Customer Service

Copyright September 11, 2005
by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I am writing about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            While Spencer lifted the tray from the counter, Jared pocketed the change and accepted the drinks handed to him.  The guy who’d made the drinks had round cheeks and green eyes and was gazing at him a little too intently.

            “Thanks,” Jared said, giving him a smile, and followed Spencer to the condiment stand.  While Spencer got ketchup, Jared gathered straws and napkins, asking under his breath, “Was he cute, or what?”

            “Adorable,” Spencer murmured.  “How old do you think he is?”

            “Twenty,” Jared said.

            “I’d say eighteen,” Spencer said.  “Those darling little cheeks are so smooth, I might have to go even younger.  I’m not even sure he’s shaving yet.”

            “He’s not a kid,” Jared protested, picking up the drinks and following Spencer to a booth.

            “He’s adorable,” Spencer said again, taking a seat.  “Speaking of adorable, did I tell you that I met Michael’s new plaything?”

            “God,” Jared said to himself, unwrapping his burger.  “Don’t tell me, he has more muscles than brains, just like the last twenty guys Michael’s hooked up with.”

            “But such a sweet smile,” Spencer said.  “Made me just want to kiss him all over.”

            “You can have him once Michael’s finished with him,” Jared said, taking a sip, realizing that root beer shouldn’t taste like Diet Coke, and switching cups with Spencer.  “That should be in another few days, at the rate he’s going.”

            “Why can’t Michael spend seven days in a row with the same guy?” Spencer asked.

            “Because he’s self-centered, self-destructive, and has abandonment issues,” Jared said, watching the cute counter guy round the corner.  “So cute,” he whispered to himself, about a second before the guy looked at him and approached the table.  For a moment, he wondered if he’d been heard.

            “Did you need anything else?” the guy asked.

            “No, thanks,” Jared said.  So cute…  Those round cheeks, a fit, lean body, and brilliant green eyes.

            “We’re fine,” Spencer said.

            “Okay.”  He walked away again.

            “We’re fine, and so are you,” Spencer murmured, twisting in his seat to watch.  “Now that is a sweet little ass.”

            “How many times have you eaten here?” Jared asked.

            “About a million,” Spencer said, getting back to his meal.

            “Has anyone ever asked you if you needed anything?”

            Snorting, Spencer raised his eyebrows.  “Jared, you know as well as I do that the customer service stops when you get your change back.”

            “Then what was that?” Jared asked.

            “An adorable little boy,” Spencer said.  “Now tell me why we’re still friends with Michael.  Do you really think that I could pick up Luke when Michael’s done with him?”

            They talked about Michael, and Spencer’s chances with Michael’s current fling, but not five minutes could have passed before the cute guy was back.

            “Can I get you anything?”

            Jared quickly swallowed fries, running his tongue over his teeth.  “No, thanks.”

            “We’re fine, honey, thanks,” Spencer said.


            “He’s really cute,” Jared said, watching him leave.

            “You and your obsession with green eyes,” Spencer said with a dismissive gesture.

            “I don’t have an obsession with green eyes,” Jared said.  “I just know what I like.  And I like green eyes.  If anyone has an obsession, you’re obsessed with teeth.”

            “Dental hygiene is important,” Spencer said, hurt.  “A good smile can get you far in this world.”

            “You put up with complete jack-offs just because they have straight, white teeth,” Jared said.  “That’s ridiculous.”

            “What’s ridiculous is you dating a guy who’s ten years older than you are just because he has nice eyes.  He was an asshole, Jared, a self-absorbed asshole, and I don’t care what color his eyes were, he was way too old to act like that.”

            Nathan might have been a self-absorbed asshole, and an immature narcissist, but he’d also had incredibly green eyes and a fantastic dick.  Jared explained that to Spencer, and they were five minutes into that conversation when the cute guy returned.  “Can I get you anything?”

            “No, thanks,” Jared said.

