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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            There were marks on Woohyun’s members.

            Marks that other people had made.  People outside of the group.

            Woohyun had the most sex outside of the group.  He always had.  When they’d picked up EXO as a group project, he’d been in favor of it.  A bunch of hot hoobaes to make his way through, some fun to share with his members, it had seemed like a good idea.  They’d all gone on MT together, met up a few other times, had some fun dates.  The marks they’d left on those encounters had been casual, fleeting.

            But now there were more regular marks.

            Changjo did it on purpose.  Left deliberate love bites on L’s thighs.  Marking his property.  Leaving a sign for others to see, for L to remember.  Changjo was proud, possessive, wanted to lay claim to L.

            L liked it.

            Suho did it out of enthusiasm.  He dug his fingers in too hard, or forgot to cut his nails, and he left scratches on Sunggyu’s back, left faint bruises on Sunggyu’s pale thighs.

            Sunggyu didn’t mind it or think much of it.  He was used to enthusiastic dongsaengs pulling on him and clinging to him during sex.  Used to hiding it from stylists.

            Dongwoo came back to the dorm with scratches on his back one week, a love bite on his wrist another week, Chunji’s name written in black marker on his ass the next week.

            He laughed all of it off, like it was a cute mystery why Chunji would do those things.

            Chen didn’t lay claim to Hoya in such a sexual way.  His was more tangible.  A new kind of cleanser.  A new leather belt.  A new pair of earbuds.

            Sungyeol started calling Chen a sugar daddy, but Hoya only smiled.  He liked it.  He’d never had a boyfriend before; Chen was special to him, and since they could only see each other so often and had to be secretive besides, having tangible, everyday signs of Chen’s role in his life made him happy.

            Woohyun liked for his members to be happy.

            But he’d seen happiness come and go.  He’d seen people come and go.  Like Chunji, in and out of Dongwoo’s life.  Like the last person Sunggyu had fallen for.  Like the string of people who’d broken L’s heart.

            He wanted to be supportive.  He tried to be.  He told himself to be.  But sometimes the devil in him just wouldn’t stay quiet.

            “Have you seen my earbuds?”

            L rolled over in bed, looking at the doorway.  Mmm?  No.”

            Ya, I’m trying to sleep,” Sungyeol complained from the other bed.

            “Yeah, so am I,” Hoya said.  “I can’t find my earbuds.”

            “Borrow the maknae’s,” Sungyeol grumbled, dragging his pillow over his head.

            Hoya flipped the light on and off a few times, just to annoy Sungyeol, then left.

            L went back to sleep and didn’t think anything of it until the next afternoon, when Hoya brought it up again in the van.  He asked them to tell him if they found them somewhere.  “The purple ones that Chen got for you?” Dongwoo asked.  “Aw, that’s a shame, to lose a gift.”

            “He can just buy you more,” Sungyeol suggested.

            “I don’t want to tell him that I lost them,” Hoya said.  “I didn’t lose them, I had them, they were in my room on the maknae’s desk.”

            “Why do you always leave your stuff on my desk?” Sungjong asked.

            “Because then I have twice as many places to put things.”

            During practice, when L was retying his shoes, Sungjong crouched down beside him and said, “Hoya hyung lost his earbuds last night, right?”


            Sungjong casually brushed his bangs out of his eyes.  “And that maknae was in the dorm last night.”

            L gave Sungjong a look.  “Changjo didn’t steal anything.”

            “Are you sure?”

            Rolling his eyes, he stood up.  “Yes, I’m sure.”  Changjo only stole from him, anyway, not the other members.  And he always got it back if he asked for it.  Sometimes he didn’t bother to ask, though.  He didn’t mind.  It was sweet.

            Well, Changjo had lifted Sunggyu’s wallet, that one time.  But just to look at it; he’d put it back before he’d left the dorm.

            “It’ll be too bad if Hoya hyung has to tell Chen that he lost them,” L mused, watching Hoya stretch.  He could watch that all day.  “Maybe we should get a replacement.”

            “And give it to him, so he can cover with Chen?” Sungjong asked.  “Or sneak it to him like it’s the original?”

            Why did people have to look at him like that?  It was a good plan, either way.  “Pretend you found it behind your desk or something.”

            “Or you could just ask your boyfriend to check his pockets.”

            L gave Sungjong a fake smile and walked away.

            A few days later, when Changjo came over again, he asked Changjo about it.  He still didn’t think that Changjo had done it, but he figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

            “No.  The ones that Chen hyung gave him?”

            He didn’t ask how Changjo knew about that.  “Yeah.”

            “What, he can’t find them?”

            “I guess they were in his room, and now they’re not.”

            Mmm.”  On his back on L’s floor, he started counting on his fingers.  Sasaeng stole them.  Sungyeol hyung broke them and doesn’t want to admit it.  Dongwoo hyung borrowed them and then forgot about it.  L hyung sold them for food.”  L laughed, lightly kicking his thigh.  “Sungjong hyung threw them away.”

            “Just threw them away?” L asked.

            “Sure.”  Changjo rolled onto his stomach.  “He’s petty and jealous, and he’s used to being Hoya hyung’s favorite.  Now some random hoobae’s in his way.”

            It kind of made sense.  “He doesn’t like Suho hyung, either.”

            “Because of Sunggyu hyung?”

            L nodded.

            Changjo stretched out, catching the edge of the door with his toes, and kicked it; it swung shut.  “Maknaes can be super insecure.”  He twisted, resting his cheek on L’s thigh.  “Like Sehun hyung being petty about how much Suho hyung likes me.  Just tell Hoya hyung to pay more attention to Sungjong hyung and he’ll get over it.”

            Hmm.  L ran his fingers through Changjo’s hair.  “Do you have any other examples of other maknaes feeling that way?”
            “Nope, just Sehun hyung and Sungjong hyung.  And Taemin sunbae got all pissy about Onew sunbae and Ricky.”

            Right.  L brushed Changjo’s bangs one way, then another.  “How are Ricky and Onew hyung doing?”

            “They’re okay.”  Changjo rolled over and rested his cheek on L’s stomach instead.  “I thought that it would be weird, Ricky having a boyfriend, but it’s not too different.  He’s not getting me any closer to Shinee, though.  So selfish.  He gets to screw all of my boyfriend’s members.”

            Petting him, L considered that.  Maybe he could get Changjo closer to Shinee.  It would be fun.  He wondered what Changjo would think of them.

            After Changjo left, L wandered around the dorm aimlessly, in a good mood.  He flirted with Sungyeol and texted Suho.  He was in his room when Woohyun came in.  They talked for a minute, and then Woohyun gave him a flirty, knowing look and caressed his cheek.  Blushing, he pulled Woohyun in, and they kissed.

            “You interested in it?” Woohyun murmured, kissing him again, lips so soft against his, one hand already sliding under his shirt.  “Your little puppy didn’t wear you out?”

            Changjo was his boyfriend, not his puppy.  Not that he’d never fantasized about it.  Mmm, I want it,” he breathed, and Woohyun pushed him down onto his bed.  It was fantastic sex, seductive, uninhibited.  Woohyun gave it to him for a long time, whispering, “I love you, I love you,” and he came like he hadn’t gotten off all week.

            As the members returned to the dorm, Sungyeol asked, “Where do you want to eat?”

            “We’re eating out?” L asked.

            “Not you,” Woohyun said, laughing.  “It’s the ’91 line only.”

            “No hyungs and no dongsaengs allowed,” Sungyeol said.

            “I’ll try to get over it,” Sungjong said, walking away.

            “That place we went for Dongwoo hyung’s birthday?” Woohyun suggested.

            “Okay,” Sungyeol said, and looked at Hoya.

            Hoya licked his lips, then smiled helplessly.  “Ah, was that tonight?”

            Sungyeol groaned.  “Don’t flake out on me!  I don’t want to have to eat alone with Woohyun.”

            “You could take L,” Hoya suggested.

            “He’s not in the ’91 line,” Woohyun said.

            “Take Young Money?”

            “Why can’t we take you?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Ah, sorry.”  He looked guilty but happy, too.  “I’m taking Chen out.”

            “Traitor,” Sungyeol accused.

            “Is this how you treat your members?” Woohyun asked.

            “Yes.”  Hoya nodded.  “Have fun at dinner, though.”

            Jerk.  He was probably going to get an amazing blowjob out of it, but, still.  “What are we supposed to do?  Just go out together?”

            “Like a date,” Hoya suggested, grinning.

            “I’m not dating him!” Sungyeol exclaimed.

            “Do you think that I don’t have any taste at all?” Woohyun asked.

            “We could invite Suho, I guess,” Sungyeol said.

            “I’ll call Key,” Woohyun said.

            Oh, god, yes.  “You can go now, we don’t need you anymore,” Sungyeol said, pushing Hoya aside.  While Woohyun dialed, he tried to think of a way to ask Woohyun for permission to get a few minutes alone with Key, that didn’t make it obvious that he was asking for permission.  So awkward; it would be less embarrassing if he just waited until Key showed up and asked Key directly.

            Dongwoo sat down too gingerly.

            He did it in the van, first.  Then he did it in the salon.  In the dressing room, when he sat down on the couch, he perched on the very edge of the seat.

            Sunggyu didn’t even have to ask him what was wrong.  They’d all been through this before.  Still, Sunggyu didn’t want to start a fight he didn’t have to, so he waited until their manager was out of the room, and then he sat down beside Dongwoo.  “How bad is it?”

            Dongwoo gave him a wondering look.  “How bad is what?”

            Impatient, Sunggyu grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into their private bathroom.  Closing the door, Sunggyu pushed him towards the sinks.  “Take your pants off.”

            “Oh.”  Blushing, he looked concerned.  “It’s not too bad.”  He was already undoing his fly.  “It’s just a little sore.  We got excited last night.”

            This was what happened when they played around too much.  Things got out of hand.  It was lucky for Woohyun that he wasn’t in the room when Sunggyu saw the welts on the backs of Dongwoo’s thighs, because Sunggyu’s temper spiked.

            Since Woohyun wasn’t there, Dongwoo got the brunt of Sunggyu’s anger.  But no matter how badly Sunggyu wanted to scold and threaten, it wasn’t fair to take everything out on Dongwoo.  It took two fools to create this situation, not just one, but there was no question that Woohyun was responsible for this.

            Looking contrite and ashamed, Dongwoo pulled his pants back up.  “I’m sorry, hyung.  I know the rules.  Private lives shouldn’t affect professional responsibilities.  Do you need to punish me?”

            “No games and no puppies for a week.”

            He nodded seriously.  “Okay, hyung.  I’m sorry.”

            About an hour later, Dongwoo came back to him and asked, “Am I grounded?  Can I still see Chunji tonight?  We have plans, I said that I’d take him to the movies.”

            “Yeah, go ahead.  But bring him back to our dorm.”  He didn’t need the Teen Top members seeing Dongwoo’s red, sore butt and getting ideas.

            He was hard on Woohyun all day, and they both knew why, but they didn’t discuss it until they were back at the dorm that night.  He followed Woohyun into the bedroom.  When Woohyun gave him an amused look, pretending that nothing was wrong, he asked, “Had fun last night?  Beating up on your hyung?”

            Woohyun chuckled.  “He was a very naughty puppy.”

            Sunggyu kept his expression flat, letting Woohyun know that he wasn’t entertained.  He wasn’t going to be friendly about this.

            “Did I go too far?” Woohyun asked, still playing innocent.

            “You say that you can handle it, that you know what you’re doing, that you’re responsible, and then you act like this?” Sunggyu demanded.  “How many times are you going to slip up before we face the facts?  It’s not that you’re too amateur and you can’t be trusted because you don’t have a sense for what’s okay and what’s not.  You know exactly what you’re doing, and you go too far on purpose, and that’s why you can’t be trusted.”

            For a second, Woohyun looked outraged.

            “Why should I let you keep hurting my dongsaengs?” Sunggyu demanded.  “You’re not stupid, don’t think that you’re fooling anyone.  Going too far on purpose, that’s not sex, that’s abuse.  Wasn’t last time the very last time?  Wasn’t the time before that supposed to be the last time, too?  Here we are again, are you going to try to tell me that this is the last time, too?  It’ll never happen again?  That’s what you always say, until it does.”

            “It’s not abuse!  Are you accusing me of hurting him on purpose?”

            “What’s your other argument?” Sunggyu demanded.  “That you’re inexperienced and you have bad judgment and you don’t know what you’re doing?  You think that I’ll believe that you don’t know any better, when it comes to that?”

            Woohyun smiled at him.  “Maybe I need more practice.”

            “You think this is time to flirt?!” he shouted.  “My dongsaeng’s in so much pain that he can’t sit down!  This isn’t sexy, you’re dangerous.  You’re grounded for a week.  No sex, you’re on blowjob duty.  Spend some time on your knees, making other people feel good, and think about how you want to treat your members from now on.”

            Woohyun spent the first few hours of his punishment feeling injured and unjustly attacked.  He was sullen the next morning; Sungjong avoided him and Sungyeol teased him.  That night, he sat alone and reflected for a while.  He’d really been an ass.  He could admit it.  He’d been wrong.  He’d gone too far on purpose, because he’d wanted to, and he’d known that Dongwoo wouldn’t stop him.  His members almost never stopped him, ever, because they trusted him, because he was a good dom, because he knew how to keep scenes safe, because he was experienced and in control.  He’d abused Dongwoo’s trust, and he was ashamed of himself.

            He apologized to Dongwoo sincerely.  Dongwoo hugged him.  He went down on Dongwoo, and he made it nice and slow and tender, wanting to make Dongwoo feel good, wanting to make up for what he’d done.  He had to go down on Sungjong, too, that night, and on Sungyeol twice; the members always liked to take advantage of having someone on blowjob duty.

            In the morning, he crawled into Sunggyu’s bed and tried to make up.  It didn’t work; Sunggyu was still angry with him.  Hurt, rejected, he spent the rest of the day being nice to Dongwoo.

            Changjo rolled across Niel’s bed, the phone to his ear.  “Are you sure that you can’t come over?”

            “I’m sure,” L said.

            “Are you really sure?  I can order a lot of food.  It’ll be here when you get here.  Hot and fresh.”

            L laughed.  “Stop tempting me!”

            “I’ll be here, too.  Very hot and fresh.”

            Mmm.”  L definitely liked that.  “I’ll ask Sunggyu hyung.  Maybe - - ah.”  He chuckled.

            “What’s that?”

            “Nothing,” he said, and laughed again.  “There’s some weird tree in here all of a sudden.”  More laughter, happy sounds.  “Hold on, ah, hyung!  I’m on the phone.”

            “Hey, don’t stop just for me,” Changjo said.  “I want to hear it.”

            “I - - oh, oh, oouuuh-uhh-hhh.”  L’s soft, velvety groans had Changjo’s cock twitching, and then he gasped, and Changjo could just imagine him.  He was in his room, right, so he was probably on his bed.  Or his desk chair?  And Woohyun was what, touching his cock?  Did Woohyun do that, just walk into rooms and grab cocks?  Changjo wouldn’t expect Woohyun to be that bold about it, but there was no question about his sexual confidence.  Ch-ch-changjo-ah…”

            “No, say his name, say it,” Changjo urged.

            “Oh, oh god, oh,” L moaned.  “Oh, unnnnhh, hyung…”

            “Yeah, like that,” Changjo said.  Shit, they had to hang up, but this was too good; he didn’t want to leave.  What the hell was Woohyun doing over there?  Whatever it was, L freaking loved it.  Which didn’t really narrow it down; L liked everything, and Woohyun was good at everything.  “Call me back, okay?  Call me and tell me about it.”

            “Yeah, I’ll c-c-c-call, oh, oh…”

            Ah, damn.  Changjo hung up, wishing that he could be there, wanting to see it.

            The bathroom door closed.

            Woohyun slipped down the hallway.  Shirtless, he tapped lightly at Sunggyu’s door.

            “Come in,” Suho said.

            Woohyun opened the door and walked in.  Seeing Suho alone on the bed wearing nothing but red underwear, he chuckled.  “No hyung?”

            “No, he just went to the bathroom.”

            “Ah.”  Woohyun smiled.

            Suho looked self-conscious, but he smiled back.  Then he tugged a T-shirt on and ran his hand through his hair.  “Can I help?”

            “No, I’ll wait.  He has to come back sometime, right?”  Woohyun sat on Sunggyu’s desk chair like he’d never felt more at home.  “How is everything?”

            “Good.  How’ve you been, we haven’t talked lately.”

            “Ah, busy.  Recording a lot.”

            “Sunggyu hyung says that it’s going well.”

            Mmm.”  He shifted easily, slowly, and Suho’s gaze dragged helplessly down his bare torso.  “Talked to Key lately?”

            Suho’s gaze seemed to snag on Woohyun’s groin.  Then he blushed red and jerked his gaze back up to Woohyun’s eyes.  Flustered, he curled in on himself slightly, shoulders curving inward.  “Yes, he seems fine.  He said that you’re taking him somewhere special this weekend.  He sounded happy about it.”

            “Ah, it’s just dinner.”  He smiled.  “And a little something special afterwards.”

            Suho’s blush deepened.  “Well, that’s nice.  It’s good that you can, um, make time for each other.”

