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Hello and welcome! This is a quick introduction to my fiction.

I write both slash and original fiction. In my pre-Internet years, I wrote original fiction. In 2000, I started a slash site. Then I moved back into original fiction. Now I write both! If you’re new to the term, “slash” is fan fiction featuring a gay romance or gay sex. (“Het” is fan fiction featuring a straight romance or straight sex; “gen” is plain old nonsexual fan fiction.)

Here are some things you’ll see in both my original fiction and my slash.

Names. Character names everywhere. When your scene stars a man and a woman, you can use “he” and “she” and it will be fairly simple for readers to follow along. When your scene stars two men, use “he” one too many times and all of a sudden readers have to backtrack and furrow their brows and draw out diagrams to keep track of who’s doing what to whom. To keep the action nice and orderly, I have to sprinkle the page with character names. It’s awkward. Sorry.

Explicit sex. Some writers usher their characters behind a discreetly closed door when it’s time for the groping and poking. They’ll imply sex or skim over it. I do have some stories with a politely closed door, but a lot of the time you’ll run right into graphic sex. The slash stories are rated; anything marked NC-17 is explicit.

Cursing. Yep.

I’m immensely grateful to my readers for your support. To the original readers who joined me at my first site, to those who discovered me here, to those who have e-mailed me or stayed up for chats or recommended my work to someone else or sent letters or blessed me with graphics or donated money or subscribed to In This Land or helped me in countless ways, thank you. A million times, thank you.

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How do you like your men? Confident and lusty? Cool and witty? Blunt and brawny? Light-hearted and horny? Ice-cold yet crackling with power? Are you looking for someone who swoons happily at the first sign of romance or someone with a sarcastic retort for every situation? Maybe I could interest you in a politically sophisticated world traveler or a provincial, slightly hairy prince?

In This Land is an erotic romance in a fantasy setting. Enjoy hot guys, fun sex, romance, drama, and weekly updates! You read that right: new fiction every week! Click here for more.

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