Second Shift

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            The EXO-K members had come back from MT completely wrecked.  Tao was so jealous that he couldn’t even speak to them.  They were exhausted and so sore that Baekhyun wouldn’t even have sex.  They were full of stories about how amazing Chunji was and how sexy L.Joe was and how incredible C.A.P. was and blah, blah, blah.  Tao would have tuned them out altogether if he hadn’t craved every last detail.

            “Seriously,” Kai said one night in Tao’s room.  “Chunji hyung talks like Luhan hyung.”

            “‘Get off in my ass, give me all of your cream, pump it in me, do it,’” Sehun moaned, making an orgasm face, his mouth an O, his eyes rolling back in his head.  “It’s the best.”

            Kai snorted, laughing.  “It’s not sexy when you do it.”

            “It’s funny when you do it!  Why did you keep talking to Niel like that?” Sehun asked.  “‘Your mouth looks so hot sucking on my cock.  I want to spray my hot cum all over your face.’  It was embarrassing!”

            “You said that?” Tao asked, incredulous.  “You don’t talk like that!”

            “I wanted to try it,” Kai said, laughing.  “It was fun, it got me so turned on.  Now I see why Luhan hyung does it.”

            “I can’t talk that way to just anybody,” Sehun said.

            That reminded Tao.  “What’s L.Joe sunbae like?” he asked Kai.

            “Oh, he’s great,” Kai said.  “He’s the best.  D.O. hyung has a crush on him.”

            “I don’t,” D.O. said, walking in and sitting on Tao’s bed.  Then he smiled.  “He’s really cute, though.”

            “You let him get you off, didn’t you?” Sehun asked.

            Still smiling, D.O. nodded.

            Kai grinned, looking proud and kind of turned on.

            “Come on, give me more details,” Tao insisted.  “What are they like, what do they do, what are they going to do to me?”  He was looking forward to it so much, he wanted to be ready for it so that he didn’t miss any good action.

            “You just have to do it,” Sehun said.  “Ricky likes having his ears stroked, Chunji hyung gets pissed off if you don’t get him off, and Niel likes as much cock as possible.”

            “Go easy at first or you’ll end up like Baekhyun hyung,” Kai said.

            “Suho hyung had to put ointment on his asshole,” D.O. said.

            Kai’s jaw dropped.  Tao snorted, slapping D.O.’s thigh.  “You’re kidding!”

            D.O. shook his head.  “Twice a day.”

            Sehun laughed.  “Baekhyun hyung is so stupid.”

            Tao grinned.  “There’s one way to get Suho hyung to finger you.”

            Climbing out of the van, Chunji looked at the MT house with a smile.  “Ah, home again.”

            Laughing, L.Joe pushed him toward the house.  Grabbing L.Joe’s hand, he scurried gleefully toward the porch, laughing.

            Following with a lazy stride, C.A.P. took off his sunglasses as their manager unlocked the door.  Peering out of the van with a yawn, Ricky stretched.  “They’re not here yet?”

            “Maybe they won’t come at all,” Changjo muttered under his breath, still in the passenger seat.  “Maybe Baekhyun hyung told them all what a bad lay you are, and they got bored.”

            “What?” Niel asked.

            Changjo widened his eyes innocently, smiling at Niel.  “Nothing.”

            “I heard that, you little shit,” Ricky said, leaning forward over his seat and punching his arm and then punching it again for good measure and then punching it again just because he wasn’t trying hard enough to dodge it.  “I’m a fantastic lay.”

            Niel grinned.  “Is that what Chanyeol oppa said?”

            “Just don’t get jealous,” Xiumin said as the van rolled to a stop in front of the house.

            “I won’t,” Luhan said, unbuckling his seatbelt.

            “I know that you don’t like seeing me with other guys.”

            Luhan laughed.  “I see you with other guys all of the time.”

            “But when it’s not our members, you get weird.”

            “I don’t get weird!  What’s weird?”

            “You get jealous.  You get competitive.”  One hand on the door handle, Xiumin looked at him.  “It’s not a competition, okay?  It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just sex.”

            “I’m not competitive!”  Luhan didn’t understand why Xiumin was acting like this.  “It’s fine.  I don’t care.”


            Luhan waited for the conversation to be over.

            Xiumin wasn’t moving.

            Luhan raised his eyebrows and laughed.  “What?”

            Xiumin gave him a long, suspicious look.

            “What?” he demanded, self-conscious now, pushing Xiumin’s shoulder.

            “I feel like you’re going to get competitive.”

            “I won’t!  I don’t care what you do.  I really don’t care.  You can do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to me.”

            Xiumin groaned, looking skyward.  “Luhan, seriously.  I want to have a good time.  Don’t be like this.”

            “So, can we go in?” Kris asked.  “Or do you two want to keep talking?  It’s okay, I’d much rather sit out here all night while you two argue, that’s definitely a lot better than going in and fucking some hot sunbaes.”  He shrugged.  “It’s up to you, though.”

            “Um,” Lay said.  “Can I vote for the hot sunbaes?”

            Tao laughed and pushed past them, opening the door and jogging toward the house.

            “I’m going with him,” Chen said, pointing at Tao and following.

            While Lay and Kris followed Chen, Xiumin put his hands on Luhan’s shoulders.  “I love you and I’m all about the amazing ways you get me off.  Don’t act stupid.”

            Okay, now Luhan was pissed off.  He’d been trying to laugh off the fact that his own boyfriend was accusing him of being a jealous, insecure asshole, but he could only take so much.  “Do whatever the hell you want.  Really.  See if I even fucking notice.”  Shoving Xiumin aside, he hopped out of the van and marched into the house while Xiumin called after him.

            Changjo stood with his arms around L.Joe from behind while C.A.P. and Kris talked.  He looked over the EXO-M members, sizing everyone up.  Tao was grinning at Chunji and shifting his weight like he was ready to start.  Lay was biting his lip and gazing at Changjo’s hyungs like he was picturing them naked and liked what he saw.  Chen was leaning against Lay and eyeing C.A.P. like he wanted something he’d been told that he shouldn’t have.

            Luhan stormed past all of them.

            “Shit, Luhan!”  Xiumin ran past them in Luhan’s wake, looking frustrated.

            “And that’s, uh.”  Kris blinked and frowned.  “Yeah, just ignore them.”

            “Okay,” Chunji said doubtfully, and laughed.  “So, we followed Chanyeol hyung’s advice and put lube in all of the rooms.”

            “You want to start with a drink?” C.A.P. asked.

            “Yeah,” Tao said.

            “Ah,” Kris said, touching his arm.  “Not too much.”

            C.A.P. headed for the kitchen, Tao and Chen following.  L.Joe peeled himself away from Changjo and padded after them.  Chunji smiled at Lay, who smiled back.

            “I’ve been practicing my Mandarin,” Chunji said, drifting toward Lay.  “Do I have it right?”  He said something Changjo couldn’t begin to understand.

            Lay’s eyes widened and he laughed like he was surprised.  “Ah, that’s.”  He laughed like he was embarrassed, and put his hand on Chunji’s waist.  “Really?”

            Chunji grinned and nodded.

            Kris gave Chunji a very interested look, like he knew exactly what he wanted to do to Chunji and exactly how good it was going to feel.

            Okay, now things were getting interesting.  Changjo watched Chunji take Lay’s hand and pull him back toward the bedrooms.  Niel was drifting toward the kitchen and Ricky wandered away.  Changjo wanted to see what was going on in the kitchen, but Kris was looking at him.  He tried to appear innocent, like he had no intention of spending the entire night watching Kris fuck his hyungs.

            “Hey.”  Swinging a bag off of his shoulder, Kris offered it to Changjo.  “Suho said to give this to you and make sure that you’re okay.”

            That was so considerate and so thoughtful, Changjo felt like he should have expected it.  Taken aback, he accepted the bag.  “Thank you.”

            “All right.  Suho said to tell you to let me know if you need anything.”  Kris glanced toward the kitchen and looked at him again.  “I’m going to be kind of busy, so try not to need anything.”

            He smiled, wanting to laugh.  “I understand.  Thank you.”

            Kris nodded at him and walked away.

            Curious, Changjo opened the bag.  Snacks, drinks, vitamins, graphic novels, headphones, and, ooohh.  He whistled, pulling out Suho’s tablet.

            Suho was so generous and so good to him, he was actually going to feel guilty about what he was about to do.

            “What are you, twelve?” Xiumin demanded, following Luhan down the hallway.  “How long are you going to walk away from me?  The house isn’t that big, you’re not going to lose me.”  Luhan just kept walking.  God damn it.  “Luhan,” he said, chasing Luhan up the stairs.  “Luhan.  Lu!  Han!”

            “Ya!”  Smacking the wall, Luhan rounded on him.  Startled, he stumbled down a step, grabbing at the railing.  “What?” Luhan demanded.  “What?!  What the hell do you want?  You told me not to be jealous, I said that I wouldn’t be.  You told me not to get upset, I said that I wouldn’t.  You want to have sex with other guys, do it!  I want to have sex with other guys, too, but what am I supposed to do?  If I come on to them, I’m just being competitive.  If I don’t, I’m upset and jealous and weird.  What the fuck do you want?!”

            Oh, god, Luhan.  Now Xiumin felt like a jerk.  “I didn’t mean it like that.  I didn’t,” he insisted when Luhan glared at him.  “I said it the wrong way.”  He tried to start over, to phrase it in a way that wouldn’t push Luhan’s buttons.  “I know that you don’t always love watching me have sex with new guys that you don’t know very well.”  It was why he met other idols with Tao instead of with Luhan.  “I want this to be a great night for both of us, and it’ll be more fun for both of us if you’re relaxed about it.”

            Luhan crossed his arms over his chest, looking irritated and stubborn.  “Why didn’t you just leave me back at the dorm, then?”

            “Because I like watching you with other guys.  You know how much it turns me on to see you fuck other guys and to share them with you.  The kids keep talking about Luhan hyung and Chunji hyung and how much they want to see Luhan hyung with Chunji hyung, and now I want to see Luhan hyung fuck Chunji hyung.  I’ve been looking forward to this.”  Luhan’s expression was slowly becoming more interested; Xiumin kept going.  “We have five hot sunbaes just waiting for us, and we have until tomorrow afternoon to do anything we want with them.  How often do we have a night like this?  I want to have fun tonight,” he grabbed Luhan’s shoulders, “and I want to have fun with you!  You handsome, sexy jerk.  Don’t make me beg.  I don’t like begging when we’re not already having sex.  It’s embarrassing.”

            Looking pleased, Luhan glanced to the side, then down, before meeting Xiumin’s eyes.  His lips curved into a gorgeous smile.  “Well.  You could beg a little.”

            Xiumin kissed him.  “Come and fuck Chunji.  Please.”  He kissed Luhan’s neck, curling his arm around Luhan’s waist.  “For me.  Please.”

            Sighing happily, Luhan hugged him.  “Okay, you tiny, sexy beast.  Just for you.”

            Xiumin smiled, rolling his eyes.  Hugging Luhan back, he tightened his arms and lifted Luhan up, carrying him down two steps.  Clinging to him, cursing, Luhan laughed, real laughter, the happy laughter that rang out whenever Luhan was loving him without reservation, and he smiled, feeling good, putting Luhan down.  “Let’s find Chunji.”

            “Hhhmmm, oh, ooohhh…”  Lay bobbed his head, on his knees, getting Chunji’s cock as far down his throat as he could.

            Chunji’s cock was great.  Chunji was sexy, so sexy, really bold and confident.  His hands kept sliding through Lay’s hair, petting and stroking, and he murmured quiet, hot encouragement, like, “Suck it, yeah, suck it hard,” and, “Do it, ooo, get your mouth all over it, ahhh.”  Lay loved being told what to do, loved the way Chunji talked.  Loved his hard, satiny cock and his black, musky pubes and the way his grip tightened spasmodically in Lay’s hair when Lay sucked hard.  “That’s it, yeah, swallow my cock, suck it down, take it.”

            “Mmhhhmmm, ummpph, oohhh.”  Lay sped up, wanting to hear what it sounded like when Chunji came, wanting to taste his hot load.  Lay was doing his best and Chunji still hadn’t come, but Chanyeol had said that Chunji wasn’t easy to get off.  “Oohhhmm,” that was so sexy, he loved having to work for it, loved this new challenge.

            After a while he heard, “Oh, yeah.”  Chunji’s voice cracked slightly, his stroking fingers tugging on Lay’s hair.  “Suck me hard, make me come, ah.”

            Was it time?  Eager, even more excited now, Lay put more energy into it, his jacking hand and sucking mouth working together.  Moaning, his free hand rubbing over Chunji’s sexy, bare thigh, he sucked like there was no tomorrow, enthusiastically pouring himself into his work.

            “S-s-suck it, make me come, that’s it, uh, ah, I’m coming, fuck, ohhh, oh, oh!”

            There it was, quick bursts of cum spilling into Lay’s mouth.  Swallowing thirstily, he cupped Chunji’s hips in his hands, exhilarated.  Perfect, the perfect blowjob, the perfect start to a fantastic day.  Feeling aglow with happiness, he sat back on his heels, stroking Chunji’s sides and gazing up at Chunji’s pretty, panting face.

            “Ahhh.”  Breathing hard, lashes lowered, Chunji gave him a lazy, happy smile, caressing his cheek.  “Thank you, hyung.”

            “Oh, are we interrupting?” Luhan’s voice asked.

            “Hey.”  Xiumin walked in, coming right up to them.  Resting his hand on top of Lay’s head, he glanced down at Chunji’s dick and then flashed Chunji a winning smile.  “How’s it going?”

            C.A.P. learned very quickly that EXO-M was a different creature from EXO-K.  With EXO-K, there had been restrictions.  Certain people had to stay on certain floors, Suho was completely off-limits, D.O. was only involved to an extent.

            With EXO-M, there were no limits.  There was also no hesitation.  He was still standing in the kitchen and his beer was still half-full when Chen started kissing him, and Chen was still kissing him when Tao went down on him.  He’d never been accused of moving slowly, but damn, these guys were fast.

            His back was to the table, his hand down the back of Chen’s pants.  The more Chen kissed him, the more into it he got, turned on by the lean contours of Chen’s body, the low and hungry way Chen kept moaning, the romantic way Chen kissed.  It made him want to treat Chen right, made him want to get Chen off nice and slow and hard.  Stroking the soft skin of Chen’s round ass, he slid his fingers in the cleft, spreading Chen open, caressing Chen’s hole.  It felt small and tight, and at the first touch, Chen hummed into their kiss, a seductive vibration of pure pleasure.

            C.A.P. was ready to get inside of him right then and there, but part of that feeling might have had something to do with the way Tao was sucking his cock with the force of a vacuum.  There was nothing slow or teasing about the slide of Tao’s mouth over his erection.  It wasn’t flirtatious and it wasn’t showy, it was designed to get him off and deliver the cum.  It felt like his whole body was about to be pulled inside-out through his cock, and he loved it.

            He didn’t want to take his cock out of Tao’s mouth, but he needed to take care of Chen.  Putting his hand on the top of Tao’s head, he turned slowly, nudging Tao along with his foot, crowding Tao as he moved.  Without breaking rhythm, head bobbing steadily, hands on his hips, Tao shuffled with him until he faced the table.  Tao was focused, and having all of that focus concentrated directly onto his cock was making C.A.P. weak-kneed with the need to come.

            Lifting Chen with a grunt, he set Chen onto the table.  Legs wrapping around him, Chen kissed him more passionately, hands sliding hot and quick under his shirt.  Under the table, Tao was sucking his brains out through his cock, and on top of the table, Chen was romancing him with deep kisses and sexy moans and coaxing, encouraging hands, and fuck, C.A.P. was about to come and he hadn’t even gotten into anyone’s ass yet.

            Breaking away from Chen’s mouth, C.A.P. said something he hadn’t said in the middle of foreplay, ever.  “Wait.”  Then he said something even worse.  “Slow down.”  Fuck, his hands were shaking.  The way Tao was nursing on his cock was making him want to move, to thrust, to, oh, god, his legs were about to give out on him.

            Chen laughed, rubbing his sides.  “Tao-ah, stop for a second.”

            Staring helplessly into Chen’s happy, smiling face, C.A.P. grunted as something gave way inside him, and then he came.  It was like one moment he was himself, and then a runaway train slammed into him, and then he was exploding into a thousand separate pieces of pure, shining ecstasy.  Cum was pouring out of him and his legs were gone and he staggered, groaning, catching himself on the edge of the table.  Pleasure left him ragged, panting, and he leaned heavily against the table, trying to catch his breath while Chen laughed again and rubbed his back.

            Leaning forward from under the table, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Tao looked up.  “What’d you say?”

            Luhan was freaking gorgeous up close.  Chunji was used to idols who looked great on TV but weren’t so special in person without make-up, but on his back, gazing up as Luhan leaned over him, he was so amazed, he laughed out loud.

            Hesitating with a hand on his abs, Luhan smiled at him, looking puzzled.  “What?”

            “Nothing.”  Even confused, Luhan looked so beautiful, he laughed again.  “It’s just, you’re really good-looking.”

            “Thanks.”  Leaning closer, beautiful face descending, Luhan smiled and whispered, “That’s why I don’t give head.  So don’t ask.”

            Chunji stared at him in disbelief.  Finally!  Someone who understood!  “They always ask!” he exclaimed, sitting up.  “They always want it!  Why are so many guys such jerks about wanting to shove their cock in your face?”

            Luhan laughed, rubbing his thigh.  “It’s that way for you, too?”

            “Yes!  And they always say that I’m pretty!  Not handsome.  Pretty!”

            “Yes!” Luhan exclaimed in frustration.  “Oh, or they say that I look like a girl.  I’m twenty-three!  How does a twenty-three-year-old man look like a girl?”

            “God, that crap.  All of the time!”

            Luhan rubbed his nose and smiled.  “You really don’t give head?”

            “I tell them that I don’t,” Chunji said, grinning.  “I do it for my members.”  He let his gaze travel down Luhan’s body, then smiled, meeting Luhan’s eyes again.  “I might do it for you, if I feel like it.”

            “I do it for Xiumin,” Luhan said.  “Everyone else is such a jerk about it.”

            “Just Xiumin hyung?”  Really?  “No one else?”

            Luhan chuckled.  “No one else you need to know about.”

            Chunji laughed, stroking his chest.  “I understand.”

            “Yes, yes, it’s been very hard on you both to be so handsome,” Xiumin said, kneeing his way onto the bed.  “I feel so, so sorry for you.  Now have sex.”

            Chen moaned, wondering if C.A.P. would catch him if he slid right off of the table.  C.A.P.’s fingers were stroking him, caressing him, sending pleasure purring through him like there was a motor in his ass.  The steady pulses of pleasure flashing up through him were so intense, he wondered if it would be okay just to come, just like this, just around the deep slide of C.A.P.’s fingers.  And then, with a groan, as ecstasy shuddered into him, he realized that he was about to do exactly that.

            Leaning back against the headboard, Luhan kissed Chunji, guiding Chunji’s hips close in against him.  He was trying to kiss Chunji softly, lightly, in the tender and breathy way that he knew that Xiumin liked to see him kiss other guys.  But Chunji was kissing him back a little too demandingly, a little too aggressively, just enough to make him want to take control and teach this kid who was in charge.  As their cocks slid against each other, Chunji moaned, and the rich pleasure of it turned Luhan on so much that he stopped playing games.  He tilted his head, kissing Chunji hard, gripping the back of Chunji’s neck, taking what he wanted.  Without missing a beat, Chunji groaned, hands sliding up his chest.  “Ah, hyung,” Chunji said, and kissed him back.

            Chunji’s kisses were lewd now, nasty, his tongue twisting in Luhan’s mouth, his teeth tugging at Luhan’s lower lip.  Luhan was so turned on by it, he started giving as good as he got, picking up Chunji’s tricks and turning them around.  That worked like magic; Chunji crowded close against Luhan, rising up onto his knees, sliding his hands through Luhan’s hair, moaning.  “Ah, hyung,” he groaned, sliding down Luhan’s chest, his skin hot and smooth, his hips rotating as he landed in Luhan’s lap again.  “Lube me up, get me wet, stretch my hole for your cock.”

            Oh, yeah, that was what Luhan wanted to hear.  Still kissing Chunji, in no hurry to leave Chunji’s mouth, he patted his hand over the bed, trying to find the lube.  It was suddenly pushed into his hand, and he took it, breaking away from Chunji’s kiss to flash Xiumin an appreciative smile.

            Xiumin gave him an encouraging look, the kind of “this is turning me on, keep going” smile he liked.  Feeling good, he poured lube over his fingers, going by feel while Chunji kissed his neck and purred, “Spread me open and fuck me,” in his ear.

            They were right; this guy liked to talk dirty.  Luhan slid a couple of fingers into him.  He was drawn up tight for a second, and then he relaxed, opening right up, moaning, “Mmm, yeah.  Finger my hole, get me wet,” against Luhan’s neck.

            “That’s it,” Luhan said, stroking into him.  “You want it, you want this cock, don’t you?”

            Inhaling, Chunji straightened up, rocking back, his eyes closed, his hips pressing down against Luhan’s hand.  “Oh yeah, ah, get it in me.”  He moved like he had experience, and he had phenomenal control, his muscles tightening and relaxing around Luhan’s fingers.  “Use your cock, plug my hole, fuck my ass.”

            That was exactly what Luhan intended to do.  He couldn’t wait to get inside Chunji.  But first he wanted to hear a little more.  “Mmm, you feel that?” he asked, sliding the head of his erection in the slickness around Chunji’s asshole, teasing himself against the fluttering pucker.  It felt fantastic, and it charged him up, made need spark inside of him, made him want to bury himself in there.  “That’s what you want, right, you want my cock?”

            “Ahhh, yeah, oh,” Chunji moaned.  His mouth slack with pleasure, his eyelashes fluttering, he was fondling his own nipples, twisting at them with screwing, plucking motions.  They looked so red and sensitive that Luhan wanted to lick them, suck on them.  Brushing Chunji’s hand away, he rubbed his thumb over one, flicking it.  “Oh, unh.”  His head went back, his tongue running over his lips.  “Fill me up, unnh, give it to me.”

            “Yeah, you need it,” Luhan said, nudging upward, pressing into him.  His slick, snug ass enveloped Luhan’s erection in clenching heat, and he slid down slowly, rotating his hips, taking Luhan’s cock all the way inside himself.  “Take it, swallow my cock with your sexy ass,” Luhan said, cupping his ass and guiding him back up, wanting to feel that slide again.

