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            Backstage at the festival, Changjo was trapped in the stylist’s chair when EXO members started piling into the room to see his hyungs.  As soon as his hair and make-up were done, he hopped up.  Chanyeol was talking to L.Joe and Ricky; he pulled Baekhyun aside.  Baekhyun gave him half-a-dozen “make my fantasies come true” looks in the first two sentences of their conversation, and for a second he thought about staying there and seeing how far he could take this.  But it wasn’t like he could actually get laid in the middle of the festival, so he stuck with his agenda.  He asked about EXO’s schedule, and Baekhyun mentioned that their post-festival appearance had been canceled so they had some free time that night.

            Perfect.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.

            “Maybe we could get together,” Baekhyun suggested.  “Do something.”

            “You don’t want to hang out with me,” he teased.  “C.A.P. hyung, wake up and talk to Baekhyun hyung.”

            Once C.A.P. was busy with Baekhyun and Chunji was in the stylist’s chair, he slipped out of the room.  Moving quickly, like he had somewhere to be, he went down the hallway.

            He was a yard from EXO’s door when he spotted someone coming from the opposite direction.

            Head down, hands in his pockets, L sauntered like he was taking his time on the runway.  Raising his head, he cast a careless glance around.

            L wasn’t going to EXO’s dressing room, was he?  But he might be.  EXO and Infinite were seeing each other.  Were they still negotiating?  Or already screwing?  Changjo wondered which member L was going to visit.

            Curious, Changjo timed his steps to reach the door at the same time that L did.  Noticing him, L gave him a look.  A close, interested look.  It was kind of a dark look at first, not that happy to see him, and then a corner of L’s mouth quirked upward in amusement.  “Hi.”

            “L hyung,” he said, and he knocked at the door.  What did that look mean?  For one thing, L knew about Teen Top and EXO; he was sure about that.

            D.O. opened the door.  For a moment, he stared at them, wide eyes unblinking.

            L laughed.  “Can we come in?”

            Sungyeol was already there, on the couch with Lay.  Ricky and Niel were gathered around Xiumin.  Changjo wondered how quickly this would get awkward.  He wondered if Infinite would deliberately make it awkward.

            “Sunbae,” D.O. said, bowing to L.  “Yes, come in.  Hi,” he said to Changjo.

            Still calling L “sunbae.”  They weren’t super close, then.  Sungyeol and Lay looked ready to climb inside each other’s clothes, but maybe they were so eager for it because they hadn’t had it yet.  Changjo saw Suho seated on the arm of a couch, talking with Sehun.  He headed in that direction-

            -and realized that L was right ahead of him.  L walked right up to Suho, and Suho smiled, hopping up.

            What?  On alert, Changjo hung back, calculating, trying to figure this out.

            Either L was Suho’s secret lover.

            Or in the middle of EXO and Infinite getting together, L and Suho had become interested in each other.

            Or they were just friends.

            Suho seemed happy to see L, but Suho smiled at a lot of people that way.  They hadn’t touched yet.  Changjo wasn’t going to get enough information this way; time to move in.  Smiling, he strode forward.  “Hi, hyung.”

            The smile Suho gave him was at least as happy as the smile L had gotten, if not bigger.  When he moved in close for a hug, Suho hugged him back.  “Changjo-goon.”

            Even when he let Suho go, he stayed close, flashing L an innocent, questioning look.  “I’m interrupting?”

            “No, it’s fine,” Suho told him.

            “Going on soon?” L asked him.

            The bigger acts performed later in the show.  That usually meant that the rookies and hoobaes were first, and the sunbaes closed the show.  EXO was an exception; their fan base was large enough to bump them farther back in the program.  Teen Top was going to perform before Infinite or EXO did, and L was only pointing that out to embarrass Changjo.

            It wasn’t going to work.  “Yeah,” he told L.  “Should be finished early tonight.  Do you want to do something?” he asked Suho.

            “Do you want hyung to take you to dinner?” Suho asked, smiling.  “I’ll let you choose the restaurant this time.”

            Wow, that had been easy.  “Okay.”  He glanced around.  “So your make-up’s already done, you’re ready to go on?”

            Laughing, Suho pushed his arm.  “I’m not wearing any.”

            “Oh?” he asked, laughing.  “Is this your bare face?  Oh, I couldn’t tell.  You’re always so handsome, I didn’t know.”

            While Suho smiled at him, not really buying it but flattered anyway which was exactly what he’d wanted, L shook his head, looking amused.  “No wonder you like him so much, if this is how he talks to you.”

            Oh?  What was this?  “You told L hyung that you like me?” he teased.

            “All he ever talks about is you,” L said.  “Changjo this, Changjo that.”

            “That’s not true,” Suho objected, and then he laughed.  “Is it?”

            “What else do you talk about?” Changjo asked, sitting on the armrest where Suho had been.  He wanted to know what was going on between them.

            “Whether or not I’ve taken my vitamins,” L said.  The smile he showed Suho was too private, too intimate.  It put a nasty, tight feeling in Changjo’s gut.  L was very handsome and older than he was.  Suho might take L seriously, while Suho still thought of him as just a kid.

            “L tells me how to model, and I try to get him to show his fans more than just black clothes all of the time,” Suho said.  “You haven’t worn that shirt yet, have you?”

            “My fans like me in black,” L argued.

            “Do they think it looks good on you?” Changjo asked.

            Suho smiled.  “I think that everything looks good on him.”

            That was it.  L had to go.

            When Changjo left, L stayed behind just long enough to ask, “Do you think it’s smart to see him so often?”  When Suho gave him a quizzical look, he shrugged.  “This restaurant, that restaurant, how many restaurants does it take before someone asks questions?”

            “Idols can’t be friends anymore?” Suho asked.  “There’s nothing to ask questions about.”

            “Maybe you should be more discreet.  Eat at your dorm.”

            “The point is to get away from the dorm and eat somewhere else,” Suho said.  “I’m taking a couple of hours off where I don’t have to look after my members.”

            “His dorm?”

            “He won’t want to be around his hyungs on his time off.”

            “My dorm?”

            Suho laughed.  “What are you up to?  Trying to get in trouble with Sunggyu sunbae?  You can’t just invite people over without permission.”  Then he gave L a questioning look.  “Do you want to eat with us?  Come to dinner?”

            L grinned at him.  “Do you think I’ll turn down food?”

            D.O. wondered if someone should talk to Suho about these dongsaengs he was collecting.  Or if someone should talk to the dongsaengs about what their intentions were.  When it had been just Changjo, it had seemed harmless; Suho could take care of himself.  But now there were two of them.

            Maybe L would drop it once he figured out that he wasn’t going to get anywhere sexually.  Although Changjo hadn’t.  Maybe their motives were pure; maybe they just wanted friendship.

            After performing, EXO hustled back to the dressing room.  Once they were alone without staff around, everyone crowded on top of everyone else, stripping off stage clothes and toweling off sweat.  Bumping elbows, they put on their street clothes.

            “You want to come bowling?” Kai asked Chanyeol.  “I think Ricky wants you to come.”

            “I was going to invite Sungjong to the movies,” Chanyeol said.

            “Sungjong?” Xiumin repeated.  “Come on, Ricky versus Sungjong, there’s no contest.  Choose the one who’s going to give your night a happy ending.”

            “We can’t get anywhere with Infinite,” Baekhyun said.  “They’re fun, but don’t waste your night when you could go out with Teen Top.”

            “Who’s doing what tonight?” Suho asked.

            “We’re going out to eat,” Baekhyun said.

            “Who?” Suho asked.

            “Me, Xiumin hyung, and the maknae.”

            “We’re going bowling,” Kai said.  “Me and Chen hyung.”

            “Lay hyung and I are going to the movies,” Chanyeol said.  He glanced around the room.  “With D.O., if he wants to come.”

            “Okay,” D.O. said, nodding.

            “You know the rules,” Suho said.  “No guests back at the dorm, no friends.  No one stops by, no one comes in for just a second, nothing.  Don’t do anything in public, don’t try to sneak some fun in the van, don’t try to get away with it in a bathroom or a dark corner.  Don’t do anything with Infinite, even if you’re invited back to the dorm.”

            “So we can go to Teen Top’s dorm?” Xiumin asked.

“Not everybody,” Suho said.  “I don’t want you all crowding in on them at once.  Chen and Kai can go to their dorm if they invite you.  Everyone else, no.”

“What?” Lay asked.

“I’m going bowling,” Baekhyun said.  “With Kai and Chen, didn’t I say?  That’s what I’m doing tonight, I’m going with them.”

“After what happened in the van yesterday?” Suho asked.  Baekhyun bit his lip; Chanyeol winced.  “After what happened in the bathroom this morning?”  Lay looked down.

“That-” Xiumin began.

“I said what I said,” Suho said.  “That’s my decision.  Chen and Kai can stop by Teen Top’s dorm if they’re invited.  Everyone else, I expect you to be on your best behavior.  Let’s not do anything embarrassing.”

            The EXO members stood by their vans, trying to decide who should go in which van, when Teen Top walked up.  Lay felt sexual excitement quiver and simmer inside him, and he bit his lip, feeling happy and turned on, when C.A.P. put an arm around him.

