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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “Mmm.  Yeah, that’s great.”  Feeling sexual pleasure heat him up, Xiumin let out a breath, a moan slipping out of him along with it.  “Tastes amazing, doesn’t it?”

            Grunting, mouth full of cock, Chanyeol looked up at him, nodding.  “Ahhmff.”  Looking down again, Chanyeol slurped out to the head and slid back down, swallowing the length of his erection.

            The tight seal of Chanyeol’s lips and the strong suction felt incredible, and Xiumin held onto his ears, pinching lightly.  On his knees, with his expression relaxed and happy moans humming out of his throat, Chanyeol was a fun, good-looking cocksucker.  Rubbing behind his ears, Xiumin scratched a little, just to get him to groan.  “Yeah, suck it all down, suck as much as you want.”

            “Hhrrrmm.”  Sliding off with a wet smack, Chanyeol licked his lips.  As he smiled up at Xiumin, his expression was bright with happiness.  “So good.”

            “That’s right,” Xiumin said, feeling triumphant, groaning as Chanyeol sucked him down again.  “Unh, yeah.”  Chanyeol sucked his cock with energy and focus, and while he watched Chanyeol’s lips slide up and down his shaft, he felt that familiar, erotic ache in his balls.  Pinching Chanyeol’s ears, he moaned as Chanyeol’s tongue bathed the head of his erection.  “Turns you on, doesn’t it?  Yeah, you’re hard as a rock right now.”

            “Ummf, s-s-so hard,” Chanyeol groaned, one hand dropping into his own lap.  He fondled his hard-on as he sucked, and Xiumin tugged on his ears, making sure that he kept his attention where it belonged.  Noisier now, distracted by his own pleasure, he started to get sloppy, messy, his smiles joyful as he slurped energetically on Xiumin’s cock.

            Shocks of heat hit Xiumin over and over again, and he egged Chanyeol on.  Chanyeol’s happy vigor turned him on, and he opened himself up to pleasure, letting go.  As his cock slid down Chanyeol’s swallowing throat, he came, pulling Chanyeol’s ears as he cried out victoriously.  “Yes!  Yes, ah, take it, take all of it!”  Drunk on pleasure, he laughed, sliding his hands through soft, silky hair, and when he looked down, Chanyeol smiled up at him, handsome and goofy and flush from a job well done.

            They got comfortable on Chanyeol’s bed together, making out slowly.  Xiumin was in no hurry now, and he took his time in soft, licking kisses.  The shaft of Chanyeol’s cock was hard in his hand, and he rubbed it lazily, having fun just toying with it, fondling the head with light, teasing touches he knew would make Chanyeol squirm.

            When Chanyeol started grunting and squeezing his ass, kisses deeper now and more aggressive, he rolled onto his back.  It was a position he knew Chanyeol liked, a position he knew made Chanyeol want to get off, and it worked immediately; Chanyeol made urgent, groaning noises and ground against him, humping him and kissing him a little desperately.  “Yeah, you want it,” he breathed between long, hungry kisses.  “You want it, get off on it.”

            “Yeah,” Chanyeol panted, thrusting against him, “want it, want you, oh, hyung, ah, ah, aaahhh!”  With a wild cry, Chanyeol came, spurting on him and squeezing his ass.

            Happy with that, he smiled, kissing Chanyeol’s cheek and smoothing Chanyeol’s hair.  With a satisfied, exhausted moan, Chanyeol sagged over him, face buried against his neck.  He hummed to himself, content, and toyed with Chanyeol’s hair.  There was still plenty of time in the night.  Maybe he’d play that soccer game.  Or maybe he’d fuck Baekhyun.

            “Hyung.”  Pushing himself up a little, Chanyeol looked optimistic.  His expression was so nervous and hopeful and cute that Xiumin laughed and pinched him.  Squirming away, he laughed, and then he asked, “Is it okay if I rim you?”