            “We’re just fine here, honey, thank you,” Spencer said.

            The guy left.

            “Does he look nervous to you?” Jared asked.  “Why does he keep coming over here?  This has never happened before.”

            “We have four choices here,” Spencer said.  “Five.”

            “Which are?” Jared asked.

            “It’s his first day on the job, and he wants to impress his boss,” Spencer said.

            “Maybe,” Jared said.

            “He’s out for his own interests, and wants a tip,” Spencer said, ticking off each point on his fingers.

            “Who tips in a fast food place?” Jared asked.

            “He’s passionately devoted to customer service,” Spencer said.

            Jared laughed.  “There are better things to be passionate about.”

            “He’s bored as hell because everyone goes to the drive-through and no one comes in anymore,” Spencer said.

            “He could try cleaning something,” Jared suggested.  “I have to pee but I’m afraid to go in the bathroom.”

            “Or,” Spencer said, wiggling his fifth finger at Jared, “he wants you.”

            “Maybe he wants you,” Jared said, not willing to jump to conclusions about his own appeal.

            “Honey, I’m not the one he stares at every time he comes over here,” Spencer said.

            “He hasn’t said anything besides, ‘Can I get you anything,’” Jared said.  “That’s not a great pick-up line the third time in a row.”

            “We already covered the fact that he’s nervous,” Spencer said.  “You could try saying something besides, ‘No, thanks.’  Something like, ‘I’d love some more napkins’ or ‘Everything’s great, how long have you worked here?’ or ‘You have lovely eyes.’”

            “I’d love some more napkins?” Jared repeated.  “No one loves napkins, and we already have ten of them.”

            Spencer snatched up every napkin and crumpled them all into a ball, stuffing that into his cup, covered with a lid.

            “Now we need napkins and another drink,” Jared said.  “You’re paying for it.  And while you’re doing that, I’ll see if he was bored enough to clean the bathroom.”  Sliding out of the booth, Jared walked to the back corner and into the men’s room.  After relieving himself, he washed his hands and fixed his hair.

            The door opened; the cute guy entered, then froze.  “Oh, sorry.”

            “It’s okay,” Jared said, giving him a smile.  “Are you new here?”

            “It’s my first day,” he said, coming farther in, letting the door swing shut behind himself.

            “You’re doing a great job,” Jared said.  Such a bright green…

            “Thanks.”  He licked his lips self-consciously, then blushed for no apparent reason.

            “How old are you?” Jared asked.

            “Twenty-one.  My, my name’s Noah.”

            “Jared,” Jared said.  “You have fabulous eyes.”  So green…

            “Thanks.”  Noah looked more nervous with each passing minute.  Jared wanted to calm him down, then heat him up.  “I’m not really…  I know it’s not part of the job to check on customers.  I just wanted…  My last name’s Harver.”

            Harver.  Jared’s last boyfriend had been Nathan Harver.  Eyes widening, Jared stared.  Those fabulous green eyes.  “You’re Nate’s brother.”

            “Yeah,” Noah said awkwardly.  “I’m, uh…”

            “You’re a sociology major,” Jared said, trying to remember what he’d heard about Noah from Nate.  “How did you recognize me?”  That was why Noah had kept coming over, had kept staring at him.

            “I’ve seen you,” Noah said.

            “We never met,” Jared said.  He would have remembered.  Noah was cute as hell, with those eyes, those round cheeks, that sweet ass.  Noah’s long-lashed eyes were even greener and sexier than Nate’s.  He wondered if that genetic package included a huge dick in Noah’s case, too.

            “I’ve, uh…  Nate had pictures.  Of you.”

            “Pictures?” Jared asked.  Nate had never taken pictures of him.  He’d taken pictures of Nate, the narcissist, but Nate - - “Fuck.”

            Noah turned redder, avoiding Jared’s gaze.

            “You saw the video?” Jared asked.  Oh, shit.  “He showed you the video?”  That asshole.

