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            C.A.P. did not have the patience for this.  He was already exhausted, management had been on his ass all goddamned week, and it had been a long fucking day.  Standing in the middle of the dorm, he gave Chunji a flat, warning expression.  “What?”

            “I’m just saying,” Chunji said.  He hummed with brittle energy; he was spoiling for a fight.  “Why do you get so much applause, why do you get all of the attention and cheers?  For what, for standing in one spot and saying some words that kind of rhyme?  The rest of us work our asses off.  What do you do, what do you contribute that means so much?”

            “What do I contribute?” he repeated.  He couldn’t believe that Chunji was even trying to bait him with this bullshit.  Right now, this week, of all weeks?  He was too tired and too on edge to deal with this.  He had zero resources left; everything in him was running on empty.  “Let’s start with, I’m your fucking leader.”

            “Leader?” Chunji asked.  “What do you do that we can’t do ourselves, that we couldn’t do without you?”

            “You can’t put your own cock up your own ass, can you?” Niel asked.  “We need him for that.”

            “We have Changjo for that,” Chunji said.

            “That’s all I am?” C.A.P. demanded.  These selfish fucking brats.  He wanted to grab them by the hair and slam their heads together.  “I don’t do anything for you?  I don’t contribute anything?  Get the fuck out of my face.”  He shoved Niel out of his way and then shoved Chunji after Niel, and then he hurled Ricky toward the door.  “Get the fuck out of here and take care of yourselves, be your own leaders.”

            “Get out?” Chunji repeated, stumbling against Niel and righting himself.  “What the hell are you even saying, where are we supposed to go?”

            “Go stay with your other daddy,” he snapped.  “Maybe he’ll look after you.”

            EXO’s dorm was very quiet, these days.  Chen and Xiumin were in China with Lay.  The beagles were taking turns visiting each other’s families.  Kai and D.O. had gone on vacation.  Suho had to stay behind because he was filming a few episodes for a variety show; no vacation for him.  The only other member in the dorm with him was Sehun, who’d decided that staying in Seoul to be available to see L.Joe was more important than getting away for a while.

            With only the two of them around, the dorm seemed practically empty.  Space that was usually full of friends and noise and energy was still and abandoned.

            Aside from filming, Suho didn’t have much else to do.  He saw his language tutors, and he met Key a couple of times, and he saw Onew.  He encouraged Sehun to take some day trips or something, see friends and family, go to the beach, but Sehun said that after so much work and travel, it was nice not to have plans every day.

            Suho had to admit that at first, it had been relaxing.  A quiet dorm, time to himself, it was what he’d wished he had more of, all of this time.

            But soon, it became lonely.  He missed the members.  He missed talking to them and hearing their voices.  He missed having to negotiate what to eat for dinner and who was using the bathroom when.  He missed corralling and instructing, missed arbitrating disputes and dispensing advice.  He even missed being teased and annoyed.  The members were a constant presence in his life, a part of his daily routine, and he felt unbalanced without them.  He found himself calling them up just to talk, checking on their vacations, wanting to know what they were up to lately.  He pestered Sehun, taking Sehun out to eat, out shopping, finding activities for them to do together, micro-managing Sehun’s every move around the dorm.

            When he found himself going to the SM building and striking up conversations with the trainees, he realized what was wrong.

He was a leader without a team.

            “He’s not serious,” Changjo was saying.

            “Screw that, I don’t care if he’s serious or not,” Chunji said, pulling up Suho’s number in his phone.  “I’d rather stay at EXO’s dorm than here.  They have nicer furniture and more space, and not as many obnoxious hyungs.”

            “You only have one hyung here,” Ricky reminded him.

            “One too many,” Chunji said.  Suho answered.  “Ah, hyung?  You’re not too busy, are you?”

            Mmm, dongsaeng-ah, what do you need?” Suho asked.

            Chunji knew that tone of voice.  It was the tone that Suho used when he was in the mood to dote on Changjo.  Already feeling good about this, he dragged his suitcase onto his bed.  Time to pack.  “C.A.P. hyung’s kicking us out.  Can we stay with you for a while?”

            “He’s kicking you out of the dorm?”  Suho sounded shocked.

            “He’s sick of us,” Chunji said.  “He told us to go and stay with you instead.  You won’t make us sleep on the street, will you?”

            “It won’t come to that!  Let me talk to C.A.P., is he there?”

            Chunji handed the phone to Changjo.  “Take the phone to that person.”  He went to his dresser; he needed to pack underwear and socks.

            It sounded to Suho like C.A.P. needed a break.  He didn’t mind helping out.  Maybe it would be nice to have some dongsaengs around to fill up the dorm for a day or two.  He told Chunji to come over, and to bring another member if anyone else wanted to visit, too.

            He told Sehun that Chunji was coming.  “He can stay with you in your room, if you want, or in another member’s room, if he wants privacy.  Clean up some space for him.”

            Sehun looked alert.  “Hyung.  If Chunji hyung comes over here, can I go over there?  I could stay-”

            “No.  The last thing C.A.P. needs is another kid in the way.  We’re letting Chunji stay here to lift some of C.A.P.’s burden.  It hasn’t always been easy for him, so let’s do what we can to help out our sunbaes.  And it’s already late, so when Chunji gets here, don’t stay up all night playing.  He has schedules tomorrow, he needs rest.”

            Suho waited until Sehun had gotten up to start cleaning, and then went back to his room.  With Chunji visiting, and maybe another member besides, Sehun would be busy with them tonight.  It would be a nice treat for Sehun, but he felt a little regretful that his own bed would be empty tonight.  He shouldn’t be selfish about these things.  But one of the nice things about himself and Sehun being the only ones around the dorm had been going to bed together each night.  It had been like a domestic routine, settling in every night, then starting each morning with another round.  He got the impression that Sehun was using the back-to-back sexual experiences to learn him; Sehun had tried a fingering thing one night, and then a nibbling thing the next night, and that morning had done them simultaneously and practically made him explode off of the bed.

            He shuffled over to the fridge to see what they’d have to offer their guests in the morning.  Mostly condiments, it turned out, and some moldy leftovers.  He’d have to be a better host than this!  He was double-checking Teen Top’s schedule and wondering which meals he might need to cover, when Sehun burst into the kitchen, quick and breathless.  “Can L.Joe sunbae come over, too?  Is it okay?”

            “Of course,” Suho said immediately.  “We’ll have to talk about some rules, for everyone’s comfort and privacy.”  But he’d never turn L.Joe away, there was no need for that.

            Sehun was already moving away, on his phone.  “Sunbae,” he said urgently.  Then he turned back to Suho with a quick, “Thanks,” before walking away again.  “Yes, Suho hyung said that it’s okay.”

            Not long after that, the doorbell rang.  Suho was halfway up off of the couch when Sehun tore across the dorm, sprinting toward the door.  “Got it, I’ve got it.”  Earlier, he’d been lounging around in his underwear, but now he’d put on jeans and a clean T-shirt.  He’d combed his hair, too.  Suho followed him to the door.  He took a quick breath, then opened it.

            Five Teen Top members spilled into the dorm.  They were carrying suitcases and bags.  “Hi, hyung.”  “Hi, we’re home!”  “Hi, hyung!”  “I call dibs on Chanyeol hyung’s room!”  “I already called it!”  “I never heard you.”  “I’m the oldest, I’ll take the solo room.”  “Let’s do rock, paper, scissors for it.”  “I already called it!”  Ya!  What are you being so noisy about?  Be nice, we’re in someone else’s home.”

            Suho hadn’t expected all of them to come!  Wasn’t this too much?  But already, he liked the idea.  It would be fun to have them visit.  With these kids around, it wasn’t possible for the dorm to feel empty.  “There’s plenty of space for everyone,” he said, closing the door.  “Put your things in any of the rooms you’d like.”

            “Hi,” Changjo said, squeezing him.  Changjo’s smile was mischievous.  “Should I stay in your room?”

            “You’re taking a break from your leader,” Suho said.  “You don’t want to move in with another one.  Stay in one of the other rooms.”  As the others walked away, still arguing over who should take which bed, he put a hand on L.Joe’s shoulder.  L.Joe gave him a questioning look, and he pulled L.Joe back, apart from the rest.  “I don’t want to make things awkward, but I want to make sure that you have privacy, if you want it.”  Sehun was hovering so close by that he included Sehun in the conversation.  “Maybe it would be good if the two of you shared a room together, so that if you need to spend time alone, you aren’t inconveniencing anyone else who needs to be in there.  And if you want privacy, you should put a big note on the door, so that everyone knows to leave you alone.”

            L.Joe was turning shades of pink and red, staring at him and scanning his face and blinking.  Sehun said, “Oh, god,” like he couldn’t really help himself, and then asked, “Is that, do you, sunbaenim?”

            L.Joe swallowed, then tossed his hair and fiddled with the straps of his backpack.  “Yeah, that’d be okay.”  He snuck a shy, hopeful look at Sehun, then blushed to the tips of his ears.

            “I’ll remind everyone to respect your privacy,” Suho said.  He expected them to be good about it; there had never been problems before.  He squeezed Sehun’s shoulder, making sure to look into Sehun’s eyes.  “Your sunbae works hard and has a lot of schedules this week, so don’t annoy him.  There will be some time for fun things, but don’t ask too much of him, understand?”

            Sehun looked mortified and mumbled something agreeable.  Suho decided to leave it at that for now, and keep an eye on things.

            The Teen Top members were already arguing.  Changjo was unpacking in Xiumin’s room; the other three were clustered in Chanyeol’s room, disagreeing over who would sleep where.  “I want my own room for once!” Chunji insisted.

            “Why should you get your own room, and nobody else?” Niel demanded.

            “I don’t want to sleep with Changjo again!” Ricky said.  “Can’t I get away from him for once?  He’s there every night of my life!  I think I’m being haunted!”

            “So sleep with Sehun,” Chunji said.

            “No, Suho hyung just said that Sehun and L.Joe hyung are together,” Niel said.  “We have to give them privacy for their spanking and things.”

            “So sleep with Suho hyung,” Chunji said.

            “I don’t think that we’re allowed,” Ricky said.

            “Well, you’re not sleeping with me,” Chunji said.

            “I don’t want to sleep with you!” Niel exclaimed.  “I want to sleep by myself for once!  I want my own room!  I’m too old not to have my own room!”

            “If you’re too old for it, then what about me?” Chunji asked.

            Part of being the leader was having to make judgment calls over and over again, every day: get involved, or let the members sort it out?  Suho could imagine this argument going on all night, so he moved into the room to break things up.  “A hyung deserves some privacy,” he decided.  “Let Chunji have the room to himself.”

            Immediately, something changed in the mood.  “Yes,” Niel said decisively, “we should leave Chunji hyung by himself.”

            “We’ll leave you all alone, hyung,” Ricky assured Chunji, backing toward the door.

            “We won’t bother you at all,” Niel agreed.  “Not with anything.”

            Ya,” Chunji said, with an uncertain laugh.  “Hey, don’t make it like that!”

            “Good-bye, hyung,” Ricky said, waving from the hallway.  “Good night.”

            “Enjoy all of your time alone,” Niel added, and they trooped off to join Changjo.

            Suho wasn’t even tempted to take this minor tiff seriously.  He’d seen his own members threaten to leave each other to celibacy, and it never lasted.  And if Teen Top did leave Chunji to his own devices for a night or two, it would hardly injure him.

            Leaving everyone to get settled, Suho decided to turn in.  The night’s shenanigans were sure to start up soon, and he’d always made it a policy to give Teen Top a wide sexual berth.  He’d heard plenty about Teen Top from his own members and from Changjo, and he knew enough to feel more comfortable remaining at a polite distance.

            He was getting into bed when he heard a knock at the door.  It wasn’t Sehun.  “Yes?” he asked, opening the door.

            It was Changjo.  Without preliminaries, Changjo smiled at him and asked, “Can I sleep with you?”

            He hesitated.  He wanted to say yes, but-

            “I want to, and no one else is here to take a turn,” Changjo said.  “I don’t think that Sehun hyung’s thinking about anybody but L.Joe hyung tonight, do you?”

            He wasn’t used to doing this kind of thing with Teen Top on the premises.  But why should that stop him?  They were his dongsaengs, too, just like his own members were.  And it wasn’t like they’d be shocked to find out that he’d let Changjo into his room; they knew that he and Changjo were this close.  “Okay,” he decided.  “I’d like it.”

            Changjo was so precious to him, he was always glad for those rare occasions when Changjo could spend the night.  It meant a lot to him to share intimate moments with Changjo, conversing quietly, tucked up in the small space of a comfortable bed, gazing into each other’s eyes.  And he couldn’t pretend that the sex wasn’t some of the best he’d ever had.

            In the morning, by the time Suho managed to get over his luxurious sexual devastation and drag himself out of bed, Teen Top was gone.  He found Sehun sprawled naked in bed, gazing at the ceiling, looking simultaneously dazed and smug.  He crawled in beside Sehun, and they relaxed together for a while, and he wondered if Teen Top might be willing to stay a little longer.  He was pretty sure that Sehun would have no complaints.

            When C.A.P. strolled into the salon, Chunji quickly scanned for signs of regret.  He didn’t look like he felt bad about kicking them out at all; he looked normal, relaxed.  “Miss us yet?” Chunji asked, challenging him.

            “Nope,” he said, slipping off his sunglasses.

            Okay.  “You will.”

            The third time that night that Suho found L.Joe wrestling his members and beating someone with a game controller, he declared videogames off-limits.  Then he found out that videogames weren’t even the problem; the kids were arguing over snacks, and the controller just made a handy weapon.

            Keeping everyone fed was a problem that Suho was used to, but somehow, with Teen Top, it was even worse.  Someone was constantly looking for snacks, like they were a small herd of perpetually grazing animals.  And if one member ate something that someone else decided to want, there was no possibility of peace.  He sent Sehun out to buy enough food and drinks to keep them immediately appeased, and made plans to restock the cupboards tomorrow.

            The violence was its own problem.  The Teen Top members were perfectly capable of being calm and civil, and could coexist very nicely when they wanted to.  It was just that they were also capable of turning on each other with unpredictable energy, and gleefully launched attacks at the slightest provocation.  L.Joe and Changjo were more violent than he’d realized, and Niel would turn on even a hyung in an instant.  Whatever was at hand could be turned into a weapon: the game controller, a bottle of water, a notebook, even a single sock.

            He didn’t want to insist that they never wrestle around at all, because he didn’t want to come across as too strict to be fun.  And, honestly, it wasn’t like he minded some fighting, especially when it seemed more like a way to vent energy than an expression of genuine fury.  It was just that Teen Top’s wrestling and fighting seemed more violent than EXO’s.  Sure, D.O. could pack a solid punch, but Teen Top fought with untamed vigor.  He had no idea why they didn’t end up with more spilled blood.  He could only imagine that they were so used to fighting, they knew how to do it without too much visible bruising.  He told himself that it wasn’t as bad as it looked, that they were pulling their punches - - they had to be! - - but then he watched Changjo mock-fight Ricky in the kitchen, and realized that was Changjo pulling punches, so everything he’d seen earlier had been real.

            They seemed so used to fighting each other that it didn’t cause genuine distress, so he decided to follow his typical policy of only intervening if things got too rowdy.  He was just going to have to adjust his threshold for rowdiness while they were visiting.

            He called C.A.P. to report that things were fine.  It sounded like C.A.P. was enjoying the mini-vacation of time alone, and he said that the kids could visit for as long as they liked.  At that, C.A.P. chuckled lazily and said, “Great, I’ll come and get them next year sometime.”

            When Suho and Changjo were falling asleep that night, Suho admitted that it was nice, having them visit.  The dorm definitely didn’t feel lonely and eerily quiet anymore!  Having a bunch of guys around, laughing and arguing and singing to themselves and dancing from room to room and worried about skincare, was really familiar, and he was glad to have them there.  They’d livened the dorm up, and he really enjoyed it.  And they weren’t nearly as sexually aggressive as he’d expected.

            When he said that, Changjo laughed.  “That’s because we’re barely doing anything.  We’re trying to be respectful and not do things that might bother you.  I thought that you wouldn’t like it.”

            They’d been holding back on his account?  That wasn’t what he wanted!  “This is your home for now.  You should be comfortable here.  We’re all close, aren’t we?  You’re all my dongsaengs, just like the EXO members are.  They do things all of the time, they’re all over the dorm, doing whatever they want.  You can do that, too.”

            “You’re sure?” Changjo asked, eyeing him.  “You’re going to walk in the kitchen and see Niel hyung going down on somebody, and that’s going to be okay?”

            “It’s fine.  I see Baekhyun do the same thing every day, I’m used to it.”

            “Okay.  I’m going to tell my hyungs,” Changjo warned him.  “Don’t be shocked.”

            “I’ve seen sex before,” he said, laughing.  “You won’t shock me.”

            C.A.P. loved having the dorm to himself.  He put his crap wherever he wanted, and no one moved it.  He played whatever music he wanted at whatever volume he liked, and no one complained.  He ate whatever he wanted and never had to share.  There were no annoying questions, no kids in his way, no one in the bathroom.  God, being on his own was the best.

            He had to admit, he missed getting his cock sucked.  And he missed having eye candy constantly on hand.  And there were moments when he had something to say, and no one to say it to, which wasn’t great.  But knowing that as soon as morning rolled around, he’d be surrounded by those fools again, in the van and the salon and the dressing room and everywhere else, he relished his solitude.

            Suho called.  After a few minutes’ conversation, C.A.P. asked, “They’re not bothering you too much, are they?  If they get out of hand, just smack them around a little.”

            Suho laughed.  “No, there’s nothing like that.  They’re good kids.”

            “They must not have made themselves at home yet.”

            “No, they, ah,” Suho cleared his throat, “they seem pretty comfortable here, now.”

            Aw, shit.  “Tell them to knock it off, if you want.  They know how to control themselves if they have to.”

            “No, it’s okay.  I don’t mind it.”  His tone wasn’t convincing at all.  He sounded shaky and brave, like he was trying to convince himself as much as C.A.P.  “It’s good to see them so, uh…  Affectionate towards each other.”

            “That’s not affection.”

            “Is there anything that I should, ah, watch out for?  Anything that you discourage?”

            “Just make sure that they stop long enough to get some sleep.”

            The stories did not compare to the reality.  Suho had underestimated Teen Top, he really had.  He’d known about their energy and their aggression, but he hadn’t realized exactly how that would play out, sexually.

            They were all over the dorm.  All over each other.  All over Sehun, too.  He was used to walking in on sex, and walking past sex, and generally having some chance of interrupting sex around the dorm, but Teen Top was hornier than EXO, or had more stamina, or had access to pills he didn’t know about, or something, because he couldn’t escape their constant, robust screwing.  They bent each other over in the kitchen, they piled onto the couch, they had threesomes in the bathroom, it was everywhere.  Even when he didn’t see it, he could hear it, like a radio station he couldn’t turn off.  Even if he could have gotten used to Niel’s loud, husky moans, he had no idea how to handle Chunji.  His members had alluded to Chunji’s sex talk, but nothing had prepared him for that obscene, compelling chatter.  He couldn’t shake the feeling that Chunji was talking to him, that he was being invited to do those lewd, magnificent things.  And even when the dorm was quiet and everything was normal, now when he looked at Chunji, he heard all of those words, streaming through his mind like that radio station was still playing, and he wanted to obey those hot, sexy commands, wanted to do everything that Chunji had asked for.  Whenever their eyes met, he felt like he was going up in flames.

            He was constantly turned on, constantly hard and flustered and not sure what to do about it.  What made the situation even worse was that L.Joe was constantly aroused and flustered, too.  That didn’t give him any sense of solidarity in a shared struggle; it only mortified him further.  But he couldn’t get himself under control.  Not when he couldn’t walk across his own dorm without seeing Niel’s full lips wrapped around someone’s cock, or seeing Chunji and Sehun penetrating Ricky at both ends, or seeing Changjo’s gorgeous, naked body on complete display.  Having sex with Changjo himself, in the privacy of his own room, had not prepared him for the reality of Changjo having sex with one hot guy after another all over his dorm.  Watching Ricky squirm and insist, “Harder, maknae, harder,” while Changjo drove that long, hard cock into Ricky’s arching body made him ache.

            He was so horny that he was a little bit insatiable at night, and always eager for more in the morning.  He wondered if sex with him and everyone else might be a lot to ask, but Changjo had no trouble keeping him satisfied.

            Then Infinite came back to town, and Changjo got permission to see L.  Suho was unreservedly happy for them, but it occurred to him that with Changjo spending the night at Infinite’s dorm, he’d be alone.  Sehun certainly wasn’t going to volunteer to sleep with him instead of with L.Joe, and there was no chance that he’d ask or expect that, anyway.

            Well, it was all fine.  He could handle a night on his own.  All of this regular sex was spoiling him; he could take a night off here and there.

            But sex wasn’t all that he was used to.  He never went to bed alone anymore, and he was accustomed to having someone curled up beside him.  When he went to bed that night, he told himself that it would be great to spend a night on his own.  No one hogging all of the space!  No one to fight over covers.  No arms in his way, no hair in his face, no squirming and snoring and all of the typical annoyances.  He could stretch out for once!

            He’d stretched out and rolled around and adjusted his pillow more times than he could count, when he admitted defeat.  He sat up and texted a couple of his members, checking in.  Of course no one answered; they were all busy or asleep.  He wondered what L and Changjo were up to.  But he knew what they were up to, and he certainly wasn’t going to sit around picturing it!

