Infinite’s Pride

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            “Ahh, yeah.”  On his back under Sungyeol, L bit his lip.  His face was flushed and his hands were on Sungyeol’s sides, pulling, urging Sungyeol closer.

            Rocking in again, Sungyeol groaned.  This was so great, “Unnh,” this - - shit.  Missing his stroke, he slipped out.  Cursing, he reached down, fumbling with his cock, going back in.  Embarrassed, he fucked harder, trying to make up for it.  He knew that it happened to guys all of the time, it was a completely ordinary part of sex, but somehow no matter how often the members said that to him, it never happened to them.

            “Hyung.”  L’s voice was breathless when he laughed.  “Slow down.”

            Avoiding L’s eyes, self-conscious, he tried to adjust the tempo.  How much slower should he go?  How slow was too slow?  He couldn’t find a rhythm anymore.  Feeling awkward, feeling stupid, he kept going, second-guessing every thrust.  He was too embarrassed to look at L; he was sure that L was bored, gazing dully into space, waiting for it to be over.  Desperate to make it good, he started jacking L’s cock, but it was hard to coordinate his movements, hard to keep his hand going in a smooth rhythm, and whenever he focused on his hand, his hips stuttered around clumsily.

            “Mmm.”  L shifted under him, pushing at his hip.  “Yeah, hyung, feels good.”

            Did it?  He didn’t even believe that anymore.  He concentrated on his hand, on jacking L off, and once L came, he tried to get back into his groove, tried to fuck L really well, with long, steady thrusts, to make up for his earlier performance, to remind L how great it was between them.  It started to feel great, started to get him off, and the more the pleasure intensified, the more into it he got-

            -until, in his excitement, he popped out and came on L’s thigh.

            “That’s it,” L murmured, tugging his head down and kissing him.

            Kissing back, he vowed to make it better next time.

            They were eating at the dorm when Sunggyu dropped the news.  “I talked to Young Money.  We’re going on MT.  Our managers are going to work out when and let us know.”

            It was the best news of the week!  Sungyeol celebrated, cheering with the other members.  He couldn’t wait!  He was going to start with Chen - - no, Baekhyun - - and then he was going to screw Chen - - oh, he had to do Xiumin - - so many good-looking hoobaes to work his way through!  “How soon do you think it’ll be?”

            “I don’t know, but we have work to do,” Sunggyu said.  “I want us to pull together as a team.  We have to teach Yeolie how to fuck before we go.  This is Infinite’s pride.”

            Shocked, Sungyeol stared at him.  What was worse, the fact that Sunggyu had said it, or the fact that Dongwoo, Hoya, and Woohyun nodded?!  “What the hell?”

            “You could use a few pointers,” L admitted.  “Sorry, hyung.”

            He reached past Dongwoo and hit L, then glared at Sunggyu.  “I know how to screw!”

            “You know where to put it,” Sunggyu said.  “You don’t know how to put it there or what to do once it’s in.”

            “How do you know?” he demanded.  “You won’t let me fuck you!”

            “You need to work on it,” Sunggyu said.  “I don’t know who the worst lay on MT is going to be, but it’s not going to be an Infinite member.”

            “Then I guess you’d better not go,” Sungyeol snapped, throwing his chopsticks down.

            “Want to get hit?” Sunggyu asked.

            “How do we make him better?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Take turns under him, telling him what to do,” Sunggyu said.

            “Ya, don’t worry about it,” Woohyun told Sungyeol, putting an arm around him.  He wanted to tell them all to go to hell.  “A few tips, and you can walk in there and have all of those sexy hoobaes drooling and in love with you.”

            At first, Sungyeol didn’t want to have sex with any of the members ever again.  If they thought that he was so bad at sex, then forget them, he wouldn’t burden them with it ever again.  Holy fuck, didn’t they have any idea how insulting it was to be called the worst lay in the whole group, like there wasn’t even any competition for the title?  He knew that he wasn’t super amazing, but there was a wide berth between “best lay ever” and “bad,” wasn’t there?

