Twice a Day

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            With a cardboard box tucked under one arm, Kuhn walked around the living room, passing out lube.  A different bottle for each member.

            “It’s like Christmas,” Kogyeol said, gripping his with both hands.

            “Kinky Christmas,” Bitto said, studying his bottle.

            “We each get one?” Xiao asked, holding out his hands patiently.

            “Everybody gets one,” Jinhoo confirmed.  “We’ll keep the extras in the maknaes’ room, so you can get more whenever you run out.”

            “Try to keep it under your mattress or something, so there’s not lube sitting out in plain sight all over the dorm,” Kuhn said.  With the bottles passed out, he set the carton down and sat on the couch’s armrest.

            “What if I want to keep mine here by the couch?” Wooshin asked.

            “It’s all right,” Jinhoo said.  “But the same rules still apply.  Stay away from the front door, so if someone comes home, the whole building doesn’t see and hear everything.  Be considerate of each other, mind your manners.”

            “We can have sex on the couch?” Hwanhee asked.  “I mean, anal sex on the couch?”

            “See, it is Christmas,” Kogyeol said, grinning.

            “Who wants to try it first?” Wooshin asked, leaning back against the other armrest, waving his bottle.

            “Me, me,” Bitto said.

            “Can we try different kinds?” Sunyoul asked, reading his bottle.  “I like the stuff Teen Top uses, I like the way it feels.”

            “You like the way Chunji hyung screws you,” Kogyeol said, laughing.  “We can buy their lube, but it’s not going to be the same.”

            “Hey, I can give you the full Chunji hyung treatment,” Kuhn said.

            “You need a dirtier mouth,” Kogyeol said.

            Wooshin cleared his throat, then smiled at Bitto.  “Oh, oh, give it to me, come on, fuck my ass.  Oohh, yeah, that’s it, nail me with that hot cock, ahhhh, fuck me like you mean it.”

            “Oh, god, okay,” Gyujin said, moving towards Wooshin, undoing his fly.

            Ya, get in line,” Bitto said, shoving Gyujin out of the way.

            “He doesn’t really say that!” Xiao exclaimed.

            “Not Chunji hyung!” Hwanhee said.

            “It’s sexier when he says it,” Kogyeol said.

            As Bitto crawled over him, Wooshin leaned back, smiling prettily.  “Was it sexy enough for you?” he asked in a coaxing voice, hooking his finger in the neckline of Bitto’s shirt.

            “Yes, very,” Bitto said earnestly, pulling Wooshin’s shirt up.  “Trust me, that worked.”

            Hwanhee sat on Kuhn’s thigh.  Wrapping his arm around Hwanhee, he watched Bitto and Wooshin, distracted.  “Hyung,” Hwanhee said, and then Hwanhee was whispering in his ear.  “Is Chunji hyung slutty?”

            Taken by surprise, weirdly turned on by the way Hwanhee had whispered it like it was a thrilling secret, Kuhn coughed.  Getting himself together, he tugged on his ear.  “That, uh.  That’s, um.”  The word “slut” was kind of, well.  He and Hwanhee had talked about that.  There had been a couple of times when Hwanhee had called himself a slut, and Kuhn had worried that Hwanhee was blaming himself, feeling bad about himself.  Kuhn had felt kind of panicked about Jinhoo overhearing it and killing them all in a wrathful purge.  But last night, Hwanhee had talked to him about it, about how it didn’t have to be judgmental, how it could be a good thing.  Hwanhee had talked about being a happy slut and an honest slut, and had even sounded proud of it.  So, if that was how they were looking at it…  “Yeah,” Kuhn said.  “Yeah, he totally is.”

            Hwanhee smiled, looking really happy about it.  “That’s so hot.  Does he really order guys around like that?  Just, ‘nail my ass, do it like you mean it?’”

            “He really does,” Kuhn admitted, grinning.  He blushed, remembering it.  “He’s pretty intense.”

            “He’s so confident!”

            “It’s good stuff.”  Kuhn cleared his throat again and tapped at the new bottle in Hwanhee’s hand.  “Do you want to try it?  I could break it in for you.”

            “No, today’s not, I mean.”  Hwanhee laughed self-consciously.  “I thought I’d ask Wei hyung or Sunyoul hyung.”

            “Okay.”  He grinned, bouncing Hwanhee a little on his knee.  “Don’t like me so much anymore?”

            “I liked you yesterday!”

            “You can’t like me every day?” he teased.  “I’m not princely enough for that?  What, can I be a duke?  An earl, can I be an earl?”

            “You can be a, what is it.  A part-time owner,” Hwanhee said.

            “What do I own?” Kuhn asked.  “Hey, if you want Wei, you’d better move fast.  I think Xiao’s getting dibs.”

            “Hey!  Wei hyung,” Hwanhee said, hopping up.

            “Too late, I already got him,” Xiao said, standing with Wei on the far side of the couch.

            “No, come on!  You can have him tomorrow, I want him tonight.”