            “What?”  Rim him?  “Why would you want to do that?”

            “Sungjong sunbae mentioned it.  He talked about how sexy it would be, and then I started thinking about it, and I really want to do it.  He’ll only let me screw him if I’m good at doing that, so I feel like I need practice.  Can I practice on you?”

            Xiumin wasn’t against the idea, he just wasn’t one hundred percent enthusiastic about it, either.  He loved doing the rimming himself, but being rimmed was one of those things he’d tried, hadn’t really liked, and had never bothered with again.  Like Baekhyun’s plan to put marshmallows on pizza.  Unsure, he squirmed out from under Chanyeol, sitting up.  “Why me?  Do it to Chen.”

            “Sungjong sunbae talked about you.”  Chanyeol gave him a bright, encouraging look.  “Can’t we try it?”

            Xiumin scratched the side of his head.  “Maybe later.  Ask me again tomorrow, okay?”

            With a happy smile, Chanyeol kissed his cheek.  “Okay, hyung.”

            They hadn’t even gone on MT with Infinite yet, and already their sex lives were more exciting.  After they’d met with Infinite in Hong Kong, they’d talked to each other about that party over and over again, going over what Infinite had done and said, speculating on what it all meant.  One of the main topics of discussion ended up being rimming.  Did Infinite really like it that much?  Did Infinite really do it that much?  Was Infinite going to want to do it with them?

            Lay loved hearing his members talk about sex and what they liked to do and what they wanted to do, and all of the hushed, wondering conversations turned him on.

            But then it got better.  Because the EXO members started to practice.

            Night after night, Lay walked around the dorm watching his members bury their faces in each other’s asses.  They were face-down in bed and bent over in the living room and writhing on the floor, their smooth, bare asses on offer, their hips twitching as they moaned and masturbated and asked for more.  It was like a theme week on his personal porn channel, and it was all so fucking sexy he loved it.

            He joined in from all angles.  He volunteered his ass for service and took as much of a licking as he could get every night.  He did some work of his own, rimming whichever members would hold still long enough for him to get some action in.  He let Baekhyun suck his cock while Baekhyun was being rimmed, or he got in line to fuck Chen when Xiumin was finished licking.  Some of the members had been shy about it before, but now there was a new spark of sexual energy in the dorm, a new crackle in the air, and they were asking for it, trading tips, debating techniques.  Lay was having a blast.

            As Xiumin turned to the shower wall, Chanyeol knelt behind him.  It was time, the moment was here, and Chanyeol was ready to embrace the challenge.

While Xiumin turned off the water, Chanyeol wasted no time in getting started.  Swiping his tongue up the cleft of Xiumin’s ass, he licked up droplets of water, and then his thumbs spread Xiumin open and the tip of his tongue found the tightly clenched pucker.

The halves of Xiumin’s small, pert ass were soft and smooth, and he nuzzled between them slowly, licking with firm, deliberate flicks of his tongue.  Xiumin shifted, and he ran his hands over Xiumin’s muscular thighs, massaging until he felt Xiumin relax. Wanting to make sure that they both had a good time with this, he cupped Xiumin’s balls, fondling for a moment before running his hand forward and finding Xiumin’s cock.  It was soft, and he groped it lightly, not wanting to rush it, just wanting to get Xiumin in the mood.

As he lazily pumped Xiumin’s cock, he kept licking.  Being all up on Xiumin’s ass like this totally turned him on, and he didn’t know when he’d have a chance like this again, so he tried to commit it all to memory, the smoothness of Xiumin’s skin against his face, the sensitive puckering of that delicate little hole.  When he probed, the tip of his tongue snaking in, Xiumin wiggled, shifting around, and he jacked Xiumin’s cock more energetically.  That was a good wiggle, right?  He lifted his head to look up, checking, peering around and up Xiumin’s body.  “Good so far?”

