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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “When do we get to open our presents?” Changjo asked, poking at the gift bags on the chair.

            “Never,” Kogyeol said, laughing.  “Those aren’t for you.”

            “No?” Niel asked.  “I already picked out the one I want.”

            So had Baekhyun.

            “Okay, so I was thinking,” Baekhyun said, sitting down beside Suho.

            “Baekhyun-ah, you can see that I’m talking,” Suho said.

            What, just to L and Sunggyu.  They didn’t count.  “It’s my birthday,” he continued.  “So I think that I should get a special present for my birthday.  I should get to unwrap a special present for my birthday,” he added with significance.

            “We already got you presents,” Suho said.  “Go and open them, if you want to.”

            “A special present,” he said, trying to communicate with his eyes.

            Suho stared at him, then laughed.  “Are you drunk?”

            “It’s about sex,” Sunggyu said.  “He’s trying to say something about sex.”

            “Don’t use that word in public,” Suho said, and Baekhyun blinked, looking around for witnesses.  Was Suho scolding hyungs, now?  “Baekhyun-ah, what are you trying to tell me?”

            Exasperated, Baekhyun leaned in and whispered in Suho’s ear.  “Wei.”

            Suho scowled at him, looking baffled.  “What?”

            “Wei,” he said again.  Suho looked really confused.  He was starting to worry that EXO’s leader wasn’t very bright.  “Wei!” he exclaimed.  “I want to have sex with Wei for my birthday.”

            The whole room kind of froze.

            “I hate you,” he told Suho.

            The whole room was laughing.

            He slumped down and grabbed the nearest drink.  It wasn’t even alcohol.  He put it back and tried another one.

            “Baekhyun, you don’t just get to unwrap a person for your birthday,” Suho said.  Jinhoo isn’t giving you gifts of his members.”

            “Well, ask him, maybe he’s feeling generous,” Baekhyun said.  “Sehun gets to have Hwanhee, maybe I can have Wei.”

            “Byun Baekhyun.”  Suho’s voice was soft and furious.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

            “Everybody knows what he’s talking about,” L said.

            Suho got really still.

            Baekhyun finally found some soju and downed it.  He’d pissed off Suho, and now L was pushing Suho’s panic buttons, and his birthday was probably about to careen off of a cliff.

            “I don’t care what he’s talking about,” Sunggyu said.  “Nobody does.  But if you want to have sex with whoever it is, go ask Jinhoo.  Or ask C.A.P., he’ll say yes.”

            Baekhyun blinked at Sunggyu.  “I can ask C.A.P. for Wei?”

            Sunggyu looked embarrassed.  “Can’t you?”

            “Can people ask Onew hyung for me?” he asked Suho.

            “No one’s asking anybody for anything!” Suho exclaimed.

            He was so asking C.A.P.  He got up and found C.A.P. in a corner, talking to whoever else.  He crawled into C.A.P.’s lap and relaxed.  “Can I have Wei for my birthday?”

            C.A.P. laughed.  “Sure.  Get Kuhn, too, you might like it.”

            Was that permission?  “I have permission!” he exclaimed, victorious.  Wait, did that count?  It totally counted!  He was sure of it.  “Okay, party’s over, everybody back to my place,” he announced, hopping up and staggering away.

            “Sit your drunk ass down,” Chen said, laughing at him.  Long arms wrapped around him and he found himself in Sungyeol’s lap.  “Open some presents and sober up.”

            “Try water,” Sungyeol said, reaching for a glass.

            “Try me,” Baekhyun said, making it a sexy counter offer, turning in Sungyeol’s lap with a suggestive smile.  Sungyeol cracked up laughing, and he was so handsome and so happy that Baekhyun laughed with him.

            While the two of them were grinning at each other and chuckling, Chen pushed the glass of water into Baekhyun’s hand.  He chugged his water and threw his hand up.  Whoo!”

            Sungyeol laughed at him and took the glass away from him.

            This was a great birthday.  Presents and hot hyungs.  He made greedy, grabbing motions at Chen.  Gimme my loot.”

            The day after the birthday party, Suho had a very firm talk with the members about their behavior, and what it was acceptable to say in front of other people, and why they should watch their mouths.  When they were squirming with guilt and too ashamed to meet his eyes, he reminded them that it was especially important to set a good example for others, because if any new dongsaengs caught them making jokes, those dongsaengs might get the impression that it was okay to make similar jokes, and did they want Up10tion members laughing about Sehun in public?

            Then he arranged to see Jinhoo.  The only time Jinhoo was available to meet was when Suho already had plans with L, so at the right time, he and L went to Top Media’s building.  L went off to surprise Changjo, and Suho and Jinhoo went into a practice room and closed the door.

            “We’ve tried to be discreet,” Suho said.  “But I think that we can stop pretending, now.  Your members are close with Teen Top, am I right?  My members are close with Teen Top in the same way.  I thought that our members, together, could grow closer.  Things seem to be going well between Sehun and Hwanhee, and as long as our two groups are tied to each other, maybe everyone could have fun, together.”

            For a moment, he had to marvel at how much had changed.  How much he’d changed.  He still agonized over these decisions, and he still felt uncertain and guilty, and he still wondered if he was doing the right thing.  But the way the words came out of his mouth, anybody would think that he made these offers willy-nilly and invited strange idol groups to fuck his members all of the time.

            Jinhoo smiled at him.  “That’s a big offer.”  Slowly, Jinhoo’s smile faded, and he studied the floor thoughtfully.  “It’s a tricky thing,” he said quietly, and Suho nodded, because it was.

            “We don’t have to rush into a full MT right away.  Maybe some of your members are more ready, more interested, than others?  Maybe you want to start with some of your older members for now?”

            “Maybe a test run or two, first,” Jinhoo suggested.  “Kuhn can stop by sometime.”

            “Wei?” Suho asked.

            Jinhoo’s eyebrows went up.

            Embarrassed, Suho hastily said, “Not me!  Not for me!  No, no, I meant - - for Baekhyun, he keeps asking, he’s very persistent about it.”

            “Wei,” Jinhoo said cautiously, thinking it over.

            “Do you want the two of us to arrange it, now?  Or should we just let our members talk to each other and plan dates?”