            L coaxed him into making out.  He wasn’t horrible at that, at least.  But a couple of days of making out and no sex had him jittery, on edge, and watching the other members go at it sent his hormones into chaos.  He wanted to get defiant, to reject Sunggyu and refuse to play Sunggyu’s little “I have something for you” game, but Sunggyu never gave him the opportunity.  By the third day, he was aching, burning, dying for it, and when Dongwoo made a move on him in the shower, he came in a hot rush in Dongwoo’s hand, biting at Dongwoo’s lips and losing his balance.

            He tried fucking Sungjong that night.  They were just getting started when Sungjong asked, hesitantly, “Can I give you some advice?  Just from my perspective?”

            It completely killed the mood.  Groaning, furious and ashamed, he climbed off of Sungjong, getting up and reaching for his underwear.

            “Hyung!  It’s not that bad.  Don’t be so sensitive.  It’s just little things.  It’s like choreography.  You know all of the moves, you just have to tighten it up.  Sharpen and refine it.”

            “Fuck you,” Sungyeol said, and left the room.

            Five minutes later, while he was sitting on the couch hating his members, Sunggyu sat beside him and handed him an unopened can of beer.  Oh, what the fuck?!  Giving him a drink was the signal for “I’m about to nail your ass,” and no, just no.  Not even caring about the consequences, he shoved the can out of Sunggyu’s hand roughly enough for it to fall to the floor.  “What, I’m a complete failure as a top but you want me to be your ass boy?  Screw you.”

            “I don’t need an ass boy,” Sunggyu said.  “I have Woohyun.”

            “You mean Hoya,” Woohyun said.

            “You mean L!” Hoya called.

            “Okay!” L called.  “I’m good with that!”

            “I’ll be your ass boy,” Dongwoo said.  Passing through the room, he wriggled, shaking his own ass.  Sunggyu smacked it on the way by, and he laughed giddily.

            Sungyeol was really glad that everyone was having such a great time joking around.  What great, sympathetic members.  What terrific hyungs and dongsaengs he had.  He was so lucky.  Shoving himself to his feet, he brushed past Sunggyu.

            He was only a few steps away when Sunggyu jerked him back.  Face-to-face, he didn’t even bother to school his expression.  With grim satisfaction in his height advantage, he stared at Sunggyu, letting himself look as hostile and fed up as he wanted.  Which was pretty fucking hostile.

            “Feeling sorry for yourself?” Sunggyu asked.  “Want to feel confident instead?”

            Bullshit!  “How can I feel confident when I have everyone from you to the maknae telling me what a shitty lay I am?!  You try feeling confident when everyone’s tearing you down!”

            “Let us help you!  We want to help you.  You’ll feel confident if you know what you’re doing.  We can teach you and give you experience.”  His expression softening, he shook Sungyeol’s shoulder.  “If you don’t believe in yourself, if you walk out onstage and they can see that on your face, they won’t believe in you, either.  You have to walk onstage like you own it, and you have to walk into the bedroom like you own that, too.”

            How could he?  He didn’t have Sunggyu’s voice or Sunggyu’s cock.  He didn’t have Woohyun’s voice or Woohyun’s experience.  “So tell me what I should feel confident about.”

            Squeezing the back of his neck, Sunggyu nodded.  “You need to let everything go and feel good about yourself.  Come on, go into my room, I’ll make it feel good.  Let’s talk about it when you feel better.”

            He wasn’t in the mood for - - ah, why not?  It would beat sitting around feeling lousy.  He went to Sunggyu’s room, picking up his beer on the way.

            A while later, pleasure radiated through him, the heat of ecstasy was still molten in his veins, and he couldn’t catch his breath.  Rolling dazedly across the bed, he landed on his stomach, panting against the cool softness of Sunggyu’s pillow.  Sexual bliss was so thick, he didn’t even have any thoughts in his head.  He only had satisfaction and joy.  Complete and absolute joy.

            Rolling onto his back, he panted at the ceiling instead.  He felt radiant.  He felt happy.  So, so happy.  As Sunggyu sat beside him, leaning over him, he smiled blissfully up into Sunggyu’s wonderful, handsome face.  “I’m king of the world.”

            Chuckling, Sunggyu rubbed his cheek.  “Yes.  You are.”

