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            The first one across the threshold, Kai began to undress as soon as he was in the dorm.  As he pulled his undershirt off over his head, D.O. and Lay trailed in his wake, taking in the sight of his smooth, bare back with wide and intrigued eyes.

            Lay’s attention was soon distracted, however, as Luhan pulled Xiumin into the dorm with an impatient, “Ugh, come on!”

            “Now?” Xiumin asked, unbuttoning his pants one-handed as he followed Luhan across the front room.

            “Yes, now,” Luhan said, tugging him into their bedroom.

            With a curious glance around at the others, Lay hesitated only a moment before following, disappearing into their room just as Luhan’s first moan echoed across the dorm.

            Chanyeol stumbled into the dorm with a helpless, “What?  Why?” as Kris and Baekhyun shoved him from behind.

            “Food,” Kris insisted, pushing him toward the kitchen.

            “Food now,” Baekhyun agreed.

            Chanyeol turned to face them, hands up in innocent protestation, as they prodded him toward the fridge.  “But I - - I’m not-”

            “I’m hungry,” Kris insisted.  “I want dinner.”

            “Ramen,” Baekhyun said.  “Make us ramen.”

            “I don’t - - why can’t…”  His voice trailing off, Chanyeol looked from Kris to Baekhyun and grinned.  “If I do it, can I fuck you after?”

            “Sure,” Baekhyun agreed.

            “Yes,” Kris said.  “You can fuck him.”

            Chanyeol’s smile widened, his eyes round with delight.  “Will you scratch my back and call me ‘oppa?’”

            Baekhyun hesitated.

            “Ramen,” Kris reminded him.

            “Sure,” Baekhyun told Chanyeol.

            “Yes,” Kris said.  “He’ll bite your ears and beg you for it.  Now,” he pushed Chanyeol toward the stove, “cook!”

            “Are you cooking?” Tao asked, leaning over the counter.  Turning, he called to the dorm at large, “Chanyeol hyung’s cooking!”

            “Oh, good!” Chen said, running a hand through his hair.  “I’m so hungry.  Oppa!” he called, cheerily raising his voice.  “I love you!”

            While Chanyeol called back, “Thank you!  I love you, too!” Tao watched with a gleam in his eye as Chen passed.  As soon as Chen’s back was to him, he pounced, wrapping his arms around Chen from behind and nuzzling against the side of Chen’s neck.

            “Ah!  Why?” Chen asked, laughing, leaning back against him.

            “I’ve wanted,” he kissed Chen’s neck, “to do this,” he kissed it again, “since this morning,” again, again, “at the shoot.”  Closing his eyes, he planted a long, sucking kiss just under Chen’s ear.

            Smiling, Chen relaxed into Tao’s affection, tipping his head to one side in invitation for more.  “Mmmm, yes,” he murmured.  Then, as if remembering, he added, “We shouldn’t have teased you.”

            “You made me so goddamned horny.”  His tongue flicking lightly, wetly behind Chen’s ear, he splayed his hand across Chen’s pelvis, his hard-on nudging the cleft of Chen’s ass.  As his fingers curled in Chen’s shirt, tugging it upward, he growled a little in Chen’s ear.  “Come on, hyung.  Don’t tease me this time.  Let me have it.”

            With a moan, Chen licked his lips, his hips rocking back against the stiffness of Tao’s aroused cock.  His hands fumbled backward, fingers finding Tao’s pockets, Tao’s belt loops, Tao’s hips and thighs and ass.  “Ahh, ahhhhh,” he moaned, head tipping back against Tao’s shoulder as Tao’s hand rubbed across his abs.  “Yes, okay.”

            In one room, Kai sprawled across a bed, D.O. sitting down beside him and, smiling, smoothing his hair away from his face as he mumbled about how tired he was.  In another room, Luhan slid his lubed cock into Xiumin’s ass while Xiumin arched his back and made a low, enthusiastic sound at Luhan’s thrust.  Lay sat on the next bed, openly staring.  Lay’s gaze attentively tracked the plunging rhythm of Luhan’s thrusts, the slick slide of Luhan’s cock, and the pert jiggle of Xiumin’s ass.  Masturbating, Lay stroked his own cock in time with Luhan’s pace, sharing their momentum as Xiumin moaned, “Yes, that’s it, I love it, uhhhh, Luhan…”

            “How long is this going to take?” Kris asked, leaning over Chanyeol’s shoulder.

