Visiting EXO's Dorm

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            While his members crowded into the shower, scrubbing and laughing, Suho wiped down the kitchen counter and set out snacks.

            “Looks good.”  Suho turned to see Xiumin coming into the kitchen.  Dressed in underwear and a T-shirt, he combed his fingers through his damp, spiky hair.  “You know, you don’t have to stay.  We’ll be okay.  If anything comes up, Lay and I can handle it.”

            “I’ll stay.”  He wouldn’t feel right if he left.  It seemed like cowardice, to avoid the situation just because it was uncomfortable for him.  He was a better leader than that.

            “Wouldn’t you rather go do something else for a while?  Meet friends, go shopping?”

            “Hyung, I’ll be fine.”  He could handle it.  “Stop trying to chase me out of my own dorm,” he teased.

            “All right, hey.”  Xiumin shrugged, smiling.  “If you want to spend your night off playing baby-sitter, it’s up to you.  Don’t blame me when you pass out from boredom.”

            There was a knock at the door.  Chanyeol shouted; Baekhyun started yelling incomprehensibly.  “Our friends are here,” Suho noted.  “I’ll get the door.  Finish getting dressed.”

            Looking down at himself and smoothing his shirt with one hand, Xiumin laughed.  “I’m kind of overdressed for the occasion, though, don’t you think?”

            “Ah, good point.”  Suho passed through the dorm, calling, “Ya, members!  Let’s remember, we’re not hooligans!  Let’s greet our sunbaes civilly.”

            When he opened the door, the six members of Teen Top stood before him in a tight huddle.  L.Joe had his arms around Ricky from behind, Niel was bouncing and trying to see around Chunji, and Changjo was wearing a bright-eyed “ooohhh this is gonna be good” smile that made Suho want to hug him.

            C.A.P. slid his sunglasses off and blinked.  Smiled.  Said, “Suho hyung,” in a deep, lazy drawl.

            “Hi.”  Suho stepped back with a friendly smile, refusing to let on how breathless he suddenly felt.  “Come in, come in.  Phones in the basket, please.”

            “Oh, nice place,” Niel said.  Instead of filing in politely, they shoved each other into the dorm, jostling and jockeying as they took off their shoes.  Suho always liked their team’s energy, their spirited aggression.

            The rest of EXO was spilling out into the front room.  There was a lot of greeting and waving and bowing and nervous laughter, and then Chanyeol pushed through the gathering crowd and cried, “Ricky-ah!”

            Ricky threw out his arms with a joyous smile.  “Chanyeol hyung!”

            Chanyeol spread his legs wide and flung out his arms.  “Ricky-goon!”

            Ricky threw himself at Chanyeol, and they went down hard, taking Lay with them.

            “Aw, the ear twins reunited,” Baekhyun said.  On the floor, Ricky bit Chanyeol’s ear, and while Chanyeol laughed and moaned, Lay ran a hand over Ricky’s back, teasing up his shirt.

            Chunji licked his lips, sniffed, and glanced around.  “So, what, bedrooms?  Right here?”

            “The last bedroom on the end is off-limits,” Kai said.

            “We put up a sign,” Baekhyun said.  “But the rest of the dorm is free game.”

            “Kai,” Niel said boldly.  “Show me your room, please.”

            “You mean his cock,” C.A.P. said, wrapping an arm around Baekhyun’s waist and walking him toward the couch.

            “Right.  Kai,” Niel said.  “Show me your cock, please.”

            “Maybe we should get up,” Chanyeol was saying on the floor.

            “Yeah, in a minute,” Ricky said, kissing his ear and sliding a hand down the front of his pants.  Kai and Niel were disappearing toward the bedrooms; C.A.P. and Baekhyun were already making out on the couch.

            “Okay, if we’re starting, come on,” Xiumin said, holding out a hand to Chunji.

            “Don’t know what took you so long,” Chunji said, taking his hand.

            L.Joe was hanging back, chewing on his lips and watching everyone else.  When Sehun walked in, wearing shorts and a tank top, he smiled shyly.  “Oh, L.Joe sunbae,” Sehun said, looking happy to see him, and they hugged.  The rest of EXO was staring avidly; Suho gave the members a scolding look and a few of them managed to feign interest in other things.  “Are you okay?” Sehun asked, barely leaving his embrace, hands sliding over his shoulders, his sides.  “Is it weird?”

            “No.”  L.Joe was blushing, but he looked happy.  “It’s okay.”  He looked down shyly, then looked up and met Sehun’s eyes again.  “Which room is yours, though?”

            “D.O. hyung can show you.  It’s his room, too.”

            Sehun finally released L.Joe, and D.O. approached, looking L.Joe up and down with an interested smile.  “It’s this way.”  D.O. and L.Joe left, hand-in-hand.

            C.A.P. and Baekhyun were pulling off clothes and crawling all over each other; Ricky was a heartbeat away from sucking Chanyeol’s cock; the rest of Suho’s members were closing in on Changjo.  It was definitely, definitely time to go to his room.  Suho turned to go-

            -and almost collided with the broad wall of Changjo’s chest.  Shit, that kid moved fast.  “Suho hyung.”  Changjo’s smile was happy but nervous.  “Can I talk to you?”

            Now was really not a good time.  Suho was too tense, too turned on.  “Sure,” he told Changjo, forcing himself to smile.  “Go and wait in my room for a moment.  It’s on the end with the sign.”

            Changjo nodded, gave him a hopeful, searching look, and left.

            Augh, Xiumin was right, he had to get out of here.  Rubbing at his eyes, Suho went to the bathroom and locked the door.  Leaning over the sink, he turned on the tap, splashing cold water on his face.  Holding his wrist under the tap, letting the flow of cold water cool his blood, he closed his eyes.

            He was fine.  He was fine.  Okay.  It was okay.  He was fine.  What was he doing, getting all unnerved over a little slap and tickle between his members and some sunbaes?  His dongsaeng needed him; why was he hiding in a bathroom?  It was fine, he was fine.

            Drying his face, he took a deep breath.  Straightening, he faced himself in the mirror.  Ugh, what was happening with his hair?  He fixed his hair, smoothed his clothes, and gave himself a determined smile.  “Let’s love,” he said firmly, and then he laughed and went to go talk to Changjo.

            This dorm was way nicer than where Teen Top had lived before their second anniversary.  Changjo passed a few doors and came to one with a sheet of printer paper taped to it.  Someone had written, “The Guardian’s Lair: Stay out!” in black marker and “XOXOXO” in red pen.  Cute.  He opened the door and slipped inside.

            Changjo had used to play a mental game where he’d look around a room and decide what he wanted to steal and how he could get away with it.  It had just been a game, and he’d outgrown it, but he immediately began to play it now.  Taking in his surroundings with interest, he wondered which bed was Suho’s and who else slept here.

            Three beds.  A huge closet and more racks of clothes to the side.  Fan signs and other fan art hung on the walls.  EXO-K and EXO-M stuff.  Judging from the signs and art, that bed was Baekhyun’s and that one was probably Chen’s.  So this was Suho’s.  There were some really well-drawn pictures and a metal sculpture in a teardrop shape.  Oh, maybe that was for his weird superpower thing.

            The last thing Changjo needed at the moment was to get caught digging through Suho’s closet, so he contented himself with what he could see without touching.  Suho’s tablet was on a table by the bed, along with a lamp, a novel, some jewelry Changjo wouldn’t have minded borrowing, and a wallet.  There were vitamins and creams and, hunh.  No lube.

            There was lube on the table between Baekhyun and Chen’s beds.  But no lube within reach of Suho’s bed.

            Maybe it was in the drawer.  Changjo really wanted to open that drawer.  Finding lube wouldn’t really give anything away - - it could just be for masturbation - - but Changjo really wanted to know what kind Suho used.  Whether it was in a tube or a bottle, whether it was unreasonably expensive or a convenience store brand, whether it was scented or not.  Maybe it was flavored.  Like almonds.


            He turned to see Suho smiling at him.

            Or cherries.  Definitely cherries.

            Suho’s smile was warm and bright.  “Shall we talk?”  He sat on the side of his bed and patted the mattress.

            Sitting beside him, Changjo wanted to kiss him.  “I’ve missed you.”

            “I’ve missed you, too.”  Suho’s expression turned serious, and he scanned Changjo’s face like he was looking for answers.  “How have you been?”

            “Fine.  Great.”  Getting laid a lot.  “You haven’t answered my calls.”

            Suho nodded.  “You really upset me.  Maybe you think that you were just teasing, but that’s not something to joke about.”

            Why not?  “I’m sorry, hyung.  I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

            Suho’s lower lip poked out in a pout.  Shifting on the bed, he tucked his leg under himself.  “I worry about you a lot.  You’re becoming a man now, and I only want good things for you.”

