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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

Scenes from a few of Sehun and L.Joe’s sessions.

            Mmm.  Sated, Sehun just rested, basking in his own contentment.  He was on his back in his pet’s bed, and his pet’s smooth skin felt warm against his naked body.  His pet was tucked close against him, head pillowed on his arm, one hand gingerly resting on his ribcage.  All L.Joe wore now was a pair of cute little checkerboard underpants and the black collar.

            He loved that collar, loved the way it looked so bold and dominant around L.Joe’s long, pale neck, loved what it meant.  Wanting to see it, he opened his eyes, turning his head.

            Beside him, L.Joe tensed slightly, alert, brown eyes watchful.  With a not-quite-worried expression, L.Joe studied his face, trying to read his mood, trying to anticipate his desires.  Silently, he moved his hand, and L.Joe tracked the motion, watching it slowly descend.  He brushed his fingertips over the thick, black leather of his pet’s collar.

            Ownership.  Possession.  L.Joe was his.  Obedient to him, submissive to him, his to do with as he liked.

            “What do you want?” he asked idly, like he didn’t really care.

            L.Joe gazed into his eyes like he was L.Joe’s everything.  “Whatever you want.”

            He smiled.  He was proud of his pet for so readily giving the right answer.  He brought his hand near to L.Joe’s face, and L.Joe’s soft lips pursed slightly, bestowing a tender kiss on his fingers.  “Should I kiss you?” he asked conversationally.

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  L.Joe was breathing too hard, too excitedly, for someone so still.  “Yes, please.”  His gaze eagerly, worriedly searched Sehun’s face, and he licked his lips like he wanted to be ready for Sehun’s kiss.

            “Should I fuck you?”

            He bit at his lip, his breath catching, and his hand moved slightly on Sehun’s chest like he wanted to touch more boldly but didn’t dare.  “Yes, Sehun-ah, yes, please.”

            “Hmm.”  Enjoying this game, Sehun touched his lips again, and he kissed Sehun’s fingers reverently, devotedly, his eyes closing.  “Should I tie you into a tiny ball and spank your sexy little ass?”

            L.Joe’s lashes lifted marginally, and he blushed, his cheeks turning red.  “Please, Sehun-ah.  Yes.”  His voice was soft, and after a moment of silence he lifted his eyes, gazing at Sehun so trustingly that Sehun ached with desire.  He was so vulnerable.  So unguarded.  So sweet, so sexy, the perfect pet.

            Lightly, Sehun brushed the backs of his fingers down the center of L.Joe’s chest.  Subtly, L.Joe’s back arched, chest rising toward his touch.  “Do you want me to kiss you here?”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah, please.”

            Smiling, he touched low on L.Joe’s abdomen.  “What about here?”

            “Yes, please.”

            He raised his hand, and L.Joe watched it closely with a hopeful expression.  He lowered his hand toward L.Joe’s thigh, then raised it without making contact.  With a faint moan, L.Joe squirmed against him, legs scissoring restlessly.  He feinted toward L.Joe’s shoulder, then skimmed his thumb down L.Joe’s nose.  “Do you want me to kiss you there?”

            “Please, Sehun-ah, yes, I want it.”

            Idly, lazily, he plucked at L.Joe’s underpants, fingers erratically hopping from one black block to another in the checkerboard pattern.  Breath catching, L.Joe twisted, hips pushing toward his hand.  “What about down here?”

            “Oh, god,” L.Joe panted, his hard, sexy cock poking a tent in his underwear.  “Yes, yes, please, Sehun-ah.”

            “Hmm.  Where do you want to kiss me?” Sehun asked, running his fingers over L.Joe’s balls where they filled out the fabric.

            “Everywhere.”  Gasping, L.Joe undulated, and he squeezed his eyes shut as he made a miserable, ecstatic sound.  “Anywhere you want, please, anywhere.”

