Relationship without Parallel

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            Flicking on his turn signal, Dongwoo waited for the light to change.

            With a grimace, Sunggyu turned off the radio.

            Raising his eyebrows in surprise, Dongwoo glanced over to the passenger seat with a questioning look.

            “Every time they talk to that hoobae, all they talk about is how much money he has.  How wealthy he is, what’s in his wallet.  Isn’t he embarrassed?”

            Dongwoo laughed in recognition.  As the light changed, he eased the car forward, turning the wheel.  “I don’t know.  I guess Young Money doesn’t think it’s something to hide.  When you come from wealth, you’re used to it.”

            Sunggyu snorted with laughter.  “Did you just call EXO’s Suho ‘Young Money?’”

            Dongwoo’s cheerful grin flashed his teeth.  “That’s what Hoya calls him.  I think Feeldog and Baram started it.”

            “Young Money.”  Sunggyu laughed again.  “Does anybody call him that to his face?”

            “I don’t know,” Dongwoo said, considering it seriously.  “You could.  I don’t think that it’s an insult.”

            Flipping down the visor, Sunggyu studied himself in the mirror, pouting at his reflection.  “I want a hip-hop name, too.”

            “Okay.”  Dongwoo grinned.  “How about No Chainz?”

            Turning to Dongwoo, Sunggyu narrowed his eyes, one hand balling into a fist.  “How about-”

            “Ah!  Ah!  I’m driving, don’t, ah!” Dongwoo yelped, laughing, as Sunggyu made his displeasure known.

            In the backseat, L gazed out of the window at the quiet night.

            Relationships with other idols were trouble.  Relationships, period, were trouble.  Woohyun made friends with other celebrities, and he kept a few guys available for a quick screw on the side, but none of that really meant anything; if any of those people stopped calling, he wouldn’t get upset.  Key was the only one he let in, the only one he was really close to.

            Every time he said that to Key, Key laughed and asked, “Should I be flattered?”

            Every time he said that to Sunggyu, Sunggyu laughed and asked, “And who am I, then?  What am I, don’t I exist?”

            But it was different with the members.  They weren’t “idols” or “celebrities” or even “friends” to him.  They occupied their own, unique, complicated place in his life.  It was a relationship without parallel.

            It wasn’t something they talked about very often or very openly.  It just was.  They depended on each other and they loved each other and they supported each other and they argued and they sought each other out and they couldn’t stand each other.  Sungyeol said that they were like family and Dongwoo asked, “But aren’t we lovers?” and Sunggyu said, “Ya, that doesn’t sound right,” and Hoya made incest jokes for weeks, but Woohyun wasn’t going to put a label on it.  They were Infinite, they were his members; that was enough for him.

            He didn’t really have anyone he’d call a “lover.”  He had sex with the members, but they were his members.  He had sex with Key, but Key was his best friend.  He had sex with guys he didn’t really care about; they definitely weren’t his “lovers.”  When he thought of “lover,” he thought of something more romantic, something sensual and erotic, a sexual relationship that pulled on his heart, silk sheets and bare skin and…

            …long, black lashes and dancing eyes and a softly murmured, “Mmm, it feels so good,” right in his ear…

            It felt like a memory, but it had only ever been a fantasy, ephemeral and unrealistic as a dream.

            The thing about being the public face of Infinite was that L was therefore the most recognizable member of Infinite.  People who only knew half of the chorus of one Infinite track thought that they knew who he was.

            The thing about being a recognizable celebrity was that when people recognized him, they approached him.  They wanted to say hi.  They wanted to affirm that it really was him.  They wanted an autograph.  They wanted to ask a question.  They wanted to ask a favor.  They wanted, they wanted, they wanted.

            They wanted to touch him, grope him, fondle him, fuck him.

            Had it been fun, at first?  Had it been exciting?  Had he liked it?  He thought so.  He remembered wanting to be recognized.  It had been validation of his hard work, of his effort, of his team’s endless hours of sweat.  It had been a good thing, proof that everything was paying off, proof that Infinite was making it, proof that it all meant something.

            He didn’t like it anymore.  He didn’t like the attention.  He didn’t like people, period.

            He liked Infinite, of course.  He loved his members; they were everything to him.  He liked Inspirits, too.  But Inspirits were fans, not “people.”  When he looked out and saw Inspirits, he felt happy, he felt loved, he felt connected.  When he saw people, he felt tired, he felt a sense of dread.  He just wanted to be left alone.

            His members understood.  At least, even if they didn’t understand it exactly, they knew him and cared about him enough to support him.  So when the demanding PD or the pushy cameraman or the stylist with the wandering hands came around, got too close, his members threw up distractions, talked noisily, got in the way.  They were a buffer between him and the world, the only one he had.

            When Sungyeol said, “Come on, all of the other teams describe themselves as a family.  ‘We’re so close, we’re like family.’  We can’t say that?” and Dongwoo asked, “But aren’t we lovers?” L smiled, wrapped his arms around Sungjong from behind, rested his chin on Sungjong’s shoulder, and closed his eyes while his hyungs joked and argued and laughed.  Family.  Lovers.  Members.  They could call themselves whatever they wanted; they were his and he was theirs.

            Sungyeol didn’t understand why he had the sexiest and most boring members anyone had ever had.

            Well, maybe not the sexiest.

            And maybe not the most boring.  There were some idols out there who…  Wow.

            But his members were both sexy and boring, and he didn’t understand them.  They were in a great position to have sex with terrific-looking people all of the time, and they just came back to the dorm and porked each other.  It was embarrassing.  Why couldn’t they pick up other idols sometimes?  Why couldn’t they have sex with other people outside of Infinite once in a while?

            Whenever he tried to talk to them about it, he got the following answers, paraphrased:

            L: “I’m too beautiful and too jaded.  I can’t even discuss it anymore.”