            The bathroom door opened.

            Casually stretching out one leg, Woohyun rested his bare foot on the bed.  Suho was staring at his body again, not even noticing that he’d created a personal barricade between the door and Suho.

            “Dongsaengs all over my room.”

            Suho blushed all over again.  Woohyun grinned lazily and spun himself slightly in the chair.  “Where’ve you been?  I was about to take over your responsibilities for you.”

            Sunggyu didn’t even pretend not to know what he meant by that.  “I can handle all of my responsibilities without you.”  Gesturing him up, Sunggyu said, “Scoot.”

            “And go where?” he asked, relaxing further in the chair, his smile a friendly challenge.

            Sunggyu tried to push his leg down and drag him out of the chair, but he just laughed and refused to get up.  Grinning, Sunggyu slapped at his thighs.  “Out, out.  I’ve seen enough of you this week, I want to see Young Money now.”

            “Had enough of me?” he asked, teasing.  “Had too much?  I understand, hyung, I can take a hint.  I’ll make myself scarce from now on.”

            “Good.  I could use a break,” Sunggyu said, pulling him up.  “Out, out.”  Sunggyu pushed him toward the door, slapping his ass.

            “I got it, I got it,” he said.  “Bye, Money.”  He left, closing the door.

            Stepping in a puddle, Sungyeol looked down.  There was a broken bottle on the floor, under the sink.  Grimacing, he wiped off his foot.  Ya.  Ya!”  He walked out into the hallway.  “Whoever this belongs to, clean it up!”

            “Clean what up?” L called back.

            “This mess!  Somebody’s cleanser or toner or whatever is broken all over the floor.”

            “Maknae!” Sunggyu shouted.

            Looking annoyed, Sungjong stormed out of his room, brushed past Sungyeol, took one look, said, “That’s Hoya hyung’s,” and went back to his room.

            “Hoya!” Sungyeol called.  “Come on, clean this up.”

            “What?” Hoya asked, coming out of Dongwoo’s room, wiping his mouth.

            “Your crap’s broken on the floor, clean it up.”

            “What?”  He walked past Sungyeol and into the bathroom.  “Shit!  Are you freaking kidding me?  Who did this?”

            “It’s your cleanser.”

            “I didn’t knock it down!”  Hoya put the bottle in the trash can.  “Damn it.”  He glared up at Sungyeol.  “Did you do this?”

            “No.  I didn’t!” he exclaimed when Hoya just kept glaring at him.  “I found it like that.”

            Grumbling, Hoya cleaned it up.  Then he went around the dorm demanding to know who’d done it.

            Sungyeol had no idea, but he said that it had probably been Sungjong.

            When Hoya complained that the cleanser had been a gift from Chen, Woohyun laughed.  “Did he expect it to last forever?  It’s not an antique heirloom, you were going to have to get more sometime, anyway.”  He squeezed Hoya’s shoulder.  “Just get some more, get the same kind if you want to.”  Then he ran his fingers along Hoya’s jaw.  “Your skin’s been pretty lately.  If Chen’s trying to make you more attractive, it’s working.  Makes me want to come all over your face.  Kiss!” he added hastily, laughing.  “Kiss all over your face, I meant, isn’t that what I said?”

            Ya, it’s not funny,” Hoya said, pushing him away.  Then Hoya shot him a sly look.  “But come and see me later.”

            Sunggyu walked into Woohyun’s room and frowned.  He was dressed up and fixing his hair.  “Going out again?”

            “Yeah, I’m meeting D.O. and Sehun.”

            “Suddenly?  You go out every day now.”

            Woohyun chuckled and patted his cheek.  “I’m sorry if you’re too lazy to go outside.”

            He liked that shirt.  And those pants.  Woohyun looked really good like this.  Ya, maybe you don’t have to go right away.”

            “They’re waiting for me.”  Woohyun slid a bracelet on.  “Call Ricky, he’ll come over and say nice things to you.”

            “Come see me when you get back,” he said, trailing Woohyun through the dorm.  “I have things that I want to give you.”

            “Okay, hyung.”  Woohyun put his shoes on, kissed Sunggyu’s cheek, and left.

            He went to Dongwoo and got a blowjob.  He waited, but after enough time had passed, he got tired of waiting for Woohyun to come back, and he took Hoya to bed.

            It took a few more days, but an idea started nagging at him, lingering in the back of his mind, and eventually he couldn’t hold back anymore.  “You’re neglecting me,” he accused one day in the practice room.

            “I’m what?” Woohyun asked, laughing.

            Ya, I’m serious!”  He didn’t care if it sounded ridiculous.  His feelings were hurt.  “I’m being neglected!  You’ve been a terrible dongsaeng lately.”

            “Terrible how?”  Woohyun’s expression was all amusement and affection.  “Have I been rude?  Was I ever disrespectful?”

            “You don’t talk to me.  You don’t confide in me, you never have time for me, we haven’t had sex at all!”

            “Oh, this is about sex,” Hoya said.

            “Always about the cock,” Sungyeol said, shaking his head.

            “No!  It’s not only that,” Sunggyu insisted.  But they had their joke now, and they spent the rest of practice teasing him.  Such bullies.  He had horrible members.  And his favorite dongsaeng was neglecting him!

            When he got home, he got L to go down on him, so he’d feel better.  Then he took Dongwoo to bed.  At least Dongwoo was still loyal to him.  In the morning, he called Suho to complain that his members were horrible and no one liked him anymore.  Suho wasn’t very sympathetic.  “Kim Sunggyu and Nam Woohyun are a legendary couple,” Suho said.  “You’ll probably make up by tonight.  And if he’s unhappy about something, just talk to him.  All you two ever do is talk, he won’t be shy with you all of a sudden.”

            “I think that you should come over and comfort me.”

            “I think that you should make up with Woohyun,” Suho advised.  “But I’ll come over tomorrow.”

            Chunji hugged Dongwoo.  “I didn’t know if you were coming or not.”

            “I said that I would,” he said, rubbing Chunji’s side and taking another kiss.  He liked visiting Teen Top’s practice.

            “I thought maybe you forgot.  Did you lose your phone again?”


            “I called and I texted you, but you never got back to me.”

            He liked that Chunji said those things normally, like it was a regular question, not annoyed or frustrated with him.  “I’ve been, um.”  He laughed, not sure how to phrase it.  Sunggyu always scolded them if they said too much to other people.  “I was busy.  I’ve been a very naughty puppy lately, and Woohyun’s had to, uh…”  He didn’t know what it was okay to say!

            “What, Woohyun hyung’s had to what?” Niel asked.  Chunji’s members were closing in from all sides.

            “Three nights in a row?” Chunji asked.

            He nodded.  Everyone was pressing in, staring at him, and it was making him flustered!  He laughed, looking at their intent, fascinated expressions.

            “I think that you should tell us all about it,” Niel said.

            “Did he spank you?” Ricky asked.

            “Are there marks on you, can I see it?” Changjo asked.

            “Three nights,” L.Joe said, gazing at him.

            “Did he spank you hard?” Niel asked.

            “Your nipples must be super sore,” Chunji said, and reached for his chest.

            Dongwoo laughed and jumped away, cupping both hands over his pecs.  “No touching!”

            “Leave him alone,” C.A.P. said lazily.

            “They’re sensitive,” he admitted.  “Everything’s sensitive.”  It had been a fantastic few nights.  “I’m going to try really hard to be a good puppy tonight.”

            “No, be bad, be really bad, it’s way more fun that way,” Changjo said.

            L.Joe elbowed him back.  “What do you know about it?”

            “I know things!”

            “Come back to the dorm with me before you go, so I can blow you,” Chunji said.

            “I don’t know if you can,” he admitted.  He didn’t want to keep everything a secret from Chunji, but Sunggyu probably didn’t want him to explain everything right in the practice room.

            After practice, though, in Teen Top’s dorm, he took his pants down and showed Chunji.  Woohyun had knotted white satin ties around his cock and balls, trussing everything up.  He had enough wiggle room to pee carefully, but if he wanted to do anything else, he was going to have to untie it all, and the knots were too pretty and complex for him to put it back.  Woohyun would know in a heartbeat.

            “What happens if you go back without this on?” Chunji asked.  Chunji was feeling him up, fondling his cock, and it was really turning him on.  Uncomfortable, he squirmed, the satin too snug around his cock.  “Is he going to punish you?”

            “Yes, I’ll be in trouble.  Ah, ah.”  He couldn’t stand it, Chunji was turning him on too much, he needed to free his cock.  “Help me get this off.”

            “No, no!”  Chunji fingered the knots, smiling down at his cock.  “You look too sexy like this.  Leave them, I like it.”

            “But I can’t do anything!  And I need to do things,” he emphasized, wrapping Chunji up in his arms.

            Mmm.”  Chunji kissed him, and then Chunji stroked his hair, eyes shining.  He loved it when Chunji looked so happy.  “Keep it all on, and go back and show him what a good puppy you’ve been.”

            Oh, good.  “If I’m good, he’s going to let me rim the other members, and L’s ass looks really sexy today.”

            Chunji laughed.  “Hyung, you can do that to L hyung whenever you want, can’t you?”

            “Yeah,” he realized.  “I don’t know why it’s so much sexier when it’s a reward.”

            It was a shame to leave Chunji without doing anything at all.  But when they made out, his cock got too hard, and the satin bonds were too tight, and things that should’ve felt good started to hurt.  He tried to undo the knots again, and Chunji stopped him and sent him home.

            He was really antsy when he got back to the dorm.  “How’s Chunji?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Good, good.”  He rubbed himself, uncomfortable.  “Isn’t Woohyun here?”

            “He’s in your room.  Why are you moving like that?”

            “Dongwoo hyung, is that you?” Woohyun called.

            “Yes, here,” he said, hurrying to their room.

            He’d done a very good thing by leaving everything the way Woohyun had wanted it.  He had a really, really good night.  And then, when he woke up the next morning, Woohyun made love to him, and sex and love blended into pure magic.

            Chen wasn’t supposed to make out or anything in Infinite’s practice room, so Hoya didn’t push the issue.  He just stepped up nice and close to where Chen was leaning against the wall, and he walked his fingers up and down the wall behind Chen, and he said a lot of nonsensical, romantic things that made Chen happy.

            He was coaxing Chen out to dance with him when his phone rang.  Chen laughed and pushed at him and told him to go answer it.  He went to get his phone from the corner where they’d left their stuff on the floor.  It was Woohyun.  “Hey.”

            “Hoya love,” Woohyun said.  “When are you coming home?”

            Instantly turned on, completely ashamed, he turned his back to Chen.  “Don’t call me that.”

            “I hope that it’s soon.  I miss you.”

            That didn’t make any sense.  But the low, seductive sound of Woohyun’s voice had his heart knocking in his chest.  That was the way Woohyun sounded when he was taking control, when he overrode all of Hoya’s weak protests and fulfilled his own desires and taught Hoya what real ecstasy felt like.  “You just saw me this morning.”

            “Hmm, but that was so long ago, and I’m so hungry.”

            He shuddered, rubbing the back of his neck.  God damn it, why was he in a room with mirrored walls, he didn’t want Chen to see him like this.  “Go bother the other members.  Go bother Grandpa Gyu, he’s miserable without you.”

            “I’ll be waiting for you,” Woohyun said, and hung up on him.

            Shit.  It was really hard not to let his brain go off on a magical fantasy tour of all of the things that Woohyun might do to him when he got home.

            “You okay?” Chen asked.

            “Yeah, yeah, fine.”  He cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck, but his phone was in that hand.  God, he had to get his shit together.  Chen was watching him with an amused, puzzled expression.  He coughed and put his phone back down.  Rubbed his hands on his shorts.  “What were we talking about?”

            “Seriously, who called you?” Chen asked, laughing and squeezing his upper arm.  “You look like you need a cold shower.”

            “Nobody, nothing.  Wrong number.”  He wasn’t about to tell Chen what Woohyun wanted from him.  “Just some tree.”

            “Oh.”  Chen relaxed, probably assuming that it was just the usual nonsense between members.  Which it was, just, a little bit different from what happened in EXO.  “Show me what you were working on when I came in, I loved the footwork.”

            He hung out with Chen for a while longer, and pushed Woohyun out of his mind.  They went back to EXO’s dorm, and they made out forever, slow and sexy.  Things progressed from there, and he stayed longer than he’d meant to, until Suho sent Sehun in to kick him out.

            When he got home, he entered cautiously.  Everything was quiet and dark.  He took off his shoes and crept into his room.  He really, really wanted Woohyun to pop up, but he felt so nervous and shy and ashamed about it, he really just wanted to go to bed and skip the whole thing, too.

            The room was still.  Sungjong was asleep in the other bed.  Relieved, he turned on the lamp.

            There was a red rose on his pillow.

            He stared at it for a second.  That was creepy as fuck.

            He put the rose in the cup of pens on Sungjong’s desk.  On his way to the bathroom, he paused at Woohyun’s door.  Going in there would be begging for trouble, but he kind of wanted trouble.

            The door was locked.

            He licked his lips and wondered if Woohyun had found another victim for the night.  He hoped that it was Sunggyu.  The two of them really had to get back together; the way Sunggyu was moping around was kind of pathetic.

            Maybe if he’d gotten home earlier, he’d be the one locked up in Woohyun’s room.  Not that he regretted staying out with Chen.  But he wouldn’t have minded both in one night.

            “Oh, oh, ahh, fuck, it’s so good,” Chen groaned.  “Oh, hyung, give it to me, give it to me.”

            Suho got up from the floor, closed his door, and sat down again.  He really didn’t need to sit around listening to Chen’s gorgeous moans, or those luscious, appreciative sounds that Woohyun was making.  He was already very sure that the sex between the two of them was absolutely amazing.  He didn’t need more evidence.

            He wanted to talk to Woohyun, though.  He waited, and then when he thought that it might be safe, he opened his door again.  No blissful cries, that was a good sign.  He listened, and then he heard Woohyun and D.O. laughing in the kitchen.  D.O., good, things were safe enough, then.

            He went to the kitchen.

            Woohyun was naked to the waist, gorgeously toned body on display.  He was drinking water, and D.O. was smiling at him, saying something, stroking his abs.  He grinned and flexed, and D.O. laughed, moving closer, looking as drawn to him as Suho felt.

            Not so safe after all.  Swallowing, Suho thought about just backing away.  Running off somewhere.  But that would be cowardly, and there was nothing to be so nervous about.  Woohyun was his friend and completely normal.  Steeling himself, he walked farther into the room.

            He couldn’t help it; his gaze drifted greedily over Woohyun’s body, roaming that sexy, muscular terrain.  D.O.’s touch traveled the same path, up to the firm curve of Woohyun’s pecs, down the ripple of lats.  He wished that he could be half as confident as D.O.  Or half as confident as Woohyun, but that wasn’t even a little realistic.

            “Tiny guardian leader,” Woohyun said, noticing him with a smile.

            D.O. splayed a hand over Woohyun’s waist, where his pants rode low on his hips.  Suho could see the crease of his pelvis.

            Keeping his voice steady, Suho asked, “Could I speak with you privately?”

            “Oh, privately?”  Woohyun reached down and gathered D.O.’s hand into his, then kissed it.  “Your leader needs me.  Are you devastated?”

            D.O. considered that, then nodded.  “A little.”

            Woohyun chuckled, letting his hand go.

            “We’ll talk in my room,” Suho suggested.

            As soon as they were in there, he realized what a terrible idea it had been.  There was a bed on every side, and Woohyun was already halfway naked.  And Woohyun had a way of making it seem like sex was pouring off of him.  When Baekhyun was shirtless, it was just Baekhyun being shirtless, and any attempt at seduction was all in Suho’s head.  With Woohyun, it was not Suho’s imagination, he was filling the whole dorm with potent, erotic energy.  This room was at least five degrees hotter than it had been the last time Suho had been in there.  And that had only been a minute ago.

            Needing to get himself together, Suho sat down.

            Putting a hand on his thigh, Woohyun sat beside him.

            No, no, no way, not at all.  Suho popped up and sat on Chen’s bed instead.  Collecting his scattered thoughts, he ran his hand through his hair.  “Everything’s going well?”

            Woohyun nodded.  Lines curved on either side of his mouth when he smiled.  “Going well.  Especially tonight.  It’s always good to see your members.”

            There was no point in hedging around it.  “I don’t want to pry into your personal relationships.  But I hope that if something’s wrong, you can talk to me.  Or talk to Sunggyu hyung.  He’s felt that you’ve been distant lately.  And that’s just not like you.  He worries a lot, you know how much he loves you.”

            “He’s been complaining to you about me?”

            “No, not complaining.”  Suho didn’t want him to get the wrong impression.  “Just worrying.  He’s unhappy, he thinks that you’ve been pulling away from him.  If something’s wrong, can’t you talk to him about it?  Haven’t the two of you always been able to talk anything out?”

            “Nothing’s wrong.  Why is he so sensitive?” Woohyun asked, chuckling.  “So stubborn, he can’t let go of an idea.”