            “Oh, yeah, it’s so hard.”  Chunji dropped onto him again, faster this time, the ripple of contracting muscles sending flames licking up Luhan’s shaft.

            “That’s it, ride my cock, mm.”  Chunji felt incredible on him, and he ran his hands over Chunji’s taut body, urging Chunji to keep moving against him.  The press and slide of Chunji’s hands on his ribcage, his waist, gripping him, pulling on him, heated up Luhan’s skin.

            Luhan didn’t want to fall for Chunji’s pretty-boy looks, but shit, Chunji looked amazing.  Color was bright in his cheeks, and his heavy-lidded eyes were hot and dark, daring Luhan to look away.  His thighs were flexing, his abs clenching, his hard cock bobbing as he fucked himself on Luhan’s erection.  He kept throwing his head back, showing off his long, smooth neck.  His pink tongue was always on the move, gliding over his lips, flitting from one corner of his mouth to the other.

            “Kiss him,” Xiumin said.  “Now, kiss him.”

            Luhan’s hands slid up Chunji’s smooth, firm back as Chunji’s hand cupped the side of his face.  With a knowing, laughing smile, Chunji leaned in.  Their kiss was deep, slick, and Chunji moaned against his mouth as he guided Chunji’s rolling, rocking hips.  Feeling Chunji’s hot, lean body slide against him, kissing Chunji’s red, panting mouth, Luhan let pleasure pulse through him.  “I can tell you love my cock,” he said.  “Say you love it.”

            “It’s so good, uh,” Chunji moaned, rocking on him, riding.  “Your big cock feels so good in my ass.”

            He loved all of the crude, explicit things that Chunji was saying.  Demanding, needy bottoms were the best.  But he wanted to hear this, too.  “Tell me that you love it,” Luhan said, kissing him.  “Say that you love it.”

            “Ahh, unh, your cock is so hard,” Chunji panted, leaning back on his hands, arching and throwing his head back, groaning.  “Fuck, so good, fill me up.”

            Damn, he looked incredible.  “Say it,” Luhan ordered, gripping his hips, yanking him close.  He groaned, his back arching, his hips fighting to rise against Luhan’s hold.  Fingers digging in, Luhan jerked him down to the base.  “Tell me that you love it, tell me you love how good it is.”

            Tossing his hair, Chunji stared at Luhan with dark, defiant eyes, breathing hard, squirming against his grip.  The way Chunji’s hips were bucking and jerking, the way Chunji’s muscles were contracting and rippling around his cock, felt so fantastic that moans were burning their way up from Luhan’s throat.  “Come on, hyung, fuck me, give it to me, pound my ass, do it.”

            “Oh, shit, oh, god,” Xiumin moaned in the breathy way he did when he was really worked up, really getting off on it.  Luhan could hear the familiar, rhythmic sounds of Xiumin jacking off.

            Fire surged through Luhan’s veins.  “You want it?” he demanded.  “You want this?  Then say it.  Say you love it.”

            Twisting his own nipple, Chunji undulated, giving Luhan a sly look, his tongue snaking out, sleek and wicked.  “Make me.”

            “You lewd little shit,” Luhan growled.  Flexing his muscles, he surged forward, dumping Chunji back and landing on top.  Chunji stretched out beneath him, lithe and flexible, knees coming up as Luhan drove in hard, immediately setting a quick pace.  “You want it, you want me to pound you with this fat cock, I’ll fucking give it to you.”

            “Yeah, oh, ahhh, fill me up,” Chunji groaned, squeezing his ass.  “Pump me full of your big, hard cock, ram it in me.”

            “I’ll give it to you hard,” Luhan vowed.  The more Chunji egged him on, the more determined he became.  He felt strong, powerful; the throbbing of his cock was telling him to fuck Chunji right through the mattress.  “You need it, you love my cock, tell me how much you love it.”

            Luhan was fucking hard, the kind of rough, punishing stroke he rarely escalated to.  Chunji was lighting up on every thrust, moaning, pulling on Luhan’s hips, masturbating.  “That’s it, like that, do it, give me all of it, nail my ass, fuck me like you mean it.”

            Luhan felt like he had lava in his veins.  He didn’t know if it was sexual passion or frustration or what, but he could barely control the forceful slamming of his hips.  Leaning down into Chunji’s face, he glared into Chunji’s wide, lusting eyes, snarling.  “Tell me that you love it.  Say it!”

            Ecstasy flared in Chunji’s eyes, his body shuddering.  He looked thrilled.  He was getting off on this, getting off on driving Luhan out of his fucking mind.  “Come inside me,” Chunji panted, licking his lips.  “Come on, hyung, ah, ah, soak my hole, you know you want to.”

            He would be damned if he was going to get off before Chunji did.  “Look at you, loving it.  Loving every inch of my fat cock.  I’m the best you’ve ever had.  The best, I’m the best,” he insisted.  Pushing Chunji’s hand out of his way, he grabbed Chunji’s erection, pumping it in his fist as he thrust.  “Say it, you obscene little shit, tell me how much you love it.”

            Pushing himself up on his elbow, Chunji kissed Luhan, sucking roughly at his tongue.  It was a fierce kiss, as raunchy as any of the things Chunji had said, and Luhan loved it, grunting as his tongue slicked into Chunji’s mouth and his erection drilled Chunji’s ass.

            Chunji’s hand slid into Luhan’s hair, pulling his head back.  He snarled again, and Chunji abandoned his mouth for his neck, kissing up and down with hot abandon, sucking at his skin.  “Mmm, mnn, get off in me, come on, unh, yes,” Chunji panted against his neck, sounding desperate for his cum.  “Hose me down, juice my ass.”

            “Say you love it,” Luhan ordered, closing his eyes, struggling for self-control, rubbing his cheek against Chunji’s hair.  Pleasure was rising in him, pulsing and urgent, and Chunji’s erection was hot and stiff in his milking hand.  “Say it, tell me.”

            Chunji’s mouth was hot, puffing moist air against his neck.  He could tell by the ecstatic moans that Chunji was close, but damn, this guy was still being stubborn.  “Get off in me, flood me with your hot, wet cream, you want it, ah, give it to me.”

            Xiumin moaned his right-before-coming moan, high-pitched and wavering at the end, and Luhan’s eyes widened in fury.  He was not going to let this pretty little boy deny him in front of Xiumin. 

            “You want my cum?” he demanded, rocking back on his heels.  “You’re going to get my cum,” he snapped, shoving Chunji over, pushing him onto his stomach.

            “Yes, come on, do it,” Chunji moaned, going up onto his hands and knees with such agile alacrity that there was no doubting his experience.  Arching his back, he looked over his shoulder, teeth catching on his pretty red lips, eyes burning with challenge.  “Make me wet,” he urged, rolling his hips and twitching his ass, rubbing himself back against Luhan’s cock, his breath catching on a soft, velvety groan as Luhan’s erection slid along the cleft.  “Get off in my ass, load me up with cream.”

            Grabbing his hips to control his movement, Luhan thrust into his horny little ass.  “I’m going to give you my cum,” Luhan promised, pushing into him roughly, not bothering to be polite anymore.  “You’re going to get every last squirt of it right in that precious little hole you can’t shut up about.  But first,” he growled and yanked Chunji back hard against him, Chunji’s whole body jerking, “you’re going to get my cock.  You’re going to take every fucking inch of it, and you’re going to love it.”

            “Fuck, yes, you’re the best,” Xiumin moaned, making that “uh, uh, uh, aaahhhh” sound that started off with throaty moans and ended on a helpless wail.  He was coming, coming right then and there, but Luhan couldn’t do more than shoot him a proud “yeah, babe, that’s it” look before getting back to Chunji.

            “You hear that?” Luhan demanded.  He was driving in hard, pulling on Chunji’s shoulders for leverage, fucking Chunji in harsh, banging thrusts.  He loved this angle, loved watching his cock piston in and out of Chunji’s pink, well-lubed hole, loved watching Chunji’s hips try to buck and pop and twist in a desperate dance against the thrusting of his cock.  “I’m the best.  You love this cock, you love the way I’m fucking you, you love it.  Your body keeps begging for it, keep twitching your ass, do it.  I’m going to give you everything you’re asking for.  You want my cock now?  You still want it?”

            “Yes, give it to me, hah, ah, don’t stop,” Chunji said in a low, urgent voice, grinding back against him, moaning the roof down.  “Nail my ass, plug my hole, yes, yes, keep drilling me with that fat cock, god, yes, do it.”

            “Yeah, yeah,” Luhan panted, hammering into him, their bodies smacking together with a rhythmic, slapping sound.  “I’m going so deep in your ass, you’re going to feel it next week.  Take it, take all of it, feel every inch of it.”  Chunji shuddered hard, groaning.  “Yeah, you love it, you love this cock, you can’t get enough of it.  Why is that, Chunji-ah?  Why is it?  Why are you desperate for more?”

            “Shit, just, ah, just fuck me, fuck me so hard,” Chunji moaned.  He was masturbating now, his hand moving between his thighs.

            Luhan smacked his ass and sped up, grunting, panting, pouring sweat.  “Why?  Why is it?  Why are you begging for it?”

            “Ah, that’s it, yes, fuck, yes, pound it, pound my hole, unh,” Chunji gasped, his voice breaking and squeaking, his whole body tense.

            “Say it!” Luhan shouted.  “Tell me!”

            “Because I love it, ah, I love your cock, oh god,” Chunji moaned, jerking back against him, shuddering hard, whole body shaking.  “Because you’re the best, you’re the best, god, shit, I’m coming, I’m coming so hard, ah, aaah, fuck, it’s the best.”

            Triumphant, Luhan laughed, licking his teeth, letting ecstasy break through him as he came.  “You’re goddamned right.”  With a few last, crude thrusts and a loud groan, he sent his cum deep into Chunji in short, victorious spurts.

            “Oh, god.”  Chunji slumped forward, sliding off of Luhan’s dick, dropping to one side, cum dribbling out of him.  He looked exhausted, his face red, his eyes closed, but he was smiling with the glow of a well-fucked bottom.  It was a look Luhan was very used to causing.

            There was a sticky puddle of jizz where Chunji had been, and Luhan wasn’t about to roll around in that, so he rested on top of Chunji, exhausted.  He wasn’t used to fucking quite that hard, but damn, it had been fun.  What a ride.  “I’m the best,” he confirmed, closing his eyes.

            “Right,” Xiumin said.  “Not competitive at all.”

            So wet, teasing him, fucking him.  Soft, agile, flirting with his hole, toying with him, making need claw at him.  Whimpering, tugging on his cock, L.Joe squirmed back against Tao’s tongue, desperate for more.

            Tao’s head lifted; he felt Tao’s thumbs spread him open, felt firm pressure rubbing right over his asshole.  His own needy groan almost drowned out Tao’s question.  “Are you going to come from this?”

            Oh, god, “Yes,” L.Joe moaned, rubbing into Tao’s hands.  “God, yes.”

            “Oh, fuck,” Tao said.  “Really?  Just this?  Wow, that’s so hot.”

            L.Joe burned with shame and pleasure as Tao’s tongue licked into him again.

            Niel was right in front of him, Ricky coming in from the left.  “What?” Kris asked, backing away, his hands up.  He glanced at Ricky for cues while trying to keep an eye on Niel, who was walking in faster than he was backing up.  He was all for a two-on-one pile-on, but he preferred being part of the two, not the one.

            “Is it true?” Niel asked, and glanced down at his crotch.

            “Is what true?”  Bumping into the back of a sofa, he sat down on it, bracing his hands against it.

            “What people say about you,” Niel said, standing so close that their thighs brushed.

            “What about me?”  He glanced right, trying to track Ricky.  Ricky was so close all of a sudden that he jerked back, surprised, and then Niel’s fingers tugged at his belt loop and he twitched away, startled.  Overbalancing, he tipped over the couch and landed on the seat, knees hooked over the back.

            Leaning over the back of the couch, Niel peered down at him.  “What they say about your cock.  Is it true?”

            “That you’re hung like an elephant,” Ricky said.

            “A horse,” Niel said.

            “A horse?” Ricky asked.

            Niel’s hands were sliding over his thighs, squeezing.  The curiosity and lust on Niel’s face were turning him on.  “Can we see?”

            Kris didn’t even want to know where they’d heard any of this.  “I’m not a horse.”  He tried to sit up, but his position was awkward.

            “Wait, not yet,” Ricky said.  “It should be hard first.”

            “Yeah.”  Feverish desire glittered in Niel’s eyes.  “Show it to us hard.”

            “I’m not just…”  Kris gave up as they crowded against the back of the couch, jockeying for position.  Maybe he could use their interest to his advantage.  “Do something sexy to turn me on, then.”

            “Something sexy, do something sexy,” they muttered to each other in consternation.

            Ricky tapped Niel.  “Hyung, what if-”

            “He’s not Angel,” Niel said.  “He won’t think that’s sexy.”

            Ricky frowned and chewed on his thumbnail.

            “You could make out,” Kris suggested.  “Go down on each other, give me something good to watch.”

            Pivoting, they pointed at each other.  “You!  You go down!  No!  You!  Ya!”  Niel shoved Ricky, trying to wrestle him downward, and Ricky shoved Niel back so hard that Niel landed halfway over the back of the couch.  He grabbed at Ricky, who pushed hard, and he slid down.  Grabbing him to control his fall, Kris ended up with an armful and lapful of Niel, Niel’s ass against his crotch, Niel’s hair soft and thick against his face.

            “Great,” Ricky said, coming around the side of the couch, unzipping his fly.  “Now Kris hyung can see everything.”

            “Not - - I’m not - - ah, fuck you,” Niel muttered.  Ricky stood with his crotch directly to Kris’ left, his balls hanging in Kris’ face.  As soon as he pointed his half-hard cock at Niel, Niel’s lips closed around it.  With a soft, hungry moan, Niel’s eyes closed, and Ricky moved closer, hand on the back of Niel’s neck.

            “Hard yet?” Ricky asked.

            Shit, “Getting there,” Kris admitted.  Niel’s plump, cushy lips looked like a luxurious home for his cock, and Niel’s immediate capitulation into frank enthusiasm turned him on.  Kris loved guys who weren’t shy about loving cock.  Besides, the more they wanted it, the less work he had to put in.  Holding on to Ricky’s thighs, Niel was putting effort in already, bobbing his head, sliding up and down with low moans and throaty grunts of pleasure.

            “Mmm, me, too,” Ricky said.  His hand on the base of his cock, he backed off a little, and Niel moaned, eyes opening just enough to see, tongue sliding over the head.

            Ricky was Niel’s own member, his dongsaeng; he could have this whenever he wanted.  It should have been nothing new to him, nothing special.  But he was moaning, sucking like he’d been denied for weeks.  His full-lipped, heavy-lidded expression and the color rising in his cheeks made Kris want to see what he’d look like groaning and slurping on a mouthful of Kris’ cock.

            “I think he’s ready,” Ricky said, stepping back.  “Can we see?”

            “Mmm, wait,” Niel mumbled, grabbing at Ricky’s cock, sucking it back into his mouth again.  “Not finished.”

            Hearing a familiar groan, loud and long, Lay froze and blinked.  Kris!  Immediately eager to see what Kris was doing, and who Kris was doing it to, Lay jogged toward the sound.

            Walking into the living room was like walking onto a porn shoot.  Or like walking into the dorm, but those were guys he was used to.  Niel and Ricky were new, and Lay wanted to see everything.  Excited, he touched himself through his underwear, moving toward the couch for a better look.

            Kris was in his typical position, sitting down, huge cock standing up between his thighs.  His thighs were spread, his balls dangling round and hairy over the edge of the seat.

            Squatting naked between Kris’ feet, Niel was sucking around the base of Kris’ erection.  He worked strictly with his mouth, keeping his hands braced on Kris’ thighs, his full lips kissing the shaft, his tongue flicking out in long, hungry licks.

            Ricky was plastered to Niel’s back, his hips working overtime in hard little jabs as he fucked Niel.  Stretching his head past Niel’s shoulder, he was also mouthing Kris’ cock, grunting eagerly and making wet, smacking noises in his excitement.

            Stroking himself lightly, Lay shuffled in closer.  With a hoarse moan, Niel lifted his head, lips parted, eyes half-closed, and kissed the head.  Lips stretching wide around the thick knob, he moaned again, sliding down, rising off, sliding down again.

            “Yeah,” Kris groaned.  “Yeah, like that.”

            Lay stared at Niel and Ricky, captivated.  They looked incredible, the two of them, so pretty, so eager for cock.  They were hot for it, rutting against each other in their enthusiasm, straining against each other to reach Kris’ erection.  Niel was pornographic inspiration, moaning so ardently around Kris’ monster cock while his horny little friend thrust frenziedly inside him.  Lay wanted to come all over Niel’s long, supple body.

            “Ya.”  At the sound of Kris’ voice, Lay started, his hand pausing on his cock.  Kris nodded at him.  “You want to get in on this?”

            Yes, but, more than that, Lay wanted to see things.  Wanted to see everything.  “You should fuck him.”  Lay couldn’t wait to see Niel’s eager body speared on the end of Kris’ thick pole.

            “Yes, me, fuck me,” Niel said earnestly, raising his head.  “It should be me.”  Reaching back, he slapped at Ricky’s thigh.  “Finish!  Hurry!  I have somewhere else to be.”

            “Finish with Lay hyung,” Kris said.

            Ricky’s expression brightened.  “Okay,” he said readily, sliding out of Niel and hopping to his feet.

            “Up here, kneel on the seat,” Kris told Niel.  While Niel rubbed his hand over his mouth and knelt on the seat, his forearms resting on the back of the couch, Kris got up and stood behind him.  Not wanting to miss anything, Lay knelt beside Kris’ feet on the floor, leaning against the front of the couch and gazing up at Niel’s pouting little hole.  It was the perfect upward angle they always used in porn.

            With a grunt, Kris poured lube over the head of his dick, letting it drip down the shaft.  “You have a nice ass,” he said, tugging on his balls.

            Ricky took the lube from Kris, and Lay shifted his knees back a little, pushing out his ass.  The first slippery probe of Ricky’s fingers made him moan.

            “I can’t wait to feel that horse cock for myself,” Niel said, bouncing on his knees, hands on the back of the couch.  Enchanted, Lay watched his ass dance encouragingly in front of Kris’ erection.

            Kris rubbed his wet cock over Niel’s asshole, squeezing Niel’s ass like he was enjoying the view.  Lay certainly was.

            Ricky was faster than Kris; he was already sliding in.  He was already pumping so quickly, Lay shifted, surprised.  “Oh.”  It was, “Oh!” really “Ah?” fast, “Ooooohh,” and kind of rough.  Like a jackhammer.  Oh, god, “That feels so good,” Lay breathed, kneading a couch cushion, his vision swimming.  “Can you pinch my nipples?”

            “Yeah, ahhh, like that?” Ricky asked, hands sliding up his ribcage and forward over his chest.  Ricky pinched at his nipples too hard, twisting them, and Lay shuddered, yelping.

            “Yes, yes, like that,” Lay moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head.  Too much, too fast.  “I’m going to come.”

            “Already?” Ricky demanded.

            “You can, ah, keep going, ooohh, after,” Lay moaned, starting to lose his sense of equilibrium as dizzying pleasure whipped through him.  “Hoooo!”  He squeezed the couch cushion, his head lolling back.  “So good, your cock, ah, I love it, ah, ah, hooo!”  Yelping, he came, tremors rocking him.  His hips jerked helplessly, popping him off of Ricky’s cock and back on again, and Ricky groaned, grabbing at him.  “Oh, oh, oh,” he moaned, blinking, dazed.  Oh, that had been good.  Moaning dreamily now, he melted back against Ricky, feeling absolutely blissful.  “Ahhhh, thank you.”

            “That was great,” Ricky said, hugging Lay close against his chest as he kept fucking like a determined woodpecker.  “I like the way you come.”

            Right before Lay’s dazed eyes, the thick knob of Kris’ cockhead was starting to push into Niel.  With a throaty moan, Niel said, “Yeah, yeah,” and shook his hair.  “Oh, fuck, yeah, unh.”

            “Niel hyung,” Ricky said.  “Are you going to survive?  It’s barely in.”

            “Barely?” Niel demanded.  “Not halfway?”

            “Ungh, hold on,” Kris said.  Niel was stretched wide around the thickness of the shaft, and Kris was still pressing in, sliding slowly through the lubed pucker of Niel’s asshole.

            “Oh, god, what are you trying to put into me?” Niel asked.  “What are you fucking me with?  Oh, yes, yes, ah!”  With a wild cry, he rocked back, jamming the last couple of inches deep inside himself, down to the widest part of the base.  Making stunned, awed sounds, he clutched at the back of the couch, leaning forward, breathing heavily, head down.  “So good, so good, so good.”

            “How is it? It looks amazing,” Ricky said.

            Niel clawed slowly at the back of the couch, groaning huskily.  “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  Please fuck me very hard.”

            Kris always had sex in a pretty straightforward way, just going in and thrusting.  Aside from his amazing, gigantic cock, he didn’t provide a lot of visual material, so Lay had to rely on Niel for a show.

            And Niel didn’t let him down.  The husky moaning noises that Niel made sounded fantastic, but Niel also gave him a lot to look at.  He was in constant motion, pawing at the couch, playing roughly with his nipples, rubbing his thighs, pulling at his own hair.  When he thought that Kris wasn’t fucking him fast enough, he reached back with both hands and spread himself open, giving a gorgeous view of Kris’ cock penetrating his spread pink hole.  The way he masturbated was great; he focused mainly on the head, his fist twisting around it like he was trying to unscrew a bottle cap.  Lay would have come in a heartbeat, playing with himself like that.

            “This is so great,” Ricky panted in Lay’s ear, pumping away, keeping a constant hum of pleasure going in Lay’s body while they enjoyed the show.  “Niel hyung, going to come soon?”

            “I want to, I want to,” Niel moaned.  “God, need to come.”  Apparently giving up on Kris to satisfy him, he started to work on it himself, rocking his hips back, meeting Kris’ thrusts with energy, making an explosive “unh!” sound every time their bodies met.  He was arching his back, popping his hips, so greedy for pleasure that he was fucking himself on Kris’ huge cock, rhythmically riding the wide shaft, his hips working hard to get more cock, more, more, not satisfied until he was all the way to the base, Kris’ balls smacking him.  Sweat trickled down the sides of his face; his head was back, his full lips parted, throaty moans rolling out of him.  The shiny knob of his cockhead looked red and swollen in his fist.  “Harder, hyung, harder, ah!  Oh, it’s here, it’s here, shit, it’s here,” he moaned, and then he pushed back hard, screwing himself the whole way down, groaning noisily as cum spurted onto the couch.