            An instant of thought, and Jinhoo said, “Let’s arrange it now.  When are your members free?”

            Baekhyun was sprawled on the couch, his head on Chanyeol’s lap, sleepy and bored, watching Xiumin and Kai make out, when Suho came home.  Suho said something, and Chanyeol said something back, and Baekhyun didn’t pay much attention; he was distracted, nibbling on the tip of his thumb, watching Kai tug up Xiumin’s shirt, Kai’s hands on Xiumin’s bare skin.

            Then Suho’s complaining tone broke through.  Suho was fussing about feeling embarrassed by something, and that was good; he was always interested in hearing about Suho being disgraced.  “What happened?” he asked, finally looking up.

            Beside the couch, hands on his hips, Suho looked annoyed.  “Baekhyun-ah!  What have I just been saying?  I did all of this for you, I went this far for you, and you don’t appreciate it at all?  Why do I bother with these things?  I could’ve been out getting myself laid, instead of getting you laid, tonight.  Waste of my time.”

            Baekhyun had no idea what he was talking about.  “Did you get me laid tonight?  I don’t remember getting laid tonight.”

            “I just did you,” Chanyeol said, blushing.

            “Okay, yeah, but that didn’t have anything to do with him,” Baekhyun pointed out.

            “I met Jinhoo!  I just explained all of this, why don’t you ever listen?” Suho asked.  “I met with Jinhoo, and we made some arrangements.  Now, I don’t like to make your plans for you, your free time is your personal time, it’s none of my business how you spend it.  So if you don’t like it, that’s fine, you don’t have to go through with it.  But I thought that you might like it.  Well.  It’s for Tuesday, in the evening, after everyone’s schedules are over for the day.  Wei’s going to come over to see you.  I thought that you might like to go out, first, make it a real date, but I guess that you’ve already had some time getting to know each other, and you might be impatient to, well.”  Suho looked bewildered and self-conscious for a moment, and then he shook it off.  “Anyway, it’s been arranged, if you want to see Wei on Tuesday.”

            Sitting up straight, Baekhyun stared at Suho, wanting to be sure that he was getting this right.  “This Tuesday.  Wei’s coming over here?  To see me?”  He pointed at himself.  “Me, personally, Byun Baekhyun?  Not this fool,” he patted at Chanyeol without taking his eyes off of Suho, “not these assholes,” he gestured around the dorm, “not the whole group?  Wei’s coming over for me?”

            “That’s what I just said,” Suho said impatiently.

            “And then Sunyoul’s coming over to see me?” Chanyeol asked.

            “A few days after that, yes,” Suho said.  He started looking at his phone.  “I wrote it all down, here, let me see.  Jinhoo kept trying to schedule Kuhn, I think that he’s more confident about letting Kuhn come over here, but I wasn’t sure who wanted to see Kuhn the most.  But I guessed about Baekhyun and Wei, and you and Sunyoul.”

            “Everybody wants to see Kuhn, anybody, send him over every day,” Baekhyun said.  “Don’t not send him, we’ll take him.”

            “Is this for real?” Chanyeol asked.  “Are you kidding me, is Sunyoul really coming over?  I have a sex date?”

            “Is this what it’s like to be Sehun?” Baekhyun wondered.  “People just schedule your sex life for you?  They just arrange for hot hoobaes to drop by to suck your cock?  Damn.”

            “Hold on, what?” Xiumin asked, sitting up, nudging Kai aside.

            Flopping off of Xiumin, Kai sat back, catching his breath, pushing his hair out of his face.  Shirtless, his fly undone, he leaned back on an elbow, flushed and mussed.  When he noticed Baekhyun staring, he flashed an inviting grin.

            While Suho and Xiumin talked, Baekhyun slid down off of the couch.  Xiumin had dibs, but if Xiumin was busy…  Baekhyun would just keep Kai warm for him,

            “Hold on,” Sunyoul said.  “I don’t want to be rude, but why does Wei get to go first?”

            “I don’t have to go first,” Wei said.

            “Shouldn’t Kuhn hyung go first?” Gyujin asked.

            “No, I should go first,” Wooshin said.

            “I think that Hwanhee already went first,” Jinhoo said.  “So there’s no order, it’s just how things work out.”  He looked at Wei seriously.  “If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.  If you aren’t comfortable with it, I’ll just explain.”

            “He doesn’t want to do it, skip him, I’ll take his place,” Bitto said.

            “I.”  Looking around the room, Wei laughed.  “Uh.”  He shifted his weight, blushing.  “It’s Baekhyun hyung, you said?”

            “Oh, does that make a difference?” Kogyeol asked, laughing.

            “Are you hot for Baekhyun hyung?” Xiao asked gleefully.

            “Baekhyun hyung’s so sexy, that’s what I’ve been saying,” Hwanhee said.

            “I - - I’ll do it,” Wei said.  “If it’s okay, if he wants to, I mean.  If he wants somebody else, I - - but I’ll do it, I’ll meet him.”

            “EXO members have bad taste,” Wooshin said, crossing his legs.  “That’s interesting.  It’s a shame, but it’s good to know, I guess.”

            “Whoa, wait,” Xiao said suddenly.  “Wei hyung gets to have Teen Top and EXO?  Both?”

            “It’s a test run,” Jinhoo said.  “We have to do a few trials to make sure that it’s okay to move forward.”

            “Who gets to move forward?” Xiao asked.  “Just the hyungs, again?  All of the hyungs get Teen Top and EXO, Hwanhee gets Oh Sehun whenever he wants, he gets harnesses and shit, and I have to sit at home all by myself like a baby?”

            “Who leaves a baby at home by himself?” Sunyoul asked.

            “It’s not a big deal,” Gyujin told Xiao.  “You get a lot of sex, you get as much as you want, already.”

            “You already have nine sex partners,” Jinhoo said.  “If this is how you act when you’re already this spoiled, I don’t know if you’re mature enough to handle more than this.  I’ve been thinking of talking to C.A.P. hyung about it, I’ve been considering taking the three of you over to see Teen Top sometime soon.  But I won’t, if this is how you’re acting about it.”

