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            After Changjo and C.A.P. were gone, Chen went into Suho’s room.  Seeing what Suho was doing, he laughed and helped Suho to change the sheets.  Then he locked the door, and they climbed into bed together.  It felt so cozy like this.  Domestic.  “You’d make some hyung a cute boyfriend,” he said, putting his arm around Suho.

            “Why does it have to be a hyung?” Suho complained.

            “You have too much aegyo.  And you have too many responsibilities.  It’s your turn to let someone look after you for once.”

            “Maybe it’s most comfortable with someone your own age.”  Suho looked thoughtful.  “I should ask Minho.”

            “Hyung, you can’t just…”  Aw, damn it, he probably could.  He could just ask Shinee’s Choi Minho to be his boyfriend.  And Minho would probably say yes.  “I want to be you for a day,” he decided.  “I’d live well.”

            Suho smiled, patting his side.  “You live well already, Chen-ah.  Anyone would say yes to you.  So be careful who you ask.  I don’t want you to end up with just anybody.”

            Aw, that was sweet.  “Thanks, hyung.  I’ll be careful.”

            “If you only want someone your own age, what about Baekhyun?  Or Chanyeol?  They’re nice, and I think that their leader would be okay with it.”

            Ew, no, not them.  We’re friends, it’s not like that.  Besides, Baekhyun’s, you know.  I want a top.”

            Suho licked his lips and avoided Chen’s eyes.

            Ha!  Bursting into laughter, Chen hugged him.

            “He’s not bad at those things,” Suho said.  His cheeks were pink.

            “He’s not bad,” Chen agreed.  Suho was so cute!  Impulsively, he decided to take the chance.  “Hyung, can we talk about something?”

            Suho’s expression was immediately attentive.  “Of course, dongsaeng-ah.  What do you need?”

            “There’s, uh.”  Now that he’d decided to do it, he didn’t know how!  “You’ve told me that it’s okay to ask for anything, when we’re alone like this.”

            Suho nodded reassuringly.

            “So it’s, um.  I don’t want to ask you for something that you aren’t comfortable with.  You’ve told me that you don’t want me to feel pressured into anything, and you don’t want me to feel obligated to make you happy.  I don’t want you to feel that way, either.”

            “I won’t,” Suho promised.  “There are a few things that I don’t think are a good idea, but outside of those things, I’ll do anything for you.  I want you to feel like you can ask me for anything that you like.”

            “Maybe this is something you don’t think is a good idea?”

            Suho’s expression was cautious.  “Ask me about it, and we’ll talk about it, if we need to.”

            “I’ve tried to ask before, but I’ve been wishing.  For a while now.”  He rushed out with it.  “That you’d do me.”

            “Do, oh.”  Suho blushed and kind of froze.  “That, um.  That?”

            “Yeah.  Fuck me, top me, you know.”  He winced at Suho’s mildly horrified expression.  “Off-limits?”

            “I.”  Suho sat up, running his hand through his hair.  “I just don’t think that’s a good idea.  It’s too much like taking advantage.”

            “It’s not!  Taking advantage of what?” he asked, sitting up beside Suho.

            “You!  My position.  All kinds of things.”

            “It’s nothing like that!  You’re not abusing your privilege.  Hyung, we already have sex.  This is just how I have sex.  It’s not different from what happens with the other members.”

            “I can’t, I’m sorry.”

            “Why are you so stubborn?  I know you put it off-limits before, but aren’t things different now?  You’ll do all sorts of things you were never comfortable with before, you’ll watch us more, you have sex with L sunbae and Changjo, you jacked off in front of Ricky, but this is too far?  You and I already do things!  Why can’t it be this, too?”

            “I said no.”  Suho’s tone was firm.

            “But I can do you, if I want to.”

            “Of course.”  Suho didn’t even hesitate.

            “How is that different?” he demanded.  “It’s the same two people and the same body parts and the same positions, just backwards.  You’re putting too much emphasis on who pokes what.  Doesn’t Kai say things all of the time about how we have to stop thinking of sex that way?”

            “It’s just, it’s different,” Suho insisted.

            “You’re being old-fashioned.  Which era is this?”

            “I can’t do it!  I just can’t!”

            “Have you ever done it at all?  With anyone?  You don’t even have to tell me who it was, just, have you ever actually put your penis inside someone like that?”

            “I…  Do girls count?”

            “Pre-debut girls?  Vaginally?”  Suho nodded.  “No.  No, hyung, that doesn’t count.  I’m starting to get annoyed with you.”

            “I’m already annoyed with you,” Suho muttered.  “You have plenty of sex that way, I don’t have to do it, too.”

            Chen sighed.  “Is it because you don’t want to?  If you honestly don’t like it, that’s okay.  Just tell me that you don’t want to.  But if you want to, and you think it might be nice, and you’re refusing because you’re just being stubborn, that’s different.”

            Suho hugged his knees.  “I don’t know if I want to,” he told the opposite side of the room, turning his face away.

            That seemed like a complete and obvious and bald-faced lie.  “Do you want to try it with somebody else first?  Someone who’s not me?  I might be insulted, but it’s okay.  Is there someone else?”

            Suho messed with his hair and didn’t answer.

            “Maybe Baekhyun?  Or Lay hyung, is it comfortable with someone your own age?  Or Xiumin hyung, so it’s less like taking advantage?  Or maybe Changjo or L sunbae?  Is it easier if it’s not another member?”

            “Nothing’s easy about sex,” Suho grumbled, looking down at his feet.

            Chen didn’t know what to do with this hyung, sometimes.  “What if we do it with me on top?  I can sit on it.  You can just lay there and not even do anything.  That would feel less like taking advantage, maybe.  Would you like it better if I fucked you, first?”

            Suho finally looked at him.  “You’d do me?”

            All of a sudden, Chen felt really embarrassed.  It seemed kind of like…  “That, um, hyung?  Do you, do you want me to?”

            Licking his lips, Suho shied away, looking down again.  “I wasn’t asking for it,” he mumbled.

            Oh, wow.  “You really want me to do you.”

            “I wasn’t asking,” he insisted, hopping off of the bed.

            Laughing, amazed, Chen caught his arm, tethering him.  “Should I do it?”

            “You don’t even like that,” Suho said, trying to pull free.  Ya, let me go.”

            “Hyung!”  Delighted, Chen tried to drag him back onto the bed.  “Should we?  I’ll do you first, and you can do me.”

            “It’s not a trade!”

            Disappointed, Chen let him go.  “It would be fun.”  What a shame.  Feelings hurt, Chen tried to salvage the situation.  “I can do you, anyway.  I don’t mind.”

            “You don’t like it,” Suho muttered, sitting on the edge of the bed.

            “I’d like it with you,” he said honestly.  “It would be nice, wouldn’t it?”  He hadn’t realized that Suho would want that from him.  “Baekhyun says that it feels good, so I guess I know what I’m doing.”

