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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Usually, when EXO-K stayed at a hotel, Baekhyun roomed with Chanyeol.  It was a terrific arrangement, because he and Chanyeol had a lot of fun together.  Things were comfortable between them, and the sex was always great.  Whenever they had to stay overnight somewhere, Baekhyun knew that he was going to get laid and sleep hard.  It was something to look forward to even when other parts of the trip were stressful.

            When they got to Hong Kong, he was eager to run up to the hotel room, lock the door, and hop into bed.  They’d been so busy preparing for their long trip that he hadn’t had sex in days, and he was totally ready for it.

            And then, when they got up to their floor of the hotel, Suho handed him a key and shoved him toward a door, saying, “Baekhyun and D.O.,” and then pushed Kai and Sehun toward a second door, and then said, “Chanyeol, with me,” and started to walk away.

            What?!  “Hyung,” Baekhyun said, at a loss.  He shot Chanyeol a disbelieving look.

            Turning, Chanyeol flashed him a big grin and a thumbs-up, then hurried after Suho.

            Hey!  “Traitor,” Baekhyun said, staring after him.  That jerk!  Feeling betrayed and mean, Baekhyun hoped that Suho totally turned Chanyeol down.  He hoped that Chanyeol stayed awake all night, tormented by the world’s worst case of blue balls.

            Taking the key from him, D.O. calmly unlocked their door.

            Hey, now.  Baekhyun didn’t really have to room with D.O., did he?  “Uh,” he said, looking at Kai and Sehun.

            Giggling, nudging each other, Kai and Sehun unlocked their door.  “Night, hyung,” Sehun said with a knowing look, tugging Kai into the room.

            Laughing, Kai said, “Yeah, night,” and disappeared with Sehun.

            As their door closed, Baekhyun blinked.  He was starting to feel as unwanted and unsexy as a broken toaster.  Feeling the corners of his mouth turn down, he trudged into his room, dragging his suitcase along behind himself.

            D.O. had already claimed the bed by the window, and was heading into the bathroom.

            “Hey.”  Licking his lips, Baekhyun tried to look sexy.  He was an idol, right?  Millions of people were totally hot for him.  “You want to-”

            “No,” D.O. said, “not really,” and he closed the bathroom door.

            So the first night was lousy.  Baekhyun jacked off in the shower.  He was so horny that he squirmed around, fingering his asshole, but it didn’t really do anything for him.  Xiumin’s fingers could get him begging for it in one second or less, but his own touch was kind of pointless.

            The second night was better and worse.  He was even hornier.  The good news was that D.O. was willing to kiss him.  The bad news was that was all that D.O. was willing to do.  Just kiss.  Just on the mouth.  He offered to do everything he could come up with, and D.O. wasn’t interested in it, and he’d known D.O. for years now and he still couldn’t understand turning down a blowjob.  He asked for things - - simple, easy things like a handjob - - and D.O. said no to everything but a little kissing.

            So they sat on the couch and kissed like a couple of innocent kids.  And it was terrific, and it got him totally worked up, and he tried to hold back, he really did, but god, he was so turned on, his cock was like a steel rod or something.  D.O. was kissing him soft and slow, and D.O.’s hand was rubbing lightly over his chest, feeling him up through his shirt like he was a girl, and D.O. was making these low, quiet, happy noises, like it felt good.  It did feel good, it felt fantastic, it felt too good, and he kind of lost control of himself.  Groaning, he kissed D.O. hard, lunging forward into D.O.’s personal space and shoving his hand down the front of his own pants.

            D.O. pushed Baekhyun away.  Clearing his throat, looking bored, he got up and walked away.

            “Wait,” Baekhyun said desperately, but that was it, it was over.  No more D.O. for him, not that night.  Trapped in a love-hate relationship with his own aching cock, he jerked off on his own again, right there on the couch.