            “What?” Hwanhee asked suddenly.  “Three who, three of us, three, which three?”

            “One,” Gyujin said, pointing at Xiao.  “Two.”  He pointed at Hwanhee.  Then, staring at Jinhoo, his eyes wide with hope and disbelief, he turned a shaking finger to himself.  “Th-three?”

            “I’ve been thinking about it,” Jinhoo said.  “This might be a good time for you all to remind me how mature you are.”

            Gyujin was suddenly sitting up straight.  Hwanhee checked his posture and smoothed his hair down.  Xiao cleared his throat, adjusting his clothes.  “The stock market’s been doing so well, lately,” Gyujin said to them.  “Oh, yes,” Hwanhee said gravely, and Xiao gave Gyujin a very serious nod.  “The stocks, yes, the news about them has been really significant.”

            Jinhoo and Kuhn shared a look, affectionate and exasperated.

            “Wait, Baekhyun hyung has sex with big sunbaes,” Wei said.  “Doesn’t he?  Shit, he’s not going to expect me to…”

            “To have moves?” Kogyeol asked.

            “To be good?” Bitto asked.

            “Yeah, that!” Wei said, laughing.  “Shit, uh.”

            “You have a few days,” Sunyoul said.  “Just practice.”

            “Practice, yeah,” Wei said, sounding relieved.  Then he laughed again.  “Practice what?  You have to have moves to be able to practice them!”

            “Call Chunji hyung and ask for tips,” Bitto suggested.

            “He can’t use Chunji hyung’s tips, he’s not a visual,” Wooshin said.  “Ask Changjo hyung.  Or Ricky hyung.”

            “Ricky hyung doesn’t have moves,” Kogyeol said.

            Wooshin gave the wall a significant look and didn’t reply.

            Baekhyun figured that he’d better clean up, if Wei was coming over.  He went into his room.

            Standing just inside the threshold, he stared around the room.

            He walked out, calling, “Chanyeol!  Ya!  I’m using your room, okay?”

            “He’s not here,” Xiumin said from the couch.

            “I tried to tell him, I did my best to get his permission, that’s all you can ask of me,” Baekhyun said.  “Why are you still here?”

            “I live here.”

            “Ha, ha, good, hyung, that’s clever.”  Baekhyun stood over him, squirming impatiently.  “You can’t be here, you have to get out.”

            Ya, relax,” Xiumin said, lightly kicking him away.  “I’m meeting Dongwoo, he’s just running late.  I’ll be out of here in a minute.”

            “Okay.  Good, thanks.”  Baekhyun went to Chanyeol’s room, where he shoved all of Chanyeol’s crap into the closet and closed the door.  Perfect!  He didn’t need to change the sheets, did he?  He sniffed.  Aw, shit, he didn’t want Wei thinking that EXO was gross.  “You owe me, you filthy jerk,” he muttered, stripping Chanyeol’s bed.  He wrestled clean sheets on, then wondered if he needed to think of anything else.

            He heard the TV come on.  Was Xiumin still home?  Exasperated, he went out to find out how long Dongwoo was going to take, anyway.

            Xiumin was gone.  Suho was settling in on the couch like someone who expected to set up residence on the cushions for years to come.  “What?  Hyung!” Baekhyun exclaimed incoherently.  “No!”

            “What?” Suho asked, giving him a perplexed look.  “Are you ready for your date?  Did you wash?”

            Had he washed?!  God, like he was a little kid.  Embarrassed, he said, “Yes!  Yes, I’m ready.  What are you doing here?”

            “I thought that I should stay.  To supervise.  I think that Jinhoo might decide to come along, too.  He doesn’t like to leave his members alone here.  If he’s here, then I should be here, too.  I don’t want us to seem rude or neglectful.  And it’s a little weird to leave him all on his own while you’re busy.”

            “I don’t need a baby-sitter!  I don’t need my leader or anybody else’s leader sitting around waiting while I get laid!  God, no, no.  You have to leave, get out.”

            “Is this how you speak to your hyungs?” Suho asked, disgruntled.

            “Why is this how my hyungs act?” Baekhyun demanded.  “Go!”

            “What if Jinhoo-”

            “Then he can leave, too!  No leaders tonight!  Go, go, go!”  He half-dragged, half-shoved Suho across the dorm.

            “You can’t just-”

            “Where’s your phone?” Baekhyun demanded.  He took it out of Suho’s pocket and pushed Suho against the closed front door.  Pinning Suho there with his weight, he dialed.

            “Hyung?” Changjo asked.

            Ya, are you busy?  You’re not doing anything, are you?  Suho hyung’s coming over to see you.  Great.”  He hung up and wedged the phone back in Suho’s pocket.  “You have a date, you’d better go.”

            “I don’t even know who you just called!” Suho exclaimed.  “Baekhyun-ah, I don’t-”

            “Lecture me later, I’m really looking forward to it.”  He opened the door and wrestled Suho through it.

            Flustered and agitated, Suho said, “This is not-”

            “We are one!” Baekhyun said, and locked the door in his face.  Okay!  No hyungs on the premises!  No members at all, right?  “Hey, hello?” he called, wandering across the dorm.  Nobody else was lurking around, about to spring out on him, right?  Ya!  Members!  You still here?”


            Okay.  Good.  Baekhyun patted at his hair, fluffing and smoothing it.  He cupped his ass, wondering how it looked.  He wondered if Wei was more a face-to-face guy or not.  He hadn’t done all of this with somebody new in a while.  He and his usual guys were all used to each other, they knew each other’s cues.  He knew when Xiumin was about to speed up and when Chanyeol was tired and wanted him to get on top and when Chen wanted him to shut up and just suck.  He didn’t worry about what C.A.P. thought his junk looked like or if Sungyeol thought that his ass was cute or if Woohyun thought that he was a good kisser.  It was easy, it was fun, they all just had a good time.  Somebody new, though, what if it was awkward?  What if they were into different stuff, or what if Wei didn’t think that he was hot?

            “I’m super hot,” he told the empty dorm.

            A sudden alarm sent him leaping into the air.  He yelped, startled.  Clutching at his chest in a panic, he stared around wildly for a second.  Doorbell.  That was the doorbell.  He knew that sound, it was just the doorbell.  “Shit,” he said, catching his breath.  Fixing his hair again, he hustled over there.

