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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            It kind of bothered C.A.P.  He kept thinking about what Chunji had said.  All of that stuff about relationship sex and “just penetration” and treating people like blow-up dolls.

            Was he bad at sex?  Was he inconsiderate or something?  He couldn’t be.  Everyone liked having sex with him.  Everyone kept coming back for more, even Chunji.  Especially Chunji.  Everybody loved his cock.  Even Chunji.  Especially Chunji.

            But he kept thinking about it, anyway.  Was he doing something wrong?  Should he kiss more?

            Chunji had talked about Dongwoo saying stuff during sex.  Telling him how sexy he was.  C.A.P. wasn’t really into that.

            Should he try it, anyway?  Could he?  What if the members thought that he’d lost his mind?

            Should he do with his members what he did with Chen?  If he fucked Chunji that gently, he’d never get Chunji off.  But all of that kissing and making out and stuff, maybe he should do more of that.  That’s what Chunji had said, right?  That he should kiss more often.

            It was just that there was a point where all of that kissing and cuddling turned into relationship sex, and he wasn’t comfortable with that.  It was awkward.  It was so awkward in so many ways that he avoided it as much as he could.

            Maybe he’d avoided it too much?  Was that what Chunji was saying?

            He tried the kissing thing with Niel.  They were in the kitchen, talking, and he kissed Niel.  And Niel said, “Oh, yeah,” and slid down to the floor and blew him.

            He couldn’t tell if that meant that the kissing had worked really well, or if it meant that the kissing hadn’t worked at all and Niel had missed the point.

            He tried kissing after sex, but Chunji pushed him away and went to take a shower.  What the hell?  He had to be doing something wrong.  Wasn’t this what Chunji wanted?  How could Chunji accuse him of not kissing enough, and then shove him off when he actually went ahead and kissed?

            He considered giving up.  He’d taken Chunji’s advice, it hadn’t worked out, he was finished with it.

            Then there was a day when he and L.Joe were at the dorm alone.  He was messing around in the kitchen, and L.Joe was doing laundry.  He thought about asking L.Joe for sex, and then he thought, hunh, maybe not.

Sehun had just come by the other day, and L.Joe was in one of those post-Sehun moods where he felt so good that nothing could ruffle him.  He spoke softly and his smiles were satisfied and he petted all of the younger members like they were his girlfriends.  Or, well, boyfriends, probably.  Anyway, he was in a really happy, content, easygoing mood.  He gave amazing, amazing blowjobs in that mood, but he was also sort of…romantic.  C.A.P. preferred to double-team him when he was like this, to avoid all of the sweet stuff.

But maybe…  Well, they were alone, so if anything awkward happened, no one else had to know about it.

C.A.P. set aside his bowl, wiped at his face to make sure that there wasn’t any food on it, and went down the hallway.

L.Joe was stuffing shirts into the washing machine.  He was wearing shorts and a gray tank top.  They hadn’t gone to the salon that day, and his untouched hair looked soft and silky.  As C.A.P. shuffled in behind him, trying to figure out how to do this, he looked over one shoulder and smiled.  “Hey.”  Turning, he shook his hair out of his eyes.  “Want me to wash anything?”

There was a ton of nasty laundry in his room, actually.  He - - wait, wait.  This was one of those moments that happened in dramas.  This was where the leading man took off his shirt and showed off his rippling muscles, and the leading lady acted stunned by the leading man’s body and audacity, and C.A.P. rolled his eyes and changed the channel.

“Yeah, sure,” he said.  He took off his shirt and handed it over.

Nothing happened.  L.Joe took his shirt and put it into the washing machine and then started messing around with detergent and stuff.  Maybe C.A.P. had done it wrong.  Or maybe L.Joe wasn’t an innocent virgin amazed by the sight of a man’s body.  Probably the fact that C.A.P. took his shirt off in front of L.Joe all of the time, to shower or to change or to have sex, made it not the exciting event it seemed like on TV.