            “You’re such a good pet.”  Rolling onto his side, Sehun propped his head on his hand, his other hand lightly, carelessly toying with L.Joe’s underwear.  “I thought a lot about what kind of pet I wanted, and you’re better than I thought you could be.  Such a good pet.”  He drew circles on L.Joe’s abs, enjoying the warm satin of L.Joe’s taut skin.  “I wish that I could tie you up and take you home with me and keep you in my closet.  You could live in there in a little cage, like a good pet, and I could take you out sometimes and play with you whenever I felt like it.  Whenever I wanted to.”

            L.Joe chewed on his lower lip, rolling nearer to close the gap between their bodies.  “In the closet in your dorm room?”

            What was it about L.Joe’s eyes that was so compelling, so sexy?  They were so watchful, so vulnerable.  “Yeah.”  His fingers walked across L.Joe’s chest.  “So I could see you whenever I wanted.  I’d even let you out at night sometimes so that you could sleep on my bed.”  God, he wished that he could wake up with L.Joe in his bed.  He wanted to be the first thing his pet saw in the morning.  “I wouldn’t leave you in the cage all of the time.  Sometimes I’d leave you tied to a chair or roped up on the floor.”

            L.Joe looked down for a moment, his long, black lashes shielding his eyes.  Then, meeting Sehun’s gaze with a hopeful, doubtful expression, he asked, “Sehun-ah?  If you let me sleep on your bed, I could get you off any time you wanted it.”

            So he wasn’t the only one the fantasy appealed to.  L.Joe liked it, too.  Shifting closer, he rested his forehead against L.Joe’s, his fingers sliding down the back of L.Joe’s underwear and nestling snugly in the warm cleft of L.Joe’s ass.  “I could roll over and fuck your sexy, hungry mouth any time I felt like it.  You’d wake up with my balls in your face and my cock already halfway down your throat.”

            With a suffering moan, L.Joe undulated, licking his lips.  He was so close that Sehun wanted to feel the wet flick of his tongue.

            And since Sehun could do whatever he wanted and take whatever he liked, he kissed L.Joe, licking in immediately.

            “Ooohhhh.”  L.Joe writhed, pressing hotly against him, and when he guided L.Joe’s hand to his hip, L.Joe moaned again, clutching at him, rubbing eagerly over his skin.  The stroke of L.Joe’s tongue in his mouth was shy at first, then daring, and L.Joe’s needy squirming and noisy, humming moans turned him on.  Hooking his fingers in the guide loop on the back of the collar, he pulled L.Joe’s head back.  Gasping, L.Joe submitted, and he kissed L.Joe’s neck, sucking and biting as hard as he dared while L.Joe whimpered helplessly and moaned, “Please, Sehun-ah, please.”

            Swinging a leg over, he straddled his pet, smiling down at L.Joe’s parted lips and flushed cheeks, at the naked desire shining in L.Joe’s eyes.  “You want to wake up with a throat full of cock, don’t you, hyung?  You want to wake up gagging on it while I thrust in your mouth and rub my pubes in your face.”

            Panting up at him, L.Joe didn’t hesitate.  “Yes, Sehun-ah, yes, if it’s yours I would love it.”

            “Good.”  Releasing his hold on the collar, he ran his fingers over L.Joe’s cheekbone.  “Let’s practice.  Close your eyes and relax your mouth like you’re asleep.”

            Sehun loved having L.Joe in his room.  He loved seeing his pet in his territory, among his everyday things.  Sitting on the side of the bed, he rested his elbows on his knees, looking down, watching his pet.

            On the floor, naked in his collar, L.Joe kissed Sehun’s feet.  He left lingering, devoted kisses all over the tops of Sehun’s feet, trailed kisses around Sehun’s ankles, licked at Sehun’s toes.  There was no hesitation in him, no shame, only pleasure and adoration.  With happy moans and soft humming sounds, he lavished kisses upward, working his way up Sehun’s shins and calves.  Sometimes he progressed steadily; then he would meander for a moment, or backtrack to revisit a spot, going back down to kiss Sehun’s feet and ankles again.

