Ties, Lube, and Underwear

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            C.A.P. didn’t get it.  Pulling his cock out of L.Joe with a satisfied grunt, he leaned forward, resting his weight on his hands, studying L.Joe’s face.

            With an embarrassed laugh, L.Joe pushed at his chest.  “What are you staring at?”

            “You,” he said, swatting L.Joe’s hands away and leaning in again.  “You’re so much more needy tonight and so much less needy.  I don’t get it.  What did Sehun do to you?”

            “More needy, less needy, I’m not any of those things,” L.Joe protested, blushing and trying to squirm away.

            Catching L.Joe around the waist, he dragged L.Joe back underneath himself again.  “I like it.  You’re an even better lay like this.”  L.Joe was definitely more needy - - super hot for it, kind of insatiable, revved up and ready to go.  But also less needy.  Not desperate, not weird, not begging in a way that almost implied he should stop.  Totally, completely into it, but in a good way.  A happy way.  He wasn’t used to seeing L.Joe be so happy about sex, not without a lot of conflict and shame and guilt.  “Keep acting like this and I’m going to put it in you even more than I already do.”

            L.Joe laughed.  “God, that’s the last thing I need.”  But he was smiling and his hands were already stroking up C.A.P.’s chest.

            Hunh.  Bored, Changjo was poking around L.Joe and Chunji’s room.  Under a jumble of necklaces, he found something new, something he’d never seen before.  “What’s this?” he asked, holding it up, getting a better look.

            “Nothing.”  L.Joe took it from him with one hand and punched him with the other.  “Leave it alone.”

            “What is it?” Ricky asked, sitting up in L.Joe’s bed.

            “It’s a tie,” Changjo said as L.Joe shoved it in an underwear drawer.  Right, like he somehow magically couldn’t just open the drawer and look at it again.  “Where’d you get it?  Is it from a fan?  It looks like a boring school tie.”

            “It’s not yours, so stop talking.”  L.Joe sat on his bed again.  “Get out, we’re having sex.”

            “You’re not even hard,” Changjo pointed out.  The fact that L.Joe didn’t want to talk about it only made the tie more interesting.  But why wouldn’t L.Joe talk about it?  What would he be secretive about?  “Is it Oh Sehun’s?”

            “Why do you have Oh Sehun’s school tie?” Ricky asked.  “Couple ties?  Does he have one of yours?”

            “It’s a present.  Sometimes people give me presents,” L.Joe said.  “They’d give you presents, too, if you weren’t so stupid,” he teased, poking Ricky.

            “Ya, I’m smart,” Ricky objected, squirming away.

            While L.Joe and Ricky wrestled across the bed and started making out, Changjo opened the drawer and pulled out the tie.  If it was Sehun’s, it was probably stage clothes, from those uniforms EXO wore for “Growl.”  Admiring himself in the mirror, he held it up to his neck.

            “Maknae!”  A pillow hit the back of his head.  “Put it down, put it away.”

            Turning, he said, “I want to borrow it,” just to see how L.Joe would react.

            “It’s from an EXO video.  It doesn’t leave this dorm.  Put it back or I’ll beat your face in.”

            Aw.  Sulking, he dropped it into the drawer.  “What did you give him?”

            “Nothing.  But - - oh, I have to talk to C.A.P.”  Just like that, L.Joe was jogging out of the room.

            “What?  Come on!” Ricky whined, smacking the bed.  “I’m already half hard over here!”

            Changjo shrugged, sliding his hands into his pockets.

            Ricky eyed him.  “Lick your lips or bend over or something.  Give me something to look at.”

            “Ya!  Stop perving on the maknae,” Niel’s voice said, passing by the doorway.

            Ricky scowled at the door, making a disgruntled sound.

            Changjo grinned, backing away from the bed.  “Ask me again after my birthday.  I’ll give you something real nice to look at then.”

            C.A.P. was too sleepy for this shit.  “We already have lube,” he muttered.  He’d fallen asleep with his head on Chunji’s smooth, naked back, and he wanted to fall back asleep.  Chunji made a really bony pillow, but he was used to that by now.