            “It’ll be faster if you’ll help,” Chanyeol pointed out, turning up the heat on the burner.

            “Help,” Kris said, nudging Baekhyun.

            Smiling up at Chanyeol and batting his lashes, Baekhyun pounded lightly on Chanyeol’s shoulder.  “Oppa, please!  I’m hungry!  I want ramen!”

            Grinning, Chanyeol winked at Baekhyun.  “You like how oppa makes it?”

            Baekhyun cast a doubtful glance at Kris, who prodded him between the shoulder blades.  With a resigned expression, he got back into character, then gave Chanyeol a coquettish look.  “Everything you do is the best, oppa.”

            Suho entered the dorm next, rubbing his face tiredly with both hands.  He barely glanced over as he passed the couch where Chen was unzipping Tao’s pants.  Walking into the bathroom, he closed the door behind himself, shutting out the sounds of Tao’s eager, “Fuck, yeah, touch it,” and Xiumin’s cries of, “Yes, you’re the best, ahhh, yes!”

            Strolling into the dorm last, Sehun leisurely took off his shoes and scratched the back of his head.  Shedding his light jacket, he glanced around, taking in the sights and sounds of the other members.  Spying Chen and Tao, he smiled and walked over to the couch.

            His pants around his lean thighs, his bare ass looking as round and perky as ever, Tao stood in front of where Chen was seated on the couch.

            Chen was sucking on Tao’s long, erect cock, his head bobbing slowly.  As his lips slid up and down the shaft, he masturbated, his own hard-on poking up lewdly from the open fly of his pants.  The girth of Tao’s erection muffled his earnest, lusting moans, and as precum dripped from the corner of his mouth, Tao’s thumb wiped it away, leaving a glistening smear on his chin.

            “Hyung,” Sehun murmured.  Approaching from behind, he ran the backs of his fingers down Tao’s long, naked back.  Tao grunted, distracted, and he watched over Tao’s shoulder as Chen’s confident, pink tongue deftly caressed Tao’s cock.  “Mmm.”  Loving the look of it, Sehun watched Tao’s erection disappear between Chen’s soft, wet lips.  His fingers walked downward, slipping along the cleft of Tao’s bare ass.  “Tao hyung.”  His index finger found the puckered ring of Tao’s asshole, and he nudged it lightly, probing.

            “Oh, god,” Tao gasped, shuddering.  “Wait, wait, Sehun-ah, it’s too much, let me get inside him first, let me get in his ass.”

            Still watching over Tao’s shoulder, Sehun made a scolding sound and reached forward.  As his fingers encircled Tao’s erection, he chided, “You’re making hyung do too much work.  Look at that precious mouth wrapped around your cock.”  He began to stroke Tao’s cock to Chen’s rhythm, the ring of his fingers meeting Chen halfway, and he grunted in pleasure when Chen’s wet lips met his hand in a lewd kiss.

            “Ah, ahhhh, ahhh.”  Whining helplessly, Tao shuddered against Sehun.  His hips tried to jerk and buck, but Sehun gripped his dick, holding it steady for Chen.  “I’m going to come, you’re making me come, you’re getting me off, oh, god, oh!”

            His arm around Tao’s waist, holding Tao’s writhing body, riding out Tao’s undulations, he smiled as Chen’s cheeks hollowed.  “Ah, hyung, swallow all of it,” he murmured appreciatively.  Chen glanced up at him, flushed, and then Chen was licking upward over his fingers, between his fingers, sucking.  With a quiet, “Ah, yes, hyung,” he stared intently at Chen’s hungry mouth, sliding his fingers in as Chen’s eyes closed in pleasure.

            “The two of you, ugh, shit,” Tao moaned, sinking down to the floor between them.  “I was about to fuck Chen hyung!”

            Chen laughed, pulling off of Sehun’s fingers.  “Now who’s going to fuck me?”  He cast Sehun an interested look.  “Maknae?”

            Mmm, “I will,” Sehun said smoothly, stepping over Tao and pressing Chen back against the couch.

            Chen’s cock was rigid against him, and Chen’s hands were already tugging at his shirt, his pants, pulling him in.  “Yeah, okay,” Chen said, kissing him, eyes already closing again.  “But be nice to hyung,” Chen murmured.  He ran the tip of his tongue across Chen’s lower lip, tasting Tao.  “No biting.”