            Suho licked his lips.  This wasn’t any of his business.  But he knew that Sunggyu was hurt.  And he didn’t quite believe Woohyun.  “When things are good inside of Infinite, like when things are good inside of EXO, the members are close in a lot of ways.  It’s not only conversation, they do other things together, too.  It seems like you and Sunggyu hyung haven’t been bonding in that other, private way lately.  He misses you.”

            “How can he miss me when he sees me every day?” Woohyun asked.  Ya, it’s only sex, you’re talking about sex, you’re not too shy to say the word.”

            “Then why aren’t you having sex with him?”  Suho couldn’t imagine it.  He’d love to be in Woohyun’s shoes and have that kind of relationship with Sunggyu, have that kind of bond, be able to fall into the same bed every night.

            “What do you know about that?” Woohyun asked.  He didn’t sound angry, but he wasn’t chuckling and smiling anymore, either.  “He’s told you everything?”

            “No, of course not.  What’s private is private.  But he trusts me, and he mentions things.  That’s why I know how much he misses you, because he’s told me.  I didn’t take it very seriously at first, because it didn’t seem very likely.  You’ve been so close for so long, I assumed that you’d be back together as soon as I hung up the phone.  But it seems like that’s not the case.”

            “What has he told you?” Woohyun asked.  “About me, about sex?”

            It was embarrassing, to go into detail.  To say it right to Woohyun’s face, the intimate details that Sunggyu gave out so frankly, with Woohyun seated right there on his bed, handsome and shirtless.  The way his hair fell across his forehead made Suho want to touch it, to feel how soft and thick it was.  “He doesn’t give elaborate descriptions.  He only makes comments.  About how you always satisfy him so well.  Or how good it feels to be inside of you.”  Suho was ready to change the topic any second now.  “I can tell when he says it how much he means it.”

            “He doesn’t say any of those things about you.”

            God, no, Suho hoped not!  But the way Woohyun was looking at him, a little too tense…  “Does it insult you?  That he’d speak about you that way?”

            “No, why would it?  Of course he says good things about me, I’m great and he knows it.  But it’s a little uneven that he’ll tell you all about me, and he won’t say a word to me about you.”

            “He respects my privacy.”  Suho frowned, feeling like he was missing something.  “Do you want him to talk about me?  Is that important to you?”

            “Sunggyu hyung tells me everything.  All of a sudden, he has a boyfriend that I can’t know anything about.”

            “You know all sorts of things about me!”  Was this part of what was wrong?  Something so simple as this?  But he could see how it might be, from Woohyun’s side.  The two of them had been close for years, sharing everything, living and working together under intense conditions, learning everything about each other, the good and the bad.  And now Sunggyu had a whole new relationship with someone outside of the group, forming a bond with this new person, and Woohyun felt cut off from this new development in Sunggyu’s life.  All of a sudden Sunggyu had secrets.  But didn’t Woohyun have secrets?  “I’m sure that there are parts of your life that you keep private, out of respect for your partners.  Like your friendship with Key.”

            Woohyun shook his head.  “Sunggyu hyung knows all about Key.”

            Suho blinked.  All about Key?  “Does Key know that?”

            Woohyun laughed.  “Of course Key knows.”

            And he was okay with it?  Was that a part of their relationship, was it a turn-on that anything that happened between them might be spread among the Infinite members?  Was it possible that Sunggyu joined in sometimes and helped Woohyun with Key?  Suho had wondered that before.  He wasn’t about to ask.  “What sorts of things about me do you want to know?”

            “Sex,” Woohyun said.  “He tells me everything else.  But the sex is private.  What you look like, what you feel like, what you’re into.  Even kissing.  ‘Ah, Young Money’s private about those things.  It’s hard for him, you understand.’”

            Was he coming between Sunggyu and Woohyun?  It was the last thing in the world that he wanted.  He wanted to be closer to the Infinite members, not push them apart from each other.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.  It’s considerate of him to be so respectful, it makes me glad that I’ve trusted him.  But I don’t want to cause problems.”

            Woohyun nodded.

            Pouting, Suho thought it over.  What was private was private, okay.  And Woohyun didn’t really have any genuine right to know anything at all about his sex life.  Still, he didn’t want to cause problems between them.  “I don’t like for people to talk about me,” he admitted.  “I won’t let my own members do it.”

            “You won’t?”

            “I talk about things when I feel comfortable.  With L and Changjo, mostly.  And with Sunggyu hyung.  I can tell them anything, they understand me.”

            “But your members,” Woohyun said.  “They don’t say anything about you?  Not even to each other?  Around the dorm?  About your technique, your body, the way you do things?”

            “No!  No, I won’t allow it.”

            “They refuse to say anything to me or my members, but I thought they just didn’t want to gossip outside of the group.”

            “I won’t let them gossip inside the group,” he admitted.  “Maybe I’m too strict, maybe it’s unreasonable, but I don’t like it and I won’t allow it.  I wouldn’t say a word about them, either, but they don’t mind it.  They like it, actually, they want to be gossiped about, they get excited when they think that I’ve mentioned them to L.”  So embarrassing.  His members could be so foolish, sometimes.

            “Then if Sunggyu hyung told me what happens between you, you’d be upset.”

            He’d be mortified.  “Yes.  I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with you.  It’s not personal at all.  I know that people don’t mean anything malicious by it.  It’s not that I don’t trust my members, I know that Kai and D.O. wouldn’t sit down together and say degrading things on purpose.  But I just can’t have it.”

            “But you can talk about it yourself,” Woohyun said, studying him closely.  “So I can’t hear about it from Sunggyu hyung.  But you could tell me.”

            Ah.  Blushing, he said, “Yes.  When we know each other better.”  They didn’t quite have that kind of relationship, yet.

            Woohyun’s smile was completely disarming.  “You can talk to L and not to me?  You can trust that Changjo and not me?”

            “Now, don’t start that, they’re good kids,” Suho chided.  “But I’d like to be closer to you.  I’d be glad if we could be friends.  Maybe we should go out sometime, just the two of us, and get to know each other better.  You have a big role in the lives of some of the people I love the most and look up to the most, like Sunggyu hyung and Key.  It makes me really think a lot of you.”

            Was Woohyun blushing?  Suho felt completely won over.  Aish, those two.”  He smiled.  “We could go out sometime.  I’d like that.”

            They made plans.  And when Woohyun left the dorm, Suho hugged him good-bye.  God, it felt amazing.

            There was a red rose on L’s desk one day.

            The next time Changjo came over, it was still there, but in a vase.

            The next time, it was still there, in the vase.  Shouldn’t it have died already?  He touched it; it seemed real.

            There was one on Sungjong’s desk, too, and one in a cup on Dongwoo’s desk.  He wondered if Sunggyu had one, too, but he wasn’t allowed into Sunggyu’s room.

            When he came back and it was still there in L’s vase, he asked, “Do you have a boyfriend I don’t know about?”

            “You’re my boyfriend,” L said.

            Mmm, he liked that.  “Yes, I am,” he agreed, climbing on top of L on the bed.  L grunted and rubbed his sides, his chest.  “Who’s giving you flowers?”

            “Oh.  Woohyun hyung.  He’s been giving them to us lately.  He leaves them around on our beds or sneaks them into our drawers or hides them in our shoes or whatever.  Sungjong and Sungyeol hyung always throw theirs away, they think it’s too weird.”  He looked over at his desk.  “I like it.”  He smiled, and there were stars in his eyes.

            “Too romantic,” Changjo decided.  “He’s buying flowers just for his own members?”

            L blinked, coming back to the moment.  “Oh, no,” he said, running his hands underneath Changjo’s shirt.  “People send him flowers, anyway.  Key and Inspirit.”

            “Key sunbae sends him roses?”


            Ew.  “Too romantic.”

            L smiled up at him, squeezing his waist.  “There’s nothing wrong with some romance.”

            “Maybe.”  He kissed L.  “I should buy some for Niel hyung.  It would totally freak him out, he’d be terrified of me for like a whole week.”

            Sungjong opened his sock drawer and saw a red rose lying there, perfect and beautiful, on top of his socks.  “God damn it,” he muttered, and threw the rose into the trash can.

            Later, when he saw Woohyun in the kitchen, he said, “Get a boyfriend.”

            Woohyun grinned at him, cupping his chin.  “But why would I, when I have you?”

            Ugh.  “Get a boyfriend,” he repeated, turning away and opening the fridge.  Why was there never anything to eat?

            “He doesn’t need a boyfriend,” Sungyeol said, coming in and tossing a plate into the sink.  “He has Sunggyu hyung and Key.”

            “Those aren’t boyfriends,” Sungjong said.

            “Not romantic enough?” Sungyeol asked.  “You should be with Chen, then.”

            “Isn’t Chen already taken?” Sungjong asked.

            “Yeah, but it’s just Hoya,” Sungyeol said dismissively.  “Woohyun could have him if he wanted him.”

            Sungjong considered that and shrugged.  Hoya was way too into Chen, anyway.  “You should try it.”

            “Chen’s cute,” Woohyun said.  “But I don’t think that he’s my type.”

            “What is your type?” Sungjong asked.

            L.Joe?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Sehun?” Sungjong asked.

            Woohyun hesitated.  For a second, he looked like he was remembering something, thinking about something, and his gaze turned inward, and he brushed his hair out of his eyes, and Sungjong was sure that he had someone in mind.  Someone who meant something to him.  But then his hand dropped and he chuckled, dismissing it.  “No, there’s no one.”  He laughed again.  L.Joe can’t handle me.  And Sehun, isn’t he too young?  Who could take him seriously?”

            “Take Kai, he’s hot,” Sungjong said.

            “Take D.O., he likes you,” Sungyeol said.

            “No, he’s weird,” Sungjong said.

            “Yeah, we don’t need any more weird, obsessive, creepy kids around here, do we?” Sungyeol asked, grinning.  “The one we have is enough.”

            Oh!  “Take L,” Sungjong suggested.

            Sungyeol grimaced.  “You can’t date your own members.”

            “Yeah, but he’s hot, and he always puts out,” Sungjong said.

            “He’s already dating someone,” Woohyun pointed out.

            Sungjong snorted.  “Who the hell is Changjo?”

            “You need someone romantic,” Sungyeol told Woohyun.  “I still say go with Chen.”

            “You need someone hot,” Sungjong said.  “Date someone your own age, go ask out Choi Minho, he’s handsome.”

            “He’s a great catch, date him,” Sungyeol agreed.

            “I’m not dating anyone,” Woohyun said.  “I don’t need a boyfriend.”

            “Then stop leaving creepy roses in my room,” Sungjong said.

            “You want more roses?” Woohyun asked.  “Is that what you said, you’d like more?  Okay, I’ll give you more roses more often.”

            God, these hyungs.  Sungjong left the kitchen.

            Sunggyu was on the couch in the front room when he saw Woohyun walk past, all dressed up.  “Going out again?” he demanded.

            “I’m going to see Suho,” he said, putting on his shoes.  He smirked.  “Didn’t he tell you?”

            “EXO’s Suho?” he asked, sitting up.  “Young Money?”

            “Yes, I’m taking your money out on a date.”

            “Without me?  I’m not coming?”

            “If he didn’t even mention it to you, I don’t think that you’re invited.”  Woohyun opened the door.  “Be back later.”

            God, there were gorgeous love bites all over Hoya’s muscular thighs.  Kneeling down, Chen ran his hand over them, admiring.  “Was L chewing on you again?”

            “What?  Ah, no.  Woohyun,” Hoya said, looking down.

            Mmm.”  Hoya’s members took such good care of him.  Chen kissed them, each one, finishing with the one highest up, licking it, his tongue caressing the spot where Woohyun’s mouth had been before stroking wetly over Hoya’s balls.

            “Are you seeing my lead vocal behind my back?”

            “What?  No,” Suho said, taken aback.  “Yes, I’m seeing him, but it’s not behind your back.”

            “You didn’t say anything about it.  You can’t mention it to me?  I didn’t find out until he was already gone.”

            “He didn’t tell you?”  Surprised, Suho sat on the foot of his bed.  “I didn’t want to mention it because I wanted him to tell you first.”

            “No one told me at all!  No one tells me anything anymore.  First him, now you, no one confides in me at all anymore.”

            He was blowing this completely out of proportion, but exasperated bluster and petulance were just how Sunggyu talked, sometimes.  Suho let it go.  “Well, we had a good time.  We ate well and we talked a lot.”

            “Talked about what?”

            “About life, about everything.”

            “Me, did you talk about me?”

            “Sometimes.  It’s hard to talk to an idol for that long without mentioning his leader once in a while, it just happens.  But we weren’t meeting about you, hyung, we were meeting for each other.  We want to grow closer, we want to be good friends.  We have a lot in common.”

            “Why?  Only one of you’s good-looking.  Only one of you is nice.  Only one of you is smart and sexy and funny and good on variety shows.”

            “Be nice,” Suho scolded.  “He’s precious to you, and he’s all of those things, too.”

            “Did he tell you why he hates me?”
            “He doesn’t hate you.  I don’t know why he’s upset with you, though, he wouldn’t confide in me about that.  He wants to pretend that nothing’s wrong.”

            “He’s been strange lately.  Too romantic with the other members.  Very pushy and needy.”

            “Maybe it’s hard on him, missing you, and he’s making up for it by being closer with the other members.”

            “Maybe.”  Sunggyu didn’t sound satisfied.

            “I think that I might be part of why he’s upset,” Suho admitted.  “I don’t want to make too much of it, but since you and I are closer now, and there’s a new dongsaeng in your life, maybe he has some uncomfortable feelings about that.  And it’s not only you, Hoya has Chen now, and Dongwoo hyung and Chunji are close again, and L’s close with Changjo.  That’s a lot of changes, all of a sudden.”

            “He’s close to Key, how is that any different?”

            “He and Key have been friends for a long time, it’s been years and years.  The rest of us are newer than that.”

            “I already talked to him about that,” Sunggyu complained.  “I explained everything, I told him that nothing would change.”

            “Maybe he needs to hear it again.”

            Chen was getting a major part in a new musical.  To celebrate, Hoya wanted to do something nice for him, something special.

            He got the other members to help him to arrange everything.  Flowers, dinner.  Woohyun helped him to buy candles and choose new sheets and make a sexy, romantic playlist.

            It all went really well, and Chen loved it.  They had a great night together.  It was perfect, and Chen was amazing, and it was a memory that he’d cherish forever.

            After he took Chen home, he went back to the dorm.  He was cleaning up the front room when Woohyun came home.

            Woohyun asked him how everything had gone, and helped him clean up, and then fucked him.  On his bed, on his soft new sheets, with rose petals sticking to his bare skin, in the same place where he and Chen had found that incredible ecstasy together, with Woohyun deep inside him and whispering, “I love you, I love you,” against his neck, he came hard, climaxing in a powerful burst, aching from the force of it.

            Sunggyu walked into Woohyun’s bedroom and closed the door.  He sat on the edge of the bed, hands clasped between his legs.  “I told you before that things wouldn’t change between us.”

            “Oh, are you here?” Woohyun asked, on his stomach, writing.

            Ya, I’m being serious.”  Sunggyu splayed his hand on Woohyun’s back, pushing a little.  “I told you that whether I have a boyfriend or not, it doesn’t matter, nothing changes between us.”

            “I heard you.”  He erased a word and wrote in something else.

            “Do you hate Young Money?” he asked.  “Is it the opposite, do you want him for yourself?  Have I been a bad hyung to you, is this my fault?  Is he a distraction, have I been a bad leader, is that why you’re upset?”

            “Not everything’s about you.”

            “You can’t even look at me right now,” he accused. “How are you going to say that it’s not about me?”

            Moving fast, Woohyun rolled over and sat up.  His expression was more furious with every word.  “It’s not about you!  Not everything’s about you!  I live under your rule, under your thumb, every day!  Years of it!  I listen to you, I respect you, I obey you, yes, Sunggyu hyung, yes, leader-nim, yes, whatever you say.  I’ve done what you wanted!  Whatever it is!  Can’t I get the fuck away from you for one minute?  One?!”

            Stunned, Sunggyu didn’t know what to do.  He couldn’t think of anything to say.  As a hyung, as a leader, as a friend, he had too much in his heart.  He wanted to yell back, defend himself, comfort, apologize.  He felt aghast, horrified, guilty, confused, hurt, indignant.  His worry won out, and he cupped the side of Woohyun’s neck.  “Woohyun-ah.  Have I been too hard on you?  Have I asked for too much?  It’s only because I know how strong you are.  It’s only because I want what’s best for you.”  Concerned, he stroked Woohyun’s neck.  “What did I ask that was so bad?”  Maybe there had been something specific, something to set this off.

            “Nothing,” Woohyun said.  Pulling away, he got up, abandoning Sunggyu to the bed.  “Nothing.”  He took his lyric book with him when he left the room.  “It’s too late, anyway.”

            Sungyeol never had to ask when Teen Top was going to be in town.  The whole dorm was energized.  Changjo was coming over to see L, Ricky was coming to see Sunggyu, Chunji was coming to see Dongwoo.  He called Niel, and they decided to meet up for dinner.

            When he and Woohyun crossed paths in the bathroom, he asked, “You going out?”

            “Not staying here,” Woohyun said.

