The Aftermath

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            D.O. liked to move at his own pace, especially when it came to sex.  He was ready for something when he was ready for it.

            With his members, that was fine.  He took his time.  He hadn’t blown Kai for a while, but he’d get around to it.  He’d been thinking about making out with Chen a couple of days ago, but Suho had taken them out to dinner instead, and after dinner, Chen’d had sex with the other members.  It was okay; he could do it later.

            But after the blind item, he’d realized that, when it came to other groups, there might not be a later.  Sehun had described them as living at someone else’s whim, and it was true, they did.  If he wanted to kiss Ricky, that wasn’t only between him and Ricky.  It was up to Suho, too, and C.A.P., and SM management, and TOP Media.  Even if he and Ricky wanted to see each other, and even if Suho and C.A.P. were okay with that, there were too many other factors.

            There were things that he wanted to do with the Teen Top members, that he’d been putting off.  He was attracted to Chunji, but Chunji was too much for him; he had vague ideas that maybe, someday, something might happen between them.  But they might never get to “someday.”  If he wanted to do more than just admire Chunji from afar, he’d better do it now, while he had the chance.  And he’d better jump on Infinite, too, while he could.

            He talked to Kai about it, and Kai agreed with him.  He put some thought into what, exactly, he wanted to do, and he asked for Kai’s opinions, since Kai had already been there and done that.  When Teen Top came over to the dorm for a visit, he made his move.

            He started with C.A.P. right away, as soon as Teen Top walked in.  Once C.A.P. started having sex, it was hard to find a break in the action, and D.O. didn’t want to have to find a way to interrupt.  While everyone else said hi, he asked, “Can I touch your cock?”

            C.A.P. chuckled.  “Sure.”

            That was the nice thing about Teen Top; he didn’t have to worry a lot about awkwardness or rejection.  These sunbaes would agree to almost anything.  “Now?”

            “Sure.  Do you want me to take it out, or make it hard, or…?”

            “No, soft is okay.”

            “Might not stay soft,” C.A.P. said, undoing his fly.  Without any self-consciousness whatsoever, he pushed his underwear down to mid-thigh and pulled his shirt up out of the way.  Then he glanced down, giving it an assessing look.

            “What is this, what is he doing?” Chunji asked Kai.

            “Touching C.A.P. hyung’s cock,” Kai said.

            “Why?” Chunji asked.

            “Because he wants to,” Kai said.

            “Do you want to touch mine?” Changjo asked.

            “No, thanks,” D.O. said.  He touched C.A.P.’s gently, running his fingers up and down the shaft, then wrapping his hand around it.

            Ooohh, that’s hot,” Lay said.

            C.A.P. had a good-looking cock.   In D.O.’s opinion, most cocks didn’t look like anything when they were flaccid, but C.A.P.’s had a really nice shape.  It was long and thick, even soft, and it hung nice and straight.  D.O. caressed the head, and C.A.P. looked down again, watching.  “You have a sexy cock,” D.O. said.

            “Thanks,” C.A.P. said.

            It was already getting hard.  D.O. fondled it a little more, because it felt good.  But he didn’t want to jack C.A.P. off, and he wasn’t ready to give head or do anything else, so eventually, he let go.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            “Any time,” C.A.P. said, giving his own erection a tug.

            “Is that it?  You’re finished?” Chunji asked.

            “Yes,” D.O. said.  He turned to L.Joe.  “Do you want to make out?”

            “Oh,” L.Joe said, and grinned.  “Sure.”

            “Okay, this is insulting,” Chunji said.  “What’s wrong with the rest of us?  Am I not good-looking to you?  If you only like certain things with certain guys, I don’t care, but now it’s like you’re doing everybody except me.”

            “And me,” Niel said.

            “And me,” Changjo said.

