The Line-up: Take 2

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            D.O. was seated on the couch in his dorm, watching EXO and Teen Top members pass to and fro.  Baekhyun and Changjo were squished onto the same armchair, flirting.  Ricky came in and started to sit beside D.O., then froze halfway down.  His face took on a determined look, and he breathed through pursed lips as he lowered himself onto the couch.

            “Are you all right?” D.O. asked.  Maybe he’d pulled a muscle during practice.

            “Sorry,” Changjo said with a sympathetic laugh.

            Ricky glared at Changjo.  “It should’ve been you!  I’m not the maknae!”

            “What happened?” Baekhyun asked.

            “He got his ass reamed,” Changjo said.

            “The maknae was filming for his crappy drama all week,” Ricky said.  “Since he wasn’t around, when the hyungs wanted to get laid, I had to do it.”

            D.O. winced.  Baekhyun said, “Oh, yeah.  Too much C.A.P. hyung?”

            “Too much L.Joe hyung,” Ricky said.  D.O.’s eyes widened; he hadn’t expected that.

            “It was just a tiny part,” Changjo said.  Baekhyun laughed, and Changjo said, “My part in the drama!  Not L.Joe’s thing, ew.  No, my part in the drama, it was just a few scenes.  I can help you out with the hyungs again.”

            “The EXO hyungs don’t treat their dongsaengs like this,” Ricky grumbled.  Pulling his feet up, he tucked himself against D.O.’s shoulder.  Liking how cute he was, D.O. petted him a little.

            “Our dongsaengs are lazy,” Baekhyun said.  “They don’t like to take care of us.”

            “That’s not true,” D.O. said.

            “Then what’s the line-up for?” Baekhyun asked.

            “That’s for when we’re all short on time, and Suho hyung wants us to get to sleep,” D.O. argued.

            “What’s a line-up?” Changjo asked.

            “Is this a sex thing?” Ricky asked.

            “Tell me every detail,” Changjo said, blinking and looking closely into Baekhyun’s eyes.

            Baekhyun laughed.  “It’s nothing!  It’s just when, aahhh, I don’t want to describe it, it sounds weird if you just say it.”

            “Everybody lines up in two rows,” D.O. said.  If it wasn’t too embarrassing to do, then it shouldn’t be too embarrassing to talk about, either.  “Sehun and Kai sit on the couch and everyone takes a turn getting a blowjob.  When your blowjob’s finished, you go to bed.  When all of the hyungs are taken care of, they usually get each other off last.  It’s for nights when we get in late and we have to wake up again soon.”

            “So you just…”  Changjo laughed, looking from one of them to the other.  “You all line up?”

            “It’s fun,” Baekhyun said.  “It’s quick.  I like to get in the back of the line so I can watch them blow everybody else.  Xiumin hyung tries to sneak back and get in line again after he’s already had his turn.”

            “Do you get in line?” Ricky asked D.O.

            “Sometimes.  Usually I watch, or I go ahead and get in bed.  While everyone else is busy in the line-up, I only have to fight Suho hyung for bathroom space.”  It was okay to say that, wasn’t it?  He decided that it was.  Suho hyung was okay with Teen Top knowing simple private things like that, these days.

            “If we did the line-up, I’d only have to suck off two hyungs,” Changjo said.  “That’s nothing!”

            It didn’t seem like nothing to D.O.  It sounded like a lot, actually.  Especially since C.A.P. had a lot of stamina, Chunji could be hard to get off, and L.Joe had to get off twice.  They’d sit there giving head forever.

            “I bet that Niel hyung would want to do it with you,” Ricky said.

            “Hey, no,” Changjo said.  “Already trying to get out of it?”

            “I just think that Niel hyung would like to give the hyungs head,” Ricky said.  “He likes that kind of thing, doesn’t he?”

            Changjo snorted, eyeing him.  “Are you saying that you don’t like blowing Chunji hyung?”

            Ricky smiled.  “You’re just so much better at it than I am, maknae.”

            “Talking about blowing me?”  Chunji’s voice surprised D.O., and he looked over as Chunji settled onto the armrest at his side.  He hadn’t realized that Chunji was within earshot, but Changjo must have.

            Ricky hadn’t risen to the bait, but he couldn’t have seen Chunji coming in from his position tucked against D.O.  Maybe Changjo’s question had been too specific and given it away?  D.O. couldn’t imagine being in Teen Top and constantly being on his guard like that, but the Teen Top members seemed to enjoy trapping and tormenting each other.

            “Did you know about EXO’s line-up?” Changjo asked.

