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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            A quiet night at the dorm.  A dull night at the dorm.  L felt horny and lazy and bored.  He kept telling himself to go to bed, but he was staying on the couch because a small part of himself was kind of hoping that Sunggyu might have something for him, and he’d be easier to find if he were out in the front room.  Usually, if he stayed in a common part of the dorm for long enough, someone would try to start something, but tonight no one seemed interested.  Kind of a letdown.  He could get up and initiate it himself, but that seemed like a lot of work, somehow.

            Yawning, he mussed his own hair.  Woohyun was asleep beside him, and had been asleep since he’d sat down.  Maybe he’d just curl up against Woohyun and take a nap.  And then if Woohyun woke up and wanted some, he’d be right there, convenient.

            He was about to snuggle in when Dongwoo walked out of a bedroom in a T-shirt and boxer-briefs and asked, “Where is everybody?”  Spotting him, Dongwoo flashed a big grin and headed in his direction.  “You’re here.”

            Anticipation spiked inside of him as Dongwoo approached.  “I’m here,” he agreed, smiling at Dongwoo’s sudden interest.

            “Yeah, right here.”  Dongwoo climbed right on top of him, straddling him, and moved right in, kissing him, cupping his face in both hands.  The sudden sexual aggression turned him on, and he moaned, his eyes closing, his arms wrapping around Dongwoo’s waist as Dongwoo sucked at his lower lip.  “Mmm, hi, yeah,” Dongwoo breathed, tilting his face up, fingers stroking his jaw and fanning over his cheeks.  “You like that?”

            “So much.”  He ran his hands over Dongwoo’s sides, gripping Dongwoo’s T-shirt, kissing back hungrily as Dongwoo licked into his mouth.  God, he was so turned on, he felt like he ached everywhere.  He’d been waiting for someone to start something and this was it, this was more than it, this was perfect.

            “Yeah, you want some of this?” Dongwoo murmured, grinding against him.

            “Yeah,” he breathed.  Fuck, his cock was hard, so hard, his whole body burned with pleasure, ablaze with fierce, sudden lust.  And Dongwoo was hard, too, the pressure of Dongwoo’s hard-on stiffening against him.

            “Ooohh, yeah.”  Dongwoo’s laughter was breathy and victorious.  “Yeah, got that bad boy riled up, got that snake ready to bite.  Gonna have some fun.”

            “Hyung.”  L was so turned on, so caught up in his own pleasure and Dongwoo’s lust, that the sound of Woohyun’s voice seemed to come from a dream somewhere.  “What are you talking about?”

            “You awake?”  Dongwoo’s hand slid down the front of L’s sweatpants, and he moaned, pleasure making his whole body jerk and shudder when Dongwoo gripped his cock.  “You want some, too, you looking for this?”

            When Dongwoo stopped kissing him, L groaned, his head falling back.  “Fuck,” he moaned, and he hissed as Dongwoo’s thumb rubbed over the head of his cock.  His hands slid up Dongwoo’s body, pulling the T-shirt out of the way, finding bare skin.  The slow, steady pull of Dongwoo’s hand made him ache, had him so turned on he felt like he couldn’t catch his breath.  It finally occurred to him that Dongwoo and Woohyun were kissing, and he licked his lips, looking over, watching their mouths fit together.  It looked so sexy, so sensual, the sleek flash of Woohyun’s tongue, their soft, full lips clinging and caressing, that he wanted to put his mouth on something, too.  When Dongwoo leaned farther toward Woohyun, L pressed his lips to Dongwoo’s bare side, kissing the taut, smooth skin over Dongwoo’s ribcage.

            “Oh, he wants some attention,” Dongwoo said, rubbing his thumb up and down L’s shaft in a slow, repetitive motion that made L feel good, so good, made L want to thrust.  “Our sexy boy wants attention.”  Stroking his chest, L groaned, kissing his skin, licking at him, wanting to taste him, sucking, hungry for intimacy, for sensation, for more pleasure.  “C’mon, Nam, don’t you want to give him what he wants?  Let’s show him some of the magic.”

            Woohyun laughed.  “You and your magic.”

            “Tell him you love him.”