            Hearing a knock at his door, he looked up.  Was something wrong?  Was someone sick?  He slid out of bed and went to open the door.

            Ricky stood there, yawning, in an undershirt and underpants, hair mussed.  “Hyung.”  He yawned again, then rubbed carelessly at one eye.  “Can I sleep with you?”

            Suho’s instinct was to say no.  But that seemed wrong, or rude; he couldn’t claim to accept the Teen Top members as his dongsaengs, and then kick them out of his bed when he never rejected his own members anymore.  He always let his EXO members in; it wouldn’t be fair to treat Teen Top differently.

            Then he wondered if this might be some kind of ploy.  But wasn’t he only flattering himself?  He wasn’t so irresistible that Ricky would come up with strategies to seduce him.  He couldn’t think of any other reason for Ricky to be here, though.  Well, maybe Ricky just wanted some companionship; he did, so why couldn’t someone else?

            “It’s all right,” he decided.  “Come in.”  He considered making it plain that sex was off-limits, but that might only make things awkward.  He’d address it if it came up.

            Ricky came in, and he closed the door.  As they got into bed, he asked about tomorrow’s schedules.  They talked for a little while.  It was comfortable and familiar, mimicking his quiet, intimate, middle-of-the-night talks with the others.  And it was nice.  He and Ricky had never talked like this before, and he really liked the chance to grow closer.  Ricky’s happy, adorable smiles won him over, and he started to make jokes and say foolish things just to get Ricky to laugh at him.  Like any good best friend, Ricky had dozens of damning stories about what a hopeless jerk Changjo was, and Suho ate them up, relishing his insight into Changjo’s life.

            They slept cozily together, and Suho held Ricky’s strong, sturdy body close all night.

            In the morning, he wakened to find himself alone.  His cock was hard, his hormones nagging him, his body reminding him that it was used to regular pleasure and release.  He debated and quibbled, telling himself to ignore it and take a shower, tempted to jack off.  But he’d spent last night pressed intimately against Ricky’s firm body, and he’d been gazing into Ricky’s expressive brown eyes, and how many times lately had he seen Ricky’s naked body, all of that pale skin, that demanding squirming, the quick thrusting of Ricky’s hips, Ricky’s stiff, bare cock?  If he masturbated now, in this mood, he wouldn’t be able to think of anyone else, and he didn’t want to complicate things any more than he had to, didn’t want to cross new boundaries now, under these conditions.

            He was so turned on that when Sehun walked into his room, he couldn’t hide it.  But in seconds it was clear what Sehun had come in for, and he wasn’t going to have to masturbate today.  Sehun took care of him thoroughly, expertly, leaving him panting and blissful.

            Late that night, he was in the kitchen with Changjo when he heard Niel and Ricky from the next room.  “What do you mean, it was nice?”

            “It was nice,” Ricky said.  “We talked, I told him about the time that Changjo set the bathroom on fire.”

            “That was an accident!” Changjo shouted.

            No one replied to him.  “You just talked?  You didn’t even do anything?” Niel asked.

            “Suho hyung doesn’t do those things with us,” Ricky said.

            “It was an accident,” Changjo told Suho firmly.

            “I don’t see what’s so nice about just sleeping and talking,” Niel said.

            “It’s nice to have a hyung who doesn’t threaten and punch me,” Ricky said.

            “Who punches you?” Niel asked, and suddenly his words were interspersed with, “Ow! Ow!” from Ricky.  “Nobody punches you.  Get back here!”

            Suho was in his room after that, getting off of the phone with Key, when Niel appeared in his doorway.

            Long and lanky, Niel shifted his weight from foot to foot, eyeing Suho uncertainly.  “Do I take my turn now?”

            Was that what was happening?  Were the Teen Top members going to take turns sleeping with him, like his own members did?  First Changjo, then Ricky, now Niel?  “You don’t have to,” he said.  “But I don’t mind.”

            “What happens?”  Niel walked in and sat on the bed.  “Are you going to tell me a bedtime story?”

            He laughed.  “I’ll see if I remember one.”

            Niel stayed aloof for a while, staying at the edge of the bed.  But after they’d talked, and he’d told a few embarrassing stories about his members, Niel relaxed.  They had a light, friendly conversation, and when Niel asked, “Can I suck your cock?” it seemed like such a natural, honest question he didn’t even feel tense.  He just said, “No, not tonight,” and they talked about something else.

            Later, when the lights were off, he asked, “You really like sex, don’t you?  I mean, you like,” he just came out and said it, “you like cocks.”

            Mmm.”  Niel sounded agreeable.  “They’re the best.”

            “I think so, too,” he admitted.

            Mmm.  And you’re lucky,” Niel said.  “You have so many well-hung members.”

            “So do you.”  Thanks to this visit, he’d now seen everyone in Teen Top.  He’d seen far, far more of Teen Top than he’d ever expected to see.

Well, everyone aside from C.A.P., but he’d heard plenty about C.A.P.

            “Yeah, their cocks are nice,” Niel said.  “They’re horrible people, but their cocks are nice.”

            Suho woke up too early that morning and had to pee.  When he got back to his room, he climbed onto the bed gingerly.  He’d never had Niel in his bed before.  He’d never watched Niel sleep before.  Niel’s slender body looked long and athletic, relaxed against the sheets.  Niel’s hair was growing long, tousled bangs falling into his eyes.  His infamous mouth looked delicious.  Kissable.  Remembering how easily they’d talked last night, how comfortable they’d been together, Suho suddenly felt drawn to him.  Wanted to be close to him, wanted to kiss him and make him smile.

            Adding people to his sex life was challenging and embarrassing for Suho, but adding dongsaengs to his bed, becoming more intimate and at ease with them, was getting to be an irresistible habit.

            Teen Top’s van stopped in front of EXO’s dorm.  “Later,” C.A.P. said, slouching in his seat and drawing the brim of his hat down over his eyes.

            “Have fun on your own tonight,” the kids said, opening the van door.  As they hopped out, L.Joe said, “You know Suho hyung’s taking us out for steak tonight.”

            C.A.P. pushed his hat back up.  “What?”

            L.Joe, come on.”  Reaching into the van, Chunji put both hands on L.Joe’s waist and guided him out of the van.  Laughing, he balanced himself with his hands on Chunji’s shoulders as he got down.  Putting an arm around him, Chunji glanced back, smiling and waving good-bye to C.A.P.  “See you tomorrow!”

            Eh.  They were doing it on purpose, making a big show of how well they all got along.  All of the members had been acting really close over the past few days, trying to prove that without C.A.P. around, they were better off.  Tugging his hat over his eyes again, he relaxed.  Let them enjoy themselves.  Let them screw all night and kiss all day and eat as much steak as they wanted.  Sooner or later, they’d be back, so he was going to bask in his alone time while he had it.

            Suho had to admire how completely uninhibited Teen Top was.  They went right for what they wanted.  He’d avoided it at first - - as much as he could, at least, when it happened in any room at any moment - - but after a few days, he realized that he was generally safe.  Like his own members, they seemed to respect the fact that he didn’t want to be involved, and they didn’t initiate anything with him or try to include him in it.  With that barrier tacitly understood, he could relax, as much as he ever relaxed when it came to sex.  And as long as it was happening right in front of him, in his own home, it was all right if he peeked now and then, right?

            So, when sex started, instead of averting his gaze and leaving the room, he stayed where he was and kept on doing whatever he’d been doing.  Like when he was in the bathroom, washing his face, and Niel came in to take a shower.  He caught himself eyeing Niel’s long, lean body, his gaze avidly tracing the lines of muscle in Niel’s torso, watching water stream down Niel’s back.  Feeling a familiar heat start up, lust flickering to life, he stuck close by the sink, fiddling with his cleanser.  He’d leave in another moment, he’d finish up soon, he just wanted to look for one more, oooohhh, he loved how fluidly Niel moved.

            “Good, you’re in here,” Chunji said.  Brushing right past Suho, he walked over to Niel, dropping clothes on the tiled floor.  “Not busy, are you?”

            “I’m washing,” Niel pointed out.  Turning under the shower’s spray, he gave Suho an unobscured view of his long body, his taut abs, his soft cock.  Suho wanted to nuzzle his black pubes and sip water from his dripping cock.

            “Great, I’ll help you wash,” Chunji said, reaching for a bottle lined up on the shelf between soaps and shampoos.

            “That’s lube,” Niel pointed out.

            “Is it?” Chunji asked, turning him around.

            Sighing, he braced his hands against the wall, then tilted his head back, turning his face to the fall of water.  He closed his eyes, his lips parting as Chunji’s fingers nudged into the cleft of his ass.  Mmnnnhh, uuhhh, oh.”  He undulated, and Chunji grinned.  “Yeah, okay,” he breathed, melting against the wall, his back arching.  “More, it’s good like this.”

            It was so easy between them, Suho stared as Niel shimmied on Chunji’s fingers.  It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Niel liked it so much - - it was sex, it felt good, of course he liked it.  But he was so open about it, so receptive to it, so direct about it, that Suho envied him.  Chunji screwed him right there in the shower, and halfway through Changjo walked in, turned off the water, and went down on Niel, kneeling right down and blowing Niel like it was the most ordinary thing in the world, like he and Niel’s cock had an appointment for it.  Then Niel was on all fours, Changjo in front and Chunji behind, and Suho was clinging to the sink and desperately turned on and moaning under his breath, choking on his own lust, while Niel slurped on Changjo’s erection and Chunji urged, “Yeah, suck on that big dick, swallow the maknae’s hot cock, take all of it.”  Suho had never been in the middle of a threesome, but Niel made it look like a fantastic place to be, rocking on Chunji’s erection, lips wrapped around Changjo’s cock, head bobbing, Changjo’s hands in his wet hair.  The way Chunji gripped his hips and pulled him back hard to meet each thrust made it seem like Chunji’s cock was driving in deep, and Suho ached, needing to know exactly how that felt, craving it.

            “Here’s where everybody is?” Ricky asked.  Rubbing between his thighs, he walked over to his members.  “Um, Chunji hyung-”

            “The maknae will do it,” Chunji said.

            Ricky stood in front of Changjo and pulled his cock out.  Pulling lightly on Niel’s hair, Changjo stared up at Ricky and kissed the head of his cock.  Smiling, he deliberately fluttered his lashes.  “That what you wanted?”

            Ya, do it right,” Ricky said, laughing.  Jacking himself, he shifted his weight, then rubbed the head of his cock against Changjo’s chin.  “Take it nicely or I’ll use your other hole instead.”

            Changjo licked at it, the tip of his tongue circling the head.  Shuddering, Suho couldn’t take it anymore.  He’d seen that before, he’d felt that before, he knew exactly what it was like to find paradise in Changjo’s mouth.  Stricken, feverish, he stumbled away, need chasing him to the solitude of his bedroom.

            When he was finally in enough control of himself to emerge, he took a cautious circuit of the dorm, wanting to establish where everyone was and which rooms to avoid.  There was a note on Sehun’s door; Chunji was sprawled on the couch, Changjo was working out, and Niel and Ricky were foraging in the kitchen.  When they started slapping and pushing over a bag of chips, he scrounged up a second bag to keep the peace.  Satisfied, they wandered away again.  A moment later, Changjo came in to get a drink.  Naked to the waist, with a sheen of sweat over his muscular chest, he looked so edible that Suho had to hold onto the kitchen counter with both hands to resist the impulse to taste him.

            L.Joe flew into the room, hair flying, like someone launched from a rocket.  “Maknae,” he panted, and hurled himself at Changjo.  Catching him, Changjo landed back against the sink, and already they were kissing.  He was scratching Changjo’s chest and gripping Changjo’s sides like he couldn’t get close enough.  His hungry, biting kisses were so pushy and demanding that Suho couldn’t look away.  Whatever had happened behind that closed door with Sehun, he was worked up to a consuming, lusting frenzy, and he was unleashing all of it right on Changjo.

            Accepting his intensity, returning it, Changjo kissed him back with equal passion, grunting and grabbing his ass.  Then Changjo’s hands slid down to his thighs, gripping him there and lifting him up, picking him off of his feet.

            “Shit, fuck you, put me down,” L.Joe said, slapping at Changjo’s shoulders and sounding annoyed.  Laughing, Changjo dropped him.  Flipping his hair out of his eyes, he took the lube from the cabinet beside the sink; it had taken Teen Top no time whatsoever to discover all of EXO’s hiding places.  “Turn around.”

            “Where’s Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun?” Changjo asked.  Obliging, he turned around, then leaned over the sink, resting his weight on his crossed arms.

            “Shut up,” L.Joe muttered, turning red.  “He’s waiting for me.”  Suho moved around the island in the middle of the kitchen, not knowing what to do or whether to stay or what to look at.  God, L.Joe was pulling Changjo’s pants and underwear down, baring that taut, sexy ass.

            Looking at L.Joe over his shoulder, Changjo arched his back and shimmied, swinging his ass from side to side.  “He doesn’t want to watch?”

            “Stop talking about him!” L.Joe complained, squirting lube onto his fingers.

            “Want me to pretend to be him?” Changjo asked, grinning.

            “Don’t you fucking try it!  L.Joe thumped Changjo’s back, then started to finger him open.  Unnnhhh, oh.”  L.Joe shifted restlessly, rubbing his forehead against Changjo’s back, breathing hard, staring down at his busy fingers.  “God, I have to get in you.”

            Suho felt exactly the same way.  Grateful for the sturdy barrier of the island between himself and the two of them, he swallowed a helpless moan.  He stared hungrily, devouring the sight of L.Joe’s stiff erection breaching Changjo’s body.

L.Joe pushed in with aggressive, hitching thrusts, burying himself.  “Ah, ooohh, maknae.”

“Yeah, shit,” Changjo moaned.  One hand came up, smacking against the cabinet, as his hips rocked back.  L.Joe groaned and drove into him, and Suho whimpered, unable to look away.  How many times had Suho fantasized about penetrating Changjo, about being the one to ease deep inside Changjo’s gorgeous, muscular body?  But he’d imagined it as making love, as something tender and intimate, as a way to express not only his desire for Changjo but his love.  This was harsher than that, rough and unapologetic, L.Joe storming Changjo’s body and rutting on him, feral and fierce.  Every thrust looked more aggressive than the last, and Changjo was groaning rhythmically, strong body braced against the vigorous pounding.  Suho didn’t know what to do with this, how to feel about it, about his precious dongsaeng being used so crudely.  It turned him on so much, he didn’t know whether he wanted to be L.Joe, fucking Changjo with all of the lust he could muster, or if he wanted to be Changjo, absorbing all of that sexual ferocity.  Licking his lips, he hoped that the sound of Changjo’s groaning and L.Joe’s soft, urgent moans covered the sound of his helpless whimpering.

L.Joe came first, and didn’t slow down in the slightest.  In fact, he only seemed to be energized by his own pleasure, speeding up, slamming into Changjo forcefully.  Masturbating, pumping his own erection, Changjo came, squirting over the edge of the sink.  “Oh, god,” L.Joe panted, digging his nails into Changjo’s back.  “Oh Sehun, Oh Sehun,” he moaned, and then he was coming again, crying out, shoving in hard and falling still.  “Oh, oh, god.”  His head falling back, he gasped at the ceiling, squeezing his eyes shut.  “I, I, oh.”  He shivered, pressing himself against Changjo’s back, catching his breath.  “Oh.”

Changjo ran his fingers through the streaks of cum on the sink, then rinsed it down the drain.

“Oh.”  Shaking himself, L.Joe backed up.  He ran his hands through his hair, then pulled his shorts up.

His own pants around his ankles, Changjo reached for the bottle of water he’d had earlier and took a drink.

Suho tried to be inconspicuous and pretended to have other things to look at besides handsome, delicious, freshly fucked Changjo or L.Joe, who still vibrated with sexual tension.

L.Joe took one step toward the door, and then Chunji walked in.  With a quick sound, L.Joe grabbed his shoulder and kissed him.  It was a long, thorough kiss, an erotic savaging of his mouth, as intense and demanding as the sex had just been.  L.Joe’s hands clamped on either side of his jaw, holding him in place, and Chunji seemed to flail for a moment, off-balance.  Then Chunji grabbed his ass, yanking him forward, groaning and kissing him back just as fervently, pushing him against the island and grinding against him.  Panting, L.Joe pawed at Chunji’s shirt, yanking it up, and Chunji moaned, shoving a hand down the front of L.Joe’s pants.  Shuddering, L.Joe said, “Can’t, I can’t,” and Chunji slapped him across the face, then kissed him again, passionately.  “Don’t start what you can’t finish,” Chunji breathed, and he moaned, kissing Chunji like he’d never found so much lust and ecstasy anywhere else.

Then, breaking away, he repeated, “Can’t,” and wiped his hand over his mouth.  “My, my, Oh Sehun, he’s waiting for me, I can’t.  The maknae, use the maknae.”  Use the maknae, he’d said “use,” like Changjo was a tool, a toy, a device, something functional they could turn to or discard whenever they wanted.  With that, he shook himself again and then jogged away.

Chunji glared after L.Joe.  There was a dangerous glint in his eye and an obvious tent in his pants.

Changjo braced both hands on the edge of the sink, then lifted himself up and kicked his pants off altogether.  Lowering himself again, he reached out, coiling both arms around Chunji, pulling Chunji toward the sink.  “Want me to finish the rest?” he asked, nuzzling Chunji’s ear.

Chunji sniffed, still glaring and aloof for a second.  Then he relaxed, smiling and turning around, wrapping an arm around Changjo’s shoulders.  “Didn’t you just get off?”

“But you didn’t,” Changjo murmured, kissing his neck.

That was the moment when Suho fled the room.  There was only so much he could take, and seeing Changjo turn seductive was when he hit his limit.  It was just like before; the sex, no matter how erotic or intense, pushed every button he had, but it was still one step removed.  But then Changjo did something that he knew, something he’d experienced, and it hit too close to home.  Changjo had kissed his neck like that and whispered sexy, coaxing things to him and seduced him right out of his clothes before, and the memory created such intense craving that he couldn’t bear it.

He was grateful that he’d never done anything with the other Teen Top members, or he never would have been able to leave his room.

Once he’d calmed down again, he sat down beside Ricky on the couch.  It seemed safe enough.  The dorm seemed relatively quiet; he didn’t hear any of the typical sounds of sex or violence.  Ricky scooted closer, leaning against him.  It was nice, and he put his arm around Ricky, letting Ricky settle in against his shoulder.  This was the kind of companionship that he’d missed from his own members, this kind of quiet comfort together.

They’d only been there, idly watching TV, for a few minutes when Niel walked over.

            “Get your thing out,” Niel said, kneeling in front of Ricky.

            Ricky glanced at Suho.

            Suho wanted to pull away or make an excuse and leave the room.  But Ricky had clearly looked right at him, a quick, discerning glance, checking on him.  Judging his reaction.  Wanting to make sure that it was okay with him.  And that made him want it to be okay with him.  What was good about putting up boundaries?  He trusted Ricky, and he wanted Teen Top to be comfortable with him.  He’d opened up his dorm as their home, and they should be able to treat it the way they treated their own dorm.  They should be able to treat him the way they treated their own leader.

            He tried to relax, sure that he’d already tensed up, and then he tried a reassuring smile, and then he directed his gaze to the TV.

            Ricky pulled his cock out.

            At first there were only subtle, wet sounds.  Suho could almost kind of potentially have ignored it.  But his arm was still around Ricky, and Ricky was still leaning against him, so he felt every shift and squirm as Niel turned Ricky on.  Ricky’s breathing grew louder, and then Niel started moaning, making aroused, throaty sounds, and Suho couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t ignore it, he couldn’t pretend.  He looked.  God, oh, Ricky’s cock looked as hard as his felt, stiff and wet between Niel’s full lips.  The sight hit him so hard, he wished that Niel would shift over a few inches and suck on his cock, instead.  Shit, he couldn’t think like that, he couldn’t, but his guilt wasn’t nearly as strong as the need pulsing between his thighs.

            Ricky’s breathing hitched and broke into soft, aching moans.  “Unh, hyung, ouuuhh.”  Sliding his hand to the back of Niel’s head, he buried his fingers in Niel’s hair, and his knees spread, his thigh pushing against Suho’s, muscular and solid.  Determined to be strong about this, determined to be a supportive hyung and not a sex-hungry coward, Suho shifted a little to give him more room, arm close around his shoulders.  Uuuunh, ooohh, uh-uh.  Oooohh, hyung.”  His eyes closing, he parted his lips, his head falling back.  His cheeks were flushed, and his hand rose to his ear, pinching.  Suho stared, drinking him in, the heat in his face, his relaxed mouth, the tension drawing his brows together.  “Unh, unh, hyung.”  It almost sounded like - - like he was talking to Suho, asking for Suho, like he needed Suho to help him, to please him, to bring him over the edge.  He groaned, squirming, grimacing and then relaxing again, making hurt, eager noises.  Ooohh, come on, come on, ahhh.”

            The way he was pinching his ear, rubbing at it, made Suho want to touch the other one.  It was so close, it would be easy to brush against it.  It was so pink, Suho wondered if it would feel warm to the touch.  The idea of feeling the heat of his arousal was so alluring, Suho’s breath caught.  It was incredible, to be this near to his pleasure, not only to hear his moans but to feel his writhing.