            “Be fair,” Suho said.  “Baekhyun thinks that everything feels good.  He’d put the whole world up there if I let him.”

            Chen smiled, because it was true.  “Let’s not worry about any of that, tonight.  Let’s just kiss.  I want to go down on you, anyway, let’s do that.”

            Suho scooted farther back onto the bed, facing him.  “I’m sorry that I can’t take better care of you.  I don’t know what to do, I feel like a bad leader.”

            “You’re not a bad leader,” Chen said, surprised.

            “Sunggyu hyung would tell me to do it.  A leader’s responsibility is real.”

            “He says that too often.  What’s right for Infinite isn’t always what’s right for us, anyway.”  He hated that he’d made Suho feel bad.  “If he wants me to be taken care of, he can do it himself.”  Suho blinked.  He could see wheels turning.  “Why?” he asked.  “What did I say?”

            “I.”  Suho cut himself off, shaking his head.  “No, I can’t pass that duty on to someone else.  If it’s my duty, then it’s mine.  I just, I can’t, I don’t know, it’s a step I can’t take back.  Once I’ve done that, it’s done.”

            “Now, wait.  If you want to pass that duty onto Sunggyu hyung, while you think things over, I wouldn’t complain,” Chen said, to be clear.  “C.A.P. came over tonight to make the rounds.  I don’t see why Sunggyu hyung can’t, too.”

            “Make the rounds,” Suho repeated.

            “You should invite him sometime.  Tell him that you need him to take responsibility as a good sunbae and take care of us.  It would be a big help to you, right?”

            “I think it would be a big help to you,” Suho said, giving him a look.

            He smiled.  “I already said, I won’t complain.”

            Sunggyu was on the couch with Woohyun, making out, when L came back to the dorm.  After taking off his shoes, he walked into the middle of the room and sprawled on the floor, wearing a big, happy smile.  He laughed to himself, hugged himself, rolled onto his stomach, and spread out.

            “Had a good time?” Woohyun guessed.

            “Made up with that maknae?” Sunggyu asked.

            Popping up onto his elbows, his chin in his hands, L smiled at them brightly.  “He’s in love with me.”

            “Who?” Sunggyu asked.

            “Ah, that cute new rookie who’s been flirting a lot,” Woohyun said.

            “That hot actor who’s been calling?” Sunggyu asked.

            “No, no, it’s that host, the greasy one,” Woohyun said.

            Sunggyu laughed, poking him.  “Who are you, calling anybody else greasy?”

            “You’ve seen him!  ‘Ah, L-ah, Myungsoo-ah, have you eaten?’” Woohyun asked, wriggling against Sunggyu and winking and licking his lips.

            Laughing, disgusted, Sunggyu batted at him, and he did it right back, and they spent a couple of minutes teasing and fighting and laughing at each other.  When Sunggyu had Woohyun pinned underneath himself, he looked at L again, who was watching them with a warm smile.  “It’s love, now?  He loves you?  Are you engaged?  Should hyung pay for your wedding?”

            “I’m going to ask him to be my boyfriend,” L said.  “Soon.”

            “Boyfriend.”  Sunggyu pretended to have to think about it.  “Boyfriend.”  He sat up, pouting.  “Boyfriend.  Mmm, I don’t know.”

            “Is he a nice boy?” Woohyun asked, still reclining where Sunggyu had pinned him.  Tucking his hand underneath his head, he twined his legs around Sunggyu.  “Will he take good care of you?  Does he have a steady job with a good income?  What about his family?”

            “You’ll have to bring him to dinner,” Sunggyu said.

            “Yes, your father and I will have to meet him,” Woohyun agreed.

            “I hope that he has good manners,” Sunggyu added.  “What’s his family name?”

            “Choi,” L said.  “Choi Jonghyun.”

            “Choi, that’s good,” Sunggyu said.  “I like that.”

            “Yeah, much better than Kim, that one’s no good,” Woohyun said.  He laughed when they both scowled at him.  “What, it’s not true?”

            “What’s his job?” Sunggyu asked.

            “From now on?” L asked, rolling onto his back again.  “Having sex with me.”

            “Is he qualified for that?” Woohyun asked.

            “We’ll give him some job training,” Sunggyu decided.

            “He doesn’t need that,” L said, laughing.

            “You’re my visual, you deserve the best,” Sunggyu said.  “We’ll handle it.”

            “On MT?” Woohyun suggested.

            Sunggyu nodded.  “Where’s my phone, I’ll arrange it.”

            “We’ll start with rimming,” Woohyun said, handing over his phone.

            “Oh, for L, rimming is a must,” Sunggyu agreed, dialing.

            The phone rang.  “Hello, this is C.A.P.’s phone.”

            Ya, who is this?” Sunggyu asked.

            “It’s Ricky, hyung.”

            “Oh, Ricky.”  He leaned back, spreading his thighs.  “How are you?  Have you eaten?”

            L laughed.  “What happened to your voice?”  Sunggyu gestured for L to shut up.

            “I’m okay, hyung,” Ricky said.  “I’m glad you called.  It’s nice to talk to you.”

            Such a cute dongsaeng.  “Is your leader busy?”

            “A little, hyung,” Ricky said.  “Is it okay?”

            “Tell him to get some dates ready for MT and text me so we can make plans.”

            “Okay, hyung.”  He could hear the happiness in Ricky’s voice.  “That’s good, hyung, thank you.”

            “I’ll tell my members to take good care of you.”

            “Maybe hyung could take care of things himself,” Ricky suggested.

            “Were you still born six years after me?”

            “That’s not long at all.”

            “I’ve known you since you were four years old.”

            Ricky laughed.  “I was fifteen, hyung.”

            “You looked four,” he said firmly, and hung up.

            “So.”  Woohyun grinned at him.  “MT with Teen Top.”

            “All of Teen Top,” he agreed.

            “Where should I start?” Woohyun asked, rubbing his hands together.

            “Start with Changjo,” L advised from the floor.

            “Start with Chunji,” Sunggyu suggested.  “And stay with Chunji.  Just spend the whole night with Chunji.”

            Woohyun laughed at him.  “I think you like Chunji.”

            “Hey, I know what’s good,” Sunggyu said.  “Maknaes, too young.  Niel, too silly to know what he’s doing.  L.Joe, trouble.  C.A.P., only good for so many things.  Chunji, that’s where you should go.”

            “You only like him because he’s good-looking,” Woohyun said.

            “Who doesn’t like pretty things?” Sunggyu asked.

            “Looks aren’t everything.”

            Sunggyu gave him a hard, warning stare.

            He grinned.

            Sunggyu glared at him.

            “You have fans,” he said, and he tried to run.  He wasn’t fast enough.