            As Sunggyu kissed him, he sighed with happiness, cupping Sunggyu’s face in his hands.  When Sunggyu started to lift away, he made a regretful, insistent sound and kept Sunggyu there for more kisses, more long, sweet, intoxicating kisses.  Perfection.  Then, floating on bliss, he let go and moaned with contentment, dropping his hands and closing his eyes and just existing.

            When he woke up, he was on his side with his head on Sunggyu’s shoulder and someone petting his back.  Not sure that he wanted to wake up yet, he rubbed at his face and pried his eyes open.  Whoever was behind him - - it turned out to be L - - leaned over him, covering his back, arms crossed over his shoulder.  “Hyung.”

            He grunted.  He still felt really, really good, and he wanted to keep feeling good.  Last night had been amazing.  He’d felt so sexy and so in touch with every part of his body, like every cell had sung in unison, every atom pulsing with pleasure when Sunggyu touched him.  He didn’t know how long that feeling could last, but he wanted to find out.

            L chuckled.  “Are you awake?”

            “No.”  Maybe.  “Yeah.”  Kind of.  He twisted around, flopping onto his back, and L leaned over him with a smile, touching his face and smoothing his hair.

            “You’re in a good mood.”  L settled between them, snug in the tiny crevice between their naked bodies.  “The photographer’s having equipment trouble.  They pushed the shoot back two hours.”

            Ah, “Good.”  That meant more time lazing around in bed feeling satisfied.  Tucking his fingers in the waistband of L’s shorts, he kissed L, and L kissed him back, slow and easy, making a pleased sound.  They made out, trading deep, lazy kisses and groping each other just for the pleasure of touching.  It was a perfect continuation of last night, a delicious way to keep pleasure simmering inside of him, and he didn’t push it, didn’t escalate into sex, just let it happen, let himself enjoy this natural, erotic intimacy L was so good at.

             Sunggyu grunted and burrowed in against L’s back, still asleep.  As Sungyeol caressed L, his hand wandered over onto Sunggyu a few times, rubbing the smooth skin of Sunggyu’s chest, running appreciatively over Sunggyu’s thigh, flicking at a tiny nipple just to be annoying.  Eventually, Sunggyu got up and crawled grouchily out of bed, scratching his hair and leaving the room.

            While they were alone, Sungyeol forced himself away from L’s mouth, momentarily surfacing.  “You like having sex with me, right?”

            “Of course, I love it.  Really.”  L smiled, looking puzzled, stroking his bare arm.  “You know I do, we have sex all of the time.”

            Yeah, but was it good sex?  Sungyeol didn’t ask; he didn’t want to hear the answer.  “What could I do to make it better?”

            “Ahhm.”  L tapped his fingers against Sungyeol’s shoulder as he thought.  Then he gave Sungyeol a wary look.  “It’s okay if I answer?”

            His happy vibe was starting to fade away, fast.  “Tell me.”

            “It’s fast and then it’s too fast and it’s slow and then it’s too slow.  I like it when it’s steady so I know what’s coming so I can ride with it, so I can get into it and anticipate it.  It doesn’t have to be only one way without any changes - - I like that thing Dongwoo hyung does where it’s slow, slow, pow-pow-pow, slow, slow, pow!  But maybe you could practice a steadier speed?”  L winced, biting his lip and looking worried and hopeful at the same time.

            Damn him for being so handsome when Sungyeol was trying to be angry.  “How am I supposed to know which speed you want?”

            “You could ask.”

            Ask?  How did that work?  That would only make things more awkward!

            “Dongsaengs all over my bed,” Sunggyu muttered, walking back in and smacking at their feet.  “Either give me a show or get out.”

            L snuggled right up against Sungyeol’s chest and smiled up over Sungyeol’s shoulder, his eyes shining with hopeful desire.  “Can I suck your cock?”

            “Any time you want it,” Sunggyu said, nudging Sungyeol forward and sitting behind him.  Sungyeol was about to move out of the way when Sunggyu slid a hand over his hip and started kissing the back of his neck.  Liking that, mollified, he relaxed back into it, his eyes closing as the simmer of pleasure picked up again.  L leaned across him into Sunggyu’s lap, and Sunggyu made a warm sound against Sungyeol’s neck.  The slow caress of Sunggyu’s hand over his chest felt good, made his temperature rise, and then Sunggyu stroked downward, rubbing between his thighs, massaging his balls, making him gasp and writhe while pleasure flashed through him.  “Mmm, my Yeolie,” Sunggyu murmured, and he twisted around, turning to Sunggyu, taking Sunggyu’s mouth in a deep, hungry kiss.

