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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Lay had always wished for porn to be real.  He’d dreamt of living in a world where hot studs were around every corner, looking for action, dressed in jeans tight enough to show off a sizeable bulge.  A world where everyone had incredible stamina and every cum shot could fill a coffee cup.  A world where he could just walk into a room and see hot guys fucking at any moment of the day.  A world where they’d give him a sultry once-over and invite him to join in.

            And then his dreams came true.

            Life in EXO’s dorm was like living on the set of a porn flick.  He could hardly believe that this was his actual life.  He was an award-winning idol and he was surrounded by a nonstop orgy?  He wanted to pinch himself, but if this was a dream, no way did he want to wake up.

            Not only was the dorm a porn set, it was a really well-cast one.  It had all of the best roles filled.  There were more tops than bottoms, the perfect imbalance which meant that the bottoms were constantly taking it from every angle.  Baekhyun and Chen were terrific bottoms; Baekhyun was always looking for it, always horny, always chasing after cock, and Chen was always responsive to it, always ready to open his mouth or spread his legs if someone wanted in.

            There were instigators, like Tao and Xiumin, who were always ready to get something started, set something up, pull the others into the action.  Once the orgy started, guys like Kai and Luhan were vital; their stamina kept the party going, made the fun last as other members faded in and out.  Chanyeol and Sehun made good back-up, always ready to join in, always agreeable to a good time, adding energy and filling out the scene.  And then there was Kris, the big gun, providing the meat and the showy cum shots.

            D.O. usually stood around watching more than participating, but for Lay, D.O. was invaluable; it always helped to have someone else to catch him up, fill him in on what he’d missed, especially if he was pulled into the action.

            Lay usually hung back as long as he could, because he wanted to see everything, wanted to catch it all.  But the lure of sex was irresistible, and if they invited him in, he fell for it every time.  Like Xiumin and Tao, he was flexible; he didn’t care what position they put him in, which acts they wanted, he was just thrilled to be a part of it.

            Walking through the dorm at night was like a stroll through his movie collection.  There were Luhan and Xiumin double-teaming Baekhyun, Luhan getting Baekhyun to beg for more like the horny bottom in Wild Jocks 3.  There were Tao and Kris and Sehun on the couch, Sehun fucking Tao, Kris sitting back spent and exhausted with the beast limp between his thighs, Tao finger-painting with Kris’ cum like a scene from Wet Shorts.  There was Chen moaning and humming and slowly sucking Chanyeol’s cock like he savored every inch, like Lay’s favorite bottom from Knights of the Cumpire.  There was Kai cuddled up with D.O., kissing his neck while D.O. fondled him through his underwear like a scene in The Best of Horny Frats.

            And then there was Suho.  Unfortunately, Lay only had sex with Suho alone, apart from the other members.  And that was incredibly disappointing to him, because Suho would have been a perfect addition to the orgy.

            Sure, Suho was always a little shy at first, but turning him on was like flipping a switch.  As soon as he was on, he was completely on, rock-hard and painfully needy.  He was the kind of bottom who loved everything and responded to everything and acted like sexual pleasure was an overwhelming force.  He had a really sexy submissive streak - - outside of a few limits, he barely directed the action, just went along with whatever Lay wanted.  He wanted to please, and he kissed like a fantasy.  It was hard to get him off, but his cum shots were amazingly rewarding: long, thick pulses, over and over again, the whole way up his chest and onto his face.  He came on his own face.  Lay wanted to be him.

            But the best part of living inside a pornographic orgy wasn’t the way Suho came, or the size of Kris’ cock, or the constant parade of naked asses waiting to be fucked.  The best part was the guys themselves, the members.  How great they were, how much fun they were to be around, how much Lay loved them.  They weren’t only a series of intriguingly different sexy bodies, they were Lay’s hyungs and dongsaengs, his closest friends.  They knew him, cared about him.  When he was tired, they sucked his cock like a dream, but they also fed him and took care of him and made sure that he got some rest.  He’d seen a lot of porn, but porn never worried if he was sick or cared if he had good news or snuggled him in bed at night.  Porn got him off, but it never kissed back.

            Porn was great.  But his members were so much better.

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Copyright March 17, 2014
by Matthew Haldeman-Time