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            There was a dog harness in Hwanhee’s closet.

            Sometimes it freaked him out a little that it was in there.  It was a really kinky, embarrassing thing to have just hanging in his bedroom with the rest of his clothes!

            Sometimes he opened his closet just to look at it.  To touch it and think about his prince.  He’d touch the straps and remember how much they’d fascinated Sehun.  He’d take it out and turn it around in his hands, hold it against himself.  Sometimes it made him really horny, filled him up with memories of all of those intense emotions, intense sensations, that he’d had with Sehun.  Sometimes he just needed to stare at it.  Confront it, kind of.  Get used to it.

            Xiao teased him about it.  Sunyoul asked to see it.  He didn’t tell them that it was for dogs.  That part was private.  He was embarrassed for his members to know about the harness at all, because it was an embarrassing thing to have!  But he liked it, too.  He liked being able to tell someone about it, liked being able to show his hyungs this awesome new gift that Sehun had given him.  It was a special present from his prince!  He was glad that he had members he could share such an important, intimate part of his life with.  Bitto helped him to look up how to treat leather.

            He was obsessed with his lists.  They made him feel good.  Looking at them felt, like, soothing.  He pulled them up all of the time, to add items, to double-check things.  Or just to look at them, just to read over them.  He planned out when he’d have time to run to the store, where he might get some of the stuff he’d need, what else Sehun might like.

            It was like a hobby.  Some people played videogames or collected coins; Hwanhee prepared for his prince’s next visit.

            His owner.  He had an owner.  He had an owner and there was a dog harness in his closet because his owner liked to dress him up.  Sometimes thinking about that really messed with his head, and sometimes it turned him on, super turned him on, like he needed to get up and go in his room and masturbate real quick.  He knew that his members could hear him moaning, “He owns me, he owns me,” while he was coming, and that was super embarrassing, but it was a fact of his life, right?  Sehun owned him.  He couldn’t do anything about it.  He tried to be mostly discreet about that stuff, though.  About some of the details and terms, about what Sehun actually did to him.

            He wondered what his hyungs thought about all of this stuff, though.  Once, while they were talking on the couch, talking about Sehun while he worked on his lists, he asked Wei, “Do you think I’m weird?”

            Wei thought about it for a second, picking at Hwanhee’s hair.  Then he said, “I think that Sehun sunbae makes you happy.”

            He did.  He really, really did.  Sehun wasn’t just a regular prince, he was like a fairy tale prince, walking into Hwanhee’s life and making everything better.  Things still went wrong, the rest of Hwanhee’s life was still full of demanding managers and angry antis and relentless schedules and thirty-hour practices and sore feet.  But it was all so much easier to take, lately.  It was like the high he got from seeing Sehun lasted and lasted.  When he’d done everything he could to serve his prince, and he’d just been hard-drilled by royal cock, and he already had plans for how to prepare for the next visit, it was really hard to let one annoyed stylist get to him.

            He slept better now, too.  Way better.  Trying to sleep had been a fight, before.  He hadn’t been able to relax completely, not ever.  His mind and body had just been alert, on, twitching, unable to turn off.  He’d get in bed and just stare at the wall, thinking of all the things that had gone wrong that day and all of the things he’d do tomorrow to make up for it, to improve, to get it right.  And even if he could shut some of that up, he still had that deep, lonely sensation of unfulfilled need, of his sexual desperation, of his yearning for cock.

            He wasn’t unfulfilled anymore.  Sehun satisfied that need, soothed his desperation.  And Sehun quieted his nerves, too.  It wasn’t just sexual; being with Sehun did something to his brain, calmed him down, gave him a sense of internal completion.  He could crawl into bed and close his eyes and think of all of Sehun’s praise.  Remember all of those amazing, flattering things Sehun had said to him, about how happy Sehun was with him, about how well he’d served.  It settled him right down.  He slept like a log.

            He did have a really intense, sexual response to orange juice, now, though.  So.  That was something new to deal with.

            “No, seriously,” Xiumin whispered.  “Try it.”

            Chanyeol didn’t believe him.

            D.O. hesitated, eyeing Xiumin, eyeing the kitchen cabinet.  Then he raised his voice.  “Maknae!  Can I get some water?”

            The three of them posed, leaning over the island.  Playing it cool, Chanyeol toyed with his phone.

            Sehun walked in.

            Chanyeol braced himself.  Sehun had been so tense, so angry, so quick to blow for so long, that it was automatic, now.  It was easier not to interact with Sehun, if possible, because just speaking to him could provoke a sassy, snarky comeback or a complete eruption.

            “…so it’s nothing I hadn’t seen before,” Xiumin said to D.O., like they’d been talking the whole time.  “It just seemed different yesterday.”

            “Yeah, I guess so,” D.O. said, like that made sense.

            “Sure,” Chanyeol said, too loudly, with way too much feeling, and both Xiumin and D.O. shot him such disgusted, scolding looks that he laughed, covering his mouth.

            Sehun wandered past them and opened the cabinet.  He moved really normally.  Not storming around, not tense and volatile, not whining and muttering and making a huge show of reluctance.  He just got a cup, strolled around the kitchen, got some water.  “Mmm,” he said, setting the cup down in front of D.O.  It was a pleasantly lazy sound.

            And then he leaned in behind Chanyeol, covering Chanyeol’s back.  One arm wrapping around Chanyeol’s torso, he rested his chin on Chanyeol’s shoulder.

            Chanyeol stared at Xiumin and D.O., raising his eyebrows to the ceiling.

            “So, uh, yeah,” Xiumin said, trying to cover laughter with a cough.  “I was just saying.”

            “Hey,” Lay said, poking his head into the room.  “Anybody want to have sex?”

            “Ooh,” Sehun said, crawling back off of Chanyeol.  “Yeah, sure, hyung, can I top?”

            “Yeah, and call me a slut again, that was nice last time,” Lay said.

            As the two of them walked out, Chanyeol burst into laughter.

            “Is he high?” D.O. asked, staring around in bafflement.

            “It’s Hwanhee,” Xiumin said.  “It’s all just Hwanhee.”

            “Is he going to stay like this?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Please let him stay like this,” D.O. said.  “My punching hand is getting tired.”

            Chanyeol grinned at him.  “Which hand is your punching hand?”

            “Both of them.”

            “He spent all last night blowing me and telling me how sexy I am and asking if he could ride my cock,” Xiumin said.  “Do you know how long it’s been since he’s acted like that?”

            “I’ve been too afraid to put my cock in his mouth,” Chanyeol said, and he wasn’t even joking.  “He did all of that?”

            “So he’s on drugs,” D.O. said.

            “He’s on Hwanhee,” Xiumin corrected.

            “I think I like Hwanhee,” Chanyeol decided.  “Let’s keep him around.  Let’s make sure that he’s around all of the time from now on.”

            Chuckling, breathless, the Up10tion members filed back into the dressing room.  Taking off his mike, peeling out of his jacket, Hwanhee teased Kogyeol about a fan sign in the front row.

            He couldn’t take everything off, they still had to go back on in a minute for the ending stage.  Fanning himself, trying to stop sweating, he didn’t have anywhere to sit with his hyungs all stacked on the couch.  He would’ve climbed onto somebody’s lap, but he was too hot for that.

            Just out of habit, he checked his phone.  He was about to open the app where he kept his lists when he saw an unread text message.

            It was from Sehun!


            Oh, oh, oh.  They were playing badminton!  Yes, hyungnim?  Is there anything that I can do for you?

            Ungh.  I want to see you.  When are you coming over?

            His prince was asking for him!  I’ll be there soon, hyungnim, I’ll be there as soon as I can.  It’s supposed to be on Monday, but I can come sooner.  When do you want me there, I’ll come right away.

            Monday’s okay.  I can wait, I guess.  What are you doing?

            I’m in the dressing room, we just performed.

            Eh.  Call me later, call me tonight.

            Oh, a phone call!  Yes, hyungnim.  I will!  He called Sehun first thing, every single morning, but he didn’t like to bother his prince by calling too often, so he tried to stick to texts the rest of the time.  But now he was being told to call!  He couldn’t wait for it!  Is there something you want from me?  Can I do it now?

            Sehun didn’t reply.

            That was okay.  The servant wasn’t entitled to answers.  Hwanhee read Sehun’s words again.  I want to see you.  Sehun wanted to see him!  Sehun was out there, right then, thinking about him, wishing for him.  He couldn’t believe it.  Of course Sehun was always on his mind, the servant’s life centered around the prince.  But the prince never thought about the servant!

            The prince only thought about the servant when he needed something to be done.  When he had a task, an order to give.

            Maybe there was something in particular that his prince wanted him to do.

            Maybe his prince wanted to use him.

            Was that it?  Was his prince horny and looking for a vessel?  His prince needed a fuckhole, and Hwanhee was miles away!

            What did that mean?  Was Sehun going unsatisfied?  Were there no other EXO members around?  But sex with EXO was probably different.  They were members, not fuckholes.  They were hyungs to Sehun.

            What was Sehun’s sex life with EXO like?

            Who was going to be a good fuckhole and satisfy Sehun’s urges when Hwanhee wasn’t there?

            Sehun was horny.  Sehun might even have a hard-on, with no one around to attend to it!

            “Okay, kids,” Jinhoo said.  “Come on, mikes back on, let’s go.”

            Oh, right!  Putting his phone down, Hwanhee found his jacket.  But what about Sehun?  He would’ve thought that with so many other members, Sehun had plenty of sex, but Hwanhee had all of these members and was constantly starved for it.

            As they shuffled down the hallway, Hwanhee whispered to Xiao, “Do you think, when EXO started, they had to leave the thing only in the hyungs’ room?”

            “What thing?” Xiao asked.  Hwanhee nudged him.  “Oh, that?”  He laughed, looking titillated.  “I don’t know!  What, just in Suho sunbae’s room?”

            “Yeah.  Do you think?”

            “So they had to go in there to get it?  I hope not, it’s the worst!”  Xiao grinned at him.  “You want to go in there tonight and do it?  Kuhn hyung’s filming after practice.”

            Anal, tonight?  After he’d talked to his prince?  “Yes,” he said, bouncing up on his toes.  “Yeah, yeah, let’s do that.”

            On the couch by himself, for once, Sehun glanced around to make sure that his hyungs weren’t around.  Then he went into his voicemail.

            The messages were piling up.  He was going to have to delete some of them.  But each individual one was its own treasure.

            “Hi, hyung!  Good morning!  This is your Hwanhee calling.  Do you need anything from me today?”

            “Hi, hyung!  Good morning!  This is your Hwanhee calling.  Can I do anything for you today?”

            “Good morning, hyung!  It’s your Hwanhee.  You said that you wanted milk, and I know that you like chocolate, so I wondered if you wanted chocolate milk?  But white milk would look better, don’t you think?  But I’ll get chocolate if you want chocolate!  Whatever you want.”

            “Hello, good morning!  This is your Hwanhee.  Do you want anything?  You can call me back or text me, any time, it’s always a good time to hear from you.  Just let me know!”