            Everyone started talking to everyone else about who was going where.  After some arguing in the dressing room, the EXO members had agreed not to tell in advance that only some of them could get laid tonight.  Kai thought that Teen Top should be told, that it wasn’t fair to hold the information back, but Chanyeol had pointed out that if they knew, they’d all just go with Chen and Kai, and no one else would even have a fun night.

            In the middle of the discussion, Baekhyun said, “Okay, and Sungyeol hyung’s coming with me, and he might bring Woohyun hyung.”

            “He’s not bringing Woohyun hyung,” Kai said.  “Would you rather go out with a bunch of hoobaes or with Key hyung?”

            “Sungyeol hyung said that Key hyung might be busy,” Baekhyun argued.

            Lay noticed Niel shooting Chunji strange, worried looks.  Ricky was, too, and L.Joe was glancing at him.  Was something wrong?  Chunji sniffed, his lips pursed, and checked his phone.

            “Is anyone else from Infinite coming?” Ricky asked Baekhyun.  “Are they just going with you?”

            “I don’t know, if they’re coming they should be here in a minute,” Baekhyun said.

            “Is that okay?” Chen asked with a nervous smile.  So Lay wasn’t the only one who thought things were kind of tense all of a sudden.  Why didn’t Teen Top like Infinite?  They’d debuted together, they’d performed a dozen special stages together, why weren’t they friends anymore?

            “It’s fine,” C.A.P. said lazily.

            “Oh, hey,” Chanyeol said, turning, and half of Infinite walked up.  Sungyeol was there, and L with an arm around Sungjong; Woohyun and Dongwoo were right behind them, laughing about something.  Dongwoo glanced ahead at their cluster of people and his face broke into a bright smile like he’d just seen something that made him happy, and then he blinked and his smile faded, leaving him uncertain.

            “You’re coming with us, right?” Baekhyun asked Sungyeol.

            “Yep.”  Sungyeol ran his gaze over Niel.  “Hey.”

            “Hey, back,” Niel said.

            “Let’s organize this,” Chanyeol suggested.  “Everybody who’s going to dinner with Baekhyun in this van.  Everybody who’s going to the movies with me in this van.  Everybody who’s going bowling with Kai, um, we need more vans.”

            “You can use ours,” Niel said.  “Our manager’s still here.”

            “What about Suho hyung?” Chen asked.

            “One of our vans is still here,” L said.  “Suho hyung and I can take that one.”

            “Infinite has two vans?” Kai asked.

            “Sure,” Sungyeol said.

            Ricky scratched his eyebrow.  C.A.P. looked annoyed.

            “I think that it’s nice to use one van,” Lay said.  “I wish that we could all fit into one together.  I miss the other members on long drives.”

            “I don’t,” Baekhyun said, laughing.  “I like stretching out.”

            “Some of our members don’t stretch out very far,” Niel said, and L.Joe punched him.

            “Let’s make some progress, here,” Suho said.  “Let’s all pick a van.”

            While people climbed into vans, some pulling and coaxing others to join them, C.A.P. tightened his arm around Lay.  “Where are we going?”

            Putting his hand on the back of C.A.P.’s neck, Lay whispered, “Go with Chen.  Suho gave him permission to go to your dorm tonight with Kai.  The rest of us don’t have permission.”

            C.A.P. frowned at him, then grinned, then frowned again.  “You can’t come with us?”

            Lay shook his head.  “Go.”

            C.A.P. hesitated, then smiled at him.  “Later, right?”

            Lay returned his smile, nodding.  “Next time.”

            While C.A.P. climbed into Teen Top’s van with Kai, Chanyeol tried to coax Ricky into his van.  Lay noticed Dongwoo following Sungjong into Chanyeol’s van, and hurried to join them.  He hadn’t realized that Dongwoo was coming along tonight.  He couldn’t have sex with Teen Top, but at least he could spend his evening with Dongwoo’s uninhibited conversation.

            Niel and Chanyeol were still arguing over Ricky.  When D.O. turned to get into Lay’s van, L.Joe plucked at his sleeve and asked, “You’re going to the movies?”

            D.O. nodded.

            L.Joe reached over and grabbed Ricky’s elbow.  “Let’s go to the movies,” he said, pulling Ricky along after D.O.

            The only people still standing out there were Suho, L, Changjo, and Chunji.  Chunji,” C.A.P. said.  “Come on.”

            Chunji gave the other vans a disgusted look, then climbed into Teen Top’s with C.A.P.

            “Behave yourselves,” Suho said, as van doors began to close.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

            “But I left my black card at home,” Sungyeol joked as Sehun closed the door.

            “All right, we’re in here wrong,” Chanyeol said.  “Put the tiny people in the backseat.”

            “Who are the tiny people?” Lay asked.

            “I’ll move,” L.Joe said with a sigh.  L.Joe, Dongwoo, and D.O. clambered around everyone into the back of the van, while Chanyeol put himself between Ricky and Sungjong and Lay went up front.

            “Isn’t this better?” Chanyeol asked, stretching his arms out around Ricky and Sungjong.

            “For you,” L.Joe said, and Lay laughed.

            “Which movie are we seeing?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Whatever everybody wants to see,” Chanyeol said.  “What do you think?” he asked Sungjong.

            “I don’t know,” Sungjong said.  “Is everyone old enough to see adult movies?”

            “I want out,” Ricky said, reaching for the door handle.  “Can I get out?”

            Chunji hadn’t said anything since getting into the van, had just sat there in silence, looking pissed off.  “You okay?” Chen asked, touching his thigh.

            With a toss of his head, Chunji looked out of the window.  “I’m fine.  You can drop me off at the dorm.”

            “Drop you off?” Chen repeated.  “You’re not coming with us?”

            “He’s coming with us,” C.A.P. said.

            “Is something wrong?” Chen asked.  “You don’t like Infinite?”

            “It’s fine,” C.A.P. said.  “It’s nothing.”

            “Yeah,” Niel said too quickly.  “It’s nothing.”

            “So.”  The hint of sex in C.A.P.’s tone made Chen turn around; he was giving Kai a slow, interested once-over.  “Is it true what Lay hyung said?  That we’re going back to our dorm after, and the others aren’t?”

            “What?” Niel asked.  “Does that mean what I think it means?”

            “It’s true,” Kai said.  He smiled at C.A.P.  “If you want to.”

            “I want to,” Niel said.  “I’m ready.  Let’s skip bowling and go now.  Who wants to bowl?  Let’s go back to the dorm.”

            “No, let’s go bowling first,” Chen said.  “It’ll be more fun if we play around a little first.”

            “Bowling foreplay?” Niel asked doubtfully.  “That’s a weird idea, hyung.”

            “Maybe Chen hyung wants to see you rub your hands all over some big, heavy balls before he has sex with you,” Kai suggested.

            Chunji burst into laughter, and Chen smiled, ready for a fun night.

            Feeling uneasy, Suho watched the vans go.  Everybody would be okay.  His members would be responsible.  He couldn’t keep them wrapped up at the dorm all of the time.  It was okay for them to go out and enjoy life.  They were adults; he could trust them.

            Still.  Maybe he shouldn’t have let them all go without him.  Maybe he should have-

            “Is your superpower water?” Changjo asked, nudging him.  “Or is it worrying?”

            “I’m not worried,” he lied, trying to smile convincingly as he watched the vans drive off of the lot.  He shouldn’t have let them all go out tonight.  No, no, it was fine, it would be fine, he had to relax.  “You don’t worry about your members?”

            “No,” Changjo said.

            “Woohyun hyung will keep an eye on Sungyeol hyung,” L said.  “And the maknae will watch Dongwoo hyung.”

            That last sentence sounded backward.

            “Come on,” L said, stepping away.  “People are watching.”

            Suho and Changjo sat together in the van, L in front of them.  “Where do you want to go?” Changjo asked.

            “Your choice,” Suho said.  “Where do you want to eat?”

            “Oh, my choice?”  Changjo rubbed his hands together, leaning back in his seat.  He was enjoying the moment of power so much, Suho smiled, feeling affectionate.  For a moment, Suho wished that he were in EXO, that they were together more often.  “Let’s go to that place with the red walls and the separate little rooms.  Over in Gangnam.  We can get a private room and talk.”

            “I know where you mean,” L said, and leaned forward to talk to his manager.

            “That’s a nice place,” Suho said.

            Changjo grinned.  “Is that where you take your girlfriends?”

            “Yes,” Suho lied.  “Yes, I take them there all of the time.”

            “What about you?” Changjo asked L as he settled in again.  “Where do you take your girlfriends?”

            “Don’t have any,” L said simply.


            L shook his head.  “Don’t have any.”

            “But you want one.”

            L raised his eyebrows, smiling slightly.  “You’re volunteering?”

            Changjo grinned, crossing his arms over his chest.  “You couldn’t handle me.”

            Laughing, L looked away, smoothing his hair.

            Suho wondered if it would be all right to tread into personal territory.  “Is there some friction between your teams?”

            “Between us and Teen Top?” L asked.

            “We had to work together a lot, when we were rookies,” Changjo said.  “Maybe we didn’t all get along.”

            “Maybe?” Suho asked.  “You don’t remember?”

            “How old were you then, eight?” L asked Changjo.  “Six years old?”

            “I was around that age, yeah,” Changjo said.  “And teaching you the dance steps.”