            “God, are you done?” Kris asked, sounding exhausted.

            “Oh, so big,” Niel moaned, and he swayed forward, catching himself on the back of the couch, slumped with his ass in the air.

            “Niel hyung, are you dead?” Ricky asked.

            “Yes,” Niel mumbled.  “Yes, I died.”

            “Come on his back,” Lay said, mesmerized by the satiny expanse of Niel’s bare skin.

            “On his butt, on his butt,” Ricky said.

            “Ungh, uh, uh, fuck, yeah, hold on,” Kris said, and he tugged his cock out of Niel’s ass.  It looked enormous as he rested it against the cleft, a broad tower rising over Niel’s skinny hips.

            Niel was panting, rubbing at his face, mumbling to himself.  “Niel hyung,” Ricky said as Kris masturbated, Lay’s eyes avidly following the smooth, pumping motion.  “He’s going to come on you.  It’s going to be so hot.”

            “Ahhh, yeah,” Niel moaned, arching his back.  “I want it.”

            “Oh, I’m going to come, too,” Ricky said.

            “Oh, oh, come on Niel,” Lay said.  “Let me see it.”

            “Yes, yes, okay, I can make it, I can make it,” Ricky said, popping out of him and scrambling upward.

            “Unh, unh, fuck, that’s it,” Kris groaned, and cum erupted from him, pouring out in a steady flow like someone had turned the faucet.  It pooled in a thick, gooey mess on Niel’s back just as, “Oh, god, I’m coming, I’m coming,” Ricky’s cum splattered in fast, runny squirts, dripping over Niel’s ass.

            Unable to resist, Lay leaned in, licking Ricky’s cum as it slithered down Niel’s lean, bare thigh.  “Mmm,” he moaned, his eyes closing in bliss.  Licking one guy’s cum off of another was one of the great pleasures of life.

            “This hyung is great,” Ricky said, his hand in Lay’s hair.  “Okay, next, I’m next, fuck me, too.”

            “Unh, unh, oh,” Chen moaned as C.A.P. sank into him.  “Ah, it’s deep.”

            The low moans and sensual groans of Chen’s pleasure rang in C.A.P.’s ears.  Covering Chen’s back, finally easing inside, he went slowly, treasuring the way Chen’s moans rose so full and round over every single inch.  Grunting, he went all the way in, burying himself as far as he could.  His hand flat across Chen’s abs, sliding low just above Chen’s cock, he pressed Chen back against himself, and Chen groaned, hips hitching.  The movement felt so good, C.A.P. grunted, rocking back and thrusting in again.

            “Oh!”  Chen laughed, flicking a surprised glance over his shoulder.  “You like it rough?”

            That was rough?  Hell, that was first base, as far as C.A.P. was concerned.  “I like whatever gets you off,” he said, his fingers sliding down to circle Chen’s cock.

            Chen licked his lips and shot C.A.P. another look.  “Can you put your fingers in my mouth?”

            “Hell, I’ll put them anywhere you want.”  Raising his hand, he slid the first two into Chen’s mouth.  With a muffled moan, Chen squeezed his thigh, nodding, and he slid in a third.

            That earned him a low, strained, “Oohhhh, uuunnnh,” of pleasure, and Chen’s hips ground back against him.  Chen’s arm came around his, hugging his bicep, and he watched Chen’s eyes close in ecstasy as he felt that hot, wet suction tug his fingers deeper.

            Groaning as Chen pressed snugly against him, C.A.P. thrust again.  Chen didn’t like it “rough,” which meant that C.A.P. had to find a different stroke than usual, and it took some experimenting to find the best combination.  What got Chen groaning with an appreciative, satisfied, “Hhhuuuunnh,” was an excruciatingly slow, long slide that sent him balls-deep every time.  It was agony for him to hold back when the fever in his blood was telling him to go for it, but the way Chen kept up that rhythmic, lustful suction on his fingers told him that he was doing something right.

            He’d already brought Chen all the way to orgasm and now there was no urgency left in Chen’s body, just pure pleasure.  C.A.P. fucked him slow and deep for as long as he kept sucking and humming.  The control it took to hold back from pounding his sweet, hot tunnel had C.A.P. sweating, muscles burning, and every time his soft, round ass snuggled back against C.A.P.’s groin, C.A.P.’s world went up in flames.  He was so sexy, it was worth it, but not fucking him right was agony.

            “Unh, oh.”  Chen licked C.A.P.’s palm, dragging his teeth lightly across the heel of C.A.P.’s hand.  C.A.P. grunted, aching, feeling like his balls were about to burst.  “Can I be on my back?  I want to see you.”

            What was there to see?  He wanted to watch C.A.P. slowly go out of his mind with fucking-not-fucking him?  “Yeah,” C.A.P. said, “sure.”

            The slow drag of C.A.P.’s cockhead sliding out of Chen’s body felt as amazing as Chen’s moan sounded.  The fierce throbbing of pleasure warned C.A.P. that he might commit the crime of getting off before Chen, but he told himself to hold on.  This new position might help.

            It didn’t help.  As soon as they rolled over, Chen kissed him, moaning right in his face, clinging to him.  “You’re amazing,” Chen said, and started squeezing his cock.  “Ah, it’s so hard.”

            Shit, shit, he had to get back inside Chen now.  Pleasure was rioting between his legs and sweat was dripping from his balls.  “Have to get in you,” he grunted, kissing Chen back.  “Need to fuck you.”

            “Yeah, I want to feel you inside me again,” Chen said, mouth soft and hungry on his, one hand stroking the side of his face, one hand still stroking his cock.  “Mmm, C.A.P.,” Chen moaned, thighs closing hungrily around his waist.  “Fuck me.”

            He came with a grunt, spilling cum, completely out of control.  He felt like a puppet, like Chen was pulling cheerfully and relentlessly on his strings.  Ecstasy was still burning and quaking inside him and he couldn’t believe that he’d come.  In Chen’s hand!  Like a kid!

            Chen was laughing, happy unselfconscious laughter, like he’d made some adorable mistake.

            Humiliated, C.A.P. didn’t even know what to do anymore.  Maybe he should just roll over and hide his face and give up on the world for a while, like L.Joe usually did.  “You’re killing me,” he said, rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling.  “You’re absolutely killing me, here.”

            “Aw, what?” Chen asked, rolling against him, a hand on his chest.  “It was cute.”

            He glanced over.  Chen was smiling at him without a care in the world.  Feeling a blush heat his cheeks, he winced and looked away again.

            “Aw, come on,” Chen said, rubbing his chest.  “It’s okay.  I can get someone else to fuck me.  You were great.”  Chen snickered.  “While it lasted.”

            Groaning, C.A.P. rolled onto his stomach and crossed his arms over the back of his head.

            L.Joe was sprawled naked on the bed alone, recovering from Tao, when Luhan and Xiumin came in.  Last time, with EXO-K, he’d deliberately taken breaks between encounters, giving himself time to de-stress, and it had helped a lot to keep him from getting overwhelmed.  Luhan and Xiumin came in before he was fully ready to start again, but he was sure that he could handle it.  Besides, they were so good-looking and so friendly and so naked that he really, really wanted them.

            There were two of them, and he was alone in the back of the house, but that just made it so much hotter.  Turned on by his own vulnerability, he felt need starting to burn away his rationality.  When Xiumin kissed him, he moaned, enjoying it, wanting more, needing so much more.

            “God, you want it,” Xiumin said, kissing him harder.  Shuddering at the words, shame heating him up as his raw need was exposed, he whimpered into Xiumin’s kiss, sucking greedily at Xiumin’s tongue.  “Yeah, let’s do it, come here,” Xiumin urged him, lying back, pulling him in.

            As he stretched over Xiumin’s body, his hips immediately honed in on the rigid jut of Xiumin’s arousal.  Grinding his cock against it, he moaned again, eager for the feel of it sliding into him.  The deep, confident way Xiumin was kissing him was really messing with his head.  He liked it too much, it was too personal, pulled on him too much; he wanted to bury his head in the mattress and be an anonymous ass.

            “Yeah, we’ll give it to you,” Xiumin said, hands tugging at his thighs, pulling him open.  As his thighs spread, he heard another voice, Luhan’s voice: “Look at you, so hot for it already.”  Xiumin’s hands were holding his thighs apart and another hand, Luhan’s hand, was on his ass, feeling him up.  It was coordinated, they’d done this together before, and now they were going to do it to him.

            The emotions burning through him were overpowered by raw need, and he shivered, squirming against their hands, sucking at Xiumin’s tongue like he wanted to suck on cock.

            “Oh, you like that?” Xiumin asked, kissing his mouth, kneading his spread thighs.  “You want Luhan to give it to you?”

            He did, he did, and he didn’t want to admit to it out loud, didn’t want to say it, but he couldn’t hold back a deep, breathy, “Yes, ahhhh, please.”

            “Don’t worry, you’ll get it,” Luhan said, and Luhan was fingering him open already, lubing him up already, so quick, they moved so fast.  “I’ll give you all of it.”

            L.Joe couldn’t control his need, couldn’t control the way his ass closed greedily around Luhan’s fingers, couldn’t control the way he writhed between them, rubbing himself against Xiumin’s cock, twisting himself farther on Luhan’s fingers.

            “God, Chunji got me so keyed up and now this one,” Luhan said.  “Teen Top is full of the horniest kids I’ve ever met.  Where did they cast you, a brothel?”

            Xiumin laughed, squeezing L.Joe’s ass.  “Ya, be nice.”

            Whimpering, L.Joe tried to keep himself still, but the way Luhan was stretching him open felt so good he just kept writhing in hungry abandon.  Tearing himself away from Xiumin’s mouth, he tried to hide his face against Xiumin’s hard chest, but as soon as he lowered his head he saw a stiff, pink nipple.  Moaning, he licked it, scrubbing at it with his tongue.

            Xiumin squeezed his shoulder, rubbed the back of his neck.  “Unh, yeah, love your mouth.”

            Luhan’s hand left him.  Gasping in relief, L.Joe closed his eyes.  He had to center himself, had to get his head in order, had to-

            “Oh, yeah, here we go,” Luhan murmured, and his eyes shot open.  Something was pressing into him, a cock, a hard cock was sliding into him, thick, wider than he’d expected, filling him, going deep.  Moaning helplessly, he rubbed his forehead against Xiumin’s chest.  He didn’t want to be wriggling in excitement, but it felt amazing, his body opening around Luhan’s big cock, the stretch and the pressure, the sensation of being so deliciously, completely filled.  Groaning, gasping against Xiumin’s chest, he surrendered to pleasure, to need.  His next moan was one of raw ecstasy, and he undulated, squirming back, inviting Luhan in.  “Yeah, you want it, you love it,” Luhan told him, thrusting into him again and again.

            Every thrust whisked away another layer of L.Joe’s self-control, and he moaned in full-throated lust, licking at Xiumin’s skin.  “Please, please.”

            “Please what?” Xiumin asked, stroking his hair.

            “Please more dick?” Luhan suggested.

            Yes, yes, more dick, “More cock, I need it, please.  Fuck me harder, harder, please.”

            “So polite,” Luhan said, and immediately jerked on his hips, ramming into him hard.  Yowling, he shuddered as pleasure exploded inside of him.  “Yeah, love my cock,” Luhan said, slamming into him.  “You love it.”

            Luhan was fucking him hard, roughly, and it was so familiar to him to be used this way, cock banging harshly into him like he was made to be fucked, that he groaned, shimmying, whimpering with pleasure.

            “You want to love my cock, too?” Xiumin asked, shifting beneath him.

            “Yes, oh, god, yes,” he said immediately, pushing up on his hands, looking for it.  Xiumin scooted out from under him, kneeling in front of him, hard cock aimed right at his mouth.  Oh, god, “Yes,” he moaned, already lowering his head for it, hungry for the taste of it.  The blunt head was smooth against his tongue, and he loved the feel of it so much that he swallowed the whole thing without hesitation, bringing Xiumin’s cock down his throat.

            “Shit, you’re good,” Xiumin said, fingers threading through his hair.  “Luhan, you’re missing out.”

            “Trust me, I’m not,” Luhan panted.  “Yeah, you want it, suck his cock.  You love it, tell him how much you love it.”

            Yes, “I love it,” he moaned, his words muffled and distorted by the cock filling his mouth.  “I love it.”

            “Yeah, you know it,” Luhan said, banging him so hard he felt raw ecstasy glittering through his veins.  “What do you love, tell him, say it.”

            “Your cock,” he moaned, and sucked it down to the root.  Undulating, writhing with pleasure, he lifted up enough to mumble, “Your cock, I love your cock,” around the head, before sliding back down with greedy intent.

            “Yeah, you love that cock,” Luhan said.  “Suck it, suck all of it, suck it down.”

            Spurred on, the commands and encouragement only turning him on, heightening his excitement, feeding into his need, he sucked harder, faster.  Why would they want him to say it, was his enthusiasm not obvious enough?  His appetite for cock only strengthened by the thought, he sucked fervently, fever hot in his blood.

            “Ahh, ahh, you’re so good,” Xiumin moaned.

            “That’s right, give Xiumin your best,” Luhan urged.  “Suck him off well, treat him right.”  A hand was in his hair, pushing his head, forcing him down.  The sudden sense of being controlled, of being helpless, shocked L.Joe, sending an agonizing wave of ecstasy and a delicious panic through him.  As Luhan’s erection filled him again, the ecstasy overrode the panic, and he moaned around a mouthful of cock, sucking with eager abandon.

            “Like that, ahhh, yeah,” Xiumin said, stroking the side of his face, caressing his chin, starting to thrust.  “Ahh, you like hyung’s cock, you like what Luhan’s doing to you?”

            “Yes, yes, yes.”  His words were muffled.  Luhan’s hand was holding him down, forcing his head forward onto Xiumin’s erection.  The first “yes” was halfway audible, but the rest came out as helpless garble as Xiumin’s cock rode down his throat.

            “What?” Luhan asked, pulling his head back.  “Say it again, tell him, say you love it.”

            He was caught, Luhan’s cock pounding into him, rocking him forward.  The hand in his hair tilted his face up.  Xiumin’s cock rubbed across his open mouth, the smooth head gliding over the slickness of drool and pre-cum on his hungry lips.  His sense of powerlessness was overwhelming, and he shuddered, a pleading moan breaking from his throat.  He couldn’t say it, not out loud, not again, but he wouldn’t get more cock if he didn’t say it, he wouldn’t be allowed to suck Xiumin’s cock, he wouldn’t feel it thick in his mouth or plunging down his throat if he didn’t obey.  Luhan’s next thrust rocked him forward so far that Xiumin’s cock slid over his cheek, smooth and slick and hard against his face, and the tease of it was unbearable, taunting him, reminding of what he needed so very, very badly.  Submitting with a helpless moan, he said, “I love it, I love your cock, please, I need it, I need it, please.”

            “Yeah, that’s right,” Luhan snapped, pushing his face down, forcing him onto it.  His mouth opened ravenously, Xiumin’s cock hard and wet between his lips.  As Luhan pushed his head down, Xiumin thrust deeper, and the swift penetration was so satisfying that he moaned in ecstasy, reveled in it, glad to have obeyed so well, to have pleased them, to have been rewarded so generously.

            Luhan’s hand was still on him, forcing him down, dragging him up, dictating his rhythm, giving him absolutely no say in what happened to him, crudely fucking his face on Xiumin’s cock.  The situation was completely out of his control, but that only intensified his excitement.  He was so hard that he needed to come, so hard that it was starting to hurt, but he didn’t dare to touch himself.  He didn’t know these hyungs, didn’t know their rules, didn’t know what might displease them, what might cause them to deny him cock.  He was being fucked at both ends, filled in pounding rhythm, rocked between their fast thrusts.  He was writhing like a fiend, wild animal cries of pleasure rising from his throat every time Luhan let him up for air.  He didn’t want air, he wanted cock, he wanted it now, he wanted all of it.

            “Aahh, ahh,” Xiumin moaned.  “Aah, so hot, you’re so hot, I want to come on your face.”

            “Yeah, do it,” Luhan said.

            “Aahh, god, can I?” Xiumin asked, his voice shaking, high-pitched.  “Can I come in your face?”

            Before L.Joe could respond, Luhan pulled his hair, yanking his head up.  “Answer him, tell him you want it, beg him for it.”

            Luhan was so forceful, so commanding, that L.Joe vibrated helplessly around the powerful thrust of his cock.  On fire, he stared up at Xiumin, desperate, craving.  “Please, please come on me, please, please, on my face, I need it, please.”

            “Oh, god, you’re incredible,” Xiumin said, staring down at him in delight.

            He only had a heartbeat to enjoy having pleased Xiumin with his obedience before Luhan pulled out of him.  His hips shoved back hungrily, seeking, but a smack on his ass punished him.  Shocked, he gasped, and then Luhan was forcing him onto his back, kneeling over his chest, cupping his chin and pushing his head back.

            “Love it,” Luhan ordered him.

            He stared upward in a helpless spiral of ecstasy and shame as two thick erections loomed over his face.  Luhan and Xiumin were over him, Luhan in front of him, Xiumin behind his head, and they were masturbating, they were going to come, they were going to come on him, on his face, they were going to, oh, god, oh, god.

            “Ah, yeah.  Drink it up,” Luhan said, and cum rained down over him, landing sloppy and wet on his face.  At Luhan’s command, submissive need shuddered through him like a drug, and he opened his mouth, tilting his face toward the sweet rain, licking out, trying to catch it, wanting to please, needing to obey.  A gooey spurt struck his searching tongue and he sucked it in, groaning, his body twisting in spasms of joy between Luhan’s muscular thighs.

            “Ah, yeah, that’s it,” Xiumin moaned, and Xiumin’s oozing cockhead rubbed across his forehead, smooth and slick with cum.  With a cry of need, he lunged for it, jerking on the bed as he arched and licked, his hungry mouth sucking on the head, desperate to taste the last few drops.  His own cock was aching, throbbing, tormenting him with unfulfilled yearning; he felt wild with it.

            “Greedy boy,” Luhan said, pushing three fingers into his mouth.  It wasn’t cock but it was good, it was so good, and he whimpered, submitting with a happy shiver, sucking gratefully as Luhan’s fingers stroked his tongue.

            A door slammed.  “Ya!” Ricky’s voice shouted.

            Ricky.  Ricky, his members, Teen Top.  Not here, not in the room, but close, in the house.  The house, EXO, MT, his members, these hoobaes, the - - he - - oh god, “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”  Ripping himself away, he slithered down the bed, out from under Luhan, and curled up on his side, trying to deny it, trying to hide it, to escape, to be alone with his mortification.  He tried to hide his face in his hands, but he was covered in cum, coated with it, all over his face, he’d begged them for it, he’d begged them for everything.

            “Are you okay?”  Xiumin’s voice, some hoobae he barely knew, oh, god, he’d begged them for it and he was still rock-hard and they’d seen everything.  “L.Joe, are you okay?”

            “What the hell, what happened?” Luhan demanded.  L.Joe whimpered, curling into himself, needing to get away from the sound of that voice.  “Where did they cast you, a brothel?”  Oh, god, what was wrong with him?

            “L.Joe, can we do something?” Xiumin asked.  “Do you want me to get one of your members?”

            No, god, please, please, no.  “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,” he whispered, whimpering.  They couldn’t see him like this, he didn’t want them to see him like this.  But, ooohh, need was riding him, punishing him, and he didn’t want Luhan to touch him again.  “Ch-ch-chunji, can you, I need, Chunji, please, please.”

            “Go, go,” Xiumin said.

            “Right, yeah,” Luhan said, sounding much less confident now.

            L.Joe licked his lips, tasted cum, and shuddered.

            Kris was talking to Lay, in the kitchen in his underwear, when Chunji walked in, naked and kind of beautiful and apparently not at all shy about it.  “Water?” Kris offered, holding out a bottle.

            Before Chunji could reply, Luhan skidded into the room, naked and flushed.  “Chunji, we, uh, hey.”  He shot Kris a “I didn’t do anything, get me out of this” look and told Chunji, “L.Joe is asking for you.”

            Chunji gave him a puzzled look, then said, “Oh!”  Kris stared as Chunji’s expression hardened into a venomous glare.  “What did you do to him?”

            “Nothing,” Luhan said in the tone he used when he’d totally done something and didn’t want to be held responsible for it.

            Oh, shit.

            Ignoring him, Chunji hurried out of the kitchen, then turned to him with a demanding, “Where?”

            “There, the bedroom, in the back,” Luhan said.  As Chunji took off, light and fleet, Lay followed, looking worried.  Kris hurried after them, following Chunji to the bedroom.

            Tapping at the door, Chunji opened it.  L.Joe was curled on the bed, his back to the door; Xiumin was wiping his face with a washcloth.  “Oh, Chunji,” Xiumin said, looking up.

            “Hey,” Chunji said, kneeling behind L.Joe as Xiumin got off of the bed.  “Are you-”  He broke off into a laugh.  “God, it’s all over your face.”

            “Shut up,” L.Joe said, sounding embarrassed.

            “What am I here for?” Chunji asked, taking the washcloth from Xiumin and wiping L.Joe’s chin with it.

            L.Joe gave Chunji a shy, deeply ashamed, hopeful look, spreading his legs.  His exposed cock was rock-hard, and it looked to Kris like he was in real need of a good, deep fuck.

            “Oh, god,” Chunji said, laughing.  “Okay, hold on.”  He shifted left, and L.Joe shifted right, and just like that he was on his knees between L.Joe’s thighs.  There was no way that they hadn’t done this a thousand times before.  “Did they get you off at all?” he asked, jacking himself with quick, efficient tugs.

            L.Joe shook his head, biting his lip.

            “Guess I don’t need lube,” Chunji observed, and L.Joe put his hands over his face, moaning, laughing.  “Okay, unh,” Chunji said, and he moaned, sliding into L.Joe.

            “Oh,” L.Joe moaned, squirming down against Chunji with a sexy, lithe shimmy.  “Ah, mmm.”  One hand over his eyes, L.Joe reached for his own cock.  Chunji’s pace was unrushed, steady, pressing deep, and L.Joe moaned in short, whimpering gasps, masturbating fast like he was racing to the finish line.  In seconds, L.Joe was coming, cum squirting over his abs in short, sticky shots.

            “There it is,” Chunji murmured, skimming agile fingers over his abs, still rocking into him steadily.  With a sly wink at Lay, Chunji offered a wet fingertip.

