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Make It Last
[2,500 words,  NC-17] Yunho/Changmin

He’d never get tired of loving Changmin’s mouth. He wished that they kissed more. Sometimes they kissed when they were getting into position, when they were getting started. Quick, breathless, do-it-now kisses. Long, wet, fighting kisses like they were too impatient to wait for their bodies to catch up and were just going to fuck with their tongues. Changmin’s plush, red lips were soft and mobile and made for kissing, and Yunho couldn’t get enough of the sweet heat of his mouth.

Beside You
[5,200 words, NC-17] Yunho/Changmin

The nasty twinge of jealousy in Changmin’s gut was infuriating. He couldn’t believe that he was upset over Yunho paying attention to some hoobae. Why didn’t he have more sense than this? Why was he so petty? Why was he so worried about who got Yunho’s attention?

Why pretend he didn’t have the answers to those questions?


Photos of group here.

[14,500 words, NC-17] Xiumin/Luhan

“Everything hurts and the weirdest things feel good and I think that I’m afraid of water. It’s easier, it’s better, when I’m with you, when we’re touching. I think that I kind of-” He swallowed. Shit, this was awkward. “I think that I kind of want you.”

[3,500 words, NC-17] Group

“I can’t believe we did that,” Tao said, sounding excited, breathless. “Right in front of the cameras. Everybody was watching. I thought they were going to hand us lube.”

Ships in the Night
[5,300 words, NC-17] Kris/Suho

A hotel room. All to themselves. Privacy. All night. “Yes,” Kris groaned, squeezing Suho and lifting him off of his feet for a moment. “Yes, thank god.”

Homesick and Horny
This story is the sequel to "Sleep with You."
[4,300 words, NC-17] Kris/Chen/Tao, Kris/Lay

“Why is it that whenever I walk into Xiumin and Luhan’s room, they’re cuddled up in the same bed together, and whenever I walk in on the two of you, you’re nowhere near each other? Do you not like good sex?”

Sleep with You
[2,800 words, NC-17] Kris/Tao, Suho/Baekhyun

He decided to be a good guy and not assume that Tao had come to him for sex. Maybe - - for once - - Tao just wanted to sleep. After all, “Can I sleep with you?” and “Will you please mount my ass?” sounded pretty different.

Yaja Time
[2,400 words, NC-17] Kris/Suho, Xiumin/Luhan

Having a hard-on in bed with Suho was giving Kris’ body all sorts of ideas. The firm smoothness of Suho’s naked, muscular thigh taunted him; he wanted to reach out and touch it again.

From Spark to Fire
[4,500 words, NC-17] Group

“Did you - - oh, god,” Baekhyun moaned, rubbing his hands over his face. “Why did you leave so early?”
“Because Luhan hyung was taking off his clothes and asking which bed he should use and I was about to say something really stupid,” Chanyeol whispered. “Like ‘mine’ or ‘mine’ or ‘mine.’”

The Best Part
[5,500 words, R] Group

“VIXX thinks we’re having sex with Shinee sunbaenim.”


Photos of group here.

How to Win a Steak Dinner
[16,600 words, NC-17] Sunggyu/Dongwoo

“I’ll bet you a steak dinner that you can’t even get him to do it for you.”

Choreography and Teamwork
[8,600 words, NC-17] Dongwoo/Hoya

The one person he wanted most in the world was Hoya; the last person he could ever touch was Hoya.

Natural Affection
[7,700 words, NC-17] Dongwoo/Woohyun

It was hard to know where to draw boundaries, since Dongwoo barely had any. Wanting more and more, Woohyun kept wondering how far it was safe to go, how much it was okay to take.

Crossed Signals
This story is the sequel to "Ideal Type."
[16,000 words, NC-17] Woohyun/Hoya

“If you don’t confess, I’m going to lock you in a room together or hold an intervention or whatever I see on TV next week. Handle it yourself before I do it,” Sunggyu warned.

Save Me
[2,400 words, NC-17] Hoya/L

Their relationship wasn’t the kind of relationship where they were excited about how fun sex with each other was. Not anymore.

Only Superficial
[6,800 words, NC-17] Sunggyu/Woohyun

“Look at him. Look at that neck. Have you ever seen someone so pretty?”
“Yeah,” Sunggyu said, and chuckled. “The last hoobae you picked up from Key.”

One Plus One
[1,200 words, PG-13] Sunggyu/Dongwoo

Dongwoo didn’t know why Sunggyu was being weird. He knew what he’d seen. “Your eyes sparkle when you look at me.”

Ideal Type
[6,300 words, NC-17] Woohyun/Hoya

By now, he excelled at pretending that he didn’t notice Woohyun, that there was no difference between Woohyun and the other members, that he was no more interested in Woohyun sexually than in the floor or the walls. He kept it private, kept it to himself, reserved it for quiet moments when no one was around to see the yearning in his eyes or the need running through his body.


Photos of group here.

Between Members
[3,100 words, R] Seungho/G.O./Joon

G.O gave him a level, penetrating stare. “You don’t know what I’m talking about.”
Um. Joon smiled uncertainly. “Dancing?”


Photos of group here.

Between Members #1

[4,100 words, R] Insoo/Gunwoo/Seyong

This was the one part of debuting that none of them had talked about.

Between Members #2
[1,800 words, R] Insoo/Gunwoo/Seyong

“Cute,” Insoo said, and Seyong realized that Insoo was looking at his naked crotch. Blushing, he wondered what, exactly, Insoo meant by that. Then Insoo’s thumb brushed his hip. “Your hair doesn’t match.”

