Season Two: Bachelor Party

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            Sungyeol needed to be fucked again.  He needed a lot of things again.  Woohyun had left him last night before they’d completely finished, and hadn’t come back.  He felt like they’d been interrupted before he’d been ready to let go.  Now he had a weird, unsatisfied feeling.

            It was weird to want that again, the way Woohyun treated him, the things that Woohyun did to him.  But it had been a part of his life for so long that it was part of his sexual repertoire, now, it was one of the things he was into.  And he needed more of it, today.

            Woohyun spent most of the morning locked in Sunggyu’s room, while Sungyeol paced around, feeling itchy and impatient.  He wanted to knock and ask them to hurry up, but that probably wouldn’t go over well.

            He thought about asking the other members for help, but it was a little awkward.

            When Dongwoo left the dorm, he decided to help himself.  He chugged a beer, and then he went into Woohyun’s room and closed the door.  He found a butt plug and poured an ocean of lube over it.

            It was hard to get it in.  Nothing felt like the right angle, and he couldn’t get into a comfortable position.  He tried standing and squatting and leaning, he rolled all over Woohyun’s bed, but he couldn’t relax.  Overthinking it and worrying that he was getting it wrong was only making him more tense, he knew that, but what was he supposed to do, meditate first?

            He got it in, finally.  Panting, facedown on Woohyun’s bed, he squirmed.  God, it felt weird.

            The door swung open.

            He screamed in horror, panicked, scrambling helplessly all over the bed.

            Sunggyu yelped, throwing his hands up.  “What?  What?  Yeolie, what?”

            “Knock first!” he exclaimed, hot with shame.

            Sunggyu pressed his hand to his chest, trying to calm down.  “Shit!  Why are you screaming?  I can’t open doors in my own dorm anymore.  Coffee, screaming, all of this, I can’t live like this.”  He squinted.  “Did Woohyun leave you in here on your own all night?”

            “No, he, uh, I just came in here a minute ago.”  He was trying really hard to hold still and act normal.  He needed to move, though.  If Sunggyu hadn’t noticed the plug, then he just had to come up with a plausible explanation for being naked in here.  “I was going to take a shower.”

            “In here?”

            “Why are we screaming, is this vocal training?” Woohyun asked, peering into the room.

            “Were you playing with Dongwoo again?” Sunggyu asked.

            “No, no, I just, I came in here to look for something,” Sungyeol said.

            “I don’t believe him, do you believe him?” Sunggyu asked.

            “Is it lies?” Woohyun asked.  “Is he lying?  Shameless!” he teased.

            God, he had to deal with both of them, now?  “It’s a plug, I came in here to masturbate, can’t I have any privacy?”

            “Is it in you?” Sunggyu asked.

            “That explains why he looks like that,” Woohyun said.

            “Let hyung see,” Sunggyu said, gesturing for him to turn around, stepping forward.

            Wincing, embarrassed, he slid off of the bed and leaned over.

            “It isn’t even in the whole way,” Woohyun said, laughing.

            “Don’t you know not to play with yourself?” Sunggyu asked.  “And why are your toys out where Sungyeol can get to them?  You can’t have all of this if you aren’t careful with it.”

            “Sorry,” Woohyun said.  “Wait, it’s not my fault!  He got it out, he’s the one using it.”

            “He shouldn’t be able to get to it in the first place.  You have to be more careful,” Sunggyu scolded.

            “Sorry,” Woohyun said again.

            Feeling Sunggyu’s hand on his ass, Sungyeol squirmed.  “I can get it, I’ll do it.”

            “I don’t want you playing with Woohyun’s toys.  You never know what you’re doing, you go too far.”  Sunggyu sighed, rubbing around the plug, right where Sungyeol was spread open.  Gasping, he arched his back, going up on his toes, grabbing at the bed, pushing his ass back, trying to move in all directions at once.  God, that felt - - he needed - - electric pulses were shuddering up his legs, shooting down to his toes, zapping his scalp.  “Go in my room, get on my bed.”

            He went, squirming the whole way there, limping hurriedly through the dorm.  He crawled right onto Sunggyu’s bed.

            “Such an amateur.”  Woohyun pushed a pillow under his hips and nudged him down.  “What were you doing, looking for a fix?”  Woohyun stroked through his hair, making his scalp prickle.  The touch made his ass clench hard around the plug, and he groaned, wishing that they’d just screw him already.  “Didn’t get enough last night?”

            “Is that it, did you play around too much last night?” Sunggyu asked.  He touched the plug, and Sungyeol’s body resisted, tightening around it, trying to draw it in.

            “Maybe he wants the real thing,” Woohyun suggested.

            “Don’t look at me like that!  Real, what’s real?  Is yours fake?”

            “Mine’s real!” Woohyun said, laughing.  “But there’s real, and there’s real-real.  Some are more real.  Yours is too real.”

            He closed his eyes, tuning them out.  They were still talking, flirting, bullshitting each other, cooing and laughing, but all he cared about was what was happening to his body.  Sunggyu was stroking him, relaxing him.  Woohyun was massaging his back, Sunggyu was massaging his ass, Sunggyu was coaxing the plug out, and he let it go with a relieved moan.  More, god, he wanted more, and his ass pushed up, seeking.

            A finger slid into him, slow and slick.  He moaned, pushing himself up on one elbow.

            “You can go first,” Sunggyu was saying.

            “No, hyungs first,” Woohyun said.  Sungyeol gasped as Sunggyu’s finger hit his prostate.  The sudden rocketing pleasure made his whole body clench, and he put his head down, trying to catch his breath.

            “It’s more comfortable for him if you go first.”

            “Who cares about him?” Woohyun asked, laughing.  “Let me go second today, you’re his hyung, you have what he wants.  I’ll take sloppy seconds.  You fuck him first, come a lot, so I have a lot to play with.”  Sungyeol heard himself making soft, wondering sounds.  Sunggyu was stroking him tenderly, slowly.  He felt like he was a delicate thing, a fragile flower Sunggyu was coaxing along.  Pleasure was humming through him in uneven, shimmering pulses, his whole body alive to the incredible sensations Sunggyu was giving him.

            “He can’t take all of that,” Sunggyu said.  “You go first.  I like seeing you, it’ll get me in the mood.”

            “You sure?” Woohyun asked.  Sungyeol mewled, squirming, rubbing his hardening cock against the pillow.

            “Let me be polite!  Here, I’ll finger him more so he’s nice and ready for you.  I like things to be comfortable for you, it’s very important to me.”

            “You’re a good hyung.”

            “I know!  Yes, I really am, right?”

            Oh, god, Sunggyu was stretching him with two fingers now, a second tenderly entering with the first.  Groaning, aching, he tried to roll over.  He was going to come, he was so going to get off on this, god, “Give it to me, I want it.”  He felt stuffed full, stretched wide, and he tried crawling up the bed, the intensity of physical sensations confusing him, making him agitated.  “God, more, do it already, fuck me.”

            “Hyung’s trying to help you,” Sunggyu said.  “Make him feel better, he’s too excited right now.”

            Pushing him over, rolling him onto his side, Woohyun slid in against him.  “How’s it going, how’s this?” Woohyun asked, smiling at him, stroking his cock.  Ah, ahh, he was so hard, ooohh, that was good.  Woohyun was fondling him slowly, tenderly, and it turned him on so much, he grabbed up a handful of Woohyun’s shorts and held on, wanting to make sure that Woohyun stayed, wanting it to keep going on.  Chuckling at him, Woohyun jacked him lightly, slowly, getting him there but not rushing it, making the pleasure build.

            Sunggyu’s fingers felt huge inside of him, stretching him to his limit, making him groan.  He felt like he’d feel so much better if he could get off, or if he could roll over, or something, anything.  “I’m touching you,” Woohyun whispered, kissing his cheek.  “You want to return the favor?”  Woohyun’s voice was soft, Woohyun’s touch was soft, everything was so inviting.  “Want to touch me a little, too?”

            He, yes, he did.  Kissing Woohyun, he ran his hand in between Woohyun’s thighs.  When Sunggyu slid in at a new angle, he groaned, fumbling, and he felt clumsy, his body straining around Sunggyu’s fingers, his own hand pawing roughly at Woohyun’s pants.  But Woohyun was murmuring, “Yeah, that’s it, it’s good, you feel how hard I am?” and giving him soft, chaste, coaxing kisses that made him want more.  He pressed his mouth to Woohyun’s more firmly, kissing more assertively, and he groped around, working open Woohyun’s fly.  “Yeah,” Woohyun breathed, thumb circling the head of his erection, his whole body bucking with pleasure as Sunggyu finger-fucked him.  “Making me so hard, making me feel so good.”

            “Yeah, feels good,” he panted, shoving Woohyun’s pants down.  Woohyun’s silky cock was familiar in his hand, his fingers wrapping around it.  He remembered feeling it against his face last night, remembered feeling it pressing inside him.  Remembered how intense, how amazing that had been.  Groaning, he shuddered now, his kisses heating up, more demanding, more sure.

            “Got me worked up, got my cock hard,” Woohyun whispered.  His hand was sliding over Sungyeol’s ass, caressing, cupping.  “What are you going to do about it?  What do you want, now, are you going to help me out?”

            “Yeah.”  He was squirming, trying to roll over, trying to show Woohyun his ass.  “Fuck me, you can fuck me.  I’m good for it.”

            “Yeah?” Woohyun asked, and he felt Sunggyu’s fingers slide out and Woohyun’s slide in, a smooth transfer, slick and seamless.  “You want me to fuck you?”

            “God, do it, do it,” he groaned, spreading his knees as Woohyun got behind him.  Woohyun was on top of him, pushing in, and he rubbed his cock, crying out.  “God, Nam.”  The pressure stretching him open was overwhelming, his body straining, his cock throbbing in his hand.  “Slow down, slower, faster, ah!”  Woohyun slid in and out and in again, and the rocking sensation nudged his hips, made him move with it.  On the next thrust, he felt a pop of pleasure, deep inside, and there was another thrust, another burst, and he was coming.  Crying out again, loud and shocked, he shot his load, and then he was moaning, shaking and squirming, rocking his hips and trying to meet Woohyun’s thrusts, trying to get more, still dribbling onto the sheets.  “More, more,” he panted, and he didn’t want to roll over anymore, he didn’t want to go anywhere, he just wanted this, the slow rocking of Woohyun’s hips, the steady burn of ecstasy, deep in his bones.

            Chunji finally lifted his head from his pillow.  He wondered what time it was.  He hoped that he’d managed to sleep through a week, and that everybody would be over what had happened.

            He dug his phone out from under his covers.

            He had three messages from Dongwoo, five from Suho, and twenty-eight from Xiumin.

            Groaning, he buried his face in his pillow again.

            A while later, he finally got out of bed.  When he opened his door, the dorm seemed quiet.  He padded around, cautious at first, slowly becoming more at ease.  He checked out the bathroom, the kitchen.

            Niel was on the couch, playing a videogame.  Ricky was tucked against him, watching.

            Chunji licked his lips.

            “Don’t want to talk about it,” Niel said, not looking away from the screen.

            What, was he just going to get away with it?  “What about you?” Chunji asked Ricky.  “Nothing to say?”

            Ricky stayed slumped against Niel’s shoulder.  “I’m staying out of it.  Watch out for that one,” he told Niel, gesturing to the screen.  “He spills coffee.”

            “Staying out of it?” Chunji demanded, laughing.

            The front door opened.

            Niel coughed and shrank down, making a smaller target of himself.

            Changjo slammed the door shut.

            Chunji crossed his arms over his chest, waiting.

            Changjo took his shoes off, looked around expectantly, bounced on his toes for a second.

            Chunji licked his lips, preparing himself.

            Changjo grabbed a throw pillow and sat beside Ricky, hugging the pillow, blinking too fast.  “What’s the plan?  What’s the timeline, what do you need?  Need me to do anything?  I’m your man on the inside, right, I can still get in their dorm.”

            “Maknae,” Ricky said firmly.  “No.  I’m staying out of it.”

            “Stay, staying, what?” Changjo sputtered.  “Sorry, Niel hyung, no, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to Ricky.”

            “I’m staying out of it,” Ricky said.  “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

            “A chart, you need a chart, I’ll show you a chart,” Changjo said.  Hopping up from the couch, he grabbed a black marker, the kind they signed autographs with.  “Here, this, it’s this,” he said, and started drawing circles on the wall.

            “Maknae!” Chunji exclaimed.  “The fuck - - stop that!”

            “This is everybody, right?” Changjo asked, drawing three rows of circles right on the goddamned wall.  “Okay, here’s EXO.”  He started crossing circles out, making a big X over all but one.  “Useless, too nice, useless, too nice, stupid, bleah, stupid, useless for this, so we just have Suho hyung.  Then there’s Infinite,” he explained, moving to the next row of circles.  “Useless, useless, Dongwoo hyung might be able to help, at least he’ll be on our side, and L hyung, okay?”  He crossed two circles out and underlined two.  Then he scribbled over one, blacking it in.  “This is us,” he added, moving to the third row.  “Useless.”  He crossed one out.  “Useless.”  He crossed one out.  “The whole.  Fucking.  Problem,” he said with emphasis, crossing one out over and over and over again until Chunji expected him to break through the wall.  “Me.”  He underlined one.  “Okay, so where are we now, what’s our team, what are we up against?”

            “Maknae,” Ricky said.  “Stop writing on the fucking walls!”

            “There’s this one,” he said, scribbling over Sunggyu’s circle again.  “And, look!  What’s this one?  Who didn’t we get to, yet, who could this be?”

            “This is the worst game show ever,” Niel said.

            “Fucking Nam fucking Woo fucking Hyun,” Changjo said.  “Okay, and who’s on our team?  Me!  Is Nam Woohyun going to listen to me?  No!”  He crossed himself out.  “Who else, Suho hyung?” he suggested.  “Is Nam Woohyun going to listen to him?  Going to cooperate with Young Money?  Is that a good plan?  No!”  He crossed out Suho’s circle.  “Look, okay, we still have Dongwoo hyung and L hyung left.  That should work, right?  Dongwoo hyung and L hyung against Sunggyu hyung and Woohyun hyung, that seems like a fair fight, that should work out great for us, nothing to worry about.”

            Chunji grimaced.  Shit, they were screwed.

            “But oh!  Oh!  Oh!” Changjo exclaimed, gesturing to the wall, feigning wonder.  “What’s this?  Is there somebody left?  Is there somebody else?”

            “I’m not doing this with you, maknae,” Ricky said.

            “Look!  There’s one here!” he exclaimed, drawing circles around a circle on the Teen Top row.  “Is this somebody that Nam Woohyun might listen to?”

            “He likes to have sex with me,” Ricky said.  “It’s sex.  He has sex with everybody.”

            Changjo threw the marker across the room.  “I can work with L hyung and Dongwoo hyung.  Suho hyung’s going to help us, he wants everybody to get along.  But we can’t get anywhere if fucking Nam fucking Woo fucking Hyun is in our way.”

            “And you want Ricky to take him down?” Chunji asked.

            Changjo put a hand up in his direction, palm out, not even glancing over.  “You are dead to me for at least a month.”

            “What are you so upset about?” Chunji demanded.  “You still get to see L hyung, what’s up your ass?”

            “He can’t hear you, you’re dead,” Niel said.

            “Can he feel this?”  Chunji booted Changjo in the ass.

            “This is the way you want things?” Changjo asked Ricky.  “You just want to leave it like this, that’s cool with you?  No more going over to Infinite’s dorm, not sure who’s getting along?  They’re going to feel weird seeing us because their leader hates us, we’re going to feel weird seeing them because their leader hates us.  There aren’t going to be any more MTs.  It’s going to be awkward and it’s going to get worse and they’re just going to start hanging out with Shinee and EXO and we’re going to be kicked to the curb, you want that?”

            “I’m going to have to ask a question I think somebody else already asked,” Niel said.  “You still get to see L hyung, so, why are you tripping?”

            “I don’t want some forbidden romance!  I don’t want him feeling weird about seeing me!  He already gets upset if he thinks that they don’t approve, it’s already hard on him.  He doesn’t need this shit!  I don’t need this shit!  Everybody needs to get along.  For L hyung’s sake.”  He circled the room, stopping right in front of Chunji with his back turned.  “I had a dream once that Dongwoo hyung was dating one of our members, and that it was a member I didn’t totally fucking hate, and if that ever happened for real, if Dongwoo hyung dated one of our members and it was someone I didn’t totally fucking hate, I’d want to fix shit for him, too.”

            “Weird dream,” Chunji said to his back.

            “If you want to fix it, then fix it,” Ricky said.  “I didn’t do this.  I’m not cleaning up everybody else’s messes all of the time.”

            “I didn’t do this, either, did I?!” Changjo demanded.  “I don’t know who did, and it’s good that I don’t know, because if I knew, if I knew who did this shit, if I knew who blew everything apart right, I’d have to fucking kill him.  I’d have to fucking drag his corpse around and drop his dead body in front of Kim Sunggyu like a sacrifice and ask if I could have everything back the way it was again.  But I don’t know who did it, do I?  Nobody I know would be that fucking, fucking, fucking stupid.”

            Chunji smacked him in the back of the head.  “What have you done with your life?  You fuck up all of the time.  I was standing up for Dongwoo hyung.”

            “What the fuck?” C.A.P. demanded from behind them.  Already in a guilty mood, Chunji flinched.  “Who the fuck’s drawing all over the walls?”

            Immediately, as one, the three of them said, “Niel.”

            Chen sat beside L on the couch.  “I heard about the, uh, thing with Teen Top.”

            L grimaced.  He rubbed the back of his neck, looking rueful.  “It’s not great.”

            “Kai said that Teen Top can’t even come over here anymore.  Except for Changjo.  The two of you are okay?”

            He nodded.  “Yeah.”

            “This is - - ah!”  Catching himself, he laughed, shaking his head.  “I shouldn’t talk about me, I’m making everything all about myself.”

            L smiled at him.  “What is it?”

            “No, I shouldn’t-”

            “I’d rather talk about you than about me,” L said.  “Go ahead.”

            His smile was so charming, Chen fell for it.  “Okay.  I was just thinking, this is what I don’t miss.  The whole relationship being at someone else’s whim.  You can only date if your companies get along?  If your leaders get along?  One stupid mistake from one foolish dongsaeng, and all of a sudden everything’s up in the air?  I hate it.”

            L nodded.  “It’s really-”

            “Woohyun?”  Sunggyu walked in from another room, looking around.  “Where’s my Woohyun-ah?”  His face broke into a smile.  “Chen-ah!”

            “Hi, hyung.”  Really glad to see him, Chen got up and hugged him.

            Sunggyu cupped Chen’s face, looking into his eyes.  “You’ve been going through a hard time?”

            Just being in Infinite’s dorm, and seeing Sunggyu again, and knowing what Sunggyu and Hoya had been to each other, made tears fill Chen’s eyes.  “I really miss him,” he admitted.

            “Oh, Chen-ah.”  Sunggyu patted his back, pulling him closer.  “Come in my room, let’s talk about it.”

            “I, wait,” L said, laughing.  “Am I being left out?”

            “Go see that maknae,” Sunggyu instructed him, pulling Chen along.  Surprised, Chen laughed.  Was Sunggyu being this supportive of L and Changjo’s relationship, now?

            “He’s practicing,” L said.

            “So go watch him practice,” Sunggyu said.

            Dongwoo smiled when L walked into the practice room.  “L-ah!  Come and sit with me,” he invited, patting the floor.  “They’ll be finished soon, do you want dinner?  I’m buying.”

            In EXO’s dorm, Xiumin was blowing up balloons in the maknae’s room.  “It’ll be weird if you’re not here.”

            “It’ll be worse if I am.”  Chunji was loading up the queue on the karaoke machine.

            “It’s your party.”

            “It’s Kim Sunggyu’s party, and he won’t want to see me here.”

            “You already fucked up a lot,” Xiumin reminded him.  “Don’t fuck it up more.  Dongwoo’s going to want you here.  He’ll feel bad if everybody else is here and you’re not.”

            Groaning, Chunji slumped across Kai’s bed.

            Xiumin was mostly unsympathetic - - Chunji had brought all of this on himself - - but Xiumin liked him enough to feel bad for him.  “At least be here when it starts.  Be here for Dongwoo.  If it gets bad, you can leave after.”

            “Why is he so sensitive?” Chunji asked, sitting up.  “Why does he care so much?”

            Xiumin laughed.  “Are you asking why your boyfriend cares about you?”

            Chunji scoffed, rubbing his face.  “Yeah.  I’ve been asking that a lot, lately.”

            Suho was getting frustrated.  Seated on the floor, he was surrounded by stacks of black T-shirts and piles of pairs of black shorts.  He was trying to iron gold letters onto the fabric, but it never came out right.  “It’s crooked,” he complained, holding up another pair of shorts and staring in dismay at the seat.  “Why is this one crooked, too?”  Irritated, he pouted at the previous two pairs.  “Something’s wrong with this kit.”

            “I don’t think the kit’s the problem, hyung.”  C.A.P. was leaning over the island in the center of the kitchen, decorating cakes.

            They’d ordered the clothes and the cakes.  Suho had agreed to decorate one while C.A.P. did the other.  He was starting to think that he’d made the wrong choice.  This fabric just wasn’t cooperating.  “I should get the kids to do this.  Why am I doing this, I don’t have the time for something like this.”

            “You wanted to do something nice for your sunbaes,” C.A.P. reminded him.

            He couldn’t see, from the floor, what C.A.P. was doing over there.  He was starting to worry.  He didn’t think that C.A.P. had ever held a piping bag, before.  “I do want to show my support.”  He spread out another pair of shorts.  “I’m glad that you do, too.”

            C.A.P. grunted.  “You think I should hold a grudge?”

            “I don’t want you to,” he said.  “But it’s a tricky situation.”

            C.A.P. kept decorating.

            “There’s a rumor.”  Suho licked his lips.  “About what happened the other day.”

            “Yeah?”  C.A.P. surveyed his latest cake, grinned, and kept decorating.

            That grin made Suho nervous.

            “I was only there for some of it,” C.A.P. said.  “Showed up late, missed the best part.”

            “When you showed up,” Suho said.  Nibbling on his lower lip, he wondered if he really wanted C.A.P. to answer his question.  “There’s a rumor that Sunggyu hyung slapped you.”

            “Who told you that?”

            “Kai said it.  Sungjong told him.  I don’t think that Sungjong would lie about something like that, and I know that Kai wouldn’t, so.”

            C.A.P. shrugged.  “Guess it must have happened, then.”

            “You guess?” Suho asked, taken aback.  Ya, you were there, weren’t you?  It was your face, wasn’t it?  You know if someone hit you or not.”

            He shrugged again, still working steadily.  “Don’t remember.”

            “You.”  Suho stared at him.  He was so audacious, Suho was outraged and impressed, all at once.  “You can’t remember if Sunggyu hyung slapped you or not?”

            “No, don’t remember.”  He straightened up, admiring his handiwork.  “This one turned out nice.”

            Suho got up and went to see for himself.  There were six cakes lined up on the island, each with a different shade of frosting.  C.A.P. had been drawing on them with colored icing and gel.

            When he figured out what he was looking at, Suho’s jaw dropped.  “That.  Ya!”  He punched C.A.P.’s shoulder.  “That’s obscene!”

            C.A.P. grinned, chuckling.  “Is it?”

            “We can’t use this!  That - - what - - you’re supposed to put something nice!”

            “It’s nice,” he argued, looking way too proud of himself.  “Look.”  He gestured to a little corner decoration detail on one of the cakes.  “It’s a bouquet.”

            “Of penises!”

            He grinned.  “It’s pretty.”

            “You’re disgusting,” Suho told C.A.P.  He crossed his arms over his chest, staring at the cakes in resignation.  “They’re going to love it.”

            There were too many members in the bathroom.  “Everybody going out tonight?” Sungyeol asked, elbowing his way in front of the mirror.

            Ya.”  Woohyun elbowed him aside.

            “Who invited you out?” Sungyeol asked, elbowing right back.  “Isn’t Key in Japan?  What, are you going to pick up some hoobaes?”

            “I’m meeting D.O.”  He grinned.  “So, yes.”

            “Do I need to shave again?” Sunggyu asked, rubbing his upper lip.  “It’s just Chen, he won’t care,” he told himself.

            “Are you going to be kissing him?” Woohyun asked.

            “Sunggyu hyung wants to give Chen healing sex,” Sungyeol said.

            “You didn’t do that already?” L asked.

            “Jacked him off,” Woohyun said.

            “A healing handjob?” Sungyeol asked.

            “He wasn’t comfortable with having all of the sex,” Sunggyu said.  “He’s not having sex with Young Money, so he thought that it might be weird to do all of those things with me.”

            “Chen and Suho don’t have sex?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Chen’s not doing anal with his members,” L said.  “That’s why he keeps coming over here and seeing C.A.P.”

            Woohyun laughed.  “You know a lot about Chen, these days.”

            “L wants to take care of the widow,” Sunggyu said.  “It’s nice, don’t discourage him.”

            “Widow,” Sungyeol repeated.  “That’s creepy, don’t say that.”

            “He won’t have sex with any of his members?” Woohyun asked.  “Not even his leader?  Not his best friend?  Not even his maknae?”

            “What’s his problem?” Sungyeol asked.  “I love screwing his best friend.”

            “I love screwing his leader,” L murmured, peering over their shoulders and looking into the mirror, fluffing his hair.

            “I love screwing his maknae,” Woohyun said with a grin.  L kissed his cheek.

            “I’m not shaving,” Sunggyu decided.

            “If you’re going out with Chen, you have to,” Sungyeol said.  “Too many photos.”

            Woohyun chuckled at Sunggyu.  “New here?”

            “I want a healing handjob,” L said.

            “Healing from what, are you going through something?” Sunggyu asked.

            He reflected.  “I had a pimple, it only went away this morning.”

            “Okay,” Sunggyu said, nodding.  “Come and see me later, I’ll be nice to you.”

            On his way back to his room, Sungyeol glanced in on Sungjong.

            He was putting on his favorite striped shirt.  “You’re going out, too?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Hmm?”  He tried to play it cool.  “Just meeting Kai.”

            He guessed it wasn’t weird.  They had the night off, EXO had the night off, they were all hanging out.

            “Ten fifty,” Dongwoo said, wandering past.  “Ten fifty.”  He stopped and looked at the two of them, then laughed helplessly.  “I’m ready too early, how do I kill time now?  What takes forty minutes to do?”

            “Sucking my cock, if you do it right,” Sungyeol said.

            “He said forty, not four,” Sungjong said.  “What’s at ten fifty, hyung?”

            “My date!  I’m meeting Xiumin.”

            That was weird.  “Are they timing it in order of who gets out of the shower?” Sungyeol asked.  “I’m meeting Baekhyun at eleven ten.”

            “At EXO’s dorm?  We could go together,” Dongwoo said.  “If you want to be twenty minutes early!”

            “I’m meeting Kai at eleven thirty,” Sungjong said.

            “Are you last?” Sungyeol asked.  “Maybe whoever’s meeting Sehun is last.  Xiumin’s ten fifty, Baekhyun’s eleven ten, Kai’s eleven thirty.  What time do you think Woohyun and D.O. are meeting, eleven twenty?”

            “What about Sunggyu hyung and Chen?” Dongwoo asked.  “Eleven fifteen?”

            “Hyung!” Sungyeol called.  “What time are you seeing Chen?”

            “Ten forty!” Sunggyu called back.  “Why!”

            “Chen showers early?” Dongwoo guessed.

            “L!” Sungyeol yelled.  “Are you meeting at Money’s dorm?”

            “Yes,” L said, coming out of the bathroom, still in just his underpants.

            “What time?” Dongwoo asked, pinching his nipples.

            He laughed, smiling at Dongwoo.  “Eleven twenty.  Ah!”  He laughed, covering one with his hand.

