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Note: The first few scenes here take place before the story “Hyung and Maknae.”
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “Mmm, yeah.”  As D.O.’s head fell back, Xiumin licked his neck, tongue swiping in bold strokes up to his jaw.  “That’s it, you like that?”

            “Yeah.”  D.O. made a shaky, sighing sound and pulled him closer, the two of them curled up together in one corner of the couch.  “Yeah, lick me some more.”

            “I’ll lick you,” Xiumin chuckled, tongue flicking at his earlobe.  “I’ll lick you anywhere you want it.”

            With a low, happy sound, D.O. ran his hands up Xiumin’s chest.  Turned on, Xiumin rubbed his thigh.  He was really sexy, really into it, and Xiumin’s hand stole up under his shorts, fingers sliding up the leg hole, pushing his shorts up and brushing against his underwear.  Oh, yeah-

            “Unh, don’t.”  D.O. pushed him away.

            Surprised, Xiumin felt disoriented and frustrated.  “What-”

            “I don’t want to anymore.”  D.O. got up, adjusting himself in his shorts.

            “You’re kidding.”  Xiumin couldn’t believe this.  He couldn’t believe this!  They’d both been into it, D.O. still had a hard-on, and all of a sudden they had to stop?!

            “No.”  D.O. walked away.

            “You’re so sexy.”  Xiumin’s thumb whispered across D.O.’s lips.  He brushed a kiss over D.O.’s soft, succulent mouth.  With a dreamy, heavy-lidded smile, D.O. caressed the side of his face.  “You’re so hot when you’re turned on.  I want to see you like this more often.”

            “Kiss me some more.”  D.O.’s voice was low and breathy, and his gaze dropped to Xiumin’s mouth like he liked what he saw.  “You have such a pretty mouth, hyung, I want to kiss you again.”

            Xiumin smirked, his knuckles brushing down D.O.’s chest and then across D.O.’s stomach.  They’d been making out for so long now, he knew they were both ready to get to what counted.  “You want to do more than just that.  What’s this down here?”  He nudged D.O.’s hard-on, tapping it lightly through D.O.’s pants.  “That’s more than just ‘let’s kiss.’”

            “Don’t,” D.O. said, pushing his hand away.

            Shaking his head, Xiumin chuckled.  “What, playing shy?  Going to act like you don’t want it?  You’ve been watching me all day, staring at me, begging me for it with those big, hungry eyes.”  He kissed D.O., unbuckling his own belt one-handed.  “Come on, ask hyung for what you really want.”

            D.O. frowned at him.  “I told you what I want.”  Brushing him aside, D.O. got out from under him, getting off of the couch.  “I’m going to sleep.  Good night, hyung.”

            What the hell?  “Where are you going?”  Disbelieving, confused, Xiumin watched D.O. walk away.  “What is up with that kid?” he demanded, looking around.

            The only other person in the room, Chanyeol, shrugged.  “I guess he just wanted to kiss.”

            “We’ve been kissing for,” he had no idea, “hours!”  A long time, anyway.  “Who just wants to kiss for an hour and not do anything else?  He was hard as a rock, you saw it.”

            “Yeah, he seemed really into it,” Chanyeol said.  He shrugged again.  “Sorry, hyung.  When D.O. doesn’t want sex, he really doesn’t want it.”

            Then what had all of that staring been about?  D.O. had been sniffing around him all day, all night, practically begging for it.  How was he supposed to take that?  Frustrated, Xiumin rubbed his neglected hard-on.  Needing someone to take over where D.O. had left off, he eyed Chanyeol.  “What about you, what do you want?”

            Xiumin definitely hadn’t been imagining things.  It was happening again; D.O. was staring at him, tracking him, watching him the way Lay watched porn, wide-eyed and fascinated and openly appreciative.  He showed off a little during practice, and D.O. stared at him like they were the only two in the room.  When practice ended and they were all standing around mopping up sweat and listening to Suho, D.O. moved in close, really close, tucked up against his elbow.  Smelling him, D.O. was smelling him, inhaling deeply by the back of his neck and across his shoulder.  That was so funny and creepy and hot, it turned Xiumin on.

            As soon as Suho finished, Xiumin turned around.  D.O. stared at his mouth like it was captivating and sexy.  He licked his lips, just to tease, and D.O.’s eyebrows slowly, slowly went up, and D.O. made this faint “uh” sound like he was so sexy it hurt.

            Loving it, Xiumin ran his hand up D.O.’s arm.  “Want to hang out later?”  It had been too long since he’d had D.O., and he was looking forward to it.