“I don’t know,” Xiumin said.  Dislodging Chanyeol’s hand, he turned around, his hair damp from their shower, his expression doubtful.  “Nothing’s really happening.”

That was kind of insulting.  Self-conscious, Chanyeol laughed.  “I’ve been working hard!”

“I don’t know,” Xiumin said again.  “There were moments where it started to feel good, but it never went anywhere.”

Uh-oh.  “Am I doing it wrong?  Am I bad at this?” Chanyeol asked.  Wincing, he scratched his head.  Baekhyun had said that he was okay, and Lay had gotten off on it.

“I don’t think it’s your fault,” Xiumin said.  “I just don’t like this kind of thing.”

Aw.  But Xiumin liked everything!  And Xiumin had such a sexy ass, Chanyeol felt bad that he hadn’t been able to do anything for it.  “Thanks for letting me try.”

“Oh, oh, oh!”  Lay skidded into the bathroom, slipping on the tile and righting himself against the sink.  “Are you doing it?  Did I miss it?  What’s happening?”

            There was a lot of sexual energy around the dorm.  Between Teen Top and Infinite, there was a lot of sex to reminisce over and plan for and speculate on, and every conversation seemed to end up on Chunji’s ass or Niel’s mouth or double-teaming Dongwoo.  The members seemed to have even more sex than usual.  It kept them busy, at least, and they seemed very happy and upbeat, which was great.

            Suho, however, had trouble dealing with it.  It wasn’t that he minded the members talking about sex, he was used to that.  He just wished that they’d discuss Changjo’s cock with less relish, maybe.

            He felt conflicted about his role in all of this.  He went over and over it in his mind, going over the options, the details, reaffirming that he’d made the right choices.  He’d done the right thing in helping Sehun find L.Joe.  It had been a good idea to go on MT with Teen Top.  Infinite was a smart, safe choice.

            The one doubt which resurfaced, time and again, was the same point he always came to.  His own sex life, his own sexual behavior.  And so, plagued by doubt, he pulled away, locked himself down, refused the members.

            But every time he said no and turned them away, he thought about what L had said.

“I sleep best in Sunggyu hyung’s bed.”

            “You feel secure with your leader?  Comfortable?”

            “Mmm-hmm.  That’s how it should be, I think.”

            After that night, when Suho had relaxed and let the members come to him, invited them to sleep with him, everything had seemed happier.  He’d felt closer to them.  The sex had been, oh, god, the sex had been phenomenal, god, he couldn’t even let himself think about that.  But sleeping together had felt good.  Had felt special.  Sharing the small space and snuggling up against each other and talking quietly, privately to each other had been a really good experience.

            He wanted to give that to them.  He wanted to give them whatever it was that L got from Sunggyu.  So he argued with himself until he was sick of the whole thing, and when Kai came to him at night and asked if he needed anything, he invited Kai in.

They made out slowly.  Sighing, pleased, running his fingers through Kai’s hair, he floated on erotic joy, on the heat simmering in his veins, on the potential for more.  Then Kai fingered the cleft of his ass, making him writhe, waking up his hormones, stimulating his sexual appetite.

“Suho hyung.”  Kai’s fingertip was on his hole, teasing him, making him squirm as hot desire shot through him.  “Can I rim you?”

He bit at his lip, repressing a moan.  He didn’t trust himself to speak.

“I need the practice,” Kai admitted.  “Infinite likes it so much, we think that we might do it with them, and I don’t want to be the one guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Is it okay?”  He rubbed Suho’s side reassuringly, his hand warm, his smile encouraging.  “It’s easier to practice here in private with you than with Xiumin hyung leaning over me telling me what I’m doing wrong.”

“Okay,” he said, trying to sound easygoing.  He loved being rimmed - - to be perfectly honest, he loved every sex act he’d ever tried - - and he already couldn’t wait to feel Kai’s agile, muscular tongue licking into him.