            “You sound like a grandfather.  I’m not so much younger than you, you know.”

            “I am older.  But you’ve seen more of life than I have.  In some ways, I’m still catching up.”

            Changjo smiled.  “Does that make us equals?”

            Suho’s smile was happy and affectionate.  “There’s that mischievous smile I like so much.  That’s one of my favorite sides of you, what a playful little imp you are.  But I worry that’s what will get you into trouble.”

            “I’m not stupid.  I know what’s too far.”

            “You don’t know what’s too far with me.”

            “Okay, but be fair.  Your boundaries are way farther out than everybody else’s.”

            “Everyone’s are in a different place.  Part of being mature is learning to understand and respect that.  Finding them politely, not ramming into them and leaping over them.”  Suho licked his lips.  “Changjo-ah.”  His voice was soft and his expression was concerned.  “When you’re kissing Niel and he says, ‘No, not now,’ what do you do?”

            “Lately?  Niel likes me too much these days to say no to me.”  He took another quick glance around the room.  No sign of a girlfriend; those cosmetics were probably all Suho’s.  He wasn’t sure how he’d be able to differentiate a boyfriend’s belongings from everyone else’s.  Then again, if there were obvious signs, Suho wouldn’t have allowed him in here.

            “Be serious for a moment,” Suho said.  “If you’re kissing L.Joe and he says, ‘No, not now,’ what do you do?”

            Changjo frowned.  What was the point of this question?  “I back off and find somebody else.  Why?”

            “Do you understand that it’s important to stop when someone says ‘No?’  Even if you think he’s into it and he likes it?”

            “Of course that’s important, don’t be gross.  I know things like that.”

            “Not everyone knows,” Suho said.

            Changjo snorted.  He didn’t believe that for a second.  “They know,” he said.  “They just don’t care.”  He glanced around again, taking everything in.  “You’re kind of messy.  What’s your superpower, water?”

            “Yes, I control water.”

            Changjo laughed.  “It doesn’t embarrass you to say that?”

            “Why should the truth embarrass me?”

            He loved it when Suho smiled at him so happily like that.  “What do you do, spit on people?”

            “Ew, why would I spit on people?”

            “How else does your superpower work?  Where do you get water from?”

            “I channel it,” Suho said, as if that were a reasonable answer.

            “Show me,” Changjo challenged.

            “Not here,” Suho protested, laughing.  “I don’t want to make a mess.”

            “What mess?  Can’t the air one just come in and dry it up?”

            “I think the air one’s busy with your hyungs.”

            Oh, right.  Changjo glanced at the door, wondering what everyone was doing out there.

            “Go and play,” Suho said, nudging his thigh.  “You don’t want to stay cooped up in here with me.”

            “You’re not angry with me?”  He tried to see any lingering resentment in Suho’s expression.  “You’ll answer my calls?”

             “I’m not angry,” Suho said, hugging him.  “I love you.  I’m sorry that I was rude.  I got upset and I handled it badly.”

            Changjo really wanted to get more out of this hug, but Suho was so skittish about physical contact sometimes that he didn’t dare do more than the bare minimum to return Suho’s embrace.  “Maybe we can go out sometime.”

            Suho gave him a loving, affectionate smile.  “I’d like that.”  For a second, Suho cupped his face, patting his cheek.  “Go and have fun.  When you see Xiumin hyung, tell him that I’m going out for a while.”

            “You’re not staying?”

            “For what?  I’ll just be bored, sitting in here.”  Getting up, Suho scooped up his wallet, tucking it into his pocket.  “I’ll be back in a few hours.  Try to keep the dorm intact until then.”

            Ricky had been looking forward to visiting EXO’s dorm ever since they’d first gone on MT together.  He’d loved going on MT with sexy, energetic EXO-K, and he’d loved going on MT with hot, wild EXO-M, and now he had both, both, K and M.  Chanyeol was fucking him quick and deep from behind, chewing on his ears and pinching his nipples and moaning the roof down.  Chen had squirmed underneath him on the bed and was sucking his cock like there was a prize for making it last.  He felt fantastic and he really wanted to come and he was just squirming between them, moaning with excitement and calling out, “Oppa, oppa, it’s too good, your cock is driving me wild, Chanyeol oppa, you’re going to make me come!”

            “Yeah, unh, do it,” Chanyeol moaned, licking his ear.  “Come for me, come for Chen, I want to make you come.”

            “Oooh, oppa, I can’t help it,” he whined.  Oh, god, he really was going to come, it was about to happen, Chanyeol was fucking him too well and Chen was starting to suck harder, more determined, rubbing his balls and making him shake.  “You’re making me come, oppa, you’re doing it, it’s too much, oppa, oh!”

            “Oh, mmm.”  Chen was jacking him with one hand, sucking the head, pulling the cum right out of him.  Pleasure rocketed through him and he groaned, feeling like he was exploding from the inside out.  Fuck, these hyungs were good.

            “Done, oh, I’m done, oh god,” Chanyeol moaned.  He always sounded so devastated and helpless when he came, it was cute.  Groaning, he pushed into Ricky with deep, energetic thrusts.

            Ricky’s muscles were giving out, and Chanyeol was suddenly heavy against him.  He swayed, barely catching himself, as satisfaction drugged him and Chanyeol moaned ecstatically in his ear.

            “Ya, don’t fall on me,” Chen said, sliding away.

            It was just in time; Ricky’s arms melted to uselessness and he crashed onto the bed.  Chanyeol landed heavily on top of him and grunted happily.  “Oh, oppa,” he mumbled, patting Chanyeol’s arm.  “Your cock is my favorite.  You always fuck me so well.”

            “Uunnhhh.”  Chanyeol rolled back until they were tucked together like spoons.  “Why are you so sexy?”

            He laughed, opening his eyes as Chen crawled in to join them.  “I can’t help it, it comes naturally.”

            “Look at you,” Chen said, sliding in against him, naked and soft-skinned and rock-hard.  “Your eyebrows are the best.”

            “No, his ears are the best,” Chanyeol said, stroking one.  He shivered, oversensitive, and Chen kissed him, and while his hands slid over Chen’s ass, he felt Chanyeol’s tongue lick behind his ear.

            “Okay,” he mumbled, loving this two-on-one thing, loving Chen’s slow, deep, soulful kisses and the way Chanyeol was tugging at his nipples.  “Somebody say that my cock is the best.”

            “Mmm.”  Chen humped against him, squeezing his ass.  “Mmm, Ricky-ah, your cock is the best.”

            Oh, that was great.  He had to visit this dorm way more often.

            Now that Suho was out of the way, Changjo didn’t waste any time.  In the living room, he found Baekhyun sprawled naked on the couch, panting, watching while C.A.P. fucked Xiumin on the floor.  Perfect.  Walking right over, Changjo said, “Hey, hyung,” and started to undress.

            Baekhyun blinked, then stared up at him with a broad smile.  “Hello.”  Baekhyun’s gaze traveled down his body, and when he shoved his underwear down, Baekhyun’s eyes dropped right to his cock.

            Changjo was there to get laid, and he knew from observation that Baekhyun was a friendly, easy lay.  He was turned on at the thought of screwing new guys, of getting more experience, and he was excited about having sex with EXO in particular, especially after watching his hyungs have so much fun.  Crawling right onto the couch, he kissed Baekhyun, and it was great.  It was so, so great.  Baekhyun was totally into it, and there was something really sexy about getting used to a new partner, about getting familiar with the way Baekhyun touched him.  While they made out, Baekhyun breathed, “God, you’re so hot,” and when he pulled Baekhyun’s leg around his waist and started grinding against Baekhyun’s cock, Baekhyun squirmed against him, gripping his arms and panting, “Yeah, let’s do it, yeah, god, I want your cock.”

            Having sex with someone new was exhilarating.  Everything was fresh.  He had to learn as he went, and guess, and correct.  Baekhyun’s response to him was enthusiastic, and it made him feel sexy and powerful to be able to turn Baekhyun on, to make someone feel so good.  He tried to catch on, tried to read cues, and he switched positions a few times to see what worked, what Baekhyun liked, what got the best responses.  It was so great, how into it Baekhyun was, all of that squirming around, all of that gasping and yelling, all of that pulling him closer and rocking against him and really asking for it.  The arch of Baekhyun’s spine and the bouncing of Baekhyun’s ass and the cry of, “More, more, yes, oh, give it to me, more,” got him so worked up that he fucked Baekhyun hard, pounding in energetically and crying out until they both came.

            When it was finished, he rolled Baekhyun over.  Lolling against the armrest, looking boneless, smiling up at him in happy, dreamy satisfaction, Baekhyun looked so pretty and sexy, Changjo felt totally victorious in having fucked him so well.

