sehun, he couldn’t do anything but suffer and moo and need.  And then Sehun was shoving into him deep and biting his neck, he felt Sehun’s mouth on his neck and then he felt the sharpness of teeth and the sudden spark of pain lit a fire he couldn’t control.  Mooing urgently, he shuddered, his hand sliding from his balls to his hard, throbbing cock.  He was writhing under Sehun, twisting as Sehun’s teeth nipped him again, rubbing himself desperately, and ecstasy erupted in him, bright and explosive as fireworks, a stunning boom.

            He came.  In one rapturous spasm, he came, came while Sehun was driving into him, while Sehun was biting his neck, while he was clinging greedily to Sehun’s body.  He came.

            Sehun grunted, lifting his head.  His soft lips curling, he snarled.  He splayed a hand at the base of Hwanhee’s throat, across Hwanhee’s collarbones, and then he slid it upward, closing it, wrapping it around Hwanhee’s neck.  Not hurting, just holding tight where Hwanhee’s collar should be.

            With a blissful sigh, Hwanhee tilted his head back, eyes drifting half-shut, gazing up at Sehun from under his lashes.

            Sehun’s grip tightened, thumb digging into the side of his neck.  He gasped, his lips parting, feeling pain and threat bloom in his sexual satisfaction.  Growling, staring down at him, Sehun rammed into him again, and again, and came.  Sehun tensed against him, moaning, and he watched Sehun’s dark intent transform into ecstatic triumph, a victorious smile curving Sehun’s mouth.

            “You came in me,” he breathed, cherishing it.

            Hold relaxing on his neck, Sehun leaned in again.  His heart raced as Sehun smiled at him, Sehun’s thumb rubbing along his cheek.  “Mine,” Sehun whispered, and the tip of Sehun’s tongue licked at his chin.

            Thrilled, he whimpered.  His owner was on top of him, handsome and sexy and sated and licking him.  “Yes, I’m yours, always.”

            “Such a delicious pet,” Sehun whispered, stroking his face, kissing his cheek.  Running his hand over Sehun’s back, he tried to pull Sehun closer, squirming, his breath catching in his throat as Sehun licked over his cheekbone and kissed the tip of his nose.  Gazing down at him, Sehun stroked his jacket, plucked at a button.  “You look cute, all dressed up for me.”

            He bit his lip, flustered by the praise.  “Thank you.”  He wanted to be a pretty pet.  If Sehun liked this, then he was going to get all kinds of outfits.  He had to figure out what else Sehun might want to see.  Feeling shy, he skimmed his fingertips across Sehun’s chest.  “Thank you for using me so much today.  I’m a very lucky fuckhole.”

            Smiling, Sehun pinched his earlobe.  “Your ass feels good tonight.  It’s been looking good, too, the way you’ve been shaking it all over this dorm.  I’ve liked seeing you crawl around with your little cap on, mouthing my balls and scrubbing my toilet.”

            The reference to the toilet made him blush.  “Thank you for letting me do so much for you.  It was so great, I loved all of it.  Your laundry and your dishes and everything, I’m so glad you let me, I tried really hard.  I’ll do it any time, I’ll come over and clean for you, I’ll do anything you want.”

            “You did a good job, pet.”  Sehun tapped at his lower lip.  “What was your favorite part?”

            “Oh!  Oh, god, all of it.”  There was so much, he couldn’t choose.  “Everything.  This, this is my favorite part,” he said, trying to snuggle closer.  But there were so many runner-ups!  “When you let me earn my uniform.  I really felt like I earned it!  When you used me earlier, when I was folding the laundry, that was amazing.  It was really hard to fold, though!”  Sehun smiled at him, and he laughed.  “All of it, everything from tonight.  When you put your balls in my mouth while I was drying the dishes, I loved that, I wish I could always do dishes that way, that’s really the best time I’ve ever had drying dishes in my life.  When you spat in your drink and let me drink it!  That was really special.  God, though, everything was special!  Just cleaning the sink felt fantastic.  But.  Really.”  He could tell Sehun anything.  “The best part of everything was the toilet.  When you reminded me of what my purpose is.  You put me in my place.  I’m here to serve you, I’m here to obey you and prove myself to you and give you everything you want.  I’m just a fuckhole.  Your fuckhole.”  Stroking just under Sehun’s collarbones, he felt proud and grateful.  “Thank you.”

            Sehun kissed his cheek, so gently.  “You’re welcome, pet.”

            Sehun lingered on the couch with his pet.  He really liked having his pet out here in the front room, in the main part of the dorm.  He liked fucking his pet right where he usually fucked his members.  Hwanhee was sweet and sated, smiling easily, eyes sparkling with happiness.  There was real satisfaction in having a contented pet.