            Ooohh, is it sensitive?” Dongwoo asked, laughing, pinching the other one.

            “Eleven twenty, ten forty, these are weird times,” Sungjong said.  “Why can’t everybody just show up at eleven or eleven thirty?”

            “Maybe they don’t want us to run into each other,” Sungyeol said.

            “Why?” Dongwoo asked.  He laughed.  “Do we all not get along?  I like Suho.  I like L, too,” he said, wrapping his arms around L.

            Cupping his ass, L kissed him.  “I gotta get dressed.”

            “For what?” Sungyeol asked.  “Where are you and Suho going?”

            “I don’t know.”  L stretched lazily and wandered off.  “We didn’t decide.”  In the doorway to their room, he turned.  He gave Sungyeol a suspicious look.  “Are they setting us up?”  He blinked, and then he skipped right on to the next question.  “What are they setting us up for?”

            “Is everybody ready?” Xiumin asked.  He started counting heads and gave up halfway through.  Everyone kept moving around!  “Get into your rooms!  Is everybody dressed?”

            “What size are these shorts, did you buy a children’s small?” Baekhyun asked, squirming.

            Sehun grimaced, tugging at his.  “My balls are-”

            “Everybody’s tired of hearing about your balls, maknae,” Suho said.

            Ya!” C.A.P. said in the kitchen.  “Get away from the cake.”

            God!  These kids, all over the dorm.  Xiumin had worked hard on setting all of this up, and they were going to mess it up before Infinite even showed up.  Ya!  Kids!” he called.  “Get in your rooms!”

            “Our rooms or our rooms?” Baekhyun asked.

            He glared, daring Baekhyun to piss him off.

            Baekhyun laughed nervously, backing up.  “I’m just asking!  Do you mean, in our rooms, like, our regular bedrooms, or do you mean, like, the rooms we’re assigned for tonight, or-”

            “Just go, go, keep moving,” Sehun said, nudging Baekhyun away, eyeing Xiumin.

            The doorbell rang.  Shit!  “Are they early?” Xiumin demanded.

            “Oh!  Is he here already?” Suho asked.  He smoothed his shorts down, tugging at the hem.  “How do I look?  I think these make my legs look longer.”

            “Do you think that Sunggyu hyung doesn’t know how short you are?” Sehun asked.

            “Are they here?” Niel called from the kitchen.  “The drinks aren’t finished yet!”

            “I told you to finish that up!” Xiumin exclaimed.

            “It’s okay, they have half an hour before Sungyeol hyung gets here,” Kai said.

            “Bad news,” D.O. said from the door.

            “They’re here,” Changjo said beside D.O.  He turned, laughing.  “They’re all here, they all came together.”

            “What?!” Xiumin demanded.  “Didn’t you tell them to come at different times?  I told you-”

            “I did!” everyone exclaimed.  They started arguing with each other about it and offering to show him text messages as proof.  Standing in the middle of the chaos, listening to glass shatter in the kitchen, Xiumin couldn’t believe it.  He’d planned this out, he’d had it all down to the minute, every carefully orchestrated entrance, and now this.

            “Let them in one at a time,” C.A.P. said.  “Everybody get in your little teams, greet each one of them in order, take them to their rooms.”

            “Good,” Suho said.  “Everybody get out of the way until it’s your turn.  Chen-ah, Ricky-ah, come on, we’ll still be first.”

            Okay.  Xiumin breathed easier.  This could work.

            Ya, clean that shit up,” C.A.P. said in the background.

            Sunggyu didn’t know what EXO had planned.  If this was some kind of intervention, something about Teen Top, he wasn’t playing along.

            He’d shaved.  In case it wasn’t.

            But if it was, he didn’t like it.

            He waited with his arms crossed for someone to open the door.  Then, impatient, he rang the bell again.

            The door cracked open a sliver.  Leaning forward, Chen peeked out.  He smiled.  “Kim Sunggyu?”

            They were up to something!  He’d known it.  But Chen’s smile was so happy and mischievous, he was starting to think they might be up to something fun.  “Is this a game?”

            “Come in, please,” Chen said.  He smiled at the other members.  “Just Kim Sunggyu, please.”

            “What?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Do we just stand here?” Woohyun asked.

            “Do I have to wait here until 11:30?” Sungjong asked.

            “Shit, I’m going shopping,” L said.

            “No!”  Chen was laughing.  “No, it’s okay, you won’t have to wait that long!  We’ll let you all in, just, one second.  Someone will be right with you!  Don’t go anywhere!”

            Suspicious and totally entertained, Sunggyu went inside.  Chen closed the door behind him.

            “Welcome to - - to - - oh, what do we call it?” Suho asked, looking confused.

            Bursting into laughter, Sunggyu stared at them all.  He couldn’t take it, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  “What, what is this?” he asked.

            “We - - it’s not that funny!” Chen said, laughing.

            Putting both hands out, waving them away, he crouched down, cracking up.  “What are you wearing?!”

            They all had on tiny black shorts and tight black T-shirts.  In gold letters, right across the chest, each shirt said, “Team Infinite.”  It would’ve been funny on just one of them.  It was the funniest thing he’d ever seen, on all of them at once.  Why had they all dressed up?!

            Almost everybody was hanging back, clustered up together by the wall.  Only Suho, Chen, and Ricky were in front of him.  Chen was laughing at him, Suho looked exasperated, and Ricky said, “We’re on Team Infinite!  We’re on your team, too, see?”  Ricky turned around, looking over one shoulder.

            On the back of the shorts, right across his ass, it said, “Team Sunggyu.”

            “God, oh, god,” Sunggyu wheezed, laughing harder.  “What’s wrong with all of you?”  Why were they behaving like this?  “Team what?  Does everybody’s say it?”  Getting up, he grabbed at Chen’s waist, turning Chen around and looking.  It was right there!  Seeing it again cracked him up.  Gesturing across the room, he asked, “Whose team are they on?”

            “Who do you think?” Baekhyun asked, turning Sehun around.  “Team Woohyun” was printed across Sehun’s tiny ass.

            “He has to see this,” Sunggyu said, reaching for the door.

            “Hyung!  You’re really ruining the mood,” Suho said, getting in between him and the door.

            “Is it on you, too?”  Wanting to see, he peered behind Suho.

            “Of course it’s on me, too, who else’s team would I be on?” Suho asked, covering his ass with one hand.

            “Is this all your fault, did you come up with it?” he asked.

            “It was Xiumin hyung’s idea,” Ricky said.

            “This is a new side of you,” Sunggyu told Xiumin.

            He laughed, blushing.  “When you get married, you have a bachelor party, right?  I was going to throw one for Dongwoo, and then we thought, why not do it for everybody?”

            “Come on,” Chen invited, offering Sunggyu his hand.  “We booked you a private room.”

            “You lead the way,” Sunggyu told Suho, taking Chen’s hand.

            Suho smiled at him, then did it, starting off.

            Sunggyu took Ricky’s hand on his other side, following.  Emblazoned right across Suho’s ass, it said, “Team Sunggyu.”  Not even paying attention to where they were going, he gazed at Suho’s taut ass, at Suho’s bare, muscular thighs.  He liked this.  He could get used to this.  “Xiumin has good ideas.”

            They took him into Chanyeol’s room and closed the door.  He laughed, amazed.  They’d put a lot of work into it!  There were decorations in pearl metal gold, balloons and streamers.  They’d taped old posters and photos of him on the walls.  There was a karaoke machine all set up.  There was even a table with a cake and bottles of scotch.  The cake was decorated with little animals with gigantic phalluses, going at it.

            Suspicious, he took a closer look.

            Suddenly backing up, he pointed at it.  “Are those hamsters?!”

            Bursting into laughter, Chen clapped his hands together.  “That’s what they are!  I couldn’t tell!  I thought they were weird little rabbits or something.”

            “They’re happy little hamsters,” Ricky said.  “Here, I’ll pour hyungs a drink.”

            “They loaded a bunch of songs up already,” Suho said, picking up the remote to the karaoke machine.  “I think - - is this all Nell?”

            Smiling, Sunggyu looked around.  At the machine, at the obscene cake, at the pearl metal gold balloons, at the “Team Sunggyu” on Ricky’s ass.  They’d gone to all of this trouble for him.  They’d gone to this trouble for all of his members.

            Ricky was pouring drinks.  Suho was grumbling at the machine, distracted, pushing buttons.  Chen was smiling at Sunggyu.

            Really touched, really happy, Sunggyu cupped Chen’s face in both hands and kissed him.  “You’re good kids, to treat your hyung so well.  This was a lot to do.”

            “We love you,” Chen said, kissing him, still smiling.  “And you’re getting married!  It’s a big day, we wanted to celebrate.”

            “We can’t be there for the ceremony,” Ricky said.  “Since it’s private, members-only.  So we wanted to do this.”

            Sunggyu kissed him, too.  “You’re still being nice to hyung?  Do you mean it?”

            Ricky smiled at him.  “Of course I do.”

            Sunggyu kissed him again, deciding to accept that for now.  “This is my private room?  And you’re all on my team?”

            “That’s what our butts say,” Chen said, laughing.

            “Oh!” Suho said, startled, as music suddenly blared from the speakers.  “Oh, what, this thing - - now I can’t pause it?” he demanded, glaring at the screen, jabbing buttons.  “Is this one broken?”

            Taking the remote from his hands, Sunggyu passed it to Chen, then kissed him.  Just for a second, just politely, but Suho looked as flustered and attracted as if Sunggyu had really dazzled him.  “Thank you,” Sunggyu said, fixing his bangs, smiling at him.  “Hyung’s really grateful right now.  To all of you.”

            “I’ve never had a boyfriend who got married to five other guys before,” Suho said.  “I’m a lot happier about it than I probably would’ve thought.”

            Sunggyu hadn’t liked everybody running around calling it a wedding, before.  But if he got this out of it, he might be okay with it, for tonight, anyway.  “What kind of bachelor party is this?” he asked, taking a sip.  Whoa, that was good scotch.  “None for you,” he told Ricky, moving the fourth glass aside.  “Are there strippers?  If this is a private room, is it for doing private things in?”

            “Are you trying to find out if you’re getting laid tonight?” Chen asked.

            “Of course you are,” Suho said.

            He nodded to himself, absorbing that.  He looked around at the three of them, feeling his smile grow.  “This is a good party,” he decided, taking another drink and grabbing the mike.  “Let’s do this.”

            When the door inched open again, Xiumin peeked out.  “Jang Dongwoo?”

            Dongwoo laughed.  “I’m here for my appointment!  I’m early.”

            Xiumin grinned at him, reaching out a hand through the crack.  “Come in, please.”

            He went in, full of questions.  Everybody was there, EXO and Teen Top, but all bunched together to one side.  Xiumin wasn’t the only one in front of him, though.  Chunji was there!  Chunji-ah!”  He grabbed Chunji, laughing, delighted.  “But what are you wearing?”

            “We’re on Team Dongwoo!” Chunji said, kissing him.  “We’re throwing you a bachelor party.”

            Xiumin’s ass said, “Team Dongwoo!”  He laughed happily, finding it hilarious.  He slapped it and looked at Chunji’s ass.  “You both say it!”  He went over to the other guys, curious.  “What do your butts say?”  Oh, they were on the other members’ teams!  He squeezed a “Team Sungjong.”  He liked all of this.  It was funny and so much fun!  Looking around, he asked, “Suho, Chen, Ricky, they’re on Sunggyu hyung’s team?”

            “They went to Sunggyu hyung’s private room,” Xiumin explained.  “Come on, we reserved a private room for you, too.”

            “Reserved?” he asked, amused.  “In your own dorm?”

            His private room turned out to be Xiumin’s room, but it looked totally different!  There were new things to look at in every corner.  There were green decorations up all over, and old promo shots of him hung up on the walls.  There was a karaoke machine to play with, and a cake to eat, and, ooohhh, champagne!  “This is my favorite kind!”

            Chunji was smiling.  “I know.”

            Chunji had helped him to buy some for the members!  “Ahh, you know all about it,” he said.  It made him feel good, that Chunji knew this about him.  This whole room made him feel good.  Looking around again, he walked over to look at the pictures they’d hung up.  Ah, all of those old shots!  It brought back so many memories.  “You did all of this for me?”

            “Don’t start crying,” Xiumin said, kissing him.

            “No, no, I won’t,” he promised, but he already was.  Laughing, self-conscious, he wiped at his eyes.  “I didn’t know you were doing this.  Just for me?”

            “It was fun to put together,” Chunji said.

            “I almost didn’t make it!” he realized.  “We had an interview, if they hadn’t canceled, I would’ve missed all of this!”  He caught their smiles, and he pointed at them, knowing, grinning.  “There wasn’t any interview.”

            “There was no interview,” Xiumin agreed.  “We begged your manager to put it on the calendar, so you wouldn’t make any other plans.”

            “Ahh, sneaky!  Sneaky, sneaky.”  He was so proud of them.  They were so clever.  He was so lucky to have such good friends.  Squeezing Xiumin’s ass, he kissed Chunji.  “We’re having a private party?  What kind of cake is it?”  He picked up a knife to cut into it, and then he wondered what these designs on top of the cake were.  Curious, he tilted his head to one side.

            It was a pair of hands!  Grabbing a pair of butts!

            He burst into laughter, stumbling back.  “Ah!  Is that me?”

            “That’s not me, my ass is way cuter than that,” Xiumin said.

            “It’s cute!” he agreed, giving it a good grope.  “I don’t want to cut this, now I don’t want to stab anybody’s butt!”  He grinned, cupping himself.  “Except with this!”

            Chunji cracked up, hugging him.

            Wrapping one arm around Chunji, he cut into the cake.  “Oh, is it strawberry?”

            “It’s not supposed to be,” Chunji said, laughing.

            “Ah, shit, is that Woohyun’s cake?” Xiumin asked.

            Mmm, it’s good!”  Dongwoo fed Xiumin a bite.  “Let’s have it with champagne!  Strawberries and champagne, that goes together.”  He fed Chunji a bite.

            Licking his lips, Chunji smiled at Dongwoo, swallowing.  “You like your party?”

            “I love my party.”  Hugging Chunji, he kissed Chunji’s mouth, Chunji’s pretty face, Chunji’s beautiful eyelashes.  “I love you.”  Then, turning, he kissed Xiumin, growling and biting at Xiumin’s cheeks.  “I love, love, love you, too.”

            Laughing, Xiumin hugged him.  “I love you, too.”

            Woohyun had never seen D.O.’s room like this.  Looking around, he laughed.  “Is this a shrine to me?”

            “Kind of,” D.O. admitted, gaze following his around the room.

            There were photos of him all over the walls.  There were lush bouquets of roses in crystal vases.  There were red and white balloons, red and white streamers, and a karaoke machine full of ballads he loved.  There were bottles of wine and a cake covered in red hearts.  And two handsome dongsaengs in front of him, with “Team Woohyun” written on their shorts, right over their perky asses.

            He smiled.  “To Team Woohyun,” he said, raising his glass.

            D.O. smiled and toasted with him.  “To Woohyun hyung.”

            “I so need to be drunk for this,” Sehun said, turning away and taking a drink.

            EXO’s kitchen was a party zone.  Big balloons floated around, tied to refrigerator, freezer, oven, and microwave door handles.  They’d fit a karaoke machine into the corner.  Colorful streamers had been strung up all over, and the cupboard doors were decorated with old photos of him from past albums.  “God, why did you use this?” Sungyeol asked, laughing at an old shot of himself looking confused.  “I look like such a random kid!”

            “Not at all like now,” Niel said, and then flinched back, laughing, when Sungyeol popped his arm.

            There was a cake on the counter, with a seriously detailed drawing of a cock and balls on it.  It was so detailed, he was weirdly fascinated by it.  It almost looked familiar.  “Is that yours?” he asked Niel.

            “No, what?” Niel asked, laughing.

            “Oh my god, it is,” Baekhyun said, shoving Niel aside and staring at it.  “Oh my god, he drew your actual dick!”

            “That’s not mine!” Niel exclaimed.  “If he drew anybody’s, he drew yours, it’s your cake!”

            “Who drew this?” Sungyeol asked.  He had alarming visions of some professional hard at work in a bakery, painstakingly adding in the hair on Niel’s balls.

            “C.A.P.,” Baekhyun said, and laughed.  “Who did you think?!  It was C.A.P.”

            Thank god.  “That’s definitely yours,” he told Niel.

            “I lean to the left more than that,” Niel objected.

            “No, not that much,” Baekhyun said, tilting his head to one side.

            Niel looked down, rubbing himself.  “Did you straighten out?” he asked.

            “Glad he didn’t do mine,” Sungyeol said.  “No way am I cutting into my own cock.”

            “Wait, what?” Niel asked, looking panicked, shrinking back.

            “I have to warn you,” Baekhyun said.  He was setting up a tray, taking pitchers of red and blue drinks from the fridge, setting them beside glasses filled with fruit.  “The other private rooms are a little more private.  This one isn’t so private.”

            “Good and bad news,” Niel said.  “Everything we do in here, everybody’s going to get to look at.”

            Laughing, Sungyeol ate a piece of fruit.  “Is that the good news or the bad news?”

            Baekhyun gave him a lascivious wink, so adorable and smarmy that he had to laugh.  “That’s the bad news, and the good.”

            Waiting in the hallway, L exchanged a look with Sungjong.  He smiled, shrugging.  “We could just go.”

            Sungjong eyed the door, then nodded, tossing his hair.  “Want to call a cab?”

            The door slid open.  They kept opening it just a crack, like they were afraid of somebody seeing inside.

            This time, Changjo peeked out.

            L’s heart swelled.  “What are you doing here?” he asked, smiling, his gaze hungrily roaming all over Changjo’s perfect face.  He hadn’t realized that anybody besides EXO was in there.

            “Kim Myungsoo?” Changjo asked.  “Your room is ready.”

            “What room?” he asked.

            Changjo’s arm snaked out through the crack, and Changjo pulled him into the dorm.

            He couldn’t believe what Changjo was wearing, no matter how long he stared at it.  The tight shirt!  The tiny, soft shorts!  “Team Infinite!”  It was so sexy, and so absurd, it was exactly like the ridiculous, bold shit Changjo would do.  “What’s going on in here tonight?”

            “I’ll show you to your private room,” Changjo said, and walked away.

            Changjo’s ass said, “Team L.”  L stared at it, amazed.  Transfixed, unblinking, L followed him through the dorm.  “There.”  L reached out, fingers brushing the letters.  “Changjo-ah, there’s something on your ass.”

            “Is there?” he asked, blithe and confident.  “Here, Kim Myungsoo, private party.”  He showed L into Suho’s room.

            L was so bowled over, he had to sit on Suho’s bed and just stare around himself for a minute.  “What is all of this?” he asked.  There were black balloons and streamers.  A karaoke machine?  All of those EXO fan signs and artwork had been taken down, replaced with photos of him from magazine shoots.

            Changjo reached up and pulled down a balloon, handed it to him.  “Your party.”

            “Does everybody get one?”  Where were his members?  Taking a closer look at the nearest photo, he laughed.  “Why’d you choose this one?”  He was on a bed, trying to act sultry; it was the worst angle ever.

            “You want cake?” Changjo asked, moving to a table set up beside Baekhyun’s bed.

            “What kind?”  He got up.  Taking a fresh look at Changjo in those tight shorts, he had to laugh again.  “I can’t get used to seeing you like this.”

            “If you hate it, I’ll take it off.”

            “No, no.”  He reached out, brushing his hand over the soft fabric, warm from Changjo’s body heat.  “I like it.”  He loved it.  He loved everything about this dongsaeng.  “What’s it for, what is all of this?”  His gaze drifted and he noticed what was on the cake.  On the chocolate frosting, someone had drawn a round, peach-colored ass.  There were little white dots on it.  “Did you jizz on my cake or is that icing?” he asked, laughing.

            “Gross!  Of course it’s jizz, too much icing is bad for you,” Changjo said, and then he laughed.  “Icing, it’s icing, I didn’t come on your cake.”

            “Not yet, anyway.”  L tasted the chocolate frosting.  “Did C.A.P. draw it?”

            “Mm-hmm.”  Changjo was pouring drinks.  Vodka.  The kind of vodka that L had been talking about buying but hadn’t actually bothered to get, yet.

            Amazed, L took another look around.  The decorations, the cake, the ridiculous and wonderful outfit, the karaoke machine.  And where was everybody else?  “What is this?”

            Changjo set the bottle down.  “It’s your bachelor party.”

            His bachelor party.  Because he was about to renew his vows.  He was really going to commit himself to his members, and they were going to commit to him.  And their friends, their busy, idol friends cared about them enough to go this far and throw them a real bachelor party.

            It all hit him.  How much he loved Changjo, and how much EXO and Teen Top cared about Infinite, and that he was really going to go through a real ceremony with his members.  Changjo had just said, the other day, that Infinite was extreme as hell, and maybe they were, but their friends were supporting them in it.

            C.A.P. had decorated his cake.  Of all people.  And turned it into explicitly obscene bullshit.  He laughed, gazing at it.  “Who did all of this?”

            “Everybody,” Changjo said.  He poked a fork into the cake and licked the icing off.  “It was Xiumin hyung and Chunji hyung’s idea.  They wanted to throw a party just for Dongwoo hyung, at first, a big bachelor bash for him, but they turned it into a whole big thing for everybody.  Suho hyung said that they’d better do it in private, in case it got out of hand, so they decided to do it here.  Everybody’s so used to seeing us all come in and out of here, nobody’s going to think anything about it.  Xiumin hyung and Chunji hyung rented the karaoke machines and made all of the decorations and put everything up.  Suho hyung and C.A.P. hyung wanted to do something special, since they’re the leaders, so they got the outfits and the cakes.”  He was eating all of the icing off of one corner of the cake, forkful by forkful.  L couldn’t wait to taste his delicious, chocolate kisses.  “Everybody else has two or three people on their team.  Suho hyung and Chen hyung both asked to be on your team, but I said that I could do it by myself.  So you can lock the door later and bang the hell out of me in private.  You gotta screw your boyfriend on the night of your bachelor party, right?”

            Running a hand over his side, L drew him close.  His arm was sliding around L’s waist, and L’s eyes were closing, and, yes.  His kisses were everything that L could have wanted.

            Sungjong decided to pretend to be annoyed.  Standing in the hallway, he practiced tossing his head and rolling his eyes.

            The door opened a crack and Chanyeol peeked out.  Chanyeol!  “What’s the password?” Chanyeol whispered.

            “I’m so out of here,” he said, turning to flounce away.

            Chanyeol grabbed his wrist and dragged him in.  “Get in here.”

            Laughing, he let Chanyeol pull him into the dorm.  “What’s even happening tonight?”  Seeing what Chanyeol had on, he shrieked.  Seeing Kai and C.A.P. wearing the same thing, he burst into laughter, his knees buckling.  One hand over his mouth, he fell back against the door.  “What the hell?”

            “Hey, hyung,” Kai said, grinning.  “Welcome to your bachelor party.”

            “What!”  Where were his hyungs, where was everybody else?  “My own party?”

            “Let me escort you to your private room,” Chanyeol said, offering him an arm.

            “What is everybody up to?” he asked, laughing, taking Chanyeol’s arm.  He hadn’t imagined anything like this!

            “The establishment’s kind of crowded tonight,” Chanyeol said.  “I’m sorry that we couldn’t reserve you a better room.  But we cleaned it, it’s sparkling fresh, I swear to god.”

            Chanyeol pushed open the door to the bathroom.

            “In here?” he asked.  “Oh, god!” he exclaimed, taking a better look.  “Hyung!”  He turned to Chanyeol in happy disbelief, then went in, walking around, turning in circles to see it all.  “What’d you do?!”

            “It’s your bachelor party,” Kai explained.

            There were yellow streamers and clusters of yellow, white, and pink balloons.  They’d printed out a ton of his selcas and taped them up all over the walls, so that he was smiling and winking and blowing kisses from every corner of the room.  There was even a karaoke machine!  “All of this in the bathroom?”

            “I swear we cleaned it,” Chanyeol said.  He guided Sungjong to sit on the closed toilet.  C.A.P. and Kai were wheeling over tables.  Kai’s was covered in different cocktails, all of them looking fruity and cool and delicious.  C.A.P.’s had a cake on it, covered in candles.

            As C.A.P. started lighting the candles, Sungjong asked, “Is this a bachelor party or a birthday?”

            “Don’t get offended,” C.A.P. said, “but I really like watching you blow things.  Okay.”  He set the lighter down.  “Make a wish.”

            Sungjong looked up at the three of them.  This was the weirdest moment of his life.  Sitting on the toilet in some hoobae’s bathroom, with three hot guys wearing “Team Infinite” shirts, celebrating the wedding he was about to have with his members.  It had to be the weirdest moment, ever.

            And one of the best.

            With a heart full of happiness and so much more, he closed his eyes and wished, as hard as he could.

            Then, opening his eyes, he blew out his candles.

            They applauded.  “Happy, uh, bachelor party,” Kai said, laughing.

            “What if someone has to use the bathroom?” he asked.

            “Screw them, they can hold it,” Chanyeol said.

            “Want to try the karaoke?” Kai asked.

            “I want to try the cake,” C.A.P. said, cutting into it.

            “Go get us some chairs,” Chanyeol told Kai.  “Here, sit on my lap for a while,” he told Sungjong.

            As Sungjong got up to make room, Kai moved toward the door.  As he did, something caught Sungjong’s eye.  “Kai!  Is that my name on your butt?”

            Laughing, Kai twisted, looking at him over one shoulder.  “Like it?”

            “I think I’m hurt,” Chanyeol said.  “You mean that you haven’t looked at my ass, once?  You should check me out!”

            Sungjong couldn’t believe it.  “Not you, too!”

            “All three of us,” C.A.P. said, turning around.

            It was right there, on his ass.  On all three of them.  “Team Sungjong.”  Covering his mouth with one hand, he couldn’t look at anything else.  Those bright gold letters!  “I’ve never had my name on a hyung’s ass before.  Or a dongsaeng’s!” he added when Kai looked surprised.  “At least, not aside from some Inspirits, I think.”  He reached out to touch and then, realizing what he was doing, snatched his hand back.  Embarrassed, he dissolved into giggles, sitting down again.  “You’re really wearing it!”

            “We’re on Team Sungjong,” Chanyeol said.

            He’d never thought that someone would go so far for him.  His hyungs had thrown him a birthday party before, but this?  These guys were celebrating Infinite’s private ceremony.  It didn’t have anything to do with them, and they were throwing a party for it, for him, anyway.  They’d even dressed up for it!

            “Are you going to cry?” Chanyeol asked, looking alarmed.

            “No, I’m not, I’m not crying,” he said.  Brushing away tears, he sniffed and tried to look alert and poised.

            “Are you happy, are you crying because you like it?” Chanyeol asked.  “Or are you pissed off about being in the bathroom?”

            “We can go to the living room, maybe,” Kai said.

            “He’s happy,” C.A.P. said.

            “I just, you decorated and you got me a cake and you’re wearing my name on your ass,” he said, wiping at his cheeks.  “I’m not even marrying any of you!”

            “Good, because I think that my manager would have some questions about that,” Chanyeol said.

            “I think that D.O. would have questions about that,” Kai said.  “Here.”  He grabbed up a handful of toilet paper and tried to give it to Sungjong.  “Come on, hyung, you’re sitting on the toilet crying, it’s not a very good party.”

            Laughing, he took the toilet paper.  Chanyeol nudged him up and sat down, then pulled him down.  Getting comfortable on Chanyeol’s lap, he wiped up his tears.  C.A.P. cut the cake, and Kai handed him a drink, and it was delicious.

            He’d had a really, really shitty week, and he’d had some really bad times before that, and he’d been feeling really unsure about what might happen around the wedding.  How it all might go.  When Kai had invited him out for tonight, he’d said yes immediately.  He’d wanted to get away from it all, to get away from the tension in the dorm, to escape and have some fun for a night.