            “Sure,” Chunji said.  He was in underwear and a T-shirt, and his bare thigh was inches away from D.O.  His skin looked really soft and smooth.  Such pretty, creamy skin.  D.O. wanted to touch him.

            “We’d only have four hyungs to get off, but they’d have seven,” Changjo mused.  “Six, without Suho hyung.  Only five, without D.O. hyung!  That’s barely anything.  And Lay hyung’s easy to get off, that’s quick.”

            Niel hyung would do all of that all by himself, easy,” Ricky said.

            “Yeah, why does Sehun hyung even need Kai hyung’s help?” Changjo asked.  “Is he lazy?”

            “The point is to make it quick and get off fast and go to sleep,” Baekhyun said.

            “A good dongsaeng would do his best and make it good,” Ricky said piously.

            “Since when do you know anything about that?” Chunji teased.

            “Hyung!  That’s not fair,” Ricky said, raising his head and giving Chunji an injured look.

            “Let’s challenge,” Changjo told Ricky.  “You and I, we can take the EXO hyungs, and Kai hyung and Sehun hyung can do our Teen Top hyungs.  Let’s see who finishes first.”

            “Okay, but you have to do all of the hyungs,” Chunji said.  “Even D.O.”

            “What if I don’t want to do it?” D.O. asked.

            “Too bad, you have to,” Chunji said.  “And Suho hyung has to do it, too, or it won’t count.  It has to be all of the members.”

            “But Suho hyung doesn’t do it with Kai and Sehun,” Baekhyun said.  “He’s never a part of our line-ups.  And he wouldn’t do it anyway, he’d run away and hide if you asked him.”

            “I’ll go see if C.A.P. hyung and Xiumin hyung want to do it,” Changjo said, getting up.

            Ricky nudged D.O.’s thigh.  “You can get in my line, hyung.  I’ll take care of you.”

            D.O. nodded.  He might play.  The more EXO members there were, the more of a challenge it would be, and the competition might become interesting.

            Kai was under C.A.P., on his hands and knees on the bed, squeezing his eyes shut and groaning out loud as pleasure spiked in him again and again, his body rocked by thrust after thrust.  “Ah, fuck,” he panted, bracing a hand against the headboard.

            “Hey.”  Xiumin’s voice.  “Don’t come, we need your cock.  We’re going to play a game.  Your maknaes are challenging ours to a blowjob contest.”

            With a grunt, C.A.P. popped out of him.  Feeling abandoned, Kai moaned, reaching down and rubbing his aching cock.  “Don’t stop.”  He’d been so close, “Aunh,” his whole body was throbbing.

            “Eh, I can get it up again,” C.A.P. said, and slid back inside of him.  Moaning, he shimmied back against C.A.P., urging that big cock deeper.  “Be there in a minute,” C.A.P. said.

            “Hurry up,” Xiumin said.  “Everybody’s lining up.”

            “You’re not going to get Suho hyung to do it,” Baekhyun said.  The other guys were shuffling into the front room, mostly in their underwear.  Chen and Niel were making out on a chair.  Lay already, or still, had a hard-on.

            “He’s an EXO member, isn’t he?” Chunji asked.

            “Yeah, but if you think he’s going to play a sex game, you’re dreaming,” Chanyeol said.  He actually whispered “sex game,” like he couldn’t even say those words in connection with Suho.

            “All he has to do is stand still while Changjo gives him head,” Chunji said.

            “Or Ricky,” Ricky volunteered.  “I can do it.”

            “Hey, um,” Lay said to L.Joe.  “Can you, uh, would you get in Sehun’s line?”

            L.Joe blushed, his teeth catching at his lower lip.  “Uh, no, no, I’ll be in Kai’s line.”

            “I think you should be in Sehun’s line,” Baekhyun said.

            “Yes, yeah, you really should,” Chanyeol agreed.

            “Stop bothering him,” Chunji said.

            “Then you stop bothering our leader,” Baekhyun said.

            “I’m not bothering anyone!  I’m just saying, he’s a member of EXO, we’re playing a team game, he has to play or it doesn’t count.  Look, D.O.’s going to play.”

            “What if Changjo does it in Suho hyung’s room, in private?” Chanyeol asked.

            “In private?  No way,” Chunji said immediately.  “How can he prove they really did anything?  We have to watch.”

            Baekhyun couldn’t argue with a straight face that Changjo wouldn’t cheat.  It sounded ridiculous, just in his own head.

            “Suho hyung wouldn’t cheat,” Chanyeol said.  “If he says they did it, then they did it.”