            Sungjong: “I am way too good for those fools.  I’d rather die than let them touch me.”

            Woohyun: “I can only get a hard-on when my tragically romantic heart flutters with true love.  Plus I have Key and no, I’m not sharing him with you, you have cooties.”

            Sunggyu: “Why should I spend energy on someone else when I can have you whenever I want you?  Bend over, I feel like sticking it in.”

            Hoya: “Wait.  What’s sex?”

            Dongwoo: “Oh, shiny!”

            Maybe they weren’t the most boring members, but they were definitely the stupidest.

            He tried to pick up guys on his own, without them, but it was awkward without back-up.  He wanted a wing man.  Woohyun helped him out sometimes, but everyone knew that Woohyun had sex with Key, and everyone knew that Key was both freaky and incredibly picky, so everyone assumed that Woohyun was some fantastic lay, so all of the other idols ended up flirting with Woohyun and draping themselves all over Woohyun’s muscular shoulders while Sungyeol stood to the side like an extra bowl of rice no one had ordered.  It was humiliating.

            Woohyun wasn’t even that good, anyway.

            Well, it depended on how “good” was defined, at least.  Different people liked different things.  Sure, some people liked long, deep, incredible fucks that ended in amazingly intense, gratifying orgasms that left them limp and sated and glowing with satisfaction.  But maybe other people liked quick, awkward screws from someone who could never really get the tempo right because his cock kept popping out and he could never get the angle right when he tried to jack off other guys and maybe Sunggyu was right, maybe he was more of a bottom anyway, he was just, it just, he…  Ugh.

            Hoya didn’t get what all of the fuss was about.  It was just sex.  It wasn’t really worth getting emotionally worked up over.

            Sungjong did not have time to humor all of the horny little hoobaes who wanted a taste, and he did not have time to humor all of the perverted old uncles who were after his ass, and he did not have time for every noona with a strap-on looking to get her rocks off.  He was just not interested.  If he wanted to get his ass groped, he had Dongwoo.  If he wanted to cuddle, he had L.  If he wanted to mess around, he had Sungyeol.  If he wanted to be seduced, he had Woohyun.  If he wanted a quick time with a nice cock, he had Hoya.  And if he was in the mood for some pervy old man, he knew exactly where Sunggyu lived, thank you.

            Sometimes?  Sometimes Dongwoo really liked pizza.

            Tap, tap, tap.  Tap, tap, tap.  Tap, tap, tap.

            Fuck.  “I’m asleep,” Sunggyu warned, dragging the comforter over his head.

            “Hyung, you’re talking,” Woohyun’s voice said.

            “I’m talking in my sleep,” he called from beneath the comforter.

            “Sunggyu hyung,” Sungyeol’s voice said.

            “I’m asleep!” he shouted.  “I’m tired and I’ve worked hard and I had a long day and I got up too early and why am I explaining this to you, weren’t you there?  Aren’t you tired, too?  Go away and go to sleep!”

            Tap, tap, tap.

            “Open the door,” Woohyun said.  “We need to borrow Dongwoo hyung’s keys.”

            “Keys?  What keys?” Sunggyu demanded, sitting up.  “Keys now?  It’s late, go to bed.”

            “Grumpy old man, it’s only two in the morning,” Woohyun said, laughing.  “We’re only going out for a little bit.”

            “I don’t have any keys.”

            “Dongwoo hyung’s car keys,” Sungyeol said.  “They’re in his jacket.”

            His jacket?  Why would - - irritated, Sunggyu glared at Dongwoo.

            Dead asleep beside him in bed, naked and definitely not wearing a jacket, Dongwoo snored.

            Tap, tap, tap.

            Muttering under his breath, Sunggyu got out of bed and yanked open his bedroom door.  “What?!”

            “I’ll just, uh, jacket,” Sungyeol said, slipping past him and entering the room.

            Grinning with mischievous smugness, Woohyun peered past Sunggyu into the room.  “Had fun tonight?”

            “Yes.  Why are you going out?”

            “Tao called.  He and Xiumin hyung are meeting us.”  Woohyun waggled his eyebrows.  “Sungyeol’s getting laid.”

            “You’d better put in one of the plugs now,” Sunggyu suggested, turning to look at Sungyeol.  “It’s already late.  They’re not going to want to waste time teasing open that tight little-”

            “I’m not wearing a buttplug!” Sungyeol exclaimed, turning red.  “What’s wrong with you?”

            “What’s wrong with me?” Sunggyu repeated, laughing.  “What’s wrong with me, I don’t need a bottle of soju and an hour’s anal massage to open up.”

            “It’s not - - I don’t - - it doesn’t take an hour,” Sungyeol muttered, digging through the pockets of Dongwoo’s jacket.  “Where the hell are his keys?”

            “You can just top, anyway,” Woohyun said.

            Sunggyu raised his eyebrows.  “Do you hate them and want to ruin their lives?  I thought you were trying to become close with EXO.”

            “I’m - - forget it, we’ll just walk, I’ll walk, I’ll take the bus, forget it,” Sungyeol said, leaving the room.

            Sunggyu picked up a set of keys from his desk and tossed them to Woohyun.

            Catching them, Woohyun laughed and followed Sungyeol.

            Sunggyu closed the door and crawled back into bed.  Tao and Xiumin?  Eh.  He didn’t really love the idea of his members getting that close with a bunch of spoiled hoobaes, but Dongwoo and Xiumin were friends.  Maybe a good screw would get this interest out of Sungyeol’s system, anyway.

            Tugging the comforter up, he spooned up behind Dongwoo’s firm, warm, naked body.  As his hand rubbed lazily over Dongwoo’s smooth chest, Dongwoo grunted sleepily and rolled back against him.  Smiling, he kissed Dongwoo’s shoulder and closed his eyes.