            And they’d given him this.  All of this support, all of this fun, all of this effort and caring.  From this sweet hyung, and this sexy dongsaeng, and, god, C.A.P., and he had so many feelings about that.

            This was the best he’d felt in so, so long.  He couldn’t believe how badly he’d needed this, and he couldn’t believe that these three had been the ones to give it to him.

            “Can I have your shirt?” he asked Kai.  “I’m definitely on Team Infinite.”

            “What am I going to wear?” Kai asked, laughing.

            “Him, later, if you’re lucky,” Chanyeol said.

            Sungjong laughed happily, pulling Kai’s shirt up.

            The private rooms didn’t last long.  Sungyeol wanted to see what everyone else’s room looked like, and Dongwoo started wandering, and people had to use the bathroom.  Sunggyu and Chen’s rock concert in one room competed with the ballads coming from Woohyun’s room and the bouncy pop in the kitchen.  L laughed so hard at Sunggyu’s cake that Sunggyu tried to put his face in it.  Early on, Suho started hiding the alcohol, stashing it whenever someone’s back was turned.  It had been a nice idea, and Infinite could take the expensive bottles home with them if they wanted, but with these people, things started to get out of control when they were stone cold sober.  And he already knew about the “entertainment” they had planned.

            “Did you really wear this?” Sunggyu asked, fingering the hem of Suho’s shorts.

            “He loves it,” Sehun said, sprawled on the bed.  “He thinks it shows off how much better his body is than everybody else’s.”

            “Why are you in here?” Suho asked.  “How much have you already had to drink?  Go bother Woohyun, you’re on his team.”

            “Whose team are you on?” Sunggyu asked.  “I forget.  Is there a way I can remember?  Maybe something I can look at, that could remind me?”

            Suho laughed, loving Sunggyu’s adorable teasing.  “Do you like it?  You like seeing your name there?”

            “It looks pretty,” Sunggyu said, smiling.  His hand plucked at the front of Suho’s shirt, flitted down Suho’s side, touching but never landing.

            Squirming, Suho moved closer, wanting to press against him.  “What’s pretty?  Your name, or something else?”

            Sunggyu tugged at the hem of his shirt.  “I’m looking at a lot of pretty things, right now.”

            This flirting felt fantastic.  “You’re only looking at me,” Suho said, swaying closer, one hand catching up a handful of Sunggyu’s shirt.

            “Pretty,” Sunggyu murmured, leaning in.

            Suho’s eyes were already drifting shut in anticipation of his kiss.  His mouth was so close, his body was so close, hopeful warmth was flickering to life, heating Suho up.  Lips parting, Suho waited for-

            “Door!” Sunggyu exclaimed, shoving him.

            Flailing backward, Suho stumbled, catching himself against the foot of Chanyeol’s bed.

            “Door,” Sunggyu said again, wide-eyed.  “I didn’t - - there’s a - - I didn’t do anything!” he said firmly, pointing at Suho.  “I didn’t take advantage!”

            “I wanted you to,” Suho mumbled, righting himself.  He hadn’t dressed like this and plastered his boyfriend’s name all over his ass just to sing karaoke all night.

            “Door is open,” Sunggyu said.  “I am always polite around open doors.  And in front of your members!” he added, pointing at Sehun now.

            “He’s drunk, anyway,” Suho said.  Ya, maknae, go walk around, move more than this, drink some water.”

            Like that had reminded him, Sunggyu picked up his glass of scotch.

            “It’s like, whenever he looks at me, I can see him picturing a collar around my neck,” Sehun mumbled, rolling over.

            “Oh?” Sunggyu asked.  “He pictures that when he looks at everybody, it’s not personal.”  When the words were out, he closed his mouth.  He glanced warily at Suho, then took a deliberate look at his glass and set it down.  “Maybe I’ve already had enough.”

            “Maybe you have,” Suho agreed.

            Every time Sungyeol yelled, “Team Sungyeol,” no matter where he was in the dorm or what he was doing, Baekhyun and Niel said, “Whoo!”  It was like his very own team of cheerleaders, complete with matching outfits.  He was thinking of getting them to follow him around wherever he went, to cheer him on.

            He mentioned that to L, and L gave him a puzzled, indulgent look.  “What do you think Inspirit is?”

            Woohyun found Chen in “his” room, smelling a bouquet of roses.  Stopping just inside the doorway, he watched, smiling.  His gaze drifted down to Chen’s firm ass, to Chen’s naked, casually spread thighs.  Those thin shorts were criminally easy to pull down.

            Realizing that he was being watched, Chen turned.  Seeing Woohyun there, he smiled, chuckling.  “I guess it’s obvious whose room this is!”

            “You like the flowers?”

            Mmm.  They’re pretty.  Sehun’s started getting me flowers.  There was a bouquet in my room, but we got rid of it, it didn’t fit L’s theme.  I hated to throw them out, but Sehun said that he’ll get me some more later.”  Chen’s smile was sad.  “My own maknae’s buying me flowers, now.”

            “It won’t be just him forever,” Woohyun said.  “You’re EXO’s Chen, you have a lot of guys who want to buy you a lot of things.”

            “I guess not.”  Chen chuckled again, hugging himself.  “That was the nice thing about dating a sunbae.  A successful sunbae.  He didn’t care so much that I was EXO’s Chen, he was just interested in me.  He cared about the Chen part first and the EXO second, not the other way around.”

            Woohyun moved toward him, then backed up.  “Oh, should I not?”  Woohyun smiled, gesturing.  “You’re on a different team, I should respect that.”

            “Oh, that.”  Chen ran a hand over his ass, smiling.  “I thought that I should be on Sunggyu hyung’s team.  It made the most sense.  I volunteered for L’s team, it didn’t seem right for him to have just one person, but everybody said that he’d be okay with just Changjo, and I guess they were right.”  His smile brightened.  “But I’d like to be on your team, too.  I just didn’t have enough room for two names.”

            “If you’re going to put the team name there, in that spot,” Woohyun said.  “I’ve always had a good relationship there, I think.”

            Chen laughed.  “Yeah, you and I have always been close, when it comes to that.”  With a friendly, flirtatious smile, he ran his fingertips lightly over Woohyun’s stomach.  “Maybe we could be close again sometime.”

            Woohyun kissed him.  He was so easy, so responsive, so ready for it, so effortlessly into it.  When Woohyun deepened the kiss, he ran his hand up Woohyun’s chest, pulling Woohyun closer, his tongue thrusting into Woohyun’s mouth.

            Cupping his ass in one hand, Woohyun reached back with the other and closed the door.

            Chen couldn’t believe how much he’d needed this.  Sex and seduction, everything his body and his heart had been missing.  He was all over Woohyun.  He was more demanding, more pushy than he normally was with a hyung, but Woohyun gave him everything he was looking for, and then some.

            When it was over, he felt self-conscious for a second.  He’d kind of jumped Woohyun right in the middle of a party!  Everybody knew that it was going to turn into a sex party, later, but so far they’d all just been having fun, singing, playing, hanging out.  He’d jumped the gun.

            He couldn’t be sorry, though.  He was glad that he’d done it.  He’d needed that rich, romantic pleasure.

            Stroking his thigh, Woohyun kissed his neck.  “Nobody on Team Woohyun is that good to me.”

            He laughed, snuggling close.  “No?”

            “No.  D.O. won’t do all of that with me, and Sehun’s shy around me.”

            Mmm, they’re missing out on too much,” Chen murmured, running his hands over Woohyun’s muscular back.  “If your team won’t take care of you right, tonight, I will.  I’ll switch shorts with D.O.”

            Woohyun smiled at him.  “You’d do that for me?”

            Chen smiled back, caressing Woohyun’s cheek.  He’d really missed this lately.  “Just for you, hyung.”

            Sungjong and Suho finished another SNSD song.  Just as the song ended, they heard, “Team Sungyeol!”

            Whoo!” Baekhyun and Niel shouted from somewhere else in the dorm.

            Sungjong rolled his eyes, and Suho laughed.  “Team Sungjong!” Suho cheered.

            Sungjong laughed.  “Aren’t you being disloyal?”

            “Oh!”  Suho laughed, looking guilty.  “Kim Sunggyu!  Kim Sunggyu!  Sexy hamster Kim Sunggyu!”

            “Sexy hamster!  Ew!”  Sungjong covered his mouth with one hand, shivering away.  “I don’t know about that!”

            “Suho hyung.”  Niel was in the doorway.  “Do you know where, I need my, for the.  You know.”

            “What?” Sungjong asked.

            “Nothing,” Suho said.  “How much have you had to drink?” he scolded, taking Niel out into the hallway.

            Sungjong was searching through the songs when C.A.P. came in.  “‘Run Devil Run’ sounded good.  You having fun?” C.A.P. asked, picking up a drink.

            “If you need to pee, I’ll go,” Sungjong said, heading for the door.

            C.A.P. stuck a leg in his way, blocking him.

            “Are you trying to trip me?” he demanded, flustered.

            “You okay?” C.A.P. asked, taking a sip.

            Lowering his voice, he drew closer.  “Why are you on my team?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

            “I wanted to be.  There was no ‘Team C.A.P.,’ so I went with this.”

            “Well, go be on someone else’s team.”

            “I can’t.”  C.A.P. grinned.  “I already have your name written on my ass.  Where else am I going to go?”

            “Why’d you even put it on?  Why are you doing any of this?”

            “It’s fun.”  C.A.P. offered him the glass.

            He took it and sipped some.  It was sweet and delicious.

            “It’s like team building,” C.A.P. said.  “Like going on MT.  Doing silly stuff, dressing up together.  Hell, that’s what I’ve been doing with my members for years now, right?  I can do it with some friends.  How else are you going to grow closer if you don’t do some embarrassing stuff together.

            “So you’re just doing it to put our groups back together.”

            “What, Teen Top and Infinite?  No, we had all of this planned before Chunji lost his shit.  We were already getting everything prepared when he did all of that, and then we didn’t know whether to call it off or what.  I told Suho hyung that if he didn’t want us here, we wouldn’t push it.  I didn’t want to piss your members off and ruin the night.  But he said that he took Sunggyu hyung at his word.  Sunggyu hyung said that we could all hang out the same as before, just not at your dorm or your practice room, and Suho hyung said to believe him.  So, we showed up.”

            “You drew all of that detailed stuff all over everybody else’s cake and just shoved candles on mine.”

            “I didn’t want to give you some perverted cake.  You wouldn’t take that the same way Dongwoo hyung would.  I was going to draw a sun and flowers on it, but.”  He grinned, taking the glass back and drinking.  “I like watching you blow.”

            Sungjong really wished that C.A.P. would kiss him.  “I-”

            Music started.  Loud music.  He immediately recognized the first bars of “Come Back Again.”

            “Oh,” C.A.P. said, setting the glass aside and taking his hand.  “Come on, the show’s starting.”

            What?  “The show?” he asked as C.A.P. led him away.

            Sungyeol hopped into the front room to see what was going on.  Everybody else was gathering around, too, and Baekhyun pulled him over to the couch.  “Come Back Again” was playing.

            “Welcome to the 2010 flashback showcase!” Chanyeol said, standing to one side.  “Let’s have a big show of support, a really big hand, for our new rookies, Infinite!”

            “What?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Oh my god,” L said.

            Six guys walked out.  Xiumin, Chen, Kai, Niel, Sehun, and Changjo.  Dressed in really terrible, weirdly familiar outfits.  They strode confidently to the middle of the room and struck dramatic poses, looking chic and defiant.

            “Oh my god, no, no!” Sunggyu exclaimed, laughing.

            “It’s us, is that us?” Sungyeol demanded.  Those were way, way too much like their outfits from their debut video, with all of those funky accessories.  Niel was wearing his outfit, with the tight plaid pants and the black jacket covered in pins.

            “Looking great, Sehun-ah!” Woohyun called.

            “Why did you put on the hat?” L asked Changjo, laughing.

            “Forget the hat, what’s with that collar?” C.A.P. asked.  There was a spiked leather collar around Changjo’s neck.  Sungyeol couldn’t believe they’d made L wear that shit.

            “Can I borrow that later?” Baekhyun asked.

            “For our Infinite showcase, each of the members will do a special stage,” Chanyeol said.  “Our first member will be Jang Dongwoo!”

            Xiumin cheerfully shoved everyone else out of his way.  Stumbling, the other “Infinite” members went to one side.  Whoo-hoo!  Hoo!  Jang Dongwoo!” Dongwoo cheered, clapping heartily.

            “Dongwoo oppa’s the best!” Chunji called.

            “We’ll need some audience participation,” Chanyeol said.  “Is there anyone else here named Jang Dongwoo?  Anyone else with that name?”

            “Oh!  Me!  Me!” Dongwoo said, hopping up.

            “Okay, sir, come on up,” Chanyeol said.  “Jang Dongwoo special stage, go!”  He pushed something on his phone, and a sexy, thumping beat started.

            Sehun turned down the lights.

            Grinning wickedly, Xiumin placed a chair in the center of the room and beckoned Dongwoo over.

            “Oh, shit, are you serious?” L asked.

            Dongwoo shimmied across the room.  Running his hands over Xiumin’s ass, he grinned broadly.  “It looks good on you, Mini.”

            “Hands off of our rookies, please,” Chanyeol said.

            “Forget that, touch whatever you want,” Xiumin said.  Laughing, Dongwoo cupped between his thighs, and he grinned, pushing Dongwoo down onto the chair.  Landing with a smile, Dongwoo spread his arms and legs out, relaxing.

            Sungyeol laughed, shifting in his seat, leaning forward.  “So it’s this kind of bachelor party?”

            “Turn the lights back up, I want to see this,” Woohyun said.

            It was funny, how Sungyeol had seen Xiumin naked plenty of times - - he’d had fantastic sex with Xiumin plenty of times - - but all of a sudden, with the promise that he might get to see Xiumin take something off, he was getting turned on.

            Xiumin built the tension slowly, dancing, circling Dongwoo’s chair, playing with Dongwoo’s hair and touching his face.  Grinning, licking his lips, Dongwoo wouldn’t take his eyes off of Xiumin.

            The accessories came off first.  A couple of wristbands, a metal belt, a jacket.  In fingerless gloves, a tank top, and black pants, Xiumin started gyrating, pulling his shirt up to show off his abs.  The gloves drew attention to his hands, highlighted the move as he cupped his ass or stroked his torso.  Sungyeol felt hot, remembering touching him there, remembering rubbing up against him and kissing him and how incredible it could be.

            When his shirt came off, the other guys cheered.  “More, more!” Sungyeol called.

            “Yeah, more,” Dongwoo agreed, grabbing Xiumin’s waist, pulling Xiumin onto his lap.  “Let’s take everything off.”

            Laughing, Xiumin straddled him.  Hips rolling, Xiumin leaned back, and Dongwoo tried to rein him back in.  Xiumin was undoing his own fly, and Dongwoo was tugging his pants down.

            Ya, ya, rookie!” Sunggyu called.  “Don’t turn your back to the audience!”

            Xiumin spun around, facing them now.  Leaning back, using Dongwoo like his chair, he undulated, the black pants sliding down.  His tight abs, his treasure trail, the pants slipping down in a slow tease, his heavy-lidded come-hither look, he was as hot as he’d ever been.  The fluid, steady rolling of his hips reminded Sungyeol with unbearable explicitness of sex, of the way Xiumin thrust in, of the swift push of his cock, of the repetitive bursts of pleasure that lit Sungyeol up while Xiumin rocked in, over and over, so hard inside of him, so big, god, Xiumin always made Sungyeol come so incredibly hard.

             As Xiumin’s pants slid down, they revealed scarlet red underwear.  Bracing one hand on Dongwoo’s thigh, he tossed his head, his tongue darting wetly over his lips, his other hand stroking across the front of his underwear, reminding Sungyeol of exactly what was in there, the prize of his sexy cock.  Turned on, starting to feel desperate for him, Sungyeol was on the edge of the couch, straining to see everything, not wanting to miss a move.

            Whoo!”  Dongwoo tugged, and Xiumin’s underpants came right off.  “Oh!” Dongwoo said, surprised, staring at the handful of red fabric.

            Naked, Xiumin collapsed in laughter, slumping on Dongwoo’s lap.

            “It rips!” Dongwoo realized, and he hugged Xiumin.

            Xiumin kissed him.  Getting up, Xiumin bowed to them.  “Infinite’s Jang Dongwoo!” Chanyeol exclaimed, and everyone cheered.

            God, Sungyeol needed a cold shower, now.

            “Did you seriously buy tearaway panties?” Sungjong asked.

            “No, we cut them,” Chen said.  “They barely stay on.  They’ll rip right off if you - - ah, I guess you saw that!”

            Xiumin pulled Dongwoo out of the chair.  Clapping, Dongwoo said, “Ah!  Team Dongwoo!”

            Reminded, Sungyeol said, “Team Sungyeol!”

            Whoo!” Baekhyun and Niel cheered.

            Ooohh, that turned me on,” Dongwoo said, shaking his head, rubbing himself.

            “Don’t follow me!” Xiumin said, laughing, pushing him towards the couch.  “I gotta get my clothes.  Stay and watch the other rookies.”

            “This is a good showcase,” Sunggyu said.

            “I like that Jang Dongwoo rookie, he’s got a lot going for him,” Woohyun said.

            “What about this Jang Dongwoo?” Dongwoo asked, lifting a knee and undulating, his crotch in Woohyun’s face.  Laughing, Woohyun fell back on the couch, and Dongwoo grinned, mounting him, thrusting lewdly.

            “Stop, stop,” Sunggyu said, laughing breathlessly.  Woohyun twisted away, covering his face with both hands, shoulders shaking as he laughed.  Sunggyu pushed Dongwoo off of Woohyun, and he sat on Chunji, squirming and grinning and rubbing himself.

            Whoo!  More rookies!” Dongwoo cheered.  “Infinite!  Infinite!”

            “Okay!” Chanyeol said.  “A nice round of applause for Jang Dongwoo.  Our next rookie is Infinite’s main vocal, Kim Sunggyu!  Let’s show him some support!”

            Chen walked forward in jeans and a black leather jacket.  Throwing his chin up, he posed arrogantly.

            “Good!  Good!  Promising!  I like this one,” Sunggyu said, applauding heartily.

            “Do his panties come right off, too?” Dongwoo asked.

            “This rookie needs some help with his show,” Chanyeol said.  “Is there anyone in the audience named Kim Sunggyu?  Any Kim Sunggyu here?”

            Sunggyu froze.  Looking shy, he slowly tried to shrink back, like maybe they’d all forget that he was there.

            Laughing, Sungyeol pointed towards the chair.  “Get up there!”

            “Kim Sunggyu!  Kim Sunggyu!” they were all chanting.

            “No, no,” Sunggyu said, blushing, trying to wave them off.

            “Kim Sunggyu!  Kim Sunggyu!”

            He cast them a sly look out of the corner of his eye, and then he abruptly got up, chin up, all confidence.  They burst into laughter, teasing him, as he strode across the room.  Acting cool and nonchalant, he took a seat like he was alone in the room and too good for this shit.  Crossing his legs, he leaned back, casting a bored look around the room.

            Chanyeol started the music.

            Chen took a step towards the chair.

            Breaking into a helpless smile, Sunggyu recoiled, throwing his hands up.  “No, no,” he pleaded, as Chen approached him.

            “Don’t act bashful now!” L said.

            “I can’t, oh, oh!”  He tried to shield himself, hiding behind his hands, as Chen started to dance.

            Laughing, Chen leaned against the chair.  “Hyung!  You’re ruining it!”

            “Oh.”  Looking chastised, Sunggyu bravely straightened up.  “Okay.  You go ahead, you dance.”  He gestured solicitously, shooing Chen on.  “Hyung supports you.  Chen fighting!”

            “Kim Sunggyu fighting!” everyone corrected him.

            “Kim Sunggyu doesn’t do this!” he objected, pointing, as Chen started dancing again.

            Laughing, Chen spun around the chair.  His moves were pretty simple until he got rid of the jacket.  Teasing his black sleeveless shirt up, he leaned down, his ass in the air, his face in Sunggyu’s crotch, and pushed Sunggyu’s knees apart.  Wide-eyed, breathless, Sunggyu let him.  He straightened slowly, arching his back, giving them a good view of his ass.

            Sungyeol adjusted himself in his pants, watching avidly.  He loved this side of Chen, deliberately provocative, self-assured.

            Standing beside the chair, Chen planted his foot between Sunggyu’s thighs.  Rolling his hips in a slow, lewd grind, he dragged his shirt up, shimmied it back down, revealed his abs, exposed one tight nipple.  He was smiling, his gaze locked on Sunggyu, and the more he showed and hid and showed again of his muscular upper body, the more desperate Sungyeol was to tear that shirt away, to see everything.  It was an infuriating tease; everything he exposed, he covered up again, leaving Sungyeol panting for more.

            Then he started toying with his fly.  His shirt was still on and his fingers were dancing over his fly, buttoning and unbuttoning, zipping and unzipping.  The obscene rolling of his hips had Sungyeol shuddering, remembering the way he’d rock back and thrust his ass against Sungyeol when he wanted more, the way he’d arch his back and groan, groan so happily, when Sungyeol fucked him.

            Slowly, Chen shimmied out of his jeans.  He was in tight red underpants, like Xiumin’s, and knowing how very easily they could come off made Sungyeol moan.  Pulling them up in the back, showing off the round halves of his ass, he turned around.  Rubbing his own ass, he leaned over invitingly, motioning for Sunggyu to touch.

            Laughing, Sunggyu was leaning away.

            Smiling, Chen gestured him on.

            “I’ll do it!” Sungyeol volunteered.

            Chen squeezed his own ass, inviting.

            Blushing, Sunggyu gave it a polite pat.

            “Spank it!” Xiumin called.

            “Bite it!” Dongwoo said.

            Laughing, Sunggyu kissed it, and then he pulled away, curling in on himself, red with embarrassment.

            Shedding his black shirt, Chen straddled Sunggyu’s chair, facing them.  Sucking on his fingers, he arched, and Sungyeol imagined the sound of his gorgeous, erotic moans under the sound of the thumping beat.  One hand toyed with the waistband of his underwear, nudging it down.

            “Yeah, yeah, do it!” Dongwoo urged.

            “Come on, Kim Sunggyu, show us everything!” Woohyun called.

            Smiling at them, flirtatious, Chen spun, showing them his ass.  He played with the waistband again, acting like he was about to pull his underwear down in the back.

            “Oh, that’s the stuff!” Ricky said.  “More of that!”

            “Let’s see that ass,” C.A.P. said.

            “Show me the cock, I want the meat!” Niel called.  Chen was turning, teasing them from every angle, showing off his gorgeous upper body, his curvy ass, the bulge of his genitals.

            “Off, off, take it off!” Baekhyun cheered.  Sunggyu was laughing behind his hands, his eyes bright.

            “If this is our best chance at getting a Kim Sunggyu who’s a bottom, I want to see some ass,” Sungyeol said.

            Everyone cheered wildly, whooping it up.  Chen turned around, showing them his back.  Sliding a finger into his mouth, he smiled at them over his shoulder and shimmied, shaking his ass.  Watching his ass jiggle, Sungyeol hooted, and Dongwoo slid down off of the couch and onto his knees, cheering.  He nipped at his index finger, his tongue gliding over it, while he reached back with his other hand.  His fingers curled in the waistband of his shorts, and they all cheered him on.  Sungyeol was dying to get him naked, dying for a real look.

            Chen grinned at them and yanked, snatching his underwear off in one rough pull.

            Whoo!  Yeah!”  Sungyeol joined the others in calling out, clapping.  “That’s it, yeah!”

            “Great job, Kim Sunggyu!  You worked hard!” Sungjong called.

            Laughing, Chen sank down onto Sunggyu’s lap.  “You were good, it was good,” Sunggyu said encouragingly, patting his shoulder.  “Everybody liked it.  But if you’re going to act like this, don’t call yourself Kim Sunggyu!”

            He hugged Sunggyu and got up.  Standing, Sunggyu gestured to him, encouraging them to applaud, and they all clapped.  He bowed, and then he covered himself with one hand, scurrying away.

            “Thank you, Kim Sunggyu!” Chanyeol said.

            “Let’s hear it for Kim Sunggyu’s hot ass!” Woohyun said, and they all applauded again.

            “Okay, next!”

            “More rookies, whoo!  Infinite!” Dongwoo called.

            “Everyone please welcome Lee Sungyeol!” Chanyeol said.

            Sungyeol got up and made a beeline for the chair.  Hurriedly sitting down, he grinned at Niel, rubbing his hands together.

            “Excuse me, sir?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Oh.  My name’s Lee Sungyeol, too,” he told Chanyeol.  “Lee Sungyeol.”  He pointed at himself, nodding.  “I have ID.”

            “We’ll take his word for it,” D.O. said.

            “All right.  Introducing the new rookie, Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol!” Chanyeol said, and started a new song.

            A sultry beat began, and Niel spun across the floor.

            “Oh!  Oh, this Lee Sungyeol’s a dancer,” Xiumin said.

            With graceful footwork, Niel grooved around Sungyeol’s chair, undulating and getting into the beat.  He whipped off the black cuff around his wrist, tossing it to the couch, and Dongwoo caught it, cheering.

            “Take it off!” C.A.P. hollered.

            Ya, rookie, let’s see that cock!” Chunji said.

            Niel spun around in front of Sungyeol, and it felt so different, up close.  Niel was right there, close enough to touch.  Sungyeol wanted to reach out and put his hands all over Niel, on Niel’s lean hips, on Niel’s bare forearms, all over Niel’s fluidly writhing body.  He’d been intimate with Niel so many times, skin on skin, the heat and scent of Niel’s body imprinted on his flesh, he ached to hold onto Niel now.

            Putting a hand on Sungyeol’s shoulder, Niel undulated downward.

            “Yeah!  Hoo!  Take it to the floor!” Ricky called.

            Tossing his head, Niel smiled up at Sungyeol.  His expression was bright, his eyes flirtatious, his cheeks flushed.  “Your name is Lee Sungyeol, too?”

            Ya!  Less chatter, more ass!” C.A.P. called.

            “It, yeah,” Sungyeol said, having trouble forming coherent sentences.  He really wanted to drag Niel closer, really wanted to kiss Niel’s succulent lips.

            Thrusting, Niel dropped onto his knees.  He did a quick, complicated move, dropping to one side and then pushing off and undulating himself right around, until he was facing away.  Everyone cheered, and he shrugged, pushing his jacket off of his shoulders.  He only had a sleeveless shirt on under it, and his shoulders were bare.  He leaned back, the jacket slipping down his arms, and Sungyeol had to clench one hand into a fist to keep from stroking his bare upper arm.  His skin looked so taut, so smooth.  Sungyeol remembered being behind him, thrusting into him, kissing his bare shoulder, hearing his ecstatic, smoky moans.

            He was leaning back, arching his back.  Resting his head on Sungyeol’s lap, he looked up, licking his lips.

            “You can’t give a blowjob from there!  Turn around!” Chunji said.

            Grinning at Sungyeol, he whispered, “Hold my cuff.”

            Sungyeol might not’ve heard the words under the hot bass beat, but he was staring at Niel’s gorgeous mouth so intently, he could lip-read.  He nodded, feeling unreasonably excited to be included in this, to be invited to join in.  He took hold of the cuff of one jacket sleeve.

            Niel flashed him a sexy, conspiratorial smile, whispered, “Hold on, hyung,” and then spun away in a dizzying swirl.  One minute Niel was kneeling there, smiling up at Sungyeol, and then he was lithe and weightless, whirling away, and then he was up on his feet halfway across the room and Sungyeol was holding an empty jacket.

            Everyone shouted, clapping.  “Creative, artistic, ten out of ten!” Suho called.

            Holding the jacket on his lap, covering the serious tent of his hard-on, Sungyeol couldn’t wait for Niel to come back to him.