            D.O. frowned, pulling away.  “No.  No, thanks.”  It was like the spell had been broken.  He shot Xiumin’s mouth another lusting look, and then he walked away with Kai.

            Sex inside of EXO was a free-for-all, and they weren’t supposed to get their feelings hurt if someone wasn’t in the mood.  And if anyone had asked, Xiumin would have insisted that his feelings were just fine.  But what was with D.O.?  Who clearly, openly wanted it like that and then refused it?  He didn’t understand this kid.

            D.O. was unpredictable, but not in a sexy way.  In a frustrating, confusing way.

            He’d stare at Xiumin but refuse to interact.  He’d come into the room while Xiumin was screwing Baekhyun, and he’d stand right up against the bed like the whole thing was fascinating, and as soon as it was over he’d walk away like he didn’t care anymore, like the tent in his pants didn’t matter.  He’d crawl right onto the bed while Xiumin was screwing Sehun, and stare, and then not join in.  He’d walk into the shower just to wash Xiumin’s back and rub all over Xiumin’s thighs and stare at Xiumin’s nipples like they were delicious candy, and then dodge Xiumin’s kiss and leave.  He asked Xiumin directly, “Can Kai go down on you tonight?  I want to see him suck your cock,” but when Xiumin asked if he wanted to play, too, he said no.

            What was Xiumin supposed to think?  What was going on?  D.O.’s boundaries were different from other guys’, he knew that, but it didn’t even make sense anymore.  It wasn’t like D.O. didn’t want him; D.O. practically circled him, drooling and masturbating.  So why couldn’t he get anywhere?

            He talked to Sehun about sex with the members.  And Sehun talked to him, and he listened.  He felt like he was seeing his members in a new light.  Or seeing sex in a new light.  The things Sehun said made sense and connected dots he hadn’t realized were related.

            He thought about it.  And he kept it in mind when he had sex with the members.  It was hard not to fall into old patterns, but when he tried to be more - - more what, more sensitive?  More respectful?  Whatever it was, it worked.  It worked really fast with Chen, who crawled into his lap over and over again, literally asking for it.  Kai was more assertive, too, approaching him with that “this is going to be great” look and going at it until they were both giddy and exhausted.

            He left D.O. alone, because he figured that he’d done enough pushing and asking.  When D.O. wanted it, D.O. would come to him for it.  It was hard as hell to wait, especially when D.O. hung around watching him and Kai, but Sehun promised him that patience would pay off.

            One night, he thought that it was time, that it was on, that it was about to happen.  He and Kai were on the living room floor, drained and panting for breath, Baekhyun sprawled between them and still moaning.  He opened his eyes to find D.O. squatting right beside him, silent and still and looking at his cock.  He cleared his throat, and D.O. kept looking at it.  He didn’t know whether to find it funny or be self-conscious or what, so he laughed and asked, “You want to touch it?”

            D.O. didn’t even blink.  He just said, “Not tonight,” and kept looking.

            “Members,” Suho said from the doorway.  “It’s time for bed, we have to start early tomorrow, don’t stay up late.”

            They mumbled obedient agreements, and Suho left.  A moment later, Kai got up and left.  Xiumin sat up, thinking about showering, wondering if he should make a move on D.O. or not.  Seriously, D.O. was crouching there staring at his cock, how was that not a signal?

            Baekhyun groaned, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees.  Immediately, D.O.’s gaze flickered over to him.  “Hyung, are you going to wash?  Can I help?”

            “Oh, thank you, yes,” Baekhyun said gratefully.  “I came too hard, I don’t think I can walk that far by myself.”

            “Want help?” Xiumin asked D.O.  Not that he wanted to scrub Baekhyun’s back, but he wanted to include himself, be a part of it, give D.O. an excuse to touch him.

            “No, I can do it.”  D.O. helped Baekhyun up, and the two of them walked to the bathroom together.

            Patience.  Patience.  He just had to be patient.  D.O. was interested.  He just had to keep showing D.O. that he was a good guy, a good partner, reliable, trustworthy.

            Xiumin decided to enjoy this weird little thing with D.O.  It was unique, a flirtatious dance he didn’t have with anyone else.  He encouraged D.O. to look at him, and he showed off, walking around with more skin showing, dancing around more often, initiating sex with the other members when D.O. was in the room.  He flirted and flattered D.O. and tongued his chopsticks and leaned right in D.O.’s face and asked how his lipstick looked.