            “Ouch,” L said, chuckling and looking away again.

            When they got to the movie theater, they pushed at each other, jockeying for the seat they wanted.  They ended up going down the row: Sungjong, Chanyeol, Ricky, Lay, Dongwoo, L.Joe, D.O.  Ricky spent the movie cuddled against Chanyeol’s shoulder, eating popcorn.  L.Joe and D.O. whispered to each other the whole time.

            The first time Lay felt Dongwoo’s fingers tapping over his thigh, he froze.  The unexpected contact turned him on, but they were in public; what could he do?

            It stopped.  Disappointed, he wished that he could react more, that he could respond to Dongwoo’s interest - - if it was sexual interest and not just fidgeting.  He started to fantasize, his thoughts slipping away from the movie and directed toward movie theater sex.  They were lined up in rows, in the dark; who would know if he slipped down to kneel between Dongwoo’s feet?  Who would know if he reached into Dongwoo’s lap and felt around?

            The second time it happened, his breath caught in his throat.  Slowly, he pushed the armrest up, out of the way.  As Dongwoo’s fingers drew circles over his kneecap, he spread his thighs until his leg touched Dongwoo’s.  For a hot, perfect moment, Dongwoo’s hand ran up his inner thigh.

            And then Dongwoo’s hand lifted away.  With an explosive exhalation, Lay began to breathe again.  That sexy, casual touch, the way Dongwoo idly explored him, was a great turn-on.  Would it be okay if he reached over, too?  If he felt Dongwoo up?  What if he reached into Ricky’s lap, too, at the same time?  What if they all just sat there groping each other, the whole way down the row, reaching into each other’s pants, jacking each other off while the movie continued?

            Dongwoo’s hand was on his leg again.  Fingers drumming against his thigh.  Dongwoo shifted restlessly beside him, then started rubbing his thigh, up and down, a slow rhythm.  The languid, steady stroking made him want to squirm, made him want to touch back.  It was so sexy, being touched in the dark like this.  He pushed his knee against Dongwoo’s, wanting to do so much more, not sure what he could get away with.

            Casually, staring at the screen and not paying the flashing images any attention, he scratched his nose and then lowered his hand.  Slowly, his hand came to rest between their seats, his knuckles brushing Dongwoo’s leg.  He skimmed his knuckles along Dongwoo’s thigh, and Dongwoo squirmed, pressing against him.  Gasping softly, he bit at his lip, dragging his thumb over the thin denim of Dongwoo’s jeans.

            There were credits onscreen.  Was the movie over?  Could they go to the dorm and fuck now?  He knew that Suho had said no, but what if he called and explained that he was really, really horny and Dongwoo seemed to want to?

            Suho was even more…innocent…than L had anticipated.

            Was innocent the right word?  Maybe naïve.  Foolish.  Gullible.  Stupid.

            But L liked innocent, anyway.

            Changjo was pretty fucking hot, L had to admit.  He was handsome, with a young, strong body.  Based on looks alone, he got an A.

And he seemed confident.  Independent, self-assured, young but cocky.  His smile said that he thought he’d already learned all he needed to know about sex, and he was ready to try that knowledge out on Suho.  He was hot and he knew what he wanted.  Sex appeal: A.

Okay, so Suho wasn’t shallow.  Suho was looking for more than a hot body and a knowing smile.  Changjo was quick, attentive, hardworking, and talented.  He seemed to be good to his hyungs and he wanted to have a good time.  Straight As across the board.

And instead of flirting with him and trying to take him back to the dorm for a hot screw, Suho treated him like he was a precocious ten-year-old.  Suho glowed with pride and clearly adored him, but there was nothing sexual in it.  Suho didn’t even seem to realize that he was an adult or a viable option for sex.  Suho just seemed to want to nurture him.

It was strange.  L had seen Suho react to hot guys before, and Suho wasn’t reacting to Changjo that way at all.  Did he not notice how sexy Changjo was?  Was Changjo not his type?  Who was his type?

Then again, he wasn’t reacting to L, really, either.  Not tonight.  But he’d definitely responded sexually to L before.

Responded sexually but kind of unhappily.  Like he was attracted to L but didn’t want to be.

Maybe that was how he responded to Changjo, too, and Changjo had learned not to push his buttons.  Maybe Changjo knew where his lines were and knew not to cross them.  Suho was so skittish, setting him off one too many times might cause him to run away for good.

So, what was this?  Changjo was lulling Suho into a false sense of complacency while waiting for the right moment to strike?

Why not?  That was what L was doing.

It was probably perverse - - or just clichéd and predictable - - for L to be attracted to the one guy who wasn’t inviting him in.  A hundred guys approached him, hitting on him and asking him out and propositioning him and expressing interest in a variety of ways, and he wanted nothing to do with them.  He was bored and tired and disgusted.  And then Suho said no and set up barriers, and L couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like between them.

Was L attracted to the challenge?  Determined to prove that he could have whoever he wanted?  Was this an ego thing?

Or was it just that in a hard, cold world, he’d learned to treasure soft, warm places, and he wanted Suho’s nurturing, generous heart to accept him?

He wondered what Changjo’s motives were.  He’d heard C.A.P. say at least a dozen times, “I don’t trust that kid as far as I can throw him,” and Changjo had been lighter and smaller and easier to throw then.  Did Suho realize that Changjo wasn’t some sweet, earnest kid but a cunning, manipulative adult?

Maybe it was easier to see him as a kid.  Maybe seeing him as an adult would mean acknowledging his adult motives and adult sexuality, and considering how skittish Suho was, it would make sense if Suho didn’t want to contemplate that too closely.

As they ate in the private opulence of their red-walled room, L asked, “How did you end up with Changjo?  Why didn’t you choose one of Teen Top’s other members?”

“They’re all stupid,” Changjo said matter-of-factly, gathering up noodles, and he laughed when Suho bumped him.

“Why not one of the others?” Suho asked.  “I don’t know, I like this one.  He’s so young, and he’s worked so hard, he makes my heart ache.  I want to see him do well.”

Smiling, looking very pleased, Changjo lowered his head to slurp up noodles.

“What about you?” L asked Changjo.  “Why are you here with this hyung when you could run around with Sehun and Kai?”  He was old enough to get laid, so if everyone else was going off together to screw, why was he wasting his time on someone who wouldn’t give it up?

L had wondered, off and on, if Suho and Changjo had sex.  But after tonight, he was sure that they didn’t.  It was funny, in a sad kind of way; he could see the moments when Suho wanted to touch Changjo, to pet him and stroke his hair and cuddle him.  But Suho only touched him sparingly, carefully, like too much contact was a bad thing.  And so far Suho hadn’t touched L at all.

Changjo wiped his mouth and grinned at Suho.  “Suho hyung takes good care of me.  I like it.”

“You like being spoiled,” L guessed.

“He deserves it,” Suho said.  There it was: he gazed at Changjo affectionately and a little too intensely, like he wanted to caress Changjo but couldn’t.  “I don’t think that C.A.P. spoils him very much.”

“C.A.P. hyung takes care of me in the ways he’s good at,” Changjo said, and he shot a too-innocent, too-sweet smile at L.

It hurt.  It hurt more than L had expected it to.  He’d thought that he was over it.  Maybe he hadn’t let go of that old pain as well as he’d thought.

Or maybe he didn’t like the idea that Changjo had easy access to things he didn’t.  Changjo could crawl right into C.A.P.’s bed tonight.  Changjo walked into a room and Suho lit up like the sun.

How much did Changjo even know about L and C.A.P.?  He’d been too young to be a part of anything that had gone on then, and since C.A.P. had seemed clueless, it was weird for Changjo to seem to know so much.  Had that shot been a lucky guess?  Or did Changjo understand more than L had realized?

Changjo could have C.A.P.  L wasn’t interested anymore.  But L wasn’t handing Suho over to some devious, silly little maknae.

Before tonight, L hadn’t had any concrete plans.  He liked Suho, and he liked being around Suho; that was it.  He’d kind of wanted to be friends.

But if any of those barriers lifted and Suho decided to let someone in, L wanted to be that someone.

When dinner ended, Suho paid.  Of course he did.

“Should we do something?” Suho asked.  “Go somewhere?”

Noraebang?” Changjo suggested.

Bad associations.  “You can come back to my dorm,” L said.  “Most of the members are probably still out.”

“Would we bother Sunggyu sunbae?” Suho asked.

L thought that it was funny how concerned Suho was about it, how seriously he took Sunggyu’s authority.  Sunggyu would love it.  “I’ll ask.”

“Have you been to EXO’s dorm?” Changjo asked as L dialed.

“No,” L admitted.

“It’s nice,” Changjo said.

Great.  Establishing that Changjo was closer to Suho than he was.  He wouldn’t be so quick to score points if he was confident that he was ahead.

Shit.  They couldn’t treat this like a game.  Suho would hate that.

“What?” Sunggyu asked.

“Hyung,” L said.  “Can I bring Suho hyung and Changjo over tonight?”

“What, here?” Sunggyu asked.  “Young Money and that maknae?”

“Yes,” L said.  “Young Money and that maknae.”

“Okay, but don’t come in my room and don’t bother me.  And check that maknae’s pockets before he leaves, I don’t want him stealing anything.”