            Tugging his underwear down, Kai told him to move onto his stomach.  Craving it so badly that he was already moaning, he rolled over, and when Kai pushed a pillow under his hips, it took all of his self-control not to hump it.  Feeling Kai’s hands on him, he grabbed at his other pillow, burying his face in it, muffling the sound of his humiliating, eager cries.  He was so turned on, he was on fire, he needed it, his body was desperate for it.

            Kai was murmuring hushed, sexy things, things that made his blood run hot.  And then he felt the wet stroke of - - of tongue, that was Kai’s tongue, licking his hole.  Electricity jolted him and he shuddered, pleasure tying him in such tight knots he wailed into his pillow.  Kai’s hands had him spread open and held down, but he couldn’t hold still, and while pleasure rocketed through him, he gasped, squirming against Kai’s hold, his hips bucking as he rocked backward, trying to get more, more, it felt so good, he needed more.

Mortified by his own behavior, ashamed, he dragged the pillow over his head, trying to hide under it, moaning into the mattress while Kai tongue-fucked him.  But the pleasure was so intense, spiking over and over again, that he couldn’t get away from it.  Whimpering, he pushed himself up a little, getting rid of the first pillow, hoping that if he had nothing to rut against but the air he’d be able to calm down.  Instead, the throbbing of his cock intensified, pleasure seizing him, making demands.

“Kai, Kai, oooohhh, please, ahhhh, Kai, please.”  Gasping as Kai’s tongue breached his body again and again, crudely and intimately, he crossed his arms over the back of his head, pulling at his own hair.  “Please, Kai, please.”  His need was too intense; his body felt like a hot, living volcano, ready to erupt.  He couldn’t take this, he couldn’t bear this much demanding, sexual ecstasy.  He was so close, he had to come, “Please, please,” if he could just come, if he could just breathe, if he could just, just, just, “Kai, aaahhh, aaahh, please.”  Writhing, trying to find a position that helped, something to alleviate this fiery ache, he squirmed right out of Kai’s hold, gasping.

“Wait, wait,” Kai said, catching him around the waist.  As Kai pulled him back, he felt the hardness of Kai’s erection bump him, solid against his thigh.  Crying out in lust, he rubbed against it.  The familiar, sexy shaft reminded him of every moment of erotic ecstasy Kai had ever given him, and he shuddered with lusting excitement as he tried to catch the head between his thighs.  “Ah, hyung, you’re killing me.  Wait, wait,” Kai said, groaning and laughing, sounding distressed and happy.  “On your back, get on your back, let me get the lube.”

It was the answer to everything his body craved, and he moved quickly.  The moment he was on his back, he wanted to turn away again.  The lamp was still on, and his eyes had adjusted to the dimness, and he could see too well, could see everything, and that meant that Kai could see everything, and he didn’t want to be seen like this, he couldn’t bear it.  Gasping, whimpering, overpowered by the gorgeous eroticism of Kai over him, Kai’s mussed hair and naked body, Kai’s long, smooth limbs and the unmistakable sexual intent in Kai’s eyes, Suho could only imagine how clearly Kai saw him.  Turning his face aside, he squeezed his eyes shut, needing to hide, his arm coming up and groping overhead for his pillow.

“Ah, hyung, this is it.”  Kai slid two lubed fingers inside of him.

The penetration, the depth, it was what his body had begged for.  As the firm, probing touch registered, Kai nudged his prostate, setting off a shock.  The pleasure was such an intense jolt that he couldn’t contain the force of it and he came.  The eruption of ecstasy shook him, and he gasped, shuddering, muscles locking, losing control of himself.  As his body jerked, thick blasts of cum soared upward, splattering in wet bursts on the side of his face.  One pulse, two, three on his face, a fourth on his neck, and it was over.  Kai’s fingers were still in him, stroking, sending quick tremors of pleasure through him, and he mewled with shame, shivering with ecstasy, clutching at his pillow.  Before he could cover his face, Kai breathed, “God, hyung, I love making you come,” and kissed his jaw.  Abandoning the pillow, he flung his arm around Kai’s shoulders, clutching Kai close as Kai lapped up his cum.

