First Shift

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            Now that he’d found someone for Sehun, Suho wondered if he’d been fair to the other members.  Luhan and Xiumin had each other; Kai and D.O. had each other.  But what about the others?  What about Chen?  What about Chanyeol?

            He told himself that he couldn’t possibly go out and find a sex partner for every one of his members.

            Then again, would it hurt to put in some effort?

            Over dinner at the dorm, he broached the subject with Xiumin.  “You know a lot of other idols, right?”

            Xiumin nodded.

            “Now that Sehun has a friend who likes the same things that he likes, I thought that it would be nice if some of the other members had that, too.  Have you met anyone who likes the things that Chanyeol likes?”

            Xiumin smiled at him, then laughed.  “No, I haven’t found anyone who called me ‘oppa’ and chewed on my ears.  But I’ll let you know if I do.”

            Maybe it had been a foolish question, but the idea lingered on Suho’s mind.  The members worked hard and deserved some private luxuries to help them to unwind, to reward them for their efforts.  He wanted to do something for them.

            A sleepover with Shinee usually perked them up, but Shinee was promoting in Japan right now.  Super Junior was busy, and he didn’t like to call on favors from DBSK unless he had to.

            Maybe the members would like a sleepover with someone new.

            He wondered if Teen Top as a whole would be interested.  Of all of the teams Suho could think of, Teen Top seemed like his best bet.  They were a known entity; they already had an understanding with EXO.

            He thought it over for a few days, and then he went to Teen Top’s dorm with Sehun for a scheduled visit.

            He’d spent a lot of time in Teen Top’s dorm, lately.  He usually brought dinner, and he was starting to become comfortable there, to know where things were.  For most of his visits, like tonight, Chunji and Changjo were around but the others were absent.

            Changjo was cleaning the kitchen; Suho helped him.  While Changjo cleaned out the fridge, Suho washed dishes at the sink.

            “Ah!  Ya!  What is this?” Changjo asked.  He sniffed a carton, recoiled, shuddered, looked curious, sniffed again, recoiled, and shuddered.

            Suho laughed.  He was so cute!  “Why did you smell it again?  Throw it away.”

            “How long has this been in here?  Did someone vomit in it?”

            “Maybe you should clean more often,” Suho suggested, rinsing a plate.

            “Eh.”  Changjo studied the label on a bottle, shrugged, and put it back into the fridge.  “When we get back to the dorm at three and we have to be up at six, who wants to scrub floors?  Who wants to do laundry?  All the hyungs want to do is fuck and sleep.”

            Suho understood very well.  It struck him as strange that Changjo said “the hyungs” specifically, and not “we” or “I.”  “That’s not what you want to do?”

            Changjo laughed and didn’t say anything.

            Intrigued, Suho glanced at him again and scrubbed brown gunk off of a bowl.  It wasn’t the first hint he’d had that sex among the Teen Top members was uneven.  Briefly, he wondered if things should be that way in EXO, but then he imagined the monstrous headache his life would be if he tried to rein in Sehun, Kai, and Tao.  Wincing at the thought, he scrubbed harder.  “Your team works hard.”

            “Thank you,” Changjo said politely, modestly.  His smile was so cute that Suho smiled back, charmed.  “EXO hoobaes work hard, too.”

            “Thank you, Changjo sunbaenim.  We’ll do our best.”

            Changjo laughed and leaned into the fridge again.

            “Does Teen Top ever take a break together?  Maybe go on MT?”

            Slowly, Changjo sat back on his heels.  He looked up at Suho with a suspicious smile.  “MT?”

            Ah.  Changjo was young, but he was sunbae enough to know about MT.  Blushing, Suho rinsed the bowl.  “To relax, to rejuvenate.  Does your manager give you time like that?”

            Strong, agile, Changjo rose to his feet and approached the sink.  He stood close, and Suho was suddenly keenly aware of how tall he was, how broad-shouldered and muscular this maknae was.  “Hmm.”  Changjo ran his fingers along the edge of the sink.  Suho focused on washing.  “We go on MT with 100% sometimes.”  He shifted his weight, resting his hip against the sink.  “It would be good to go on MT together.  My hyungs would like your members.”

            Suho didn’t know why his skin felt so hot.  People flirted with him much more overtly all of the time.  He usually either ignored it or brushed it off or responded politely.  Now some sunbae was standing a little too close and he felt really aware of the masculine strength of Changjo’s smooth, firm forearm.  Licking his lips, he told himself to get it together.  “Maybe I should talk with C.A.P. about it.”

            “Do you like it?” Changjo asked.  “Going on MT?”

            Suho had absolutely no intention of participating.  “All of those rowdy kids playing together?  Someone has to go along to baby-sit.”

            C.A.P. was barely through the door when Changjo was pulling on the front of his shirt and bouncing against him.  “Say yes say yes say yes say yes.”

            “Yes to what?” he asked as Niel and Ricky bumped into him on the way by.  They were deliberate and obvious about doing it, but not obnoxious, so he let them go without too much retaliation.

            “MT with EXO,” Chunji said, grinning.  “Suho hyung wants us to go.”

            “Say yes say yes say yes say yes,” Changjo chanted under his breath, bouncing around him.

            C.A.P.’s first thought was: Oh, hell, yes.  Fuck, yes.  Twelve good-looking hoobaes?  It would be the best workout of his life.

            Then L.Joe walked into the room, so relaxed and satisfied and fulfilled he looked like an ad for the after effects of orgasm.  For no obvious reason, he hugged Ricky, and Ricky hugged him back.

            How would it work, going on MT with Sehun and L.Joe?  “Is it okay with you?” he asked L.Joe.

            “Say yes say yes say yes say yes,” Changjo whispered, tugging on C.A.P.’s shirt and going down on his knees.

            Liking the look of him down there, C.A.P. stroked his thick, soft hair.

            “I don’t know,” L.Joe said, his arm still around Ricky.

            “Well, figure it out,” C.A.P. said.  “We’ll do it if it’s okay with you.”

            “What?” Niel asked.  “Why does this hyung get to decide for all of us?”

            “If he doesn’t like it, can’t we just leave him behind?” Chunji asked.

            “Is this real?” Ricky asked.  “You aren’t joking?  We’re going on MT with EXO?”

            “Say yes say yes say yes,” Changjo chanted, abandoning C.A.P. and walking on his knees to L.Joe.

            Laughing, L.Joe stroked Changjo’s face, caressing under his chin.  “MT with twelve people?  Isn’t that a bit much?”

            “It might kill me,” Ricky vowed, gazing into the distance.  “But I will die a happy man.”

            Oh Sehun.  Call sunbae.

            Curious, Sehun dialed during a break in practice.  He sat down behind Luhan on the floor, leaning against Luhan’s back, his arm around Luhan’s waist.

            L.Joe answered.  “Ah?”

            “Ah, L.Joe sunbae.  It’s Oh Sehun.”

            “Yes.  Are you working hard?”

            He smiled.  “Yes, sunbae, I’m working hard.”

            “Good.  Have you heard about this thing our teams are doing?”

            “Yes, I heard.”  Suho and C.A.P. were still negotiating, making plans for when to do it.  It was going to be in the same private, out-of-the-way place that they’d used before to meet their SM sunbaes.

            “What do you think?”

            He’d wondered how L.Joe might feel about it.  “I think that I want to do whatever you’re comfortable with.”

            “Should we eat kimchi there?” L.Joe asked.  “Is it okay with the other members around?”

            Sehun understood his pet’s nervousness.  It was one thing to do it with Suho in the next room; it was something else to do it with everybody roaming all over the place.  Sehun had a lot of members and they wouldn’t be on L.Joe’s turf anymore.  “I don’t have to go.  Or we could eat ramen with each other’s members and not eat any kimchi.  If you want kimchi,” he added, “we can have some.  We can eat by ourselves after dinner with everyone else.  But if we only eat kimchi it might be too spicy to have that much all at once.”

            “I don’t know if I can eat kimchi with you and then just eat ramen around you in front of everybody else,” L.Joe said.

            “We can eat in different rooms,” Sehun said.  “There are two floors.  I can stay upstairs if you stay downstairs, and then we won’t bump into each other.”

            “Why do I have to be the one on the bottom floor?” L.Joe asked, and Sehun laughed.  “Yeah, okay.  Would it be okay that way?  If we eat, and then stay away from each other?  It won’t be weird?”

            “It won’t be weird.”  The way he had sex with his members was relaxed and fun.  It was so different from the things he did with L.Joe, he wasn’t sure that he was ready for L.Joe to see him in that light, so sexually accommodating.  He wanted to get the most out of the time away without making himself or his pet uncomfortable.  “I think that it’s a good compromise.  Then we can both go and have a good time.”

            “Okay.”  There was a catch in L.Joe’s breath.  “Can we start?”

            Right over the phone?  Sehun slid his hand under Luhan’s shirt, finding the warm skin over Luhan’s tight abs.  “Yes, hyung.”

            “Sehun-ah, is there anything I should do to prepare for dinner?”

            Luhan leaned back against him and he ran his hand upward, over Luhan’s firm, smooth chest.  “I think that you shouldn’t eat anything the day before.  Dinner is best when you’re really hungry.”

            A hitch in L.Joe’s breath.  Turned on by that immediate response, Sehun closed his eyes, rubbing his thumb over Luhan’s nipple.  “Nothing?  Not even a snack?” L.Joe asked in the wondering tone he used when sexual pleasure was overcoming his uncertainty.

            “Mmm.”  Sehun pinched Luhan’s nipple, and Luhan squirmed, smacking at his hand.  Lightly dragging his nails across Luhan’s skin, he traveled downward again.  “Not a morsel.  You love everything I cook for you, don’t you?”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.  If it’s from you, I eat everything well.”

            “Then I’ll think up some spicy dishes to serve you.”  Suho was getting up; time to get back to practice.  “I’m hanging up now.  I want you to think very hard about exactly what you want to eat.  If you ask me nicely, you might get it.  But only if I think you’re ready to eat.   Good-bye, hyung.”  Smiling, he hung up and squeezed Luhan’s package.

            “Don’t start something with me you won’t finish,” Luhan said.

            “Why not?” he asked, kissing the back of Luhan’s neck.

            “Members!” Suho called.  “Now.”

            “Oops,” Sehun said, hopping up.

            “You little shit,” Luhan muttered.  “Ya, come back.”

            Between EXO and EXO-K and EXO-M and individual activities, the members’ schedules were an impossible tangle.  Looking at his calendar, Suho tried to feel fired up and determined, but sometimes he just wanted to weep.  Some weeks, sleep was no more than a distant memory.