“Okay, hyung.”  Hanging up, L smiled.  “You can come as long as you don’t steal anything.”

Changjo laughed, and Suho said, “I’ll try to keep my thievery under control.”

            After the movie, they went to noraebang.  In a dark room while D.O. sang, Lay sat in the corner with Dongwoo.  “It’s called Hot Buttered Cock,” he explained.  Just talking about this out loud had him all turned on.  “These two guys go to the movies for their first date.  I don’t remember their names, I’ll just call them Bob and Mike.  Mike is really sexy, he has a really cute butt, and Bob is really hot for him.  They meet at the theater and buy some popcorn and go in and sit down.  Bob’s cock is hard, and his jeans are tight, and he’s really uncomfortable.  He undoes his fly and pulls his cock out, but he doesn’t want to leave it out in the open, because the ushers are walking up and down the aisles.  So he tears a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket and pushes his cock up in there.”

            “In the bucket?” Dongwoo asked, looking astonished.

            “Yes!  In the bucket, in the popcorn!  Mike eats popcorn, and he doesn’t know anything’s going on.  But he keeps eating, and there’s less and less popcorn, and then his fingers touch Bob’s cock.”

            “Did it scare him?” Dongwoo asked.

            “No, he loved it!  Once he figured out what it was, he started jacking it.  Bob’s cock was really slick from the butter, and he jacked him off right there in the bucket.  There was a little bit of popcorn left, and it had cum on it, and Mike started eating it and talking about how delicious it was.”

            “That’s so hot,” Dongwoo said, licking his lips and adjusting his cock in his pants.  Hot Buttered Cock.  I’d love to see that.”

            Lay’s heart pounded.  “Maybe you can come over.  I could show it to you.”

            “Yeah.  What other kinds of movies do you have?  Do you have any orgy stuff?  Sometimes I get bored and skip to the end to see if there’s a good cum shot.”

            It had been a while since anyone had expressed so much interest in his collection.  “I have a lot of orgy scenes.  What kind of cum shots do you like?”

            “I like it when there’s cum spraying everywhere.  I want to see ten guys unloading onto one guy’s face.  I had a copy like that but Sungyeol scratched the disc.  The rest of the sex got boring but I watched the cum shot over and over again.”

            “I love that kind of cum shot!” Lay exclaimed.  “I love being that guy, the one everybody comes on.  Do you do that with your members?”

            “Yeah, it’s fun.  Sometimes they all come on me, or sometimes it’s someone else.  I like feeling cum all over me, all over my skin.  I smear it all over my face and I rub it all over my chest, on my thighs, everywhere.”

            “I’d love to come on you,” Lay breathed.  “I’d jack myself and squirt all over your face or anywhere else you wanted it.  I’d get all of my members together and we’d empty our balls until you were drowning in messy, sticky jizz.”

            “I would love that, that would be so hot.”  Dongwoo’s gaze roamed Lay’s body like he wanted to eat Lay for dinner.  Then he laughed a little and rubbed his hand over his chest.  “I’m so hard right now.  Do you want to make out?”

            What?  The question was so unexpected and so perfect that Lay couldn’t believe it was real.  Had he hallucinated it?  “Yes.”

            Just like that, Dongwoo shifted forward.  One hand braced beside Lay’s thigh on the bench, he leaned in, his bangs dipping into his eyes, and sexual excitement raced through Lay.  His lips were soft, so soft, and Lay cupped his face in both hands, moaning, kissing him back.  Yes, yes, “Oohhhmmm,” his kisses were soft and insistent, his tongue stroking into Lay’s mouth like they’d kissed a hundred times.

            “Lay hyung.”  D.O.’s amplified voice startled him, coming through the speakers.  “What are you doing?”

            Caught, blinking, he stared at Dongwoo in stricken, guilty silence.  He needed to kiss Dongwoo again, he just needed a little more kissing, more time with that sexy, perfect mouth.

            Dongwoo rubbed his hand over his mouth and glanced around.  “Should we not?  It’s not allowed?”

            “I shouldn’t,” Lay admitted.  He felt bad; he’d gone against Suho’s orders.  “Suho asked us not to.”

            “Oh.  Okay.  Sorry,” Dongwoo said earnestly.  “I didn’t know.”

            “No, it’s my fault.”  Gripped by the urge to touch him again, Lay stroked his hair.  So soft, so thick.  “Can we do it another time?”

            “Yeah.  Whenever it’s okay with you, it’s okay with me.”  Dongwoo rubbed Lay’s thigh like they were close enough to do that all of the time.  “Tell me about some other movies.”

            Ricky couldn’t believe what an asshole Sungjong was being.  He was trying to have fun, and Chanyeol was trying to have fun, and Sungjong was being really pissy and stupid and nasty about everything.  Everything Sungjong said was either bored or arrogant or a crack at his expense.  Sungjong had brought up his age so many times that it was like talking to a broken record.  He kept pointing out that they were only two years apart, which wasn’t that big of a gap, but Sungjong treated him like he was about as mature as a zygote.

            After a while, Sungjong abandoned them entirely to hang out with D.O. and L.Joe.  Since Dongwoo and Lay were huddled in the corner whispering to each other, that meant that Ricky had Chanyeol all to himself.  They sang together and ordered food and watched silly videos on their phones and laughed so hard that Ricky’s cheeks hurt.

            Chanyeol wanted Ricky to sit on his lap, so Ricky did.  Then Ricky started to caress his ears, since they were right there.  His smile grew bright and big, like he was really happy, so Ricky stayed there, stroking his ears and talking to him about nothing and wanting to kiss him.  Mmmm.  We should meet more often.  We talk and text all of the time, but we should meet more.  You should come over,” Chanyeol said.

            “Okay.”  It sounded like a great idea to him.  “I’ll bring Niel hyung and he can suck off your members while you fuck me.”

            “They’d love that.”

            “I’m leaving now,” D.O. said into the microphone.  Ricky looked over at him; he looked around the room with a solemn expression.  “I’ll be back soon.”  He set down the microphone.  “If you do something you shouldn’t do, Sungjong will tell me.  I will tell Suho hyung.  Suho hyung will make sure that you never, ever, ever see each other again.”  D.O. left.  Laughing, L.Joe went with him.

            “Hey.”  Chanyeol gestured Sungjong over.  Looking bored, Sungjong came over to stand beside them like even moving toward them was a chore.  “Having a good time?”

            “Yeah, great,” Sungjong said.  He raised his voice.  “Dongwoo hyung, it’s late.  We should go.”

            “Oh?”  Dongwoo looked around like he’d forgotten they were over there.  “Oh, okay.”

            “Hey.”  Chanyeol wrapped his hand around Sungjong’s wrist.  “What’s wrong?  You aren’t in the mood to have fun tonight?  You said that you wanted to come with us, that you thought it sounded great.”

            “That was before, and I was wrong.”  Crossing his arms over his chest, he called, “Hyung, come on.”  Then he looked away, muttering, “I should have gone with Kai.”

            “Why didn’t you?” Ricky asked.

            “Because someone begged me to come with him and promised me that we’d have fun together,” Sungjong said.

            “I did, and I meant it,” Chanyeol said.  “I don’t know what happened, I don’t know why we’re not having fun together.  I said the wrong thing?”

            Oh, now it made more sense.  “You didn’t know I was coming, did you?” Ricky asked.  “I didn’t know you were coming, either, but I’m not being a jerk about it.  You can call me a little kid, but at least I learned how to share my toys.”

            “It’s fine,” Sungjong said.  “I don’t care, enjoy your date or whatever this is.”

            “It’s not a date,” Chanyeol said.

            “I’m not dating anybody,” Ricky said, embarrassed.  “We’re hanging out.”

            “We’re trying to hang out with you, too,” Chanyeol added, rubbing Sungjong’s forearm.  “There’s nothing wrong with all three of us hanging out together.”

            “I could be out with anybody right now,” Sungjong said.  “I could be at home, relaxing.  I don’t get a lot of time to myself, and I didn’t want to spend tonight with him.”

            “What’s wrong with him?!” Ricky demanded, indignant.  “You’re not so great, either!”

            “Ricky’s terrific,” Chanyeol said.  “You’re both great.  Come on, sit down,” he coaxed, his arm around Sungjong, trying to guide Sungjong onto the bench with them.

            “It’s a waste of my time,” Sungjong said, resisting.  “I was going to spend time with you because I thought that it might lead somewhere.  I wanted to find out if you’ve been practicing that thing you said you would work on.”

            Chanyeol looked between them.  “Have the two of you ever.  Uh.  Gone on MT together?”

            “No,” Ricky said.  “Not really.”

            “He wouldn’t know what to do once he got there,” Sungjong muttered, fluffing his bangs.

            “Hey!  I know exactly what to do!” Ricky snapped.  “Ask anybody!”

            Chanyeol whispered in his ear, “Do you rim your members?”

            Did he what?  What was he supposed to say to that?  “Sometimes.”

            “See?” Chanyeol asked Sungjong.  “He has more experience than I do.”

            He wasn’t doing that to someone who treated him like a baby!  Even if Sungjong did have a really cute little ass.  “You should be so lucky,” he muttered, glaring at Sungjong.