His members’ pleasure was why he did this.  Their happiness, their sexual fulfillment, was what brought him back, over and over again.  It made his shame and his confusion easier to bear.  Kai wanted to do these things with him, was turned on by his obnoxiously vigorous cum, liked arousing him and fucking him.  Being covered in a creamy mask of his own fresh cum was so embarrassing that he wanted to hide from the world, but Kai’s lust for him eased the sting of shame, and he relaxed as Kai licked the last of it from his neck.  Kai’s erection was swollen and hard against his stomach, and he panted softly as he ground against it.  That one perfect moment of penetration had brought him such intense, molten pleasure that he wanted to feel more of it, and the hard length of Kai’s cock tantalized him with memories of the wicked ecstasy it had always brought him before.  God, oh, he loved Kai’s cock, he loved it so much, “Oooohhh.”  He wouldn’t ask for it, he wouldn’t say a word, he wasn’t going to pressure Kai for sex.  It was up to Kai, it had to be, he wasn’t the kind of leader who pestered his own dongsaengs to fuck him or burdened them with his own sexual needs.  He’d stop grinding against it in another second, he would, god, “Oohhhh.”

“Uuh, Suho hyung,” Kai groaned against his neck.  “I’m going to fuck you now, okay?  I’m going to give you my cock, I’m going to get deep inside you.”

“Mm-hmm, yes.”  Bliss rolled through him, hot and piercing, as Kai’s erection filled him.  Gasping, he held on tightly, pleasure flooding him from every place where Kai’s lean, strong body touched his.  “Oh, oh, ooohhh.”  Every cell was alive with pleasure, vibrating with it, his whole body humming.

“Feels so good,” Kai whispered, licking his ear, making him shudder.  “Wish I could fuck you every night, just like this.”

His night with Kai was intense.  And it was with that on his mind that he let Sehun into his room the next night.  He almost said no to Sehun, but he wanted to be a good leader, and a good leader wouldn’t turn his members away because he was worried about himself.

That night, Sehun sucked his cock until he was so hard he saw double, then rolled him over and licked him until he came in a desperate, ecstatic mess.

The members were obviously practicing all of this on each other, too.  Every night on his way through the dorm he saw at least one member ass-up on the sofa.  He didn’t know why they wanted to practice on him in addition.  But after his night with Sehun, Xiumin rimmed him.

His time with Xiumin left him feeling high.  He felt goofy and loose-limbed, staggering around like a broadly smiling rag doll.  He’d never been rimmed three nights in a row.  He didn’t usually have sex three nights in a row.  It was making him loopy and happy and silly, and it was making him hornier, which didn’t even make sense.  He couldn’t wait to be fucked again, couldn’t wait to feel another tongue snake up the cleft of his ass, and the closer bedtime came, the more jittery he grew, anticipation firing through him.  When Lay walked into his room, he burst into happy laughter and couldn’t even pretend to be interested in just sleeping together.

It was his policy not to direct sex with the members; he followed their leads and did his best to give them what they wanted.  In keeping with that, he didn’t ask Lay to rim him or to fuck him; he made out with Lay and left it up to Lay to decide what else they’d do.

Lay thrilled him by pulling his underwear down and pushing him onto his stomach.

His night with Xiumin was explosive; his night with Lay was nonstop.  After so much sex and being rimmed so thoroughly, Suho wished that he could go on like this always, that he could have such amazing sex all of the time.  Night after night!  And it was so different with each member.  To have sex with each one of them, back to back to back, gave him fresh comparisons and new insight.  And then to sleep with one of his members every night, to wake up with one of them every morning, it really made him feel close to them.