            “Too bad, he’s already mine,” Xiao said, wrapping himself around Wei’s arm.

            “You can do each other,” Wei suggested.  “Not to be rude, but I think Hwanhee has what you’re looking for.”

            “He only ever wants to bottom,” Xiao said.  “I want to bottom for once, come on.”

            Kuhn decided to step in here.  “Maknae, I’ll do you.  Be nice to use somebody else’s lube for once.”

            “No, I want Wei hyung,” Xiao insisted.

            “Is having lube already causing problems?” Jinhoo asked.  “Was this a mistake?”

            Hwanhee’s eyes went wide, his mouth miserable, his whole body tense with anxiety.  “No, it’s okay.  It’s okay, hyung.  We won’t argue over it.”

            “Then stop trying to claim everybody for yourself,” Xiao said.

            “I don’t want everybody!  I’m not asking everybody!  I just - - I was only going to ask - - never mind.  I won’t ask, I’m sorry, I won’t ask anybody anymore.”  Red-faced, he pushed past Xiao and left the room.

            Jinhoo stared at Xiao with silent, scorching fury.

            “I’ll talk to him,” Kuhn said, getting up.

            “And I’ll talk to you,” Jinhoo told Xiao.  “Go to my room.”  He plucked the bottle of lube out of Xiao’s hand and dropped it in the carton.  “You won’t need this for a while.”

            Hwanhee was in the maknaes’ room.  He was still red-faced, looking frustrated and wounded, standing beside his dresser.  Sorting socks?  Folding socks?

            His brand-new bottle of lube was in the trash.  Scooping it back out, Kuhn set it on his bed.  “You okay?”

            “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry, I know I bother everybody.  I won’t, anymore, I’ll stop asking.”

            Hwanhee-ah.”  Exasperated, Kuhn pushed the dresser drawer shut so Hwanhee would pay attention to him.  “I’ve told you.  Just ask.  Ask anybody you want, whenever you want.”  Hwanhee looked so anguished and ashamed, he winced.  “Okay, this particular thing, five seconds ago, that was a bad example.  But other than that, just ask.”

            “I tried, I…  I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how else to do it.  I wasn’t trying to claim anybody!  Why couldn’t Xiao just let me - - I know I ask a lot, I know, do you think I don’t know?” he demanded.  “I already hate it, I hate burdening everybody, I hate bothering Wei hyung, I was just trying.”  Looking like he might cry, he shook his head, pulling on his hair.  “I’m sorry.  I won’t say anything anymore.”

            “What happened, are we in a time loop?” Kuhn asked.  “This is where I say, ‘It’s okay, just ask whenever you want, ask all of the time,’ again.  Look, I know everybody loves Wei, he’s great, but why is he so popular tonight?  Is it just the obvious reason, or did he start washing with some sexy new body wash I don’t know about?”

            Looking miserable, Hwanhee fidgeted with the drawer pulls on his dresser.

            “If it’s just the obvious reason, that’s cool,” Kuhn said.  The last thing he wanted was for Hwanhee to feel bad about being into size.  “I mean, hey, everybody has a thing.  Wei’s got me on size, I’ve got him on technique.”  He hesitated, then grinned.  “I do have him on technique, right?  Between you and me, we can agree, I’m totally ahead, there, right?”

            “Stop teasing,” Hwanhee mumbled.  He went over and sat on the edge of his bed, kicking his feet.

            Kuhn brushed the bottle aside and sat beside him.

            “Sehun hyung thinks that I don’t get enough sex,” he mumbled to something on the floor.


            He didn’t say anything else.

            “I mean, maybe you don’t,” Kuhn said.  “So you should get more of it.  Is there something in particular he thinks about that?  We got a game plan?  Or just, are we aiming for more sex generally?  Just more guys, more often?”

            “He said.”  Hwanhee sighed, shifting uneasily.  “He talked about it like it’s a routine, kind of.  I have eight hyungs, so, he said I could try two a day.”

            “Two hyungs a day,” Kuhn said.  “Sex with two hyungs a day?”

            “Then I don’t have to bother everybody all of the time,” Hwanhee explained, like that was some dreadful problem that kept happening.  “I’d only have to ask you every four days.  That’s not too often, is it?”  His face fell.  “It’s too often, isn’t it, it’s too much.  I-”

            “That’s fine,” Kuhn said.  “Seriously, it’s fine,” he insisted when Hwanhee kept looking anxious and doomed and sick with shame.  “I mean, I don’t know if you need some kind of strict routine.  But if you want one,” he added quickly, when Hwanhee’s expression only got worse, “that’s cool, too.  Whatever works for you, right?  So is it like a date?  Every four days, you and I have a little fun?  Gives me something to look forward to.  Hey, Wednesday’s coming up, I get me some Hwanhee time tonight.”

            “Never mind,” Hwanhee said, turning away.