            Finding a time when all twelve members were free and Teen Top was free was simply not going to happen within the next few months, unless they met for a total of twenty minutes.

            However.  Suho did see a way for Teen Top to meet with EXO-K once and then EXO-M later.

            C.A.P. responded to the idea with great enthusiasm.

            EXO’s members weren’t all quite as thrilled.  “We can’t go?” Tao demanded.

            “You can go later,” Suho said.  “You get the second shift.”

            “Luhan hyung and I can’t double team them?” Sehun asked.

            “I’ve got you,” Kai said, nodding at him.

            “It’ll be good this way,” Kris said.  “They’ll get over their nerves with you, so they’ll be good and ready for us.”

            Chanyeol was counting on his fingers.  With a devilish grin, he rubbed his hands together.

            “What?” Baekhyun asked.  “What are you up to?”

            “I’m going with a virgin, a celibate, a bottom, and two maknaes,” Chanyeol said.  “I’m hyung to all of their members except C.A.P. sunbae.”  Looking gleeful, he chortled.  “All of the ass will be mine!”

            D.O. blinked at him.

            “Hey, that’s not fair,” Kris said.  “I’ll have way more competition than that.”

            “You bet you will,” Luhan said, looking him up and down.  Xiumin laughed.

            Going to MT.  Going to MT.  Going to MT.  Ricky hummed under his breath, dropping an open bag on his bed.

            Then he regarded the bag, rethinking this.  What was he going to pack?  What did he really need to take, besides lube?

            He put the bag away again.


            He glanced up.  Changjo sounded pissed.  He wondered if he should intervene or stay out of it.  The hyungs were in really good moods lately, looking forward to the MT; they wouldn’t come down too hard.  He went to the front room.

            “You’re fucking kidding me!” Changjo was yelling.  “This is a fucking joke!”

            “Calm down,” C.A.P. said, shoving him onto the couch.

            “You know the rules,” Chunji said.  “It’s not a surprise.  Nothing’s changed.”

            “What?” Niel asked, sleepily rumpling his hair.  “What’s wrong with the maknae?”

            “He wants to fuck EXO,” Chunji said.

            “It’s a fucking joke!”  Changjo was on his feet again.  “What am I supposed to do, sit around doing nothing?  Clean up after you, mopping up lube and cum?”

            “That would be great, yeah,” C.A.P. said.  “Do that.”

            “You can’t be serious.  They bring their maknae here on special trips just to get him laid, but I can’t have this?  I’m on the wrong fucking team!  I should have been in EXO!  They don’t treat their maknaes like kids!”

            “This is one of those times where yelling and acting like a brat doesn’t prove how mature you are,” Chunji said.  “There’s nothing to argue about, it’s over, we’re done here.  You’re not touching them and they’re not touching you.”

            “Then I’ll stay here.  I’m not fucking going.”

            “You’re going,” C.A.P. snapped.  “We’re not leaving you alone.”

            “I’d leave Niel alone,” Chunji said.  “I’d leave Ricky alone.  You, I don’t trust you when you’re in the next room.”

            “Fuck you,” Changjo said, hatred in his eyes.  “Fuck all of you.”  He was hurt, really hurt, and Ricky winced, wanting to help him.  Ricky knew how hard it had been to wait for his own birthday.  A sexless MT with EXO would have left him a broken man.  “When I have my birthday?  I’m not going to let a single one of you assholes touch me.”

            “Ya!” L.Joe said as Changjo stormed out of the room.  “Don’t even joke about that!”

            Opening his eyes to find Changjo crawling into his bed, Chunji said, “No, no,” and rolled over, turning his back.

            Immediately, he realized his mistake.  Shit, why had he done that?  Now Changjo was all along his back, pressed flush against him.  He wanted to lean back against Changjo’s silky-smooth, muscular chest and moan with pleasure.

            Intending to kick Changjo out, he started to roll over again, but Changjo’s hand was on his abdomen, urging him back against Changjo’s crotch, fingers stroking lower, lower.  “Oooohh, maknae,” he breathed, laughing.  “Get your hand away from my cock or I will break your fingers.”

            Changjo’s hand slid upward and rested there, splayed over his chest.  “Chunji hyung.”  Changjo snuggled in cutely, warmly around him.  “Chunji hyung,” he whispered coaxingly.

            “You’re not fucking EXO,” Chunji said.

            “Why?” Changjo demanded.  “Why not?!”

            “Because you can’t fuck me.  I’m not going to watch you fuck other guys when I haven’t had you yet.”  Twisting around, he turned over to face Changjo, poking his finger into Changjo’s chest.  “If I can’t have that gorgeous cock you’ve been taunting me with, no one else can have it, either.  And don’t think for a second that we’re letting anyone else anywhere near your ass before we get to it.  You’ve spent all year crawling into our beds whispering about what you’re going to do to us after your birthday.  We have plans, too.”

            Changjo’s eyebrows went up.  “Plans?”

            “Plans,” Chunji said firmly.  “That cock is mine, maknae.  I’ll be damned if some hoobae gets there first.”

            Changjo licked his lips, running a very nice hand up Chunji’s thigh.  “I could fuck you tonight.  So you can be first.  And then we can have fun on MT together.  I can fuck you there, too.”

            That made for a terrific fantasy, but, “Andy hyung’s rules.”  He pushed Changjo’s hand off of him.  “Go bother L.Joe.”

            Changjo turned sulky.  “If you want my cock so much, shouldn’t you be nicer to me?”

            Chunji plucked at the leg of Changjo’s underwear and smiled.  “Trust me, that part of you?  I’m going to be very, very good to it.”

            EXO-K got to the MT house first.  While Suho checked to make sure that everything was in order and the fridge was stocked, D.O closed all of the curtains on all of the windows, and Chanyeol gleefully placed bottles of lube all over the house.

            “I’m not going downstairs, because I don’t want to make it awkward for L.Joe sunbae,” Sehun told Kai.  “Bring their members up to me sometimes.”

            Kai nodded, squeezing his shoulder.  “I’ll take care of you.  Is there anybody specific you want?’

            Sehun smiled.  “I want to try all of them.”

            Baekhyun sat beside D.O. on the couch.  “Should we strip down and greet them naked?”  Holding his arms out, he gave a little shake, winking.  “Hello!”

            D.O. snorted.  “Why are you like this?”

            Baekhyun shrugged and squeezed his thigh.  “Are you going to do stuff with them?”

            D.O. nodded.  “Some stuff.”

            “What about you, hyung?” Baekhyun asked as Suho walked by.  “Are you going to,” he winked, “make new friends?”

            “What?” Suho asked, looking flustered.  He smiled too far, his cheeks turning red.

            D.O. gave Baekhyun a hard, wide-eyed stare and punched him.

            “Nothing,” Baekhyun said.  “I just meant, ah…”

            “He meant that it would be nice if you got to know their members better,” D.O. said.

            “You should make friends,” Suho told D.O.  He backed away as he talked.  “Chunji sunbae and L.Joe sunbae are your age, aren’t they?”

            “Yeah, that would be nice,” D.O. said.  As soon as Suho was out of the room, he punched Baekhyun again.  “What was that?  Don’t tease him like that!”

            “What, ow,” Baekhyun said, wincing and rubbing his chest.  “Why can’t I?  Why is he like this?  We’re here to have sex!”

            “He’s not!”

            Baekhyun closed one eye and widened the other.  “What?  Why not?  Why did he come, then?”

            “Because he loves us!  This is difficult and embarrassing as hell for him and he’s not going to get involved but he set it up anyway, so leave him alone and enjoy it!”

            Baekhyun frowned at that.  “Then shouldn’t one of us, I mean.  We can’t just let him sit around while we do it.  If everyone’s moving around upstairs and downstairs, no one in Teen Top is going to notice if Kai and Suho hyung go into one of the rooms for a while, right?”

            “He won’t do it while they’re here.”

            “They’re not here yet, are they?  Let’s do it now.”

            “What, now?” D.O. asked as Baekhyun got up.

            “Suho hyung,” Baekhyun said, starting forward.

            “What’s wrong with you?” D.O. whispered.  “Stop it!”

            “Baekhyun-ah?” Suho called from the next room.

            “Why can’t you be subtle?” D.O. demanded.  “Are you trying to spook him?”

            “I, what?  Hold on, hyung,” Baekhyun said, and he glared at D.O.  “Do you want me to do it or not?!”

            “Oh my god, I’ll handle it,” D.O. said, and left the room.

            Baekhyun looked after him, looked around the empty room, looked toward the doorway again, and shrugged.

            Chanyeol jogged down the stairs and grinned at Baekhyun.  “Two bottles in every room.”

            Baekhyun laughed.  “Will that be enough?”

            “Probably not,” Chanyeol said, smiling broadly and sprawling on the couch.  “Ah, I’m going to get so much ass.”  Stretching his legs out, he crossed his ankles and laced his fingers behind his head.  “And you’re going to get so.  Much.  Cock.”

            “You think so?” Baekhyun asked, sitting on his thighs.  “I hope so.”

            “Will it be weird if we start without them?” Chanyeol asked, tugging at Baekhyun’s shirt.  “I can’t wait much longer.”

            “Chanyeol hyung,” Kai said, strolling into the room.  “Please don’t ask them to call you oppa.  Don’t be embarrassing.”

            “What’s embarrassing?” Chanyeol demanded.  “That’s not embarrassing.”  He grinned, waggling his eyebrows.  “Do you think that Chunji sunbaenim will call me hyung?”  Wrapping his arm around Baekhyun’s shoulders, he sighed happily.  “Chunji sunbae.  On his knees.  Sucking my cock.  ‘Oh, Chanyeol hyung, it’s so hard, I like it so much.’”

            “Or Niel sunbaenim,” Baekhyun said, leaning against Chanyeol’s chest.  “With those big, full lips.”

            Chanyeol growled a little and bit at Baekhyun’s ear.

            Kai glanced around.  “Where’s D.O. hyung?”

            “Here,” D.O. said morosely, shuffling back into the room.  “I broke Suho hyung.”

            While his hyungs pushed and shoved each other, fighting to be the first one out of the van, Changjo took his time.  He didn’t have anything to rush for, anyway.

            He’d been thinking about how to make the most of this trip.  His best plan so far was to see as much sex as possible.  If he couldn’t have his hyungs and he couldn’t touch EXO, at least he could watch.  EXO-K was six new guys he’d never seen in action before.  Six new bodies, six new cocks, six new ways of giving head, six new kinds of moaning and groaning.  He wondered if any of them liked to beg, or got really rough, or talked like Chunji.  He couldn’t wait to find out.