            “Don’t start,” Xiumin said.  “You’ll just get a lecture from Kai about how ‘nobody owes you sex, hyung,’ and it’s all worse from there.  Just leave D.O. alone, he’ll get to you when he feels like it.  It’s not about who’s good-looking, or he wouldn’t make out with Chen more than he does with me.”

            “Hey!” Chen exclaimed.

            “Sorry, hyung,” Sehun said, patting Chen’s shoulder.

            D.O. headed for his room with L.Joe.  Then, remembering that L.Joe didn’t like to do things in Sehun’s room, he veered and went into Lay’s room instead, figuring that Lay was the most likely hyung to like other people making out on his bed.

            “You’re kind of funny,” L.Joe said.

            “Why?”  He sat on the bed, then tugged on L.Joe’s fingers, pulling L.Joe closer.

            Smiling, L.Joe stepped in between his legs.  “Why did you just want to touch it?”

            “I’ve seen it a lot, and I wanted to feel it for myself.  It’s nice.  You’re lucky.”  L.Joe laughed at that.  “Here, let’s make out.”  Being so intimate with C.A.P., and the way C.A.P. had let him, had turned him on, and now he wanted to get close and feel good.

            “Yeah?” L.Joe asked, smiling back at him.  When L.Joe’s hands cupped his face, heat swept the whole way through him, and then L.Joe’s mouth was on his.  As L.Joe kissed him, a lusting moan got caught in his throat, coming out in a whimper, and he leaned back, pulling L.Joe along, landing on his back, L.Joe right on top of him, seducing his mouth with deep, licking kisses.  Oh, yes, he wanted this.  When he squirmed around to a more comfortable spot on the bed, his head on the pillow, L.Joe crawled after him, never leaving his mouth, panting against his lips and rubbing his thigh.

            Feeling hot, feeling horny, he became obsessed with L.Joe’s touch, the way it slid over his thigh with that light, squeezing rhythm.  As soon as L.Joe’s hand lifted, he caught it again, guiding it to his chest, under his shirt.

            Without hesitating, L.Joe stroked his chest, rubbing over his ribcage, and he moaned, shuddering as pleasure burned him, his back arching off of the bed.  “Oh, oh.”  Catching up handfuls of L.Joe’s shirt, he kissed L.Joe harder, wanting more.  Ooohhh.”  L.Joe’s bangs fell over his forehead, and he reached up, running his fingers through L.Joe’s hair.  So soft.

            Mmm.”  L.Joe’s teeth grazed his lower lip lightly just as L.Joe’s thumb circled his nipple, and pleasure zinged through him as he gasped into L.Joe’s kiss.  He touched the waistband of L.Joe’s pants, his fingers straying away from it over L.Joe’s skin before returning to pick at the fabric while his mind conjured up all kinds of ideas about what might happen if those pants came off.  Mmm, it’s good.”

            “Oh, uh, oouohhh.”  He loved the way L.Joe kissed, so sensual, so sexy, licking, nibbling, getting to know every nuance of the shape of his lips.

            “Hyung.”  Kai’s voice.  “Can I watch?”

            “Yeah, okay.”  The rub and grind as L.Joe’s hips rocked against his, the feel of L.Joe’s hard-on right up against him, made him want to get their clothes out of the way.  He wanted to feel L.Joe’s hot, bare skin against his aching cock.  “I’m so turned on,” he confessed, breaking away from L.Joe’s mouth and gasping for air.

            “Yeah, mmmm, it’s so hard.”  L.Joe undulated against him, creating such intense friction on his cock that pleasure overwhelmed him for a second and he groaned in shocked ecstasy.  Kissing his neck, L.Joe pushed his shirt up a little, and yes, he liked that, that was the right idea.

            “Do you, huoooohh, do you, damn,” he groaned, too turned on to get through a sentence, shuddering as L.Joe kissed his neck, one hand gripping the seat of L.Joe’s pants while L.Joe rocked against him.  The constant, rhythmic press and slide of L.Joe’s cock felt incredible, and all of a sudden sex seemed really important and tempting.