            He wanted to stay there longer, but he also wanted to leave plenty of time for aftercare.  He didn’t want to rush through it if Hwanhee needed time to process everything they’d done tonight.  They’d done a hell of a lot.

            So, while Hwanhee was humming blissfully and cuddling up against him and kissing his shoulders, he murmured, “Okay, pet.  Badminton.”

            Hwanhee’s arms curled around him.  Both hands splayed over his back, when he’d only let Hwanhee put one hand on him until now.  He thought that it said a lot that Hwanhee’s instinct was to hold onto him.  He wanted to give comfort, if he could, but he didn’t want to crowd Hwanhee - - this was exactly the wrong time to be overbearing - - so he stayed close, but he eased his hand off of Hwanhee’s side, and he lifted his head.

            Hwanhee held onto him for a minute, nose pressed to his shoulder.

            Then, all of a sudden, Hwanhee grabbed at the top of his head.  He fumbled with his bellhop’s cap, hurriedly getting it off of him, brushing it aside.  As it fell to the floor, he gave it a disoriented look, like it had alarmed him.  He gave the whole room that look, anxious, like he wasn’t sure what was going on and he didn’t like it.

            Sehun pushed himself up, about to get off of Hwanhee, to give his pet space.

            The movement drew his attention, and he looked up.  He kept that disoriented expression for a second, and then he breathed out and latched onto Sehun again, hugging like Sehun was the safest place in the room.

            “It’s okay,” Sehun said quietly, wanting to caress him, needing to soothe him.  “What do you need?”

            “Can we go to your room?”

            “Yeah.”  Maybe Hwanhee felt too out in the open, too exposed, too public out here.  What had made this spot such a turn-on during the scene made it less great, afterward.  Sehun got up.  He grabbed Hwanhee’s hat and his own clothes, grabbed the dog bowl.  Hwanhee watched him anxiously, then scurried away.  When he got to his room, Hwanhee was on his bed, hugging his pillow.  He pulled on his underwear, dumped the rest of his clothes, set the dog bowl on top of his dresser, set the cap beside it.

            Hwanhee was chewing on his lower lip.  “Can you c’mere?”

            “Yeah, of course.”  He sat on the side of the bed.

            Hwanhee abandoned the pillow and curled around him, instead, then crawled right into his lap.  He ran his fingers through Hwanhee’s hair, over and over again.  He’d missed doing that all night.

            Pulling away, Hwanhee wriggled out of the jacket.  He gave it a doubtful look, then set it carefully beside them on the bed.  He burrowed in again, his head on Sehun’s shoulder.

            Lightly, Sehun stroked his naked back.  It was still amazing to Sehun that he was so trusting, even after everything.  Whatever he needed in a moment like this, Sehun would give it to him.

            “Did I really look okay in it?” Hwanhee asked, nestled up against him, head still on his shoulder.  “Or are you just saying that because you like making me wear kinky shit?  Letting me wear kinky shit,” he said, like he was correcting himself.  “Seeing me in kinky shit,” he decided.

            “You looked adorable,” Sehun said.  “You’re the cutest bellhop I’ve ever seen.”

            “I want to wear other stuff for you.  Is there other stuff you want, like the harness?  Stuff you’re already into?  Or should I just come up with stuff I think you might like?  And what, oh.”  Slowly, he tensed up, drawing into a knot on Sehun’s lap.

            “Hwanhee-ah?” Sehun asked carefully, letting go of him.

            He breathed in shakily.  “I need to, um, can I take a shower here?  Is that okay?  Can I, just, I need a shower, I really, um, is that okay?”  His eyes were darting back and forth; he swallowed, not meeting Sehun’s gaze.

            “Yes.  Yes,” Sehun said again, to make sure that he heard.  “Do you want to be alone, or do you want me to go with you?”

            “You can come, I, uh,” he said, half-mumbling, his body tense.  He got off of Sehun’s lap quickly.  “I don’t think I want to be alone,” he admitted uneasily, backing towards the door.

            “Okay.”  As Sehun got up, Hwanhee seemed to relax slightly, seeing that he was coming along.  “You can shower, it’s fine.”

            He nodded.  He moved through the hallway in fits and starts, hurrying ahead like he really wanted to rush to the shower, stopping to check on Sehun.  He burst into the bathroom and then he faltered, making an anxious sound, backing away from the toilet.

            The toilet.  Ah.  That might be why he wanted a shower so badly.