            “Hey,” he said, and he gave Hwanhee’s shoulder a light shake.  “Am I running my mouth just for the fun of running my mouth?  You got a fun plan, here, let’s figure this out.  How does it work, two hyungs a night?  So you got, who is it, Wei and Sunyoul tonight?  And last night was me and, who, Kogyeol?  Hey.”  He grinned.  “That’s a pretty great night.  You got some of the best lined up all together, there, you got it real hot and heavy, both me and Kogyeol.  Sure you don’t want to space us out?”

            Hwanhee still looked uneasy, like he might need to throw up.

            “Okay, let’s back up,” Kuhn said.  “This is Sehun sunbae’s idea, but it’s not a royal decree, right?  It’s not official.  He wants you to do it, that’s all right, but what do you think about it?  Do you like it?  Do you want to try it?  Was it fun, last night, did it work out okay?”

            “I thought.”  He swallowed, shifting again.  “I thought it might help.”

            “Okay!  Good, good.”  Kuhn was working so goddamned hard at being supportive and reassuring, here, he was about to hurt himself.  “So, it might help, great.  So let’s give it another shot.  How do you want to do this, you want to pick two members at random?  Like, hey, tonight, Jinhoo’s looking kind of sexy, let’s try him?  Or do you want to put a calendar on the fridge so we all know what to get ready for?  Might help us to keep things straight.  I won’t waste all of my best moves on Wooshin if I know I have a date with you.”

            “We can’t just put a calendar on the fridge!” Hwanhee protested, blushing.

            That was a good blush, not a bad blush.  Kuhn hoped so, anyway.  He’d miscalculated in the past and holy shit, had that not gone well.  “Sure, we can.  Date night, we’ll put up a schedule for date night.  Me and Kogyeol one night, Wei and Sunyoul one night.  Who else?”

            “It was really hard to decide,” Hwanhee confessed.  “I spaced out you and Wei hyung and Gyujin hyung and Wooshin hyung.”

            “Because we’re your favorites,” Kuhn said.  “I’m one of your favorites, I’ve heard that.”

            He blushed.  He was smiling; it was definitely a good blush.  “So I tried to space the other hyungs around that.  I put Jinhoo hyung on Wooshin hyung’s night because they’re so different.  Wooshin hyung’s so, you know.”

            Oh, he knew.  “And Kogyeol and I are together so you can get all of that sizzling hotness out of the way, I get it.  So, you get some paper and draw up your calendar, okay?  Figure out which date nights are which.  I’ll go tell the members about the plan.”

            “You can’t just tell them!”

            “Sure, it won’t even take long.  It’s like two sentences.  Well, we might need to make some changes.  Kogyeol might not want to be on the same night as me, he might get intimidated.  I’m a hard act to follow.  Oh, uh.  Put me before Wei’s night and Gyujin’s night, okay?  Do me a favor?  Put me right after, who is it, Wooshin and Jinhoo?  Yeah, put my night after theirs.”

            Hwanhee laughed.  “You don’t have to be worried!”

            “That’s cute.  That’s nice, yeah.  It’s real easy for you to say that,” Kuhn said, patting his knee.  “Hey, so you and I can’t do stuff, like, we’re off-limits for the next three days?  See, this is why we gotta put the calendar up,” he said, getting up.  “So while I’m all lonely and suffering, I can look at the calendar and count down the days.  Ah, only two more days until I can be with my Hwanhee again.”

            “Stop teasing!”

            He was smiling, he was blushing, he looked tickled.  Good.  Okay, job well done.  “If this works out, I might put up my own date night calendar,” he decided, heading for the door.  “If I put Chunji hyung on every night, do you think he’d come over?  Worth a shot!”

            He pulled Jinhoo aside and explained the plan.  Jinhoo thought it over and, to his relief, said that it might be a good idea.  “If it gets some of the stress off of him, we can try it.  I don’t want his seeing Sehun sunbae to change too much of the rest of his life, but this might be good.  If he’s limited to two members a day, he won’t get overexcited and try three or four or five.  It’ll keep him from holding back, too.  Not too much, not too little.”

            “The Goldilocks diet,” Kuhn said.  “For sex.”

            “We’ll see how it goes,” Jinhoo said.

            Jinhoo told the other members.  Except for Xiao, who was nowhere in sight and didn’t seem to be part of the date night plan anyway.  That was going to go over just great.

            “That’s, uh,” Sunyoul said, and he laughed uncertainly.

            “So it’s about control,” Wooshin said.  “It’s all decided for him.  Who, when, how often.  It’s not up to him.”

            “It sounds okay,” Bitto said hesitantly, reading the other members’ faces.  “I mean, I wouldn’t mind it.”

            “What if we’re traveling, or busy, or something?” Kogyeol asked.

            “Then you can make time for it,” Jinhoo said.  Kogyeol pressed his lips together, nodding, looking away.

            “Wait, am I tonight?” Sunyoul asked.  “Are we supposed to do certain acts, or positions?”