            It was late one evening when L.Joe was on the couch, bored.  He got a text.  Hoping for a diversion, he reached for his phone.

            Oh Sehun.  His breath coming faster, he read.  Hyung.  He got stuck there, and he stared at the word, unblinking.  Hyung.  Sehun had called him hyung.  “Sehun-ah?” he whispered to himself.

            “Hmm?” Niel asked from the floor.

            Wanting to be alone with this, he pulled his legs in, turning his back to Niel.  He read the rest of the text.

            Is the kitchen clean?  You should clean it.  That would be good.

            Kitchen.  Clean the kitchen.  Sehun wanted him to clean the kitchen?  His owner wanted him to clean the kitchen.  He knew that he could refuse this, it was only a text message, Sehun wasn’t anywhere around, but he felt like Sehun’s gaze was on him, expecting obedience.  Licking his lips, embarrassed by how turned on he was, he texted back.  Yes, Sehun-ah.

            You should send me a photo when it’s clean.  That would be good.

            Yes.  Yes, that would be good.  He’d do that.  Yes, Sehun-ah.  He whimpered, squirming on the couch.  He wanted to rub himself, but he didn’t have permission.  Clutching his phone in one hand, he got up from the couch.

            He started with the counters, putting everything away.  He had to do it right, he had to be thorough, this was for Sehun.  He washed dishes, and then he dried them and put them away.  He was doing that when Niel came in and put a dirty bowl on the sink.  Flustered, he scolded until Niel cleaned it up and put it away, staring at him with wide, baffled eyes.

            He scrubbed the stovetop.  He was cleaning out the fridge when he heard Chunji say, “L.Joe’s being weird.”

            “Leave him alone,” C.A.P. called lazily from another room.

            “He’s cleaning the kitchen.”


            “He has a hard-on.”

            Embarrassed, he shut Chunji out of his mind.  It didn’t matter what Chunji thought.  He had to do this for Sehun.  He was going to do it right, he was going to do the best job that he could, so that he could show Sehun how much he cared.  He was a good pet.  “Sehun-ah,” he whispered to himself.  He decided to clean out the microwave, too.

            It felt good to do something for Sehun.  He liked it.  He didn’t drag it out, because he didn’t want to take too long to report back, but he wanted to do a thorough job.  He wanted Sehun to be proud of him.  He wanted Sehun to tell him that he’d been a good pet.

            He swept the floor, then mopped it.  Then he mopped it again.  Then he gave in to his own need to be thorough and got down on all fours and started scrubbing.  His back kept arching, pushing his ass up.  He couldn’t help it, he felt like Sehun was watching.  Biting on his lower lip, whimpering to himself, he scrubbed hard.

            “Can I fuck him?” Changjo asked.

            “Hmm.  Not yet,” Chunji said.

            In a flash of temper, he grabbed a sponge out of the bucket and whipped it at Changjo.  The maknae yelped, laughed, and left him alone.  Ooo, touchy,” Chunji said.  Growling under his breath, he went back to scrubbing.  He put them out of his mind.  He had to do this for Sehun.  Other things weren’t important.

            When the floor was finished, he padded around the kitchen, making sure that everything was exactly right.  He cleared a bunch of crap off of the refrigerator and lined up the magnets.  When he was finally satisfied, he stepped back and took a photo.  Humming to himself, he texted the photo to Sehun.

            Then he walked around, fingering the knobs on the oven and touching lightly at the countertop, uneasy, wondering, hoping.  He’d done a good job, hadn’t he?  He’d obeyed his owner.  He’d tried so hard.  He felt unsure; his hard-on wilted.

            When his phone rang, he jumped, almost dropping it.  Clutching it, he answered.  “Hello?”

            “Ah, hyung,” Sehun said.

            “Sehun-ah.”  He melted over the countertop, his face against the cool, clean surface.

            “You’ve done very well.  It makes me happy.”

            He whimpered, resisting the urge to hump the counter.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

            “That thing that I let you do sometimes?  You can do it twice.  However you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.”

            He was so grateful, he moaned.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

            “I’m very happy right now, hyung.”  Sehun hung up.

            He’d pleased his owner.  He’d been a good pet.  He’d made Sehun happy.  Delirious, he rubbed his face against the counter.  He’d done well.  Shoving his hand down his pants, he rubbed his cock.  He was allowed to come now.  Twice, he could do it twice.  Turning, he leaned back over the counter, his back arching.  Grimacing, he jacked his hard-on.

            Niel gave him a wary look.  “Are you finished being weird?”

            C’mere,” he said, shoving his pants down.

            Niel came over, kneeling right in front of him.

Clutching at the counter with both hands, he groaned as Niel’s lips wrapped around his cock.  Unnh, oh, yeah.”  His head falling back, he gasped.  Closing his eyes, he thought of his owner standing in the corner and watching him.  His beautiful, sexy, powerful owner.  Happy with him, Sehun was happy with him.  He moaned, “Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah,” as he came.

            Sungyeol walked into his room to find L getting dressed.  In a black, long-sleeved button-down and jeans.  The new outfit that Inspirit had sent.  “What’s happening?” he asked, confused.  “Do you have a meeting?”

            “What?  No.  Yes, I’m seeing Changjo.”

            “Just Changjo?”

            L laughed at him.  “Yes, just Changjo.”

            New clothes, for Changjo?

            L studied himself in the mirror on the wall.  He combed his fingers through his hair.  Pulled his bangs up, swept them to one side, laughed at himself like he was embarrassed, and shook his hair back down.  Then he bit his lip and messed with his hair some more.  “Should I?  No.”  He tugged his sleeves up and fluffed his bangs.  “It looks okay down, right?”

            “What’s happening, here?” Sungyeol asked, baffled.

            “I have a date,” L said, smiling at him.  “You know what dates are.”

            “You don’t get dressed up for dates.”

            “Sure I do.”

            “No, you walk out of here in your hoodie.  You never try to look too good.”  Maybe he didn’t want to draw too much attention to his dates and start rumors; maybe he didn’t want to freak out super-skittish Suho by looking too hot; maybe he just had issues about wanting to reassure himself that people wanted to hang out with him no matter what and not just because he made a good-looking date.  Probably all of those things.  “Are you trying to impress Changjo?”

            “No.  Yes.  No.”  He grabbed a brush and got serious about his hair.  “I’m asking him to be my boyfriend.”

            Sungyeol laughed.  “You can’t be serious about that.”

            L smiled at his reflection.  “Why not?”

            “He’s not good enough for you.”

            L’s hand lowered and he turned to Sungyeol, frowning.  He looked really hurt.  “Don’t say things like that.”
            “He’s a kid.”

            “He’s only three years younger than I am.”

            “He’s, I don’t know.  A boyfriend, really?  That’s too serious, isn’t it?”

            L looked unhappily into the mirror.  He brushed his hair slowly, like he wasn’t sure about it anymore.