Baekhyun would be next.  Baekhyun was one of the members everyone practiced on.  He doubted that Baekhyun would want to rim him, too.  In fact, Baekhyun was one of the few members who had never rimmed him at all.  The streak would end tonight.

And maybe after Baekhyun, maybe starting the next night, Suho would take a break.  He’d had so much sex for so many days in a row, he was starting to rely on it, starting to get too used to it.  He should pull back for a while.  The members had practiced enough, and they had each other.  Wasn’t he being too easy, too encouraging?  Sex with him should be a “break glass in case of emergency” last resort.  He had to be more firm with them.

He’d become too self-indulgent, too weak.  It had to stop.  He’d end it after tonight.

When Baekhyun came to him that night, he felt nervous.  How much should he do?  Usually, Baekhyun gave him head, but Baekhyun hadn’t made a move to start it, and hadn’t asked him to do it, either.  He was so shy and uncertain, he felt like he’d never relax.

When Baekhyun stopped making out and just hugged him, he closed his eyes, hugging back.  He had to calm down.  Baekhyun seemed unsure tonight, too.  Maybe something was wrong.  He had to stop being so scared and act like a leader.  Focusing himself, he deliberately relaxed.  Stroking Baekhyun’s back, he asked in a calm, soothing voice, “What do you want, Baekhyun-ah?  What can hyung do for you?”

“It’s, uh.”  Baekhyun laughed self-consciously.  “I’ve never done it before.  I might not be very good at it.”

He couldn’t be serious.  Suho smiled; it would be rude to laugh.  “You can practice it on me.”

“Ugh, it’s too embarrassing.”  Baekhyun pulled away, winced, covered his eyes with his hands, and then dropped his hands, giving Suho an adorable, hopeful look, biting his lip.  “Can I rim you?”

Suho hugged him, totally charmed.  “You can do whatever you want.”

Baekhyun started out gentle and tentative, but pleasure built in Suho with quick intensity.  When they were finished, Baekhyun said, looking flushed and happy, “Wow.  That was the best.  Either I’m amazing at that, or you’re really…  Um…  Right, I must be amazing at that!”

Later, with Baekhyun asleep in his arms, Suho wondered what to do.  What if he’d refused Baekhyun tonight, and denied Baekhyun the chance to practice on him?  Maybe that would’ve been for the best; maybe Baekhyun would’ve practiced on another member instead, giving them something to bond over, a special first-time experience.  Or maybe Baekhyun would have been too shy with another member and, rejected by Suho, would never have tried it at all.

He didn’t like to think of saying no as rejecting his members.  For him, it was more like preserving a necessary barrier.  But how did it look from their end?  How did it feel to them?

He let Chen into his room the next night.  Chen was tender with him, stroking lovingly between his thighs, kissing his back as if he were an erotic treasure.  When Chen licked down into the cleft of his ass, he was so turned on the pleasure felt unbearable, and he made humiliating, mewling gasps of ecstasy as Chen’s tongue burrowed into him.

The next night, Chanyeol licked him until he was a shuddering ball of need, and then fucked him until the sheets were soggy with cum and sweat.

When D.O. came into his room, he invited D.O. to sleep with him.  They got into bed, and they talked for a little while, and then D.O. kissed him.  He kissed back slowly, sharing erotic pleasure at D.O.’s pace, caressing through D.O.’s shirt.  D.O. seemed horny, panting into their kisses, hardening against him quickly until the fierce rod of D.O.’s erection dug into his stomach.  When D.O. pushed his hand downward, he cupped D.O.’s ass, rubbing it through the soft cotton of D.O.’s shorts.

With an impatient sound, D.O. broke away from his kiss and squirmed against him.  “I want to…feel it.”

He only moved against Suho like this, rock-hard and squirming, when he was really horny.  “Want to feel what?” Suho asked, palming his ass.

Curling his arm around Suho’s neck, he rested his chin on Suho’s shoulder and whispered, “Will you rim me?”