            “I don’t think so,” Kuhn said.  “Just do what you’re into.  I think it’s about making sure he gets it regularly, without having to worry about who to ask for it.  I’ve told him a thousand times that he’s not bothering anybody by asking for sex, but he can’t get over it.”

            “Do you want to go first or second?” Wei asked Sunyoul.  “Do we do rock, paper, scissors for it?”

            “You go first,” Sunyoul said.  “I’m hungry, I haven’t showered, I have stuff to do before I just jump in.”

            “Okay, guess I’m up,” Wei said, running his hands over his thighs, flashing a smile.

            “Wei, fighting!” Wooshin said encouragingly.

            Wei leaned into the maknaes’ doorway, grinning, holding up his new bottle of lube.  “Your bottle or mine?”

            Seated on the bed, writing something, Hwanhee looked up.  Turning red, he laughed, moaning.  “Oh, no!  He told you already!”

            “I might’ve heard something about it.”  Wei went in, sitting beside Hwanhee on the bed.  “You want anything special for our first date night, or just the usual?”

            “It’s funny, calling it a date night.”  Hwanhee set aside his notebook and his phone.  It looked like he’d really been drawing a calendar, filling out a grid with names and dates.  “It makes it seem like we’re dating.”

            “Should I bring flowers next time?” Wei asked.  “Take you out to dinner first?”

            Hwanhee blushed.  “I think I should pay, though.”

            Ooohhh, now I’m a kept man,” Wei said, grinning.  “I’m probably really expensive, too.”

            “A steak dinner?” Hwanhee asked.

            “At least.  Or, I mean, a hamburger or something.  With large fries!  This is worth large fries, right?” he asked, gesturing to himself.

            Hwanhee laughed, shifting closer.  “A whole combo meal, with cola and everything.”

            Running his hand over Hwanhee’s cheek, he leaned in, guiding Hwanhee closer.  Lips parting, Hwanhee was ready for it, and when their mouths met, Hwanhee moaned.

            He kissed Hwanhee slowly.  He didn’t like to rush.  But Hwanhee’s soft, hungry kisses and breathless moans turned him on.  Hwanhee’s desire was real, and he couldn’t help but respond to being wanted so much.  His hormones took some time to warm up with some of the other members, but his body was used to finding pleasure in Hwanhee, had learned to anticipate Hwanhee’s intensity.

            They got horizontal pretty fast, kissing, touching, feeling each other up.  Hwanhee wasn’t pushy, didn’t ask or try to escalate, but he responded to everything Wei did, and that kept the temperature going up and up and up.  Massaging his ass, kissing him deeper and deeper, feeling him writhe and grind and shudder, Wei felt hot, aroused, passionate.  Wei undressed, starting with Hwanhee’s clothes first, his own second, and the needy, sinuous way Hwanhee moved against him, grinding right against his bare cock, all hot skin and lusty moans, turned him on.  Running his hands over Hwanhee, he asked, “Do you want to blow me?”

            “Yeah,” Hwanhee said, and as he rolled over, Hwanhee slid right down his body.  The stroke of Hwanhee’s hand over his hardness made him groan, and as Hwanhee’s wet mouth surrounded him, he shuddered, closing his eyes.

            “God, yeah,” he panted.  “Oh, that’s good.”  God, Hwanhee was too good at this, maybe.  The rhythmic suction was intense, and the fantasies behind his eyelids were shocking, and he bit his lip, trying to hold back a groan.  But with the way Hwanhee was moaning down in his crotch, nobody would hear him, anyway, and he let it out, his back arching.  Ahhh, oh, damn, oh.”  He couldn’t take it, “Ah, ooohhh,” it was too good, he’d never last if Hwanhee kept doing this to him.  “Come up, come up,” he panted, tugging lightly at Hwanhee’s hair.

            Crawling up his body, red-lipped and wanting, Hwanhee made Wei ache with wanting to be inside.  “Who were you thinking about?” Hwanhee asked as they rolled over, bodies shifting, Hwanhee underneath now.

            “Xiumin sunbae,” he confessed, reaching for the lube.

            Hwanhee looked startled.  “Xiumin sunbae?”

            “Yeah.  Is that weird?”

            “I think you’re getting better taste,” Hwanhee said.  “Xiumin sunbae’s hot.”

            Wei slicked up Hwanhee quickly.  “I love this,” Hwanhee panted, writhing against Wei’s fingers, pulling his knees up, rubbing his cock.  “I love this, god, that feels good.”  His moans were short, demanding sounds, his hips hitching.  “Oh, hyung, yes.”  His needy movements, his mounting pleasure, his hot, soft skin were irresistible.  Turned on, groaning with anticipation, Wei pressed against him, slid inside of him, right where he was warm and slick and welcoming.