            He definitely wanted to learn all about how Suho had sex.  He wanted to see Suho more than anyone else.  He wondered how close they’d let him get.  It was difficult, a lot of the time, to get a good close up look at his hyungs’ assholes.  He could only get so near before someone noticed him.  He got turned on just thinking about looking at Suho’s.  It was probably as pretty as the rest of Suho.  He couldn’t wait to see it pink and slick and stretched around C.A.P.’s cock.

            When he walked into the house, everyone was greeting everyone else.  Chanyeol and Baekhyun looked excited; Kai was giving everyone a slow, deliberate once-over; D.O. looked polite.  He didn’t see Sehun or Suho anywhere.

            “C.A.P. sunbaenim,” Chanyeol was saying, bowing.  He kept rubbing his hands together and he didn’t stop smiling.  “You can put your bags anywhere.”

            “Ah, let’s be close,” C.A.P. said.  “Let’s drop the sunbae.  You kids can call me hyung.”

            “Okay,” Baekhyun said, grinning.  “You can call us hyung, too.”

            “Sehun’s upstairs and Suho’s, uh, busy,” Chanyeol said.  “Do you want something to eat?  Drink?”

            “I could start with a shower,” Chunji said.  He smiled, sinuously shifting his weight and running his tongue over his teeth.  “Anyone want to show me where it is?”

            “Fuck,” Chanyeol said breathlessly, and Changjo snorted with laughter.  These hoobaes were too innocent.

            “I’ll show you, hyung,” Kai said, extending his hand.

            While Kai and Chunji went upstairs, C.A.P. dropped his bag and nudged it aside with his toes.  “Let’s have a drink,” he told Chanyeol, and he ran his hand up the side of Baekhyun’s neck.  “We can get comfortable.”

            Baekhyun got the most happy, hopeful, “please fuck me” expression Changjo had seen all day.  When Chanyeol led C.A.P. and Baekhyun away, L.Joe trailed after them.

            Niel and Ricky looked at D.O.  Niel laughed.  “Hi.”

            Wearing a small smile, D.O. pointed upward.  “You should go upstairs.  You’ll like it.”

            Niel and Ricky looked at each other and, laughing, raced upstairs, pushing each other out of the way as they went.

            “What about you?” Changjo asked, alone with D.O.

            D.O. looked calm and happy.  He shrugged.  “Is anyone on your team good at making out without the rest of it?”

            “Without…sex?”  Changjo wondered why in the world he’d want that.  Intrigued, he studied D.O.  “Are you a virgin?”

            D.O. shook his head.  “I like sex.  Just.  Not everything all of the time.”

            Was that the weirdest thing Changjo had ever heard?  Maybe, yeah.  Now that he’d been asked to recommend one of his hyungs, he found the puzzle appealing.  “What kind of making out do you like?”

            D.O. immediately looked interested.  “What are your hyungs like?”

            “C.A.P. hyung’s too aggressive.”  Changjo dismissed him entirely.  With other guys around for sex, he wasn’t going to want to waste his time on someone who only wanted to make out.  “Ricky gets too excited.  Chunji hyung will want to flirt with you and tease you.”

            “I don’t like that,” D.O. said.  “Chanyeol hyung might, though.”

            Changjo filed away that information.  “You should try Niel hyung or L.Joe hyung.  Niel hyung’s going to try to grind against you, and L.Joe hyung’s going to kiss all over your face and neck,” he added, in case that made a difference.  “L.Joe hyung uses his teeth sometimes, too.”

            D.O. nodded and smiled.  “Thanks.”

            “Where’s your leader?”

            D.O.’s eyes widened slightly.  “Around.”

            When D.O. walked upstairs, Changjo went the way Chanyeol had gone.  He found a kitchen; Baekhyun was passing out cans of beer.  “Really?” L.Joe was asking.

            “Yeah,” Chanyeol said.  “D.O. takes things at his own pace.  We just let him do his own thing.  If he wants your cock, he’ll ask for it.”

            Changjo swiped a can and faded back behind L.Joe.

            “And we can just leave Suho hyung out of it,” Baekhyun said.  “Okay?”

            “Okay,” L.Joe said, nodding.

            Wait, what?  “Out of it?” Changjo asked.

            “He’s not here for sex,” C.A.P. said, taking the beer out of his hand.  “Neither’s Changjo,” C.A.P. told Chanyeol.  “I don’t want anybody touching him.”

            “Not even - - nothing?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Not one finger,” C.A.P. said.  “If you see him standing too close to somebody, tell me.”

            Changjo rolled his eyes and glared at his stolen can, mentally telling C.A.P. exactly where to shove that fucking bullshit.

            Baekhyun laughed self-consciously.  “Is it okay if I’m disappointed?”

            C.A.P. grinned at him.  “I’ll make it up to you.”

            Baekhyun took a drink, hiding a foolish smile behind his can.

            Oh, god, it had been so long since he’d had somebody new.  Kai groaned, sinking his fingers deeper into Chunji’s ass.  Naked, legs spread wide, bent over the sink, Chunji looked like a fantasy.  “Fuck, I can’t wait to get in you.”

            “Unh, yeah, ahhhh, you want it,” Chunji said.  Grimacing with pleasure, he bit at his lower lip.  Behind him, watching him in the mirror over the sink, Kai grunted with impatience.  Shit, it was true, Kai wanted it, now.  “Mmmm, that’s it.  Open me up, get me wet for your cock.”

            Delighted and seriously turned on, Kai shot Sehun a look.  Between Niel and Ricky in the shower, Sehun smiled at him in return, looking as thrilled as he was.  Wanting to find out what else Chunji might say, he pulled his fingers out and nudged his erection right up against Chunji’s asshole, exerting pressure but not going in, teasing with the head while he slicked his cock with more lube.  It felt fantastic, and Kai groaned, wanting to thrust, needing to go inside.

            “Oooohh, yeah, come on, put it in, fuck my ass,” Chunji urged.  He rotated his hips, rubbing back against Kai’s cockhead, his hole contracting and sucking and fluttering.  He was watching Kai in the mirror, expression hot with lust, licking his lips.

            Wanting to nip at Chunji’s pretty mouth, Kai snapped his teeth at Chunji’s reflection, sliding his dick up the cleft of Chunji’s ass and back down again.  Fuck, that felt good.  This was going to be great.

            Chunji raised a challenging eyebrow.  “Do it.  Fuck me.”    

            Groaning, turned on as hell, Kai gripped his hips, dragging him back, thrusting into him.

            “Yeah, ah, get in me, ah, that’s it, now pound my ass.”

            It was like Luhan in reverse.  Loving it, Kai thrust into him hard, deep, holding nothing back.  “You feel that?” he asked, his hands flexing on Chunji’s waist, his thrusts steady.  “Is that what you want?”

            “Yeah, unh, ahhhhh, come on, work that cock.”  The tip of Chunji’s tongue slipped over his lips as he began to masturbate, pulling on his own erection with slow, tight strokes.  “Fuck me harder, do it, fuck me like you mean it.”

            Oh, he wanted it harder?  Kai grinned, grunting with exertion, really giving it to him, slamming in.  Thrusting this hard sent pleasure crashing through Kai, and they both groaned.  Yes, fuck, yes.  Kai didn’t get very rough with his own members, but if this sunbae wanted it hard, Kai was more than happy to deliver.

            In the shower, Sehun had turned the water off.  He and Ricky and Niel were making out, fondling each other, fingering each other, moaning and whispering and grinding against each other.  With a husky groan, Niel went down on his knees, sucking Sehun’s erection into his mouth like he’d been waiting for it all day.

            Fucking this hard, his hips pumping enthusiastically, felt so good that it had Kai ready to come way faster than he was used to.  Normally, he lasted longer than this, but it turned him on to fuck someone new, and the way his hips were rocking hard and fast was signaling to his body that it was go time.

            “Yeah, give it to me, take my ass,” Chunji said.  His eyes closed as his head fell back, and he stroked his cock in rhythmic, squeezing pulls.  “Unh, unh, that’s it, ahhhh, yeah, keep going, fuck my hole, fuck me so good.”

            Oh, god, that was terrific.  Kai broke into a sweat as he plunged into Chunji again and again, fucking at a wild pace, loving the way Chunji’s smooth thighs made a rhythmic clapping sound against his.  Between the way Chunji’s ass gripped his cock and the way Chunji was urging him on, he was ready to explode.  “Hyung, I think - - fuck, I think I’m going to come.”

            Moaning, Chunji stared into the mirror, stared right at him, hot and direct.  “Do it.”  It was a challenge, a dare.  “Get off in my ass, Kai-goon, pump your cream in my hole, do it, fill me up.”

            That was it.  Groaning, Kai let go, welcoming the fiery burst of climax.  Coming, squeezing his eyes shut, he rocked his hips forward a few more times, squirting everything he had into Chunji’s ass.  There was something rewarding, satisfying, about coming in someone who’d instructed him so explicitly to do it.  With a sated moan, he stepped back, and Chunji turned around to face him.

            Kissing him, Chunji caressed the side of his face.  “Kai-goon.”  Chunji’s voice was soft; he looked up to find Chunji gazing into his eyes.  “Don’t get me wrong.  That was very nice.”

            That didn’t sound like it was leading anywhere good.  Kai started to feel uncertain.

            Chunji’s smile hardened.  “Don’t ever leave me hanging.  If you can’t get me off before you finish, make sure that you have back-up.  Understand?”

            Whoa.  It was like that?  “Yes, hyung.”  Kai hadn’t intended to leave him unsatisfied.  “Is it okay if I get you off with my mouth?”

            Chunji sniffed and ran his fingers along Kai’s jaw as if considering it.  His thumb traced Kai’s lip.  He shrugged slightly.  “All right.”

            Wondering if all of the Teen Top hyungs were going to be this interesting, Kai slid down to his knees.

            “This one,” Chanyeol said, gesturing to Baekhyun as they undressed, “squirms a lot.  He’s always moving around.”

            “Sounds like this kid,” C.A.P. said, tapping L.Joe’s calf with his toes as he pulled off his shirt.  “Barely holds still long enough for me to get my cock in.”  He grinned at Chanyeol.  “Feels great, though.”

            Fingering the waistband of his underwear, rubbing himself a little, Baekhyun shifted his weight self-consciously.  “Should we, I mean.”  He mimed hopping onto the bed.  “Just start?”

            “You got lube, I’m ready,” C.A.P. said, dropping his underwear and kicking it aside.

            “Oh,” Baekhyun said, exhaling suddenly, staring at him.