It was one of his favorite things to do.  And after nights of being rimmed, Suho was ready to be on the other side of it.  “Of course.  Anything you want.”  While D.O. undressed, he settled on his back, getting comfortable with a pillow behind his head.  As D.O. crawled over him, he held onto D.O.’s thighs, supporting, guiding, and then D.O. was on top of him, kneeling over his face.  It was a familiar position for them, and as D.O.’s ass lowered to his mouth, he licked his lips, ready for it, anticipation warming him up and sizzling in his veins.

He started off light, licking in teasing circles around the rim of D.O.’s hole.  As his circles tightened, honing in, D.O. rocked restlessly, balls bumping his chin.  “Unh, unh, ahh-hh-hho.”  Firming his tongue, he tickled D.O.’s asshole with the tip of it, deliberately playful, holding back.  Groaning, D.O. squirmed on top of him, one hand smacking at his chest.  “Ah, aahhh, come on, ah!”  Finally giving in, he licked in, delving into D.O.’s body.

With a low, breathy, “Ooouuunhh,” D.O. melted, tilting this way and that.  Groaning, he leaned forward, and Suho licked into him slowly, kissing, wetting him until his skin glistened with Suho’s saliva.  “Ahh, unnh, Suho hyung,” he panted, arching back, leaning back, his spine arcing overhead as he braced himself on his hands.  “Unnh, more, more, huu-oh, yes.”  Knowing what he wanted, Suho licked harder, more aggressively, sucking, tongue thrusting into him.

D.O.’s low, plaintive moans became louder and louder, rhythmic, filling the room.  His hips rolled as he rode Suho’s tongue, his movements erotic and fluid.  The longer it lasted, and the more bold Suho became, the more demanding and ecstatic D.O. sounded, his words slurring, “Suho hyung” becoming one sibilant, breathy cry.

D.O. liked the way Suho’s tongue-fucking felt enough to let it go on and on, and he continued on for as long as D.O. could take it, bathing D.O.’s hungry hole in wet, probing licks.  Suho only had limited opportunities to let out any sexual aggression, and he loved being with D.O. like this, loved focusing his erotic appetites on D.O.’s pleasure, loved releasing some of his pent-up energy in a way he knew made D.O. feel good.  With D.O. squirming on top of him, moaning blissfully and calling his name, with his own cock aching and throbbing, with need and pleasure churning through him, with D.O.’s weight rocking against his palms and D.O.’s balls soft against his neck and swinging against his chin, he was in paradise.

Then D.O.’s moans became tense.  “Oh, hyung, ooh, I need it, I need it.”

Suho was immediately in motion, guiding D.O.’s hips up, nudging D.O. forward.  His hand shot out, digging under the edge of the mattress, finding the lube.  “How do you want it?”

“Oh, oh, here, now.”  D.O. tipped forward, then rolled onto his back, guiding Suho close as he raised his legs.  “I need, ah, need everything.”

Knowing that D.O. hated feeling messy, Suho took it easy on the lube.  As he eased a finger inside D.O., he lowered his head to D.O.’s crotch.  The panting excitement of D.O.’s moans rose as he sucked D.O.’s thick cockhead into his mouth, and it rocketed upward as he slid a second finger in.  Sucking hard, his head bobbing quickly, he worked his fingers in rhythm, stroking and scissoring, sharing D.O.’s excitement, his own lust fueled by D.O.’s demanding sexual hunger.  While D.O. moaned, tossing and writhing, gripping his shoulder and bucking into his mouth, he put everything he had into bringing D.O. pleasure, sucking and stroking, licking and thrusting, until everything clicked.  In an instant, D.O. was groaning rapturously, and cum was spritzing into Suho’s mouth.  Suho sucked him through it, fingers rocking in and out of him while he shuddered and moaned, his hips still hitching in helpless spasms.