            The second night, they ended up in a new hotel, reuniting with EXO-M in Shanghai.  Feeling kind of desperate for cock, he begged their manager to let him room with someone else.  He explained that it would really be for the best if Kai and D.O. roomed together, and he and Chanyeol usually roomed together anyway, and it was more comfortable that way, since they were the same age and everything.  He kind of babbled.  And he didn’t feel bad about it at all.  Kai was D.O.’s boyfriend, right?  If anyone should have to suffer long nights without sex, it should be Kai.  That was what Kai had signed up for, agreeing to be D.O.’s boyfriend in the first place.  Baekhyun definitely hadn’t volunteered for it.

            Apparently most of what he’d said to their manager had sunk in, but some key details hadn’t really made it, because he ended up in a room with Chen.

            Pros: Chen was not D.O.

            Cons: Chen was a total bottom, when what Baekhyun needed more than anything was a good, hard cock.

            He tried to get a ride on Chen’s cock, but Chen just laughed at him and refused to play along.  He didn’t want to embarrass himself by tearing apart the room looking for something he could safely shove up his ass, so he asked Chen to finger him or rim him or something, damn it.

            Chen, being a good guy and a good friend, went down on him and shoved a couple fingers inside him.  It wasn’t the kind of sex he was jonesing for, but it got him off hard.  So good, so hard, god, he saw stars.  They made out, and he went down on Chen, and he was so glad to have a cock in his mouth again that he took it nice and slow, lingering over every gorgeous inch.  “God, you have a great cock,” he mumbled, kind of in love with it.

            Chen laughed again.  “I know, right?”

            The next night, they were in Beijing.  He tried to explain to their manager that he really needed to room with Chanyeol, for super-legitimate reasons.  He ended up rooming with Suho and getting a lecture on playing favorites and room-swapping and bothering management with his personal problems.  He also got no sex, no sex whatsoever, not even a kiss.

            Awake in bed, his cock poking against the sheets, he tried to tell himself that it wouldn’t have been worth talking his way into Suho’s bed, anyway.  And he tried to figure out how to sneak into Chanyeol’s room without getting caught.  He wondered if Kai and Sehun were together tonight.  He wondered if, assuming that he could sneak into their room, they’d double-team him.  No, with his luck, if he did find Kai, D.O. would be there to tell on him and send him back.

            In the morning, he was exhausted and not in a great mood.  Xiumin asked him what was wrong, and he confessed how desperately horny he was and how all of his stupid members were selfishly thwarting his good time.

            Xiumin grinned at him and stroked his hair.  “That’s a shame.  If you were in my room, I’d let you straddle the pole as much as you wanted.”

            God, yes, Xiumin was his hero.  “Can-”

            Xiumin was shaking his head.  “I’m rooming with Lay.  We have plans.”  His grin was devilish, and Baekhyun was going to die of blue balls.  “But I’ll talk to Suho about it for you.  Maybe he’ll put you with Chanyeol tonight.”

            “Thank you,” he said, desperate but afraid to hope.  “Thank you, hyung, seriously, I owe you.”

            Xiumin flashed another one of those wicked grins.  “You can thank me right when we get back to the dorm.”

            He’d love to.  The dorm seemed impossibly far away.

            That night, Suho handed D.O. a room key and said, “You’re with me, I’ll be there in a minute.”  Then he handed Chanyeol another key and said, “You’re with Baekhyun.”

            Baekhyun jumped into the air, barely suppressing a victorious whoop.  Happy, he enthusiastically hustled Chanyeol into the room.  Shoving their suitcases haphazardly toward the wall, he tried to herd Chanyeol toward the bed and strip naked at the same time.

            “Whoa!  The door, let me get the door!”

            Whatever, he didn’t have all day.  Kicking his shoes off, he whipped his shirt across the room and started on his fly.

            “Shit, you’re hot for it,” Chanyeol said, grinning at him, looking kind of delighted.