            It was amazing.  His pet called him every single day.  Without fail.  Every.  Single.  Day.  He’d been a rookie, he knew that his pet didn’t have the time to call anyone so regularly and didn’t have the brain capacity to remember anything besides choreography, and he couldn’t believe that Hwanhee managed to call every fucking day.  It was a gift.  It was a powerful statement of just exactly how much he meant to his pet and how important their relationship was.

            In the first days, he’d intended to be there for every single call and text, just to make sure that his pet was okay.  He’d wanted to be there in case his pet needed reassurances, in case his pet had a problem.  But he’d been on a flight and missed one call, and slept through another, and the messages Hwanhee had left for him had been so perfect, such tender nuggets of devotion, that he’d deliberately let his pet’s call go to voicemail a couple of times, hoping for another chirpy, eager message.

            Now he did it on purpose.  When his phone rang for his daily call, he deliberately let it go to voicemail.  And then as soon as his pet hung up, he listened to the message a few times, replaying it and relishing his pet’s dedication.

            He was sitting there, his head back against the couch, his eyes closed, rubbing himself and listening to Hwanhee offer to do anything, give anything, be anything for him, when a new call came in.  Irritated by the interruption, he was about to reject the call when he saw the caller ID.  Lee Hwanhee.

            Licking his lips, he answered.  “Hwanhee-ah?”

            “Hi, hyung.”  Sehun closed his eyes, his hand right back on his cock.  “I’m calling, you said that you wanted me to call.”

            It was early.  “Where are you?”

            “At practice, we’re going to start soon.  Is it a bad time, should I call later?”

            “No, now’s good.”  He fondled himself lightly, just toying with the shaft, teasing himself with how badly he wanted his pet to be in his lap.  “You’re a good dongsaeng, Hwanhee-ah.  You do a lot for your hyungs.”

            “Thank you, hyung.  Is there anything that I can do for you?”

            Hwanhee’s immediate eagerness turned him on so much, he bit at his lip, stifling a groan.  His pet’s desire to please him gave him genuine sexual pleasure, and he stroked himself more seriously as his body responded to Hwanhee’s voice.  “On Monday.”  Yes, god.  “On Monday, you’ll do a lot for me then.”

            “Oh, how do we do this over the phone?” Hwanhee demanded in happy agitation.  “I want to say things to you!  We can’t do it like this, I don’t know what to say!”

            “Just talk to me for a minute.”  Sehun caressed himself with slow, lingering touches.  “Tell me how your day went.”

            “Um, it was good.  We had three performances today, so it’s been busy!  We went to a school this morning…”

            As his pet talked, Sehun let the sound of the words roll over him.  He loved the sound of Hwanhee’s emotional, expressive voice.  Always full of responses!  So eager to please, so noisy, so whiny.  Remembering how readily, how responsively, how loudly his pet moaned for him, over and over and over again, Sehun put one foot on the coffee table, tightening his grip.

            “…but it was great!  They were so friendly, they - - wait, hyung?  Are you still there?”

            Sehun grunted.

            “Um.  Hyung?  Should I keep talking?”

            He grunted again, licking his lips, jacking himself.

            “Do you, okay.  So, um.  Oh!  They were really friendly, I was really glad to meet them.  We couldn’t stay long, though…”

            Sehun’s pleasure mounted with each sentence.  His pet couldn’t be there to get him off, but his pet’s willingness to do what he wanted, to obey without explanation, to entertain his whims, aroused him.  His pet wanted to please him.  His pet wanted to keep him happy.  Would do anything to keep him happy.  “Keep talking,” he said, and then he called, “Hyung!  Hyung!”

            “Which one?” Chanyeol called.

            “No!” D.O. called.

            “Maknae, what do you want?” Baekhyun demanded, walking into the room.  Seeing his erection, Baekhyun gave a quick start.  “Oh!”

            “The crowd was great!  It was like twice the size of the last time we were there.  That’s a really good sign!” Hwanhee said in his ear.

            “Can you,” Sehun grunted, not ready to take his hand off of himself yet, “come here for a minute?”

            “Guess I’m not that busy,” Baekhyun mumbled, heading straight for Sehun.  “But you have to reciprocate,” he warned, going down onto his knees.

            “Sure,” he said, sliding his cock into Baekhyun’s mouth.  Oh, unngh!  Oh, god, that was good.  So, “Unnngh,” so good.

            “Is your hyung there?” Hwanhee asked.  “Is it one of your members?  Good, that’s good, I was worried about that.  I don’t know who’s there to do things if I can’t be around.  I’d be there every time!  If I could!  I’d always take care of things for you, I’d be glad to.  But I don’t want you to, uh, how can I phrase it.  I don’t want you to have problems and no one to help you if I’m not there.  So it’s good if your members can help you, I feel better, I was worried.  Is it nice?  Is he doing it the way you like it?”

            “God, uh, oh,” Sehun panted, coming.

            “Oh.”  His pet sounded flustered.  “Oh, was that?  It sounded like.  Did you?  Good.  Good, I guess he did it right, then.  How was it?  Maybe he should teach me - - no, god, how would that work?!”

            Baekhyun lifted his head, wiping at his mouth.  “Shit, maknae.  Are you on the phone?!”

            “Oh my god, is that Baekhyun sunbae?!”

            “Gotta go, now, thanks for calling,” Sehun said, and hung up.

            While the Up10tion members milled around in front of the door, finding their shoes, fixing their clothes and trying not to look like they’d just been screwing, Chunji walked his fingers up and down Kuhn’s arm.  “When’s Hwanhee seeing Sehun again?”

            “Monday,” everyone said.  Then they looked around at each other, bursting into laughter.

            Chunji grinned.  “He won’t shut up about it?”

            “God, it’s all he talks about,” Sunyoul said.

            Chunji had been keeping in touch with him, checking on him.  He seemed a lot happier lately.  His energy was more positive, less frantic.  He seemed more sure of himself.  “So, when are you going to start bringing him along?”

            “Here?” Kuhn asked.

            “Ah, no,” Jinhoo said.

            “We wouldn’t be weird with him,” Changjo said, wandering over.

            “This is still an intense environment,” Jinhoo said.  “I don’t think that he’s ready.”

            “What about Xiao and Gyujin?” Niel asked.

            Kuhn grinned, putting his arm around Niel.  “Seven guys isn’t enough for you?”

            “Not when I could have nine or ten,” Niel said.

            Changjo snorted.  “You just want Gyujin’s cock.”

            “Yes, I want Gyujin’s cock,” Niel said.

            “Why did you tell him about it?” Kogyeol asked Sunyoul, nudging him.

            “He asked,” Sunyoul exclaimed, blushing.  “He wanted to know.”

            “If Xiao and Gyujin come here, and Hwanhee can’t come along, I’ll have to explain why,” Jinhoo said.  “I don’t want him treated any differently, and I don’t want to make him more self-conscious than I have to.  He’s already sensitive to feeling different from the other members.  Even if I let Gyujin come along, it’ll seem like it’ll be Hwanhee’s turn next, and Xiao will start pushing for it, and it’ll create a situation.”

            “Doesn’t Gyujin want to come?” Chunji asked.

            “I explained it to him, and he understands,” Jinhoo said.

            “You’re making too big a deal of this,” Changjo said.  “We know all about Hwanhee, we know how to deal with him.  You’ll be here the whole time, you can see everything we do with him.”

            “I’ve said no,” Jinhoo said.  “Besides,” he smiled, “I already brought you this many of my members.  We’ve worn C.A.P. hyung out.  I don’t think that you could handle any more.”

            “Is that a challenge?” Changjo asked, grinning.  “Line up all of your members, line up everybody you know, I’ll do them all, let’s go.”

            “God, you’re stupid,” Chunji said, laughing.  He kissed Kogyeol.  “See you guys later.”

            “Good-bye, good-bye, thanks for coming over,” Niel said, waving.  “Good-bye.”  As Wei passed by, Niel took hold of Wei’s arm, pulling him aside.  “Can you get it up again?”

            “Uh.”  Blushing, Wei glanced around.  “Probably.”

            “Okay.  He’ll be down in a minute,” Niel announced, drawing Wei deeper into the dorm.  “Go ahead, he’ll be there soon.”

            While Dongwoo and Xiumin laughed in the kitchen, Sehun sat down on Infinite’s couch with Woohyun.  “How is he?” Woohyun asked.

            “Who?” Sehun asked.

            “‘Who,’” Woohyun repeated, chuckling.  “Your new puppy.”

            Sehun grinned, stirring the smoothie Dongwoo had made for him with a straw.  “He’s great.”

            “Sexy?” Woohyun asked.  “Obedient?”

            Heat simmered in his blood whenever he thought about Hwanhee.  “He’s perfect.”

            “So who is he?” Woohyun asked, shifting closer.  “When can I meet him?”

            Sehun sipped the smoothie to buy time.  Ugh!  “This is awful.”

            “I know.”  Woohyun put his thigh over Sehun’s.  “Who is he?”

            Sehun slid out from under him, scooting away.  “You know I can’t tell you that.”

            “You know he was almost mine.”

            Sehun’s blood ran cold.  He stared at Woohyun.  “Yours?”

            Woohyun nodded.  “Sunggyu hyung asked me if I wanted to take on a new puppy.  He said that someone was asking.  Putting out feelers, getting things set up.  It wasn’t a firm offer yet, so he wouldn’t tell me who.  But whoever made the offer to you almost handed that perfect puppy over to me.”

            No.  “He’s mine,” Sehun said.  He felt so protective, so territorial, he wanted to put himself physically between Woohyun and Hwanhee, wanted to be sure that Hwanhee was safely away from the threat.

            “Well, he is now.”  Woohyun grinned at him.  So friendly, so teasing, so confident.  “But you should feel lucky.  They almost gave him away.”

            It wouldn’t have been the end of the world.  It might even have worked out well for Hwanhee.  Woohyun was a great dom.  But Sehun’s protective instincts towards his pet were too strong for him to concede the point for even a second.  Hwanhee was his.  No one else could take care of his pet like he could.  He didn’t trust his pet to be safe in anyone else’s hands.  Didn’t trust that anyone else would fully appreciate his pet’s devotion.  Hwanhee was a very unique kind of pet.  Hwanhee was a fucking treasure.

            “You’re already attached,” Woohyun said.

            He couldn’t dispute that, so he drank his awful smoothie.

            Woohyun’s hand slid over his shoulder.  He tolerated it for a second, and then he shifted away, feeling unwanted desire prickling over his skin.  When their friendship had developed over their bond as equals, one dom to another, they’d understood each other well.  And he’d kept some sexual distance between them, kept some acts and positions off-limits, because he knew way too well the urges Woohyun felt, and he hadn’t been willing to submit to another dom’s sexual authority.

            Then, to keep from exploding, he’d submitted to Woohyun completely.