            “I just don’t think you should be in any relationship right now.”

            Blinking miserably, L dropped his brush and turned away from the mirror.  Passing Sungyeol, he left the room.

            “Come on, are you mad?” Sungyeol asked, following him.

            “Sunggyu hyung,” L called, going to the door.  “I’m going out.”

            “Call before you bring anyone here,” Sunggyu called back.

            “I’m not saying that I don’t like him,” Sungyeol said as L put on shoes.  “You can’t even talk to me anymore?” he asked when L didn’t reply.

            “It’s fine,” L said.  He kicked his shoes off and went back into the bedroom.  Sungyeol followed him there, too.  He reached into his closet and got a box of new, black shoes he’d never worn before.  He carried them to the front door and put them on.  “You don’t have to worry.  I won’t bring him back here.  We’ll go back to Teen Top’s dorm so you won’t have to see us together.”

            “You’re overreacting too much.  I only asked if you were sure about it.  I never said that I don’t want to see you near him.”  L was great at making him feel bad.

            L looked down, toying with his shirt tails.  “You can’t be happy for me?”

            “It’s not like that,” he said, exasperated.  He felt so guilty all of a sudden.  “If you’re happy, then I’m happy for you, okay?”

            “Not good enough for me, what does that mean?” L asked, finally meeting his eyes.  “I’m not so great.  Is he trash, then?”

            “I never said that!  He’s great, I like everybody in Teen Top.  I just thought maybe it wasn’t a great match.  I thought that someone more like Suho was your type.”  He put his arm around L.  “And you’re very great.  You’re hyung’s favorite.  That’s why I don’t think anybody’s good enough for you.”

            L smiled and leaned into him a little.  “He’s special.  He just doesn’t let everybody see it.”

            “Well, tell him to show it to me, then, so I can see it like you do.”

            “Okay.”  L kissed him.

            When L left, Sungyeol locked the door.  Going over to the sofa, he sat beside Hoya.  “Boyfriends,” he said.  L had mentioned it earlier, but he’d thought that it was a joke.

            Mmm,” Hoya said, texting someone.

            “Boyfriend.  I like boys,” he said.  “Well, men, not little boys.  And I like friends.”


            “But boyfriends?”  He kind of got the appeal of someone to meet up and have fun with, someone to look forward to coming home to when he had to travel, someone he could call when he was bored, someone he could have sex with.  But he wasn’t so sure about the whole monogamy thing.  And another idol?  What if they broke up, they’d still see each other around everywhere.  It seemed too awkward.  “It would have to be someone really great, to make it worth it.”


            He glanced over.  “Who are you talking to?”

            Hoya looked at him.  “You, aren’t we talking to each other?”

            He rolled his eyes.  “Who are you texting?”

            “Nobody.”  Hoya turned his screen off.

            Accepting the challenge, he grabbed for the phone.  Hoya ducked, he lunged, Hoya dodged, he almost had it, and Hoya rolled off of the couch and danced away.  “What are you hiding?” he demanded, laughing.

            “Nothing,” Hoya said.  He looked toward the kitchen, eyebrows going up.  “What?  Oh?  Sungjong-ah?  Yes, I’m coming.”

            “He’s not here,” Sungyeol pointed out.

            “The maknae needs me,” Hoya said, walking away.

            “He’s still not here!”

            When L and Changjo had decided to meet up on their day off, L had said that he didn’t know where he felt like going or what he felt like doing, and he’d let Changjo know later.

            Changjo had known exactly where he’d wanted to meet (Infinite’s dorm) and for what (sex), but he’d figured that could be the second half of their date, and he’d let L decide the first half.  As long as the second half happened, he’d go along with whatever L wanted.

            Half an hour before they were supposed to meet, he texted L to ask where he should go, and L texted back, “picnic table.”  He took a cab to the same spot where he’d arrived for the photography date, and walked from there.  In the dark night, the picnic area was illuminated by the glow of lamps, and he saw that L was already there, alone, seated at a table and looking down.

            Seeing L waiting for him made him really happy.  Nothing complex, nothing else, just sheer happiness.  A lot of it.  He caught himself speeding up from a lazy stroll to a brisker pace, a smile on his face.

            And then L looked up and saw him, and smiled right at him, looking just as happy to see him.  That only made him happier, and the whole time he walked over, they looked right at each other with big, bright smiles on their faces.

            When he got close, L laughed and got up.  They hugged, and he hugged too hard, and L said, “Oof,” and hugged him too hard right back.  He said, “Hi, hyung,” and L said, “Oh, I feel so funny,” and he knew what L meant.  But he didn’t feel funny.  He felt great.

            They sat down and talked.  That happy-great feeling didn’t go away, it stayed with him, and L seemed really happy, too, smiling at everything and laughing at nothing and touching his hand every five seconds.  After a while, they went over to the food pavilion and L bought a bunch of delicious junk and street food.  They went back to their table and spread everything out and shared it.  L fed him a lot, looking glad to have someone to take care of, looking happy and satisfied each time he accepted it.

            Fans were around.  Not close enough to intrude or overhear, but close enough to see and record every move.  It was kind of funny to have permanent record of his relationship with L, all of their visits and nights out.

            He wondered why L was dressed up.  He’d gotten used to seeing L in a hoodie and sunglasses every time they met.  After he’d thought it over, he wondered if L had dressed up specifically for him.  Like before, they’d only met as friends, but now this might count as an actual date.  A romantic date.  Had that seemed important enough that L had dressed up for it?

            L had a silver ring on one hand.  It was a thick band, grooved and nicked to be distressed-looking, with black showing underneath.  He really liked it.  He’d bet that L would give it to him if he asked for it, and he wanted to ask, just to find out.  But he’d never be able to wear it anywhere, not if fans recognized that it was L’s.  He couldn’t start “couple ring” rumors.

            They finished off the food.  L propped his chin on his hand.  He just sat there looking at Changjo.

            It went on for so long that Changjo stared back.  Sucked his cheeks in.  Crossed his eyes.  Made goofy faces until L laughed at him and reached across the table to squeeze his cheeks and make him stop.

            “I’ve made some bad friends,” L said.  “I’ve been attracted to the wrong people.”

            Changjo nodded.

            “There were times when I thought that I would never have those feelings again.  It seemed like love was for fools and kids and other people.  But sometimes I feel like I fall in love too easily.”

            Changjo nodded again.  He’d said things like this before.  He was usually vague about the guys he’d been attracted to after C.A.P., but Changjo knew all about it.  Had made it a deliberate point to learn all about it.

            “You’re a thief,” L said.  The warm fondness in his lazy smile made Changjo feel really cozy, like the two of them were tucked up under blankets, inside on a rainy day.  “You take off with people’s hearts before they know what’s happening.”