“Hoooohh.”  D.O. collapsed, melting over the bed like his bones had given out.  He was very handsome when he was sated, color in his cheeks, his expression happy and relaxed.  Glad to see him so fulfilled, Suho sat beside him, smoothing his hair away from his face while he caught his breath.

Suho wished that sex could always be like this with his members.  That it could be something he did for them, something he gave to them.  Tonight, his own pleasure was completely secondary, and he’d stayed in command of himself, ignoring his own desires to focus on D.O.’s.  He hadn’t begged once, for anything.  Why couldn’t it always be like this?  Why was it so hard to contain himself?

“You can stay,” he said, stroking D.O.’s cheek.  “If you want to.”

D.O. smiled happily, peacefully.  “Okay.”  When he opened his eyes and sat up, he seemed completely relaxed, like someone without a care in the world.  He sighed dreamily, then snuggled in, his head on Suho’s shoulder.  “Can I watch you masturbate?”

He needed it; his body was fired up, urging him onward.  But tonight was about D.O., not about him.  “No, it-”

D.O. smiled.  “Please?”

Biting his lip, he caved.  His body wanted it, and D.O. had given him an excuse.  “I’ll be quick,” he said, reaching for a tissue on the nightstand.

It wasn’t quick; it was never quick.  The ache of need built and built, and the way D.O. kissed him only turned him on more, increasing his pleasure and torment.  It was like scaling a mountain, climbing higher and higher, rising to dizzying peaks, his body feverish with its own sexual demands.  He was kissing hungrily, panting into D.O.’s mouth, jacking his rock-hard, fiendish cock, desperate for relief, moaning, thrusting into his own fist.  And then, abruptly, ecstasy hit and he came, ejaculating into his tissue in enthusiastic spurts.  Squeezing his eyes shut, he groaned, absorbing the sudden shock of pleasure.

“Mmm.”  D.O. kissed him again.

He tossed his drenched tissue, mopped up what had spilled over, and finally felt relaxed.  Satisfaction hit him hard, and he felt dreamy, boneless.  He and D.O. settled down together, pulling the duvet up and cuddling cozily beneath it.  Sometimes D.O. preferred not to make too much contact after sex, but tonight D.O. snuggled right up against him, kissing his neck and stroking his hair.  “I feel so good tonight.”

“I’m glad,” he said honestly, caressing D.O.’s naked back.

A drowsy laugh.  “I can’t even stay awake.  I came so hard I’m passing out.”

“Good.”  Smiling, he ran his fingers over the back of D.O.’s neck.  “You deserve a good rest.  Sleep well, our D.O.”

“Damn, that was amazing,” D.O. mumbled, and then he was asleep.

            A couple of days later, Kai sat down heavily on the practice room floor.  Looking disgruntled, he ruffled his hair.  Around him, the other members ate; everyone was there except Suho, who’d stepped out to speak with management.  “You ever do something that’s so great you really want to tell everyone about it, but you can’t?”

            “Yes,” everyone said, Chanyeol looking up, Lay saying it emphatically, Baekhyun stabbing his chopsticks into his food.  Looking around, Chen burst into laughter, and everyone else followed, chortling and nudging each other.

            “Agh, seriously,” Xiumin said.  “If I could just talk about it!”

            “I could tell you the best stories,” Chanyeol said.

            “Wouldn’t we all have the same stories?” Lay asked.  “Don’t we all do the same things?”

            “Do we?” Baekhyun asked, looking from one face to another.

            “Ah, we shouldn’t talk about it,” Sehun said.

            “Right, let’s not discuss it too much,” Kai said.

            “Are you all doing things I’m not doing?” Baekhyun demanded.  “Am I missing out on something?”

            “Quiet,” Chen said, hitting his shoulder.

            “You be quiet,” Baekhyun muttered, rubbing his shoulder.

            “‘You be quiet,’” Chen mocked in a whiny tone.

            While Lay intervened and restored peace, the other members studied each other, speculating.  Wondering.

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