            If he was reading the signals right, D.O. liked it.  He was getting more stares, more attention, more sniffing, even some not-so-subtle brushing against him.  There were plenty of times when he got no response whatsoever, but, hell, there were times when Kai got no response whatsoever, too; that was just how D.O. was.  Still, there were a lot of times when D.O.’s hands rubbed over his thighs or D.O. was suddenly in the bathroom while he was in the shower or he’d look up from giving head to find D.O. leaning over the couch, watching.  And he got more smiles, lately, not just staring but happy staring, like D.O. wasn’t just interested but enjoying him, too.

            They were all together having lunch one afternoon, and someone made a joke about jacking off, and then they started talking about masturbation.  Lay asked what D.O. had thought about the last three times he’d jacked off, and D.O. said, “Baekhyun hyung, Kai and Sehun having sex, and Xiumin hyung.”

            Baekhyun laughed and said, “Well, naturally, it’s me.”  Xiumin caught D.O.’s eye and grinned, giving him a little eyebrow, like, “yeah, you know you want it, you know it’s good,” and D.O. smiled back.

            That night, Xiumin went into D.O.’s room.  Chen and Kai were on Kai’s bed, talking, and D.O. was on his own bed, listening to music.  When Xiumin walked up, D.O. lowered his headphones.

            Putting a knee on his bed, Xiumin grinned at him but didn’t get any closer into his space.  “I was just thinking.  If you’re going to think about me while you jack off, maybe I could give you a little inspiration.  Anything you want to see, so you’ll have some good memories next time?”

            Chen laughed and said, “Ooh, there’s an offer!”

            D.O. smiled a little, more with his eyes than with his mouth.  “Really.”

            Xiumin nodded.  “Really.”  Spreading his arms wide, he gave D.O. a suggestive look.  “Anything you want.”

            “I know what I’d ask for,” Chen said.

            Grinning, Xiumin gestured at him.  “I’ll get to you later.”

            D.O. looked curious.  “Can you whisper in my ear?”

            “I can definitely do that.”  Before, not so long ago, he would’ve insisted on something sexier, but today, hey, it was fine.  He wanted to take things at D.O.’s pace.  If D.O. wanted some whispering, that was totally what he was into.  “What do you want me to say?”

            A smile hovered on D.O.’s lips.  “Say my name.”

            All right.  Moving up the bed, he leaned in close.  With one hand braced on the headboard, he put his mouth near D.O.’s ear.  No touching, not yet; he’d make D.O. wait for it, make D.O. ask for it.  “Hey,” he whispered, just a little breath of air.  D.O.’s hand came up to his side, fingers curving over his ribcage.  “D.O.,” he whispered.  “D.O.”  The hand on his side shifted, fingers curling in the cotton of his T-shirt, tugging slightly, and he shifted closer, his weight on the knee beside D.O. on the bed.  “Kyungsoo-ah.”

            “Ah, you smell so good,” D.O. breathed.

            “I taste good, too,” he whispered.

            D.O. shuddered, and he knew that shudder, recognized it as the “oh god this is too good I can’t take it” signal that made him want to push for more, more, more.  All of those “oh god I love it” signs turned him on, made him want to elicit more pleasure, more responses.  But he realized now that it wasn’t an explicit invitation; it wasn’t, on its own, a request for more.  So he didn’t react to it, just let it happen.

            D.O. kissed his neck, a light brush of soft lips over a sensitive spot that immediately turned him on.  And then D.O. pushed at him, letting him know that it was time to back up.

            He was smiling when he backed up.  He’d gotten a kiss.  He blew D.O. a kiss right back, and D.O. smiled, and he let that be it.  He’d asked what D.O. wanted, and he’d done what D.O. wanted, and he wasn’t going to get anything else tonight, and that was okay.  This flirtatious dance progressed at its own pace.

            Xiumin was distracted for the next week or so.  Baekhyun was in a really horny, playful mood, which was a lot of fun, and he spent a night at Shinee’s dorm, which was fantastic.  Then he was relaxing at the dorm one night, watching TV and listening to the Sehun-Chanyeol-Lay party in the next room.

            D.O. came in and sat beside him.  After a moment, D.O. leaned against his side, head resting on his shoulder.  That wasn’t too shocking; he and D.O. always had a good relationship, good skinship, whether or not the sex was there.  He patted D.O.’s thigh.  A few minutes passed.  He was relaxed, comfortable.

            “Hyung.”  D.O.’s hand covered his hand.


            “The way you are with Baekhyun hyung.  During sex.  It doesn’t have to be that way, does it?”