            But Woohyun had plans, right?  He couldn’t afford to let Woohyun tag along with him and Niel.  He wanted Niel all to himself, not some threesome.  Woohyun always monopolized guys.  No one was worse at sharing.  “You should see if L.Joe’s busy.”

            “He’s seeing Sehun.  Where are you headed, going to see Niel?”

            “Yeah,” he said warily.

            “What about C.A.P.?”

            “He’s going to EXO’s dorm.”

            “A party at EXO’s dorm,” Woohyun said, and smiled.  “Sounds like fun.”

            “You’re here with me, and not with Onew?” Sunggyu asked when Ricky walked into the dorm.

            “He’s busy tonight.”  Ricky hugged him, then belatedly added, “But of course I wanted to see you, hyung, I’m always grateful when you have time for me.”

            That charming smile got him every time.  Ugh, this kid.  Ya, I know I’m your second choice.”

            They went to his room and talked for a while.  Pretending to have something to say to Ricky, Changjo tried to get in, so he locked the door.  Ricky confided in him about good things and bad things, and he made Ricky laugh and gave all kinds of advice.  Then Ricky said, “My members want to go on MT again.  C.A.P. hyung’s going to call you.”

            “Another MT?”  So hormonal, everybody only wanted to screw all of the time.  “I’ll consider it.”

            “It went well, last time, didn’t it?”

            He gave Ricky a suspicious look.  “Did they send you here to butter me up?”

            Ricky smiled cutely.  “Of course not, hyung, I’m here on my own.  I’ve missed you, I wanted to see you.”

            Such adorable bullshit.  He tickled under Ricky’s chin.  “It was okay, last time.  My members liked it.  And I know that your members liked it, I don’t have to ask about that.”

            “We were happy,” Ricky agreed complacently.  “I think that Woohyun hyung made C.A.P. hyung bottom for him.  He wouldn’t say much about it, but he blushed when we asked.”

            “Ah, he shouldn’t be shy about those things, it’s just sex.”

            Ricky laughed at him.  “You never bottom at all, aren’t you the one who’s too shy?”

            Ya, mind your own business.”  Squirming, he resisted the urge to cup his hands protectively over his butt.  “I’ll think about MT.”  He had to think about where they should go.  Maybe it could just be here at his dorm?  They didn’t have to go somewhere fancy just to get each other off.  Teen Top wasn’t picky.

            He asked L about going on MT, first, to make sure that L was okay with it.  It seemed like L had a lot of feelings about last time, about seeing Changjo with the other members.  But L said that it would be okay.

            He mentioned it to Woohyun, next.  Mostly just because he wanted to start a conversation, to have something to talk about.  He expected it to make Woohyun happy, and he waited, expectant and hopeful, for a bright response.

            Instead, Woohyun just shrugged.  “Whatever you want to do.  If you tell us to get in the van and go, we all go, wherever it is.”

            “Do you not want to go?”  Anger was the wrong response, he knew that, but he was hurt, he was frustrated, he didn’t know what to do with Woohyun anymore.  “Don’t want to have sex with Teen Top?  Not interested?  You can stay home if you want.”

            “What’s the point?  I can’t fuck them anyway, right?  You don’t trust me with your precious dongsaengs.”

            “What?”  What was he talking about?  “Have sex with anyone you want.  I only told you not to be so rough with Ricky.  I don’t know what happens to you, I don’t know why you go so far.”

            Woohyun glared at him.  “I’ve gone too far with Dongwoo hyung, and I’ve gone too far with Hoya, and I’ve gone too far with L and Sungyeol.  I was wrong, I admit it!  I was wrong!  But I didn’t go too far with Ricky.  It was fine, it was right, it was perfect.  You got anxious about it and you got upset and you got all protective, but I didn’t do anything wrong!”  Fire flashed in Woohyun’s eyes.  “Did he tell you that he didn’t like it?  Did he complain about it?”

            “Dongwoo never complains, either.  That doesn’t make it okay.”

            “Ricky knows what he wants,” Woohyun snapped.  “He knows what he can take.  He can take care of himself.”

            “Don’t think that because he acts confident, everything’s okay,” Sunggyu warned.  “He’s still capable of overestimating himself.  So are you.”

            Woohyun gave him a disgusted look.  “I know who underestimates me.”

            Shocked, Sunggyu grabbed his arm when he tried to leave the kitchen.  “Don’t walk away from me!  Who underestimates you?  I never have!”

            “I had sex with him once, once, and you couldn’t handle it,” Woohyun snapped, jerking away.  “Don’t ever touch him again, take time to reflect, you lectured me.  You put him off-limits!  Completely off-limits!  You don’t trust my judgment!”

            “I said that was only temporary!  And why should I trust your judgment when you keep going too far?”

            “I’ve only ever gone too far with the members!  Never with anyone else!  Not with anyone!”

            “How do I know that?  Don’t I have to take your word for it?  I saw what you did to him, I saw it!  Don’t tell me you didn’t go too far.”

            “He could handle it!”

            “You were too rough.  Those scratches on his thighs, that’s too much.”

            “You don’t complain so much when they’re on your thighs.”

            “I’m two years older than you are, and I know what I’m doing.  He’s four years younger than you are, and he’s full of nonsense.  He acts cheerful, he thinks that he can handle anything, but you know that’s not true.  How long did it take him and Onew to sort everything out?  He’s not so different from Changjo.  He’s not as mature as he thinks that he is.  And if you were as smart as you think that you are, you wouldn’t fall so much for his act.”

            Woohyun walked away.

            Sunggyu stewed over it for the rest of the night.

            He’d only ever gone too far with the members?  Was that true?  It might be; it might not be.  If it was true, what made them so different?  Was it because going too far with them would be kept inside the group, and going too far with someone else meant too big of a risk?  Was it because they’d understand and forgive, and someone outside of the group might freak out?  Was it because things were just more intense with them?  Emotionally intense, sexually intense?  But things were intense with Key, too.  But if Woohyun hurt Key, and Onew found out, that would threaten their relationship.  If Woohyun hurt an Infinite member, and Infinite’s leader found out, that wasn’t as much of a threat.

            Then Woohyun hurt the members because he took Sunggyu lightly?  Because he knew that the consequences wouldn’t be that bad?  He was hurting his members and disregarding Sunggyu, too?

            He knew what he was doing.  He had to.  He always did.  He was too smart.  Too in control of himself.  He was too good a dom to make mistakes.  It wasn’t a lapse in judgment.

            It could be so tempting to keep going, though.  So tempting to do it again, to push another boundary.  Especially when a sexy, handsome dongsaeng was so aroused and needy and responsive, right in front of him, naked and writhing and begging for more, crying out for it, body jerking enthusiastically at his every touch.  It could be really hard to back off, to stop.

            But a smart dom, a responsible dom, knew how to walk that line.  Woohyun was expert at it.  What was it about Infinite, about his relationship with the members, that made him cross the line?

            “Oh, come on!”  Hoya snatched the plate out of the refrigerator, then threw it onto the counter, where it slid and spun.  “The fuck is wrong with all of you?!”

            “Shit, what?” Sungyeol asked, looking unnerved.

            “I didn’t do it!” Sungjong shouted from the next room.

            “Somebody did!”  Shit.  Dragging his hand through his hair, Hoya looked at the plate.  A few hours ago, it had held a very whole, very intact cake, covered in frosting and berries.  Now it held one mangled slice and random crumbs.  “What’s wrong with all of you?” he repeated.  He wasn’t just pissed off, he was hurt.  Chen had given him that cake, and everyone knew it.  What a shitty thing to do.  It couldn’t even be an accident.  It had to have been on purpose.  Was it supposed to be a joke?

            He went to each one of the members and demanded answers.  They all had excuses, alibis, defenses.  They’d been out, they’d been dating and shopping and screwing, they’d already eaten, they didn’t want his cake, anyway.

            Dongwoo was the only one he believed.  And maybe L.  But the rest of them, he didn’t trust for a second.  He just didn’t get why they’d do something so shitty, something so mean.  Eating the cake was bad enough, but putting it back?  With that one corner left?  They must’ve meant it as a joke, but now he was so pissed off, they wouldn’t admit it.

            He lived with such fucking assholes.  He went to his room and wondered if he should tell Chen about it.  He didn’t want to lie.  But Chen’s gift had been ruined, and he didn’t want Chen to feel bad about it, just because he had such mean, inconsiderate members.

            “Maybe Chen’s cursed,” Sungjong suggested.


            Sungjong shrugged.  “I don’t know.  He gave you earbuds, and you lost them.  He gave you cleanser, and you broke it.  He gave you a cake, and someone ate it.  Maybe something’s wrong with your relationship.  It’s like a sign.”

            He hadn’t lost the earbuds or broken the cologne.  It wasn’t a sign of anything, except that he had destructive, careless members who didn’t give a shit about his belongings.

            Was it a coincidence, though?  Did one of his members have something against Chen?  That didn’t make any sense; everyone got along with Chen.

            Did one of his members have something against him?  But who?  Why?

            On his way back from the bathroom in Infinite’s dorm, Changjo tried Sunggyu’s door.  Locked.  He rattled the knob, and Sunggyu called, “Go away!”  Grinning to himself, he rattled it again, then walked on.  Curious, he peeked into other rooms along the way back to L.  Dongwoo was reading something.  When he looked into the next room, Hoya looked up and said, “Hey.”

            He grinned.  “Hey, hyung.”

            Hoya hesitated, then said, “C’mere for a minute.”

            Intrigued, he went in.  He sat beside Hoya on the bed, nice and close.  Hoya gave him a look, scooted away, and gave him another look.  Speculative and wary.  “Can you find something out for me?”

            Ooo.  “Sure.  What is it?”  He loved this.  People never asked him for help often enough.

            Hoya told him about how gifts from Chen kept being messed with.  He’d known about the earbuds, but the stories about the cleanser and the cake and the belt were new to him.  After telling him all about it, Hoya immediately started backing off, downplaying it, but it was too late; he was already on the case.  Four gifts in a row?  This wasn’t a coincidence.

            Embracing this new challenge, he promised to get to the bottom of it.

            The first thing he did was talk to L.  He didn’t explain why, he just poked around L’s mind, asking questions.  L gave him a lot of curious looks but didn’t ask what he was up to.

            The second thing he did was go home and talk to Ricky.

            C.A.P. was there, watching TV, but they ignored him.  Changjo laid everything out, and they brainstormed.  First they had to figure out what was going on.  “Someone’s after Chen hyung,” Ricky said.  “Or someone’s after Hoya hyung.  Or someone’s messing with everybody’s shit, and Hoya hyung’s just the first one to notice.”

            “I think it’s specific to Hoya hyung,” Changjo said.  “No one’s messing with L hyung’s stuff.  And if somebody were bothering one of the other members, they’d say something.  Those hyungs fuss and complain about way too much to be quiet about it.”

            Ricky nodded.  “I think the target’s more Hoya hyung than Chen hyung.  Everybody likes Chen hyung.”

            Changjo agreed.  “If Hoya hyung’s the target, then who’s behind it?”

            “Could it be someone outside of Infinite?”

            Interesting theory.  But, no.  “It doesn’t sound like it.  The timing’s wrong.  Stuff happens when no one’s around.”  Just to work the idea through, “Who’s over at their dorm?”

            “Friends and boyfriends.  Us, EXO, and Shinee.  Bigstar.  Managers.”

            They talked those suspects over for a while, but the timing just didn’t work out for it to be someone outside of the group so consistently.  Besides, EXO was too nice.  Changjo’s members weren’t too nice, but they also didn’t have some weird problem with Hoya or Chen.  “It has to be about his relationship with Chen hyung.  It’s only the gifts that are being messed with, not any of his other stuff.”

            “So someone’s jealous and wants to break them up.”

            “It’s not L hyung.”  Ricky nodded, taking his word for it.  He loved Ricky for that.  “I don’t think that it’s Dongwoo hyung.”

            “No, he wouldn’t act like this.  He wouldn’t hurt someone secretly and on purpose.  Not even someone he loves as much as Hoya hyung.”

            C.A.P. gave them a weird look for that.  Changjo ignored it and said, “So, Woohyun hyung, Sungyeol hyung, Sungjong hyung, or Sunggyu hyung.”

            “All three of the Sung hyungs are petty enough,” Ricky said.

            “Sungjong hyung might be jealous.  He’s Hoya hyung’s favorite.  Does someone want Chen hyung for himself?” Changjo asked.  “Or does someone want Hoya hyung for himself?”  Ricky looked thoughtful.  Changjo nudged him.  “What?”

            “Woohyun hyung hasn’t been around for a while.  I haven’t seen him lately.”

            What?  “He’s in the same places he always is.  At his dorm, here, EXO’s dorm, dressing rooms, wherever I usually see him.”

            Ricky frowned.  “I haven’t seen him since Suho hyung’s party.”

            What party?  “For the musical?”

            Ricky nodded.

            “That was ten years ago.”

            “Give or take,” C.A.P. said.

            Changjo ignored that, too.  “The last time he came over here - - oh, you went to see Onew hyung.”  They talked over it for a minute, and Changjo realized that Ricky was right; they hadn’t run into each other at all.  Weird.

            It all seemed like coincidences.  It was hard to read anything into it.  Still, “I would’ve thought that after he destroyed your ass and made you his property, he’d want to see you so he could do it again.”

            “He didn’t destroy anything,” Ricky said.  “And he didn’t make me his property.  I made him mine.”

            “He totally made you his.”

            “Or,” C.A.P. said.  “Maybe nobody owns anybody else.”

            “No,” Changjo said.  “Woohyun hyung totally owns Ricky now.”

            “I think that Onew hyung owns me,” Ricky said.

            “I think that I own you,” C.A.P. said, one arm reaching off of the couch for a lazy swipe at him.  He ducked, and C.A.P. let him go.

            “Seriously, though, he tore it up like that, and he doesn’t want seconds?” Changjo asked.

            “He’s not allowed to have seconds,” C.A.P. said.

            “What?”  This was news.  Why didn’t he know anything about this?

            C.A.P. looked at their faces and sighed.  “It’s not a big deal.”  C.A.P. always said that; Changjo disregarded it.  He’d decide on his own how big of a deal it was.  “After MT, Sunggyu hyung wanted to make sure that everything was okay.  He was unhappy with Woohyun hyung for being too rough with Ricky, and he said that Woohyun hyung would have to leave Ricky alone for a while until they’d talked about it.”

            “He’s too protective,” Ricky said.

            “Woohyun hyung got in trouble over you?” Changjo asked.  Shit, Sunggyu really did like Ricky.  “Then is he avoiding you on purpose?”  He gave Ricky a shocked, dramatic look.  “You’re too much temptation for him!  He can’t control himself around you!”

            “That doesn’t sound right at all,” Ricky said.

            No, it didn’t.

            He didn’t want to ignore evidence right in front of him.  Woohyun had gotten intense with Ricky, and then gotten in trouble for it, and then avoided Ricky after that.  It all went together.  Maybe Woohyun had just decided that Ricky wasn’t worth the drama.  That made sense; Woohyun could pretty much take or leave, screw or drop, anybody.  The only people he really gave a shit about were his own members and parts of Shinee.  He had a whole string of broken-hearted idols pining after him that he’d screwed and abandoned.

            But Changjo had seen him interact with his own members.  He was really into them.

            And now they had boyfriends.  Other guys.  Other people they cared about.  How did he feel about that?  Was he threatened?  Jealous?

            He had too much confidence in himself to be insecure.

            But he was also pretty controlling.  Possessive.  If his members were falling in love with other guys, they weren’t his anymore.  Not like they’d used to be.

            He’d had a pretty good thing going.  He had Key.  He screwed around whenever and however he liked.  The rest of his members had gotten more selective and more reserved over time, sticking pretty much to each other.  He was used to doing what he wanted and coming home to his own personal, loyal harem.  But things weren’t that way anymore.

            “It’s Woohyun hyung,” he realized.  “He doesn’t want to share.”

            “Is he weird about Sunggyu hyung?  Is he messing with Suho hyung?” Ricky asked.

            “Suho hyung’s trying to date him,” Changjo said.  “Trying to get closer to him.”  Hunh.  “But he’s been upset with Sunggyu hyung.  Like, they’re not talking.”

            “Not talking?” C.A.P. asked.  “I thought that all those two ever did was talk.”

            “No, they’re having a fight, Woohyun hyung’s upset and Sunggyu hyung feels all sad and neglected and sulky about it.”

            “Does Woohyun hyung not like you?” Ricky asked.  “Is he jealous about you and L hyung?”

            “No.  I haven’t noticed anything.”  He put more thought into it.  “He’s been giving the members roses.  There’s always one on L hyung’s desk.”

            “He gives his own members flowers?” C.A.P. asked.

            “He’s trying to seduce them?” Ricky asked.  “Remind them how important they are to him?”

            “Creepy,” C.A.P. said.

            “How do you remind your members how important they are to you?” Changjo asked C.A.P.

            C.A.P. pulled his hat down over his eyes, settling in for a nap.  “When we’re going from one schedule to another, I don’t try to lose them and leave them behind.”

            Hoya licked his lips, eyeing Changjo.  “You’re talking about Nam Woohyun.”

            “Who did you think it was?” Changjo asked.

            “I don’t know.  Sungjong, maybe.”