            Not only had Changjo fantasized about sex with EXO, he’d also planned out what to say when the sex was over.  He pressed a light kiss to Baekhyun’s lips, and then he murmured, “Thank you, hyung.  I knew you’d be the best.”

            Lay was having the time of his life.  One of the best things about an orgy was going naked from room to room, touring one porn set after another, getting off with whoever happened to be in there and whatever they happened to be doing.

            In the kids’ room, he found L.Joe alone, shirtless, touching the clothes hanging in Sehun’s closet.  Happy to see him, Lay circled him, feeling like an eager, jubilant shark.  He was really hot, really interesting, and Lay just wanted to touch him all over, to come on him, to see what made him feel good.  The other Teen Top members ranged from sexually aggressive to very sexually aggressive, but L.Joe seemed to have other gears.  He was so sexy!  Lay was really into his wiry body and his easy embarrassment and the intimate, sensual way he kissed.  And the way he came twice was so, so hot.  The first one was always sexy, and then he got all twitchy and worked up, building toward the second one, moaning and fighting for it and coming hard, squirting a second load as big and messy as the first.  Two cumshots right in a row like that were a pornographic fantasy.

            Standing behind him, Lay wanted to touch him.  “Hi.”

            He turned around.  There was already a tent in his pants where his hard-on poked out.  Lay wanted to fondle it.  “Hi.”  Brushing his hair out of his eyes, he smiled.

            Lay wondered what had turned him on.  Sehun’s clothes?  “Do you want to do something?”  Was that clear enough?  “Can we have sex?”

            L.Joe smiled at him, touching his bare chest.  “Looks like you’ve already had some.”

            “Yeah, it was great.”  He brushed his hand over L.Joe’s shoulder and down L.Joe’s side, and L.Joe moved right in against him, slinging an arm around his shoulders and pressing against his bare cock.  Turned on, he gasped, pulling L.Joe closer, and L.Joe kissed him, humming into his mouth.

            Loving the feel of L.Joe against his body, Lay was groaning at the way L.Joe moved.  The sexy undulations and the way L.Joe rocked against his cock got him so hard he had to do something about it.  Squeezing L.Joe’s tight little ass, he moved toward one of the beds.

            “Ahh, not in here, not in Oh Sehun’s room,” L.Joe panted.

            Dragging L.Joe along, the two of them still kissing and pawing at each other, Lay stumbled to his own bedroom.  As he and L.Joe fell across his bed, they fumbled around, getting rid of L.Joe’s clothes.  “Nnhhh, hyung,” L.Joe moaned, kissing his ear and fondling his cock, making his erection throb and his hips dance around.

            He was too turned on to waste time, and the way L.Joe moaned made everything seem really urgent.  He greased up L.Joe’s hot little tunnel quickly, and when L.Joe slid down onto his cock, he groaned.  The feel of L.Joe’s body gripping his erection only intensified the urge to fuck, and he bucked under L.Joe, thrusting upward.

            “Deeper, deeper, oohhh!”  L.Joe shimmied around on top of him, that quivering little hole clamped around his cock.  Pulling down on L.Joe’s hips, he rocked, and L.Joe cried out, swaying on his pole.  “Unh, hyung, oh!”

            “Oh, you’re so hot, oh.”  The way his balls ached made him groan, and he wrapped his fist around L.Joe’s bobbing erection.  “Ah, feels so good.”

            “Wait, wait, I’m gonna come,” L.Joe moaned, his eyes closing as his head fell back, his body still working as he rode, his hole clenching around Lay’s meat.

            “Yeah, let me see it, let me see,” Lay begged, tugging on L.Joe’s stiff cock.  “Spray it on me.”

            “Unh, unh, oh.”  Moaning, L.Joe shuddered.  Suddenly picking up the pace, he panted in noisy, rhythmic gusts, bouncing up and down on Lay’s shaft like he wanted to win a race.  “Unh, hunnnfff, oh, oh!”  Cum shot out of his hose in stringy pulses, spritzing Lay’s chest.  “Unh, yes, yes.”  Slowing down, he ground down against Lay like he was savoring the feel of a good, stiff cock inside of him.  “Ahhh.”  Pressing down on Lay’s ribcage with both hands, he lifted completely off and rubbed his wet hole over Lay’s cockhead, teasing himself on the stick, hips swiveling.  “Oh, oh, god, yeah.”

            His cock-loving show was so hot, Lay couldn’t take it.  Desperately moaning, “Come on, come on,” Lay pulled on his hips, trying to get back inside of him.  He moaned, grinding himself against Lay’s hard-on.  Lay’s rod slid along the cleft of his ass, and rubbing against that satiny skin was the final bit of stimulation Lay needed.  Abruptly erupting, Lay’s cock went off, thick shots of cum blasting L.Joe’s ass.  Lay groaned through the hot shocks of it, pulling on his thighs, and he laughed breathlessly, squirming around in the mess.

            “You’re fun,” L.Joe said, leaning in and kissing him.  Moaning, he cupped L.Joe’s elbows, urging L.Joe closer.  “Mmm, that was so great.”

            “You, you’re still hard.”  L.Joe was rocking against him a little, a slow, sinuous grind that felt incredible to his pleasure-blitzed body.  “Ohhooo, you’re so hot.”

            “Hyung, mmm.”  L.Joe nibbled at Lay’s lower lip, his right hand rubbing slow, rhythmic circles down Lay’s side.  “Suck my cock, okay?”

            “Yes, yes,” Lay panted, wanting him, wanting his cock, wanting anything he wanted.  “Give it to me, put it anywhere you want.”

            When Ricky hopped up and left the room, Chen sat up in bed, patting Chanyeol’s thigh.  “Come on, you have more sunbaes waiting for you.”

            “Ah!  Right,” Chanyeol said, coming alert.  Sitting up, he rubbed at his face and ran his hands through his hair.  “More sunbaes to fuck!  Here I go!”

            About to get up, Chen looked up and saw a very naked Niel standing there in the doorway, eyeing them with a friendly smile.  As his gaze ran down Niel’s taut, muscular body, Chen’s mouth began to water.

            “Hi,” Chanyeol said.

            “Here,” Chen said, gesturing Niel closer.  “Here, now.”

            “Ooo!  Can we make another sandwich?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Me in the middle?” Niel guessed, kneeling on the foot of the bed.  When his big, soft cock swung forward, quick desire hummed through Chen.

            “Right in the middle,” Chanyeol agreed, pulling Niel closer.  “Right where all of the fun is.”

            From the doorway, Sehun eyed Changjo’s body appreciatively.  Damn, Teen Top’s maknae had grown up in all of the right ways.  Those firm pecs.  That round ass.  He wondered how often Changjo gave it to L.Joe, because the idea of Changjo on top of L.Joe, pumping that big cock between L.Joe’s skinny thighs, really turned him on.

            “Oh.”  Surprised, uncertain; Sehun would know that voice anywhere.  He looked over to see L.Joe coming out of the next room, staring right at him, looking caught.

            Sehun’s first thought was to pull L.Joe aside, to get behind a locked door, to settle into the comfortable, powerful groove of pet and owner.  He was turned on, and L.Joe was right here and half-naked and looking at him with those vulnerable eyes, and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to establish his authority and take what he wanted.

            But he couldn’t do that to L.Joe in the middle of an orgy, in the middle of all of this, with all of their members around.  So he kept his hands to himself and he said, “Sunbae.”

            L.Joe blushed, ran his hand through his hair, and smiled hopefully, uncertainly.  “How’s it, uh, how’s it going?”

            He wanted to ask if everyone was treating L.Joe okay.  His pet was too precious to him; he wished that he could be there to oversee L.Joe’s sexual interactions, to make sure that his pet was treated well.  But what L.Joe did with other guys was none of his business, and it would make L.Joe nervous if he got overprotective.  “I was just thinking about having sex with Changjo.  What do you think, is he any good?”

            L.Joe smiled.  “Not as good as you.”

            It was the most direct L.Joe had ever been about their relationship outside of private scenes, and it surprised him.  Laughing, he wished that he could reward his pet for being so cute and so loyal.

            “He has a nice body,” L.Joe said.  “Not as nice as yours,” he added, “but, you know, if you’re into, into that, it’s, uh, nice.”

            Sehun grinned at him.  “Not as nice as yours.”

            L.Joe burst into laughter, looking happy and tickled.  He was so cute, Sehun wanted to kiss his smiling face.  “Not as nice as mine, right.”  Still smiling, he tossed his hair out of his eyes.