            Xiumin hadn’t expected to talk about it, but now that D.O. was asking, he was kind of glad to have the opportunity to clear things up.  “No.  No, it doesn’t have to be like that.  That’s just what Baekhyun likes.  If you aren’t into that, that’s okay.  We’ll do what you’re into.”

            “Okay.”  D.O.’s thumb rubbed over the back of Xiumin’s hand.

            “Want to do something now?” he asked, hopeful.


            So they sat there and watched TV.

            Whatever cycle D.O.’s hormones went through, his sexual interest was back about a week later.  Instead of ignoring the sex happening all around him, he started to take a look again.  While EXO practiced, he smiled approvingly at Kai and eyed Lay.  And then he started staring at Xiumin again.  The attention was fun, so Xiumin showed off for him.

            Xiumin assumed that it was just another step in their flirtatious dance, just another rotation through the cycle of interest.  But when they got back to the dorm, he was only a few feet down the hallway when he felt a hand on his back.  Turning around, he found himself eye-to-eye with a very intense-looking D.O.  “Hyung,” D.O. said, in a deep, breathy voice, staring into his eyes with way too much focus.  “Can we kiss?  I want to kiss you.”

            When had he ever turned that down?  “Sure.”  His fingers curving over D.O.’s hip, he pressed his lips against D.O.’s.  Mmm, soft.

            “More,” D.O. breathed, lips parting.

            Oh, yeah, he wanted it.  Xiumin chuckled, kissing him a little more seriously.  When Xiumin’s tongue teased at his lips with sexy little flicks, he moaned, an earnest, noisy moan, and pushed Xiumin against the wall.  “You like it,” Xiumin whispered, kissing him again and again.

            “You turn me on so much,” D.O. mumbled.  Lifting his head, he stared into Xiumin’s face again.  “Can you shower and come to my room?”

            By this point, he was so used to the drawn-out dance that the sudden interruption of kissing didn’t bother him; he was just rolling along to D.O.’s rhythm.  “Sure.”

            Instead of moving away, D.O. stayed right there, holding him back against the wall.  After a moment, D.O. raised a hand and touched his mouth, knuckles brushing lightly over his lips.  “You’re so pretty,” D.O. breathed.  The touch skimmed up his cheekbone and passed near the fringe of his lashes.  He quirked an eyebrow, enjoying it.  If D.O. wanted to stand around admiring him, he had time.  “You look like a doll, but you’re such a confident, confident…”

            He quirked his other eyebrow; he knew exactly what D.O. wanted to say.  “Sexy beast?”

            D.O. smiled, looking relieved.  “Such a confident little sexy beast.”

            Hey, an accurate description was an accurate description.  Although did “little” and “tiny” always have to come with it?  “I only have to go full beast with some guys.  I can tame the beast for you.”

            D.O. smiled like he’d said exactly what D.O. had wanted to hear.  Then D.O. kissed him again and let him go.

            He was turned on, and he thought about jacking off in the shower, but he didn’t know what D.O. wanted.  Maybe he’d finally get some tonight?  And if he didn’t get it from D.O., he could always finish with D.O. and get it from someone else.

            After showering, he put on boxer-briefs with a gray tank top and went to D.O.’s room.  No one else was in there, and D.O. had changed into sweatpants and a T-shirt.  As soon as he walked in, D.O. stood up and asked, “Can I be on top?”

            Hell, yes, this was going to be great.  “Absolutely.”  He knew that talking about positions didn’t necessarily mean talking about acts, so he left all of his clothes on when he got on the bed.  Settling down on his back, he grinned up at D.O., holding out a hand.  They’d do whatever D.O. wanted, at whatever pace D.O. set.

            He loved having sex with guys who moved to his rhythms, who were down for whatever he wanted, who matched his appetites.  It was so rewarding, so hot, to go for it and be met with complete enthusiasm.  But there was something sexy about this, too, something sexy about having to hold back, about being grateful for whatever little favors D.O. bestowed on him.  It was like an extended  tease.

            Climbing right on top of him, D.O. didn’t waste any time, just leaned down and kissed him.  He could tell from the first kiss that D.O. was horny, into it.  Loving D.O.’s aggression, he kissed back, opening right up for D.O.’s tongue while his hands slid up D.O.’s sides.  D.O. was on hands and knees over him, so he couldn’t get any friction on his hard-on, and the more turned on he was, the harder he kissed D.O., his sexual arousal and frustration making him insistent.

