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This story is part of a series.
It takes place after "Just for a Month"
but before "At the ISAC," "Who Wrote It," "Orange Jackets," "The Phone," and "Relationships."
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            After their performance, they returned, flushed and a little tired, a little high, to their dressing room.  As they settled in to wait, Changjo took off half of his clothes, but Chunji didn’t bother; when their sunbaes finished performing, they’d just have to put everything back on and go out there again for the finale.

            “Come on, twenty minutes,” L.Joe was saying to their manager.  Chunji chuckled, glancing over at Changjo, who was sprawled on the couch looking sweaty and flattered and very pleased.  Ricky sighed, reluctantly getting up from the other end of the couch and moving to a chair.  Niel and C.A.P. were in conversation by the video monitor displaying the stage.

            Taking off his mic and setting it aside, Chunji walked over to watch.  As their manager walked out with a warning of, “Twenty minutes,” L.Joe cheerfully locked the door and U-Kiss walked onstage.

            As he always did, Chunji scanned the stage for Dongho first.  He hated not getting what he wanted, and the longer Dongho stayed out of reach, the more desirable Dongho was to him.  That evening, Dongho looked particularly edible, and his gaze lingered until the choreography swept Dongho away and Kevin strutted forward, demanding everyone’s attention.

            A muscular arm curled around Chunji’s shoulders from behind, pulling him back slightly.  “You sounded great,” C.A.P. said.

            “Thanks.”  He leaned against C.A.P.’s chest, smiling to himself as he watched Soohyun.  One of the first idols he’d had sex with, Soohyun was still one of his favorites.  Ooohh, yes, and then there was Eli.  Speaking of one of his favorites…

            “Every time I see him,” C.A.P. began, and Chunji knew what he was going to say next enough to mouth it along with him, “I remember what you said about him.”  All on its own, Chunji’s spine melted; he tipped his head back on C.A.P.’s shoulder.  As if to help hold him up, C.A.P.’s other arm wrapped around him, strong and familiar.  “I think about how he treated you, how much you liked it.”

            “How much he liked it,” Chunji corrected, smirking.  “He couldn’t get enough of me.”

            “When I look at him,” C.A.P. said, “I can picture it.”  His hand slid up Chunji’s side, down Chunji’s chest.  “The way he must have smiled at you while he pulled your clothes off.  That, there,” he said suddenly as Eli shot the camera an intense look.  “That’s what I picture, that’s how he looked when he shoved his prick inside your sweet little ass.”

            Chunji shuddered with desire, with pleasure, his memory flashing back to Eli’s bed, Eli’s thick, muscular body over his, Eli’s cock driving into him.  “God, that’s it.”

            A low, purring grunt in his ear; C.A.P.’s hard-on nudged against his ass and he moaned, grinding back against it.  “I can see it,” C.A.P. murmured.  “Look at Soohyun hyung.  All I can think about is your pretty pink asshole stretching around his big cock.  I can see you, hugging your knee to your chest, squirming around, stuffed full of cock and begging him for more.  I can see him pounding your sexy ass, pinning your hands so you can’t touch yourself, fucking you hard, knowing you can take it.  He knows you well enough by now, he knows how much you need it.”

            “I was begging him,” Chunji admitted, so turned on that his voice shook, his breath coming unevenly now.  C.A.P.’s voice was gorgeously deep in his ear, a velvet rumble.  He loved the sound of it, loved when C.A.P. talked to him like this, private and seductive, intimate and obscene.  “I always beg Soohyun hyung.”

            “You told me.”  C.A.P.’s hand slid down between his thighs, cupping him, and he moaned, a spasm of pleasure firing through him.  “You told me how much he gets off on it, making his pretty, sexy hoobae fall in love with his cock, watching you beg.  Remember that hotel in Indonesia?  How there was a mirror right across from the bed?  How he made you watch him lube you?  How you watched his fingers spreading you open, how you held your legs up and watched hyung’s fingers fuck your pretty little hole?  How he made you touch yourself?”

            “Oh, ah, ahh!”  Gasping, Chunji ground against C.A.P.’s hard-on.  He was so turned on that he couldn’t distinguish between the Soohyun onscreen and the one in his memories, between the hands on him now and the hands on him then, between the way his cock had throbbed then and the way it was pulsing and stiffening right now.  He could hear L.Joe moaning, could hear Changjo’s desperate, whispered, “Oh god, hyung, oh,” and it reminded him of that hotel room, of U-Kiss’s dorm, of all of the times he’d pleaded with Soohyun while ecstasy had raced through his veins.

            “Do you think he remembers it?” C.A.P. asked, undoing his fly.  “Do you think he thinks about it, sometimes?  While he jacks off?  While he fucks other guys?”  He panted raggedly, reaching back and holding onto C.A.P.’s thigh, as C.A.P. drew his erection out of his pants.  Oh, god, he was so hard, it felt so good, he loved it when C.A.P. touched him like this.

            “You know just how I like it,” he moaned, undulating, turning his head and pressing his face to C.A.P.’s neck.

            “So does Soohyun hyung,” C.A.P. murmured, fisting his cock with long, pumping strokes.  “So does Eli hyung.  So does Kevin hyung.  They know what you like, they know how you want it.  You know what they want?”

            Making coherent conversation was so far beyond him, he just moaned, reaching up, reaching back, curling his hand around the back of C.A.P.’s neck.  The sound of C.A.P.’s deep voice in his ear and the way C.A.P. was fondling his cock had him panting, twitching, his body on fire with the need to come, but he could feel C.A.P.’s hard-on against him, and he wanted it inside of him, he wanted to feel C.A.P. inside him when he came.  “Please,” he said, whimpering it, his cock aching in C.A.P.’s grip.