            “Oh!  Oh!  Oh, oh, god, oh!”  Hwanhee gripped Wei’s back.  His hot tunnel hugged Wei tight, and as Wei thrust deeper into him, he got louder and louder.  Pleasure was rising so fast, Wei was getting kind of loud, too.  Steady, Wei tried to fuck him steadily, tried to get a regular pace, but, god, thrusting into him created such an addicting, erotic rush, Wei could only think about going deeper and deeper.  “Oh, god, hyung, oh god, oh god,” Hwanhee moaned, rocking with him, gripping his ass.  “Oh, god, so deep, you’re so deep, oh, god.  I don’t wanna moo, I don’t wanna moo.”

            Wei had no idea what Hwanhee was talking about, but hearing “I don’t wanna” while he was balls-deep in his dongsaeng panicked him.  “Wait, wait, what?” he asked, pulling out.

            “Don’t stop, don’t stop, god, please, hyung.”  Writhing against him, Hwanhee moaned, pathetic and desperate, a broken, suffering sound.

            Hwanhee’s neediness was so real, he knew from experience that he had to get back in there and finish the job.  “I will, I will, I’m still hard, it’s all good.  But what did you say, you don’t want what?”

            Hwanhee rubbed at his own face, squirming, trying to turn away.  “I don’t want to moo,” he mumbled.

            Wei kept hearing him wrong.  “Are you saying moo?  Like a cow?”

            “It happens,” he mumbled, not meeting Wei’s eyes.  He looked so ashamed, Wei felt awful for him.  “Sometimes.  When things get really good.”

            “When things get really good, you moo like a cow?”  Seriously, they had to be miscommunicating somehow.

            “I won’t, I won’t, I’m sorry,” Hwanhee said.  “I’ll try not to.”

            Wei tried to understand.  “So it’s like a compliment?  If it only happens when things get good, then it’s good.  I should be working for this, I should be trying to make it happen.”

            “No, it’s awful, it sounds so weird,” Hwanhee said.

            “I kind of want to hear it,” Wei said.  “What does it sound like?”

            “Like a, like a moo,” Hwanhee said, finally meeting his eyes.  “It - - don’t laugh!”

            “I’m not laughing,” Wei promised, but he couldn’t hold back a smile.  “You gotta let me hear it.  If you do this when things are good, why have I never heard this before?  Oh, no, wait, am I not doing this right?” he asked, glancing down between Hwanhee’s thighs.  “Am I really that bad?  I can’t even get a little moo?  I mean, I get you off, right, I know I’m not that bad.”

            “I don’t want to moo!” Hwanhee protested, blushing.

            “Can I try anyway?” Wei asked.  “Can I,” he pointed down between their bodies, “do this?”

            Licking his lips, Hwanhee raised his knees again.  “Yeah.  Just don’t make it too good, okay?  I don’t want everybody to hear.”

            “Who’s my competition?” he asked, easing himself back in.  Hwanhee groaned, squirming against him, and he thrust deeper.  “Kuhn hyung, Jinhoo hyung, what?”

            “Just, just Prince Sehun,” he panted, clutching at Wei’s side.  “God, oh, it’s so big.”

            “Whoa, wait, this is a royal thing?  Wow, that’s a lot to live up to.”  No pressure.  Well, if he didn’t get any mooing, he wasn’t going to feel that bad about it, then.  “Sorry, no princes here.”

            “So deep, oh, god, ohhh, ooohhh, ooh!”

            Recognizing that sound, knowing he’d hit a good spot, Wei grunted, draping Hwanhee’s leg over his shoulder.  Thrusting slow and deep, he stroked Hwanhee’s taut thigh.  “Want me to get you off?”

            “Not yet, please, not yet, it’s so good, please, hyung, oh!”  Hwanhee’s fingers dug into Wei’s arm, clutching at him.  “Oh, god, you’re so deep, oh!”

            He was working with a rhythm now, getting into it, picking up energy.  Steady, deep fucking, his hips rolling, his body and Hwanhee’s moving to the same beat, like dancing.  Each thrust brought such a hit of pleasure that he was more eager for the next one, the next one, moaning as he drove deep.

            Hwanhee’s moans were long and loud, rewarding him for every thrust, a constant stream of enthusiastic feedback, incoherent cries interrupted by, “Yes, hyung,” and, “God, oh god,” as Hwanhee pulled him closer.  When he slowed down, pressing forward to kiss Hwanhee’s soft lips, Hwanhee shuddered against him, moaning into his mouth, fingers diving into his hair.  Ouunnh, yes, hyung, it’s so good, don’t stop, okay, don’t stop.”

            “If I don’t get you off,” Wei said, driving into him again, “I’m gonna finish without you.  Don’t wanna leave you behind.”

            “It’s too good,” Hwanhee moaned.  “I can’t, I can’t.”

            “Can’t come?” Wei asked.  “Why are we doing this if you don’t want to come?”

            “No, it’s too good,” Hwanhee insisted, fingers digging into his back.  “It’s too, oh, god, too, no, no, oh,” and Hwanhee mooed.

            Wei was so surprised, he laughed.  Breathless, he slowed down, rubbing his nose against Hwanhee’s.  “Shit, you meant it.”