            “Oh,” Lay said wonderingly, and stepped closer to the bed.  Lowering his head, he licked politely at Chunji’s finger.

            “Don’t be shy,” Chunji murmured, sliding two fingers right into Lay’s mouth.

            L.Joe moaned, turning his face away.  He was still hard, still masturbating, and Kris eased closer, not wanting to jump in and interrupt but wanting a better look.  L.Joe’s thin, wiry body was trembling, his grip tight as he jacked his cock.  His hand still covered his eyes.  His cock was swollen and red, angry, desperate, and he was making hurt, miserable sounds as he breathed.  “I can’t, I can’t,” he moaned.

            Lay sucked wetly off of Chunji’s fingers.  He was in a great position to watch the slide and pump of Chunji’s cock in L.Joe’s ass, and he stared avidly, biting his lower lip.

            “Mmm.”  With a pleased sound, Chunji kissed the corner of Lay’s mouth.  “You like to watch, don’t you?”

            “Unh-hunh,” Lay said, gaze flickering from Chunji’s cock to Chunji’s face.

            Chunji’s smile was knowing, flirtatious, conspiratorial.  “I like to be watched.”

            Lay just stared at him, open-mouthed, doing nothing more than breathing.  Lay couldn’t seem to look away from Chunji’s eyes, which was pretty extreme for Lay, considering what else was happening right in front of him.

            Chunji winked.

            Lay made a surprised sound.  “Can I watch Kris hyung fuck you?”

            Chunji glanced at Kris with indifference, then sniffed and nodded at Lay.  “Sure.”

            “Oh my god, oh my god,” L.Joe moaned, and he came again, milking his cock until his abs were messy with cum.

            “Twice,” Lay said, finally tearing his gaze from Chunji.  “You can come twice?”

            “He always does,” Chunji said.  “They’re usually close together like that.  He tightens up so hard, it feels amazing to be inside him.”

            “Oh my god, oh my god, fuck,” L.Joe moaned, kicking at Chunji, squirming away.  “Get away from me.”

            “Ya, hold still,” Chunji protested, grabbing his waist.  As L.Joe rolled away, Chunji pushed at his hips and dragged him back, sliding into him from behind.  Groaning, L.Joe arched his back and submitted.  For the moment, he seemed to be finished.  Aside from the cant of his hips, he was passive, his arms crossed over the back of his head, his body still except for when Chunji’s thrusts jostled him.  Stroking his back and rubbing his ass, Chunji thrust into him for a while longer, caressing his smooth body.

            “Ah, ahhhh, ah!”  Gasping, throwing his head back, Chunji came, his nails scraping down L.Joe’s back.  “Ah, ah!”  Closing his eyes, he ran his tongue over his teeth, so obviously savoring the moment that Kris wanted to watch him come again.  “Ooooo.”  Rubbing his hand over the small of L.Joe’s back, Chunji opened his eyes and looked straight at Kris, his black lashes long and thick.  “Ready to fuck me?”

            Tao walked into a bathroom to see Niel and Ricky pushing and shoving at each other, damp and in their underwear, against the sink.  “What are you doing?”

            Niel said, “We,” and Ricky said, “Nothing,” and dropped his hands, pivoting.

            “Yeah,” Niel said.  “Nothing.”

            Ricky was looking Tao over.  Tao looked right back at him.  He was really good-looking; Tao loved how dramatic his eyebrows were.

            “Want to have sex?” Ricky asked.

            “Yeah.”  Tao glanced at Niel, looking him over.  His skin looked really soft.  “You, too?”

            “Okay, but I get his cock,” Niel told Ricky.

            “Good, I want his ass,” Ricky said.

            “Ya!”  Tao glared at them.  “Doesn’t hyung get to talk?  What about what I want?”

            Niel looked irritated; Ricky sighed and then asked with exaggerated patience, “What do you want, hyung?”

            “Let’s make out first.”

            Niel’s eyebrows drew together.  “Make out?”

            “I’ll make out with his face,” Ricky told Niel.  “You can make out with his cock.”

            “Oh, okay,” Niel said, relaxing.  “Here, or should we find a bedroom?”

            Chunji decided to be a good friend, so he made sure that L.Joe was okay before he did anything else.  They washed up together and got something to eat and talked about everyday things, and soon L.Joe was back to normal.  The embarrassment and need and vulnerability all over L.Joe’s face were replaced by calm and happiness and amusement.  When he slapped L.Joe’s ass, instead of shuddering with repressed desire, L.Joe just laughed and slapped his in return.

            That settled, Chunji went back to the bedroom.  He’d kept Kris and Lay waiting, but he didn’t mind, and apparently they didn’t, either, because they were still there in their underwear, Kris on a chair, Lay on a footstool at his side, talking.  When he walked in, Lay got up, and when he sat on the foot of the bed and stretched out his legs and rubbed his feet over the rug and smiled, Lay was at his side in an instant, smiling back at him.

            “On the bed?” Kris asked, getting up.

            Chunji gazed up at Lay, his hand stealing lightly over Lay’s thigh.  “We’re doing this for you, hyung.  What do you think?  On the bed?”

            Lay put his hand over Chunji’s like he was afraid that Chunji might stop touching him, and nodded.  “Would you be comfortable on your back?”

            Chunji smiled, lowering his lashes and then raising them again.  “Do you want me to be on my back?”

            Smiling happily, Lay nodded.

            “Then that’s where I’d be most comfortable,” Chunji told him, rubbing his thigh.

            “Could you, will you give him head first?” Lay asked.

            “Nope,” Chunji said.  “Not in the mood.”  He couldn’t have them thinking that he’d do just anything they wanted.  He’d played enough of that game with Luhan and Xiumin.  What was with these guys wanting to watch each other?  Shooting Lay a smile to ensure that there were no hard feelings, he rolled over and crawled up the bed, letting everyone take a good look.  Reaching the head of the bed, he flopped onto his butt and leaned back on his hands, tossing his hair.  Lay was staring at him like he was not only edible but the most delicious thing on the menu; Kris was eyeing his thighs and masturbating a little.  Sniffing, he looked Kris over, deciding that he was interested.  Chiefly, he was interested in the rapidly growing tent in Kris’ boxer-briefs.  “It’s big, isn’t it?”

            “Yeah,” Kris said.  He didn’t seem to care one way or the other, which made Chunji like him more than if he’d played it up or acted modest.

            Wiggling his toes, Chunji glanced at Lay.  Kris might not care, but Chunji was guessing that Lay did.  There was a reason that Lay had asked to see him with Kris and not someone else.  “You want me to do all of that ‘oh, it’s so big, you’re splitting me open’ crap, don’t you?”

            Lay’s eyes widened like he was falling in love.  “Is that okay?”

            Ugh.  Chunji licked the corner of his mouth and eyed the serious tent in Kris’ underwear.  Shit, things were about to get real; that thing was on the big side of big.  Chunji smiled; he liked the challenge.  “Sure, let’s do it,” he told Lay.  It was perfect; he always enjoyed an excuse to play around.  Then he shot Lay a flirtatious look and shifted onto one hip, slowly drawing a knee in.  “But I want you to lube me.”  He liked the way Lay touched him.

            “Congratulations,” Kris told Lay, sitting on the edge of the bed.  “You’re a porn set fluffer.”

            Lay grinned, walking up the side of the bed and picking up the lube.  “I always wanted to be.”

            Chunji stretched out comfortably on his side, Lay behind him, Kris in front of him.  “Does that mean that you’re going to suck Kris hyung to get him ready for me?”

            “Yeah, if you want,” Lay said without any shyness whatsoever.  Liking that, Chunji looked back over his shoulder.

            Rubbing his fingers together, Lay stared at Chunji’s ass like he liked what he saw.  His arousal was stiff in his underwear, but he didn’t touch it or draw attention to it.  He ran his wet fingers over Chunji’s perineum, slowly massaging, and traveled up to Chunji’s asshole.  He rubbed around it, staring avidly, lips parted, and then across it, exerting pressure but not going in.  It felt nice, and Chunji relaxed, looking at Kris again.

            Kris nodded at him.  “Enjoying your night off?”

            He laughed.  “It’s been fun.”  He smiled.  “I like your members.  Luhan hyung is great.”

            “That says so much about you,” Kris said.

            He laughed again, not minding that at all.  Lay was fingering him, stretching him carefully, going slowly.  “Ooh, that’s nice,” he said.  “Which of my members do you like?”

            “I don’t know.  All of them?” Kris asked.

            “He wants L.Joe,” Lay said.

            “Ya, what are you saying?” Kris asked, looking flustered.

            “But it’s true,” Lay said reasonably.  “You just told me.”

            “L.Joe?” Chunji repeated, grinning.  “Doesn’t that say something about you?”

            “It’s just because I haven’t had him yet,” Kris said.

            “You’d better not try,” Chunji said.  “Really big cocks freak him out.”  He shifted against Lay’s hand, enjoying the sweet little pulses of pleasure Lay was bringing him.  “Ooohh, just like that.”

            “Freak him out?” Kris repeated.

            He wasn’t going to go into more detail than he had to.  “Keep it away from him.”  He gave Kris a sharp look to let him know that hadn’t been a mild comment but a sincere warning, and then he relaxed and added, offhandedly, “But if you want to suck him off or something, go for it.”

            Kris grunted.

            “You feel incredible,” Lay said.  “Your ass is gorgeous.”

            “Thanks,” Chunji said, smiling at him.

            “Going to take an hour?” Kris asked.

            “Sorry,” Lay said, sliding his fingers back out.  He walked to the other side of the bed and crouched in front of Kris.  While Kris affectionately rubbed the top of his head, he matter-of-factly tugged down the waistband of Kris’ underwear.

            A cock leapt out, spearing the air.  Chunji was glad that no one was looking at him to notice the way his eyes widened.  It was huge, and as Chunji’s gaze traveled up from the base to the thick, mushroom head, he wondered exactly how much of that thing Kris intended to try to fit inside of him.  He couldn’t wait to get his hands on it; he wanted to stroke the fat veins snaking up the shaft.  He would have been amazed at how long it was if he hadn’t been worried about how wide it was.  His ass got plenty of traffic, though; he was pretty sure that he could tame this big boy.

            Lay was using his hands more than his mouth.  Chunji watched, liking the way his lips lingered over the head, his tongue slipping around the rim of the crown.  He did more kissing and licking than sucking, like he just liked to get up close and personal with Kris’ cock but didn’t mean business.  His hands, however, were busy, rubbing up and down the shaft briskly, massaging, pumping.  He was still jacking Kris’ cock when he raised his head and asked, “Is that enough?”

            “Yeah, that’s good,” Kris said.  Getting up, he kicked off his underwear, and as he moved toward Chunji, his enormous erection led the way.  He was tall, but he was so skinny, he suddenly looked like all cock, like the rest of him was just there to transport his huge tool around.  His balls were big, too, round and hairy, and Chunji reached out, cupping the one on the left, petting it.  Its soft weight filled Chunji’s palm.

            “Reminds me of my gerbil,” he mused, moving to the right side.  “If she’d been bigger.”

            Lay laughed, sounding surprised.

            “What do you want, director-nim?” Chunji asked, leaning back on his elbows as Kris knelt beside him.  “Should we kiss?  Get right to it?  Call each other names?”

            “Make out a little,” Lay said, sitting on the bed.  “Oh, hyung, kiss him the way you kiss, you know.”

            “What do you mean - - get out of here,” Kris said, kicking at him but not connecting.

            “Ooohh, are we roleplaying?” Chunji asked, interested, draping his arm over Kris’ shoulders.

            “No,” Kris said firmly, and kissed him.

            It was a nice kiss, confident but not too aggressive.  It was straightforward, no frills, and Chunji got into it, sliding his hand up into Kris’ short, thick hair.  The lazy sexual energy in the room simmered through him, warming him up, and he spent a few minutes just enjoying the moment, getting familiar with Kris’ long, rangy body.  Strong arms, hard chest, long back; broad shoulders, taut stomach, firm little ass.  Chunji tried out a few basic tricks and got no response to ear play, nothing on the neck.  A little provocation on the nipples got him a lot of noise and some shivering, which was nice.  When he got a little too assertive about stroking the cleft of Kris’ ass, though, Kris laughed like it was an automatic reflex and pushed his hand away.

            “Ooohh,” Chunji murmured, kissing him.  “Shy?”

            “Sensitive,” Kris said.

            Really.  “How sensitive?” Chunji asked, trailing his fingers down Kris’ spine.

            Kris stopped kissing him and raised a thick, black eyebrow.  “Sensitive enough that you’re not going to touch it again.”

            Chunji’s fingers got to the small of Kris’ back and paused, drawing circles on Kris’ skin.  He licked the corner of his mouth and gazed into Kris’ eyes.  “Can I grab your ass?”

            “Hold onto it, scratch it, whatever you’re into,” Kris said.  “Just stay away from the hole.”  He said the first part indifferently, the last part like it embarrassed him.

            Chunji smiled to diffuse any tension.  “You can do whatever you want to my asshole.  Actually, I hope that you do a lot to it.”

            Chuckling, Kris kissed him.  Kris was more assertive now, more into it, maybe because they were getting comfortable with each other, and Chunji moaned a little to encourage it, liking the way Kris’ big hands stroked his thighs.  Kris’ erection kept rubbing against him, but it seemed to be accidental, not on purpose; it was so big that it kept bumping around, like Kris couldn’t keep it off of him.  Chunji was trying to wait for Kris to move things forward, but if Kris was going to take forever, Chunji was going to have to take over.

            He slid his hand up the shaft.  He could feel the veins under his fingertips.  From base to head was a longer ride than he was used to, and he moaned breathily into Kris’ kiss, remembering their audience.  It was wide, but he was used to C.A.P. and he was going to have to get used to Changjo, too, so Kris didn’t intimidate him.  He couldn’t wait to get this beast inside of him, to find out how it felt.  Letting his fingers tour the head, he moaned again, his thumb wiping up a slippery drop of pre-cum.  The mushroom cap was puffy; it felt round and swollen in his palm.

            His teeth catching at his lower lip, he moaned and gazed up at Kris.  “It’s so big.”

            “It’s so hard,” Kris corrected him, kissing his neck.  Then Kris glanced over at Lay.  “Lube?”

            Oh, come on, “Play along,” he said, flicking Kris’ shoulder.  He pouted at Kris, coiling his arms around Kris’ neck.  “Your cock,” he whimpered, “it’s so big.”

            “What am I supposed to say?” Kris asked, laughing.

            “‘Yeah, this huge cock is going to make you come,’” Lay said.

            “Going to make you come,” Kris said.  “Seriously, I’m hard as a rock over here,” he told Lay.  “Lube?”

            As Kris shifted back, Lay leaned in with the lube.  He poured it directly onto Kris’ cock, smearing it down the massive shaft with his hand.  “There.”

            Chunji stared, transfixed by Kris’ enormous, wet, shiny erection.  Licking his lips, he touched it lightly.  He was going to love having this thing plowing into him.  He pulled a knee up, getting into his role, widening his eyes as Kris shifted over him.  “You’re so big, will you be careful?  You won’t hurt me, will you?”

            “It’s going to feel great,” Kris said.  “Everybody loves it, you will too.”

            He could feel it pressing against him.  It felt huge, and he shuddered in anticipation, moaning in encouragement.  “Ah, you feel so big against me, it’s too much, hyung, what if it doesn’t fit?  What if you’re too big for me?”

            “Tell him that it’s going to feel great, that your huge cock was built to make him come,” Lay said.

            “It was built to make you come,” Kris said, and groaned, pushing in, tucking his shoulder under Chunji’s leg.

            Feeling his body try to close up, Chunji consciously made himself relax.  Playing coy was clearly not working on Kris, so he gave it up and decided to stick to something closer to his typical style.  “Ooh, that’s it, put it in me, get your big, fat cock inside of me.”  He felt himself open, open and stretch, and he groaned as his body adjusted to this new sense of fullness.  “Oh, unh, uuuuuuhhh, god, you’re huge.  It’s so big, plant it in me, you’re filling me up, oh, oh, so big, ah, ah, more, give me more.”

            “Yeah, it’s filling you up,” Lay said.  “Gonna fill you so full you’ll choke on it.”

            Chunji groaned, gripping Kris’ sides, urging Kris on, scratching a little to get him to move.  It was stupid to rush, but being stretched like this, feeling Kris lodged so hugely inside of him, was making him unbearably horny.  He wanted it now.  “Oh, unh, yeah, give me all of it.”  Kris was thrusting in slow short jabs, working himself in little by little.  “It’s so big, you’re splitting me open, impaling me on your huge cock.”

            “Yeah,” Lay said.  Chunji snuck a peek from under Kris’ arm.  Lay was staring at the intersection of their bodies, at the point of penetration, rubbing his own cock.

            Licking the corner of his mouth, Chunji slid a hand down between his thighs, stroking the base of Kris’ cock.  Lay’s eyes avidly tracked the movement, enthralled.  Chuckling to himself, Chunji shifted his thigh, blocking Lay’s view.  Immediately, Lay moved, leaning forward, wide-eyed and intent.  “Ah, fuck,” Chunji moaned as Kris sank deeper.  “It’s so wide, I love it, yeah, that’s what I need.  So big, god, feels so fucking huge.  Unh, ahh, wish I could see it, your massive cock plowing into me.  God, feels like you have me spread open as wide as a fucking door.”

            “Looks so good,” Lay said, his hand speeding up on his cock, his gaze riveted to Chunji’s ass.  “So good.”

            “Unnhh-hhhnnhh, ahhh, ah, feels so good,” Chunji moaned, tugging on Kris’ thighs.  “Fuck, I want it, give it to me, give me all of it.  God, god, unnnhhh, feels like my ass is stretched around a fucking tree.  Ooohhhh, oh, unnh, never felt anything so good, never had it like this, fuck, I love it, I love it.  Ram it in me, fuck me hard, I want it, want your massive cock so much.”

            “Yeah, give it to him,” Lay said breathlessly, pushing on Kris’ ass.  “Plow his ass.”

            “Damn it, don’t rush me,” Kris muttered.  “Shit, you feel incredible.”

            “Incredible, yeah, I want you to like it,” Chunji said, shimmying a little to get closer, rubbing his hands over Kris’ lean hips.  “Want to give your gorgeous cock a good time.  Fuck, it’s so big.  That’s what I want, unnnnhhh, that’s what I need, what I’ve been looking for.  Give it to me, ram it in me deep, ram all of it in me, punish my ass.”

            “Yeah,” Lay moaned, up on his knees, his fist now sliding tight and fast over his cock.  “It’s all the way in now.  That’s all of it.  Oh, god, you’re spread so wide, you’re so open, god.”

            “Wish I could see it,” Chunji moaned, deliberately putting his leg in the way, blocking Lay’s view.  “Fuck, it’s amazing, it feels amazing.”

            Lay pushed at his knee, brushing his leg aside, and then made a startled, “Hooo!  Hooo!” sound.  Head rolling back, Lay started coming, his cum striping Chunji’s ankle.  “Hooo!  Oh, oh, oh.”

            “God, it must look as good as it feels,” Chunji said, arching his back, stroking his own abs, raising his foot so that Lay’s cum trickled up his calf.  “Unnnhh, ah, ah, deep, you’re so deep, it’s like I can feel your cock everywhere.”  Chunji did a slow, sexy undulation to give them a show.

            “Shit, I love the way you move,” Kris muttered, thrusting a little harder.  “Keep squirming around.”

            “Oh, ahhhh.”  With a dreamy expression, Lay licked his cum from Chunji’s ankle.  It was just what Chunji had been hoping for, and as his wet tongue swiped up Chunji’s calf, Chunji moaned, “Ah, you came on me, unnnnh, feels so good.  Lay hyung, oh, I want to taste it, too.  Let me have some, let me taste your hot jizz.”

            Lay stared at him in wide-eyed, lusting delight.  “You like it?”

            Shimmying against Kris’s slow, deep thrusts, Chunji licked his lips, running his toes down Lay’s chest.  “Mmmm, I love the way it slides down my throat.  Give it to me, get your cock cream all over my tongue.”

            “I, I, oh,” Lay said, cupping Chunji’s foot against his chest.  Hurriedly, he wiped up cum with his fingers, leaning forward.

            As Lay’s sloppy hand neared his face, Chunji stared right into Lay’s eyes, opening his mouth.  With a deliberately throaty moan, he licked out, holding Lay’s gaze.

            Panting, mesmerized, Lay slid his fingers over Chunji’s tongue.

            Snaking his tongue around Lay’s fingers, Chunji sucked them right into his mouth.  Kris leaned forward, watching, and as Kris’ thrusts hit a new angle, a spike of pleasure made Chunji moan, heat suffusing him as he hollowed his cheeks.  Moaning helplessly, Lay obediently slid his fingers deeper as Chunji sucked harder.

            “Mmmm.”  With a wet, smacking sound, Chunji released Lay’s fingers and undulated, draping his arms above his head and giving Kris a heavy-lidded look.  “Go faster.  This just might get me off.”

            Immediately, Kris picked up the pace, massive cock pounding into him.  He felt deliciously full, Kris’ erection thick and heavy inside of him, and the steady sparks of pleasure heating him up made him moan in genuine enjoyment.  “Might get you off?” Kris asked.  “What happened to ‘I love it, I love it?’”

            “I do love it,” Chunji said, smiling, squirming a little and lowering his legs.  “I just need more to get off, but your cock is a goddamned monster.”

            “Ya,” Lay said impatiently, and pulled his knee aside, pushing his thigh to the mattress, then sliding a hand up his thigh, rubbing and squeezing. 

            Chunji laughed.  His body was itching for more attention, and here was someone ready to supply it.  “Lay hung, you should get a really close look.  Don’t you want to know what I taste like?”

            “Ohhh, yeah.”  With an immediate, dimpled smile, Lay shuffled around to lie flat on the bed with his hips near Chunji’s head, and Kris leaned back to give him more room.

            Chunji expected Lay to start on his cock right away, but instead Lay began licking his thigh near his knee.

            As Lay worked his way upward, his hands rubbed and petted and squeezed, his mouth licked and sucked and smacked hungrily against Chunji’s skin, and he watched Kris fuck Chunji.  With his face against Chunji’s thigh, he had a perfect vantage point, a great view of where their bodies joined.

            “Mmm, Lay hyung, feels so good, ah.”  Oh, that did feel good, Chunji had to admit, and he undulated, closing his eyes and soaking it up.  “Yeah, that’s it, lick me.”  His moans became louder and louder as he vibrated, caught between the thick plunge of Kris’ cock and the hot hunger of Lay’s adoring mouth.  Pleasure was buzzing through his whole body and he felt amazing, so amazing all over.  Rolling his hips, he bit his lip and winked at Kris, eliciting an appreciative groan.