            Seated on the couch with Hoya, Sungjong was losing a one-on-one zombie fight.  Staring at the TV screen, he clenched his teeth, trying to keep up, trying to remember the combination to double-kick.

            “Hoya,” Sunggyu said, walking into the room.

            “Ah,” Hoya said, his zombie knocking Sungjong’s zombie’s health down into the red zone.  Shit.  Was it up down down up up?  Down up up up down?

            “I have something for you,” Sunggyu said, strolling closer, undoing his fly.

            “Now?” Hoya asked, leaning left, trying to see around Sunggyu.  “I’m busy.”

            “Ya.”  Sunggyu pushed Hoya’s controller down, his other hand cupping his cock.  “How many times have I told you, a zombie’s dead anyway?  Who cares if it wins a fight?  Open your mouth.”

            Sungjong cut his eyes to the left to watch Hoya swallow Sunggyu’s big, soft cock.  Then he cheerfully slaughtered Hoya’s zombie and won the match.  Content, he sat back for a moment and, while his zombie danced onscreen, watched Hoya suck.

            Eyes closed, jaw working, Hoya bobbed his head slowly.  The game controller hung from one hand, ignored, as Sunggyu’s cock hardened between his lips.

            Sunggyu had one hand at the base of his hard-on, holding it steady for Hoya’s mouth.  His other hand was on the top of Hoya’s head.  Sungjong knew from experience that his hand just rested there, not pressing, not guiding, only resting, a comfortable weight.

            Watching turned Sungjong on, but if he stayed too long or seemed too interested, he’d be drafted into service, and he wasn’t in the mood for a three-way tonight.  Setting down his controller, he took one last good look at the way Hoya’s lips slid up and down Sunggyu’s shaft.  Then he slipped away.

            I have something for you.

            It was one of the best, worst, sexiest, most awful sentences.  It still filled Sungyeol with dread sometimes, depending on the circumstances, but it also got him rock-hard.

            Sunggyu said it all of the time.  It was only a matter of to which member, and during which activity.  To Woohyun after dinner?  To Sungjong in the shower?  To Hoya during a mid-practice break?  Sunggyu thought that he had every right to get sex from the members whenever he wanted it, and expected them to perform on demand.

            When they’d debuted, Sungyeol had expected to get some kind of sex from the members.  That was how it went; everyone knew it.  He hadn’t expected to get just any kind of sex from just any member, but he’d thought that they could work something out.  He hadn’t been that experienced with other guys, so his expectations hadn’t been that high.

            He’d ended up making out with L one night, and then Dongwoo had gone down on him, and then Woohyun had fucked him, and he’d been pretty happy with all of that because, wow, his members really seemed to know what they were doing.  And then there was a night when they were all in the dorm, half passed out after dinner, too tired to get up and clean, trying to muster the energy to make it to their beds.  Dongwoo had started snoring in L’s lap and Sunggyu had said, “Hoya.  I have something for you,” and pulled his cock out.  And just like that, Hoya had gone down on him.

            He’d taken it as just a hot thing that happened - - watching his members blow each other turned him on so much he’d practically gotten off just looking at it - - but after a while, he realized that it was part of a pattern.  Sunggyu said, “I have something for you,” and took out his cock, and whoever he was talking to blew him.  Right then and there.  He seemed to say it whenever he felt like it, with no warning.  He usually wasn’t even hard first.  It was incredibly hot to watch, but it was incredibly embarrassing to be the one put on the spot.

            The first time Sunggyu asked Sungyeol for it - - or told Sungyeol to do it, really, since it was never phrased as a question - - he was alone in his room.  The second time, he was in the kitchen, on the phone with his mom, so he had to scramble to hang up, nervous, flustered.  The third time was right at the end of a team meeting, right in front of the other members.  Five pairs of interested eyes on him, and Sunggyu giving him that flat, patient look, and his hormones racing, and Sunggyu’s cock naked and right there for everyone to see.  He’d been so hot for it and so intimidated that he’d almost been too nervous to go through with it.  He’d pulled his legs in to hide his hard-on and rubbed his hand over his mouth and remembered to breathe and asked, shakily, “Do I have to?”

            “If you don’t want to, I will,” L said.  Sunggyu slid a hand into L’s hair, and L moved right in, and it was so good, slow and sexy, that Sungyeol wished that he’d done it himself.

            The next time Sunggyu told him to do it in front of the members again, he got nervous again, and Dongwoo did it instead.

            Afterward, he scolded himself for being a coward.  Everyone else got Sunggyu off in front of the team.  He was the only one holding back, the only one intimidated.  He looked foolish, immature, and he seemed scared, like he couldn’t handle what everyone else had such a good time with.

             So the next time Sunggyu told him, “I have something for you,” in front of the members, he said, “Okay, hyung,” and went for it.  It was really embarrassing and amazingly hot, and L jacked him off while he did it, and that moment was his go-to masturbation fantasy for months afterward.

            It still, even now, embarrassed him a little to be the only one doing something sexual in front of everyone else.  It was still awkward and painfully hot to be the only one sucking, the one turned on, the one mounted, while the others sat and watched or milled around doing other things.

            “I have something for you” wasn’t always about blowjobs.  Sometimes Sunggyu wanted to fuck him.  It might start off as a blowjob and escalate to sex, or Sunggyu might just say, “No, not like that, spread your legs.”  He’d learned to check both of Sunggyu’s hands.  One was always holding Sunggyu’s cock, which was naturally right where he looked first, but the other hand might be holding lube, which was a giveaway as to what Sunggyu wanted.

            Sex with the other members tended to start off more casually.  Each one of them had his own method of getting attention.

            L: stand really close, cuddle, look sexy, snuggle, look really sexy, kiss

            Dongwoo: “Hey, wanna have sex?  I’ll fuck you.”