            Hwanhee’s cheek was hot against his own.  “Oh, unnngh, no, no, mmmmhh, mm, mm, mmooo!”

            Oohh, getting good?” Wei asked, grinning.  He put a little more muscle into it, watching Hwanhee’s face.

            “Fuck, fuck,” Hwanhee gasped, and he did it again.

            “Yeah, that’s it, now we got it,” Wei said.  This was not how he’d expected tonight to go, but he wasn’t against new kinds of feedback.  If mooing meant that he was hitting the right spot, then he wanted to hear some more of it.  All of Hwanhee’s loud, passionate moaning was terrific, but now he had something new to work towards.  He felt like he’d unlocked a secret game level, some kind of expert challenge.  Thrusting steadily, he kept the pace quicker now, their bodies moving to a more urgent beat.

            Hwanhee mooed helplessly.  Soft, cute mooing, breathy, mixed in with a blissful, round sound.  He did it so happily, so ecstatically, that it stopped sounding animal and just sounded like another way to moan, coming from somewhere deeper in his chest.  Wei tried to make it good enough that he’d do more of it.  They were both getting more and more into it, Wei turned on by his enthusiasm, Hwanhee starting to masturbate.  Worked up, thrusting harder, Wei fucked an unbroken, rolling series of ecstatic sounds out of him, one sliding right into the next one, soft and rapturous.

            “Shit, yeah, come on,” Wei urged him, determined to get him off, to push him right over the edge.  “Come on, Hwanhee-ah, get off for hyung.”

            Ooo-ooo-mmo-ooo-ooo-mmo-ooo-ooo!”  Hwanhee shot his load, finishing with a gasp.

            Wei kept going for a minute, because he knew that Hwanhee liked a lot of sex, and it felt so great he wanted to keep at it.  But Hwanhee’s excitement had turned him on so much, he was already too close, and soon he was coming, pleasure sparking into white-hot ecstasy.  He unloaded his balls with a groan, panting against Hwanhee’s cheek.  For an instant, he was super-charged with euphoria, and a moment later, he was drained, his muscles giving out.  Collapsing, he buried his face against Hwanhee’s neck, needing a minute, just a minute.

            God, that had been terrific.  And weird.  But he hadn’t just unlocked the secret master level, he’d beat it.  He’d won.  And he’d gotten off hard.  A weird triumph was still a win.

            Stirring, he pushed himself up.  Shoved his hair out of his face and kissed Hwanhee.  “You okay?” he asked.  Hwanhee wouldn’t meet his eyes.  He tried a few more kisses, simple and light.  Hwanhee-ah.”

            “I mooed, I mooed, I fucking mooed,” Hwanhee said.  He rolled over and buried his face in his pillow, covering the back of his head with both hands.  “Everybody heard me, probably all of the members.”

            “It wasn’t that loud,” Wei said.  Not compared to his moaning, anyway.  “Hey, I thought it was a good thing.”  Wei rubbed his back.  “It means things feel good, right?  I took it as a compliment.”  Wei kissed his shoulder, patted his back some more.  “Hey, talk to me.”  He didn’t respond.  Wei kissed across his back, whispering his name.  Hwanhee-ah.”  Kiss.  Hwanhee-ah.”  Kiss.  Hwanhee-ah.”  Kiss.

            “It’s embarrassing,” Hwanhee whined.

            “A lot of things about sex are kind of embarrassing,” Wei said.  “You do this for your prince, right?  You just gave me the royal treatment.  That’s awesome, I never got sexed up like a prince, before.”

            “The royal treatment.”  Hwanhee tucked a fist under his chin, raising his head.

            “I’m flattered,” Wei said.  “You sounded super into it, it got me more into it, I got off hard.  Here,” Wei tried to coax him over.  “Make out with me some more.  I want to take all night with this so Sunyoul feels like he has a lot to live up to.”

            Hwanhee was shy, at first, but the longer they kissed, the more he relaxed.  Wei stroked his back and caressed the curve of his ass and kissed his neck until he was purring with pleasure.  When he was turned on again, Wei thumbed his nipple and kissed him again.  “This was great.  You okay if I go get Sunyoul?”

            He looked embarrassed, but he nodded.

            Wei gave him another kiss.  “See you in four days?”

            Blushing, he smiled.  “Yeah, okay.”

            Hwanhee had been nervous at first, about asking two of his hyungs for sex every day, but it had worked out all right the first couple of days.  He’d felt shy about asking them, but the sex had been really good, and he’d started to feel excited about it, about how well it was going, about all of the amazing sex, day after day, he saw stretching into his future.

            Then he’d screwed up, and asked all wrong, and almost gotten everybody’s new lube taken away!  He’d been so excited about the lube, having it seemed like an amazing thing.  It had been like a ticket to some great fantasy land of more sex, more anal!  With two hyungs a day and his own lube, his life would be amazing!