            “It’s Woohyun hyung,” Changjo said.  “He’s possessive.  It’s not about Chen hyung, it’s you, he doesn’t want you to have anybody.”

            That didn’t make any sense.

            “It’ll be easy to trap him.  Bring something home and tell him that it’s from Chen hyung.  Just anything, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Then leave it in your room and hide a videocamera in there.  Once it’s missing or broken, check the footage.”

            A videocamera?  “I can’t spy on my own members.”

            “Okay, then bring something home and only tell him about it.  Nobody else, just Woohyun hyung.  Something normal that no one else would notice or care about.  See if something happens to it.”

            Maybe.  Hoya rubbed his mouth, thinking it over.  “I could just ask him about it.”

            “He won’t admit it.  And then you can’t test him, because he knows that you’re onto him.  Right now, he’s taking risks, but he doesn’t know that you think he’s behind it.  You’ll never catch him if he thinks that you suspect him.”

            That made sense.  Unfortunately.

            Hoya felt like an ass, but he did it.  He went out and saw Chen.  He stopped at a store on the way back to the dorm, and he showed up with a black leather bracelet.  He told Woohyun that Chen had given it to him, and then he left it on his dresser.

            He might’ve chosen the wrong thing, because it immediately attracted Dongwoo’s attention, and then L’s.  But it also attracted Woohyun’s attention, because he’d only had it for forty-eight hours when Woohyun made him put it on and then made love to him.  Things got kind of intense, and Woohyun got kind of controlling and possessive, and Woohyun bit his wrist and the heel of his hand, on either side of the bracelet but not touching it.  So something was definitely going on.  But it was black leather, and it looked kind of like a cuff, so it might just be a BDSM thing.

            When the sex was over, and Woohyun was just resting on top of him, smiling at him and caressing his jaw and tapping at his lips, he asked, “You ate Chen’s cake, didn’t you?”

            Woohyun chuckled.  “Is that a euphemism?”

            “I mean it.”  He wanted to understand.  “I won’t get pissed off, I’m not trying to accuse you to start a fight.  I just want to know if I should tell him to stop giving me things, if it isn’t safe to bring them home with me.  He’s just wasting money now.”

            Woohyun looked guilty.  Lowering his gaze, he looked to one side, and then he got up, rolling off of Hoya and onto his feet.  “I didn’t mean to do it,” he said, avoiding Hoya’s eyes and putting his underwear back on.  “I won’t do it again.  He doesn’t have to stop.  I’ll stop.”

            It really had been Woohyun?  “What were you doing?” Hoya asked.  “Why?”

            “It’s nothing.”  He pulled his pants up.

            Ya.”  Hoya tried to grab at his arm, but he moved away.  “I’m not angry at you.  But I don’t get it, why are you being like this?  You don’t like Chen?”

            “Nothing’s wrong with Chen.”  He picked up his shirt and walked out.

            What the hell.  He’d really thought that if it was anybody, it had to be Sungjong.  Spoiled maknaes acted out sometimes.  Breaking the cleanser had been almost violent, and Sungjong lashed out once in a while, so he could see that.  But Woohyun?  He had a confession, and he still didn’t believe it.

            He waited until the next morning, and then he told Sunggyu.  He didn’t like telling on Woohyun, but he thought that their leader should know that Woohyun was completely cracking.

            Sunggyu walked into his room to find Woohyun seated on the foot of his bed.

            It was the first time that Woohyun had come into his room voluntarily in weeks.  He closed the door.  “All of a sudden you want to see me?”

            “You don’t want to see me?”  Woohyun got up and reached past him for the doorknob.  “I’ll go, then.”

            He shoved Woohyun back.  “Sit down.”

            Woohyun sat.

            He sat beside Woohyun.  He was glad that Woohyun had finally come to him.  And had admitted things to Hoya.  Maybe it was time for all of this to be over.  “What do you want to say?”

            Woohyun tousled his own hair, then looked down, shifting his feet.  “I’ve had some problems.  With you.  And the members.  And something else.”

            “What problems?”  He wanted to guess what they were and then solve them all, but he had to shut up and let Woohyun speak.

            “I get jealous.  I don’t mean to.  I know it’s nonsense.  It just comes up sometimes.”

            “Jealous of what?”

            He sucked on his upper lip, then looked down at his hands.  “I like to remind myself that the members are mine.”

            “They’re not yours, they’re mine.”

            “Ours, together.”

            He grunted.  He could live with that.  “You’re upset that they have boyfriends?”

            “No.”  He sat back, leaning on his hands.  “A little.  I don’t mind their boyfriends, I like them, it’s kind of cute.  And sex is so much better with Hoya, lately.”

            “God, I know.  He’s so easy and hot for it since he got Chen, right?  He’s dying for my cock lately.”

            “It’s the best.”  Woohyun finally met his eyes, and they grinned.

            Sunggyu patted his back.  “It’s okay to feel jealous, but stop it, anyway.”

            He nodded.

            “Are you jealous about me and Young Money?  That’s why you hate me so much?”

            “It’s not about Money.”

            Ya!  You’re supposed to say, ‘I don’t hate you, hyung, I could never hate you.’”

            “I’m pissed off,” Woohyun said.  “You don’t trust me, you don’t trust my judgment, you get in my way too much.”

            “Get in your way, when?”

            Woohyun shook his head, shifting, looking away.  “You shouldn’t question my judgment.  If you can’t trust me by now, after you’ve known me for this long, then we should just forget it.”

            “Are you infallible?” Sunggyu demanded.  “I trust you more than I trust anybody, do you not know that?”

            “Then why’d you take Ricky away from me?”

            The outraged intensity in Woohyun’s eyes startled him.  Pulling back, he stared at Woohyun, rethinking everything.  Woohyun tried to turn away, regretting being so open with him, but he leaned in, cupping Woohyun’s jaw, pulling Woohyun’s face around again.

            Woohyun shook him off.

            He grabbed Woohyun’s chin more firmly, forcing the issue, wanting to be face-to-face for this.  Woohyun wouldn’t meet his eyes, but even that told him a lot.  “Does Ricky matter so much to you?”

            Woohyun’s jaw clenched.  His throat worked.  His nostrils flared.  He wouldn’t look up.

            “You never told me.”  Woohyun told him everything.

            “You treated me like a kid, like I’d fucked up.”

            “You didn’t explain yourself!”

            “I tried!”


            “You put him off-limits!  And then…”  Woohyun pulled away from him again, shrugging him off.  “Now it’s too late.  It doesn’t matter.”

            “Doesn’t matter?”  It mattered more than anything, right then.  “I’ve missed so much.  I didn’t see it happening, you never told me.  Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

            “You’d make fun of me!  You’ve said it a hundred times, he’s too young.  You think he overestimates himself.  Everyone says that I should be with someone romantic, someone sexy, not that kid who runs around with Changjo and still has to call hoobaes ‘hyung.’”

            He’d gotten in Woohyun’s way.  He’d put his foot down, and Woohyun had listened to him.  And then Onew had gotten to Ricky first.  And now, whatever might have happened between the two of them, whatever Woohyun might have found in Ricky, someone else had claimed it.  “Can’t you try anyway?  He still sees other guys, he screws around.  There’s a place for you, if you want it.”

            Woohyun laughed.  “Share with Onew hyung?  Doesn’t he share enough with me, already?  You’ve seen how he is with Ricky.  He’d come after me if I looked at his precious baby wrong.  He warned EXO not to touch Ricky the wrong way.  He barely got through watching Ricky give Chunji head.”

            Onew was a sunbae.  And a hyung, to Woohyun.  A great guy, but someone they respected and took seriously.  And it was true, “He does protect Ricky.”

            “He’s in love,” Woohyun said.  “Key’s never seen him like this.”

            Onew’s never gotten in your way with Key.  He doesn’t judge.  He knows that Ricky has sex with other guys.  I think that you should make an effort.  Talk to Ricky.  Talk to Onew if you have to.  You’ve told me over and over how wrong I’ve been, that Ricky liked what you did to him, that it was all happy and consensual and good between you.  If he liked it, and he wants more of it, give it to him.”

            “You’re telling me this now?” Woohyun demanded.  “You stopped me before, and now it’s too late!  I’ve stayed away from Ricky for so long, I don’t know what I want from him anymore, and even if I knew, I can’t have it!  Onew hyung got to him first.  It’s over.  It’s done, I lost.”

            “I’ll talk to Ricky.”

            “No,” Woohyun said immediately.  “You’ve already done too much.  Don’t try to fix this for me.”

            But his favorite dongsaeng was having a problem.  He had to help.  He’d settle things.  He’d talk to Ricky about it.  Putting his hand on Woohyun’s shoulder, he said, “I’m sorry.  I wish that you’d explained more.  I wish that I’d listened better.  I didn’t know.”

            “It was good with him,” Woohyun said.  “That good, the first time.  I wanted to keep him.  I wanted to grab him with both hands and hold onto him.  I wanted him to be mine.”

            “Things are tricky, with him.  He puts on a show.  Whatever he did for you, it probably wasn’t real.”

            Woohyun shook his head.  “I don’t even know if that matters.”

            Aish, these kids.  “Teen Top’s ruining each of my members, one by one,” Sunggyu said, rubbing Woohyun’s back.  “They should be locked up in cages and kept away somewhere safe, somewhere they can’t hurt people.”  He hugged Woohyun.  “Come here, I’ve missed you.”  When Woohyun hugged him, he patted Woohyun’s back, feeling better.  It had been too long since he’d felt this dongsaeng in his arms, up against his body, and he tightened the circle of his arms, holding Woohyun to his chest.  “It’s been hard on you.  You’ve worried too much alone.  You should have talked to me.”

            “You would’ve mocked me.”

            “I would’ve listened to you.”  Holding Woohyun’s face in both hands, he looked into Woohyun’s eyes.  “Don’t be jealous.  Don’t worry about our members.  Pretty dongsaengs come and go.  It’s Teen Top today, it’s EXO tomorrow, let them have their fun.  Our members will always be ours.”

            Woohyun sighed, and he let go.  “It’s easier for you to say that.  If Dongwoo hyung’s out on a date with Chunji or Xiumin hyung or whoever it is, and you call and tell him to come back to the dorm, he’ll come.  They’ll always obey you.”

            “And I always obey you, don’t I?” Sunggyu asked, rubbing the side of his neck.  “If you called me, and you needed me, I’d come to you.”

            He smiled, a small, real smile, and kissed Sunggyu.  “You’d better,” he murmured, and they kissed again.

            Hoya explained to the other members that Woohyun had broken Chen’s gifts because he was jealous.

            Sungyeol didn’t get it, but L did.  Dongwoo didn’t understand it, but L did.  Sungjong dismissed it, but L didn’t.

            He waited, and he gave Sunggyu and Woohyun a few nights to themselves to reestablish their bond and catch up.  Then he called and asked Changjo to clear Teen Top’s dorm.  Then he asked Woohyun to go out with him.

            “Where are we going?” Woohyun asked as they left the dorm.

            “I just want to try something.”  He smiled and squeezed Woohyun’s arm.  “Don’t worry, it’ll be fun.”

            They went to Teen Top’s dorm.  Changjo opened the door with a bright smile.  “Come in, come in.  I couldn’t get rid of C.A.P. hyung, but everyone else is gone.  What do you want, why are you here?”

            “It’s okay,” he decided.  He’d wanted privacy for this, but he didn’t care if C.A.P. was there for it.  C.A.P. came up to him while he was taking off his shoes.  He kissed Changjo, and while he rubbed his thumb over Changjo’s cheek, he told C.A.P., “We don’t want to interrupt anything.  We just need to use the maknaes’ room for half an hour.”

            “My room?” Changjo asked.  “For what?”

            “Nothing,” he said, and kissed Changjo again.

            “Half an hour?” C.A.P. asked.  He glanced at Woohyun and adjusted his hat.  “All right, do your thing.”

            He took Woohyun’s hand and went to the maknaes’ room.  “No interruptions, I mean it,” he said, and he closed the door in Changjo’s face.  Then he kissed Woohyun, drawing Woohyun down onto Changjo’s bed.

            “This?” Woohyun asked, pushing him onto his back.  “This is what you wanted to come over here for?”

            He nodded, smiling, pulling up his own shirt and inviting Woohyun’s hands onto his body.  “Make me yours.  Own me as completely as you can.  Right here, right now.”

            C.A.P. stood with one hand on the doorknob, holding the door shut so that Changjo couldn’t “accidentally” burst in on Woohyun and L.

            Changjo was crouched down, ear pressed to the door.  He kept whispering, “Holy shit,” and, “Oh my god.”

            The sounds coming from the other side of the door were incredible.  L had started off making low, luscious, velvety sounds of rich arousal and dreamy bliss, reminding C.A.P. of exactly how amazing it had used to feel to be with him.  Then Woohyun had worked him up until he’d started crying out enthusiastically, his voice rising to eager, demanding shouts.  Now he was begging, desperate and ecstatic, pleading for Woohyun like he was absolutely tormented without Woohyun’s cock but there was something incredibly fulfilling about just asking for it.

            C.A.P. was rock-hard and thinking about putting it in the maknae.

            “Holy shit,” Changjo whispered again, eyes wide.

            Woohyun got L off twice and then slowly, gradually, worked another one out of him, making him come with an exhausted, grateful shout.  They were in there way longer than just half an hour.  Things were quiet for so long that C.A.P. wondered if they’d gone to sleep.  Then Woohyun started moaning.

            “Shit, he’s blowing him,” Changjo whispered.  “God damn it.”

            Blowing Woohyun?  That sounded just about right.  L did love cock, and did like to show his appreciation after a good screw.  Grunting, C.A.P. adjusted himself in his pants.

            It went quiet again, and then there was a murmur, a laugh.

            Changjo popped up, tapping C.A.P. and backing away from the door.  They hustled over to the couch and sat down like nothing was going on.  He turned on the TV, taking off his hat and covering the bulge of his hard-on with it.  Changjo pretended to be doing something on the phone.

            Woohyun finally walked out, looking relaxed and smug.  He had his arm around L, who smiled shyly at Changjo and then avoided their eyes.

            “Did whatever you needed to do?” Changjo asked innocently.

            Woohyun released L with a gentle push; he went to the front door.  “Yes.”  Woohyun leaned down and dropped a kiss on Changjo’s cheek.  “Don’t change your sheets.  I want you to live with it.”

            “What is this, what are you trying to do, are you fucking with me or rewarding L hyung?” Changjo asked.  Woohyun kissed his cheek again and walked away.  “Wait, can I fuck L.Joe hyung there?”

            “Sure,” Woohyun said.  L waited for him by the door, patient.  He reached into C.A.P.’s lap, tipped up the hat, smirked at C.A.P.’s hard-on, lowered the hat again, and went to the door.  Then he smirked at Changjo over his shoulder.  “Let him know what a real dom smells like for once.”

            The next time Suho met Woohyun for lunch, he was completely different.

            The intense, seductive power that had been rolling off of Woohyun in waves for weeks now was on a very low, gentle simmer.  He was relaxed and easygoing, playful, but it was all nonsexual, friendly.  Even his flirting seemed harmless.  He put Suho so at ease, it was really comfortable to be around him.  Suho even felt good enough to became forward, flirting with him, initiating skinship.  They had the best talk they’d ever had, and they went shopping, and they called Key just to leave annoying messages.

            When they said good-bye, they hugged.  It was really, really hard to let go.

            Sunggyu had to fix things.  His dongsaeng was upset, and it was partially his fault, and he had to make everything right.

            Should he start with Onew?  With Ricky?  Onew.  Ricky.

            He saw Ricky in person first, so he seized the opportunity.  Ricky came by to have sex with his members, and after the first hour, he dragged Ricky to his room.  “I was busy,” Ricky complained.  “Dongwoo hyung still has a lot of things for me to do.”

            Niel can do them.”  He pushed Ricky to sit on his bed.  “You like Woohyun, don’t you?  You’ve always gotten along.”

            “Did you tell him to avoid me?”

            Pressing his lips together, he pulled over his desk chair and took a seat.  He faced Ricky squarely.  “I thought that he was too rough with you.  I still don’t know if I was wrong or not.  But you liked what he did to you.”

            Ricky nodded.  “I provoked him on purpose.  I wanted to see how far he’d go.”

            “And how was it?”

            Ricky’s smile was indecently gleeful.  “I wasn’t disappointed.”

            “It wasn’t too rough for you?”

            “It’s more than I’m used to.  My members only go so far.  And the EXO hyungs aren’t like that.  It was intense, but that’s why I liked it so much.  I wanted it to be like that.  It’s some of the best sex I’ve ever had.”  He smiled.  “It makes me respect you more, that you can handle him and tame him so well.”

            “That’s not…”  He scratched his head and decided to let that go.  “Then you’d like to do it again?”

            Ricky nodded.  “I really want to.  I love the way Woohyun hyung fucks.  I want him to nail me hard like that again.  And I want him to do to me whatever he did to Changjo, that sounded sexy as hell.”

            “What’d he do?”

            “The way he was thrusting.  Changjo said he felt totally used.  I’d love for Woohyun hyung to use me, I bet that he’d do it so well.”