            Dongwoo let go of his cock and cupped his chin, pushing his head up, tilting his face back.  He felt the slickness of his own pre-cum against his jaw, but he didn’t mind.  He liked it; that was part of sex with Dongwoo, a little messy, a little raw.  He tugged his sweatpants down farther and rubbed at his hard-on, fondling himself, and when Dongwoo guided his face toward Woohyun’s, he stared at Woohyun’s mouth, his own lips parted.  Woohyun’s lips looked delicious, succulent, so full and so pink.  So already-kissed, so kissable.

            “Love you,” Woohyun murmured, kissing the corner of his mouth.  He moaned, turning his head, capturing Woohyun’s lips, and it was a perfect kiss, mmm, yes, oh, yeah, god, this was exactly what he’d wanted.  When Woohyun’s tongue slipped into his mouth, his temperature spiked, and he gripped the front of Woohyun’s shirt, trying to bring their bodies closer.

            “Suck his cock,” Dongwoo urged.  “Suck it, tell it you love it, you’re in love with that beautiful cock.”

            L’s cock throbbed excitedly like it knew it was being talked about.  Woohyun pulled away from him just enough to break their kiss.  When Woohyun smiled at him, there was a twinkle in Woohyun’s eyes that promised him terrific things, and then Woohyun’s head was in his lap and, “Oh, hu-oohhh, shit, hyung, oh!”  Everything he’d been feeling, all of the pleasure, all of the arousal, was suddenly cranked up to feverish levels.  Groaning, he spread his thighs, rubbing his balls while Woohyun sucked on his cock.

            “I love you.”  Woohyun’s tongue ran up his shaft in long, slow licks, not missing an inch.  “Love your cock, love it so much.”

            “Yeah.”  Sliding off of L’s lap, Dongwoo started to strip.  “That’s it, this is what I like to see, our members taking care of each other.”  Naked, he was completely unselfconscious, and L watched through a haze of intensifying need as he fondled his hard-on.  “Give me some of that, let me get a little.”  He climbed onto the armrest, going right onto his knees, jacking his cock in L’s face.  “Want me to say it for you, want me to play a little Kim Sunggyu?”

            He didn’t need to be asked.  Dongwoo’s hard, pink cock looked so luscious and obscene, his mouth was already watering.  “Give it to me,” he mumbled, his words muffled, his lips already closing around it.  When he took his first long, sweet suck, he felt electric suction on his own erection, and the doubled sensation made his head swim.  It felt so good that he groaned, sinking down to the base of Dongwoo’s erection, inhaling rich musk.  One hand reached around to squeeze Dongwoo’s ass.

            “Ahh, ah, that’s it,” Dongwoo moaned, tugging on his hair.  “Hnnnnhh, that’s the magic, right there.”

            The steady pull of Woohyun’s mouth on his cock felt like ecstasy.  He was so high from it, he couldn’t really separate it from what he was doing to Dongwoo.  Needing more of this rapturous feeling, he sucked hard, getting greedy.  He was so hungry for Dongwoo’s cock, such a glutton for pleasure, that he sped up, his head bobbing fast, up and down, his hand gripping the back of Dongwoo’s thigh.

            “Yeah, that’s what I want,” Dongwoo said.  “Happy dongsaengs taking care of each other.  Let me see you come in his mouth, let me see it.  He loves you so much, show him how much you love him, too, fill up his mouth with it.”

            Being encouraged to get off only made him realize how close to the edge he was.  Gasping around Dongwoo’s cock, he felt himself tense up, his body rushing toward orgasm but trying to make this ecstatic sensation last.  The pleasure building inside of him made his head swim, and he sucked hard, chasing brilliant sensation.  As his cheeks hollowed, his fingers dug into Woohyun’s shoulder, and ecstasy exploded inside of him like a fireball.  “Ahh, ah, ooh, oh!”  His whole body shook in the throes of orgasm, cum pulsing out of him in quick, thick squirts.

            “Yeah, that’s it.”  A couple of tugs on his hair broke through his dreamy disorientation, and he remembered to keep sucking.  When Woohyun finally released his cock, he whimpered, disappointed that it was over.  He’d flown so high and come so hard, he wanted to do it all again, like racing back in line after a rollercoaster ride.  The pleasure sizzling in his veins made him relish the sensual eroticism of the moment.  He loved the feel of Dongwoo’s cock in his mouth.  So hard, so warm, so sensitive.  He ran his tongue over it lovingly, adoring its satiny smoothness.  “Here, let’s share,” Dongwoo said, “let’s have a good time.”

