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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            A door slammed.

            “Don’t slam doors!” Suho’s voice called from somewhere else in the dorm.

            From his spot on the floor, D.O. glanced from one face to another, wondering if anyone knew what was going on.

            “What’s that about?” Baekhyun asked, sitting up straighter on the couch.

            “Luhan hyung and Xiumin hyung,” Chen said.  Slouching in the other corner of the couch, he laced his fingers across his stomach.  Sehun had an arm around him and was idly stroking his hair.  They looked really comfortable.  It was getting pretty late, and just watching them made D.O. want to snuggle in between them and take a nap.  Then again, he was pretty content where he was, with a sleepy Kai slumped across his lap.  He yawned.  “They’re having a fight.  Something about the U-Kiss hyungs.”

            “So stupid,” Kai muttered under his breath.  D.O. smiled down at him.  Kai was always frustrated by Xiumin and Luhan’s fights, because he thought that they shouldn’t be together in the first place.  Xiumin wanted an open relationship; Luhan didn’t but insisted that he was okay with it.  They’d be fine for a while, and then Luhan would get jealous and start a fight, and Xiumin would be irritated, and Luhan would make everyone’s life hell, and then they’d get over it and things would be calm for a while until Luhan got jealous again.  Kai said that everything would be fine if Luhan would just relax and understand that it was just sex; D.O. thought that it wouldn’t hurt if Xiumin screwed around less.

            “Not it,” Sehun said.

            “Not it,” D.O. threw out quickly.  When Luhan quarreled with Xiumin, he came around to the other members for consolation.  D.O. was really not interested in reassuring him, emotionally or sexually, right now.

            “I called ‘not it’ getting out of the car.  I saw this coming an hour ago,” Kai said.

            Suddenly looking more awake, Chen stared at Baekhyun, who stared back.  There was a moment of silence, and then they both said, “Not it!  Not it!  I said it first!  Not it!”  They stared at each other in consternation.  “Ya!”

            “Let Kris hyung handle it,” Sehun suggested.  “It’s his responsibility, isn’t it?”

            Fingering Kai’s hair, D.O. nodded at that.  Suho had designated Kris their leader when it came to sex.  His primary task was to keep them supplied with condoms and lube, but he also settled the odd little disputes which popped up once in a while.

            “What’s Luhan hyung going to do with Kris hyung?” Kai asked.

            “If Luhan hyung doesn’t want him, I’ll take him,” Baekhyun offered with a wink.

            D.O. rolled his eyes and yawned again.

            “Tired?” Kai asked.  Turning onto his back, he smiled up at D.O.; his eyes were lively with interest.  “Want to go to bed early?”

            D.O. nodded.  Grinning, Kai got up and pulled him up, too.  “Night,” he told the others.

            “Night,” Chen said.

            While D.O. headed for the door, Kai hung back for a moment.  “Chen hyung, do you want to, after?”

            D.O. glanced back.  Chen nodded and smiled.  “Sure.”

            Kai grinned and kind of rolled his hips, then hurried after D.O., bright-eyed and quick-footed.  Taking his hand, D.O. took him into the room they shared with Sehun.

            They undressed each other easily.  Kai wasn’t horny enough to rush it tonight, and D.O. was glad.  It was always so much better when they got into it slowly, when they took their time and enjoyed each stage of it.  When he was down to his underwear and Kai was naked, they crawled into bed together, kissing, touching.  He loved making out with Kai, loved how warm and soft Kai’s skin was, loved how smooth and muscular Kai’s body was.  Loved, loved, loved the easy, graceful way Kai moved, undulating so sinuously against him.

            Kai was really turned on now, making little growling-panting noises into their kisses, grinding against him.  Kai’s sexual intensity gave him an exhilarating rush of pleasure, and he moaned, shuddering with desire.  He always got a thrill from Kai’s raw sexual heat, the sinuous rolling of Kai’s hips, the enthusiastic way Kai sought and shared pleasure.  “Uhhhh, yeah,” Kai breathed, squeezing his thigh.  “Want you so much.”

            D.O. felt really, really good about what they were doing, but he didn’t want to do more tonight.  Kai very much did want more, though, and soon they were at the point where Kai needed things D.O. wasn’t going to give.  Tonight, Kai was the first one to break away, and that was one of the things D.O. liked best about him, one of the reasons their relationship worked so well: it wasn’t always D.O. saying no and turning Kai away.  Kai knew where the boundaries were, and respected them on his own without always pushing and insisting on more.