            What was wrong with people these days?  Maybe things had been better when Ricky had been less honest with him and only said what he wanted to hear.  He didn’t know that all of this truthfulness was healthy, after all.  “How would Onew feel about that?”

            “If I like it, he’s okay with it.”

            “What about when Woohyun scratches your thighs and spanks your little butt red?  Is Onew going to like that, too?”

            Ricky thought that over.  “It’ll be okay if it fades before he has to see it.  I’ll just have to time it right.  He might get upset if he sees too much.  But I can have whatever kind of sex I want with anybody I want, as long as I like it.  He only worries about people taking advantage of me.”

            “Woohyun’s worried that it’ll cause problems.  Onew hyung already shares Key with him.  Sharing even a little bit of this precious new boyfriend might be too much to ask.”

            “That’s different, isn’t it?”

            “Maybe you should talk to Onew before you see Woohyun.”

            “Why?  To get his permission?”  Ricky laughed.  “He’s my boyfriend, not my keeper.  Seriously, hyung, I can do whatever I want.  He’s protective, but he wants me to have my freedom.  It’s important to him for me to be happy, and if getting pounded by Woohyun hyung makes me happy, then it’s okay.”

            “Okay.”  Sunggyu squeezed his knee.  “Then you should talk to Woohyun soon and arrange to meet.  He’d be glad to hear from you.”

            Ricky’s gaze scanned his face.  “Did he ask you to talk to me?  Does he know that you’re asking about this?”

            “Don’t mind those things,” Sunggyu said, getting up.  “Go now, go out and play with Dongwoo, he’ll be glad to see you.”

            Ricky took a selca.  A perfectly normal selca of himself in bed, relaxed.  Close up, with only the pillow behind his head and a hint of his bare shoulder showing.  He just happened to take it, by coincidence, on Woohyun’s bed, with the blue striped print of the pillowcase showing up clearly.  Then he texted it to Woohyun with the words, “Hi, hyung!  Hope everything’s going well!  Call me sometime.”

            Woohyun didn’t reply.

            “But what exactly did he do?” Changjo asked.  Trying to kiss him, L wished that he’d stop talking.  “You never moan like that for me.  Should I be more dominant?  I can be a dom, I’m great at it.”

            “I don’t want a dom, I want a boyfriend,” L said, undoing Changjo’s fly.

            “Yeah, but I want to make you call my name like you call out for him.  You were so into it, I want to get you hot for me like that.”

            “I’m hot for you right now,” L reminded him, tugging his shirt up.

            He let L pull his shirt off, then kept right on talking.  “But you-”

            “You want me to get all turned on and come really hard for you?” L asked.  “Then take your pants off.  All I want right now is to bury myself inside you.”

            “I think that I should top tonight,” Changjo said.

            “I don’t.”  Grabbing the waistband of Changjo’s pants, he yanked them down to mid-thigh.  “Lube yourself, I want to watch you do it.”

            “So pushy tonight!”  Changjo grinned at L, fondling himself.  “Why are you all riled up?”

            “I haven’t had you in too long, and I need it.”  He undressed himself, then gestured impatiently.  “Can’t find the lube?”

            Eyeing him, smiling, Changjo reclined against his pillow.  “I think I want you to do it.”

            God, fine.  He took Changjo’s pants the rest of the way off and grabbed the lube.

            Rolling over, Changjo hugged the pillow.  “You have to teach me to make you yell like Woohyun hyung does.  I want you to sound like that for me.”

            “You know what I want to hear?” L asked.

            “What?”  L slid a finger in, and Changjo gasped, then moaned, hips shifting.  Ahh, oh, hyung.”

            “That,” L said, licking his lips, satisfied.  “You, sounding like that, all night.”

            Key leaned an elbow on the edge of Woohyun’s desk and propped his chin on his hand.

            Seated on the bed, Woohyun laughed.  “Don’t look at me like that.”

            He kept doing it.  “I’m not looking at you like anything.”

            Woohyun tried to push his face aside.

            He batted Woohyun’s hand away.

            Laughing, Woohyun grabbed his wrist.

            Ya!”  He pulled free and crossed his legs.  “So you’re in love with little hoobae Ricky?”

            “He’s not my hoobae.”

            “Sorry.  So you’re in love with little maknae Ricky?”

            “He’s not a maknae.”

            “He acts like one.”

            “And I’m not in love with him,” Woohyun added pointedly.

            Mm-hmm.  He eyed Woohyun, speculating.  “First time with him.  In your top ten best first times?”

            “Top five?”

            Woohyun grinned.  “Tell me your top five first.”

            “You,” Key said.

            “Of course,” Woohyun said, smiling at him.

            Jonghyun hyung.”

            Woohyun rolled his eyes and gestured for him to get on with it.

            Onew hyung.  Technique, so-so,” he said.  “But that cock.”  He sucked his cheeks in, savoring the memory.

            Woohyun picked up a corner of the bedsheet and reached over, pretending to blot drool from Key’s chin.

            He ducked away until Woohyun stopped it.  “Your leader,” he decided.  “And…”

            Taemin,” Woohyun guessed.  “Oh, Choi Siwon sunbaenim.”

            Mmm.  First time, first time?  Very first?”  Difficult.  Woohyun was still guessing, throwing out the names of SM sunbaes.  Brushing all of that away, Key decided, “Dongwoo hyung.”

            “Aw, come on!  You can’t choose Dongwoo hyung over Choi Siwon!”

            “Okay, first of all, you’ve never had Choi Siwon, so don’t talk about things you don’t understand,” Key said.  “And my first time with your hyung was very memorable.  I mean, shit, that’s the first time I topped somebody outside of Shinee.  He was like, ‘Come on, yeah, put it in me, let’s feel good,’ and I was like, ‘Put it where?!’”  He made a frantic face, and Woohyun burst into laughter.  “It was great.”  He smiled, watching Woohyun laugh, enjoying it.  “Who are your top five?”

            “Ah, who can I name?” Woohyun wondered.  He tapped his finger against his chin, scanning the ceiling.  “Top five.  First time.  Good the first time.”  With a helpless shrug, he smiled, dropping his hand.  “I can’t name one.”

            Ya!”  Key pushed at his thigh, laughing.  “You can name one!”

            “Oh, do you think that you should be on the list?” he teased.

            “I’d better be!”

            “Okay, okay, I understand.”  He grinned.  “I’ll list you.  If you’re going to be like that about it.”

            “I am,” he said, smoothing his shirt.

            “All right.  Kim Kibum,” he decided.

            “And your leader.”

            “And my leader,” he agreed.  “And, ah.  Most first times are so bad, I can’t list them.  I’ll name Dongwoo hyung, just because he was so memorable.  And L, because it felt so good to see my cock in someone so handsome.”

            Key waited for the fifth name.

            Woohyun dragged his teeth over his lip, gaze skittering here and there.

            Key raised his eyebrows.

            “Ricky wasn’t bad,” Woohyun said.  “For a first time.”

            “You let him hit you,” Key reminded him.  “You let him speak informally to you.  You make people your own age speak formally to you during sex.”

            “Sometimes,” Woohyun admitted, looking embarrassed.

            “Sungyeol,” Key said.


            “Hoya,” he said, continuing the list.





            “Okay, that’s different!”

            “But some little hoobae-”

            “He’s not a hoobae to me!”

            “Some little maknae-”

            “He’s not a maknae!”

            “You like him,” Key accused.

            “It doesn’t matter what I think,” Woohyun said.  Onew hyung got there first.”

            “Ricky doesn’t know everything?”

            “I think that Sunggyu hyung told him some of it.”

            “Look, if it were anyone else, I’d tell you to go out there and get what you want, and don’t worry about the rest of it.  But I don’t want you to start problems for my hyung.”

            “I don’t, either!”

            He knew that.  If Woohyun were the kind of guy who took Onew lightly, they wouldn’t have the relationship they had.  “You can’t see Ricky casually.  You might think that you can, but you can’t, so don’t bother.  You’ll cause problems for him or for yourself, and you’ll cause problems for my hyung, and I can’t have that.  So either stay away and drop it, or go talk to my hyung about it.”


            “You can’t see Ricky casually,” he repeated.  “If you could, you would’ve done it already.  You’ve been holding back because you know it’s more serious than that.  You can’t just get a quick blowjob, a hot fuck, something cheap and easy, from someone you want this badly.  You need to sink your teeth in.”  He hesitated, tripping over that thought.  “So to speak.”

            Woohyun smiled at him.

            Embarrassed, he cleared his throat, tugging on the hem of his shirt.  “Go talk to my hyung.”

            Dongwoo frowned, strolling around Hoya’s bedroom.

            Sitting up in bed, Hoya watched him.

            “I don’t get it,” Dongwoo said.  “Why be jealous?  My heart is big enough to love a lot of people at once.  It’s big enough for all of my family, all of my members, all of my friends.  It’s big enough for all of Inspirit!  I can love Woohyun and Chunji at the same time.”

            “Sure.  Woohyun’s just possessive, sometimes.”

            “Possessive,” Dongwoo repeated.  He traveled erratically around the room, wandering.  “People aren’t possessions.  We don’t own each other.”

            “You aren’t a very jealous person,” Hoya pointed out.  “Some people are greedier than you are.”

            “You aren’t, are you?” Dongwoo asked.  He toyed with the rose on Sungjong’s desk, then turned to look at Hoya.  “Have you ever been jealous of someone that way?”

            Ah.  “Once,” he admitted.  Uncomfortable with the memory, he shifted his legs.

            “Jealous of who, for what?”

            He licked his lips and met Dongwoo’s eyes.  “It was a while ago.  A hyung I had, he fell in love with somebody else.  Somebody who didn’t take very good care of his heart.  I felt…  I was jealous,” he admitted.  “It was hard for me.  I didn’t like seeing him care so much for someone else, I kind of wanted him to keep paying attention to me, instead.  And I didn’t like that, either, I didn’t like feeling petty.”

            “I didn’t know you had those kinds of thoughts,” Dongwoo said, sitting beside him.  “Didn’t you tell him how you felt?”

            He smiled at Dongwoo’s simplicity.  “No, but I guess it all worked out okay.”

            “Was he a good hyung?” Dongwoo asked.  “Was he worth it?”

            His smile widening, he ran his hand up Dongwoo’s arm.  “I guess I’ll always be in love with him, no matter what.”  Leaning in, he pressed his lips to Dongwoo’s in a kiss.

            When he pulled back, Dongwoo gazed at him with an amazed smile.  “You never kiss first.”

            “So don’t make me do it again,” he said, and leaned in for more.

            Ricky was seated at Shinee’s kitchen table, finishing his first cupcake, when Jonghyun wandered through.  He smiled.  “Hi, hyung.  It’s good to see you.”

            Jonghyun smiled at him affectionately, tousling his hair.  “Good to see you, too.”

            He gazed up at Jonghyun adoringly, adorably.

            Jonghyun laughed, kissed his cheek, and moved on.

            “Still got it,” he said, satisfied.  “I thought I was starting to lose it,” he explained.  “People aren’t becoming immune to me, are they?  That wouldn’t be any good.”

            “If your own members aren’t immune to you by now, no one could be,” Onew said, giving him another cupcake.

            “Good.”  He bit into the second one.  Oh, chocolate!  He took another happy bite.  “Here, look at this.”  He showed Onew a photo on his phone.  “What would you do if I sent you that?”

            Onew stared at it in silence for a second.

            “You’d like it, right?”

            “Who.”  Onew coughed, clearing his throat.  “Who did you send this to?”

            “Woohyun hyung.  That’s his bed.”  The way Onew stared at the photo made him feel good.  He never had to wonder if this hyung was attracted to him.  “You want me to send it to you?  Want to print it out and hang it on your wall?”

            “You, you aren’t wearing anything?”

            “Totally naked.”

            Onew blinked like something had just registered, and he tore his gaze from the phone, frowning at Ricky.  “Nam Woohyun?  Was he rough with you?”

            “That day?  He didn’t touch me.  I’ve only had sex with Woohyun hyung once.”

            Onew was still frowning.  “Be careful about him.”

            This was what Sunggyu had warned him about.  “Being a dom doesn’t automatically make him dangerous.  He has sex with all kinds of people all of the time.  D.O. hyung likes him.  I think he’s safe.”

            “You send him photos like this?”

            “I was trying to entice him.  I want him to do me again, but he’s avoiding me.  Everyone’s too sure that he’s going to maul me to death like a wild animal, I guess, so he’s keeping his distance.  It’s not fair, everyone else gets him all of the time.”  He wondered.  “You’ve had him, haven’t you?”

            Onew shook his head.

            “No?  But your teams are close.”

            “I’m friendly with a lot of people I don’t have sex with.”

            “But Woohyun hyung’s easy.  You should have fun with him.”  Ricky took his phone back.  “I want to have fun with him.  If you see him, can you tell him that it’s okay to do me?  He might be holding back because he’s worried about you, but he doesn’t have to be, right?”

            Onew hesitated.  “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you-”

            “Hyung!”  Ricky scowled at him.  “Are you being difficult?”

            Onew frowned again.  “He’s into a lot of very serious things that I don’t think you should play around with.  You have sex with enough other people, skipping over Woohyun will be okay.”

            “It’s just sex.  I like sex, and he’s good at it.  You shouldn’t worry so much.  Whatever he does with Key hyung, he’s not going to want to do all of that with me, just normal things.”

            “The time you had sex with him before.  He didn’t go too far?”

            “I liked everything.  It was great, that’s why I want more.”

            Onew looked at him more closely and repeated the question.  “He didn’t go too far?”

            “No, he didn’t.”  They made an effort to be honest with each other, and he wanted to honor that, so he added, “Too far for you, maybe.  Too far for D.O. hyung.  But it was great for me.”

            “Maybe I should talk to him before you do anything else.”

            “But don’t scare him off!”

            Onew smiled at him, looking amused.  “How much are you going to talk about wanting some other idol before I should start getting worried?”

            “Oh, you know how I feel about you,” Ricky said.  “And don’t worry about it.  Let me finish eating this first, and then you can take me to bed and remind me how good I have it with you.”  He smiled, anticipating it, licking frosting.  “I might need a lot of reminding.  You should plan to work hard on it.”

            “You don’t ever get jealous?” Sungyeol asked Sunggyu.

            “No, never,” he said.  “I’m glad when all of you spend time with other people.  It’s a relief to get away from you.”

            “Thanks,” Sungyeol said, laughing, hugging himself.

            “Everyone has a boyfriend these days,” Sunggyu said.  “So foolish, everybody trying to hook up with everybody else.  It’s good, it gives me time to myself.”  He looked suddenly at Sungyeol.  “You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?  Nobody you’re trying to date seriously?  Not making it romantic with Niel?”

            “None of that, I don’t have anybody.”

            “Good,” he said firmly, nodding.  Then, “I mean, that’s too bad,” he corrected himself quickly.  “You should get someone.  Somebody who’ll take you off of my hands.  But as long as you’re still around, for now,” he added, curving his arm around Sungyeol’s waist.  “Come to my room.  Let’s be alone for a while, just the two of us, and enjoy some things.”  He grabbed a beer from the fridge on the way out.

            Woohyun hadn’t been formally summoned to Shinee’s dorm in a while.  To prepare, he washed all of his make-up off, put on boring clothes, and practiced looking innocent.

            Taemin let him in and said that Onew was in the bedroom.  Wiping his hands on his pants, he went to the doorway and peeked in with a shy smile.  “Hyung?”

            “Oh, Namu.”  Onew got up from his armchair and set his script aside.  “Hey.  Go ahead, sit down.”  Gesturing at the bed, he tucked his hair behind his ear with his free hand.

            As he sat, he took a pleasant glance around, taking in the photos on the wall without being obvious about looking at them.  There were two more shots of Ricky than there had been the last time.  “You wanted to see me?  Is it about Kibum?”

            “Ah, not that.”  Onew sat down beside him.  “There’s something a little…”  Onew’s smile was embarrassed.  “It’s about Teen Top’s Ricky.”

            “Oh, Teen Top’s Ricky?” Woohyun asked, chuckling.  “I don’t think that you have to name his group, hyung.  When Onew says ‘Ricky,’ everyone knows which one he means.”

            “Ah, it’s like that,” Onew said, scratching his neck, his eyes crinkling with humor.  “I see.  Yes, it’s about Ricky.  That Ricky.”  His smile faded and he shot Woohyun a serious, questioning look.  “He says that he’s been with you, that it happened once.  Between you.  Like that.”

            Woohyun nodded.

            “He wants it to happen again.  And I want him to have the things that he wants.  And there’s been a lot between our teams, so I know that I can trust you.”  He pressed his lips together and held Woohyun’s gaze solemnly.  “But the things that you do to Key, you won’t do to Ricky.  And the marks that you leave on Key, you won’t leave on Ricky.  And the things that you say to Key, you won’t say to Ricky.  Treat him the same way that you treat - - the way you would treat me.”

            “You and I don’t have sex.”

            “The way that you’d treat me if we did.”

            “Then you want Ricky to top?”

            Onew laughed.  “You know what I mean!  Never mind.  The way that you treat Kai, then.”