            Lay was licking right next to his cock now, hands running over his abs, fondling his balls, touching his perineum, even lightly touching the pucker of his asshole where it was stretched around Kris’ cock.  “Look at that fat horse cock.  He’s stuffing you full of his massive dick meat, god, it looks incredible.”  Lay lifted his balls out of the way, sucking on them with that wet, hot mouth.

            Lay’s cheesy, pornographic dirty talk was an incredible turn-on, and Chunji joined right in, egging him on.  “Yeah, ahhh, his horse cock is so good, I’m so full of his fat dick meat.”  Chunji pumped his hips, meeting Kris’ thrusts and trying to get more.

            “Yeah, fuck yourself on his thick pole.  Get that cock deeper, take it.”  Lay’s wet mouth was right there, hot breath quick and moist over his sensitive skin, driving him wild.  Both of Lay’s hands were rubbing all over his thighs, his ass, slipping in between where Kris’ skin slapped against his body.  But the one thing Lay was ignoring was his cock, and he couldn’t take it.

            Chunji reached down and rubbed his cock against Lay’s cheek. “Come on, suck my cock, hyung, I need more to come.”

            “Yeah.”  Without hesitating, Lay swallowed his cock to the base.  There was a hot, throbbing moment of pure suction, and then Lay slid off again to say, “Yeah, unh, gonna suck your hard cock while Kris hyung drills you wide open.”  Then Lay was right back on again, joyfully sucking and moaning around his cock.

            The sharp suction sent ripples of pleasure through Chunji’s body, and he writhed, gripping the sheets, as Kris’ pace quickened.  “Fuck, yeah, drill me, yeah ram my ass, punish my hole with your giant cock.”

            “Punish his hole, make him take your giant cock, ahhn.”  Lay licked and slurped while talking around his cock, mumbling and smacking.  “Mmm, yeah, work that horse cock, own his ass.”

            “Fuck, you two, holy shit.”  Kris groaned.

            Chunji loved everything about this.  Nothing got him off harder than dirty talk, but usually he was the main one doing it, getting himself worked up.  First Luhan and now this, it was setting his body on fire with lust and it was fucking glorious.  “Oooohhh, yeah, that’s it, eat my dick and watch my hungry ass swallow his meat stick.”  When Chunji bottomed, he loved a good, hard-driving fuck because it took a lot to get him off anally.  The way Kris pounded into him, that big cock had his whole body jerking with the brilliant shock of every thrust, ecstasy shaking him in quick, repeated bursts.  “Sh-sh-shi-i-i-it-t-t.”

            Kris was panting hard, his eyes squeezed shut, concentrating on fucking the hell out of Chunji.  Lay’s hot mouth was sucking so hard his back was arching in helpless pleasure.  The dual sensations were so intense, Chunji couldn’t get himself under control, and he twisted helplessly on the bed, crying out as spasms of pleasure sent his hips lifting and plunging against Kris’ thrusts.  “Kris hyung, god, your giant sausage feels so good, pack me full of it,” he panted.  “It’s close, you’re going to make me come, unh, fuck.”

            “God, yes, I need to come, hurry,” Kris said, his words rough and desperate.

            “Hyung!  Don’t you dare,” Lay said.

            “No, seriously,” Kris panted.  “My balls are killing me.”

            “I’m almost there, almost, just, god, your cock is so good, just, fuck!” He only needed a little more to push him over the edge; orgasm was so close that ecstasy was running through him like an electric charge.  Between his own eager writhing and Kris’ forceful thrusts, Chunji was bouncing all over the mattress.  His voice was high, shaky, and he could barely get the words out around joyful squeals of ecstasy.  “I want you to fuck me so - - so - - so - - ah, waaaa, whhhhaa, ahhh!  Oh, oh, pump me full, oooohhhhh, full of your huge, sexy cock, yes, yes, yes, split me open with your fuck meat!”

            “Come on,” Lay breathed, jacking Chunji’s cock and licking the head.  “Let that monster cock fuck the jizz right out of you.  Let me taste your cream, let me drink it all down.”  Lay was pushing all of his buttons, just-

            “I can’t take it.  Get off on my cock, Chunji, come!  On!” 

            On that last word, Kris drove in so hard that Chunji’s whole body seemed to spasm around the enormous spear of his cock.  The vibration of ecstasy expanded, amplified, multiplied, opening Chunji’s throat on a rapturous cry, and then Chunji was coming, shaking, burning, soaring into the sky, falling through the world.

            “Oh, oh, thank god,” Kris moaned, and the sound of his long, deep, suffering groan provided background music for Chunji’s blissful, grateful cries.

            Pleasure everywhere, rattling him, beaming through him.  For a moment, it seemed to last forever, seemed to take over his world.  And then the chaos bled away and he was left with a sweet, intoxicating sense of bliss.  Gasping, panting, Chunji laughed a little, still catching his breath.  “Oh, shit, that was great.” 

            “Unnngh.”  Kris dragged his cock free with a squelching pop.  “Uh.”  Releasing Chunji’s leg, he dropped heavily onto his rear.  “What the hell.  Are we still alive?”

            “Wow.”  He smiled, stretching, feeling exuberant, giving Lay another once-over.  “I knew I liked the way you touch me.”

            “You,” Lay said, gazing at Chunji in wonder.  In a moment, Lay dropped his gaze to check out the aftermath, trailing his fingers through the sloppy mess of lube and cum all over Chunji’s ass, poking a fingertip inside before sliding up to smear cum on his balls.  Still rubbing lightly, Lay gazed at his face adoringly and said something Chunji didn’t recognize at all.

            “Lay.  Korean,” Kris said.

            Lay blinked, glanced at Kris in confusion, and looked at Chunji again.  “You’re beautiful.”

            He was sweaty and probably red-faced, he had no make-up on and he had no idea what his hair was doing.  He felt fucking amazing, though.  “Thank you.”  Out of curiosity, he asked, “How much porn do you watch?”

            “Oh, not a lot,” Lay said, while Kris said, “Way more than anyone should ever see.”

            Changjo tucked his cock back into his pants and turned away from Chunji’s doorway, not wanting to be caught.  Licking his hand clean, he followed the sound of moaning to the living room.  Pressing himself against the wall, he peered through the archway.

            Tao was on his back on the couch, folded in half, his ass in the air, his legs spread wide.  Standing over him, C.A.P. was pounding him, making him cry out in high-pitched squeals.  On the floor, Chen and Niel were making out, naked, kissing intently and fondling each other.  Changjo was thinking about edging closer to get a better look at Tao, when Xiumin walked right past him.  Staring at Xiumin’s taut, round ass, Changjo watched him go to the couch.

            Ricky was entering the living room from the far side.  He and Xiumin looked at each other, and Xiumin laughed, and Xiumin sat on the arm of the couch and tugged Ricky close, and they started kissing.

            Shit, Ricky and Xiumin were blocking his view of C.A.P. and Tao.  Changjo rose onto his toes, craning his neck, trying to see around them.  Frustrated, he slipped away and ran lightly down the hallway to the opposite archway.  Aha!  Much better.  He settled in to watch, and almost laughed aloud when he saw Chunji walk in through the archway he’d just abandoned.  Wow, that had been close.

            Chunji made a beeline for Niel and Chen.  Crouching beside them, he said something, gesturing like he was giving directions.

            Niel looked kind of dazed and glassy-eyed.  Chen wrapped his arms around Niel and laughed.

            C.A.P. cursed.  Missing his next thrust, he popped out of Tao.  Changjo bit back laughter, wondering what was wrong with him.  He never acted like that.  Grunting, he got back in.

            “What about me?” Chen was asking.  “Don’t abandon hyung.”

            “What am I, nobody?” Chunji asked, laughing.  “I’ll take care of you.”  Pushing at Niel, he urged Niel up.  “Go, Luhan hyung’s waiting.”

            “But,” Niel said, reaching for Chen.

            “What, you suddenly don’t like cock anymore?” Chunji asked.  “Should I send Ricky instead, if you aren’t interested?”

            “No, I’ll go,” Niel said.

            Oh, shit.  Niel was coming in his direction.  Changjo ducked aside, hiding in a closet.  Was it safe yet?  He peeked out.  Nobody?  Nothing?  Carefully, he scurried back to his archway.

            Oh, yeah, this was more like it.  C.A.P. was still banging Tao, who was jacking off and squealing in a way that made Changjo hot.  Ricky already had Xiumin bent over the arm of the couch, taking it hard.  On the floor, Chunji was kissing Chen, who had both arms around him and was moaning like his kisses were magic.

            Xiumin was scrunching his face up and moaning at a high pitch: “Yeah, yeah, ahhh, ahh!”  Chen’s moans were longer, deeper, resonant, and Chunji’s hand was moving down between his thighs.  Tao was about to come, and it seemed like it would be a good one.  Changjo smiled to himself, settling in for a good time.

            “Oh, what did I miss?” Lay whispered, leaning in beside him.

            When Kris walked into the kitchen, L.Joe was already there.  He was squatting on one of the kitchen chairs, tucked up like a tiny elf, eating ramen and doing something on his phone.

            “Hey,” Kris said.

            “Mmm.”  L.Joe wiped his hand over his mouth.  “Hyung.”

            Kris wondered if it would be ruder to bring up whatever had happened with Luhan and Xiumin, or to ignore it.  L.Joe seemed okay, and Kris didn’t want to make a huge deal of it, but Luhan and Xiumin were his responsibility.  “I’m sorry about, uh.  Luhan and Xiumin.”

            L.Joe blushed and smiled like he was embarrassed.  “It’s my fault.  I, uh.  Should I apologize?  I think that I scared them.”

            “No, don’t worry about it.  As long as you’re okay.”

            L.Joe nodded, still looking embarrassed.  “I’m okay.”  He licked his lips, bit at his chopsticks, and laughed self-consciously.  “It’s awkward.  Why are you staring?”

            “Oh,” Kris said, blushing, looking at the floor, the walls.  He cleared his throat.  Had he been staring?  He hadn’t meant to.  He just.  It was just.

            It was hard not to think about the needy, hopeful way that L.Joe had looked at Chunji when he’d spread his legs.  Hard not to remember the way he’d writhed and shimmied when Chunji had been inside of him.  He’d wanted it so badly, had responded to it so well, that Kris wanted to be the one to give it to him.  It had been such an explicitly sexual situation - - he’d been mid-fuck, masturbating, coming twice, moaning like it hurt, jizz already on his face - - that it had to be wrong to think about it now, when he was clean and blushing and eating ramen.  But he’d loved being fucked so much, Kris could still hear his long, welcoming groan, “Huuu-uuu-uuunn-unnnh,” as Chunji had pulled him back and slid into him from behind.  He’d already been well-fucked by Kris’ members, and then Chunji had fucked him until he’d come twice, and he’d still submitted so readily to more.  Let Chunji use him, and liked it.

            And now he was squatting on a chair, texting somebody and snacking.  Most of the other Teen Top members were walking around stark naked, but he had on shorts over his underwear; Kris could see the pale blue of his waistband.  He was pretty clearly signaling that he wasn’t interested in sex.

            That was okay, right?  Kris didn’t even know what they’d do together.  Chunji had given him a sharp warning about not fucking him, so Kris’ underwear would have to stay on.  If Kris wasn’t going to get off, was there a lot of point in initiating anything?  The list of people Kris volunteered to get off without getting anything in return was pretty short.

            L.Joe tapped his chopstick against his teeth and nibbled on the tip of it.  “Still staring,” he murmured without glancing up from his phone.

            “I’m not,” Kris said, embarrassed.  “There just isn’t much else to look at in here.  The top of the stove isn’t that interesting.”

            Lowering the chopstick from his mouth, L.Joe glanced over speculatively.  “Want to make out?”

            “Yes,” Kris said immediately.

            L.Joe laughed and hopped off of the chair like an agile, weightless sprite.  “Where should we - - ya!”

            “Right here, here is good,” Kris said, lifting him onto the table.

            “In a rush?” L.Joe asked.  Planting the heels of both hands on the edge of the table, he scooted back slightly, spreading his thighs.

            “No, no rush.”  Standing between his legs, Kris put both hands on his thighs.

            “Hmm.”  L.Joe smiled a little, biting on his lower lip and curling his hands over Kris’ ribcage.  “Ricky said you were lazy.  You don’t seem lazy to me.”

            “No, not lazy,” Kris said, leaning in to kiss him.

            “Ah,” L.Joe said, blushing, ducking Kris’ kiss.  He looked self-conscious; his thumbs were stroking warmth over Kris’ skin.  “If I ask you to fuck me, tell me no, okay?”

            There was no way that should have turned Kris on as much as it did.  “Yeah.  Okay.”

            L.Joe made a low, humming noise again and kissed him.

            “Oh, I love it, I love it,” Niel panted.  Sucking on Luhan’s erection, swallowing down to the root, he groaned as Luhan’s fingers slid through his hair.  Sliding off, he nuzzled into Luhan’s groin, mouthing Luhan’s balls.  “Best, you’re the best.”

            Luhan smiled down at him.  “That’s right, I am.”

            “Ah!  Ah!  Aahh!”  Xiumin was kneeling on the couch, his ass bouncing forward with every one of C.A.P.’s hard thrusts.  He’d come like a champion for Ricky, and now he was howling with pleasure while C.A.P. drilled him.  Almost sliding off of the end of the couch to the floor, Ricky and Tao were making out, sweaty and sloppy and sated.  Already on the floor, Chunji was still kissing Chen, fucking him in slow, easy thrusts while he moaned and pulled on Chunji like he wanted Chunji closer.

            Fondling his dick, Lay circled the couch, watching Xiumin and C.A.P.  He felt like he was watching a real pro in action.  C.A.P. had a deep, aggressive thrust that didn’t let up.  Tao had been squealing like an animal, and Xiumin was starting to wail like he usually only did when the members got drunk and things got a little wild.  Lay watched in amazement.  C.A.P. fucked like a machine.  It was like porn, but real and happening right in front of him.  He touched C.A.P.’s muscular, flexing ass, fascinated.

            C.A.P. grunted and glanced at him, never breaking the perfect, punishing rhythm.  “You next?”

            For…  To get…  To be…  “Yes,” Lay said, sitting down heavily, suddenly weak-kneed.  “Yes, please.”

            C.A.P. grinned and winked at him, gripping Xiumin’s thighs and lifting Xiumin’s knees right off of the couch, jerking Xiumin back and slamming in hard.

            Xiumin howled like he was coming.

            Luhan’s head snapped up.  “What was that?”

            “Hhhhh.”  Draped over the bed like a ragdoll, boneless, his head lolling over the edge of the mattress, Niel was sweaty and sticky under Luhan.

            “That was Xiumin.  It sounded like Xiumin.”  Luhan pushed himself to sit up, patting Niel’s chest.  “Which of your members fucks the best?  Is it Ricky?  Is it C.A.P.?”

            “It’s you,” Niel said, his voice hoarse.  “It’s you, Luhan hyung, you’re the best.”

            “I - - no,” Luhan said, laughing.  “I - - yes, thank you.  I mean, your members, when they fuck you, who’s better at it?  Which one really gets you off?”

            Niel’s eyes opened.  Blinked.  “Oh.  C.A.P. hyung?”

            “I knew it,” Luhan said, shooting the door an envious look.  He frowned, counting off on his fingers.  “Can’t have that one, had that one, had that one, had this one.  Ricky,” he said suddenly.  “Where’s Ricky?”

            “Mmm,” L.Joe moaned, pulling on Kris’ waist, trying to get closer.  “Niel must love you.”

            “Yeah,” Kris panted, cupping L.Joe’s ass in both hands, scooping L.Joe to the edge of the table, against his body.  “Wait, what?”  Why were they talking about Niel?

            Kissing, sucking on Kris’ lower lip, he wrapped his legs around Kris’ hips, trapping Kris between his thighs.  “He has a, a thing, mmmm, yeah, for big cocks.”

            God damn it, “I’m not a horse,” Kris muttered.  L.Joe laughed against his mouth, and he kissed L.Joe again, squeezing that firm little ass in both hands.  “He likes big cocks?  What about you?”

            There was a happy, appreciative gleam in L.Joe’s eye as he leaned back, his hands tugging at the front of Kris’s shirt to guide Kris closer.  “Nope.”  He said it in English, popping the “p,” and wrinkled his nose when he grinned.  “I’m not built for big boys.”

            “That’s okay.  I don’t have to get in to have a good time.”

            L.Joe pouted a little, tilting his chin up.  Kris closed the distance between them, kissing him, and his lips parted on a breathy little moan that made Kris want to kiss him again.  There was so much sensuality in the way L.Joe kissed, so much sex in the way he used his mouth, that Kris deepened the kiss fast, wanting more of him.

            His hands were on Kris’ body, rubbing, caressing.  While one hand rose to the back of Kris’ neck, sliding up into Kris’ hair, fingernails catching against his skin just sharply enough to make Kris moan, his other hand slid down into Kris’ open fly, stroking through underwear.

            Kris was so into it, so turned on by the way L.Joe was touching him and so caught up in the way L.Joe kissed, that he didn’t even remember what they’d been talking about.  Suddenly L.Joe stopped kissing him back, and the hand on his cock froze.  Squeezed.  Felt slowly up toward the head and back down toward the base.  It felt great, but Kris wanted to get back to the kissing, so he asked, “What?”

            L.Joe laughed.  “Not a horse?”  He slid the heel of his hand along the shaft, exerting just enough pressure to elicit a sudden kick of pleasure.  “What’s this?”

            Kris groaned.  “Do that again.”

            “Mmm.”  L.Joe did it again, then cupped him with a rolling, massaging pressure that made Kris rock against his hand.  “I like this.  I want to get off again.”

            “Unnnh, me too,” Kris mumbled, meaning it, kissing him.

            L.Joe didn’t tease, didn’t hesitate, just writhed sinuously and squirmed out of shorts and underwear.

            Kris stared, taking everything in, all of him at once.  He was more muscular than Kris had expected, and Kris stroked his lean stomach, his firm thighs.  Sliding a hand between his legs, Kris spread his thighs, cupping his balls.

            “Ahhh.”  Moaning, L.Joe kissed him, hips pushing against his hand.  He felt L.Joe’s hand slide down the front of his underwear, pushing it down, and he grunted as his cock popped upward, free of the fabric.  The slide and pull of L.Joe’s hand on his bare hard-on felt amazing, and he groaned against L.Joe’s licking, sucking mouth.  L.Joe’s hips were still bucking, rolling, and he rubbed his thumb around the base of L.Joe’s cock.

            God, so good, so hot.  He was playing with fire, but he wanted L.Joe, and lust was destroying his decision-making ability.  “Want to get off with you,” he said, his thumb stroking L.Joe’s cock.

            With a breathless moan, L.Joe kept kissing him, giving his hard-on a healthy grope, almost sliding right off of the table, wrapped around him like a monkey.  Grunting, holding L.Joe against himself, he cupped L.Joe’s ass in his hands, lifting, spreading.  Such a firm little ass, such lean and muscular thighs.  He loved L.Joe’s wiry, sprite-like build.

            “Mmm, god, look at you,” L.Joe said, squeezing Kris’ cock, fist sliding up the shaft.  Biting into his own lower lip, he shuddered, staring at Kris’ cock, rubbing it slowly, his hips rolling, his ass rocking back into Kris’ hands.  “Fuck,” he whispered, and then he laughed self-consciously, turning red.

            Kris flexed his hands on L.Joe’s ass, running his fingers up the cleft.  Moaning, L.Joe squirmed, rising up and sitting back on Kris’ palms, cupping Kris’ erection against himself, right at the crease where his thigh met his groin.  It felt so good to be trapped there, Kris thrust up a little, seeking friction, fucking upward between L.Joe’s hand and body.  With a low, happy sound, L.Joe ground against him, hand tightening on his cock, fingers creeping down the shaft.  “Yes, oohhhh, yes.”  L.Joe was leaning back, moaning, pulling on him.  Kissing L.Joe’s neck, he groaned, feeling L.Joe’s hand slide into his hair.  “Oh god, oh god, oooohh, mmmm, oh god.”  L.Joe was squirming on the table, grinding against him.

            The slide of skin on skin felt amazing, the urgency in L.Joe calling Kris’ hips into motion.  Hot with lust, Kris stared down at his agile, muscular body.  His hips were twisting, rocking, as his hard thighs clamped around Kris’ waist.  Rising from a nest of coarse, black hair, his erection looked so smooth, the skin so velvety-soft, that Kris really wanted to touch it.

            Kris rolled L.Joe’s balls over his knuckles, then ran the backs of his fingers up the shaft of L.Joe’s erection.  It was so hard, no wonder L.Joe was moaning like that.  “Take it easy, I’ve got you,” Kris said, closing his hand around it.

            “Mmm, yeah,” L.Joe breathed, rubbing his heels over Kris’ ass.  “Yeah, touch me.  God, that’s good.”  Moaning, humming, he was crackling with sexual energy, amazingly uninhibited in his lust.  “Want to feel you against me.”

            Kris wanted to do whatever L.Joe wanted, and that idea in particular sounded great.  Pushing right up against L.Joe, he widened his grip to include both of their hard-ons together.  The hot velvet of L.Joe’s cock felt amazing against his tight, sensitive skin, and he groaned, jacking both of them at once.

            “Yes, yes, ooohh, hyung.”  L.Joe arched his back, his head lolling back, pleasure creasing his features.  “Ah, I’m going to come like this, you’re going to make me come.”

            “Good,” Kris said, wrapping an arm around his waist and drawing him back up, taking his mouth in an impatient kiss.  Fuck, he was hot, and the way he was moaning really made Kris want to come.  Tucking a finger between their erections, Kris stroked them on all sides, masturbating and hoping to get L.Joe off first.

            “Uuunnnnhhh, god, don’t stop, ahhh, I need to come.”  L.Joe’s teeth caught at his lower lip, hands running quick and hot over his skin, pulling at him, gripping his ass.  “Like this, just like this, please, please, please, ah!”

            At that cry, Kris looked down just in time to see L.Joe’s cum spurting sloppily against his cock.  The sight of it, those quick squirts spraying over his hard, swollen erection, the drips trailing down the length of his thick shaft, turned him on so much that he pumped his cock hard and came, wanting to join in, eager to follow L.Joe’s lead.  Groaning, he grimaced with pleasure, resting his temple against L.Joe’s as they both stared down at the copious flow of his cum.  It poured down the shaft, gooping up his hand and trickling over L.Joe’s cock and balls.