            “All right, this is Teen Top’s pride, let’s get this right,” Ricky said.

            “More ass, let’s go, show us the goods,” Chunji said.

            In a black sleeveless shirt and tight plaid pants, Niel danced right back to the chair.  Thrilled to see him, Sungyeol sat back, smiling up at him.  “How’re you doing?” Sungyeol asked.

            Niel flashed him a smile, dropping to the floor beside him.  “Not bad.”  Limber, sinuous, Niel rolled across the floor, around the chair, stopping in front of him again.  Kneeling in front of him, Niel twisted around to face him, abruptly shoving his thighs apart.  Loving this sudden aggression, he laughed, and then Niel grabbed the jacket and flung it away, exposing the bulge in his pants.

            Whoo-hoo!  Niel found the meat!” Dongwoo hollered.

            “Go for it!” Baekhyun called.

            Nothing like having a roomful of people intent on his hard-on, while a hot dongsaeng writhed in his lap and stared right at his crotch.  Totally loving this but a little self-conscious, Sungyeol didn’t know whether to cover up or take his cock out or what.

            Niel braced both hands on Sungyeol’s thighs, then leaned in and planted a real kiss right on Sungyeol’s crotch, his soft lips brushing right over Sungyeol’s hard-on.  A deep throb of arousal had Sungyeol moaning, cock straining against his pants.  Niel’s mouth was a paradise, and he urgently needed to get in there.

            With an explosive hop, back arching, Niel popped upward and landed on Sungyeol, right astride his thighs.  The sudden, lithe move surprised a laugh out of him, and he automatically caught at Niel, not wanting him to fall.  Niel splayed a hand against Sungyeol’s chest, holding onto his shirt, and leaned back.  Glad to be holding on, both for Niel’s stability and for the chance to caress his undulating body, Sungyeol watched him writhe, his steadily rolling hips, his spread and flexing thighs.

            Captivated, Sungyeol wanted to have him, hold him even closer, make love to him.  Wanted to press his face to Niel’s chest and breathe him in, wanted to kiss his chest and then keep kissing upward, kiss his gorgeous mouth, wanted to take him to bed and keep him there for hours.

            “Okay, hyung.”  Niel’s fingers flirted with the hem of his shirt, inching it up, and then he smiled at Sungyeol, raising his arms overhead.

            Eager, quick to comply, Sungyeol pulled Niel’s shirt up.  He loved that he kept getting to help, loved that Niel was making him a part of the show.  He dragged the shirt off, then tossed it to the crowd on the couch.

            Shaking his hair out, Niel took hold of Sungyeol’s hand.  “Hold on, hyung,” he whispered, grinning, and then he leaned back.  Gripping his hand, Sungyeol watched him arch backward.  His fingers were wrapped tightly around Sungyeol’s, and his thighs were clamped hard against Sungyeol’s legs, and he lowered himself in a slow, impossible undulation until his shoulders were on the floor, his long torso on display.  Letting go of Sungyeol’s hand, he ran his hand right over his crotch.  He was rubbing himself, cupping and stroking, and his tongue was stroking over his lips, lewd and lusting.  His shoulders were braced against the floor, his lean chest and skinny hips rising upward as he thrust against his hand.  Needing to touch him, Sungyeol cupped his calves where his legs were still locked around the chair.

            “Lee Sungyeol!” Baekhyun chanted.  “Lee Sungyeol!  Lee Sungyeol!”

            “Team Sungyeol!” Sungyeol said.

            Whoo!” Baekhyun cheered.

            Whoo!” Niel shouted.  Sungyeol laughed happily, loving this.  It occurred to him, really, for the first time, that Niel was kind of doing this for him.  Personally, for him.  The party was for everyone, and the stripping was for everyone, but Niel had gotten on his team, specifically, and dressed up like him, specifically, and climbed into his lap, specifically.  This funny, sexy dongsaeng was going this far to give him a personal strip show.  In front of people.  It blew his mind, and for a second, he just stared down at Niel in amazement.

            Niel stroked his own pelvis, fingers slipping under his waistband.  Teasing them with what he was touching, with what was under there that he was keeping from them.

            Hunh,” C.A.P. said.  “Not bad.  I kind of want to see Niel’s cock, for once.”

            “Take it off!  For Teen Top’s pride!” Ricky shouted.

            “Yeah, come on, show us the cock or we’ll show you the door,” Chunji said.

            Niel’s fingers crept over his fly.

            Fascinated, holding his breath, staring, Sungyeol rubbed Niel’s calves, wanting to see that zipper go down so badly, it hurt.

            Niel undid the button.  Then, slowly, he dragged the zipper down.  The fabric parted to reveal red underpants.  Just the sight of the bright red cotton felt like a glimpse into paradise, a grand reward after a desperate journey, and Sungyeol groaned, leaning forward.

            Undulating again, Niel gestured to his plaid pants, nudging them down his skinny hips and pointing to the waistband.  “Hold on, hyung.”

            Again?  Thrilled, Sungyeol eagerly reached for the pants.  He took hold just beneath the waistband.

            Niel slithered right out of them, sleek and agile, twisting and then rolling away, popping up onto his feet wearing just red underpants.

            Everybody was applauding.  “Let me hold on again, I want to do it again,” Sungyeol said, reaching for Niel.  He felt really enthusiastic about this game.

            “Big finish, now, let’s go!” Ricky called.

            Niel danced over to stand in front of Sungyeol again.  Writhing in subtle, fluid pulses, he ran his hands over his chest, feeling himself up.  “Hold on, hyung.”

            Eager to cooperate, Sungyeol grabbed hold of Niel’s underwear on either side.

            “One,” Niel whispered, holding Sungyeol’s gaze, “two,” and then Niel jerked backward, breaking out of Sungyeol’s grip.  He was naked, the red underpants coming apart in Sungyeol’s hands.  Nothing covered him but his own hand, where he cupped himself.

            Sungyeol barely had time to process the sight before Niel was turning around and sinking down onto his lap.  Naked, only technically covered, Niel writhed all over him, arching and dancing.  Niel was long and lean, head resting on Sungyeol’s shoulder, his hair soft where it brushed Sungyeol’s neck, his full lips parted.  It was such a provocative echo of their most private moments, Sungyeol couldn’t resist anymore.  Hands stroking over his taut skin, Sungyeol caressed his writhing body.

            Niel’s head turned, his voice soft and husky in Sungyeol’s ear.  “Hold on, hyung.”

            “I love this game,” Sungyeol panted, rubbing his abs.

            He laughed, a happy sound, and guided Sungyeol’s hand down, down.  Catching on, Sungyeol slid a hand over his, covering it right where he was cupping himself.  Mmm, good, hyung,” he breathed, “like that,” and then he flung one arm up, free, curling it back and threading his fingers into Sungyeol’s hair.

            Gasping, Sungyeol was left holding a soft handful of Niel.

            While everyone hooted and whistled, Niel relaxed.  He squirmed a little, not performing anymore, just getting comfortable.

            Sungyeol shifted under Niel, careful to keep his grip loose and very gentle.  God, he was hard as a rock.  Having this dongsaeng naked on his lap was sending his body incredibly strong signals.

            “Do we get to see it or not?” D.O. asked.

            “Oh!”  He liked where his hand was so much, it hadn’t occurred to him to let go.  “Okay?” he asked Niel.

            “Lee Sungyeol!  Lee Sungyeol!” Baekhyun cheered.

            “Yeah, ah, let them look,” Niel said.

            “Team Sungyeol!” Sungyeol shouted, throwing both hands up in victorious fists.

            Whoo!” everyone yelled together, the entire room joining in.  It felt like an awesome moment of triumph, and he grinned at his friends and dongsaengs and members, at their smiling faces.  For a minute, everybody was on Team Sungyeol.

            “A round of applause for Lee Sungyeol,” Chanyeol said.  “A very promising rookie.”

            “Great performance,” Suho said, still clapping.  “Very creative.”

            “Okay, where are my clothes?” Niel asked, getting up.

            Without Niel on his lap, Sungyeol winced, adjusting himself in his pants.  God, he needed to get off.  “Can we take a break to tend to stuff?”

            “No, sir, this is a professional showcase,” Chanyeol said.  He gestured politely.  “We’ll need you to vacate the chair please, sir, the rest of Infinite needs this opportunity to perform.”

            “Clear the stage!” Woohyun called.

            “More rookies!  More rookies!” Dongwoo said, clapping.

            Groaning, Sungyeol limped off of the stage.  Reaching the couch, he crawled right on top of Baekhyun.  Laughing, Baekhyun blushed, gazing up at him happily.  Kissing Baekhyun, he placed Baekhyun’s hand right on his hard-on, yes, “Ooohhh,” right there.

            “Sir, sir, no sex in the audience, please,” Chanyeol said.

            Ya!”  Xiumin and Suho were pulling on him, tugging Baekhyun away, trying to separate them.  “Not now.”

            “We’ll get to that,” Suho said, and then he blushed red.  “You’ll get to that.  All of you.  Just wait a minute.”

            “It’s really hard,” Baekhyun whispered, leaning in to kiss him again.  The light pressure of Baekhyun’s touch was pure torment, and he groaned, needing to get his pants off, needing to get his naked cock in Baekhyun’s hand.

            “Sir, sir,” Chanyeol said.

            Ya!”  A hand grabbed at the back of Sungyeol’s shirt, and from the grip alone, he knew who it was.  Ya, didn’t you hear the rules?  No sex in the audience.”  Sunggyu yanked him off of Baekhyun and dumped him onto the floor.  “Hands to yourself.  All of that to yourself, too,” Sunggyu instructed, gesturing to his crotch.

            “God, like I wasn’t worked up enough,” Baekhyun said breathlessly.

            Sungyeol undid his fly, just to relieve some pressure, and tried to get himself under control.  Looking over one shoulder, he grinned at Baekhyun.  “Team Sungyeol,” he whispered.

            Smiling just for him, looking flushed and rumpled, Baekhyun whispered, “Whoo.”

            “Our next rookie!” Chanyeol announced.  “Let’s all show some support for Infinite’s Nam Woohyun!”

            “Oh!  Oh!  Who’s this, I like this one already,” Woohyun said.

            Sehun walked out to the middle of the room, swinging his arms, rolling his head on his neck, loosening up.  He had on checked pants, a spiked wrist cuff, a sleeveless flannel shirt over a black sleeveless shirt, and a big, gaudy yellow, plastic necklace.

            “Did you really wear that?” Sunggyu asked Woohyun.

            “Never in my life,” Woohyun lied, laughing.  “I don’t know where he got it.”

            “Is there anyone named Nam Woohyun here?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Him,” Woohyun said, pushing Sungjong forward.  “That’s Nam Woohyun, there.”

            “Get the hell out there,” Sungyeol said, yanking on the leg of Woohyun’s pants.

            “Yeah, come on, let’s have a show,” L said.

            Sehun went to the corner and dragged over another chair.

            “Ooh, props?” Suho asked.  “Good, good, think outside the box!”

            “Yeah, let’s switch it up,” Sungyeol said.  “Both Nam Woohyuns can strip at once.”

            “So eager to see me naked?” Woohyun teased.

            Sehun turned the chairs to face each other, one side to the audience.  Then he sat down, leaning back, and closed his eyes.

            “This isn’t naptime!  Where’s the meat?” Niel demanded, coming back in, wearing his Team Infinite-Team Sungyeol outfit.

            “Nam Woohyun, sir, you’re needed onstage,” Chanyeol said.

            Ya, ya, all right, I’m going,” Woohyun said, getting up.

            Sungyeol gestured Niel over, and Niel sat beside him on the floor.  Running a hand over Niel’s bare thigh, Sungyeol coaxed him closer, and he leaned against Sungyeol’s side, watching the action on the chairs.  Incredibly attracted to him, seeing him in a new light, Sungyeol gazed at his face, at his attentive eyes, at his mouth.  God, his mouth.  His lips looked so luxuriously soft…

            A quick, dangerous beat started.

            Sungyeol hurriedly tore his gaze away, looking at the chairs, not wanting to miss anything.

            Woohyun had turned his chair around and was straddling it backwards, facing Sehun, his arms crossed over the top of the chair.

            Leaning back in the chair, Sehun raised a hand and slowly wrapped his fingers around his necklace.  He was staring at Woohyun in a really focused, intent way.  Spreading his thighs, he rubbed himself through his pants, and then he squirmed on the chair, his hips rising and pushing against his palm.  With his lips parted, still staring at Woohyun, breathing slow and hard, he raised an arm overhead, dropped his hand behind his head, and snapped his fingers impatiently.

            It was a direction for Chanyeol, and Sungyeol was a little shocked.  Did EXO’s maknae get away with snapping at his hyungs like that?

            “Oh, oh, yes, sorry,” Chanyeol said.  “It’s very important that Nam Woohyun’s concentration not be broken.  This is a very focused rookie.  Please do not, I must repeat, do not touch Nam Woohyun.”

            Sehun licked his lips, relaxing his arm, trailing his hand down his chest and settling it low on his abdomen, just above his fly.  Taking off the necklace, he leaned forward with a smirk, letting the plastic yellow chain dangle from his fingertips.

            Woohyun smirked right back, looking amused and knowing.

            Whatever was going on here, it was intense.  Sehun radiated really strong sexual energy, and Woohyun was giving off really hot, smug signals.  The kinds of signals that made Sungyeol spend all day hovering as close to him as possible, wanting to be the one his attention landed on when he decided to pounce.

            Sehun draped the necklace around Woohyun’s neck, letting it fall against Woohyun’s chest.

            Woohyun chuckled.

            Leaning back with a satisfied smile, Sehun undid his fly.  Then he raised his wrist to his mouth and undid his spiked cuff with his teeth, ripping the cuff open.  Oohh,” Baekhyun said.

            “I’ll take that, too,” Woohyun said, holding his arm out.

            Sehun smirked and put the cuff on Woohyun.  He did it really carefully, deliberately, in slow steps, like he cared exactly how it was positioned.  Sungyeol didn’t think that his fingers ever brushed Woohyun’s skin.  Withdrawing his hands, he stood up, stretching like he didn’t give a fuck.  Then, lazily groping himself, he circled around behind Woohyun.

            Like he didn’t even notice Sehun, Woohyun looked down at his necklace, plucking at it.  He grinned and looked over at the couch.  He took the necklace off and tossed it over to them.

            Sungjong caught it.  “Thanks, hyung!”

            “Love you,” Woohyun called, throwing him a heart.

            Behind Woohyun, Sehun shrugged out of the plaid shirt.

            “Can I have the cuff?” L called.

            “It’s spiky,” Woohyun said.  “I’d never hurt my L-ah.”

            Sehun dropped the shirt onto Woohyun’s back.

            Woohyun reached back with one hand and deftly caught it as it slid down his back.  He put it on, tugging it straight.  “How do I look?  Having flashbacks, right?  I don’t think I’ve aged at all.”

            Sehun lowered himself into his chair again.  He had a serious hard-on, and he kept stroking it, touching himself through his open fly.  Pushing his sleeveless shirt up, he rubbed his abs, dragging his fingers across them.  Staring right at Woohyun, it was like he was watching porn, turning himself on, getting in the mood.  Really teasing himself, enjoying his own body, not rushing it, settling in for some lazy, satisfying masturbation.  Nudging his shirt up a little higher, he tweaked his own nipple, pinching it, not taking his eyes off of Woohyun.

            Woohyun chuckled at him.  “Cute.”

            He breathed in hard, closing his eyes.  Grimacing, he breathed out slowly, letting his head fall back.  His hand slid down, delving right into his open fly, and he arched, rubbing his balls.

            “Are we just going to watch him jack off?” Niel asked.  “Because I’m okay with that.”

            Sungyeol was, too.  The sexual tension between the two of them was so strong, he felt completely wrapped up in every little move, every moment that passed between them.  He felt like if Sehun got off, it would break the tension, give him some relief.  He was panting in sympathy with every one of Sehun’s deep, controlled breaths.

            With slow moves, very deliberate, Sehun took his shirt off.  Naked to the waist, he dropped the shirt and sat back.

            Woohyun caught the shirt just before it hit the floor.  He kissed it and tossed it to L.

            Rubbing his pecs, Sehun was staring at Woohyun like he was locked on a target.  The tip of his tongue played over his lips, and then he smirked.  Relaxing, he shifted lazily, stretching his spine.  One arm went behind his head, and his other hand drifted down his body, zeroing in on his groin again.  His thumb dipped just inside his underwear, brushing against his hard-on.

            “Jesus, maknae, let’s see it already,” Chen said.

            “Can we all see?” Woohyun asked.  “Is it pretty, Woohyun-ah?”

            Sehun stood up, tall and straight, and pushed his checkered pants down.  He was left in his red underwear, the tent of his hard-on aimed at Woohyun’s face.

            Smiling, Woohyun relaxed against the back of the chair.  Tucking one arm up, he rested his cheek on his hand, gazing fondly at Sehun’s cock.

            Sehun reached back with one hand and swung his chair around, in between himself and Woohyun.  He straddled it backwards, and he started humping it.  He was moving with the music, suddenly, and every movement of his hips reinforced the beat.  He was all over that chair, nailing it from every angle.  His hard-on was threatening to break loose, straining his underwear.  He fucked that chair with long, deep thrusts and short, jackhammer thrusts and rough, aggressive thrusts and slow, teasing thrusts that made Sungyeol squirm, remembering exactly what that felt like, when he was rocking shallowly and making Sungyeol shudder with desperate excitement.  Whoever he was fucking in his mind, Woohyun or somebody else, he was completely into it, totally explicit, holding nothing back.  Sungyeol expected to hear an ecstatic moan from the chair, it was all so intense.

            “I want some,” Woohyun said.  Getting up, he turned his chair around and sat back down.  Patting his thighs, he gestured Sehun onward.  “I’ve always wanted a little action from Nam Woohyun.”

            “God, that explains so much about you,” Sungjong said, and Sunggyu laughed.

            Sehun’s head shot up and he stared at Woohyun.  He had one hand braced on the back of his chair, one on the seat, and he was breathing hard, his gaze intent.

            Grinning, Woohyun gestured him on.  “Come on, Woohyun-ah.”

            Growling, Sehun threw the chair aside, clearing his path in one instant.  He landed on Woohyun like he’d leapt there, cupping Woohyun’s face in both hands, kissing furiously.  Hoo!” Dongwoo exclaimed, and Sungyeol grunted helplessly, leaning forward, on the verge of crawling over there just to be closer to the center of all of that heat.

            Woohyun spread his arms wide, following the rules, not touching.  Sehun was grinding against him, hips working hard, and they were kissing passionately, mouths fused together.  Sehun groaned, and Suho said, “No!  Maknae, no!” and Sehun shuddered, groaning again, and Woohyun chuckled into their kiss.

            Sungyeol was on edge.  He felt like he couldn’t breathe, he was so turned on, so caught up in their tension.

            “Did he just?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Oh, yeah, he definitely did,” C.A.P. said.

            “Damn it, maknae,” Suho said.

            Slowly, Sehun broke their kiss.  He breathed in, and they could all see him gradually relax, his muscles unlocking.  His shoulders lowering, he let go of Woohyun.

            Looking smug and affectionate, Woohyun smiled up at him.  “Was it good for you?”

            “Too good,” Suho muttered.

            Licking his lips, looking pleased but a little self-conscious, he climbed off of Woohyun.

            With an indulgent chuckle, Woohyun plucked his underwear off of him and dropped it.  It landed on the floor, streaked with cum.

            Seeing the jizz, seeing Sehun’s gradually softening dick, Sungyeol could finally breathe again.  Letting the tension seep out of him, too, he joined the others in their enthusiastic applause.

            Getting up, Woohyun kissed Sehun.  Leaning in, he whispered something in Sehun’s ear, and by the time he got to the end of it, Sehun was laughing and looking outraged.  Woohyun grinned and kissed Sehun again, a light peck on the lips, and Sehun said, “Shit, hyung,” and rubbed his hands over his face, looking flattered and rattled.

            “Applause for Nam Woohyun!” Chanyeol called.

            “Worst striptease ever,” Niel said, clapping.  Sungyeol laughed and clapped with him.

            Sehun pushed the second chair away, scooped up his clothes, and left.  Woohyun came back to the couch, and L snuggled up against him, looking so pleased and content that Sungyeol wanted to crawl in between them.

            “Next,” Chanyeol began.

            “Oh, this will be worthless,” Ricky said.

            “Should we go to the bathroom, get some snacks now?” Niel suggested.

            “Next,” Chanyeol said again.  “Infinite’s L!”

            “Oh,” L said, sitting up.

            Changjo walked over.  He had on a black T-shirt, plaid pants, a studded collar, and a black hat.

            “Wait, no, I heard that Infinite’s L was good-looking,” Ricky said.

            “What’s this bullshit?” Niel asked.  “I want a refund.”

            Ignoring them, Changjo moved the chair to face the couch squarely.  Standing in front of it, he bowed.  “Hello, I’m Infinite’s L.”  He laughed, touching his mouth, glancing around, looking mildly confused.  “Uh.  I’m the visual, and.”  Like he was uncertain, shy, he looked down, scratching the back of his head.  Then he looked up again, laughing helplessly, adorably self-conscious.  “I’ll do my best.”  Flustered, he deferred to Chanyeol, bowing.

            “I do not act like that!” L objected, laughing.  Then he bit his lip, rubbing the back of his neck.  “Maybe sometimes,” he admitted.  “But I don’t dress like that!”  He gestured to Changjo.  “What do you have on?”

            “Yeah, I’m such a fashionista, I came up with this myself,” Changjo said.  “Do you not know your own music videos?”

            “It was a long time ago!”

            “This talkative audience member, sir,” Chanyeol said.  “Would you like to come onstage, please?”

            “Not really,” L admitted.

            Woohyun pushed him up.  “Your turn.”

            “Do we really have to do this?” L asked, walking forward.  Instead of passing Changjo, he stopped face-to-face and said something.  Changjo whispered something back, and he nodded.  Folding his arms over his chest, he sat down and looked at Changjo expectantly.

            “Wait, hold on,” Baekhyun said.  “If I got on his team, I could be giving him a striptease right now?”

            “Should’ve thought ahead,” C.A.P. said.

            “Damn it,” Baekhyun said.

            “I don’t want to have to say this,” Suho said.  “But no more orgasms.”

            “Right, this is clean, family entertainment, here,” Ricky said.

            Changjo rubbed his hands together, eyeing the floor in front of L.

            “Don’t fuck up or anything,” Chunji said.

            “Ah, no one expects much, anyway,” Niel said.

            “Hush,” Chen said, laughing.  “I want to see.”

            “Oh, easily impressed, are you?” Niel asked.  “What a shame.”

            “Infinite’s L,” Chanyeol said, and started the music.

            A sharp, clapping beat started.  Changjo flipped his hat off and danced with it playfully, shooting them daring looks.  He pretended to need the hat to cover himself, holding it over his crotch, pivoting and covering his ass, pivoting again and covering his crotch, covering up the right side of his chest, then the left.  Enjoying it, having fun with it, Sungyeol clapped along with the beat.  After Sehun and Woohyun’s tension, it felt great to play around.

            Changjo dropped the hat on L’s head and blew him a kiss.  L pretended to be put out by the attention but adjusted the hat perfectly, smoothing his bangs.

            Changjo danced around the chair.  He got more explicit whenever he was behind the chair, really grinding just behind L’s shoulder, and then he danced more seductively around the front.  Just as he reached the back of the chair again, he put both hands on the top of it, behind L’s shoulders.  There was a sudden swell in the music, a pounding beat, and right in time with it, he yanked the chair around, spinning L to face him, L’s back to the rest of them.

            “Whew!” Dongwoo exclaimed.

            Changjo was on the chair, on top of L.  Dancing, thrusting, he was all over L’s lap, all over L’s face, sitting down, standing on the chair.  His hips never stopped working.  He threw a leg up, over L’s shoulder, grinding right in L’s face.  They could see his sinuous, obscene movements, but they couldn’t see L’s expression, and Sungyeol thought that might be deliberate, that Changjo was letting L react to it in private without putting him on display.

            Changjo’s thrusting was so blatantly sexual, Sungyeol’s body was reacting to it like it was happening inside of him.  He felt hot all over, aching, and lusting excitement was churning through him.

            Right on the beat, Changjo grabbed the neckline of his T-shirt with both hands.  On the next beat, as the bass hit hard, he yanked his shirt open, the fabric tearing, baring his chest.  Everyone applauded, hooting, as he tossed the torn fabric away.  He flexed, showing off his muscle definition, rubbing his hands over his chest, drawing attention to his pecs.

            L laced his fingers on top of his head, and Sungyeol could imagine how hard he was fighting the need to touch.  Sungyeol didn’t blame him; god, Changjo’s satiny skin was begging for it.

            In just the pants and collar, now, Changjo started doing a slow grind, humping the air.  With one hand on L’s shoulder, he grinned down at L, playful and wicked.  He was touching himself, rubbing his hand over his crotch, his thumb circling his navel, circling his nipples, flitting and teasing.  The way his hand ran over his undulating torso was hypnotic, erotic, and Sungyeol leaned forward, fascinated by the game, wanting to see where it would land next, where else he might touch.

            His fingers drummed down his chest, down over his abs, and landed on his waistband.  They stayed there, tapping, as he worked his hips, grinding to the beat.  And then he propped his foot right on the top of the chair, right behind L’s shoulder, and rubbed his thigh, stroked his calf, gave L a mischievous, knowing look.

            The beat pulsed and he pulled, ripping his pants off from the knee down, exposing his calf.

            Whoo!  Yeah!” Dongwoo called.

            Sungyeol felt totally played, here, and he loved it.  Never in his life had he cared about seeing Changjo’s shin, but all of a sudden that extra bit of exposed skin was tantalizing.  It promised more, it made him anticipate the rest of the pants coming off, too, it hyped him up for what he was about to see.  “Nice legs!” he shouted, clapping.

            Writhing to the beat, Changjo lowered his foot, and then he swung up the other one.  As he rested it behind L’s other shoulder, he grinned down at L, walking his fingers down his thigh.

            L squirmed in the chair, knotting his fingers across the back of his neck.

            Changjo looked at the audience, raising his eyebrows, inviting, questioning.

            “Do it!” Xiumin called.

            “Yeah, do it, whoo!” Chen cheered.

            “Let’s see some knee!” Baekhyun called, clapping.

            Changjo’s expression said, “Ooohhh, am I being bad?” and his fingers were walking down over his knee.  Sungyeol couldn’t hold back.  “Take it off!” he shouted, and the music jumped, and Changjo snatched half of the pant leg off, exposing himself from the knee down.

            Whoo!”  Hooting and hollering, the couch erupted.  “Go, L, go!” Chen shouted, and Ricky said, “I would fuck that leg!  I would have very inappropriate sex with that leg!  Yeah!”

            Changjo danced sinuously, turning in slow circles, showing off his body from every angle.  His firm pecs, his satiny back, his taut abs, the curve of his ass, every part of him was tempting.  “Fuck, I’m, like, drooling,” Baekhyun mumbled.

            With his back to them, he started running his hands up and down his thighs.  Anticipation crackled through Sungyeol.  Was it going to happen now, was he going to take off more, were they going to get to see?  He swiveled, turned, really rubbing his thighs, coming unbearably close to his crotch.

            “Off, off, take it off, take it off,” Chen urged.

            He grinned at them, his hands lingering on his thighs.  He gave them another wicked grin, and it was so much like a silent, “Should I really?” that Sungyeol shouted, “Yes!  Yes!  Do it!”

            “Off!  Off!” Dongwoo yelled, and then the beat flashed and Changjo ripped the legs off of his pants and they all shouted.  Whoo!” Dongwoo yelled.  “Give it to me!”