            And now that would always be between them.  It made their relationship way, way more intimate, even more than he’d imagined it would.  Woohyun knew him absolutely, knew him inside and out, knew what made his body respond and how his mind worked.  Woohyun knew him better than Suho or Hwanhee or anyone, now.

            Which, if he needed a close hyung to confide in, was great.

            But it created a lot of challenges.  Because he wanted his dom friend back, wanted to be two doms talking shop together.  But his mind and body had been trained to submit to this man.  And that training kept tickling around inside of him.  And Woohyun knew that.  And he knew that Woohyun knew that.  And that created a constant hum between them, a sexual tension that kept teasing at him.

            Woohyun’s fingers drifted under his ear, flicked lightly just behind his earlobe, and he squirmed involuntarily.  “Stop it,” he muttered, scooting away again.

            “Still think that you don’t need to come see me?”

            “I don’t need to see you.”  He tried to say it firmly, but he sounded petulant.  Embarrassed by that, he scowled at his smoothie.  “That was just a Band-Aid.  Everything’s taken care of, now.”

            Woohyun’s chuckle slithered under his skin.  “You think your puppy can replace me?”

            “This smoothie’s crap, what did he put in this?” Sehun asked, getting up.  “I’m going to go throw this out.”

            Woohyun’s laughter followed him towards the kitchen.  “You’ll be back.”

            “Okay, ready, I’m ready to go!” Hwanhee called, walking across the dorm.

            “Ready to go camping?” Wooshin asked.

            “Oh, our son’s ready for his first day of school?” Kuhn asked, smiling.

            “Why do you have a backpack?” Wei asked.

            “Yes, why do you have a backpack?” Jinhoo asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

            “His stuff’s in it,” Xiao said.  “His servant stuff.”

            “Ooohh, okay,” Kuhn said, glancing at Jinhoo’s expression.  “Uh, let’s see what’s in there,” he suggested, getting up from the couch.

            “It’s not weird,” Xiao said, laughing.  “He left the harness in the closet.  It’s just juice and crap.”

            “Oh, did you remember the milk in the fridge?” Wei asked.

            “Yeah, I got it.”  He’d kept most of his servant stuff in his room, but he’d had to keep the milk in the fridge, so he’d put a label on it to stop his members from drinking it.  Taking his backpack off, he set it on the spot Kuhn had vacated on the couch and unzipped it.  “See, it’s just juice and lotion and everything.”

            While Kuhn went through it and Wooshin peered into the bag, too, Jinhoo’s phone rang.

            “Is it my prince?” Hwanhee asked.  Or maybe it was Suho.  There wasn’t a problem, was there?  They weren’t cancelling, were they?  He felt a weird, scary, tilting sensation at that thought.  Shivering, he put a hand on Xiao for balance.  No.  No.  It would be okay.  His prince wanted to see him.

            From the way Jinhoo was talking, it didn’t sound like Sehun or Suho.  It sounded like management.  It didn’t sound good, but whatever it was, it wasn’t about Sehun.  Relieved, Hwanhee turned back to Kuhn.  “See, it’s just normal things.”

            Kuhn started to zip the bag back up, then paused and glanced down into it again, then gave him a wary smile.  “Do I want to know why you’re taking bottled water to EXO’s dorm?  Don’t they have their own water?”

            “It’s a lot of liquids,” Wei said.

            “He won’t explain any of it,” Xiao said.

            “I figured it was some pee thing,” Wooshin said.  “Like he gets you to drink all of it and then makes you hold it.  Or is it for enemas or something?”

            “What?!” Hwanhee demanded.  “No!  Hyung!  No!  What?”

            “With milk?” Wei asked.  “That can’t be safe.”

            “That’s not safe,” Kuhn said, frowning.  “Hwanhee-”

            “No!  Oh my god, it’s not that!” Hwanhee exclaimed.  “That’s what you think we do together?”

            “What?” Wooshin asked, looking around with an innocent smile.  “I don’t know what you guys are into!”

            “We do normal things!  We do the same stuff I do with you, mostly.  I rub his feet and blow him, it’s normal stuff.”  While he’d been worried that his members thought that he was into freaky sex, it had never occurred to him which assumptions they might make.

            “Really?” Xiao asked.  “Ew, that’s boring.  I thought you were into nasty shit, like whipping and ball-crushing.  Doesn’t he even tie you up or anything?”

            “Ah, ah,” Wei said, shaking his head and backing up a step, cringing.  “Don’t say ‘balls’ and ‘crushing,’ don’t say that together.”

            “Prince Sehun isn’t boring!” Hwanhee argued.  He felt totally outraged that anyone would say that.  “And it’s none of your business what we do together.”

            “Why do you even need him?” Xiao asked.  “You can rub my feet and blow me right now.”

            “I don’t want to rub your feet!”  He pushed Xiao away, annoyed.

            “Hwanhee-ah,” Xiao said, moving in on him anyway, making him laugh.  “Come on, rub my feet, just once.”

            “What’s up?” Kuhn asked, turning as Jinhoo walked over to them.  “Everything okay?”

            “No.”  Jinhoo looked unhappy.  “I need to get over to the company building.”  Then he looked resigned and met Hwanhee’s eyes.  “I can’t take you over to EXO’s dorm.  I have to go.”

            “Now?”  It wasn’t true.  This couldn’t be happening to him.  “No, now?  But-”

            “Okay, hold on,” Kuhn said, putting a hand on Hwanhee’s chest.  “I can take him,” he told Jinhoo.

            Jinhoo gave him an uneasy look.  “I don’t know.”

            “He’ll be fine.  I know you want to go, but I can look after him,” Kuhn said.  Hopeful, desperate, Hwanhee wrapped both arms around him.  “He’s been there before, he knows what to do, Suho sunbae knows what to do, it’s just one night.”

            Jinhoo wasn’t agreeing yet, and the longer he went without saying anything, the more anxious Hwanhee felt.  “We can’t cancel!  We can’t cancel, Prince Sehun’s waiting for me!  He wants to see me, he told me so!  I have to go!  We’re going to be late!”

            “We can’t cancel,” Kuhn told Jinhoo, putting an arm around Hwanhee.  “Look, I can take Wooshin with me, if you want.”

            “No,” Jinhoo said, and he gave Wooshin a narrow look.  “We’re going to talk when I get back.”

            Hwanhee had no idea what that was about, and he didn’t have the time to care.  “Please, Kuhn hyung can take me!  I don’t need anybody to take me, I can take myself.  I know how to get there, I can take the bus,” it wouldn’t be fast enough, “I can take a cab or something.  Please?”

            Jinhoo frowned, then touched Kuhn’s arm.  “Go with Kuhn.  And take Wei.”

            “Me?” Wei asked.

            Hwanhee didn’t care if the whole team and a circus came with him, he was going!  “Thanks, hyung!  Okay, let’s go,” he said, already putting on his backpack.

            “If I can’t be there, I want two sets of eyes on it,” Jinhoo said.

            “But not mine?” Wooshin asked.

            “We’ll talk,” Jinhoo said.

            Hwanhee knew that tone!  But he wasn’t going to worry about it now, he wasn’t going to worry about anything.  He was headed off to the royal palace to see his prince!  “Is it a palace or a castle?” he asked, putting his shoes on.

            Jinhoo cupped his face in both hands and kissed him.  “Enjoy tonight, all right?”

            Oh, he would!  “Thanks, hyung.”  Almost not getting to see Sehun tonight had rattled him, really scared him, but now that he could see Sehun for sure, nothing would get in his way.

            “I’ll call you as soon as he’s done,” Kuhn told Jinhoo.

            “Are you talking about EXO’s dorm?” Wei asked.  “I guess that would be a palace.”

            As soon as the door closed behind Jinhoo, Xiao laughed at Wooshin.  “Now you’re in trouble!  You shouldn’t have said that stuff about the milk, you know we’re not allowed to tease him.”

            Yeah, that wasn’t great.  “What about what you said?” Wooshin asked.  “Jinhoo hyung told us not to ask him about what he does with Sehun sunbae.”

            “I ask him all of the time!  He lets shit slip all of the time, too.  He told me that Sehun sunbae lets him get off if he’s been good.  If he’s been good!  What do you think that even means?”

            Wooshin socked his arm.  “Don’t fuck with him like that!”

            “Ow!”  He pouted, rubbing his arm.

            “Leave him alone,” Wooshin ordered.  “How many times do we have to tell you?  If he flips out and can’t go onstage, who’s going to cover his parts, you?”

            Xiao scowled at him, looking injured.  “You don’t even care about him.  The way you hyungs talk about him.  You only shield him because he’s the main vocal.  If he weren’t, you wouldn’t even give a fuck.”

            Wooshin showed him a false, pretty smile.  “We care about you, don’t we?”  With a light pat to his shoulder, Wooshin walked away.

            When the doorbell rang, Sehun burst out of his room.  “I’ve got it!” he called, jogging towards the front door.

            “I wonder if he likes movies,” Suho was mumbling to himself, wandering around the room.  “Everybody likes movies.  I wonder what kids his age like to watch.”

            “Jinhoo’s the same age as Changjo,” Sehun said, walking past him.  “You two watch movies together all of the time.”

            “No, Jinhoo called, he can’t make it.”

            Sehun’s feet stopped moving before the rest of his body realized what was happening, and he pitched forward.  Flailing to regain his balance, he grabbed at the back of a chair and stared at Suho.  “He’s not coming?”  He felt like all of the life was draining out of him.

            “No, he…”  Suho stopped talking and gave him a weird look.  “Jinhoo!  Jinhoo’s not coming, maknae.  Hwanhee’s here now, who do you think is at the door?  Kuhn and Wei are bringing him, Jinhoo said, and - - okay, I’ll stand here and talk to myself, I don’t mind.”

            Sehun snatched open the door.

            Hwanhee smiled at him.

            He wanted to reach out with both hands and drag Hwanhee into the dorm.  He knew that he shouldn’t do that.  But the impulse was so strong in him, he couldn’t remember what he should do, instead.  So he just stood there, devouring his pet with his eyes.

            “Hi,” someone said.  “Can we come in?”

            “Ya, maknae!  Come in, come in,” Suho said.  People were moving, shuffling, Suho pulling Sehun away from the door.  He didn’t want to let go of it, but Suho elbowed him aside and closed it.

            Hwanhee’s eyes sparkled at him.  “You’re a bad maknae.”

            “He’s not a bad maknae,” Suho said loyally.  Then he said, “No, he’s awful, we have an awful maknae.”

            “Hey, we have one of those, too,” someone said, and everyone was laughing.

            Sehun put his hands in his pockets so he wouldn’t grab his pet.

            “Can I go in your room?” his pet asked him.  “I want to set up my stuff.”

            “We can go and sit down,” Suho said.  “I thought we could watch a movie, do you like movies?”

            “I think everybody likes movies,” someone said, and there was more laughter, their voices moving away, and Suho said, “That’s what I said!”