            Woohyun: flirt, flirt, flirt

            Sungjong: “Do you want to make out?” or “I’ll blow you if you blow me.”

            Hoya: grin, touch, look, sarcastic comment, smirk

            Sungyeol was still working on developing his own way to initiate sex.  It seemed embarrassing to be too direct.  “I want to fuck you now” was way too awkward.  Sidling up and cupping someone’s ass only earned him laughter.  He’d had his most success with asking, “Let’s, uh, do that thing, you want to?” but only with the dongsaengs.  Sunggyu, Woohyun, and Hoya just laughed at him; Dongwoo could never figure out what he was talking about.

            He envied Sunggyu.  It would be so easy to get laid whenever he wanted if all he had to do was walk up and say, “I have something for you.”  He wished that it were that simple for him.

            L was in that weird place where he was pretty sure that he was asleep, but he was also aware of what the members were doing around him.  Hoya was beside him on the couch, and Sungyeol kept jogging through the room, going from one end of the dorm to the other, muttering to himself.  L wasn’t ready to go to bed yet - - it seemed too early - - but he felt pretty good where he was, so he stayed put.

            Then Sunggyu tread lightly on his toes, a tap of foot against foot.  “L-ah.  I have something for you.”

            Smiling, L rubbed his eyes open.  Still slumped in the corner of the couch, he gazed up at Sunggyu.  “Something for me?”

            “All of it, just for you.”

            His gaze dropped to Sunggyu’s hand, to the soft cock cradled in Sunggyu’s palm.  Feeling that immediate, familiar pull of desire, he leaned forward, reaching for it.  As Sunggyu’s hand fell away, he took over, sucking that soft, luscious cock into his mouth.  Yeah, mmm, he loved having sex with the members, it was one of his favorite ways to feel close to them, and he loved Sunggyu’s cock.  Letting it slide from between his lips, he jacked it in one hand, gazing up at Sunggyu’s face.  With a steady look, he ran his tongue over his lips.  “Going to blow your load all over my face?”

            Sunggyu laughed, resting his hand on the top of L’s head.  “Get me off and find out.”

            L grinned and curled his tongue around Sunggyu’s cockhead, licking it into his mouth.  Letting his eyes slip shut, he sucked over the first few inches, his hand working lazily over the bulk of the shaft.  The satiny hardness of Sunggyu’s stiffening cock felt so good in his mouth that he moaned, rubbing his lips over the sensitive head, kissing it.  Sunggyu’s thumb was stroking his hair, massaging his scalp in slow circles, and he looked up again, gazing into Sunggyu’s eyes, sliding on just far enough to let Sunggyu’s cockhead bulge against his cheek.  He knew that the members liked seeing him with a mouthful of cock, thought that he looked sexy, and he liked to let them watch, liked knowing that he was turning them on.

            Sunggyu’s free hand cupped his jaw, and he held Sunggyu’s gaze, sucking lightly, giving Sunggyu his “we both know you want it” look.  “Are you begging to spend all night in my bed?” Sunggyu asked.

            Now that Sunggyu brought it up, yeah.  That was exactly where he wanted to be tonight.  He winked and then turned his attention fully to Sunggyu’s erection, sucking slowly as Sunggyu caressed his face.

            Woohyun’s schedule had ended early.  It wasn’t time for practice yet, but there wasn’t enough time to go do anything else productive, so their manager had dropped him off at the practice room and gone to pick up L from another schedule.  Woohyun had been horny all day; now he was horny and bored.  Doing push-ups to kill time, he decided to have sex with whoever walked in the room first.

            Who would it be?  As the possibilities crossed his mind, his cock stirred, interested.  Maybe it would be Sunggyu.  Quick, rushed sex with Sunggyu was rare but so hot, he grinned wolfishly just thinking about it.  Maybe it would be Dongwoo, raw and uninhibited.  That would be great, exactly what he needed to scratch his itch.  Maybe it would be Hoya, perfect for a quick screw.  Yeah, it had been too long since he’d gotten Hoya turned on and worked up.  Maybe it would be Sungyeol.  He loved rushing through sex with Sungyeol; it was always so great to make Sungyeol holler.  Maybe it would be L.  Always such a good, rewarding, satisfying fuck, no matter when or where.  Maybe it would be Sungjong.  He hoped that Sungjong was in the mood.  That was never a problem with any of the other members, but when Sungjong gave them the brush-off, it was sincere.

            A sound at the door made Woohyun look up.

            Hoya walked in and closed the door.  In black basketball shorts and a tank top, Hoya nodded at him.

            Perfect.  Grinning, Woohyun pushed himself into a crouch, tossing his already sweat-damp bangs out of his face.  “Hey, sweetheart.  Looking good.”  He kissed the air and gave Hoya a “you know I like it” face.

            Hoya snorted and rolled his eyes.

            Rising to his full height, Woohyun slid a hand under his shirt, raising the fabric as he rubbed his abs.  As he strolled toward Hoya, he smiled at the way Hoya’s gaze dipped to his stomach.  “It’s nice like this, isn’t it?  Just the two of us.”

            Hoya held his gaze, face expressionless.  “It’s nicer being alone.”

            Woohyun chuckled at that, stepping in so close that their bodies almost touched, gazing into Hoya’s eyes.  “Come on, sweetheart.”  He smiled, knowing that Hoya hated it when he acted like this, knowing that it would work anyway.  “You know there are things I can do for you that you can’t do by yourself.”

            Hoya simply said, “You’re an embarrassment,” and flipped on the stereo.

            It took only seconds to put the yellow string on the knob and lock the door.  While loud R&B covered any sound they made, Woohyun tossed Hoya the lube and stripped down.