            Changjo tossed a handful of fabric, and Dongwoo snatched it out of mid-air, laughing gleefully.  Changjo’s pants were nothing but shorts, now, and barely that, exposing so much of his muscular thighs that Sungyeol could see a hint of red underwear peeking out when he swiveled around.  With only that much of him covered, it drew even more attention to the curve of his ass, and Sungyeol’s gaze was glued there, tracking the pop and sway of his movements as he gyrated in front of L.

            “Damn, I’m nailing that ass so hard tonight,” Chunji said.

            “Get in line,” C.A.P. said, his voice deep, and his tone was so final, so definitive, that Sungyeol moaned, shifting, squirming and tugging at his pants, too turned on to sit still.

            Playing with his fly, Changjo was turning this way and that, teasing.  “Kim Myungsoo!  Kim Myungsoo!” Sungjong chanted, and the rest of them started to pick it up, chanting along.  “Kim Myungsoo!  Kim Myungsoo!”  Sungyeol needed those pants to come the rest of the way off, now, and he felt himself rocking with the music, with the rhythm of Changjo’s hips, hanging on the beat, waiting for the soundtrack to hit another climax.

            And then all of a sudden, there was a quick, hard crescendo, barely any warning at all, just enough to light a fever in Sungyeol’s blood, and right at the top, Changjo ripped his pants off.  Tore them off and flung them away, rolling his hips.  He was in just his red underpants and the spiked collar, now, all of his smooth skin and flexing muscle on display.

            “That’s what I want to see!” Xiumin said as they all shouted and cheered.

            “Can I get in line?” Baekhyun asked.  “I need to be in line, too.”

            “Sunbaes first,” Sungjong said, and Woohyun laughed.

            Changjo flipped the hat off of L’s head and dropped it in his lap.  L finally unlaced his fingers, putting his hands in his lap, probably holding it there.  Then, kicking with one foot and pushing with one hand, Changjo swung the chair around, spinning L to face them again.

            Whoo-hoo!  Yeah!”  They all hooted and applauded like they’d never been so lucky to see L before.  Whoo!  Kim Myungsoo!” Sungyeol shouted.  God, he was so fucking into this.  The hormones, the music, he felt completely caught up.  Every little thing, every new reveal, caused a new riot of lust.

            Dancing around in front of L, Changjo dropped.  He started humping, writhing, freaking the floor.  “Classic!  Yes!” Niel shouted, applauding.

            “God, please let me be that floor,” Baekhyun moaned.  With a change in beat, the tempo slowed, and Changjo rolled onto his back, spinning, his knees in the air, his legs splayed across L’s lap.

            Holding onto the hat with both hands, L spread his thighs, spreading Changjo’s legs with them.  “Yeah!  Get ‘em wide!” Dongwoo called.  “Open up, baby!”  L was smiling, just a little, never taking his eyes off of Changjo.

            Twisting, Changjo rolled over, pushing himself back on his hands, pushing himself up, his knees up on L’s thighs, his ass in the air.  Balancing, he thrust his ass up, and then he started grinding.

            “Oh, holy, oh, god,” Suho moaned.

            “Yeah, whoo!” Dongwoo shouted.

            Changjo’s hips rolled, grinding deep and lewd.  From this angle, all Sungyeol could focus on was his ass.  His sexy, round ass and the way it was beckoning, showing off, taunting them.  “God, fuck,” Sungyeol groaned, holding onto Niel’s thigh so he wouldn’t grab himself.

            “Can we teach our L to do that?” Woohyun asked.

            “Yes,” Sunggyu said.  “Yes, we will.”

            The music picked up, and Changjo thrust his ass up higher and started shaking it, popping it, making it bounce.  It was fast, steady, lewd, his hips jerking to the beat.

            “Yeah, hoo!  Jiggle it, shake it!” Dongwoo shouted.

            “Damn, boy, yeah, that’s what hyung wants to see!” Xiumin called.

            “S-s-so, sunbaes first, we said?” Sungyeol breathed, fingers digging into Niel’s thigh.  God, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Changjo’s ripe, bouncing ass.  “Hyungs first, too, right?  Can that start now?”

            Lowering himself, Changjo crawled forward, slithered down off of L’s lap like a snake, and twisted, rolling up onto his feet.

            “Bring that ass over here,” Dongwoo called.

            Spinning L’s chair back around, he flipped the hat up, out of L’s lap, catching it.  Grinning at L, at them, he did the same playful dance as before, writhing, turning, using the hat to cover his crotch, his ass, each nipple back and forth.  Covering up, giving them a peek, tempting and teasing.  With just the underpants and collar, there was so much of him to see, when he hid anything behind the hat, Sungyeol felt irrationally taunted.  Desperate, panting with frustration, Sungyeol wanted to grab the hat away, wanted to get a clear look at all of him at once.

            The music pulsed a little bit, like a signal, like a warning, and Sungyeol scooted forward, wanting a better look.

            Changjo held the hat over his crotch, spun and covered his ass, spun back and covered his crotch again.

            The music flirted upward, the beat stuttering, driving anticipation up.  “Take it off!” Sungyeol shouted.

            “Show us the meat!” Niel shouted.

            “Bring me that ass!” Dongwoo shouted gleefully.

            And then the music spiked and the beat hit hard and Changjo ripped his underwear off, flinging it across the room and popping the hat onto his head.

            The couch erupted, everyone hooting and screaming, Dongwoo rolling across the floor.  Sungyeol cheered furiously, because if he couldn’t get off he had to expel this burning sexual energy somehow.  Changjo stood in front of them grinning, wearing the hat and collar, one hand on the brim, cock and balls hanging free.

            “Okay,” Niel said, clapping.  “Okay, I get it.  I know what L hyung sees in him, now.”

            “This rookie is showing a lot of potential,” Woohyun said.  “I want to see more of him.”

            “Are you okay?” Sehun asked.

            “I have the worst hard-on,” D.O. mumbled, squirming.

            “Whoa, do you?” Chen asked.  “Let me see.”

            “Let you - - no, you don’t get to see it,” D.O. said.

            “It’s right there, we can all see it,” Xiumin said, laughing.

            “Congratulations to this man in the audience for his first erection ever,” Chanyeol said.  “And a big hand, let’s all clap, for Infinite’s L!  A very promising rookie!”

            “Good job, maknae,” Ricky said, as they all applauded.

            “Can I have that collar?” Woohyun asked.

            “No!  It’s practically all that he’s wearing,” Baekhyun said.  “If he takes it off, he’ll be almost naked!  That’s indecent!”

            Changjo handed the hat to L, who put it back on.  He unbuckled the collar and tossed it to Woohyun.  Then he kissed L’s cheek and jogged away.

            Grinning, raising his eyebrows, Woohyun offered the collar to Sunggyu.

            Sunggyu laughed happily, then abruptly glared.

            Chuckling, Woohyun held onto it.

            Slowly getting up, L adjusted himself in his pants.  He grimaced and came back over to the sofa and sat right down in the vee of Sungyeol’s thighs.

            “Ooh, okay,” Sungyeol said.  Wrapping his arms around L, he resisted the urge to tug L back against his groin, or whip his cock out, or any of the things that his body was demanding and insisting that he do.  He kissed L’s neck, and L leaned back against his chest, warm and familiar.

            “For the record, I’m first in line,” L said.

            “For the record,” C.A.P. said, and Sungyeol felt L tense up against him.  “He has two holes.”

            “Oh, compromise, good,” Ricky said.

            Laughing, L looked over at C.A.P.  “You’re such an asshole.”

            “That’s one of the holes,” Niel said, nodding.

            “Thank you to our well-educated audience members for that terrific anatomy lesson,” Chanyeol said.

            “Welcome,” Niel said carelessly, and Sungyeol laughed.

            “Our final rookie is one of our most impressive,” Chanyeol continued.

            “So, oh, it’s not Sungjong?” Sunggyu asked.

            Sungjong popped up off of the couch, tossed his head, and sashayed over to the chair.

            “Yeah!  Lee Sungjong!” L cheered, clapping.

            Changjo snuck back in, dressed in his Team Infinite-Team L outfit.  The shorts were so little, his bare legs looked indecent, and Sungyeol hugged L more tightly, giving in to need and nudging his cock against L’s ass.

            Dropping onto the chair, Sungjong crossed his legs.  He looked so prim and so dramatic, both, that Sungyeol loved him.  “Sungjong-ah!  Hyung supports you!”

            “Lee Sungjong fighting!” Woohyun called.

            “Come on, Team Sungjong, let’s go!” C.A.P. said.

            “Hyung,” Kai said in exasperation, waiting to one side.  “The music.”

            “I’ve got it, I, hold on,” Chanyeol mumbled, tapping at his phone.

            “Come Back Again” started up again, and Sungjong laughed.  “God, please don’t strip to that!”

            “Oh, whoa, ah, got it,” Chanyeol said.

            Kai’s music was slow, pounding.  He danced across the floor in tight black pants, a white sleeveless shirt, and a funky red necklace, with a plaid shirt tied around his waist.  Sinking down to the floor in a sinuous undulation, he leaned back on one hand, humping up into the air.  And then he rolled forward and, in one smooth, hard thrust, propelled himself across the floor, landing on his knees beside Sungjong’s chair, grinning breathlessly.  Taking his necklace off, he offered it with a smile.  “Please support me, hyung.”

            Smiling back, Sungjong took it from him and kissed his cheek.  “Hyung believes in you.”

            Grooving to the beat, Kai undulated upward and danced around the chair.  Beside Sungjong, he turned his back to the chair and shook his ass, swaying his hips, making the shirt tied around his waist swing.  Sungjong laughed, and he shot Sungjong a flirtatious look over one shoulder, writhing.

            “Off, off, everything off,” Niel ordered, clapping.

            Licking his teeth, Kai winked at them and started unwinding the shirt from around his waist.  Loving his flirtatious energy, Sungyeol echoed Niel.  “Off, take it off!”

            Grinning, Kai danced with the shirt for a minute, teasing them, keeping his ass shielded, and then he dropped the shirt, thrusting his ass towards Sungjong.  Dongwoo howled happily, and Kai writhed, rubbing his ass against Sungjong’s shoulder.  Laughing, Sungjong sat back, one hand over his mouth.

            Watching, Sungyeol rubbed his hand across L’s stomach.  It was way easier to take this stuff if he had a hot guy to feel up while he looked at it.

            Kai danced around the chair, running his hand under his shirt, grinding against Sungjong’s shoulder.  His moves were really smooth and he had terrific muscle control, so everything he did looked erotic, seductive.  But what was really working on Sungyeol was his infectious, inviting attitude.  His smiles were so flirtatious and he was clearly enjoying himself so much, Sungyeol wanted to get up and dance with him.  He kept laughing and winking at Sungjong, like he was really having fun.

            Straddling Sungjong’s lap, he started grinding right up against Sungjong.  Looking flustered, Sungjong stared down at his crotch for a second, then up at his face, flinching away with a delighted, blushing smile as he worked his hips against Sungjong’s chest.

            “Right or left?” Kai asked.

            “What, I, I don’t know,” Sungjong said.  Laughing helplessly, he looked past Kai to them.  “L hyung, what, right or left?”

            “Right,” L said.

            “Left!” Sungyeol called.

            “Right!” half of them yelled, and, “Left!” half of them shouted, and Niel said, “Cock, the answer is cock, Kai, focus!”

            “Higher up, in his face, he likes it in his mouth!” Dongwoo called.

            Gripping Kai’s shirt, Sungjong buried his face against Kai’s chest, laughing, ashamed.  “Hyung, stop!” he exclaimed, lifting his burning face.

            “Sucky, sucky!” Dongwoo called giddily.

            “Oh my god, just - - right, right, I choose right,” Sungjong said, looking up at Kai, and then he laughed again.  “What’d I just agree to?”

            Pivoting, Kai faced them, sitting down and leaning back.  He took Sungjong’s right hand and placed it flat against his chest.

            “Yeah!  Grope him, let’s go, get a good feel,” Chen called.

            “He does like being groped,” D.O. said.

            Kai winked at the couch, grinning, and guided Sungjong’s hand down.

            “Grab the goods, Jong-ah, go for it,” L called.

            Rubbing his own hand over L’s chest, Sungyeol watched Kai push Sungjong’s hand down, and down.  Kai’s body was lean, strong, and Sungyeol imagined that Sungjong could feel the ridges of his abdomen through the thin shirt, the heat of his body warm from dancing and flexing.

            Together, their hands slid right over Kai’s crotch, and he thrust upward, humping Sungjong’s palm.  Whoo!  Get your hand all over it, Jongie, get a good feel!” Dongwoo urged.

            “Is it hard?” Xiumin called.

            Kai grinned at them, brilliant and pleased.  “His is,” he said, grinding his ass back against Sungjong’s lap.

            Laughing, Sungjong hid his face against Kai’s back.

            “Good job, Jong-ah, you enjoy it,” Sunggyu called encouragingly.

            “Could you not sound like a supportive dad at a soccer game?” Niel asked.  “You’re ruining the mood.”

            “Is he?” Baekhyun asked.

            L half-turned like he wanted to look back at Baekhyun, then decided against it and faced front again.

            Kai was wrapping Sungjong’s fingers around the hem of his shirt.

            Sungyeol’s fingers toyed with the hem of L’s shirt, too.  Staring, he licked his lips, waiting for Kai’s shirt to come up, waiting to see skin, panting with anticipation.  L’s fingers curled over his, stroking, and he moaned in L’s ear, his thighs hugging L between them.

            Kai started peeling his shirt up, and Sungjong helped, tugging upward.  He undulated with it, and once it was off, Sungjong held onto it.  Grinning, he leaned back against Sungjong, and Sungjong hugged him for a second, kissing his bare shoulder, before pushing him back up.

            In just a pair of black pants, Kai danced around the chair.  From behind, he whispered something in Sungjong’s ear.  Sungjong took one look at all of them and hastily shook his head, blushing, looking mortified.

            Kai kissed his cheek and undulated around him for a second, then danced over to the couch.  Kai’s gaze ran over each of them, lingering on some, and he danced back and forth in front of the couch, hips swinging and grooving.  His smile was so flirty and fun, Sungyeol couldn’t help smiling back at him, picking up on his energy.

            After dancing his way up and down a couple of times, his gaze settled on one person.  His smile grew, beckoning.  “Come on, hyung.”

            There was groaning and laughter and some hooting.  Still smiling, Kai said, “Come on, Team Sungjong.”

            “All right,” C.A.P. said, getting up, adjusting his shorts.  “You want me to shake my ass?”

            “This performance got a lot worse all of a sudden,” Chunji said.

            “Refund!” Niel called.  “Refund!”

            Whoo!  Double the meat!” Dongwoo shouted.  “Let’s see everything!”

            Dancing up against him, Kai whispered to C.A.P., then danced away.  Tugging on his shorts, C.A.P. sat down on the floor, beside the chair.  He gave Sungjong a light wave and watched Kai.

            A few feet away, Kai sank down onto all fours.  He crawled across the floor, sinuous and predatory, making heat prickle over Sungyeol’s skin.  Slinky and aggressive, he crawled right on top of C.A.P., hips already grinding.

            Whoo!  Get it!” Dongwoo called.

            “Don’t worry, hyung, Kai will be gentle,” Chunji called.

            He definitely wasn’t acting gentle.  Shoving C.A.P. down, he slid overtop, undulating right against C.A.P.’s body, grinding like they were both already naked.  His hips moved to the beat, gyrating and pumping, as he crawled slowly up C.A.P.’s body.

            Grabbing his hips, C.A.P. yanked him down, their bodies flush.  Laughing, Kai undulated in his hold, still fucking against him.  He squeezed Kai’s ass and let go, and Kai snaked up his body, writhing seductively, hips working.  When Kai’s torso was overhead, he kissed it.  His hands slid lightly over Kai, admiring but not holding, not controlling Kai’s rhythm, and he pressed a couple of kisses to Kai’s chest as Kai slid up him.

            Then Kai’s crotch was in his face, grinding, not shy about making contact.  He cupped Kai’s ass, raising his chin and nuzzling into Kai’s groin, shameless.  Surprised, Sungyeol laughed, and everyone cheered.  “Hump his face, hump it!” Dongwoo called.

            Kai pushed himself up on one arm, really giving it to C.A.P., thrusting with the beat.  He started rotating, grinding steadily as he worked himself in a circle.  He undulated himself right around until he was on top of C.A.P., facing C.A.P.’s crotch.

            “Sixty-nine!  Sixty-nine!  Sixty-seven, sixty-eight, sixty-nine!” Dongwoo called.

            “Seventy!” Woohyun called.

            C.A.P.’s back arched.  Squeezing Kai’s ass, he pushed his own hips upward.  Their bodies started working together, undulating against each other, C.A.P. thrusting to Kai’s rhythm.  Kai started crawling forward, down C.A.P.’s body, and C.A.P. rocked up against him, grinding against his chest.  They were writhing, muscular, explicit, and when their hard-ons met, Kai groaned, hips stuttering.

            C.A.P. was on his back, flexing, pushing upward.  Kai was on top of C.A.P., pushing away, up on his hands, hips rolling, rubbing off against C.A.P.’s hard-on.  Kai’s athletic, sinuous movements were so obscene and so perfectly controlled, Sungyeol couldn’t believe that he could make something so lewd look so graceful.

            Kai slid away, spun around, and slid back.  He was snaking all over the floor, propelling himself with forceful thrusts, and in a second he was right back on top, rising to his feet, dragging C.A.P. upward by a handful of shirt.  When he had C.A.P. sitting in front of him, he threaded his fingers into C.A.P.’s hair, pulling C.A.P.’s face up.  “Sungjong hyung,” he said, looking over with a smile, his hard-on in C.A.P.’s face.  “Left or right?”

            “Right, right,” Sungjong said.

            Looking up, grinning, C.A.P. raised his right hand, wiggling his fingers.  “Where do you want it?”  His hand slipped between Kai’s thighs, fingers sliding up the cleft of Kai’s ass.

            Laughing, Kai grabbed his wrist.  “Here, here.”  He put C.A.P.’s hand on his fly.

            Patting over Kai’s groin, C.A.P. looked over at the couch, raising his eyebrows, making an impressed face.

            “Is there a lot?” Dongwoo called.

            C.A.P. nodded, giving them a thumbs-up.  Then he unbuttoned the fly.  He unzipped a little and peeked in, assessing.  He nodded and gave them another approving thumbs-up.

            Whoo!  Let’s see!” Sungyeol called.

            “Show us the goods!” Baekhyun urged.

            C.A.P. tugged the zipper the rest of the way down.  Kai reached back to the chair, guiding Sungjong’s hand to his waistband.  Laughing, happy, Sungjong helped C.A.P. to pull Kai’s pants down, leaving him in just red underwear.

            Kai danced around the chair again, showing off to Sungjong from every angle.  He was really seductive, undulating, erotic, but he wasn’t nearly as aggressive now.  He was flirtatious, fun, and Sungjong copped a feel of his thighs on his way by, ran a hand over his abs.

            Sungjong was smiling, pink-cheeked, giggling, and Sungyeol loved that he was having fun, loved seeing him so happy and flustered.  It was cool of Kai to give him a good time without embarrassing him.  C.A.P. was sitting down, leaning back on his hands, watching, totally unfazed.

            Kai danced on Sungjong’s lap for a minute, and then he spun off of Sungjong’s thighs and landed on top of C.A.P.  He thrust his crotch in C.A.P.’s face and undulated his way down.

            “Damn,” Sungyeol said, staring at Kai’s writhing body.  Was this what it looked like when Kai was with him?  He was usually way too busy trying to deal with how amazing it felt to watch what Kai’s hips were doing.  Shit, it actually looked as good as it felt.

            In one assertive, commanding move, Kai pushed C.A.P. over, kneeing his thighs apart.  “Whoa!”  Everybody hollered, and Sungyeol said, “Holy shit!”  Damn, was Kai really being this bold with a hyung?  C.A.P. was taking it, though, down on the floor, thighs spread.  Kai was grinding against C.A.P.’s ass.  His bright red underpants were a beacon, demanding attention right on his ass as he worked his hips.  Holding onto C.A.P.’s shoulder, he started just thrusting, hammering it home.

            “Nail that ass!  Pow!  Pow!  Pow!” Dongwoo shouted.

            Grunting, C.A.P. started rocking back against Kai, bracing a hand against the floor for leverage, meeting Kai’s thrusts.  Their hips started working together, and Kai’s hand rubbed over his own bare chest, his head falling back, his teeth catching on his lower lip.  They were fucking together, creating so much burning friction that Sungyeol expected Kai’s underwear to start smoking.  Then Kai’s hand was rubbing over C.A.P., greedy and appreciative, running over C.A.P.’s back, squeezing C.A.P.’s ass, sliding around in front and cupping a thick handful of C.A.P.’s hard-on.

            Sungyeol wanted to be groping a hard cock, wanted to grab onto his own hard cock, so badly that he yanked on L’s shirt, wrapping it around his fist, trying to control himself.  God, fuck, “Somebody get them some lube.”

            “Yeah, let’s get that ass wide open!” Dongwoo agreed.  “Get some cock in there!”

            Kai rolled C.A.P. over like he manhandled his hyungs every day.  Sliding forward on his knees, he undulated his way up to C.A.P.’s head again.  Grinding against C.A.P.’s mouth, he dragged his erection over C.A.P.’s lips, the red underpants the only thing keeping his balls off of C.A.P.’s chin.

            “Come on, suck it!” Xiumin called.

            “Kiss it, kiss it!” Chen urged.

            Hooking his fingers in the collar of C.A.P.’s shirt, Kai shimmied off of him.  Taking a couple of steps back, Kai landed on Sungjong’s lap, straddling Sungjong’s thigh, leaning back against Sungjong’s shoulder.

            Looking over his shoulder, Sungjong wrapped both arms around him.

            Running both hands through C.A.P.’s hair, Kai pulled C.A.P.’s face to his chest.

            C.A.P. nuzzled his chest, kissing him.  He pushed C.A.P.’s head down, down, and C.A.P. licked his abs, nuzzled down into his crotch.  Kai slipped a hand down there, touching C.A.P.’s mouth, and Sungjong laughed, looking delighted.

            Then Kai shoved C.A.P. backward, hard, and there was a sudden rip.  Kai was naked, cock and balls and thick black pubes, and C.A.P. was landing on his ass with a mouthful of red cloth.

            The room erupted in wild cheers.  Sungyeol joined in the whooping celebration.  Sungjong was hugging Kai, laughing, and Kai was kissing Sungjong’s cheek.  Spitting out the red fabric, C.A.P. fell back, hands over his face, shaking with laughter.

            “Our final solo stage of the night, Infinite’s Lee Sungjong!” Chanyeol announced.

            “Yeah!  Lee Sungjong!  Whoo, maknae!” Dongwoo cheered.

            Kai got up.  He helped Sungjong up, and then he offered a hand to C.A.P.  The three of them bowed together, and everyone clapped.  “Great show,” Woohyun said, applauding.

            “Not bad, not bad,” Ricky said.

            “At this time,” Chanyeol began.

            “Wait, there’s more?” L asked.

            “Do we judge the cocks?” Niel asked.  “I have very strong opinions about this.”

            “Ooh!  Let’s judge the asses!” Dongwoo suggested.

            “Could we have Infinite’s rookies line up again here, please,” Chanyeol said.  “Infinite’s Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong.”

            As the six guys lined up, everyone applauded heartily.  “Great stages!  You worked hard!” Sungyeol called.

            “Now, could the six volunteers, the solo stage helpers, please come forward,” Chanyeol invited.

            “Us?” L asked.  Sungyeol got up, tugging him upward.

            “I’m not dancing,” Sunggyu said.

            “Oh, should we strip, too?” Dongwoo asked.  “Yeah, baby, let’s go!” he said, shimmying over to Xiumin.

            Catching him, Xiumin hugged him.  “You’re not stripping, you’re voting.”

            “Voting for what?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Team Woohyun is number one,” Woohyun said.

            “Team Sungyeol!” Sungyeol called, and Niel and Baekhyun both shouted, “Whoo!” right on cue.  He smiled at them, basking in it.  Never got old.

            “Will the six of you please decide among yourselves which of our new rookies gave the best performance?” Chanyeol asked.  “Choose carefully!  You’ll be giving him his reward personally.”

            “Reward?” Sungyeol asked, immediately suspicious.

            Ooohh!  Mini, Mini, let’s vote for Mini,” Dongwoo said eagerly.

            “Let’s vote for Sehun,” Woohyun said, grinning.

            “What does ‘reward’ mean?” Sunggyu asked.

            Sungyeol didn’t want to make perverted assumptions or anything, but this was all leading up to an orgy, right?  If the reward was, they all got to screw the winner, then - - okay, that sounded really out of bounds, when he thought about it directly.  But was it really so off-limits, after all?  And if the reward was, like, he got to kiss the winner, then he was totally going with Niel.  But if the reward was, like, the winner got to nail them, then he might need to vote differently.  This stuff made a difference.

            Chunji coughed three times.  Then he said, “Line-up.”

            C.A.P. burst into laughter.  “Subtle, that’s great.”

            Whoa, a line-up?  “Changjo,” Sungyeol said, at the same time that Sungjong said, “Changjo,” and Dongwoo said, “Oh, then it’s the maknae.”

            “I’m being cheated!” Niel exclaimed.

            “I so should’ve done a striptease,” Baekhyun said.  “I really miscalculated, here.”

            “I like Chen,” Sunggyu said.  “But his mouth is precious.  Let’s just use that maknae.”

            L was chewing on his lower lip, looking conflicted.

            “Can I get some water, over here?” Changjo asked, taking a seat on the chair.

            “No one’s fetching you water, maknae, get it yourself,” Ricky said.

            Changjo sighed and got up again, wandering off.

            “Sirs?” Chanyeol asked.  “We’re going to need a full vote.”

            “Changjo,” Sunggyu said.

            “Changjo,” Sungjong said.

            “Changjo,” Sungyeol said.

            “Changjo,” Dongwoo said.

            Changjo wandered back, carrying two bottles of water and a shallow bowl.  L watched him, still looking torn.  As he sat down, he looked up and met L’s eyes.  He nodded, like, “Of course,” and L smiled.

            “Changjo,” L told Chanyeol.

            “So many pretty mouths,” Woohyun said.  “Such sexy mouths.  But, Changjo.”

            “Ready,” Changjo said, sitting up straighter.

            The other “rookies” were settling onto the couch again.  “Are you disappointed?” Suho asked Chen.

            “I’ve never done a line-up,” he said.  “I wanted to try it!  But I think that I might’ve felt funny, with everybody staring all at once.”

            “I love not being the maknae here,” Sehun said.

            “You said that you only agreed to it because you knew that they’d choose Changjo,” D.O. said.

            Sungyeol laughed.  “Can I change my vote?” Woohyun asked.

            “I’m sorry, sir, all votes are final,” Chanyeol said.

            “Is it rude if we all gather around?” Baekhyun asked.  “I feel like I can’t see well from back here, but I don’t want to be a creep.”

            “Ah, sorry.”  Changjo scooted the chair forward until he was right in front of the couch.  Then he glanced around and angled the chair.  “Good?” he asked expectantly.

            “Great, perfect,” Chunji said, crawling across Chen and sitting in Baekhyun’s lap, getting even closer.

            L found the second chair from Sehun’s performance and dragged it over.  Placing it just behind Changjo’s right shoulder, he sat down, leaning on the back of Changjo’s chair.

            “Does he need a spotter?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Twenty-four hours a day, yes,” Ricky said.

            “It’s exhausting,” C.A.P. said.

            “I’m sorry, I can’t hear anything you’re saying, the most handsome person in the room is talking to me,” Changjo said, turning his back to them, looking at L.  “Yes, hyung?”

            “I’m over here, I’m not talking to you at all,” Suho said.

            L rolled his eyes and smiled at Changjo, stroking Changjo’s sideburns.

            “So, who’s going first?” Sungyeol asked.

            “I’ll start!” Dongwoo volunteered.

            “God, hyung, no, let him build up to it,” L said.  “Sungjong first.”