            Scandalized, Changjo took a hasty look around.  “Hyung!  You can’t say these things in public.”
            “Yes, I can.  Your fans know all about it.”

            He wanted to hear more.  “Whose hearts?”

            “You know whose.  Your fans’, your members’.  Suho hyung’s.  Mine.”  He studied the back of his own hand, then held it between them on the table.  “You like my ring?”

            He nodded.

            “Let’s play rock, scissors, paper.  You choose rock.”

            Curious, he nodded, playing along.  Smiling, he put out a rock.

            L put out scissors.  “Best of three,” L said.  “Paper this time.”

            He put out paper; L put out scissors again.  Hey!  He thought about kicking L under the table.

            L smiled.  “Okay, last one.  Rock, paper, scissors!”

            He put out paper again.  Half a second too late, L put out a rock.  He laughed.  “I guess I won.”

            “Ah, all right.”  L pulled off his ring and set it on the table.  “You won, it was fair.”

            Surprised, he searched L’s face.  “I can keep it?”

            L nodded.  “It’s yours.  It’s a shame, too.  It’s new, I only bought it yesterday.  I’ve only worn it for twenty-four hours.  If fans see it on you, they might recognize that it’s mine.  But they saw you win it, fair and square, so it can’t be helped, you’ll have to keep it.”

            L could have just bought it and given it to him in secret.  But this way, it was something L had worn, and he liked that.  He liked having something that L had used and worn, something that had been on L’s finger before his own.  Picking it up, he turned it around, admiring it from all sides.  “I’ll bet it was expensive.”

            “You shouldn’t care about things like that.”

            Mmm.”  He slid it on and held his hand up.  It looked great.  “This nice, new, expensive ring you bought for yourself, and now it’s all mine.  Shouldn’t have been so careless with it.  I’m not giving it back, either.”

            L smiled at him.  “I’ll try to endure it.”

            He really wanted to make out now.  “Let’s go somewhere we can talk.”

            “Your dorm?”

            What, was L kidding?  “The doors don’t lock.”  No way was L going to be okay having sex with him when any of his members could walk in and watch.

            “It’s okay.”

            “No, it’s not.”  It would only be okay if they didn’t have sex, and they were going to have sex.  Oh, they were definitely going to have sex.

            “Your members know how to leave a closed door shut, don’t they?”

            Not if L was naked and having sex on the other side.  But, hmm.  Maybe L was right.  They understood how to respect a hyung’s privacy.  He’d never opened the door on L.Joe and Sehun, even though he’d worked out a few plans and excuses; starting a fire in the kitchen would give him a reason to interrupt them.  And they respected L more than some spoiled hoobae like Sehun.  He wondered if he could get L to agree to leave the door open at first, though.  He wanted witnesses to see how hot it was when he and L made out.  Besides, no one ever got to see L do anything, anymore.  Hey, hey.  Wait.  He scoured his memories, searching.  “Before, when you and C.A.P. hyung…  Did you and Chunji hyung ever…?”

            L nodded.

            Oh, fuck, that was hot.  “He’s at the dorm, now.”

            L glared at him.  “No.”

            Okay, but a threesome with L and Chunji?  L didn’t pick up new partners these days - - well, besides him and Suho - - but Chunji wasn’t new, so, yeah, this had to happen.  “I’ll call a taxi,” he said, pulling out his phone.  He needed to get to the dorm so he could talk L into this.

            L liked Changjo’s room.  The crowded closet, the matching twin beds, the fan art on the walls.  It was familiar and comfortable.  He stretched out on Changjo’s bed, liking the idea of staying there all night.  He was happy when Changjo crawled on top of him, and he ran his hands over Changjo’s body, enjoying the solidity of Changjo, liking just being able to touch.  While Changjo tried to convince him that a three-way with Chunji was a great idea, he rolled his eyes and started taking off Changjo’s clothes.

            Immediately, Changjo cooperated, stripping completely naked.  Changjo was so handsome to him, so captivating to his eyes and hands, that he pushed Changjo over, getting on top, wanting to see and touch everything.  The lines of Changjo’s pelvis, the ripple of abs, the fur of pubic hair, he didn’t know what to kiss first.  He started with Changjo’s mouth, that sexy, devious mouth.  “I love you so much,” he confessed, kissing Changjo again.  “Let me suck your beautiful cock.”

            Changjo laughed, self-conscious and marveling.  “Yeah, okay.  Do whatever you want.”

            He took his time, lingering over Changjo’s body, kissing soft, satiny skin, licking those sensitive little nipples, nibbling on Changjo’s thigh.  When he finally licked Changjo’s hard-on, it was so stiff, so smooth, that he moaned.  The hard fullness of an erection in his mouth was one of his favorite things in life, and he groaned as he sucked on Changjo’s, incredibly turned on.  God, “Mmmfff, aahhhh,” it felt so good, he bobbed his head slowly, savoring it.

            “Damn, hyung, ohhhh.”  Changjo sounded so aroused, so into it, that it only made him feel better.  It was incredibly rewarding to give Changjo pleasure.

            Wanting to see that sexy cock again, he opened his eyes, lifting his head.  The long, thick shaft looked so luscious, he ran his tongue up from the base, stroking it, catching up pearls of pre-cum.  “God, I want you,” he breathed, and he wrapped his lips around the head again, his own cock throbbing.

            Unnh, oh, hyung,” Changjo panted, sitting up.  He groaned, his knees rising on either side of L.  Wrapping an arm around him, L hauled him closer, sucking hard, loving him, his excited moans, his hard cock.  Turning him on, making him feel good, L shared in his pleasure.  Being intimate with him felt so, so right, L wished they’d started doing this long ago.

            L blew him for as long as he could take it, and when he started shuddering, moaning, “God, hyung, god,” L slowed down, trying to make it last.  But his raw, pleasure-filled moans sounded so good, so sexy, that L wanted to please him even more, wanted to make him happy, and L got him off, sucking quick and hard.  Letting loose in L’s mouth, he groaned, and L swallowed his cum, relishing the repetitive spurts.

            L loved him.

            Eyes closing, L brushed his nose against Changjo’s bare thigh.  Kissed Changjo’s taut skin.  His arm tightening around Changjo’s waist, he tried to draw Changjo closer, raising his head and pressing kisses to Changjo’s stomach.  Loving Changjo this much made him so happy that he hurt, and he buried his face against Changjo’s hip, just holding on, just breathing through it.  He wanted to cry.  He wanted to make Changjo laugh.  He wanted to keep Changjo safe and protected forever.  He wanted to throw the doors open and run with Changjo out into the world to celebrate and explore.

            He’d been in love before, but never like this.  And never with anyone like Changjo.  So young.  So fragile but, god, Changjo acted invincible.  Rattled by fears of Changjo being hurt, of not being able to stop it, of not being able to help, he didn’t know what to do for a moment.  He worried Changjo’s thigh with his teeth, petting Changjo’s lower back.  What was L supposed to do when Changjo took on too much and the world slammed him back down?