            Naked, Niel walked past them, and L.Joe matter-of-factly slapped him on the ass as he went by.  He made a surprised sound and rubbed his ass, but he kept walking.  Seeing L.Joe interact so frankly with a naked guy made Sehun wonder.  Sehun was interested in pretty much everything about L.Joe, but especially L.Joe’s sex life, but there weren’t many opportunities to observe L.Joe’s everyday sexual interactions.  “Sunbae.”  Sehun made sure to ask calmly and respectfully, so it would seem like a genuine request and not an order.  “You’re so sexy, I’d love to see you with one of your members.  Would that be okay?”

            L.Joe looked taken aback.  “See me do what with my members?”

            Anything, everything.  “Kissing, is kissing okay?”

            Blushing, L.Joe looked bashful, but he smiled.  “Yeah, I guess.”  He scratched the back of his neck, ducking his head and peeking up at Sehun shyly.  “If you want to.  Who do you want to see me with, I mean, who should I…?”

            “Whoever.  Anybody’s okay.”  He didn’t want to suggest someone if L.Joe would be more comfortable with someone else.

            “Well, it’s, it’s different, with different members.”

            Sehun spotted Chunji moving along the hallway.  Grinning, he asked, “What about him?”

            L.Joe half-turned, glancing over.  Groaning, he gave Sehun a disgusted, beseeching look.  “Really?”

            L.Joe’s open displeasure made Sehun perversely like the idea even more.  “Chunji hyung’s a great kisser.”

            “You bet I am,” Chunji said, joining them.  He glanced from Sehun to L.Joe.  “What, why are you talking about me?”

            “We’re not,” L.Joe said.

            “Is that what you two do?” Chunji asked, grinning.  “I thought that you’d have really intense, hot conversations about nasty, freaky shit.  I didn’t think you stood around talking about how sexy I am.”

            “You - - oh, ugh.”  Grimacing, L.Joe turned away.  “Not him, anybody besides him.”

            Chunji looked even more interested.  “Do you want a threesome?  I’ll play.”

            “We’re just talking about kissing,” Sehun explained.  “Who’s the best kisser in Teen Top?”

            “I am,” Chunji said without missing a beat.

            Sehun loved his arrogance.  “Besides you, then.”

            “Well, it’s not C.A.P. hyung or Niel,” Chunji said.  “L.Joe, I guess.  Changjo’s good.  Ricky’s good, if he’s in the mood.”  He gave L.Joe’s back a suspicious look, then turned a speculative gaze on Sehun.  “Why?”

            Sighing, L.Joe turned around and leaned back against the wall.  “Will you just kiss me?”

            “What?  Why?”  Chunji’s gaze flickered between them again.  “Are we putting on a show for your master?”

            Taking hold of Chunji’s upper arm, L.Joe tugged him closer.  “Just kiss me.”

            “I can kiss you any time.  I’m here for EXO, not to-”

            L.Joe leaned in and cut him off with a kiss.  His hands came up, pushing L.Joe back, but as soon as he broke the kiss he started it again.  L.Joe’s head tilted to one side, lips parting, and his hands slid up from L.Joe’s shoulders, framing L.Joe’s jaw.  They broke apart for an instant, wet-lipped and heavy-lidded, and then reconnected, L.Joe’s hands rubbing down his sides and coaxing him closer.

            Captivated, Sehun watched, wanting to catch every movement, every breath, every flick of tongue.  They made out to their own natural rhythm, Chunji’s hands stroking L.Joe’s chest, his hands massaging Chunji’s hips.  Their kisses were sexy, deep, and heated.  Sehun could see that they were familiar with each other, that they’d been making out for years.  But it was obvious, too, that they wanted each other, that they turned each other on, that they created sparks everywhere they touched each other.

            “Mmm…  Oh, unnnhhh.”  L.Joe’s moans were so sexy, so familiar, so different from what Sehun was used to, that they turned Sehun on and made him want to hear more.  It was the same “this feels so good, I want more of this, you’re so fucking hot” sound that Sehun knew, but without any of the pleading submissiveness.  It was the sound of L.Joe’s pleasure, L.Joe turned on and heating up, with an equal.  L.Joe not just wanting more but ready and willing to take more.

            Chunji’s hand slid over L.Joe’s ass, pushing his underwear down just enough to bare half of one tight, smooth cheek.  Damn, that was a tempting sight.  L.Joe’s pert little ass was unbearably sexy, and it was a real test of Sehun’s self-control not to react.  Their bodies started writhing together, Chunji undulating against L.Joe, L.Joe grinding back, Chunji’s hand gripping and stroking L.Joe’s ass in a way that made it clear that there were no boundaries between them, no shyness, no inhibitions.  Some people weren’t as comfortable with their own bodies as Chunji was with L.Joe’s.  But their comfort, their raw lust, the way they fit together like they’d worn their own groove, made it all so much hotter.  Because now Sehun could imagine how often they did this, how intimate they were, how many hours they’d spent sweaty and naked and learning each other inside and out.  They knew each other as well as he knew Kai, but they’d been together for longer, in the no-holds-barred rough-and-tumble world of life inside Teen Top.

            Staring at them, not missing a thing as L.Joe’s arm circled Chunji’s shoulders and Chunji pushed L.Joe’s underwear down far enough for his hard-on to pop out, Sehun tried to be quiet about fondling himself.  He didn’t want to moan or anything and interrupt them.  He didn’t want to start full-on masturbating, either, but, damn, he was too turned on to keep from touching it.

            Chunji cupped L.Joe’s chin, pushing his face away, and looked at Sehun.  Chunji was gorgeous, his lips red, his cheeks flushed, his long black lashes almost concealing the sexual intensity of his stare.  “You want me to fuck him?”

            Yes, yes, hell, yes.

            Squirming, L.Joe pushed Chunji away.  “Get off of me.”  Turning away slightly, looking vulnerable and embarrassed, he pulled his underwear back up.

            It took a moment, but Sehun managed to let go of his throbbing cock.  Not sure what to say, he coughed.

            “Go, you can go,” L.Joe mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.  “Thanks,” he added as an awkward afterthought.

            Chunji shrugged.  Rubbing himself through his underwear, he called, “Chanyeol hyung!” as he walked away.

            L.Joe cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest as he faced Sehun again.  His gaze dropped to Sehun’s hard-on and he blushed, smiling, his expression happy and embarrassed.  “That’s what you wanted to see?”

            “That was great,” Sehun admitted.  “You’re so sexy, you’re both so fucking hot.”  He wanted to take L.Joe behind a closed door and do things.  Do the hot, perfect, intense things that L.Joe did so well.  “I want to bone you right up against this wall,” he said, running his hand over it.  “I love this wall now.”

            Looking for Kai, Niel went into the next bedroom.  Bingo.  Bingo, bingo, bin-go.  There was Kai, naked and smooth-skinned and rock-hard, that sexy cock standing right up and looking for a home.  And there was Changjo, young and muscular and also rock-hard, that big, silky cock demanding attention.  The two of them were on top of a bed, making out noisily, messily, pressed against each other, their strong, limber bodies rocking and undulating.

            Those poor, neglected, gorgeous cocks.  Why weren’t they in anything?  Niel would have to help.  Kai’s erection deserved better treatment than this.  “Hey,” he said, pushing hard at Changjo.  Startled, Changjo recoiled, rolling back toward the wall.  Now Kai’s cock was available, and Niel climbed onto the bed, swallowing it down.

            “Hyung!” Changjo exclaimed.  “I was using that!”

            “Not doing it right,” Niel mumbled.  Oh, wow, Kai’s cock felt great.  Humming around it, sucking steadily, he fondled himself.  Tasting the slight trickle of pre-cum turned him on, and he moaned, sucking harder, wanting more of it.

            “This,” Kai said, caressing his hair.  “This is what I like in a guy.  Unh, yeah, oouuuhh, I want to fuck something, can I fuck you?”

            Him?  “Yes, yes,” Niel said, his head popping up.  “Yes, I’d like that, let’s do that.”

            “Here,” Kai said, scooting out of the way.  “You can be on the bottom.”  While Niel wriggled into place, getting comfortable on his back, Kai told Changjo, “You can fuck me while I fuck Niel.  But let me see him give you head first, I want to watch a little.”

            Yes, yes, perfect.  “C’mere, maknae,” Niel said, bringing his knees up.  “If Kai wants to watch, he’s our host, it can’t be helped.”

            D.O. had gravitated to the bathroom.  Still in his clothes, he was hanging out in the shower.  It was nice in there, because everybody kept coming in to rinse off.  He got to see a parade of good-looking, naked guys.  They were all in a terrific mood.  Some of them washed up lazily, smiling dreamily and still kind of high from whatever they’d just done.  Some of them were more energetic, looking forward to getting back out there, grinning and flirting.