            Sungjong gave him a long, doubtful look.  A look that really lingered.  Then Sungjong brushed his knees aside and sat on Chanyeol’s other thigh.  When Sungjong’s arm coiled around Chanyeol’s neck, Sungjong’s hand reached out, fingertips running up the side of Ricky’s neck until his ears burned.  “What do you do to make a guy feel lucky?”

            “Okay, but where are you?” Baekhyun was asking his phone.

            “We could go to a club,” Sungyeol suggested.  Woohyun reached into his pocket.  “What, what now?  If that’s anyone named Kim Sunggyu, don’t answer it.”

            “It’s someone named Hoya,” Woohyun said, checking his phone.  “He’s bored.”

            Ya!” Baekhyun said.  “Just tell me where you are!”

            “It sounds like D.O. doesn’t want to meet us,” Woohyun said, texting back.

            “I’ll talk to him,” Xiumin said, taking the phone from Baekhyun’s hand.  Ya, Do Kyungsoo, it’s Xiumin hyung.  Where are you?”

            “Tell him to come and meet us,” Sungyeol said, elbowing Woohyun.  “And don’t let him bring anyone else.  Tell him to come alone.”

            “Are you afraid of your leader?” Sehun asked.

            “No!  No, he’s just annoying,” Sungyeol said.  Woohyun laughed.  “Shut up.”

            Kai was barely in the apartment before Chunji was kissing him, touching his face, and pulling him across the room.  Tugging Chunji’s shirt up, returning quick, hungry kisses, he fell onto the sofa, landing half on top of Chunji.  Hands were burrowing under his clothes, Niel’s hands, finding his cock, while Chunji kissed him hard and ground against him sinuously and whispered, “Yeah, yes, right here, like this.”  He was suddenly hard, completely hard, so erect he felt hot and dizzy, and he groaned, threading his fingers through Chunji’s hair while Niel sucked his cock.

            “Yeah, you want it, you’re aching for it,” he panted, undoing Chunji’s fly, and Niel moaned, throaty and needy, and Chunji was hot and demanding in his arms, and Kai couldn’t believe he had all night to get as much of this as he wanted.

            Gasping, shuddering, Chen dug his nails into C.A.P.’s back as pleasure spiked through him.  “God, oh, g-g-g-give it to me, oh.”  Moaning, he couldn’t believe that he felt this good.  He was barely on the edge of the kitchen counter, one hand clamped on it for balance and support as C.A.P. drove into him with hard, deep thrusts.  The steady, rough piston of C.A.P.’s erection sent sharp jolts of ecstasy through him, one after another, and the constant, repetitive high had him feeling primal, mindless, addicted to carnal pleasure.  It was pure sex, pure sensation, nothing but intoxicating bliss, and he groaned, his head lolling back as C.A.P. kissed his neck.  “More, more, hoooohhh, give me everything.”

            Infinite’s dorm was quiet and mostly clean.  As they got comfortable on the couch and talked, Changjo wondered what he could steal.  Part of him was just playing his usual game of, “If I were going to steal something, what would it be?”  And part of him genuinely wanted to steal something, just because L had told him not to.  He wanted to do it just for the fun of getting away with it.  That warning had practically been a challenge.

            There wasn’t anything good to steal in the front room.  Nothing small enough to slip into his pocket.  Curious about Infinite’s dorm, he waited for a good opportunity to sneak around, but he didn’t get one.  He’d had to leave his phone behind at the front door, so he couldn’t have photographed anything interesting, anyway.

            When L and Suho went into the kitchen, he excused himself to visit the bathroom.  Pretending to be lost, he peeked into other rooms.  All of the doors were open except one.  He had to be quick, so he didn’t linger, but he figured out which room was Hoya and Sungjong’s, which was L and Sungyeol’s, and which was Dongwoo and Woohyun’s.  The closed door was probably Sunggyu’s room; he listened but didn’t hear anything.  He peed and washed his hands, mentally reviewing what he’d seen, and then he slipped back into L’s room and tucked a pen into his pocket.  Then he hid L’s wireless mouse under Sungyeol’s mattress and dumped a handful of socks in among L’s underwear.

            Pen in his pocket, he went back out to the front room.  He could hear L and Suho talking, and he decided to listen.  What would they say with him out of the room?  While they conversed in the kitchen, he stood beside a rack of videogames, reading boxes like he wasn’t familiar with most of these games already.

            “...haven’t seen any of your shows,” Suho said.  “I feel so bad about that!  I have to catch up.”

            “No,” L said, laughing.  “Don’t worry about it.  You aren’t missing anything.”

            “I want to see them!  There are so many!  Should I start with the oldest and work my way forward, or start with the most recent and go back?”

            “You don’t have to watch any of them.”

            “I want to!  Your members must be so proud of you.”

            “I guess.  They have some of their own shows, too.”

            Changjo rolled his eyes.  Ooohhh, L was an actor, how exciting.  New subject, please?

            “Which role was your favorite?” Suho asked.

            “I don’t know.  You watch them and tell me which one you like the best.”

            Changjo curled his lip.  Ugh.  Hadn’t L just protested that Suho shouldn’t watch them?  And now all of a sudden Suho was supposed to watch all of them?  Who had the time?  Really, who had the interest?

            “Do you want to act?” L asked Suho.

            “I don’t know if I’d be any good at it,” Suho admitted.  “I’d be glad for the chance to try.  My company says that most actors are a little.  Uh.  Taller than I am.”

            “Don’t worry about that,” L said.  “You work hard, and you’re good-looking.  People would like to see you onscreen.”

            Changjo wanted to throw up.

Suho laughed.

They weren’t saying anything.  Maybe L was so boring that Suho had fallen asleep.

Suddenly, “I wonder where Changjo went.”  Suho sounded strange.  On edge.  He was talking too fast.  Something was wrong; something had happened.

“He can’t have gotten lost,” L said.  “The dorm’s not that big.  I’ll go look for him.”

What had happened?  What had L done?

He’d made a move.  He must have.  That asshole.  He’d tried to kiss Suho or something.  That fucking shit.  Who did he think he was?  Did he know anything about Suho?  They couldn’t be that close if he thought that Suho was going to be okay with that stuff.

Changjo wanted to punch L.  He felt jealous but he also just felt angry.  He knew how much Suho didn’t like that kind of attention; he knew how clear Suho tried to be about what was okay and what wasn’t.  He was pissed off, seriously pissed off, that someone would try to get past Suho’s boundaries.

Okay, so he fantasized about making a move all of the time.  But thinking about it wasn’t the same as doing it.  He kept his lips to himself.

When L walked in and found him, he ignored L, brushing right past and going into the kitchen.  “I should get back to the dorm.”

“Already?” L asked.  “Oh, do you have a curfew?”

Ignoring that, Changjo said, “I can call a cab.”

“No,” Suho said, reaching for his wrist like it was an automatic gesture and then pulling back without making contact.  Fuck, L had screwed everything up and now Suho was twice as reluctant to touch him.  “I’ll go with you.”

“Can I have your number?” L asked.

“Sure,” Changjo said, holding out his hand for L’s phone.  “Why?”

“In case we want to talk sometime.”  L handed over his phone.

Stupid.  Changjo stepped away like he just wanted to lean comfortably against the fridge.  Angling so that they couldn’t see the screen, he added himself quickly, putting his number under “Mythical Creation.”  Then he checked L’s other numbers.  Suho was under “Young Money.”

Weird.  L barely had any numbers in his phone.  He’d worked with a lot of people all over the industry.  He should have a ton of numbers.  He should be connected to all kinds of people, from the big names to the ones who made things happen behind the scenes.  He should at least have more friends.  What was going on?  Aw, no nude shots, either.  Not wanting to raise suspicion, Changjo handed the phone back.  “Nice.  It’s new?”  Maybe he’d left all of his contacts in his old phone.

“No.  I got it a while ago when we signed one of our contracts with Samsung.”

Right, yes, L had big-deal endorsements and Changjo was nobody.  “Ready?” he asked Suho.

Suho nodded at him and the three of them walked to the front door.  “Thanks for dinner,” L said.

“Any time,” Suho said.  He seemed to mean it.  Changjo hated that.  What had L done in the kitchen?  A big move?  A small one?  Something obvious enough to freak Suho out in the moment, but something simple enough that now Suho was willing to give a second chance?  “Tell Sunggyu sunbae that we said hi.”

“It was good to see you,” L said.  “Text me sometime and we’ll go out again.”


“My manager can drive you if-”

“No, let’s not bother him,” Suho said.  “We can get a cab.”

“See you,” Changjo said, opening the door.

            The room was crowded.  When the second set of guys had arrived with Hoya, they’d brought in a second table, and now everyone sat together, snacking and drinking, telling jokes, spilling stories.  D.O. had thought that there was tension between Teen Top and Infinite earlier, but they got along great now.

It was fun to hang out with sunbaes; they had so many stories.  They knew all about the industry.  They knew which PDs to avoid and which writers to suck up to.  They had hilarious stories about MBLAQ and embarrassing stories about U-Kiss and scandalous stories about Big Bang.  They knew each other’s stories, too; Sungyeol got L.Joe to tell them behind the scenes anecdotes about Shinhwa and what Andy was like and what filming with Eric was like.