            This was Teen Top; he didn’t have to use words.  He started to pull L.Joe’s shirt up.  Just like that, L.Joe sat up, taking it off.  The sight of L.Joe’s naked upper body and all of that bare skin turned him on, and he reached out, wanting to touch.  L.Joe came right back down to him, kissing him again, and he moaned as his hands swept over L.Joe’s warm, taut skin.  L.Joe had a wiry build, like a scrappy little fighter, and the feel of dense, corded muscle fascinated his fingertips.  He really wanted to explore, to experience everything, but he was so turned on that he couldn’t focus on anything.  He either needed to have sex or stop entirely and regroup, and he’d made his choice; his hand was already on his fly, unbuttoning.

            “Yeah, mmmm, that’s it,” L.Joe murmured, and when he pushed his pants down a little, L.Joe grabbed a handful of fabric and tugged, dragging them down to his thighs.  Kissing L.Joe, he cupped his hand over L.Joe’s cock.  So hard, oh, and when L.Joe moaned, he moaned, too, giving it a little squeeze.  Feeling impatient, too turned on to want to wait, he pushed down on L.Joe’s waistband.  L.Joe responded immediately, and then they were shifting, squirming against each other, wriggling out of their pants.

            “This, too,” he said, pulling down L.Joe’s underwear, then starting on his, and L.Joe grinned at him, kicking the underpants away and snatching his the rest of the way off.  “Fuck me, okay?” he asked, kissing L.Joe again, loving the slide of bare skin as their bodies connected.

            Mmm, yeah, let’s,” L.Joe said, kissing him and kissing him.  Then L.Joe gave him a searching look.  “You’re sure?  Like this?”

            He nodded, pointing.  “Lube’s on the nightstand.  I like the blue bottle.”

            While L.Joe reached for it, D.O. glanced over.  Kai, seated on the floor, gave him a big, happy smile, and he smiled back.  Lay was beside Kai, masturbating.  Somebody moved out of the doorway, leaning away, trying not to be seen; he recognized Sehun’s foot.  “Is this a party?” D.O. asked.

            “Keep going,” Lay said.  “Use lots of lube, make it really wet.”

            “Not too much,” Kai said.  “D.O. hyung doesn’t like it too messy.”

            “Everybody,” L.Joe said, guiding D.O.’s leg out of his way.  “I know what I’m doing, okay?”

            He did, “Ooohhh,” he did.  His fingers slid in just right, settling at just the right depth, gentle and capable.  Groaning, D.O. rubbed at his own cock, trying to deal with the hot, tense excitement running through him.  Unnnnh, that’s so good.”  Hugging his knee to his chest, he gasped at the ceiling.  “God, okay, I need you to fuck me now.”

            Mmm, it’s pretty,” L.Joe murmured, fingers stroking out of him.  “You ready for this now?”

            The feel of L.Joe’s erection nudging against him, slick and hot, only made him more impatient.  He couldn’t wait, he had to have it inside of him.  “Yes, yes, come on,” he insisted, gripping L.Joe’s thigh.

            Mmm.”  L.Joe shifted over him, slippery cock grazing his erection, and he groaned, writhing to get more of that sizzling contact.  “If I give it to you, you’ll have to come really hard for me, okay?”

            “So hard, really hard, I promise,” he said, breathless, pulling on L.Joe’s thigh.  “When did you become such a tease?  Do it, do it.”

            With a low, humming sound and a soft groan, L.Joe pressed into him.  Oh, god, it felt so good, oh, god, he couldn’t keep his hand off of his cock and the pleasure was mounting and the sensation of penetration was incredible and L.Joe looked so sexy leaning over him and then L.Joe shifted and L.Joe’s cock hit that spot and his whole world exploded.  Gasping, groaning, he came, he couldn’t take it, it was too much, cum was squirting everywhere and the ecstasy was unbelievably intense and he couldn’t breathe.  “Oh my god,” he panted, “oh my god.”