            “I can’t be in here with that,” Hwanhee said, his breath catching.  He clutched at Sehun’s wrist, edging around behind Sehun like he needed protection.  “Hyung, can you, can you just, like, sit on it or something?  So I can’t see so much of it?”

            “Sure.”  Sehun went over and put the lid down, then sat on the closed seat.  “Okay?” he asked, trying to get comfortable.

            Watching, Hwanhee nodded.  He stood there for a moment, uneasy, blinking, just watching Sehun sit there.  Then he shuddered and turned away.  He took off his socks, then started the water and got under the spray immediately, not waiting for it to warm up first, quickly wetting himself all over, scrubbing his hands over his skin.  Sehun hated seeing him like this, but he didn’t seem devastated, just agitated, uncomfortable.  He’d cleaned the toilet so thoroughly, Sehun wasn’t worried about actual filth; it was a psychological thing, feeling unclean.

            “Which.”  He turned, looking at Sehun.  “Which soap can I use?”

            “What do you want to use, mine or not mine?”

            His eyebrows shot upward.  “I can use yours?”

            Sehun smiled at his surprise.  “Sure, use whatever you want.  Mine’s the-”

            “No!  Don’t tell me, I want to figure it out.”  Hwanhee looked at the row of body wash bottles he’d lined up so carefully earlier that night.  “You got a new one, didn’t you?”

            “Yeah, last week.”

            Hwanhee poked at the bottles, not picking them up, reading labels.  Finally, he pointed to a black bottle.  “This one!”

            “That’s Suho hyung’s.”

            “Oh!  Well, I don’t feel bad for guessing wrong, if I guessed the king instead of the prince.”

            Sehun had to roll his eyes.  “He’s not a king.”

            “King Suho,” Hwanhee said, not listening, studying the bottles again.  He opened them, one by one, and started sniffing.  Then he said, “Oh, this one,” like he recognized it.

            Taken aback, Sehun nodded.  “That’s mine.”  How had Hwanhee guessed that?  Did the smell linger on Sehun more than he’d thought?

            “I get to use Prince Sehun’s soap,” Hwanhee said to himself, holding the bottle in both hands.  Then, “I can’t use a prince’s soap!” he exclaimed, like it was unthinkable.  Then, “But I can use my hyung’s soap,” he said, like he was reasoning it out.  “I can’t use most of my hyungs’ soap without asking,” he mumbled.  “But I asked this one!”  Then, like he wanted to make sure, he looked at Sehun again.  “Hyung, it’s okay?”

            “It’s okay.  I wouldn’t say it was if it wasn’t.”

            He smiled, relieved.

            He washed thoroughly.  Still trying to find a comfortable way to sit, Sehun watched.  This wasn’t supposed to be a sexual moment, so Sehun tried to stay relaxed.

            But he was Sehun’s pet, and every interaction they had, no matter how simple, was tinged with eroticism.  His trust, his innocence, were irresistibly attractive.  He was providing an unobstructed view of his lean, muscular body, water running down his torso in rivulets, and Sehun’s gaze traveled the path of the water again and again, caressing his body from every angle as he moved under the spray.  God, he was beautiful.

            He was genuinely just washing himself, lathering and rinsing and lathering again, like he was alone.  He soaped up his arms and his genitals with the same level of attention, matter-of-fact about his body.  He winced and shimmied a little when he touched his asshole, like he was sore, but he washed there, too.

            He pawed through his hair; he washed the bottoms of his feet and in between his toes.  Sehun watched the water stream over his toned body, watched it glide over his pert ass, watched it run down his legs.  Watched it pour over his face as he raised his face to the spray, his eyes closing, his lips parted, his feet set apart.

            Sehun wanted to wrap him up in a big, fluffy towel, and dry him off, and put his collar on him, and feed him, and pet him, and let him curl up on the sofa with his head in Sehun’s lap, until he was cozy and sleepy and ready to drink some milk and go to bed.

            Sehun wanted to press him up against the tiled shower wall and fuck him until he was begging for more.

            Sehun wanted to throw him down on the slippery floor and force it on him until he was begging for it to stop, and then keep going.

            After he turned off the water, he just stood there, running his hands through his hair to squeeze the water out of it.  He sniffed at Sehun’s bottle of body wash, and then he sniffed at his own arm.  “The royal body wash,” he said softly to himself.  He reached for one of the clean towels on the rack, hesitated, then took it.  Held it to himself for a second, then glanced at Sehun.

            Sehun nodded.  “Go ahead.  Use five of them if you want, it’s okay.”

            He smiled at that, looking reassured.  “One’s okay.”