            Moving into a crouch, he reached Sehun’s knees.  Panting, making those happy humming sounds, he tilted his head, trying to lick at the bend of Sehun’s knee, tongue flicking over the sensitive skin at the crook.  Leaning back, Sehun gave him room, and he brushed kisses up Sehun’s thighs, sucking here, licking there, taking his time.  He was unhurried in his obsession, taking pleasure in it, and he paused to nuzzle his face between Sehun’s thighs, rubbing his smooth cheek against Sehun’s skin.

            To give his pet more access, Sehun spread his thighs further apart.  His erection stood tall over L.Joe’s face, and L.Joe eyed it with naked hunger.  His pet’s devout need for him turned him on like nothing else, but he had enough self-control to wait.  To draw this out.  To resist immediate temptation for the larger payoff.  Gaze dropping to his balls, L.Joe made an impulsive move forward, then stopped with a lusting, impatient sound.  “Can I lick them?”

            Such a good pet.  “You follow the rules so well,” Sehun said, smiling.  “No, not yet.”

            With an aching moan, L.Joe lowered his head, kissing Sehun’s thighs again.  He returned to his fervent, tender work, kissing over the tops of Sehun’s thighs, over the sides, up toward Sehun’s ass and down to the knee again.  As he licked Sehun’s inner thighs, he moved higher and higher each time, more and more bold, coming closer and closer to Sehun’s pink, lightly furred sac.  His mouth hot and moist, he breathed quick, damp air against Sehun’s skin as he eyed Sehun’s balls.  There was yearning in his expression, and he seemed riveted, staring as he licked, his tongue painting fervent lines on Sehun’s legs as he fixated on Sehun’s crotch.

            Finally, he was as close as he could get without making contact, his face in Sehun’s groin, his breath fanning over Sehun’s balls, his lips parted.  “Sehun-ah?  Please, Sehun-ah, may I lick them?”

            He’d already said no, but he didn’t want to discourage begging.  Actually, L.Joe’s begging was the highlight of his day.  To hear more of it, to draw this out, loving the game, he asked, “Why should I let you?”

            “I want to taste you,” L.Joe said urgently.  He moved onto his knees now, shifting restlessly between Sehun’s legs.  “I want to feel you in my mouth.”  His cock stood erect, bobbing slightly as he moved, but instead of fondling himself, he put his hands on Sehun, dragging his fingers over Sehun’s thighs, rubbing his palms over Sehun’s calves.  His mouth was busy, hungry; he licked his lips, nibbled at his lips, his gaze darting from Sehun’s groin up to Sehun’s eyes and down again.  “Please, Sehun-ah, please, I need you, I want it, please, please.”  He kissed Sehun’s thighs, whispering, “Please, please.  Please.”

            When Sehun heard the fervent, desperate tone he loved so much, he smiled.  “Okay.  You can have them.”

            With a lunge, L.Joe was there, his tongue snaking over Sehun’s balls.  Moaning happily, he sucked them into his mouth, first one side, then the other, his lips tenderly surrounding Sehun’s sac.  His feverish desire was evident in his greedy moves and enthusiastic moaning, and as he sucked he closed his eyes, his moans noisy, his smiles ecstatic.  When Sehun’s cock brushed his cheek, he whimpered joyously, his eyes rolling back in his head, and Sehun slid both hands into his hair, too turned on to sit passively, needing to control him.

            His pet’s hair was soft, so soft, and he pawed through it, feeling the strands slip through his fingers.  Getting a firm grip, he guided L.Joe’s head to his hip.  Unquestioningly obedient, L.Joe licked along the line of his pelvis.  To turn L.Joe even farther from his cock, from the prize, he pushed L.Joe’s head down his thigh.