            He opened the door.  He had to look up.

            It was Wei.  Just Wei, looking hopeful and self-conscious.  The sight of Wei’s face was familiar enough that he breathed easier, reassured.  This was just a regular dongsaeng.  “Hey.”  He shuffled himself out of the way.  “Come in.”

            “Hi, thanks.”

            Once Wei was in, Baekhyun closed the door.  Then he opened it again, peering out into the hallway.  One last look.  Sure that the vicinity was clear, he closed and locked the door again.

            “Everything okay?” Wei asked, chuckling.

            “Just looking for leaders.  Yours didn’t come with you?”

            “No.  He wanted to,” Wei admitted.  “But I thought that it would be awkward.  I don’t need supervision, I don’t want my leader hovering around, telling me what to do.”

            “God, no.  Suho hyung tried to stay.  They’re too used to baby-sitting Sehun.”

            “So, ah, we’re alone?” Wei asked, glancing around.

            “Yeah.”  He wondered what to do, now.  How to get Wei naked and on the bed.  He was too used to easy sex with assertive guys.  He never had to work for it or negotiate or seduce, he just walked in and the work was done for him.  He hadn’t put any thought into how a first time might go.

            He was used to sunbaes and hyungs, too.  He was the sunbae and the hyung, here.  Wait, that changed things, didn’t it?  That was a totally different dynamic.  He was supposed to take charge, wasn’t he?  Wei probably expected him to take the lead.  They were on his turf and everything.

            “I don’t have any moves,” Wei said.

            “Thank god, I don’t, either,” Baekhyun said without thinking.  Then his brain caught up with his mouth.  “What?”

            Laughing, Wei leaned against the table by the door.  It was easy to make him laugh; that was one of Baekhyun’s favorite things about him, how often he laughed, how much fun he was.  “I don’t have any moves,” he finally said, straightening up.  “I haven’t done this with a lot of guys.  Just my members, and they don’t expect anything.  And Teen Top, and they do most of the work, they know what they want and they just kind of take it.”

            “I love that about them,” Baekhyun said, meaning it wholeheartedly.

            Wei was cracking up again.  “Yeah, so.  I hope you aren’t expecting a lot.  Some of my other members are better, if you want somebody else.”

            “I don’t know, did you bring your huge dick with you?”

            He collapsed in laughter.  “Hyung!  God, what - - it’s not that big, it - - it’s just - - what are you expecting?”

            “Well, whatever.  Come on, we’ll figure it out,” Baekhyun decided.  He was still laughing; Baekhyun towed him through the dorm and into Chanyeol’s room.  “Which of your members are better at what, what are you talking about?”

            “I don’t know, it’s weird to talk about.”

            “All of my members are terrible.  At everything,” he said, sitting on the bed.  “I’m the best, one hundred percent.”

            “Okay.  I believe you,” Wei promised him, sitting beside him.  “I’ll bet that you’re totally the best.”

            “Right, totally.”  He tried to figure out where to put his hands.  This was awkward but fun; he was kind of humming with anticipation, little sparks of eagerness lighting up his veins, making him shiver.  “I’ll just start, then.”

            “Okay.”  Wei leaned in, and he was looking at Baekhyun so closely, it was kind of embarrassing.  Blushing, Baekhyun wanted to pull away and lean forward, both, wanted more of this attention but felt shy about it.  Wei’s eyes searched his face, and the slow, affectionate spread of Wei’s smile made him feel warm inside.  “You’re pretty.”

            “Yeah?  You’re about to see me at my best,” he said, running his hand over Wei’s shoulder.  Wei’s hand was on his back, coaxing him closer, and he liked that, liked that they were both into this.  “Don’t be surprised, I’m about to blow your mind.”

            Ooohh.”  Wei laughed.

            “Yeah, I - - hey, get back here,” he insisted.  Laughing, Wei was tipping to one side.  He dragged Wei back into position, but he pulled too hard and their foreheads bumped.  He laughed, and Wei winced, and then they were leaning on each other, laughing together, hugging each other and pushing at each other.  “Hold still and let me blow your mind!” he exclaimed too dramatically, just to get Wei to laugh some more.  He liked the way it felt, Wei’s body shaking against his, Wei’s arm around him.  “Are you bruised now, did I injure you?” he asked, poking at Wei’s forehead.

            “No damage,” Wei said, hugging him close.  “Do you want to kiss it so it feels better?”

            “I should,” he decided.  “I should be responsible and do that.”  Brushing Wei’s bangs aside, he planted a soft kiss on Wei’s forehead.  While he was so close, he left a kiss on Wei’s cheek, too.  Then Wei’s hand was cupping his face, and Wei’s eyes were closing, lashes sweeping down, and his heart fluttered, and they kissed.

            It was a little hesitant, at first, as they got to know each other.  Wei’s kisses were slow and focused; he was cupping the back of Baekhyun’s head, stroking Baekhyun’s neck, tilting Baekhyun back a little.  At that angle, Baekhyun had to hold on, and he ran his hands over Wei’s shoulders, kissing back.  After a minute, the kissing was so good, so sexy, that he was getting turned on, and he decided that Wei’s shirt was in his way.  Tugging it up, he stroked under it.  As soon as his hands met skin, Wei made a breathy noise and squirmed.  Oh, Wei liked it!  Flattered, getting more confident, Baekhyun felt him up.  He squirmed again, kissing Baekhyun harder, and Baekhyun shimmied, giving him some more tongue, getting into it, feeling encouraged and sexy.

            Wei’s body was long and skinny, skin warm and taut under his hands.  Wei was breathing harder and getting a little pushy, tilting him back more and more.  His choices were to cling to Wei, or to fall, so he tried clinging, angling his body, wrapping an arm around Wei.  Another minute of that and Wei moaned, pushing him down on his back, leaning over him, kissing him deep and rubbing his thigh.

            Wei’s hand was so close to his cock, he writhed, suddenly way too turned on to still be wearing pants.  He moaned into their kiss, feeling all worked up, yanking on Wei’s shirt.  Finally breaking their kiss, he panted, “Clothes off, take this off.”