            “He said you…  He said he’d never…”  Noah crossed his arms over his chest, looking down and then bravely meeting Jared’s eyes.  “You were incredible.  I’ve never seen anyone…take it like that.”

            Oh, god, Jared didn’t know what the hell to say to that.  Should he be flattered?  Insulted?  Ashamed?  Proud?  Angry?  It wasn’t Noah’s fault.  “Your brother’s a self-obsessed son-of-a-bitch,” he told Noah.

            “I know,” Noah said.  “I’ve wanted you for months.  He wouldn’t tell me your last name or where you worked.  When you walked in today…”  He swallowed.  “I came in here to jack off.”

            Wow.  When that nervousness parted to let out the truth, a lot followed.  “What if someone had come in?”

            “Your friend left, and no one ever comes in here.  I can be quick if I need to.”

            “He left?” Jared repeated.

            “I thought you went with him.  I was so pissed that I let you disappear like that.”  Noah took a step closer, then hesitated, blushing.  “Can I…  Can I call you sometime, or…  I’m sorry about Nate, I know-”

            “It’s not your fault that he’s an ass,” Jared said.  “I’d like it if you called me.”  Noah was sweet, and terribly cute, and wanted him.  He liked Noah, and he liked being wanted.

            “Really?” Noah asked, excitement glittering in his eyes.  “I’ve never seen anyone move like that, I’ve never seen anyone - - sorry,” he said, quickly cutting himself off, embarrassed.  “I know you didn’t - - I’m sorry.”

            “It’s okay,” Jared said, tearing off a paper towel from the roll.  “He hasn’t shown that to a lot of other people, has he?”

            “No,” Noah said.  “No, I’m the first person he showed it to, and…  He let me keep it.”

            Noah had kept it?  And had watched it more than once since then, it seemed.  Wow.  Jared was a porn star and hadn’t even realized it.  He tried to imagine someone watching him, listening to the sounds he made and seeing the expressions on his face and staring at each move of his body.  Watching that, and getting hard, and getting off.  It kind of turned him on.  “Do you have a pen?”  Noah offered one with trembling fingers, and Jared wrote down his name, handing the pen back to Noah with the scrap of paper towel.  “Call me.  I’m looking forward to it.”

            “You’re so hot,” Noah said.  “I didn’t know you’d be even sexier in person.”

            Enjoying this entirely unexpected moment of celebrity, Jared kissed him, once, gently.  “I want you, too,” Jared murmured, and gazed into his lusting, green-green eyes.  “I fuck on the first date, but not until the date’s over, so you might have to take me out.”

            “I’ll take you anywhere you want to go,” Noah whispered, his voice desperate with desire.

            Jared smiled.  “I’ll see you later,” he said, and left, strolling out of the bathroom, feeling sexier than he had in a long time.

            Spencer waited for him in the parking lot.  “You took long enough.  Did you get lost in there?”

            “I’m a porn star,” Jared said, grinning.  “I’m a fucking porn star, baby.”

            “I’m sure that there’s an explanation for this,” Spencer said, getting into the car.  “I don’t know whether or not I want to hear it.”

            “You know, Nate might have been a self-centered asshole,” Jared said, sliding into the passenger seat and stretching with a pleased smile, “but he also might have been the best thing that ever happened to me.”

            “That probably made sense to you, but it doesn’t make any sense at all to me.  Does this, by any chance, have something to do with that adorable devotee of customer service?” Spencer asked.  “You’re a customer, did he service you?”

            “You know I don’t fuck in public bathrooms,” Jared said.  “His name’s Noah and he’s in love with me.”

            “In love with you?” Spencer asked.  “All he knows about you is that you cram fries into your mouth five at a time.  Which has never been one of your more flattering traits, I might add.”

            “God, I want him,” Jared said.  “Let’s eat here again tomorrow.”

            “That’s the thing about good customer service,” Spencer said.  “It keeps you coming back for more.”
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