            Changjo patted his back.  “Are you going to take anything off?”

            “Not yet.”  Lifting his head, he looked into Changjo’s eyes.  Meeting his gaze frankly, Changjo looked curious and a little amused.  Wanting to be closer, wanting to be more intimate, he slid a hand into Changjo’s hair.  When their mouths met, Changjo’s lips parted for him, soft and yielding.  Arousal warmed his skin, and he deepened the kiss, sinking into erotic pleasure.

            He kissed Changjo for a long time.  Changjo pulled him down, and when Changjo rolled them both over, he sank back, not caring which position he was in as long as Changjo was with him, as long as they were still kissing.  Dreamy, sensual bliss stole over him, and he luxuriated in sensation, in the satin of Changjo’s bare skin, in the sexual potency of Changjo’s body, in the teasing ecstasy of Changjo’s kiss.  Eventually he was so turned on that he couldn’t hold his need back, and he went down on Changjo again, moaning as he sucked Changjo’s hard cock.  It was incredible, and getting Changjo off again, feeling Changjo fill his mouth, making Changjo moan and shudder, aroused him so much he almost came in his jeans.  Groaning, he crawled up Changjo’s lax body.  He needed something.  Needed to come.  Needed Changjo.

            Flushed and sated, Changjo panted softly.  He clutched at L’s shirt, dragging L closer, and then his hand cupped between L’s thighs.  Groaning, shaking with need, L thrust into his hand, humping urgently, mindlessly.  “What do you want?” he asked, tugging L’s zipper down.  “Can I do this?”

            “Yes.”  Yes, this was what he wanted.  Whispering, “Touch me, make me come,” he kissed Changjo again.  When Changjo’s fingers brushed his bare cock, he moaned, teeth catching on Changjo’s lower lip, and Changjo groaned, stroking him.  Thrusting his tongue into Changjo’s mouth, he rocked into Changjo’s hand.  Pleasure flashed through his body, it felt so good, so simple, so right, to be touched like this, to have Changjo’s hand on him.  He came eagerly, moaning, glad to do this with Changjo, with someone he loved so much.  Changjo jacked him all the way through it, and when the climax was past, he moaned, still kissing, wanting to stay.

            He loved Changjo.  It hurt him a lot, hurt him deeply, that Sungyeol didn’t really approve.  But he couldn’t help it.  He’d love Changjo, and protect Changjo, no matter what.  It was too late, way, way too late, to pull back now.  He couldn’t even think about it.  He was Changjo’s, and Changjo was his, and nothing could pull them apart now.  “Changjo-ah,” he breathed, and he stole another kiss, slow, tender.

            This hyung liked kissing too much.  He was making Changjo like it too much, too, and that was going to be a problem.  Who was Changjo supposed to make out with for hours when he wasn’t around?  C.A.P.?  Niel?  Ugh, embarrassing.

            Toying with his balls, Changjo kissed him again and again and wondered how to get him the rest of the way out of his clothes.  Having him right here in Changjo’s bed was kind of amazing, and Changjo wanted to make the most of it, wanted to do everything.

            So far, the stuff they’d done had been, wow.  L gave mindblowing head.  Twice like that back-to-back, and Changjo’s spine had melted completely.  Maybe he was so good at it because he did it so much.  He sure liked to talk a lot about how much he liked going down on his members.  “Was it good?” Changjo asked, just to get him to say something flattering and sexy.

            Mmm.”  L gave him a long, slow kiss and then backed up.  “Come on.”

            Wait, what?  “Where?”

            L got off of the bed, pulling his pants up and doing his fly.  “Come on.  Put your clothes on.”

            “For what?”  He sat up so it would seem like he was cooperating.  Where did L want to go so suddenly?  He didn’t want to put his clothes on, he wanted to take L’s clothes off.

            “Just put something on,” L said, grabbing a shirt from the floor and pushing it on him.

            “That’s Ricky’s.”

            L laughed, looking exasperated.  “Does it matter?”

            Considering the two amazing blowjobs he’d just gotten, he could only be in a good mood.  And he was curious about what L was up to.  So he played along and got up.  “Is it always going to be like this between us?”  He skipped underpants and pulled on pants over his naked ass.  “I get you off once, you get me off twice?  I don’t mind.”  L just smiled at him and checked out his body.  He grinned; he liked being admired, especially by this hyung.  “Are we leaving the dorm?”  Was he going to regret not wearing underwear?


            “Then I don’t have to get dressed.”

            “Just put it on,” L said, shoving Ricky’s shirt at him again.

            Now he was even more curious.  Was wearing Ricky’s clothes a part of this, somehow?  He put the shirt on and pawed at his hair.  “What are we doing?”

            L pulled him out of the room.  They went past Niel, and L pushed him into the kitchen.  L.Joe gave them a questioning look, and then L hugged him.

            L gave great hugs.  Kind of embarrassing to do it right in the middle of the kitchen for no reason, but Changjo liked it, anyway.  He hugged back tightly, and he hoped that L.Joe was getting a good look.  This was really happening, L was super into him, and he couldn’t brag about it in the streets but he could at least show off a little in front of his hyungs.

            Pulling back, L cupped his face in both hands and smiled at him.  L was giving him an intimate, affectionate look, really fond of him, like he was precious.  Blushing, he wondered if L.Joe really needed to be there for this part.  Whenever L looked at him like that, it made him all emotional.  “Changjo-ah,” L said, voice soft and deep.  L looked really proud of him, like he’d done something special just by standing there and breathing.

            Starting to get sentimental, he hugged L again.  Partly because he wanted another hug and it felt great, and partly because he hoped that not making so much eye contact would make him less emotional.

            L stroked his hair and murmured, “You know how I feel about you.”

            Yeah.  He knew.  “You’re really bad at hiding it.”

            L laughed and pulled back, straightening his shirt, feeling him up along the way.  “Changjo-ah.”  L looked right into his eyes, holding his gaze.  He was so happy to be with L and so embarrassed by his own strong, eager feelings, he blushed, smiling, kind of thrilled just to be standing in the kitchen together.  It was kind of awesome that L liked him enough to come over to his dorm.  “Changjo-ah,” L said again, smiling at him, hands on his waist.  “Hyung wants you to be his boyfriend.”

            What?  “Boyfriend?” he repeated, and he laughed, disbelieving, self-conscious.  Was L really asking him this?  He’d asked L to ask him, but he hadn’t thought that it would be tonight, like this.  He’d thought that it might come later.  Or maybe not at all.  They already understood each other; he’d thought that maybe L wouldn’t really want to go this far.

            “Hyung wants you to be his boyfriend,” L repeated, still smiling at him.  “Will you?”