Countless, endless times, Suho had been drawn to the EXO members while they’d been having sex around the dorm and wanted to touch them, to feel their ecstasy, to feel their bodies in their eroticism and passion, but this was the first time that he’d actually done it, that he’d been this intimately involved.  He didn’t dare to involve himself any more than he already was, to touch anything, no matter how badly he wanted to lick Ricky’s ear or kiss Ricky’s mouth, to run his hand over Ricky’s hard, wet erection or slip his fingers into Niel’s mouth.  But nothing could have compelled him to leave.  He stayed right where he was, and if he guided Ricky a few inches closer, pulling Ricky more snugly against his shoulder, that was only between the two of them.

“Ah, ah, hyung!  Now, now, it’s now!”  Ricky shuddered, vibrating right against Suho.  He gasped enthusiastically, and then he collapsed.  His blissful smile was so dreamy, Suho forgot to watch Niel and just gazed at him, enchanted.

Mmmff.”  Niel sat back, licking his lips.  “Shit.”  Grimacing, he rubbed himself, glancing down at his crotch like it annoyed him.  “Maknae!”

Ricky’s eyes blinked open.

“Other one,” Niel said, and shouted again.  “Maknae!”

Relaxing, Ricky let his eyes close again.  With a happy sigh, he snuggled in more cozily against Suho’s side like he intended to stay there all night.  If Suho hadn’t been so completely, achingly erect, that would’ve been a great idea.

“What, what, what,” Changjo asked, poking his head into the room.  His gaze flashed over everything, taking in the scene, and then he gave Suho a significant look, raising his eyebrows.

Embarrassed, Suho had no idea how to explain himself.

A knowing smile spread over Changjo’s face.

He didn’t have to justify himself to some maknae!  Wasn’t Changjo the one who always encouraged him to be more assertive and more involved, anyway?  Still hugely embarrassed but trying to feign controlled calm, he averted his gaze.  But it fell to Ricky’s lap.  And Ricky’s cock was still out.  Suddenly, Suho couldn’t look at anything else.  It was soft, but it was so sexy and pink that he wanted to stroke it, to pet it.  Immediately he had fantasies of touching it, of inventing excuses.  What if he just reached down and tucked it away for Ricky?  What if he just so happened to fondle it along the way?

C’mere and suck this,” Niel said, taking his hard-on out.  The Teen Top members had their cocks out so often, Suho was kind of surprised that they even bothered to wear underwear.

“I just brushed my teeth,” Changjo said, but he was already moving forward.  He dropped onto the floor in a quick move, then undulated and crawled forward, snaking toward Niel’s lap.  Gripping the bend of Niel’s knee, he jerked Niel off-balance, spreading Niel’s thighs and landing face-first in Niel’s lap.  Growling foolishly, he buried his face in Niel’s crotch, nuzzling Niel’s cock and balls.

“So horny,” Niel sighed.  Sinking back, he relaxed across the floor, crossing his arms behind his head.

“Want me to bone you?” Changjo offered.  He spat on the head of Niel’s cock, then jacked Niel roughly, spreading it down the shaft.

“Later.”  Niel rested a bare foot on Changjo’s shoulder.  “I want Sehun to do it first, but all he cares about is L.Joe hyung.  So selfish.”

Suho wanted to leave, but Ricky was still slumped cozily against him.  His cock was a demanding, throbbing ache, and he needed to touch it, to appease it.  The urge to squirm, to adjust himself, to jack off, was so intense that he couldn’t breathe right anymore; he could only make hitching, broken attempts, like unfinished gasps.  He couldn’t keep on watching Changjo toy with Niel’s cock, but he couldn’t look away, either, and his gaze pinged around the room, from Changjo’s jacking hand to Ricky’s soft cock to Niel’s mouth to Changjo’s tongue slipping over the head of Niel’s cock to the long lines of Niel’s body.  He couldn’t - - he had to - - this wasn’t - - oh, god.

Without breaking rhythm or looking away from Niel, Changjo punched Ricky’s shin.

Ricky shifted.  “Oh.”  He rubbed at one eye, then put his cock away.  He glanced at Suho, sitting up.

“I have to,” Suho started to say, but he didn’t have anything else to say, and he couldn’t fathom any more words, and he needed to leave.  So he left.

He walked right into his bedroom, saw Chunji on his bed, and walked out.

He went down the hallway and into the bathroom, and he could still see it, like the image had been scorched onto his eyeballs.  Chunji.  On his bed.  Chunji, utterly relaxed, dozing, hugging his pillow.  Dressed in red boxer-briefs and a white undershirt, pretty and calm as a sleeping angel.  He remembered every detail, Chunji’s long lashes, Chunji’s bare thighs.  Chunji’s hand on his pillow.  Fingers splayed.  The point of Chunji’s elbow.

He wanted to go back.  He had to go back and crawl onto the bed, crawl on top of Chunji.  He didn’t know what he’d do once he got there, but he needed to be there.

There was too much sex in his system, too much need churning through his body, burning him up and saturating his brain.  There was sex everywhere he turned, he couldn’t get away from it, he fled from Changjo and Niel and ran right into Chunji, he was surrounded by it, inundated, drowning.  Moaning, right there in the bathroom, suddenly he was the one with his cock out.  He masturbated quickly, whimpering, not wanting to be caught but needing to do this, to get it out of his system, to find some kind of release in the middle of this sexual havoc.

At the last instant he had the sense to grab a washcloth and come in it, catching the heavy flood.  Balling it up in his fist, he leaned back against the wall.  Catching his breath, he stared into space, tucking himself up one-handed.  His body felt calmer now, but his mind wasn’t much better.  All he could think about was Ricky’s body pressed up against his side, and Niel’s moaning, and Changjo diving into Niel’s lap, and Chunji waiting for him in his bed.  Chunji’s pert ass in that red underwear.  He wanted to slide his hand up over Chunji’s thigh and, and, and, and do things that he had no business doing.

Sehun came into the bathroom to pee.  Suho tried to look normal and tried to come up with some plausible reason to be standing there in raw torment, but all he could think about was the fact that Chunji was on his bed.  The Chunji who turned up the sexual heat with one look and said things like, “Take it, take my cock, yeah, get off on it.”  It wasn’t just the words, it was the way that Chunji said them, with that convincing tone, urging and commanding, ordering him to do it and giving him permission to love everything about it.

“You all right?” Sehun asked.

He shook his head and dragged a hand through his hair.  Miserable and completely thrilled, he confessed, “Chunji’s in my bed.”

Sehun didn’t ask why that was a problem.  “Do you want me to get him out of there?”

Yes.  No.  Yes.  But Suho had already survived Ricky and Niel in his bed.  Chunji was the next step.  Technically, L.Joe was the next step, considering the order they were going in, but L.Joe was already spoken for.  For a second, Suho was tempted to ask Sehun if they could trade, but then he remembered L.Joe’s feisty erotic demands in the kitchen, and shuddered.  Chunji seemed manageable, compared to that.

Manageable.  He could manage this.  He was hyung, wasn’t he?  Chunji wasn’t actually sexually feral.  Under normal conditions, Chunji was friendly and a lot of fun.  And asleep, Chunji was harmless.  He was making too much of this.  He could handle it.  He’d slept chastely with Ricky and with Niel already.  He’d just go in and get comfortable, and they’d sleep together, and it would be fine.  He wasn’t actually out of control, and neither was Chunji.  Right?  It would be fine.

“I’m okay.”  Resolute, he tossed the washcloth into the hamper and smiled at Sehun.  “Sleep well.  And don’t keep L.Joe up all night,” he scolded on his way out of the door.

He went back to his room.  Walked in and closed the door.  Chunji was still asleep.  Tucking all sexual thoughts away in the back of his mind, he stood by the bed for a moment, admiring how very pretty Chunji was.  Then, carefully, he climbed onto the bed.  He really hoped that Chunji would sleep through it, that he could get away with spending the night together without actually interacting.  But as he shifted around, trying to find a comfortable position without touching, Chunji’s eyes opened.

“It’s okay?” Chunji asked, moving in right against him.

Oh.  “Yes,” he said, arousal twinging between his thighs, trepidation tightening his throat.

“Good.”  Chunji’s eyes closed, his arm circling Suho’s waist.  He went back to sleep.

Okay.  Okay.  Slowly, Suho’s breathing evened out to a natural rhythm again.  Bit by bit, he relaxed against Chunji.  This was fine.  He was used to sexy, pretty dongsaengs occupying his bed.  He didn’t actually have any other kind.  Thinking of it that way, he smiled.  Wrapping his arm around Chunji, he closed his eyes.  “Sleep well, dongsaeng-ah.”

            Chunji’s phone was beeping.  And beeping.  And beeping.  Aggravated, he fished it out from under the pillow.  He had a thousand text messages from L.Joe, each one with more exclamation points than the last, telling him to move his ass and get up.

            Whatever.  Yawning, he shoved his phone back under the pillow.

            He was so used to sleeping with his members that it took him an extra beat to realize that he was in bed with Suho.  And that iron rod prodding his stomach was Suho’s erection.  Liking that, he moved against it.  Mmm, nice and big, nice and hard, just how he liked them.  He’d heard good things, but he’d never seen Suho’s cock for himself, and he ground against it, wanting some.

Suho groaned like a tormented beast, his hand balling into a fist in the back of Chunji’s shirt.

Chunji ran his tongue over his lips, considering the possibilities here.  He had a very turned on, very good-looking hyung in bed.  Seemed like there was only one direction to take this.  “Hyung,” he whispered, lightly rubbing Suho’s side.  “Suho hyung.”  His hand slipped under Suho’s shirt, seeking warm skin.  Shit, Suho was ripped under there.  Oh, hell, this only got better.  “Suho hyung, I need it.”

Mmm, oh, dongsaeng-ah.”  Suho rocked against him, nudging against his cock.  He ran his thumb over Suho’s lips, whispering, “Come on, hyung, I don’t like to beg,” and Suho moaned like nothing had ever sounded so sexy.  Pleased, he smiled at that, and Suho’s eyes opened.

There was a sudden flare of sheer panic in Suho’s eyes, and then all over Suho’s face.  And then he froze, like if he’d had his way, he wouldn’t be able to run away fast enough, but something had him trapped in place.

Okay.  Not flattering.  Chunji eyed him warily, figuring this out.  “Sleeping together means sleeping together.  Just sleeping.  Together.”

“Yes.  No.  I.”  Suho sat up, balling the sheet over his lap like maybe all of a sudden Chunji wouldn’t remember that he was rock-hard.  “I don’t know if it should be like that.  It’s a lot to…to…to do.”

“It’s just sex,” Chunji said, sitting up.  “If you don’t want to, you don’t want to.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to.”  Suho looked worried that Chunji would be insulted.

“Then ask me for it, and maybe I’ll say yes.”

“I.”  Suho licked his lips, looking really uncomfortable.  “Maybe it’s not a good idea.  Right now.”

“Look, if you don’t want to, just say no, flat out.”  Chunji didn’t get this yes-but-no, maybe-but-not-now thing.  “You’re shy about it, I can be nice.  You’re nervous, we can go slowly.  Or if you don’t want to, just tell me.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to,” he said again.

Now they were just going in circles.  “Then you want to.”

“I.  Yes,” he admitted.  “Yes, I want to.”

“But you don’t like me enough,” Chunji guessed.  “Not the way you like Changjo.  You can only do it with guys you’re in love with?”  L.Joe knocked on the door.  Ya, I’m up!  I’m up!”  Exasperated, he hopped up and yanked the door open.  “What?”

“You’re not even dressed?” L.Joe demanded.

“I just woke up!”

“I’ve been texting you-”

“I was asleep!”

“-like a hundred times-”

“Then get out of my way,” he said, pushing L.Joe aside.

“-and you aren’t even out of bed?” L.Joe demanded, following him down the hallway.

“Do I look like I’m still in bed?” he asked, going into the bathroom.

He peed and then he got dressed, making himself presentable enough to go to the salon.  He loved getting dressed in his own room, all by himself, without L.Joe complaining about the mess.  He’d never met someone who complained so much; it was like living with some nervous, cranky uncle.

They were gathering up by the door, putting their shoes on and blaming each other for being late, when Suho joined them.  “Is it all right if I come along?”

Suho was so good-looking, first thing in the morning, he put the other members at a real disadvantage.  Chunji was glad to be so handsome, himself, and not have to worry about comparisons.  “Sure, if you want to.  There won’t be room in the van.  Niel, you’ll have to stay here.”

“Okay,” Niel said, taking his shoes off again.  “See you tonight.”

“I’m coming, too,” Sehun said, jogging up to them, still pulling a shirt on.  He ran his hand through his hair like that was all he had to do to fix it, and looked at L.Joe.  “Is that okay, sunbae?”

“Um,” L.Joe said, and blushed like a giddy fan.  “Yeah, okay.”

“We’ll follow you,” Suho decided.

“Why do you want to come?” Ricky asked.  “Never been to ‘Music Bank’ before?  Want to see what it’s like?”

“Does it seem strange?” Suho asked, laughing.  “I want to spend the day with you.  When we’re all working, I’m so busy with my own stages that I don’t get to enjoy yours.  I want to enjoy Teen Top without worrying about EXO, for once.”

“You’ll be bored,” Niel predicted.

“Never,” Sehun said, looking right at L.Joe, and L.Joe smiled like Sehun was pure magic.

            It was a really good day.  It was the first day in a while when Suho felt like he got to be the kind of hyung he wanted to be.  It was the first day in a while when he got to be a real leader, too.  At first he caught himself, holding back, second-guessing his moves, because he wasn’t Teen Top’s actual leader, and it wasn’t his place.  But his instincts took over and he couldn’t help himself.  He coaxed and corralled, he assisted and instructed, he scolded the kids and gave them pep talks and helped them out and cheered them on with aegyo.  He looked after them like they were his own, sending Sehun out to buy them drinks, greeting their fans politely, helping them with their mikes.

            He joked with C.A.P., and he teased Changjo into dancing for him, and whenever he talked to L.Joe he positioned himself so that L.Joe could watch Sehun over his shoulder.  He couldn’t keep his hands off of Ricky.  It wasn’t even sexual, he just kept touching Ricky, patting a shoulder or rubbing Ricky’s back or running his hand over Ricky’s arm.  He even found himself caressing Ricky’s eyebrows and stroking Ricky’s ears, and he had no idea what he was doing, but Ricky just smiled at him like it was completely understandable, so he didn’t stop.

            The kids seemed happy, and that made him happy, too.  They teased each other cheerfully and laughed a lot.  They pestered each other and joked and played around, and they grabbed at each other and sat on top of each other and leaned on each other, relaxed and friendly.  Chunji especially really seemed to enjoy being around his members, watching them happily, interested in them and their habits and their reactions, smiling as his gaze tracked their movements.  Ricky was great at skinship, and Changjo was great at demanding attention, and Niel and C.A.P. quarreled happily over anything and everything, laughing at each other and fussing.  Chunji’s easy, unselfconscious laughter and L.Joe’s constant complaining petulance and C.A.P.’s goofy dancing were all so unique to them, they had Suho completely won over, and he laughed with Chunji, danced with C.A.P., calmed L.Joe down with firm reassurances.

            He wondered if they were friendly and affectionate because they were in public, and this was how their fondness came out when they couldn’t have sex.  He also mulled over the theory that they were so physical and violent with each other because they had strong urges and impulses of love and affection and desire that they’d started expressing before they were old enough to be sexual.  Maybe part of the fun of roughhousing was releasing aggression on each other, sexual aggression that they’d started off too young to understand.  Or maybe they just liked punching each other; it might be just that simple.  The way Chunji laughed and happily took it when Niel pushed him down on the couch and pummeled him, though, the joy in Chunji’s sparkling eyes, Niel’s obvious satisfaction when it was over, kind of indicated that something else was going on.

            Suho followed them from one schedule to another, and he loved every minute of it.  It was all of the fun of being a leader without any of the stress.  No, there was stress, too; he worried about Niel’s cough, and he worried when Ricky’s mike didn’t work, and he worried when their third schedule ran late and threw the rest of the day off.  So he got Niel drinks and vitamins, and he talked with management about calling ahead and adjusting a few times.  And Ricky stood patiently still while he worked on the mike, and when he’d fixed it, Ricky gave him a reassuring, trusting smile, like he’d done well, like Ricky had always believed that he could do it, and he smiled back, cupping Ricky’s face in both hands, feeling like a good hyung, like a capable leader.

            What Chunji had said earlier had gotten to him.  “You don’t like me enough.  Not the way you like Changjo.  You can only do it with guys you’re in love with?”  It had hurt, and it had made him wonder what he thought that he was doing.  “You don’t like me enough.”  Was that what Chunji thought?  Was that what they all thought?  That he held back because he didn’t want to be close?  But he’d realized that maybe he didn’t want to be close, that it was easier to keep that last little bit of distance, that he was trying to keep himself safe behind one final barrier.  It was the same problem as always, the same difficulty that he kept setting up for himself, going this far and no farther, participating this much but not any more than that.  He couldn’t believe that he was at it again, trying to bring Teen Top close but not too close.  He was frustrated with himself, fed up with his own insecurities.  So he’d decided to throw himself into Teen Top, decided to spend time with them and take care of them and let them know that he was here for them, that he cared about them, that he was active and involved in their lives, all of their lives, not just Changjo’s.  He wanted to prove it to himself, too.  Hadn’t he always told his EXO members that he didn’t play favorites?

            Over dinner, he sat between Ricky and C.A.P.  While they ate, C.A.P. asked, “Not sick of them yet?  You can keep them for another couple of months, I don’t mind.”

            “I’d like for them to stay, if it’s not too inconvenient,” he admitted.  “And I wondered if you’d come to stay, too.”

            C.A.P. raised his eyebrows.  “You kidding?”

            He smiled, squeezing C.A.P.’s thigh.  “Not kidding.  Members should be together, right?”

            “We don’t live together anymore,” Niel said.  “Somebody kicked us out, he wants to live all by himself.”

            “You’re an ungrateful jerk,” C.A.P. told him.

            “You’re a lot of things,” Changjo said, and C.A.P. reached across the table and thumped him.

            “Not at the table,” Suho said automatically, patting C.A.P.’s arm.

            Ooohhh.”  Niel’s smile was wide.  “Are you going to make him behave?”

            “Good, good,” Chunji said.  “Okay, he can stay with us, too.”

            “Where’s he going to sleep?” L.Joe asked.

            “Not in Chanyeol hyung’s room,” Chunji said.

            “There’s space in my room,” Suho said.  “Take Chen’s bed.”

            “Hey,” Changjo said.  “If it’s like that, I’ll take Chen hyung’s bed.  C.A.P. hyung doesn’t want to room with a hyung, right?  And your room’s too messy.”

            “C.A.P. doesn’t want to room with a bunch of noisy kids, either,” Suho said.  “And if you don’t like my room, you can clean it up.  Let’s finish eating, we have to leave soon.  Do you know what you’re going to tell the interviewer?  Who’s in charge of explaining the track?”

            In the van, Changjo turned around in his seat to look at his hyungs.  “C.A.P. hyung.  You can sleep with one of us, okay?  You can put your crap in Suho hyung’s room, and change there and things, but you can’t sleep in there.”

            “Whose turn is it tonight?” Ricky asked.

            “I thought that it would be stupid, just sleeping and not doing anything,” Niel said.  “But it was okay.  He’s really embarrassing and cute.”

            “It’s my turn,” Changjo said.

            L.Joe hasn’t had a turn,” Chunji said.

            L.Joe hyung only cares about Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun,” Changjo said.

            “I haven’t had a turn, either,” C.A.P. said.

            Oh, hell, no.  “I’m not leaving you alone behind a closed door in Suho hyung’s bed,” Changjo said.

            C.A.P. snorted.  “Why not?”

            “Because you’ll fuck him,” Changjo said.

            C.A.P. shrugged.

            “No!” Changjo insisted.  Suho was too easy to take advantage of, and he had to protect Suho, the way Suho always looked out for him.  “He’s not ready.”

            “Then let him tell me no,” C.A.P. said.

            “He can’t always say no,” Changjo said impatiently.

            “He says no just fine to me,” Chunji said.

            Ricky gasped dramatically, recoiling in his seat and staring at Chunji in wonder.  “Hyung!  Someone said no to you?!”

            “I don’t believe it,” Niel said.  Pics or it didn’t happen.”

            “Shut up,” Chunji said, laughing and swatting at Ricky.

            “Can’t say no?” C.A.P. asked.  What, like L.Joe?”

            “Shut up,” L.Joe muttered.

            “No, not like that, but yeah, kind of,” Changjo said.  “Hyung, seriously, maybe you should stay at our dorm instead.”

            “Now I can’t stay over at all?” C.A.P. asked.  “What the hell, I’m not going to attack him.  If it’s off-limits, it’s off-limits.  I’ll just fuck the rest of you.”

            “Thank god,” Niel said.  “I’m so horny.  You haven’t been around, and L.Joe hyung doesn’t care about us anymore, and all I have is Chunji hyung and the maknaes.”

            “Poor you,” Chunji said, rolling his eyes.

            L.Joe hyung cares about us,” Changjo said.

            “No, I don’t,” L.Joe said.  Changjo smiled.

            What had Suho done?  What had he unleashed on his dorm?

            The leader set the tone.  And Teen Top’s leader was here now.