L.Joe started the washing machine, then picked up a basket full of laundry and walked right past him.

He was used to getting what he wanted, but he usually got it by reaching out and taking it.  He wasn’t as sure about how to begin.  Annoyed, he followed L.Joe.

L.Joe carried the basket into his own room.  Setting it on his bed, he picked up a shirt, then glanced over at C.A.P.  “Hyung?”

He didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything.  Putting his hand on L.Joe’s smooth, firm arm, he leaned in and pressed his lips to L.Joe’s.

L.Joe kissed him back, then dropped the shirt and made a soft, humming sound.  He knew that sound; it meant that L.Joe felt good, and was happy, and would be content to make out all night.  Usually, as soon as he heard that sound, he escalated and moved into sex, but today he reminded himself not to react.  He just kept kissing L.Joe and hoping that he was doing the right thing.

L.Joe’s lips parted, and L.Joe’s tongue slid against his, teasing, coaxing.  His hands slid up L.Joe’s back, and L.Joe moved closer against him, curling an arm around his shoulders.  Normally he’d be taking off more clothing by now, and it was hard to control his hands, hard not to follow the typical routine.  To keep from undressing either one of them, he braced one hand against the edge of the laundry basket.  His other hand slid up into L.Joe’s hair.  L.Joe’s head fell back, and the sight of L.Joe’s long, pale neck intrigued him.  He hadn’t made out with L.Joe in a long time, but it was starting to come back to him.  Lowering his head, he kissed L.Joe’s neck.

Uuooouunh.”  L.Joe’s arm tightened around his neck, and L.Joe’s other hand rubbed over his bare chest.  Feeling encouraged, he sucked a little as he went.  He couldn’t do anything that might leave marks, but the way L.Joe moaned, “Oh, hyung,” turned him on so much that he didn’t want to hold back.  Aroused, feeling aggressive sexual urges, he shoved the basket out of the way and pushed L.Joe down onto the bed.  He ground his hips against L.Joe’s, seeking friction on his cock, as he kissed his way across L.Joe’s collarbone.  Breathing hard, L.Joe made hot little aching noises in his ear, and he couldn’t help it, he was so turned on that he moaned.

It came out like, “Oohh-oohh-oohh,” a long, deep, uneven sound.  Embarrassed by how horny and desperate he sounded, he kissed L.Joe to shut himself up.

Mmm, hyung.”  L.Joe’s hand was on his ass now, rubbing and squeezing, turning him on.  If he wasn’t going to put his cock where it needed to go, he had to do something, had to distract himself.

It would be so easy to get what he needed, so simple, and L.Joe would love it.  Ooohhh, fuck.”  He had to do something.  With a grunt, he shifted down L.Joe’s body.  While L.Joe stroked his neck, ankles hooking behind his back, he headed south, trailing kisses down L.Joe’s firm chest.  He strayed left, then went right, latching onto L.Joe’s nipples one after the other, then going back to the first, suckling on them, teasing them with his tongue.  The hard little nubs felt so sexy against his tongue that he sucked harder, and L.Joe made tense, breathy sounds and squirmed under him.

His gaze flicked down, and he saw the tent in L.Joe’s shorts.  Raising his head, he kissed L.Joe.  Moaning at him, kissing him back with those hungry, submissive kisses that pleaded for his cock, L.Joe reached for his fly.  Pushing L.Joe’s hands away, he slid his own hand down the front of L.Joe’s shorts.  No underwear, just warm skin, soft fur, L.Joe’s cock hard and silky in his hand.  Hhhaauuhhh, oh, hyung,” L.Joe panted, kissing him.

He didn’t usually do this, but he was so turned on, he had to do something, and this was the kind of attention Chunji was complaining about not getting, right?  Timing his moves just right with L.Joe’s writhing, he pulled L.Joe’s shorts down, dropping them on the floor.  Wrapping his hand around L.Joe’s erection, he lowered his head, swallowing it to the base.