            L.Joe was laughing at him.  “You okay?”

            “Yes, wow, oh my god.”  That was the thing about doing new things with new people; he could never really know how it was going to go until it happened.  Lowering his messy hand, he let go of L.Joe with his other hand, needing to separate a little.  His brain was still trying to catch up, still marveling over what had just happened.  He felt shocked.  Amazing and terrific and good, but shocked.  “I.”

            L.Joe tilted his head to one side, then brushed his bangs out of his eyes.  “Do you want to stop?”

            Yes, actually.  “Is it okay?  You can finish with Lay hyung.”

            “I wanted to finish with you,” L.Joe said, smiling at him.  “But if you don’t want it anymore, I guess it won’t kill me.”  L.Joe popped out of him, sitting back.

            Breathing a little easier, D.O. blinked at the ceiling a few times.  Now that it was over, now that they weren’t touching and L.Joe wasn’t inside of him anymore, his body could start to process what had just happened to it.  Wow.  “That was fantastic.  Thank you.”

            “You’re welcome.”  L.Joe was masturbating slowly and staring right between his still spread thighs.

            “What?  What are you saying?” Lay asked.

            “He wants L.Joe hyung to fuck you from behind on the floor,” Kai said.

            “Oh, okay,” Lay said.

            Belatedly, L.Joe blinked, looking over.  “Who does?  What?”

            “Just one of the members,” Kai said.  “Bring the pink bottle, Lay hyung likes that one.”

            Feeling exhausted and blissful, Niel rose off of Chanyeol’s cock and collapsed across the couch.  These orgies kept getting better and better.  Smiling dreamily, he relaxed while Chanyeol rubbed his thigh.  “You came hard, didn’t you?” Chanyeol asked.

            “It was the best,” he said, closing his eyes.  Okay, five minutes to rest, and then he’d get back up for more.  Lassitude weighed him down, and his thoughts were a fuzzy, ecstatic blur of the hot sex he’d just had and all of the hot sex he was about to have.

            He heard voices, Chunji’s dirty talk, Baekhyun’s excited cries, Ricky play-acting like a petty spoiled brat jealous that Chanyeol oppa had given that sexy cock to somebody else.  After a few minutes, he realized that he didn’t hear Xiumin.  Was Xiumin not having sex at that moment?  Was Xiumin’s cock being neglected?  Maybe Xiumin was worn out and taking a break.  But Xiumin wouldn’t be too tired to spank him like a naughty, naughty boy, right?  Worried, he opened his eyes.

            D.O. was standing over him, staring at him.

            “Creepy,” Niel said.

            D.O. didn’t blink.  “Can I put my fingers in your mouth?”

            Oh, “Sure,” he said.  His head against the armrest, he got comfortable and opened his mouth.

            D.O. touched at his parted lips, caressing them.  Used to people’s fascination with his mouth, he relaxed, closing his eyes.  D.O. stroked all around the edges and then spent a while just toying with his lips, lightly rubbing them.  He would’ve warned that all of this poking would only make them redder and more swollen, but that might have been the point, anyway.  Then he felt D.O.’s finger slide into his mouth.

            Mmm, that was what he liked.  He closed his mouth, sucking.

            “Oh!  Oh, okay.”  D.O. sounded surprised.  “You suck hard.”

            Sure, he could suck as hard as he wanted on fingers.  Humming to himself, he nursed it, liking the feel of it in his mouth.  When D.O. pushed two more fingers in, he accepted them happily, encouraging D.O. to slide them as deep as possible.  Nothing was as good as cock, but, damn, this was turning him on.

            “Can, oh, hold on, hold on, let go,” D.O. said, tugging against the suction.

Not ready to stop yet, he opened his mouth and gave D.O. a disappointed look.

D.O. pulled his hand back and wiped his fingers on his T-shirt.  “Can I watch you give somebody head?”