            “Unh, god, you always get me so hot,” Kai said, on all fours over him, lingering to kiss him again, to stroke his side.  “Sleep well.”

            Kai’s caresses felt so good, D.O. let his eyes slip shut, inhaling slowly on a soft, happy moan, enjoying the way pleasure simmered and shimmered through him.  “Mmm, you too.” 

            “I’ll fuck Chen hyung in his room so we won’t bother you.”

            “Mmm.  Okay.”  Sometimes he liked to be near, to watch or listen, but he didn’t care tonight; he’d rather sleep.  Opening his eyes again, he kissed Kai.  “Enjoy it.”

            Flushed, happy, Kai smiled, looking so delighted and lascivious at the same time that D.O. smiled back.  “I always do.”

            “So annoying,” Luhan muttered, scowling.  He plucked angrily at Chanyeol’s sheets.  “It’s always like this.  I don’t care who he has sex with, I don’t care what he does.  Do you think I care?” he demanded, staring at Chanyeol with sudden fire.  “Do you think that it matters to me?”

            “Uh.”  Chanyeol swallowed and wished that someone else would walk into the room.  Didn’t they live with ten other members?  Didn’t anyone else want to interrupt?  “I guess it seems like it sort of annoys you,” he said carefully, sitting on Tao’s bed.

            “I don’t care!  Why would I care?” Luhan demanded.  “I screw other guys, too, right?  Why would it bother me?”

            “Yeah,” Chanyeol said.  “That’s a good point.”  He didn’t mention that the “other guys” Luhan had sex with were almost always just the other members, and that didn’t really count.

            “Oh, come on.  Which other guys?” a voice asked.  Relieved, Chanyeol turned his head happily to see Sehun in the doorway.  It was about time!

            “What about Key sunbaenim?” Luhan asked.  “What about the other Shinee sunbaes, the Super Junior sunbaes?”

            “Key sunbaenim was how long ago?” Sehun asked.  “Does that really count anymore?”

            Maybe it would be better if Sehun went away.  What was he doing, trying to piss Luhan off more?  Trying to make it worse?  “Of course it counts,” Chanyeol said hurriedly.  He tried to shoot Sehun a “shut up and help me” look, but Sehun just kept giving Luhan a flat, challenging look and wouldn’t glance at him.

            “I’m not the one with the problem,” Luhan snapped, glaring at Sehun.  “Xiumin’s the one with the problem.  Talk to him.”

            “Yeah?” Sehun asked, resting his shoulder against the doorjamb.  “What’s his problem?”

            Luhan rolled his eyes, curled his lip, and generally looked so disgusted that Chanyeol wanted to laugh at him.

            Clearing his throat, Chanyeol tried to look solemn and attentive.  He widened his eyes a little to help him focus on not smiling.

            “He thinks that Kevin sunbae likes him.”

            “What?”  Chanyeol hadn’t expected that.  “U-Kiss’ Kevin?  Woo Kevin sunbaenim?”

            “That…  What?” Sehun asked, leaning forward and blinking, turning his head like he hadn’t quite heard that.

            “Xiumin thinks that Kevin sunbae likes him,” Luhan repeated impatiently.  “He was bragging about it until I told him to shut up.  Does it matter who likes him when he’s with me?”

            “It’s flattering,” Chanyeol said.  “If it’s true.”

            “Why would it be true?” Sehun asked.

            “Ya!”  Luhan hurled Chanyeol’s pillow at Sehun, who agilely ducked just in time.  “A lot of people like Xiumin!  What’s not to like?!”

            It was kind of cute, how defensive and protective Luhan was on Xiumin’s behalf.  Chanyeol had to give it to him; he was loyal.  “It’s probably just a misunderstanding,” Chanyeol said.  “You’re right, Xiumin’s with you, and that’s all that matters.  He knows that, right?  He understands.”

            Luhan turned his disgusted look on Chanyeol now, which seemed really unfair, until he said, “You’re only trying to smooth things over so you won’t have to be bothered with trying to get out of having sex with me.”

            Chanyeol didn’t really have a sincere argument against that, so he just tried to look innocent.

            “Screw you,” Luhan said, getting up.

            Oh, wait!  He’d totally just thought of a response.  “But, hyung, I care about you and Xiumin hyung,” Chanyeol said as Luhan walked across the room.  “I want you to be happy together.”

            “Kiss my ass,” Luhan told him.  “Sehun-ah, come to my room.”  He gazed directly into Sehun’s eyes, his hand on Sehun’s waist.

            Sehun sighed, his expression resistant.  “Do I have to?”

            “Fuck you,” Luhan said very clearly, and brushed past him.