            “Sehun-ah, mmmm, Sehun-ah,” L.Joe panted happily, kissing his thigh, sucking lightly, going wherever he directed.  The more his cock ached, the more he wanted the satisfaction of L.Joe’s mouth on his cock, the more he tested himself, denied himself, running his fingers through L.Joe’s hair and bringing L.Joe closer, then farther away again, then closer, sometimes letting L.Joe lick his balls, sometimes not, thwarting and tempting them both.

            As L.Joe’s need for him built, as L.Joe’s desperation hung in the air with every whimper and moan, Sehun felt more and more powerful, more important.  He was the sum of L.Joe’s desires, the center of L.Joe’s world, in command of L.Joe’s actions and dictating L.Joe’s pleasure.  God, it was such a rush.  Staring down as L.Joe lavished feverishly adoring kisses on his thighs, he felt high on his own sexual power.  L.Joe didn’t just adore him, L.Joe adored him happily, eagerly.  If he stopped everything right now, this second, and the most satisfying contact L.Joe got was that one brush against his cock, L.Joe would leave with a radiant glow.

            “Such a good pet,” Sehun said, proud of him, aching with the need for more of him.  “That’s it, take as much as you want.”  Praising and encouraging, Sehun steered him back up, and he bathed Sehun’s balls with his tongue.  He was so ready to worship, so enthusiastic in his need, that every interaction with him was rewarding, every part of their time together an erotic thrill.  L.Joe was Sehun’s fantasy come true, and fuck, he knew what he was doing with his mouth.

            Groaning as L.Joe sucked on his heavy, aching balls, Sehun kept a grip on L.Joe’s hair and took his cock in his other hand.  Holding L.Joe’s face steady, he rubbed his cock over L.Joe’s cheek.  Ooohhh, yes, the contact felt incredible, and as L.Joe sucked more fervently, he dragged his erection back and forth across L.Joe’s face.  With muffled moans, L.Joe squirmed between his legs, and he pulled on L.Joe’s hair, just to cause a little pain, just because he could, just because he wanted L.Joe so intensely that he wanted to heighten the experience for L.Joe, too.

            Whimpering around his balls, L.Joe drooled on his sac, hands fluttering over his calves.  When he pulled L.Joe’s face up, bouncing his cock off of L.Joe’s chin, L.Joe gasped.  “Please, Sehun-ah, please, your cock, let me blow you, please.”

            He was impatient to get his cock in that greedy, sexy mouth, but he forced himself to delay, testing himself, exerting control.  “My pet,” he murmured.  Lightly, he ran his fingers over L.Joe’s reddened lips, caressing around L.Joe’s mouth, tempting himself.  That hungry, vulnerable mouth.  Those sweet, soft lips.  “Maybe I’ll let you suck it a little.  Are you sure?  Do you need to suck it?”

            “Yes!”  L.Joe tried to lick his fingers, tongue snaking out, but he moved his hand away at the last second.  Whimpering, L.Joe squirmed, rubbing his thighs.  “Please, Sehun-ah, I need it, I have to suck it, please.  It’s so hard, please, I keep thinking about it, how it tastes, what it feels like in my mouth, it feels so good, I need it, please, Sehun-ah.”  With a broken, mewling sound, L.Joe rubbed into his hand, hair soft against his palm.  “I have to suck it again, I need to kiss it, I need to lick it, please, please.”  Unable to hold still, L.Joe whimpered again, eyes closing, teeth bared.  “Please, Sehun-ah, please let me have it.  You’re so hard, so hard, please, I need it.”

            Devoted sincerity like that deserved to be rewarded.  “Okay, hyung.  I’ll let you kiss it,” Sehun decided, petting his hair.  “And lick it.  But don’t suck it.”

            With a fervent, “Thank you, Sehun-ah,” L.Joe dove for it.  A passionate orgy of licking ensued in Sehun’s lap as L.Joe’s tongue traveled every inch of his erection.  From head to base, L.Joe’s mouth adored it all with feverish kisses and licks, making him groan.