            Were those the exact words he’d asked for?  Had L memorized them from that one time he’d said it?  Happy, flustered, he couldn’t just give in so easily.  “What, really?”  He tried to push L’s hands off of his waist, tried to back up, but L only held on more tightly, drawing him even closer.  Not letting go of him.  His heart was pounding and he heard himself laughing foolishly.  “What do you mean, like, officially?”

            “Yeah, officially.”  L’s smile didn’t waver at all; he looked happy.  He looked confident.  He meant what he said.  “Let’s be boyfriends.”  He laughed, rubbing Changjo’s sides.  “Why are you so surprised?  I told you this is what I want.”

            “Yeah, but, officially?”  He wished they were alone for a conversation this important.  He wished that all of his members were in the room to witness this.  “Are you going to tell your hyungs?  Are they going to approve?  What if they don’t want you in a relationship?”  He tried to keep his tone light, like he didn’t really care.  He completely cared.

            “I love you,” L said, cupping his face again, looking right into his eyes like nothing else mattered.  “I’ll love you no matter what.  My hyungs know how I feel about you, but I want you to know.  Do you understand how I feel?”  L’s gaze searched his face.  “Do you know that even if you turn me down and push me away, it won’t change anything?”

            “I know.”  He understood.  He did.  He remembered standing in the bathroom while L had said, “I’ve been in love with you for I don’t even know how long, and I’m not going to let you go.  You can hate me for now, but you can’t get rid of me.  I’m going to take care of you no matter what.”  And he knew that it was true.  L had already made some internal commitment to him, and it wouldn’t be easy to shake L loose.

            He’d needed to hear that.  He couldn’t do this casually.  He could pretend that it was casual and play around like it didn’t matter to him, but his feelings for L were way too real.  The way L treated him was incredibly important to him, and if L took him lightly or toyed around with him or only meant this as some fling, that would be bad.  It would hurt, and he wasn’t ready to be hurt again.

            Being L’s boyfriend was a serious commitment.  There was no chance that he’d say no, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t realize what a heavy responsibility he was taking on.  Sure, he couldn’t wait to deal with L’s sexual needs, but what about L’s emotional needs?  This hyung needed a lot of attention and understanding and patience.  Changjo was a lot of things, but he definitely wasn’t nurturing.  There were going to be a lot of times when it would fall to him to be the adult in the room.  He complained when people didn’t take him seriously, but that didn’t mean that he wanted to be the hyung in this relationship.

            L didn’t even have boyfriends.  He wondered what it was about him that L wanted to hold onto so much, when things hadn’t worked out with anyone else.  He wondered how Sunggyu would feel about this.  But he’d told L to ask him for this, and he’d meant it when he’d promised to say yes.  He might be taking on a lot, agreeing to this, but he couldn’t even think of turning L down.

            He hugged L.  He turned his cheek close against L’s, and he whispered, so no one else could hear him.  “I’m Changjo, and I love you.  I’m Choi Jonghyun, and I’ll be your boyfriend for as long as you’ll let me.”

            L hugged him hard.  When L’s strong arms tightened around him, he knew that he’d said the right thing.  Whispering, “Changjo-ah,” L nuzzled his neck.

            He tapped his fingers on L’s back, locking L in his arms.  This had already been real; it had already been serious, considering all of the things that they’d said to each other, before.  They’d already made their commitments to each other.  And L had just given him a ring.  But now it was official-official.  He had a boyfriend, a real boyfriend.  He was someone’s boyfriend.

            He grinned.  He was going to rock this.  “I’ll be the best boyfriend ever.”

            Behind him, Chunji laughed.  “You?”

            “Isn’t that my shirt?” Ricky asked.

            He’d worn it while L had asked to be his boyfriend.  “It’s mine, now,” he decided.  It took him a second to pull back; L was not quick to let him go.

            “No, it’s not,” Ricky said.

            L made a quiet humming sound and touched his forehead to Changjo’s.  His eyes closed and his lips curved in a smile; he ran his thumb over Changjo’s lips.  Right in front of everybody.  Changjo loved that he didn’t care who saw.  He had to be really confident about how he felt, to act like this.

            Then he said, “Come on.”  Stepping back, he took Changjo’s hand, and then he turned to go.  He led the way out of the kitchen, past all of Changjo’s nosy, staring members.

            “I object,” Niel said.  “I object to all of this.”

            “Leave them alone,” C.A.P. said.

            “Shouldn’t the maknae have to share?” Ricky asked.  “That’s in the rules, isn’t it?  The maknae has to share.”

            “I think it’s nice,” L.Joe said.

            “I think it’s weird,” Chunji said.

            “Oh, god, yes, it’s so fucking weird,” L.Joe said.

            “Jealous,” Changjo said.  He got away with it, too; L pulled him into his room and closed the door before anyone could react.  Grinning, he hugged L again, and L kissed him like they were right in the middle of relationship sex.  “Should I share?” he asked, undoing L’s fly.

            “No,” L said, not even thinking about it first, kissing him again.  Pulling him towards the bed, L gave him a hot, direct look like he was so sexy he kept L up at night.  “Right now, I’m all yours.”

            Sehun was itching to see L.Joe.  Both of their groups were performing at the same festival today, and he couldn’t wait to see L.Joe in person again.  Their next playdate was coming up in a few days, and things had been incredibly hot between them lately.  Every night, he texted L.Joe with a command, and every night, L.Joe did it.  L.Joe’s unquestioning obedience was unbelievably sexy.  Having that kind of control over his pet only made him want L.Joe more.

            Suho insisted on having a quick group meeting before letting anyone leave the dressing room.  Sehun could barely sit still, he was so eager to see his pet.  Finally, Suho said, “Okay, you can go greet your sunbaes.”  Everyone jumped up, rocketing out of the room.

            Teen Top was still being styled.  Dongwoo was there, in casual clothes and a good mood.  Sehun hung back, immediately looking for L.Joe.  He usually located L.Joe first, took a good look, greeted L.Joe specifically and formally, and then hung out with everyone else.  It was easier for L.Joe if he kept his distance.

            Today, L.Joe was getting out of the stylist’s chair.  Spotting Sehun, he looked happy, his face lighting up.  He was dressed in black and gold, and his hair was pink again, and he crackled with nervous, sexual energy.  Sehun made a beeline for him.  “Oh Sehun,” he said, smiling, his gaze searching Sehun’s face.

            “Sunbaenim.”  Sehun bowed.  “I hope that you’re staying healthy.”

            Catching his lower lip in his teeth, L.Joe gazed at him like he was incredibly attractive.  Sexual desire radiated off of L.Joe like he was powering the whole building with it.  Mmm.  You look so pretty today.”

            L.Joe wasn’t usually this forward in public.  He liked it.  “Thank you, sunbaenim.”