            “Fuck,” L.Joe whispered.

            “Yeah,” Kris said a little breathlessly, feeling good all over and a little unsteady on his feet.  “Sorry there’s not more, I’ve gotten off a lot tonight.”

            L.Joe’s hands tightened on his ribcage, sliding up his sides.  “Tell me that was a joke.”

            Grinning, Kris met his eyes.  “Kind of?”

            Laughing, L.Joe kissed him.  When he kissed back, L.Joe moaned like it felt good, and he remembered before, what Chunji had said, that L.Joe came twice.  “Need it again?” he asked, stroking L.Joe’s cock.  “Unnh,” it was still hard, and as his fist closed around it, L.Joe tugged at his nipples.

            “Yeah, yeah,” L.Joe panted, squirming.  “Ah, mmm, it’s good.”

            Smearing cum over L.Joe’s shaft like lube, Kris jacked him slowly.  His kisses were inconsistent now, quick and then slow, soft and then biting, matching the restlessness of his body.  His hands stroked and pulled, caressing Kris’s body, sharing pleasure.  “So hot,” Kris muttered, working his cock with lazy pulls.

            “Yeah, yyy-aaahh-uuuhhhm, oh, uuuuhh, that’s it.”  L.Joe’s hands slid through Kris’ hair, his teeth nipping at Kris’ jaw, sucking kisses winding down Kris’ neck.  “Love your hand, the way you’re touching me, mmmmm, it’s so good.”

            Wanting his mouth, wanting to kiss him again, Kris cupped the back of his head, tugging lightly at his hair, pulling his head back.  Their mouths met in a deep, consuming kiss, his thighs hugging Kris’ hips, and then he was leaning back again, and Kris was kissing his neck, kissing his chest, tonguing his nipples and listening to his happy, aching moans.  The allure of his taut, satiny skin was irresistible, and Kris licked across his chest, leaving slow kisses along the way.

            “Mmmm, yes, yes, going to, ah, I have to, have to, oooouuuuhhhh,” and L.Joe’s thighs tightened further around Kris’ waist, yanking him forward.  Stringy shots of cum pulsed and dripped over L.Joe’s abs, and long, gratified moans filled the kitchen.

            Glad to see L.Joe come but disappointed that it was over, Kris straightened, rubbing one of the thighs around his waist.

            With a satisfied, “Hmm,” L.Joe undulated, stroking his own chest.  Slowly, he pushed himself to sit up, his smile dreamy.  “Love your cock,” he murmured, resting his forehead against Kris’ chest.  His sigh was so contented, Kris smiled.

            “Thanks.”  Kris kissed his ear and glanced around for a napkin or something.

            “Ah, I’m jealous.”  L.Joe’s fingers drifted over Kris’ abdomen, stroking below his navel.  “The other members must have such a good time with you.”  Lifting his head, he gave Kris a knowing, lusting look.  “How is it with them?  I heard Ricky yelling earlier.  Was that you?”

            Ricky, “Yeah.  ‘Wha, wha, I’m dying, I’m dying.’”

            “Lucky little shit,” L.Joe said.  “Fuck, he must have looked so good - - ahh, I want it.”

            Drawn to the lust in L.Joe’s voice, the desire in his eyes, Kris kissed him, possessing his mouth, wanting to give him what he needed.

            “Mmm.”  He kissed Kris back, his mouth giving, sensuous, each kiss an erotic feast, and then, too soon, he tore himself away with a soft, “Ahhh,” and bit his lip.  “I want it too much.  Go away, go, go.”

            “Can’t we just,” Kris said, and kissed him again, loving the way he moaned for it, the way he responded, his hands stroking pleasure right across Kris’ skin.

            And then, with a hurt, whining noise, L.Joe shuddered away.  “Not like this, not, please.”  Grimacing, he shuddered again, rubbing his hand over his face, and then he laughed self-consciously, taking a deep breath, scooting back on the table, pulling his legs in.  “Maybe some other time, okay?  Maybe another day.”

            Kris took a moment just to look at L.Joe, just to want this sexy, complicated sunbae.  Then, “Another time,” he said, and he pulled his underwear back up, tucking everything away.

            Visibly relaxing, L.Joe smiled.  “I hope so.”

            Kris left him there, a naked sprite on the kitchen table.

            “Oh, yes, yes, ooooo.”  So fucking good, hot, so fucking hot, “Yes, yes, oh!”  More, more, he couldn’t take any more but he needed it, he needed all of it, “Yes, yes!”  Lay was having the time of his life.  He felt like he was one of the lucky bottoms in Hard Drivers 2 or Brief Studs IV, bent over for a true professional.  C.A.P. was giving him the full experience, fucking him like a machine, but with that raunchy, guy-on-guy touch - - the slap of skin on skin, the sound of deep, steady grunting, the way C.A.P.’s hands cupped his ass and gripped his thighs and, if he cried out loudly enough, slapped his ass.  He didn’t know if it was meant to shut him up or encourage him to get louder, but he loved it.  He was hanging over the back of the couch, grabbing at the cushions and clawing at the fabric while C.A.P. hammered into him with hard, rhythmic strokes that hit at just the right angle and lit up his entire body on every thrust.  The way C.A.P. was drilling his ass was so forceful, so amazing, that it was all he could do to keep his ass available and moan.

            It was perfect, it was everything he’d idolized for years, it was everything he’d seen onscreen and more.  He wasn’t doing anything for C.A.P. in return, really, wasn’t being a good lover, wasn’t doing anything but howling in ecstasy and then jumping like a startled cat when C.A.P. smacked his ass, but that wasn’t the point.  C.A.P., C.A.P.’s big, sexy erection, C.A.P.’s ability to fuck, those were the stars of the show.  Lay was just the joyful recipient, the convenient fuckhole, the latest cum pit.  And when it came to pornographic sex, that was what he’d always wanted to be.

            He kept his hands off of his cock, not wanting to get off too soon, wanting to hold on for as long as he could.  He was as hard as he’d ever been, though, his balls aching, and when C.A.P. shoved his hips against the back of the couch and rammed in hard, the friction of the drag of his cockhead against the nubby fabric was too much for him.  Soon he was coming, cum dribbling everywhere while he convulsed in feverish jerks.  He blew his load so hard that he couldn’t coordinate his muscles anymore and he just sagged over the back of the couch, moaning in helpless, ecstatic wonder at how anything could feel so good.

            “Nice,” C.A.P. said, giving his ass an approving squeeze.  It seemed like the best compliment ever, and he glowed with happiness.  “I don’t feel like getting off yet.  You okay if I keep going?”

            Best sex ever, this was the best sex ever.  “Yes,” he moaned happily as C.A.P. thrust into him with merciless intensity.  “Yes, thank you, yes, like that, oh…”

            Ricky didn’t mind playing along with whatever Luhan wanted him to say; if his hyungs weren’t too embarrassed to ask for silly things, he wasn’t too embarrassed to do them.  And with this particular hyung, it was worth it, because Luhan was giving him the ride of his life.  He’d started on his hands and knees, and then Luhan had put him on his back, and now he was on his feet, bent over a tiny, flimsy table, hugging his knee to his chest and shouting, “Best, you’re the best, I want more,” while Luhan fucked him with deep, thick thrusts that sent electric pleasure crackling through him from the top of his head to the soles of his feet to that sweet little spot behind his balls.

            Luhan had an amazing trick Ricky couldn’t wait to try on Niel.  He kept changing his pace, shifting angles, keeping Ricky’s ass hopping.  He’d speed up until Ricky was screaming with the need to come, and then he’d slow the tempo back down until Ricky could actually breathe again, and then he’d speed back up.  It wasn’t just fast-fast-fast and then slow-slow-slow, he actually had the control to do it gradually, bringing the speed down, picking it back up, letting Ricky enjoy every leg of the journey.  And all of the time, he was switching up the angle, thrusting in a little higher now, letting Ricky’s hips sink a little lower, going a little deeper, backing up for a teasingly shallow fuck, hitting it from every angle until Ricky felt like a toy some sexual expert was playing with for fun, like Luhan was doing him a favor.

            Ricky was clinging to that rickety little table and wailing the walls down and seriously struggling not to come all over himself, afraid that Luhan might stop if he did, needing this to go on forever, when Kris walked in and asked, “Hey, can I get in on this?”

            “Back or front?” Luhan asked.  He didn’t even sound winded.

            “Back, if you’re finished.”

            “Best, you’re the best,” Ricky said eagerly, not wanting Luhan to stop yet.

            “Hold on, let me, ah.”  Luhan’s arm snaked around Ricky’s waist, and as soon as Luhan’s hand squeezed and Ricky’s cock realized, Hey, he’s touching me, wildfire raged through Ricky’s veins and he was coming, his cock twitching and spitting like an animal in Luhan’s hand.  He came so hard that his eyes rolled back in his head and he clung to the tabletop like he was gripping a raft in a storm-tossed sea.  When he heard a cracking sound, he didn’t even recognize what it was, and he was too busy moaning, “Love it, you’re the best,” to care.

            Then his whole world tilted.  At first he thought that it was some sort of ecstatic illusion, and then he thought that he’d come so hard he’d broken his own brain, and then he realized that the table was collapsing under him and he was about to hit the floor.

            “Whoa, ah,” Luhan said, grabbing at him, and just as he was bracing himself for a crash landing, Luhan snatched him backward and they fell in a heap across an armchair.  “Ow, oh,” Luhan said.  Whatever came after that sounded Mandarin and kind of breathless and pained, and Ricky felt wetness on his thighs.

            Oh, shit.  He’d just made Luhan come.

            Kris was already laughing.  Luhan joined in, sounding so happy about it that Ricky felt less embarrassed.  “Aw, are you blushing?” Luhan asked, an arm around him.

            Of course he was!  He’d just had phenomenal sex, and he’d gotten Luhan off in the most awkward way possible.  “That wasn’t a very valuable table, was it?” he asked, to divert attention from how hot and red his ears were.

            “I don’t know, it looks cheap,” Luhan said.  “Don’t worry about it.  We’ll tell them that Tao did it.”

            “Are you both okay?” Kris asked, nudging the table aside with his foot.  Wow, Ricky had broken it into three different parts.  Kind of impressive.  He liked the idea that Luhan had made him come so hard, the room had to suffer consequences for it.  It hadn’t just been a run-of-the-mill cumshot; sacrifices had to be made.  When he told his members about this, he wouldn’t mention how rickety the table had been to begin with.  “You didn’t injure anything important, did you?”

            “Nope, still intact,” Luhan said.  “How about you?”  Deft fingers slipped right under Ricky, feeling him up and making him wriggle.  He was sprawled half on top of Luhan’s lap, and Luhan’s firm, smooth body felt incredible against his bare skin.  “Okay?”

            “I’m fine.”  It was awkward, but he wanted to make it clear to Luhan that he didn’t usually have sex this way.  He looked at Luhan over his shoulder.  “I’m sorry that you didn’t get to, ah, finish, uh, better.”

            Luhan’s friendly smile was…  Was kind of…  Was sort of beautiful, actually.  “It’s okay.  It was a little bit exciting this way.”

            “Okay,” Ricky said senselessly, staring.  He really wanted to kiss Luhan.  They hadn’t kissed yet; he’d started off on his knees with Luhan’s cock in his mouth, and then he’d had Luhan’s fingers in his mouth, but he still hadn’t gotten to taste Luhan’s lips.  Luhan had the smallest, prettiest face.

            Luhan chuckled and kissed him.  “Get on the bed so Kris can screw you.”

            “Okay.”  Um.  “Are you going to stay?”

            “Stay?”  Luhan raised his eyebrows like that had never occurred to him.  Then he blinked, tucked his lower lip in, and considered it.  “Okay, sure.”

            “You can lay under him and jack him off while he looks at you,” Kris said.

            “Kind of seems like you don’t need to be here for this,” Luhan said, laughing, nudging Ricky up.  Ricky got off of him, and he stood up, stretching a little.  He had really nice abs.  He had really nice everything.

            Ricky was still staring at Luhan when Kris grabbed him by the elbow and pushed him onto the bed.  He landed with a bounce while Kris pulled Luhan toward the bed and said, “Let’s start.”

            Chunji was used to saying more than this during sex, but his mouth was occupied in returning the steady flow of Chen’s soulful kisses.  Dirty talk was one of the tools he used to get himself worked up, to get himself over the edge, to get himself off.  Without it, his body kept purring along in the same state, feeling good and enjoying the ride but not feeling that sense of urgency and immediacy that made him want to push for orgasm.

            He’d been fucking Chen long enough now to learn what Chen liked.  If he thrust hard enough, Chen made a happy, aching, humming sound and vibrated under him.  If he went slowly enough, Chen’s hot little asshole closed up around him and Chen made a horny, needy moaning noise and said, “Ah, Chunji, ohh.”  After some experimentation and practice, Chunji worked the border, going just hard enough and just slowly enough to keep Chen moaning and squirming, ass twitching in hungry confusion on Chunji’s cock.  It wasn’t going to get Chunji off, but, damn, it felt great.

            Chen liked kissing a lot, and liked touching and caressing a lot, and liked sucking on things - - Chunji’s neck, his tongue, his fingers.  This kind of slow, kissing sex was what C.A.P. called “relationship sex.”  It was the kind of sex that he only had with the members sometimes and never talked about afterward.  It felt a little weird to do this with someone he didn’t know as well - - it was awfully intimate - - but Chen was so good at it, so into it, that Chunji couldn’t resist the lure of his responsive body and romantic kisses.

            “You feel so good,” Chen breathed, caressing his chest with admiring hands, humming into his kiss.  “Mmm, ah, ah-ah-ah, it’s time, I think it’s time.”

            Time for what?  “Are you going to come?” Chunji asked.

            Chen was already jacking off, his face scrunching up, his breath coming in short, moaning pants.  “It’s…  So good…  Unh…  Oh, oooohhh, oh, Chunji, unhhhhh…”

            Chunji gave up on his own orgasm and decided to focus on Chen’s.  It was fun, anyway, and he thrust hard a few times in a row, eliciting rich, musical groans of pleasure.  “Yeah, that’s it,” Chunji urged, picking up the pace.  He was fucking his way now, on his terms, and Chen was making shocked, breathy sounds, voice rising, cock red and angry-looking.  “Touch yourself, get off on it.”

            “Ooohhh, oohhh, aauuuuhhh, so good,” Chen groaned, and just like that he was coming, his cries of pleasure echoing off of the ceiling, his cum a streaky pool on his chest.  “Good, so good, oohhh, aaahh, Chunji.”

            Turned on by his excitement, Chunji kept fucking him while he moaned and shivered.  When his hand fell away from his cock, though, and he relaxed, Chunji slid out of him.

            Chen’s heavy-lidded eyes focused on Chunji with puzzlement.  “You’re finished?”

            “Roll over,” Chunji instructed, glancing quickly around the room.  Who - - ah, “Tao, c’mere for a second.”

            “Oh, what are we doing?” Tao asked, crawling off of the couch toward him, long-limbed and agile.

            “Do whatever you need to do to get hard, and fuck me.”

            “Mmm, I’ll blow you,” Chen said, shifting onto his hands and knees.

            “I want Chunji to do it,” Tao said, jacking himself slowly.

            “Let Chen hyung do it,” Chunji advised.  “I want to watch.”

            As Chen opened his mouth expectantly, his gaze on Tao’s cock, Tao slid in without further hesitation.  Chen’s lips closed comfortably around the bulk of Tao’s shaft, and as Tao slid deeper, Chen moaned in pleasure, eyes closing.

            Hearing some good, sexy moaning and Chunji’s voice saying, “Oh, ooohhh, that’s it, suck it hard, get him nice and wet,” L.Joe walked into the living room to see what was happening.  Lay was in a boneless heap on the sofa, possibly asleep; Chunji was on the floor, giving it to Chen, who was sucking Tao’s cock.

            Interested and kind of horny, looking for some new fun, L.Joe scratched his head and padded over to them.  “Mind if I, uh, join in?”

            Tao smiled at him, looking flushed, eyes glittering with pleasure.  “Want to suck my cock?”

            “Just for a second,” Chunji warned.  “Don’t get him off.”

            Tao had a really nice, long erection, and it looked so sexy sliding between Chen’s lips, the head bulging against the inside of Chen’s cheek, that L.Joe was crouching down before he could stop himself.  “Okay,” he agreed.

            Eyes opening, Chen looked at him.  Easing off of Tao’s cock, Chen smiled at him, a friendly smile, and then Chen was kissing him, hand on the back of his neck tugging him close.

            From the first brush of Chen’s lips, L.Joe felt entranced.  The slow sweep of Chen’s tongue in his mouth suffused him with pleasure, drugged him with romance.  As he kissed back, the tender stroking of Chen’s thumb across his nape seduced him.  Exhaling softly against his mouth, Chen purred with pleasure, and for a moment, L.Joe didn’t care at all about Tao or Chunji; he just wanted more of this.

            A tug at his hair.  “Hyung, L.Joe,” Tao said.  “Come on, don’t forget me.”

            As he felt the slick, blunt head of Tao’s cock nudge his lips, L.Joe moaned in a confused whirlwind of desire.  Chen broke away from him with a soft moan, and as Tao’s erection pushed between them, L.Joe licked out, his mouth hungry, seeking.  Watching Chen’s gorgeously curved lips brush loving kisses along Tao’s shaft, L.Joe felt a turbulent pulse of desire between his legs.  Hungry for cock but hungrier for Chen, L.Joe whimpered with need, licking Tao’s erection fervently, as if he could get through it and back to Chen’s kisses if he worked hard enough.

            “Mmm.”  Chen’s hand was on the back of his neck again, and he felt an electric thrill race down his spine as Chen purred and licked right across Tao’s erection and into his mouth.  Everything was an erotic tussle of sensations after that, as he and Chen made love across the landscape of Tao’s cock.  They licked at each other around the shaft, kissed each other around the head, sucked pre-cum from each other’s tongues.  They shared Tao together, painting his cock with long wet stripes, teasing each other with sweet kisses and flirty licks.

            L.Joe was so turned on that his own cock was starting to make demands.  Everything was so good that he wanted everything, wanted all of it, wanted to take over Tao’s erection for himself and feel the wide length of it slide down his throat, wanted to push Tao out of his way and climb on top of Chen.  The high-pitched, breathy way Tao was moaning mingled with Chen’s deep, humming groans, telling him that good things were happening, inviting him to join in, and Chunji’s chatter urged him on, told him to enjoy it.

            Chunji was still fucking Chen, and L.Joe envied both of them.  He wished that someone were fucking him, too.  Wondering if Chen would do it, he wished that he’d gotten a better look at Chen’s cock.  Their eyes met, and Chen’s mouth closed around the head of Tao’s cock, cheeks hollowing.  The sexy curves of Chen’s lips wrapped around Tao’s erection and the sexual invitation glimmering in Chen’s eyes made L.Joe moan, his hand coming up, thumb rubbing along Chen’s lower lip, along the underside of Tao’s erection.

            “Ahhh, too much, aahhh, you’re making me come,” Tao gasped.

            As Chen’s gaze rose toward Tao’s face, Chunji demanded, “What?!”  Chen looked so handsome like that, so sexy with a mouthful of cock and his calm eyes turned up to Tao, that L.Joe’s erection was throbbing with lust for him.

            “You - - shit!” Chunji exclaimed.  “Where’s the lube?  L.Joe, get over here.”

            “What?” L.Joe asked, transfixed by the swallowing of Chen’s throat.  He wanted to lick the sweat glistening in the hollow of Chen’s collarbones.

            Tao staggered back, his erection falling from between Chen’s lips.  “Ah, shit.  Why are the two of you like this?”

            “Why are you like this?” Chunji demanded.  “L.Joe, here.”

            When Chunji grabbed at his arm, he realized that Chunji wasn’t on, or in, Chen anymore.  “Me?  What?  Why?”

            “Because you have the only other hard cock in this room, and I want to get off.”  Rolling nimbly onto his back, Chunji yanked L.Joe on top of himself.  “You remember what to do?”

            “You - - don’t joke, I remember.”  He hadn’t done this in a while, but he was so hard, and his body was used to getting good things from Chunji.  Chunji’s legs were already up, and he was already sliding in.  The wet heat of Chunji’s body closing around him felt so good that his hips moved forward eagerly, sending him deep, and he groaned, biting into his lip, pleasure singing through him.  “Oh, unh, mmmmm.  Why is it always so good with you?”

            “Because I’m amazing.”  Chunji squirmed under him, gripping his ass and dragging him closer.  “Unh, yeah, fuck me, come on, you know how I like it.”  A hard edge entered Chunji’s voice.  “Don’t you dare leave me hanging.  I know where you live and I know when you sleep.”

            “Mmm, unh, oh, god, okay.  Just hold on.”  He didn’t trust himself to look at Chen, and looking at Chunji’s aroused body and feeling Chunji’s demanding hands on him and seeing the sexual intensity flashing in Chunji’s eyes only made him want to come, so he closed his eyes and thrust.

            “Ahh, yeah, give it to me, work your cock, get me off,” Chunji groaned, hands sliding hotly over his hips.  He’d spent so many sweaty, long nights getting off with Chunji that by now, their bodies fit together perfectly, easily.  As his eyes opened, his thrusts fell into their usual rhythm, and Chunji responded with a familiar, grateful, “Oooooo-ooo-oh,” and arched gorgeously beneath him.  That was Chunji’s signal that he was doing well, that he should keep going, and he grinned, keeping the pace up.

            All he had to do was get Chunji off, and it would be okay to come.  At the moment, that seemed pretty difficult, but it wasn’t necessarily impossible.  “You want to come?” he asked, running his thumb up the underside of Chunji’s erection, exerting just enough pressure to make Chunji’s breath catch in a shaky moan.  “You like it?”

            “Yeah, unh, yeah, that’s it, you’re doing it, come on.”  Chunji’s slim hands stroked up his chest and back down, nails skimming teasingly close to his nipples.  “Aaahh, oooh, fuck me, use my hole.”

            After messing around with new guys, it was fun to be with someone he knew so well.  There was no confusion here, no miscommunication; he knew every inch of Chunji’s body, knew its tricks.  “Better hurry up.  I’m going to come,” he murmured, jacking Chunji’s erection with a slow, twisting pull.  “Don’t get left behind.”

            “Fuck, ah, don’t you dare,” Chunji warned, squeezing his biceps.  “Ah, harder, harder, give me what I need.”