            “Come here and bring lube,” he said, wriggling out of his underwear.

            Chanyeol got the lube.  Impatient, he hopped onto the bed, sitting up by the pillows, masturbating and wishing that Chanyeol would move with a little more urgency.

            Walking toward the bed, looking all long and sexy, Chanyeol gave him a curious once-over.  “You really want it.”  Setting the lube by the pillow, Chanyeol started to undress way, way too slowly.  “Are you willing to do anything interesting for it?”

            “I’m willing to roll over and let you fuck me,” he said.  “How much more interesting do you want things to be?”

            Chanyeol chuckled.  “I don’t know.”  Naked to the waist, he paused with a hand on his fly like he was deliberately trying to destroy Baekhyun’s remaining brain cells.  “We could have some fun with it, right?  Play a little game.”

            “I hate you,” Baekhyun said, just to clear that up.  “And I’m not calling you ‘oppa.’  Now c’mere,” he said, squirming down onto his back.  “Time for sex, let’s go.”

            Baekhyun wasn’t proud of the way the next few minutes played out.  But Chanyeol had been getting laid right and left every night of the trip, and Baekhyun was backed into a very bad corner.

            So a few minutes after that, he was writhing in honest, excited pleasure, and Chanyeol was stroking inside him with long, experienced fingers, and he was so turned on he was making enthusiastic, mewling sounds, and when Chanyeol asked if it felt good, he moaned, “Yes, yes, oppa, please, it’s so good like this.”

            “Shit, yeah,” Chanyeol breathed, rock-hard against his thigh.  Groaning, he twisted, trying to rub himself against Chanyeol’s hard-on, and Chanyeol kissed his neck.  “Play with your nipples, it’s so hot, do it.”

            He did everything that Chanyeol wanted, and Chanyeol did everything that he wanted, and it was the best sex he’d had all week.  Okay, so it was practically the only sex he’d had all week, but it was great, anyway.  Sex with Chanyeol was always great; Chanyeol was reliable like that.  They knew each other really well by now, so sex between the two of them was really easy and familiar.  They fit together.

            When they were finished, he curled up in bed, snuggling up against the pillows and feeling good.  Chanyeol took a shower and came over to stretch out beside him on the other half of the bed.  They talked about stuff, about nothing.  Chanyeol’s ears were still red from where he’d pinched them.  When he reached over and flicked one, Chanyeol shied away, laughing.  “Hey, don’t.”

            “I don’t know why all of our members are so kinky,” Baekhyun mused.  He flicked the other one, and Chanyeol pinched him, and he squirmed away.  “It’s like I’m the only normal one left.”

            “I’m not kinky,” Chanyeol said, looking surprised.  “Most of the members aren’t.”

            “Making me pretend to be a girl for you is kinky.”

            “I’m not - - it’s not like that!”  Chanyeol looked embarrassed.

            Baekhyun started counting members on his fingers.  “The maknae.”  Chanyeol didn’t even pretend to object to that one.  “D.O.”

            Chanyeol frowned.  “Isn’t D.O. the opposite of kinky?”

            “Suho hyung.”

            Chanyeol stared at him.  “How is Suho hyung kinky?”

            “Lay hyung has a porn fetish.”

            “But what about Suho hyung?  And you can’t count D.O.!” Chanyeol argued, pushing his fingers back down.

            “Xiumin hyung says and does some weird stuff,” he continued, smacking Chanyeol’s hands away and refusing to be interrupted.

            “That doesn’t count!  Do you even know what ‘kinky’ means?” Chanyeol demanded.

            “Chen’s so addicted to bottoming that he can’t even screw me.”

            “Can’t, or just didn’t want to?” Chanyeol asked.  “Come on, how is that fair?  When’s the last time you topped anybody?”

            That wasn’t the point.  “Okay, so.”  He counted on his fingers, trying to track how many members he’d already listed.  “Who’s left?”