“Yes,” he said decisively.  Yes, he wanted to give head, and he didn’t care who watched.  “Bring me a penis.”

            Chunji turned off the shower and dried off.  He was clean and rejuvenated, and he was ready to get back out there.  Walking out of the bathroom naked, he suddenly had D.O. in his path.  When D.O. didn’t move, he laughed and asked, “Want something?”

            “Yes,” D.O. said.  “Can I have my way with you?”

            He snorted, laughing.  “What does that mean?”  It didn’t matter; he was interested enough to go for it.  “Sure, do what you want.”

            “I want to touch you and,” D.O. hesitated, “kiss you in places.  But I don’t want you to touch me back.  Or say anything.”

            “What, I can’t say anything?”  He grinned.  “Do you want to gag me?  Are you being kinky?”

            “No, I just, can you not talk?”

            That was either kinky or insulting.  He decided to go with kinky.  “Okay, no words.”

            D.O. nodded.  “Thanks.”

            Intrigued, he followed D.O. into a bedroom.  Most of the other guys were out in the front room, hitting it from all angles, so the bedroom was unoccupied.  Once he was in, D.O. closed the door.  Oooh, no witnesses?  D.O. gestured to a bed, so he stretched out on his back, hands clasped over his stomach.

            D.O. climbed right on top of him, swinging a leg over, on all fours over him.  Pushing his hands apart, D.O. set his hands on either side of him, arms straight.  He licked his lips, reminding himself not to say anything.  Was it okay if he laughed?  D.O. was so intense, it made this really creepy and really sexy, and that freaky-hot combination made him want to see where this all went.

            Looking down into his face, D.O. drew a line down his cheek.  “You’re so pretty,” D.O. said.  He smiled at that; okay, this was getting off to a good start.  “You have beautiful eyes.”

            So did D.O.  It was nice, to be face-to-face; D.O. was really good-looking.  Those intense eyes, that full upper lip, he was going to have a good time here if D.O. stayed on top of him like this.

            D.O. suddenly smiled, laughing a little.  “Okay, it’s weird if you don’t say anything.”

            He burst into laughter.  “I thought that you had this all planned out!”

            “I did, but it’s weird like this!  Can you talk but not say all of those sex things?  Can you make normal conversation?”

            “No, I don’t know how,” he said.  What kind of question was that?  “Yes, I know how to make normal conversation.”

            “I didn’t mean - - it’s just that the sex stuff gets too intense.”

            “I like intense.”

            “I know, that’s why I’m on top and you’re not touching.  Is there anywhere you don’t want me to kiss you?”

            “I don’t have limits and rules, I don’t like them.”

            “I thought you didn’t give head outside of Teen Top.”

            “That’s about where I kiss you, not where you kiss me.  You can put your mouth anywhere you want.”

            D.O. nodded.  “Got it.”  He ran his hand over Chunji’s side, lightly, over and over again, like Chunji was a cat he was gently petting.  His gaze ran over Chunji’s body, down and up, and then he focused on Chunji’s face, leaning closer.

            Chunji smiled, enjoying his interest.  “Like what you see?”

            “Don’t tease,” he said, his hand lightly skimming over Chunji’s stomach.

            “I’m just flirting!”

            “Don’t flirt.”


            “Maybe you should shut up.”

            “Is this how you talk to sunbaes?”

            D.O. sat back on his heels, looking around.  “Sehun has to have a gag in here somewhere.”

            Laughing, he pulled D.O. back down.  “Aw, okay, I’ll be nicer.  I’ll play along.”

            “I don’t trust you,” D.O. said, leaning in again, one hand cupping the side of Chunji’s face.  “But you’re so pretty.”  D.O. kissed his cheek, lips brushing his skin, dropping kisses up over his cheekbone and then down again.  It was so slow, so tender, it seemed too romantic, but D.O. lingered so much, it made him feel like there must be something special about him, something that D.O. really liked.  D.O.’s lips were soft, and he closed his eyes, basking in the attention.  When D.O.’s hand slid into his hair, and D.O.’s kisses trailed down his neck, he sighed, enjoying it, arching his back and shifting his hips, getting into it.  “Fuck,” D.O. breathed, “you’re so sexy.”