            He felt drawn to the more docile ones, and he helped them out a little, handing them the soap, maybe washing their backs.  The more excitable ones, he enjoyed at a distance; their sexual energy was too much for him right now.

            It was a fascinating parade.  Niel and Kai came in together, splashing each other, scrubbing each other.  They flirted like they were just friends, but the way they looked at each other told D.O. that they might start screwing up against the wall at any second.

            Baekhyun came in still shivering and moaning, and just stood under the water for a while like he was trying to come down from something.  C.A.P., on the other hand, walked right in like he owned the place, washed up like he’d just come home from any other day at work, shot D.O. a suggestive grin, and left again like he had business to handle.

            The air around Xiumin and Chunji crackled with so much sex, D.O. held back, standing very still.  Chen was so comfortable, D.O. washed him and asked him how everything was going.

            L.Joe stayed in the bathroom for a while after he showered.  He put his underwear back on and squatted by the sink, breathing deeply and looking at nothing.  D.O. remembered from before that he needed to take breaks sometimes, and gave him space.

            When Ricky came in, he was a mess with cum all up his back.  Turning around in front of the mirror, inspecting the damage, he laughed happily.  “Stupid hyungs!  It’s all over me!”  Shaking his head, he came over to the shower.  Spotting D.O., he smiled cheerfully, politely, and bowed.  “Hyung.”


            He turned the water on, then squeaked and jumped back as cutely as a mouse.  “It’s cold!”  Laughing, he turned the knobs, adjusting the temperature.

            D.O. inched closer.  “Having fun?”

            Smiling, he nodded.  “Your members are great.”

            Licking his lips, D.O. wanted to touch him.  “Can I help?  With your back?”

            His eyes widened a little like he hadn’t expected that, but he nodded again.  “Sure, hyung.”  He squirmed, twisting to see over his own shoulder.  “There’s a lot back there!”

            Moving behind Ricky, D.O. lightly ran his fingertips across Ricky’s shoulder blade.  Soft, smooth skin.  A pale, straight back leading down to the muscular curve of Ricky’s cute, round ass.  Cum had been spritzed and sprayed all the way up Ricky’s back, leaving a sticky, oozing mess.  Most days, the messier aspects of sex turned D.O. off, but today, the sight of so much cum dripping down Ricky’s firm, sturdy back intrigued him.

            He’d never touched Ricky like this before, and he felt keenly aware of that.  This was all uncharted territory of new sensations.  Skipping the towel, he rubbed soap over Ricky’s back with his bare hands.  He started slowly at first, getting used to the feel, making sure that he was comfortable with this.  He was more than comfortable; he liked it.  Ricky’s smooth, firm body felt terrific under his palms.  Turned on, his breath coming faster, he massaged the soap into Ricky’s skin, stroking across Ricky’s shoulders, up and down Ricky’s sides.  Oh, it felt so good.  Suddenly hot, aroused, his skin prickling with heat, D.O. felt the intense desire to moan.  To drop his head forward and nuzzle into Ricky’s hair, kiss the back of Ricky’s neck.  Swallowing, struggling with his desire, he dragged his palms over Ricky’s skin.  “You feel really nice.”

            “Thanks.  Have you been in here washing people all night?”

            “I’ve been in here for a while.”  Ricky thought that he’d washed everyone like this.  Was it dishonest not to correct that impression?  Or would it make Ricky more comfortable, like this wasn’t unusual?  Unsure about that, he nudged Ricky forward, under the spray, and rinsed off the soap.  He took longer than he had to, but he didn’t want to rush it.  After a while, though, he was just caressing Ricky’s slick, wet skin.

            Licking his lips, he gazed downward.  Lightly, his fingertips grazed the roundness of Ricky’s ass.

            Ricky wriggled in a way that was so sexy and so adorable, D.O.’s brain glitched trying to process it.

            D.O. soaped up his hands again and then tenderly caressed the cleft of Ricky’s ass.  He was amazed at his own sexual assertiveness, but he was so turned on he was thrilled by each new step forward.  Ricky’s skin was so soft here, so tempting.  “Did Xiumin hyung do this to you?”

            “Yeah.  Xiumin hyung, Chanyeol hyung, Lay hyung.”

            He pictured it, Ricky squirming and crying out, on all fours, round little ass in the air, being penetrated, surrounded by D.O.’s horny members, the three of them taking turns, jockeying for position, coming on Ricky, inside Ricky, squirting thickly in their excitement.  The image was so intense, he blinked, breathing hard.  His own cock was stiff, and he glanced down at it, at the way it made such an obvious, unmistakable tent in his boxer-briefs.

            Trying to calm down, he focused on his task.  As delicately as he could, he smoothed soap over the outer curves of Ricky’s ass.  Then, shuddering, unbearably hot, his own skin on fire, he slid his soap-slick fingers to more private places.  Ricky’s asshole was wet with lube and cum, and he caressed it tenderly, slowly, god, he couldn’t even pretend anymore, he was fingering Ricky and it felt so good he ached.

            “Unh, hyung.”  Ricky undulated right in front of him, back arching, hips popping backward.  Bracing a hand against the wall, Ricky relaxed into it, making a satisfied sound.

            So soft, so intimate, so sexy.  D.O. was so turned on that he felt all sorts of strange, hot urges.  His voice was low and breathy when he asked, “Does it feel good?”  He really needed to know, needed to hear it.

            Ricky had the content, dreamy sound of someone getting a great back massage.  “Mmm, yeah, hyung, it’s nice.”

            Knowing that what he was doing felt good turned D.O. on even more, his skin feverishly hot.  He washed Ricky with great care, being very gentle, until there were no traces of lube, no streaks of cum, just clean, pink skin.  Sweet, soft skin.  Telling himself to get his fingers out of Ricky’s ass, he moaned, tormented, breathing against the back of Ricky’s neck.  “Don’t touch me, okay?”

            Ricky sounded mystified.  “Okay, hyung.”

            The only way he managed to force himself away from Ricky’s ass was by promising himself more skin-on-skin contact.  Soaping up his hands again, he moved in front of Ricky.  His erection didn’t embarrass him, but it was agonizing, a constant, throbbing reminder of his lust, begging for and promising all sorts of pleasure.  He washed the rest of Ricky slowly, moving at his own pace.  He didn’t just linger over the obvious, sexualized spots, he lingered everywhere, mesmerized.  He avoided eye contact, feeling too shy, too strange, too sensitive, but he could feel Ricky’s gaze on him, curious and constant.

            Sehun walked in.  “You-”

            “Get out,” D.O. said immediately, not even looking over, too involved.  In his peripheral vision, Ricky’s eyebrow went up.  He heard the door as Sehun left.  Good.  He didn’t want to be interrupted.

            He was fascinated, drawn to the strong, thick muscles in Ricky’s legs.  The faint bruise on Ricky’s knee.  The satiny skin at the bend of Ricky’s elbow.  The sensitive curves of Ricky’s ears.  The perfect little peaks of Ricky’s upper lip.  The warm, humid air and Ricky’s skin were fragrant with the same clean, soapy scent.  So much bare skin.  Such clean, sweet skin.

            “Hyung?” Ricky asked.  “Do you, maybe, want to fuck me?”

            Bracing himself, he met Ricky’s eyes.  For a moment, they just looked at each other.  Ricky’s expression was questioning but calm, completely accepting, like it would be okay if his answer was yes or no or anything else, and he loved that.  Relieved, he cupped Ricky’s cheek, gazing in lusting fascination at Ricky’s smooth cheeks and black lashes.  “I don’t know.  I want something.”  The distracting pulse of his hard-on made it so hard to think rationally.  He was all feelings, urges, lust.

            The door opened again, and Chunji came in with Chanyeol.  Shit.  Thinking fast, D.O. grabbed a few towels, whipping one around Ricky.  “Come, come,” he ordered, hustling Ricky out.  He wanted Ricky on his own, in his own way, not with interference and interruptions and distractions.

            In the hallway, he made a split-second decision.  Wet, Ricky padded after him as he went down the hall.  He knocked at Suho’s door, and when he didn’t get an answer, he peeked in.  Empty, perfect.  He pulled Ricky in and locked the door.

            Baekhyun’s bed was a mess and smelled like Kai; Chen’s sheets were clean.  D.O. wanted Ricky, just Ricky, not Ricky and Baekhyun and Kai.

            While D.O. dried off, Ricky did the same.  His thick, black hair was damp and tousled, falling into his eyes.  Raising his wicked, gorgeous eyebrows, he picked up the lube from the nightstand.

            D.O.’s first thought was that they wouldn’t need that, but, damn.  They might.  His body was reminding him how long it had been since he’d gotten off, and he felt more and more comfortable here, more and more interested.  He sat in the middle of Chen’s bed, and Ricky climbed on, sitting beside him.