            “Oh, there’s tons of lube,” Chanyeol said with a smile, tossing C.A.P. a bottle.

            “Okay, wow,” Baekhyun said.  “Just, right to it, then.”  He hesitated beside the bed.  “Do you - - should I get on my back, or?”

            C.A.P. shrugged, already wetting his fingers and quickly slicking up his cock.  “Whatever works for you.  As long as I can get to your ass, I’m good.”

            While Baekhyun crawled onto the bed, L.Joe chewed on his lower lip and eyed Chanyeol.  As their eyes met, he scratched the back of his neck and smiled, wrinkling his nose.  “Can I see your cock?”

            “I wish everybody asked me that,” Chanyeol said, laughing and taking off his underwear.

            L.Joe smiled, stepping closer and running his fingers along the shaft, cupping the head.  Glancing up at Chanyeol, he gave it a light tug.  “It’s nice.  You want me to go down on you first?”

            “That, yes, okay,” Chanyeol said happily.  As L.Joe knelt in front of him, he watched eagerly, stroking himself.  L.Joe moved in without hesitation, going right for it, sucking his cock, licking right over his fingers.

            “Oh!  Oh, okay, that’s, ah!” Baekhyun moaned, gripping the bed as C.A.P.’s fingers slid into him.  “Whoa, ah, ah, uuuunnnhhhh!  Uh, uh, shit, that feels good.”

            “You like it?” C.A.P. asked, hand twisting and easing another finger inside him.

            “Ah, unnnh, oh god, yes,” Baekhyun moaned, shuddering, his hips jerking.  “What the hell are you doing to me, where did you learn this?”

            “Chunji,” C.A.P. said, crooking his fingers.  “You ready?”

            “For what?” Baekhyun asked, panting.

            C.A.P. chuckled.  “For my cock.  You ready for me to fuck you?”

            “Yes, yes,” Baekhyun said, pulling him closer, stroking his back, cupping his ass.  “Oh, you feel good.  How fast can you get inside me?”

            Grunting, C.A.P. shifted against him.

            “Ah!  That fast,” Baekhyun gasped, groaning as C.A.P. filled him in a swift thrust.  “Oh, god, that’s it, that’s, ah, right there, right, god!  Don’t stop, never stop.”

            L.Joe closed his eyes, bobbing his head, sucking slowly as his lips slid along the shaft of Chanyeol’s cock.  One hand was on his own hard-on, plucking at it lightly, teasing the head.  His other hand cupped Chanyeol’s balls, massaging, rolling.  Baekhyun’s fervent groaning and C.A.P.’s deep grunting almost covered the rhythmic, wet sounds of L.Joe’s mouth on Chanyeol’s cock, and Chanyeol moaned, gaze flickering avidly from L.Joe’s hollowing cheeks to the way C.A.P. was giving it to Baekhyun.

            Patting the top of L.Joe’s head, Chanyeol confessed, “I can’t take this, I have to fuck you.  Now, right now.”

            Laughing, L.Joe wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  “Okay, hyung, hold on.”

            Gasping, groaning, Baekhyun felt like electricity was charging his entire body with each of C.A.P.’s hard thrusts.  Every rough, deep plunge C.A.P.’s cock made brought a white-hot jolt of pleasure, and he couldn’t get enough of it.  Tugging on C.A.P.’s rocking hips, gripping C.A.P.’s muscular ass, he tried to get more, more, more.  Sensing motion beside him, he looked over to see L.Joe laying down beside him.  Reaching out, L.Joe ran a hand over his bare thigh, across his abs.  When light fingers brushed the head of his erection, he cried out, lightning flashing inside of him.  “Oh god, fuck,” he moaned, squirming as L.Joe fondled his cock.

            “Ah, ah.”  L.Joe groaned, arching, knees coming up.  A moan shuddered out of Chanyeol, and L.Joe’s hand rubbed down to Baekhyun’s balls.  “Oh, god, it’s good,” L.Joe breathed, grimacing like it hurt.  “Oh, god, you’re in so, ah, so deep.”

            “Fuck, you’re tight,” Chanyeol moaned.

            L.Joe’s fingers were teasing his cock.  C.A.P. was pounding ecstasy into him like a machine, and the new stimulation of L.Joe’s touch was making him shake with need he couldn’t control.  Groaning, he arched, twisting toward L.Joe’s slim, wiry body.

            “Yeah,” C.A.P. grunted.  “Kiss him.”

            Baekhyun hadn’t consciously intended that, but suddenly it sounded like an amazing idea.  As L.Joe’s upper body rolled toward him, he slid his hand through L.Joe’s soft hair, cupping the back of L.Joe’s head.  Pleasure was surging through him in rough, dangerous waves, and he poured it into his kiss, moaning against L.Joe’s mouth.

            C.A.P. lifted Baekhyun’s leg, twisting his hips toward L.Joe, fucking him sideways.  The new angle sent pleasure popping through him, bright and explosive, and C.A.P. was still pumping so hard that all he could do was cling to L.Joe, his leg in the air, body jerking, foot flopping with every deep, solid, fantastic thrust.  L.Joe’s tongue licked into his mouth, seducing him, the slide of L.Joe’s hand over his cock making him groan.

            Thrusting at a steady pace, Chanyeol pressed L.Joe’s knees all the way to the mattress.  Leaning in close, he kissed L.Joe’s neck, licking and sucking.  When L.Joe turned and kissed him, inches from Baekhyun’s face, Baekhyun moaned in disappointment, already missing L.Joe’s mouth.  Then L.Joe turned back, and all three of them were kissing at once, licking into each other’s mouths, moaning together.  L.Joe was breathing in soft pants and ragged gasps, and when Baekhyun’s teeth accidentally caught L.Joe’s lower lip, L.Joe whimpered a little, shuddering hard.

            “So fucking hot.  Ah, ah, that’s it, oh, fuck,” Chanyeol moaned.  “I’m done, I’m done, I came.”

            “We’ve got it,” C.A.P. said.  “Here, Baekhyun can finish him.”

            The thick slide of C.A.P.’s cock leaving him made Baekhyun moan, but before he could miss it L.Joe was tugging at him, guiding him close.  Crawling on top of L.Joe, he felt a shock of pleasure at this new position, their sweaty bodies pressed flush against each other, and then L.Joe’s hand was on his erection, guiding him in.  Sliding in through the warm juice of lube and Chanyeol’s cum, he moaned, shuddering.

            “Oh, god,” L.Joe moaned, twisting up against him.

            God, yes, it was good, so good.  C.A.P.’s hands were on Baekhyun’s ass, spreading him, and he barely had time to cry out, “Yes, fuck, ah!” before C.A.P. was fucking him again with that same powerful stroke.  He shifted L.Joe’s thighs, testing the angle, until C.A.P.’s thrusts pushed him smoothly into L.Joe and all he had to do was enjoy the ride.

            L.Joe started masturbating, bucking a little under him, eyes closed, face turned away.  “Oh, god, please, please.”

            “Please what?” Baekhyun asked, wanting to make it good for him, hoping that he meant “please come soon.”

            L.Joe whimpered, thighs locking around his ribcage.  “I want to come.”

            “God, me, too,” Baekhyun confessed, thrusting into L.Joe and back against C.A.P. again, again, hips driven by pleasure.  C.A.P. was determined to fuck him senseless, and he was so turned on that he needed to get L.Joe off fast before he lost it entirely.  He slid a hand over L.Joe’s erection, and when L.Joe’s hand fell away, he took over, jacking it.  L.Joe made a breathless, aching sound, squirming under him, and he tightened his grip.

            Immediately, L.Joe moaned, writhing, arching, twisting his own nipples, and in seconds L.Joe was coming.  The messy splatter of his cum pooled on his stomach and streaked up his chest, and C.A.P. picked up the pace, driving in harder now.  It was so forceful, so intense, soon Baekhyun was gasping and coming hard.  “Shit, ah, aah, fuuuuck, yes!”  Groaning wildly, he tumbled happily into orgasm, the explosion of ecstasy seeming to come from every direction at once.

            With a grunt, C.A.P. slid out of Baekhyun.  L.Joe’s cock was still hard, but before Baekhyun could think of what to do about that, C.A.P. lifted him up on his knees above L.Joe and thrust smoothly into L.Joe beneath him.  Whimpering with pleasure, L.Joe started stroking himself again.  He looked amazing, sexy, his lithe body, his hard cock, his reddened nipples, the puddle of cum on his stomach, the way he was biting his lips and moaning.  “I can’t,” he moaned, “I can’t, I have to,” and soon he came again, cum arcing and drizzling out of him, his body shaking and tensing and jerking against Baekhyun.

            Baekhyun enjoyed a long, pure moment of raw bliss.  His breath coming in an awed sigh, he blinked dazedly, re-centering himself.  Wow.  Just.  Wow.

            Looking up at him with a cute, happy smile, L.Joe stroked his chest.  “Okay?”

            “Yeah.”  Baekhyun curled forward, resting his forehead against L.Joe’s chest, panting, trying to catch his breath.  While C.A.P. climbed off of him, he asked, “Does your fuck machine of a leader ever actually come?”

            L.Joe laughed.  “Yeah, he’ll come eventually.  He just fucks a lot before he does.”

            Chanyeol groaned, and Baekhyun looked over to see C.A.P. stroking Chanyeol’s ass.  “Mmm, you have a nice hole,” C.A.P. said approvingly, fingers spreading him open, lubing him up.  “I’m going to like fucking you.”

            “Easy, easy,” Chanyeol moaned, a loose sprawl of long limbs beside Baekhyun, facedown.  “I don’t do it this way a lot.  Ah, oh, it’s good, it’s good, ah.”

            Baekhyun stared in amazement as C.A.P.’s fingers slid deeper and Chanyeol moaned.  “By ‘fucks a lot,’ do you mean ‘fucks everyone in sight?’”

            L.Joe chuckled, rubbing Baekhyun’s back.  “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

            Sweaty and gorgeous, Kai was seated in front of Niel on the floor, relaxed against the wall, knees up.  Between the muscular valley of his thighs, one arm wrapped around his leg, Niel swallowed his cock.

            The deep pumping of Sehun’s cock in his ass felt so good, Niel had to stop sucking for a moment just to moan and feel it, the pleasure popping and rippling up his spine, the way Sehun’s rhythm seemed to rule his heartbeat and his breath.  When his lips brushed Kai’s slick, swollen cockhead again, Kai groaned, and the wealth of ecstasy in that sound made Niel moan with him, an echo of Kai’s pleasure seeming to roll through Niel’s body in a wave of rich, searing heat.