            Looking all flushed and flustered, Wei hesitated, biting at his lip.  “Uh, what do you - - what are you into, or - - do you want me to do things, or?”

            Baekhyun pulled Wei’s shirt up, out of the way, to get a look at his hard-on, to see if…

            Oh.  Yeah.

            Suddenly breathless, Baekhyun licked his lips.  Checking out a bulge through a pair of pants wasn’t as clear a view as getting an eyeful of a bare cock, but damn.  Okay.  Still staring at it, he said, “I’ll go down on you, and then you can fuck me, okay?”

            “Um, yeah.  Okay.”  Wei’s voice shook a little but his smile was bright.

            Baekhyun wriggled out of his clothes, tossing everything aside.  Underwear, too; he guessed that he didn’t have to be shy now when they’d just agreed to some deep porking.  Wei undressed, and he was all long, spare lines, all knees and elbows.  Liking the way he kissed, wanting a little bit more of that, Baekhyun pulled him in, and they got into it.  Wei seemed to like to be on top; Baekhyun kept rolling them onto their sides, and Wei kept rolling Baekhyun back under himself, sliding on top again.  But it was fun, it was sexy, they kept pressing and grinding against each other, rolling and undulating, their bodies getting pushy and personal.  Wei was so respectful, such a good dongsaeng, that this little assertive streak, this hint of sexual dominance, was interesting, sexy.  Baekhyun totally had a thing for bold tops who took charge, and that could be incredibly hot in a dongsaeng.

            Wei’s hard, bare cock felt so good grinding against him, sliding against his own hard-on, rubbing hot and smooth against his bare skin, that he squirmed against it while they kissed, humping it, getting more and more turned on.  It was a cock, and, god, he loved cocks.  But it was a new cock, so that was exciting, a new cock; he hadn’t had this one yet.  He couldn’t wait to learn about it, how sensitive it was, how it might feel in his mouth, how hard it might fuck him.  Everything was possible, and he felt electric with anticipation.  It was big, too, like, this wasn’t all talk, Wei was hung, for real.  It was long; Baekhyun kept grinding against it just to feel the whole length of it against him, and that thing had reach.

            He really needed to initiate a better relationship with Wei’s cock, so he slid a hand down.  As soon as he touched it, Wei made a choked, eager noise.  The kissing immediately got a lot more intense, like, Wei was kissing him breathless.  It was deep and passionate and it made his heart race, like, damn, he was being ravished, here.  He was feeling Wei up, moaning enthusiastically and rubbing that big cock, wow, god, this was a good one.  Just touching it had him worked up; he was so hot he felt feverish.  The shaft was so long, the slow slide from the base to the head made him dizzy.

            Wei loved being stroked up; he was making all of these incredulous, achy sounds, like he was grateful just to be touched.  Baekhyun felt really sexy, really accomplished, for getting him so turned on.

             “Okay, over, over,” Baekhyun said, pushing at Wei’s chest.  Gonna do my thing, now.  Just lie back and think happy thoughts.”

            Wei laughed breathlessly.  He was flushed and a little wide-eyed, like maybe he was impressed?  Maybe he was getting overwhelmed by Baekhyun’s sexiness?  Oh, playing with dongsaengs was fun!  They shifted positions on the bed, crawling over each other.  When Wei flopped down, he was all long limbs and big cock with a flustered smile.

            Baekhyun went right for what he wanted, getting a handful of Wei’s satiny erection.  He popped it right into his mouth.  Oh, yes.  He played with it for a minute, jacking and licking and sucking just for fun, just to try out this hot new toy.  He was sliding his tongue all over the head when Wei said, “God, I’m gonna come like this.”  Curious, but still licking, because it was going to take a lot to get his mouth off of this thing, he looked up.  Wei’s eyes opened and he kept licking and they just stared at each other for a second, and then Wei said, all shaky and helpless, “God, I’m gonna come,” and pushed himself up on one elbow.  “You’re really pretty,” Wei said, like he was just getting a good look for the first time.

            Baekhyun blushed.  “Uh, thanks?”  He slowed down with the licking, not sure what all of this scrutiny was about.  “You’re very good-looking,” he offered.

            “God, you even have pretty hands,” Wei said.  “Can you stop for a second?”

            He made himself let go of it, and he backed off an inch or so.  “Do you not want to come?”

            Wei put his hand up, in Baekhyun’s direction, like he was blocking his view of Baekhyun.  Breathing out, he turned his head and looked across the room.  “Whew.  Um, I want to, uh, do the, that other thing.”

            “I really hope that you’re talking about wanting to do me,” Baekhyun said.

            Happy, breathless laughter.  “Yeah.  Yes, that, I mean that.”

            “I barely got started down here, though.  Can I just blow you first?  Can you get it up again?”

            “Is that okay?”

            “Oh, man, getting guys off extra times is a huge problem for me, you have no idea how much I hate getting guys off, I’m really going to hold a grudge,” Baekhyun said.  “What the hell?”  Wei was chortling, and it made him grin.  “Who’ve you been having sex with who gets pissed off if you come?”

            “It, um.”  Looking embarrassed, Wei brushed his bangs out of his face.  “There was a guy who wanted to, uh, blow me before we, ah, did the other thing, but he’s really good at it, he really knows what he’s doing, and I kind of got excited, and I came.  Usually it’s okay, it’s like you said, I can just get it up again, but I’d had,” he shook his head, blinking, “I’d had a whole lot of sex already, that day, and so I couldn’t just,” he gestured, “hop right back up again, and.”  He grinned.  “He didn’t take it real well.”

            Baekhyun nodded.  Niel?”

            Wei burst into shocked laughter.

            “Yeah, you’re gonna learn,” Baekhyun said.  “You can’t disappoint him like that.  When he wants it, he wants it.”

            “He’s really good at that!” Wei said.  “I couldn’t help it.”

            “Bring back-up,” Baekhyun advised.  “Have someone else there who can step in and take over for you.”  He pushed Wei back down.  Grinning, Wei stretched out again, head on the pillow.  “Okay, go ahead and come whenever you want,” Baekhyun said, patting his chest.  “Just enjoy yourself.  Hyung will handle everything.”