            “You just took a shower, you’re soaking wet, you can use a towel, no one’s going to be upset with you.”

            “Yeah, but, this is EXO’s dorm, these are EXO’s towels, I can’t just - - even if you weren’t a prince, EXO’s a big deal.”

            “Eh, not really.  We’re just Teen Top’s hoobaes, like you.”

            “Like me,” he said, smiling, looking tickled.  He dried off naturally, looking way more comfortable now that he was clean.  “If you’re looking at it that way, Teen Top is just Shinee’s hoobaes.”

            “Yeah, but Shinee is just Shinhwa’s hoobaes.”

            “Ooohh.”  He laughed happily.  “Do you know Andy hyung?”

            “Not well enough to call him ‘hyung,’” Sehun said.

            Hwanhee’s eyes sparkled, and Sehun smiled, liking to see him so proud of himself.  Dry, still holding onto the towel, he padded over.  He eyed the toilet, looking under and around Sehun.  He nudged it with the tip of one toe.

            “Can I ask about what you’re thinking?” Sehun asked.

            He was still studying the toilet.  “I don’t know what I’m thinking.”  Chewing on his lower lip, he held the towel under his chin, shielding himself from his enemy.  “I kind of want somebody to fuck me on the floor in front of it.  Not you, though, a prince doesn’t have sex on the bathroom floor.”  His eyes widened, and then he gave Sehun a horrified look and groaned.  “What, why - - why - - why?!” he demanded.  “Why am I - - I don’t - - can we talk about this later?”

            “Yeah, yeah.  We’ll talk about it whenever you want to.  We don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to.”

            He groaned again and gave the toilet a despairing look.  “Can we go back to your room?” he asked, already moving.

            “Sure,” Sehun said, getting up, grabbing Hwanhee’s socks.

            Back in his room, Hwanhee got dressed.  He sat on the side of his bed, out of the way but there if Hwanhee needed him.  He was trying his hardest not to make assumptions about how Hwanhee felt, not to give Hwanhee cues about how to act.  He didn’t want to take it for granted that Hwanhee felt worse or better than Hwanhee actually felt, or make it seem like he expected any particular reactions.  Inside the scene, he was so controlling, it was really important to him not to impose his will all over how Hwanhee processed it after the fact.

            Dressed, Hwanhee ran his hands through his damp hair.  He looked so fresh and wholesome, Sehun wanted very intensely to preserve him just like this and also to corrupt and degrade him completely.

            Going down on his knees, he pushed Sehun’s thighs apart and wriggled in between.  Wrapping his arms around Sehun, he tucked his face against Sehun’s stomach.

            God, he was so precious.  Stroking the back of his neck, Sehun was tender with him.  “Hwanhee-ah, why are you kneeling?”

            “Because I want to.”  He snuggled in, nuzzling Sehun’s chest, and then he relaxed.  “Thank you for everything you did tonight.  Thank you for giving me all of this.”

            Sehun petted him, cherishing him.  “Thank you.  You were perfect.  Every time I’m with you, you give me more than I ever thought I could have.”

            Hwanhee laughed breathlessly.  “God, no, that’s how I feel!  That’s what I always think about you.”

            “You’re perfect,” Sehun said again, meaning it.  He ruffled Hwanhee’s hair, stroked it, soaking up this pure, genuine moment, when his pet came to him willingly.

            “You said that I can ask you for anything,” Hwanhee said, cheek still against his chest.

            “You can,” Sehun said.  “Any time, anything.”

            “Can I touch your face?”

            “No,” he said, smiling, caressing Hwanhee’s nape.

            “I knew you’d say that,” Hwanhee said.  “Um.  There are things that I’m not allowed to do, that we’re not allowed to do, me and my members, at our dorm.  But I think that I’m allowed to do pretty much anything with you, I mean, Jinhoo hyung’s rules don’t really apply here, right?”

            He didn’t want to say anything derogatory about Hwanhee’s leader’s rules, so he just said, “You and I get to use our own judgment about what we do together.”

            “So, um.  There’s this, ah.”  He laughed nervously and turned his head, pressing his other cheek against Sehun’s chest.  “Object insertion?”

            Was his pet asking for it?  “Do you want to try it, or are you worried that I might want to try it?” he asked, wanting to start out with a clearer understanding of where his pet stood.

            “I’m kind of worried that you’ll think I’m weird for wanting you to do it to me.”

            “I never think you’re weird.”

            “You wouldn’t, you tell people to fuck toilets.”

            Ah.  That was fair.  “I don’t think you’re weird,” he said again.  “And I already have a really long mental list of all of the things that I plan to fuck you with.  I was just waiting for the right time to start.”