            Besides, Changjo would probably come out of the bedroom still choking, with cum dripping out of his nose.  “Suho hyung’s not going to play.  We’ll do it without him,” Baekhyun said.  He tried to sound firm.  He was hyung here, after all; Chunji was going to have to accept what he said.

            “Then someone has to go twice,” Chunji said.  “To make up for him.”

            “Lay hyung,” Ricky said.

            Chunji shook his head.  “Chen hyung.”

            “Chen?” Chanyeol repeated.  “Why does he get to go twice?”

            “Because he’s harder to get off,” Baekhyun grumbled, feeling insulted.  Ugh.  Stupid Chen.

            Ricky pushed at Chunji.  “Whose side are you on?”

            Chunji grinned.  “The side who wants to see Chen hyung get his cock sucked over and over again.”

            Seeing Changjo and Ricky whispering with their heads together, Sehun realized that they were discussing strategy.  Shit.  He had a lot to learn from his sunbaes.  Kai was shuffling into the room, still pulling a pair of underwear up, looking dazed and loopy.  When he pulled Kai aside, Kai laughed at nothing and smiled at him.  Rolling his eyes, he gave Kai a little shake.  “How can we get them off fast?”

            “Can we use our fingers?” Kai asked.

            He shook his head.  They’d already ruled that out.  “Let’s save Niel for last, so whoever finishes the rest first can do him.  You start with L.Joe sunbae, and I’ll start with C.A.P. hyung.  We’ll do Chunji hyung in the middle.”

            Kai nodded.

            “We only have four people, and they’re doing six, so it’ll be easy to win if we try.  Oh, and we have to do each other,” he remembered.

            “Sixty-nine?” Kai suggested.

            He nodded.  It was a good idea, a way to save time.

            “They’re doing six?” Kai asked.  “Is D.O. hyung doing it?”

            “I guess so.”

            Kai smiled, a sinuous ripple moving right through him, his gaze already swinging to D.O.

            “Don’t get distracted,” Sehun complained.  “You have to focus on the Teen Top hyungs, don’t stop sucking just to watch D.O. hyung.”

            “You think Ricky will do him?” Kai asked, eyes sparkling as he watched D.O. across the room.

            Sehun sighed.

            “Wait,” Ricky said as Changjo sat beside him on the couch.  “What’s the reward?  What’s the punishment if we lose?”

            “Anal pile-on,” Changjo said.

            Chen laughed.  “Is that the reward or the punishment?”

            “Winner decides,” Xiumin said.  “Whoever wins either takes the pile-on or makes the other team take it.”

            Ricky glared at Changjo.  “We’re going to win.  My ass can’t take that kind of reward right now.”

            “Don’t worry, Niel hyung will step in for you,” Changjo said.

            “I won’t,” Niel insisted, giving Changjo a disgusted look.  Then he smiled broadly, giving Ricky an “okay” sign.

            “Everybody ready?” Chanyeol asked as the members jostled each other, forming lines.  Ricky was between Changjo and Kai on the couch, Sehun on Kai’s other side.

            “Lay hyung, could you switch with Chanyeol hyung, please?” Changjo asked.

            “No,” Xiumin said.  “Don’t move.  Maknaes don’t get to decide who goes where.  Get in whichever line you want to be in.”

            “So if we all want to get in Sehun’s line, we can?” C.A.P. asked.

            “Yeah, but if Kai finishes his line early, someone has to go to him, anyway,” Lay said.  “We can’t all stand around in one line while Kai does nothing.”

            “Any other rules?” Niel asked.

            “No jacking, no anal poking, just sucking,” Chunji said.

            “Let’s start,” Baekhyun urged, squirming.

            Ricky looked up at D.O. and smiled.  “I’m ready.”

            L.Joe bit back a moan, trying to take it.  God, “Unnnhh,” this was too much, he couldn’t, he couldn’t.  Kai was blowing him, and it felt great, but he couldn’t tear his gaze from Sehun’s face.  From Sehun’s mouth.  From the pink ring of Sehun’s lips gliding rhythmically up and down C.A.P.’s long, hard shaft.  Sehun was right there, right beside him, right in front of him, head bobbing over C.A.P.’s erection.

            “Oh, uunnnhh…”  Holding onto a handful of Kai’s hair, L.Joe felt that familiar sense of helpless yearning he got really, really often around Sehun.  His owner’s handsome face.  His owner’s mouth.  Sehun-ah.  He was so, so turned on he couldn’t take it, and he was so, so jealous his skin was burning.  “I, I, Oh Sehun,” he whispered to himself.  He really needed to come, but he didn’t want to, not yet, because if he came he’d have to get out of the way, and he wanted to stay close, stay near his owner.