            Then he didn’t want it.  He didn’t want Ricky if he could only have that much.  He wanted the real thing, the full experience, the Ricky he’d already had.  Kai was a good time, sexy, fun, but Ricky was explosive.  “I have to have sex with him the way that you want it, not the way that he wants it?  He’s not mature enough to make those decisions for himself?  Do you own him, are you his boyfriend or his master?”

            They regarded each other in controlled silence for a moment.  Then, “I love him, and I want him to be safe.  I’ve trusted you for a long time with someone very precious to me.  But Ricky and Key aren’t the same.”

            “I don’t want them to be the same.  Do you think that Ricky’s innocent?  Do you think that he can’t handle someone pushing him around?  He kicked me, he insulted me, he backhanded me across the face, he spoke informally and disrespectfully to me the whole time.  He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it.”

            Onew didn’t so much as twitch.  “He told me about it.  I know Ricky, and I know you.  I know you both too well.  That’s why I don’t think that this is headed anywhere good.”

            He knew about it already?  Woohyun processed that.  Maybe he did really understand Ricky.  “No one else in his life is going to give him what I can.  They either can’t or won’t.  You and I can talk about how far I should go and what’s off-limits.  But you should reconsider ruling everything out.  He knows what he likes, and he wants this from me.”  He was guessing on that last line; he didn’t know how interested Ricky was.  But he thought that Onew wouldn’t have summoned him if Ricky weren’t pushing for it.

            Onew gave the wall of photos a thoughtful look, then smiled at it and turned his gaze back to Woohyun.  “Let’s go to dinner.  The two of us and Ricky and someone else, someone we all get along with.  And then we’ll go to your dorm, and you and Ricky can do what you’d like to do.”

            “While you wait in the next room?”

            Onew nodded.  “I can hang out.  I’ll talk to Sunggyu.”

            “I’ll bring Niel,” Woohyun suggested.  “He’ll behave himself in public, and while you’re waiting, he can give you head.”

            Onew blushed, smiling.  “I don’t think that we’re that close.”

            “Don’t fight it, hyung,” Woohyun said.  “It’s Niel.  He’ll get his mouth on it sooner or later.”

            “One of us?” Chunji asked, pointing around at the other members gathered around the practice room.  “Just one?”

            “It’s an important dinner,” Ricky explained, crossing his arms over his chest.  “I can only take someone who’s going to make me look good.”

            “I’m out,” C.A.P. said, walking away.

            “Now, Changjo’s my best friend,” Ricky said, and Changjo grinned, putting an arm around him.  “But Woohyun hyung suggested Niel hyung.”

            “Ha!”  Niel shoved Changjo out of the way and wrapped his arm around Ricky, dragging Ricky tight up against his side.  “Thank you for choosing me.  You’ve done the right thing.”

            Ya, no one chose you yet,” L.Joe said, kicking Niel aside.

            “I’ll make you look good,” Chunji said.

            “He’ll only make himself look good,” L.Joe said.

            “Woohyun hyung likes me,” Chunji said.  L.Joe will only be embarrassing, he can’t spend a whole dinner in public with Woohyun hyung.”  He grinned, giving L.Joe a onceover.  “Not unless you order almonds.”

            Cursing, L.Joe lunged at Chunji.

            Yelping, Chunji skittered out of the way.  Laughing, he raced around, trying not to get hit.  “See?  You can’t take him out in public!  He can’t even act right when we’re alone!”

            Chunji hyung’s too good-looking, you don’t want to sit beside him all night,” Niel said.  “Take me, I look terrible, you won’t have to compete for attention.”

            “I’m uglier than Niel hyung is,” Changjo argued.

            Ow!” Chunji shouted in the background, laughing.

            “Do you both think that you’re the ugliest member?” Ricky asked.

            “Yes,” Niel said.

            “I am, I am,” Changjo said.

            “And you both think that you’re boring?  Too boring, you won’t outshine me?”

            “I’m so boring,” Niel said.

            “I’m more boring than he is,” Changjo said.

            “Good.”  Ricky nodded, satisfied.  “It’s settled.  I’ll invite D.O. hyung.”

            He was black and blue later, but it was worth it.

            It was a great dinner.  D.O. was quiet and hilarious.  Woohyun was friendly and flirtatious.  Ricky was Ricky, confident, adorable, relaxed.  Onew sat catty corner to him on purpose to fight the urge to spend all night petting him.

            After dinner, Ricky slipped out to go to the bathroom.  As they got up from the table, Woohyun asked, “Is it all right?”

            Onew nodded.  He’d agreed to this, and he’d never intended to pull out of the deal.  “Should we take D.O. home first?”

            D.O. was watching them in curious silence.  “You can come if you want,” Woohyun said.  “We’re going to my dorm.  Ricky and I are going to.”  He chuckled.  “Play some games that you don’t like to play with me.”

            D.O. nodded.  “I’ll go.”

            “I didn’t tell Ricky about it,” Onew said.

            “We’ll tell him in the van,” Woohyun said.  “In case he’s not interested, you can take him back to your place.”

            Onew was sure that he’d be interested.  And he was.  When Onew mentioned that they were going to Infinite’s dorm, and that he’d have plenty of time alone with Woohyun while Onew and D.O. hung out, he nodded.  “So that’s what this is about.”  He shot a look back at Woohyun, then asked Onew, “I can do whatever I want?”

            “Sure.  It’s fun with Namu, right?” he asked, running his fingers through Ricky’s hair.  “Everyone else likes it, you should enjoy it, too.  Do whatever you’re comfortable with.”  And then he’d decide how he felt about it.

            Ricky said hi to Woohyun’s members and gave Onew a nice hug.  Then he marched into Woohyun’s room.  They were finally going to do this again.  It was about time!  If he’d known that all of these hyungs and leaders would start interfering, he would’ve made sure to get more out of Woohyun while he could on MT.

            He started undressing.  He was down to his underwear when he realized that Woohyun wasn’t coming in.  “Hyung!”

            “What?” half-a-dozen people called back.  Then they all snickered at each other.

            Ricky rolled his eyes.  “Woohyun hyung!  Come on!”  He jumped onto Woohyun’s bed, bouncing on his knees.  Then he eyed Dongwoo’s bed.  Would it be better over there?

            Woohyun wasn’t coming.  Ricky licked his teeth, then called, as informally as possible, “Come on!”

            That worked.  All of a sudden Woohyun was in the room, yanking the door shut.  A second later Woohyun had him by the throat, forcing his chin up, the back of his head against the wall, practically lifting him off of his knees.  “What did you say?” Woohyun asked, almost but not quite smiling in one of the creepiest, sexiest expressions Ricky had ever seen.

            Oh, this was turning him on.  “I said, ‘Fuck you.’”  Calmly, he reached up and bent Woohyun’s finger back.  All of a sudden, Woohyun let go.  Instead of rubbing his neck, he just let it hurt and pushed his underpants down.  “Hurry up and get me off.  Onew hyung’s waiting for me.”

            That had been exactly the right thing to say.  Woohyun grabbed him by the hair and dragged him in for a rough, possessive kiss.

            Ricky kissed back just as crudely, challenging him.  His sexy, plump lower lip was perfect for biting.  When he broke the kiss, Ricky growled and went back for more, not finished yet, needing to nibble on him again.  He allowed it, breathing hard, fingers combing roughly through Ricky’s hair, nails scratching lightly against Ricky’s scalp.

            When Ricky finished with him, he licked his lips and bared his teeth, squeezing the back of Ricky’s neck, nails digging in.  “There are no boyfriends here.  There’s only me.”

            “I don’t know.  I don’t think that you know how often Onew hyung splits me open with his big cock.  You have a lot to live up to if you want to make an impression.”

            Woohyun smirked, making a low, tense sound like mocking laughter he wouldn’t let out.  “Show me where his big, bad dick brutally ravaged you.”

            Ricky grinned.  “Show me yours first.”

            Woohyun shoved him down, hard enough to make him bounce.  “This isn’t a one for one.  Show me your ass.”

            “God, you’re desperate for it,” he complained, going onto his hands and knees.

            “So this is why you think you’re a visual,” Woohyun said.  “So cute and wholesome back here.”

            Slick fingers prodded at Ricky’s hole, and he bit back a gasp.  So soon!  He moaned, spasms of pleasure making him squirm, as Woohyun’s fingers slid into him.  Woohyun knew exactly how to touch him, exactly what his body needed, no fumbling, just right to it, setting fires.  Groaning, he tugged on his hard-on, impatient now.  “Ready to fuck me yet?”

            “God, you’re desperate for it,” Woohyun said, throwing his own words back at him.

            “No, I’m bored,” he shot back.  In a quick move, planting his foot against Woohyun’s thigh for leverage, he twisted off, popping free and rolling onto his back.  “Come on, get in me, let’s get this over with.”

            “You want rules, a safeword, anything before we start?” Woohyun asked, pushing his knees up.

            “No, I want you to fucking get to it,” Ricky snapped.

            Rubbing his thigh, Woohyun leaned in and kissed him.  Growling, he kissed back, wishing that Woohyun were inside him already.  Woohyun tried pinning his wrist to the bed, curving his arm overhead, and he played along for about a second before pulling free.  Then he felt something around his wrist, and when he wrenched it away, he was caught, cloth tightening around his skin.

            “Fuck!”  Shoving Woohyun away, he twisted to look; Woohyun had tethered him to the bedframe, a white strip of cloth wound around his wrist and tied tight.  “Shit!  Get this off of me!  Let me go!”

            “No.”  Woohyun thrust into him.  One rough thrust, and then a whole bunch of quick, sharp thrusts, cock stuttering and sliding, opening him up.  He cried out, loving it, his breath catching, his voice breaking.  Woohyun did it again and again, slamming deep with a long, forceful thrust, and then shallow jabs, teasing him, taunting him with it, just the head, too quick.  Cursing breathlessly, he kept crying out, his hips jerking helplessly.  It felt incredible, and it was totally turning him on, working him up, making him want it more and more.  Whenever Woohyun relented for a second and thrust deep, ecstasy streaked through him and his whole body clenched eagerly around Woohyun’s erection.

            Being tied up was distracting him, messing with his head.  Finally remembering how to coordinate his movements, still gasping and twitching, groaning blissfully as Woohyun fucked him with those mocking, shallow pokes that just managed to hit his prostate on every thrust, he used his free hand to claw at the white cloth, trying to untie the knot.

            Confident and strong, Woohyun’s hand closed around his free wrist.  And then Woohyun’s erection drove deep.  Suddenly filled up with hard cock, he cried out, shuddering all over.  Feverish celebration made him groan, his ecstasy echoing upward as he clamped his legs around Woohyun, trying to lock that gorgeous cock deep inside of him.  Woohyun rocked into him, nudging deeper and deeper, and both of his wrists were bound now, one trapped to each corner overhead, but he didn’t care, god, he didn’t care.  “Harder, harder, fuck me like you mean it,” he panted, squirming.

            “You’re a demanding little piece of shit,” Woohyun told him, thrusting more forcefully.

            Woohyun’s thrusts were jolting him so much that his breath came in puffs, breaking up his words.  He was totally at this hyung’s mercy, and he didn’t care, he was getting fucked hard and he loved it.  “You’re boring,” he shot back.  “Should I stretch out and take a nap here, or are you going to do something?”

            “Boring?”  Woohyun popped right out of him.  “Let’s do something else, then.”

            Deprived of cock, he twisted, furious.  Growling, he tried to pull his arms free, but the knots were too strong.

            Woohyun lazily swiped a cloth over his cock.

            If Ricky had actually wanted to hurt Woohyun, he could have, easily.  But he didn’t want to put a stop to any of this; he just wanted to show how goddamned pissed off he was that there wasn’t a cock in him anymore.  So he landed a few solid kicks, hard enough to get attention but not enough to dissuade.

            Catching his ankle, Woohyun smiled at him.  “Going to cause trouble?”

            “Going to cause a trip to the hospital if you don’t fuck me,” Ricky threatened, squirming and making him fight to maintain his grip.

            “Thought being fucked was boring you,” Woohyun reminded him.

            Woohyun reached - - oh shit - - for something under the edge of the mattress and came up with - - oh shit - - a white cord.  “Not as boring as this,” Ricky lied, heart pounding.  This time, Ricky kicked a little more earnestly, seriously thinking about getting the fuck away, but if he’d been holding back, so had Woohyun.  He really had to reconsider how strong and experienced Woohyun was, because this hyung easily handled him and had his ankle caught in seconds.  “Fuck you, stop it,” Ricky panted, super turned on and loving this and feeling outmatched in a way he’d never actually felt before.  Oh, shit, he might actually be in over his head.  Heart pounding with excitement, he kicked hard enough to bruise this time, but Woohyun wrapped the fourth cord around his ankle three times and looped it around the bedpost again before knotting it up.  Oh, god, he had no idea what Woohyun wanted to do to him.  “You sick fuck.”

            “Be nice,” Woohyun warned.  He crawled up Ricky’s helpless body, looking muscular and gorgeous, his hair falling thickly across his forehead, his smile knowing and seductive.  “Remember who’s in charge here.”

            “Me, like usual?” Ricky guessed.  He had enough slack to squirm, but not enough to knee Woohyun in the balls.  Not that he could have at the moment, anyway, since suddenly Woohyun’s balls were in his face.

            “Sure, you’re in charge,” Woohyun agreed.  Kneeling over Ricky’s chest, he leaned forward, one hand braced on the headboard, one hand stroking his erection.  It looked so long and thick up close, it made Ricky’s mouth water.  “Now, give me a kiss.”

            “Want to get bitten?” Ricky threatened.  Woohyun just leaned closer, erection looming over his face, and he squirmed, his hands balling into fists.  God, yes, he wanted it in his mouth.

            “Just a little kiss.”  The backs of Woohyun’s knuckles brushed lightly over Ricky’s lips as he jacked himself.  “Ready?”

            “Don’t you fucking - - auuugh!”  Thrashing on the bed, Ricky could only shout.  Woohyun had his jaw in such a strong grip, he couldn’t close his mouth.  With Woohyun’s hand clamped around him, he shouted in wordless fury as Woohyun’s balls rolled into his mouth.  He wanted that sexy cock, not a mouthful of balls!  He groaned as they slid and dragged over his tongue, fat and hairy.  When Woohyun let go, he relaxed into it, sucking, lifting his head from the bed to nuzzle Woohyun’s hairy crotch.

            Woohyun’s hand slid through his hair, pushing him back down.  Woohyun raised up, hips canting, and rubbed those fat balls across his face.  It was humiliating, and they were slimy with his drool, and he pretended to hate it, turning his face from side to side like he was protesting, feeling them roll all over his skin.  Damn, Woohyun’s musk was freaking delicious.  “God, get the fuck off of me!”

            Mmm, you’re so cooperative tonight,” Woohyun murmured, sitting back and dragging his fingers slowly down Ricky’s face.

            Groaning, Ricky refused to give in to the temptation to lift his face and nuzzle into the touch.

            “So sweet and docile,” Woohyun added.  He tapped at Ricky’s lips, and of course Ricky tried to bite him.  He smiled like that had been cute.  “What’s this?”  He prodded at a bruise on Ricky’s shoulder.

            He pushed hard enough to make Ricky wince for real.  “Nothing.”  L.Joe had hit him with one of Changjo’s shoes.

            “Do you bruise easily?” Woohyun asked, running his fingertips down Ricky’s chest in slow, diagonal stripes.

            “No.”  Yes.

            “What’s this?”  Woohyun touched his hip.  Did he have a bruise there?  Ow!  Apparently, yes, he did; Woohyun was poking at it, making it ache.  “Sensitive, aren’t you?”


            Woohyun rubbed it again, making him twist, and then slid back and leaned down.  His breath caught when Woohyun’s head lowered and Woohyun’s mouth fastened on his hipbone.  He felt the sting of teeth, felt Woohyun’s tongue prodding his bruised skin, and he groaned, trying to kick his left foot free.  “Ah, fuck, don’t.”  Why did that feel so good?  His back arched and he whimpered, and Woohyun’s thumb flicked against the shaft of his hard-on, making his cock twitch.

            Slowly, Woohyun’s teeth dragged over his skin.  It was a sweet, bright pain, teeth scraping along his pelvic bone.  Woohyun made him feel threatened and wanted all at once, making every move, every look more intense.  That intensity was in full force now, and he had no idea what else this hyung might decide to do to him.  Woohyun left a whole trail of sucking, biting kisses across his stomach before settling in to snack on his thigh.  Perfect, slow sucking, vicious little nips, Woohyun’s teeth worrying at a bruise Niel had left.  “God, you’re like an untrained dog, biting everything,” Ricky complained, wanting more of it.  “Suck my cock while you’re down there, do something useful for once.”

            “I don’t see one,” Woohyun said.  He kissed his way up Ricky’s side, biting as he went, nibbling lightly along Ricky’s ribcage.  Squirming, panting, Ricky was desperate for him to get to nipples already, but he went right up to Ricky’s armpit instead.

            “God, you’re disgusting,” Ricky grumbled.  Ignoring him, Woohyun nuzzled in, sucking at his sensitive skin.  He’d shaved a few days ago, so things were tidy but prickly.  Woohyun didn’t seem to care one way or another, licking until he shuddered, then nibbling a slow path up his arm.  “Fuck you,” Ricky gasped, still shivering.  Woohyun’s gorgeous, toned body was stretched out over him, so close he was sure that he could feel its heat, not close enough to touch.  He arched and writhed, trying to buck enough to brush against Woohyun’s muscular thighs or hard chest or irresistible cock, but he couldn’t make contact.  Frustrated, he cursed again.