            Mmm, keep going,” he said, lifting his chin to show off more of his neck.  “It’s starting to get good.”

            “God, I want to kiss you everywhere,” D.O. whispered, lips brushing his neck again.  And that really seemed to be true, because D.O. didn’t miss a spot, kissing along his jaw and then up over his other cheek, kissing his ear, going back along his jaw and down his neck again, alternating the kisses with soft, sinuous licks and hot, devoted sucking.  D.O.’s mouth traveled across his collarbone and over his shoulders, and D.O.’s hands stroked over his hips, his pelvis, petting his waist, while D.O. kissed his arms and licked his chest and sucked at the inner bend of his elbow.

            He couldn’t touch back, but he couldn’t hold still, either.  Being sexually passive was not his thing.  He shifted around so much he felt like he was squirming constantly.  He didn’t know what D.O. might think was off-limits sex talk, and he didn’t want to throw things off, but he couldn’t stay quiet, so he said things like, “Yeah, oh, that’s good, I like that,” and he moaned a lot to encourage D.O. to keep going, making little, “Ah, ah,” breathy sounds when something felt good and longer, urgent, “Ooohhh, ooohhh,” sounds when he wanted D.O. to do that again.  It had been a while since someone had treated him so well, and it reminded him how good slow, intimate sex could be, how all of that sappy, romantic, relationship sex could be some of the hottest sex possible, when it was done right.

            D.O. spent a while fingering his nipples, and spent even longer licking around his wrists and nibbling on his fingertips and kissing his navel.  He was enjoying the attention so much, it was starting to feel like some kinky, seductive tease, like this was all designed to get his cock as hard as possible without ever touching it.  Embracing the challenge, he moaned, turned on by how desperately his neglected hard-on ached, and when D.O. finished sucking on his pelvic bone and started kissing back up his body, he said, breathlessly, “Yeah, come on back up.”

            D.O. took his time, his tender touches ghosting over Chunji’s body, lighting up little sparks of pleasure, his mouth revisiting everything, alternating between chaste, adoring kisses and wet suction, his tongue making a thorough investigation.  “You’re so sexy, you turn me on so much,” he said, his kisses finally drifting up Chunji’s neck again.

            “Yeah, ooohhh, touch me,” Chunji breathed, writhing, loving it.

            “Don’t kiss back,” D.O. whispered, and kissed him, pressing soft, clinging kisses to his lips.  Moaning, he gazed at D.O.’s smooth cheek and black lashes, letting D.O. kiss him over and over again.  D.O. was flushed, lips red, breath coming fast, and when D.O.’s tongue slipped over Chunji’s lower lip, they both moaned like they were coming.

            “Tell me,” Chunji said, “tell me how hard you are right now.”

            “So hard,” D.O. confessed, caressing Chunji’s hair and kissing his cheek fervently, his skin burning hot.  “So hard, god, I can’t even think straight, you’re so sexy, you’re so pretty, my pre-cum’s making everything wet.”

            He laughed, turning his face to one side, and D.O. pressed eager kisses to his cheek.  The tip of D.O.’s tongue dragged up his jaw and flicked over his neck, and he moaned, rubbing at his own thighs.  “Have you ever fucked anybody?”

            What, penetrated anybody?  With my cock?”  Panting, D.O. kissed his ear.  “No.”

            “Do you want to?”

            “Yes, yes, so much,” D.O. groaned.  “Fuck, I’m going to come in my pants.  I have to go, okay?”

            Oooohhh,” he couldn’t take this.  “If you have to leave, send somebody in, okay, send somebody in here who can drill me open.”  The tease and seduction had been great, but he was ready for the real, raw thing.