            He felt L’s lips on his cock, and then L switched to Sunggyu, switched back again, taking turns on them both, sucking him wetly for long, slurping pulls and then abandoning him, leaving him aching and neglected while Sunggyu’s tongue swept urgently into his mouth, then coming back to him, sucking him down while he groaned and pulled Sunggyu closer.  He put his hand on the back of L’s head, petting L’s soft hair while L’s head bobbed in Sunggyu’s lap.

            “Aren’t we going to a photo shoot?” Dongwoo asked from the doorway.  “Hey, nice.”

            “Later,” Sunggyu said.

            “Postponed,” L mumbled around Sunggyu’s cock.

            “That looks so good,” Dongwoo said, crawling onto the bed.  “Move over, let me have some.”

            With Dongwoo in the room, the sexual energy ratcheted up to wildfire levels, and Sungyeol was the first to come, digging his nails into Sunggyu’s skin as he cried out and spent himself in Dongwoo’s mouth.  Sated and overcome with pleasure, he felt agreeable to everything and everyone, and he switched places with L, sliding down alongside Dongwoo to trade sucks on Sunggyu and L’s hard, sturdy cocks.

            He was in a good mood for the rest of the day.  He loved sex, and he loved being so free and easy with his members.  He was good at this stuff, he was good at getting his members off, he could totally be as sexy as anyone else in Infinite.  Sexier, really, depending on who he was up against.

            That night, he lounged on the couch while Sungjong rubbed his shoulders and Hoya played videogames beside him.  He’d been eyeing Hoya all day.  Of all of the members, he had sex with Hoya least often.  That wasn’t saying a lot, because there was so much sex around the dorm that he and Hoya did it all of the time.  But Sunggyu and Dongwoo and Woohyun and L asked him for it pretty constantly, and Sungjong was usually interested.  Hoya didn’t ask for it nearly as often as the others, and wasn’t as likely to say yes, so Hoya was on the bottom of Sungyeol’s list when he was looking for an easy orgasm.

            He figured that if he could screw Hoya and get Hoya enthusiastic about it, he’d definitely be confident about going on MT.

            What L had said about his unsteady speed still bothered him, though.  Every time he remembered it, he felt uncomfortable and pissed off and insecure.  It was the only thing tarnishing his otherwise great day.

            Leaning over, he put his hand on Hoya’s thigh.  “Hey.”

            Without looking at him, Hoya pushed his hand away.

            Annoyed, he reached over and poked at the game controller, randomly pushing buttons.

            Hoya gave him a look and smacked his hand.

            Giving Hoya a look right back, he slapped Hoya’s hand.

            They were wrestling across the floor when he heard Sunggyu say, “Ya!  Stupid kids!”

            “Stop, stop, this isn’t it,” Dongwoo said, trying to pull them apart.  He swiped at Dongwoo a few times to see if he could get away with it, and while Dongwoo batted his hands away, Hoya pulled Dongwoo down with them.  Landing heavily with a yelp, Dongwoo fell across Sungyeol.  Not interested in fighting anymore but kind of riled up, Sungyeol ran his hands under Dongwoo’s shirt, and Dongwoo pulled away, laughing.

            While the three of them sprawled there on the floor, Sungjong already holding the controller and finishing Hoya’s game, Sunggyu stood over them, nudging them with bare feet.  “Jang Dongwoo.  What do you like about sex with Sungyeol?”

            “Everything,” Dongwoo said, squirming away from Sunggyu’s toes.  “He’s so handsome.  And he’s so long, I like how he looks all spread out.  I love being wrapped up in his legs.”  Trying to escape Sunggyu’s prodding feet, he squirmed right over into Sungyeol’s lap, and then burst into happy laughter when Sungyeol wrapped him up.

            Folding his legs around Dongwoo, Sungyeol hemmed him in.  “Like that?”

            “Yes!  It’s the best.”  Patting his knees, Dongwoo relaxed against him.