            The distractions were gone.  Now he could focus completely on his pet.  Sehun licked his lips, reaching out a hand-

            -and his pet skittered away, laughing.  “No, not yet!  We can’t start yet, we can’t play.  I have to set up first, okay?”

            “Set up what?” he asked, stalking towards his happy, smiling pet.

            “Stuff!”  His pet was backing away from him, laughing.  So innocent, so trusting, enjoying his attention.  “Just some stuff!  Don’t say the word yet, okay?”

            “But you always want me to say the word,” he said, still prowling forward.  “You beg me for it.”

            “One second!”  His pet backed into his bedroom.  His lair.  Voluntarily slipping right into his territory.  Such delicious, toothsome prey.  “Just one second!”

            And his pet closed the door in his face.

            Sehun stared at the solid plane of his own door, his jaw slowly dropping.

            Okay!  Hwanhee moved fast, opening his backpack on the bed.  It looked like Sehun had already set things up; there was lube by the bed, the collar on the dresser, two bowls over by the closet.

            Two bowls.  Why were there two bowls?  Why were they multiplying?!

            He shook it off, refusing to think about that.  As he emptied his bag, he wondered if it was wrong to assume that Sehun had placed it all out just for him.  Maybe it was always out.  Maybe Sehun just left everything out all of the time.  Had the rest of EXO seen the collar?  Seen the bowls?  No, Sehun said those things were private.  But there was private and then there was private, and now Hwanhee had no idea if Park Chanyeol had seen his collar.

            He’d maybe have to ask Sehun about that.

            He wished that he had a table to work with.  He settled for the dresser.  He’d ask about a table next time.  Could he bring a little folding table with him?

            He set it all out.  Massage oil.  Bottled water, orange juice, cola, milk.  Crackers and cheese, little bowl of grapes, two oranges, chocolate chip cookies.  It was crowded, all on top of Sehun’s dresser, like he was setting out a whole buffet.

            He put his silver bracelets on, tucked his bag in the corner, and smoothed down his hair.

            “Lee Hwanhee fighting!” he whispered to himself, clenching his hands into fists.  He opened the door.

            “Badminton,” Sehun said, pushing the door farther open and walking right up on him.

            Oh!  “So suddenly,” he said, his heart pounding.

            Sehun slammed the door shut.

            Oh!  Oh, shit, “Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m doing it,” he said, rushing to get on the floor.  On his knees!  Hands behind his back!  Ass out!  “Sorry, sorry, I was excited, I got nervous.  I won’t forget again, I’ll always remember from now on.”  Cringing, he studied the floor, afraid to see Sehun’s angry face.

            Music started, thumping loudly.  “Did you close the door in my face?” Sehun asked, standing over him.  “Did you close me out of my own room?”

            “I’m sorry!  It was just for a second, I had to get ready!”

            “How ready?”  Sehun’s hand was in his hair, dragging his face up.  Sehun’s handsome face was tense, contemptuous, eyebrows drawn together.  “Is your ass lubed?”

            “No.”  That hadn’t occurred to him!  “Should I do that next time?  Can I do it ahead of time?”  But his ass wouldn’t stay relaxed forever, he’d be all tight again and closed up by the time Sehun wanted to use him, that would never work.

            Sehun shoved his face away.  “Do it now.”

            Lube himself?  “Yes, Prince Sehun!  I’ll do it now, I’d love to do that for you.”  He scurried across the floor, towards the lube.  He started to lift his shirt as he went.

            “I didn’t tell you to take anything off.”

            He cringed at the hardness of Sehun’s voice.  “I’m sorry, I won’t assume things.”  He’d just lube himself up with his clothes on, then?  He undid his fly but left his pants on.

            “I want you in your street clothes for this,” Sehun said.  “You don’t get to wear your collar.  You’re not acting like my pet, you’re acting like a selfish slut who only cares about himself.  Sluts don’t have owners, Hwan-ah, they’re passed around by anyone and everyone who wants a piece of them.  So that’s how I’m going to treat you.”

            He was so pained by Sehun’s words, he stared across the room in horror.  He was so upset, he almost stopped lubing himself, but he made himself keep doing it.  In the middle of this horrible moment, he couldn’t let it seem like he was refusing to obey commands.  “But I have an owner,” he said.  “You.  You own me.”  That had to still be true.

            “Act like a slut, get treated like a slut,” Sehun said.

            “I’m your slut.  Yours, not everybody else’s.  Only you own me, right?”  He needed to hear it, needed Sehun to confirm it for him.  “You own me, hyungnim.  Tell me that you own me.  Say you own me, say you’re my owner.”

            “Are you telling me what to do?” Sehun demanded.  Undoing his fly, he shook his head, snarling.  “Oh, you’re going to get it.”

            “But tell me, please,” he begged, as Sehun advanced towards him.  “Tell me you own me, please, hyungnim, please.  You still own me, I belong to you, I still belong to you!”

            As Sehun descended on him, fear kicked through his body, making him want to get away.  Yelping as Sehun grabbed him with rough hands, he experienced an instant of panic, his whole body going cold, his balls retreating.  His prince was angry with him, angry enough not to want to claim him as a pet anymore.

            But as Sehun shoved him over the side of the bed and yanked his pants down, he didn’t try to stop it.  He tried to cooperate.  Sehun was his prince; Sehun had every right to do this to him.  He could accept that, he was fine with that, he was happy to be used, roughly or angrily or any other way.

            But there was one thing he absolutely couldn’t take.  “Tell me please?  Please, hyungnim.  You’re still my owner, you own me.”  Sehun thrust into him, and he cried out, pinned against the bed.  “I belong to you, you own me.”  It didn’t matter if Sehun said it or not.  It was still true, it would always be true.  “You own me, you own me.”  He said it to himself, over and over, reminding himself of it, bringing it into existence with his own determination.  “You own me,” he panted as Sehun drove into him in fierce, punishing thrusts.  “You own me.”

            The more he said it, the better he felt.  His chanting transformed the moment.  He belonged to Sehun, and Sehun was using him.  Really using him, roughly and carelessly.  Using him for his single purpose in life.  Not even trying to make it nice for him, not considering his pleasure for a second, not interested in his experience at all, because he was just a possession to be used, just a vessel.  That was such a special thing, he was grateful for it, and he slumped on the bed, relaxing.  Crooning, “You own me, you own me,” he welcomed Sehun’s merciless pounding.  Such a beautiful thing, to be used by his owner.  “Thank you, hyungnim.  Thank you for owning me.  Thank you for using me.  Thank you for letting me be your fuckhole.  I’m so grateful, hyungnim, I’m such a grateful fuckhole.”

            Grunting, Sehun pulled out of him.

            He waited for the exquisite squirting of Sehun’s cum.

            Nothing happened.

            Oh!  Rousing himself from his blissful state, he realized that he hadn’t done his part.  “Sorry, hyungnim.”  Hastily, he reached back, holding himself open like Sehun had asked him to do before.

            There was another grunt, but no spurt.  Confused, he looked around.

            Sehun was getting up, putting his clothes back together.

            There was cum on the floor.

            Gutted, Hwanhee stared at it.  At those damning splatters of cum.  Heartbroken, he slid down the side of the bed, just staring at his own failure.

            Sehun had come on the floor.  Not on him.

            He hadn’t done his job.  He hadn’t been a good enough vessel.  Sehun wouldn’t even come on him anymore.

            Moaning miserably, he didn’t know what to do.  He had to fix this, he had to make it right.  Desperate, he started licking it up.  He sucked Sehun’s cum off of the floor, brought it into himself, swallowed it down.  He licked every drop, licked until there was nothing under him but gleaming wood, and kept licking.

            “You ready to act like a pet again?”

            Hope didn’t bloom in him like a tender thing; it spiked through him, jagged and quick.  “Yes!”  He crawled right to Sehun’s feet, zipped right across the floor.  Hands behind his back!  Ass out!  “Yes, yes, please, I’m a pet, I’m your pet, I’m only your pet, no one else’s.  I couldn’t ever be anybody else’s.  Only yours, hyungnim, only you get to use me, I swear it.”

            Sehun grunted, cupping Hwanhee’s chin.

            He gazed up at Sehun.  Hopeful.  Grateful.  Really fucking desperate and really fucking determined.  “You own me.”

            “All right.  Take your clothes off,” Sehun said, walking away.

            “I belong to you,” he said as he undressed.  Until Sehun said it, he’d just keep saying it himself.  He’d just keep making it true.  He hoped that Sehun had something really, really humiliating in mind to do to him.  Something he could use to prove himself, to show Sehun how devoted he was.  “Do you want to tie me up?”

            Sehun stopped moving, his back to Hwanhee, one hand on the edge of the dresser.

            He stared at Sehun’s broad shoulders, his heart racing.  “I brought milk, do you want to pour it on me?  I’ll do anything you want, hyungnim, I’ll do anything you ask me to.  Please let me degrade myself for you.”

            Slowly, Sehun’s hand closed over the collar on the dresser.

            “It’s a dog collar,” Hwanhee said.  “It’s for real dogs, I know, I looked it up on-line.  I let you put it on me because I’m yours and you can do anything you want to me.  I let you make me wear a dog collar just for you because you own me and I’ll let you do anything.”

            Picking up the collar, Sehun turned.  “You let me make you?”  He slammed the collar back down on top of the dresser, his glare furious.  “I shouldn’t have to make you do anything, you ungrateful shit!  You should want to do it!  You should be thanking me for it!”

            It was all going so wrong, Hwanhee was almost overcome by desperation.  “I do thank you!  I’m grateful, please, I’m so grateful!”

            “You’ve never been grateful for anything I’ve done for you!” Sehun shouted.  “I bought this collar for you, have you begged me to put it on you?  No!”  He stormed across the room, past Hwanhee, who stared around in pained despair.  “I prepared all of this for you!  A bowl full of water!”  He picked up the black dog bowl and threw water across the floor.  “You don’t want it!  You aren’t grateful for this!  A special meal, just for you?  You don’t want it!”  He picked up the second bowl, a perfect match to the first one, and flung cereal onto the floor.  “Ungrateful slut!”

            “I’m grateful!  I’m grateful!  I want it, please, I want all of it!”  To show how badly he wanted it, how sincere he was, he put his face right down on the floor and started eating.

            He devoted himself to it completely.  Kept his head down and focused on his special meal.  The water had splashed and puddled all over the floor, and the cereal had rolled in all directions.  He crawled across the floor, his naked ass in the air, licking up water and searching for more cereal.  While he was chewing, he said, “I’m grateful, thank you, I’m grateful for everything.”  Fresh water and a whole second bowl, a whole dish of cereal?  Sehun had done something really special for him!  Had thought about him ahead of time, had tried to feed him, to take care of him!  “I’m really grateful, thank you, it’s delicious.  You’re too good to me, hyungnim, thank you.”

            “I am too good to you,” Sehun muttered.  “Selfish slut.  Get over here and make yourself useful.”

            Useful!  “I want to be useful,” he panted.  Sehun was by the bed, undressing.  He crawled over there, watching with hungry, fascinated eyes.  “You’re so handsome, hyungnim, there couldn’t be another prince as handsome as you.”