            “A-a-a-almost there,” he moaned, thrusting with more force, shoving in deep.  “Oh, oh.”  The hot fit of Chunji’s body around his cock was incredible.  “Come on, let it go, let it out,” he said, pumping Chunji’s erection as his hips rocked to their own rhythm.

            “Give it to me, fuck,” Chunji groaned, “give it to me,” gripping L.Joe’s arms, “ah, get me off,” arching, drawing his knees up, “ah, ah, yes, aahhh!”  Shouting, quaking, his wild cries ripping through the room, his body tossing under L.Joe, Chunji came.  His head went back, showing off every sexy inch of his long neck, his nails scraping down L.Joe’s biceps.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he panted, shuddering again.

            God, it had been too long.  L.Joe tried to slow down, but it was already happening: erotic bliss whirled through him, popping off quick shocks of ecstasy, getting him off.  “God, god, oh, god,” he groaned, biting into his lower lip as he came, running his hand over Chunji’s firm, bare torso.  “Ah, mmmm, oh.”

            Starting to relax, Chunji let out a sultry moan and gazed up at him with lustrous, speculative eyes.  “Had enough?”

            “N-n-not yet.  Ah, ahhhh, hhmmmmm…”  Pushing Chunji’s lax, smooth thigh out of his way, he pressed in closer, pushing deeper.

            Lazily lacing his fingers behind his head, Chunji licked his lips like he had all night to enjoy the sensuality of his own mouth.  “Not finished yet?”

            “Shut up.”  Squeezing his eyes shut, he felt a quick burn of frustration.  Fuck, he needed it, he was so close, it felt so good.  If Chunji would stop being so annoying, he could get off.

            “What…  Didn’t you finish?” Chen asked.

            “No, he comes twice, it’s great,” Tao said.

            Chen laughed.  “Really?”

            “Come on,” Chunji said, and he shuddered with pleasure as Chunji twisted his nipple.  “You’re making everybody wait.”

            “God, please, shut up,” he moaned.  So close, “Ahh, unnnhh,” so close, “uh, unh,” he could feel it, it was right there.  He’d gotten off so many times tonight that the urgency wasn’t flaying him, but his body was still making its demands, still pushing for that final burst.  Restlessly, his eyes opened, and he looked at Tao, looked at Chen.

            Tao was sitting down, leaning back on his hands.  His knees were up, his long legs wrapped loosely, comfortably around Chen, who sat familiarly between his thighs, completely naked and perfectly relaxed.

            As their eyes met, Chen smiled, looking happy and kind of fascinated.  Just then, Chunji shifted sinuously under him, ass tightening on his cock, and that quick little contraction was such an unexpected, exquisite sensation that it proved to be all that he’d needed.  Immediately, intensely, he came, his jaw dropping on a long, drawn-out groan as Chunji pulled the cum right out of him.  Staring at Chen, senselessly ensnared by Chen’s smile, he felt amazing bursts of pleasure flare inside of him.  Whimpering, panting, he pushed futilely one more time into Chunji’s body, and Chunji’s lazy, pleased, satisfied moan sounded every bit as fulfilled as he felt.

            “Wow,” Tao said, curling his arms around Chen.  His smile was delighted, his eyes lighting up.  “You two are great together.”

            “Oouuunnh.”  With a groan, L.Joe flopped to one side, rolling off of Chunji.  So much sex.  So much great sex.  So much amazing sex.  His hormones were never going to recover from this.

            “Oh,” Lay said, sounding dazed on the couch.  “What did I miss?”

            “Mmm, mmmpp, uummm…”  Moaning, Niel bobbed his head, trying to keep up with Xiumin’s hips.  “Huummmm…”  The way this hyung moved was too sexy.

            “Unh, yeah, you’re doing such a great job.”  Xiumin’s hands were on his face, cupping his chin, stroking around his lips.  “You have a great mouth.  I’ll bet everybody tells you that.”

            “Mmmmpp.”  Usually it was embarrassing, but he liked hearing it from these hoobaes.  They sounded so aroused when they said it, it turned him on, made him feel sexy.  “Ahh, uuuhhh, oh.”  Xiumin’s hips were rotating, swiveling, rolling.  Niel leaned back against the kitchen cabinets, cupping Xiumin’s flexing ass in both hands as Xiumin ground against his face.  The way Xiumin’s stiff erection was rocking between his lips and flirting with his tongue made him wonder what all of this action would feel like in his ass.  Sucking, trying to tame Xiumin’s cock, Niel slid his hands over Xiumin’s taut, muscular thighs.  He’d had no idea that this hyung could move like this.

            “Hunh.  Hold on for a second.”  Backing up with a light-footed step, one hand cupping his hard-on against his stomach, Xiumin opened the refrigerator door.

            “Looking for a snack now?” Niel asked.  Couldn’t that wait?

            “A snack for you,” Xiumin said, closing the fridge and opening a cabinet.  “Ah!”  Looking at Niel over his shoulder, he grinned, his eyebrows wickedly suggestive.  “Do you like caramel?”

            Relaxed on the couch, C.A.P. rubbed his jaw, watching Ricky and Tao sixty-nine on the floor while he thought about what Lay was saying.  “It would be kind of fun to see.”

            “It can be you and Kris hyung and Luhan hyung and Chunji and…  Xiumin hyung?  Tao?”

            “Tao?  With that mouth?” C.A.P. asked.  “He sucks like a vacuum cleaner.  The fifth one can be Ricky, Xiumin hyung gives better head than he does.”

            “We’ll have an uneven number,” Lay said.  “Two of us will have to share.”

            The almost shy, lusting look that Lay shot him turned C.A.P. on.  Grinning, he leaned in, kissing the side of Lay’s neck.  Moaning helplessly, Lay shuddered away; he did it again and Lay melted against him.  Chuckling at the color in Lay’s cheeks, the glazed look in Lay’s eyes, he asked, “You want to share me?  You want to go down on me with one of your members?  Yeah, I got enough to go around.”

            “I think-”

            To amuse himself, C.A.P. caressed the side of Lay’s neck again, blowing on his ear.

            “Oh,” Lay moaned, eyes rolling back in his head.  “Oh, god.”  His hand was between his thighs, rubbing his cock.  “I think I need to practice,” he moaned, sliding off of the couch, on his knees between C.A.P.’s thighs.

            “Does Lay hyung ask you to do this kind of stuff a lot?” Ricky asked Tao as everyone shuffled into the living room.

            “He tries, but.”  Tao shrugged.  “There’s only so many times we can act out scenes from Farm Studs Deluxxxe before we just want to do it how we want to do it.”

            Ricky stared at him, trying to imagine actually acting out porn.  In real life.  With the members.  “Did you say Farm Studs Deluxxxe?”

            Tao nodded, scratching his head, watching Luhan and Chunji make out against the wall.  “He always wants Kris hyung to be the farmer.  I want to be the farmer sometimes, you know?  It’s not as much fun to be the horny pig boy.”

            Ricky stared at Tao in disbelief, but Tao was distracted, still watching Luhan and Chunji.  Needing a witness to verify that he’d actually just heard that, Ricky looked around the room, but everybody was making out or flirting or half-asleep on the couch.

            From the archway, Changjo met his eyes with an incredulous look of silent laughter.  “Pig?” Changjo mouthed at him.

            “Pig!” Ricky mouthed back.

            Changjo covered his hand with his mouth, his eyes sparkling with laughter.

            Ricky was looking up that movie as soon as they got back to the dorm.

            “Okay, back to back, on your knees,” C.A.P. said, gesturing to the floor.  “Lay hyung, Tao, Niel, Xiumin hyung, Chen, L.Joe.  In a circle.”

            “Uh,” L.Joe said, rubbing the back of his head, looking embarrassed.  “Can I, uh, do the other thing?”

            C.A.P. glanced at him and nodded.  “Switch with Ricky.”

            Hey!  “What?” Ricky demanded.  “Why can’t one of the EXO hyungs suck my cock?”

            “You don’t want to blow me?” Kris asked.

            “You’re complaining?” Luhan asked.

            It wasn’t like that!  It - - he only - - it just - - “Damn it,” Ricky grumbled, kneeling on the floor.  He hoped that he got Luhan.  No, he hoped that he got Kris.  No, Luhan.  Licking his lips, he eyed Luhan, turned on again just thinking about it.

            The others were kneeling around him, Lay on one side, Chen on the other, forming a circle.  “Kris hyung,” Niel said behind him.  “I love you.”  While everyone else laughed, Ricky shifted eagerly on his knees.  If Kris went to Niel, then he’d get Luhan.  He smiled at Luhan, trying to look sexy, giving up on that and trying to look cute.  Luhan laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget about you.”

            Fondling himself a little bit, Ricky shifted back on his knees, leaning into the others more.  Lay was pressed firmly against his left side, Chen snug against his right, and he felt more bare skin against his feet, his back.

            “Let’s do one, then switch,” C.A.P. suggested.  “These kids look too greedy to be satisfied with just one cock.”

            “I love the way you think,” Xiumin said.

            Ricky ran his hand over Chen’s thigh, squeezing lightly.  Chen laughed and pressed closer against him, and Lay reached over from the other side and stroked his cock.  His cock springing to life in Lay’s hand, Ricky looked up to see Luhan moving in, Luhan’s crotch aimed straight for his face, the others pressing in around him, their circle tightening as they were surrounded.  All Ricky could do was moan in anticipation, in excitement, and then Luhan’s fingers were sliding into his mouth, opening him up.

            L.Joe would have lost his shit if he’d been on his knees, penned in on all sides by naked men and hard cocks, but being on his feet was pure fun.  He let the others move in first, enjoying the sexual energy charging the room.  Kris went straight for Niel, and Luhan’s fingers were in Ricky’s mouth so fast it was like Ricky was trained for it.  C.A.P. stood in front of Lay and Tao, running his fingers through Lay’s hair and grinding his crotch in Tao’s face while Tao moaned against his balls like they were a gift.

            Recognizing the joy and desire in that moan, L.Joe shuddered with lust.  While Chunji stepped in front of Chen, he walked over to Xiumin, eager to get started.  He was the only one in the room who wasn’t naked, and he was barely in touching distance before Xiumin was nuzzling his groin, mouthing him through his underwear.  “Oh, god,” he moaned, his legs unsteady.  Fast, so fast, so good.  His cock was straining against his underwear, hating the constraint of fabric, impatient to get to Xiumin.

            “Ah, that’s it,” Chunji said beside him.  “Yeah, lick it, unnh, get it wet.”

            Xiumin’s hands were all over him, fingers slipping up under the hem of his underwear to stroke his ass, teasing down the waistband inch by inch, cupping him.  The wet heat of Xiumin’s mouth felt incredible through the fabric, and he groaned, desperate to get out of his underwear and down Xiumin’s throat.

            “Come on, get a good taste, oh yeah, kiss the head,” Luhan said.

            “Unh, oooooh, yeah, suck on my balls,” Chunji moaned.  “Get them in your mouth, suck hard, lick them all over.”

            Hooking his fingers in the leg of L.Joe’s underwear, Xiumin tugged the fabric aside until L.Joe’s balls dropped into his waiting mouth.

            “Oh, god,” fuck, yes, “ummmmhh, oh,” the wet suction had L.Joe wriggling in place, squirming.  God, that felt good.

            “Look so good down there,” C.A.P. said approvingly, and Lay moaned like he wanted to come.  Niel’s throaty moans were the loudest thing in the room, but L.Joe could still hear lots of wet, smacking sounds, licking.  It was lewd, rhythmic, and as Xiumin peeled his underwear down, baring his cock, he slid one hand over Xiumin’s shoulder, one hand over Chunji’s back, needing something to hold onto.

            His gaze flew around the circle eagerly, devouring the banquet of erotic sights before him.  Luhan stroking Ricky’s ears and slowly rocking into Ricky’s mouth while Ricky stared upward as if completely captivated.  Tao’s head bobbing fast over C.A.P.’s erection while Lay whuffled and moaned around the base of it.  Niel’s full lips stretched wide around the thick log of Kris’ erection.  Chen’s tongue gliding lovingly up Chunji’s hard shaft.  So many cocks, so many sucking mouths.  The guys on their knees were masturbating, fondling each other, jacking each other, their hands busy in their laps.  It was incredible.

            “Yeah, get your mouth all over it, good, suck it, swallow it down,” Chunji urged.

            “That’s it, show my cock a good time, mmm yeah,” Luhan said.

            Staring downward, L.Joe watched in fascination as Xiumin’s tongue licked a bold, wet stripe up the length of his cock.  As Xiumin’s mouth closed around him, Xiumin looked up and smirked at him.  The arch of Xiumin’s eyebrow was so wickedly flirtatious that L.Joe smiled back, getting a quick thrill.  Xiumin was clearly very good at this but also enjoying this, enjoying playing with his cock, making it sexy and fun.

            “Come on, slobber on it, yeah, you’re starving for it,” Chunji said.

            “Yeah, suck on it, swallow my cock,” Luhan murmured.  “Like that, you love it, tastes so good.”

            “Mmm, so good,” Xiumin said, mouthing the base of L.Joe’s cock, fondling L.Joe’s balls and humping Niel’s hand that had reached over for a distracted grope.  L.Joe had to admire his coordination.

            “Lick every inch of it like you love it,” Luhan said.

            “Ooohhh, I do, I love it,” Ricky moaned.

            “Come on,” C.A.P. said, his deep voice lazily teasing.  “Give it up.  You know you want to.”

            “Oh, oh, ooohhh.”  Lay’s head lolled, his forehead against C.A.P.’s hip.  “Oh, is it going to be like this?”  C.A.P.’s leg was moving, Lay’s hips were bucking; L.Joe cupped the back of Xiumin’s head in both hands, leaning forward to see.  Oh, shit, C.A.P.’s foot was in Lay’s lap, rubbing over Lay’s erection; Lay was grinding against it, moaning helplessly.

            Xiumin glanced up at L.Joe, winking before swallowing his cock in one swift move.  The sudden, fierce suction was so intense that L.Joe’s eyes closed, his head going back as pleasure thrummed along his spine.  Shit, that was good, so good, “So good, oh, mmmm.”

            “Oh, oh, oh,” Lay moaned.  “Oh, it’s like this, I can’t help it, this is it.”

            “Yeah, you got it,” Luhan said.  “Suck it harder, show me how much you love it.”

            “Love it so much,” Ricky gasped, bobbing quickly like he did when he got excited.

            Xiumin looked incredible with his cheeks hollowed, head bobbing with a fascinating twisting motion that made L.Joe tingle.  L.Joe just took it, enjoying it, soaking up the sexual energy around him, relaxed in the fact that all he was expected to do was stand here and let it happen.

            “All right, switch,” C.A.P. said.

            Opening his eyes, L.Joe moaned in denial, cupping Xiumin’s head close to his body.  No, not yet, not yet, he needed more of this first, more of Xiumin’s mouth and the easy magic Xiumin worked.

            “I’ll take Lay hyung, you take Tao?” Chunji asked.

            “No, no, don’t go, don’t,” Niel moaned, clutching at Kris’ thighs.

            “But, but I love it,” Ricky protested as Luhan stepped away from him.

            “That’s right, you do,” Luhan said, tossing him a wink.

            “Mmm, that was great,” Xiumin said, kissing L.Joe’s hip.  “You have such a sexy cock.”

            “Ya,” Luhan said.  “Who are you talking to?”

            Xiumin smiled innocently at Luhan, batting his lashes.  “You, of course.  It’s always you.”

            L.Joe’s legs didn’t feel all that steady - - really, how many times had he come tonight? - - but C.A.P. was pulling his arm, shoving him aside.  “You two ready?”

            Following Chunji, L.Joe walked past where Ricky was already smothering himself with a mouthful of Kris’ balls.  As L.Joe stepped in, Tao looked up with a sexy, pleased smile, reaching for him.  “C’mere,” Tao said, rubbing his sides, stroking his abs.

            “Oh, Chunji,” Lay said.  “Can you call me your filthy little cockslut?”

            “Sure, hyung,” Chunji said, stroking his chin.  “Whatever you want, you nasty little cumhole.”

            “Oh, that’s so hot,” Lay moaned, slurping him down.

            “Oh, this is nice,” Niel told Luhan.  “Kris hyung makes my jaw hurt.”

            “I don’t care, it’s so good,” Ricky moaned before diving on for more.

            L.Joe closed his eyes, caressing Tao’s cheeks, Tao’s neck and ears, trying to center himself in this feeling, in Tao, in the light, sucking kisses Tao was leaving over his abdomen.  The guys around him, their lust, their bodies, their need, the wet sounds of their pleasure, their moans and cries, it was all so much, so intense, it might overwhelm him.  He was still aching to come, but he wanted to keep going, wanted to experience as much of this as he could.  If he shut all of that out, if he just focused on Tao, he could handle it, he could enjoy it, the sensual luxuries of sex, the delicious hum of arousal.

            “Love your body,” Tao mumbled, licking the lines of his pelvis.

            “Mmm.”  He ran his fingers through Tao’s hair, letting pleasure simmer through him, letting urgency fade as his body enjoyed this intimate attention.

            “Yeah, that’s it, you horny cockslut,” Chunji snarled.  “Can’t get enough of it, can you?  Gorge yourself on it.”

            L.Joe shuddered.  The explicit words, the tone of command, struck him like his entire body was one raw nerve.  Need and shame exploded through him like drugs released straight into his bloodstream, and he couldn’t hold back a desperate, whimpering moan.

            And then Tao’s mouth was on him, and his entire being was sucked straight out through his cock.  His knees went out on him and he floundered, falling backward, landing roughly on his ass.  Tao was still on him, still sucking him down, ruthless and powerful, and soon he came so hard it hurt, his joints aching with it, his body trembling in a fit of ecstasy.  It was so fast, so demanding, that he felt stunned, his body unsure how to cope with the wild, rapturous surge of climax.

            “Can’t stand to neglect an inch of it, can you?  Needy cockwhore, that’s right, worship it,” Chunji said.

            Shivering as each word landed, L.Joe brought his arm over his eyes, shutting the world out.

            Pressed against the archway, fly open, rubbing himself through his underwear, Changjo bit his lip to hold back a moan.  Fuck, they weren’t even pretending that this was just a friendly get-together anymore.  They were just flinging themselves into an all-out one-room orgy now.  It was about time!

            The sounds alone were obscene.  Licking, slurping, skin smacking against skin.  Everyone was moaning, groaning, a chorus of lust and pleasure.  Familiar sounds: C.A.P.’s appreciative grunts, L.Joe’s desperate pleading, Niel’s hoarse moaning, Ricky’s demanding cries.  Chunji and Luhan’s dueling crude talk, unbearably wonderful, commanding and inviting, approving and insulting.  New sounds: Tao’s breathy, whimpering cries; Xiumin’s high-pitched moaning; Lay’s enthusiastically overwhelmed pleas for more.  Kris barely made any noise at all, aside from some groaning, but Chen was a fountain of sounds: happy humming, cheerful laughter, velvety moans.

            There was always more.  More sex, more raunchy talk, more ecstatic squealing as someone else came.  They were egging each other on, teasing each other, flirting and playing and going down on each other like animals.  Changjo couldn’t join in, but it felt good just to hear it, just to feel the sexual energy in the air crackling over his skin.

            L.Joe was on the floor now, splayed on his back, Tao between his thighs.  He’d just come, but his erection was still full and hard.  “Are you finished?” Tao asked.

            L.Joe shook his head and whimpered.

            “You want me to fuck you?”

            He shuddered and spread his thighs like he wanted it, but he shook his head again.  “Can you suck me a little more - - just, just not so hard?  I can’t…”

            “Okay, yeah.”  Tao didn’t even hesitate; he was already kissing L.Joe’s stomach, jacking L.Joe’s cock with a loose grip.  Changjo had been watching him give head all night, and already knew that he sucked like a beast, but it was hot to see his other techniques.  He was mouthing the head, but he wasn’t really sucking.  He just licked and smacked at the tip, using a nice steady rhythm with his hand.  It looked great, and L.Joe was already moaning, writhing around all slow and lazy and sexy.

            “Mmm, fuck,” Niel said impatiently.  “Fuck me, I can’t take it, somebody fuck me.”

            “Are we fucking?” Ricky asked eagerly, lifting his head from Kris’ elephant cock, finally coming up for air.

            “Yes,” Kris said.  “Get on your hands and knees.”

            “Unh, ahhh, you look so hot with my cock down your throat,” Chunji said.  “Drooling all over yourself, other guys’ pre-cum all over your chin, that slutty little mouth stretched around my cock.  You’re a greedy cum hole.”  Lay’s muffled sounds of agreement sounded ecstatic.

            Whimpering, L.Joe came again, gasping and squirming.  While he caught his breath, Tao crawled up his body and kissed his mouth.  “Love how you get off, it’s so hot.”

            “Tao, get over here,” C.A.P. said.  “Plug a mouth, take your pick,” he said, gesturing to Ricky and Niel.

            “Me, me, choose me,” Niel said quickly, looking up.  He was on his knees, bent forward, both hands back holding himself open.  Behind him, Luhan was smearing lube over a sexy, rock-hard cock.

            “I, I, I want to, oh my god.”  Ricky was on his hands and knees, his round little ass jerking and twitching as Kris slid into him.  “Oh my god, oh, ooouuuuhh, oh.”

            “He doesn’t want it enough,” Niel told Tao.  “I want it, let me have it.”

            Ricky yelped when Kris yanked on his hips.  “Ah!  Yes!  Hyung!”

            “Where are you going?” Kris demanded.  “Hold still.”

            “It feels too good!  I can’t hold still!”

            “Spank him,” C.A.P. advised.  “They settle down if you do it hard enough.”

            “They?” Luhan asked with obvious interest.

            “Ricky and Niel,” C.A.P. said, one hand on the top of Xiumin’s head, the other on the back of Chen’s neck while they slurped on his cock and sucked his balls.  “With Chunji and L.Joe, it depends.  Sometimes they settle down, sometimes they just get more riled up.”  He grinned, a gleam in his eyes.  “That’s part of the fun.”

            “Do you have to talk about me like I’m your pet dog?” Chunji asked.  “I’m right here.”  He stroked Lay’s hair, looking down as Lay slobbered on his erection.  “Gobble it up, you nasty little dick-hungry slut.  You’re going to have to work harder than that if you want to be my favorite cum sponge.”

            To Changjo’s delight, Lay gazed up at Chunji worshipfully, his cheeks hollowing, his face stuffed with cock, his red lips a perfect O around the thickness of Chunji’s erection.  Staring upward, he slid the whole way down to the base, then back to the head, popping off just enough to say, “I’m sorry, I’ll work harder,” before diving on again.