            Sungyeol asked for SM gossip, and Baekhyun said that there wasn’t any, and Lay said that they couldn’t spread rumors about their sunbaes, and Ricky said, “Hey, no fair, we told you all about Shinhwa sunbaenims.”

            Woohyun said, “Okay, if you won’t tell, then I’ll tell about the time I walked in on Yunho sunbaenim and Changmin sunbaenim.”

            “What?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Tell, tell,” Chanyeol said.  “I want to hear.”

            “Tell us about Shinee,” Sehun said.  “You must have good Shinee stories.”

            “Don’t you have Shinee stories?” L.Joe asked.

            They agreed to trade.  Chanyeol told about the time that Taemin and Kai hid in the back of EXO’s van to take a nap, and then the rest of EXO piled into the van to go to Busan, and they were halfway there when Shinee’s manager called to ask if anyone had seen Taemin, and there was a company-wide alert that Taemin was missing for hours until all of a sudden this voice piped up in the back of the van to ask, “Where are we?”  Taemin was in trouble and Kai was in trouble and their manager was in trouble and Shinee’s manager had to drive out to pick Taemin up.  Now when they got into vans, Suho counted heads to make sure they hadn’t left anyone behind or picked up anyone new.

            Woohyun told them about being in Toheart and promoting with Key, and how different it was from promoting with Infinite.  “We’re both used to having our leaders tell us what to do, and we had to make all of the decisions ourselves.  The PD would ask if we wanted to do this or that, and he’d just look at me, and I’d look at him, and we’d laugh like we had no idea what to do.  Then we got used to making decisions, and it was fun to be in charge, but we’d want different things.  I want to go left and he wants to go right.  ‘It’s better this way.’  ‘No, it’s better that way!’  Then we disagreed on everything.  He was like, ‘Do I have to call Sunggyu hyung and get him to tell you that my way’s better?’”

            “Key hyung didn’t listen to you?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Key doesn’t listen to anybody,” Hoya said.

            “I found Key hyung crying in the bathroom one time,” Ricky said.

            “What?  Why?” Xiumin asked.

            “It was after they won at Inkigayo.  He was in the bathroom in his stage clothes, crying.  It’s embarrassing to cry onstage, so he was trying to cry in private.”  He laughed.  “It was so funny.  I helped him fix his face, and he left, and I turned around to pee, and then Jonghyun hyung stumbled out of the stall, his face all crumpled up and his make-up all over the place, bawling his eyes out.”

            The room erupted into laughter.  They traded stories of their sunbaes’ best meltdowns, and they shared memories of their own wins and on-camera tears, and Baekhyun did his impression of Suho weeping into the mike.

            They talked some more, and they sang, and they had a dance-off.  Some of them were kind of drunk and some of them were kind of tired when Sungyeol asked, “What’s up with Suho?  Seriously.  Someone explain this to me.”

            “Explain what?” Sehun asked, blinking himself awake.

            “Does he have sex?  At all?”

            Baekhyun stared at Chanyeol.  Chanyeol stared back.  “That’s private,” D.O. said.  That was the best answer he could come up with.  It seemed like what Suho might say.

            “That’s not an answer,” Sungyeol said.

            “What’s up with him and Changjo?” Sungjong asked.

            “Changjo?” L.Joe asked.

            “Are they dating or what?” Sungjong asked.

            “Suho and Changjo?” Xiumin asked.  “No, it’s not like that.”

            “It’s a little weird,” Sungjong said.  “Everybody gets together, six people going this way, six people going that way, and Suho hyung and Changjo and L hyung go off together by themselves.  If Changjo’s not getting laid, what’s the point?  Why wouldn’t he come out with everybody else?  What’s so interesting about Suho hyung?”

            “What about L sunbae?” Xiumin asked.  “He did the same thing, ask him.”

            “Changjo does things for his own reasons,” L.Joe said.  “You never know what’s going on in that kid’s head.”

            Suho’s not going to choose him over L, though,” Sungyeol said.

            Ricky bristled.  “Why not?”

            Hoya laughed.

            Ya!  Why not?” Ricky demanded.  “L hyung’s not so great.  And Suho hyung likes Changjo a lot.”

            “What did they have that fight about?” Baekhyun asked.  “Suho hyung wouldn’t talk about it.”

            “Who had a fight?” Dongwoo asked.  “Suho and Changjo?”

            “Something weird happened around Changjo’s birthday,” Ricky said.  “Changjo wouldn’t talk about it, either.”

            “I remember that,” Sehun said.

            “Lover’s quarrel,” Sungjong said, taking a sip of Chanyeol’s soju.

            “They’re not lovers,” Lay objected.

            “If they were, would you know?” Sungjong asked.  “If Suho hyung’s so private, would he tell you?”

            “We’d know,” Chanyeol said.  “I know we’d know.”

            “I don’t think that he’d drop Changjo for L hyung,” L.Joe said.  “Would he?”

            “I would,” Sungjong said.

            “There’s no dropping,” Chanyeol said.  “Nobody’s dating.”

            “Whatever Changjo wants, he gets,” Ricky said firmly.

            “L doesn’t have to get things,” Sungyeol said.  “Whatever he wants, people give to him.  If he’s interested in Suho, then Suho is his.  Sorry.”

            “We should go to your place first,” Changjo said in the back of the taxi.  “It’s closer.”

            “No, I’ll take you home first,” Suho said.

            “Why?”  Changjo peered into Suho’s face, then laughed.  “You don’t have to escort me home, hyung.  I’m not four years old.  I’m okay by myself.”

            “You’re my dongsaeng.  It’s my responsibility.”

            Changjo sighed, then slumped on the seat, letting his legs sprawl everywhere while he rested his head on Suho’s shoulder.  “Are you going to tuck me in, too?  And make sure that I floss?”


            Changjo had what he’d wanted all night: prolonged physical contact.  He stayed put, slouched against Suho’s side, his head on Suho’s shoulder, their legs pressed together from hip to knee.

            And then.  After a while.  Suho relaxed against him, cheek against his head.  He turned his hand palm-up, and Suho took it, lacing their fingers together.  It was a quiet, intimate moment, affectionate, exactly what he’d hoped for.  Inwardly smiling, he held still, letting the moment last.  Forget L.  Suho liked Changjo.  He’d won this round, and he’d win every round to come.

            Putting L from his mind, Changjo relaxed, closing his eyes.  It had been a good night, and he’d been glad to spend it with Suho.

            The next thing he knew, something was touching his cheek.  Lightly stroking him.  “Asleep?”  Suho’s voice; it sounded amused and, and something else.  Fond.  Or tender.  “Ah, our Changjo.  It’s time to wake up, we’re at your dorm.”

            Inhaling, he held still, trying to capture the moment.  Suho’s fingers settled along the line of his jaw, thumb caressing his cheek in a slow sweep.

            Ya, dancing boy,” Suho whispered, chuckling.  “Wake up.  We’re here.”

            “Unh.”  Sitting up, he rubbed at his eyes, trying to wake up.  He’d been so comfortable, he wished that he could burrow back in again.  “Thanks for dinner.”

            “So cute,” Suho said, squeezing his hand, smiling at him like he was precious.  “Any time, you know that.  We’ll be busy for the next week or so, but text me if you need anything.”

            “Okay.”  He couldn’t resist; he leaned in, hugging Suho.  Not hesitating at all, Suho hugged him right back.  “I love you,” he murmured, just to get Suho to say it back.

            “I love you, too,” Suho said, patting his back.  “Be good.”

            Even after he got out of the cab and went inside, he was still smiling.  L was right, he did like being spoiled.  It felt good to have someone look out for him and take care of him and want good things for him.

            He let himself into the dorm and locked the door.  Lights were on but he didn’t see or hear anyone.  Taking off his shoes, he glanced around, wondering if his hyungs were still out.  There were clothes all over the floor and the couch, so somebody was here.

            “Oh!  It’s just you,” Niel said, coming around the corner.  “It’s okay!” he called.  “It’s just the maknae!”

            “Changjo?” someone called.  It sounded like Chen.  “Changjo-goon!  Come say hi to hyung!”

            Really?  Oh, yeah.  Grinning, Changjo hurried forward, pushing Niel out of his way.  “I’m here!”

            When someone crawled into bed beside him, Sunggyu peeked to make sure that it wasn’t a law-breaking fan.  No, just L.  Grunting, he wrapped an arm around L and went back to sleep.

            “How do you know when you’re wasting your time?” L asked.  “How do you know when you should just give up?”

            This was his bedroom, not a philosophy classroom.  “If you don’t want it enough, if it’s not worth it, then give up.  If you still want it, keep trying.”

            L snuggled in closer against him, then sighed.  “How do you get anywhere with somebody who’s afraid of you?”

            Opening his eyes, Sunggyu resigned himself to having this conversation.  “What are we talking about?  Young Money?”

            “Yeah.  We had a.  Like.  A moment.  And he couldn’t get away from me fast enough.”

            “He’s not afraid of you, he’s afraid of himself.”

            “How do I fix that?”

            Sunggyu groaned.  “God, am I really going to have to sit him down and talk to him about this?”  He’d been tempted to; he got irritated every time he thought about how neglected Chen was.  But he didn’t really intend to go through with it.  He wasn’t the fucking idol whisperer.

            “He likes you.  He might talk to you about it.”