            “I need new lube,” L.Joe was saying.

            “New for what?” Chunji asked.

            Oh, was Chunji awake?  Great, C.A.P. could go back to sleep and let him handle it, then.

            “For me and Oh Sehun.  Some that’s just for us,” L.Joe explained.

            “We have lube all over the dorm.  Just use that.”

            “He wants some that’s just for us.”

            “Then he can bring his own,” C.A.P. said.  It sounded like the obvious, reasonable solution.

            “What, is he too cheap to buy lube?” Chunji asked.

            “Look, just - - I need it, okay?” L.Joe asked.  “Please?”

            “What are you willing to do for it?” Chunji asked, and C.A.P. grinned, eyes shut, imagining his calm, expectant expression.

            “What?  Nothing.”  L.Joe sounded flustered.  C.A.P. was sure that he was blushing.

            “No favors, no favors,” Chunji said, like that was the end of that.

            “What do you want?” L.Joe asked.  “Laundry?”

            Chunji snorted.  “I want blowjobs.”

            C.A.P. grinned.  That was more like it.

            “What?  Niel will do that for you any time you want it,” L.Joe said.

            “I don’t want Niel to do it.  I want you to do it,” Chunji said.  “I want you to do it when you’re so tired you’re falling over your own feet.  I want you to do it first thing in the morning when you’ve just rolled out of bed and can barely keep your eyes open.  I want it when we get back from practice and you’ve had the longest day in the world and all you can think about is washing your make-up off and passing out.  I want you to do it when you’re still in your stage clothes.  I want you exhausted and confused and pissed off and falling asleep on my cock.”

            “You want me to suck your cock when the last thing I feel like doing is sucking your cock?” L.Joe asked.

            “Yes,” Chunji said.

            C.A.P. contemplated that.  Did he want to get in on this?  Eh, if L.Joe was too tired to give head, chances were C.A.P. would be too tired to care.  Why waste good talent, when he could just get it when they were both alert?

            “How many times?” L.Joe asked.




            “Three,” L.Joe insisted.

            “Seven,” Chunji replied.

            “Okay, four.  Two first thing in the morning and two after practice.”

            “All right,” Chunji said.  “But you have to say yes.”

            C.A.P. snorted, pinching Chunji’s ass.  “You’re the only one on this team who ever says no.”

            “That was almost a year ago,” Chunji said, laughing.  “Stop holding a grudge.  My mother was on the phone.”

            “You’ll get me the lube?” L.Joe asked.

            Chunji shifted, poking C.A.P.’s shoulder.  “You’ll get it for him?  Make sure it’s something good.”

            C.A.P. sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.  Of all of his responsibilities as leader, one of his least favorite duties was having to be the one who asked their manager to buy them lube.  “I’ll handle it.”

            “Thanks,” L.Joe said.

            “Get some for us, too,” Chunji said.  “The one in the kitchen’s almost empty.”

            It was really, really weird to see Sehun in person, now.  Before, when they’d bumped into EXO backstage, L.Joe had just greeted them politely, the way he would with any other idols.  Or he’d stopped and talked to Chanyeol and wished he’d worn his lifts.  He hadn’t paid any particular attention to Sehun.

            Now, he couldn’t not be aware of Sehun.  When EXO was in the vicinity, his face felt hot and he didn’t know what to do with his hands and he was incredibly aware of where Sehun was, what Sehun had on, what Sehun was doing.  He tried to behave normally, but he couldn’t remember what normal was.  Was he laughing too loudly?  Did he always stutter like this?  The sound of Sehun’s voice, relaxed and cheerful in conversation with Chen, sent frissons of heat straight to his balls.

            Sehun was great about it, though.  Great about giving him space.  Sehun would make eye contact and say something polite, and then fade away, move to the other side of the room.  Sometimes he’d avoid Sehun, because this was his job and he had to be professional and he couldn’t get worked up, couldn’t let himself get unnerved enough that it would affect his performance.  But sometimes he drifted around until he could see Sehun, until Sehun was within earshot, because he wanted to know who Sehun was.  He wanted to learn what Sehun was like outside of their owner-pet dynamic.