            In one bedroom, Kai slid his hand through D.O.’s luxuriously thick hair.  Lazily kissing D.O.’s mouth, he rolled his hips forward, nudging his hard-on against D.O.’s groin.  Loving the stiff bulge he found there, he felt hot as he said, “Ohhh, you’re hard.  Shit, that turns me on.”

            “You feel so good,” D.O. whispered, hand rubbing across his abs and over his side.  “I want to kiss you all of the time.”

            In another bedroom, Luhan flung himself off of Xiumin, landing on his back, arm across his eyes.  Panting, naked, he laughed breathlessly.  “You came so hard.”

            “What do you expect?” Xiumin asked, laughing.  Rolling onto his side, he nudged Luhan’s calf with his toes.  “What else should I do when you fuck me like that?”

            With a delighted smile, Luhan looked at Xiumin with desire and anticipation in his eyes.  “Fuck you like what?  How do I fuck you?”

            “Ah, you know,” Xiumin said, running his hand up and down Luhan’s side, lightly dragging his nails over Luhan’s smooth, satin skin.  “I won’t say it.  You’re too confident about it already.”

            “Too confident about what?” he asked, rolling toward Xiumin, eyes sparkling, hand stealing over Xiumin’s ass.  “Too confident about getting you off?  I know what you like.”

            “Ya!” Kris’ voice called, interrupting.  “Kids!  Eat!”

            Luhan shot a dirty look at the door.  Laughing, Xiumin yelled back, “Ya!  Who are you calling kids?!”

            In various states of dress and undress, the twelve of them sat on the floor, grouped haphazardly around two small tables.  Chen was snug in the vee of Sehun’s thighs, Tao leaned comfortably against Suho, and Lay smiled to himself as he ate.

            “How is it?” Chanyeol asked.

            “It’s good, hyung,” Sehun said, his bowl balanced on his knee, his free arm wrapped around Chen’s waist.

            “I worked hard to get you this ramen.  Make sure you enjoy it,” Baekhyun said.

            “You haven’t worked hard yet,” Chanyeol said.  Then he grinned, raising his eyebrows.  “But you will later tonight!”

            “It’s really good ramen, though,” Lay said.

            “Eh, I’ve had better,” Tao said with a shrug.

            Baekhyun narrowed his eyes.  “‘Eh, I’ve had better,’” he mocked.  “‘Eh, eh, eh, I’ve had better.’”  Tao sneered at him; he sneered back; Chen rolled his eyes and smacked Tao’s thigh until they stopped it.

            “You look tired, hyung,” Kai told Suho.

            “No, I’m fine,” Suho assured him with a fleeting smile.  Then he laughed and rubbed the back of his neck.  “Ah, maybe I am.  I think that I’ll go to bed early.  You all should, too,” he instructed, shooting a look around the team.

            “You should eat more,” Chanyeol said.  “To build up your strength.”

            “I’m fine,” he protested, laughing.

            “Eat, eat,” Baekhyun urged as Chanyeol held a bowl toward Suho and lifted some ramen to his mouth.  Their gazes were expectant; their lips parted as Suho good-naturedly gave in and accepted the ramen.  As he lowered his head, sucking the noodles into his mouth, the members watched with rapt attention.  Tao, pressed against his side, whimpered.

            Breaking away, laughing, Suho swallowed, covering his mouth with one hand and pushing away Tao with the other.

            “Ah,” Kris said, clearing his throat and diverting attention.  “What, uh, what, who’s going to that radio thing tomorrow?  The interview?”

            “Oh, the interview,” Chen said, helping him to change the subject.

            While the conversation moved onward, D.O.’s gaze lingered on Suho.  Attention on the chatter, Suho took a drink, then set the bottle down and licked his lips.  D.O.’s eyes tracked the motion of his tongue flicking over his upper lip and dragging more sensually over the lower.

            Catching where D.O.’s attention was, Kai slid a hand over his thigh.  “Do you want to?”

            After a moment of not reacting at all, of simply watching Suho, D.O. shook his head.  “He’s good-looking, though,” he said as if Suho couldn’t hear him.

            Kai grinned, chuckling.  “Yeah, I guess he is.”

            Suho blushed, taking another sip of water.

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time