            Another sigh; Sehun said, “Wait, hyung, I didn’t mean it.”  Luhan was already gone.  “Shit,” he told Chanyeol, and he hurried after Luhan.

            Chanyeol waited a moment.  When no one came back in, he smiled contentedly and stretched out on the bed, arms behind his head, crossing his ankles and wiggling his toes.

            Tao walked in and looked at his bed.  Looked at Chanyeol’s bed.  Looked at his own bed again.  “What are you doing?”  He grinned, eyes sparkling.  “Want to screw?”

            He hadn’t planned on it or anything, but, “Sure.”  Any time Tao was up for it, Chanyeol was ready.

            Pulling his shirt off over his head, Tao approached the bed.

            In the kitchen, Baekhyun counted members on his fingers.  Starting from the maknae, Sehun was with Luhan.  Kai was with Chen.  Tao was with Chanyeol.  D.O. was asleep.  Chanyeol was - - right, with Tao, and he’d already accounted for Chen, too.  And Luhan.  Skipping over Suho, that left Lay, Kris, and Xiumin.


            Now he just had to get to Kris before Xiumin did.  Hurrying across the dorm, he peeked into his room to make sure that his bed was available.  Suho was in one bed, reading; Chen and Kai were tangled-snuggled up together in the other bed, asleep.

            Ugh, it was always so awkward having sex in front of Suho.  He checked Kris’ bedroom instead.  Two empty beds; Tao and Chanyeol still going at it in the third.  Chanyeol was on his back, head hanging over the edge of the bed, eyes glazed with pleasure, panting encouragement to Tao; Tao was on top, sitting up, riding Chanyeol’s cock, rising and falling in long, plunging strokes, chin up, eyes closed, Tao’s long, stiff cock bobbing and leaking as he fucked himself on Chanyeol’s erection.

            Licking his lips, Baekhyun closed the door.  Images of Tao’s cock distracted him from his mission, and for a moment he just stood there, one hand on the doorknob, debating going back in there.  His thumb rubbed the smooth, metal curve of the doorknob as he thought about stripping down and joining them, thought about sucking Tao off while Chanyeol fucked Tao, Tao’s cock sliding between his lips, the head bumping against the back of his throat.  He thought about climbing on top of Chanyeol, thought about sliding down that greased pole, thought about rocking his hips until Chanyeol’s erection hit just the right spot on every thrust.  Yeah, he could definitely-

            “Playing gatekeeper?” Kris asked from behind him.  “Can I get in?”

            Kris.  Pivoting, Baekhyun smiled up at him.  “Duizhang.”

            Kris raised his eyebrows.  “Do I have to pay?”

            “You don’t want to go in there.  They’re busy.  Noisy.  Come to my room, they’re sleeping.”

            “I just want to go to sleep,” Kris said.

            Baekhyun refused to be deterred.  “Let’s get off first.  I’m tired, too, we’ll be quick.”

            Kris shrugged, then nodded.  “Let’s do it in here,” he suggested, tilting his head toward his door.

            Hmm.  Actually, that was a great idea.  The extra sexual buzz in the room might give Kris some energy.  “Great,” Baekhyun said, enjoying the pressure of Kris’ hand on his hip as he opened the door.

            As soon as they were in, Tao opened his eyes.  “You,” he said to Baekhyun.  “Can I borrow him?” he asked Kris.

            “After I’m finished,” Kris said, steering Baekhyun toward the bed.

            “Ugh, came so hard.  I’m dead,” Chanyeol groaned, rubbing his hands over his face as Tao climbed off of him.

            “Hyung, you should do him on his hands and knees,” Tao suggested as Kris began to undress.  “Blow me?” he asked Baekhyun.

            Like he could say no when Tao’s long, red cock was pointing right at him like that.  “Yeah,” he said, his mouth already watering, need humming between his thighs.  “Yeah, okay.”  Eager to get started, eager to get cock in him, he stripped quickly, dropping his clothes on the floor and climbing onto Kris’ bed.

            “Nice,” Kris said, palming his ass.  “Give me the lube.”

            Tao tossed the lube and knelt at the head of the bed.  Baekhyun licked his lips, letting the anticipation simmer, as Tao’s cock jutted right in his face.  God, he loved taking it from both ends, especially from big, good-looking cocks like theirs.  His back arched, his hips tilting as Kris’ lube-wet fingers circled, pushing into his ass.  The stretch felt so good that he moaned as his tongue met the satin heat of Tao’s cockhead.