            “Kai,” Chanyeol said.  “Go ahead, tell me how Kai’s kinky.”

            “No, Kai’s okay,” he decided.  Chanyeol looked relieved.  “Except,” he said, thinking it over, and Chanyeol smacked him in the face with a pillow.  Yelping, he twisted away, grabbing for a pillow of his own, and things were chaotic for a minute.  It wasn’t a fair fight, because Chanyeol had the reach of a, of a, of whatever kind of animal had ridiculously long arms.  Some kind of bird with freaky wing span?  Anyway, he lost, like usual, and ended up facedown with Chanyeol sitting on his back.  When he tried to wriggle himself to freedom, Chanyeol said, “Oh, cute,” and smacked his ass.  There was nothing Baekhyun liked more than a little spanking between friends, but being immobilized and spanked at the same time tended to freak him out, and Chanyeol knew that.  “Jerk,” he muttered, trying to throw Chanyeol off.

            “Aw, come on, wave your tushie around some more, it’s cute,” Chanyeol teased, patting his thighs.

            “Get off of - - god, how much do you weigh?” he demanded, giving up.  “And who says ‘tushie,’ what are you, my grandmother?”

            “You know you’re being stupid,” Chanyeol said, finally getting off of him, collapsing beside him, legs everywhere.  “None of our members are kinky.  We’re just, you know.  Different people are into different things sometimes.”

            “All I wanted was one simple boning, the most ordinary thing in the world, and it took me all week to get one,” Baekhyun said.

            “You asked the wrong people.”  Chanyeol’s smile was wide and irrepressible.  “I’ll bone you whenever you want it.”

            “You abandoned me!  You went off with Suho hyung that first night.”

            Chanyeol looked embarrassed.  “Yeah, that.  Sorry.  I thought.”  He winced, his gaze darting from side to side before he met Baekhyun’s eyes again.  “I thought that he wanted to, you know, give me an extra turn or something.  But he just wanted to talk about the show.”

            What?  “It was work?”  He was laughing; it was suddenly the funniest thing he’d ever heard.  “He wanted to talk about work?”


            “You didn’t get laid, either?”

            “No.  Not for two nights!  And then I had to room with D.O., and he didn’t even want to kiss or anything, he went right to bed like I wasn’t even there!”

            “He didn’t even kiss you?”  Baekhyun was starting to feel kind of proud of himself.  D.O. had at least wanted to make out with him.

            “And then last night, Xiumin hyung - - well, he didn’t let me top,” Chanyeol said.  His cheeks were pink.

            “Wait, I’m the first ass you’ve had all week?”


            Hey!  If he’d known that, he wouldn’t have given in so fast about the “oppa” crap.  He’d thought that Chanyeol was arguing from some well-laid position of strength, not as desperate for it as he was!  “We have to make better room arrangements next time.  They have to stop putting us with D.O.”

            “And hyungs who either won’t put out or only want things done their way,” Chanyeol said.

            “And stupid Chen who won’t even do anything fun.”

            “Hey, Chen’s a lot of fun!”

            “Fun for you!  He doesn’t do anything for me!”

            Chanyeol laughed, one leg thrown over his.  “I live with both of you!  I know exactly what he does for you, don’t lie.”

            Okay, yeah.  Well.  Baekhyun cleared his throat, rubbing his nose.  “Okay, but you and I have to room together from now on.”

            “Okay.”  Chanyeol held up his hand, pinky extended.  “Baekyeol Chanhyun roommates.”

            “Promise,” Baekhyun agreed, linking their pinkies together.

            Chanyeol kissed him, then said, “You’re just afraid of rooming with Sehun.”

            “I’m terrified,” he admitted, shivering.  Laughing, Chanyeol rubbed his side to warm him up.  “I’m going to wake up tied to the bed, with the maknae standing over me with a whip in his hand, I know it.  Don’t ever leave me asleep behind a locked door with him.”

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