            “Maknae on maknae,” Dongwoo said, rubbing his hands together.  “Go ahead, fuck his hot mouth.”

            “Are you going to announce it while it happens?” Chen asked Chanyeol.  “Going to give us a play-by-play so we don’t miss anything?”

            “No!  No, I’m finished,” Chanyeol said, hurriedly setting his phone aside.

            “Can Chunji do it?” Xiumin asked.  Chunji burst into laughter.

            Sungyeol nudged Sungjong forward.  “We don’t have all night.”

            “I can’t, ah,” Sungjong said as Dongwoo pushed him up to Changjo’s chair.  “I, what, do I just start?”

            “Don’t act shy, you’ve gotten head before,” Sunggyu said.

            “I’ll start, hyung,” Changjo said.  Sitting forward, he spread his thighs and undid Sungjong’s fly.  Then he tugged Sungjong closer.

            Blushing, Sungjong rested a hand on his shoulder.  When he peeled down Sungjong’s underwear, Sungjong squirmed, gaze flickering over everyone on the couch.  “You’re all just going to watch?”

            “That’s the point,” Changjo said.  He spat into his palm and started jacking Sungjong, gentle and slow.  Looking up, he smiled.  “Polite or nasty?”

            “We get to make requests?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Polite,” Sungjong said decisively.

            “I’ve never seen Changjo be polite about anything, before,” Niel said.

            “Yeah, this should be new,” Chunji agreed.

            Sungjong was squirming restlessly, his hand tightening on Changjo’s shoulder.  He gasped, shifting his weight.

            “Someone’s easy tonight,” Baekhyun said, chuckling.

            “We just - - we’ve been doing stuff all night!  Kai was just,” Sungjong said, too flustered to explain.

            “What, did that turn you on?” Baekhyun asked.  “I guess, if that’s what you’re into.”

            Mmm, okay,” Changjo said, assessing Sungjong’s hard-on.  It was stiff and flushed, and it seemed really obscene for it to be out like that, just naked and erect in the middle of the room, in Changjo’s hand, with everybody staring at it.  They’d all had orgies in this room before, but that was everybody participating together, everybody naked, everybody touching and kissing and busy.  This was just Sungjong’s erect cock and whatever Changjo did to it, while they all sat around observing and commenting like they were watching TV together.  It seemed incredibly lewd, like some taboo ritual right in an everyday setting, and when Changjo leaned forward, lips parting for the blunt head of Sungjong’s erection, Sungyeol’s own cock throbbed.

            Sungjong’s hand clenched on Changjo’s shoulder as Changjo swallowed him down.  When he was the whole way in, he gasped.  One hand wrapped around the base, Changjo cupped his ass in the other, coaxing him forward.

            Sungjong was right, they’d been doing stuff all night.  Sungyeol had been worked up for a long time now, his cock at various levels of emergency status since Xiumin had started dancing, and he’d been horny and anticipating a hot orgasm since he’d walked in and seen Baekhyun and Niel dressed up for him.  He was definitely ready to get past teasing and into some action, and watching Changjo’s lips wrap around Sungjong’s erection only made that desire more urgent.

            “That’s it, suck it, gobble that cock,” Dongwoo urged, grabbing Sungjong’s left ass cheek and squeezing hard, pushing Sungjong’s hips forward.  Sungjong gasped, rocking into Changjo’s mouth, and Changjo took his hips in both hands, making him repeat the motion, guiding him into shallow thrusts.

            “Oh, oh, I, ah!”  Sungjong gasped again, making a high-pitched, shocked sound.  “Coming, I’m c-c-c-ooh!”  He stiffened all over, whimpering, and then he convulsed.  “Oh, oh!”

            “Do we applaud?” Baekhyun whispered.

            Whoo!  Great job, Jongie!” Chanyeol cheered.  Laughing, everyone else applauded with him.

            Blushing, Sungjong eased back, covering himself with one hand.  “God, I needed that,” he admitted, and Kai high-fived him.

            Picking up the bowl beside his chair, Changjo made a lewd, thick sound and spat.

            “Oh!” Chen said, sounding startled.

            Ew,” D.O. said.

            “Nice!” Dongwoo exclaimed.  “Let’s see it,” he said, moving forward, peering into the bowl.  “Good load!”

            Smiling, Changjo wiped one hand over his mouth and handed the bowl to L.  “Next?” he asked, looking around.

            L gave the bowl an amused, doubtful look, then shrugged.

            “That’s what you want in life,” Baekhyun said.  “A boyfriend who will hold your jizz bowl for you.”

            “I want a boyfriend who will be my jizz bowl for me,” Woohyun said.

            “That’s not a boyfriend,” Sunggyu said.  “And you already have one of those.”

            Sehun snorted with laughter, then cleared his throat.

            “I’ll be your jizz bowl,” Dongwoo told Chunji with delight, cupping his face.  “All of the jizz, all of the time, all over me.”

            Laughing, Chunji tugged on Dongwoo’s shirt and kissed him.  “I love you, too, hyung.”

            “Rock, paper, scissors for next?” Woohyun asked Sungyeol.

            “Oh!  Me, too,” Dongwoo said, turning around.  Sungyeol and Woohyun put out rocks, and Dongwoo put out paper.  Hoo!  Okay, let’s do it,” he said, already taking his pants down.

            “Polite or nasty?” Baekhyun asked, and the entire room said, “Nasty.”  Dongwoo laughed giddily, rubbing his balls.

            Dongwoo was already halfway hard, and Changjo spat right on his cock, once on the head and then on the shaft.  Grasping his cock, Changjo smeared it around, and he danced in place, jiggling his balls.  “Sucky sucky time!”

            Snickering, L was leaning over Changjo’s shoulder, watching.

            Changjo swallowed Dongwoo’s cock to the base.

            Whoo!  Here’s your reward, maknae, gobble it up!” Dongwoo cheered.  Raising his arms overhead, he thrust quickly into Changjo’s mouth, his cock sliding and rocking between Changjo’s lips.

            Just to see what he’d do, Sungyeol grabbed a tight handful of his bare ass, giving him a hard squeeze.

            He laughed ecstatically and collapsed back against Sungyeol, unsteady on his feet for a second.  Curling his arm back, around Sungyeol’s neck, he wriggled in between the two of them, thrusting into Changjo’s mouth.  “Bam!  Bam!  Bam!” he exclaimed, still laughing.

            Changjo spat a wad of pre-cum onto his shaft and slurped it off.  Everybody watching made a different noise in reaction, some startled, some encouraging.  “Faster,” Chunji urged, and Changjo sped up.

            Looking down over Dongwoo’s shoulder, watching Changjo’s head bobbing up and down, lips sliding up and down Dongwoo’s stiff, wet shaft, Sungyeol groaned.  It was almost like looking down his own body, seeing Changjo’s mouth on his own aching cock.  It was so explicit, such a raw, erotic sight, he couldn’t bear the intensity of his own need.

            Changjo raised his head.  “Want a taste?” he asked Niel.

            “I thought you’d never ask!” Niel exclaimed.

            “Too bad,” he said, and swallowed it down again.  Dongwoo hooted with laughter, dancing happily, wiggling his hips to nudge his erection deeper into Changjo’s mouth.

            Niel reached for Changjo, about to smack the back of his head, and Chunji pushed his hand away.  “Not while he’s sucking!  He’s working on something important.”

            Taking Dongwoo’s erection in one hand, Changjo grinned.  Looking up, he tapped Dongwoo’s slick cockhead against his mouth, rubbed it around his lips, waggled his tongue against it.  It was lewd and playful and hilarious.

            “In!  In!  Let me back in,” Dongwoo pleaded happily, tugging on Changjo’s hair.

            Changjo sucked on just the head, mouthing it lightly, and then spat on it, saliva dripping down the shaft.  “Like that?” he guessed.

            “In!  In!  Sucky sucky time, hyung wants to fuck your face,” Dongwoo said, pulling on Changjo’s ears.

            “I don’t know what he’s doing, he’s never like this, usually,” Woohyun said, grinning at Sunggyu.

            Sunggyu grinned right back at Woohyun.  “He’s worse!” they said together, laughing.

            Gonna come in your mouth, gonna give you all of it,” Dongwoo promised, pushing back between Changjo’s lips.  Gripping Changjo’s hair in both hands, he thrust steadily, fast and emphatic.  “Get ready, the cream’s coming!”

            “Yeah, shoot your load,” Chunji urged.  “Empty your balls in him, give him everything.”

            “Yeah, yeah,” Dongwoo panted, rocking energetically.  “Yeah, gonna give him everything.  Gonna, gonna,” and he cried out.  Ooohh!  Oohh!  Oh, that’s it, take my load, I’m shooting, I’m shooting!  Squirt, squirt, squirt!”

            Xiumin collapsed in laughter, and Chanyeol started applause, and Sungyeol stared, lusting, as Dongwoo’s slick cock slid out from between Changjo’s wet lips.  For a second, long, slimy strings stretched out between Dongwoo’s cockhead and Changjo’s mouth, and then Changjo’s tongue slid over his lower lip, breaking them.

            “Oh, that was good,” Dongwoo moaned, staggering.

            L held out the bowl.  Changjo spat, cleared his throat, and spat again.  Then he licked his lips and opened a water bottle.  While he drank, L smoothed down his hair, careful and attentive.

            “He’s tired, I’ll take over, now,” Niel said.

            “That was about to be my line!” Baekhyun protested.

            “It’s my reward!” Changjo argued.  “Tired after two blowjobs, who do you think I am, C.A.P. hyung?  Let’s go, who’s next?”

            “Me, I’m next,” Dongwoo said, laughing.

            Ya, you’ve had yours,” Sunggyu said, smacking his ass.  He yelped happily and shuffled away, pulling his pants up.

            “I’ll be next,” Sungyeol said.

            “Oh, you will?” Woohyun asked.

            “Rock, paper, scissors for it?” C.A.P. suggested, holding out a hand.

            “Not you,” Sungyeol said, laughing, pushing his hand away.  “I have to be next, I have a medical condition.”

            “Emergency blue balls?” Woohyun guessed.

            “Very serious case,” he said, pushing his pants down.

            Changjo tugged his underpants down, and as soon as the restriction on his cock was gone, Sungyeol groaned, holding onto Woohyun’s shoulder for support.  “Shit, yeah,” he moaned, and then soft, wet heat was slipping over his cock, surrounding him.  Ooohhh, unnnhhh, fuck.”  Changjo’s mouth was so tender, so welcoming, he hadn’t expected anything like this.  It was paradise, it was exactly what he’d needed.  Oohh-hh-hh, ohh.”  Changjo was stroking his balls, cupping him, fondling gently.  He canted his hips forward, pressing deeper into that sucking heat, and Changjo made a low, purring sound that vibrated along his shaft.  Ohh, fuck,” he gasped, staring downward, and Changjo smiled up at him, lips stretched around his aching shaft.  The sight was too much for him, and then Changjo’s head was bobbing, cheeks hollowing, and the deep pull of suction did it for him.  One second he was hanging on by a thread, and the next he was gone, climaxing eagerly.  The white-hot burst of pleasure was what he’d been desperate for all night, and finally reaching that pinnacle was such an immense relief, he cried out in a wild, ecstatic whoop.  Spurting in Changjo’s mouth, he swayed, holding onto Woohyun for dear life.  “Team Sungyeol!” he called, weak but triumphant.

            Whoo!” Baekhyun and Niel cheered.

            Laughing, Woohyun put an arm around him.

            He regained control of himself, the room orienting around him again, just as L held out the bowl.  Changjo spat, and he leaned forward, wanting a look.  Aw, come on!  He had to have jizzed more than that!  “Let me go again.”

            “It’s a dongsaeng, not a merry-go-round, you don’t get unlimited turns,” Sunggyu said.

            “Why can’t I be both?” Changjo asked.

            “Drink your water,” Sunggyu said.

            Changjo shrugged and swigged some water.

            Sungyeol wanted to sit down and grope Baekhyun, or Niel, or both, but he had a great view from where he was, so he stayed on his feet.  His legs felt a little wobbly, though.

            “Do I get to choose who I want?” Woohyun asked, fluffing L’s bangs.

            L shook his head and pointed at Changjo.

            “What if I get confused and get in the wrong mouth?” Woohyun asked.

            “This one, this mouth, you’re fucking this one,” Changjo said, tapping at his own lips.

            Cupping his chin, Woohyun smiled down at him, thumb brushing over his lower lip.  “You think you can give me what I want?”

            Changjo grinned at him, undaunted.  “Only one way to find out, right?”

            Chuckling, Woohyun stroked his neck.  “Let’s try it, then.”

            While Changjo undid Woohyun’s fly, Sunggyu crossed his arms over his chest.  He was watching closely, but Sungyeol noticed that Baekhyun was watching him.  Staring intently at his crotch, and blinking.

            What - - oh.  Sungyeol reached over and tugged Sunggyu’s shirt down.

            Sunggyu blushed, moving back a step, putting his hands down modestly.

            Woohyun was caressing Changjo’s face, knuckles brushing over his cheekbones.  “I think that your hyung’s sensitive about you.  He’ll be upset if he thinks we aren’t being nice.”

            “His,” L said, and he cut himself off, his eyes narrowing.

            There was no way that Woohyun meant C.A.P., or Chunji, or Niel.  Maybe he meant L, but Sungyeol didn’t think so.

            “Nobody’s worried about me,” Changjo said, fondling Woohyun’s cock.  He looked up with a smile.  “This is my reward, right?  Your cock’s my prize, I won.”  He popped the head of Woohyun’s cock into his mouth, sucking at it, just the tip.  Then he opened his mouth, his tongue snaking out, flicking lightly.  The way his tongue danced over the head and darted up the shaft in wet little licks was like a tease, flirting, and Sungyeol felt tormented by it.  When he finally sucked Woohyun’s thick hard-on into his mouth, Sungyeol moaned in relief, putting a hand on Woohyun’s back.

            “Sucky sucky, maknae,” Chunji said, and Dongwoo laughed.

            Changjo sucked slowly, and the way the tight ring of his lips glided up and down the shaft seemed to emphasize the length.  He really seemed to be working on a reward, treasuring it, taking his time on it.  When he started brushing delicate kisses over the head, his soft lips cherishing Woohyun’s sensitive skin, three different voices moaned.  Sungyeol’s might have been one of them.

            “You like your prize?” Woohyun murmured, toying with his hair.

            Mmm.”  He slid off of it, then nuzzled Woohyun’s balls.  Looking upward, he nuzzled the shaft, letting it rest on his nose.  “Delicious.”  Sticking his tongue out, he licked up the shaft, the tip of his tongue tracing a thick vein.

            Sungyeol’s hand rubbed low on Woohyun’s back.  His erection really did look delicious.  So hard, flushed such a deep red.  The thick, mushroom head was gleaming wet as it nudged between Changjo’s lips again.  As Changjo’s fingers curled around the base, Sungyeol licked his own lips, having really familiar urges, wanting a taste for himself.

            Seven years in, and he lusted for his members more than he ever had.

            L’s tongue was sliding over his own lips, too.  He was leaning closer and closer, his hand stealing over Changjo’s bare thigh.

            Dongwoo, less shy than the rest of them, with the privileges of a hyung, reached right over and ran his fingers over Woohyun’s shaft.  Woohyun moaned, undulating, jaw dropping.  Dongwoo was stroking in time with Changjo’s bobbing head, fingertips gliding when Changjo slid up to the end, fingers curling out of the way when Changjo sank down to the base.  Then, smiling, he started touching Changjo’s face, caressing his reddened lips and hollowing cheeks.  “Give him some cream, Namu, this dongsaeng’s worked hard, give him a good treat.”

            “Yeah, give him a good load,” C.A.P. urged.

            “Nam Woohyun!  Nam Woohyun!” Chen chanted encouragingly.

            Changjo popped off of Woohyun’s erection with a wet slurp.  “Yeah, give me a treat,” he said, grinning.  Jacking Woohyun with one hand, he opened his mouth, tongue flicking at the head.

            Grunting, Woohyun came.  Thick shots of cum jetted onto Changjo’s waiting tongue.  Baekhyun moaned, and Dongwoo said, “Milk it, milk it,” and Chanyeol led enthusiastic applause.  Changjo slurped lewdly at the head, jacking out every drop, and Sungyeol moaned in sympathetic relief.

            “Maknae.  Maknae,” Chunji said, laughing, nudging him.  “Let go of it sometime.”

            Changjo glanced at Chunji, raising his eyebrows.  L held out the bowl, and he spat twice.  Turning back to Chunji, fingers still loosely curled around Woohyun’s cock, he said, “It’s my prize.  I can’t keep it?  I earned a good reward!”

            “It’s not yours forever,” Sunggyu said, prying his fingers off of it.  “Other people are going to need it later.”

            “So greedy,” Niel said.

            Woohyun kissed the top of Changjo’s head and stepped back, tucking himself away.  “Thank you, Changjo-ah.  Hyung had a very good time.”

            “Any time.”  Changjo took a swig of water, then gargled and swallowed.  “So, what, are we going until the bowl’s full?  Who’s next?”  He grinned at Sunggyu.  “Only two judges left.”

            Sunggyu blushed.  “Nobody wants to see that.”

            “I don’t know, I could take a look,” Xiumin said.

            “Are you being shy?” L asked Sunggyu.

            “I’m not shy!”

            “Are you being respectable?” Dongwoo asked.

            Sungyeol held still, watching Sunggyu’s expression.  If Dongwoo had said it with any kind of sarcastic tone, this moment would feel different, but, no, Dongwoo had said it sincerely, innocently.  He couldn’t even imagine how Chunji felt about that.

            Sunggyu hesitated for a long moment, tugging at the hem of his shirt, taking the question seriously.  Then he said, “Maybe I’m a little shy.  It feels awkward, sometimes.  We’re all getting closer, but, there’s friendly-close and then there’s take my cock out and have sex close.  Are we all that close?”

            “Um, you and L are literally the only people in this room I haven’t had sex with,” Chanyeol said.  “I think we’re mostly all that close.”

            “Oh, I’m ahead of you, I’m down to just L,” Chen said.

            “I’ve had everybody except Suho hyung,” C.A.P. said.

            “Ah, you’re not missing much,” Niel said, shrugging.  Suho burst into laughter.

            “Then we’re that close?” Sunggyu asked.  “It won’t be awkward?  Well, then I - - but it’s L’s boyfriend,” he complained.  “Here, I’ll do it with somebody else.  Is there anybody else-”

            “What’s wrong with me?” Changjo demanded.

            “Out of my way, it’s my turn, now,” Niel said, getting up.

            Baekhyun yanked Niel back down.  “Nobody said it was your turn.  There are other people here who might get a chance.”

            L was whispering in Changjo’s ear.

            “You do it,” Sunggyu told Sungyeol.

            “Me?” he demanded, embarrassed.  Why the hell would Sunggyu choose him?!  “No!  It’s my bachelor party, I’m here to get my cock sucked, not to start doing it.”

            Changjo grinned, whispering back.

            “Can’t Money do it?” Dongwoo asked.  “Or doesn’t he give head?”

            The EXO members froze, all at once, their faces desperate not to give anything away.  The Teen Top members cleared their throats and looked around, scratching their heads, rubbing their noses.  Suho, turning red and then redder, said, “I do that.”  Heads whipped around, everyone staring at him, and he laughed, punching Chen’s thigh.  “I do that!  He can know that, it’s not so embarrassing.”

            L brushed his fingertips over Changjo’s jaw, nuzzling Changjo’s ear, whispering again.

            “So you want to give it a shot now?” Sungyeol asked Suho.

            “Private!” Sunggyu exclaimed abruptly.  When they all gave him baffled looks, he insisted, “What’s private is private.”

            L dipped a finger into the bowl and dotted Changjo’s lower lip with cum.  Changjo licked it off, tongue sliding over his lower lip, as L leaned even closer, looking captivated.

            “God, can somebody just get Sunggyu hyung off so we can move on?” Chunji demanded, laughing.

            “You don’t get to demand it if you’re not willing to do it yourself,” Sungjong said.

            Chunji grinned at him.  “I do it when I want to do it, with the guys I want to do it with.  Jealous?”

            “Um,” Baekhyun said.  “Um, um.”  Everyone followed his gaze to see what he was staring at, but Sungyeol had already been watching.

            L was pressing light, soft kisses to Changjo’s mouth.  Changjo was leaning in, letting him, lips slowly parting.  “Do you like it?” L whispered, like no one else could hear, kissing him again, then again, always coming back for more.  “Do you want another taste?”

            “I want you,” Changjo said, fingers curling in the front of L’s shirt.

            “You can always have me,” L whispered, and the tip of his tongue flicked over Changjo’s lower lip, quick and soft.  “I’m already yours.”

            Sungyeol was pretty used to this - - it happened in his bedroom all of the time - - but everybody on the couch was staring avidly.  Xiumin looked disbelieving and Niel looked disgusted and Chen looked touched and Baekhyun was rubbing himself.

            L was nuzzling Changjo’s cheek, kissing his way across Changjo’s face.  “Hyung,” Changjo said, “hyung.”  L hummed in response, smiling when Changjo’s fingers drummed on his thigh.  “Can I give you head real quick?”

            Mmm.”  L rubbed his nose against Changjo’s cheek, humming dreamily.  “Yeah, I want to be in your gorgeous mouth.”

            “Gorgeous,” Ricky said.  “I wouldn’t go that far.”

            Suho pushed his lips out, poking at them.

            Taking Changjo’s hand, L started to get up.

            “We could do it here,” Changjo suggested, not budging.  “This is a really good chair for it, the rest of your members were good here.  And I didn’t finish Sunggyu hyung, and-”

            “Sehun can do it.”  L tugged Changjo to his feet.  “Come on.”

            Changjo bowed to all of them.  “I have to go, sorry, my handsome boyfriend wants to be alone with me so he can do lewd things to my body.  If you - - whoop,” he said, as L dragged him away.

            “Oh, if our prize winner’s gone, do we vote again?” Dongwoo asked.

            “The maknae stripper won, so if he’s gone, the new maknae stripper takes his place,” Niel said.

            Sunggyu gave him a considering look, then nodded.  “It’s okay if it’s you.”

            “What.”  Niel looked startled.  “I just got the go-ahead.  Shit, yes, okay, here I come,” he said, moving into Changjo’s empty chair.

            “I don’t like chairs,” Sunggyu said.  “Dongsaengs look prettier on their knees.”

            Baekhyun coughed, suddenly squirming.  “So you’re one of those hyungs,” Chanyeol said.  C.A.P. grabbed the back of the chair and tipped it, sending Niel sliding down onto the floor.  “Good, this is fine, anything else before we start?” Niel asked, reaching for Sunggyu’s fly.

            Sungyeol moved into one of the empty chairs, wanting a front row seat.  Woohyun sat beside him, and Sungjong perched on Woohyun’s knee. 

            “I’m not any kind of hyung!” Sunggyu protested.  “Wait, we should kiss first.”

            “Good, I’ll start by kissing this,” Niel said, already unzipping.

            “That’s not what I meant,” Sunggyu said.  Dongwoo tugged at Sunggyu’s long T-shirt, pulling it up until he took it off.

            “I’ll kiss whatever’s convenient down here, then, and if you need anything else, my teammates can take care of it.”  Niel kissed the black fuzz of Sunggyu’s treasure trail, pressing his lips to it while he tugged Sunggyu’s pants and underwear down past the knee.  He spat in his palm and started jacking Sunggyu’s cock, focused and efficient.  “Yes, this is good, it’s been way too long,” he said to it.  The EXO members were all shifting, squirming forward, staring at his hand as it slid up and down Sunggyu’s cock.  They all looked at the Infinite members, at Sunggyu’s cock.  At Suho, at Sunggyu’s cock.

            Suho burrowed down deeper into the cushions, pressing his knuckles to his mouth, red-faced, trying to hide.

            “Oh, god, he’s pushy and he’s entitled and he’s controlling and he’s hung,” Baekhyun breathed, still staring.

            “Are you in love?” D.O. asked him.

            He wrapped an arm around Chunji and pushed his other hand down his pants.  “Don’t talk to me, I can’t be distracted right now.”

            On his lap, Chunji glanced at him, laughed, and ran a hand over his forearm, fingers sliding down over his.  He moaned, letting go, letting Chunji take over.  Smiling, Chunji fondled his cock, cheek resting against his hair.

            Sunggyu’s hard-on looked tall in Niel’s stroking hand, a lengthy slide from head to balls.  Its girth was intimidating, and Sungyeol tried really hard not to be a cliché, tried not to moan and drool like everybody else.  It was just a cock, he’d been having sex with Sunggyu for years, it was no big deal.  But, god, just looking at it, so huge and hard, made him squirm.  He wanted to jack it just like Niel was, feel it stiffening as he stroked it, caress all over that long, veiny shaft, that silky, thick head.

            “This’ll be nice,” Sunggyu said, looking down, sinking his fingers into Niel’s hair.  “Hyung remembers, you weren’t shy, last time.”

            Niel moaned, sucking the head into his mouth.  When his full lips hugged Sunggyu’s wide shaft, a low, aching groan reverberated around the room, echoing from one guy to another as everyone squirmed and shifted and leaned closer for a better look.  Niel’s ripe, sexy mouth and Sunggyu’s big cock were a perfect match, and as he slowly bobbed his head, jacking from the base and kissing his fist, the ring of his lips slid up and down the shaft, lush and obscene.

            “That’s it,” Sunggyu said, cupping the back of his head.  “Take all of it, hyung knows you know how.”

            Baekhyun moaned, Chunji laughed, and Niel groaned, sliding farther as he bobbed his head now, taking the full length of Sunggyu’s erection into his mouth, his lips stretched around the thick base.

            Mmm, oohh, that’s right.”  Sunggyu grunted, stroking Niel’s hair, shifting his weight.  His eyes were falling shut, his chin going up.  “It’s good, hyung likes it like this.”

            Niel made a happy, humming noise, sucking steadily, his head turning from side to side as he bobbed on Sunggyu’s erection.

            “I mean, Niel’s mouth can make anything look good,” Chanyeol said, shifting restlessly, adjusting himself in his pants.  “But, damn.”

            “Can we get some anal?” Xiumin asked.  “I gotta see that.”

            “God, oh, yes,” Baekhyun moaned, shuddering, gripping Chunji’s thigh.

            “Who’s gonna come first?” Kai asked.

            “Baekhyun hyung,” Chunji said with a smile, still jacking his cock.

            Niel, speed up,” C.A.P. said.

            Immediately, he went faster.  “Don’t rush it,” Sunggyu said, pulling on Niel’s hair, slowing him down again.  “Hyung likes it just like this.  Do you want it to be over soon?  Your jaw’s sore?”

            Ooohh,” Chunji said, laughing.  Niel, he’s insulting your stamina.”

            “Do you want to fuck him?” Dongwoo asked.  “I’ll lube him for you.”

            “I don’t have time to break in somebody new,” Sunggyu said, running his fingers through Niel’s hair.  “Fuck him open for me.”

            “Lube?” Dongwoo asked the couch, holding out a hand.

            For a second, everyone just stared.  Stared at Sunggyu, at Dongwoo, at Sunggyu again.  Sungyeol was used to the members lubing each other up for sex with each other, and he was used to the members screwing each other as a prelude to sex with Sunggyu; it had been a regular part of sex for years, now.  It was routine.  But he was guessing that it sounded different to people who weren’t in Infinite, because they all looked taken aback and super turned on.

            “Uh,” Xiumin said, “lube,” and started looking around.  Kai found it and tossed it to Dongwoo, who knelt down behind Niel.

            Niel slurped off of Sunggyu’s cock, panting and looking up.  His shorts came down easily, and he pushed them past his knees so Dongwoo could take them off, leaving him in just his Team Infinite shirt.  His lips looked red and swollen, and when he licked them, he looked delicious and kissable and perfect.  As Dongwoo’s finger pushed in, he undulated, pushing his ass out.