            “What about you?” Sunggyu asked, nudging Hoya’s stomach with his toes.

            “Sex with Sungyeol?”  Hoya’s expression was skeptical.  “Eh.  I guess his cock is all right.”

            “His cock is one of the best parts of him,” Dongwoo argued.

            “He has one of my favorite cocks,” Sungjong said.  “I like how he kisses after he comes.  It’s really sexy and sensual, it makes me feel really good.”

            “I like how he kisses before he comes,” Dongwoo said.  “So aggressive.  ‘I want you!  I want you!  Rrawr!’  It gets me so turned on.”

            “Talk,” Sunggyu said, poking Hoya again.

            “Remember that thing you used to do?” Hoya asked, rubbing his jaw.  “You were such a pushy little jerk when we first started screwing, you used to finger me and finger me and I’d tell you, ‘God damn it, Yeolie, just put it in, just fuck me,’ and you’d keep fingering me until I came, and then you’d fuck me.”  He shook his head, looking annoyed, and then he smiled.  “I loved that.  Made me come like a rocket.”

            What?  Sungyeol stared at him in disbelief.  “Are you kidding?”  No, it was no joke; that smile was too real.  “It took forever and you complained the whole time.”

            “You acted so smug about it, it was annoying.  But it felt great.”

            God damn it!  That was the main reason he was so insecure about his fingering technique, and why he rushed through lubing to get his cock in!  Hoya had complained so much that he’d doubted himself, and he’d started to think that maybe he didn’t know what he was doing after all.  And Hoya had only complained because he’d acted smug?

            He’d felt really smug, though.  He’d been proud of himself.  It had felt like some magical power to have that kind of control over someone else’s body, to be able to work Hoya the whole way to orgasm just by touching the right way.  It had been such a rush, so sexy, sliding his fingers into Hoya, making Hoya groan, watching Hoya twitch around, kissing Hoya and feeling Hoya writhe against his hand.  Hoya would argue and gripe and beg him for it, sweating and flexing and bucking on the bed, or the table, or the floor, and he’d just keep going, twisting his fingers, crooking and hitting that spot again and again, while Hoya cursed at him and gasped for air, and then Hoya would come, a sudden heaving orgasm like it hurt, yelling, sweating, cursing his name, writhing in hard little jerks and then collapsing, going limp, panting, legs still spread.  Feeling richly victorious and yeah, smug, really smug, he’d slide in, filling Hoya with his cock, and Hoya would moan and curse again and wrap strong, muscular legs around him and just take it, groaning and panting like it was the best fuck ever, spread under him all lax and boneless with those rock-hard thighs clamped around him like iron telling the real story, proof of how much Hoya wanted it, how much Hoya needed this from him.

            God, why had he ever stopped?  He’d let the complaining get to him and he’d second-guessed himself when it took too long, and he’d started rushing it, started using his fingers just long enough for the lube and then going right for the cock.  How long had it even been since he’d gotten Hoya off that way?  As his memory reached back, he winced.  Too long.  Way too long.  “You acted like you hated it.”

            “You’re too competitive and too gleeful,” Hoya said.  “It’s annoying.”

            “Sex is fun, not a competition,” Dongwoo said.  “Unless you make it a competition,” he added.  “Can we have another blowjob contest?”  He massaged the corners of his jaw with his fingertips.  “I think that I can win again.”

            Sungyeol practiced on Sungjong and L as often as he could, doing them over and over again, asking for feedback as he went.  To steady his stroke, he tried having sex to music, moving his hips to the beat.  He tried fingering L to orgasm, and he got close, really close, but he botched it one way or another every time.

            “You’re having the same problem with your fingers that you have with your cock,” Woohyun told him.  “You get unsure about it, so you get timid, and then you start to second-guess yourself and try new moves when you should just go with what works.  When something does work, you get so excited that you overdo it and go too fast or too hard, and that’s no good, either.  Stop overthinking everything!  You’re trying too hard, you’re overanalyzing it.  Just go with what feels right.  Go with what your partner wants.”

            How was he supposed to know?  Was there a survey to fill out?  Should he offer everyone a questionnaire?  Should they text each other status updates as they went along?