            The sound turned him on; he wanted to hear Kai groan again.  Niel ducked his head, slurping Kai’s erection into his mouth, diving swiftly down until his lips were snug around the base.  Kai’s groan came loud and eager, an immediate reward, and he moaned, rocking back against Sehun’s thrusts, driving Sehun’s cock suddenly deep.

            “Ah, oh, that’s good,” Kai moaned, and he felt Kai’s hands in his hair, sliding, stroking.  “Mmm, you’re so good at this.”

            Lifting his head, he licked his lips, grinning up at Kai.  “You like it?”

            “I love it,” Kai said, cupping his face, kissing him.  Resting his weight on one hand, he leaned upward, kissing Kai back, grunting from pleasure as Sehun shifted angles inside of him.  “Your mouth looks so good on my cock,” Kai breathed, sucking at his lips.  “I want to see my cum spray all over your pretty face.”

            “Kai,” Sehun said, laughing.  “Don’t talk to him like that.”

            “Nnn, fuck, yes,” Niel moaned, kissing Kai harder, panting as Sehun filled him over and over again.  “I want it, do it.”

            “Yeah,” Kai moaned, leaning back, jacking himself.  “I want to see my cock in your mouth, I want to see you get off with my jizz on your face.”

            Groaning, Niel started masturbating, his hips popping as he lowered his head to Kai’s crotch.  He was about to come and he was moaning, rocking, eager for the spray of Kai’s cum.  While Sehun fucked him in long, fast thrusts, he sucked hard on Kai’s cock, kissing Kai’s fist as Kai squeezed upward from the base.

            “It’s coming, I’m coming, ah,” Kai groaned.  “Gonna come on your face, gonna get off all over your face, unh!”

            With a wet gasp, Niel lifted his head just in time.  Kai’s cum squirted in soft globs over his cheeks, landing across his nose and spritzing his mouth.  Staring lustfully at the last drips oozing from the head of Kai’s cock, Niel licked his tongue out, tasting Kai’s jizz on his lips, kissing Kai’s cockhead a few more times.

            “Damn,” Kai said, panting.

            “Over, roll over, let me see it,” Sehun urged, popping out of him and patting his ass.  Eager to get Sehun back inside of him, he rolled onto his back, lifting his legs.  As Sehun slid back inside of him, he moaned gratefully.  Sehun’s cock fit perfectly, and he wrapped his legs around Sehun’s waist, his hands pulling Sehun close.  Staring down into his face, Sehun smiled, stroking his chest.  “If your ass didn’t feel so amazing, I’d ask if I can come on your face, too.  You look so hot right now, my cock,” Sehun rocked steadily inside of him, “is so hard.”

            Ah, that felt good.  He moaned, licking his lips, tasting Kai again, tugging on Sehun’s hips, his whole body alive with pleasure.  “I have to come.”

            “God, me, too.”  Sehun started moving faster, thrusting into him.  Kai’s hand moved over him, cupping his balls, grasping his erection.  He groaned, wiping cum from his cheeks and sucking it from his fingers, wailing as Sehun sped up.  Kai’s grip was tight, the pace fast, designed to get him off, and he cried out around his fingers, raising his knees and arching his back, feeling ecstasy erupt from the inside out.

            “Here, it’s here,” he moaned, coming, the world seeming to narrow and expand around him as Sehun’s cock filled him again and again.  Cum spurted out of him in short, thick blasts, and he shuddered, tensing and clenching eagerly around the cock inside him.  It felt incredible, Sehun was incredible, Kai was incredible.

            This was the best bathroom he’d ever been in.

            After finally getting out of bed with C.A.P., Chanyeol, and L.Joe, Baekhyun had staggered into the bathroom for a shower.  D.O. had slipped in behind him and joined him, asking him about L.Joe and helping him wash.  The firm glide of D.O.’s wet, soapy hands over his body felt so good that he just stood there for a while, holding onto D.O. and letting his brain catch on to the fact that the fantastic sex he’d just experienced had actually happened and wasn’t some incredibly realistic fantasy.

            D.O. left him after his shower.  He was drying off when L.Joe peeked in.  They went from conversing to making out in about five seconds or less, and from making out to fucking, and he was bent over the sink with L.Joe’s cock up his ass when Ricky walked in.

            L.Joe had fucked him very well to begin with, and the rough, speedy way Ricky fucked had him climbing the walls and coming all over the sink.  Feeling drunk with residual pleasure, shuffling around like a lazy and incredibly happy zombie, he eventually left the bathroom.

            Chanyeol was on the bed, fucking.  Chunji was spread under him, knees up.  Feeling wetness trickling down his thighs, Baekhyun had the vague thought that he should go back into the bathroom and wipe the cum off of his ass, but the sound of Chunji’s voice arrested him.  The things Chunji was saying were so explicit and raw and compelling, it was like listening to Luhan, if Luhan ever bottomed.  Fascinated, turned on, Baekhyun walked closer to the bed.

            “Baekhyun,” Chanyeol said breathlessly.  He was sweaty and flushed; he looked way sexier than usual, and he was fucking Chunji energetically, thrusting in deep.  “Can you suck his cock?”

            One glance at Chunji’s cock, and Baekhyun was already saying, “Yes,” as he came forward.

            “Ahhh, unh, yeah,” Chunji said, arching his back, showing off his gorgeous, hard cock and tight abs as Baekhyun climbed onto the bed.  “Thank you, hyung.”

            “My pleasure, trust me,” Baekhyun said.  Kneeling on the edge of the bed, he leaned down.  He didn’t have a lot of room to maneuver between them.  Tucked in so close between their thrusting, rocking bodies, his world narrowed down to sweaty skin and Chunji’s cock and Chanyeol’s musk.  It was kind of awesome, like his own private little cock cave.  He licked Chunji’s erection, his tongue slipping eagerly over Chunji’s silky cockhead, and Chunji’s fingers threaded through his hair, pushing him down a little.  He never minded guidance and encouragement when he was giving head, and he obeyed the push, swallowing Chunji’s cock, moaning happily as the shaft filled his mouth.  Chanyeol’s thrusts were rocking Chunji just enough to push Chunji’s cock farther down his throat, and Chunji moaned as he sucked, stroking the back of his neck.

            Unexpectedly, he felt someone’s hand on his ass.  It wasn’t super unexpected, actually, considering the circumstances, but he’d been so focused on how fantastic Chunji’s cock felt sliding between his lips that he hadn’t given much thought to who else might be around.  Wondering who was back there, he started to move, to look, but Chunji’s hand pressed him back down, reminding him of his job.

            Chanyeol was groaning and picking up speed, but Baekhyun wasn’t ready to be finished yet.  He backed off slightly, licking up and down Chunji’s shaft, letting his tongue play wetly over the smooth head.  “Ah, hyung, yes, that’s what I like,” Chunji moaned, caressing his scalp.  “Lick it, suck my meat, mmm, yeah, you’re so hungry for it.”

            Like that wasn’t enough of a turn-on, the hands on his ass were tugging his hips up.  He squirmed, moaning around the head of Chunji’s erection as he felt someone thumb him open.

            Deep, lazy laughter.  C.A.P.  “Look at you, this is so great.  Fucked raw, wide open, jizz pouring out of you.  How many loads were dumped in here?  Looks like my members are having a good time with their new hyung.”

            Groaning, Baekhyun arched his back.  The appreciative hum in C.A.P.’s voice only made him hotter, only made him want it more.

            The thick slide of C.A.P.’s probing fingers made him shudder with pleasure.  “Mmm, yeah, hyung,” Chunji moaned.  “That’s it, suck it, slobber on my cock, you can’t get enough of it.”

            “Yeah, you’re ripe for more,” C.A.P. murmured, groping his ass, fingers pushing into him deep, caressing him from the inside in a slow, firm way that made him shake all over, his tired cock jerking painfully to life.

            “God, I can’t take this,” Chanyeol moaned.  “Somebody fuck him.”

            “Glad to,” C.A.P. said.  The instant that C.A.P.’s fingers slid out of him, he moaned.  He knew what came next, knew what he was in for, and he couldn’t wait for it.  Unable to hold still, he wriggled impatiently, raising his hips, itching to touch himself but needing both hands for balance.

            It came in a swift, hard thrust, C.A.P.’s erection buried deep inside him before he could breathe.  His whole body was jolted forward, Chunji’s cock sliding down his throat, and he moaned, loving it.  Filled with hard cock at both ends, he squirmed again, inviting C.A.P. to give him more.

            C.A.P. immediately responded by plowing the hell out of his ass.  Every hard, hammering thrust brought its own blast of pleasure, each one more intense than the last.  Chanyeol fell in time with C.A.P.’s pace, the two of them rocking together.  Head buried in his dark, musky cock cave, ass stretched around C.A.P.’s erection, Baekhyun felt surrounded in erotic experience, like he was living on some purely sexual plane, like his entire being was nothing but raw pleasure.

            And then Chunji’s hand crept down his chest and started toying with his cock.

            At first, the light, flicking touches were pleasurable torment, too unpredictable to get him off.  Then the teasing and fondling started to feel too good, and he couldn’t hold still, couldn’t control his body’s excited, writhing response.  He could hear Chanyeol’s enthusiastic moaning, and the familiar sound blended with C.A.P.’s deep grunting and the nasty, sexy things Chunji kept saying.  It seemed like they were going to go on forever, the four of them, fucking and thrusting and sucking and moaning, taking each other to higher peaks of pleasure, chasing each other to new heights of ecstasy.

            Chanyeol was the first to break, moaning, “That’s it, ah, fuck, I’m done, I’m done.”  While Chanyeol thrust in deep, Chunji’s hips lifted, and Baekhyun sucked hard.  The sudden spill of Chunji’s cum made Baekhyun moan, and as Chunji’s cream flooded his mouth, he came, too, crying out with the force of it, bucking uncontrollably against C.A.P.’s thrusts.

            “Oh, god, oh,” he mumbled, only half remembering to swallow.  Slumping across Chunji’s stomach, he moaned, weak, drunk on pleasure, drooling cum on Chunji’s skin.  Chanyeol flopped heavily beside them, facedown, groaning.

            “Mmm, thank you, hyung,” Chunji said, stroking Baekhyun’s back.

            He just moaned again, lashes fluttering.  “So good, you fuck so, oh.”  C.A.P. was still fucking him with ruthless force, and he went limp for it, letting pleasure flash through him.  “Mmm, it’s so deep, nhh.”  He felt boneless; if C.A.P.’s grip hadn’t been so strong on his hips, holding him up, he would’ve crumpled across the bed.

