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Affair in Paradise
[10,600 words, NC-17]
They were only two days into their vacation, but Adam had dozens of questions. Like, where was Brett from, and why had he come on this tour, and was he single, and how did he get his light, crystal blue eyes to sparkle like that?
Next Step
[5,500 words, NC-17]
Interested in this information, Tyler looked up, gazing into Jackson’s light blue eyes.
“You don’t fold socks?”

"Next Step" is the sequel to "While Wearing Jeans."
Big Idea
[4,000 words, NC-17]
“I almost forgot!  Did I ever tell you about my idea for the trunk extender?”
The Adventures of Jonathan Jackmore
[3 short stories, NC-17]
Author's note: a short series of short stories; fun and parody.  Fortunately or otherwise, this is not my usual work; please scroll down this page for more short stories in my regular style.
The Hitchhiker
[1,500 words, PG]
“One look from those big brown eyes and I was defenseless.”
Stupid Question
[3,900 words, NC-17]
If Trent dated someone who wore make-up, it should be a girl, a girl with shell-pink lipstick that smudged when she licked his lollipop.
"Stupid Question" is the sequel to "Incredible."
Third and Madison
[6,500 words, NC-17]
“You’re sexy when I’m happy.”
While Wearing Jeans
[6,000 words, R]
“No one should fall in love and get a zit on the same day, it just shouldn’t be done.”
The List
[3,200 words, R]
Waking up that first morning and smelling Robert on his sheets instead of Michael…
Customer Service
[2,000 words, R]
“You’re a customer, did he service you?”
[8,300 words, R]
...maybe there was something down that road, calling to him.
I Dare You
[10,900 words, NC-17]
It was about sex, it was all about sex, but there was much, much more to it than that.
Have You Met Lucas?
[4,900 words, NC-17]
“Lucas is fascinating, but he can never get a date,” Hayden said.
Cruel, Cruel World
[1,800 words, PG]
“They must have spent the last few years doing something together in that small town, and it wasn’t cow-tipping.”
Perfect on Paper
[1,700 words, PG]
His mouth wanted him to go back for at least one more kiss. His dick wanted to go back for a lot more than that.
Who Knew
[5,000 words, NC-17]
He was being emotional and irrational and hormone-driven but he couldn’t imagine how he’d ever been different.
Teaching Sunflower
[1,700 words, NC-17]
Jimmy had this weird, irritating way of always being right. "Teaching Sunflower" is the sequel to "Still Sunflower."
X Read "Still" first and X "Teaching" second.  Thanks.
Still Sunflower
[1,900 words, PG]
...he’s stubborn, he’s gorgeous, he’s persuasive, and he knows that I can’t live without him...
Purple and Magenta
[2,300 words, PG]
“Are you this friendly with everyone?”
[2,900 words, NC-17]
“You’re the only guy I’ve ever respected enough to keep my hands off of. You’re the only person I’ve ever loved for more than three days.”
[4,200 words, R]
“Apparently, Bryan and Bryce have never dated the same guy before, so this is all new territory for them.”
[3,600 words, R]
That simple glimpse of love and happiness was more powerful than any forceful thrust.
[3,400 words, NC-17]
“Tell me why I can’t stop needing to be with someone I’ve never met.”
[3,400 words, PG]
“I don’t remember ever sitting down and deciding that we were boyfriends,” Anderson said.   “I don’t remember making that decision.  It just…happened.”
The Forever Time
[3,400 words, PG-13]
Alec runs into someone from his past.
My Last Boyfriend Was a Swimmer
[2,400 words, PG-13]
Jamie's afraid of commitment, and Carson loves being a boyfriend, but they have more in common than they realize.
Two Bodies
[18,600 words, NC-17]
Bruce and Cory study the laws of physics.
Blind Date
[4,200 words, PG]
Ryan begins to reconsider his first date rules.
Taking Inventory
[5,700 words, NC-17]
Troi and Jix are on a quest.
[4,900 words, NC-17]
John's a workaholic.  Derek has handcuffs.
[4,600 words, NC-17]
Jason's not a swimmer, but he never misses practice.
[2,900 words, NC-17]
Fantasy, meet reality.
[2,700 words, NC-17]
Danny is early.  Ryan comes right on time.
Ten Weird Things
[11,200 words, NC-17]
Charles is vegisexual.  Shana licks pizza.  Eric's new roommate David may be the most normal thing in his life.

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