It was so unfair, and so right, that Sehun still looked chic and handsome with his lips stretched around C.A.P.’s wide cock.  His lashes were lowered, and he was focused on his work, so L.Joe was free to watch, to stare in proud, jealous, covetous longing.

Moaning too much wasn’t safe; Sehun knew all of his sounds and would know how aroused and tormented he felt.  It would be embarrassing if he got caught lusting after his owner in front of everybody.  But he couldn’t stop whimpering, making eager, confused sounds that shamed him.

He wondered if Sehun liked C.A.P.’s cock.  Would Sehun like his cock better if it were that big?  Thoughts like that had never bothered him before; he’d fought so intensely with his sexuality for so long, he’d never wanted his cock to be any bigger or attract any more attention.  And since he was finally at peace with his sexuality, these days, he was finally at peace with his junk, too.  But if he had some huge cock to swing around, would Sehun find him sexier?  Sehun sure was bobbing on C.A.P.’s cock pretty enthusiastically.  Unnnhh, oh, oh.”

“Oh, it feels good,” D.O. panted on his other side.  “Ricky-ah, I like it, oh, it’s good.”

“I’m coming, I have to come, oh,” Chen moaned.

While Chen groaned and came, Sehun pulled back, dislodging C.A.P.’s cock from his throat.  Wet strands of pre-cum and saliva strung out between his lips and C.A.P.’s erection, and he wiped at his mouth, breaking them.  He coughed, clearing his throat, and C.A.P. chuckled.  “You okay?”

“Ha, ha,” Sehun said dryly.  He glanced up, his brown eyes looking right at L.Joe.

Oh Sehun.  The shock of eye contact, the sudden look, the unexpected intimacy of a direct gaze, jolted L.Joe, and he came, moaning as he spurted in Kai’s mouth.  “Oh Sehun,” he whispered eagerly, infused with pleasure.

“Am I done?” Kai asked, licking his lips.

“No,” Ricky mumbled around D.O.’s cock.

“Is it good?” L.Joe asked C.A.P., rubbing himself.  His cock was damp in his hand, and he wished that Sehun would look at it.

“It was great, before he stopped,” C.A.P. said.

“He only came once, keep going,” Sehun ordered Kai.

“But he got off, he’s done,” Kai said.

“You’re not leaving him like this,” Sehun said.  “Do it.”  Shocked, amazed, L.Joe blushed, embarrassed and thrilled that his owner cared so much, that his owner was looking out for him and making sure that he got what he needed.

“Two blowjobs isn’t in the rules,” Kai said.

“Arguing is wasting time,” Sehun said, and swallowed C.A.P.’s erection in one smooth slide.

“Okay, c’mere, hyung,” Kai said, guiding L.Joe’s hips forward again.  Nudging into Kai’s mouth, he stared, captivated, as Sehun’s head bobbed in that steady, lusting pace.  Sehun had an erection.  Sehun was turned on by this; blowing C.A.P. and sucking that big cock turned Sehun on.  Oh, god, Sehun-ah

            Ricky had finished D.O. and started on Baekhyun, and Sehun was still working on C.A.P.  That wasn’t a surprise, but the fact that Kai was still blowing L.Joe was.  Since when did L.Joe take this long?  It worked in Ricky’s favor, so he wasn’t going to complain about it.

            Changjo was giving Xiumin head, and Xiumin was stroking Changjo’s hair and saying things like, “Mmm, yeah, pretty mouth.”  The more Xiumin talked, the more Baekhyun squirmed around, moaning.  After how completely still D.O. had been, Baekhyun’s wriggling was a contrast, and it turned Ricky on.  He was trying to stay focused on winning the contest, but he was having fun, too, getting these hyungs worked up.  Baekhyun was so excitable, he did a bunch of little things, sucking faster and slower and faster again to keep Baekhyun off-balance, massaging Baekhyun’s ass, stroking Baekhyun’s hipbones with his thumbs.  Pretty soon, Baekhyun was moaning his name and coming in his mouth.  Swallowing the quick spurts of cum, he felt triumphant.  Two down!  As Baekhyun staggered out of the way, he rubbed his hands together and reached for Lay.  “Here, hyung, let’s play.”

            When L.Joe finally came for the second time, Kai eyed the lines, sizing up the competition.  All he had to do was Chunji; Sehun could finish up C.A.P. and do Niel, and they’d win.  He had to be quick, though, so he didn’t waste time fooling around.  Diving onto Chunji’s cock, he was assertive right from the start, sucking hard.  Chunji was already erect, which saved time and let him get right to it.