            For long minutes, L.Joe would slow down, tormenting Sehun, lingering over the head, his exquisite mouth bestowing long, loving kisses, his tongue dragging hotly over Sehun’s tight, sensitive skin.  Then he’d speed up, his tongue flicking around the base, taking tours up and down the shaft, his mouth quick and busy as if he wanted to claim as much of his prize as he could before it was taken from him.

            To remind himself that he had other goals, to remind himself not to come like this, Sehun took L.Joe’s hand from his thigh.  Picking up the bottle he’d set out, he squirted lube into L.Joe’s hand.  “Get yourself open and ready, hyung.  I want to use my favorite fuckhole.”

            Panting, L.Joe moaned against Sehun’s erection.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.  Oh, oh god, god, oohhh.”  He shuddered as he fingered himself.

“Ah, unh,” it felt too good.  The feel of his hot, wet mouth and the sight of his wiry body squirming as he teased himself open was too much all at once, and Sehun said, “Off,” in a tense, low voice.

“Oh, ooohh, mmmmm, Sehun-ah.”  Burying his face in the bend where Sehun’s leg met groin, he whimpered, his own two shiny, wet fingers rubbing in and out of his asshole.  His hips jerked as he fucked himself, his body in constant motion, and he nuzzled against Sehun’s pelvis, nipped at Sehun’s thigh, groaned like his need was agony.

Wanting to see more, loving the delicious blend of uninhibited desperation and shyness, Sehun cupped his chin, tilting his face up.  His cheeks were red, his expression pinched, and he tried to turn his face away.  Sehun’s grip tightened, forcing him to hold still, and he whispered, “Please, please,” biting his lip as he bucked, screwing himself down onto his fingers.

Reckless, testing his own limits, Sehun said, “On,” and let go.  In a flash, L.Joe was on his cock, tongue slipping over the head, licking up pre-cum.  Groaning, he fisted his hands in the sheet, clinging to self-control, while L.Joe’s clever, hungry tongue stroked his tall, throbbing erection.

“Yes, yes, mmmmhhhh, Sehun-ah, oh.”  Up and down the shaft with soft, animal grunts, L.Joe pushed Sehun’s self-restraint right to the edge.  His hips moved rhythmically now as he bounced his ass against his own hand, lube dripping on the floor.

Now, now, it had to be now.  “On the bed,” Sehun ordered.  The words came out sharply, a rough command, and L.Joe scrambled upward ecstatically, matching Sehun’s tension with his own glee.

On all fours, L.Joe lowered his face to the mattress, rubbing his nose against Sehun’s sheets and inhaling with joyful, feral grunts.  Humming with joy, he wriggled with anticipation as Sehun moved in behind him and spread him open.  “Come when you want.”  Not wasting any more time on words, Sehun thrust into him, driving deep.  L.Joe howled out a wild sound, “Aaahhh-oooh-ohhhh-oh,” and hearing it only sped Sehun’s pace.

Sehun fucked him fast, mercilessly, hammering into him roughly.  Every hard, savage thrust only made Sehun more fired up for the next, and L.Joe writhed in squealing torment, rocked by Sehun’s rhythm and begging in breathless, incoherent syllables.  As Sehun pounded that hot little tunnel over and over again, flying to new heights of ecstasy, there were primal, desperate cries as L.Joe came and then came again.

There was nothing so fulfilling, so rewarding, so sexually goddamned glorious as fucking his pet, and Sehun threw his head back as he came, crying out in triumph.  “Yes, oh, oh, yes!  Ah!  Yes!”  As he shoved his cock in deep one last time, he shuddered, feeling bright, sexual bliss explode through him in an electric shower.  Yes, ooohh, oh, that was it, that was all of it, that was everything.