            “What do you want to do?”  Ricky moved the lube from hand to hand, right to left, left to right, then set it aside.  “Have sex?  I can go down on you.”

            “Let’s.”  He cupped Ricky’s elbow, leaning in.  His lashes suddenly felt heavy, weighing down his eyelids, as his lips neared Ricky’s.  “Let’s just kiss.”

            Ricky kissed him, and it was a shock to his system, a sudden jolt of electricity searing across his skin and sizzling in his balls.  Too much, too intense, too insistent.  Quick, aggressive kisses, too fast, too pushy.  Gasping, he turned his head away, breaking contact.

            Immediately, Ricky stopped, holding still, right there, inches from his face.  He breathed in, getting past the shock, letting his body tell him what it wanted.  Ricky looked curious and concerned, eyebrows drawn together.  “Hyung?”

            He wanted more.  He wanted to make Ricky feel good, and he was ready to feel good, too.  He slid his hand over Ricky’s arm, grounding himself in Ricky, in sensation.  “Slower, okay?”

            Ricky’s eyebrows twitched, and then his expression relaxed, understanding.  “Oh, you want relationship kissing.”

            He smiled, thinking how different their teams and experiences and sexualities were.  “Probably.”  He moved in again, carefully, and touched his lips to Ricky’s.  There were a few precious seconds of light contact, and then an instant later contact again.  Their lips brushed, brushed again, so soft, so tender, so innocent.  Wanting more, he pursued Ricky’s mouth, taking another kiss, longer this time, and Ricky’s lips moved against his, and at the first subtle nudge of Ricky’s tongue, his lips parted.

            Such a sensual kiss, all heat and sensation.  It was excruciatingly slow, but it was still almost too fast for him.  He wanted to trap every instant of it, wanted to capture it all and relive it, over and over.  The purse and press of Ricky’s lips.  The glide and flick of Ricky’s tongue.  The sweet drag and slide of his own tongue into Ricky’s mouth and back out.  It was such an intimate, sensuous kiss that it was unbearably sexy, and he moaned into Ricky’s mouth, his breath shuddering out of him.

            Ricky’s hand landed on his bare thigh, then slid upward, toward his underwear.  Turned on, he shifted, sliding his thigh under Ricky’s hand, rubbing himself against Ricky’s touch to get it where he wanted it.  Ricky’s grip tightened on the back of his thigh, drawing him forward, and he moaned, moving with it, cooperating.  As he slid forward, into Ricky’s lap, he pushed on Ricky’s chest, pushing Ricky back.

            Landing back on one elbow, Ricky squeezed the back of his thigh, guiding him toward the sturdy jut of Ricky’s hard-on.  Ricky’s gaze was steady and calm and knowing, so in control that he wondered if that excitable maknae routine was all an act.  Ricky played oppa games with Chanyeol and overeager horny games with Baekhyun and calm, accepting games with D.O.  Who was this guy?

            “What do you want?” D.O. asked, curious.  He leaned forward, bracing himself on his hands, looking down into Ricky’s face.

            Ricky smiled a little, propped on one elbow.  “I want to fuck you, hyung, but if you want something else, we can do that, too.”  His hand cupped the side of D.O.’s neck, guiding D.O. down.  Their mouths met in a slow, simmering kiss.  Too turned on, D.O. moaned.  “Do you want to kiss for a while?” Ricky whispered, brushing soft, too-light kisses over his lips, teasing him, making him ache all over with wanting.  “Do you like that, hyung, does that feel good?”

            “Yes, good, it feels good.”  Groaning, D.O. kissed him harder, taking his mouth.  There was no tenderness anymore, no delicacy, only heat and lust.  Wanting him, all of him, D.O. caressed his soft skin, his muscular thighs, his stomach, up and down his sides.  He smelled clean all over, and D.O. pushed him flat on his back, kissing his neck, licking at his collarbone, sucking on his soft, smooth skin.  His hand stroked D.O.’s back, rubbed the back of D.O.’s neck, and the way he moaned, “That’s good, hyung, it’s good,” made D.O. want to give him more, turn him on, make everything great for him.

            D.O. was so turned on that something had to happen, something, some kind of penetration or orgasm or something.  He glanced down at Ricky’s hard-on, remembering the stiff, slippery feel of it in his soap-slick hand.  Pressing a kiss to the corner of Ricky’s mouth, he brushed his thumb over Ricky’s eyebrow and looked into those deep, steady eyes.  “Do you want to put it in me?”

            Ricky smiled at him, looking impossibly adorable.  “If you want me to.”

            He did, he just - - it had been a long time since he’d done this with someone new.  The newness was as daunting as it was exciting.  “Let’s go slowly, okay?”  He wriggled out of his wet underwear and, moving onto his knees, he reached for the lube.

            While he fingered himself, Ricky shifted, curving around him to watch.  When he pulled his fingers out, Ricky smiled up at him.  “You have a pretty asshole, hyung.”

            Embarrassed, flattered, he mumbled, “Thanks.”  He wiped his fingers on Chen’s sheets, then settled onto his back, pulling Ricky on top of himself.  “Slowly, okay?” he asked, raising his knees.

            “Okay, hyung.  You tell me what feels good.”  Ricky reached down, and he felt Ricky’s hand brush against his thigh, felt the blunt head of Ricky’s erection nudge against him, finding his hole.  Shuddering, he groaned, needing this to happen now, too turned on to wait.  “Slowly, slowly,” Ricky murmured, and he felt pressure, felt penetration, his body opening as Ricky pushed inside.

            “Oh,” oh, “oh!”  Gasping, he squeezed his eyes shut, his world coming to a stop as Ricky slowly filled him, inch by inch.  It was incredible, it was amazing, it was exactly what he’d needed, yes, “Yes, yes.”

            “Is this what you want, hyung?”  Ricky withdrew a little, sliding out of him, and he groaned.  Then Ricky pushed into him again, full and snug and deep, and pleasure shot through him, a fiery bolt.

            “Yes.”  Gasping again, he jerked on the bed, making a low, raw sound as Ricky did it again.  It was great, so great, “More, more,” he needed more.

            “Okay, hyung,” Ricky murmured, erection dragging out of him and then thrusting back in, setting a sexy, slow pace.  “Nice and slow.”

            Shuddering, loving it, he rubbed his hands over Ricky’s lower back.  Being able to feel every single inch slide out of him like this was great, it was the best.  It was so sexy, it made him hungrier for more, it was driving him wild.

            Ricky smiled down at him, then nudged into him again.  He groaned, agonized by an exquisite streak of pure ecstasy, his eyes rolling in his head.  “This is great, hyung, do you like it?”

            D.O. gasped as another fierce bolt of pleasure struck him.  Panting, he tried to clear his head, but the feeling of Ricky’s cock buried so deep inside of him made it impossible for him to hold onto his thoughts for very long.  “Yes, yes, unnh.”

            “When’s the last time you had sex?” Ricky asked, lightly pinching his nipple.

            Crying out, he pushed at Ricky’s hips until Ricky’s erection popped out of him.  Gasping, he tried to breathe.  “Weeks,” he didn’t know, “weeks,” he couldn’t remember how many.

            Ricky waited, held at bay, not backing away, not trying to get back in, just waiting.  “Who’d you do it with?”

            “Kai, it was Kai.”  He still felt too sensitive, too turned on, too worked up, but he needed Ricky inside of him again, needed to feel that perfect, intense fullness.  Moaning, he relented, relaxing his grip and then tugging on Ricky’s hips, urging Ricky into him again.  At the first thrust, at the feel of Ricky’s cockhead pushing inside of him, he made a raw, deep, “Uuuoooohhh,” sound, feeling so good and so hot and so excited he could’ve caught fire.  “Ricky-ah, Ricky-ah, please,” he groaned, as Ricky pushed his knee higher and slid the whole way inside.  “Faster, fuck me faster.”

            “Okay, hyung,” and Ricky’s hips started rocking.  “You tell me how much faster, right?  Faster like this?”

            “Yes, yes.”  The thrust and plunge of Ricky’s cock was quicker now, Ricky’s body picking up speed.  D.O. loved it, welcomed it, let loose deep, full-throated moans as Ricky fucked into him with more and more energy.

            “Like this, hyung?  Is this how you want it?” Ricky panted, and started fucking him harder, more forcefully, his body rocking with the power of each thrust.  The sudden intensity shocked him, and as each thrust set off an explosive jolt of pleasure, he cried out, his back arching.