            But he’d screwed it up.  And he’d been so frustrated, so scared, so angry, that he’d given up.  He’d just given up.  He’d thought that he’d finally started on a great thing, and he’d been looking forward to it so much, and he’d been really eager to tell Sehun all about what a great job he was doing, and then it had all crashed and fallen apart, right in front of him, and he just couldn’t do this anymore.

            Kuhn had made it seem like it could work, though.  And he wanted it to work!  So he gave it one more shot.

            Only now the members knew about it!  It had been a secret, before, his own little plan, but now everybody knew.  He made his calendar, and Kuhn put it on the fridge, put it right there in the kitchen like a dormwide chore list or something.  Seeing it out in the open made it seem exciting, all of that sex, day after day after day, all of those hyungs, all month.  That seemed like a lot of sex!  But it wasn’t his own private plan anymore, it was all public now, and that made it seem normal, like it was totally acceptable, his sex routine hanging on the fridge between fan drawings.

            His hyungs teased him about it, about whose night it was.  Bitto prepared for date night like it was a real thing, showering first and clearing off the bed and greeting him with minty-fresh kisses.  Wooshin flirted with him the whole day before, not on Wooshin’s day but on Gyujin and Bitto’s day, shooting him looks and giving him lots of skinship and reminding him of what was coming up tomorrow.  When Jinhoo couldn’t make it, he swapped his night with Kuhn’s, and they marked it on the calendar, and Kuhn acted cocky about being one night early, about not having to wait the full four days like everybody else.

            He loved it.  He loved having two hyungs every night.  Every single night!  It was so much sex!  He felt really close to his hyungs, and he felt really happy.  It had sounded like a funny idea when Sehun had suggested it, but it was going so well, he felt like he had more energy, more strength.  Maybe so much sex should have left him exhausted?  He did sleep way better!  But he felt stronger, too, he felt more confident.

            He’d been really eager to tell Sehun about it, but he’d wanted to wait until he was sure that it was going well, so he gave it a few extra days, in case there were more problems, in case it all fell apart again.  But it was going so great, he had to tell!  So one morning, when he made his daily call and left a message, he added, “I’ve been taking my vitamins, hyung.  Twice a day, every day, just like you said.  Thank you for suggesting it.”

            That night, Sehun called him.  He was making out with Gyujin when his phone rang.  “Sorry, sorry, my prince,” he said, surfacing, grabbing for his phone.

            Gyujin groaned and flopped away, rubbing himself.

            “Sorry, sorry,” he said again, and he answered.  “Hello?  Hyung?”

            “Taking your vitamins?” Sehun asked.

            He blushed.  “Yes, hyung, just like you said.  Thank you, you were right, it was a really good idea.”

            “Whose turn is it today?”

            Gyujin hyung.  And Bitto hyung.”

            “How’s it going?”

            “It’s so good, hyung, I really like it.  There’s never been so much of it before!  I always wanted more, but I never got this much!”

            “Is it enough?”

            Self-conscious, he laughed.  “How could twice a day not be enough!

            “Is it enough?” Sehun repeated.

            He blushed, running his hand over Gyujin’s thigh.  “There’s always tomorrow, so there’s always more.  It’s really nice to know that, it feels really good to look at the calendar and see tomorrow and the next day and the next day and all of those hyungs.”

            “This is a stupid question,” Sehun said.  “You don’t have a real calendar, do you?”

            “Um, yeah.  It’s on the fridge.  It doesn’t say what it is!  It’s just, it’s up there, so everybody knows and we don’t lose track.”

            “A calendar on the fridge,” Sehun said.  “Are your hyungs okay with it?”

            “Oh, they’re great!”  He smiled, running his hand over Gyujin’s chest.

            Gyujin pointed to his crotch.

            Hwanhee blushed, pushing his hand away.  “Everybody’s been really nice about it.”

            Gyujin sighed, stretching out.  Hwanhee cuddled up to him, head on his chest.

            “Which night’s your favorite?”

            He blushed.  “Last night.  Last night was Wei hyung and Sunyoul hyung.  It’s really nice.”  He could tell Sehun anything, right?  He really needed to get this off of his chest.  “I did that thing.  I keep doing it!  I hate it but I can’t stop it, it just keeps happening.”

            “What’d you do?” Sehun asked.

            He winced.  “I made that sound.  I keep doing it!  That, um, the one you asked me to make for you.”

            “Hold on a second.”

            Self-conscious, he shifted against Gyujin.  Oh, he had a text!

            Sehun texted him an emoji of a dog.  Then a cow.  Then a question mark.

            Embarrassed, he texted back the cow.  “I did that!” he exclaimed.  “I can’t help it!  It’s only with Wei hyung, not anybody else, but it’s every time, now!  We start and it’s really, really good and I just, it just comes out!”

            “That’s okay,” Sehun said.  “It’s okay.  How is he, did he say anything about it?”

            “He thinks it’s cute,” Hwanhee said, mortified.  “He likes it!  I know everybody’s heard it, probably all of the members have, but I can’t help it!  But,” he squirmed, “but he likes it, so, I guess it’s not that bad, right?”