            “Okay, god, god, oh.”  D.O. kissed him again, right on the mouth, hard, and then hurried away.

            Rolling over, Chunji went up on his knees, looking around for the lube.  Wasting no time, he slicked up his fingers and started stretching himself open.

            “D.O. hyung said - - shit, hi,” Sehun said.

            “You, good,” Chunji said, tossing the lube aside.  C’mere and finish what he started.  And don’t be nice about it.”

            After he’d calmed down and gotten himself under control, D.O. went to brush his teeth.  He didn’t actually need to brush his teeth, but all he could think about was kissing Chunji and licking Chunji’s skin and how soft and smooth and hot Chunji’s skin had been against his lips, and he needed to do something to distract his mouth.  He needed it to feel different sensations.

            Feeling more like himself again, he went from room to room until he found Ricky.  And then he took Ricky away from Kai, and washed Ricky clean, and took Ricky to bed.  Not for sex, he’d had too much sexual intensity already, but for cuddling.  They snuggled up together, and he ran his fingers through Ricky’s hair, and everything felt right.  This was what he needed, after all of that excitement and stimulation.  He wished that Ricky could stay and sleep with him all night.  “You’re good at giving people what they want,” he said, stroking Ricky’s eyebrow.

            “I’m a maknae,” Ricky said.

            Second maknae.  Kai was EXO’s second maknae, and D.O. genuinely loved him, but he didn’t make a terrific natural maknae.  “You’re a good maknae,” D.O. corrected.

            Ricky smiled.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            “You should come over more often and spend the night.  You can have sex with the other members and sleep with me.”

            Ricky laughed.  “Okay, hyung.  I’ll ask C.A.P. hyung if I can come over more often.  I’ll make that sacrifice for your sake.”

            Snuggling closer, he rested his face against Ricky’s and closed his eyes.

            Changjo had a lot of his own things to do - - a lot of EXO members to please - - but he’d noticed D.O. running around being more active than usual.  By the end of the orgy, D.O. had gotten busy with all of Teen Top.  All of the rest of Teen Top, but not with him.  Curious about that, while everyone else was getting dressed and grabbing snacks and making plans to meet up another night, he went to D.O.’s room.

            Dressed, D.O. was changing the sheets on Kai’s bed.  “Hey,” Changjo said.

            D.O. looked at him.  “Hey.”

            “Going to kiss me good-bye?” Changjo asked, smiling.

            D.O. sat on the edge of Kai’s bed.  “I don’t know what to do with you.”

            “Let’s do everything you can think of, then, and you can decide what you like best,” he suggested.

            Running his hand through his hair, D.O. studied Changjo.  “I don’t know if I want the cute, cuddly maknae or the sexy, buff man.  And I don’t trust you.”

            That was mean.  “Suho hyung trusts me.”

            D.O.’s whole expression changed.  All of his caution was gone; he looked wondering and relieved.  “He does.  You must take good care of him.”

            “Does he tell you what we do together?”

            D.O. shook his head, his hand dropping from his hair.  “No, but he really likes it a lot.”

            Heh.  Cool.  “See, if he likes it so much, then I must be considerate, right?  Suho hyung wouldn’t like me so much if I didn’t know how to treat him.”

            D.O. nodded like he was completely convinced.  “Here,” he said, getting up and holding his arms out.

            Changjo hugged D.O., wrapping his arms around him tightly.  He hugged back, and they stood there like that for a moment.

            “Hey, you ready to go?” Chunji asked from the doorway.

            “Yes, hyung, in a second,” Changjo said.

            “I like this,” D.O. said against his shoulder.  “Let me think about it, and I’ll call you, okay?”


            “Come on, maknae,” Chunji said.

            Hyungs.  Changjo slowly let go of D.O., and gradually D.O. released him.  “Bye,” D.O. said.

            Chunji grinned, waving.  “Bye, lover.”

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