            Eyes wide, Hwanhee suddenly looked up at him.  “Now’s good.”

            Laughing, touched, he cupped Hwanhee’s face in both hands.  “Not tonight, pet.”  He kissed Hwanhee’s forehead twice, amused, affectionate.  “But, you know.  If I think that I’m introducing something between us that you aren’t sure about, I’ll go slower and I’ll be more careful.  If I think that it’s something you’re already into, I’ll be a lot more aggressive about it.”

            “I love being fucked with weird things,” Hwanhee said immediately.  “I really love it, I do it all of the time.  Really nasty, degrading things in really nasty, degrading ways.  Nothing you can do can shock me, you’d have to try really hard.”

            Genuinely curious, he caressed Hwanhee’s face.  “Have you ever tried it?”

            “I, I mean.”  Hwanhee blushed.  “I thought about it, a couple of times, before.  When I was a virgin.  I wondered if there was anything I could, um, uh.  You know?” he asked earnestly, starting to look ashamed.  Sehun nodded to soothe him, stroking his cheek.  Calming a little, he said, “But I never did it.  I was too embarrassed, it seemed freaky.  Like, that’s not normal.”  He winced.  “And then, I mean, I live with nine other people now, I don’t have any privacy.  If I wanted to try it, I’d just get caught.  And Jinhoo hyung said it’s against the rules, he was really clear about that.  So I’m definitely not allowed, but, but you can do it to me, right?  If it’s just between us?”

            He nodded.  “I’ve done it before.  I won’t hurt you.”

            Hwanhee gazed up at him with an adoring, fascinated expression.  “You’ve done it before?  With other guys?  You’ve put…things there?  In other guys?  You - - what’d you put?  What was it like?  What-”

            “I can’t tell you what it was.”  He grinned.  “But they liked it.”

            “God, of course they liked it,” he said breathlessly.  Then he blushed, scrunching up his nose.  “Shit, I mean, not ‘of course,’ that’s not normal, that - - that’s not something everybody likes.”

            “They liked it,” he said again.  “If you like it, we can do it.  If you don’t like it, we won’t.  But we can try it sometime.  Sometime soon.”

            “Soon,” Hwanhee breathed.

            “Is there anything special you want to try it with?”

            Hwanhee blushed, laughed, looked deeply ashamed, and laughed helplessly.  “God, um.  Hold on.”  He twisted away and climbed up onto the bed, crawling around behind Sehun.  Leaning against Sehun’s back, he curled his hands over Sehun’s shoulders.  “Hyung.”

            “Are you hiding from me?”

            “Kind of.  This is embarrassing!  Don’t look at me.”  He rubbed his nose against Sehun’s shoulder.  “I can tell you anything, I can ask for anything.  I don’t, um, I know, uh, I’m not even asking for this, really, I’m just saying.  Not asking for it!  Just bringing it up.  Just mentioning it.  As, like, just a thought I had, a random thought that you probably shouldn’t remember after this.”

            “Okay.”  He was dying to know what his pet was about to say.

            “A prince wouldn’t fuck his servant on the floor in front of the toilet.  That wouldn’t be right, a prince can’t have sex on the bathroom floor, right?  It’s dirty.  But a prince might, like, fuck his servant with something else.  Like an object.  Like, kind of hurt him with it.  On the floor.  In front of the toilet.  To put him in his place.”

            Oh, god.  Sehun closed his eyes, already imagining it.  He could see it.  His violated, suffering pet.  His pet’s devotion and his pet’s torment.  He had to say something, he couldn’t leave his pet vulnerable and hanging, but it was a struggle to keep his voice level.  “As a punishment?”

            “As a reward?” Hwanhee whispered against his shoulder.

            Moaning, he reached back.  Grabbing onto his pet’s thigh, he tilted until Hwanhee was smushed under him and laughing about it.  “God, pet.  Yes.  Yes.  Shit.”  He twisted, holding onto Hwanhee’s T-shirt, shifting until he was looking down into his pet’s merry eyes.  “Whatever else you’re thinking about, whichever other fantasies and ideas pop into your head, tell me.  Tell me immediately.  Tell me fucking everything.”

            “God,” Hwanhee said, laughing breathlessly.  “There used to be a hundred things I couldn’t talk about, that I couldn’t tell anybody about, that were too weird and too embarrassing and too wrong.  But now I can tell you!  I can tell you all about it.”  He laughed again, looking dazed.  “And we can do them!  We can even do some of them!  For real!”

            “We can do all of them,” Sehun said.  “We’re doing fucking all of them.”