            Tao was still rock hard, and Baekhyun savored his treat, licking and sucking the head while jacking Tao’s erection with a slow, twisting motion.

            The feel of Kris’s cock pressing against him made him squirm a little until Kris gripped his hips in both hands and pushed all the way inside him in one deep, searing stroke.  “Ahh, yes.”  Kris was already finding a rhythm.  “So good, unh.”  Pleasure rolled and popped though his body from Kris’ rough, insistent thrusts.

            “Baekhyun hyung,” Tao said insistently, waving his dick a little, rubbing the leaking head against Baekhyun’s mouth.  Moaning, loving it, Baekhyun swallowed Tao’s dick all the way to the base and began to suck in earnest.  He set his pace to match Kris’s, bobbing his head, sucking down when Kris thrust in and pulling all the way to the head when Kris pulled out.  His whole body rocked back and forth with the force of each thrust.

            Tao was moaning high and loud like he was about to come, a familiar sound.  Baekhyun jacked his dick quickly, wanting it.  “Come on, let me taste it, shoot it for me.”  Tao whimpered, hand tense on Baekhyun’s shoulder.

            “Yeah,” Kris said, pushing into Baekhyun with deep, hammering thrusts.  Shuddering, bucking, Tao came with a sharp cry, hips jerking forward and then pulling back as he spurted, squirting down Baekhyun’s throat before splattering across Baekhyun’s lips.

            While Baekhyun was still moaning, still swallowing Tao’s cum, Kris pulled out and rolled him onto his back.  “Oooohh, yeah,” he panted, licking Tao’s bitter, gooey jizz from his lips while Kris lifted his legs.  The thick slide as Kris pushed back in felt incredible, and he ran his hands over Kris’s sides, tugging Kris closer to his body.  Pumping faster now, Kris lay on top of him, heavy and warm, pressing him into the mattress, fucking him hard, just the way he liked it.

            Moaning, Baekhyun gripped Kris’ ass in both hands, trying to pull Kris deeper, fireworks sparking through him, sizzling and popping.  Kris groaned against his neck and muttered, “Shit, Baekhyun-ah, you feel so good,” and he was so turned on that it sent him right over the edge.  With a yelp of relief, he came, gasping and writhing under the weight of Kris’ body.

            He was still catching his breath a few thrusts later when Kris came, too, yelling suddenly, sounding surprised.  Relaxing while Kris moaned in satisfaction, he smiled.  It was always nice to get a good, deep pounding from both ends.

            The overhead light was off; Chanyeol was snoring while Tao texted in the other bed.  Content, Baekhyun stayed right where he was, under Kris who was already breathing steadily, face pressed into the pillow near his ear.  Smiling, Baekhyun rubbed Kris’ back and shifted a little bit to get more comfortable.  “You’ve worked hard, Duizhang.”

            Luhan nuzzled the back of Xiumin’s neck, then remembered that he wasn’t in bed with Xiumin.  This was Sehun.

            Disappointed, he wrapped his arm around Sehun.  He didn’t regret having sex with, or waking up with, Sehun - - he’d never regretted that - - but he wished that he and Xiumin weren’t fighting.  Such a stupid argument.  Such a stupid boyfriend.  He hated feeling like he wasn’t enough for Xiumin, like he was lacking, because he was terrific, and he knew it, and he knew that Xiumin knew it.  He was a great guy and a great boyfriend.  Why wasn’t that enough?

            Hurt, disgruntled, he sat up.  Sehun slept on, white hair tousled messily.  Luhan felt grateful to him, was glad to have such a good friend.  Sehun had talked to him until he’d calmed down, had stayed all night.  Like always, Sehun had been there for him, had given him what he’d needed.

            Rubbing sleep out of his eyes, he finally looked up - - and noticed Xiumin sitting grumpily, sleepily, in the next bed.  Xiumin looked lost and alone and frustrated, dressed in a gray T-shirt and gray underpants, hair spiked in all directions like a confused hedgehog.

            “Hey,” Luhan said, surprised.  Why was he there, and not in Kris’ room or something?  Why did he look so unhappy?  Luhan was the upset one; wasn’t Xiumin the one who had tons of hot guys after his ass?

            “Hey,” Xiumin said quietly.  His smile was rueful.  “I’m sorry about yesterday.”