            Woohyun’s hand stroked down his side.  He didn’t know if it was supposed to calm him down, but it felt so good, he just writhed more, rubbing into it.  Woohyun’s touch was always so deliberate, so confident, he never doubted that Woohyun knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

            “If you aren’t ever going to get around to screwing me, then I’ll fuck you,” Ricky suggested.

            “I already did you,” Woohyun said, sitting back on his heels.

            “Did you?  I must have not noticed.”

            “Hmm.”  Woohyun reached down between Ricky’s thighs, fingers burrowing right into him.

            In this position, he couldn’t do a goddamned thing about it, and he growled, trying to kick himself free, trying to twist away.  Woohyun’s touch zeroed right in on the hot spot, and he groaned, pleasure jolting him.  Tied up and helpless, with pleasure bursting in him and Woohyun’s erection inches away, he felt so turned on and desperate for it, he didn’t even care anymore.  Writhing, hips jerking as bolts of ecstasy leapt through him, he moaned, “Fuck me, god, fuck me.”  Woohyun was rubbing him right there, right there, over and over again, his whole body lighting up from the inside out.  Oungh, oh, ohh-ohh, yes!  Yes, god, more, more, fuck me, damn you, fuck me!”  Woohyun was watching him with a devilish smile, gorgeous and smug, fingers working inside him, massaging him.  Ecstasy was filling him up, taking him over, and he couldn’t handle any more of it but it kept mounting, pleasure piling on top of pleasure.

            “Still bored?” Woohyun asked conversationally.

            He couldn’t touch his cock, couldn’t get anywhere close to it.  Crying out, he yanked against his bonds, scooting and writhing on the bed.  His erection bobbed, uselessly dripping pre-cum on his stomach.  He was so close to coming, his frustration kept turning to ecstasy and then back again, the pleasure so intense that it kept distracting him from anything, everything else.  If he could just get a hand on himself, if Woohyun would just touch him, he was so close, he was so, so, oh, god, “Coming, I’m coming,” he gasped, and Woohyun kept going, rubbing firmly, rubbing expertly, rubbing right there, and his whole world exploded.  One riotous blast of ecstasy, and he came.  “Yes, oh god, oh my god, yes,” he panted, dazed, watching his own cum spurt onto his stomach.  “Oh, wow.”

            Woohyun massaged more gently, making him shudder, and then let go of him, fingers slipping out.  Smiling a real smile, a warm smile, Woohyun leaned down and kissed the bruise on his hip.

            Catching his breath, he flexed his hands.  “Not bad.”

            Mmm.”  Woohyun patted his thigh.  He felt amazing, like his whole body had received an electrical charge.  Not even wanting to fight anymore, wanting to keep feeling good, he watched with lazy, sensual desire as Woohyun crawled up him.  God, he liked the way this hyung looked.  He was so distracted by his own attraction to Woohyun, by the nearness of Woohyun’s warm, muscular body, that he didn’t pay enough attention to other things, and before he knew it, the cloth around his wrist was loose.

            He was being untied already?  “Gave up?” he guessed, drawing his arm down, shaking it out.

            “It’s okay.”  Woohyun smiled down at him and then untied his other arm.  “You can go back to your boyfriend now.”

            Now?  Now?!  “Aren’t you forgetting something?”  He grabbed a handful of Woohyun’s thick, satiny erection, just in case there was any doubt about what he meant.

            “Nope.”  Woohyun dropped a kiss on his forehead, then traced a line down to the tip of his nose, still smiling at him, looking pleased and thoughtful.  Another kiss on his forehead.  “Now, let go of it, unless you want me to bite you again.”

            But he wanted to be bitten again.  He’d loved it.  It felt great, sexy and intense and a little dangerous.  Being in this hyung’s hands was interesting.  Challenging.  Very, very few people presented Ricky with an actual challenge.

            Slowly, holding Woohyun’s gaze, he stroked Woohyun’s cock, rubbing up and down the shaft, clearly not letting go.

            Woohyun’s lips parted, his eyelashes drifting halfway down.  “Ricky-ah,” he breathed.  His pink, succulent lips looked so irresistible, Ricky pulled on his shoulder, needing to kiss him.  He ducked his head, avoiding Ricky’s mouth, going for Ricky’s neck instead.  When his teeth sank in, Ricky gasped, hand speeding up on his cock.  His thick hair was soft against Ricky’s jaw, and he dragged his teeth over Ricky’s skin, nibbling the whole way across Ricky’s collarbones.

            He was so freaking sexy, and he made Ricky feel so wanted, Ricky wanted him right back.  Jacking his erection, Ricky sank a hand into his hair, glad to have both hands free, needing to touch him.  He nuzzled Ricky’s chest, his skin hot, his kisses brushing down Ricky’s side.

            Ricky needed to have this hyung back inside of him, needed it now, but he had to move more than this.  “Untie me.  I mean it, untie me.”

            Woohyun left a sharp, stinging bite on his side, then sat up and reached back, undoing the knots and unwinding the cord with a couple of expert tugs.  Yeah, there was no doubt that Woohyun had a lot of experience with these things.

            As soon as he had one foot free, Ricky wriggled into position, raising his knee.  Rolling his hips, he guided Woohyun’s erection against himself.

            Woohyun chuckled, thrusting into him and then sliding out again.  “Roll over and I’ll give it to you.”

            Immediately, he rolled over.  Before he was even steady on his hands and knees, Woohyun wrapped an arm around him.  The first quick thrust was deep, and he cried out, his hips jerking excitedly at the sudden penetration, a long cock lodged hard and thick inside of him.  Woohyun pumped into him aggressively, keeping him off-balance.  The way Woohyun left hungry, sucking kisses all over his back and shoulders and kept whispering, “Delicious, delicious,” was completely at odds with the brutal, punishing fuck, and he loved all of it.  He was surrounded by sex, by sensation; he felt ecstatic, aching, fulfilled.  His cock was twitching enthusiastically and blood was pounding in his bruised hip and he still had one foot tied to the bed.  He kicked, futilely trying to free himself, and Woohyun yanked his ass up, driving into him forcefully.  The powerful thrusts made him shudder, and his arm gave out on him so completely that he landed facedown among Woohyun’s sheets.  Groaning, “Finally, god, give it to me, harder, make me feel it,” he realized that he was probably, definitely, going to get off on this.  “Oh, god, stop wasting my time.”

            “Yeah, take my prick, enjoy it, this is what you were begging for,” Woohyun panted, pounding his ass.

            He was so drunk on raw pleasure that he could barely keep up the pretense anymore.  Shoving a hand under himself, he jacked off.  Moaning nonstop, louder and louder as Woohyun drilled pleasure straight into him, he lived on pure ecstasy for as long as he could.  His orgasm was sudden and fierce, and he squealed excitedly as he came, squirting eagerly onto the sheets.

            Like that had been all Woohyun was waiting for, as soon as he got off, Woohyun pulled out and came on his ass.  He felt sloppy spurts land, thick and gooey, on his exposed hole.  Shuddering, he tried to kick his foot free again, but there was no point in pretending to protest any of this treatment.  He loved everything about it, and they both knew it.

            A soft kiss on his shoulder, and then Woohyun untied his ankle.

            It was over now.  He just stayed there for a minute, letting it sink in.  Adjusting and readjusting.  Facedown on Woohyun’s bed, cum drying on his skin, he closed his eyes.

            He kind of wanted to stay there for a long time, in case Woohyun wanted him again.

            Then he remembered that Onew was waiting.  With that thought, he stirred.  Moving slowly, he pushed himself up onto his knees.

            Woohyun was already dressed, sweatpants on, pulling on a T-shirt.

            Ricky pawed through his own hair, rerouting his thoughts.  He grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped up some, just in case Onew didn’t actually want him to show up a complete mess.  Then he got dressed.  He picked up his shirt and straightened, and Woohyun cupped his chin.  Obediently, he held still, not sure what this was about.  Woohyun held on for a second, tipping his face from one side to another, then lightly caressed his neck and let him go again.  He put his shirt on thoughtfully, watching Woohyun’s back, pretty sure that Woohyun had just checked to make sure that he wasn’t starting to bruise.  “Hyung?”

            Woohyun unlocked the door.  “Hmm?”

            “I’m going to want this again sometime.”  It was what Woohyun had said to him last time, their first time.  Only he made sure to say it quietly, respectfully.

            Woohyun smiled at him kindly and kissed his forehead.  Onew hyung’s waiting for you.”

            He grabbed a handful of Woohyun’s shirt, frowning.  “That’s not an answer.”

            Something dark crossed Woohyun’s face, and he asked, “Isn’t it?”  He tried to smile after he said it, but he wasn’t convincing.

            Ricky was pissed off now.  “I can’t have a boyfriend and see other guys all of a sudden?  C.A.P. hyung’s not going to like that.”

            Woohyun looked pissed off, too, for a second, but only for a second, and then he brought himself back under control.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled Ricky to stand between his thighs.  “Pretty baby,” he said, gazing up at Ricky with a gentle smile, running his hands over Ricky’s waist.  “I don’t want things to be like this.  But my timing’s bad.  I want you more than I should, when you’re not mine to have.  Onew hyung isn’t going to want me to keep seeing you like this.  I’m not saying that to plant seeds, I don’t want to stir anything up.  We’ve had fun, and maybe someday we’ll have fun again, but for now, let’s just let it go.”

            He believed that.  He believed that Woohyun wanted him, and was willing to let him go.  He even believed that Woohyun wasn’t trying to manipulate him.  “I don’t want to drop it.  I’m not going to drop it.”

            “I’m going to tell Onew hyung that I’m finished,” Woohyun said gently, stroking his sides.  “So there won’t be a problem anymore.”

            “I’m going to tell him that you’re lying.  You still want me, and I want you.”  He still didn’t see why he couldn’t just have this.  It felt incredible.  Onew had thought that it was necessary to have some talk with Chanyeol and frighten EXO into treating him right, and everything was fine now, right?  So everything could be okay with Woohyun, too.

            “You can’t always get your way.”

            He’d completely screwed everything up, and Onew was still this deeply in love with him.  He was pretty sure that he could make something this simple work out just fine.

            Onew took Ricky home with him.  He closed his bedroom door and burrowed under the covers and explored his lovely Ricky, needing to see and touch it all himself.  The bruise on Ricky’s hip seemed bigger and darker than before, and there were a couple of love bites on Ricky’s back, but mostly everything seemed fine.  They made out for a long time, and he gave Ricky head.  Getting Ricky off was still one of the best natural highs in the world.

            Snuggling up to him, Ricky kissed him and fondled his hard-on.  “Hyung,” Ricky whispered, and he knew that Ricky wanted something, and he wanted to grant Ricky’s every wish.  “Woohyun hyung’s going to tell you that he doesn’t really care and he doesn’t want to see me anymore.  But it’s a lie, it’s only because he’s afraid of you.  He wants me, and I want him, too.  I need you to tell him that it’s okay to screw me whenever he wants.”

            “You really like it with him.”  Onew wanted to understand what exactly it was about Woohyun that was so special.  “What makes it so good?”

            Ricky glanced down, stroking his shaft contemplatively.  It felt so good that he shifted, grimacing, his cock throbbing.  “He likes things that other guys don’t.  I can challenge him and be rude to him.  There’s no one else who would take any of that from me, I mean, have you met my hyungs?  He challenges me, too, he makes me keep up, and I like that.  It’s intense in a way it isn’t with anybody else.”

            “So you get to express another side of yourself with him.”

            Ricky nodded.

            “Would you like to try those things with me?”

            Ricky laughed.  “Hyung!  Slap you across the face and speak informally?  With you?  No, I don’t want that.”  Ricky hugged him, smiling adorably and kissing him on the mouth.  “You’re not that kind of hyung, and I don’t want you to be.  You never hurt me, you just love me and love me and love me.”  Ricky’s cheek rubbed against his, and he held Ricky close, savoring his lovely, lovely treasure.  “And I love you,” Ricky said softly.  “We’ve already hurt each other so much, I don’t ever want to be mean to you again, not even just for fun.”

            L walked into Woohyun’s room, ruffling his hand through his hair.  “Changjo wants you to teach him how you finger me.  Can you just tell him that you do it the normal way and that you don’t have any special tricks to show him, so he’ll stop asking?”

            Woohyun grinned, rolling over in bed and sitting up.  “If I tell him that I have a lot to teach him, we’ll get to practice on you?”

            “No!” L objected, laughing.  “No.”  Then he smiled like the idea tickled him.  “Maybe Dongwoo hyung would volunteer, though.”

            “I’ll volunteer,” Dongwoo agreed, loping in.  “For what?”

            “So Woohyun hyung can teach Changjo some techniques,” L said.  “Fingering and everything.”

            “Oh, fingering?” Dongwoo asked, crawling onto Woohyun’s bed.  Grinning, Woohyun wrapped him up, pulling him close.  “Then shouldn’t we have Gyu-nim teach the class?  That’s where you learned everything.”

            L burst into laughter.  Mortally wounded, Woohyun said, “I didn’t!”

            “Seemed like you did,” Dongwoo said, kissing him.

            “I taught him everything that he knows!”  His phone pinged.  Keeping one arm around Dongwoo, he checked it.  He had a text message from Changjo, and two more popped up while he was picking up his phone.  He also had a message from Onew, from a few hours before.  It read, “I trust you.  Keep him happy.”

            Dongwoo kissed his cheek.

            Patting Dongwoo’s back, he read the screen again.  He didn’t know how to feel.

            Just once, he wanted to have someone all of his own.

            Just once, he wanted to get there before goddamned Onew did.

            A new text popped up.  From Changjo.  “Ricky says hi.”  Then, “Ricky says to call him.”  Then, “Ricky says don’t take so long this time.”

            Setting his phone aside, he kissed Dongwoo.  “You’re going to see Teen Top tonight, aren’t you?”

            Ricky was in his room, making out with L.Joe, when he heard Chunji burst into wild, happy laughter from the next room.  Trying to imagine what Dongwoo might be doing over there, he undid L.Joe’s fly.

            L.Joe pushed his hand away and kept kissing him.  Lazy, sensual kisses.  It felt terrific, but he was really turned on.  See, this was why he liked Onew so much, because Onew always put him and what he wanted first.  Onew didn’t make him wait for it or earn it like this.  Having so many sex partners was great, but always having to go at everyone else’s pace really tried his patience sometimes.

            “Ricky!” Chunji called.  “I think this is for you!”

            L.Joe let him go.  As he pushed himself up on one elbow, about to ask what Chunji was talking about, Dongwoo came into the room.

            Grinning, Dongwoo was naked.  On his bare thigh, in black marker, someone had written, “Ricky-ah, wait a week and call.”

            “What is that?” L.Joe asked, running his hand over Dongwoo’s thigh.

            “It’s Woohyun hyung,” Ricky realized.  A private message written right there on a hyung’s body!  “What happens if I call too soon?”

            “I don’t know,” Dongwoo said.

            “No, don’t,” L.Joe said.  “You have to do things the way he wants them.”

            “No, I don’t.”  He reached under the pillow and fished out his phone, then dialed.  Dongwoo crawled on top of them, settling astride L.Joe.

            The phone rang.  The call connected.  One beat, and Woohyun hung up on him.

            Ricky gasped.

            “I told you!” L.Joe said, punching him.

            “He’s not my dom!”  Ricky dialed again.

            “He’s not?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Of course not.”

            There was no answer.

            “I told you,” L.Joe said again.  “You shouldn’t have called him, why did you call so soon?  He told you not to.”

            He called again.

            “Um,” Sungyeol said.  Ya, I’m not telling him that!  No!”

            Yeolie?” Dongwoo asked, leaning toward the phone.

            “Can I speak to Woohyun hyung?” Ricky asked.

            “Not for two weeks,” Sungyeol said.  “Really, two weeks?  You know we’re both performing at the festival on Friday, what are you going to do, see him and not speak to him?”

            “He’ll wait two weeks,” L.Joe said.  “Two weeks is fine, hyung, thank you.”

            “It is not!” Ricky argued, but L.Joe was already grabbing the phone.  L.Joe hung up, then hit him with it, twice.  “Ouch!”

            “Do what he says!” L.Joe ordered him.

            “Cooperating with Nam is usually best,” Dongwoo said.  “He likes to think that he’s in charge of things.”

            Ricky mulled that over.

            Friday night, Woohyun didn’t see Ricky anywhere.  He knew that Ricky was there, but they were never in the same room.

            Saturday night, Sungyeol told him that he’d better go talk to L for a second.  He went into L’s room.

            Changjo was there, on the bed, naked and grinning.  On his gorgeous, firm ass, Ricky had written a date.

            It was after the initial one-week period, but before the two-week mark.

            A compromise?  Woohyun considered it.  He had to give Ricky points for presentation.  He took a pen from L’s desk and drew a heart beside the date.

            He hated sharing.  But he was starting to think that Ricky just might be worth it.

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