            He was frustrated and about to give up on the whole damned thing when Sunggyu sat him down and asked, “Have you ever watched Dongwoo have sex?”

            “Every day since I met him.”

            “He doesn’t think his way through sex.  He feels it.  He’s not up here,” Sunggyu pointed at his head, “planning it out, worrying about it.  He’s all in here.”  Sunggyu gestured over his body.  “Don’t think about it, experience it.  You’re not having sex with yourself, you’re having sex with your partner.  You have to use your senses.”

            “Okay.”  He tried to sound patient, but he didn’t feel patient at all.  Was this supposed to be great wisdom?  He already knew all of this!  Did Sunggyu think that he didn’t understand anything about sex at all?  Was he so bad that “you’re having sex with your partner” was sage advice?

            “Don’t think about how it’s going.  Ask how it’s going.  Don’t wonder inside your head.  Watch for clues.  When you fuck L, you look over his shoulder, you look at the bed, you look down.  Don’t do that.  Look at him, watch his expressions, pay attention to how he moves.  Listen for cues.  Hoya makes totally different sounds when he’s getting turned on and when he’s one hundred percent into it and when he’s frustrated.  And you have to touch them more.  You have your hands on their hips.  On the ass, on the cock.  Touch them all over, get used to how they feel, pay attention to how they move.  I grope all over every inch of you, right?”

            Begrudgingly, he nodded.  Damn it, this was good advice.  It sounded basic, it sounded obvious, but he needed to hear it.

            “When you have sex with me, you connect with me, right?” Sunggyu asked.  “When you’re bottoming, you’re into it, you’re open, you look at us and you hear us and you talk to us and you touch us.  Do that when you top, too.  Fucking somebody isn’t something you do to him, it’s something you do with him.”

            That was when it clicked.  That was when all of the light bulbs turned on in Sungyeol’s head.  That was completely different from his approach to sex.  It had seemed like sex was something that the top did to the bottom, like an experience the top gave to the bottom.  It was like a gymnastics routine or a magic trick or something, an expert combination of moves followed by gloating.  He’d thought that he should know what to do, that he was supposed to walk into the encounter already prepared to blow minds.  No one had said that he was supposed to learn as he went, that he should adjust and adapt to constant cues.  Didn’t the best tops have it already worked out beforehand?  Sunggyu made it sound like sex was more of a process than a performance.  And a pretty collaborative process, at that.

            Armed with this new information, he went back to L.  It was difficult as hell.  Way more difficult than he’d imagined.  He had to be honest and open and vulnerable.  It was like starting from the beginning and learning how to have sex all over again.  He had to work to get out of his head and into his body.  He had to struggle to humble himself enough to ask questions.  He had to trust himself and not second-guess everything.

            But L was really genuine with him and really supportive, and the more he tried it, the easier it became.  Making so much eye contact and staring right into L’s face the whole time was incredibly intimate, almost impossibly intimate, and sometimes he couldn’t bear it.  Sometimes he wanted to look away, because gazing into L’s eyes while he was inside L’s body and they were moving together, seeking pleasure, felt like they were sharing something so personal and private it just wasn’t safe.  It was scary, to be that unguarded and let all of his feelings be so accessible.  But with practice, he got used to it.

            Sex was fun again.  Not that it hadn’t been fun, before, but it was a different, better kind of fun now.  He didn’t feel like he was under pressure to make it perfect; he didn’t feel like his sexual prowess was always on the line.  The more he and L communicated, the more comfortable things were, and the more they teased each other, flirted with each other, responded to each other.  They brought their friendship into their sex life more and more.  It was okay if he made the wrong move once in a while.  And when he did, it was easier to know what to do to correct it.

            Communication and intimacy revolutionized sex for him.  He’d never really realized that bottoming and topping could be so similar.  How could he have guessed that all of that old-fashioned romantic stuff about love and trust and communication actually meant something?  When his parents said it, he thought they were completely out of touch.  When Sunggyu said it, he dismissed it.  How could he take that message seriously from the “I have something for you” guy?  He’d thought that Sunggyu was just posturing, lecturing, full of crap.  He’d thought that Woohyun’s “I love you, I love you” during sex was weird.  But he’d learned that sex was about sharing with someone and being vulnerable and opening up.  At least good sex was, for him.