            “My members are going to love you,” Wei said, relaxing as Baekhyun crawled back down into position.

            “Yes, of course, because they respect me for my professionalism as a sunbae and my great work ethic as an idol,” Baekhyun said piously.  Then, wrapping his hand around Wei’s cock, he moaned, “God, this thing just makes my mouth water,” and he sucked it down.

            Wei’s cock was so long, he could get a really nice slide going, up, down, up, down.  It wasn’t a subtle ducking of the head; it was a lengthy ride.  Even with his hand at the base, he had a real journey to go on, up and down that hard shaft.  He relished the trip, and as he bobbed his head, he got a good rhythm going.  Wei kept panting, biting off explosive puffs of air, going, “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,” in a dazed, encouraging tone.  It was really flattering to have such a great response, like he was really doing something impressive.  He kept alternating between sucking and licking.  He knew that he should just stick to sucking and stop tormenting Wei, but he was so hot for this cock, he couldn’t resist.  He licked up beads of pre-cum and his own spit, dragging his tongue up the shaft, swirling around the head, just wanting to play.  Then he’d dive on for more sucking, slurping hard, finding just the right angle for a thick glide down his throat.  Having a mouthful of cock turned him on so much, he kept moaning, arching his back to get his ass in the air.  His own cock was throbbing, stiff, impatient, and he fondled himself as much as he dared, promising himself that he’d get off soon, that there’d be some fantastic sex in just another minute.

            He was going faster, bobbing his head more energetically, getting some good momentum, when Wei said, “Oh, ah!  Ah!  Hyung, I’m gonna - - gonna - - gonna ooohhh!”  Wei cried out in a rough, helpless sound and cum filled Baekhyun’s mouth.  Three hard pulses of it, fast and strong, and then weaker spurts.  Thrilled, he swallowed and swallowed, jacking Wei off and sucking it all down, slurping happily at the slick fountain.

            “Oh, god, oh, shit, oh,” Wei panted.  His chest was heaving and he patted clumsily at Baekhyun’s shoulder.  “Oh, god, stars, I saw stars, there were flashing lights, I thought I was going to pass out.”

            Baekhyun snickered and choked and had to cough his throat clear.  “Shit,” he wheezed, laughing.  Wiping at his mouth, he sat up.  Wei was gazing at him with this fascinated glee, and he smiled back, totally amused and a little embarrassed.  “You’ve had blowjobs before.”

            “I never realized how pretty you are,” Wei said, sitting up, drawing him closer.

            “You’ve had blowjobs from Niel,” he pointed out.

            “Maybe you just look different, with clothes on,” Wei mused, hugging him, stroking his cheek.

            “I don’t even have real technique!”  Wait, he shouldn’t tell people that.  “I have great technique!  I’ve pioneered techniques!  I made up deep-throating all by myself, no one had ever done that before.”

            Laughing, Wei kissed him.  It was, mmm, it was so nice.  Moaning, he got into it, kissing back.  They made out slow and deep, Wei cuddling him close.  He was so turned on that he was hot for everything, groaning and shivering over every little touch.  He was squirming, needy, writhing all over Wei’s lap, and the romantic way Wei kissed him, the slow and covetous way Wei caressed his ass, made him feel kind of special, sexy, desirable.

            When he felt the hardness of Wei’s cock rising up again, nudging him, he groaned, getting excited.  “Yeah, yeah, you want it?” he panted, rubbing it, feeling electric pleasure shimmy up his legs.

            “Do you have lube?” Wei asked.

            “Gallons of it.”  He grabbed some from the nightstand and handed it over, and then he pushed Wei out of his way and got on his hands and knees, shoving his ass up.  “Go for it.”

            He belatedly realized that he wasn’t sure what to expect - - he didn’t know what kind of touch Wei had, how good or awkward this would feel - - but before he could really develop that train of thought, he felt a slippery finger pushing into him.  It was slow but focused, direct but thorough.  Some guys played around more, teased him, but Wei was right to business, coaxing him open.  He moaned, rubbing himself, squirming around some, antsy, horny.  “I’m good, I’m ready, now.”

            “Okay, hyung.”  Wei’s hand stroked down his back, and he shimmied, whimpering.  Fondling himself, he felt jittery with need.  When he felt the thick slide of a hard cock pushing into him, he tried to relax, accepting the invasion.  But it kept happening, the invasion kept coming, the hardness pressing deeper and deeper into him.  Cursing, shuddering, he rocked backwards, backing up against Wei.  The move forced their bodies together, planting Wei’s cock in him down to the base, snug against him.

            Stuffed full of cock, he squirmed, but Wei was buried so deep, his simple twisting around couldn’t dislodge that long shaft.  He was so happy, he tried to laugh, but it came out as a throaty groan, hoarse and low.  God, that thing was wedged deep.  “Wei,” he said, still squirming, rocking back and forth, teasing himself.  It felt incredible, sliding in and out of him, and he loved knowing that he had all of this wiggle room without making it pop out.  “Wei, Wei, Wei.”

            “God, hyung,” Wei gasped, catching at his waist.

            “This feels so good, I’m going to embarrass myself, squealing all loud and begging for more,” he said, already breathless.  The more Wei tried to get him to hold still, the more he squirmed around.  He loved sliding all over Wei’s big cock, it felt so hard and sturdy, lodged inside him.  “Don’t tell anybody, okay?  Pretend I was super mature and dignified about it.”

            “Okay, hyung.  Really dignified.”  Wei was clutching at him.  “Can you stop wriggling, please?”

            “God, you’re in me so deep,” he moaned, rocking back again, filling himself up.  “Fuck me hard, I want it.”

            “Damn, oh,” Wei panted, and then Wei thrust into him.  That first thrust hit him so right, the hot burst of pleasure took him by surprise.  He cried out in stunned rapture, but then there was another one, and a third, so soon, one deep explosion after another, sexual fireworks going off in his body.  “Oh, oh.”  Wei was hot against his back, panting in his ear.  Confined between Wei and the bed, Baekhyun rocked and writhed.  Jammed full of cock, he didn’t have anywhere to go, but it turned him on to buck back against Wei, to meet Wei’s thrusts, to feel Wei’s balls swing against him as he sank down to the thick base of Wei’s erection.