            Before L could figure out what that meant, Woohyun was climbing into his lap.  Heavy, solid against him, with an arm around his shoulders, Woohyun leaned in with him, kissing Dongwoo’s cock.  Pulling back a little, L just smiled in delight, enjoying the sight of it, happy to have someone to share with.

            Woohyun’s lips brushed the head of Dongwoo’s cock, leaving romantic, sensual kisses.  Drawn to him, L kissed his cheek, humming against his cheekbone, nuzzling him a little.  Dongwoo’s wet, stringy precum clung to his lips, and L licked at it, cleaning him up.  With a chuckle, Woohyun kissed him back, and Dongwoo thrust slowly into their kiss, erection sliding between their mouths, their tongues teasing around it.

            Loving it, L sucked at Dongwoo’s cock, mouthed Woohyun’s jaw, and nuzzled Dongwoo’s balls.  A cock in his face, someone to kiss, it was an erotic playground.  They went on that way for a while, playing with each other, kissing, sucking, and he couldn’t have been happier.

            “Ah, shit, here it comes.  Ungh.  Who’s going to take my load?” Dongwoo asked.  Taking his cock in hand, he patted their cheeks with it.  Moaning, L licked at it, kissing it as Dongwoo teased them with it.  “Who wants a face full of cream?”

            “L does, give it to him,” Woohyun said, and L grinned, agreeing, running his hands over Dongwoo’s thighs.

            “Unh, it’s coming quick,” Dongwoo grunted, shivering.  “C’mere, L-ah, don’t be shy.”

            He leaned in, breathing hard, waiting for it.  He was crowded in between Dongwoo’s knees, Woohyun warm in his lap and stroking his hair, Dongwoo’s fat, red cockhead inches from his face.  Flushed and happy, Dongwoo smiled down at him, and he felt anticipation tingling through him, felt real pleasure.  When the first drops hit, his mouth fell open, his tongue licking out, and he and Dongwoo groaned together in shaky, thrilled harmony.  Cum squirted across his mouth and cheeks, hot and gooey.  As he moaned again, shuddering, Dongwoo’s cock rubbed against his parted lips, dribbling cum into his mouth and smearing it on his chin.  “That’s it,” Dongwoo said, panting.  “That’s right.  Feels good, doesn’t it?”

            “Yes,” he said, swallowing.  It felt great, and he smiled back at Dongwoo’s broad smile.  “Thank you, hyung.”

            “Our sexy L-goon.”  Leaning down, Dongwoo licked a wet stripe across his cheek.  He laughed, and Woohyun licked on his other side, tongue swiping at the cum oozing toward his jaw.  They cleaned him up, and he luxuriated in sexy, messy kisses.  Curling up against Woohyun’s shoulder, he nuzzled in, kissing Woohyun’s neck, wrapping his arms around Dongwoo, letting his eyes drift shut.

            “Go on,” Woohyun said, stroking his chest.  “Go wash up, go to bed.”

            He lingered for a moment, too comfortable to move, softly mouthing at Woohyun’s skin.  Then Dongwoo kissed him and said, “Good night,” and Woohyun kissed him, and it made such a nice ending that he decided to go with it.  Mumbling, “Good night,” he got up and made his way to the bathroom.

            Hoya and Sungjong were already in there in shorts and T-shirts, brushing their teeth, talking at the sink.  When he walked past, Sungjong gave him a look, eyebrows up, and tapped at his chin.  “Missed a spot.”

            Chuckling, he brushed Sungjong’s hand away.  “Jealous?” he teased, undressing, leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor.

            “Not of that,” Sungjong said.  He kissed Hoya.  “Good night, hyung,” he said, and left.

            Kind of sleepy and still kind of horny, not sure which feeling he wanted to win, L got in the shower.  Just as he reached out to turn on the water, he felt someone move in behind him, felt hands slide over his waist.  Smiling, he closed his eyes, leaning back into Hoya’s arms.

            “Not trying to start anything.”  Hoya’s hands rubbed over his stomach, then up to his chest.

            “No?” he asked lazily, feeling his body warm up.