            He sighed, fluffing L’s hair.  “How important is this to you?”

            “I don’t know.  He’s a good guy, and it’s hard to see him struggle like that.”

            Great.  First Teen Top, then Shinee, now this.  If he had to keep doing crappy sex therapy for other idols, he was going to start charging for it.  “I’ll talk to him.”

            “Thanks.”  L kissed him, then grinned.  “Got anything for me?”

            Lay was crooning on the microphone, rocking back and forth as he sang with Woohyun and Hoya.  D.O. was slumped against L.Joe, half asleep.  L.Joe was combing his fingers through D.O.’s hair and gazing to the other end of the table where Sehun talked in low tones with Sungjong.  Ricky and Baekhyun were playing rock, paper, scissors and slapping at each other’s hands and laughing.  Chanyeol was asleep.

            Xiumin eyed Dongwoo and Sungyeol.  “Tell me the truth.  What’s up with you and Teen Top?”

            “Us and Teen Top?” Sungyeol asked.  “What do you mean?”

            “I mean something’s up,” Xiumin said.  “You used to be close and now you’re weird.  What happened?  You had a fight?”

            “Uh.”  Sungyeol rubbed his nose and nodded.  “Right.  We had a fight.”

            “I like Teen Top,” Dongwoo said.  “I miss them, I wish we were still close.”

            “How close were you?” Xiumin asked.

            “Ah.”  Sungyeol laughed.  “How close are you and Teen Top?”

            “They’ve been to our dorm,” Xiumin said.  “Have they been to yours?”

            “Yeah.  Not this one, our old one, before,” Sungyeol said.  “We went to their dorm sometimes, too.  To visit.”

            “Did you say Teen Top?” Ricky asked, leaning down the table.  “Are you talking about us?”

            L.Joe blinked, coming back to himself.  Hunh?”

            “They’re telling me about how your two teams used to be close and then you had a fight,” Xiumin said.

            “We didn’t have a fight,” Ricky said.  “We just stopped talking to each other.  Sunggyu hyung didn’t want to be friends anymore.”

            Xiumin should have guessed.  “What did he get upset about?”

            “Nothing,” L.Joe said.  Reaching across the table, he put his hand on top of Ricky’s.  “Let’s not talk about it.”

            “Why not?” Xiumin asked.  “What’s the big secret?”

            “You don’t have any secrets?” Sungyeol asked.  “What do you do when Teen Top comes to visit, play darts?”

            “With Baekhyun hyung as the target,” Ricky said, snickering.

            Ya!” Baekhyun said, turning red.

            “Who let him drink?” L.Joe demanded.  He smacked at Chanyeol’s hand.  “Hyung!  Did you give Ricky your drink?”

            “What?  What?” Chanyeol asked, coming awake with a start and knocking over a glass.

People scrambled out of the way, grabbing napkins, and D.O. said, “Maybe it’s time to go.”

            Suho wasn’t used to having the whole dorm to himself.  He took a long, comfortable shower and no one interrupted him.  He ate a snack and didn’t have to share it.  He stretched out on the couch and didn’t have to dig anyone’s elbow out of his ribcage.

            It was terrific.  It was freeing and relaxing.

            It was also terribly lonely.  He already missed the members.  There were no voices from other rooms, no one making out in the kitchen, no one sprawled out in the bedrooms.  Just empty rooms and silence.

            He turned on the TV just to hear some other voices, and then he got cozy on the couch, stretching out with a pillow under his head.  He wondered how long it would take Kai to drag Chen away from Teen Top.  With Ricky and L.Joe returning to the dorm, the infusion of fresh energy might start things up again, even if they had been winding down.  And of course Changjo was there, now, and he knew how much his members liked Changjo.

            Flinching away from those thoughts, Suho turned up the volume on the TV.

            As everyone staggered down to the vans, Sehun hung back, messing pointlessly with cups on the table like he was accomplishing something.

            As he looked down at the table, a hand entered his field of vision.  It came to light on a chair back, fingers curling in uncertainly.  “Oh Sehun.”

            “Sunbae.”  Blood humming hot in his veins, he abandoned the cups.  Running his hand through his hair, he met L.Joe’s eyes.

            “So embarrassing,” L.Joe mumbled with a self-conscious laugh.

            Sehun glanced past him.  D.O. was in the doorway; no one else was in sight.  Casually, he dropped his wallet onto the floor.  “Oh.”  He knelt down to pick it up, shielded behind the table.

            L.Joe crouched down beside him, gathering up the cards that had fallen out.  “You’re so handsome tonight.  How are you so handsome all of the time?”

            “How are you so fucking sexy all of the time?” he whispered back.

            “I’m not,” L.Joe said with an embarrassed laugh.

            “I’ve been turned on since I walked in here, just from watching you.”  Taking the cards from L.Joe’s hand, he shifted closer.  “Touch my cock for a second.”

            A quick caress up his thigh, a light press against his cock.  A gasp, and L.Joe’s hand returned for more, rubbing right over his hard-on.

Groaning as pleasure rolled through him, he rocked his hips forward.  Uuuhhhmmm.”  God, that felt good.

“You’re so hard,” L.Joe whispered, groping his cock.

“I’m going to think about you tonight,” he whispered, stroking L.Joe’s arm, running his palm up over smooth skin and wiry muscle.  “I’m going to flip Baekhyun hyung over and pound his ass as hard as he can take it, and I’m going to close my eyes and think of you, and I’m going to picture you when I come.”

With a low, breathless sound, L.Joe hugged him, arms circling him tightly.

            Suho looked over as he heard the front door open.

            “Here, here, come on,” Sehun said, hurrying into the dorm and pulling Baekhyun along after him.

            “Hi, hyung,” Baekhyun said, racing after Sehun and waving at Suho on the couch on the way by.  “Did you have a good night?”

            “Hi, hyung!” Sehun called, yanking Baekhyun into a bedroom.

            Lowering the volume on the TV, Suho sat up, watching Xiumin take off his shoes and unbutton Chanyeol’s fly at the same time.  “Looks like you had a good time.”

            “I’m so horny,” Lay moaned, rubbing himself through his pants as Chanyeol locked the door.  “I want to spend a week licking my way all over Dongwoo hyung’s body.  I want to lick him everywhere and then jizz all over him and lick it back up.”

            “It was the best,” Chanyeol said.  “Can Ricky come over soon?  Like tomorrow, do we have time tomorrow?”

            “I have time now,” Xiumin said, grabbing Chanyeol’s wrist.

            While Xiumin dragged Chanyeol away, Lay hurried after them.  Baekhyun’s gasping, panting moans were already rising from the other room, picking up a rhythmic urgency.  “Ah, oh, yes,” Chanyeol groaned.

            Unhurried, D.O. walked over and sat beside Suho on the couch.

            Not so lonely anymore, Suho smiled, putting an arm around him.  “You had fun with your sunbaes?”

            “Yeah.”  D.O. leaned against his shoulder and yawned.  “How was your date?”

            “Date?  It wasn’t a date,” he said, laughing.  “It was nice, I was glad to eat well.  How was noraebang?”

            “It.”  D.O. stopped talking and gave him a quizzical, suspicious look.  “How do you know we went to noraebang?”

            He grinned, relaxing against the back of the couch, D.O. snuggled against him.  “Don’t you know that your leader knows everything?”

            “Hyung.  Chen hyung.”  He heard Kai’s voice.  Felt Kai poking at his back.  Batting Kai’s hand away, he kissed Changjo again.  “Chen hyung, come on.  We have to go.”

            Hugging him more tightly, Changjo grinned at him.  “Do I have to let you go?”

            God, no.  “Never,” he promised, going back for another kiss.  If his choices were either to stay draped across Changjo’s sexy, gorgeous, naked body, or get up, then he was staying exactly where he was.

            “Chen hyung.  Seriously,” Kai said.  “We’re leaving.”

            “Bye,” he mumbled, losing himself in sweet, languorous pleasure as Changjo’s hands stroked soothingly over his back.  He could roll around in bed with this maknae forever.  He felt so sated, so well-fucked.  He loved the way Changjo fucked him so hard, so cheerfully; loved the way Changjo touched him, how confidently Changjo handled him, how much fun Changjo had devastating him with ecstasy.  God, Changjo had learned fast.

            Ouch!  A sting on his ass; Kai had just pinched him!  “Do you want me to force you?” Kai asked.

            Chen couldn’t believe that he had to abandon this paradise.  Pushing himself up, he tried to stay strong, but his willpower crumbled and he sank down over Changjo again, laughing.  “It’s too much fun here.  I want to stay and play some more.”

            “Invite me to visit sometime,” Changjo said.  “I’ll come over and we can spend all night together.”

            “Hyung!” Kai insisted.  “Now!”

            The idea of Kai wrestling him from Changjo’s naked clutches made a nice fantasy, but in reality it would just end in embarrassment and bruises, not more sex.  Moaning, Chen climbed off of Changjo, getting to his feet.  “I’m coming!” he said, looking around for his clothing before remembering that he’d left everything in the kitchen.  And the living room.  “Bye,” he said to Changjo as Kai herded him toward the door.  He smiled.  “Thanks.”

            Changjo smiled back at him, giving him a little wave.  “You’re welcome.”