With a drawn-out, satisfied, “Whoooooo,” he dropped over L.Joe’s back.  He was smushing his pet, but that was his right, and it felt good, felt so good to collapse against his pet’s hot, sated body.  Under him, L.Joe hummed and wriggled, and he stroked L.Joe’s side, burying his nose in L.Joe’s hair and closing his eyes.

Breathless, panting, “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

Everything about that moment was perfect.

            “Mmm.”  Sehun’s fingers slipped into his mouth, and he relaxed his jaw, closing his eyes as contentment sang through him.  He loved it when Sehun touched him anywhere, everywhere.  He soaked up Sehun’s attention like it gave him life.  “You have such a sexy mouth,” Sehun said.  The praise excited him, but it pleased him so much that it soothed him, too, and he felt himself relax.  He was on the floor, on his knees, with his hands behind his back, and as Sehun caressed the inside of his mouth he felt his muscles unknot.  “And such sexy teeth.  You have the sexiest teeth I’ve ever seen.”

            It might have been an unusual compliment, but he’d pleased Sehun, and that was all that mattered.  His ass still stung from his spanking, and he shifted his weight, feeling sweet happiness drift through him as Sehun stroked the roof of his mouth.  He was glad, happy, excited and deeply thrilled, to be touched any way that Sehun wanted to touch him.  Every part of him, every inch, belonged to Sehun; Sehun could please or hurt or ignore him however Sehun wanted to.

            “Does your ass hurt?”  Slipping his fingers out again, Sehun wiped them on L.Joe’s shoulder.

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.”

            “Good.”  Sehun’s hand stroked through his hair, petting him affectionately.  “It’s really red.”

            Sehun sounded distinctly pleased about that.  L.Joe blushed, squirming, glad to have made Sehun happy.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

            Sehun’s chuckle was deep and warm.  “Hyung.  What are you thanking me for?”

            For so much.  For everything.  “For spanking me.”  He didn’t know how to explain how grateful he was for anything and everything that Sehun did to him.  Whether it was for his pleasure or for Sehun’s sexual satisfaction, whether it sated him or challenged him or hurt him, whatever it was, he was giddy by the time it was over.  Sehun’s attention was everything to him.  The way Sehun dominated and controlled him was a constant, unrelenting source of excitement and ecstasy.

            “You’re welcome, hyung.”  Sehun tugged lightly at his hair, pulling his head up and lowering it again, turning his face idly from side to side.  “My pet needs so much discipline.  But it’s important for you to be rewarded and for us to play some friendly games sometimes, too.”  Releasing his hair, Sehun took a step back.  His gaze wandered up from Sehun’s feet as far as Sehun’s firm, taut abdomen before dipping to Sehun’s underpants.  He spent a lot of time on his knees staring at Sehun’s crotch.  Sometimes he dreamed about it.  “Before I spank you again-”

            L.Joe started.  Again?!

            “-let’s relax for a few minutes.”  Sehun walked away, feet disappearing from his view.  It took him a moment to refocus his gaze and look over; Sehun was crawling into his bed.  Seeing his owner on his bed always did funny, fluttery, nervous things to his gut.  Shifting his weight again, he licked his lips, wondering what Sehun wanted.  He didn’t care if his ass hurt or not; he’d be over there begging Sehun to fuck him in a heartbeat.  “Come here, hyung,” Sehun said with a casual, imperious snap of the fingers.

            Lowering himself to all fours, L.Joe crawled across his floor, his reddened ass high in the air.  Later, after Sehun left, he’d think back to crawling around and being spanked and being tied up and all of the rest of it and burn with excited, flustered shame, but for now it felt good, felt comfortable and right.  It always felt good to do what Sehun wanted from him.  He was proud of himself when he did the right things and remembered his instructions.  His role was simple - - to obey - - and that simplicity was reassuring.  Obedience was freeing.

            “Up here,” Sehun said, tugging on his collar.