            Chunji pawed idly through his hair, not gripping like L.Joe had, just caressing him.  Something seemed off, though, and after a moment, he realized what it was.

            Chunji wasn’t saying anything.

            Chunji was quiet.  Eerily quiet, for someone who usually talked his way through sex.

            Oh, shit.  This jackass.  He was staying quiet on purpose.  Talking was how he worked himself up and built internal sexual momentum.  It turned him on and helped him to get off.  If he didn’t talk, he’d be slower to come.  Aw, damn it, he was trying to throw the contest.  Fired up now, feeling more determined, Kai sucked faster, sliding up and down his flushed, sexy hard-on.

Tricks, would tricks help?  Kai got showy, moaning on it, licking the head like he was imitating porn for Lay.

C.A.P. grunted, maybe in response to it, maybe not, but Chunji just twirled Kai’s hair around his fingers.  “You could use a haircut.”

Kai was suddenly not so confident about winning anymore.

            “Don’t come, don’t,” Xiumin insisted.

            “Think of something boring,” Baekhyun urged.  “Think of something gross.  Slugs!  Your parents!  Slugs on your parents!”

            Hollowing his cheeks, Changjo guided Chanyeol’s hips into rolling, shallow motion.  “Oh, oh,” Chanyeol gasped, clutching at Changjo’s ear.  “I, oh, I can’t, oh!”

            “Slugs on your parents!” Baekhyun shouted desperately.

            “Park Chanyeol, don’t you dare get off right now,” Xiumin warned.

            “Oops, too late,” Chen said, laughing.

            “Oh, oh, it’s coming, it’s here, oh, oh,” Chanyeol said helplessly, squirting as he rocked into Changjo’s mouth.  “Oh, damn, maknae, it’s so good.”

            “Thanks,” Changjo said, pushing him out of the way.

Ricky was still working on Chen, but there was no one else in their line.  He had to do Ricky next, then, okay, he just had to find space.  Flinging his legs over the side of the couch, he rolled until he was face-down in Ricky’s lap.  “Come fast,” he ordered, and then he guided Ricky’s cock into his mouth.

            Sniffing, Chunji shifted his weight from one foot to the other.  Pretending to be bored, he rested his elbow on C.A.P.’s shoulder.  He glanced around, and that was a mistake, because damn, Sehun looked super handsome bobbing around on C.A.P.’s erection.  That hard, huge shaft looked so sexy, he wanted to run his fingers over it.  Licking his lips, he was glad that thing was going home with him.  He’d have some use for it later.

            Ricky looked fantastic with a mouthful of cock, too.  His cheek bulged around the head of Chen’s erection.  His black lashes were thick and inky, his eyes closed as he concentrated on getting Chen off.  Chen was stroking the side of his face and saying something to him; Chunji caught words like “pretty” and “so good to hyung.”  Being caressed and encouraged like that seemed so hot, Chunji wanted to volunteer to go down on Chen next.

            Changjo was just visible, his head moving fast in Ricky’s lap.  He was going for speed, not finesse, and just watching made Chunji’s temperature rise.  Chunji would never say it where they could hear it, but if there was anything his dongsaengs were good at, it was making a hyung feel good.

            Feeling Kai’s lips slide off of the end of his cock, he looked down, wondering if Kai was giving up.  But Kai smiled up at him, gaze warm, lips full and wet.  “Your cock’s so hot, hyung, I love sucking it.  It feels so big and sexy in my mouth.”

            Well, he didn’t mind the compliment.  “Thanks,” he murmured, rubbing his thumb over a smear of pre-cum at the corner of Kai’s mouth.

            “Yeah, it feels great,” Kai said.  “It’s so hard, you must be so close.  I can’t wait for you to blow your hot load all over my face.”

            “On your face?” he asked, immediately interested.  Mmm, he loved hearing Kai talk like this, it was really doing it for him.

            Oh, shit!  Sneaky little fucker!  “Shut up,” he ordered.  Cupping Kai’s chin, he tried to get back in.

            “But your sexy cock turns me on so much, hyung,” Kai said.  “I can’t wait-”

            “Shut up, shut up,” he insisted, trying to ignore the pleasure pulsing between his thighs.

            “Hey, cheating!” Niel exclaimed.  “Kai’s cheating!”

            “Kai doesn’t cheat,” Baekhyun said.

            “No one said we couldn’t talk,” Xiumin pointed out.  “There’s no code of silence.”

            “Keep talking, it’s totally turning me on,” Lay said.  “What else do you want to do to Chunji’s meat?”

            “I want to suck his hot cock all night,” Kai said, smiling up at him.

            “Oh, oh, god, okay,” Chen moaned, and Ricky made a choked sound, swallowing.