            He should have expected the escalation in violence.  C.A.P. thumped his members like he was playing whack-a-mole, lightly slapped them across the face when they said something they shouldn’t, and kicked them for fun.  But the escalation in sexual activity was epic.  He’d been comfortably certain that they’d already hit their peak of sexual aggression, but C.A.P. moved through the dorm like someone they’d hired specifically to plow every hole in sight.

            Suho had never actually seen C.A.P. have sex before, and now he knew why Lay was so very much in love.  C.A.P. fucked hard, drilling in with swift, forceful strokes, making sure that the members felt every inch.  And he had such great stamina, Suho almost couldn’t believe that he could last for so long.  Suho tended to be mortifyingly insatiable, wanting it over and over again, needing more and more, and it seemed too good to be true, the way C.A.P. made it last, driving into the members over and over again, getting them off and then still going, until they were worked up and coming again, until they were sated and purring and blissful.  An endless fuck, that big cock, C.A.P.’s complete sexual confidence, shit, it was everything that Suho fantasized about.

            When he saw C.A.P. pull out of Changjo, slap Changjo on the ass, and grab Niel, hauling Niel in, moving right onto the next target, Suho wanted to volunteer to be next.

            That night, when Changjo walked into his room, Suho felt as needy and demanding as L.Joe, practically dragging Changjo to the bed.  He went down on Changjo, but that didn’t satisfy his craving, and when Changjo rolled him over and slid into him, he cried out rapturously, wailing his ecstasy for the world to hear.  He writhed with abandon, partly because he really needed to and partly to make Changjo capture him and hold him close.  Changjo got him off twice, and when it was over, he panted, feeling transported, his need finally sated.

            Leaning over his back, Changjo rubbed his side and kissed his cheek.  “If it’s not okay, I can ask C.A.P. hyung to leave.  He doesn’t have to stay.”

            He didn’t know if it was mortifying that Changjo saw right through him, or if he was grateful to be so well understood.  “It’s all right.  I’ll get used to it.  He’s just making up for lost time, he’s been alone-”

            “Hyung,” Changjo said patiently.  “He’s not making up for anything.  This is how it always is.  It’s going to be like this every day while he’s here.  If it’s not okay, I can talk to him.  He’ll understand.”

            Suho was tempted - - but no.  “I’ll get used to it,” he said again.  He’d gotten used to everything else - - to the way Kai prowled around the dorm on the hunt for sex, to the way Baekhyun squealed and squirmed when it felt good, to the way Xiumin, well, Xiumin.  He was learning how to get used to having Teen Top around, too, as best he could.  He’d get used to this, too.

            He spent the next day with Teen Top again, and Sehun tagged along.  L.Joe seemed more skittish and excitable that day, and had a lot of trouble paying attention to anything that wasn’t Sehun.  He pulled Sehun aside and lectured Sehun on being a distraction, and when Sehun said, “I’m not even doing anything!” he said, “If he can’t handle your being here, then you’re going to have to leave.”  Sehun didn’t like that at all, but Suho meant it, and a few minutes later, Sehun came to him and said, “If I leave, he’ll feel bad, he’ll feel like it’s his fault, it’ll be awful for him.  Let me talk to him, can I talk to him in private?”

            Suho wasn’t thrilled about it, but he arranged for them to have a few minutes together in the bathroom, with the understanding that nothing was going to happen in there.  When the door opened again, L.Joe bounced out, looking radiant, and immediately starting bothering the other members, gleefully getting into three fights, one right after the other.  Sehun looked so affectionate and proud, and L.Joe was so cheerful, Suho let it continue for a little while, taking it as an improvement.

            That night, all of the vigorous, enthusiastic sex was a lot to handle.  If it had seemed noisy before, the addition of C.A.P.’s constant plowing made it seem genuinely nonstop, like someone was playing a soundtrack of groaning and moaning and slapping and “Oh, hyung, I’m coming, I’m coming!” on a loop.  Suho honestly considered just closing his bedroom door and masturbating to the sound of it.  Maybe it would have been easier to take if they hadn’t all sounded so ecstatic about it.

            When Changjo entered his room that night, he wanted to tear his clothes off and beg for it.  But he checked himself, and when he moved out of Changjo’s reach, Changjo gave him space.  “Is it your turn again tonight?”

            “Aw,” Changjo said, visibly disappointed.  “Come on, we aren’t really taking turns, are we?  C.A.P. hyung and L.Joe hyung aren’t even doing it, so it doesn’t really count.  And Ricky won’t care, he’s busy, anyway.”

            “Well, it’s his turn, I think,” Suho said.  “If he doesn’t want to take it, that’s up to him, but that means that it’s Niel’s turn next, not yours.”

            “Come on, you need it,” Changjo said, gesturing at him.  He liked to think that the need thrumming through his body wasn’t actually visible, but to Changjo, it probably was.  “You aren’t even going to do anything with Ricky.  Let me do it.”

            And in that moment, he wondered.  Who said that he couldn’t do anything with Ricky?  He’d said it himself, he always had, but what else was stopping him?  He suspected that Ricky wouldn’t mind if something happened between them.  Ricky liked sex, and he was probably as good a place to stick Ricky’s cock as anywhere else.  He’d trusted Ricky before, in Teen Top’s practice room, so he didn’t have a lot to hide.  And Ricky had sex with D.O., of all people, so maybe…

            “Hyung!” Changjo exclaimed.

            “What?” he asked, feeling feisty, feeling bold and daring.  “Who cares what happens between consenting adults?  It’s my body and my business, isn’t it?”  He pushed Changjo out of his room, and Changjo let him, wide-eyed, looking horrified and delighted.  “If you see Ricky, you can tell him that I’m going to bed, and he can come in if he wants.”

            “Okay,” Changjo said, his grin spreading from ear to ear.  “Hyung fighting!”  He danced back a step, then added, “Rock his world.”

            Blushing, Suho closed his door in Changjo’s face.

            Ricky didn’t need Changjo hovering over him!  “I know,” he said again, walking down the hallway.

            Following so closely he was practically standing on Ricky’s shoulder, Changjo whispered, “But you have to-”

            “I know!”  Exasperated, he turned around and whispered, “Do you want to put on a face mask and go in and pretend to be me, or do you want to let me do this?”  He pushed both hands against Changjo’s chest until Changjo finally relented and backed up a step.  “I’ve got this.”  He’d been having sex for nine months before Changjo had ever touched someone, and that had meant nine months of keeping very demanding hyungs very happy.  He didn’t need to be told how to handle Suho.  From what he’d already seen and already heard, he knew exactly how to approach this.

            Leaving Changjo behind, he went to Suho’s door.  He blew out hard and relaxed his expression.  Then he smiled shyly and tapped at the door, slowly easing it open.  “Suho hyung?”

            Suho wondered if he’d been too ambitious.  He didn’t need to dive into full-on sex right away!  Maybe it would be good to get to know the Teen Top members slowly, and start out with kissing and other things, and work up to it over time.

            He worried that Changjo would tell Ricky that he was ready for sex, and that Ricky would walk in expecting to get right to it.  But maybe Changjo hadn’t given it away?  Ricky came in looking pleased and a little shy, and got into bed with him like it was last time, not initiating anything, just curling up and talking.

            Just being together was nice, and Suho relaxed.  He’d left the light in the corner on, and he gazed into Ricky’s eyes while they talked.  He made Ricky laugh a few times, and the way Ricky’s eyebrows quirked made him want to touch, so he did, cupping the side of Ricky’s face and lightly smoothing his thumb over one wicked, black eyebrow.  Ricky’s eyes rolled upward, trying to see what he was doing up there, and he chuckled, doing it again.  “You’re so good-looking.  Angel’s lucky that Teen Top has two visuals.”

            “I know,” he agreed placidly.  His calm acceptance of it made Suho smile.  Then he got a bashful, pleased look.  “The way you’re looking at me!  That’s the way that D.O. hyung smiles at me when he wants to kiss me.”

            Suho blushed.  “D.O. likes you a lot.  I’m glad that you’re close.”

            “He’s nice to me.  And he really likes kissing.”

            “I think that everybody likes kissing,” Suho said.

            Mmm, I don’t know.”  Ricky smiled.  “My hyungs skip that step a lot.”

            “Well, they shouldn’t.”  Suho found the peaks of Ricky’s upper lip fascinating, all of a sudden.  His mouth was relaxed, and his lips looked temptingly soft, and they formed a perfect bow shape.  “You should be kissed,” Suho said, and the words came out too breathless.  “I mean, what I mean is, kissing is good, it’s important, too, and…”

            At a loss, flustered, turned on now, Suho floundered to a stop.  Ricky said, quietly, “I know what hyung means,” and tugged lightly, so lightly, on the front of Suho’s shirt.  It was a tiny hint, but it was all of the encouragement that he needed.  He leaned forward, closing the distance between them, and pressed his mouth to Ricky’s.

            After a blur of desire and pleasure and pure sensation, Suho’s first thought was to wonder why in the world Teen Top didn’t kiss Ricky way more often.  He hadn’t expected anything like this.  It was a soft, slow kiss, tender, unhurried.  It was romantic, and when their lips parted and Ricky murmured, “Mmm, hyung,” it was such a breathy, encouraging sound that Suho immediately went back for more.  God, no wonder D.O. liked Ricky so much.  Suho regretted not doing this before.

            They stayed that way for a long time, just like that, trading long, sweet, lazy kisses.  Suho felt warm all the way through, aroused by what they were doing, high on the possibilities of what might happen next.  He’d been daunted by the idea of sex with someone new, but to his surprise, he felt safe here; he felt way more in control of himself than he’d expected to.  Pushing boundaries, going a little bit farther, he ran his hands over Ricky, learning the contours of Ricky’s body.  While his hands wandered this new territory, stroking and exploring, Ricky shifted, squirming a little.  Their bodies met more intimately, and he felt Ricky’s hard-on against him, stiff and unmistakable.  Not even thinking about it, he did what came naturally, grinding against it, savoring its hardness.  Ricky’s hand stole over his ass, pulling him closer, and as they rocked against each other, Ricky’s groan was so grateful and heartfelt, he smiled.  He liked feeling like he was pleasing his dongsaengs.  “It’s nice,” he said, caressing Ricky’s side.

            Mmm.”  Ricky squirmed against him, forehead against his, so cute and sexy and turned on that he felt equal parts aroused and affectionate, his heart as mixed up in this as his libido.  “Ah, it’s hard.”

            He did what he would’ve done for any of his own members, and slid his hand down between their bodies, cupping Ricky’s hard-on.  “Do you want hyung to help?  What do you want, what’s going to feel good?”  It felt so good in his hand, he couldn’t fight his own urges, and he slipped his hand inside Ricky’s underwear, stroking the bare, thick shaft.

            Ricky kissed him again, a little more urgently this time, grunting as he slowly started jacking, his hand moving lightly, rhythmically.  “Does hyung want to fuck me?”

            He hadn’t even been thinking about that, and the invitation came so naturally, he almost said yes.  But he was pretty sure that if he did that, Chen would never forgive him for doing some other guy first.  “I like this,” he confessed, caressing Ricky’s cock.  “I’m horny tonight, I want to feel you inside me.”

            Ricky kissed him.  He got the lube, and they kissed again, and when he started to pull Ricky’s underpants down, Ricky tugged at his shirt and asked, “Can I see you?”

            He blushed at that, flattered by Ricky’s interest.  Mumbling, “Sure,” he sat up and stripped, taking everything off.

            When he was naked, Ricky smiled at him.  “Oh, hyung, this is going to be fun.”

            Laughing, he lay down again, pulling the sheet up.  They kissed, touching more now, Ricky’s hands running over him while he finished undressing Ricky.  When he felt Ricky’s hand skim between his thighs, fondling his cock, he groaned, a hot shudder running through him.  “Ah, yes,” he gasped, needing to move on now, lust taking over.

            “Hyung.”  Ricky kissed him and then cupped his cheek, nose to nose now, and he felt like he couldn’t catch his breath.  “Hyung, how do you want this?  Do you want it nice and slow and careful?  Do you want me to roll you over and give it to you hard so you don’t have to think about anything and just feel?  Do you want to be in charge, is it easier that way?”

            There was something honest and open in Ricky’s expression that made Suho really hear him.  Wondering, Suho searched his face.  “How do you want it?”

            “I want it however you want it.”

            No.  No, that didn’t satisfy him.  “How do you want it?” he asked again.

            “I want it however you want it.”  A smile flickered over Ricky’s face.  “I get to have sex with you, hyung, everything makes me happy.”

            He thought about what Ricky was saying.  “It can be hard, being the maknae.”

            “Changjo’s the maknae.”

            “D.O. wants things one way, and Chunji wants things another way, and Niel likes things a certain way, too.”  He really wanted to know, “How do you like it?  If I were a sasaeng, and you could do anything you want with me, what would you do?”

            “I don’t have sex with sasaengs.”

            Exasperated, he pinched Ricky, who winced so cutely he did it again, just to see more.  “I don’t want to have sex with a maknae tonight.  I want to have sex with you.  Pretend that we’re friends, that there’s no hyung here, that you can do whatever you want.”

            Ricky eyed him.  “You might not like it.”

            That only made him curious.  “Why not, do you like bad things?”

            Ricky sighed, rubbing his ear, and then he met Suho’s eyes.  “You’re not going to have a lot of room to hide.  It’ll be easier on you if we do it your way, not my way.”

            For a second, he was tempted to chicken out.  But he’d had plenty of sex with plenty of people; Ricky wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.  “Do it,” he ordered, flopping onto his back.  “Come on, we’ll do it your way, let’s start.”

            “You’re going to be embarrassed later,” Ricky warned him, climbing onto him.

            “Do it,” he insisted, feeling stubborn now.

            Ricky shook his head like Suho was being unreasonable.  “Okay, hyung.  I’ll start.”

            Suho expected Ricky to kiss him or reach for the lube.  Instead, Ricky looked at him.  As Ricky’s gaze wandered down his body, an appreciative smirk curved Ricky’s lips.  The way Ricky’s eyes slowly raked over him made it seem like Ricky was taking in every line, every detail.  He wasn’t self-conscious about his body, but he was completely naked, and his cock was hard, and he felt shy, suddenly, like he’d exposed himself more than he’d wanted to.  And that smirk!  He put his hand down, wanting to cover himself, but Ricky batted his hand away like he was a foolish dongsaeng.  Ya,” he said, putting his hand down again, “what are you looking at?”

            Ricky pushed his hand aside again, then smiled at him, on all fours over him now.  “You.  You have a nice body.”  Ricky’s hand drifted down his side, brushing over his skin so lightly that he shivered.  When Ricky kissed him, he kissed back quickly, grateful for the distraction, glad to be absorbed in something that didn’t leave him feeling so vulnerable.

            Immediately he realized that this wasn’t the same kissing as before.  Ricky was in control now, more assertive, taking his mouth in deep, confident kisses.  His fingers curved over Ricky’s ribcage, and he felt himself let go of the idea that he was in charge here.  He’d told Ricky to take over, and that was exactly what Ricky was doing.  It was freeing, to abandon the role of hyung, to be just another guy in the bed.  When Ricky slid down the bed, leaving his mouth to kiss his chest, he undulated, reveling in it, having no idea where this was going, ready to enjoy the ride.

            The way Ricky kissed across his pecs and sucked on his nipples felt great.  He was having so much trouble holding still that he gave up on it, and while Ricky caressed his skin and kissed downward, he writhed around, twisting toward Ricky’s touch.  Mmm, so sexy,” Ricky murmured, and he blushed.  “Rub my ears.”

            While Ricky planted soft, slow kisses on his stomach, he ran his fingertips around the shell of Ricky’s ear.  Ricky shivered, making a quick, aroused sound.  Immediately liking that, he stroked Ricky’s ear more confidently.  Mmm, yeah,” Ricky breathed.  While Ricky’s tongue traced the lines of his six-pack, he fondled Ricky’s ear, and every time Ricky moaned, he felt even more turned on.

His skin felt too hot, need coursing through his veins, and as he writhed, his erection bumped against Ricky’s chin.  He groaned, a tormented, “Oouuunnhh,” sound, and Ricky chuckled, wrapping a hand around him.  “I met this friend before.  I wasn’t allowed to touch, when we were introduced.”

“You can - - oooohhhh.”  He gasped, pleasure making his back arch.  The way Ricky’s thumb rubbed the head felt too good, and where he’d felt turned on before, things were way more urgent now.  He needed, “Oohhh,” he had to, “ooh-ahhhh, oh, oh,” he dug his nails into the sheet under him, needing to hold onto something, his chest heaving for breath.  They’d only just gotten started, so why did he feel so close to the edge, why was Ricky fondling him like this, how, oh, “Ooahhhh, gaauuhhh, oh, oh!”  He felt like he should push Ricky’s hand off of him, but the way Ricky’s hand worked him felt incredible, “Oh, oh, oh, god,” he needed more, just a little bit more, just a little bit, “oh!”  He was coming, he was coming, his body jolted by a fierce explosion, ecstasy gripping him in a fierce spasm.  Ahhhh, ahhh, oh, ah!”  Squeezing his eyes shut, overwhelmed by this fantastic high, trying to bear the intensity, he cried out.  Warm wetness rained down onto him, landing on his face, his neck.  Shuddering, he dug his fingers into the mattress.  “Oh, oh, oh.”  Panting for breath, he couldn’t believe what had just happened.  He never came so fast.  He couldn’t get himself off that quickly.  What had Ricky just done to him?

Mmm, let’s see what’s down here,” Ricky murmured, and he felt lube-slick fingers nudge behind his balls, circling his asshole.

“God, oh, god,” he panted, shuddering again.  Not yet, not yet, he couldn’t take that yet, he still felt electric and overwhelmed.  But Ricky’s fingers were easing into him, slow and sure, and he gasped, bucking on the bed, his whole body jerking as Ricky brushed over his prostate.  “I, I,” he moaned, twisting, undulating, clawing at the sheet.  “Ricky-ah, unnnnhhh, please.”  It was too soon for this, he was burning up, every little touch set off another explosion and he couldn’t take it.  Jumping, squirming, he writhed against Ricky’s hand, desperate for more.  “Oh, oouu-hh-hh-hh, Ricky-ah, be nice to hyung, be nice.”

“This isn’t nice?” Ricky asked, rubbing inside of him and setting off fireworks like bang, bang, bang, sparking and popping, pleasure overtaking him.  “Maybe my cock would be nicer.”

Ooohhh, mmmmhhh, yes,” he moaned, not meaning to say it, the sultry, needy sounds just coming out of him.  He couldn’t help it, that sounded wonderful, Ricky’s cock, yes, he needed so badly to be fucked.  As he moaned and writhed, something in his peripheral vision caught his attention, and he realized that he still had cum on his face.  Oh, god!  He still had cum on his face!  Mortified, he tried to grab for the sheet, but it was out of reach, sliding off of the bed.  He tried to wipe it up with his own hands, but he had to go by feel and his fingers were shaking and it was really hard to concentrate when Ricky was filling him up with rock-hard cock.  “Oh, oooohhh, unh!”  As Ricky pressed into him, thick cock spreading him open, he grabbed at Ricky, holding on.  Ahh, auuhhhh, Ricky.”  He groaned as his body tried to accept this hard, penetrating length, as he stretched around Ricky’s cock, as he absorbed shocks of hot, fantastic sensation.  Unnhhh, yes, yes, ah!”

Mmm, yeah, that feels good,” Ricky said, moving inside of him, starting to thrust.  The rocking sensation, the way Ricky filled him over and over again, made him moan, his head tossing on the pillow.  He licked his lips and tasted cum, and the delicious flavor of it, the reminder of his shame, made him shudder.  “Yeah, oooohhh, I didn’t know you’d be so tight.”  Ricky was going faster now, thrusts speeding up, and he raised his knees, inviting more, needing it, oh, god, yes.  “I knew you’d get off on it like this, though.  I know all about what a cockslut you are.”

Ricky’s tone was pleased, conversational, friendly, but the words made him flinch.  Ricky’s deep, forceful thrusts had him writhing and gasping, had pleasure sparking in repetitive flashes he couldn’t resist, and as his back arched, Ricky stroked his body, petting his skin, fondling his nipples.

“So sexy,” Ricky murmured, kissing his jaw, licking his neck, and he gasped again, his hands sliding over Ricky’s chest, hungry for the feel of Ricky’s body.  “I’m going to have to fuck you a lot.”

“Yes, yes.”  Yes, that sounded perfect, that was exactly what he wanted.  “More, more,” he panted, cupping Ricky’s ass and trying to drag Ricky deeper inside of him.

“Yeah, that’s right, it’s okay,” Ricky said, hips rocking steadily, every thrust sending streaks of fire through his veins.  “You can tell me what you want, you can beg me for it.”

He didn’t want to beg, but being given permission to do it freed him, and he moaned, “Please, please, don’t stop.”  Ricky stroked his neck, tilting his face up, and he panted, pulling on Ricky’s hips, needing it.  When their eyes met, he didn’t recognize the person looking at him.  This wasn’t the adorable maknae he knew, this was an adult, a man, knowing and mature, in complete control.  Then Ricky smiled at him, and the maknae was back, well-meaning and impossibly cute, and he didn’t know if that was better or worse.  Groaning, he turned his face away, closing his eyes, and Ricky brushed sweet, tender kisses over his cheek and the corner of his mouth.  When Ricky nudged his knee higher, pressing deeper into him, he gasped, pleasure shocking him in hot pulses.  “Yes, yes, ah!  F-f-f-fuck me, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

“Ready to come again?” Ricky asked.  The question took him by surprise; it was too soon, far too soon, he’d never.  But Ricky’s hand was already closing around him, and oh, oh, had anything ever felt so good?  Between the steady, masterful thrusts and the expert way Ricky handled his cock, pleasure blitzed him, mounting every second.