            It went so well with L that he tried it with Sungjong.  When they finished and Sungjong had that flushed, radiant look he’d thought that only certain people could put there, and he realized that he’d done that, that he’d helped to make Sungjong look that way, he felt like he’d finally, finally figured sex out.

            He had a few strategy sessions with Woohyun and Dongwoo where they went through everything step-by-step and talked it all out.  It was so much fun, so much hot, sexy fun, to talk so frankly about sex, to get Dongwoo to tell him in detail what felt good as he did it, to try different techniques and hear Woohyun tell him what worked and what worked even better.  They told him that the reason that he popped out so often was that he was over-thrusting, and that he didn’t need to rear back so far before going back in.  He fought them on it, because he’d always heard that a long thrust was the best kind, and that if he went in short little jabbing pokes no one was going to like it.  Dongwoo pointed out that falling out of rhythm and popping out and constantly having to fumble back in wasn’t so great, either.  So he tried a few different types of thrusts until he found a more reliable stroke, and then he practiced it until he felt comfortable with it.

            Sunggyu watched him fuck L for a while one night.  When he and L were finished, he looked over his shoulder to see if Sunggyu was still standing there perving on them, and Sunggyu gave him a very happy, approving smile, like he’d just brought home a trophy.  “Good,” Sunggyu said, giving him two thumbs up.  “If Hoya likes it, we’re ready for MT.”

            Hoya?  Why was Hoya the final test?  Hadn’t he already proven himself?  He was ready!

            The next night, during practice, he sidled up to Hoya.  “Do you want to?  Later?”

            Hoya took a drink, then lowered the water bottle and gave him a flat, uncomprehending look.  “Want to what?”

            Instead of letting that shake him, he laughed and punched Hoya’s arm.  “Sex!  Do you want to have sex later?”

            Hoya grinned at him like it was a good idea.  “Yeah, okay.”

            After practice, in the dorm, he showered and went to Hoya’s room.  They made out for a while.  He’d learned over the past few days that sometimes, if the mood was hot and blood was pumping, it was okay to rush right to the sex; it was a good thing, actually.  But if he didn’t have a reason to rush it, it was actually pretty great to start slow.  He’d thought that making out was the boring prelude and the real show was the sex, but no.  It was all connected.  Making out helped to set the mood and build the fire and make things comfortable.  It laid the groundwork for the connecting and sharing that became so important, later.

            Making out with Hoya, he didn’t rush.  He used the time to get his hormones going and to get familiar with Hoya’s body, get attuned to Hoya’s sounds, touching everywhere, listening closely, learning Hoya like it was the first time all over again.  It was incredible, the stuff he hadn’t paid attention to before.  The small of Hoya’s back was really sensitive, and if he rubbed it in small circles, Hoya got really intense, clawing at him and groaning and grinding against him like a fantasy.  Hoya didn’t touch his cock until he asked, outright, “Want to touch me?” and then it was all slow fondling and steady groping until he was so worked up that he couldn’t catch his breath anymore.  He knew the soft, impatient sounds Hoya made, but the louder, aching, helpless sounds he’d only heard Hoya make for other people were suddenly his, rising out of Hoya like wordless pleas, sexy and high-pitched and kind of desperate.

            Hoya started fingering himself first, and when Sungyeol took over, easing lubed fingers into him, he screwed himself down against Sungyeol’s hand with a low groan of relief.  He closed his eyes a lot more than the other members did, making it harder to connect with him, so Sungyeol talked to him.  Watching color rise in his cheeks and trying to catch each little wince and twitch, Sungyeol asked him what felt good, asked if he wanted it faster, said quiet, coaxing things like, “You look so hot, I’m so turned on right now, I want to make you come just like this,” so that when he said, “Ahhh, ah, yeah,” Sungyeol knew that sounded good to him, too.

            Hoya came a lot faster and even harder than Sungyeol remembered, writhing on his fingers and twisting all over the bed and yelling.  It was such a wild ride to climax that when Hoya collapsed in a gasping, sweaty mess, Sungyeol thrust in swiftly, enormously eager, gripped by demanding, primal needs.  Cursing at him, Hoya groaned, and then Hoya’s legs locked around him, holding him tight.