            “That’s it, that’s it,” Changjo said urgently, lifting his head from Ricky’s lap.  “Here, suck my cock, get me off.”

            “Got it, I got it,” Ricky said, cum dribbling from his lips as he hastily shoved Chen backward.  The maknaes rolled onto the floor, falling right into the sixty-nine position.  They were on their sides as Ricky swallowed Changjo’s erection, and Chunji was still absorbing how fucking sexy it was to see Ricky’s lips mold around the width of Changjo’s gorgeous cock when Changjo rolled onto his back, putting Ricky on top.

            “Spread him open,” C.A.P. said, his voice deep.  “Let’s see paradise.”

            Without hesitating, Changjo spread the cleft of Ricky’s ass, thumbs holding him open.  Chunji moaned, hands forming into fists as he tried to control himself.  God, it was so pink and tender, he just wanted to lick it.  The wet, demanding suction of Kai’s quick mouth made pleasure burn hotter and hotter, and then Ricky wriggled, squirming in Changjo’s hold, round ass shaking.  Giving up, Chunji came, letting climax overtake him.  Going up in flames, he jetted hard down Kai’s throat, letting his head fall back as he moaned, his ecstatic cry rising up toward the ceiling.

            After blowing three hyungs, finally feeling some action on his own cock was exactly what Changjo needed.  He came fast, letting his own sexual urges and Ricky’s experienced mouth carry him straight to orgasm.  Blissful and dazed, he gave himself one second to process how goddamned amazing he felt, and then he shook it off, forcing himself to sit up.  “Done!” he exclaimed.  “Finished, we finished already.”

            “That fast?” C.A.P. asked, still plugging up Sehun’s throat.

            “Ooh, oooh, ahh-hh, oh,” Niel moaned, coming messily on Kai’s lips.

            Changjo took a moment to admire Niel’s white, gooey cum dripping down Kai’s chin, and then he said, “We won, we’re the winners.”

            “Great,” Chanyeol said.  “I’ll be happy to give your reward now.”

            “No, no,” Ricky said.  “It’s not our reward, it’s their punishment.”

            “We’re sending Kai and Sehun to pound town?” Lay asked.

            “Yes,” Changjo said triumphantly.  “Yes, and since we won, we get to fuck them, too.”

            Popping off of C.A.P.’s cock, Sehun said, “Keep,” and coughed.  “Keep that maknae away from my ass.”

            “Hey, it can’t be helped,” Changjo said, gloating and not even trying to hide it.  “We won, you lost, that’s how it went.”

            Lightly slapping the side of Sehun’s face with his cockhead, C.A.P. asked, “Giving up already?”

            “I can’t believe we lost,” Sehun grumbled, sagging back on the couch.

            “You couldn’t even get one person off?” Kai asked.  “You’re pathetic.”

            “He doesn’t want to come!” Sehun complained.

            Wuss,” Changjo said.

            Ya,” L.Joe said, slapping him in the back of the head.  “Respect your hyungs.”

            “He’s a wuss,” Changjo said.  There was no other way to put it.  “I’m on my knees for that cock every day, why can’t he handle it?”

            “Well, don’t just neglect it,” Lay said.  Brushing members aside, he sat on the couch, reaching for C.A.P.’s cock.

            “Thanks, hyung,” C.A.P. said, easing into his mouth.  Moaning around it, he started sucking.

            “I give great head,” Sehun said.  “I give fantastic head, ask anybody.  He’s trying on purpose not to come.”

            It’s biology or physics or something, you can’t just not come if someone’s doing that to you,” Niel said.  “Now I think you’re just bad at it.”

            “I gave you head tonight and you loved it!” Sehun argued.

            “Aw, let’s not tease him,” Chen said fondly, mussing Sehun’s hair.  “We know you’re good at it, we’ve all had it.”

            All?  Changjo looked at L.Joe, wondering.  Either answer fascinated him.  What if-

            L.Joe kicked his shoulder.  Like that was going to make him stop thinking about it.

            Mmm, unh, yeah.”  Grunting, C.A.P. came.  Ahh.  Thanks, hyung,” he said again, tugging his cock out from between Lay’s lips.

            “Okay, is that everybody?” Xiumin asked.

            “Yep,” Baekhyun said.

            Changjo got up and rubbed his hands together.  Punishment time.  He was going to enjoy this so, so much.  “Kai hyung?” he invited, gesturing to the floor.

            “Since we won, we have dibs, right?” Ricky asked.

            “Yes,” Changjo said immediately.  Yes, that was a great idea.  Ricky was a terrific friend.  He high-fived his smart, fantastic best friend.