            “This, like this, just like this!”  It was so hot, so amazing, that he opened up to it, invited it in, gripping Ricky’s ass, his mouth opening on lusty cries.  Staring up into Ricky’s deep, intent eyes, he felt the pleasure build, felt his own orgasm rising up to meet him.  Grasping his erection, he gave it a few desperate pulls, making eager, breathy cries, and soon he started to come, the whirlwind ripping through him.  The molten fire of ecstasy was too much for him, and he pressed his open mouth to Ricky’s shoulder, trying to stifle his wailing moans as he bucked and shuddered, one hand gripping Ricky’s thigh, the other tugging quickly on his spurting cock.  Oh, oh, “Ooohhh.”  Collapsing, he let go of his cock, breathing hard.

            “Can I come?” Ricky panted, still thrusting into him, stirring up sensations he couldn’t handle anymore.  “Is it okay?”

            “Yes, yes, come, do it now.  Inside me, finish it inside me.”

            “Okay, hyung, hold on.”  Biting his lip, Ricky took on a look of focused concentration, his eyebrows drawing together.  Then, closing his eyes, he thrust hard, slamming in so roughly that D.O. slid up the bed.  He did it again, again, making D.O. gasp and clutch at the mattress, and after a moment, his face broke out in a smile, his cheeks rosy, the pink extending all the way to his ears.  “Oh, yeah, that’s some good ass,” he groaned, his body stiffening in sudden spasms.  “Ah, ah, I came, I came,” he gasped, shivering and opening his eyes.

            Needing a moment to breathe, to clear his head, to process, D.O. squirmed away a little, pushing at Ricky until their bodies disconnected.  That had all been so unexpected, so intense, he was a little surprised at himself.  He hadn’t gone that far with someone new in a long time.  But it had felt incredible.  Ricky had given him what he’d asked for, had been confident and patient the whole way.  He hadn’t felt so lusty and sexual in a while.

            Ricky poked lightly at his stomach, then lifted a finger and tasted his cum.

            “Thank you.”  D.O. hoped that it had been half as amazing for Ricky as it had been for him.  That was one of the things about having sex with someone new; he didn’t know Ricky as well as he knew Kai, didn’t know what Ricky liked.  But when he’d asked, Ricky had simply wanted to fuck him, and they’d done that, so it must have been all right.  “Thanks for not rushing me.”  He knew from anecdotes and observation that foreplay wasn’t one of Ricky’s habits.

            “It’s okay, hyung, I liked it.  Can I touch your cock?”

            He was curious about what it would be like.  “Yeah, okay.”

            Ricky cupped him, fondling him lightly.  He was too sensitive, and he bit his lip, trying not to squirm.  But he liked the frank, gentle way Ricky toyed with him.  “This was okay, right?” Ricky asked, finally letting him go.  “Your boyfriend’s not going to get angry?”

            “It’s okay.  I wouldn’t have done it if Kai wouldn’t like it.  He’ll be glad.”

            Ricky kissed him gently.  It was so slow, so sensual and dreamy, that his eyes closed and lazy warmth washed through him.  Everything felt good, and he wanted to curl around this happiness and let it sink in deep.  “You can go,” he said, kissing Ricky again and again, his hands releasing Ricky and then reaching out one more time.  Ricky’s soft hair was so thick, and Ricky’s skin felt so good under his fingertips, and Ricky’s tender kisses were so sweet and seductive, that he could have done this for hours.  “Go, everyone’s going to be looking for you.”

            Ricky stayed for another moment, kissing him, caressing his ribcage in slow strokes that made him want to snuggle closer.  Then, “Okay, hyung.”  Breaking away, Ricky smiled at him.  “Thanks for everything.  If you want more, just ask me.”  Bouncing off of the bed, Ricky cheerfully bustled out of the room.

            Rolling onto his side, D.O. curled up, closing his eyes.  Brushing his knuckles over his mouth, he could still feel Ricky’s kisses there.

            Chanyeol didn’t - - oh! - - do this a lot.  Oh, ah!  Feeling his eyes widen as C.A.P. slid into him, he tightened his grip on the arm of the couch, hugging it to his chest.  He didn’t remember opening this far before, didn’t remember feeling spread so wide.  “Oh, unh!”  Hard, C.A.P. was fucking him so hard, it was so powerful, “Unh,” so forceful, “aunh,” his whole body was rocking and bouncing.

            “Ah, come on.  You’re not comfortable, right?”  C.A.P. popped out of him, and he sagged over the armrest, gasping for air.  He couldn’t disagree; that had been way too intense for the word “comfortable” to have anything to do with it.  “C’mere.”  C.A.P. pulled on his upper arm, tugging him around.  “You want to be on your back?”

            Chanyeol hesitated.  It always seemed a little awkward when he was on his back, because his legs looked so long and gangly, sticking up in the air.

            He didn’t get a reply out, but C.A.P. nodded, smiling at him, and sat back against the other armrest, guiding him forward.  “Come on, here you go,” C.A.P. murmured, voice all deep and sexy, and he blushed, turned on and self-conscious, as he maneuvered over C.A.P.’s erection.

            “I don’t do this a lot,” he mumbled, one knee between C.A.P. and the back of the couch.

            “That’s it, just get comfortable,” C.A.P. said, one arm stretched along the back of the couch, one hand rubbing his thigh.

            Holding onto C.A.P.’s cock, he squirmed, sliding down onto it and, “Oh,” whoa, “auuhhh,” yes, “oooohhhh,” damn.  Filled up with cock, he groaned, shifting around and trying to get more of it, trying to get C.A.P. deeper.  “Ooh-hhh-ohh, uuuhhhh, oh yes, oh god, oh.”  C.A.P.’s erection felt fantastic inside of him, fit perfectly in him, so full, so hard.  “Guunnnhh, yes.”  He wanted to slide all up and down it, wanted to move all over it.  “Is it okay, can I…?”

            C.A.P.’s smile was lazy and smug, but how else was he supposed to look with somebody feeling so eager to ride his cock?  “It’s your show now.”

            Chanyeol rocked a little.  When he raised up and dropped down, C.A.P.’s cock hit the spot and pleasure struck him like lightning.  Making a loud, high-pitched sound, he did it again, and then he did it again, pleasure training him to rub himself right there, fucking himself vigorously.  Bracing himself with one hand on the armrest and one on C.A.P.’s hip, he humped energetically, his hips jerking in fast, steady motion.  He was still crying out, he couldn’t help it, his moans getting louder and deeper.  He was like a reverse jackhammer, fucking himself in short, staccato strokes, scratching some deep, sexual itch with C.A.P.’s erection.  “Aaooohhh, ooooaaahhh, yes, damn, yes, ooooohhh!”

            “Yeah, you like that?” C.A.P. asked, smiling up at him.

            “Yes, yes, uooouohh, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Chanyeol moaned.  He was begging himself, and he didn’t care, he needed more of this, he needed to push harder, he needed to get to that hot explosion at the end.  Every eager jerk of his hips promised him paradise, got him one step closer to it, and he could feel it, knew he was almost there.  “Oh, oh, oooohh, give me your cock, unh, give me all of it, oh!”  He felt so great, he didn’t want to come down, “Yes, yes,” he felt giddy with pleasure, “oooohhh whhoooo-ou-ou-au ooh, ooh, ooh,” he was burning up from this hot, simple ecstasy.  It was so good, so natural, so easy, so base, “Unh-ohhhh, oh, oh, yes, yes, fuck me, yes,” so comfortable, he felt like a happy, rutting animal, just glad to be alive.  “I’m going to, going to, going to, oh, oh, I’m coming, yes!”  Throwing his head back, he screwed himself down hard, burying C.A.P.’s erection as deep as it would go while cum squirted out of him in thick, sticky ropes.  “Oh, god, oh, oh, yes.”  Panting, vibrating, he just sat there, basking in the sudden ecstatic high.  Wow.  Wow, what had just happened to him?

            C.A.P.’s chuckle was way too relaxed.  “Damn, that was fast.”

            “It felt - - you don’t understand,” Chanyeol said, excited and needing to tell someone all about it.  “That felt like, like, like sex.”  That didn’t make sense; of course it felt like sex, it had been sex.  “I mean, it felt like topping, like.”  No, that couldn’t be right, nothing in the world felt as good as topping.  But this had, kind of, and that was so terrific and unnerving and exciting, he wanted to do it again.  He wanted to ride that high again.  “It was great, I don’t know why it felt so good.”  Was it this position?  Was it C.A.P.’s cock?

            “Sometimes you gotta relax and give your body what it wants,” C.A.P. said.  He smiled up at Chanyeol, rubbing Chanyeol’s thigh again.  “You look good up there.  You want to stay for a while or give someone else a shot?”

            “Someone else.”  The sound of Xiumin’s voice startled him and he looked over his shoulder to see Xiumin standing by the other end of the couch.  “Hop off.”