            Naked, on his knees, Hoya started fingering his own hole, slicking himself up.  His hard, muscular body turned Woohyun on, and Woohyun felt him up, rubbed against him, kissing his neck and getting into the mood.  He started making low, breathy sounds, his hips rocking a little as he fucked himself with his fingers, and as he grimaced with pleasure, his head going back, the sight of him turning himself on so much made Woohyun hot with lust.  Wanting him, Woohyun gripped his thighs, pulling him closer, and then they were kissing hard, grinding against each other, Hoya’s arm slung around Woohyun’s shoulders to keep their bodies close.

            Woohyun loved getting so hard so fast, loved the rush of going from flirtation to fucking in the blink of an eye.  Loved that Hoya was right there with him, turned on, feeling the burn.  When he panted, “Ready?” into Hoya’s kiss, Hoya said, “Yeah, now,” and turned away from him.

            Hoya was still screwing himself, and for a second Woohyun just stared, watching those busy fingers twist and push in that slick little hole.  It was such a raw, lusty thing to do, like Hoya wanted it so badly he couldn’t help himself, that it made Woohyun want to fuck him even more, made Woohyun’s erection throb with the need to get in that hungry little ass and give it what it needed.  He pulled Hoya’s hand away and brought Hoya’s hips back and just like that, he was in.

            The sex was fast and basic, the two of them sweating on each other and rocking together on the floor.  Under the cover of suggestive lyrics and a bass beat, Hoya made soft, angry sounds, pushing himself back against Woohyun’s erection until the sound of their thighs smacking together added to the music.  Woohyun pinched his nipples and thrust into him hard, needing it, whispering, “Love you, I love you,” against the back of his neck.

            They weren’t there long; Woohyun was too worked up, and they didn’t have much time.  Hoya came first, cursing like it hurt, and Woohyun came right after him, groaning gratefully at the final burst of pleasure, at the searing ecstasy of release.

            “Shit,” Hoya mumbled, wiping sweat from his face with the back of his hand.  “Don’t pull out yet.”

            Wrapping his arm around Hoya’s waist, Woohyun sat back on his heels.  Hoya settled heavily across his thighs, moaning a little, and he rubbed his hand over Hoya’s chest, trying to catch his breath.  Hoya’s cum shimmered in wet streaks on the floor.

            Feeling good, feeling way more relaxed than he had all day, Woohyun brushed kisses over Hoya’s shoulder, up the back of Hoya’s neck.  He still remembered the bizarre conversation he’d had with Sungyeol one morning in Tokyo, the night after he’d screwed some other idol in front of Sungyeol in their hotel room.  Sungyeol had asked, “What happened to the ‘love you, love you, love you?”  Confused, he’d asked what Sungyeol meant, and Sungyeol had said, “You know, ‘I love you, I love you.’  What you always say during sex.  I didn’t hear it last night.  I thought you couldn’t get off without it.”

            Wondering where Sungyeol even got these ideas, he’d said, “I don’t say it to everyone, why would I do that?  I say it to you because I love you, you fool.  I don’t love that guy, I don’t even like him that much.”

            Sungyeol had blushed and looked surprised.  “You don’t say that to everybody?”

            “Do I love everybody?” he’d asked, not sure whether to be annoyed or amused.  “I say it when I mean it.”

            “Oh.”  Sungyeol’s eyes had widened and he’d turned redder.  “Oh, uh.  Okay.  Uh.”  He’d laughed self-consciously, eyes darting around like someone might be watching.  “I love you, too.”

            Laughing, Woohyun had kissed Sungyeol, poking him in the ribs.  “I know you do.”

            Now, as Hoya relaxed back against Woohyun’s chest and he stroked Hoya’s taut, sweaty skin, Dongwoo came into the room.  Locking the door, Dongwoo laughed at them.  “Finished?”

            Woohyun couldn’t resist the mischievous impulse.  “Dongwoo hyung, I’m glad you came.  Hoya wants to blow you.”

            “No, I don’t,” Hoya said.

            “Yes, he does,” Woohyun said.

            “No, I don’t,” Hoya said.  “Hyung, Woohyun made me come on the floor.  Shouldn’t he have to lick it up?”

            Oh, shit, Dongwoo looked interested.  Quickly, Woohyun laughed.  “Why should I clean up what you spilled?”

            “You made me come,” Hoya argued, twisting to look at him over one shoulder, grinning.  “Shouldn’t you take responsibility?”

            “Yeah,” Dongwoo said, advancing, already rubbing himself through his sweatpants.  “Do it, Woohyun, let me see you lick it up.”

            Ah, shit.  Woohyun kind of wanted to do it, but he couldn’t seem too eager.  Pushing Hoya off of his lap, he muttered, “Gonna get you back for this.”

            Hoya grinned at him.  “Seems like you already got me.”

            While Dongwoo stood over them, Woohyun leaned forward, putting his head down.  Thank god they kept the floor clean.  Licking up the sticky trails of Hoya’s cum, he went slowly, giving them plenty of time to watch.  No point in doing it if he didn’t make the most of it.  He was almost finished when Dongwoo crouched down in front of him and he felt a hand in his hair.

            “You look so good down there.”  Dongwoo stroked his hair, combing it forward.  “Naked and sucking up jizz like you live for it.  So fucking hot.”

            Licking his lips, he raised his head, gazing at Dongwoo.  “Ah, hyung.”  Smiling, he slid his hand over Dongwoo’s firm thigh.  “You know what I live for.  You know the hyung I live for.”

            Dongwoo laughed and kissed him.  Feeling good, feeling flirtatious, he pursued Dongwoo’s mouth, stealing another kiss.  Dongwoo looked pleased and kissed him again, caressing his hair.  Sucking on Dongwoo’s lower lip, he rolled onto his back, tugging Dongwoo down with him.