            Hwanhee touched shyly at his neck.  “Can you fuck me onstage, in front of EXO-L, on a live broadcast?”

            “Yes,” he said.  “Yes, next week, we’re doing it.”

            Laughter bubbled out of Hwanhee, happy and light.  “Really?  Okay, I’ll have to get ready!  Do you want me to wear my collar or my harness?”

            He grunted appreciatively, picturing his pet under him onstage.  “Your collar.  Maybe I’ll bring you out on a leash during a concert, fuck you for my solo stage.”

            Hwanhee licked his lips.  “If it’s for a concert, you’ll have to practice.  We should practice a lot.”

            He grinned.  “Are you saying that I need practice fucking?”

            “No!  No, no, no!  No, I mean, I need practice.  I need a lot of practice if I’m going to be a good enough fuckhole for EXO-L to see.  And leash practice, I’ve never been on a leash before, I - - god, a leash,” he said, and he rubbed at his eyes.  “Shit, we talk about weird stuff.”  He winced and gave Sehun a helpless look.  “I want you to put me on a leash like a real dog and walk me around.”

            “You’d be adorable on a leash.”

            “You thought I was adorable in my uniform, too.  Adorable, but, isn’t all of this supposed to be sexy?  Kinky stuff is supposed to turn you on, you should want me to look sexy for you, not cute.  Am I doing it wrong?  Are you doing it wrong?” he asked.  “Am I not sexy to you?”

            He burst into laughter.  “Not sexy,” he tried to say, but he couldn’t get through it without laughing harder.  “Not sexy!”  Chortling, he rested his forehead on Hwanhee’s chest.  “Not sexy?”

            “I don’t know!”

            “Pet.”  Raising his head, smiling from ear to ear, he caressed Hwanhee’s cheek.  “I jack off every time I hear your voice on the phone.  You’re definitely sexy.  You’re so sexy I can’t keep my hands off of you.  I sure as hell can’t keep my cock off of you.  All I ever do is try to get on top of you and jam my cock inside you.  All you ever do is turn me on.”

            Blushing, hand wrapping around his wrist, Hwanhee looked amazed.  “You.  Really?  I knew, I mean, I figured, I mean, you get it up around me, but I didn’t know, um.  I thought you were jacking off on the phone, though.  Sometimes you make noises.”

            He grinned.  “Sometimes I want you to know I’m doing it.”

            “It’s really hot,” Hwanhee confessed.  “That one time, with Baekhyun hyung?  Is he good at it, does he do it how you like it?  He’s your hyung, so, I don’t know how much you can get your hyungs to do things your way.”

            “Do your hyungs do things your way?”

            “Um.  Sometimes.  Mostly!  Mostly, yeah.  There are a few, uh, some of my hyungs are into certain - - certain acts?  So if I had a hyung who was into, like rimming, for example, he’s really into it, and he does it the way I like it, and he loves doing it until I get off on it.  But I have a hyung who, like, doesn’t give head to anybody, so, no, he doesn’t do it how I like it, but he doesn’t do it at all, so it’s not personal.”

            “Who’s not giving you head?” Sehun demanded.

            “Nobody!  Somebody.  It’s not a big deal, he’s really good at other things.”

            Sehun couldn’t believe it.  Those selfish jackasses.  “You have a hot cock.  Who’s stupid enough he can’t suck you off?”

            “You think it’s hot?” he asked, delighted, blushing.

            “It’s objectively hot,” he said.  “What kind of asshole members do you have, if they-”

            “Don’t be mean!” Hwanhee said, always loyal.  “I don’t know why you’re so angry, you won’t ever blow me, either, so-”

            “Badminton,” he said, glaring.

            “Ah!”  Hwanhee cringed, bracing himself.

            Sehun slapped him twice, still glaring at him.  “Badminton.”

            “Shit.”  Blinking his eyes open, he rubbed at his cheek.  “God, I really have to piss you off more, that was so great.”

            Sehun really needed to find out who was neglecting his pet.  Was it Jinhoo?  Was it Kuhn?  “Are you taking your vitamins?”

            He smiled, looking shy, lowering his hand.  “Twice a day.  It’s so often, it’s amazing.  I love it.  We do all kinds of stuff.  Oh!  Oh!”  He grabbed at Sehun’s shoulder.  “My gloves!  We didn’t - - badminton, badminton, say it, I didn’t get to touch the royal penis!”

            Oh, shit.  “We did so much, I forgot.”  He checked the time.  Shit.  He thought quickly.  He had an idea, but he wasn’t sure how Hwanhee would respond to it.  He hesitated, then decided to introduce it inside the scene.  It might be easier for Hwanhee, that way.  “Badminton.”