            As it turned out, Sehun was pretty normal.  He was kind of a smart-ass sometimes, but he was also really cute sometimes.  He was confident, self-assured, but he also seemed considerate, sensitive to his members.  It was interesting to L.Joe, how ordinary he seemed.  Watching him laugh at Kai, L.Joe never would have guessed that he had a secret sex life, that in his private time he was a kinky dom who liked to tie guys up.

            So maybe it didn’t have to show.  Maybe kinky people could come across just as normally as ordinary people.  Maybe kinky people were ordinary people.  Maybe it was okay to be a little freaky on the side, in private, and still be a respectable person in public.  Sehun acted like someone with nothing to be ashamed of.  Maybe L.Joe could, too.

            Niel turned around in the store to find himself alone.  There was only one clerk at the very front, and no other shoppers besides the other members.  Where had those members gone?  Turning around again, he saw L.Joe in the back corner, standing between two male mannequins that were wearing ladies’ panties.  Laughing, he snuck up behind L.Joe and whispered, “They’re not anatomically correct, hyung.  Don’t waste your time.”

            “Ya!”  Pivoting, L.Joe laughed and punched him.  “It’s not like that!  Don’t joke!”

            “What are you doing?” Niel asked, looking at the boxes of panties in his hand.  “Don’t you already own underwear?”

            “Maybe I want something new.”

            “But, hyung.  Those are for ladies.”

            “They’re not!  Why are you so stupid?” L.Joe asked.

            “What are we doing?” Chunji asked, joining them.  “What are we arguing about?  I think you’re both wrong.”

            “L.Joe hyung’s buying girl panties,” Niel explained.

            “Are you?” Chunji asked, looking interested.

            “I’m just - - they’re not!  It’s just underwear,” L.Joe said.

            “Oh, they’re cute,” Chunji said.  “I’ll get some.”

            “Why do you want some?” L.Joe asked, looking embarrassed.

            “Because they’re cute,” Chunji said, poking around the display.  “I want my butt to look good for Angel.  What do you think, red?  Blue?”

            “Chunji hyung,” Niel said.  “I’m sorry, you should apologize to Angel.  That part of you is never going to look good.”

            He almost knocked over a display of socks and briefs, trying to escape while Chunji kneed him in the rear and kicked him in the back.  He was hiding behind a mannequin, bracing for another attack, when Changjo walked over and asked, “What are you doing?  C.A.P. hyung said to get your shit together and let’s get out of here.”

            “Be there in a minute,” Chunji said.  Grateful for the interruption, Niel watched him go back to picking out panties.

            “What’s that?” Changjo asked L.Joe.  “You hate micro briefs.”

            “No, I don’t,” L.Joe said.

            “Yes, you do.  You said that they’re too small and you feel like everything’s going to pop out.”

            “I didn’t,” L.Joe said.

            “You told me not to get any!” Changjo protested, laughing.  “Why are you buying some?”

            “It’s just a few.  I’m just trying them,” L.Joe said, clutching the boxes.

            “If you’re getting some, I’m getting some,” Changjo said.

            “No!” Niel said suddenly.  The last thing he needed in his life was the maknae strutting around the dorm in tiny panties.  It was hard enough to keep clothes on Changjo as it was.  Freaky little nudist.  Tiny sexy panties would not help Niel to remember to keep his hands to himself.  “You can’t.  You’re allergic.”

            “Allergic to what?” Changjo asked, smiling, looking mystified.

            “The fabric.  The fibers.  They’re so bad for you.  Go wait with C.A.P. hyung, your hyungs are talking,” Niel ordered.

            Changjo laughed, backing up slowly.  “I-”

            “Now!” Niel commanded sternly.

            Giving him a curious look, Changjo left.

            Relieved, Niel leaned heavily against the sock table.

            “How about you?” Chunji asked him.  “You want to look good for Angel?”

            “Angel loves me just the way I am,” Niel said.  “You can keep your tiny panties to yourself.  My boys need room to breathe.”

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