            “Seriously, stop crawling away!  I’m not chasing you around the room!” Kris said, jerking on Ricky’s hips.

            “Wait, wait, don’t spank me!” Ricky said.  “I can’t help it, it’s so big, it’s throwing me around!”  Changjo watched Kris hopefully, waiting for it, anticipating a nice hard crack! when Kris’ huge hand landed on Ricky’s ass, but nothing happened.  Then, disappointed, he realized that Kris didn’t know Ricky well enough to know that “don’t spank me” meant “spank the hell out of me.”

            Fortunately, Chunji knew exactly what Ricky meant.  Leaning over, Chunji reached right down and smacked his ass, an open-handed slap that jolted his whole body forward.  Changjo tried to smother a snicker while Ricky mumbled, “Okay, just a couple more,” and started masturbating.

            Xiumin released a fat mouthful of C.A.P.’s balls and asked, “Are we spanking?”

            “Go for it,” Luhan said.  “Make him feel it.”

            “Not hard!” Ricky protested.  “Maybe a little hard,” he mumbled, arching his back, his hand moving fast between his thighs.

            “He likes it if you sit on his back and play him like bongos,” L.Joe said, curled up on his side on the floor, watching.

            “Ya!  Don’t tease!” Ricky shouted.

            Changjo grinned, squeezing the base of his cock, watching.  Luhan was fucking Niel with deep, even thrusts; Tao was flopping his cockhead all over Niel’s face, making Niel chase it.  With eager, smoky moans, Niel was going after it like a happy dog.  Chen was licking slowly all over C.A.P.’s erection like he had all night and didn’t want to miss an inch.  Lay was lapping at the head of Chunji’s cock like pre-cum was a million dollars an ounce.  Luhan’s fingers slid into Niel’s mouth, and Niel made husky, confused sounds, sucking with predictable enthusiasm but still chasing Tao’s cock.

            Ricky was pretty much stuck in place, impaled on Kris’ massive third leg, Kris’ hands gripping his hips.  Xiumin sat astride him, right on his back, and he shifted anxiously.  “Not too hard, okay?  Please, hyung, not hard.”

            “Okay.  You have such a cute little butt, hyung just wants to play a little,” Xiumin said, rubbing his ass.

            “Okay,” Ricky said, sounding relieved.

            Xiumin said, “One, two, one, two-”

            “-three, four,” Kris said with him.  “One, two,” thrust, “three four,” slap.  Changjo shuffled forward, staring in happy disbelief.  “One, two,” thrust, “three, four,” slap.  Shit!  They were so coordinated, they had to have done this before.  They were in perfect rhythm, Kris’ deep thrusts alternating with Xiumin’s sharp smacks.

            “Harder,” Ricky moaned, masturbating furiously.  “Harder, oh my god, harder.”

            “Make that ass bounce, he’s begging for it,” Luhan said.

            “Yeah, let’s see that ass turn red,” C.A.P. grunted, rubbing the back of Chen’s neck.

            Wondering what those rhythmic, open-palmed smacks felt like, Changjo stared in fascination as Ricky’s ass shook.  Xiumin knew what he was doing; the pace was steady, but the placement wasn’t.  He was switching from the right side to the left without warning, spanking all over Ricky’s ass, never hitting the exact same spot twice in a row.  Coupled with Kris’ forceful, plowing thrusts, it had to feel amazing, had to be intense, and Changjo’s erection throbbed with excitement at the thought of being in Ricky’s place.

            “Oh.  Oh,” Lay said in awe, blinking dazedly in Xiumin and Kris’ direction.

            “Want to join in?” Chunji asked.

            “He likes it,” Lay said, wiping his hand across his drooling mouth.

            “Oh, god, I’m coming, I’m coming, oh,” Ricky said, squirting all over the floor.

            “Finished?” Xiumin asked, breaking his rhythm, lifting his hands from Ricky’s reddened ass.

            “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” Ricky said breathlessly.  “Spank me, spank me hard.”

            “Me, too, yes,” Niel said, his words muffled as Tao’s cock rocked in and out of his mouth.  “Mmm, mmppf, I’m a naughty boy, so naughty.”

            “God, you nasty little slut,” Changjo whispered enviously, giving his cock a hard tug.  Taking it from both ends and asking for a spanking?  Damn, this was what orgies were all about.  Or Tuesday nights after practice, but, still, Changjo would have given anything to be in Niel’s place.  Especially with Tao’s gorgeous cock waving in his face and Luhan’s hard thrusts rocking him.  As far as Changjo could tell, Luhan fucked as good as he looked.

            “Hurry up and come, I want him over my lap, this angle’s awful,” Xiumin told Kris.

            “Damn, I need to fuck,” C.A.P. said.

            “Switch,” Chunji said.

            “C’mere,” C.A.P. said, pulling Tao back toward him.  As Tao’s cock left Niel’s mouth, Niel cursed, grabbing for it and missing, overbalancing and catching himself on his hands.

            “Here, spank this one,” Luhan said, patting Niel’s ass and gesturing to Xiumin.  Grabbing a cloth, he wiped off his dick and said, “Come here, Ricky-goon.”

            While Tao went down on his hands and knees with C.A.P., Chunji knelt in front of him.  Looking up with a smile, he ran a fingertip around the head of Chunji’s erection.  “Can I suck it?”

            “You read my mind,” Chunji said.

            “Mmm, uh, oooohhh.”  Rocking back against C.A.P.’s first rough thrust, Tao moaned, licking his teeth.  “Yeah, ooohh, I needed that.”  Pleasure transformed his face with a satisfied, lazy smile, and he brushed his lips over the head of Chunji’s cock.  “Slide it down my throat nice and slow.”

            While Ricky crawled across the floor toward Luhan’s lap, Kris followed.  “Damn it, get back here, I’m not finished.”

            “Learn to share,” Luhan said, laughing.  “You can still have the back, I just want the front.”

            “It’s so good, I love it,” Ricky mumbled, already sucking Luhan’s erection into his mouth.

            “Hey,” Chen said, crawling over to Niel.  As Niel looked up, he ran his hand through Niel’s thick hair.  “Do you-”

            “Yes, please,” Niel said, leaning forward.  In one second, he had his hand on Chen’s erection; in another second, it was halfway down his throat.  Laughing, Chen shifted comfortably, stroking his hair.

            While Kris buried his cock in Ricky again, Xiumin squatted beside Niel, squeezing his ass.  Xiumin’s knowing, assessing expression was almost professional, and Changjo slid his hand inside his underwear, biting back a moan as his palm curved around the shaft of his erection.  Chen was finger-combing Niel’s shaggy hair back from his face, Ricky was telling the world how much he loved Luhan’s cock, and Chunji was already coming in Tao’s ferociously sucking mouth, head back, hips rolling.

            Xiumin rubbed his hands together, heating them up, and then smacked Niel’s ass.  Three quick, light slaps.  Niel glanced back, lost interest, and went back to Chen’s erection, but Changjo could see the determination and sexual intent on Xiumin’s face; Niel had no idea what was coming.  Xiumin ran his hand over Niel’s ass again, like he was getting a feel for the territory, and then he landed two harsh smacks that made Changjo go up on his toes in excitement.  Niel’s body jerked and his head came up, but Xiumin was already back for more, spanking him hard, landing four powerful ones in fast succession.

            Moaning, Changjo slid down onto his knees.  Fuck, this hyung was the real thing.  Niel’s ass didn’t stand a chance.  The sound of each stinging smack rang loud over the lewd sounds of everyone else’s fucking.  So turned on that he had to keep his fist between his teeth to muffle his moans, Changjo masturbated feverishly while Xiumin spanked Niel thoroughly.  The rhythm was hard to catch, but the unpredictability only made it better.  Each blow was sharp and fast, landing squarely on Niel’s flesh.  The fact that Niel was writhing around shaking his ass in every direction didn’t break Xiumin’s concentration; the longer Changjo watched, the more obvious it became that Xiumin was actually guiding Niel’s writhing, spanking him from one direction to the other, then spanking him back into place.  So fucking pro.  Changjo creamed his shorts so hard, he got dizzy.

            Lay was seated beside Xiumin, watching, and Chunji was in Lay’s lap, lazily riding his erection, arching and undulating and showing off while Lay kissed his neck and caressed his body and told him how sexy he was.

            When Niel’s ass was a bright, swollen red, Xiumin told him to roll over.  With strings of Chen’s precum dangling from his lips, he collapsed in a sweaty heap of naked limbs, and Xiumin shoved him onto his back, yanking his thighs apart and driving into him like C.A.P. in a horny mood.  Niel howled and scratched across Xiumin’s thighs, grabbing his ass and pulling him closer, and they started going at it like animals, banging each other in lusting frenzy.  Xiumin had a quick, fierce thrust, like Ricky but professional, controlled, and when Luhan said, “That’s it, show him what he’s been missing,” he laughed and said, “He’s learning all about it.”

            “I need to fuck somebody, I need to fuck,” Ricky moaned, and Changjo wanted to hit him.  He needed to fuck?  He’d been screwing all night!

            “Take this one,” C.A.P. said, sending Tao forward with a push on the ass.  “Chunji, on your knees.”

            Chunji rolled forward onto his knees without missing a beat, one hand sliding back over Lay’s thigh and bringing Lay along.  With a confused, helpless moan, Lay stayed with him, kneeling behind him.  When C.A.P. knelt behind Lay, there was a moment where Lay looked from Chunji to C.A.P. to Chunji to C.A.P. to Chunji like he couldn’t believe his good fortune.  When C.A.P. thrust in, the force of it pushed Lay deeper into Chunji, and Chunji moaned noisily, hands fluttering over Lay’s thighs.

            “I want to live like this forever,” Lay moaned, his eyes closing, his head lolling back against C.A.P.’s shoulder.

            “Sounds good to me,” C.A.P. said.

            Ricky wasn’t giving Luhan’s cock up, and Kris wasn’t giving Ricky’s ass up.  Tao crawled under Ricky, lithe and agile, kissing Ricky’s neck.  As soon as he felt someone under him, Ricky started thrusting, humping mindlessly, his erection poking around eagerly.  Tao laughed and took him in one hand, guiding him into place, and he groaned happily, sinking into Tao’s body.  The lucky little jerk, Changjo hated him so much.

            They went on like that for a while, long enough for Changjo to get off a couple more times.  L.Joe stayed on the sidelines, watching, masturbating, whimpering like he wanted it but not joining in.  Xiumin and Chunji ended up in a tangle, making out, fondling each other.  When C.A.P. moved in and started fucking Xiumin, Luhan came in from the other end and started fucking Chunji.  Luhan and Chunji started talking so nasty, even C.A.P. laughed in surprise, and Xiumin crawled right over Chunji’s body to kiss Luhan’s abs, quick little tongue licking around the base of Luhan’s cock as it pounded Chunji’s ass.  Ricky and Chen were rolling across the floor, making out, when Tao stopped them long enough to bury his cock in Ricky.  Niel was sucking Lay’s cock when Kris, slumped on the couch said, “Damn it, I have to come again.”

            “On me,” Lay said immediately.

            “On me, hyung, come on me,” Niel said, shoving Lay out of his way.

            “Oh, cum bath,” Chunji said.  “Nobody come yet, wait, stop,” he said, squirming right off of Luhan’s erection and pushing at C.A.P.

            “Cum bath?” Tao asked.

            “Hurry, hurry, I need to get off,” Ricky moaned.  “Chen hyung feels too good.”  Seriously, Changjo hated him.

            “Who are we coming on?” Luhan asked, stroking himself.  “I’m ready, believe me.”

            “Me, come on me,” Niel insisted.

            “Don’t be selfish, we can come on Lay hyung, too,” C.A.P. said.  “Sit down, I want to get it all over Lay hyung’s face.”

            As everyone advanced on them, Niel and Lay sat back-to-back, looking up with eager, expectant expressions.  Niel was bouncing in place; Lay was rubbing his hands over C.A.P.’s calves and gazing hopefully at Chunji’s erection.  “So much cum, so much cum, get it all over me,” Niel urged.

            “Not going to be a problem,” Kris said, his huge hand slowly fisting his massive cock.

            “Try not to drown,” Tao advised.

            “Oh!  I’m coming, oh, oh, I’m coming,” Ricky said, shifting from foot to foot.  C.A.P. shoved him toward Lay and his cum landed right on Lay’s face, splattering in messy, gooey strings.  Before the last gob hit, Xiumin’s cum blasted Niel right in the face.  Niel yelped, closing his eyes, turning his head from side to side.  Tao’s cum was squirting all over Niel’s chin, and Luhan was laughing, shooting right at Niel’s forehead.  Lay moaned, licking his lips, while Chunji tossed a wet, thick load all over his face.  Chen was coming on Niel’s neck.  Lay was masturbating, coming on himself, adding to the mess, while C.A.P. hosed down his face.

            “More, more,” Niel urged, cum dripping down his nose and oozing from his full lips and slithering down his neck.

            “I’ve got more,” Kris promised, and damn, that elephant cock delivered.  Kris emptied his balls all over Niel’s face, pouring jizz on him in a thick, endless stream.  It looked like Niel was sitting under a faucet, cum flowing over his face and down his neck.

            “Unhh, don’t move,” C.A.P. told Lay.  “Give me a minute, I’ve got another one.”

            “I would wait all day to take your load,” Lay said, and Changjo believed him.

            It was kind of excruciating, just watching.  It was great, L.Joe was loving every second of it, but damn, he wanted to jump in there.  He didn’t dare move, though.  He didn’t want to leave - - he didn’t want to miss a second of it - - but he didn’t trust himself to interact anymore.  He’d hit his limit; he was itching to give himself to someone, to be humiliated and degraded and used.  He wished that Sehun were there to come on him.  He was aching to beg for it.  Niel didn’t even say “please.”

            Hot with envy, he rolled onto his back and closed his eyes.  Even without the sight, the sounds were constant, obscene.  Luhan was urging Xiumin to come again; Lay was sucking on C.A.P.’s erection so loudly, L.Joe shuddered with lust just listening to it.  Whimpering happily at the thought of being covered in multiple men’s cum and still milking a cock for more, he covered his face with his arms.

            And then he felt a touch, someone else’s skin brushing against his raised arm.  Startled, he jerked away instinctively.

            Chen’s voice, relaxed; a firm stroke over his arm.  “I just want to say hi.  Do you need anything?”

            He peeked, establishing exactly where Chen was in relation to him: crouching by his side.  He lowered his arms and shook his head.  Licking his lips, he said, “I’m okay.”  He was crawling out of his skin with need, but that was sort of an everyday thing for him.

            “Okay.”  Chen smiled at him, rubbing his shoulder.  It felt so good, breath shuddered out of him.  “I’m taking a break.  Can I sit with you?”

            He wanted it so much, he was sure that he should say no.  But Chen was sexually assertive without being sexually aggressive; he didn’t think that Chen would push his boundaries.  And he really wanted some touch, some contact, some attention.  “Yeah.”

            With a smile, Chen slid down, stretching out alongside him and then pressing snugly against him.  The hot, sweet press of skin on skin, of another body against his, felt like heaven, and a moan shuddered out of him.  Chen chuckled, patting his stomach, and pushed at his arm, settling in, tucked under his arm, head resting on his shoulder.  Unmoving, apparently comfortable, Chen just stayed there, using him for a pillow, one hand still on his chest.

            This was just what he’d needed.  As a sexual circus continued around them, L.Joe studied Chen’s smooth, broad forehead and soft, tousled hair.  Chen’s thigh was inches from his cock, and his libido urged him to make contact, to press closer, to roll on top of Chen and get what he needed, but he breathed deeply and focused his gaze on the line of Chen’s nose, on Chen’s thick, straight eyebrows.  The more he studied, the more he liked: Chen’s firm chin, those long, curling eyelashes.  And then he dared to look at the gorgeous curves of Chen’s wide mouth, and his temperature rose like he’d been set on fire.

            “Mmm.”  Lashes lifting, Chen glanced up at him, smiling.  It was a serene, cheerful smile, and he wanted to kiss Chen’s mouth.

            “Ugh, I’m exhausted.”  Tao flopped facedown in a long-limbed sprawl beside them.  The sheen of sweat on his back made him look deliciously touchable, and there were splatters of cum all across the pert curve of his ass.  Groaning, L.Joe closed his eyes and buried his face against Chen’s hair, just trying to breathe.  “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow.  What are you two doing, cuddling?”

            “Yes, it’s nice,” Chen said.  “I needed a break, and L.Joe’s comfortable.”

            “Tao,” Chunji called.  “Get back here, we need you.”

            Chen laughed, his body shaking slightly against L.Joe.  “Go, they want you.”

            “Why me?” Tao demanded.

            More groaning, more fucking, more dirty talk.  Chen’s hand slid up to his collarbone and back down.  “Want to go take a bath?  Let’s claim the best bathroom now before anyone else can get to it.”  Patting at his chest, Chen said, “Come on,” and shifted, pulling away from him, getting up.

            Immediately yearning for the sensual intimacy he’d just lost, feeling unbalanced without that calm anchor, L.Joe opened his eyes, sitting up.  Chen pulled him to his feet and tugged him out of the room and down the hallway, hand-in-hand.

            Away from the too-intense stimulus of a brazen orgy happening practically on top of him, L.Joe immediately felt better, like he could breathe easily again.

            When Chen had said “bath,” he’d actually meant it, and soon they were settling into the tub of hot water together.  There wasn’t much room, and Chen sat behind him, legs on either side of him.  At the coaxing slide of Chen’s wet hands over his ribcage, he succumbed, relaxing back against Chen’s chest with a grateful sigh.  Chen chuckled, one arm wrapping around him and holding him close.  As he leaned his head back on Chen’s shoulder, Chen’s hand stroked his forehead, combing his hair back from his face.

            “What a night,” Chen said.  “I think that our teams made a lot of exciting memories here.”

            “Mmm.  Tonight was the best.”  L.Joe felt his eyes drift shut.  Chen’s comfortable embrace, the warm water, the lazy stroke of fingers through his hair, it was so good, so soothing.

            “Should I wash you?  D.O. bathes us sometimes.”

            Really?  “Your members wash each other?”

            Chen chuckled, the vibration of it humming against his back.  “It started when Tao would leave practice too tired to move.  Suho hyung would help him wash up and get into bed.  The rest of us started to get lazy and ask Suho hyung to take care of us, too.  He told us to stop relying on him and take better care of each other.  Most of us gave up, but D.O. started helping us wash sometimes.  He likes it.”

            L.Joe tried to imagine C.A.P. washing Changjo.  It didn’t work.  C.A.P. throwing Changjo fully clothed into a tub and turning a hose on him, yes, he could easily imagine that.  “I don’t think that our team is much like your team.”

            “Aish!  Look at you,” Xiumin said, pushing Niel against the shower wall and rinsing cum from his chest.

            “Lay and his great ideas,” Luhan muttered, washing Niel’s face.  He laughed as Niel sputtered.  “Hold still!  It’s all over your ears.”

            “It was worth it, though,” Chunji said, perched naked on the bathroom sink.  “I’ll never forget the sight of our Niel drowning in EXO’s cum.”

            “I think my eyelashes are stuck together,” Niel mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut, squinting.

            “Never forget it,” Chunji repeated, smiling.  He swung his feet idly, watching Luhan rub carefully at Niel’s eyes.  “How did it taste?”

            Niel danced in place a little as Xiumin wiped at his stomach.  “Wow.  Delicious.”

            “I’ve never wanted to break the rules so badly in my life,” Kris said.  “You’re so lucky I don’t have my phone right now.  There would be so many photos of you.”

            “Ah!  No pictures!” Lay protested from the bottom of the upstairs shower.

            “Hyung, hold still,” Ricky ordered, crouched in front of him, washing his face.

            “So much cum,” Tao said, in a squat behind him, shampooing his hair.  “I’m so jealous, I should have been down there with you.”

            “It’s good for your skin,” C.A.P. said, leaning against the wall with Kris.

            “That’s so not true,” Ricky said.  “Why do you lie like that?”

            C.A.P. nudged Ricky’s ass with his foot.  “Why is your skin so much better since we’ve been fucking you?”

            “A little more cum in your diet is always good for you,” Tao said.  “That’s what Chanyeol hyung is always trying to tell me, anyway.  Ugh, he’s so stupid.”

            “A little more cock up your ass is always good for you, too,” C.A.P. said.  “Isn’t that right, Lay hyung?”

            “Yes,” Lay said firmly.  He smiled at C.A.P.  “You can call me any time you want to do it again.”

            Standing in the foyer, C.A.P. watched his members file out of the house.  One exhausted vocal shuffling along like a zombie; one insufferably aglow visual strolling around like he owned the world; one subdued rapper rubbing at his eyes and yawning; one petulant, moody maknae pointedly not speaking to anyone.  Huh, he was missing someone.  “Ricky!”

             “Here, I’m here,” Ricky said, scurrying out of the next room.

            Grabbing Ricky by the arm, C.A.P. rolled his eyes.  His thumb rubbed a smear of cum from around Ricky’s mouth.  “Who are you, Niel?  Haven’t you had enough?”

            “I…  Luhan hyung…  Shut up,” Ricky muttered, and ran after the other members.

            “Out, out, everybody out,” Kris said, shooing his members toward the front door.  They paraded past C.A.P., Luhan smiling at him, Xiumin winking at him, Tao smacking his ass, Chen hugging him, Lay touching his fly with covetous fingers.  Grabbing Lay’s hand, he pulled Lay back in for a kiss.  “Call me sometime.”

            “Okay,” Lay said, smiling at him like he wasn’t quite real.  Hurrying after the others, Lay said, “I like him so much.”

            “That’s everybody?” Kris asked, swinging a bag over his shoulder.

            “Yes.  Anything broken?” C.A.P. asked.

            Kris shrugged.  “Just a table.  Don’t worry about it.”

            Not bad.  C.A.P. shrugged into his jacket.  “Suho hyung can call me if you want to do this again.”

            Kris nodded.  “Tomorrow night too soon?”

            Chuckling, C.A.P. zipped up.  “Why is it I keep fucking all of your members but not the M and K leaders?”

            “Suho doesn’t really…”  Kris squinted like he wasn’t sure he wanted to finish.

            C.A.P.’s gaze flickered down Kris’ rangy body and back up.  “What about you?”

            “Oh, I don’t, uh…”  Kris’ eyes darted from side to side.  “Not really into that.”

            C.A.P. shrugged and grinned at him.  “Let me know when you’re in the mood for it.  I’ll take good care of you.”  C.A.P. opened the door.  “See you at Music Bank.”

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