            “I know.”  Sehun dropped his underwear right on Hwanhee.

            Thrilled, Hwanhee caught it in both hands and hugged it to himself.

            Sehun picked up a strip of black cloth.

            Hwanhee recognized that piece of cloth.  He knew what it was for.  He felt seriously unsure about letting Sehun do this to him.  “I’m yours, I’m yours,” he chanted softly as Sehun reached for him.  “You own me, I belong to you.  I’m a grateful slut, I’m a grateful pet.”

            Sehun took the underpants from him and tossed them aside.  He kept chanting to himself, giving himself strength, soothing himself, as Sehun tied his bracelets together.  Tying his bracelets together meant tying his wrists, and Sehun tied them tight.  No slack, no room to move.

            “Thank you, Prince Sehun.”  His voice was shaky, but he kept going.  “Thank you for giving me permission to wear this for you.”

            “Okay.”  Sehun crawled onto the bed, settling on his stomach.  To Hwanhee’s amazement, he pushed a pillow under his hips.  “You can rim me.”

            Was this seriously happening?  “Yes!  Yes, hyungnim, yes, thank you, I will, I’ll do it.”  Climbing up onto the bed, he couldn’t believe his luck!  “I’m grateful, I’m so grateful.”

            Sehun’s ass was pale and smooth, and his legs went on for miles.  Hwanhee had to hurry and get started right away, but it was really tempting to stop and just stare for a while.

            With his hands tied together, he didn’t have a lot of options for movement.  He tried leaning on one arm and just pushing his face against Sehun’s ass.  Mmm, Sehun’s skin was soft, it felt so nice.  “Grateful,” he mumbled, and then he licked Sehun’s asshole.

            “I thought you were a slut,” Sehun said.  “You should be able to use your mouth better than that.”

            This was one of the most important chances to serve his prince that he’d been given.  This was a really intimate thing to be able to do for Sehun, and he had to get this right, he had to do his absolute best.

            Nuzzling his face right in there, he licked the pucker again.  He licked gently at first.  He didn’t know which kind of guy Sehun was, the kind who wanted to start out shyly and let it build, or the kind who squirmed like it tickled and wanted him to get right to it.  He wasn’t a very good slut, maybe, because he hadn’t done this very much before.  But he trusted in himself to get this right.  It was too important to get wrong.

            Going for it, he wormed his tongue in there.  Sehun shifted, ass pushing against his face, and he didn’t know what that meant.  Was it a good squirm or a bad one?  Asking for more or just trying to get comfortable?  Deciding to keep going until he had other instructions, he thrust with his tongue, closing his eyes and making love to Sehun’s asshole.

            Because Sehun was a prince, and this was such an intimate, sensitive act, he wanted to be tender.  He couldn’t get aggressive with such a special part of his prince’s sacred body.

            But he was really turned on.  And the more he did this, the hornier and needier and more into it he was.  Sehun’s skin was so soft and access to Sehun’s asshole was so unexpected, this act seemed unbearably erotic.  And Sehun had such a sexy asshole!  All tight and forbidding at first, and then relaxing for him, opening up to him, wanted to be tasted.  Burying his face in Sehun’s ass, he licked, sucked, fucked as far as his tongue could reach.  He was mumbling, “Thank you for letting me, you’re delicious, I’m so grateful,” and his cock was so hard, he was leaking right on Sehun’s sheets.

            This was paradise.  To serve his prince so intimately.  He was grateful for everything that his prince gave him permission to do, but he was especially grateful for this.

            Finally, Sehun shifted under him, stretching.  “Mmm.”  Sehun’s foot rubbed over his thigh.  “Down, off the bed.”

            Sehun’s voice wasn’t angry at all anymore.  Just lazy.  Not sleepy lazy, but kind of drunk lazy, pleased lazy.

            “Thank you, hyungnim.  Thank you for letting me taste you.  I’m grateful, I’m so grateful, you’re so handsome and sexy and delicious.”  He slid down onto the floor.  As he moved, he was reminded that he was tied up, his hands trapped together.  Anxiety leapt in him but he swallowed it back down.  He didn’t need to use his hands, it was fine, Sehun would untie him later.

            As he rolled to his feet, Sehun casually fondled himself.  He had a hard-on!

            Hwanhee stared at it, fascinated.  Had he done that?  Had he turned Sehun on?  “Thank you, hyungnim, thank you for letting me,” he said again, eagerly.

            Strolling around lazily, unselfconscious about his hard-on, Sehun bent down and picked up one of the dog bowls.  Then he picked up the bottle of cola that Hwanhee had brought and carried them both over to the corner, in front of the closet.  “Here,” he said.  He sounded bored.  Not unhappy bored, just kind of generically bored.  Like someone who’d gotten up during a commercial break on a lazy afternoon to feed the dog.  As Hwanhee crawled over to him, he poured some of the cola into the bowl.

            Just as Hwanhee arrived, Sehun set the bowl down in front of him.  “Drink, pet.”

            Pet?  He needed to obey, but first he had to stare up at Sehun’s face.  Had he heard that right?  Had he wanted to hear it so badly, he’d imagined it?  “You own me?”

            Sehun reached down and tousled his hair.  “Of course I own you, Hwan-ah.  Go ahead and drink, and then I’ll put your collar on.”

            “Thank you,” he breathed.  Those amazing words, the simple way Sehun said them, made up for all of his uncertainty, made up for the earlier devastation.  Sehun was taking him for granted!  “I’m so grateful.”  Dazed, feeling like the most spoiled pet in the world, he lowered his face to his bowl and drank.

            The cola was sweet and fizzy.  It had been meant for Sehun to drink, but Sehun was sharing it with him!  The servant got to drink from the prince’s beverages!  Not from a cup, not directly from the bottle, like the prince would, of course.  From a dog bowl on the floor.  But that only made it better.  Sehun was putting him in his place.  He had a place.  “I’m so grateful,” he said, coming up for air.

            Sehun’s foot rested on his bare ass.  “Finish it, pet.”

            Oh!  “Yes, thank you, I’ll drink it all, you’re so good to me.”  He put his face back in the bowl.  Sehun had called him “pet” again.  It sounded like the sweetest thing anyone had ever called him.  He drank slowly, cherishing the moment.  The weight of Sehun’s foot on his ass, pressing him down, anchoring him on the floor, keeping him in front of his bowl, felt like a royal blessing.

            He licked his bowl clean, showing how dedicated he was, how grateful he was.  Sehun’s foot was still there, though, so he kept going.  He licked the bottom of the bowl slowly, relishing his chance to humiliate himself.  Moaning, aching with pleasure, he licked the sides of the cheap plastic, licked it obsessively, licked it with the same worshipful tenderness and sexual craving he’d licked Sehun’s ass.  “Ooohhh, thank you, hyungnim, I’m so grateful, you’re so good to me,” he moaned, and he dragged his tongue hungrily over the bottom of his very own dog bowl.

            “Good pet,” Sehun said, and Hwanhee moaned ecstatically.  The simple words sounded like the most effusive praise.  Sehun’s foot lifted, but he stayed down, absorbed in his bowl, making love to it.

            When he realized that Sehun was walking away, though, he looked up.  With an inquisitive whimper, he turned to follow his prince and fuck!  His hands were tied!  Yelping, anxious, he brought his wrists to his face, licking the black cloth that bound him.  He chewed on it for a minute, not trying to bite through it, just trying to get used to it, trying to interact with it, trying to deal with it.  His heart racing, he sucked on the knot Sehun had tied.

            Standing over by the dresser, tall and cool and bored, casually eating grapes, Sehun watched him.

            He gave up on his hands.  It was okay, it was fine, Sehun would untie him later.  He crawled across the floor, wanting to be close to his prince.  Did Sehun like the grapes?

            When he got there, Sehun said, “You’re cute,” and put a grape in his mouth.

            Oh!  He bit into it automatically, gazing up at his prince in awe.  It burst over his tongue, so wet, so sweet, it was the most delicious grape he’d ever eaten.  “Thank you, hyungnim, thank you for letting me eat.”

            Sehun ate a cracker.  “You look pretty tied up like that.”

            “Thank you, hyungnim.”  See, it was good that his hands were tied, it was a good thing.

             Sehun fed him a piece of cheese.  “You hate it, don’t you?”

            “I love it,” he said, swallowing.  “I love everything you do to me, I’m grateful for everything.  Thank you for-”  Sehun pushed another grape into his mouth and he ate it.  He was kind of losing the thread of the conversation.  The way Sehun’s thumb kept brushing his lower lip was wonderful.  “Are we talking about cheese?”

            “We’re talking about tying you up.”  Sehun tried one of the chocolate chip cookies.  “Hunh, these aren’t bad.  You hate being tied up.”

            “I love it.  Thank you for doing this to me.  It, uh, it feels, uh,” he gave up on specifics and just insisted, “I love it.”

            “Good.”  Sehun opened the top drawer of his dresser and pulled out a necktie.  “Roll on your back and put your feet up.”

            What was that necktie for?  “Hyungnim?” he asked, moving slowly.  His gaze flickered from the necktie to Sehun’s face, back and forth.  “Hyungnim?” he asked again, anxiously, as he lowered the back of his head to the floor.  He needed a reassurance, here, he needed to be told that the skittering dread he was experiencing was totally unwarranted.  Sehun was smiling down at him, and he told himself that was a good thing.  A smiling prince was a happy prince, and whatever made Sehun happy made him happy.  “I’m grateful,” he whispered to himself, slowly raising his legs.  “I’m really grateful.”

            “Legs up, feet together,” Sehun instructed.

            A command.  Instructions.  He liked instructions.  He liked having a command to obey, a way to prove that he was listening and devoted.  “Yes, hyungnim, I’m grateful,” he said, stretching his legs higher.

            Sehun wound the tie around his left ankle.

            He closed his eyes.  He couldn’t watch this.  “Thank you,” he said, but it came out shaky.  He wasn’t looking but he could still feel it.  The cloth closing snugly around his ankle.  First the left one, then the right one.  Tying them together, Sehun was tying them together.  Whimpering, he shuddered, trying to contain his fear.  He could feel the cloth tightening around his ankles, binding them together.  And he couldn’t have fought it if he’d wanted to, because his hands were bound, too.  “Okay,” he panted, squeezing his eyes shut.  “Okay, okay.”  He could deal with this, this was great, this was what his prince wanted, he could handle it.  “Okay, hyungnim, thank you for this.”

            “Thank me for what?” Sehun asked.

            “For doing this to me, for letting me wear one of your ties.  I’m always grateful when you dress me up.”  That was what it was.  It wasn’t bondage.  It was dress-up.  Sehun liked to make him - - let him - - wear things.  Decorating him, Sehun was decorating him, it was like being decorated.  Showcasing the necktie like he’d showcased the harness.  None of these thoughts slowed down his racing heart, but he told himself that he was calmer now, told himself that he was getting a grip.  He was fine.  This was great.  “Okay,” he said, and he swallowed.  “Okay,” he said, and his voice sounded stronger now.  See?  He was fine.