            Up there?  On the bed?  There wasn’t room for him.  Unless “up here” meant “on Sehun.”  He wanted to hesitate, to ask for clarification, but instead he trusted in Sehun and submitted to the pull at his collar.  Following where Sehun guided him, he climbed up onto the bed and settled gingerly on all fours over Sehun, carefully not making contact.

            “Relax.”  Sehun ran his fingers around the edge of L.Joe’s collar while he tucked his other hand beneath his head.  His hair was blond, while the hair under his arm was black.  It was a fascinating contrast.  It shouldn’t have been - - L.Joe usually had the same difference - - but everything was automatically more interesting than usual when it came to Sehun.  “Look at me.”

            He was already looking.  He couldn’t help but stare.  Or…  Hesitantly, biting his lip, L.Joe raised his gaze.  Above the neck.  To Sehun’s face.

            God, Sehun.

            Blushing, he looked away again.

            “If I have to repeat myself, I’m going to spank you on Chunji hyung’s bed.”

            No!  Not over there, no, he couldn’t take that.  Hurriedly, he looked up again, meeting Sehun’s eyes.  He wanted to flinch away, but he made himself hold steady.

            It was hard to look at Sehun, sometimes.  It was a lot to take in.  The more he looked, the more real Sehun was to him.  And then he had to confront the reality that Sehun was a real person, a regular person, some spoiled hoobae, some cocky dongsaeng, just some young guy, that the man he begged and drooled on and humiliated himself for wasn’t some commanding, mythic figure but just a random dude.  It messed with his mind badly; it was easier not to examine it too much.

            And Sehun meant a lot to him.  His owner was the master and commander of his sexual world.  Sehun was beautiful to him.  It could be hard to look directly at all of those handsome lines.  From feet to eyebrows, Sehun was so chic, so perfect, that L.Joe hurt inside sometimes just being near him.

            So it was easier to be on his knees with his gaze lowered.  Easier to hide his face against Sehun’s thigh or stay facedown with Sehun behind him.

            “Down,” Sehun said, rubbing his back and pushing down on his hips.  Obediently, he lowered himself, sinking down onto Sehun’s body.  Then Sehun tugged at his collar, and he slid upward along Sehun.  When Sehun was finished positioning him, he was reclining on top of Sehun with his head on his hand, gazing down into Sehun’s face.  “You can touch,” Sehun said.  “From the neck up.”

            He was allowed to touch.  Sehun wanted him to look.  Embarrassed, overwhelmed, L.Joe dropped his gaze to Sehun’s neck.  If it was okay to touch, then he wanted to touch; he was eager for it.  But he didn’t know how to make it sexy or pleasing.  Would that be okay?  “You’re so handsome,” he confessed.  His free hand stroked along the curve of Sehun’s narrow jaw down to the point of Sehun’s firm chin.

            Sehun smiled.  “I know.”  He sounded so young and carefree that L.Joe laughed.  His smiles were always such a wonderful surprise.  His natural expression was so cold, L.Joe loved how his smiles lit up his face.

            Wishing that he’d been given permission to kiss, L.Joe touched lightly at Sehun’s lips, just brushing against the edges.  Such a pretty little pink mouth.  It almost looked prim, but L.Joe knew how very wonderfully obscene it could be.

            As Sehun rubbed his back with one hand, up and down the line of his spine, he caressed Sehun’s soft cheeks and angular cheekbones.  He stroked Sehun’s eyebrows and ran his fingers through Sehun’s thick hair.

            “What do you think?” Sehun asked.  “On a scale of…Niel to Chunji hyung, how am I?”

            “Three Chunjis,” he said, and Sehun laughed.

            “Three!  I’m going to tell him that you said that.”

            “He’ll kill me.”

            “Wait.”  Sehun’s tone was so relaxed and easygoing and inviting that it tricked L.Joe into complacency, and he looked directly into Sehun’s eyes.  The force of Sehun’s charisma and handsomeness and personality and Sehun-ness hit him like a punch in the gut, and he exhaled helplessly, involuntarily.  When Sehun smiled at him, his mind swam, his thoughts dissolving into incoherent blather.  God, Sehun.  “Are you putting Niel on the top or the bottom?”