            “Okay,” Kai said.  A good sport about it, Kai slid off of the couch.  Looking back at Sehun, he said, “Come on, we lost,” like it was only fair.

            Sehun licked his lips.  “Baekhyun hyung, Lay hyung, Chen hyung?  Who wants to stand in for me?”

            “I will,” Lay said immediately.

            “No, no, that’s not it,” Changjo said.  He couldn’t believe this guy!  “You can’t get out of the punishment.”

            “He can if someone’s willing to take it for him,” C.A.P. said.

            “I’m willing to take as much cock as possible,” Baekhyun said.

            “I really like that about you,” Chanyeol said, putting an arm around him.

            “Okay, Lay hyung and Baekhyun hyung will both take my spot,” Sehun said, getting up from the couch.

            “Two for one?” Chunji asked.  “I got no complaints.”

            Changjo had some!  As everyone else started moving into position, the members converging on Kai, Lay, and Baekhyun, Changjo stepped right up to Sehun.  They stared hard into each other’s eyes for a second, and when Sehun smirked, he smirked right back.  “Too bad, hyung.  I guess I’ll just have to haunt your fantasies for a little bit longer.”

            “Cute maknae,” Sehun said.  “You don’t know anything about my fantasies.”

            Smiling, he turned away.

            “Where are you going?” Sehun asked.  “You won, you’re too busy sulking to give the punishment?”

            Turning again, he smiled at Sehun as he backed across the room.  “I’ve already had these hyungs tonight.  I just want to go say hi to Suho hyung.”

            “You can’t bother him now,” Sehun said.

            His smile widened.  “I think he’ll be happy to see me.”

            “This is such a bad idea,” Chen whispered.

            “No, it’s a great idea,” Baekhyun whispered.

            “It’s a terrible idea,” Chen whispered.

            “Shut up, it’s the best idea I’ve ever had,” Baekhyun whispered.  And then he added, “As long as it works.”

            “Um,” Ricky said.  He was having second thoughts about this great plan.  “Are you sure-”

            “You’ll love it,” Baekhyun said, and knocked on Suho’s bedroom door.  Ricky was glad that he didn’t ever have to knock on his own bedroom door, but that was one of the perks of rooming with the maknae.

            After a moment, the door opened.  “Dongsaeng-ah?”  Suho was fully dressed, and his hair was soft and smooth, and he was trying to hold the door closed so they couldn’t see inside.  “What do you need?”

            “Ricky, um.  Can we come in?” Baekhyun asked.  “We need your, uh, first aid kit.”

            “Oh.”  Suho got that caretaking expression he picked up whenever one of his dongsaengs needed his help.  “Yes, come in.”

            The three of them nudged into the room.  Changjo was knocked out on Suho’s bed, fast asleep, completely naked under the sheet.  Suho didn’t even glance in that direction, like he wasn’t over there, but he was kind of hard to miss.  There were fading red marks on his back where someone had been holding on and scratching him, and Ricky didn’t remember seeing them earlier that night.

            “What’s wrong, you’re hurt?” Suho asked.  His side of the room was a complete mess, like Chunji’s room when L.Joe went home for the weekend.  Crouching down, he dug in a corner, shoving a pile of clothes out of his way.

            “Ricky, um, he’s a little sore,” Baekhyun said.

            “In his, uh, his members were a little careless with him,” Chen said.

            “What do you.  Suho’s head jerked around and he stared at Ricky for a second, and then he turned bright red and looked down again, at the floor, at the clothes he was digging past.  “Ah, I understand.”  Picking up a white box, he got up and clutched it in both hands like it would protect him from evil.  “Well, that’s private.”  His voice was really steady and calm, when his face was so red and he looked like he wanted to fall through the floor and disappear.  “The two of you should go.”

            “I, uh.  Ah, shit,” Baekhyun mumbled.  Not even pretending not to be disappointed, they left.

            Suho shook his head like it was a shame to have such senseless dongsaengs, and then he gave Ricky a reassuring smile.  “I know it can be embarrassing, but I understand.  Baekhyun gets sore sometimes, too.  Can you show me?”

            Just show it?  He hadn’t expected Suho to be so calm and kind about this.  Well, calm and kind and visibly freaked out.  Curious, wondering how in the world this was going to go, he pushed down his underpants.