            “Don’t get lazy, you still have work to do,” Sunggyu said, guiding him in again.

            “I don’t want you coming early,” Niel said.  “I was promised anal, I want my anal.”

            “Hyung’s not some kid with a hair trigger,” Sunggyu said.  “Keep sucking, your ass isn’t ready yet.”

            “Oh, god,” Baekhyun moaned, writhing on the couch.  “It’s so, he’s so, ah, ah, fuck!”  Gasping, he came, squirting in quick pulses.  Laughing at him, Chunji cuddled in against him, jacking him through it.  “God, oh, oh,” he moaned, going limp.

            Niel had latched on again, sucking steadily, head bobbing, cheeks hollowing.

            Behind Niel, Dongwoo shimmied out of his clothes, unselfconsciously naked.  He gave his cock a few quick tugs, lubing himself, and in a second he was in, rocking into Niel’s ass.  Niel groaned, puffy lips sliding up and down Sunggyu’s wide shaft, kneeling there, taking it at both ends, long back arched.

            Niel was in his element.  If anything, he seemed more comfortable now than before, his body familiar with the position.  He usually gave head with his eyes open, but his eyes were closed now, his cheeks flushed, his mouth moving over Sunggyu’s erection rhythmically, hypnotically, sliding, sucking.

            “God,” Ricky mumbled, squirming.  “It looks so big, sliding out, it’s so long, the head doesn’t show up again for ages.”

            “Ah, this is good, oohh, it’s good,” Dongwoo panted, fucking Niel.  “Should I not finish in him?  But I need to get off.  Chunji, can I fuck you?”

            “Do Baekhyun hyung first,” Chunji said.  “He needs it.”

            “God, yes, I need a lot of it,” Baekhyun said, slumped on the couch, flushed and squirming.

            “Oh, here,” Chanyeol said, finding another bottle of lube.  Chunji took it from him and tugged Baekhyun’s shorts down.

            “Don’t get in my way, I want to see,” Baekhyun said, kicking his shorts off.

            “Here, stand up,” C.A.P. said.  He pulled Baekhyun to stand in front of him and slicked up his fingers.

            Mmm, ah, you’ll like this, hyung, Niel’s good at everything, he likes everything, you’ll have fun back here,” Dongwoo promised.

            Niel coughed.  He coughed suddenly, helplessly, choking and backing off of Sunggyu’s cock fast.  Surprised, Sungyeol laughed.

            “Amateur,” C.A.P. said, scoffing at Niel and slipping his fingers up into Baekhyun.

            “Failure,” Chunji said, laughing.  “You’re such a fucking failure, now.”

            “How can you choke?” Kai asked.

            “No,” Niel gasped, still coughing but trying to argue through it.  “No, no, it didn’t happen, it never happens.  Rematch, I want a rematch.”

            “Oh, ooh-hh-hh.”  Baekhyun swayed, and Chunji pushed him back up.  “Oh, that, ah-hh-ooo-ooh.”  He shuddered, putting a hand back on C.A.P.’s shoulder for support.  C.A.P. grinned up at his back, and he moaned again, hips working.  “Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, right there, ah, ah.”

            “If I’m out, now, I’ll go in the other end, now,” Sunggyu said.  “Turn around.”  He gestured for Niel to face the other way.

            “On his back, on his back,” Woohyun said.

            “It didn’t happen, that never happens,” Niel said.  He crawled around, facing away.  “I’ll take all of the cocks, I’ll suck every single one.”

            “Here, you, come here, just like this,” Dongwoo said.  Kneeling in front of the couch, he guided Baekhyun to turn around and kneel down.  “Who should you be in front of, who do you want to go down on?  C.A.P.?  My Chunji?”

            “Both,” Sungyeol suggested.  He had the best teammates in the world, and he wanted to show them off, wanted them to get everything they wanted.

            Baekhyun moaned, on his knees, already grabbing a handful of C.A.P.’s shorts.  “Yeah, yeah, both,” he panted, and then he was squirming, groaning, as Dongwoo thrust into him.  Ahh-hh, yes, yes.”

            “On your back, you heard your hyung,” Sunggyu said, catching Niel’s hips and nudging him over.

            He moaned, collapsing on his back.  Drawing his knees up, he said, “I can redeem myself, I can do it, I can take all of the cocks, all of them.”

            Sunggyu slicked himself up, his erection thick and wet in his fist.  “If hyung’s too much for you, I-”

            “No!  No, no, nothing’s too much.  Give it to me, give it now, I can do it,” Niel insisted.

            “That’s it, gobble it up,” Dongwoo urged, thrusting fast and hard, pounding in quick, while Baekhyun bobbed on C.A.P.’s cock.

            Sunggyu shifted his hips, lining himself up.  EXO members were sliding off of the couch, angling for a better look.  He nudged in, the head breaching Niel’s body.

            With a low, husky moan, Niel flung a hand out, grabbing Dongwoo’s ankle.  “Oh, oh, yes.”  Sunggyu slid deeper, burying himself in slow, hitching thrusts.  “Yes!  Oh, god, more, there’s more, ooouuhhh.”  Niel closed his eyes, pulling his knee to his shoulder, fingers digging into Dongwoo’s calf.  “More, there’s more, yes, yes, fuck, oh yes!”  He was gasping, and as Sunggyu started slow, gentle rocking, he groaned, a sensual, throaty sound.  “Ooh-nnh, yes, this, this, yes, yes!”

            “You like it?” Sunggyu asked, fucking him in shallow strokes.

            “Yes, yes, keep going, oh.”  He groaned, lifting his head and biting his knee.  “Ooh, yes, yes, ah!”  Sunggyu’s thrusts were a little longer, a little faster, and he moaned, collapsing, head dropping.  “Fuck me, yes, yes, deeper.”

            Mmm, hyung likes this kind of response,” Sunggyu said, fucking him harder.

            “Baekhyun-ah, you’re so pretty like this,” Dongwoo said, hands running over his sides.

            “Big, so big, ah, I can feel it, oh, all over,” Niel panted, chest heaving.

            Moaning, mouth wet, Baekhyun lifted his head from C.A.P.’s cock and dove onto Chunji’s, swallowing it to the base, his body shaking with the energy of Dongwoo’s hard thrusts.

            “Yes, yes, god, it’s stretching me so wide,” Niel groaned, shuddering, twisting.  “Fuck, fuck, yes.”

            Mmm, keep shaking like that,” Sunggyu said, thrusting steadily.  “It feels good to hyung.”

            There was so much to look at, sex everywhere.  Niel’s writhing body, spread wide around Sunggyu’s fat, veiny cock.  Dongwoo rocking into Baekhyun from behind, his hands busily stroking and tickling and slapping, while Baekhyun moaned wetly all over Chunji and C.A.P.’s erections.  Everyone was crowding around, wanting a good look, Sungjong stroking Baekhyun’s hair, Woohyun pulling Niel’s knee out of the way.  Niel’s moans were incredible, a throaty wailing sound, husky and aching, and Sungyeol pushed guys out of the way to get closer to him, kneeling beside him and stroking his cock, fondling him lightly, teasing his sensitive cockhead.  He groaned, squirming, clawing at his own thigh.

            “Yeah,” Sunggyu said, putting more energy into it, getting a little more forceful.  “Hyung likes it when you sound like that.”

            “Oh, god.”  D.O. was staring down between their bodies, where Sunggyu’s cock was working in and out like a piston.  “What does that feel like?”

            “Yeah, unnh, oh,” Niel moaned, tossing his head from side to side, panting.  “Pound my ass, pound it open, guh!”  Sungyeol stared down at the same place D.O. was looking.  God, it really was kind of hypnotizing.  The long slide of Sunggyu’s thick shaft seemed to go on forever.  Niel’s ass looked gorgeous, stretched tight around Sunggyu’s cock.  Sungyeol moaned, watching him squirm.  God, the slow, sinuous way he moved was sexy.  “Fuck, gonna come,” Niel moaned, rubbing his cock.

            “Yeah, let me take your load, I want to feel you come while he’s ramming your ass,” Ricky said.  While Ricky bent over with his head in Niel’s lap, Niel groaned, clutching up a handful of Ricky’s hair.  On the couch, Dongwoo passed Baekhyun’s ass over to Xiumin and climbed up into Chunji’s lap.

            “I can’t see what’s happening, I-” Baekhyun began, lifting his head, trying to squirm around to see Sunggyu and Niel.

            “Nothing, it’s just sex, you’ve seen sex before,” C.A.P. said, pulling his face back around.

            “Show off a little and maybe he’ll want you, next,” Xiumin said, pushing Baekhyun’s head down.

            “Is - - is he watching?” Baekhyun asked, arching his back.

            “I am,” Chanyeol said, undoing his fly and pressing up beside C.A.P., aiming toward Baekhyun’s mouth.

            “Need to come,” Niel panted, “gotta come, oh!”  And then he cried out, and he cried out again, louder, and he cried out again, longer, and he was shaking all over, his whole body jerking in spasms on the floor.  His voice rising, he grabbed at Ricky’s shoulder, fingers digging in.  He was making wild, demanding sounds, sounds Sungyeol had never heard from him before.  It seemed like he was coming forever.  Sunggyu just kept fucking him, giving it to him, driving harder into him, Ricky’s head bobbing, one hand wrapped around his cock to hold it steady as he twisted.

            Finally, ending on a husky moan, Niel went limp, head lolling, eyes slipping shut.  Ricky sat up, panting.  Still, quiet, his long, skinny body looked vulnerable splayed and impaled on Sunggyu’s erection.

            “Done?” Sunggyu guessed, slowing down, prodding his thigh.  “Can’t take anymore?”

            Niel hyung never admits defeat,” Ricky said.

            Niel flung a limp hand into the air; it fell right back down.  “I can take it,” he panted, his eyes closed.  “Team Sungyeol!”

            “Team, yes, whoo,” Baekhyun said breathlessly.  Turning away from C.A.P., pushing away from Xiumin, he tumbled clumsily towards Niel and Sunggyu.  “Tag me in, tag, god, Team Sungyeol, my turn.”

            “You?” Sunggyu asked, and gave him a doubtful look, still thrusting slowly.  “Is it all right with your leader?”

            “Team Sungyeol, I’m his leader, go for it,” Sungyeol said immediately.

            “It’s fine, of course it’s fine,” Suho said.

            Sunggyu didn’t look sure.  “Are you going to be sensitive about this?” he asked Baekhyun.  “You look like you’re going to overreact and get noisy.”

            “No, it’s great, I’m great, tag me in,” he insisted, getting on his back beside Niel, squirming into place.  Reaching over, Ricky helped to guide Baekhyun’s leg up.

            “You are kind of pretty,” Sunggyu admitted.  He popped out of Niel and shifted over, his cock in his hand.

            “God, it’s huge,” Kai said helplessly.

            “Oh, ooohhh.”  Moaning, Niel rolled his head slowly from one side to the other.  Oohhh.”  Making low, ecstastic sounds, he looked blissed-out, delirious.

            “God, hyung, that must’ve been great,” Ricky said, slipping a finger inside Niel.

            “Here, he’s sensitive, we should be nice,” Sunggyu said.  Niel, kiss him, make him feel comfortable.”

            “Kissing.”  Niel’s eyes opened half-way.  “I don’t like kissing.”  He looked down his body and kicked at Ricky, pushing Ricky away from himself.  Then he rolled towards Baekhyun.

            Baekhyun was making achy little sounds, an uncertain, shaky groaning, as Sunggyu started to ease into him.

            Niel glanced Baekhyun over, pushing himself up onto one elbow, leaning forward.

            Baekhyun gasped.  “Oh, oh, oh, god.”  His lashes fluttering, he groaned as Sunggyu nudged deeper.  “God, god, oh!  Oh!  Oh!”  Sunggyu eased in more slowly.  He cried out, making an anxious, needy sound.  Aahh, oh-oh, ahh, uh!”  He squirmed again, groaning, pawing at Niel, and Niel kissed him.  For an instant, Niel’s kiss smothered his moaning, and he clutched at Niel’s arm.  Then Sunggyu sank balls-deep, and suddenly he was kissing back, pulling Niel closer.

            “How is it, you like it?” Woohyun asked.

            “He’s pretty,” Sunggyu said, rocking slowly, “but I don’t think that he can take very much.”

            Baekhyun was kissing greedily, noisily.  Niel was making throaty, purring sounds and lazily fondling Baekhyun’s cock.  Seeing them together really turned Sungyeol on, and he crowded up against them, wanting to be close, trying to see everything.  They were so good-looking together, so sexy, Niel relaxed and well-fucked, Baekhyun shuddering and groaning and totally needing it.

            Unable to resist it, too turned on, Sungyeol leaned right in, crawled right in, wedging himself into the tangle of bodies.  Gasping, Baekhyun dragged him down into their kiss.  Niel’s lips were plush, and Baekhyun was burning hot against him, shuddering.  Baekhyun couldn’t stop making demanding, ecstatic sounds, and Niel’s kisses were so satisfied and generous, he couldn’t get enough.  Somebody’s hand was on his cock, and Baekhyun was greedy for him, and Niel purred and said, “Yeah, more cock, yeah, I want to suck it.”  Groaning, he moved fast, pushing his erection right in their faces, throbbing.

            Their mouths were on him, sucking at him, pink tongues gliding over his hot, sensitive skin.  The ache of pleasure was so intense, he thrust erratically, unable to control himself, intent only on needing them, on wanting more, pushing for release.  Nuzzling him, lashes fluttering, cheeks pink, Baekhyun was moaning, gasping with the rhythm of Sunggyu’s thrusts.  Niel’s lips surrounded him, and he rocked forward, seduced by the luxury of Niel’s mouth, by the pull of suction.  Another instant of suction and he was coming, ecstasy erupting in a wild burst.  Crying out, he stared down at Niel and Baekhyun, at their flushed, passionate faces, at their smooth skin and wet lips.  Mouth full of his spurting cock, Niel gazed up at him, heavy-lidded and satisfied.  Squirming, Baekhyun was getting louder and louder, wailing and shuddering through Sunggyu’s thrusts.

            Breathless, woozy with satiation, Sungyeol had never been fonder of these insatiable dongsaengs.  “Team Sungyeol,” he panted, shaky but enthusiastic.  Whoo!”

            It was the best kind of sex, where everybody was into it and they were all just feeling good, turning each other on, getting each other off.  Dongwoo wanted to try a little bit of everybody, and he crawled around in between, enjoying the fun: putting his cock here, his hands there, his mouth somewhere else.  He made out with Chen and went down on Ricky and played with Kai’s balls and got off hard when Xiumin fingered him.  It was like a free-for-all, a fun-for-all, and these guys knew how to party.

            Suho had endured a lot, tonight.  He’d really been very patient and very easygoing, and he’d supported his friends and his sunbaes through a lot.  He’d been a good host.

            He wasn’t shy or uptight or a prude.  He could handle a little bit of sex, he could handle being turned on in a roomful of guys, nothing to worry about.  He was helping to throw the party, he’d helped to arrange these outfits, he was a cool, confident guy who got off on this couch whenever he was in the mood for it.

            The old, awkward Suho would’ve run screaming from the room the second that the strip show had started.  But he was fine with it!  Just a little fun.  A little sexy, raunchy fun with hot guys writhing around peeling their clothes off for a pack of horny guys to see.  Nothing he couldn’t handle.

            Oh, god, it had almost destroyed him.  Everybody had been so worked up, so into it, the sexual heat in the room had been intense.  The enthusiasm had been intoxicating; he’d wanted to be the one they all cheered for, the one gyrating and showing off in front of a happy crowd.  And the shameless way those guys had moved!  Since when could Chen’s hips do that?  And Changjo, god, he’d had to close his eyes through some of it, he just couldn’t deal with that.

            The blowjobs afterward.  He’d hoped that they’d help him out, take the edge off; he’d hoped that seeing somebody come, finally, would give him a sense of relief.  It had been a desperate thought, and it had been completely wrong.  Of course seeing Infinite’s pleasure and Changjo’s sexual proficiency had pushed his buttons, ratcheted his need up even higher, sent him right up to the edge.

            And then Sunggyu had gotten involved.  And then Sunggyu had started fucking.  Right in front of him.  He’d never seen Sunggyu with anyone else before, he wasn’t used to that, he hadn’t been ready for it.  He’d tried to deal with it, tried to get through it, tried to keep his emotional distance - - it wasn’t about him, it didn’t involve him, he was just a bystander.  But everyone had started looking at him, kept looking at him, and he knew that they were thinking about him and Sunggyu.  Picturing him with Sunggyu’s cock.  Speculating on how he acted, how he looked, when he was with Sunggyu.

            He hadn’t been able to separate himself from the moment, hadn’t been able to pull away from the action.  He hadn’t been new, confident, carefree Suho anymore.  He’d been young, overwhelmed, desperate Suho, craving sex, craving pleasure, wracked by blistering heat and unbearable need.  He’d needed sex, he’d needed Sunggyu, he’d needed to be fucked so badly he would’ve taken it from anyone.

            If he’d moved, if he’d allowed himself to move a single muscle, he would’ve ended up in the middle of the orgy.  He would’ve flung himself into it and jumped on every cock he could see and begged them to fuck him into oblivion.

            He wasn’t ready for that.  He didn’t want that.  New and confident or not, he wasn’t prepared to be the enthusiastic recipient of an all-night pile-on.  But with each passing moment, as everyone thrust and undulated and sucked in front of him, a writhing mass of erotic paradise, he’d been less and less capable of holding himself back.

            He’d huddled against the arm of the couch, with no barrier between himself and his electrifying sexual doom but the minor barrier of D.O., his self-control shredded with every instant of raw sex unfolding right in front of him.

            When Sehun had stepped in front of him and put a hand on his arm, he’d moaned helplessly, moaned gratefully, and started pushing his shorts down.

            “No, no, hyung,” Sehun had said, pulling him to his feet and tugging him away, aside, the orgy behind him now, Sehun’s expression focused and earnest.  “I need to talk to you, okay, can we talk?”

            Some fumbling, lost part of his mind sluggishly understood that Sehun wanted something from him that wasn’t sex.  And then he realized with a start that his maknae needed him.  One of his members was asking for his help.  “Yes,” he mumbled.  His body felt confused and his brain was glitching, but he was starting to recover.  Sehun was guiding him away from the couch, out of the room, those raw sexual sounds behind him now.  “What is it, what do you need?”

            “In private.”  Sehun took him into Sunggyu’s room and closed the door.  “It’s kind of intense out there.”

            Intense, yes.  Having Xiumin and C.A.P. and Woohyun all in the same room, with Dongwoo turning sex into a circus and Baekhyun and Chen and Niel demanding more, with Sunggyu - - Suho shuddered.  “Maknae.”  He felt desperate.  “Please tell me that you just made up some excuse to get me alone, and now you’re going to want sex.”

            Sehun locked the door.  “We’ll do whatever you want.”

            He pulled Sehun in, and their mouths met in a scorching kiss.  He couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough.  He wanted everything.

            Sunggyu felt a little shy.  A little self-conscious.  Maybe he’d embarrassed himself, jumping right into sex like that.  He hadn’t really intended to show up here and screw Money’s members tonight.

            Well.  If everybody was close, that was good.  Money would like it.  It was good for the kids when everybody got along.  He’d scolded Money a lot about holding back, but maybe he’d been holding back, too.

            He hadn’t wanted to commit to Teen Top or EXO that much.  But there was a lot between them all, now.  He’d made promises to Suho, and Suho and EXO couldn’t be separated.  He kept ending up tied to Teen Top with one rope or another.

            But if Infinite and Teen Top were tied.  Then setting up new boundaries wasn’t going to work.

            He put his pants back on and wandered around EXO’s kitchen, thinking about that.

            These fools.  Nobody had any determination anymore.  Nobody could focus, nobody had any follow-through.  Already they were getting up, ordering food, going back to karaoke.  Disgusting.  Niel was disgusted.

            He slumped on the couch, not willing to give up.  Chen and Woohyun were beside him, grinding and groaning.  Baekhyun was giving C.A.P. head.  He wasn’t joining in on that; he’d sucked that cock plenty in his life, already, thanks.  Everyone else was off eating and singing and trying to find where Suho had hidden the liquor.

            Kai came over and sat beside him, grinning.  “Good dance.”

            “You, too.”

            Kai nudged him.  “We did the best.  You and me.”

            “Top two,” he agreed.  “Everybody else.  Eh.”  He shrugged.  “Embarrassing.”

            “I liked that move Changjo did.  When he got on the floor and put his knees up and,” Kai imitated grinding.  “Can you do that?”

            “I know how he did it,” he said, to protect his pride.  But he had to admit, “I’ve never done it.”

            Kai grinned.  “Let’s try it.”

            He hesitated, but the chair was right there, taunting him.  The lure of trying out a new move was too great.  “Where are my pants?” he asked, getting up.

            Sunggyu didn’t want to ruin the party with heavy conversation.  But everyone had gone to a lot of trouble to throw them a bachelor party, and he’d feel guilty if he let the whole night pass without clearing things up with Teen Top.

            He thought about talking to C.A.P., and then he thought that he should talk to Chunji instead, but maybe he should talk to both of them.  And he should talk to Ricky.  And he wanted L and Changjo to know where he stood.

            But he could skip Niel.

            He dragged C.A.P. away from Baekhyun and coaxed Ricky away from Xiumin and asked Chunji for a minute, and then he barged in on L and Changjo.  The five of them sat around, waiting for him to say something, L wearing a pair of Team L shorts, Changjo lounging around naked in bed.

            He draped a sheet over Changjo and tucked his hands together.  “Hyung wants to, ah.  There’s.  The thing is.”  He should’ve planned this out better.

            C.A.P. raised his eyebrows.  Chunji sniffed.  Changjo kicked the sheet aside and sprawled forward, on his stomach with his chin in his hands.  There was a dark love bite on his ass.

            L had been nibbling on that foolish maknae.  Why did everybody have to chew on everybody all of the time?  L and Woohyun both, they couldn’t get out of bed without leaving a bite or a scratch or a mark on somebody first.  He had sex marks all over himself, the coordis probably had weird ideas about him.  “Don’t chew on people, you can’t have nice sex sometimes?” he asked L.  “You like him so much, be gentle with him.”

            “Changjo doesn’t like it gentle,” Ricky said.

            “Yes, he does,” Chunji said.

            Ricky gave Chunji an annoyed look.  “Of course he does, that’s why he doesn’t like it, that’s what I meant.”

            Chunji laughed.  “Then why’d you say the opposite of what you meant?”

            “Shut up,” L told them.  “Why are you in here?” he asked Sunggyu.

            There were photos of L all over the walls.  He was starting to feel stared at.  “It was nice of everybody to throw this party for my members,” Sunggyu said.  “Nice of you.”  He nodded at Chunji.  “Thank you.”

            Chunji eyed him warily.  “Sure.”

            He frowned a little, dissatisfied with all of this.  “We’ll get past it,” he decided.  “What happened with the coffee.  We’ll put it behind us now.  We’ll put things back to normal, back to the way they were.  No grudges,” he said, giving Chunji an expectant look.

            “Suddenly?” C.A.P. asked.

            “Was sex with Niel that good?” Chunji asked, laughing.

            “It couldn’t have been, it was Niel hyung,” Changjo said.

            “We’re all going to be close again?” Ricky asked.  “We can go to your dorm?”

            “Yes, all back to normal,” Sunggyu said.  “Yes?”  He offered Chunji his hand.

            “What’s going on here?”  Chunji put his hand out slowly, still not trusting.

            Sunggyu grabbed it and shook it.  “It’s all behind us, now.”

            “Dongwoo hyung will be glad,” Ricky said.

            L smiled like hearing that made him feel better.

            “Okay, no hard feelings, kiss and make up,” Changjo said.

            Sunggyu didn’t mind too much.  He gave Ricky a quick, chaste kiss, that was all right.  He kissed C.A.P. on the cheek and C.A.P. gave him an amused, embarrassed look.  Then he patted Chunji’s shoulder and backed up.  “I’ll go and enjoy my party, now.”

            “What, I don’t get a kiss?” Chunji asked.

            “You don’t want one.”  He was surprised that Chunji was even mentioning it.  “You aren’t sure how you feel about me right now.”

            “Well, why are you all of a sudden trying to forgive me when before you acted like you were never going to speak to me again?”

            “Everybody’s close.  Everybody’s connected.  You and I are in each other’s lives, that’s just the way it is.”  He scratched the side of his head, figuring out what he wanted to say.  “Getting rid of each other isn’t the answer to anything.”

            “Why not?  Don’t you want to get rid of me?  You don’t want me with Dongwoo hyung, anyway, just kick me out.”

            “Do you want me to?” he asked, suddenly bewildered.

            “Don’t you want to?” Chunji demanded, challenging.

            He hesitated before he answered.  “You were gone before,” he finally said.  “It wasn’t the right answer then, either.  Dongwoo couldn’t get over you before, and it might be even worse, this time.  I’d rather have Dongwoo with you than without you.  As long as you aren’t hurting him.”

            Chunji glared at him.  “I won’t hurt him.”

            “Everybody hurts everybody,” L said.

            Chunji gave L a dismissive look.  “Want me to hurt you, then?”

            Ya,” C.A.P. said, touching Chunji’s leg.

            Chunji rolled his eyes.

            L stared at the side of Chunji’s face.  His expression wasn’t good.

            “All right, good talk,” Ricky said, hopping up.  “Thanks, I’ll go and have sex with your members now,” he said, patting Sunggyu’s arm.  “Come on, hyung, you can tell Dongwoo hyung that he can invite you over again.”

            “You’re not going to take it back?” Chunji asked, getting up.

            Sunggyu frowned.  He wasn’t wishy-washy.  “It’s behind us, we’re done with all of that, now.”

            Chunji gave him a thoughtful look, then followed Ricky out.

            Sunggyu decided to check on Money.  With Sehun and Kai and whoever else taking turns rotating through, Money and his karaoke room were both occupied.  This was no way to throw a bachelor party.  He’d wanted to have fun with both of those things.

            C.A.P. had just put his body through so much sex, he needed a break.  He didn’t feel like moving at all, really, so he relaxed on Baekhyun’s bed.

            “You can go,” L said.

            He grunted, getting comfortable.

            “Go,” L said more plainly.

            He yawned, burrowing in.

            “Maknae!” Niel’s voice called.  Louder, “Maknae!”

            “He means a different maknae,” Changjo said.


            “He’s just calling out fan club names,” Changjo said dismissively.


            “There are a lot of Chois here tonight, right?” Changjo asked, cutting him off.

            “Just fucking go,” C.A.P. said, laughing.

            Changjo sighed and rolled off of the bed onto the floor.  Groaning like he was the most burdened person in the world, he managed to get out of the room.

            “There aren’t any Chois in EXO, are there?” L asked.

            “Eh.”  C.A.P. guessed not.  “They have a bunch of Kims and a Park and a Young and whoever else, but no Choi.”

            L frowned.  “They have a Young in EXO?”

            “Sure.”  C.A.P. grinned at him.  “Young Money.”

            L cursed at him, then burst into laughter.  “Shit, that’s stupid.”

            He chuckled.

            “Young Money,” L muttered, and laughed again.

            C.A.P. tucked his hand behind his head.  “Is everything okay with Sungjong?”

            L glanced at him.  “Yeah, why?”

            “I think he’s pissed off at me for something.”

            “You were probably being a selfish, lazy jerk again.”

            “I thought we were kind of getting along.”

            “After tonight, he’ll probably be in love with you.  Nothing sticks with him like one of his hyungs humiliating themselves just to make him happy.”

            What, the dancing?  “I didn’t humiliate myself.”

            “Yes, you did.”

            He grunted.  “Eh, it was fun.”

            L spent half an hour fixing his hair, then curled up against the headboard.  “The wedding,” he mumbled to himself, and then he sat up straighter and looked at C.A.P.  “Changjo thinks it’s extreme, do you think it’s extreme?”