            Sehun’s hand drifted down his leg, stroking his shin.  “So cute,” Sehun said, and the approval in his tone made everything else easier to take.  Sehun liked it.  Sehun was happy with him.  He breathed easier, the knots of anxious tension in his chest relaxing.  “Okay, pet, back on your knees.”

            When he opened his eyes, he could see two neckties knotted around his ankles, one red, one red and white striped.  He tilted his chin up, breathing at the ceiling, not looking again as he lowered his feet.

            Getting up took some work.  Took some physical coordination, but the real effort was mental.  Not being able to separate his ankles meant that he wanted to use his hands for balance, but his wrists were locked together, too.  He felt helpless, and that fucked with his head so much, he was having trouble catching his breath.  Distressed, anxious, he turned to his powerful prince for help.  Finally up on his knees, he whimpered, gazing up at Sehun, pleading with his eyes.  “Hyungnim?” he asked, offering his bound hands.

            “You’re fine, pet.”  Sehun put a grape in Hwanhee’s mouth.  “Here, chin up.”

            He raised his chin higher, wondering - - oh!  His collar!  “Ooouhhh.”  He watched gratefully as Sehun took it from the top of the dresser and reached for him.  “Thank you,” he said, smiling up at Sehun.  He knew what the collar meant!  “You own me,” he said as Sehun closed the collar around his neck.  “I belong to you.  Property of Prince Sehun, right?”

            “That’s right,” Sehun said, buckling it.  It fit him perfectly, it was nice and snug, not too tight.  Sehun pinched his cheek, and he blushed, loving the attention.  “Keep smiling like that, pet, and someone’s going to think that you like being treated like this.”

            “But I do!”  He laughed, thrilled to have been collared by his prince.  “I love it, thank you, hyungnim, thank you for letting me wear it.  I’ll do my best to be a good pet for you, I’ll work hard for you.”  Sehun owned him, really owned him.  Collaring him was like claiming him.

            Sehun tousled his hair and went back to eating.

            Shifting on his knees, he tried to get comfortable.  He pretended that his ankles weren’t tied, he could move his feet any time he wanted, he just preferred kneeling with his ankles pressed together.  He didn’t know where to put his hands.  He tried holding them under his chin, but it was awkward.  When he let his hands hang, though, he kept bumping into his own hard-on, and he wasn’t allowed to touch himself without permission.

            Sehun fed him another piece of cheese.  It was such a nice thing to do, he felt really grateful.  “You’re too good to me, hyungnim, you’re too nice.”

            “I know.  You want a cookie?”

            He nodded quickly.  “Yes, yes, please.”  He wanted anything Sehun wanted to give him.  He opened his mouth in anticipation.  Sehun let him bite half of the cookie, and once he’d swallowed that, Sehun let him eat the other half, too.  “Thank you, hyungnim,” he mumbled around a mouthful of sweet crumbs.

            Sehun ate some more, then fed him a grape.  “Want another cookie?”

            “Oh, yes, please, hyungnim, thank you.”

            Sehun held it out to him and then, at the last second, Sehun pulled it away.  His teeth closed on air.  “Uh?”  He blinked, but Sehun was offering the cookie again.  He opened his mouth for it, and then Sehun pulled it out of reach!  “Hyungnim!” he exclaimed, laughing, exasperated.  “Please, let me - - ahh! - - have it!”  Sehun kept doing it to him, offering it to him and then snatching it away just when he almost had it.

            Sehun was smiling at him and he liked this game, he liked this challenge.  Laughing, he scooted around, chasing the cookie.  Up on his knees with his ankles bound, he could barely get anywhere fast, but he jumped around after the cookie, anyway.  Why wouldn’t Sehun let him have it?  “Hyungnim!  Please!” he exclaimed, lurching towards it and laughing when he just missed it.

            “Okay, pet, here.”  Sehun dropped it on the floor and ground his heel into it, crushing it into crumbs.

            Oh!  “Thank you!” he said gratefully.  He dropped down onto his side and rolled onto his stomach, then squirmed over until he was close enough.  He licked up all of the crumbs, moaning happily over his treat.  He’d gotten his cookie!  “Thank you, thank you for letting me eat, it’s delicious.”

            Licking his lips, he was writhing around, rolling back up onto his knees, when he suddenly had Sehun’s foot in his face.  There were crumbs on the heel!  With a quick moan, he stuck his tongue out, licking.  Cleaning his prince off.  It was a privilege to be able to do this with his own mouth, and he groaned blissfully as he sucked chocolate off of his prince’s skin.  When Sehun’s foot stayed there, in his face, he just kept going, licking his way up the sole.  With dreamy, single-minded focus, he worshiped his prince’s foot, grateful for the opportunity.

            When Sehun’s foot left him, he whimpered, moving after it, following it with his face for a couple of inches, deprived.  “Thank you for letting me,” he said, missing it already, wanting to kiss the top of it.

            “Thirsty?” Sehun asked, twisting the cap off a bottle of water.

            “I’m however you want me to be, hyungnim.”  He licked his lips, anticipating the cool splash.

            Sehun smiled at him.  “Good answer.”

            The praise warmed him, and he moaned, letting his mouth fall open wide as Sehun tilted the bottle over his face.  Sehun watered him slowly, and he closed his eyes, soaking up the rainfall like a grateful plant.  Water trickled gently over his forehead, down his face, pouring into his mouth and dripping into his hair.  It was a sweet, cleansing rain, and he turned his face slowly from side to side, sighing happily.  When the rain stopped, he opened his eyes.  Sehun was still watching him, and he let the water he’d caught in his mouth pour over his slack lower lip, let it drool down his chin.

            Sehun was smiling again.  “Pretty,” he said, tousling Hwanhee’s damp bangs.  “How far apart can you get your knees?”

            Um.  He shifted, trying to spread his legs.  He wanted to do a good job, so he made himself keep going even when his thighs ached and the neckties were digging into his ankles.  “This far?”

            “Mmm.  Good.  Roll over.”

            Grunting, he dropped onto his side and rolled onto his front.  He tried to push up on his elbows.  Sehun was behind him, and then there was no warning whatsoever but Sehun’s slick finger was pushing into him.  “Ahh!”  Gasping, he squirmed, trying to work his knees farther apart.  The quick, careless way Sehun lubed him felt amazing.  It was a powerful reminder of his purpose here, of his function in life, of how thoughtlessly his prince was about to use him.  “Thank you, thank you.”

            It was one of those long, hard fucks, where Sehun pinned him down and rutted on top of him, slow and merciless.  If he’d felt helpless under Sehun before, he felt it even more keenly tonight, with his hands and feet bound.  He couldn’t have done more than squirm away, if he’d wanted to.  And he didn’t want to, he wanted to stay right where he was and take this rough, relentless pounding.  Sehun was thrusting steadily, the quick slap loud in the air as their bodies smacked together over and over again.  Sehun was grunting, panting, working hard at hammering his ass, and he was grateful for it, so grateful.  He was in a weird state of rejoicing panic, freaked out about being bound but blissfully happy about being used.  His ass hurt from Sehun’s brutal pounding but every thrust forced another jolt of pleasure through him, hot shocks of ecstasy rocking his body.  Sehun was fucking him so hard that he was slowly sliding towards the door, his body pushed forward with the force of Sehun’s thrusts.  He kept squirming, trying to be a comfortable fuckhole for his prince, trying to get his legs out of the way, his knees wider, his ass higher.  He had a huge, aching hard-on, but he’d been turned on all night, he couldn’t worry about that, his pleasure had nothing to do with this.

            “Hot little pet,” Sehun panted, driving crudely into him.  So deep, so aggressive, he groaned, reveling in it.  “Such a hot little slut.”

            “Yes, ooohhh, yes.”  Pleasure blazed through him at Sehun’s thrusts, Sehun’s words.  “Yes, hyungnim.  I’m your pet, I’m your slut.  Thank you for using me, I’ll be a good pet.”

            Sehun’s hand reached over his shoulder, gripping his jaw.

            “Unnhhh, aauunnh, ohh!”  Sehun pulled his face around.  Hot on top of him, chest plastered over his back, weighing him down, Sehun licked the side of his face.  Bit at his cheekbone, teeth sharp and hungry.  “Ahh!  Ohh, ohh, yes.”  Ecstatic, he squirmed, trying to twist around, trying to offer Sehun more of his face.  “Yes, thank you, oh,” he panted as Sehun’s tongue slithered over his cheek again.  He loved this, he savored it every time Sehun did this to him.  “Yes, thank you, yes.”

            “Dirty little slut,” Sehun panted, nipping at him, Sehun’s drool trickling over his cheekbone.  “Shameless, freaky slut.”

            “Your slut,” he insisted, his chest bursting with pride.  “I’m your freaky slut.”

            “Yeah, you are,” Sehun grunted, “mine, my pet, mine.”  Sehun spat in his face, and at the same time, he felt Sehun tense against him, felt Sehun’s erection shove deep.  “Unnh, ugh, uh!  Fuck,” Sehun panted, “oh, unnh, god, pet.”

            Sehun had come in his ass, Sehun had spat on his face, and in his mind it became the same thing, became one action, Sehun coming on his face.  He moaned gratefully, feeling it drip down his cheek, wearing it like a badge of honor.  “Thank you, hyungnim.  Thank you for using me, thank you for letting me take your jizz.  I’ll always work hard to be a good fuckhole.”

            Leaning close over him, Sehun spat on him again, tenderly.

            As Sehun got off of him, he stayed right where he was.  He’d been fucked so long and so hard, he felt like there had to be a worn spot underneath him on the floor, like he’d been pounded into a rut.  His ass was sore.  His legs ached.  His cock was begging for a single touch.  Sehun’s saliva slid down his face.  He was in heaven.  “I did my job,” he breathed, cherishing the moment.  “I did it.  You came in me.”

            “I sure did.”  Sehun’s bare foot rubbed over Hwanhee’s calf.  “Felt fantastic, too.  Roll on your back.”

            He obeyed immediately, because he was a good pet.  He winced as he did it, because his body wasn’t so sure about moving in new ways after that intense drilling, but he made his arms and legs cooperate.  Fantastic!  Sehun had said that coming in him felt fantastic!

            Sehun had walked away for a second, but as Hwanhee looked up, he was already coming back.  He had the small bottle of milk in one hand.

            Anticipation tingled through Hwanhee, happy and eager.  What was going to happen now?

            Kneeling beside him, Sehun grabbed his collar with one hand, dragging him upward.  Not the whole way up, just partway, his shoulders off of the floor.  Sehun’s hold on him was so strong, he let himself go limp, letting Sehun’s fist around his collar keep him up.  His head lolled, and he moaned happily, enjoying Sehun’s strength.

            “Mouth open,” Sehun said, and he opened obediently, shuddering with joy.