            “There’s dinner, if anyone wants some,” a voice said.  Baekhyun would’ve been able to put a name and a face with that voice if he’d been able to think.  But his mental capabilities were completely shot, and he could only moan in response.  C.A.P.’s hands yanked hard on his hips, jerking him backward, and C.A.P. went still against him, groaning loudly.

            “Food,” Chanyeol said, like he was just beginning to understand the idea.

            “Should we eat?” Chunji suggested.  “I could use a break.”

            C.A.P. grunted, pulling his cock out with a wet pop.  “I could eat.”

            Baekhyun moaned, smiling dreamily, knees sliding out from under him as C.A.P. let go.  He felt a thick trickle of cum slithering down his thigh.  He felt absolutely wrecked and stupid with happy satisfaction.  “Yeah,” he mumbled against Chunji’s chest.  “Let’s eat.”

            Chanyeol was having the time of his life.  The best time ever.  Teen Top was great, the sex was fantastic, and he was getting so so so so very laid left and right and upside-down.  He was also getting to see Teen Top enjoy his members, which was a real turn-on.  He loved watching his members have sex with the Teen Top sunbaes; it made him appreciate what he’d started to take for granted around the dorm.

            Suho and Changjo had set out food for everyone in the dining room.  Suho passed out vitamins and started conversations about nonsexual topics and played the proud parent and happy host.  Chanyeol relaxed and ate and felt comfortably lethargic, talking with the Teen Top members about sports and videogames and other idols.

            D.O. and Niel came and got food and went upstairs to Sehun.  Kai and L.Joe disappeared into one of the bedrooms.  While the others talked, Chanyeol noticed C.A.P. flicking Ricky’s ear.  Ricky ignored it for a while, then started flinching away and trying to dodge it, then whirled around and shouted, “Ya!” and shoved C.A.P. hard.  “Stop it!”

            “Why?” C.A.P. asked, and punched him.  “You’re cute.”

            With a disgruntled expression, Ricky rubbed his ear.

            Chanyeol had watched Ricky go down on Kai and fuck Sehun earlier, but he hadn’t done anything with Ricky himself.  Interested, he studied Ricky, thinking about it.

            “So convenient,” Chunji said.  “When dongsaengs come with such nice handles.”

            Baekhyun coughed, leaning over his food.  Changjo burst into laughter.  Suho turned red and looked elsewhere.

            It took Chanyeol a second to get it.  When he did, he snorted helplessly, surprised.  “Handles,” he repeated, laughing.

            “Ya!  Who’s laughing?” Ricky asked, staring at him indignantly.  “Your handles are bigger than mine!”

            “Ya.”  C.A.P. smacked Ricky in the back of the head.  “Is that how you talk to hyungs?”

            “Look at him!” Ricky said.  “Those things are huge!”

            “Oh, you noticed?” Chanyeol asked, tugging out his waistband and peering down the front of his pants.

            Chunji burst into laughter.

            “He likes it when you chew on them,” Baekhyun said.  “His ears,” he added quickly.  While everyone laughed, he said, “Maybe that, too, you can try it.”

            “Really,” C.A.P. said.  He elbowed Ricky.  “Do it.”

            “I’m not doing it in here,” Ricky said, pushing himself away from the table.  He looked over at Chanyeol.  “You want to go?”

            What, to one of the bedrooms?  “Sure,” Chanyeol said, getting up so fast he surprised himself.  He’d relaxed, he’d rested; his body could handle another round.  And Ricky had asked him so frankly, so readily, that his interest was already on the rise.  Or maybe that was just his cock.

            Sehun’s phone buzzed while he was making out with Niel again.  Subconsciously, he’d been waiting for it; as soon as he heard it, he felt anticipation rush through him, a quick hum.  Tugging Kai in between them on the bed, he rolled away and checked his phone.

            Sehun-ah.  Are you busy?

            He smiled, rubbing his hand over his cock before he texted back.  No, hyung, not busy.  Should I come downstairs?

            Yes.  Please.

            Kissing the back of Kai’s neck, he palmed Kai’s ass.  “I have to go downstairs for a little bit,” he murmured while Kai kissed Niel.  “Can you finish here for me?”

            “Mmm, yeah,” Kai said, rolling forward as Niel moaned.  “Got it.”

            “Ahhh, mmmm,” god, L.Joe had needed this.  Tonight had been intense.  New guys, different bodies, fascinating cocks.  Sex in all directions, sex all around him, people fucking and humping and screwing and mounting each other.  Everywhere he looked was another stiff dick that he knew would feel absolutely amazing in his mouth.  He’d started to lose control, started to feel that familiar, desperate, chaotic whirlwind of need tug him over the edge.

            But here, with Sehun, everything was under control.  It was like an oasis.  He was safe here under Sehun’s firm command.  On his back, his arms bound beneath him, he could give in to need and suffer from humiliation and lose himself in pleasure, and trust that Sehun would guide him through it.

            Lounging calmly beside him, Sehun gazed at his face, drawing lines in the cum across his forehead, painting circles in the cum covering his cheeks.  “Please,” he whispered, chanted, his erection standing up like a flagpole.  “Please, please.”  Over and over again, he licked his lips, but Sehun was finger-painting just beyond where he could taste it, and no matter how ravenously his tongue hunted, he couldn’t reach.  “Please, please.”

            “You look so sexy like this,” Sehun murmured.  “Maybe I’ll come on you again.  You need more on your chin.”

            Yes!  “Yes, yes, please, yes-”

            “Oh, you haven’t come yet,” Sehun noticed.  “Eh, I’ll just use your cum, then.”

            His?  His cum?  On his face?  “Sehun-ah?” he asked uncertainly, unsure.  “I, I…”  Seeking reassurance, he looked into Sehun’s eyes.  Immediately, shame faded away and sexual excitement flared rapidly to life.  Sehun’s expression was calm and perfectly controlled.  His owner wanted this; it would happen; it would be good.

            “Come for me,” Sehun ordered, reaching down and jacking his erection.

            Oh, god, he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t stop it, his legs were already shaking.  “Oh, yes, yes, thank you, thank you, it feels so good, I’m so grateful,” he moaned, shuddering in his bonds.

            “This will be great, you can give me two loads to work with.  Ah, there’s one already,” Sehun said as he squirmed and whimpered and came.  “Aren’t you a good pet.”

            Panting, L.Joe glowed at the praise, thrilled to have pleased Sehun.  As Sehun’s wet hand neared his face, he moaned with excitement, joyously anticipating Sehun’s touch, his still-hard cock twitching enthusiastically.  “Please, please.”

            “Don’t be shy, lick it up,” Sehun said, fingers sliding into his mouth.  “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

            “Ooh, mmm, mmpf.”  Sehun’s jizz-slick fingers were gliding over his tongue.  It was his, but it was cum, and, god, it tasted so good.  With joyful, gargling moans, he licked greedily at Sehun’s fingers, tongue flicking and stroking, seeking out every drop.

            “Mmm, that’s right, taste it,” Sehun said.  “Oh, so thirsty.  It’s okay, lap it up.”

            Burning with shame, trembling with pleasure, he gave in to need.  Seeking out more, he sucked at Sehun’s fingers, grunting, whimpering.  He had to come again, his cock pulsing fiercely, and he writhed, undulating, moving his hips in agitated pleading.  Sehun was toying with his mouth, teasing him, fingers dipping in and out between his parted lips, playing chase with his tongue.  “Huuuuunnhh, please, god, Sehun-ah, please,” he panted, his chin lifting, his neck stretching as he licked at Sehun’s slim fingertips.

            “You’ve had your fun,” Sehun said, tapping his fingers across L.Joe’s lips and pulling his hand away.  “Now it’s my turn.  Come for me,” he ordered.  The curt command and the quick pumping of Sehun’s hand were all that L.Joe needed.  He wanted to please Sehun, and his erection was eager; in moments, he was coming again, his body squirting its liquid offering into Sehun’s waiting hands.  “Still so much,” Sehun said approvingly.  “This will get you nice and wet.”

            Sehun’s hand was coming toward his face.  It was palm upward, cupping some unseen dose of cum.  “Yes,” L.Joe panted.  “Yes, please, Sehun-ah, please, I want it.”  It was embarrassing, humiliating, degrading, his cum all over his face, and he reveled in it, lifting his chin eagerly as Sehun’s hand descended.  “Yes, yes, aaaauuuhh!”  Muffling his grateful cry, Sehun’s hand covered his face, smearing wet, gooey cum all over his skin.  It was everywhere, he was breathing it in, and Sehun was rubbing it into his skin, bathing him in it.  “Unh, yes, yes, god,” it was delicious, he wanted more, more, he wanted to drown in it.

            Ricky had known that he was going to like Chanyeol.  His thumb rubbing circles just behind Chanyeol’s earlobe, he licked a slow stripe along the curve of Chanyeol’s ear, tracing it with his tongue.  He licked back down again, then followed the same path with his teeth, nipping gently.

            “Ah, that’s good, that’s nice.”  Chanyeol shuddered, hands rubbing low on his back, kneading his ass.  “Bite it again, bite it.”

            Ricky couldn’t believe that someone was actually asking for it.  Some of his hyungs let him do it and some of them made him stop it, but no one had ever asked for it before.  Chanyeol wasn’t just humoring him, Chanyeol was turned on, rock-hard against him and moaning.

            He was so hot, Ricky really wanted to fuck him.  But not yet; this ear thing was way too good right now.  Grinding against his cock, Ricky moaned and bit his other ear, worrying at his earlobe.

            Chanyeol jerked and twitched in response.  “Oh, yeah, that’s so good.  Lick it, lick it.”  Moaning, Chanyeol gripped the backs of his thighs, rocking him right against Chanyeol’s erection.  It felt so good that he echoed the movement on his own, rocking his hips while he licked Chanyeol’s ear.  “Oppa,” Chanyeol moaned.  “Call me oppa, do it.”

            Ya!  Ricky almost punched him before remembering that he wasn’t one of Ricky’s regular hyungs.  “I’m not a girl!”

            “I know, I know,” Chanyeol said, pushing up and rolling them both over.  His eyes were kind of feverish looking.  “Just say it anyway.”

            What was up with this hoobae?  On his back, he eyed Chanyeol warily.  “Are you being kinky?”

            Chanyeol hesitated, then smiled at him.  “Yeah, kind of.”

            Well.  Okay.  Ricky was used to going along with whatever his hyungs wanted; he might as well give it a shot.  “What do you want me to do?”

            Chanyeol’s face lit up.

            Kai was just starting down the stairs in his underwear to find someone else for Sehun when he saw C.A.P. heading up.  “Oh, hey,” he said, stepping aside, out of C.A.P.’s way.