            Hwanhee moaned, trying to roll over.

            Shoving Hwanhee flat under him, he pinned Hwanhee down.  “Where are you going?”

            “I’m rolling over, please, so you can have my other fuckhole.”

            “Get in uniform,” he said, sitting up.  “And get my pants.”

            Hwanhee rolled off of the bed and hurried back into his uniform.  Black socks first, then he buttoned up the jacket and put the cap on.  Then he picked up Sehun’s pants, shook them out, dusted them off, and handed them over.

            Getting up lazily, Sehun put them on.  Once they were done up, he reached nonchalantly into the pockets.  He pulled out Hwanhee’s gloves like he hadn’t expected to find them there.  “Put these on.”

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, thank you,” Hwanhee said, and tugged them on, stroking the cuffs, getting them just right.  He started to go down on his knees, but Sehun plucked at his jacket and he stayed on his feet.

            Sehun scratched his stomach idly, then said, “C’mere,” and walked away.

            Hwanhee followed him down the hallway.

            “Gotta take a leak,” he said, and walked right into the bathroom.  He stopped in front of the toilet and glanced at Hwanhee.  “Go ahead.”

            Hwanhee looked confused and also very skittish.  In his uncertainty, he started to go down on his knees.

            Sehun tugged him back up.  “You’re my servant, serve me.”

            Hwanhee hesitated, then said, “Oh!” and lifted up the toilet lid.  He lifted up the seat and looked proud of himself.

            Sehun crossed his arms over his chest and gave Hwanhee an expectant, impatient look.

            Hwanhee started to frown, bewildered, and then his eyes widened.  He glanced down at Sehun’s crotch, then back up at Sehun’s face.  Then he said, “Oh!” and looked at his gloves.  “Oh, oh, wow, okay.  Yes, Prince Sehun, I’m sorry.”  He reached for Sehun’s fly, checked Sehun’s expression, edged a little closer, and then undid Sehun’s pants.

            Sehun idly rested a hand on Hwanhee’s shoulder.  Increased contact was a reward for good behavior.

            Very carefully, handling it delicately, Hwanhee held Sehun’s cock and aimed it into the bowl.  His gentle hands and soft gloves turned a really basic function into a pampered pleasure.  Even real princes didn’t have such devoted attendants.

            Hwanhee tucked him away tenderly and zipped him back up.  “Thank you, Prince Sehun.”

            The hand on Hwanhee’s shoulder slid over to caress his nape, and Sehun kissed his cheek.  “Good pet.”  Cupping his ass, Sehun squeezed it hard enough to make him jump.  “You can crawl back to my room, now.  Ass in the air, I want to see your fuckhole dance.”

            A delighted smile, and Hwanhee went down on all fours.

            Enjoying the view, Sehun followed him through the dorm.

            When badminton was over again, Hwanhee got dressed.  He soaked up as much skinship as he could get.  Every night he got with Sehun was amazing.  If Sehun just called him up once every two months and demanded he show up to give a blowjob, and he had to keep his prince fantasy to himself, a story he kept inside his head, it would still be exciting.  Before Sehun, he’d been so eager for a prince, he would’ve been willing to make it work with even a tiny excuse.

            But this?  All of this?  He got to act out every part of his fantasy.  It wasn’t just a basic concept of prince and servant, now, it was a whole world, real and detailed.  And it wasn’t just him dreaming about it on his own, anymore; Sehun was a part of it with him, playing it all out, coming up with new layers to it.

            He’d used to fantasize about being a singer, becoming an idol, being known for his voice, how amazing that would be.  And now he was an actual idol!

            He’d used to dream about having a prince, being a servant, knowing some super hot guy who’d be proud and rude and let him suck cock.  And now he had an owner!

            He’d done two impossible things.  He’d achieved two impossible goals.  His dreams were actually real, they’d come true.

            He hugged Sehun tightly.  “I owe you everything.”

            Sehun hugged him back.  He had a prince who hugged back.  He felt like he’d won the world.

            After a while, Sehun said, “You have to go.  You’re already late, and I don’t want to piss off your leader.”

            He wanted to argue, but, yeah, he wanted Jinhoo to be happy about the time he spent with Sehun and not start second-guessing it.

            They went down the hallway and turned off the white noise machine.  Sehun tapped at the door.

            Nobody answered.

            Sehun knocked again.  “Hyung?”

            “Did they get bored and leave?” Hwanhee wondered.

            Sehun nudged the door open, peeking in.  Then he laughed and shoved the door wider.