He was crying out, “God, yes, yes, Ricky, yes, fuck me, oh!”  His nails raked down Ricky’s sides as ecstasy built to intense, soaring heights.  He wanted to come, god, “Yes, yes,” and Ricky was taking him there, driving him there like the directions were written on his skin.  “Ah, ah, ah!  Ricky, oh, oh!”  In a brilliant burst, he came, bliss exploding deep inside of him and shaking him all over.  Ricky milked his cock, squeezing every last drop out of him, and no matter how much he moaned and writhed, he couldn’t escape the deluge as cum spurted onto his chin, his shoulder, his chest.  Stunned by the power of his own orgasm, he tried to pull Ricky closer and closer, and Ricky smiled at him, brushing the hair out of his eyes.

Mmm, you’re such a great fuck,” Ricky said, stroking Suho’s face.  “I knew you would be.  You’re so desperate for cock all of the time, I knew you’d go off like a rocket once I got my knob in you.  Yeah, like that,” he murmured, his eyes dark and lusting as Suho groaned and writhed against him.  “That’s right, hyung, keep squealing just like that, it only makes me want to fuck you harder.  Mmm, so good,” he breathed, his smile equal parts affection and sexual intent, Suho’s body rocking with his forceful thrusts.  “Feels so good inside you.”  Suho wrapped both legs around him, crying out, thighs gripping his waist, trying to pull him deeper.  “I’m going to have to fuck you as often as I fuck my other hyungs, going to have to nail your pretty ass all of the time.  Think you’d like that?”

“Yes, yes,” Suho wailed, needing him, needing all of him.  “Yes, please, fuck me, give it to me.”

“That’s right, go ahead, ask for anything you want,” Ricky urged, teasing his nipple and making his back arch, pleasure streaking right to his groin.  “If you get loud enough, I’ll get you off again before I come.”

“C-c-can’t, I can’t, I can’t come again,” Suho panted.  Twice, it had already been twice, and so fast, so close together, he couldn’t take any more, he wasn’t capable of it.

Ricky’s smile was calmly reassuring.  “It’s okay, hyung, you let me worry about that.  I’ll take care of it.”

Ricky fucked him so well for so long that when Ricky slipped out of him, he wailed, tormented, grabbing at Ricky, desperate for it.  Chuckling, Ricky coaxed him over, onto his knees, and thrust into him again.  Groaning, he felt erotic bliss sing the whole way up his spine, vibrating in his balls, and he braced himself, rocking back against Ricky’s cock, enthusiastically welcoming every thrust.  The waves of pleasure were so intense that he couldn’t hold himself up for long, and he sank down, melting onto the sheets.  Unable to hold onto Ricky anymore, he clawed at the bed, rubbing his face against his pillow, cum smearing across his skin.

Ricky was praising him, telling him how sexy he was and how good it felt to fuck him, how pretty he looked like this.  The way Ricky’s hands stroked over his body woke up his nerves, deep spasms of pleasure tingling in places that he hadn’t known could feel so good.  He was writhing, inviting Ricky’s hands to explore, wanting to be touched everywhere, his excited, blissful whimpers rising into needy, joyful howls when the hot, exquisite bursts of pleasure became too intense.

When Ricky rolled him over again, he grabbed on with both hands and dragged Ricky to his mouth.  One hand cupping his nape, Ricky held him in place for a deep, consuming kiss, owning his mouth as easily and thoroughly as Ricky had already taken possession of his body.  “This is nice,” Ricky said, gazing into his eyes, smiling at him.  “I knew you’d want it like this.  Come on, now.”  Ricky guided his legs up, pushing his knee to his shoulder.  “Let me back in, we both know you want me to come inside you.”

“Yes,” he moaned, hugging his own thigh, eager to feel Ricky inside him again.  The deep slide as Ricky thrust back in came as such a relief, he moaned gratefully, shuddering as his body welcomed the intrusion.  “Yes, come in me.”

A few deep, lazy thrusts, and under the sound of his own whimpering cries, he heard Ricky hum contentedly.  “Yeah, let’s both come,” Ricky decided.  “I’ll get you off first, hyung needs it more than I do.”

His cock had always been quick to leap to erection, but sluggish to get off, and now that he’d already come twice, it would take forever to work up to a third shot.  He almost told Ricky not to bother, that he’d already gotten everything he needed, anyway, that he wanted to focus on Ricky’s pleasure now.  But Ricky’s hand was already on him, and he felt a hot, ecstatic sizzle overtake him.  “Oh!  Oh!  Oh, oh, oh, Ricky, oh!”  The enthusiasm of his own body’s response shocked him, and he gripped Ricky’s ass, pleasure rushing him like he hadn’t gotten off all night.  “I, I, I’m going to come, Ricky-ah, ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, yes!”

“That’s right, hyung, it feels good, right?” Ricky asked, pumping his cock.

“So good, so good, so good,” he chanted, twisting all over the bed, jerking eagerly against Ricky’s thrusts.

            “Tell me what you like, go ahead, beg me, tell me what feels good.”

He couldn’t shut up about it, couldn’t stop the stream of urgent words rushing out of him as he writhed in Ricky’s grasp.  “Fuck me, fuck me, ah!  I need it, I need it, Ricky-ah, keep giving it to me, don’t stop, don’t stop.”  He grasped Ricky’s shoulder, his nails raking down Ricky’s chest as he tried to hold on.  “Feels so good, I love your cock, I love it, you’re going to make me come.  I love your big, gorgeous cock, I love it,” he confessed, thrilled to admit it, wanting everyone to hear it.  “I love it, give it to me, give me all of it.”

“That’s right, I know, I know,” Ricky said soothingly, and with that, Suho was coming, hitting his peak in one final, fiery burst.  Climax hit him so hard that it seemed to last forever, the explosion crashing into him and then stuttering, slowing down.  Time stretched out, his ecstatic, animal cries echoing in his ears as heavy spurts of cum landed on his forehead, his chest, his open mouth.  He was still in the throes of it, his asshole clenching hungrily around Ricky’s cock, when Ricky came, groaning happily and fucking him in quick jerks.  Ahhh, I’m done, I’m done.”

Wrapping himself around Ricky, Suho panted against Ricky’s shoulder.  He felt sore and exhausted and glorious, he felt intoxicated and blissful and completely sated.  “God, Ricky-ah, thank you.”

Mmm.  You’re welcome.”  Ricky dropped a kiss on his lips and gave him an adorable maknae’s smile.  “Let’s sleep, you must be tired, right?  You worked hard, taking all of that cock.  You should rest.”

“I have to clean up,” he said, self-conscious, embarrassment scalding him.  He was sticky with cum.  He’d dumped three huge loads all over his face, and it was drying into a nasty mess.

“Here, let’s cuddle for a minute,” Ricky suggested.  They tucked up on their sides, Ricky snuggling right in against him.  It felt so good to be intimate that he felt his whole body relax, his eyelids immediately heavy.  Ricky had been right, he was tired, and it would feel good to close his eyes for a second.  Felt so fulfilling, to hold his dongsaeng in his arms.  He’d get up…soon…

            When the alarm on Ricky’s phone went off, he scrubbed his hand through his hair and assessed the situation.  Suho’s cock was perked up and asking for attention, but not completely erect.  He’d worked Suho’s ass over so well last night, going there again would be overkill.  He coaxed Suho awake with kisses and sweet words, until Suho was purring and grinding against his cock, horny and loving him.  He let Suho lick his palm until it was good and wet, Suho moaning and too hot for him to be self-conscious, tongue stroking hungrily between his fingers.  Then he jacked Suho off, nice and slow, drawing things out this time, making it last long enough to be sure that Suho would never forget how incredible it was.  After he had Suho begging for it and twitching all over the bed and responding to every little thing, he let Suho come.  Shit, that epic fountain never failed him.

            Suho wanted to go down on him, but he wanted to keep Suho craving his cock, so he said that he didn’t want to be late.  That made Suho’s professionalism kick in, and Suho let him go.

            He’d barely gotten into the bathroom when Changjo was pummeling his shoulders.  “What’d you do?!  I told you to be careful with him!  I told you!”

            Ya!”  He pushed Changjo away and started the shower.  “I handled it.  What are you fussing about?”

            “We could hear him yelling all over the dorm!” Changjo insisted, punching him again.  “You were supposed to be careful!  Respectful!”

            He glared at Changjo.  “I’m always good to my hyungs.  You’re the one who has to be careful.”

            Changjo frowned at him, not liking that and not sure how to take it.

            Annoyed, he pushed Changjo out of his way again.  Eyeing him, Changjo obediently stepped aside.  He could practically see the gears whirring in Changjo’s brain, but he didn’t have time for this; they really did have to go to work.

            Chunji and L.Joe walked in.  Grinning at him, L.Joe said, “Shit, you really laid it down last night, didn’t you?”

            “Don’t talk about Suho hyung like that,” Changjo said.

            Chunji got right under the shower with Ricky, smiling, moving right against him.  One arm curled around his shoulders, and Chunji’s other hand played over his chest, stroking the sore marks and scratches where Suho had held onto him.  The sexual desire glittering in Chunji’s eyes and the way Chunji nudged against his cock turned him on, reminding him that he hadn’t gotten off yet this morning.  Shit, he’d never been able to resist Chunji, and already his hands were sliding over Chunji’s back, urging Chunji closer.  “What was that about?  Why don’t you make me holler like that?  You’re saving it all for some hoobae?”

            “You don’t like it when I make you holler,” he pointed out.  Chunji preferred to have the upper hand with dongsaengs, and only let go with special hyungs, like Dongwoo.  Changjo knew it, too, and was always trying to fuck Chunji just right, to get Chunji to admit it was just as good.

            Mmm.”  Chunji pressed a kiss to his lips, then mussed his hair.  “Do it to L.Joe later, I want to watch.”

            Ya, what?” L.Joe asked.  “Hey, no.”

            L.Joe’s ass is too busy these days, anyway,” Changjo said.  “All he cares about is Oh-”

            “Say it again,” L.Joe challenged, slapping his shoulder and pushing his face away.  He laughed, chanting, “Oh Sehun, Oh Sehun,” while L.Joe smacked him and pounded on him.

            While they fought, Chunji kissed Ricky again.  “You have a hard-on.”

            He gazed innocently into Chunji’s eyes.  “I know.”

            Chunji considered him.  Over by the sink, Changjo was yelping and retaliating.  Chunji sniffed.  “Want me to wash it for you?”

            He smiled cutely.  “Would you?”

            Chunji grinned and slid a hand between his thighs.  The next few minutes were utter bliss.

            Suho sat in Teen Top’s dressing room, going over and over it again in his mind.  His thoughts traveled some infinite, warping loop.

            Ricky had wanted to give him what he wanted.  He’d insisted that they should do it Ricky’s way.  So they’d done it Ricky’s way.  But Ricky had kept saying things like, “I knew you’d want it like this.”  Which made it seem like they’d done it the way he wanted, not the way that Ricky wanted.  But they’d agreed to do it Ricky’s way.

            He wanted to assume that they simply both liked similar things.  It was sex, there were bound to be a lot of overlapping desires.

            But he had the nagging feeling that they’d done it his way all along, and that Ricky had done it on purpose.  He felt set up.  He wasn’t unhappy about it, he didn’t feel betrayed or anything, he just felt flummoxed.

            Early on, Ricky had asked him how he wanted it.  Hadn’t Ricky tipped his hand, then?  Had that been ordinary candor, or had that been Ricky’s way of laying the groundwork, making him curious, getting him primed to insist on doing things Ricky’s way?  And then Ricky’s way turned out to be, coincidentally, everything he’d craved but wouldn’t have asked for if he’d seen it coming.

            He felt like Ricky had led him down a very deliberate path.  And that seemed ridiculous; Ricky wasn’t some grand sexual mastermind.  Ricky was an ordinary guy.

            But he’d seen Ricky have sex with other people, and it hadn’t been like that.  So where was the real Ricky, and what was Ricky really into?

            He didn’t underestimate Changjo, and he knew that Chunji was more psychologically sophisticated than he might have guessed at first, and he knew that there was a lot more to C.A.P. under the surface.  So why couldn’t Ricky be unexpectedly complex, too?

            Ricky left the stylist’s chair.  He teased Niel about something, asked if Sehun wanted a drink, and sat down beside Suho.  He was checking something on his phone.  He was expertly styled, his hair swept up, his lips pink and his eyes glamorous.

            Suho studied him.  “You tricked me.”

            He smiled at Suho.  “A little bit.”

            Aish.”  Exasperated, Suho pushed him over.  He laughed, righting himself.  “I thought that we were getting close!  You can’t be yourself with me?”

            “But you liked it,” Ricky reminded him, still smiling.

            He blushed, not wanting to think about that in public.  “How did you…  How did you know what to do?”  He still couldn’t understand how Ricky had gotten his cock to respond like that.  He’d never gotten off so frequently, so easily.

            “I can’t give everything away!”  He sat back, adjusting his stage clothes.  “Hyung had a good time, right?  That’s what counts.”

            Ricky wasn’t just a maknae, he was a chameleon, showing hyungs what they wanted to see.  He was so good at keeping his hyungs happy, he’d become an expert at it.  So expert that he could do all of those incredible, perfect things to Suho and not blink.  He’d set up the moment masterfully and delivered completely.

            Suho wondered if anyone had sex with the real Ricky.  But there didn’t seem to be any secrets inside of Teen Top; he was sure that the other members knew what lived at Ricky’s core.  And maybe Ricky was spectacularly adept at pleasing hyungs, but Changjo wasn’t a hyung.  “I hope that we can be close enough that you can trust me, the way you trust your members,” he said honestly.

            Ricky nodded at him, expression pleasant.  “That’d be nice, hyung.”  And he had to trust that, on some level, Ricky meant it.

            Niel didn’t know what Ricky had done to Suho last night, and he didn’t care.  “It’s my turn tonight, right?” he asked, pushing the bedroom door shut.

            “Yes, if you, oh,” Suho said, laughing when Niel climbed onto the bed.

            “So you’re going to fuck me,” he decided, undoing Suho’s fly, ready to get to that cock.

            “I, oh, wait,” Suho said.

            Niel stopped, blinking at Suho, waiting.  What was the problem here?

            “Oh, that works,” Suho said, like he hadn’t been sure.  “Ah, Niel.”  He carefully moved Niel’s hands off of his clothes, scooting back a couple of inches.  “Let’s get comfortable first, and maybe talk about things.”

            “Talk about what?”  Niel could get comfortable.  He undressed, pulling his shirt off and pushing his shorts down.

            “Oh.”  Suho licked his lips, staring at Niel’s body.  “Um.”  He couldn’t stop licking.

            So…  Were they finished talking, then?  “We’re getting comfortable, right?” he asked, starting on Suho’s clothes again.

            “I, uh.”  Suho finally tore his gaze from Niel, glancing down at his disappearing clothes.  “I can’t do you.  I’m sorry, it, uh.  But there are other things that we can do.”

            “I can suck you?”  Niel worked Suho’s pants down his thighs.  His cock was already starting to get hard, and it looked as sexy as Ricky had said that it would.

            “Yes, if that’s what you want, I’d like that.”

            “Great.”  He whipped Suho’s pants the rest of the way off.  “Don’t come too soon, I want to suck it a lot.”

            Niel had been in a good mood all day, smiling for no reason and licking his lips.  It was embarrassing.

            Chunji sat down beside L.Joe at the dressing room table.  “You’re not taking your turn, right?”

            “What?”  L.Joe looked completely lost for a second, then blushed.  He looked down, peeking up from under his lashes, his gaze skittering over to where Sehun and Ricky were talking.  Chunji was sure that it wasn’t Ricky he was devouring with that breathlessly infatuated expression.  “No, uh, no, I…”  He licked his lips, stared at Sehun for a while, then turned redder and looked down again.  Then he gave a start, like he’d just remembered that Chunji was there.  “What?”

            Right.  “Then it’s my turn tonight,” Chunji decided.  Interesting.  He wondered what he wanted to do.  More importantly, what did Suho want to do to him?

            He’d seen Suho watching him around the dorm.  And around the dressing room.  And any time that they were within sight of each other.  He was used to guys being attracted to him, and he liked it; the attention was flattering.  But he couldn’t get a handle on what, exactly, Suho was responding to or looking for.

            He decided to ask.

            Most of the Teen Top members were in one of the bedrooms, hammering as many orifices as they could fit into.  Suho settled onto the couch.  He fell asleep for a little while; keeping up with Teen Top’s schedules during the day and Teen Top’s sexual appetites at night was exhausting.

            When he woke up, Chunji was beside him.  He yawned and looked around, listening, checking up on the dorm.  Things were mostly quiet; Changjo and Niel were in the kitchen, and music was playing in Sehun’s room, which meant that Sehun was doing something to L.Joe that the rest of them weren’t meant to hear.  For his own peace of mind, he wasn’t going to spend any more time thinking about that.

            “Hey.”  Chunji shifted comfortably beside him, offering him a piece of candy.

            He took it and ate it.

            “You want to do me, don’t you?” Chunji asked.

            Surprised, he laughed.  His own members weren’t this frank with him.  “Yes.”  The setting was so ordinary, and the question had been so casual, he felt like he could answer honestly.

            “Why?”  Chunji’s expression was open and interested, ready to hear whatever he had to say.

            There were all kinds of obvious reasons.  The way Chunji looked, for one.  All of the enthusiastic things that Changjo and his members said about what it was like, having sex with Chunji.  But there was one other thing, one particular idea that kept seeming especially significant.  “Dongwoo hyung.  He talks about you like…  He told me that you’re like magic.”

            “Magic.”  Chunji looked genuinely embarrassed, and he laughed, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.  “That, ah!  Aish.”  He scratched his forehead, blushing.  He smiled like he was really happy, like the comment meant a lot to him.  “That hyung and his magic.  It’s just something that he says.”

            “You’re really important to him.”

            Chunji’s tongue snaked out, wetting the corner of his lips.  He looked down, fiddling with his candy wrapper, clearing his throat.  “That hyung.  He likes me.”

            “I think he’s in love with you,” Suho said honestly.

            He laughed and pushed at Suho.  “Don’t just talk about it!”

            “Why not?  A hyung’s love isn’t something to hide away from.”

            Chunji scratched his head, then fixed his hair and met Suho’s eyes.  “I can’t say it back to him until I’m sure, and I don’t know how to be sure.  I don’t want to say things like that.  I don’t want him to get hurt.  Again.”  He said “again” like he dreaded it.

            Suho nodded.  Dongwoo was genuinely a great guy, and a sensitive one.  It would be awful to break his heart.  “You know what it’s like to love other people.”

            “Who, my family?” Chunji asked.  “That’s different.”

            “Your members,” Suho reminded him, smiling.

            “Oh, ew.”  Chunji snorted dismissively.  “They don’t count.”

            “They count a lot.”

            “It’s not the same, though.  You don’t feel the same way about Kai and about Sunggyu hyung, do you?”

            At the words, “Sunggyu hyung,” Suho leapt off of the couch.  He didn’t even mean to, it wasn’t deliberate, he just all of a sudden couldn’t sit there anymore.  He felt literally shocked, like an electric jolt had struck.  Resisting the urge to run away, he wished that Chunji hadn’t said that, or at least not so abruptly!  And in this context!  “I.”  Trying to pretend that everything was normal, he adjusted his shirt and sat down again.  He ignored the way Chunji was sprawled all over the cushions, laughing uproariously.  “Different feelings for different people can be different.”  It sounded like nonsense, but it was true.  “Stop!” he exclaimed, smacking Chunji’s leg.

            Dissolving into giggles, Chunji leaned against him.

            He sighed.  “Let’s talk about something else.”

            “Okay.”  Laughing, breathless, Chunji wiped his eyes.  “Okay.”  Mostly composed, he smiled at Suho.  “How far have you and Sunggyu hyung gone, anyway?”

            “I should check on the kids,” he said, getting up.

            “Okay, hyung, sorry.”  Laughing, Chunji pulled him back down.  “I won’t talk about it, really.”

            “Some things are private,” he insisted.

            “I thought that we were supposed to be close.  You should be able to tell me anything, right?”  He scrunched around on the couch, getting comfortable, so lovely and so relaxed that Suho wanted to pet him like a pretty cat.  His eyes were bright and frank.  “Want to hear about my first time with Sunggyu hyung?”

            First.  Oh.  Glitches clustered in Suho’s brain, ideas sparking and failing, images flashing and dissipating.  “You?”  He’d known, but he hadn’t actually stopped to think about what that meant, about what, about, oh, god.

            “Don’t faint,” Chunji said, laughing.  “Okay, I’ll tell you about one of the other hyungs, instead.”

            “What was Infinite like back then?” Suho asked.  “Not, not privately, or, not those things, but - - what were they like?  When you all debuted?”

            “Oh, they were great,” Chunji said.  “We were all close then.  We all wanted to do our best, and we were competitive, but it was fun.  They were good hyungs, they were really funny.  We could all work hard together and try to outdo each other, and then we’d play around and laugh.  They were older, so that was annoying, but it was really great to know other idols and have someone to talk to backstage.  There were so many sunbaes around, I liked being able to talk to someone friendly.”