            Covering his back, Wei splayed a hand over his stomach, rubbing his abs.  His hips rolled, and Wei’s next thrust slid in at a new angle.  Wei’s erection stroked in, and electric fire sizzled through Baekhyun’s veins.  Gasping incoherently, he shook with pleasure.  Kissing the back of his neck, Wei filled him again, and intense, glorious sensation flared deep within him.  He grabbed at his cock, grabbed at the bed for support, grabbed at the arm Wei had around his waist, but he couldn’t steady himself, and it was still happening, over and over, every thrust, this thundering ecstasy flashing inside of him.  Whispering, “Oh, it’s good, it’s so good,” Wei was nuzzling the back of his neck, and the little sparks of erotic pleasure humming over his nape were a complement and a distraction to the carnal throbbing of ecstasy echoing through his body.  He had to come, it was an urgent impulse, and he jacked himself quickly as Wei drove into him again.

            As his body sped toward climax, Wei’s deep thrusting made him cry out, and then it was out of his control.  He was coming, orgasm exploding like a fireball, a celebration.  Overcome, he bucked in Wei’s arms, spurting in long pulses.  His wild, passionate cry soared up higher and higher until it broke off with a violent shudder.  “Oh, hh-hh-hh-nnh, oh, fff, unh!”  He couldn’t get his arms and legs to hold him anymore, his muscles were shaking, and he felt stunned by the force of his climax.  Every thrust had him crying out, his voice sailing up on joyful high notes, Wei fucking music right out of him.

            Wei drilled him hard, fucked him thoroughly, kept that cock working like a piston until Baekhyun was in an overfucked paradise.  When Wei panted, “I have to come, I’m coming,” he happily mumbled out, “Yeah, yeah, come in me,” because when he’d come, it had been incredible, and he wanted Wei to experience it, too.  Wei rocked into him a few more times, filling him with cock and with that intense sensation of raw ecstasy, and then went tense against him, the arm around his waist tightening.  There was a rough, vulnerable sound by his ear, a puppy’s first growl, and then Wei gasped.  “Oh, oh, wow.”

            Baekhyun was so well-fucked, he couldn’t be bothered with trying to be cool or seductive or anything else.  He just slumped down, collapsing with Wei in a tangle of limbs, and moaned.  He moaned happily, and he moaned dazedly, and he moaned in dreamy contemplation of the rich joys of erotic fulfillment.  Wei’s arm was in front of his face, so he mouthed at Wei’s forearm, sucking tenderly.

            Wei rested his head between Baekhyun’s shoulder blades.  “Damn, hyung.”

            He grunted in happy agreement.

            They stayed there like that for a while.  He realized that he’d been fucked so well, he wasn’t even trying to get more of it.  Ordinarily, he’d be trying to convince Wei to go for it again, so that he could get the most out of tonight that he could.  But, hell, that had been some excellent sex.  He felt like he’d been fucked down to his bones.  He was ready to curl up for a nap.  “Hey, can you stay?” he asked, peeking over his shoulder.

            Wei raised his head from where he’d been resting on Baekhyun’s back.  “Until one or two, yeah.”

            Baekhyun grinned at him and asked the question every idol wanted to hear.  Wanna take a nap?”

            A wide grin spread over Wei’s face, his eyes lighting up.  “Yeah.”

            They tucked in together, pulling up the sheet.  Wei curled up around him, and he snuggled in.  He had just enough brainpower to set an alarm, and then he was out like a light.

            They slept so soundly, Baekhyun had no idea what was happening when the alarm went off.  He silenced the annoying beeping, and then he blinked in the darkness, orienting himself.  It wasn’t until Wei stirred against him, hands patting at him soothingly, that he remembered that he was in Chanyeol’s bed with Wei.  He wondered if it was possible to come hard enough to suffer memory loss.  Ah, well, it had been worth it.

            He shifted, yawning, and Wei rubbed his side, mumbling, “Ssshhh, it’s okay,” against his shoulder.  He raised his eyebrows, wondering which dongsaeng Wei was mistaking him for.  He guessed that the Up10tion members slept together as much as the EXO members did.

            Wei kissed his shoulder, then froze.

            Baekhyun grinned.  “Hi.”

            Behind Baekhyun, Wei cleared his throat.  “Hyung.”

            Just for fun, he squirmed, nudging his ass back into Wei’s groin.

            Wei made a surprised, horny sound and pushed him away.

            Laughing, he got up.  “Let’s get dressed, I don’t want to send you back too late, Jinhoo might not let you come over to play anymore.”

            While Wei got dressed, Baekhyun found a pair of Chanyeol’s pajama pants to wear.  They were too long and the fabric collected around his ankles like he was a little kid still growing into his clothes, which was annoying.  He shuffled his feet as he walked Wei to the front door.

            He looked up, trying to guess what he should say.  Didn’t he have some seductive, witty line?  Some memorable parting words to make Wei eager to come back and screw him again, or at least to make Wei laugh?

            “Uh.”  Wei sort of hugged himself, laughing, looking self-conscious.  He seemed more nervous now than he had before.  Maybe he was shy about the sex they’d just had.  Maybe Baekhyun coming so freaking hard had weirded him out.  “Thanks,” he said uncertainly, hopefully.

            “No, thank you,” Baekhyun said, offering a hand like they’d just had a great business transaction.

            Snickering, Wei shook it.

            Well, this was awkward.  “You fuck really well,” Baekhyun said.

            Wei blinked rapidly, turning red.  “So do you.”  He swallowed, cleared his throat, hugged himself again.  “I’ll, uh, go.”

            Baekhyun didn’t want to end things on an odd note.  Moving on impulse, he stepped forward, tilting his face up.

            Wei cupped his face in both hands and kissed him.  Kissed him greedily, passionately, stealing his breath and consuming him.  Grabbing at Wei for support, he landed back against the table by the door.  The crap that had been on the table clattered to the floor as he ran his hands up into Wei’s hair.  This dongsaeng was full of surprises, full of passion and sexual skill and more romance than he’d expected.