            Things moved fast after that.  Dongwoo’s hands were all over his naked body, groping and fondling, bringing his temperature up.  They rolled over and then over again, and when Dongwoo’s fingers pushed into him, quick and wet, he groaned, his back arching, electricity arcing through him.  He hadn’t even realized that Dongwoo had lube, fuck, he was about to take it on the practice room floor and he was totally on board with that.

            “Oh, good, come here,” Dongwoo said.  “Come and sit on Woohyun’s face while I fuck him.”

            A streak of heat hit Woohyun and he groaned.  He didn’t even know who Dongwoo was talking to but yes, yes, an ass in his face sounded perfect right now.

            Sungjong crouched down beside him, smiling fondly and touching his mouth.  “Going to be good to me?”

            Oh, the maknae, yes.  He kissed Sungjong’s fingertips.  “Don’t I always take good care of you?”

            “You do,” Sungjong agreed, caressing his lips.

            As Sungjong got up and stripped, Woohyun’s attention was suddenly back on Dongwoo as he felt Dongwoo’s erection pressing into him.  “Ah, hyung.”  Clenching his teeth together, he tilted his head back as the solid hardness of Dongwoo’s cock filled him.  His body never knew what to do with this initial invasion, and he felt like he was feeling everything at once, his body experiencing pleasure and tension, resisting and welcoming, his skin hot, his mouth watering.  Shuddering, he cupped Dongwoo’s ass, trying to pull Dongwoo in deeper, knowing what came next, wanting the rest of it.

            “Yeah, feels good,” Dongwoo grunted, his hips rolling, sending his cock deeper in quick, rhythmic thrusts.  “Yeah, ah, that’s the magic, that’s what I need.”

            Pale feet and slim ankles were on either side of Woohyun, and he looked up to see Sungjong’s round, bare ass descending.  While Dongwoo thrust into him again, Sungjong squatted over him, groin in his face.

            Pushing his face up, Woohyun rubbed his nose against Sungjong’s balls, inhaling deeply.

            Of all of the members, Sungjong was the most well-groomed.  Woohyun’s crotch was a forest, but Sungjong’s pubic hair was always trimmed.  He kept everything immaculately clean, and he used all kinds of lotions and powders.  Today he smelled like cherries, mmm, cherries and maybe vanilla.

            The steady driving of Dongwoo’s cock sent crackling pulses of electricity through Woohyun, and Sungjong’s hands were stroking his abs and tweaking his nipples.  Groaning, turned on, he licked Sungjong’s balls into his mouth.  Stroking them with his tongue, enjoying their delicate roundness, he sucked lightly, and Sungjong moaned, hips lowering against his face, skin soft against his cheeks.

            “Unh, fuck, Nam,” Dongwoo moaned.  “Get him wet.”

            Cupping Sungjong’s ass in both hands, Woohyun guided him up a little.  Licking across his perineum, it was a quick trip to his pretty little hole.  Woohyun licked across it, thumbs spreading his cleft open, and Dongwoo laughed.  “Yeah, he likes that.”

            “Shut up,” Sungjong murmured, his voice flustered, unsteady.  “It’s, oh, hyung,” he moaned, his nails digging into Woohyun’s chest as Woohyun’s tongue pushed in.

            Mmm, this sweet hole.  The way Dongwoo was fucking him had his body charged up with pure, singing pleasure, and he moaned in bliss as he licked his way into Sungjong’s ass.  His thumbs spreading the cleft even farther apart, he went as deep as he could, his tongue snaking through the ring of muscle into the sweet pink beyond.

            “Ahhh, oh, more,” Sungjong moaned, pressing down against his hands, trying to sit right on his face.  “More, hyung, like that.”

            “Hope that ass feels as good as yours does,” Dongwoo said.

            Dongwoo was fucking him in time with the music, rocking him to the beat, the sensual throb of R&B right there in his body, and pleasure was turning into something heavier, a swollen ache.  He groaned, and Sungjong squirmed on top of him, gasping.

            He loved licking his members like this, loved how intimate it was, loved knowing them in this erotic, private way.  Loved feeling Sungjong wriggling around in ecstasy, loved the fluttering tightness of Sungjong’s puckered hole, loved Sungjong’s thick, sweet musk.  Loved the softness of Sungjong’s round, smooth cheeks against his face.

            His phone was ringing.  Sunggyu was calling him.  His lusty moans muffled against Sungjong’s squirming ass, he clamped his thighs around Dongwoo’s ribcage, needing to come.  It was here, he needed it now.  The ringing had stopped, and he could hear Hoya’s voice.

            “Get me off,” he moaned, licking around and around the sweet pucker of Sungjong’s hole.

            “No, no,” Sungjong gasped.  “Mine, it’s mine, you have to fuck me.”

            “The old man is stuck in traffic with the other two,” Hoya said.  “He wants us to start practice.”

            “You start,” Dongwoo said.  “Be there in a second.”

            “No, don’t,” Woohyun said, but Dongwoo was already pulling out of him.  He felt the warm splash of cum on his groin as Dongwoo came on him.  Feeling denied, frustrated, he pushed Sungjong down his body.  Sungjong didn’t ask, didn’t hesitate, just sank right down onto him, enveloping his aching, throbbing cock in snug, familiar heat.  A hot surge of pleasure whipped through him, and he groaned, hips jerking upward, shoving hard into Sungjong.

            Hoya was dressed and ignoring them, already dancing.  Dongwoo was getting up, flushed and grinning.

            “That’s, ah!  Ah, ah.”  Sungjong shifted on top of him, hips rolling.  Masturbating, Sungjong looked lithe, sexy, pretty, skin pink with sexual arousal.  It was hard for him to sit back and take it when he wanted so badly to control the action, but Sungjong was perfect, rocking on him steadily, quick and urgent, pushing them both toward climax.  It wouldn’t take much more of this, wouldn’t - - oohhh - - ah, fuck, yes - - “Love you, love you, I love you,” he moaned, and Sungjong was coming, and he was coming, ecstasy pulsing through him as Sungjong’s cum squirted onto his chest.