            By the time the other members came back to the dorm, Suho was hungry again.  When he went into the kitchen for a snack, he found Chen and Baekhyun huddled over the table together, pouring juice and laughing.  Opening cabinets, poking around for something to eat, he listened with half of an ear.

            “…don’t know how he does it,” Chen was saying.  “God, his cock is amazing.  Kai had to drag me out of bed, I wanted to stay until morning.  I wanted to stay all week.”

            “Did he give it to you from behind?” Baekhyun asked.  “Did he put you on top?  I love it when he puts me on top, I just bounce on that big cock until I’m screaming for mercy, and the whole time he’s smiling up at me like he loves it.”

            “God, he loves fucking.  He had me all over that bed, coming my brains out.  On my back, on my stomach, on top of him.  I was exhausted, I couldn’t catch my breath and I was still shaking, and he cuddled up to me and asked me to blow Ricky.  In my head I was thinking, ‘Ugh, no, I can’t take any more, I don’t want anymore, I just want to sleep,’ and then he smiled at me and I wanted to suck off Ricky and him and anyone else he introduced me to.  How is he so adorable?”

            “How was Ricky?” Baekhyun asked.

            “He was great, he was so eager for it.  I blew him and then he left, he wanted to see Kai.  As soon as he was gone, Changjo was kissing my neck again and whispering in my ear, telling me how sexy I was.”

            Suho froze.  Changjo.  Had they been talking about Changjo this whole time?  He’d assumed that Chen meant C.A.P., meant anybody.  His breath caught in his throat, stuck.  Changjo.

            “I can’t believe that Suho hyung let you go and not me!  I can’t believe you had that big, gorgeous cock in you all night while I was stuck listening to D.O. sing Super Junior songs.”

            He couldn’t listen to this.  He couldn’t hear this, he couldn’t have these words or these thoughts in his brain.  He had to shut them up, he had to get away.

            “It felt amazing.  And sex makes him so happy.  Has he been sneaking around having sex all of this time?  He’s way too good at it to have just started on his birthday.”

            Slowly, swallowing, feigning calm, Suho closed the cabinet.  Mentally shutting out the rest of their conversation, he walked away as naturally as he could.

bounce on that big cock

He wasn’t thinking about Changjo.

smiling up at me like he loves it

He wasn’t thinking about anything.

that big, gorgeous cock

He was close with Changjo, and it was important to him to be a good hyung, and he wasn’t going to taint their relationship with crude ideas and his own sexual weakness.

cuddled up to me, so adorable

He couldn’t think of his dongsaeng that way; he wouldn’t let it affect their friendship.

kissing my neck, so happy

            He couldn’t.

            that big, gorgeous cock

            Suho fled to his room like demons were after him.

            It was Chanyeol’s night to check on Suho.  He relaxed in Xiumin’s bed and waited for his batteries to recharge.  When he felt ready for it again, he washed off and went to Suho’s room.

            Suho was curled up in bed, dressed, pouting, poking at his phone.  Stepping in, Chanyeol hoped really hard and said, “Hey, hyung.  Can I sleep with you?”  He’d been experimenting on different things to say, and that one had a pretty good success rate.  It made him feel like a five-year-old afraid of the dark, but it always got him into Suho’s bed, so he wasn’t complaining.

            Suho hesitated for a second, biting his lip and looking conflicted, and in that instant Chanyeol’s heart dropped.  Not only was this previously foolproof method not working, Suho was about to say no.  He hated it when Suho said no.  For his own sake, obviously, but for Suho’s sake, too.  Suho seemed to want to have sex less often than D.O. did but seemed to need to have sex more often than…everyone.

            And then Suho said, “Okay,” and scooted over, setting his phone aside.  He shifted onto his side and fixed his hair, and Chanyeol resisted the urge to let out a victorious whoop.  Quickly, Chanyeol turned off the main light and climbed in with him.

            The bed wasn’t built to accommodate two adults, or two of anybody, really, so their bodies were immediately in contact.  Suho closed his eyes, looking pained, turning red.  “Hyung?” Chanyeol asked, feeling bad for him, stroking his side.  He bit his lip, turning his face to the pillow, and shit, he was already hard, his cock poking against Chanyeol’s hip.  “Suho hyung,” Chanyeol said quietly, rubbing the small of his back, feeling his whole body arch.  He wanted it so badly he was practically vibrating.  “Can I fuck you?”

            Suho’s hips were already moving against him, seeking, grinding.  “Do you want to?”  Eyes opening, Suho scanned his face.  It always seemed really important to Suho that Chanyeol wanted it, that this was all for Chanyeol, like there would be something wrong with them doing it for Suho’s sake.

            Of course he wanted to, he always wanted to.  “Yeah,” he said, like he was the one dying for it, like he was the one who couldn’t go without it for another second.  “I want to, I need it.”

            “Okay,” Suho said, resting a hand on his bare chest.  “Okay.”

            When he moved in for a kiss, Suho made a ragged, gasping sound against his mouth, and then kissed him back, and sunlight seemed to pour into his body.  Suho’s sweet, deep, generous kisses promised him things, promised him pleasure, promised to love him forever, promised an erotic ecstasy that would never, ever end.  He kicked his own shorts off first, and Suho rubbed the back of his neck, making a broken, mewling sound and grinding against his cock.  It felt so good that he groaned, and when he tugged Suho’s pants down, Suho cooperated impatiently.  He was used to Suho wanting it - - Suho always responded to sex with such grateful enthusiasm that it made him feel like a king - - but tonight Suho could barely contain it.  He felt bad for taking so long to come in here, felt like he should’ve offered it as soon as he’d come back to the dorm, felt like he should’ve stayed in and spent all night soothing Suho’s need.

            Making out was amazing, but Suho had him completely riled up, and as soon as he got Suho’s shirt off, they were both ready to go.  Suho rolled onto his stomach, and Chanyeol found the lube, and when he slid a finger into that hot little hole, Suho made a wild, wailing sound the pillow couldn’t muffle.

            He was two fingers deep and doing some excited moaning, himself, when Suho stuttered, “No, no,” and rolled over.  Startled, he lifted his hands, prepared to back off, when Suho pulled him close, face against his shoulder.  “I want to see you, I want to know it’s you.”

            Shit, really?  Thrilled, Chanyeol smiled hugely, kissing his ear.  “Okay, hyung.”  Sex from behind Suho was always amazing, and Chanyeol loved watching his smooth, pale back, watching his pert little ass, watching him claw desperately at the pillow, but sex face-to-face was a rare, rare treat.

            His skin was hot, his embrace tight, and he was making tense, throaty little sounds as he squirmed under Chanyeol’s body.  When Chanyeol nudged inside him, he gasped like a shocked virgin.  Pushing his knee higher, Chanyeol went in deeper, and he dug his nails into Chanyeol’s back, shuddering and moaning and purring like he’d never had it so good.  “Ah, you feel amazing, this is the best,” Chanyeol panted, sliding deeper, all the way in.  His slick, clenching tunnel was heaven.  With another few, slow thrusts, just enjoying the slide, Chanyeol was rewarded with needy, hitching moans.

            “Ah, aahhh, Chanyeol-ah, oh, oh.”  His breath was quick against Chanyeol’s neck.  Wanting to see him, Chanyeol lifted up just enough to look into his face.  Instead of hiding, he looked up with open, seeking eyes.  His parted lips were cherry-red and his cheeks were flushed; his hair was half across his forehead.  Brushing his hair aside, knowing how neat he liked it to be, Chanyeol kissed him, and he kissed back like he knew how to make all of Chanyeol’s dreams come true.

            Chanyeol fucked him for a long time, and he moaned enthusiastically through every second of it, shuddering and pulling on Chanyeol and begging for more.  He was loud, and when they weren’t kissing he stared up into Chanyeol’s face like he didn’t want to miss anything.  No matter how long it lasted, he kept wanting more of it, wailing rapturously when Chanyeol shifted angles, crying out, “Chanyeol-ah, Chanyeol-ah,” over and over again when Chanyeol started jacking his hard, red cock.  It was intense, very personal, demanding sex, and eventually, they were so worked up that Chanyeol couldn’t hold back anymore.  Suho came in a spectacular explosion, howling ecstatically, and Chanyeol came with dizzying force, and when it was over Chanyeol felt dazed with happiness.

            Suho tried to roll away and mop up, but Chanyeol kissed him and sucked his cum up, licking it from his face and chest.  After they’d made out for a while, letting satisfaction settle into them, he seemed calmer, more relaxed, and when Chanyeol snuggled in, he made a peaceful sound and stroked Chanyeol’s hair.  “I love you,” he said softly, running his fingers around the shell of Chanyeol’s ear.

            It was a perfect slice of happiness.  “I love you, too, hyung,” Chanyeol murmured, his eyes already closing, a smile still on his face.

            While Ricky slept in the next bed, Changjo lay awake.  With an arm tucked behind his head, he rolled L’s pen over his fingers, twirling it.

            Suho was very busy.  His attention and affection were already stretched over all of his members.  He had room for Changjo, but there wasn’t any more room for anyone else.  It would be best to clean up any other distractions quickly.  What was the best, most efficient way to do that?

            Changjo wondered if Suho had any idea about L and C.A.P.

            He wondered what would happen if Suho found out.

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