            Deft fingers caught at Sehun’s open suit jacket.  “Hmm.”  L.Joe held onto one of his buttons.  He took a quick look around; there was almost no staff in the room anymore, only one stylist at the far end of the table, working on Niel, her back to them.  When he turned back, L.Joe was gazing up at him again, looking fascinated and hungry.  “Angel’s going to be happy.”

            “About what?”  He was surprised that L.Joe was still talking to him.  He would’ve moved away by now, but L.Joe was holding him in place, and if it was okay, he wanted to stay.

            “My abs.  I’ve been doing crunches every night.”

            “Every night?”  He’d asked L.Joe to do it a few nights ago.  Was L.Joe doing it for him?

            L.Joe nodded, hand moving from the bottom button to the top one.

            Really?  “Are you cleaning the kitchen every night, too?”

            “No.”  L.Joe’s eyes widened.  “Should I?”

            “No,” he said quickly.  “No, sunbaenim, that’s okay.  I think that would be too much.”

            L.Joe relaxed.  Humming to himself, he rubbed the button between his fingers.  “I have a day off tomorrow.”

            “I know.”  He’d heard all about the MT between Teen Top and Infinite.  Mostly because his members kept arguing over the best way to convince Suho that a three-group MT was a great idea.

            “I might see Woohyun hyung tomorrow.”

            Sehun licked his lips.  He couldn’t literally control L.Joe’s every social interaction.  But in this case, he wanted to.  The idea of a dom with access to L.Joe in that intense of a situation put him on edge.  He liked Woohyun a lot, but L.Joe was his, and he couldn’t help but feel territorial.

            L.Joe glanced away, then peeked up at him shyly.  “Who do you think I should talk to?”

            Like he hadn’t been fantasizing about this for months.  “Sungjong hyung.”

            L.Joe smiled at him.  “Yeah?”

            He nodded.  His voice came out low and rough.  “Yeah.”

            L.Joe shifted, relaxing back against the table a little, tugging on Sehun’s button like he wanted Sehun to move closer.  Like Sehun wasn’t ready to pin him against that table and take possession of him right then and there.  “Not Sunggyu hyung?”

            That hyung?  Sehun felt so possessive, he almost growled.  “Not him,” he said sternly.

            L.Joe laughed at him like he was being cute.  “Silly hoobae.  Why not?”

            “Anybody but him.”

            Licking his lips, L.Joe cast a speculative look across the room.

            Remembering who was over there, Sehun growled for real.  “Not him, either.”

            Another laugh, a happy smile.  “There’s not going to be anybody left!”

            “Stick with Sungjong hyung.  Maybe Hoya hyung.  That’s it.”

            Smiling like someone who wasn’t going to take Sehun’s advice at all, he licked his lips.  “I think that it would be nice to get to know Sunggyu hyung better.  Everybody says such nice things about him.”

            “Everybody who?”

            L.Joe tugged on the front of his jacket.  Chunji.”

            Oh, hell, no.  “Don’t even talk to that hyung.”

            More happy laughter.  “Which hyung?”

            “Any of them.”

            “If I can’t talk to anyone who’s a hyung to you, I can only talk to a few of my own members!”


            L.Joe plucked at his buttons, smiling up at him with happy affection.  “Silly hoobae.”

            He had to change the subject.  The more he thought about L.Joe at the center of an Infinite-Teen Top orgy, in the middle of Teen Top’s spirited free-for-all and Infinite’s demanding sexual intensity, the more he wanted to stake his claim.  “I like your hair.”

            Immediately, L.Joe turned to the mirror.  His back to Sehun, he leaned forward over the table to get a close look, lightly brushing at individual strands.  Slowly, Sehun’s gaze traveled down his body.  Every sexy inch of him belonged to Sehun.  And he knew it.  Relishing that sense of ownership, Sehun pictured the body under his clothes, his slight frame, his pert ass.

            And then his back arched.  Thrusting his ass out, he wiggled it from side to side.

            Oh, hell.  “Sunbaenim,” he said, pulling L.Joe off of the table.  He could only take so much!

            “My hair,” L.Joe said innocently, looking up at him with a teasing smile.

            “Your hair’s fine,” he said breathlessly.  He had to let go of L.Joe now.  He really had to let go.  Really.

            Holding very still, L.Joe stared up at Sehun, his eyes shining with the desire to please, his tongue snaking out to wet his lips.

            Oh, god, this was too much.  Hurriedly stepping back, Sehun buttoned his jacket shut, trying to cover his hard-on.  “I should go greet your other members.”

            Hoobae.”  L.Joe’s hand closed over his forearm, holding him in place.  L.Joe never just grabbed him like that, and while a part of him liked L.Joe’s confidence today, another, stronger part of him wanted to remind L.Joe who was really in charge here.

            Aware that he was breathing way too hard for someone standing still, Sehun relied on a significant amount of willpower to keep his urges in check.  “Sunbaenim.”

            “Help me.  My outfit.”  L.Joe twisted away, picking up something on the stylist’s table, then turned back to him.  “Put this on me.”

            There was a collar in L.Joe’s hand.

            A slim, black, buckled collar.  A pretty, flimsy thing.  The kind L.Joe had been wearing onstage lately.  The kind that made Sehun dream about pinning L.Joe down onstage in front of a stadium full of people and chewing it off of him.

            Sehun stared at the collar, letting this moment sink in.  This was actually happening.  His pet was asking to be collared in public.  He finally met L.Joe’s eyes.  “Sunbaenim.  You’re trying to kill me?”

            L.Joe laughed, cheeks flushed, eyes gleaming with happiness.  “It’s easy, it buckles in the back.”

            He couldn’t believe how much L.Joe was enjoying this.  His pet practically glowed with excitement.  No distress, no signs of deep shame, only eagerness and vibrant arousal.  If it made his pet this happy, of course he had to do it.  Slowly, he took the collar from L.Joe’s hand.  It was made of soft, thin leather.

            L.Joe lifted his chin, exposing his neck.  His eyes closed and he waited in perfect, patient obedience.  He looked so happy, so relaxed, that Sehun could hardly believe that he was the same pet from their first meeting.  He seemed to revel in being owned, these days.  The more control Sehun took of him, and the more he embraced his role, the more at peace he seemed with himself.  Repeated, ready submission had transformed him.

            L.Joe’s long, smooth neck was as tempting as ever.  Lightly, Sehun brushed his knuckles across it.  A tremor ran through him, and he breathed faster, but he didn’t shy away.  Drawn to him, incredibly proud of him, Sehun placed the collar around his neck.  He hadn’t turned around, so Sehun reached behind him, buckling the collar by feel.  Not too tight.  It made a perfect, black line against his skin.  “So pretty,” Sehun murmured, caressing it.

            Slowly, L.Joe’s eyes drifted open.  Mmm.”  He smiled dreamily at Sehun.  “I feel pretty.”

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