            Sehun poured the milk into him slowly, a gentle stream.  He kept his mouth open, his throat working, swallowing as Sehun nourished him.  It was a tender moment, nurturing.  Bound and helpless, slack and obedient in his prince’s grip, he just let it happen, just drank it all up.  Almost all of it went in his mouth, Sehun only letting a little spill over his chin, some overflow trickling from the corners of his mouth.

            As the bottle tilted higher, and he saw the end coming near, he tried to close his throat, tried to hold some in his mouth.  Sehun murmured, “Sshh, pet, swallow everything, drink all of it,” and he immediately relaxed, gurgling happily as Sehun emptied the bottle down his throat.  “Mmm.  Good pet,” Sehun said, kissing the side of his head and letting go of him.

            Released from his prince’s grip, he melted, relaxing down onto the floor.  He licked his lips, marveling at how well his prince treated him.  “You’re too good to me.”

            “I know.”  Sehun dropped the empty bottle on his chest and strolled away.  Crawling onto the bed, Sehun stretched lazily, looking satisfied and bored.  “There are shirts all over the floor of my closet.  Hang them up.”

            Oh!  A task!  “Yes, hyungnim, I’m going.  I’ll do it, I’ll start right now.”  He just had to figure out how to get up, first!

            He crawled across the floor.  It didn’t bother him at all that his hands and feet were still trapped, he was fine with it, right?  It was okay, this was how his prince wanted him.  It was just a different way to move around.  Right?

            He opened the closet.  There was a huge heap of shirts in front of him.  When he lifted his gaze, he saw a ton of empty hangers dangling there.

            It almost looked like someone had done this on purpose, to make a mess.

            Would his prince do that for him?  It was too good to hope for.  But he wondered!

            Assessing the situation, he had to admit it: he was going to have to get up.  Clutching at the door with his bound hands, he struggled up onto his feet.  Okay!  Once he was standing, he got to work.

            It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, to balance with his ankles tied, to wrestle the shirts onto the hangers with his wrists stuck together.  But he worked steadily, never hesitating, never giving up.  Every shirt on the rack was another victory.  He kept his ass poked out, just for Sehun, in case Sehun wanted to see it or use it.

            “You look cute writhing around,” Sehun said, when he was halfway through the pile.  “Fall down and get up again.”

            He didn’t let himself think about it first, he just flopped over.  He winced, grunting, when he hit the ground.  Shit.  “Thank you, hyungnim,” he mumbled breathlessly as he rolled over, struggling to get up again.  “I’m really grateful.”

            As he worked his way through the rest of the pile, Sehun made him fall over a few more times.  He did it every time, and he always thanked Sehun for it, but this maybe wasn’t his absolute favorite game.  He was still having real trouble getting his brain to accept his physical helplessness, and flailing around demonstrating how hindered he was and how much trouble he had doing simple tasks really messed with his head.

            But he was doing a great job on the shirts.  Picking them all up meant doing a lot of bending over, which meant showing off his ass a lot, so he made sure to keep it pushed out, waved it around some, in case Sehun wanted to see that.

            Finally, it was all hung up.  Dozens of shirts, right in a row.  He’d tried to put like colors together, to make it organized and nice for his prince.  Finished, he sank down onto his knees.  “Is that okay, hyungnim?”

            Sehun grunted approvingly.  “Looks good, pet, thanks.  C’mere.”

            He felt relief wash over him.  Glowing with happiness, he crawled-scooted across the floor.  “I hung everything up, hyungnim, I didn’t leave anything down there.”

            “I know, pet, you did it just right.”

            He smiled as he reached the bed.  “A prince’s pet belongs on the floor, not a prince’s clothes.”

            Chuckling, Sehun reached for him.  Stretched out on the bed, up on one elbow, Sehun fondled his collar.  He lifted his chin, giving his prince more access.  “I want you to remember something.”  Sehun tugged on his collar, pulling him forward.  At the hard, intent expression on his prince’s face, he swallowed, widening his eyes, leaning even closer, wanting to catch every word.  His prince gave his collar a quick tug, jerking him forward, and then his prince was breathing in his ear.  “I own you.”  A soft, menacing, hissing sound made him shiver.  “I own you, Hwan-ah.  You are mine, you belong to me.  My pet is my property.”  Another seething hiss.  “Mine.”

            He gulped, thrilled.  Thrilled by Sehun’s intensity, by Sehun’s fierce claiming of him.  “Yes, Prince Sehun.  I’m yours, I belong to you.  Prince Sehun’s property.”

            “Whether you’re wearing this collar or not, whether you’re wearing my cum or not, whether I’m in the goddamned room or not.  I don’t care what you’re doing or where you are, Hwan-ah, I don’t care if you’re dancing onstage or bouncing on someone else’s cock.  You.  Are.  Mine.  My pet, my property, my Hwan-ah.”

            “Yes, I am, I’m always yours.  All of the time, I swear it.”

            Giving his collar another rough jerk, Sehun stared into his eyes.  “My pet,” he ordered.

            “Your pet,” Hwanhee agreed immediately.  He’d expected to be devoted to his prince, that was how it went, but he’d never expected his prince to be so insistent about owning him.  Sehun’s intensity was always a gorgeous, heart-pounding thing, but this intensity was about him.

            Sehun snarled a little, still staring right into him.  “My slut.”

            “Your slut!  Yes, yes, I’m your slut.”

            “My property,” he said, his breath coming out in a hiss.

            “Your property, always, I belong to you.”

            This hiss was softer, his expression less furious.  “My Hwan-ah.”

            “Your Hwan-ah, I’m totally yours, totally and completely yours.”

            Sehun gripped his collar for a minute longer, just staring at him.  Then, finally relaxing, looking satisfied, Sehun released him.  “Good.  Badminton.”

            God.  What a thing to finish on!  Dazed, Hwanhee let himself slowly fall backward.  On his back on the floor, he just let everything swim around inside of him.  All of those emotions, those sensations.  Wow.  “Yours,” he said, getting used to everything.  Each new night with Sehun brought all kinds of new experiences into his life, and it took some time to let it all settle down inside of him.  Some of it was a lot easier to take than the rest of it.  Some of it he embraced enthusiastically.  Some of it he was not at all sure about.

            Like being tied up.  “I need this off of me,” he said abruptly, sitting up.  “I need this off, now, I-”

            “Okay, I’ve got it.  Hands first?” Sehun asked, sliding off of the bed in a beautiful waterfall of long legs.

            He thrust his bound wrists at Sehun.  “I can’t take it, I need it off, you have to-”

            “I’ve got it, it’s okay,” Sehun said, already tugging at the knots.  He didn’t know how Sehun’d done it, but in one quick tug, it all started to unravel, the cloth coming loose.  Sehun was still pulling the cloth off of him when he jerked his wrists apart.

            “Off, off, get it off of me,” he panted, scratching at his bracelets, ripping them off.  They bounced and rolled across the floor, and he was glad to see them go.

            “I’ve got it,” Sehun was saying again, working on his ankles now.  It all came apart so easily when Sehun untied it, like he’d barely been bound at all.  That made him feel a lot better, because Sehun really could untie him at any time, could easily set him free.

            Relieved, he rubbed at his wrists.  When Sehun set the ties aside, he kicked his feet, squirming, proving to himself that everything was okay.  See?  He could move however he wanted.  Nothing had ever really been wrong.  “God, okay,” he said, “okay.”  Whew!  He looked at the ties on the floor, but they were just ordinary neckties.  They wouldn’t even have been interesting if they hadn’t belonged to Sehun.  “You’re really good at this,” he said, thinking of how tightly bound he’d been and how effortlessly Sehun had untied him.

            Sehun grinned.  “I practice.”  Sehun unbuckled his collar.  He hated that, he wished that he could keep it on, but he guessed that he couldn’t wear it everywhere he went.  As he rubbed his neck, Sehun touched his shoulder lightly, and he moved into the touch, wanting to be cuddled.  “I didn’t let you get off.  Do you want to do it now?”

            Could he?  “Is that okay?” he asked.  “Can I jerk off, is it all right?”  He’d thought that he’d have to wait until he got back to his own dorm.  It would be amazing if he could do it here.

            “Sure,” Sehun said.

            He, uh.  He licked his lips nervously.  Embarrassed, he lowered his voice.  “Can I jizz in the dog bowl?”

            Sehun laughed at him, and that was embarrassing as hell, but it was a friendly laugh.  Sehun sounded happy with him, not mocking.  “Yeah, go ahead.  Get off however you want.”

            “You, uh.  You don’t have to look,” he said.  He crawled over to the bowl, but it was just a regular crawl, not waving his ass around.  It just seemed like the easiest way to get across the floor.

            “Do you want me not to look?” Sehun asked.

            It was kind of private.  A private thing, between himself and the dog bowl.  But he guessed it was okay if Sehun saw.  He didn’t have anything to hide from his owner.  “You can if you want.”

            As he mounted the bowl, he was already groaning.  The thrill of having the big, degrading bowl under him, so close to his aching cock, only turned him on more.  As he took himself in hand, his body reacted to his touch with an eager throb, pleasure blazing through him.  He was so horny, so eager to get off, so excited about being able to come in his bowl again, that he climaxed quickly.  As ecstasy exploded within him, cum erupted out of him, and he watched with immense satisfaction as he jetted into the bowl.  “Ooouhh, yeah, oooohh-hh, ooh.”  He groaned, milking himself thoroughly, rubbing his sensitive, dribbling cockhead over the black plastic.  “God, yeah, ooohhh.”

            Finally, letting go of himself, he just backed up a bit and stared into the bowl.  Cum all over it.  He was going to remember this forever.  “I just did that,” he said, amazed.  “We aren’t even playing anymore.  I just did it.  By myself.”

            Sehun cleared his throat.

            He poked at the bowl, and then he backed away from it.  “I’m not licking it up,” he decided.  It was his own cum, he wasn’t playing badminton, he was just going to leave it there.  Well, no, he couldn’t just leave his jizz around Sehun’s bedroom.  “I’ll wash it,” he said.

            “I’ll get it,” Sehun said.  “Don’t worry about it.”

            He blushed at that, his gaze swinging to Sehun.  He’d been worried about how Sehun might be looking at him just then, but Sehun’s expression was flushed and happy and a little amazed.  Kind of how he felt.  He laughed, relieved.  “You can’t!  It’s my - - you can’t clean up after me!”

            “Sure I can.  Owners have to clean up after their pets all of the time.  C’mere, do you want skinship?  Do you want to yell at me?”

            “Yell at you?” he repeated, taken aback.  He crawled across the floor again.  It felt great, now that he could move freely, swinging his arms around and putting his feet wherever he wanted them.

            Sehun grinned at him.  “It seems like you like to tell me off after we’re finished.”

            He’d never!  Well, yeah, he kind of had.  “Tonight was intense.  It’s always intense with you, every time,” he admitted.  “But I was so scared!”

            “Sorry about that,” Sehun said.  Climbing up onto the bed, he reached a hand down for Hwanhee.