Hhuuuhh, hyung, yes, yes, oh, please, please,” L.Joe moaned, squeezing his shoulder.  “Oh, fuck, yes, oh!”  Turned on, he sucked a little harder, and L.Joe gasped, legs tightening around him.  The smooth slide of L.Joe’s cock in his mouth reminded him how great giving head could be, reminded him how much he liked doing this, and he moved his hand down to L.Joe’s balls, juggling and fondling.  His blood ran hot while he bobbed his head, and L.Joe groaned, rubbing his ears.  Uuunnnhh, I’m going to come, hyung, I can’t, I can’t, please, I’m going to come.”

“Yeah,” he grunted, ready for it.  Bringing his hand back into it, he gripped L.Joe’s erection again, jacking it while he licked the head.  “Come on, come on,” he urged, wanting to see some cream.  His hand in constant motion, he ran his tongue around the crown, and when the first drops spat out, he tasted the fresh bitterness.  Loving it, he raised his head, watching that gorgeous spray while L.Joe shuddered, moaning the roof down.  He ran his fingers through the cum on L.Joe’s abs, smearing it over L.Joe’s warm skin.

Mmm, hmmm.”  Cupping his face in both hands, L.Joe kissed him.  “Give it to me, fill me up,” L.Joe whispered, stroking his dick and drowning him in hot, loving kisses.

“Yeah,” he grunted.  “Yeah, gonna feel so good.”  He moved instinctively, habit taking over, reaching for the lube, spreading L.Joe’s thighs.  Trying to be more romantic, he hadn’t been sure how long to wait before actually fucking, but if L.Joe was asking, he was more than ready to get to it. 

He just needed to get inside, needed to thrust, needed to bury his cock in something hot and welcoming.  He ached with it, and he was so turned on that he was moaning again, growling, kissing L.Joe like he could find satisfaction in L.Joe’s mouth.  

The second his fingers slid into the snug fit of L.Joe’s heat, L.Joe groaned, shuddering and clutching at him, head going back.  Kissing L.Joe’s neck, he fucked L.Joe with his fingers, quickly stretching L.Joe open, and L.Joe made hot, lusty sounds, squirming against him, starting to masturbate.  He pressed his cockhead against L.Joe’s soft little pucker.  Their bodies fit perfectly together, and as he buried his cock in L.Joe’s heat, he cursed. 

“Hyung, mmm, oh, hyung,” L.Joe panted, kissing his neck, still masturbating.

His body was worked up and ready to fuck, and C.A.P. drove in hard, grunting, ramming L.Joe like he was trying to nail L.Joe right through the bed.  He knew that he was going too hard, thrusting too fast, so regardless of what his body tried to demand of him, he stopped for a moment, panting hard against L.Joe’s neck.  He could make this romantic, he could figure out how to keep it romantic, he wasn’t an animal, for god’s sake.  He resettled L.Joe’s thighs around his waist and started moving again, thrusting slowly, and after a moment, his hips settled into a less vigorous pace.

He licked L.Joe’s ear and got a great response.  So he tried it again, licking and sucking at L.Joe’s earlobe.  It totally worked, and L.Joe loved it, rewarding him with lots of sexy, breathless panting and broken-off moans.

His cock was begging him to move faster, pleading with him to fuck harder, but he was determined to do this right.  Behind the pleasure of fucking L.Joe’s hot, tight body he felt an aching, burning need for more, and it created an intensity he wasn’t used to.  The hot, building pressure made him moan.

He should say something, right?  Lovers talked during sex.  Licking his lips, uncertain of what to say, he stroked L.Joe’s side.

Shivering, L.Joe made a soft, “Ooohh,” sound.

“You feel so good,” C.A.P. said.  It was a start, right?

Mmmm.”  L.Joe was gripping his ass, pulling him in deeper.  “You feel amazing, god, your cock, ah.”