            Bright-eyed, triumphant, Sungjong smiled at him.  “Mmm.  Thank you.”

            They were both dressed and dancing when the others arrived.

            Dongwoo was in the kitchen, talking to Sungyeol, when L hugged him from behind.  Used to being cuddled on at any moment of the day, he rubbed L’s forearm and kept talking.  Then L started to kiss his neck, hands sliding under his shirt, and his body started to feel warm.  Distracted, losing the thread of conversation, he closed his eyes, head lolling back on L’s shoulder.  L’s hand was down the front of his pants, caressing his cock, and he moaned, feeling like, like, like, like…

            Damn, he needed to fuck.

            Turning, he kissed L’s mouth, pinning L between himself and the counter.  Moaning, kissing him back, L pushed his pants down, and he growled, groaned, ground against L’s arousal.  His pulse was fast, his energy was up, and every sensation - - the slide and press of L’s hands on his body, the friction of cotton against his bare skin, the sudden heat in the room, the wet slide of L’s tongue - - felt amazing.

            “I want you so much,” L whispered.  “Sungyeol hyung’s going to fuck you, okay?”

            Yeah, “Okay.”  Whatever, whoever, he didn’t care, it all felt good.  L’s hands were sliding up and down his back, slow and warm, trying to get him to calm down; Sungyeol’s fingers were pushing into him, opening him up, making him feel restless and jittery.  Anticipation made him impatient, and he went up onto his toes, bouncing.

            “God, I, shit, do you ever hold still?” Sungyeol asked.

            L was laughing.  The warm, happy sound made him feel good, and he kissed L harder, pulling L’s shirt up, trying to get to more skin.

            “Hold on, just, ah, here, here,” Sungyeol said.

            Oh, oh, “Uuhhhnnhhh,” yeah, “unnh.”  Groaning, Dongwoo undulated, squirming between their bodies as he felt Sungyeol’s cock thrust into him.  It was deep, fast, and he wrapped his arms around L, holding on, arching his back and shoving back toward Sungyeol.

            “Wait, wait, oh, god,” Sungyeol said helplessly.

            “Feels good,” Dongwoo mumbled, rocking against Sungyeol, undoing L’s fly.  His hand was on L’s cock and L’s hand was on his, and he rolled his hips, trying to get the most of L and Sungyeol at once.  More cock, more touching, more sex, he needed more.

            “Ah, ah, hyung, slow down,” Sungyeol gasped.

            Slow down?  Slow down how, why, for what?  It wasn’t right yet, it wasn’t what he needed, the rhythm was off.  Letting go of L’s cock, he reached back and held onto Sungyeol’s hips with both hands, trying to control Sungyeol’s movements, trying to guide the rhythm.  The caressing slide of L’s hand over his erection was too slow, and that only excited him more, made him need it more, made him rock more energetically.

            “I can’t - - can’t - - ah, I’m coming,” Sungyeol moaned.

            “Now?!” L demanded, laughing.

            “Oh, god, I’m coming,” Sungyeol moaned, thrusting into him erratically, fucking him in short, wild pokes, sliding out of him entirely and dribbling on his thigh.

            Okay, he was through letting these dongsaengs dictate the action.  Turning around, he reached back with one hand and guided L’s erection into him.  Rocking back onto it with a grunt, seating himself on its hard length, he put both hands on Sungyeol’s shoulders and pushed downward.  “Like the man says, I have something for you.”

            Looking embarrassed, Sungyeol knelt in front of him.  He slid his fingers into Sungyeol’s mouth, and then L’s hand was sliding over his wrist, L’s fingers slipping into Sungyeol’s mouth along with his own.  They played with each other, stroking Sungyeol’s tongue while he sucked on their fingers.  L was fucking him slowly, making happy humming sounds against his neck.  When he guided his erection into Sungyeol’s mouth, he threaded his fingers through Sungyeol’s hair.  Holding Sungyeol’s head steady, he rolled his hips, rocking between L and Sungyeol again.  Back onto L’s cock, forward into Sungyeol’s mouth, back again, forward, yeah, that was it, “Unh, yeah, right there, that’s the magic,” he moaned, picking up the pace.  It felt so good that he wanted more of it, more, and he started to get aggressive, thrusting down Sungyeol’s throat, popping back hard against L.  Sungyeol was flushed, eyes closed, hands rubbing up and down his thighs.  L was moaning in his ear, kissing his neck, hands splayed over his chest.

            “Oh, a show,” Sunggyu said, coming in and leaning against the fridge to watch.

            “It’s a rerun,” Hoya said, leaving a glass in the sink and walking out again.

            “You feel so good,” L breathed against the back of Dongwoo’s neck.

            “So good,” he moaned, his eyes closing.  Everything was feeling, sensation, pleasure.  Every roll of his hips heightened the intensity, sending him into the wet heat of Sungyeol’s mouth, sending L deep within him, like he was the connection, the conduit between L’s thrusting erection and Sungyeol’s sucking mouth.  They were pressing together, crowding in against each other, L’s hand in Sungyeol’s hair, Sungyeol’s hands on L’s ass, the three of them rocking together, moaning.  Sandwiched in the middle, Dongwoo bucked insistently, fucking himself between them, his head falling back, his fingers digging into Sungyeol’s shoulder.  The pleasure sizzling through him was hitting its peak now, and he rushed toward climax eagerly, ready for it, rocking energetically, pushing himself toward the edge.

            L’s voice was low and breathy by his ear, L’s hands greedy on his waist.  “I’m going to come inside you.”