            “It’s fine,” Sehun said.  “It’s great.  If anybody makes fun of you for it, punch him.”

            “I can’t punch my own members!”

            Gyujin balled one hand into a fist and tapped it against his arm.  Pow, pow, bam,” Gyujin whispered, mock-punching him.  Laughing, he squirmed away.  “Right in the kisser,” Gyujin whispered, knuckles brushing his lips.  He bumped his fist against Gyujin’s stomach.

            “We can talk about this when we see each other,” Sehun said.  “I want to hear all about it.  But I’m glad that you’ve been taking your vitamins.  I’ve been worried about you.  I’m glad that you tried it.”

            “It was a good idea,” he admitted.  “How do you come up with this stuff?”

            “I’m a genius,” Sehun said.  “Who’s tomorrow night?”

            Wooshin hyung and Jinhoo hyung.”

            “Looking forward to it?”

            He laughed, shivering.  “Oh, it’s going to be so good!  Wooshin hyung’s been teasing me all day, I can’t wait.”

            “I’m really glad,” Sehun said.  “I’m really glad you’re happy, Hwanhee-ah.”

            The warmth in Sehun’s voice made him melt all over the bed.  “Thank you, hyung.  I’m really grateful.”

            After he hung up and set his phone aside, Gyujin handed it back to him.  “Any other calls you want to make?  Maybe talk to your parents?  Check in with your old friends?  Find out what the weather’s like in Finland right now?”

            Laughing, he set it down again.  “I said I was sorry!”

            “Seriously, you’re just going to abandon me like that?  I had a great hard-on going!”

            “I know.”  He pressed up against Gyujin, running his hand over Gyujin’s side.  When he got close enough, Gyujin kissed him, and he moaned, wanting that to happen again, going back for more.  “It felt so good,” he breathed, squirming closer.

            Ya, come on, you’re still dressed?” Bitto’s voice asked.

            “His fault,” Gyujin said, pointing at Hwanhee.  “He had to call and check the weather, and movie showtimes, and-”

            “I didn’t!” Hwanhee protested, laughing.

            Ya, get up,” Bitto said, coming over.  “I’ll do it now, you can be next.”

            “But I’m - - I’m right here - - I was doing something!” Gyujin protested as Bitto dragged him off of the bed.

            “You were barely started.”  Bitto crawled in beside Hwanhee and smiled.  “Hey.”

            Blushing, Hwanhee laughed.  “Is it your turn, now?”

            “I’m coming back,” Gyujin warned.  “As soon as you’re finished, I’m coming back.  I have things to do, here.”

            Excitement hummed through Hwanhee at that delicious threat.  It was amazing, to have Bitto coming in to get him, to know that as soon as this hyung left, another one would be right back on top of him.  “Okay,” he said breathlessly, Bitto’s hands already sliding under his shirt.  “I’ll be right here, hyung, I’ll be waiting.”

            They waited until Jinhoo left the room, and then they sat down on either side of Wei.

            Looking surprised, Wei smiled.  “Hey,” he said, and put his arms around their shoulders.

            Kogyeol whispered, “What is that sound Hwanhee makes for you?”

            “And why doesn’t he make it for me?” Wooshin whispered.

            Kogyeol grinned at Wei.  “And why don’t you make me do that?”

            “Yeah, why is that?” Wooshin asked, nudging him.  “You got special tricks you’re saving for him?  I want some of that.”

            “No, oh, god,” Wei said, laughing.  He looked around, checking out the empty doorway.  “It’s just a thing he does.  He thinks it’s embarrassing, don’t talk about it.”

            “What are you doing to him to get him to do that?” Kogyeol whispered.

            Wei laughed again.  “What do you think I’m doing?”

            Wooshin gave him a grim, annoyed look.  “You’re disgusting.  You being good at sex is like Yao Ming being good at basketball.  You don’t even have to try, you just,” he tossed an imaginary ball, “oh, did the ball go in?”

            “You’re not doing anything?  You’re not, like, putting him on top?” Kogyeol asked.

            “No, you know what he sounds like when he’s on top,” Wooshin said.  “Wailing like a siren up there.”

            Wei made a quick shushing sound and put his arms down.

            “You can’t just eat barbecue every night!” Wooshin said, laughing, as Jinhoo walked back into the room.  “Let’s have pizza or something.”

            “Not that terrible pizza place, I’m tired of that one,” Kogyeol said, catching on.  Jinhoo hyung, what are we doing for dinner tonight?”

            As soon as Jinhoo was distracted again, other members coming in and moving around, Wooshin got up.  One hand on the back of Wei’s chair, he leaned in, nose-to-nose, and whispered, where no one else could hear, “You’re going to give me that hot dick tonight and you’re going to pound my ass until I’m mooing like a fucking barnyard, okay?”  Smiling, he backed up.  “Look forward to it,” he murmured, and he walked away.

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