Fuck, “Yeah,” C.A.P. moaned, aching with the desire to drill him hard.  God, his body was always so ready for it, so responsive.  “The way you move is so sexy.”

Ooohh, mmm, yeah?”  L.Joe squirmed happily underneath him.  Ohh, hyung.”

Closing his eyes, he buried his face in the crook of L.Joe’s neck, against the warmth of L.Joe’s taut, silky skin.  Feeling L.Joe shudder, he wrapped his arm around L.Joe.  As their bodies moved together in rhythm, he nuzzled in more tightly, just enjoying the ride, listening to L.Joe’s soft, eager panting.

Pressing his lips to L.Joe’s skin, he trailed kisses across L.Joe’s shoulder, up the side of L.Joe’s neck.  “Oh, hyung,” L.Joe breathed, and he rubbed L.Joe’s side, rocking L.Joe’s body in slow, deep thrusts.  “Yeah, oh, fuck, mmm.”

C.A.P’s body was on fire.  He needed, needed, needed to speed up and pump hard and just fuck L.Joe through the mattress.  But at the same time, this all felt really, really good.  L.Joe was pressed tightly against him, kissing him like they were on their honeymoon.  Screwing like this honestly did feel more intimate, like he and L.Joe were sharing something.  He was getting really close to coming, which hardly ever happened so soon.  He’d been groaning way more than normal and now he was starting to make this desperate, growling noise he couldn’t completely control.  He would have been embarrassed, but L.Joe seemed to be really into it.  L.Joe seemed to be really into everything he did.  God, it was such a turn-on.

When C.A.P.’s thumb teased L.Joe’s nipple, the excited noises L.Joe made told C.A.P. that he was going to come soon.  Oh, thank god.  C.A.P. finally let himself thrust harder, pressing satisfyingly deep, and his whole body was buzzing with pleasure, ready to explode, and L.Joe’s cries grew louder and more excited and everything spiraled upward, hot and intense, until he was pressing L.Joe’s knees to the mattress and pounding hard.  L.Joe clawed at his thighs, wailing and coming, and orgasm crashed over him, and everything that had built up poured out of him, and just, “Fuck.  He was coming so hard, it felt like bells were clanging all over his body, ecstasy was exploding deep in every cell, and he couldn’t really breathe.  Gasping, he slumped on top of L.Joe, his face smushed against L.Joe’s shoulder.  Shit, his cock was still dribbling cum like a leaky faucet.

“Oh, god,” L.Joe panted, shivering hard under him.

He was too drained to move, so he stayed put.  Shit, that had been a satisfying lay.  He’d come hard, really hard, and he could definitely feel smug about getting L.Joe off.  L.Joe had loved it.  He grinned to himself, remembering the way L.Joe had cried out and thrashed around.  Yeah, L.Joe loved his cock.

“Shit,” L.Joe said.  “What got into you?”

L.Joe sounded kind of dazed and curious, so C.A.P. decided not to get defensive.  He grunted, pushing himself up a little, peeling away from L.Joe.  When he glanced down, he noticed how sexy L.Joe’s mouth looked, lips all reddened and soft from kissing him.  Kind of made him want to kiss again.  “What, you got complaints?”

L.Joe laughed.  “No, no complaints.”  He looked a little shy, his lashes dipping down over his eyes when he brushed his hand over C.A.P.’s upper arm.  “Wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.”

Okay.  “If I’m in the mood, I’ll let you know.”  Ah, hell, what good was having such easy dongsaengs around if he was going to hold back?  Giving in to temptation, he ducked his head and kissed L.Joe again.

Right away, L.Joe kissed back, soft and eager, like he’d been waiting for it.  His hand curved over C.A.P.’s shoulder, holding on, and he made breathy, urgent sounds that made C.A.P. feel like the sexiest guy in the world.  His lips were so soft and he was so into it that C.A.P. stayed there, enjoying it, just making out, kissing him and licking at him and soaking it up.

Maybe relationship sex wasn’t so bad, after all.  He might have to give it another shot.

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