            Looking up at him with a smile, C.A.P. stepped aside, too, right into his path, muscular and half-naked.  “Hey.”

            At the sexual invitation in C.A.P.’s deep voice, Kai’s hand tightened on the railing.  He liked the way C.A.P. was looking at him, eyes glittering with sexual intent.  Licking his lips, he took a step back, tipping his head, inviting.

            C.A.P. moved upward two steps, even closer this time, almost touching him.  “Haven’t seen much of you today.  What are you kids doing up here?”

            Kai grinned, turned on by his body language, his sexual assertiveness.  “Just waiting for you.”

            C.A.P.’s arm wrapped around his waist, pulling him right against C.A.P.’s hard, muscular body.  “Mmm, I’m here.”

            Oh, yeah, this was it.  Kissing him, Kai groaned, too turned on to bother holding it in, rubbing his palms hungrily over C.A.P.’s chest.  “Unh, let’s do this.”

            “Oppa,” Ricky panted, dragging his nails down Chanyeol’s back.  “Oppa, it’s so good, you feel so big inside me.”

            “Yeah,” Chanyeol moaned, rocking into him, pumping between his thighs.  “Yeah, so good.”

            Ricky was making this up as he went, mostly borrowing lines he’d read in hentai, but it was fun.  Chanyeol was totally into it, and it turned him on to get Chanyeol so excited.  “Oppa, Chanyeol oppa,” he whined, pinching Chanyeol’s ear hard.  “My nipples are so hard, oppa, you’re turning me on too much.”

            With a moan, Chanyeol lowered his head to Ricky’s chest.  His tongue licked over Ricky’s right nipple, and Ricky whimpered, rubbing his ear.  He started sucking, really sucking, hard, and it felt so good that Ricky groaned, surprised, arching under him.

            “Oppa,” Ricky moaned, not really faking it anymore.  “Ooohh, Chanyeol oppa, yes.”

            “Unh, you’re so hot,” Chanyeol moaned, thrusting faster now.  “I want to make you come, I want to make you scream.”

            “Oh, oh!”  Ricky made his voice high-pitched, breathy, as he scratched Chanyeol’s back.  “That’s it, oppa, don’t stop, don’t stop.”  Oh, unh, yes, this really was a good angle; fantastic shots of pleasure were sparking through him on every thrust.  “Your cock is amazing, it feels so good.”

            “Want to make you feel good,” Chanyeol panted, stroking his cock.  “Want to make you come.”

            He had both hands on Chanyeol’s ears now, rubbing, pinching, tugging.  The way Chanyeol’s hand was working on his cock, thumb stroking and flicking the head like it was an orgasm button, was making him moan and shake for real.  “Oppa, oppa, please,” he whimpered.  His toes were curling and pleasure was pulsing through him and he was making whining, desperate, joyful sounds he’d never heard before.  “It’s too much, it’s too much, you’re making me come.”

            “Yeah, get off,” Chanyeol said, like it was the best idea he’d ever had.  “Come for oppa, come for me.”

            He did it, he came, just like that, pulling on Chanyeol’s ears and moaning, “Oppa, oppa,” while his body gave itself over to wicked, molten ecstasy.  After his busy night, his cum was just a little squirt and a dribble, but the way pleasure blazed through him, it felt like he hadn’t gotten off in days.

            “Oh, god, I’m done, I’m done,” Chanyeol chanted, pushing into him deep.

            His hands dropping from Chanyeol’s ears, Ricky panted for air.  He’d had no idea that this hoobae could fuck so well.  He liked the little “scratch my back and call me oppa” game, liked how enthusiastically Chanyeol responded to it.

            “It’s okay,” Chanyeol said.  Panting, red-faced, he ran his hand down his own chest, blinking sweat from his eyes.  He seemed to be trying to reassure himself, to calm himself down.  “It’s okay.  It’s okay.”

            Ricky smiled up at him, then pouted, squirming a little and whimpering.  “Chanyeol oppa.  Why are you like this?  Your cock feels so good, if you keep fucking me like this, I’m not going to want anyone else, only oppa.”

            With a bright-eyed, delighted smile, Chanyeol looked like someone had just handed him a present.  He looked mischievous for a moment, like he was enjoying the game, and then he asked, “Really?  You like oppa’s cock that much?”

            “Mmm.”  Ricky whined, pouting up at him.  “Oppa shouldn’t fuck me so well.  It’s not fair.  Now I’m all,” he squirmed, “wet and sticky.”

            “God, you’re the best,” Chanyeol breathed, and kissed him.

            Oh.  This was nice.  Ricky coiled his arms around Chanyeol’s neck, kissing back.  Chanyeol settled onto him, hot and heavy, then rolled them onto their sides, long limbs wrapping around him.  The way Chanyeol petted and stroked his skin felt really good, really soothing after he’d been using his body all day, and the way Chanyeol kissed, deep and slow, made it really easy to whimper convincingly.

            And then Chanyeol started sucking on his ears, and he melted into bliss.

            C.A.P.’s body was starting to slow down.  He didn’t have any trouble staying hard, he was just in no hurry to get off.  That was no problem, though, because he had a pair of maknaes to entertain.  Sexy, experienced, good-looking maknaes.

            Kai seemed to be fueled by sexual energy and was ready for anything.  Sehun was a good dongsaeng who knew how to keep a hyung happy.  C.A.P. sat back and let them both go down on him for a while, enjoying the sight.  They played with each other around his cock, kissing each other, licking at each other, chasing each other’s tongues up and down the shaft.  They were so handsome, it turned him on to see them mouthing his cock.

            Chunji came upstairs, alert and ready to go again since he’d had a nap and a shower, and C.A.P. decided to get things moving.  He fucked Kai’s sinuous, undulating, demanding body while Sehun went down on Chunji.  He’d expected Sehun to be too full of ideas about being a dom to be any fun, but Sehun didn’t hesitate to swallow any available cock.  That was one of C.A.P.’s favorite traits in a dongsaeng.

            The way Kai constantly moved and rolled, panting and hissing, biting his own lip like he couldn’t get enough, was a huge turn-on.  C.A.P. fucked him hard, keeping him writhing and moaning.  Kai jacked his own cock for a few strokes and then suddenly came hard, cursing and squirting.  After pumping into him for another minute or two, C.A.P. pulled out and patted him on the stomach, ready to move onto someone else.  His smile was blissful and his cock was still hard, so he probably wouldn’t be out of the game for long.

            Leaving Kai there, letting him take a break, C.A.P. moved around the bed to fuck Sehun.  Immediately responsive to it, Sehun rocked backward, excited for more cock.  Grunting, turned on, C.A.P. gave it to him, gripping his hips and drilling his pert little ass.  Kneeling on the edge of the bed, starting to moan as C.A.P. picked up the pace, Sehun kept slurping on Chunji’s cock.  Sprawled across the bed, Chunji looked at Kai.  “Still hard?”

            Kai shot him a knowing grin.  “Yes, hyung.”

            Squirming around on his back, Chunji pulled his legs out from under Sehun, letting Sehun suck his cock from the side.  He wasn’t currently taking it up the ass, and that was a damned shame, because as far as C.A.P. was concerned, there was nothing quite like screwing pretty, demanding, sex-hungry Chunji.  “Then c’mere and do something with it.”

            Kai scrubbed his hands over his face, laughing to himself a little, and then hopped right up, ready to go.  C.A.P. loved it; there was nothing sexier than a guy who was always ready for more.  Pulling Chunji’s ass near the edge of the bed, wrapping Chunji’s legs around his waist, and agreeing eagerly to Chunji’s demands for a hard fuck, he slid right in and fucked Chunji in slow, pounding thrusts that had Chunji rocking into Sehun’s mouth.

            Kneeling behind Sehun, thrusting into Sehun’s sexy little ass and watching Sehun’s head bob on Chunji’s cock would have been hot enough to keep C.A.P. going.  But then there was Chunji, and the way Chunji was arching and moaning and rocking and petting Sehun’s hair.  C.A.P. had been having sex and getting off to the sound of Chunji’s constant stream of “you want it, yeah, fuck my ass, plug my hole, do it,” for years; it was what most sex sounded like for him, now, and it immediately put him in the mood, immediately pushed his switch.  And then there was Kai, banging Chunji and running his hands all over Chunji’s naked body like Chunji had been created for his erotic pleasure and he wasn’t going to neglect an inch.  The hot grip of Sehun’s ass and the muffled, juicy slurp of Sehun’s mouth on Chunji’s cock, the forceful physicality of Kai’s driving hips and the indulgent sensuality of the way Kai kept moaning and caressing Chunji’s body, it all combined into one hot, hedonistic experience, pleasure and lust saturating the air.

            Running his hands over Sehun’s hips, Sehun’s waist, the arch of Sehun’s back, he enjoyed the sensation of Sehun’s taut, smooth skin against his palms.  Kai’s fingers were stroking the lines of Chunji’s pelvis, tracing the creases where hip met thigh, and C.A.P.’s hands copied the movement on Sehun’s body, stroking until Sehun rocked back against him with an appreciative moan.  Chunji was looking at C.A.P., staring right at him, and it seemed like Chunji was talking to him directly, specifically, like Chunji’s “work your cock, take my ass, ah, yeah, you want it, fuck me harder,” was meant for him.  Turned on even more, fired up, he responded to it, accepting the challenge, ramming Sehun’s hot ass as hard as he knew Chunji could take it.  Kai moaned enthusiastically, matching his pace, and Sehun started crying out, making wild, encouraging, moaning sounds around the bulge of Chunji’s cock.

            C.A.P. was pinching Sehun’s round little ass to get him to wail louder when Ricky peered into the room.  Perfect.  New meat.  “Switch?” C.A.P. asked Chunji.

            “Do whatever you want,” Chunji panted, rubbing the back of Sehun’s neck.  “As long as someone’s up my ass and someone’s sucking my cock.”

            C.A.P. pulled out of Sehun, smacked his ass, and got up, moving behind Kai.  As soon as he had his hands on Kai’s ass, Kai was arching and shimmying, thighs spreading.  He plunged right in, thrusting hard, driving Kai deep into Chunji, and damn Kai’s ass felt good all over again.  Kai groaned and Chunji moaned and Ricky said, “I want in, I want in.”

            “Hold on.”  Cupping Sehun’s chin in his hand, Chunji pulled Sehun off his cock with a wet, popping sound.  “Get on your back.”  Chunji disengaged from Kai, rolling over to his knees before settling right back onto Kai’s cock again.  “Keep sucking me, I’ll suck your cock while Ricky fucks you.”