Between Members #3
[2,900 words, NC-17] Insoo/Gunwoo/Seyong

“They need, um, privacy,” JunQ said, nudging Chaejin toward the door.
“For what?” Chaejin asked. Then, with a disappointed groan, he turned around to face them. “Aw, hyungs! Now? Can’t you do that later?”


Photos of group here.

[6,700 words, NC-17] Jonghyun/Key

The front door slammed shut.
The bedroom door slammed shut.
In the kitchen, Onew sighed, handing Minho a bowl. “This is going to be an awful week.”

Last Night
[6,300 words, NC-17] Jonghyun/Onew

Jonghyun sounded as breathless as he felt. Rubbing his hand over his mouth, he wondered what life was going to be like now that he’d had sex with Onew.


Eunhyuk and Donghae
[600 words, NC-17] Eunhyuk/Donghae

No one else danced with him like this; no one else shared this with him like Donghae.

Travel Hazard
[5,400 words, NC-17] Yesung/Kangin

That night, when Kangin felt a soft, curious touch at his lips, he growled without even bothering to open his eyes. “Not again, hyung. You have to let me sleep.”


Photos of group here.

The Seduction of 조 (Part 1)
[2,700 words, NC-17] L.Joe/Changjo

L.Joe had never touched him like that before, and his body had no idea how to handle it.

The Seduction of 조 (Part 2)
[1,400 words, NC-17] L.Joe/Changjo, Chanyeol/L.Joe

He wondered what last night had meant to L.Joe. He wondered if last night had meant anything to L.Joe.

The Seduction of 조 (Part 3)
[3,800 words, NC-17] L.Joe/Changjo

Embarrassing, impossible responses had flown into his mind. I think that you’re beautiful. I think that I could go out of my mind with wanting you. I think that I have to have you.

[11,800 words, NC-17] Chunji/Ricky

Having photos of Chunji - - sexy, sexy Chunji - - on his phone was like constantly having a present to open right in his pocket. He checked and re-checked his phone all day long. He amused himself with internal debates over whether smoldering Chunji or winking Chunji was his favorite. He took painstaking care to rearrange his apps and icons over and over again so that he could best showcase Chunji in the background.

On His Terms
[6,400 words, NC-17] Chunji/L.Joe

Chunji put on his “can you believe this kid” expression. “He thinks I like you.”

Sleep Talking
[7,300 words, NC-17] L.Joe/Changjo

 “I don’t talk in my sleep that much. Maybe I haven’t said anything. Maybe he hasn’t heard it. Maybe I didn’t say his name. Maybe he thinks I mean Ricky.”

“How long have you been dreaming about him?”

Um. L.Joe brushed his hair out of his eyes. Gave Chunji an embarrassed, wincing look. Licked his lips and looked away. “Months.”


Photos of group here.

[13,800 words, NC-17] Leo/Hyuk

Suddenly Leo was starting to realize how much he’d been missing out on by not paying more attention to the maknae.

[5,000 words, R] Leo/Ken, N/Ken

He shouldn’t feel so hurt when he moved in for a kiss and Leo pushed him away. It was just a joke, right? The other members thought it was funny.

Must Touch Cute Thing
[11,500 words, NC-17] Leo/Hyuk

Leo reached over and smoothed Hyuk’s hair with the same attention and affection he used on his favorite cats. He smiled a little, like he was enjoying it.


Arctic Fox Security [EXO, Infinite] NEW!
[98,000 words, NC-17] Sunggyu/Xiumin, Dongwoo/Chen, Woohyun/Suho, Hoya/Baekhyun, Sungyeol/Chanyeol, L/D.O.

“You’re a supersoldier?” Baekhyun asked, clearly loving the idea.
“No! That’s not even a real term!” he exclaimed. “What are you saying, don’t give them ideas,” he told L.

The Husbands and Boyfriends Club [EXO, Infinite]
[64,600 words, NC-17] Sunggyu/Xiumin, Dongwoo/Chen, Woohyun/Suho, Hoya/Baekhyun, Sungyeol/Chanyeol, L/D.O., Sungjong/Sehun

“Does everybody think like that? That all idols cheat? I mean, Sungjong hyung doesn’t. Woohyun hyung doesn’t cheat on Suho hyung, does he?”
“Idols are idols,” D.O. said. “Sasaengs are sasaengs. You learn to live with it, or you get out.”

Carefree [EXO, Infinite]
[7,000 words, NC-17] Dongwoo/Suho

Dongwoo seemed completely unburdened. Innocent, unfettered. Occasionally in need of a baby-sitter or a nurturing, guiding hand.
Suho wanted to be that hand.

Breaking the Rules [Shinee, Infinite]
[6,300 words, NC-17] Jonghyun/Hoya

It didn’t matter that it meant everything to Hoya. What mattered was that it meant nothing to Jonghyun.

The Note
[Series, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, MyName

This series is based around the Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) from September 9, 2013. If you don’t know what the ISAC is or aren’t familiar with that day in particular, don’t worry about it; you’ll be able to follow the plot just fine anyway. It’s a big crossover with a lot of pairings and a lot of cameos, but the main stars are Infinite, Teen Top, EXO, and MyName’s Insoo.

Let’s Love  UPDATED June 8
[Series, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Shinee, Up10tion

Basically, everyone in EXO has sex with everyone else in EXO, and everyone in Teen Top has sex with everyone else in Teen Top, and everyone in Infinite has sex with everyone else in Infinite. And then the crossover starts and they all crawl on top of each other. Lots of sex and relationship stuff. Also some BDSM. Also some Shinee and Up10tion. This series is updated whenever I have time to write it, so please check back for more.


Super Junior
Teen Top

Between Members (multiple groups)
The Note (crossover)
Let’s Love (crossover)

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