            “Yeah,” he moaned, primed for it.  “Yeah, let’s come together.”  Already it was starting, it was happening; he felt the bright explosion of ecstasy, felt the shock of it slam through him.  Shooting cum right down Sungyeol’s throat, he let the momentum rock him right back against L, and then he heard L’s sudden moan, felt L’s teeth against his skin.  He was coming, they were coming together, and he groaned, hips still moving, sexual pleasure streaming through him.

            Slowly, the rhythm faded, and he fell still, sagging back into L’s embrace as L nuzzled the side of his neck.

            Sungyeol sat back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

            Sunggyu applauded.  “Nice.  Very nice.  Even if it’s a rerun, it’s one of my favorite episodes.”

            Dongwoo laughed, rubbing his hands over L’s forearms.  “Thanks.”

            “I’m horny,” Sunggyu decided.  “One of you wash up and get in my bed.”

            “Okay,” Dongwoo said.

            Before he could get anywhere, L’s arms tightened around him, pulling him back.  “Ya, why is it you?” L asked, chuckling.  “Maybe it’s me.”

            “You two got off last,” Sungyeol said, standing.  “Isn’t it my turn?”

            “Aren’t I hyung?” Dongwoo asked, twisting, laughing, trying to pull free of L’s embrace.  “Let go, Gyu hyung needs me.”

            “It’s okay,” Sunggyu said, draping his arm around Sungyeol with a smile.  “There’s enough to share.”

            If Sungjong had to draw a chart of sex among the members, he would put himself at the top.

            Sunggyu would be the base.  He was kind of like the team’s sexual anchor.  He got it whenever he wanted it, but he stopped it, too.  He policed the members, making sure that no one went too far in public, establishing rules, setting boundaries.

            The next tier would be Woohyun, Dongwoo, and L.  The three of them, along with Sunggyu, initiated the most sex.  Even if Dongwoo didn’t make the first move, it was incredibly easy to push his buttons.  Almost every sexual interaction in Infinite originated with one of them.

            The next tier was Sungyeol.  He was just as horny as the other four, but he didn’t have their sexual confidence, so he didn’t start as often.

            Then came Hoya.  If sex didn’t directly involve him, he didn’t care about it.  Even when he was horny, he didn’t really initiate it, he just gave off signals until one of the other members approached him.  He usually only got laid when one of the other members walked right up and asked him for sex - - but between Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, and L, that happened regularly.

            Sungjong was on top.  He had sex when he wanted to have sex.  He prided himself on making it a good experience for his hyungs, but that took a certain amount of work, and he wasn’t always in the mood.  So when they asked for sex, sometimes he said yes, sometimes he just gave them head, and sometimes he told them to find someone else.  He didn’t do a lot of initiating, but he didn’t have to.  If they had enough time and enough privacy for sex, one of his hyungs was bound to come sniffing around him.

            There were only two places they had sex, actually.  The dorm and the practice room.  And for the practice room, there were rules.  Always play loud music, always lock the door, always mark the door.  Always enter alone; never bring a visitor without clearing it with the entire team first and without checking the practice room first.  Even their manager didn’t go into the practice room without knocking and waiting for an answer.

            As for enough time, that depended on the members and the activities.  Blowjobs were usually pretty quick.  Sungyeol was a quick top but a slow bottom.  Hoya could get off quick as a bottom but liked the penetration to keep going for as long as possible; as a top, he lasted however long Sungjong needed him to.  Dongwoo and L had pretty good stamina unless they were ganged up on or overwhelmed.  Woohyun usually went with his partners’ needs, rushing if they were in a fiery mood, slowing down if they wanted to make it last.

            Sunggyu…  In the practice room or casually around the dorm, Sunggyu would put his cock in whoever was closest, get off, and move on with life.  But whenever the right mood struck, Sunggyu had a very different kind of sex.  Deliberate, lengthy sex.  Like the time he and L started kissing in the living room and engaged in foreplay up against the wall until they were both moaning with need and dripping with sweat, and when they finally sank down onto the couch L got off twice before Sunggyu finished.  Like the times he laid Sungyeol across his bed and spent forever teasing Sungyeol’s asshole open before finally sliding in and fucking until Sungyeol’s wailing cries of ecstasy rattled the windows.  Like the times he and Woohyun came back from practice and went into his room together and didn’t come out for hours, and every time Sungjong peeked in they were fucking, Sunggyu rocking in slowly while Woohyun moaned, “Love you, I love you.”  For the easy, frequent sex they all had around the dorm, Sunggyu was blunt, aggressive, domineering, and sometimes lazy; one-on-one, he came very close to making love.  It wasn’t often that they had the time or energy for that kind of sex, though, and when they did, Woohyun was always first in line.

            Sungjong felt very fortunate to have such horny and such skilled members.  They had a lot of sex, but it was very, very good sex.  Woohyun was determined to be seductive and romantic, L was affectionate and clingy, Dongwoo’s sexual energy could light the world on fire - - it was a very, very good team to be on.  Sungjong got as much attention as he wanted, whenever he wanted it.  After all of the hard work he put in, day after day, practicing and performing and touring and entertaining, it was nice to relax and lie back with a hyung between his legs.  A well-deserved perk.  He knew that he had it better than maknaes on other teams, but he’d made it clear from the beginning that he was not going to be everyone’s easy cum dump.  He’d show his members a good time, but he expected to be treated well in return.

            It was nice, having six hyungs on hand whenever he wanted them.  It was nice, being able to crawl into anyone’s bed whenever he wanted some attention.  It was nice, getting to watch their hot, aroused bodies rutting together whenever he turned around.  There was nothing like coming back to the dorm late at night, exhausted, and falling asleep in L’s arms on the couch while their hyungs fucked like animals on the floor.

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