            The sex was phenomenal.  It was passionate and intimate and explosive, and the longer it lasted, the better it got.  Even though Hoya’s eyes kept closing and Hoya didn’t use a lot of words, Hoya was really responsive to him in other ways, moaning and moving and holding onto him, and he knew that it was great for both of them.  He felt really connected to Hoya, really tuned in.  Their closeness and his confidence pulled away all of his stress, leaving only the good parts of sex, the white-hot eroticism, the mind-blowing pleasure.  He rubbed his thumb up the column of Hoya’s neck, then caressed the line of Hoya’s jaw, and Hoya groaned, head tilting back, lips parting for low, breathy noises.

Loving every sexy little response, Sungyeol grinned, fucking in time with his moans, punctuating each breathy “hhhunhh” with another thrust.  “Feels good, this feels so great,” Sungyeol said, watching as his tongue flicked out just enough to wet his lower lip.  Sungyeol ran a hand over his side, feeling the heat of his satiny skin.  Such a sexy body, so toned.  Sungyeol wanted to kiss his side, his chest, wanted to kiss him everywhere.  His erection rose toward his stomach in a long curve, stiff and red, and Sungyeol stroked it, admiring it, turned on by how hard it was.  “Gonna get off any time soon?”

“Nnn.”  Hoya grimaced, scratching at Sungyeol’s hip, gripping his waist like it would be possible to get him in deeper if Hoya just pulled hard enough.  “Just keep fucking me.”

“You always want more cock.”  He couldn’t even make it sound like a complaint; he felt so good, his happiness bubbled up in his voice.  “I have other things to do tonight.”

“No, you don’t.  Uuuooohh.”  Hoya squeezed his eyes shut even more tightly as his thumbs rubbed over Sungyeol’s hipbones.  “Keep going.”

Running his hand up and down Hoya’s erection in long, light caresses, he chuckled.  “I could just get you off.”

“Hhuhh, hoooohh, hhu!”  Shuddering, Hoya twisted under him.  The sudden movement threw him off of his rhythm, and he thrust in hard and quick, burying himself fast and then doing it again.  Gasping, Hoya pushed his hand away, knees squeezing in tight around his ribcage.  He was so worked up that he just kept thrusting hard, rocking in fast while Hoya said, “Oh!  Oh!” and writhed.  “Shit, ah, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Hoya panted, “don’t ah!  Ah!  Yaahhh!”  With a helpless, ecstatic cry, Hoya came, jetting cum in powerful squirts, muscles tensing and locking as their bodies rocked together.

“Yeah, god, that’s it,” Sungyeol urged, staring at him, turned on, worked up, taking it all in.  “Yeah, get off, god, that’s so great.  You’re so sexy,” Sungyeol panted, fucking him faster, faster, “so fucking sexy,” needing more of this, feeling the hot tickle of orgasm start.

“Unh, shit.”  Eyes finally opening, Hoya looked up at him with a dazed smile.  “Damn, Yeolie, when did you learn how to fuck?”

He felt so good that he couldn’t be annoyed by that, could only feel proud, and he got out a victorious laugh before he started to come.  As pleasure detonated in him, sending out hot shockwaves of ecstasy, he moaned, squeezing Hoya’s hip and burying himself as soundly as he could.  Hoya gave him a heavy-lidded look of carnal contentment, and he leaned down, kissing Hoya’s mouth as he released his cum.

He stayed inside Hoya for as long as he could.  When his cock finally softened enough to slip out, he kept kissing Hoya anyway.  Tugging on his hair and making soft, panting noises, Hoya kissed him back, licking at his lower lip and squeezing his ass.  It all felt so good that he didn’t want to stop.

It was the first time he felt as incredible, as thoroughly blitzed by full-body all-over ecstasy, as he did when he bottomed.

            “What do you think?” Dongwoo asked, rubbing his hands together and watching over Sunggyu’s shoulder as Hoya’s legs finally relaxed from around Sungyeol, Hoya moaning and gripping Sungyeol’s hair as Sungyeol kissed his chest.  “Team Infinite, ready to go?”

            “Yeah,” Sunggyu decided, smiling.  “We’re ready.”

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