            “And there’s no one else at your company,” Suho said.  “There wasn’t, then, it was just you.”  Suho had a whole roster of company sunbaes to pave the way and show him the ropes.

            Chunji nodded, eating another piece of candy.  “Just Andy hyung, I guess.  We had to compete with the Infinite hyungs, to get attention and awards and spots on variety shows and all of those things, but we supported each other, too.  It was nice.”  His smile was soft, his expression warm and fond, like he was remembering something really special.  “Dongwoo hyung was really nice, he always treated us well.”

            Suho wanted to hear everything about anything that put that look on Chunji’s face.  Leaning against the back of the couch, he finally gave in to his own urges and stroked Chunji’s hair.  “Everyone in this business is so busy all of the time, it must have been nice to have someone take time to be good to you.”

            Mmm.”  Chunji wasn’t encouraging Suho’s caresses or discouraging them.  The Teen Top members had a lot of sex and a lot of roughhousing, but Suho had never seen anyone pet Chunji before.  He was second hyung, so the only one really available to dote on him was C.A.P., and C.A.P. didn’t seem to make it a habit to cuddle the members.  Ricky got more of that attention than anyone, but Ricky was good at skinship and knew how to initiate it.  Suho wondered when was the last time someone had actually stroked Chunji’s hair like this.  It couldn’t happen often.  Immediately, Suho resolved to make it up to him, to take care of him properly, to fill that role in his life.  Suho petted Changjo all of the time, and Changjo loved it.  “You know Dongwoo hyung, he’ll be friendly with anybody.  He was always making sure that we’d eaten and worried about the kids having time for homework.”

            “Did you have a crush on him then?”

            “No.  I thought that L hyung was good-looking, though.”  At that, his gaze flickered to Suho and he smiled.  “But there wasn’t anything special between me and Dongwoo hyung until later.  After I was older, and I started having sex with Infinite, Dongwoo hyung and I kind of.  We hit it off, I guess.”

            Suho nodded, caressing his side, rubbing it in soothing strokes.

            “I think that he liked me first, before I liked him.”  Chunji smiled, gazing into the distance.  “He was always so happy to see me.  And he thinks that I’m good-looking, he’s always so excited about the way I look.”

            “You’re beautiful,” Suho said honestly.

            Chunji snorted, dismissing that.  “I thought that he liked me so much because he was horny, but I started to like him, too.  He’s so - - he’s so silly, he’s really foolish, he always makes me laugh.”  Suho thought about how easily and often Chunji laughed with the members, and could see why he would respond to that in Dongwoo.  “He’s really good and really honest, and that can be annoying, but it’s good, too.  People underestimate him, they think that he’s simple, but he sees things that nobody else sees, he makes connections before anybody else does.”  He laughed suddenly, rubbing his nose.  “I guess that I should stop making fun of Changjo for liking such a moral, upright, scolding hyung, if I like Dongwoo hyung so much.”

            Hey.  “You aren’t talking about me,” Suho said, squeezing his hip.

            Chunji laughed again.  “I don’t mean L hyung!”

            “What about L hyung, what?” Changjo asked.  Walking in, he sat between them, squashing Chunji and leaning heavily onto Suho.

            “He’s boring and ugly,” Chunji said, shoving Changjo onto Suho.  “Ugh, get off, why are you so annoying?”

            “I miss L hyung,” Changjo said, sighing and draping himself across Suho’s lap.  “He went back to Japan, and he took his big, delicious cock with him.”

            “Poor you,” Chunji said, twisting around to get one leg free and kneeing him hard in the thigh.  “Suck me instead, then.”

            Popping right up, Changjo said, “Okay,” and slid off of the couch, kneeling in front of Chunji.  Chunji scooted around, pulling his underwear down, and Suho got up to find something else to do.

            After talking to Suho, Chunji had Dongwoo on his mind.  He’d used to hold back and never text Dongwoo first, because he hadn’t wanted it to seem like he cared too much, like Dongwoo had some kind of hold over him.  He didn’t care about things like that anymore, so he texted Dongwoo, sending three foolish, flirty messages in a row, knowing that Dongwoo was too busy to see them but would be happy to read them later.

            When he was ready to go to bed, he went into Suho’s room.  They flopped around on the bed for a while, talking.  They both knew what was going to happen between them, so he didn’t see any need to rush into it.  Suho was really hands-on, touching his face and stroking his hair and caressing his chest.  It was the same way that Suho was constantly touching Changjo, so he figured it meant that Suho liked him and felt comfortable with him.  It wasn’t sexual, it was just nice, and it relaxed him.


            Mmm.”  He blinked lazily at Suho, feeling really settled in, really at ease.

            “Who are your closest hyungs?”

            “C.A.P. hyung.  Dongwoo hyung, Xiumin hyung.”

            “Is there anyone like that who’s nice to you, and good to you, and doesn’t have sex with you?”

            “No.”  Did that seem strange?  “Do you have someone like that?”

            “Sure.  All of my SM sunbaes.  Onew hyung and I are close, and we’ve never touched each other that way.”

            Chunji snorted.  “You should change that, then.  I’ve heard good things about that sunbae.”

            Suho caressed his neck, lightly, like he was precious.  “Would you like someone like that?  A hyung who takes care of you and doesn’t want anything for it?”

            He studied Suho’s expression.  “Chickening out?”

            Looking surprised, Suho laughed.  “It’s not that!”

            “Aren’t you looking at it wrong?  You make it seem like sex is something that I do for them.  It’s something that I do for myself, because I like it.  If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t do it.”

            Suho nodded, looking solemn.

            “If I didn’t want Xiumin hyung, I’d tell him no.  He asks me to blow him all of the time, and I tell him to back the fuck off.”  He shrugged.  “I choose who, and how, and when.”  Andy had always told them not to worry about keeping other people happy sexually, and that it was okay to piss people off, when it came down to it.  He’d learned very quickly how to tell people no, and if they didn’t want to listen, C.A.P. and Changjo made them.  But he didn’t want to get into that; he got the impression that Suho didn’t have those kinds of experiences.  “You can be nice to me, and be good to me, and take care of me, and all of those things, and still bone me, if you want.”

            Suho licked his lips.

            Yeah, this hyung was willing to hold back and treat him chastely, but given the go-ahead was also totally ready to drill him wide open.  He smiled, anticipating good times in their future.  He wondered what, exactly, they could do tonight, though.  It would be fantastic to cajole Suho into screwing him, and be the first to get Suho across that boundary.  He could totally do it, too, he didn’t doubt that for a second.  But it was kind of sweet how careful Suho was about that kind of thing.  What else could they do?  Part of the appeal of hyungs was that they took the upper hand.  How could he get Suho to feel confident and get assertive?  He could try acting shy, like he’d feel better if Suho took control, and get Suho’s leader instincts to kick in.  But he was pretty bad at feigning sexual coyness.  If Suho wasn’t going to screw him, then what?  Finger him, maybe, would that do it?  “You should spank me.”

            “What?”  Suho recoiled, just like that.

            “What?” he asked, laughing.  “I didn’t ask you to knife me!  Just smack me on the ass a couple of times.  You can even tell me what a naughty boy I am, if it gets you in the mood.”

            “That doesn’t - - there’s no mood!”

            “You don’t like it?” he guessed.  “Or you’ve never tried it?”

            “I don’t do those things.  We haven’t even kissed!”

            “Are you a prude?” he asked, sitting up.

            “I’m not!”

Suho seemed insulted by the question, which made him laugh.  “Well, then what do you want to do?” he asked.  “Fuck me with your fingers?”

            “I want to kiss you.”  Suho leaned toward him, gaze fixed on his mouth, and he was surprised by the lust in Suho’s eyes.  Shit, okay, this was serious, all of a sudden.  “I really, really have to kiss you,” Suho said, and did it.

            Wow.  Suho really kissed.  This wasn’t flirty or perfunctory, this was real stuff, deep and intense.  Secretly, Chunji had always loved kissing, and he relaxed into it, sliding a hand into Suho’s hair.  As long as this was private, and he could do whatever he wanted, he might as well enjoy himself, right?  So he took his time with it, getting to know Suho’s mouth.  When he shifted, Suho made a quiet, lusting sound and pushed at him, pulling on the back of his shirt.  Deciding to go with it, he sank back, his head on the pillow, and Suho was right on top of him, kissing him more assertively now, hand sliding under his shirt.  He hadn’t expected it to be this easy to turn Suho aggressive, and he liked it.  He took his shirt off, and Suho loved it, kisses hungrier now, hands all over him, stroking his chest, his ribcage, returning to his nipples over and over.

            Moving discreetly, he shimmied out of his underwear, dropping it over the edge of the bed.  When Suho stroked from his stomach down to his pelvis and found only bare skin, Suho groaned against his mouth so enthusiastically that he laughed.  Suho rubbed his thigh, cupped his hip, and then Suho broke off their kiss and looked down at him.  For a really long moment that was probably only a few seconds but felt like half an hour, Suho just stared at him, eating him up with wide, fascinated eyes.

            Then Suho reached for a phone.

            Surprised, he laughed.  “What are you doing?”  Suho, of all people, wasn’t going to try to photograph him!

            “I have to tell Chen something,” Suho explained, texting.

            “Chen hyung!  Now?”  It was so bizarre, he laughed, trying to see the screen.

            “Something important.  It’s private,” Suho said, pushing Chunji’s face away.  Finished texting, he tossed the phone aside.  “After my members come back - - hold on, no, Xiumin hyung’s first, and then Lay.  There will be too many fights and problems if I skip anybody.  Chen’s fourth, so that’ll be…”  He picked up his phone again.

            “What are you doing?” he demanded, still laughing.

            “Checking Teen Top’s schedule.  Why are you going to Japan?” he demanded like it was some horrible injustice.

            “I don’t know, Japanese Angel likes it.”  He took the phone from Suho’s hands and leaned back, pulling Suho close again.  The way Suho immediately moved over him, quick and practiced, told him something about how much Suho wanted to be on top of him.  “Hyung.  You want to screw me, don’t you?”

            “I have to do other things first,” Suho said.  “But maybe when you get back from Japan, we can talk about it.”

            “How much talking do we have to do?” he asked, amused.  “Do you need me to explain how it works?”

            “I know how to do it!  Why do you take me so lightly?” Suho complained.  “First you want to call me a prude, then you want to explain obvious things.”

            “So whiny,” Chunji teased.  “Do you always fuss so much?  You’ve spent too much time with Sunggyu hyung.”

            Suho slapped his side.  “Don’t bring him up now!”

            Fascinated, Chunji fingered the waistband of Suho’s underwear.  “Why not?  Just hearing his name turns you on?  Sunggyu hyung,” he whispered, taunting.  “Sunggyu hyung.  Kim Sunggyu sunbaenim.”

            “Ah, ah, stop!” Suho insisted, bright red.  Chunji plucked at the neckline of his T-shirt to check; his blush ran the whole way down his chest.  “You joke too much.”

            “Do I have to be respectful in bed?”  Deliberately squirming, he crossed his wrists overhead, pouting, his lashes downcast.  “It’s okay, leader-nim, I’ll be good.”

            “You!”  Still blushing, Suho pulled Chunji’s arms back down.  “I don’t know what to do with you,” Suho said, making it sound way more like a turn-on than a burden, and kissed him.

            Mmm, yeah.  Suho could kiss Chunji as much as he wanted.

They rolled around the bed for ages, kissing, just making out, Suho’s hands rubbing and stroking.  Suho’s cock was rock-hard, and every time he writhed against it, Suho pushed him onto his back again, getting on top.  It was like some kind of subconscious thing, and whenever they were on their sides and he felt like being on his back again, he’d grind against Suho on purpose, and Suho would moan and roll on top of him again, like putting him in his place.  Suho wandered away from his mouth sometimes, nuzzling his cheeks and kissing his neck, but kept coming back for more, devouring him in long, generous kisses.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” Suho whispered, staring into his eyes.  Suho said it with so much heartfelt emotion, he could tell that it wasn’t just hormones talking, it was real, Suho meant it from somewhere inside.  He didn’t know what to say to that; he felt really touched and kind of bashful.  “I don’t know what to do, I want to do things to you, I want to blow you, but I don’t want to go anywhere.  I want to be like this, I want to be face-to-face.  Can you, would you do me, so I can watch you?”

He laughed, a nervous reflex, but he was moved by how sincere Suho seemed.  Touching Suho’s cheek, he said, “Yeah, okay.  Do you want to be on top, do you ride?”

Suho shook his head and shifted, rolling them over.  “No, just, like this, is it all right?”

It seemed kind of bizarre for someone as seriously handsome as Suho to be so interested in looking at him, but, okay.  “Sure, hyung.  This is good.”

They made out for a while, all over again.  This time, Suho kept him firmly on top, massaging his sides and squeezing his ass and moaning, “Chunji-ah, Chunji-ah,” like he was doing something great.  He finally got Suho’s clothes off, and, whoo, there were a lot of things to be happy about there.  Damn.

Suho found the lube for him, and things got really interesting, really fast.  He’d wondered what Ricky was doing to make Suho scream like that, but he barely had a finger in before Suho was whimpering like a sex fiend.  Testing, he tried a few tricks, checking out Suho’s responses, figuring out what worked.  Apparently, everything worked; Suho moaned like every single move felt amazing, undulating and fondling himself.  But when Chunji gave him the flicking rhythm that never failed to work on L.Joe, Suho shuddered all over and groaned, “Yes, yes, ahhh, Chunji-ah, oohhh.”

Chunji kept it going, stretching him slowly, lubing him up nice and slick.  To distract him so he wouldn’t want to rush things, Chunji kept kissing him, nuzzling him nose to nose, murmuring sexy, teasing things to make him blush.  He was tight and sensitive, and it took some patience to get him relaxed enough to try the moves that Niel liked.  But once Chunji had him stretched open and was caressing deep inside him, feeling his lubed muscles flutter and contract, he was writhing slowly all over the bed, cupping Chunji’s face and breathing against Chunji’s lips and moaning, “Ah, ah, Chunji, yes, Chunji, fuck me.”

Chunji already knew everyone Suho had sex with, and wasn’t worried about measuring up, either in technique or in actual size.  He slicked himself up and thrust in slowly, groaning as he sank the whole way into Suho’s hot, snug hold.  Feeling Suho’s body close around him, he stared down at Suho, smiling, savoring the sensation.  Pleasure pulsed through him, flickering and hot, and Suho tugged him down for a kiss, licking at his lips and moaning, “I trust you, Chunji-ah, if I can trust you with my members, I can trust you with myself.”

The words were a declaration, but he knew that there was a question behind them.  Suho didn’t want to stop, but now that things were really going, Suho wanted a sign from him, reassurance that this was okay, that there would be nothing to regret later.  He wasn’t going to lie and use a lot of pretty words just to get laid, but he understood that Suho needed to hear something.  So he gazed deeply into Suho’s eyes, and in a quiet, firm voice, he was honest.  “No games, hyung, I don’t have any strange intentions.  I just want to make you feel good,” he said, thrusting slowly.  “We’ll feel good together.  I don’t mind a little talking during sex,” he added with a hint of a grin, knowing that Suho had heard him talking dirty all over the dorm.  “So if you want me to do something or stop something, you can tell me all about it.”

“I want to be close to you,” Suho said, arching against him, thumb rubbing over his lips.  “I want to, to, to, ooohhh, be close.  If you keep f-f-f-fucking me like this, I think I’ll never be able to let you go.”

He smiled and pressed a kiss to Suho’s palm.  “I’ll just keep doing this, then, and maybe by the time it’s over, you’ll be in love with me.”

Suho was really, really easy to turn on and really, really enthusiastic about sex.  All of that demanding, joyful excitement was incredibly rewarding, and the more worked up he became, the more worked up Chunji was, too, until they were moaning and rocking together.  It was so hot, Suho masturbating and calling out his name, one hand pumping that hard, sexy cock, one hand feeling over his ass, fingers tucking into his cleft, that he only needed one tiny extra bit of intensity to get him to where he needed to be.  “Yeah, unh,” he panted, picking up the pace, hitting it good and deep.  “Yeah, hyung, take my cock, take-”

“No,” Suho said quickly, “don’t say things, not like that.”

“Don’t - - what?” he asked, not breaking his rhythm, still thrusting steadily.  “Don’t say things, why?”

“It’s too much, I can’t take things like that.”

“Why not?  What, I can’t tell you to-  Suho’s hand clapped over his mouth, cutting him off.  Shaking his head, he dislodged Suho’s hand, then pinned it to the mattress for good measure.  Suho blushed hotly, turning scarlet from chest to ears, and immediately pulled free.  “Great, what, I can’t say anything?”

“Not those things,” Suho panted, and kissed his neck.

Terrific.  “Well, if I can’t talk, it’s going to take me forever to get off.  So that’s up to you, if you won’t let me talk, I’m going to nail you all over this bed.”

Suho was smiling at him, making pleased sounds and kissing the other side of his neck.  “That doesn’t sound so bad.”

He laughed, giving in.

Since he couldn’t work himself up to orgasm the usual way, he relied on Suho to get him there, instead.  That worked out really well, since Suho was incredibly responsive and uninhibitedly in love with his cock, and his body, and his mouth, and everything he did.  He tried a few different positions, fucking Suho this way and that on the bed, nothing fancy, just a little variety, and Suho reacted enthusiastically to all of it, rocking against him and demanding more.  When he needed that little spark of intensity, that little kick, he got Suho to nibble on his neck, and the sting of teeth made him shiver, adding spice to his pleasure.

It was a long, fun screw, and he felt like they were accomplishing what Suho wanted, really getting to know each other, growing closer, getting more used to each other.  Suho came first, but he wasn’t quite there yet, his body not hitting that streak of fire that took him to the finish line.  And then Suho started talking to him, urging him on, looking right into his face like he was the sexiest thing ever and murmuring, “That’s it, come on, feels great, ah, I love it, Chunji-ah, I love your cock.”

Oooh, ohh-ohhh, keep going,” he moaned, liking this, already feeling his temperature go up.

“I came so hard,” Suho whispered, like it was a secret confession, like there wasn’t evidence of it all over both of them, and the pillow, and the sheets.  “You got me off so hard, Chunji-ah, I could come all night.  I want you to come, too, I want you to come inside me, I want to feel it.”

“Yeah, ooohhh, uunnh-ohh, wanna come.”  He bit his lip, feeling that chaotic internal pressure start to build.  This was working, this was totally doing it for him.

“Beautiful Chunji,” Suho whispered, brushing his bangs out of his eyes, fingertips trailing down his cheek.  Suho’s gaze was rapt, like there would never be enough time in the world to stare at him.  “Pretty, sexy angel.  When you lubed me up, I thought that I could come just from that, I wanted to get off just from your fingers, just from the way you touched me.  And then your sweet, hard cock fucked me so well, Chunji-ah, I couldn’t take it, you made me come like I’d been holding it in for years.  Now I want you to come, too, I want you to get off, I want you to come like you made me come.”

“Shit, shit, ahh, yes!”  Those erotic words in Suho’s smooth, private voice gave him that final spark that he needed, and ecstasy erupted, climax hitting him with all of its might.  Ooohhh, oouuh, uhh-hah-ooh!  Fuck, yes, that’s it, that’s it, oh!”  Tremors raced through him as he spurted, his jizz squirting deep inside Suho.  “Oh, shit, that’s good.”

Suho shivered against him, arms tightening around him.  He popped out, and they rolled over.  He meant to stop on his side, but Suho kept going, pushing him back, on top of him again.  He felt drunk and relaxed and totally happy, kind of giddy, and when Suho kissed him, he kissed back, running his fingers through Suho’s hair, over Suho’s nape, down Suho’s spine.  Mmm, hyung.”  Everything felt fantastic, and he couldn’t stop smiling.  It seemed like Suho felt the same way, and they grinned goofily at each other.  “Since when do you talk like that?”

“I don’t!” Suho said quickly.  When he laughed, Suho pinched him, then rubbed the sore spot, soothing him again.  “I don’t, really.  Don’t tell anyone that I said it.  It’s too embarrassing.”

“I won’t tell.”  He kissed Suho again, and Suho sighed blissfully and melted over him, licking into his mouth.

            Too much sex.  Too much erotic intensity, too many new experiences.  Too much of glancing at someone across a room or meeting someone’s eyes across a table and remembering everything.  Memories, desires, all of it cascading over him, through him, fantastic and scalding.  It was just like those first days when Suho had started having sex with his EXO members, those shocking, impossible, captivating nights when they’d come to him, one by one, and given him experiences that he’d never forget.

            Teen Top in his dorm, in his home, day after day, doing all of those things to each other, moaning, thrusting, flexing, coming, their naked bodies and skilled hands, their hungry mouths and enthusiastic cries.  Teen Top in his room, in his bed, not only his precious, sexy Changjo, but Ricky, too, and then Niel, and now Chunji.

            Chunji, last night, penetrating him, fucking him, on top of him, that hard, silky cock, those gorgeous, black lashes.  Chunji, this morning.  He’d been so turned on that he’d gone down on Chunji, barely awake and ravenously hungry, burying his face between Chunji’s thighs, sucking on that smooth, sexy cock.  It hadn’t been enough, and as he’d sucked, he’d wormed his fingers inside Chunji, probing, caressing.  He’d loved how it felt so much, he’d needed more, and he’d rolled Chunji over, abandoning Chunji’s cock and sucking on that tender little hole.  He’d licked Chunji open and gotten Chunji off in his hand, and Chunji’s delicate, pink hole had been so irresistible, he’d stayed there even after Chunji had come, lingering over it, stroking it with his tongue.