            “They want you,” C.A.P. whispered, and the sensation of C.A.P.’s tongue flicking over his earlobe felt so good he whimpered again.  “They all want you.  They’ve had you and they keep coming back for more.  They love your body, the way you work it, the way you flirt and tease, the way you fuck like you live for it.  They love how much you want it, how hard you make them come.”

            Come, yes.  “I want,” he panted, burning with it, staring at the screen.  “I want it.”

            “Remember Kevin hyung?  The last time you were with him?” C.A.P. asked, stroking his cock more slowly now, teasing him, not giving him what he needed.  Rolling his hips, groaning, hungry for it, he felt caught, suspended, electrified with pleasure but denied satisfaction.  “I can see it, I can see him on his knees in front of you, his mouth full of your beautiful cock.  I love picturing it, his cheek bulging around your cockhead, your hands in his hair, his handsome face buried in your crotch.  Remember how he touched you?”

            Yes, yes, “Yes,” Chunji groaned, arching his back, writhing impatiently, joyfully, as C.A.P.’s hand slid down the back of his pants, against his skin, fingers seeking and pressing right there, yes, there, “yes, hyung, that’s it.”

            “He wanted you so much, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you,” C.A.P. whispered, one hand jacking his cock, one hand teasing his asshole, finger tickling him, dipping into him.  “Even while his mouth was full of you, he had to have more of you.  Is this what it was like?  Is this how it felt?  Is this how you came for him?”

            “Yes, yes, yes,” Chunji moaned, pleasure soaring through him, his body jerking, ecstasy bursting inside of him with a bright flare.  “Oh, ah, oh, hyung.”  His body shuddered and bucked beyond his control as he came, and if C.A.P. hadn’t been there to hold him up, he would’ve slithered down to the floor.  “Oh…”  Closing his eyes, he panted.  “Shit.”

            C.A.P. kissed the side of his neck.

            “Great,” Niel was saying.  “That’s great.  Now whenever I see our sunbaes onstage, this is what I’ll think about.  Them fucking Chunji hyung.  That’s not what I want to think about!  Why do you do these things?!”

            “Oh god, hyung, oh, oh,” Changjo moaned.

            “Mmm.”  Feeling wonderfully fulfilled, Chunji purred, opening his eyes.  “Thank you.”

            “Thank you,” C.A.P. murmured, kissing behind his ear.

            Very content with his life and with C.A.P. in particular, Chunji straightened, putting his clothes back together.  Swiping a few tissues from the counter, he started to wipe his cum from the TV stand.  He deliberately didn’t look at C.A.P., because he knew from experience that he wasn’t going to get any more action until they were back at the dorm, and seeing C.A.P. this turned on but not being able to do anything about it was going to drive him wild.

            “It’s not fair,” Niel protested.  “When I see Eli hyung, I don’t want to think about him fucking Chunji hyung.  When I see Soohyun hyung, I don’t want to think about him making people beg.  They’re our sunbaes!”

            “You didn’t have to listen,” Chunji pointed out.  He handed C.A.P. a couple of wet wipes, then turned to the mirror.  He was sweaty and sort of excited-looking, but people would attribute that to the festival.  Eyeing his reflection, he patted at his hair, making sure that it lay just so.

            L.Joe appeared beside him in the mirror, blinking and looking a little disoriented.  Clicking his tongue, Chunji reached over, straightening L.Joe’s hair.

            “Ya,” C.A.P. scolded in the background.  “Get dressed.”

            “I can’t,” Changjo moaned from the couch.  “I’m dead.”

            L.Joe blushed, looking guilty and incredibly proud at the same time.

            “Oh, look, it’s the Shinee sunbaenims,” Niel said, poking at the TV.  “Why don’t you ruin their performance, too, and tell me all about how well they screw?”

            Chunji smiled.  “Well…”

            After the finale, it took a while for everyone to leave the stage.  Backstage was a mess as idols socialized and staff shouted over the din and managers tried to hurry everyone along.  Eli lost Kevin in the poorly lit chaos but, after a moment’s confusion, managed to blunder into Dongho.

            “Don’t get lost,” he said, taking Dongho’s hand.  They greeted some passing sunbaes, and as laughing hoobaes were herded past by a zealous manager, Dongho hugged him from behind.  Keeping his hands over Dongho’s, not seeing any other members, he followed in the sunbaes’ wake, heading for the exit.  He was making progress when he bumped into Niel and Chunji.

            They greeted Dongho, and he and Niel bowed to each other, and then he hugged Chunji.  “How’ve you been?” he asked, letting go a lot more slowly than he should have.

            “Fine,” Chunji said, stepping closer, getting out of the way of passing hoobaes.  There was a flirtatious sparkle in his eye as he said, “You performed well tonight.”

            “Yeah, so did you.”  Finding his gaze drifting down Chunji’s body, he caught himself, clearing his throat.  “It’s been a while.  We should, ah, catch up.”

            “I’d like that,” Chunji said with a confident-demure-knowing smile that sent heat straight to his cock.  As memories stirred, he-

            Dongho pinched him.

            Right.  Eli jerked himself back to the moment.  “It’s wild back here.  We should see if we can find the rest of our members.”

            “Yeah, our manager’s looking for us,” Niel said hastily.

            “I’ll call you,” Eli told Chunji.  Giving in to impulse, he ran his knuckles over Chunji’s smooth cheek.  “Tell C.A.P. I said hi.”

            “Oh,” Niel said.  “He will.”

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time