            “God, yes,” Sehun said, immediately rolling over, on his back underneath Chunji.  His knees were in the air before Ricky could even get to him, and when Chunji leaned in, on all fours over him, he moaned, his hands coming up, his fingers stroking eagerly over Chunji’s hips.

            Ricky wasted no time, burying himself in Sehun’s ass while Sehun’s leg rose over his shoulder.  From this angle, C.A.P. could see Chunji’s pink, swollen asshole hugging Kai’s cock, could watch Kai’s erection rocking in and out, the red and bloated shaft, the thick smooth head, the long slide back in.  Ricky was moaning and thrusting energetically in his typical now-now-now style, humping Sehun like a rabid animal.  Sehun’s hands were sliding over Chunji’s ass, stroking, pulling, squeezing as Chunji fucked his mouth; Chunji was sucking Sehun’s cock and talking dirty to Ricky at the same time, getting everyone even hotter; Kai was groaning the roof down, undulating and rocking as C.A.P. slammed him deep into Chunji’s ass over and over again.

            C.A.P. slid his hand forward to Kai’s crotch, gripping the base of Kai’s dick.  “I could pound your ass all night.”

            “Yeah,” Kai moaned, bucking against him, head falling back onto his shoulder, sweaty hair damp against his cheek.  “All night, do it.”

            C.A.P. grinned, palming Kai’s balls.  That was exactly what he’d wanted to hear.

            As time passed, D.O. found it interesting how everyone’s sexual rhythm was a little different.  L.Joe would have sex, take a break, have sex with someone else, disappear for a little while, have sex with someone else, get something to eat, and get back to sex.  Baekhyun went for intense, ravenous streaks and then crashed.  C.A.P. either had ridiculous stamina or batteries in his cock; he barely took breaks and he was always hard.  Niel had a pretty sensible strategy of giving his ass a break by stopping to give head, although the Teen Top members seemed to find any available orifice fair game, and had a habit of mounting any available ass that came into their field of vision, so Niel’s breaks were never very long.

            The interesting part about that was that Teen Top was more interested in fucking the EXO members than in fucking each other, but as far as D.O. could tell, they couldn’t stand to see a good ass go unattended, because they kept encouraging the EXO members to make the most of the situation.  When Niel was on his knees, blowing Kai, for example, L.Joe told Chanyeol to fuck him.  When Baekhyun was sucking on Ricky’s cock, Chunji lubed Sehun’s cock and guided it right into Ricky’s ass.  C.A.P. was always pushing dongsaengs on top of each other and urging them to go at it, and it seemed like he never saw an ass he didn’t like.

            D.O. had noticed that Teen Top was more physically aggressive than he was used to, but they were also more sexually aggressive, too.  But they all seemed perfectly happy with it.  When L.Joe told Chanyeol to fuck Niel, Niel reached back and held himself open to encourage Chanyeol in.  When Chunji poked Sehun’s cock into Ricky’s ass, Ricky rocked back onto it impatiently.  When C.A.P. walked up to L.Joe and slid right in, L.Joe made a surprised noise and then writhed against C.A.P. like he’d never had it so good.

            It was absolutely fascinating to D.O., how sexually bold and demanding and pushy they were.  He would never want to live that way, himself, but on the outside looking in, he was incredibly turned on.  A little mystified - - they didn’t mind being grabbed and fucked without warning mid-conversation? - - but really, really turned on.

            When he got so turned on that he needed to do something about it, he sought out L.Joe.  Curled up on one of the beds, alone, L.Joe looked like he was napping, but when D.O. sat beside him, he opened his eyes.

            L.Joe was really cute, and D.O. was horny enough to want to touch his sexy mouth.  He smiled up at D.O. and murmured, “Hey.”

            “Hey.”  D.O. wondered if the “any sexual contact is welcome, any time you’re not by yourself you should be prepared to get penetrated” rules applied to him, too; wondered if he could just touch whatever he wanted.  He wouldn’t, but it was an interesting thought.  “Do you want to make out?”

            L.Joe’s eyes widened a little and his smile grew.  “You want to?  Yeah.”  Pushing himself up, he tossed his hair out of his eyes.  “Is there anything you don’t want?”

            It was a little embarrassing to spell it out; his members were so used to him that he didn’t have to say it.  “It’s okay.  Just don’t put your hand down on my, uh, cock unless I ask you to.”

            “Okay.”  L.Joe shifted closer and smiled at him, gazing into his eyes.  He hadn’t made out with anyone new in a long time, and he felt really excited and horny, sitting this close.  He couldn’t take it; he stared at L.Joe’s mouth, wondering what kissing it would be like.  “You’re really handsome,” L.Joe murmured, touching his cheek.  “I’d go down on you, if you wanted.”

            That was a really, really nice idea.  He was going to spend a lot of time fantasizing about that, later.  “I saw you,” he admitted.  He scooted a little closer, and when his hand slid over L.Joe’s bare thigh, L.Joe’s fingers threaded through his hair.  “Sucking Kai’s cock.”

            “Mmm.”  L.Joe smiled, wrinkling his nose a little.  “I like the way he moves.  He’s fun.”

            He just couldn’t hold back.  Leaning in, he kissed L.Joe’s mouth, tightening his grip on L.Joe’s thigh, trying to pull L.Joe closer.  As their lips met, brushed, clung, L.Joe’s hand slid deeper into his hair, cupping the back of his head.  Wanting to feel L.Joe against him, on him, he leaned back, sliding his hand over L.Joe’s shoulder, pulling.  The intimacy of bare skin sliding so smoothly under his palm shocked him, and he groaned, his back hitting the mattress as L.Joe climbed on top of him.  They rolled right, and L.Joe undulated directly against him, a fluid movement of pure sex that went straight to D.O.’s cock.  Gripping L.Joe’s hip, he turned his head, breaking away from their kiss, as he felt the press of L.Joe’s hard-on right against his cock.  Too good, too good, he just wanted to stop and absorb how incredible this felt.

            “Okay?” L.Joe asked, voice soft and close.

            With his eyes still closed, he nodded, wrapping his arms around L.Joe’s shoulders.  L.Joe made a quiet, soothing sound and kissed the side of his neck.  Biting his lips, he moaned.  He hadn’t intended to make any dramatic sound, just a quiet little moan to ease some of the sexual pressure building inside of him, but it sounded loud in the room, like some ecstatic groan echoing off of the walls.  He ducked his head, pressing his mouth against L.Joe’s shoulder to muffle the next moan, and the smoothness of L.Joe’s skin completely seduced him.  Rubbing his lips against it, he breathed hot, moist air against L.Joe’s skin, feeling drunk on sensation.

            Sexual pleasure rippled through him, pulsing between his thighs and heating up his skin.  The way L.Joe was kissing his neck felt amazing.  Soft, slow kisses, teasing little flicks of tongue, hungry little nips of teeth.  It was incredibly sensual, the alternating sensations bringing a flood of passion, and he moaned against L.Joe’s skin, running his hands across L.Joe’s shoulders, up L.Joe’s nape, into the softness of hair.

            He’d been watching incredibly hot guys with obvious sexual experience have sex with each other in some pretty raunchy ways for hours, but as far as D.O. was concerned, this was the hottest thing that had happened all night.

            It had been a long night.  Suho let everyone sleep in as long as he could, but Teen Top had a photo shoot and his own members had to get ready for an interview.  Going from room to room, he smiled as he wakened his exhausted dongsaengs.  Sleepy and bleary-eyed, they were adorable, and he was glad that they’d enjoyed their special night.

            Kai was in one room, spooned up naked behind D.O., who was fully dressed and using L.Joe’s bare stomach for a pillow.  When Suho wakened them, L.Joe stretched shamelessly and stroked D.O.’s hair with lazy fingers.  D.O. smiled to himself and didn’t even attempt to move.

            Chanyeol was completely knocked out in another room, facedown and spread-eagle across the bed, his ass covered in claw marks and his ears red.  Ricky and Sehun were asleep on his back, cuddled up around each other in a cozy embrace.  Even though he had a very good idea of what they’d been up to all night, Suho still stopped to adore how cute and innocent they looked snuggled together like that.

            Baekhyun’s hair was all over his head, and when Suho wakened him, it took him a while to remember who he was and what Suho wanted.  C.A.P. was flush against his back with a muscular arm around his waist, and the whole room reeked of musk and sex.  Chunji was tucked in prettily in front of Baekhyun like a sleeping angel, and Niel was sprawled across the foot of the bed with dried cum all over his ass and thighs.

            Slowly, everyone got up and showered and dressed.  Suho had imagined that they’d be too tired and sore to get up to any new shenanigans, but he’d been very wrong about that.  Most of them came to the kitchen and dining room to eat, although as he moved around the house to tidy up, he kept finding them making out.  Chanyeol and Ricky were kissing on the sofa, C.A.P. and Baekhyun were kissing against the wall.  When Suho went up, he found Chunji and Sehun making out on the stairs; when he went down, he found Chunji and Kai there; when he went up again, he found Chunji and Baekhyun there.  On his way down again, he expected to see Chunji with Chanyeol this time, but it was Chunji and Sehun again.  D.O. followed L.Joe’s every movement with round, happy eyes.

            Finally, Suho herded his members into their van, and C.A.P. ordered Teen Top out of the house.  The two of them made arrangements for the MT with EXO-M, and Suho gave C.A.P. some vitamins for the drained Teen Top members.

            Squinting in the sunlight, C.A.P. smiled at him.  “Thanks for showing us a good time.”

            “It seems like the kids enjoyed themselves,” Suho admitted, blushing.

            C.A.P. snorted and grinned, glancing at the vans.  “Yeah.”

            As they walked towards the vans, Teen Top’s front passenger window slid down.  Changjo leaned out, crossing his arms over the door.  “Suho hyung.”

            Walking over to him, Suho smiled at his happy face.  “Yes, dongsaeng-ah?”

            “Can we do this again sometime?  Meet up here?”

            Suho chuckled.  “You want to come back after your birthday, so that you can play with the other kids?”

            Still smiling, Changjo sucked in his cheeks and shook his head.  “I just want to see you, hyung.”

            That was really sweet of him.  A complete and total lie, but very sweet.  “I think we can do that,” Suho said.  “I’ll talk to your hyung.”

            Changjo smiled as the van started.  “Good-bye, Suho hyung.”

            “Good-bye, Changjo-goon.  Tell your members that they’re lucky to have such a good maknae.”

            Changjo waved to him as the van rolled away.

            Running his hand through his hair, mentally switching gears from free time to work mode, Suho went to his own van.  Getting in, he laughed.  All of his members were fast asleep.

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