            He’d felt amped up ever since.  Happy and kind of excitable, horny, talking too loudly and laughing at everything and prancing around, wanting to climb on top of the nearest available dongsaeng and burrow under clothes and do things.  He couldn’t stay away from Chunji and he couldn’t keep his hands off of Changjo and he kept embarrassing himself, crawling all over Sehun and teasing Niel and ignoring his own lunch in favor of feeding Ricky by hand.  He tried to get a grip on himself, marching himself to the privacy of the bathroom to lecture himself and splash cold water on his face and calm down.  But then he’d go back to the dressing room and all of his fun, lively, good-looking dongsaengs would be there, and he’d remember the several dozen amazing, arousing, erotic things he’d seen at the dorm last night, and his blood would run blisteringly hot again.

            During the day, at least, he was out in public, in front of the usual array of management and staff and watchful fans, so he had to contain himself.  When Teen Top’s schedules ended and he was back at the dorm, though, there was nothing to stop him.  Nothing but his own sense of right and wrong, the lines he’d drawn for himself.  He was in the hallway, flirting with Ricky, teasing and laughing and rubbing Ricky’s ears and telling himself that he’d stop in a minute, just another minute, just as soon as Ricky stopped being so handsome and adorable and sexy, so sexy…

            …when Changjo said, “I need to see you for a minute, hyung,” and wrapped an arm around his waist, and dragged him into his bedroom.

            Indignant, he protested this casual treatment.  Changjo held him close and kissed his ear and asked, “You all right?”

            He could be honest with Changjo; he’d been direct and open with Changjo for a long time now.  “I think that I need to go to bed.  Early.”  Not just early.  “Now.”

            “Okay,” Changjo said, kissing his ear again and pushing the door shut.  Hoo, I’m really tired, hyung, let’s go to bed.”

            He started on Changjo’s fly, letting Changjo take care of details like shirts.  “When is it going to be C.A.P.’s turn?”

            “Never.”  Changjo sat on the bed, kissing Suho’s bare stomach.

            Pleasure radiated through him, and he ran his hands through Changjo’s thick hair, weaving slightly on his feet.  “Never?  Why?  I think it should be his turn next, things should be fair.”

            “Nope.”  Changjo wrapped both arms around Suho, lifting him off of his feet and swinging him around, dumping him onto the bed.  Landing on his back, he bounced as Changjo crawled over him.  “And it’s my turn tonight.”

            A lot of other things distracted Suho from conversation after that, like kissing, and Changjo’s body, and the way Changjo stroked him up, and the ecstasy lighting him up. 

            But after things were calmer, and the room was quiet, Suho brought up the subject again.  “You won’t let C.A.P. take a turn?  Is that up to you?”

            “Don’t you always protect me?” Changjo asked.  “Can’t I look out for you once in a while?”

            “It’s not the dongsaeng’s job to protect the hyung, it’s the hyung’s job to protect the dongsaeng,” he instructed, coiling a lock of Changjo’s hair around his finger.

            “I need a haircut,” Changjo muttered, brushing at his bangs.

            “No, I like it.  You don’t trust C.A.P.?”

            Changjo pressed his lips together.  Suho gave him a moment, and then he said, “I don’t know if he’ll take care of you.  I don’t think that he knows you well enough.”

            “How can he know me if you won’t let him near me?  We can get to know each other.  Maybe if we go slowly-”

            “You don’t go slowly,” Changjo said.

            “I do!” he objected.

            “You go at the pace everybody else sets,” Changjo said.  “You’re slower with D.O. hyung because he’s slower, and you don’t go as far with Niel hyung because he doesn’t want to go that far.  C.A.P. hyung only has one speed and only wants one thing.”

            Suho saw some truth in that.  “You think that he can’t be sensitive?  Maybe you don’t give your leader enough credit.”

            “Maybe you’re important to me,” Changjo said.  “Maybe I don’t want to take risks when it comes to you.”

            Aw.  “Maknae,” Suho said, hugging him.  He squeezed Suho tightly.  “I’ll talk to him, and-”

            “I’ll talk to him,” Changjo interrupted.

            Suho frowned at him.  “It’s not your place to hold that conversation for me.  I’ll talk to him, and we’ll work it out between us.”  The timing was off, though.  Now that Changjo’d had a turn, Ricky would be next, and then Niel, and it would be days before C.A.P.’s turn rolled around.  This scheduled turns thing was very convenient in some ways, but not ideal in every situation.  Still, Ricky tomorrow?  Suho was hardly going to complain about that!

            Things got busy as Teen Top wrapped up promotions and prepared to go to Japan.  Suho stuck with them, amazed by their energy, getting on the phone to straighten things out when the food truck they’d ordered for Angel was late to show up, finding quiet corners for them to steal naps in.  Chunji sprained his finger in practice, and Suho took him to the doctor, then fussed over him at the dorm, hovering and feeding him vitamins.

            When he heard the Teen Top members arguing over colors one night - - “I said blue!” “We’re not going to turn every room a different color!” “Can’t we have stripes or something?” “Why, because your master likes stripes?” “Shut up!” - - he intervened to quiet things down and find out what they were talking about.

            They were huddled around the kitchen counter, leaning over it, lazily snacking.  He pulled Chunji down from the counter and put an arm around Ricky.  C.A.P. said, “Ah, it’s nothing.  Angel was wondering why we’ve been staying over here so much, and if something’s wrong with our dorm.”

            “So we’re having it painted, so it seems like there’s a reason we have to stay here,” Niel added.

            “Makes more sense than having it fumigated,” L.Joe said, smacking the back of Niel’s head.

            Niel winced, rubbing his head.  “That’s a reason people leave their homes!”

            “It makes it seem like we’re crawling with bugs!” Ricky argued.  “I don’t want Angel to think that we’re dirty!”

            “Angel knows that you’re all filthy,” L.Joe said.

            “Okay, but they don’t have to think that we’re dirtier than we really are,” Chunji said, laughing.

            “So you’re really having it painted?” Suho asked.  That was clever.

            “But they’re doing everything in some boring plain white,” L.Joe complained.

            “Not fancy enough for you, bigshot?” Chunji asked.

            “You’re such a celebrity,” Niel said, curling his lip in disgust.

            “Some color would be nice,” Changjo said.

            “We could do some rooms blue, or green,” Ricky said.  “Yellow?”

            “Or lavender,” Chunji suggested.

            “I don’t want to live in a lavender dorm!” C.A.P. protested.  “Look, it’s already decided, they’re starting tomorrow.”

            “So let’s decide on colors and call them before they start,” L.Joe said.

            “We’re not getting stripes,” C.A.P. said.

            “Why, is it extra?” L.Joe asked.  “I’ll pay for it.”

            “I should pay for it,” Suho realized.  “You’re only doing it because of me.”

            C.A.P. rolled his eyes.  “Hyung.  We don’t need your money.”

            “But it’s my fault that you’re getting it done,” he insisted.

            “It’s L.Joe’s fault, for punching so many holes in the walls that we need to paint over the patches,” Chunji said.

            “Changjo did it, too!” L.Joe said.

            “That was an accident!” Changjo exclaimed, but his smile said otherwise.

            “I’ll pay for stripes,” Suho said.  “Why don’t you do white in the main rooms, and then decide on colors for the bedrooms?  What color would the two of you want in your room?” he asked Changjo and Ricky.

            “Black,” Changjo said.

            “I’m not living in a black room,” Ricky said.  “What is that, a grave?  A tomb?”

            “You only want black because of your creepy boyfriend,” L.Joe said.

            “L hyung isn’t creepy!”

            “He’s your hyung, too, be respectful,” Suho told L.Joe.  “Changjo-goon, black is too much for a bedroom.  What about something nicer?”

            “Blue?” Ricky asked.

            “Dark blue,” Changjo said.

            Suho let them work things out.  Ricky and Changjo compromised quickly.  C.A.P. and Niel argued over nonsensical colors just to joke and tease each other, but when they stopped playing around, they easily settled on gray.  L.Joe and Chunji disagreed so vehemently that Suho didn’t know what to do with them.  Finally, he suggested that they play rock, paper, scissors for it.

            “I’m not doing that!” Chunji exclaimed.  “What if he wins and I end up with black and white stripes all over the walls!  Like I’m living in some kind of jail!”

            “Stripes are better!  All one color is boring!” L.Joe argued.

            “You want stripes, you want lavender?” C.A.P. asked.  “Lavender stripes, done.”  He picked up his phone and dialed.

            L.Joe and Chunji stared at each other.  Looking horrified, they stammered out confused protests.

            C.A.P. was leaving a message for the painters.

            “It might look kind of interesting,” Chunji admitted.

            “It’ll look weird,” L.Joe said.

            “We can always get it painted over later.”

            L.Joe nodded, chewing on his lips, looking like he was absorbing the idea.

            “You can take selcas and show Angel, they might like it,” Chunji said.

            L.Joe brightened at that.  By the time C.A.P. was off of the phone, they were happy with their lavender stripes, and everyone was looking forward to the new and improved dorm.

            While L.Joe was out of Sehun’s room, Suho decided to take the opportunity to speak with him, pulling him aside.  They went into Suho’s room, and they sat facing each other on Baekhyun’s bed.  “What, am I in trouble?” L.Joe asked, mostly joking, a hint of a frown drawing his eyebrows together.

            “No, it’s nothing like that.  I just want to make sure that you’re all right.  That everything’s okay, and that Sehun is…”  Suho didn’t know how to phrase it.  “Treating you well.  I don’t want to intrude on what’s private,” he added quickly, as L.Joe slowly recoiled.  “But it’s my responsibility to make sure that everyone’s safe and healthy.  Usually I see enough of what goes on around here, whether I want to or not, that I can keep an eye on things.  But since what happens between you and Sehun is only between the two of you, I need you to be able to tell me if there’s a concern.  Are you happy, are you safe?  Is he being careful?  Maybe there’s been too much, and you should take a break tonight.”

            “No!  No,” L.Joe said insistently.

            “I know that he means a lot to you.”  Suho didn’t want to alarm him.  “And you want to make the most of this special time together.  But I don’t want things to go too far or get overwhelming.  You’ve had a lot of private time lately, a lot more than usual, all at once.  Maybe you should pace yourselves, and take a break.”

            “No!  It’s fine, everything’s fine.  He’s careful with me, he takes good care of me.”  L.Joe blushed at his own words, biting his lip.

            Suho didn’t know how to judge L.Joe’s mental state.  “Are you hurt anywhere?”  He genuinely had no idea how rough Sehun was.  “Are there marks on you, is anything sore?”

            “I.”  L.Joe nibbled on his lower lip, eyeing Suho worriedly.  “Do I have to show you?”

            It was private.  But L.Joe’s well-being was his responsibility.  “Yes.  Either me or C.A.P., I want someone to see it.”

            “I, it, it’s nothing.”  He looked so worried and defiant and ashamed, Suho wanted to comfort him.  “It’s nothing, there’s barely anything.”

            Suho used his quiet, firm leader voice.  “Someone should see it.  It’s all right if you want to keep things private, but when it comes to your health, C.A.P. and I have to look after you.  We won’t embarrass you, but if you’re going to spend so much time with Sehun like this, we have to check up on it.”  He didn’t know if he was being ridiculous, and there was nothing on L.Joe’s body that he wouldn’t also find on anyone else’s, or if he was being smart, and there were bruises and sores under L.Joe’s clothes.  The more time L.Joe spent with Sehun, the less the rest of them saw, and Suho hadn’t seen L.Joe shirtless in days.  Had C.A.P.?

            “There’s nothing,” he muttered, looking embarrassed and petulant, dropping his gaze.  He squirmed, obviously uncomfortable, and then he mumbled, shyly, without looking up, “Can I talk to that hoobae first?”

            Immediately, Suho was suspicious.  What did they need to talk about?  Was it to get their stories straight?  “Yes, but come right back in here, or go to C.A.P.”

            L.Joe nodded and got up quickly, hurrying away from him.

            Not sure about this, not liking having to breach L.Joe’s privacy, less worried about breaching Sehun’s, he went to the doorway.  “C.A.P.!”

            “Hyung, Suho hyung wants you,” Chunji called.

            “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.”  It was an agreeable grumble, and soon C.A.P. appeared, hitching his pants up.  “What’s up?”

            Suho pulled him into the room.  “I just talked to L.Joe.  He and Sehun have never spent this much time together, before, and since we don’t know what they’re doing in there, I want to make sure that he’s all right.  It would be a shame if they’re going too far, right under our noses, and we don’t do anything about it.  Have you seen him lately, in the shower, or changing clothes?”

            “What, like…  No, not for a few days.”  Slowly, suspicion settled over C.A.P.’s expression.

            “I don’t know if he’s hiding something bad,” Suho said.  “But I think that someone should check.  I asked him to show me, or you, whoever he’s more comfortable with.”

            C.A.P. nodded.

            “What are you okay with?  What’s too much?”  Suho didn’t want to be too strict; he wanted for L.Joe’s hyungs to be on the same page when it came to this.

            C.A.P. rubbed the back of his neck, looking uneasy.  “I don’t want to get him upset.  Chunji’s already done some pretty nasty shit to him before, but if Sehun’s supposed to be his regular dom, I don’t want them getting ideas about how far it’s okay to go.”

            Suho nodded.  “I don’t know how far they go, usually, but that’s only a few hours here and there.  They’ve been together so much lately, I don’t know if that’s too much.  I don’t want to separate them if we don’t have to, but it’s something to think about.”

            Sehun walked in, looking stubborn.  “Is this where we’re doing our personal inspections?”

            “Sehun-ah,” Suho sighed.

            “If you’re doing physical exams, shouldn’t you examine me, too?”  Sehun’s gaze swung from Suho to C.A.P. and back again.

            The maknae was spoiling for a fight, and Suho wasn’t going to give it to him.  “You don’t have to do this, but if you want to, fine.”

            Sehun started to undress, right there.  Behind, in the doorway, L.Joe turned his face away, not watching.  Naked, Sehun held his arms out and turned in a circle, showing off every line of his long body and toned physique.  “Okay?  Satisfied?”

            There were scratch marks on his waist, but they were hardly serious.  It was the kind of thing that a stylist might see and then guess that he’d been having sex, but it wasn’t damning.  “Yes, it’s fine.  Put your clothes on.”

            “Or leave them off, I don’t mind,” C.A.P. said.

            Sehun glared at them and snatched his clothes up.  “I’ll go, so sunbae can have some privacy.”  Still naked, he stalked out of the room.

            C.A.P. raised his eyebrows at Suho; Suho shook his head.  “I’m sorry he’s so spoiled.”

            “Eh, he’s no worse than Changjo.  L.Joe, what, are you going to hide in the doorway all night?  Come in here so we can get this over with.  You want to take your own clothes off, or do you want me to do it?”

            “Ugh, come on,” L.Joe muttered, complaining.  He closed the door before moving farther into the room.  With a bashful glance at Suho and an annoyed look at C.A.P., he undressed.  Then he stood there, scratching the back of his head and watching the floor, tense as a cornered animal.

            Suho bit his tongue.  L.Joe’s skinny, naked body was mostly unmarked.  But there were faint scratches here and there.  There were claw marks all around his nipples.  And there were bruises on his hips, clear and vivid, where Sehun must have grabbed him.  Suho had seen bruises on the other Teen Top members, but lighter, milder, from ordinary roughhousing.  These bruises were much darker and more obvious, and Suho didn’t know how to react.  Was it okay to let the maknae treat someone like this?  Was it okay if L.Joe wanted it?  What did it mean, for L.Joe to want this?

            “Turn around,” C.A.P. said.

            L.Joe shivered.  Hugging himself, tense and awkward, he shuffled his feet, turning his back to them.

            Suho swallowed down worried words.  There were marks on his back, nasty scrapes, almost like a bad rash.  Unhappy, Suho exchanged a look with C.A.P.

            “Rug burn,” C.A.P. said.

            Abruptly, L.Joe turned around.  “That can happen to anybody!  And it’s not - - it’s not all - - you can’t blame him for everything.  Some of it I did to myself.”  With those words, one hand rose to his chest, then dropped self-consciously, and Suho could imagine that he’d messed with his own nipples, treating himself roughly in his sexual excitement.

            “We’re not blaming anybody for anything,” C.A.P. said.  “Quit it with the rug burn, though, tell him to put something soft down first.  Now let me see your asshole.”

            “I’m not showing you that!”

            “How many times have you begged me to pay it more attention, and now you’re shy?  Bend over.”

            So far, Suho was actually relieved.  The rug burn wasn’t ideal, but L.Joe was right, it could happen to anyone.  The bruises were worrisome, but they were in a fairly normal place.  And if L.Joe was being too rough with his own body, well, “Maybe we should cut your nails,” Suho decided.

            “Do you both have to be here?” L.Joe asked.

            “I’ll go,” Suho said.

            “I’ll go,” C.A.P. said.  “If he needs that ointment crap put on him, you can do it.”  Squeezing the side of L.Joe’s neck, he looked firmly into L.Joe’s eyes.  “Don’t be weird about hiding things from us.  I don’t care how kinky shit gets between the two of you, I don’t care if you get into the most bizarre crap you can think of.  All I care about is that you’re happy and you’re safe and he’s not taking advantage.  I don’t want you hiding shit from me.  If you have bruises, I want to see them, and if you have problems, I want to hear about them.  If you’re happy, I want to know that, too.  I don’t want to know everything so I can cause problems and start fights and get your dom upset, I want to know because you’re my job.  This is my life.  I literally get paid to look out for you and make decisions about you, so if everything’s great or everything’s bad or some things are great and some things are bad, I want to know about it.  Are you happy?”
            “Yes,” L.Joe said.

            “Worried about anything?”

            L.Joe licked his lips, shot a worried glance at the door, then confessed, “I don’t want to leave.  I know we have to go soon, and I want to go to Japan, but I want to stay here, too.  He, he, my.”  L.Joe shook his head, ruffling his own hair.  Noticing that his cock was aroused, Suho quickly looked away.  “He’s so, um, I, I like it here.”  That seemed like a painful understatement.  “Can I come over more often, can I stay here sometimes, when we get back?”

            “I don’t know,” C.A.P. said.  “Suho hyung and I will talk about it.  Maybe we can work something out once in a while.”  He gave L.Joe’s cock a brief, careless tug, and then he left, closing the door again.

            Aish.”  L.Joe messed with his hair, his gaze skittering around Suho.  “Everything’s fine, there’s nothing to see.”

            “I won’t look any longer than I have to,” Suho promised.  He told himself to be clinical about this.  “I just want to make sure that you’re being careful.”  He pushed aside a pile of clothes and unearthed his first aid kit.  He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but considering those bruises, he was going to guess that things had gotten rough.

            “We’re careful,” L.Joe said.  “He’s, we’re always, Oh Sehun…”  His voice trailed off.  He didn’t seem to know how to talk about their relationship.  He probably didn’t do it often, and never with Suho.

            “It’s good that you’re so happy with him,” Suho said.  “I’m glad that you have each other.  If you’re a little sore, I won’t make terrible assumptions about you.  Baekhyun’s sore, and I have to put ointment on him sometimes.  It just means that you need to remember to pace yourself, and maybe go a little slower sometimes.”

            Aish.”  Mumbling to himself, L.Joe turned around.  He leaned over, bracing a hand on Suho’s bed.

            Remaining very calm and unemotional, Suho squatted down.  Gently, he held L.Joe open for a good look.  He bit his lip, but things weren’t bad.  L.Joe’s puckered hole was red and tender, but nothing worse than he’d seen with Baekhyun.  “I’m going to put something on it.  And I want you to wait until tomorrow night to do anything with it.  Understand?  Play other games tonight.”  As he uncapped the salve, he wondered, “Should I talk to Sehun?”

            “No!  No, he’ll feel bad, he’ll think that it’s his fault.”

            “Isn’t it his fault?”  Suho used a delicate touch as he caressed L.Joe’s sensitive little asshole.  “It seems like he’s being too rough and not using enough lube.”

            “I’ll talk to him,” L.Joe said hurriedly.  “I’ll, oh, oh, ummmmm.”  His voice trailed off into a breathy moan, and he squirmed.

            Suho didn’t know what to do about that.  He was turned on and embarrassed that L.Joe was responding like this, but he didn’t want to draw more attention to it by telling L.Joe to stop it, and he didn’t want to stop before he’d finished.  So he just kept on, his cheeks burning as he tried to ignore the way L.Joe’s hips shifted with every touch.  The muscles of L.Joe’s asshole sucked at his fingertip, trying to draw him in, and for half of a second he was tempted to probe deeper, to ease in there and feel L.Joe’s hungry hole close around him.  He wanted to lick that tender, reddened hole and know how hot it would feel against his tongue.  Arousal was burning him up, but he was ashamed of himself for it, upset with himself for responding sexually.  This wasn’t about sex or about his pleasure, it was about taking care of a dongsaeng, about being a responsible hyung.  He finished quickly and stood up, backing away.  L.Joe shuddered, sinking down into a crouch, and Suho wanted to curl around him and hold him and finish what they’d started.  “I’ll go and tell C.A.P. that everything’s okay.  Remember to take the night off,” he added, and he left the room.

            Sehun was lurking inches from his door, and as soon as he walked out, Sehun went in and closed the door.