            They were asleep.  Suho was curled up on one of the beds, passed out.  Kuhn and Wei were on another bed, Wei sitting up with a laptop, Kuhn asleep against Wei’s shoulder.

            Sehun turned the loud music down and gestured to Hwanhee to get his members.

            Grinning, he shook Kuhn’s shoulder.  “Whose bed is this?” he whispered to Sehun.

            “Chen hyung’s.”

            “Kuhn hyung slept in Chen sunbae’s bed!  I gotta tell Xiao.”  He prodded Kuhn’s chest.  “Hyung.  Hyung.  Hyung, you gotta wake up.”

            “Okay, c’mere,” Kuhn mumbled, pawing at him, tugging him closer.

            Blushing, he wriggled out of Kuhn’s hold.  “Hyung!  You’re in EXO’s dorm, wake up, we have to go.”  He tried jostling Wei instead.  “Wei hyung, come on, you fell asleep in EXO’s dorm.”  Then he said, a little louder, “Hey, Jinhoo hyung’s going to be pissed off, we gotta go.”

            Wei’s eyes fluttered open and Kuhn sat up straight with a snort.  “What?” Kuhn asked, disoriented.  “Oh,” he said, looking around.  He shook himself awake.  “Right.  EXO’s dorm,” he said, looking at Sehun.

            Wei rubbed at his eyes, pushing himself to his feet.  “You finished?  Got the palace floors all swept up?” he asked, yawning.

            “Don’t talk about it in front of King Suho!” Hwanhee whispered, embarrassed.  He glanced over to make sure that Suho was still asleep.  “Come on, we should hurry, I don’t want Jinhoo hyung to get upset.”

            “You okay?” Kuhn asked, cupping his cheek.

            He blushed, not wanting Sehun to get the wrong idea and think that his members didn’t trust Sehun, or something.  “Yeah, I’m great.”

            “Okay.”  Kuhn squeezed his shoulder and looked at Sehun again.  “We’ll go.  Tell Suho hyung thanks for us?”

            “Sure,” Sehun said.  His gaze flickered down to where Kuhn’s hand was, and Hwanhee saw the dark prince starting to come out.

            Hwanhee moved away from Kuhn and towards the door, not wanting Sehun to get upset.  “It’s okay,” he said.  “A co-leader is like a part-time owner, right?”

            Sehun growled, following him out of the room.  “Jinhoo counts.  He doesn’t.”

            Hwanhee almost argued with that, but he decided that maybe EXO members were sensitive about how many leaders a group should really have.  At the door, he put his shoes on.  “Thank you for letting me come over.”  He touched lightly at Sehun’s chest, daring, looking up hopefully.  “You can call me or text me any time.  You can ask me to come over any time, I’ll be here as soon as I can.  If you need anything, just let me know, okay?”

            Sehun glanced at Kuhn and Wei.

            Wei looked up, studying the ceiling, tapping at his chin, slowly turning away, showing them his back.

            Kuhn smiled and put his hands on his hips, watching.

            Sehun glared at Kuhn, glared at Hwanhee, pressed his lips together like there was a lot that he wanted to say that he couldn’t let out, and exhaled hard.  Then he ran his hand through his hair and put on an expression that meant that the dark prince was trying to be nice, his smile very kind but a little forced.  “I’ll talk to you soon.  We’ll see each other soon.”

            “Okay.”  Hwanhee hugged him again and kissed his shoulder.  “Thank you for everything.”

            “Thank you.”  Sehun’s voice was quiet, just for him, and Sehun’s gaze stayed on him.  “For everything.”

            He blushed, and he stayed there, in front of Sehun, basking in his prince’s presence, until his hyungs tugged on his backpack and pulled him away.

            He went down the hallway like he was walking on air.  He felt dazzled.

            In the elevator, he took off his backpack and hugged it to his chest.  His uniform was in there.  His uniform that he’d worn like a good servant.  His uniform that he’d earned.

            Wei nudged him.  “Have a good time, tonight?”

            Kuhn laughed.  “You need to ask?”

            God, he’d made so many memories tonight!  Amazing memories.  Intense memories of ecstasy and shame and his prince.  “Yeah,” he admitted, blushing.  “Yeah.”  He ruffled his hair, embarrassed.  He wanted to tell them everything, but it was all so new, he wasn’t ready, yet.  “Yeah, it was really, really good.”

            He floated out of the elevator and into the van.  When he got back to the dorm, he danced his way to his room and very carefully hung up his uniform jacket.  After he’d worked hard to earn it, he couldn’t let it get all wrinkled.

            He curled up in bed and fell asleep hugging his white gloves.

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