            “You don’t care what I think,” C.A.P. reminded him.

            He smiled.  “You think we’re going too far.”

            “I think you’ve all lost your shit,” C.A.P. said.  Then he grinned.  “But you’ve lost it together.”

            “I never thought they’d agree to it.  I liked the idea, but I didn’t think that they would.”

            He could tell that L meant it.  “They’re as into you as you’re into them.”

            “I can’t wait for it.  I can’t wait to do it.”  He bit his lip.  “I don’t know what I’m going to say, though.  They’re all making plans and I don’t even know what to wear.”

            “It doesn’t matter what you wear, you look good in anything,” C.A.P. said.  “And it doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you make the point you’re showing up to make.”

            L looked like his thoughts were really far away, all of a sudden.   “Yeah,” he said slowly.  He sat there looking lost in thought until Changjo came back.

            D.O. wandered through the dorm.  Baekhyun, Niel, Chanyeol, Woohyun, and Sungyeol were in the kitchen, singing mostly on-key, bouncing up and down.  They looked so happy and carefree, he stopped and watched for a minute, smiling.

            In Chanyeol’s room, Sunggyu was rocking out with Chen and Xiumin.  When Chen passed him the mike, D.O. took a verse.

            L and Changjo were holed up behind a closed door.

            Kai, Suho, Sehun, C.A.P., and Sungjong were playing cards, laughing and drinking and trash-talking each other.

            Ricky was curled up asleep on one end of the couch.  On the other end, Dongwoo was moaning, twisting Chunji’s hair around his fingers, while Chunji pressed slow, lingering kisses across his abs.  Chunji was taking his time like he treasured every moment of it, and Dongwoo was breathing hard, shuddering, lashes fluttering.  They seemed so intimate, so wrapped up in each other, that the eroticism was too intense for D.O., and he walked away, going back into the kitchen to check on the dance party.

            Baekhyun had been hoping for a second alone with L.  Since L was getting so close to Chen, lately, he figured that maybe L would be able to answer some questions for him.  They were the same age; they should be able to talk comfortably.

            L spent so much of the night in hiding with Changjo, he almost gave up on the idea.  Then they bumped into each other in the bathroom doorway.  “Oh, oops,” he said, getting out of the way.

            L nodded at him and kept walking.

            “Uh, hey.  Real quick, can I ask you about something?”

            L glanced at him, mostly disinterested but a little curious.  “What is it?”

            “We’re all doing a thing, among the members.”  He lowered his voice, edging closer, not needing the entire party in on this conversation.  “We can’t be Chen’s boyfriend, we don’t want to replace anybody, but we want to give him parts of a romantic relationship.  Take him to dinner, give him flowers, traditional stuff and greasy stuff.  So he can still have some romance in his life.  I can’t ask his ex for tips on how to date him, but maybe his ex’s dongsaeng has some ideas?” he asked hopefully.  “Do you know how he prepared for their dates or what he did for Chen, that I might not already know about?”

            L gave Baekhyun a considering look.  He licked his lips, then said, “Yeah, um.  He thought about Chen a lot.  But it’s not just that Chen was on his mind that much.  When he thought of Chen, he did something about it.  If he thought of a date idea, he’d write it down or ask us what we thought of it.  If he heard a song, he’d tell Chen to listen to it.  He texted, he called, he let Chen know, ‘Hey, I’m thinking of you.’  It kept them close, it told Chen how much he cared.”

            That was exactly the kind of serious relationship that Chen had wanted.  It was heartbreaking to hear even more proof that their relationship had been so perfect for Chen.  No wonder he wasn’t getting over it.  Baekhyun felt horrible for him.

            “That’s perfect,” he told L.  “It might not be perfect for me, though, I don’t know if I can replicate any of that.  We’re already together so much, I’ll never have the chance to tell him that I’m thinking of him.  I want to be romantic, not clingy.”

            “Make it cute,” L said.  “When you’re traveling in different vans, text him something cute and ask him how he is.  When you’re getting dressed, ask him which shirt he likes and tell him that you want to look nice for him.  Ask him which cologne he thinks smells better on you.  When you’re getting something to eat, make sure that he’s taken care of, too.  Do stuff you know is cute, do it with aegyo.  If it’s playful, like you know it’s silly but you’re not letting that stop you, it seems like underneath you really do care.”

            He smiled, seeing L in a new light.  “You know so much about this.  Are you an expert boyfriend?”

            “Mostly I’ve just noticed my members and how they react to things.”

            He laughed.  “I don’t see why it’s so romantic, in Infinite.”

            “You’d feel better if your members were more romantic with you.”

            The direct way L said it flustered him.  L made it sound like some basic fact that everybody already understood about him.  And it sounded so specific to him!  Not some general statement about idols, or members, or EXO as a whole, just him, Byun Baekhyun, some personal thing he was going through.  “I don’t need that,” he protested, trying to laugh it off.

            L looked faintly disgusted with him and walked away.

            Woohyun and C.A.P. and Baekhyun were gathered around a chair in the middle of the room.  D.O. was on the chair, looking sleepy.  Wondering what they were up to, Dongwoo wandered over.

            Oh, they were working on dance moves.  Stripper moves!  Interested, he stayed to watch.  “No, I would’ve done it more like this,” C.A.P. said.  Throwing a leg up, bracing his hand on the chair, he thrust in D.O.’s face.  D.O. glanced up with a speculative look.

            “You gotta keep your balance, though,” Baekhyun said from D.O.’s other side, angling his leg up, gingerly shifting positions.

            “No, it’s too aggressive,” Dongwoo said, brushing C.A.P. aside.  Bringing his leg up the same way C.A.P. had, he demonstrated.  “If you just thrust, bang-bang-bang, it looks crude, and that works for some people but it comes across as harsh.  You have to roll your hips, like this.”  Once he found his balance, it was easy to keep going.  “That’s a crowd-pleaser, everybody likes it.  Roll, roll.  Little rolls, maybe, if you’re shy, or make it big, go deep, so everybody in the back can see it.”

            “Okay, wow,” Baekhyun said.  “Let me try it.”

            Dongwoo got out of the way so Baekhyun could practice.  After a second, D.O. shook his head.  “No.  Dongwoo hyung’s way better, this is embarrassing.”

            “Shut up,” Baekhyun said, laughing.  “If you think you could do better, you do it, or else shut up.”

            “It’s good, you just gotta get your whole body into it,” Woohyun said.  “You’re sort of just leaning over.  Put your leg up like you mean it.”

            “Pretend you’re mounting somebody,” C.A.P. said.  “Get on top of it, get all up in his face.”

            “Here, like this.”  Dongwoo pushed Baekhyun closer to the chair, then stood on the other side and pulled his knee up and forward.  “Now grind on him.”

            “I’m gonna have my cock up his nose,” Baekhyun objected.

            “What, it won’t be the first time,” Woohyun said.

            “What are you doing?” Kai asked.

            “It’s not what it looks like,” Baekhyun said quickly.  “We’re just ganging up on your boyfriend and shoving our crotches in his face.”

            That struck Dongwoo as so hilarious that he hopped away, laughing.  Then he noticed the second chair sitting there, all alone.  He tried out the move he’d been helping Baekhyun with.  He tried some of the moves Sehun had done earlier.  Then he remembered that move Changjo had done on the floor.  How had that worked?

            He got on the floor and slithered back, putting his knees up on the edge of the seat.  Okay, good thing his abs were in good shape.  Changjo’s knees had been spread farther apart than this.  Maybe if he kept one knee on the seat and held his other knee up.  Okay.  He maneuvered until he was more sure of his balance.  It wasn’t an easy pose to hold, but he got pretty solid.  Now he just had to grind.

            It felt a little awkward, at first.  He tried to get his body into it; he closed his eyes and thought about Chunji.  His Chunji, right under him, taking it.  Loving it.  Yeah, mmm.  Groaning, he worked his hips, fucking an invisible Chunji.  So pretty, so into it.  Turned on, he tried to go deeper, wanted Chunji to really feel it, the whole way in.

            Then his knee slipped and he tried to rebalance and for a second all of his weight was on his hands but he couldn’t hold it and he crashed down.  Laughing, he rolled over.  On his back, seeing the chair inspired him.  He squirmed and kicked a foot up onto the seat, then tried fucking from this angle, thrusting upward.  Ah, this was a good workout!  Nice, deep grinding, yeah, he wished Chunji was on top of him.  He rebalanced, fucking to the right now.  Roll, pop!  Roll, pow!

            Woohyun climbed on top of him.  Surprised, laughing, he tried to maintain his balance, but Kai and C.A.P. and Baekhyun were climbing on too.  “Give me some of that,” Kai was saying, and Woohyun was pulling down Dongwoo’s underwear.

            “Yeah, you want some?”  He fell, sprawling out with them on top of him.  “Take it, take all of it.”  He kissed Baekhyun, laughing, happy.  “I’ll give you everything.”

            When everyone started crashing, they went down hard.  They were weaving on their feet and passing out wherever they happened to be; they had to be shooed away and coaxed into finding a bed.

            Getting out of the shower, Chen realized that the dorm was nearly silent.  He dried off and put his Team Sunggyu shorts on.  Wandering out of the bathroom, he followed sound to find the TV on but no one watching it.

            Everyone was asleep; the dorm was still.

            It reminded him of their first orgy with Infinite.  When he’d been the last one up, tidying up in the kitchen, and Hoya-

            He squeezed his eyes shut, pressing his lips together, and waited for the wave of pain to pass.  It wouldn’t, so he breathed in and forced it away, willed himself through it.  Opening his eyes, he tried to focus on the world around him, on immediate things.  Memories weren’t doing him any good.

            Sungjong and Kai were passed out on the couch together.  Sungjong looked lovely, relaxed, his bangs falling across his forehead; Kai was slumped over him, head on his chest.  Chanyeol was on the other end, snoring.

            Chen poked his head into his own room.  L was in his bed, wrapped around Changjo like a little kid hugging a teddy bear.  Baekhyun and Niel were in Baekhyun’s bed, Baekhyun drooling on Niel’s arm.  Sungyeol was on Suho’s bed, something Chen had never seen before, his lips parted, one arm hanging down.

            In the next room, Woohyun and D.O. were on D.O.’s bed, spooned up together.  Ricky was asleep on one bed, C.A.P. asleep on the other.

            Dongwoo and Chunji were on Lay’s bed.  Xiumin was asleep in his own bed, with his head at the foot and his feet on his pillow.

            Chen peeked into Chanyeol’s room, wondering what he might find.  Sunggyu was spooned up behind Suho, the sheet pulled up, Suho’s hair tousled.  They were fast asleep.  For a second, Chen envied them, and he hated them, and his bitterness was so intense that he had to walk away because he was afraid of what resenting them so intensely might do to him.

            He tried to block out his anger, tried to walk it off.  He took another quick turn around the dorm, breathing fast, moving with energy.

            This time, Chen noticed Sehun by the front door.  He was seated on the floor, slumped against the table legs, asleep.  What was he doing over there?  He must’ve wanted to use his phone for something; it was sliding out of his lax hand, about to fall.  But what was so important that he had to do it in the middle of a party?

            Curious, Chen crouched down beside him and took the phone from him, glancing at the screen.  He was in the middle of a call.  Chen raised the phone, intending to let whoever was on the other end know that he was asleep and not coming back to talk.  But it was a recording, the nice voicemail lady asking if he wanted to delete his message or hear it again.

            Why was Sehun checking his voicemail in the middle of an orgy?  Chen hesitated, not wanting to be a jerk, but curiosity won out and he asked to replay the message.

            “Hi, hyung!  It’s your Hwanhee calling.  I was going to tell you good luck on your photo shoot today, but you don’t need it, you’re too handsome.  We’re still in Japan, but you can call me if you need anything, okay?  I’ll do anything.  Um.  Okay, well, I’ll see you soon!  Stay handsome!  Oh my god, what, ‘stay handsome,’ what was that, why…”

            The recording asked if he wanted to replay or delete.

            With a pang in his heart, Chen saved the message and set Sehun’s phone aside.  Gazing at Sehun’s sleeping face, at Sehun’s dark brows and pouting mouth, Chen ached.  This poor kid.  God, he had it bad.  He’d already lost someone, and then he’d found someone new, and he talked like this second chance was a miracle, and he was saving phone messages and slipping away in the middle of a party - - a sexual orgy - - to listen to Hwanhee’s voice.

            Chen had found love, once.  And he had no idea how he was ever going to be able to find it again, much less keep it.  A small, evil part of him resented the fuck out of Suho for having a boyfriend and getting away with it.  But Sehun; he and Sehun understood each other.  He and Sehun had both had something amazing and unique, and lost it.  And now Sehun was trying again, and it was so romantic, and it was so pathetic, and Chen hurt with wanting to protect Sehun’s heart.

            “Come on,” he said quietly, rubbing Sehun’s shoulder.  “Maknae, come on, come to bed.  You can’t sleep here.”

            Sehun grumbled something and woke up enough to recognize Chen.  “What,” he mumbled, and then he frowned around like he was trying to figure out what he was doing on the floor, and then he started looking for his phone, patting around clumsily.

            “It’s in the basket,” Chen said, gesturing to the top of the table.  “Do you want to call him before you go to bed?”

            Sehun blushed, avoiding Chen’s eyes suddenly like he was embarrassed.  “Uh, no,” he mumbled, and got up.

            Chen got up with him.  Who knew how long this relationship would last, but as long as it was lasting, he shouldn’t hold back from it.  “Just text him and let him know that you’re thinking about him.”

            Sehun hesitated, then rubbed his jaw, looking uncertain.  “We don’t really-”

            “I know.”  Sehun kept trying to insist that he and Hwanhee didn’t have “that kind of relationship,” and Chen got it, but the way Sehun talked about Hwanhee, this wasn’t just some cheap sex thing.  There were feelings involved.  There were a few text messages that Chen really wished that he’d sent, while he’d had the chance.  And there were a few that he wished that he’d never sent at all.  And he didn’t want Sehun to have regrets, later.  “Just text him.”

            He hesitated again, and then he grabbed his phone.

            Chen waited a second, then tried to read over his shoulder.  He pulled away, trying to hide, but Chen grabbed him and held him still and read, anyway.  The members weren’t supposed to text anything that Suho and management couldn’t read, so it couldn’t hurt if he read it, too.

            Thinking about you tonight.

            Sehun shoved his phone back in the basket.  He looked kind of shy and kind of smug.

            Chen gave him a light push.  “Come on, let’s find a bed.”

            They went into Sehun’s room.  They sent Ricky across the room to sleep with C.A.P., and then they crawled onto Sehun’s bed together.

            As they spooned up, Chen wondered who was thinking about him that night.  It seemed really self-pitying to have a dorm full of his members and friends and hyungs and dongsaengs, full of hot guys he’d just had great sex with, and mope around wondering if anyone was yearning for him.  Besides, he literally had fans; someone out there in EXO-L was thinking about him, probably.  But.  Who was sitting there alone listening to his old voicemail messages?  Who was hearing the ping of a new text message and racing to the phone to see what he’d had to say?  Who did he have in his life who made him do those things and feel that way?  Did he have any of that to look forward to?

            He’d fallen in love without ever seeing it coming.  He’d never thought that he’d discover so much romance and passion and happiness with some idol he’d never even paid attention to, before.

            And Sehun’d had no idea that Hwanhee was even out there, before.

            So just because he didn’t see love in his future now, that didn’t mean that it wasn’t going to be there.  It just meant that he didn’t know where to look.

            Waking, L found himself alone in the bed.

            No Changjo?

            Feeling resentful about being abandoned, he dragged the covers up over his head and went back to sleep.

            Later, noise wakened him.  Laughing, singing, a lot of obnoxious voices.  The party was still going strong.  He stumbled out of bed, went to pee, crawled back into bed, and went back to sleep.

            He woke up hungry.  He needed to eat something.  He needed a shower.  He rolled onto his back and stared moodily at nothing.  Everyone was having a party without him.  Laughing together, playing around, having fun, not even thinking about him.  It probably hadn’t even occurred to them to miss him.  His own members.  His own Changjo.

            He got up.  He pulled on his pants, and he found Changjo’s “Team Infinite” shirt on the floor and put that on, too.  He wandered out of the room.

            Guys flirting in the hallway.  Guys making out on the couch.  “Oh my god, he’s finally up,” Sungyeol said as he walked by.  He grunted and kept going.

            In the kitchen, Baekhyun was microwaving something.  Changjo was making out; he had Kai backed against the counter, and they were kissing hard, grinding against each other.  L glared at Kai, but the scent of food distracted him.  “Can I have some?” he asked Baekhyun.

            “Oh.  Uh, sure, I, uh, yeah, I’ll make some more,” Baekhyun said.

            They were still making out.  Irritated, he grabbed Changjo’s shoulder, dragging Changjo off of Kai.  “Mine,” he grumbled, “you’re supposed to be mine.”  Usually it entertained him to see Changjo with other guys, or sometimes he frankly didn’t care one way or the other, but he’d just gotten up and he felt sensitive and moody.

            “Oh, hey, hyung.”  Changjo grinned at him, bright and mischievous and unrepentant.

            He hugged Changjo and just held on for a while.

            He thought about last night.  About this whole party.  Bachelor party.  About the strip show.  About all of these guys coming together to celebrate and support him and his members.  About how daring and sexy Changjo was.  About how lucky and glad he was.  Murmuring, “Changjo-ah,” he rubbed his hand over Changjo’s hair.

            “Uh, did you still want some?” Baekhyun asked, offering him a bowl.

            Mmm, food.  “Yeah,” he said, taking it.  “Thanks.”  Bowl in one hand, he took Changjo’s hand in the other and went back to the bedroom.  Sitting down on the bed, he ate.

            “You want me to sit and watch you eat?” Changjo asked, sitting beside him.

            He wanted Changjo close, but they didn’t have to talk.  “Go get your phone.”

            “Does it have to be my phone?”

            He shrugged and kept eating.  He didn’t care.

            Changjo slipped away and came back.  He closed the door and sat beside L again.

            Finished eating, L felt better.  He crawled up behind Changjo and started rubbing Changjo’s naked back, kissing across Changjo’s shoulders.  Love.  Lust.  Commitment.  Trust.  It was delusional to try to build a relationship with anybody.  Trusting somebody, talking about commitment, he was just setting himself up for heartbreak.  It couldn’t possibly be worth it.  Someday he was going to look back on all of this and laugh at what an ass he’d been.  Someday he was going to look back and bleed inside over how wrong he’d been.  “Why do I love you?” he whispered, rubbing his face against Changjo’s hair.  “Why am I doing this to myself?”

            “I don’t know, it’s probably a terrible idea,” Changjo said.

            Changjo had one of the most tender, generous hearts of anybody he knew.  And was one of the most devious people he knew, too.  He wanted to accuse Changjo of making him fall in love and believe in trust and hope for things he should’ve learned not to want years ago, but it wasn’t just Changjo.  It was Suho, too.  It was his members.  They kept making him believe in love.  They kept making him feel loved.  They kept putting this soft ache in his heart that wouldn’t go away.  “Fuck all of you,” he mumbled, but he didn’t mean it, and he kissed Changjo’s shoulder again.  He tucked his face into the crook of Changjo’s neck and just breathed.

            A couple of minutes passed, and he felt better.  He was thinking about locking the door and making love.  Then Changjo made a soft noise and fumbled the phone into his hand.  He looked up, and Suho was walking in.  “L-ah, are you still hiding in here?”

            “This is his private room,” Changjo said.  Pretending to lean back casually, L slipped his hand over the side of the bed and tucked the phone under the edge of the mattress.  “This is supposed to be a bachelor party, he’s here to drink and fuck hot guys, not hang out with his hyungs.”

            “I could fuck hot hyungs,” L suggested, grinning at Suho.

            Suho gave him an exasperated look and sat beside him.  “About the teams.  We wanted to put more people on your team, but we thought that it might be okay this way.  You aren’t taking it personally that your team’s smaller, are you?”

            “No.”  No, he liked it.  “This one’s all I wanted,” he said, rubbing Changjo’s chest.

            “Are you okay?” Changjo asked Suho.

            “Hmm?” Suho asked.

            “You won’t look at me.”  He waved his hand in front of Suho’s face.

            Suho frowned and smacked Changjo’s hand away.  “I’m trying to talk to L.”

            But Changjo was right.  He wouldn’t look at Changjo at all.  Even now, he was still looking right at L, direct and focused.  “Did you need to talk to me about something important?” L asked.

            “I just want to make sure that you-  Suho scowled and smacked Changjo’s hand aside again.  “That you had a good time and that you like the party.  I want, oh, it’s awkward,” he complained.  “I just want to make sure that you feel like we all support you.  This is a big step you’re taking, and we’re behind you.”

            It was cute, how earnest Suho was.  “I know you support it.”

            “I wish that we could be there,” Suho said.  “I know we can’t, I get it, it would just be nice to see.”

            “You’re too romantic,” L said, fond of him.  He still wouldn’t look at Changjo.  “It’s the strip show, isn’t it, it got to you?”

            Suho’s cheeks burned.  He tried to say something and ended up just rubbing his eyebrow, looking agitated.

            L laughed.  “I liked it, too.  But don’t get tense about it, just get it out of your system.  I think we’re leaving soon, but he can stay.  Lock the door and do what you want.”

            “Yeah, do whatever you want,” Changjo said.  “That stripper guy won’t care, he’s a freak, he’ll probably be into whatever you try.  Get nasty.”

            That got Suho to glare directly at Changjo.  Then he blushed, quickly looking away.  “What kind of dongsaeng are you, anyway?”

            “Did you want a different kind?” Changjo asked, laughing.  “Oh, do you want a cute dongsaeng?  All adorable and full of aegyo?  Maybe I should be an innocent virgin, too.”

            L tried to imagine Changjo as an innocent virgin.  L couldn’t really get to “innocent,” since that would mean stripping away so much of what made him who he was.  But a virgin, mmm.  L wondered what it would’ve been like to be Changjo’s first, to help him to explore his desires, to introduce him to what his body was capable of.  For a second, L tried to remember who Changjo’s first had been, anyway, and then, with a start, he remembered that he knew all about it.  C.A.P.!  That goddamned piece of shit!

            “My life would be a lot easier if you were a virgin,” Suho said.  “Or at least celibate.”

            “Are you upset that you want me?” Changjo asked.  “But you can have me any time you ask for it.  That’s not a problem, it’s great.”

            “I don’t think that it’s healthy to want you this much,” Suho admitted.  “I want to be a good hyung to you, I want to set a good example and teach you the right things.  If all I ever do is get turned on and distracted around you, I’m not doing any of the rest of that.”

            Changjo laughed.  “Wow, you really did like it last night, didn’t you?  I must’ve really turned you on, if you think that you can’t even be a good hyung anymore.”

            Suho was blushing again, avoiding their eyes.

            “After Sunggyu hyung leaves, you can lock the door and turn up the music and do me as hard as you want.  We can even play the music I danced to, it has a really good beat.”

            “Can I fuck you to that?” L asked, interested.

            “Yeah, you want me to get it?” Changjo asked.

            “Yeah, yeah.”  He nudged Changjo away.  “And go tell C.A.P. that he’s a disgusting little fuck and I’m going to ruin his life.”

            “Don’t tell him that,” Suho said.

            Mmm.  Yeah, it would be even better if he never saw it coming.

            Once Changjo was gone, Suho hugged L.  “I hope that you have a terrific wedding.”

            He smiled, hugging Suho close.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            Stepping into the hallway, Sunggyu heard a moan.  A distinctive, musical moan.  Then rhythmic groaning.  Chen, having sex.

            Oh, no.  “Woohyun-ah?” Sunggyu called.

            “He’s busy,” Chanyeol said, and Sungyeol called, “Really busy!”

            “Oh,” Suho said behind him.  He turned, and Suho gave him a wistful smile.  “I haven’t heard that sound around here at all, lately, and now I’ve heard it today and last night, too.  Maybe your members should come over more often.  I think that it’s good for Chen.”

            Good for Chen that Woohyun kept fucking him.  Hmm.  Well, yes, judging by the sound, he definitely seemed to be enjoying it.  “Chen likes the things that Woohyun’s good at.  But if he’s not having sex with his own members, he shouldn’t be going around getting those things from everybody else.”

            “No, it’s okay.  If he’s not that comfortable with us, yet, I don’t want him to cut himself off from everybody.  It’s healthy for him, I think, to keep having sex.  If he lost his boyfriend and he stopped having sex altogether, it might be harder for him to get over it.  And I don’t want to pressure him to do things with us he’s not ready for.”

            “He likes sex with you, what isn’t he ready for?”

            “He’s resentful.  It hurts, I’m not happy about it,” Suho admitted.  “But I don’t want to rush him.”

            Chen had told Sunggyu that he wasn’t ready to be too intimate with his members.  Wasn’t ready to be penetrated, wasn’t comfortable going too far.  It sounded like Suho had the same idea, and that was good; it was good that they were being honest, communicating.  “Sex is important to Chen,” Sunggyu said.  “I want him to receive healing from it.  But I don’t want sex with the rest of us to be a crutch he uses to get what he needs and still avoid you.”

            “But a crutch is a tool people rely on when they need it,” Suho said.  “Even if that’s what it is, maybe we should let him use it.  I don’t want to take it away from him, if it’s helping.”

            Chen’s moans were getting really loud, really ecstatic; it was starting to turn Sunggyu on, hearing him cry out for Woohyun like that.  “Shit,” Chunji said from the next room.  “What the hell is Woohyun hyung doing to him?  He doesn’t yell like that for me.”

            “He doesn’t yell like that for Chanyeol, either,” Xiumin said.

            “Hey!” Chanyeol said, laughing.

            Chen cried out, ecstasy swelling, until the dorm was ringing with the echoes of his orgasm.

            Then the dorm was hushed.

            “Shit,” Sungyeol said from the next room.

            Dongwoo and Chunji were on Xiumin’s bed, kissing.  “You’re my sun, and my moon,” Dongwoo was saying, planting kisses on Chunji’s cheeks.  “And all of the sparkly little stars.”

            Chunji was laughing, plucking at Dongwoo’s nipples through his shirt.  “Oh, all of them?”

            “All of the stars,” Dongwoo said, kissing him.  “So sparkly.”

            “What else,” Chunji said, smiling.  “Tell me more.”

            Mmm, I’ll follow you anywhere,” Dongwoo said, kissing him again, cupping him through his pants.  “Anywhere, anywhere, wherever you go, I want to tag along, too.”

            Woohyun walked over there and ran his hands over Dongwoo’s back.  “Hyung, the members are all going, now.”  He slid his hands over Dongwoo’s ribcage, cupping, lifting, guiding Dongwoo up, a gentler and more coaxing version of what he’d seen Sunggyu do a hundred times.  Chunji-ah, say good-bye.”

            “Right now?” Dongwoo asked.  He let Woohyun ease him onto his feet, but he tried to bring Chunji along, too.

            Chunji kissed him again, then let him go.  “I have to get back to my dorm.  Call me later, okay?”

            “Yeah, yeah.”  Dongwoo ducked down to press another kiss to his lips, then smiled at Woohyun.  “My sun, my moon.”

            “Are you going to follow me anywhere, too?” Woohyun asked, putting an arm around him.  “Follow me to the dorm, come on.”

            When they got back to the dorm, Dongwoo left with Sungyeol, going to run some errands.  Woohyun called Key and worked out.  There was definitely going to be sex after the ritual, and he wanted his body looking its best for his members.

            Spotting some papers on Dongwoo’s desk, he glanced over them.  A few handwritten pages.  Lyrics, maybe?

            His eye fell on, “You guide me, you show me the way, I’m the sailor and you’re my sun.  You’re my moon, you’re my little sparkling stars, so shiny and bright.  I’ll follow you anywhere.  Lead me and I’ll follow, I want to go along wherever you guide me, wherever you go.”

            Chunji.  He was writing down his love for Chunji.

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