            He washed his hands, and talked to C.A.P., and stayed away from his room for a while.  He’d talk to Sehun about lube and pacing later.

            It wasn’t Changjo’s night, so he wasn’t going to stay in Suho’s bed to sleep, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t loll around in Suho’s room before bedtime, anyway.  He stretched out all over Suho’s bed, and let Suho pet him, and showed Suho the selcas that L had texted that day.  Then Suho said, “Maknae.”  He liked it when Suho called him that.  “You know that sometimes, when Baekhyun isn’t careful, or when your hyungs have gotten too excited with Ricky.”  Suho stopped talking for a second, then asked, “You know that I’ve helped them when they’re sore.”

            “Sure.”  He flopped onto his back, and Suho scratched his stomach.  Gazing into Suho’s handsome face, he smiled, and when he tickled under Suho’s chin, Suho batted his hand away like he was a pesky toddler.

            “It should be clinical.  It’s not a sexual thing.”

            “It’s not?”  That was news to him.  “They’re alone, in your room, with their pants around their ankles, and you’re bending them over and fingering them.”

            Ya!  Don’t make it sound weird.”  Suho was disgruntled.  Such a cute pout!  “I can’t help if it’s in a sensitive spot.  And of course they’re in my room, medical things should be private.  Should I do it in the kitchen instead?”

            “Yes,” he said immediately.  “Yes.  Take me into the kitchen and bend me over and finger me.  For my health.”

            “Maknae!”  Blushing, Suho smacked his chest and sat up.  “Don’t say ridiculous things!”

            When someone knocked at the door, Changjo tried to convince Suho to ignore it.  Chunji came in and kicked him out, gloating the whole time.  He would’ve been really fed up with how annoying Chunji was, if he hadn’t been so turned on by the idea of Chunji and Suho screwing each other.

            He went into the other room, where Niel and Ricky were flopped across each other, asleep, on one bed, and C.A.P. was getting into the other bed.  He draped himself across C.A.P., taking up as much space as possible.  C.A.P. said, “Ugh, get off, you’re too heavy,” but didn’t push him hard enough to dislodge him, so he stayed.

            Suho had told him not to interfere, but he hadn’t promised, or anything.  “Hyung.  You like Suho hyung, right?”

            “What do you want?”

            “Nothing.”  He stacked his hands on C.A.P.’s chest and rested his chin on top, then blinked, staring into C.A.P.’s eyes.

            Grimacing, C.A.P. covered his face with one hand, pushing it away.

            He went right back to staring.  “Hyung.”

            C.A.P. sighed, tucking one hand behind his head.

            Changjo toyed with C.A.P.’s underarm hair until C.A.P. slapped his hand away.  “Suho hyung cares about his reputation and his privacy.  He’s a lot more relaxed than he used to be, but he still gets embarrassed.  It upsets him when he thinks that someone takes him lightly.”

            “I don’t like people taking me lightly, either, but that never stops you assholes.”

            That accusation came out of nowhere.  “When did we ever take you lightly?”

            “Does this look like our dorm?”

            Oh.  They were here because of what Chunji had said about C.A.P.  And it hadn’t only been Chunji.  He rubbed his nose, thinking about that.  “Okay, but can we talk about Suho hyung?”

            C.A.P. sighed.  “What about him?”

            “When you, if you, you know.  If he says that it’s your turn tomorrow night.  I think that you should be careful.”

            “You want me to have relationship sex with your boyfriend.”

            “He’s not my boyfriend!  And if you’d had more relationship sex with my boyfriend, maybe he’d be your boyfriend and not mine.”

            C.A.P. quirked his eyebrows, acknowledging that.

            “You don’t have to have sex with Suho hyung,” Changjo pointed out.  “You could just make out, or something.  Who says you have to jump right into anal right away?”

            “You do.”

            “Then set a good example for me and take it slowly with Suho hyung.”

            C.A.P. nodded, then shoved him off of the bed.  He landed hard, too surprised to control the fall.  “Sleep somewhere else.”

            What, was C.A.P. pissed off at him?  “You could be more careful.  When your main dancer gets hurt, who’s going to pick up the slack?  You?”

            “Get the fuck out.”

            Stung, Changjo bounded to his feet and left, slamming the door when he went.  He stalked into Chunji’s room, threw Chunji’s clothes off of the bed onto the floor, and threw himself down.  All he was doing was looking out for a nice hyung!  Since when was that such a bad thing?  What had he said that was so bad?  What was wrong with asking C.A.P. to be a little considerate?

            It became very obvious, very early the next day, that something was wrong.  C.A.P. was in a bad mood.  The members were quiet, keeping their heads down.  Whenever he growled out an order, they jumped to obey.  They were hard on Changjo, and Changjo was in a mulish, tense mood, so Suho had to guess that Changjo was the one who’d committed the crime of pissing off the leader.

            Suho tried to talk to Changjo about it, but there was only so much territory that he could cover in semi-public, and Changjo gave him as little information as possible.  Then he tried talking to C.A.P.

            To his complete astonishment, it worked.

            They were alone in the private bathroom off of the dressing room.  C.A.P. leaned against the sink and sighed.  “Just a little tired of no one having a good word to say about me.”

            “That’s not true.”

            C.A.P.’s gaze flickered towards the door.  “What do those brats have to say?  I’m lazy, I don’t do anything for them, they’d be better off without me.”

            “They don’t say anything like that!  And if they have, they didn’t mean it.  They were only joking, or they were upset.  When our members are overworked and stressed out, they say things that they don’t mean.  You should hear the things that my members say.”

            “To you?” C.A.P. asked, raising his eyebrows in a challenge.

            “Sometimes,” he said uneasily.  “More often to each other,” he admitted.  “They don’t say a lot of things like that to me, they know that I won’t allow it.”

            C.A.P. crossed his arms over his chest.  “So you’re saying that I’ve been too easy on them.”

            “Not saying that!”  Shit, no.  “Your members love you, and they do respect you.  They’re just a little rowdy sometimes, and they go too far.  It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you.”

            “I can’t lead a team where no one respects or trusts me.”

            “They do trust you.  You can’t listen to their nonsense, they say things they don’t mean just to get a reaction.  They’ve been following your lead for years.  Who do you think they’d rather have as their leader?  L.Joe?”

            C.A.P. snorted at that.

            Chunji doesn’t want to lead.  Niel doesn’t need any more pressure or responsibility.  Your members need you.”

            “Do you trust me?” C.A.P. asked.

            C.A.P.’s gaze was probing, discerning.  Suho didn’t understand the sudden intensity.  “Yes, of course I do.”

            “But it’s never my turn?  Seems like you only trust me so far.”

            No, that was completely backward.  “I trust you.  I don’t trust myself.  If it were only about trusting you, it would’ve been your turn months ago.”

            C.A.P. studied him for a moment, then nodded.  Then smiled at him, a genuine smile.  “Don’t worry about it.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, whatever.”

            “I don’t want to leave someone out.”

            C.A.P. chuckled.  “I know that we’re kind of a set, but you don’t have to collect all six.  Besides, we’re co-parents, right?  Who wants that going on between their parents?”

            Suho pretended to be dismayed.  “We don’t have a good marriage?”

            “How could we, we don’t even live together.”

            “But we have lately!  Darling,” Suho said, hugging him.

            Laughing, he patted Suho’s back.  “Why would I marry someone so embarrassing?”

            “Maybe I’m embarrassing.”  He smiled at C.A.P.  “But you’d never marry anyone better-looking, right?”

            C.A.P. grinned, squeezing his hip.  “Yeah, I lucked out in that department.”


            “Hmm?”  Lounging on his bed, Chunji glanced up from his phone to see Suho in the doorway.

            “I think that we should talk.”

            “About what?”  Ah, shit.  Suho had distracted him from his game, and now his avatar’s health was plummeting.

            “I - - are you listening?” Suho asked, sitting on the side of his bed.

            “Yeah, hyung, one second,” he said, fighting desperately to save his ass.

            “Is this so important that you can’t listen?” Suho asked, and took the phone from his hands.

            Stunned, he gaped at Suho, his hands empty.  “You want me to die?”

            Setting the phone aside, Suho pulled on his arm, dragging him upward.  “Sit up.  We need to talk about this.”

            “About your stealing my phone?” he demanded, sitting up.

            “About your attitude.  Do you think that you’ve been respectful lately?”

            “You weren’t worried about how respectful I was last night.”  He knew, as soon as the words left his mouth, that he’d gone too far.  Suho stared at him with strange, burning, moral intensity, gaze fierce, mouth tight.  Trying not to boil alive in his own guilt, he kept his own mouth shut.  He wasn’t going to apologize just because Suho was oversensitive.  It wasn’t like he’d said it in a roomful of people!  He and Suho were the only ones there to hear it, and Suho knew exactly how things had been last night.

            Quietly, firmly, Suho said, “You need to watch your mouth, Lee Chanhee.”

            Oh, were they using real names now?  “Okay, Kim Joonmyun.”

            Suho looked as disappointed in him as if he’d just mentioned that he routinely kicked puppies for fun.  “I haven’t seen you tolerate a lot of attitude from your dongsaengs.  Why do you think that your hyungs should tolerate it in you?”

            “So don’t tolerate it,” he said, shrugging.

            “Why do you tolerate it?” Suho asked.  “In yourself?  Why do you want to be someone who speaks to his hyungs so rudely?  Do you like being someone who’s thoughtless and disrespectful?  Do you like hurting the people who look after you?”

            Why did Suho have to overreact to everything?  “Who’s hurt?  Are you bleeding anywhere?”

            “How do you think that C.A.P. felt alone at the dorm all of that time?  How do you think he feels when you call him a worthless leader?”

            “He’s fine.”  Chunji snorted.  “You think C.A.P. hyung can’t take that?”

            Solemnly, Suho said, “I think that he shouldn’t have to.”

            Okay.  That was fair, but, “Aren’t you taking this too seriously?”

            “What’s more serious to you than Teen Top?” Suho asked.  “What else do you put so much time and effort and energy and heart into?  What’s been a bigger part of your life?  Do you think that C.A.P. takes Teen Top too seriously?  Teen Top is his life.  Being your leader is more important to him than anything else.  And you take that lightly.”

            Oh, hell.  “You’re here to destroy me with guilt until I feel horrible and agree to whatever you want,” Chunji realized.  “Can we skip to the end where I agree to reflect on my behavior?”

            “No.”  Suho pinned him with a damning stare.  “Why don’t you tell me which behavior you think that you need to reflect on?”

            No one was having any sex.

            The whole dorm was quiet.  Even the TV’s volume was low.  The only real noise came from Suho’s room, where Suho and C.A.P. were sprawled over Baekhyun’s bed, talking and laughing like best friends.

            “Uh, hyung?” Sehun asked, walking in.

            “Yes?” Suho asked, still smiling.

            “Is everything okay?”

            “Sure.  If you’re hungry, there’s more ramen, just heat it up first.”

            “Um.  I think Niel’s crying.”

            “Is he?” Suho asked, like that wasn’t any kind of surprise at all.

            Seriously, what was going on?  “Did something happen?”

            “No, nothing.”  Suho seemed to remember something.  “While you’re walking around, tell L.Joe that I want to talk to him.”

            Sehun knew not to question that tone.  “Yes, hyung.”

            Changjo squeezed Suho so hard, Suho grunted.  Grinning, he let go.  “Don’t miss us too much.”

            “It’ll be too quiet without you,” Suho said.  Some peace and quiet was nice now and then, but a calm dorm was a lonely dorm.

            “Thanks for letting us stay while we were getting the dorm painted,” Niel said, and winked broadly.

            “Send photos of the new paint,” Suho said.

            “Yeah, I want to see the lavender stripes,” Sehun said.

            “We should’ve had them do designs on the walls,” Changjo said.

            “Yeah, like a big crown,” Ricky said.

            “Or just a big painting of me,” Changjo said.  “On every wall, so you’re all surrounded by me.”

            “Nightmares,” Niel said, eyes widening.

            “Would you be naked?” Ricky asked.

            “Of course,” Changjo said, grinning.

            Ricky nodded.  “Nightmares.”

            Laughing, Changjo mock-punched him.  He ignored it, and C.A.P. seized Changjo by the back of the neck until he submitted.

            Suho smiled.  He was going to miss them.  “Thank you for visiting.  It was nice to have dongsaengs around, while the EXO members were gone.”

            “Do well in Japan,” Sehun said.  “Teen Top fighting!”

            Chunji smiled at Suho.  “When we get back to Seoul, I’ll call you.”

            Oh, god.  Blushing, Suho opened the front door.  He couldn’t believe that he’d been so hasty!  It wasn’t too late to back out, was it?  Chunji would understand!  Chen would - - no, Chen would kill him.  But Chen hadn’t replied to his text at all, so maybe Chen hadn’t received it, so maybe he hadn’t committed himself.  Maybe he could wriggle out of it.  “We’ll talk about that later.”

            “Talk about what?” Changjo asked.

            “Nothing,” Chunji said, laughing.  “Stop being nosy.”

            “Work hard,” Suho said as they straggled out of the dorm.  “Do your best.”

            “Yes, Dad,” Ricky said, bowing.

            C.A.P. shooed the kids down the hallway, then smiled at Suho.  “Thanks.”

            Impulsively, Suho hugged him.  “Take care of our kids.”

            “Go see Sunggyu hyung,” C.A.P. whispered, hugging him back.  “Someone should take care of you for once.”

            Suho gazed innocently into his eyes.  “It doesn’t bother you?  If I see someone else?  Maybe we should try to make this work, for the kids’ sake.”

            Laughing, C.A.P. pushed him away.  “Call me if you need any of these rooms painted.  I’ll take a couple of your members off of your hands.”

            “Do you mean that?” Suho asked, immediately interested.  “When are you coming back?  I’ll be sick of Baekhyun by then.”

            “I’m sick of a few of them right now,” Sehun said.  “How many do you have room for?  Most of them are pretty small.”

            When they got to Japan, C.A.P. gave everyone time to get settled into the hotel rooms, then texted his members, calling a team meeting.  To his surprise, by the time he got out of the bathroom, everyone was already there.  They settled obediently onto the beds, and they actually paid attention while he went over their schedule.  When he told them what time they’d have to start off in the morning, they winced and mumbled a few things, but no one complained noisily or argued.

            Wow.  Well-behaved, respectful, professional?  He liked it.  He dismissed them, but instead of splitting, they all stayed.  Changjo and Niel called room service, and paused to ask him if he wanted anything.  Ricky turned on the TV and curled up on Niel’s bed.

            C.A.P. wanted to get on his bed, but Chunji and L.Joe were on it, Chunji sprawled prettily all over his pillows, L.Joe watching him with an anxious, hungry look.  “You don’t have your own beds?”

            “No, this one’s nice,” Chunji said, not budging.

            L.Joe rubbed his hands over his own thighs and eyed C.A.P.’s crotch, licking his lips.

            He’d planned a quiet night of doing not shit, to rest up before their busy week ahead.  But it looked like he had some business to handle first.  “Who’s first, or do you want it together?”

            Chunji slid his feet out of the way.  “He can go first.  I’ll wait.”

            Blushing, L.Joe scooted back on the bed, peeling off his shirt.

            Oooh.  You want help?” Changjo asked.

            “He doesn’t need help,” L.Joe said.  Putting a knee on the bed, C.A.P. brushed L.Joe’s bangs out of his eyes, and he pulled C.A.P. closer, his eyes wide and hopeful.

            It did things to C.A.P. when L.Joe looked at him like that, and he kissed L.Joe, slicking his tongue into L.Joe’s mouth.  Groaning, L.Joe gripped his hips, one leg coiling around him.

            He gave it to L.Joe for a long time, for as long as L.Joe needed it.  Then he gave it to Chunji.  When he was finished, Chunji was heavy-lidded and sated, L.Joe was asleep, Niel and Ricky were curled up asleep on the other bed, and Changjo was wandering around.  He brushed his teeth and rinsed off, and he was still by the bathroom sink when Changjo knelt down and blew him.  He hadn’t really needed to get off again, but what was he going to do, turn down a blowjob?

            When he got back to his bed, Chunji was yawning and L.Joe was still asleep.  Shooing Chunji over toward L.Joe, he crawled in.  His head was barely on the pillow when Chunji started shifting and squirming, trying to get comfortable.  He didn’t need Chunji flopping around all night, elbowing him, so he flung an arm out and hauled Chunji in, against his chest.

            Instead of pointedly twisting around some more, to prove some kind of point, like normal, Chunji just snuggled up to him.  He had no idea how long this obedient phase was going to last, but it made his life a hell of a lot easier.  He kissed Chunji’s forehead and told Changjo to turn the lights off.

            In the darkness, there was some whispering from Niel and some laughing from Changjo, and then silence.  Then L.Joe rolled over, spooning up behind Chunji, moaning happily and going back to sleep.

            Chunji tapped his fingers against C.A.P.’s side.  “I’m sorry about what I said.  I was kind of an asshole.”

            “You were kind of an asshole,” he agreed.

            “Suho hyung thinks that I should set a better example for the kids.”

            “Did he make you cry?”

            “What?  No!”

            “Sehun said that Niel cried.”

            “Oh Sehun,” L.Joe murmured.

            “Shut up and go to sleep,” Chunji said.  “No, I didn’t cry.  But he said that since I’m second hyung, I should be more responsible.  I think I’m already pretty responsible.”  He tapped his fingers against C.A.P.’s side again.  “Is there stuff that I should do?  Stuff you want me to do?”

            “Just do what I say and be on time for shit.  Be good to the fans.”

            “I’m always good to the fans.”

            “You could make out with L.Joe more.  I love watching you fuck him.”

            “We’re your members, not your personal kink.”

            He grinned.  “I think you could be both.”

            Chunji made his “I totally agree but I’m pretending to be reluctant” noise.  “We’ll be pretty busy this week, and we might be too tired, but you can come over to our room sometime.  I’ll put it in him for you, if he’s not being too annoying.  Ow!  Ouch!  Shit!”  Squirming, Chunji laughed.  “I thought you were asleep!”

            There was snickering from the other bed.  “Everybody go to sleep,” C.A.P. said.  “I don’t want to hear another sound from anybody.”  He dumped Chunji on his other side, separating the ’93 line and moving in between them.  “Anyone who wakes me up early is dead.”  L.Joe rolled close against him, so he draped an arm around L.Joe to have somewhere to put his hand.  Apparently taking that as an invitation, L.Joe snuggled up to his chest, pushing at his shoulder and pulling on his hip, positioning him like he was a personal body pillow.  Chunji spooned against his back, arms around him.

            L.Joe pushed Chunji’s hand away.  Chunji slapped L.Joe’s arm.  L.Joe hit back.  C.A.P. grunted and smacked them both.

            They settled in obediently.

            The room was quiet.  Ricky hummed contentedly, rolling over.  Niel coughed.  Changjo kicked off the sheets and burrowed in against Ricky.  Chunji’s breath was soft against the back of C.A.P.’s neck.

            “Love you,” L.Joe mumbled sleepily, yawning.

            C.A.P. sighed.  “Oh Sehun’s not here.”

            L.Joe laughed and shifted against him.  “I’m talking to you.”

            Oh.  Hunh.  Okay.  “Love you, too,” C.A.P. said, tucking L.Joe under his chin.  “Go the fuck to sleep.”

            When Suho checked his texts, he found bright, crooked photos of Niel and Changjo posing in Chunji and L.Joe’s bedroom.  Behind them were white and lavender stripes.  It was actually a more mature, tasteful look than he’d expected, and the more he studied the photos, the more he had to consider having EXO’s dorm repainted.  Also, considering how much L.Joe complained, he would’ve expected Chunji’s side of the room to be a lot messier.  Then again, maybe his own standards of messiness were a little, ah…  Well, whatever, he was an idol, not a housekeeper.

            If he had EXO’s dorm repainted, he could ship his members off to Teen Top’s dorm.  It would be way too busy and crowded, though.  He’d let C.A.P. handle it while he got a hotel room.  But then he’d feel too lonely and miss everyone.  Hmm, maybe he could solve that by staying in someone else’s dorm.  Like maybe Infinite’s.

            As soon as that thought struck, he jumped up, clearing his throat and going to find something to do.  When his phone rang, he leaped, guilt-stricken, but it was just Chen.  “Ah, Chen-ah.  You haven’t called in so long-”

            “I lost my phone it was in Xiumin hyung’s bag did you text me?” Chen demanded.  “You texted me.  Hyung, what did you text?”

            “Ah.”  His face felt hot.  “Chen-ah.  I can explain.”

            “I’m changing my ticket.  I’m going to change it now and fly back today.  I’ll be there tonight.”

            “No!  No, don’t be so hasty.  I don’t know, um.  Chen-ah,” he said, bracing himself, knowing that this wouldn’t go over well.  “Maybe a big change like this-”

            “No, no, no,” Chen said.

            “-it’s a lot to ask, and-”

            “No, no, no.”

            “-we shouldn’t rush-”

            “Are you taking it back?!” Chen demanded.  “Are you seriously taking this back right now?”

He winced.  “I just, I think-”

Chen screamed in his ear and hung up.

Biting his lip, he put his phone in his pocket.  He shouldn’t feel too guilty.  He was doing the right thing.  Chen would understand.  Chen would forgive him.  Chen would get over it.

Maybe he shouldn’t be at the dorm when Chen came home.

Maybe he should sleep with one eye open for a while.

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