            “No,” Hoya said, turning him around.  He didn’t even open his eyes, just went with it, familiar with it, trusting it.  “Just want to…”  Hoya kissed him, nudging him back against the wall.  It was a slow kiss, tender at first, Hoya’s lips brushing softly over his.  He wrapped his arms around Hoya, wanting their bodies to be close, wanting to feel that smooth skin and hard muscle against himself.  The feel of Hoya’s thumbs flicking over his nipples made him want more, and he deepened the kiss, his tongue stroking more aggressively into Hoya’s mouth.  Groaning, Hoya pushed closer against him, kissing him harder, and he moaned back, echoing the sound.

            They made out against the wall, moving to their own rhythm, escalating and then calming back down, turning up the heat and then letting it simmer.  L loved it, but Hoya’s insistent kisses and stroking hands had him more turned on than he could take.  After so much of it, the ache of his hard-on was too demanding to ignore.  “Hyung.”  Kissing Hoya again and again, he ran his hand over the small of Hoya’s back, then let his fingers creep lower.  “Hyung, don’t you want my cock?”

            “Not now,” Hoya said, still kissing him, like that was a normal thing to say and not devastating.

            But he was so turned on, and Hoya was turned on, and it would be so, so good.  “Mmm, let me give it to you.”

            “Some other time.”  Hoya turned away, adjusting his shorts over his hard-on.  “Night.”

            Disbelieving, dejected, L slumped against the wall.  Really?  Seriously?  The agonizing throbbing of his abandoned cock made him groan.  Not trying to start anything.  Really, only that hyung!

            Grimacing, L rubbed his cock while he turned on the water.  He was so annoyed that he didn’t even get off, he just washed up.  After he dried off, he pulled his sweatpants back on and pawed through his hair, irritated.  He was all riled up, wanting sex again, but it was late.  Maybe Dongwoo and Woohyun were still up?  Sungjong didn’t seem interested tonight.  He hadn’t seen Sungyeol in a while, maybe he should see what that was about.

            He stepped into the hallway and saw Sungyeol already there.

            “There you are.”  Sungyeol stared at L too intensely.  His lips were swollen and pink, like he’d been kissing.  Naked to the waist, he was clutching at his shorts like he’d just put them on and was afraid that someone was going to try to take them off again.  “Sunggyu hyung wants you.”  Wide-eyed, flushed, Sungyeol swallowed.  “Don’t try to play hard to get.”

            He never did.  Smiling, he touched Sungyeol’s chest.  “You okay?”

            With a sudden affronted look, Sungyeol straightened up, trying to summon his dignity.  “Fine.  I’m fine.”

            He really hadn’t seen Sungyeol in a while.  “How long were you in there?”

            Sungyeol blinked rapidly.  “I don’t know,” he admitted.  “He said that he wanted to take his time.”  Blushing red, Sungyeol smiled helplessly, then gestured at Sunggyu’s door.  “Your turn.”

            Curious, L opened the door and peeked in.  Sunggyu was in bed, under the covers, curled up on one side.  Asleep?  He could smell the sweetness of the numbing lube they liked to use on Sungyeol.  Smiling, L slipped inside and closed the door.

            When he approached the bed, Sunggyu’s eyes opened in narrow, watchful slits.  Seeing that Sunggyu was awake, he grinned, a rush of anticipation hitting him.  When he crawled onto the bed, Sunggyu reached for him, pulling him closer.  “Hyung?” he asked, sliding in, pressing right up against Sunggyu’s naked, yes, so very naked body.

            “I used Yeolie up,” Sunggyu said, reaching right between his thighs, cupping him.  He gasped, moving against Sunggyu’s hand, and Sunggyu grinned, rubbing him through his pants.  “You have some juice left in you?”

            “Yes,” he panted, clutching at Sunggyu’s hip.  Everything that had built up and been put off, all of his urges, all of the pleasure and need, rose up inside of him again, filling him with heat and passion.  The pleasure and desire with Dongwoo and Woohyun, the heat of Hoya’s embrace, it all still hummed through his veins, and he rubbed himself against Sunggyu’s hand, groaning.

            Sunggyu smiled at him, slowly drawing down his pants.  “Good.  Now relax, hyung wants to take his time.”


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by Matthew Haldeman-Time