            He took it, letting Sehun pull him up.  “You’re not sorry at all.”

            Sehun grinned, looking abashed but also proud of himself.  “I’m a little sorry.”

            “You wouldn’t say that I was your pet!  Why couldn’t you just say it?” he demanded.  “I was freaking out!”

            “I didn’t say that you weren’t my pet,” Sehun argued.

            “But you wouldn’t say that I was!”

            “Of course you are!  You know you are,” Sehun said, stroking his cheek.

            Oh, that felt good.  He sighed happily, snuggling up to Sehun, wanting more skinship.  “I know I am, but you wouldn’t say it.  I needed to hear it.  Don’t scare me like that!”

            “Sorry, Hwanhee-ah.”  Sehun hugged him, naked, all soft skin and wiry muscles against him.  “You’re a good pet.”

            He needed to be Sehun’s pet.  It strengthened him, it fulfilled him.  He didn’t know what he’d do if Sehun disowned him.  “You have to keep me, okay?”  He pressed his mouth against Sehun’s shoulder, holding on.  “You can have other servants, just don’t get rid of me.”

            “God, pet.”  Sehun cupped the back of his head, rubbed his back.  He just pressed closer, needing to feel more.  “That’s not going to happen.  I told you, before, I thought you understood.  This is a commitment, I made a commitment to you.  I can’t take this lightly, this isn’t casual.  I wouldn’t have agreed to do this with you if I weren’t going to keep you.  And there isn’t anyone else, there are no other servants, okay?  You’re the only one.”

            He’d needed to hear that, that Sehun took this seriously, that he wouldn’t be brushed aside.  He listened avidly, holding on to his prince, clinging to each reassurance.

            “I made a commitment to you,” Sehun said again, rubbing the back of his neck.  “You’re mine, Hwanhee-ah, it’s already done.  We can’t take it back.”

            Relief rolled through him and he sagged, going limp in Sehun’s arms.  “Oh, thank god.  Really?”

            “I told you, this is a real relationship.”

            “Relationship, okay, but people break up all of the time!”

            “I don’t.”  Sehun’s hand covered his nape, and he snuggled against Sehun’s chest.  “I don’t have a way to say this that won’t sound creepy, Hwanhee-ah.  But I don’t think that I could ever, ever let you go.  If anybody ever came between us, I would do whatever it took to get you back.  You belong to me, and I don’t even want to let you walk out of this room.”

            Really?  He smiled, lifting his face.  “You want to keep me like a real pet?”

            “You are a real pet,” Sehun said, stroking his cheek.  For a moment, Sehun returned his smile, and then Sehun’s expression turned serious again.  “This means a lot to me,” Sehun said quietly.  His eyes were solemn.  “You mean a lot to me, Hwanhee-ah.  When I first met you, when they introduced us.”  He grimaced, and Hwanhee saw regret in his eyes.  “I really fucked that up, I hate myself for that.  I’m sorry.”  Sehun’s caress was light on his cheek.  “I know I really hurt you.  I shouldn’t have done that to you.”

            It hurt him to see Sehun so unhappy.  And about him!  “No, it’s okay.  It’s okay, it worked out, right?  I know you didn’t want me, at first, but you gave me a chance.”

            Sehun snorted, looking away.  “It was never about giving you a chance.”  Sighing, Sehun kept petting him, caressing his face, his hair.  “You don’t even know how fucking amazing you are,” Sehun said, meeting his eyes again.  “You proved yourself the second I looked at you.  I didn’t keep telling you to get the hell away from me because I didn’t want you, it was because I wanted you too much.  I wanted you this much, I wanted to do all of this with you, I wanted to own you the second I met you.  But I didn’t want a relationship, I didn’t think that I could make that big of a commitment again.  For a minute, I thought that I could try something casual.”

            “When it’s convenient,” Hwanhee said, remembering.  He hung on Sehun’s every word, feeling like he was having a revelation.

            “Right, exactly.  I lied to myself, I knew that I was freaking lying to myself, and I lied to you.  I said that we could just meet up when it’s convenient.  I was selfish, I was a selfish coward, I would’ve said anything to justify getting a taste of you.  But as soon as it happened, it was too much.  You’re amazing,” Sehun said firmly, cupping his face.  “You’re fucking amazing, Hwanhee-ah, you’re a goddamned treasure.  You were brave and trusting and sexy and needy and everything I could have asked for.  This can’t be casual, I can’t do casual with you.  I need to own you completely.  You have to be mine, totally mine.  But I wasn’t ready for that, and I fucked up, and I hurt you.  And I’m sorry for that.”

            “You wanted me.”  He couldn’t believe it.  “You really wanted me?  The first time?”  He stared at Sehun’s handsome face, marveling.

            “I wanted to carve my name into you with my teeth,” Sehun said.

            Thrilled, he burst into laughter.  “You wanted me!  I thought you didn’t like me at all!”

            “There was nothing about you that I didn’t like.  I never thought that I’d find anybody like you, I thought that I’d just be on my own.  And then you walked in, innocent and full of hope and starved for cock.  You were perfect, I knew that you’d be perfect, I just couldn’t handle that.”

            Wow.  “You really were a coward.”

            Sehun slapped his thigh.  “You don’t get to say that to me.”

            He grinned.  “Sorry.”

            Sehun kissed the side of his head, stroking his hair again.  “Thank you for not giving up.  If you hadn’t been so freaking determined, if you hadn’t been so hell-bent on making me your prince, I wouldn’t have you.  And I need you, Hwanhee-ah.  However much you need me, I need you just as much.”

            Was that true?  That couldn’t be true.  He gazed into Sehun’s eyes, wondering.

            Sehun kissed his nose.  “You’re a special, precious pet.”  Sehun’s fingertip tapped Hwanhee’s lips.  “Don’t let the crap I say inside a scene rattle you.  Don’t let how I fucked up before make you doubt me.  I want this, Hwanhee-ah, I need you with me.”

            His heart swelled.  Adoring, he reached for Sehun’s face.  Sehun pushed his hand down, but he didn’t let that deter him.  “Can I kiss you?”

            Sehun thought about it, then tapped his shoulder.  “Here.”

            Sighing with pleasure, Hwanhee dropped a worshipful kiss on his bare shoulder.

            Sehun gathered him up, and he slumped contentedly against Sehun’s chest.  They stayed there for a while, and he relaxed in Sehun’s arms, thinking over everything that Sehun had just said to him.

            He hadn’t needed to work to win over his prince.  He’d been good enough right from the start.

            Eventually, Sehun said it was time to go.  He whined about it, but Sehun made him get up.  “Hwanhee-ah,” Sehun said as they got dressed.

            “Hmm?”  He started packing his bag.

            “Do you top your members?”

            “What?  Oh, no.  Well, some,” he admitted.  “But hardly ever.  I mean, I like it, and I don’t think that I’m bad at it, but if I have enough time to go in Jinhoo hyung’s room and get laid, I want to be the one getting the cock, not giving it.  But I’ve done it.”  Curious, he asked, “Why?”  He looked over, wondering.  “Do you want me to fuck you?”

            In his jeans, halfway into his shirt, Sehun stopped and stared at Hwanhee.  Then, “Badminton,” he said, dropping his shirt.

            Laughing, Hwanhee braced himself as Sehun came across the room.  “Wait, wait-”

            Sehun slapped him across the face.  “Badminton.”

            Whew!  Okay, so were they back out of it, now?  “What?” he asked, still laughing, breathless now.  He rubbed the side of his face where it stung.  “Why not?  I don’t know what you’re into.  I asked you, before, if there were things you didn’t like, or things you liked more than everything else, and you never said you weren’t into anal.”

            “I am into anal,” Sehun said.  “I’m not into anal with you.”

            Hunh.  Okay.  “But was the stuff I did today okay?  The, um, the rimming?”

            Sehun pulled his shirt on.  “Yeah, we’re going to do that again sometime.”

            Ooohhh.  “How’s my technique?  I can work on it!”

            “I’ll coach you more next time.”

            Okay, wow, yes, that sounded sexy.  “Badminton,” he said, zipping up his bag.

            “Nope,” Sehun said, running his hand through his hair.

            Aw.  It had been worth a shot.  “I can clean up the, uh, bowl.”  He glanced at it, weirdly fascinated.  It just sat there, threatening and beckoning, sloppy with his drying cum.

            “No, I’ll do it.”  Sehun bent down and picked up his bracelets.  He felt anxiety quiver in his gut.  Slowly, not rushing him, Sehun held them out to him.  “Do you want them?  Should I hold onto them?”

            He wanted to get rid of them.  Forever.  But they were just bracelets.  They couldn’t hurt him.  He reminded himself of how easily Sehun had untied him, how quickly he’d been able to get free the second he’d explicitly asked for it.  Breathing in, he said, “It’s okay.”  He took them from Sehun and pushed them into his pocket.

            “Are you all right?”  Sehun cupped his face, thumbs running over his cheeks.  Sehun’s smile made him feel good the whole way through.  “I tried not to get you too messy this time.”

            “Thank god you were thinking about that!  I didn’t care about it at all.”  He curled his hand around Sehun’s forearm, loving the way Sehun was caressing his face.  “Who are you into anal with?”

            Sehun chuckled and kissed his cheek.  “That’s none of your business, dongsaeng-ah.”

            “But you already know everything about my sex life.”

            “Yeah, about that.”  Sehun’s thumb rubbed over Hwanhee’s nose.  “Among you and your members, who has the biggest cock?”

            He grinned, poking Sehun in the stomach.  “That’s none of your business, hyung.”

            “It’s a one-word answer,” Sehun protested.  He laughed, squirming away, and Sehun caught him.  “Just give me a name.  Tell me it’s not you,” Sehun said, as he bounced in Sehun’s hold and said, “No, hyung, I’m not telling!”  Sehun grabbed him around the waist, trying to hold onto him.  “Just tell me it’s not you.  No, no!  Tell me it is you, is it you?” Sehun asked.  “Holy shit, what is Wei packing?”

            That made him burst into earnest laughter.  “Size isn’t important, hyung.”

            “It’s only ever the most hung guys who say that,” Sehun said.  “If you had to choose, who would you rather go down on, someone with three inches or Wei?”

            “You.”  Breathing in, he ran his hands over Sehun’s shoulders.  He raised his face, gazing into Sehun’s eyes, and then Sehun leaned close, their foreheads touching.  “You,” he whispered honestly.  The desire in him felt eternal.  “I’d always it rather be my prince.  I love your royal cock.”  Sehun’s hands cupped his elbows, and he closed his eyes, soaking Sehun in.  “Your sacred, princely cock.”

            “Oh, it’s sacred now?” Sehun asked, his voice soft and amused.

            “Mmm.  Your body will always be sacred to me.”

            A light touch at his mouth, Sehun’s thumb brushing his lips.  “Thank you, Hwanhee-ah.”

            “Thank you,” he breathed.  “I’m so grateful.”

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