            “Turn around and lean over a little,” Suho said.  He did, and Suho knelt down behind him.  Knelt down to be at eye level with his ass.  He felt a light touch on his ass, and he held his breath.  He couldn’t believe that Suho was actually on purpose looking at his asshole.  He’d never expected Suho to deliberately get such a good view of his naked balls.  “Oh.”  Suho made a tsking sound.  “Your members should be more careful with you.  This is no way to treat a precious dongsaeng.”  Reaching for the kit, Suho said, “It’s important to take care of yourself, Ricky-ah.  You have to be more responsible.  Don’t do anything more than feels comfortable, and use a lot of lube.  You know things like that already, don’t you?”

            He was being scolded.  By Suho.  About his anal habits.  “Yes, hyung.”  This was surreal.  It was also a huge turn-on.  From behind him, focused on other parts of him, maybe Suho couldn’t tell how hard he was getting?

            “Then you have to be more careful.  And make sure that your members take better care of you.  I want you to rest for a while.  No more sex tonight, or for the next day or two.  This might be uncomfortable, but it’ll be over soon.”

            He’d guessed what Suho was about to do, and Baekhyun had hinted at it, but, oh, god, he hadn’t expected anything like what happened next.  Smooth, tender fingers stroked over his asshole.  They were spreading something on him.  He was sensitive, and he shivered, surprised by the gentle caress.  “It’s all right,” Suho said.  That tone was so reassuring, and he was so turned on, that he shifted his weight, leaning over more, showing off his ass.  Suho was generous, rubbing ointment over his asshole, and it was so similar to being lubed that his cock ached, sure that sex was seconds away.  Gently, Suho penetrated him, one fingertip delving just inside, just enough to make his toes curl.  Clamping his teeth together, he tried to stifle the hot, grateful moans crowding in his throat.  Fuck, this was like an erotic tease.

            “You should do this again before you go to bed,” Suho said.  “Can one of your hyungs help you?”

            “Yes.”  Yes, he definitely needed one of his hyungs to tenderly, lovingly finger-fuck him exactly like this.

            “Okay.”  Suho straightened, moving away from him.  “I’ll go, ah.  I need to wash my hands, but I don’t want to intrude if our members are playing in the bathroom.  Could you go check for me?”

            He groped himself as he pulled his underwear up, rubbing his aching cock.  “Yeah, sure, hyung.”  He smiled at Suho.  “Thanks.”

            Bright red, Suho managed to smile at him.  “You’ll be more responsible from now on?”

            “Yes, I will.”  Although he might slip up and be careless again.  Maybe the day before the next time he came over to EXO’s dorm.

            “What the hell do you mean, Suho hyung fingered Ricky?” Kai demanded.

            Ya, watch your tone,” Baekhyun said, shoving him.  “When he came out, he had the biggest hard-on.”

            Chen explained it in more detail, and Xiumin raised his eyebrows like he was trying to reach the ceiling.

            “How did this happen?” Chanyeol asked, ruffling his own hair, looking amazed.

            “He thinks that the Teen Top members are his members, too,” Chen explained.  “They’re his adopted dongsaengs, he’s co-parenting with C.A.P.  So he has to take care of them like he takes care of us, it’s his responsibility.”

            “He should have sex with them, too, then,” Sehun said.  “They should get to be close to their hyung, isn’t that important?”

            Kai gave him a look.  “You just want Suho hyung to have sex with L.Joe hyung.”

            “Whoa,” Lay said, putting a hand to the side of his head like the idea had rattled his brain.  “What would that be like?”

            “I think that it would be good if Suho hyung was close with all of the Teen Top members,” Sehun said.  “Not just Changjo.”  He hesitated, then frowned.  “I don’t like the way he lords it over everyone, that he has a special relationship with Suho hyung.  It feels like he’s using Suho hyung, it’s not nice.”

            “That’s only about your feud with him,” D.O. said.  “Don’t put pressure on Suho hyung just because the two of you can’t get along.”

            “There’s no feud,” Sehun said.

            “There’s been a bunch of stuff, though,” Chen said.  “Disagreements.  The two of you are always fussing at each other over something.”

            “Sehun starts it more than Changjo does,” Chanyeol said.

            Sehun stared at Chanyeol like he’d been mortally offended.  “What the-  Catching himself, he cut himself off.  “That is not true!”

            “Just let him screw you,” Xiumin said.

            “Aw, that’s not fair,” Chen said.

            “He thinks that it’s fair to make Suho hyung give it up to C.A.P. and Chunji,” Baekhyun said.  “He can give it up to Changjo.”

            “Is everyone on that brat’s side?” Sehun asked, looking around.

            Baekhyun shrugged.  “He nailed me really, really, super well today.  I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about him.”

            “So if I screw you, you’ll be on my side?” Sehun asked.

            Baekhyun grinned, crawling toward Sehun.  C’mere and let’s find out.”

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