            They made out over the table, and then up against the wall, and then stole breathless, flustered kisses against the door itself.  “I should go,” Wei was panting, dragging him in for more kisses, caressing his face, brushing tender kisses over his cheeks.

            “Can’t be late,” Baekhyun agreed, pulling Wei to his mouth for more kissing.

            Finally, eventually, they got the door open, and then Wei left.  Catching his breath, Baekhyun closed the door and slumped against it.  “Whew!”  What the hell.  He stared around himself in a daze.  He’d been hoping for a good time, but, damn.

            He made himself pick up most of the stuff he’d knocked over, just because he didn’t want to hear his members complain about it.  But he quickly lost interest and abandoned that project, and wandered off.  He fell across the sofa and marveled.

            When were the members coming home?  He wanted to tell someone about this!

            He got up and found his phone.  He texted the members strings of happy faces.  Then he texted Niel and Chunji.  I should thank you for teaching your company hoobaes so well.  Wei’s learned a lot of things.

            Curious, he texted Wei.  What’s your real name?

            Wei texted back: It’s not Wei?  Then, Oh.  Lee Sungjoon.

            He tried to imagine calling out, “Sungjoon-ah!  Sungjoon-ah!” as he came.  He laughed at himself, embarrassed, and curled up on the couch again.  But, he had to admit: if Wei fucked him that well next time, he’d probably say anything.

            Kogyeol looked up as Wei came into the dorm.  Blushing, avoiding their eyes, Wei tried to walk past them without being noticed.  Laughing, Kogyeol openly watched him.

            From the other end of the couch, Wooshin leaned forward, tracking Wei across the room.  “You okay?”

            “Ah, yeah,” Wei said, and disappeared into his bedroom.

            Kogyeol and Wooshin exchanged a look.  Together, they hopped up.  Wei had closed the door, but it was Kogyeol’s door, too, so they went right in.

            Kogyeol sat on his bed, Wooshin sat on Wei’s, and Wei stood in the middle of the room, pawing at his hair with one hand and still trying to avoid their eyes.  “How’s Baekhyun hyung?” Kogyeol asked, grinning.

            “You’re shook,” Wooshin said, his eyes widening.  “He’s shook,” he told Kogyeol.

            He really was.  “What did Baekhyun hyung do to you?” Kogyeol teased.  “He’s that good?”

            “You look like you did after Chunji hyung,” Wooshin said.  Getting up, he tried to close in on Wei, but Wei kept trying to turn away, and they ended just going in circles.  Finally, Wooshin grabbed the front of Wei’s shirt in a tight grip, snatching him close, and stared up into his face.

            “It, it’s nothing,” Wei mumbled, trying to edge away.

            Whatever Wooshin saw in Wei’s expression made him narrow his eyes.  “You don’t like him more than you like me, do you?”

            That seemed to jar Wei out of it; he laughed, his expression more natural now, his posture relaxing.  “No.  No,” he chuckled, “not more than you.”

            Wooshin made a meditative sound, then let go.  “So, what, does he give great head or are you just easily impressed?”

            Wei licked his lips and glanced at Kogyeol.  “Baekhyun hyung’s kind of pretty, did you notice?”

            Kogyeol snorted.  “Did I notice that EXO’s Baekhyun is good-looking, yeah, me and everybody else.”  Wondering, he studied Wei.  “Why, do you like him or something?”

            Wei was turning red again.  “No!  No, I just.  I don’t like him, I.  I only.  He’s kind of pretty, he’s nice to look at.  And he really likes sex.”

            “Everybody really likes sex,” Kogyeol argued, laughing.  “It’s sex.”

            Wooshin grinned, crossing his arms over his chest, interest glittering in his eyes.  “Did you make him moo?”

            “You’d love it,” Baekhyun told Chen.  They were flopped across their beds, Baekhyun on Chen’s, Chen on Baekhyun’s.  “He’s totally your type.  With the kissing and everything.”

            “If he’s that good, why was he shy?” Chen asked.

            “Well, obviously, he was intimidated by how hot and sophisticated I am,” Baekhyun said.  “He was humbled by my chic aura.  It’s not every day that you get to screw an important sunbae like me.”

            “Oh my god, shut up,” Chen said, rolling away, laughing.

            Suho came in with his pleasant “let’s have a talk” face on.

            Baekhyun groaned, flopping onto his back, wondering why Suho had to ruin his buzz.

            “How was Wei?” Suho asked, sitting down beside him and patting his knee.  “You both had a good time?”

            “Baekhyun had a great time,” Chen said significantly.  Even without looking, Baekhyun could picture his wide smile.

            “It was good,” Baekhyun admitted.  He was happy to gossip about it, but making some kind of formal report to his leader was awkward, seriously.  Couldn’t Suho ask like some normal person and not like his parent checking up on a play date?

            “Do you think that you’ll want to see him again?” Suho asked.  “Do you think that he’d be a good, ah, good, um, companion for the other members?  Everything went well?”

            “He’s already recommending him,” Chen said.

            “He’d look terrible with Chanyeol, too gangly,” Baekhyun said.  “But Lay hyung would love him.  And he and Chen would totally get along.”

            “I want to try Hwanhee,” Chen said.

            “He likes being chewed on,” Baekhyun said.

            “Don’t phrase it that way!” Chen said.

            “No, he does, he likes being bitten until it hurts,” Baekhyun said, rolling onto his side and propping his head on his hand.  “I kind of want him to teach me how that works.”  He grinned at Suho.  “Can I practice nibbling on you, hyung?”

            “No,” Suho said firmly.  “Xiumin hyung does enough of that, I don’t have to tolerate it from dongsaengs, too.”

            Damn.  “Xiumin hyung gets away with everything,” Baekhyun said.  For a second he was hot with jealousy.

            “It’s the privilege of a hyung,” Suho said.  “But you’re happy with Wei?  You’ll give him the green light, you think that it’ll be all right for the members to grow closer with Up10tion?”

            Remembering that scorching pleasure, that deep throbbing of ecstasy, those breathless kisses, Baekhyun bit his lip.  “Yeah,” he finally said.  “Yeah, all green lights, all the way.”

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