            They’d been kissing for a while, moaning and sucking and breathing hard, when D.O. suddenly groaned and shoved up Xiumin’s shirt.  His chest exposed, Xiumin stared, lusting, as D.O. slid down and went for his nipples.  Shit, “Uh, yeah, ah.”  Twisting on the bed, turned on, he brushed his hand through D.O.’s thick, black hair while D.O. sucked on his nipples.  He let go of D.O.’s hair, not wanting to seem insistent, wanting this to go at D.O.’s pace.  D.O. was assertive about it, hungry for it, switching back and forth from the left one to the right like they were both favorites.  Groaning, Xiumin encouraged it, his back arching as heat and pleasure flashed down to his groin.  Shit, he was hard.

            “So sexy.”  D.O.’s breath was hot and moist over his skin.  “I can’t stop wanting you.”

            D.O.’s attention was making his nipples tender, and he was too sensitive now, shuddering at every lick, so turned on his cock ached.  “I want you, too, trust me.”  He rubbed D.O.’s lower back, massaging, struggling with the urge to pull D.O.’s hips down against his erection.

            “I love your body,” D.O. panted.  His kisses were trailing downward now, finally heading south, and Xiumin groaned again, unable to hold still, rocking on the bed.  “You’re so sexy, so strong.”

            “So hard,” Xiumin moaned, digging his nails into the sheet under him while D.O. pressed slow, lingering kisses around his navel.

            “Unh.”  With a deep moan, D.O. rubbed his cheek against Xiumin’s erection, nuzzling it through Xiumin’s underwear.  “Hyung, you’re right, it’s so hard.”  D.O. nuzzled for a while, inhaling deeply, lightly mouthing Xiumin’s balls, and Xiumin could feel his warm, wet breath through the fabric.  It felt amazing, it drove him wild.

            “You’re going to destroy me,” Xiumin realized, rubbing at his own face.  “It’s all going to end like this.”

            “I…”  D.O. crawled back up his body, looking down at him with a guilty expression.  “I think that I have to come.”

            “Hell, yeah.”  Thank god, at least one of them could get off.  “What do you want me to do?” Xiumin asked immediately, ready for whatever D.O. decided.

            There was some maneuvering, and after D.O.’s pants came off, Xiumin ended up on top, D.O. stroking his back and gazing up at him with those big, wide eyes.

            They both still had their underwear on, but D.O. was as responsive and eager for it as if Xiumin were deep inside.  When Xiumin ground against him, he moaned, kissing Xiumin like he needed it.  Shifting slightly, Xiumin did it again, and his hands slid down to Xiumin’s ass, cupping, encouraging more movement, more action.

            “Unh, it feels so good,” D.O. moaned, panting against his mouth.

            “So good, I love it,” Xiumin whispered, rocking against him.  The heat sizzling through Xiumin’s veins was a wicked fire.  Fuck, it was going to be so good to get off like this, both of them, together.  “Practically begging hyung to give it to you.”

            “Oh, unh, so good like this.”  Crying out, D.O. gripped his ass, thighs tightening around him.  “I think I - - I need to come, I have to come.”

            “Yeah, you’re gonna come so hard,” Xiumin urged him, rocking against him faster now, grinding their cocks together.  They were both so hard, they were leaking through their underwear, the wet fabric clinging to their erections.  “Love making you feel good like this, love turning you on.”  Under Xiumin, D.O. was flushed, squirming, sweat dotting his hairline.  His hands were clamped on Xiumin’s ass, squeezing, and he was moaning steadily, sounding ecstatic and anguished.  Kissing his ear, Xiumin whispered, “D.O., D.O., our D.O., that’s it, let it go, come for hyung.”

            Suddenly jerking, shuddering on the bed, D.O. cried out.  He was coming, shaking, making deep, joyful, grateful sounds.  It was such a turn-on to have gone so far, to see him like this, that Xiumin came, too, the two of them moaning and rocking together, humping and shuddering.

            Panting, Xiumin soaked his underwear, soiling his own boxer-briefs with jizz.  Groaning, he squirmed, and D.O. gasped, hands clamping on his waist and holding him still.  Amused at that, he chuckled, kissing D.O.’s cheek.  “You okay?”

            “I came so hard.”  D.O. looked dazed and thrilled.  “It felt so good.  I haven’t wanted it so much in months.”

            Enjoying these strokes to his ego, Xiumin grinned.  “Anything else I can do for you?”

            “No.”  D.O.’s smile was so satisfied, Xiumin’s ego grew.  “That was everything.  Everything I wanted.”

            Purring with satisfaction, Xiumin kissed his cheek.  “Good.  You let me know if you ever want anything else.”  D.O. looked totally charmed, just how he liked it.  “Hyung will take great care of you.”

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