            “I, okay.”  When Chanyeol tried to get up, his legs wouldn’t hold him, and he staggered, grabbing at the sofa, at C.A.P., at the air to keep from going down.  Moaning, he leaned over the armrest, steadying himself while his legs took time to cooperate.

            “Hey,” C.A.P. said with a smile, pulling Xiumin onto his lap.

            “Mmm.”  Xiumin writhed against C.A.P.’s hard-on, his smile pleased and wicked.  “I think all of these dongsaengs go too easy on you.  Loving your cock, giving you whatever you want.”

            “That’s how I like it,” C.A.P. said, stroking his sides and thumbing his nipples.

            Xiumin leaned down, stopping a breath away from his mouth, and smirked.  “I think you need a hyung who makes you earn it.”

            After working his way through Baekhyun, Xiumin, Kai, and Chanyeol, Changjo finished up a long, intense three-way with Chen and Lay.  He tried to start something with D.O., but it was like seducing a wall.

            All he had left was Sehun.  By now, all of the rest of the EXO members loved him, so Sehun should’ve heard great things about him.  He washed up and went to the kitchen and relaxed.  He needed to recharge, and he wanted to see if Sehun would come to him.

            “Nice.”  C.A.P. slapped his ass in passing.  He was naked; there didn’t seem to be any point in putting his clothes on just to take them all off again.  Besides, why not let everyone get a good look?  “Had this one yet?”

            Changjo turned around to see that Sehun had come in with C.A.P.  He grinned, but Sehun ignored him and picked up a bottle of water.

            “No,” Sehun told C.A.P.  “Maybe another time.”

            He hadn’t taken D.O.’s rejection personally, but what was with this guy?  “Worn out?” he guessed, giving Sehun’s underwear a glance.

            Sehun snorted.  “Hardly.”

            “Oh, okay.”  He ate another piece of chicken while C.A.P. started loading up a plate.  “Intimidated?”

            “Inti-”  Breaking off, Sehun laughed.

            “There must be some reason you’re too shy to go for it,” Changjo said.  He grinned.  “I know it’s not because you don’t want it.”

            “I know you,” Sehun said, gesturing at Changjo with his water bottle.  “The rest of your members, I have sex with them, we have a good time, it’s all great.  You don’t want a good time, you want to try out L.Joe sunbae’s dom.  You think that if you get the right reaction out of me, it proves something about how hot you are, that you can even get L.Joe sunbae’s dom to love it.  I’m not playing those games with you.”

            He could try to deny it, but he wasn’t sure that he’d be successful enough.  “Taking a course in psychology?” he guessed, acting like he didn’t care.  “Since when do you think you have me all figured out?”

            “Chunji hyung told me.”

            How did Chunji know?!  Damn it, he was becoming too transparent.  Stupid members knew him too well.  He’d been working his plan all day, and Chunji was ruining it.  “Scared it’ll work?” he teased.  “Worried how it’ll look when L.Joe hyung hears you begging for more?”

            “I think it’d be cute,” C.A.P. said.  “Too good-looking maknaes going at it.  You should give your hyungs a show.”  He grinned, and Changjo held very still, not wanting to attract any more of his attention.  Shit, it was too late.  “Sounds fun, right?  Hyungs!” C.A.P. called, abandoning his plate and heading back toward the couch.  “Let’s have the maknaes put on a show!”

            Sehun drew closer to Changjo as C.A.P. walked away.  “Is he serious?”

            “It won’t last too long with just us,” Changjo whispered.  “He’ll get turned on and join in.”

            “Kids!” Xiumin’s voice called.  “Come here for a minute, hyung wants you to do something.”

            Changjo reported for duty with Sehun.  Kai and Ricky joined them, and as soon as Niel figured out what was going in, he volunteered, too.  The five of them started getting into it on the living room floor while everyone else gathered around to watch.  Changjo tried making out with Sehun, but Sehun wriggled away and Kai climbed on top of him, and he was busy for a while after that.  When Kai finally rolled off of him, Chunji said, “Come here, Kai-goon,” and Kai crawled over to the sofa and started sucking Chunji’s cock.  C.A.P. and Xiumin jumped right into the middle of things, and then it was a big pile, everybody getting some.  L.Joe perched on the couch’s armrest, watching, and D.O. wandered back and forth like they were some interesting art show that should be examined from all angles.

            It wasn’t just Changjo’s imagination; the EXO members loved him.  They were all over him, kissing and groping and demanding it, coming back for more, going down on him two at a time.  There was sex everywhere, naked bodies connecting and sliding apart again, everyone rocking and grinding, Chunji talking dirty, Lay urging everyone on, Baekhyun crying out.  C.A.P. was fucking steadily, one ass after another, and Niel was bouncing from cock to cock, and the way Chen kissed made even the raunchiest moment seem kind of romantic.

            Changjo did get a taste of Sehun’s cock, after all.  The EXO members took turns on him, spit-roasting him, one in front and one behind, a steady parade of cocks in his mouth and hammering at his ass.  He got Sehun in his mouth first, and he did his best, putting on a show with it, running his tongue all over it.  Later, when Chanyeol came in him and moved on, he glanced back to see who else was taking a turn back there, and saw Sehun thrusting into him.  It felt incredible, forceful and deep, but he held out and didn’t come until after Sehun was finished and Lay was in him.

            Eventually, people started slowing down, doing more making out than getting off, collapsing on the sides of the room and climbing onto the couch to rest.  Kai curled up with his head in D.O.’s lap.  Changjo felt like he still had some fire in him, but when the only one left active was C.A.P., he gave up.  When he stretched out on the floor to relax, Lay crawled over and settled on top of him, lazily sucking on his nipples while the others talked.  It felt nice; he ran his hand through Lay’s hair, appreciating the attention.

            “We’re going to have to do this again sometime,” C.A.P. said sleepily, yawning and hooking an arm around Chen.

            “Absolutely,” Xiumin agreed.

            “I wish you could spend the night,” Chanyeol said.

            “Ah, we should probably get out of here before Suho hyung gets back,” C.A.P. said.  “Be on our best behavior and make things easy for him so he’ll let us come back sooner.”

            “Is everybody finished?” Xiumin asked.  “Anybody want anything else?”

            “Besides a shower?” Chunji asked.

            Lay raised his head.  “Can we see L.Joe and Sehun kiss?”

            “What?” L.Joe asked, sounding surprised, laughing like he was flustered.

            “Ooohh, can we?” Ricky asked.

            “No,” Sehun said.

            “Don’t say no to your hyungs,” Baekhyun scolded.

            “Ricky’s not my hyung,” Sehun said.

            “I am, and I want to see it,” Chunji said.  “You made me do stuff earlier, now it’s your turn.  Fair’s fair, so kiss.”

            “If they don’t want to, they don’t have to,” C.A.P. said lazily.  “Come on,” he smacked Niel’s thigh, “let’s get in the shower.  Baekhyun, come and wash my balls.”

            They all took turns in the shower.  The hyungs washed up first, of course, so by the time there was any room for Changjo, most everyone else was finished.  L.Joe and D.O. were there, standing around half-dressed and watching, still clean from before but getting a good look at everybody else, and Ricky and Sehun were soaping up and rinsing off.

            When Sehun moved out of the spray, running his hands through his hair, L.Joe handed him a towel.  “Thanks, sunbae.”

            “Is that a bite mark?” L.Joe asked, reaching out.  His fingers skimmed close to Sehun’s hip but didn’t quite touch.

            “Yeah.  Uh, it was Ricky, I think.”

            “Sorry,” Ricky said, not sounding sorry at all.  He winced when L.Joe punched his arm, then went back to washing.

            “Sunbae.”  Sehun wrapped the towel around his waist.  “Who was your favorite today?”

            “Oh?”  L.Joe chuckled, hugging himself.  “Everybody, I think.  It was all really good.”

            “Who was your favorite?” Ricky asked D.O.

            “Kai,” D.O. said without thinking.  Then he added, “And you.”

            Looking satisfied, Ricky picked up a towel.

            Changjo turned off the water and shook his hair.  “I think I was most people’s favorite.”

            “You’re just new,” Ricky said.  “They’ll get over it.”

            “Lay hyung loves your breasts,” D.O. said.

            He glanced down at his pecs, grinning.  “They’re pretty.”

            L.Joe threw a towel at him.  “Put some clothes on, we’re leaving soon.”

            “Too bad that you and Sehun hyung didn’t get to do much,” he said as he dried off.

            “Don’t worry about us,” L.Joe said.

            “Should we leave and give you privacy?” D.O. asked.

            L.Joe blushed.  “No, it’s okay.”

            “Sorry you didn’t get to make me beg,” Sehun told Changjo.

            He grinned, undeterred.  “There’s always next time.”

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