            Sehun wanted to talk to him, so he had to provide conversation.  Kicking his brain back into gear, he said, “Niel’s on the bottom.  He was cast for his voice, not his looks.”

            No one should look so handsome and so comically puzzled at the same time.  How did he manage to be so handsome and so cute at once?  God, L.Joe’s owner was a maknae.  “Wasn’t Chunji hyung cast for his voice?”

            “No, he’s the visual.  His voice was just a bonus.”  L.Joe’s heart pounded in his chest.  In the hollow of his gut, butterflies took flight as he gazed into Sehun’s eyes.  Such calm, happy brown eyes.  So steady and direct.  God, Sehun possessed such confidence.

            Sehun’s hand stroked up his spine again, and if Sehun hadn’t already owned him, that smile would have won him over completely and irrevocably.  “Why’d they cast you?”

            He blushed, wincing.  Normally he’d lie or make a joke, but he had to be honest with Sehun.  “Andy hyung thought that I would be a good employee and take direction well.”

            Sehun’s eyes widened in disbelief.  “They cast you because you’re…”

            He bit his lip, lowering his gaze.  Yeah.  He was obedient.  Submissive.  Loyal.  Malleable.

            Sehun laughed, then stroked his jaw.  “That was smart.  Companies always want the idols who follow orders and don’t cause trouble.”

            He was still embarrassed, but he was relieved that Sehun wasn’t making fun of him.  Sehun made it sound normal and sensible, and he was grateful for that.  When Sehun brushed his bangs out of his eyes, he looked up again, meeting Sehun’s gaze.

            Sehun smiled at him again, and his heart flipped over, his chest full of foolish yearning.  “When they hired you as a model employee, did they realize how often you were going to take a flying kick at your members?”

            He smiled, bashful.  “No, that came later.”  As he drank in the sight of Sehun, his focus returned to Sehun’s pretty little mouth.  “Sehun-ah?”

            Sehun was toying with his hair, combing through it.  He loved it when Sehun touched him like this, just for the sake of touching him.  “Yes, hyung?”

            “Can I kiss you?  Please?”


            Fascinated by the tilt of Sehun’s nose, he ran his finger down the bridge of it.

            “You can kiss me,” Sehun said.  “But if you do, you’ll get spanked five extra times for every kiss.”

            Five?  When his ass was already sore?  As he contemplated being spanked again, the sting seemed to deepen.

            But he could kiss Sehun.  He loved kissing Sehun.  He’d crawl to anywhere and back, no matter where he was sent, just for a brush of his owner’s lips.

            He cringed at the thought of extra punishment.  But he could endure anything for Sehun.  Closing his eyes, he pressed his lips to Sehun’s.

            Sehun’s fingers slid across his throat, beneath his collar.  Softly, Sehun’s lips parted under his.  As a low, grateful moan escaped him, he licked delicately over Sehun’s lower lip.  When the tip of his tongue dipped between Sehun’s lips, Sehun’s tongue stroked out to meet him, and they moaned together, Sehun’s body shifting sinuously under his in a ripple of lean muscle.

            If he was permitted to kiss Sehun, he wanted to get as much from it as he could.  He stayed there, lingering over the softness of Sehun’s lips, shuddering happily at the caress of Sehun’s tongue, nibbling tenderly, for as long as Sehun would let him.  And then Sehun tilted just enough to break the kiss.

            Bold, daring, he went back for more, kissing Sehun again.

            “That’s ten,” Sehun said, and L.Joe knew that he meant it, knew that he would follow through on it.  Sehun nipped at him lightly, tongue flickering over his lips.  “Don’t do it again unless you want fifteen.”

            He couldn’t help himself.  “I want as much as you can give me,” he whispered, and he kissed Sehun again.

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