            Oh.  “Yeah.”  Luhan was, too.  Sorry for some of what he’d said and maybe - - maybe - - a little - - for some of how he’d acted.  He was also sorry that Xiumin couldn’t be content with him and had to shove other guys in his face.  He didn’t care who Xiumin had sex with or when or how or how often or any of it, but he wasn’t going to cheer and applaud when Xiumin tried to make it about more than just sex.  He was okay with it because it wasn’t personal, because sex was fun, an activity, body parts, and their relationship was something else, something bigger than that.  But if what Xiumin did with other guys wasn’t just sex, if it started to become something larger, if it started to pull Xiumin away from him and into relationships with other guys, then fuck that.  No, he wasn’t okay with it, and he wasn’t going to let it happen without a fight.

            “I.  Uh.”  Xiumin’s smile was helpless and self-deprecating.  His gaze wandered the room before coming back to Luhan.  “I had a really embarrassing phone call last night.”

            Luhan pulled one knee up, wrapping his arm around it.  He didn’t know who Xiumin might have called or why, but it seemed to have sent Xiumin crawling back to him, so he was definitely interested in hearing more about it.  “Who’d you talk to?”

            “I, uh, I called Kevin sunbae.”  Xiumin laughed at himself, looking up at the ceiling.  “God, I’m so stupid.  I called him, and Kiseop sunbae answered, and…  We talked, and I said some really stupid things, and…”  He shook his head, finally looking at Luhan again.  “I embarrassed myself, acting like Kevin sunbae was really into me and I was going to seduce Kiseop sunbae, or something.  I was - - I just - - I felt - - I wanted - - I don’t know what I wanted.  But it’s, uh.”  He blushed, shifting uncomfortably.  “It’s not like that.  Kiseop sunbae said that the sex is good and everything, it’s nice, they like it and they hope that we can meet up again, but they’re not interested in anything serious.  It sounds like they have their own thing going on, inside the group, and they don’t want anyone else involved.”

            Really.  Luhan smiled, feeling vindicated.  “Did you just get rejected by an entire team?”

            “Don’t laugh,” Xiumin protested, reaching across the space between their beds to smack his arm.

            “U-Kiss just broke up with you!  Aw, poor baby.  Did you get your feelings hurt?”

            “Don’t be a jerk about it,” Xiumin objected, laughing.  “It’s embarrassing!  It’s so awkward.  Kiseop sunbae kept talking about how maybe Tao and I could bring someone else along next time, how it’s always fun and interesting with more new people, and he’s heard such good things about Kai.  I thought that I was really making an impression, and he’s asking about Kai!”

            “Oh, god!  What did you say?” Luhan asked, laughing.

            “I mumbled something stupid and hung up as fast as I could.  What was I supposed to say?  What do you say to that?”

            “If they want Kai, they can have him.”  Luhan felt much better now.  He didn’t think that Xiumin had really intended to start a real relationship and try to turn Kevin into a boyfriend or anything.  But they’d been fighting, and Xiumin had turned to Kevin to prove a point, and it had backfired spectacularly.  Which was pretty much perfect, as far as Luhan was concerned.  “Are you finished trying to pick up new boyfriends?”

            “I don’t want any new boyfriends.”

            “Sometimes you act like you don’t want any old boyfriends, either,” Luhan pointed out, just to make him squirm.

            “I don’t act like that!” Xiumin protested.  “When do I act like I don’t want you?  When do I act like I don’t like you?”

            “Like me?” Luhan repeated.  “Like me?!”  He kicked out; Xiumin hastily backed away.  “Love me!  You love me, you asshole!”

            “I love you,” Xiumin agreed quickly.  “I love you.”

            He eyed Xiumin warily, his guard up again.  “You’d better,” he warned.

            “I do!”  Sliding off of the bed, Xiumin knelt in front of his bed, Sehun between them, and gazed up at him with pleading, happy eyes.  “I love you, Luhan.  I love you so very, very, very much.  Really.  Every day.”

            “You’re embarrassing yourself again,” Luhan muttered, but he liked it.  “Maybe you shouldn’t visit U-Kiss for a couple of weeks.”

            “Yeah, I won’t.”  Xiumin shuddered.  “Not until Kiseop sunbae’s had time to forget that call.”

            Good.  Leaning forward, one hand braced on Sehun’s hip, Luhan kissed him.  “Now come here and tell me you love me while I’m fucking you.”

            “I always do,” Xiumin said, kissing him back.

            “Ah, ah, it’s so good, so good!  Aahhh, yeah, I love it, ooohh, you’re the best.  I love you, ooohhhhh, I love you!”

            Rolling over in bed, Chen pulled the pillow over his head, burrowing into Kai and trying to block out the noise.

            “Oh,” Suho said from the other bed.  “Sounds like Luhan hyung and Xiumin hyung made up again.”

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time